The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on May 9, 1942 · 14
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 14

Boston, Massachusetts
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Saturday, May 9, 1942
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Saturday. THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE may o. 1912 11 Amusements AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS s I (Mil CIW ' I ' I ft Hit Ortdntn 1 n lir "IT THE MUNTV Mil" IhhI ( Mi Sata.raa Aaiaal Strict BOB HOPt'MAOtLUNc CARROLL Mr FAVORITE 8L0NOE" Alt: IRENE MERVET'KfM TAYLOI "FNI-iCB III" HHjEEEIEEEH aat, HIH:l'.H,....N:,i "TRAIL OF THE LONESOME PIKE" cVaV, "HIS GIRL FRIDAY" JAM Lb CAljUtlf -fKmUA M.KSMALL- CAPTAINS. OF THE CLOUDS' AIm: REGIS TOOMEY BULLET SCARS' JLIT DOROTHY lAMOUR'wM. HOLDER "THE FLEET'S IK" Al-e- C. Beam. "GeMMi tt Hurt'" CLEVELAND CIRCLE HYDE PARK tirtlt Cwif. Pert. Teday 130-11 Fre Par.mi H t riiminiiiiT I iiunr nanr .in an nc dark 1234 FAIRMOUNT I HYDE PARK W. " III w Marea Neareid C"' IfSim flf llmmu VitfinCm CI Kt. mii a ii o ui i in in j laiciiiiuc DIcklM i ALLSTON i CAPITOL Coot. '30-11 Frtt Parklr.f ' Mickey Rooney Lewis, Stone I "Courtship of Andy Hardy" Virgin! Weidler "BORN TO SING" j ALLSTON ROXBURY 4Si ALLSTON CRITERION l Flyitn-8 DtHaillland Dead End Kida Santa Fa Trail" "HIT THE ROAD" 'A Oil WltH tha Firort' "TIGHT SHOES" Sir. (Stag) Fir'' Hik Mit.. Peary and Serial I Arlington Waltham 4mo CAPITOL EMBASSY 3g'o P. Caddard-N. Mlttafid I "HELL2AP0PPIN "Tin Lady Hal Plani" Carale Lamkard Prla. Ian R. Wharf I Jack Bunny "Bleu In tht Ulanf ' "T B or Not T Be" BRIGHTON NEWTON (CYPTIAN 130 ft 8 Parameant 130 4 8 Mat.-Def. St'atpi-Cart'ni C. Lembard-J. Bnny To Ee or Not to Be Sid. Talar-AtUin Whelati B Crfwd-L sn Chancy 't, In tha pufrt" ''Worth f tht Klnndtfcg'' CAMBRIDGE CENTRAL SQ. Cant. HARVARD Mat. 2 Tra.7900 1-11 Kir. 4663 . 8 0. tamaar-Wm. Holden Batty Gragla-V. Matara "THE FLEETS IH- -Sofia af tha Islandi" C. Bmaara-C. Mndls Jf. lynn-Jant Wyman 6eittleia it Heart'' "Tha Body Dliaapaan" CHELSEA OLVMPIA Chelaea 1861 Com. 1:45-1.1 IS "TJie Lady Has Plans" ,!?;, Victor Melaglm-Edm.nd lewr-Blnnl. BaiRtt "CALL OUT THE MARINES" Ann 8herirlan KINGS ROW" Merry Man-Baby Sandy "MELODY LANE" Hyd. 1411 Michael Whalen 'DAWN EXPRESS Johnny Mack Brown MAN FROM MONTANA' Jam. Plain -Egleston Sq. JAMAICA End. 4800 S Trnry-K. Hrpbara "WOMAN OF TH2 YEAR" lrh Arlm-J. Pareer TORPEDO BOAT' EGLESTON End. 7123 Batty Victor Grabla Matura "Sen at Ida Island!" Sidney Toler "Cattle In tha Otitrt" MATTAPAN ORIENTAL Cont, 1-11 Blu. 1200 ia"i hTa Ra Ual R '! " lankard l inllHt Benny OKmt itUCI I TABnDDIUM Martha nM iitLLtHrurrin ,y, NATICK DORCHESTER UI. ninmii l ana... ... T.I 4040 buumAn rnaniLiN M WALTER PIDGEON-MAUREEN O'HARA UM fl ' H M M M UTaa . . . . If. II. ..fl iin uiccii ii as itit Vdiiey Laraina Day, 'Vank on tha Burma Road' DORCHESTER STRAND Cant. From 12 30 P.M. Cat. 2000 L..rd To Be or Not to Be ,r, Warren William A Constance Bennett "WILD BILL HICKOK RIDES" COLONIAL Mat. 2 Eva. 7:45 Natick 1700 HENRY FONDA-OLIVIA DE HAVILLANO "THE MALE ANIMAL" Bruca Cabot "WHO Bill HICKOK BIDES" I Needham West Newton NEE. 1820 Needham West Newton LAS. 3540 Ronald Rraqan Ann Sheridan Robt. Camminis "KINGS ROW" j Mrry Mar--"MElOpy LANE" Baby Sandy j ROSLINDALE RIALTO Par. 3850 ABBOTT t COSTELIO 'Ride 'Em Cowboy' KAY KYSER "PLAYMATES" Bellevua far. 6720 Bftly Victor Grabla Matara "Sana at th Hundi" i SIONEY TOIEB ' "Cmil In the Orvert" 1 ROXBURY RIVOLI WARREN Cont. 1-11 OLSEN ( JOHNSON 'HELLZAPOPPIN' LOMBARD-JACK BENNY TO BE OR NOT TO BE" HIG. 9037 WALT DISNEY'S j "DUMBO' C0'L"J "Broadway llmitrd" ! SOMERV1LLE s706?6 CENTRAL Bud Abbott Lou Costello "RIOE 'EM COWBOY" "Marry Bos' Oanohlrr" STRAND 6l3M6 Johnny Waismaller 'Tarjan'iSecrat Trcasor' , Dennia O'Keefa ' "Wm End tor Thrw" CAPITOL BALL SQ. 8ES'0 &,j, "CORSICAN BROS.", 6rn Antry "HEART OF THE RIO GRANDE" j Capitol Only Amattar Night Toniirit CaihAwardl mmm EDITIOE Cover Hollywood SATURDAY, MAY 9, 1942 MINIATURE ALMANAC MAY Eastern War Time SunRlea 5.29HiTh Tida.. 7:24 am Sun Seta 7:52 1 " .. 8:04 pm Length of Day. 14:23 1 Moon Rie. 2:53 a m ncieni of lice . Hit 4in am. Bit 3in pm Light Automobile Lamps at .... 8:22 pm Moon'. Change New Moon. May 15, Ih 45m. mornin. E. lt Quarter, May 23. 5h Urn. morning. W. Full Moon. May 30. Ill 29m. morning. W. Last Quarter. June 5. oh 26m. evening, w. Weather Reports FORECASTS (Official, U. S. Weather Bureau.) Boston and vicinity: Continued moderately cool tonight; gentle winds. Southwestern Maine: Continued quite cool tonight. New Hampshire and Vermont: Light showers northern portion late this afternoon, ending this evening; continued quite cool tonight. Massachusetts: Occasional light rain southeast portion this afternoon, ending this evening: continued moderately cool tonight. Connecticut and Rhode Island: Continued light rain this afternoon, ending early this evening; continued moderately cool tonight. OCEAN WEATHER Easport to Block Island: No small craft or storm warnings have been issued. Botton Temperature Data Mean Friday 50 ueoarture trom normal .4 Departure irom normal this month to date 454 Departure from normal since Jan 1 157 Boston rretinitation Data Total. 24 hours to 8:30 a m Saturday Mother Who Made Dream Come True By MAYME OBER PEAK o .93 4-.K7 16.67 Total this month to date UPDanure lroni norma Total since Jan 1 to ciate. Departure from normal L92 Boston Degree Day Data Degree days Friday ....; 15 uegree flays this month to date.... 52 Decree days Sept 1 to date 5262 1 HI II I MWMI.I I I II t Arlington Charlestown I MALDEN Continued tocrcMT-Tu,niiocnu cn ra.u,iii iiiVAuwvn vvaL, 1197 Rand. Scatt-E. Brrontr PARIS CALLING' 'Stl Ataiixt th. Sky' Award Tonight Jan. Within. Wm Tracy "YOUNG AMERICA" "MELODY LANE" Pmnrrwarr 1f lad)rt Back Bay Kenmore Sq. BOB HOPE "LOUISIANA PURCHASE" Gwo. S"dr "THE CAY F Alf ON" B. Oonlry-P. Foter "Gentleman After Dark" EAST SIDE KIDS "MR. WISE GUY" Doaolai Fairbanks Jr. CORSICAN BROTHERS' Steel Against tha Sky' py Mnaher." No. 3 MA LDEN MEDFORD a-i.mi .i'H'g-H.iJ.i.j.w Braintree So. Weymouth ran Gary Cooper Barbara Stanwyck "BALL OF FIRE" "S'n tor Yo.e S.aper" Tyrone Power Gone Tierney "SON OF FURY" 2 L.tinFrom Manhattan BROOKLINE "CONFESSIONS OF BOSTON BLACKIE" 'DEVIL PAYS OFF' "Gana B-trv" No. 9 P. Goddard-R. Milland LADY HAS PLANS" Gloria Dickaon "THE BIG BOSS" MEDFORD MELROSE omtl5WAirNErVHElR0SEoM8 BettoDavis-Ann Sheridan MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER" Sterl Apnimt the Sty1 1 J11 11" l.tklT. OLSEN and JOHNSON in BROOKLINE VILLAGE 080d A. Shendan-R. Caaninis "Kings Row" "TANKS A MILLION" JO ALL THE KEEPERS OF MY MORALE Kansas City Star. Please, publicists, don't stimulate me, Nor soften what might agitate me, Stop monkeying with my morale; Don't raise me to the proper pitch, Don't gird me for the last-fought ditch. Let me alone that's all! Don't spiritually toughen me. Don't psychologically roughen me. Let me alone that's all; Don't rave and shout to waken me Proclaiming an emergency; know a war is going on. Perhaps when it is finally won. You'll find that actually all along There wasn't so much really wrong With me and my morale. Movie Schedules BOSTON THEATRES BOWDOIN SQ. "Ghost of Frankenstein" Ji io. :io, o:io, b:ib; Melizapoppin," 8:23. 12:35. 3:35. ri:3A 0:3S ESttllRL "His Girl Friday." 1:10, 4:40, also! 6-2oain-4of the nesm EXfc'lER "Johnny Eager." 1:50. 4:55. e:0j; "The Lady Has 1-lans." 3:30, 6:40. FENWAY -"My Favorite Blonde," 11:30. Ti:50. 3:!S. aJ.-rS' .Stf"' rlsco FINE ARTS "Bride ot Rurlriha." 5--n GAY ETl "Leopard Men of Africa," :o. a;jt 6:4U, 8:34; "Secielti of Sin." 11:04. l-sa a ii-j. t a GLOME Burlesque, 12:00, '2:45. 8:30; K:Vnn 6:33; Stage HOVVARD Burlesque, 12 00, 2:45, 8:30; rarson ot anamlnt," 10;29, 6:45; "Dres&Mi to Kill." Q17 P1--J1 KEITH-BOSTON "Mr. V.," 9:15, 11:50, iSZ- v:aa, io:Z0; Stage Show, 11:00, 1:35, 4:10, 6:45. 9:20. HE 1 1 H MEMORIAL "Saboteur," 9:30. 12:33. 3:45, 6:50. 10:00; "Don't Get personal," 11:35. 2:45. 5:50. 9:00. KENMORE "Louisiana Purchase," 1:00, I'll- o6:n4-5' BA5; "Ga falcon," 2:35. Loi.w''S ' ORPHEl'M "Gone With the Wind." 9:25. 1:18, 5:10, 9:00. L9;,o-sJ5?ATnE:"Gone Witn the Wind." 4:55. 9:00. METROPOLITAN "Keao the Wild Wind." 10:35. 1:15. 3:55, 6:35, 9:15. MODERN 'Captains of the Clouds," V$'ZiS$?5i "BulIet scars" PARAMOINT "My Favorite Blonde." 720. 10:00: "Frisco Lil." 9:30, 12:20. 3:15. 6:05. 8:45. SCOLLAY SQUARE "Captains of the! Clouds," 11:30, 2:45. 6:05, 9:20; "Bullet Scars," 10:25, 1:45. 5:00. 8:15. SOUTH STATION Dionne Quints. Seeing ii, .T ' yiuim. rtitnara rtimoer, Sre.s,1in.B: Harry Langdon. Latest News. Cont. 9:30 a. m.-ll:30 p. m. TRl':-50S:?0-,3M3y0S.ter5y:5O0! l!fib- 2oc.pe4or?mw.H90,olKong'' 9:3-12:0- l'5T,9WNT"Gen,leman A Heart." 1:15, 4:40. 8:10; "Kings Row," 2:25, 5:50. WAi?iH'l'G.T.N,S,? R E E T OLYMPIA I Elee,,s In' 10:15- 1:00. 3:50. 6:40, 9:30; nGinntQem,an at "eart," 8:00, 11:50, 2:40, tf ' ' ' , r - LSJ aamiri'i in urn mi i mint ... ......,... - lllifll Imiiwal MRS. RUTH WITHERS AND JANE The world is full of unsung mothers. Outstanding among them in Hollywood is the little known Mrs. Ruth Withers, mother of the famous Jane. Jane's career has been her mother's full time job. She has stood by her child's side for 16 years, guiding her, believing in her, while keeping her own personality completely in the background. This latter took a bit of doing, for Mrs. Withers a handsome, dark-haired matron has all the exuberance and charm with which she imbued Jane. But she is one "movie mother" who never got under a director's feet. . . . She never told Jane how to play a scene, or interfered in any way at the studio. Yet,' no executive was able to stack dollars high enough to prevent Mrs. Withers from looking over to see ahead what was best for Jane. VAUDEVILLE RKO POST ON THEATRE Water Follies of 19i2 "Mr. V" "Mr. V," a Leslie Howard Deduc tion filmed at the Denham Studios m England. Screenplay by Anatole De Grunwald from an original story by A. C. McDonnell and Wolfgang Wilhelm. Directed by Leslie How ard, ine cast: Professor Horatio Leslie Howard General Von Graum Francis Sullivan David Maxwell Hugh McDermott Ludmilla Koslowski... Mary Morris Marx .-...Raymond Huntley Earl of Meadowbrook a E Matthews sir George bmith Roland Pertee Bertie Gregson Manning Wiley Spencer Philip Friend Jock Maclntyre Basil Appleby Clarence Lawrence Kitchen Steve ', David Tomiinson Dean Aubrey Mallalieu Dr Benckendorf Allan Jeaves Sidimir Koslowski ...... Peter Gawthorne On center stage at the RKO Boston Theatre this week there's a huge glass tank equipped with underwater lights. Thats for the "Water Follies of 1942" starring Buster Crabbe. This" is a tidy entertainment item that unfolds a miniature "Aquacade" including graceful chorus, expert divers, aquatic comedians and twin bal lerinas, the Hopkins Sisters, whose synchronized rhythms are nothing short of sensational. But the highest spot of entertainment comes when the lights have dimmed and Leslie Howard's "Mr. V" unfolds its suspenseful story on the silver screen. The Follies get under way propitiously with an excellent underwater dance, quickly followed by the kind of masterly diving that brings Ohs and Ahs. In this Joe Seymour and Miss Corky Gillesen draw the plaudits, a personable and NEW YORK Little Old By ED SULLIVAN Bagdad-on-the-Hudson Time Capsules of the Week The wills of Brig. Gen. Cornelius Vanderbilt and Mrs. Harry Payne WTiitney were filed for probate this week in Surrogate's Court , , . The filing of the wills was a filing also of their generation, a filing of an era which this world never will experience again, Publicity Break of the Week If they had convened at the Warner plant in Burbank, Calif., and handed down their decisions, rather than at Columbia University, the Pulitzer committee could not have given the Brothers Wadncr a more enormous helping hand. The Pulitzer committee named F.ll book, "In This Our Life," as the best novel of the year, and by the most delightful coincidence, Bette Davis, picturization of the book opened at the N. Y. Strand Theatre withn a few hours . . . Warners' bought the book in manuscript form and paid only $40,000 for what now emerges as the top property of the year. . . . Dave Selznick bought an earlier Pulitzer prize winner in manuscript for $50,000; Warners trust that "In This Our Life'' approaches the gross of "Gone With the Wind." QUINCY SUBURBAN THEATRES a j CAPITOL "Courtship of nu.v naray ana -Born to Sing. Continuous 1:30 to 11:00. ALLSTON "Sante Fe Trail" and "i Date With the Falcon." Mati'eSs a 1:45. Evenings at 8:00 Her daughter's success was the mother's dream come true perhaps the only dream that ever came so true in Hollywood. Ruth Elbie's own ambition as a girl to become an actress was thwarted by her parents. "I dreamed of having a daughter with talent," she told me, "to whom I could devote my life to help cultivate it." When Walter Withers proposed to Ruth in their home town, Atlanta, Ga., she confessed her dream to him. She wouldn't say "yes" until he promised that he would help, not hinder, ii the time ever came. One child was born to them a pudgy, yound-faced little girl with mischievous eyes and feet that could never ceep still. She danced and sang frCyi the time she could walk and tali. She would go to the movies ffcid come home and impersonate wXh every mannerism the players she had seen. Her mother began to train her when she was 3 years old. She was on the radio when she was 4, was a hit at amateur shows and benefits. At 8 little Jane Withers was heading for Hollywood. "I knew she had enough talent if she ever got the chance," Mrs. Withers said, "and so one day I told Mr. Withers that he must make good his promise. He asked me to promise, in turn, if Jane didn't make good in Hollywood after six months we would come home. He bought us a round-trip ticket, but I never doubted for a moment that we would never go back to Atlanta. "The most important thing is to be so sure that your child has abil ity, personality and talent, that nothing can ever sway you to lose confidence. People told me millions Matinees at 1:30. Evenings the Sky. at MEDFORD "Lady Has Plans." 1:10. 5:00 8:40; "Big Boss," 3:20, 6:50, lo.oo; with swimming pool, guest houses "Uncle Ned. 8:1j. . , ' MELROSE MELROSE "Kings Row of discouraging stories after I got to Hollywood. I made up my mind to believe none of them, but to do what I believed in my heart. Our motto has been: It Can Be Done! "It requires plenty of determination and patience for any mother who brings her child to Hollywood," she went on. "And. most important, too enough funds." Mrs. Withers and Jane rented a mue xurnisnea apartment in a bungalow court for $25 a month. Out of her small capital she paid $40 for a piano. Every week she taught Jane a new song, playing the melody with one hand. She got up at dawn to launder the child's little dresses to wear on calls to the casting offices which they reached by bus. She did everything to bring her to Hollywood's attention had Jane model children's clothes, play the nower gin at weddings, sing and dance at benefits and amateur shows. "That child should be in pictures!' everyone said who saw her. The story is well known of how Jane Withers finally got her break in a Shirley Temple oicture as a little meanie. Two hundred other children had been teested. Jane was allowed to do her own talkinff for the role. She did some of her impersonations and wowed the whole casting office. The next week Mrs. Withers was signing a seven-year contract for Jane to start at $150 a week which was the beginning of the longest continuous contract ever held by a star at any studio. In due time Mrs. Withers had persuaded her husband to move his work to California. Today Mr. and Mrs. Walter Withers, and their daughter, Jane, live on a five-acre estate in Westwonri. CLAUDE RAINS "THE WOLF MAN" "Shepvd of the Ojarh" STAGE SHOW Olsen A Johnson 'HELLZAPOPPIN' L. Da,-8arrt Nelio 'Yon, on Barwa Road rrifaHfM'iri:ick. 1 HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY I J WALTER PIDCEON-MAUREEN OHARA i in "Pi. j : i:i.H.: Ji.u tt r REVERE CAMBRIDGE JL ortNltK IKAtT lAAIHAKlNt htrocK.l Jdi VYOMAH OF THE YEAR nwnjMTTiirn OOULEVAtlD-nGVEnKl Ipt J. ?400J..f rTHnftifTLJUY. Z?05I 7,7 VALLEY OF THE SUN'' Jc wneater worril CANAL ZONE" SAUGUS Sun. IIIIIIHMim Helliapoppin" A "Playmate" DORCHESTER Tyr. "SON OF FURY" Hn. Tlerniv pirk rf" "RBP ACE NT" tea farrilla M f Y TOKO -JOAN StMtfT wiinrrrrrsiiiiafr' ! jffja fat.ll AW SSpy GREAT CUNT 4 coajt rx to MtOMtrt -torn m sinc SHREWSBURY m ttemm w-awDt tnus-Mi yk J JfORrKFElf SWEETHEARTS DORCHESTER Cuy Kibbeo KAltf RG000 MEETS SRBADW AT HARD CUV" Globs Ads Pay Best Try Ont and Sea i AWUJ0. CAPITOL "The Lady nas nans- ana 'H ues in th ' ftey"?" at 1:45- Evenings at 8:00. jtutni "rana Calling." and "Steel w. jwaunees at 2:00 atVe2ni5ES t 6:45. Last complet- show i BRAINTREE BRAINTREE "Rail tire. and "Sing For Your Supper." Matinees at l;4o. Continuous from o:4o. Last complete show at 8:15. BM?T.9N T. EGYPTIAN "How Green fi "i.; .. i,.ey ana . castle in the at 8 00 Mat,nees at 1:30. Evenings BROOKLINE COOLTOGE CORNER ' ii anu .r-erieci, j:oa, 5:05, 4::30'. 75:55,?.' 6:05: ,,CadetS .CAMBRIDGE CENTRAL SQUARF xf ..? An . nd "A Gentleman at Heart. Continuous 1:00 to n -no I-ARVDRPV?on! of ,he Islands." anr! 2?00e ngs,SaatD,8eoXS-" MatmeM ' 2:3V5W5E"0S1P40T'WOma ' th y"r'" CHARLESTOWN THOMPSON SQUARE I Young America." and "Melody Lane " ludimees ai z:uu. Lvemms at B-nn CE.APIr?iPIA",ni? Lady Has o.m h.u.i: call Out the Marines." 2:10. 5.00. 7 ss ne CLEVELAND CIRCLE "Joan of Pari." and "Aftairs of Jimmy Valentine." Continuous 1:50 tn li nn DORCHESTER DORCHESTER "Smt- tergqod .Meets Broadway" and "Harrt 1 Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at I SOMERV1LLE 2:32, l:U3 iHng4t,WT.r.i.ii:Hi'yn EVERETT "KINGS ROW" MELOOV LANE" 4-2S T-4K Tyran faw-G. Tiarney SON (E EURT" "tlaaa l.iairatiea" iflera R liMai D'. "Ona Faot I Heana "Niaht af Jan 16th'' "Caatrai r Den, ' "Skylark" "Riu and Shine ' "Niht af Jan 16th' SOUTH BOSTON LYNN "affrTV OV7?f LYKVWAY-KVUre A t SONJA VENIE "Sun Valley Serenade" Charlie Chan In Rio" 9 LEXINGTON "JOHNNY EAGER" C BABY SANDY aaa arr MELODY LANE t. rrt!t.-M. 0 DrKt.ll fAClfIC BLACKOUT" Jana Withart-C. Wrifht "SMALL TOWN 018" Andrtwt Sliten e. jeaa ''WHAT'S COOKIN J" Braca Bennett-LaaaV.lai "HONOLULU LU" W atertown-Waverley I. Ifaeia-Aaa Sharidai 'KINGS ROW' "TANKS A MIlllON" A. Sherida-R. Reaaaa "KINGS ROW" LEON ERROL "MELODY LANE" WEYMOUTH MALDEN GLOBE ADS PAY BEST TRY ONE AND SEE AUDITORIUM. W. ridaeaet-N. Kara "HtW SREEN WAS MT VALLEY 'NIAGARA FALLS' AVAfiKiNinfR.A.F: 2:30-11 STRAND "To Be or Not to Be. 6:13, 9:38; "Wild Bill Hickok." I i . IJ H IH1 - C.ODMAN "How Green Wa Mv Valley and "Yank on the Burma Road." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45 FRANKLIN "How Green Was Mv Val- 1y. and "Yank on the Burma Road." Matinees at 1:45. rvnm.. o Ar? ' EGLESTON SQl'ARE EGLESTON Song of the Islands" and "Castle in the Desert." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. EVERtTT CAPITOL "Kir,.-. TJ. J:00. 5:31. 8:54; "Melody Lane." 4:25, PARK "Son of Fury" and "Blonde Inspiration. Matinees at 1:30. Evenings HYDE PARK FAIRMOUNT Kin.'. 4 32. 8 09' 5:37 9:Ui "Melody Lan?.'V HVrir. PARV r- .. I a- ft " iV'"..C"u. i.iana. , 1 35 4 -10 6:45: -8:50 "a .TOSS. , JAMAICA PLAIN "Woman of the Year" and Tornrir. Pnil ' XJ -. , . - ExeninVs Vt 7:4S -i LE X INGTON LEXINGTON "Johnny 9 "55 - MALP?r-5RATADA "Brooklyn Orw .nick ,f :i.'A3:10' 8:2n: "To Be Or Not Tc Be." 3:00. 6:10. 8 20 MYSTIC "Born to Sing." 3:30. tt 9:40; Affairs of Jimmy Valentin. B.OE "- i -wry 7A-ir i i n Winciesfer Watertown C. lird-J. Ituny I T Ba Or Nat T la" Wdf1h.M. Bandit "BrAIa Orehid " I V. Wfidlef-ll. MrDaatld "B8RN Tl SING" B BKeele C Diriiaa i 'ARalTi al J. V.leotiM"! WINCH ESTER WATERTOWN T Frd W" I linda Darnell-). UV C Car. M Baeaiai , 'RISE AND SHINE' "Confirm (B Dm"' James Ellison Da Araefhe-J. Bennett I "THE CARTE B CASE" 215. 5'20 ALpiTORIUM "How Green Was My Valley" and "Niagara Falls." at 1:45. Evenings at 7:30 MAPLEWOOD "Confesjnon of Boston Blackie" and "Devil Pays Off-Continuous 1:45 to 11:00 ORPHEl'M "Corsican Brothers." .nrl "Steel Against the Sky." Matinees Tat Evenings 7:00 to 11-00. " " STRAND "Gentleman After DnrV - 5 30: 8i25' 9:40i "Mr' Wiia G'" 2r20. MATT APAN-ORIENTAW To Be Not I '."J? and "HelJiapoppin." Continuou I i mi Tr ii :m MEDFORn F ELL S W A Y "Man Who Cama ta Dinner" anrl Ct ..1 . -J?n? and "Tanks a Million." Matinees at l:Jl. tvenines at 7:ao. NATICK COLONIAL "The Male Ani mal." 3:30. 9:15; "Wild Bill Hickok Rides," 2:00. 7:45. NEEDHAM NEEDHAM "Kings Row." and "Melody Lane." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. NEWTON PARAMOUNT "To Be or Mot to Be" and "North to the Klondike." Matinees at 1:30. Evenings at 8:00. QIINCY QUINCY "The Wolf Man" and "Shepherd of the Ozarks." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. STRAND "Hellzapoppin"." and "Yank on the Burma Road." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. REVERE REVERE "Valley of the Sun." and "Canal Zone." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. BOULEVARD "Valley of the Sun," and "Canal Zone." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. ROSLINDALE RIALTO "Ride "Em Cowboy" and "Playmates." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:00 and 8:20. BELLEVUE "Song of the Islands" and "Castle in the Desert." Matinees at j 1:45. Evening at 7:4a. ROXBURY CRITERION "Hit the Road," and "Tight Shoes." Matinees at 2:00. EveninES at 7:45. WARREN "Dumbo," and "Broadway Limited." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. RIVOLI "Hellzapoppin" and "To Be or Not to Be." . SOMERVILLE CENTRAL "Ride "Em Cowboy," and "Marry the boss uaugn-ter." y itinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. STRAND "Tarzan's Secret Treasure," and "Week End For 3." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. TEELE SQUARE "One Foot in Heaven" and "Night of Jan. 16th." SOMERVILLE "Confirm or Deny" and "Skylark" BROADWAY "Rise and Shine" and "Night of Jan. 16th " CAPITOL BALL SQ "Song of the; Islands," "Mr. and Mrs. North." Matinees at 2:00 Evenings at 8:00. SOUTH BOSTON STRAND "Pacific Blackout." and "small Town ueo. Matinees at 1:45. Evenings continuous from 6:15. BROADWAY "What's Cookin"," and "Honolulu Lu." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings continuous from 6:15. SOUTH WEYMOUTH CAMEO "Son of Fury," and '"Two Latins From Manhattan." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings continuous from 6:45. Last complete show at 8:15. WALTHAM EMBASSY "To Be or Not to Be" and "Hellzapoppin." Continuous 2 00 to 11:00. WATERTOWN SQUARE "Ride and Shine." and "Carter Case." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. WAVERLEY STRAND "Kings Row" and "Melody Lane." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. WEST NEWTON "Kings Row." and "Melody Lane." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. WINCHESTER "Two Faced Woman." 3:38. 8:01; "Confirm or Deny," 2:14,; 6:33, 9:45. badminton courts, inclosed barbecue pit. electrically operated gates, kennels, a garage full of cars each luxury acquired year after year, as they could afford it. A far cry from the bungalow court is the model California ranch house to which was recently added another story for Jane's own apartment. She man, then glides into the tank for an exhibition of the evolution of swimming that is a symphony of coordination and effortless skill. Frank Foster leads the comedians in some splashy diving and the whole revue ends with the parade of stars. As extra attractions the Oxford Boys present devastatingly clever radio caricatures. Their takeoffs on some of the better-known name bands are alone worth the price of admission. There is also ,a young man and some trained dogs who combine to provide a surprise. Novelty in a dog routine is something rare indeed, but Max achieves it and draws several encores as his reward. And now to assess Mr. Howard's! near approach to a one man show. As producer and director he stars himself and he was never better. The story is a sort of "Scarlet Pimpernel" in modern dress, but Mr. Howard never repeats himself and here as Prof. Horatio Smith, ostensibly a harmless archaeologist, he proves himself more than a match for the best brains in the Gestapo office. Actually Prof. Smith is the amazing Mr. V; he helps negotiate the escapes of scientists who have earned the Nazi trown. The time is shortly before the outbreak of hostilities between England and Germany. The methods he employs are as unorthodox as are the eccentric mannerisms of the professor himself. This is an actor's dream of a part, and trust Mr. Howard to give substance to that dream. . He has surrounded himself with a superb cast and in Francis Sullivan, who plays the beefy Gestapo General, has chosen a worth v antagonist. The whole makes for some chilling moments of polite verbal fencing. J3UT. Mr. nowara is more than a splendid actor; he's an artist and his artistry finds splendid exercise in numberless little directorial touches. The film, however, is not flawless It is weakest In the opening se quences and in the more obvious comic relief touches just as it is strongest in its magnificent climax and in the running conflict between Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Howard. The love story is incidental but it pro vides Miss Mary Morris with some fine footage which reveals her an actress of real merit, By all means see "Mr. V" and ex cuse Mr. Howard if, near the end. he couldn't resist a propaganda soliloquy that merely confirms his patriotism. L. L. M. Songs of the Week: Jockey Don Meade had dinner with his wife in the restaurant we visited a few hours after the running of the Ken tucky Derby. ... I didn t have a chance to chat with him, but this know. ... He asked the orchestra leader to play two numbers. "Little Buster Crabbe. Coquette" and "Maybe." ... A modCSL young lclulu was unxung .vidyue wucii is 16 now and rapidly growing up. The whole place was designed around Jane and her young friends, from the soda fountain in her den to the duplicate dressing tables in her bedroom and the huge, oversized bed big enough for several girls to sleep in. It's a luxurious setting in a simple way. but the greatest luxury is that it's a house of happiness, presided over by a wonderful mother who dreamed a dream and had faith enough to make it come true: his son was born, a few years ago, and Meade always requests it "Little Coquette" is the tune that was current when he was courting his wife. Story of the Week: A Navy lieutenant told it to a lieutenant in the Air Corps who told it to this desk, which is telling it to you. . . . The fable of the city slicker who was driving through the back stretches of New England and came to a halt at a little gas station. ... As the old-timer who ran the place put oil in the car, the city slicker made conversation. "That MacArthur is really a great General." . . . The old-timer grunted, "MacArthur? Never heard of him." . . . "You never heard of Gen. MacArthur?" 'shrieked the city slicker. "After what he's done in. World War II?" . . . The old-timer gaped at him, "World War II? Was there a World War I?" . . . The city slicker looked around furtively. "Pop, tell you what to do," he said. "I'm in a hurry. Fill up that tank with gas and put four new tires on my car." Comedian of the Week: Tim Moore, sensation of "Harlem Caval cade." . . . Bugs Baer calls him one of the greatest comedians he's ever seen on a Broadway stage. . . . Al Jolson, in to see the Ritz show with Leo Spitz and Bunny Waters, declared that Moore was one of the most expert craftsmen he'd ever roared at. . . . As in the case of "Lightnin's" Frank Bacon, Broadway fame came to Tim Moore after he'd passed the 50-year mark. . . . He's 65, has two grandchildren, a terrific appetite for pork chops and "rice, has a voice that sounds exactly like Jolson's. Problem of the Week: Blackouts and dimouts have had immediate and serious effects on the Great White Way. where electric light has been used to win world fame for the boulevard, prestige for advertisers and substantial incomes for such wizards as Douglas Leigh, who invent attention-arresting effects. . . . At this moment, while advertisers are asking for credits, because of the 20-minute blackout that extinguished signs. Leigh and men like him are working out plans to get additional daylight value from Broadway signboards and electrics. ... So you will see more mechanical gadgets like the soldier blowing smoke rings, you'll see more clocks and thermometers that will add to daytime showmanshiD ana appeal. ... At mte, black light and luminous paint may solve the problem. . . . Dimouts aren't so bad; with the whole etrpet dimmed, a 200-watt lamp is equiva. lent in value to a 500-watt lamp - Cliff Dweller Headache of the, Week: As a companion piece to the Broadway dimout problem, hotels which tower above 15 stories envi. sion difficulties this Summer. There must be a rigid blackout of all buildings above the 15th floor, ef-gected by blackout curtains, etc . . . Inevitably, in the Summer months, the regulations will serve to cut off cooling breezes, and inevitably, also people who live in penthouses and other lofty perches will want to take aparements at lower levels so they can leave their windows open for draughts of ozone. . . . Lower floors will be the most desirable. ... It will completely alter the apartment renting industry of New York. j Gallantry1 of the Week: The men of Corregidor. MARJORY ADAMS 'J 4 Movie Question Box Q Who was Bert Bell in "Murder in the Big House," Harry Land in "Courtship of Andy Hardy," and Ray Stafford in "Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen"? An Amesbury Reader. A. 1, Van Johnson; 2, Todd Karns; 3, Morgan Conway. Q. Please give me a brief history of William Boyd. Charlotte. A. Boyd was born in Cambridge, June 5, 1808; educated at Tulsa, Ok.; left school before crarintinn. tramped around doing odd jobs, and finally obtained extra roles. He has been married three times: to Elinor Fair and Dorothy Sebastian, from whom he is divorced, and now to Grace Bradley. He has made about 40 Hopalong Cassidy pictures. Q. Please give me information about Betty Grable's evening gown with the white fringes in "Song of the Island" and what was the value of it? Jean B., Cambridge. A. I'm sorry but I don't keep information about clothes. Why don't you write directly to Betty at 20th Century-Fox, Hollywood, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a reply. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S PRISCILIA LANE ROB'T CUMMINGS CO-FEATURE IkritGefPersonaV HUGH HERBERT WISCHA-AUfR HANE fftAZEf ANNrr.WYMrJF flAit9t aai-.a DOORS OPEM 9 mo A. M. 'imEOIf fin RFfiUTIF? im nnmni: COMPLETE! IN ALL ITS GLORY! DOORS ORPHEUIY1 9 A. M. vrin STATE 11:15 A. IY1. Come anytime up to 9 p. m.. and see a complete show! - GONE WITH THE WIND CONTINUOUS SHOWINGS! PRICED pen t0 1 M-i 40c rrtibcd , P. M to B p M B5(. TODAY5 P- M- to Close, 60c """ Children, all times, 25c rrices include Tax STAGE IN TOWN WILBUR TONIGHT, 8:30 NAT. TODAY W Notion's Mtfifiiest ffit. Q Soutat W4. atRO&E E 04N REM DONALD DOROTHY OLGA STARRaCOOKg-frtcGUIREaBACLANOVA Evas. $2.75-1.10: Than.-Sat. Matt. $2,201.10 WITH FRANCES rowu iov niMAH m cuunHATis! BUSTER CRABBE 2sQuatc,t.s 3 nlOU" HOWARD Emf,.iH!iriW,.,aV?,,.i, I A 2 WEEK- Richard Ha! liburton PRICELESS FLM OF ' Cam to Dinner" and "Steei Against City. ODD ITEMS from EVERYWHERE For the safe transportation of prisoners of war British military policemen are using handcuffs made in Worcester County. Mass.. by a firm which also manufactures guns for the United Nations. Stamford and Pownal, Vt., have pocketed their pride and requested the privilege of becoming a part of Berkshire County but only for purposes of civilian defense organization. A large proportion of the population of the two towns work in North Adams and all tpIo. phone connection is through that FASCINATING MYSTERIES OF THE ORIENT! WLf,Z & SCENES NEVER SHOWN BEFORE' ' 's CO-FEATURE PAUL Robeson I, T M J i 11 1 llrZ A dBSBzt A It 'tl a a H me rvio;esfe -r-rj vranaeur of tht if si SAHARA! SHUBERT Beg. M0N May 1 1 til RAY BOLGERZ5 DODGERS A HARrSawwi mtuctlU alt Iff a-f fit si wm CONSTANCE MOORE! SEATS NOW ON SALE AT BOX OFF ICE K COLONIAL TONIGHT 8:30 MATIXf'E TODAY 2:.iU Ens. 1.10 1 2.75. Mats. Thar, ft Sat. 1.10 1 2.20 I Paulette Goddard Ray Milland "THE LADY HAS PLANS" Robert Taylor Lana Turner "JOHNNY EAGER" CAMBRIDGE SUMMER THEATRE Brattle Hall TRO J1S Opening Week of May 11th CORA WITHERSPOON In GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE fPnres Eves, at 8:40 $1.65 to .55 Inc. JVIats. Sat. at 2:40 $1.10 to .55 Tat -25' a -PAOTiCTio- si. oa THE BOAO TO HELLt BTAGSMiac. awlfl nniu.r HOT riCTIONI I H M I : I I DIANE ROWLAND I FOSTER JACOBS I MARJORIE ROYE Bill! "Bumps" MACK OIANE KING 10 (amardalli-Caat tS SYMPHONY HALL COM. 1492- TONIGHT at 8:30 85 SYMPHONY PLAYERS ARTHUR FIEDLER, Conductor Tickets on Sale 2 Weeks in Advince .30, .55, .85, $1.10 Inc. Tax MARIA MONTEZ PANIC KNOWIIS MaRIA LEO CARRILLO ANDY DEVINE Edgar AHan PoeV aVT kW kw ar I T ajJaam ' i aa-a-aa- - . mm .- 5 ESCAPE . HONG KONG Only Triwllni Birltsg.t ft choral In Boita 3 Showt Daily. 12-2:45-8:30 Vietar BIIm" B.rlaMaen MYRNA DEAN ELEANOR SHERIDAN JohnrwD'Arca-Paul Wet ww Fine-Gloria Dam Joan Mavfc-A! Murrav AO P.nnl. f ct.rla.4 i,'xJ"Ml,-r?ni Ainsly Peaches Jea Carroll mm WmStomfriiav. i BOSTON GARDEN E4y jA I. If A 4. a a m t uai; unlt beginning TUES. Aft'n, MAY Most Colorful. Most Beautiful. Moit Eicitwf Show of Them All". . . WALTER fVINCHEll If! 17 m&WOSTJFnAHKENSTFljA n Udili ---mWzrT-n m ' iii it 1 1 lTT H'l i'.t I l ll.1ii.aaaaarrP I "" - - - UPTOWN HUNT "ss v"- UT I Ulin AT SYMPHONY STA. ANN SHERIDAN "KINGS ROW" CCSAB ROME!) "A GENTLEMAN AT HEART" Produced by JOHN RINGLING NORTH 8l.d r JOHN MUM RAY ANDf0" D..i..a bT NORMAN BBC C 0 0 BTjwaJ5iipr Spaetade 'HOLIPAYS "BALLET OF THE ELEPHANTS'' Dir.. 1. a kr crOPtOC BALANCHINI MUSIC by IP OR STRAYINtA Mr. & Mrs. GARGANTUA The Grciit lacaiciiiiklr laartisi.i Aim at fiHliu'' frsdactieas all. CHIT'S (nil Wild lilail AetJ BOH C itu JUrt-IOl Clear Haafrtdt dt " Vttt 'utirlid Wiirir i-Ni Cam ' '"J Ticket Admitting to Everything iiurluJ'" Rtservtd Seat. St. $1.50. $2. $2.50 Pliula , Center Box Seata $3. Pin I" . ChUdren Under 12 Half Price to Reaerj Seat Every Aft'n Except 6. na und. Entire Upper Balcony .750 'ri TICKET SALES OPEN THURS- MAY J t BOSTON GARDEN and riLENC

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