The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on May 20, 1941 · 22
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 22

Boston, Massachusetts
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Tuesday, May 20, 1941
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K' Amusements "Ap-pin-dicitls" LTNCOLNTON. N. C. (AP) Sur Eeons operated on 29-month-old arry Dale McConnell for appendicitis and found a straight pin in bis appendix. Larry recovered. AMUSEMENTS ait AMAtA 'COOPER STANWYCK In FRANK CAPRA'S meet JnhnOoe' fC. MKOH-WKirateHIN m I WANTED WINGS HVt' OT m Tit MM" MAN I HA at.011 ILilAM tAkt.AH "CHEERS FOR MISS BISHOP" Alt: JUDY CAX6VA. "SIS HOPKINS" BETTE DAVIS GREATLIE" "knockout":;; H3 CIRCLE LIN. 404O MAT. 1:45 EVE. BOO SIX, 't Road to Zanzibar VSHS crssr.F I e;, I Cm, nrl A Rnh LUCILLE MURPHY ' . n ii ill u 1 1 j w niiu mm iiuu BALL ALLSTON ALLSTON 1:45-7:45 Gary Cooper 'LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER' Boar of Tho Press" CAPITOL 1:43 A I By Pepiltr Reqaett Jti. Strart-Gln. Royeft "VIVACIOUS LADY" "Hin Clam Hapylneit" A rlington Waltham Gta. Mirphy-L. Ball A Girl, A Gay. and A Col Malilt Wai a LaiY Ton..'Tlia6rMt0lctitor' Charlla Chaplin Tht Sfaat Dictator Charlie Chan "DEAD MEN TELL" BRIGHTONNEWTON Egyptian 1:50 8:00 raraaieint-2:00 A 80 cC'iV'The Great Dictator" ,iri Hart CtsinHaislnMi' Wad.'SctrtifS-SkyDavllt' W. Seery-l. Barrymsrs THE BAD MAN" CAMBRIDGE Bins Crosby-Bok Hoc 'Road to Zanzibar' SH Teler (CharlliChin) "DEAD MEN TELL" B. Stanwyrk-H. Fondi THE LADY EVE' Eddis Albert-Jom Laillt 'GREAT MR. NOBODY' DORCHESTER ;' CODMAN FRANKLIN Tal. 5900 Robert Carala Iflir tnil lire Cmifh" Lomtard ""' a"u m,J' wlllllll Mintgomery Beery Wallace Lionel Berrymftn "BAD MAN" Dorchester Matt apart a GREAT DICTATOR EES SIDNEY TOLER "DEAD MEN TELL" Strand 1:45 t 6:45 ta 11 1 Oriental 1:45 t 8 A rlington Watertown J.Cagney-O. DeHavllland Strawberry. Blonde 'Michael Shaynt, Detee.' Ida laplno-H. Bogart "High Sierra" GENE AUTRY 'Bide la an a Rainbow' Back Bay Kenmore Sq. 1R8DTT A COSTELLO 1 'Buck Privates' "Blondie Playt Cupid" Braintree So. Weymouth rv.:l:l:71i:. iXi&Wkbm Robt. Taylor-Rath Hutey "FLIGHT COMMAND" W. Wllllam-F. loblntoa 'Lone Waif Keen a Date' paal Manl-G. Tlerney "HUDSON'S BAY Vlrt. Brace-John Howard "INVISIBLE WOMAN" BROOKLINE u ini'i 1 11. . j.ii n fMIt I II mill MklilfTSTT m mnu di nwnri 1 . Rfll AND YOUNG ? topper REiunnss Than. "THAT NIGHT IN REO" Allctfiy BROOKLINE VILLAGE MEAIVDIF"" CAMBRIDGE i 'JJ II I R . K1R.458Q A iWmBaxteri "SLEEPERS WEST"-March oT Titna SNEAK PREVIEW TONIGHT tirtt New bnsland Shawina CHARLESTOWN mM,..A n nori iiiai igg jonn "7"' "it A W U Lr C.rfl.ld " . . . . . r u I P . f UJ Virginia Glimtft "jenan Dorchester Somerville n wAnurrrrnMUMMi PeJC oyviiii.aaaai Ma'w Kay Frantie-Jat. Ellitaa LSkE ilSIEPS 'PLAY GIRL" "The Detil Cemmaadi" FREE PmhERWARE FOUR MOTHERS' "Wildcat But" Parlay Award EVERETT .mMmmwMMiMWlPPmr'mmm m ta aaa ajp jei aaj "Lady E" 9 25 Chernkaa Strip'! 135 7:54 "GONE WITH THE WIND" Mat. 15 F. 75 LEXINGTON MACH datipTnnyH BETTY FREOIIC VlUIUnl FIELD f RROL FLYIN "Footatapi In tha Dark" LYNN tit la Year Car $M and Hear Mail JmI McOta-Herbwt Marball , "FIREIGN CORRLSPINOENI" East Sid Kids 'THAT GANG OF MINE" CONTINUOUS BUSK Tl MIDNITE MALDEN Bint Cretky-Bak Hut Oarattiy Laatatr 'ROAD Tl 7AN2IBAR" "DEAD MEN TELL" J. Catacy-1. OeMaeiMaael "Strawberry aiaase" f. MacMarray-M. Cerroll "VIRGINIA" I IINC CROSBY BOB K0r DOROTHY LABOUR! I "ROAD TO ZANZIBAR" I ALSO: SIPKEY TOLER, ' DEAD BEN TELL" ' AMUSEMENTS CLEVELAND CIRCLE HYDE PARK f .1 , mm NEW MAJESTIC THEATRE "Citizen Kane" "Citizen Kane," by Herman J. Mankiewicz and Orson Welles. Produced and directed by Orson Welles. RKO Radio release. The cast; Kan . , ......... .vi u ncun 8 Buddy Swan Sunny Buoo Orson Weilea Kane. age Kn 3d Kane's father Harry Shannon Jedediah Leland ...Joseph Cotten Susan Alexander. .. .Dorothy Cominsora Mr Bernstein Everett Sloane James W Gettys Ray Collins waller farKs maimer, .ueorge uouiourn Mrs Kane (mother) . . . .Acnes Moorehead Raymond Paul Mewart Emily Norton Ruth Warrick Herbert Carter. ........ .Erskine Sanford Thompson WilliarrwAHand Miss Anderson oeorae cacnus Mr FawlMon Philio Van Zandt MoaHurailor Gus Schilling Matiste. Fortunio Bonanova The sheer brilliance and audacity of Citizen Kane." the Orson Welles production which started its Boston engagement last nij:ht at the Maiestic Theatre, make the film ine most astounding cinematic achievement of the season. It ranks with Disney's "Fantasia" as a milestone in motion picture technique. Like "Fantasia" the ideas in back of the fil... are vastly more important than the actual emotion and drama of the story itself. . But unlike Disney. Mr. Welles has gone back to the pictures of the past the techniques used so ingeniously in such foreign films as "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and the Russian pic- FAIRMOUNT VSo uii HENRY fflAnVCVC'J BARBARA FONDA LAUI LVC STANWYCK CESAR ROMERO. "ffrtl, DARK AND HANDSOME" Jam. Plain Egleston Sq. It we MOI G. Marphy-Leellle Ball A Girl. A Gay A A Gob' N. Kelly. 'Scotland Yard' W d.. "Mr. tMrj. Smith" I. Stanwyek-H. Fonda "LADY EVE" Tall, Dark A Handsome' Tain. "CONVOY" NATICK i-i.m.i'ii.n. Charlit) Chaplin "The Great Dictator" Bargesi Meredlth."SAN FRANCISCO DOCKS" Needham West Newton Kfc NEEDHAM Eda.Roblnssn-ldaLaplne "SEA WOLF" M. Colei-Edw. Norrle Here Comee Happlnest' Wl Umulnit LAS. Ti cat ncntuii 3540 ABBOTT A COSTELLO "Ont Night la Triplet" F. March-M. Sallavan 'SO ENDS OUR NIGHT' ROSLINDALE Barbara Henry Stanwyck F,onda LADY EVE' Clival Brsok-'-CONVOY" Play Party Tonight LON CHANEY, JR. 'MAN MADE MONSTER' "HORROR ISLAND" SOMERVILLE K. Hepbarn-Cary Grant Private Jamee Stewart "Philadelphia Story" 'Cast at tht BlackParrtt' Rob't. Yoang-R. Scott "Western Union" S. Traey-Wm. Boyd "SKY DEVILS" rSOTaiJ(lbefltJol.liW9; St "Come Live With Me" IS "ROAD SHOW" MALDEN (Continued) Ingrid Bergman-W.Baxter Adam Had 4 Sons 'BLOND INSPIRATION' B. Rathbone-Ellen Drew "MAD DOCTOR" Lip Vela "Mexican Spitfire Out West" MALDEN MEDFORD a::yi'.'ii..a:M.)j.i'j.g M. Carrol I-F. Mac M array "VIRGINIA" 'PETTICOAT POLITICS' Dinntr Set Ceiponi Edw.Robimon-ldaLtplna John Garfteld 'SEA WOLF" 'Hart Camas Happineu" MEDFORD MELROSE J.Gagnoy-Q. DeHaiilland F. Marcb-Marp. Sallavan 'SO ENDS OUR NIGHT' 'Lent Wolf Keept a Data' Blue Orchid China "Strawberry Blonde" "MAD DOCTOR" Blus Orchid China QUINCY STRAN D e lobOU I t!CY Bint Craiby-Bok Hon W. Btary-L. Barrymtrt "BAD MAN" Road to Zanzibar' "Sleapera West" Wed. "Andy Harly'l Prhatt Secretary" Chat. Batttrwtrth-V. Gray 'Blond Inspiration' REVERE pUIOTABD-BSVSM Lambard "Mre & MrSi Sllliltl ' Mistgtmtry Janet Stewart "Vlyaeloel Lady" Ginger Rsgert Saugus Weymouth Vim TOMTE AT I0TI MIVEII TREATIES Academy Aumrd Winner GINGER ROGERS A oi KITTY FOYLE MAAat Al-Te TtwfATM m m MTQTnum afa EMTR FEU0H -OHieriritaBajPtaatri" ateUIElSIARITk tan it exroti SOMERVILLE Ckeitar Mtrrit-laclwllt Hadtoa : 'Meet Boston BlackieV Mary Lee-Rife Oaelt ! "BARNYARD FOLLIES" i lsasaartssta SOUTH BOSTON Edw. G. Robinson 'THE SEA WOLF' "Hart Coam Haapinou" Heptaia-Graat-Stewart 'PbiladelphiaStory' P.Lorre-FaeeBeb lad Maik Wod. Attar Scbt4 SbM fSj-HOWIIJl SCHOOLBOr-13 Yv tmctttr gwiowty Watertown-Waverley ERROL FLVNN "FMtitrn la the Dart" "VICTORY" Mat. 1:30 I. 730 M. Sallaran-C. Boyer 1 "BACK 8TREET" I Lip Velez, " LESSONS FRIM LA20NGA" i WINCHESTER Jsmet CICUTIM!! COTU" I Catnry liuillinu ujih I'Brita Baby saaay.vaa aierxet ' ey par ii imawnMnusr FILMS tures made by Eisentein, that amazing director who had an inestimable influence in Hollywood after Totem-kin" and similar-films were shown in this country. Naturally their knowledge of light and shade, their experiments with starting angle photography have been vastly improved by modern methods. Some of those early films were so murky that the players really did look like shadows and there are shots in "Citizen Kane" which give the same effect. Too often, according to modern standards, is the face of Mr. Welles in such complete shadow that the scene loses its punch. There s a time for art and a time for realism. But for the most part Mr. Welles has employed camera angles and light and shading so effectively and smashingly that the picture seems to overturn all present day ideas of making films. ' He has not hesitated to try unusual groupings, lightings from below instead of from above, unconventional methods of utilizing flash-backs and other camera tricks. He has drawn the character of his hero Charles Foster Kane by depicting him always through the ovps of others. Each persons per sonality, ambitions and beliefs color what he tells to the reporter try ing to find out the real self of the dead publisher. So engrossing to a student of motion pictures are all these surprising innovations that one foreets sometimes the actual storv bpinff told on the screen There has been much discussion reeardini? "Citizen Kane" as a de scription of an actual publisher. Many articles have been written about the film before it was shown to the public. Certainly there are Darallels in the story that are tin mistakable. But for the most part the story is sympathetic to the powerful Mr. Kane a man with great gifts of daring, brains and charm whose ambitions override even his finest achievements, and who dies in a magnificent castle without find ing any real . satisfaction and hap piness in life. The story commences with his death a dreary, dark sequence. His last word, as he painfully relinquished life, was "Rosebud." And a smart film editor sends out a re porter to find out the significance of that word. 7t will probably ex plain the whole career of the dead Mr. Kane, m the mind of the editor. So the reporter here Mr. Welles is very clever in allowing one not to see the reporter's face as he talks to the men and women connected with the publisher interviews all who have had intimate dealings with the great man. They include the dramatic editor who was his best friend, but who left him when Kane's early ideals were so defl nitely forgotten or shattered in the rise to power; the business manager who admired him' and stood by him in his newspaper battles; the woman he lived with and who broke up his marriage to a niece of the President, thus causing him to lose out in his fight for the Governorship. The reporter reads in the memoirs of a business tycoon the early life and THE STAGE COLONIAL THEATRE "The Man Who Came to Dinner" "The Man Who Came to Dinner," comedy by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Produced by Sam H. Harris. Staged by Mr. Kaufman. Setting by Donald Oenslager. Principals of the cast: Mrs Ernest W Stanley.. ..Lea Penman Miss Preen Janet Fox Richard Stanley James Truex June Stanley , .Gretchen Davidson John c. Sydney Grant Sarah Mrs Priestly Morrison Mrs McCutcheon Jeanne Wardley Mrs Dexter Margaret Gainer Mr Stanley. Clyde Fillmore Maggie Cutler Edith Atwater Dr Brad ley . . .......... Arthur Griffin Sheridan Whiteside. .Alexander Woollcott Harriett Stanley Minnie Dupree Bert Jefferson Walter Coy Professor Metz Joe E Marks Mr Baker Sidney Stone .luicssmon. . narry smith Lorraine Sheldon Doris Nolan Sandy ... Lyle Bettger tjcvtriiy aiiioa tru Khodes Banjo ..Teddy Hart There was acid in the air and the Real McCoy on the stage of the Colonial Theatre, last night, where Alexander Woollcott was playing Sheridan Whiteside in "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Indeed the Real McCoy was there, for the mmble-tongued lecturer, the fascin ating great man of the written and spoken word is understood to have oeen drawn by George Kaufman and Moss Hart as. a satirical por trait of Mr. W. himself. As everyone well remembers who saw -xne Man Who Came to Dinner at its tryout here a year ago last jeaii, some of the most corrosive quips ever penned by Kaufman and mrt were put upon the lips of Mr. Whiteside. Therefore, to see and hear Mr. Woollcott in the part is a remarKaoie occasion in the theatre. jvjx. wooncott ana his company come nere ror tneir last stop on a long and profitable tour. The popularity of "The Man Who Came to Dinner" has been fabulous, though no less so than the amount of cash that has flowed across the box office ledges of the theatres where it has played. That man who came to dinner, you recall, did so in a small Ohio town, where he slipped on the ice outside Mr. and Mrs. Stanley's house, a misfortune which caused him to be a wheel-chaired invalid there for some weeks about Christmas time. An admired, even revered Figure of belles lettres, Mr. White side was a man of idiosyncrasies, with a gift for oral venom that belied his blandly disarming smile. With benign selfishness he in sulted all about him, relegated the Stanleys to the upper floors of their house, taking over the rest of the place himself, hiring the cook and butler away, and generally causing high blood pressure by the variety of his wants and the dizzy traffic of messages to and from the smart people of the world who were his friends. And then his secretary' fell in love with a local newspaper-! man who had written a play, an offside bit of inconvenience that caused Mr. Whiteside to call in a nobility-chasing actress of his acquaintance to grab off the young man herself. The Woollcott voice and the Woollcott manner have a hypnotic fasci nation about them. The perfect timing oi lines, me sharp tncisive-ness of speaking which characterized the portrayal of Monty Wool-ley (who was the original Whiteside) are not in Mr. Woollcott's performance. He plays it in gentler fashion, and makes Whiteside a pleasanter man than did Mr. Wool-ley. The contrast is interesting, yet each characterization is in its own way logically conceived. Edith Atwater, the secretary of the first company, again acts the role with Mr. Woolcott, an exhibition of charm and skill which will be remembered. Doris Nolan as the actress, the Beverly Carlton of Erik Rhodes and Teddy Hart's Banjo are effective though high-pitched. The remainder of the cast are competent THE ttOSThy DAILY GLOBE TUESD A Y. MAY 20. 1941 I ( 'W- "f I "1 Q. Is vaudeville outmoded and what is the difference between it and burlesque. M. U. L. A. Time will tell regarding vaudevilleand I have never been to a burlesque theatre. Q. Please tell me who played the role of Yager in "Border Vigi lantes"? J. F. C, East Dedham. A. Jim Yager was played by Tom Tyler, and this was made by the Harry Sherman Productions, Paramount Studio, Hollywood. Q. This may answer the fan who wrote about Bruce Bennett He was formerly a champion swimmer called Herman Brix, who used to appear in the "Tarzan" serial. His recent pictures under the name of Bruce Bennett include "The Secret Seven," "Before I Hang" and '.'Escape to Glory." Movie Fan. A. Thank you dui are you sure that they are. the same actor, since Bruce Bennett and Herman Brix are listed in my Motion Picture Almanac as "eparate persons? I haven't anything on either one in my files. Q. Who played the role of Maurice in "The Mad Doctor"? I liked him very much. Pussy, Stoneham. A. Martin Kosleck, who was born in Barkotse, Pommern, March 24, 1907, played the role and I agree with you as to his being a splendid actor. He has brown hair and green eves.and was six years with Max Reinhardt's dramatic school and theatre in Germany. He has been business beginnings of Charles Foster Kane. . He learns that the man had a lust for power and a vitality that made him extraor dinarv amonff hs fellows. But he never does discover that Rosebud is the name of the little sled that young Charlie Kane played with just before he left for the East and the picturesque career that was to make him one of the most astound ing men of American contemporary history. Kane started a war to get circula tion for his newspapers he built an opera house for his light-of-love who eventually became ms wue he made a newspaper empire which later started to crumble. He did not become Governor, due to the scandal of his relations with Susan Alexander, and he could not buy the continued love of his associate, Jed Leland, even though he offered $25,000 and made a theatrical gesture of finishing a review wnicn was objectionable to his singer wife. Charles Foster .Kane, a rutniess, power-mad, charming, money-gen- erous ana yet aeieatea man weues makes him neither hero nor vmain but a man one could hate and at the same time feel sorry for his failure to realize the promise oi his first years. Orson Welles plays the K.ane roie with a capable understanding of what he is tryine to do. as well as a surprising insight into human na- NEWS OF THE STAGE Farce at Wilbur to End Saturday The Boston engagement of "Wom en Aren't Angels" will end Saturday night. Vernon Sylvaine's English farce will then go to New York, where it will open at the Broad-hurst Theatre, May .29. This represents a shortening of the local run by one week, since the farce was originally announced to play at the Wilbur Theatre through May 31. Guild Revivals at $2 Top Next Season Subscription cities of the Theatre Guild and American Theatre So ciety of which Boston is an im portant one will see two series of plays next season. One will be the usual series, the other four or more revivals, at a $2 top price, of classics and past Guild successes. The Revival Series, as it will be called, has been arranged by The. resa Helburn and Lawrence Lang ner, administrative directors of the Guild. These revivals will not in any sense be "stock" or "repertory" productions, it is promised. Stars will be selected for each, and the directors will be chosen according to the requirements of the individual plays. . -, "Each revival will first be presented at the Guild Theatre in New York, then sent on tour. Economical unit settings will be used. Miss Helburn, Mr. Langner and a general director whose name has yet to be announced, are to supervise produc tion. Regular series subscribers will be privileged to buy tickets for the Revival Series at reduced rates. M. I. T. Drama Club Mark Reed's comedy "Yes, My Darling Daughter," is to be acted on the evenings of May 27 and 28, at the Y. W. C. A., by the M. I. T. Drama Club for the benefit of the British War Relief. The author was graduated from M. I. T. in 1914. More of Summer Theatres "George Washington Slept Here" will begin the 15th season of the Cane Playhouse at Dennis, June 30. Charles Butterworth will be starred in the Kaufman and Hart comedy. No formal announcement has been made concerning Summer theatre at Gloucester. But it is re ported that the Cape Ann city will be one stop on a tour which Ramon Novarro will make in "The Command to Love." The former movie star is also to appear in the same play in Cambridge, Westboro. Holy-oke and Ogunquit, Me. TONIGHT, 8i30 Boston Gardon STOKOWSKI Conducting All Amtrlcin Yonth Ores. 5000 SEATS AT $1.10 BOSTON UNIVERSITY MAY MUSIC FESTIVAL An Enicmblo f 300 Vsleea Dr. Jamoi R. Houghton, Conductor CHAXtES MAYOER MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM Aaa rntnmnn wraith A.. Boitnn FRI., MAY 23 91.00 and SOo MARJORY ADAMS Movie Question Box in "Nurse Edith CaveU," "Nick Carter, Detective,". "Calling Philo Vance" and "A Date with Destiny," among other films. Q. Please tell me all you know about Nova Pilbeam and Valerie Hobson? Has Miss Hobson made any movies in the United States? Boston fan. - A. Nova Pilbeam is still making pictures in England despite the war she was born in Wimbledon, Eng., Nov. 15, 1919, and her father was Prof. Arnold Pilbeam. She is married to the film director. Pen Tennyson. " and was a child actress on stage and screen. Valerie Hob son has made several pictures in Hollywood including "Bride of Frankenstein," "The Werewolf of London," "The Mystery of Edwin Drood," "This Man Is News," and "Chinatown Squad." She was born in Lame, Ire., in 1915, and her father is a retired naval officer. She is a graduate of the London Royal Academy of Dramatic Ar4,. is tall, has dark brown hair and eyes and has made her recent films m England. Q. Please give me addresses of the studios and what movie maga zine publishes the addresses? I. M. B., Melrose. A. Only three questions, you know, and here are three addresses: Paramount Studio, Hollywood; 20th Century-Fox, Westwood Hills; Universal, Universal City, Calif. I don't read movie magazines sorry. ture. Apparenty Mr. Welles is not out to prove anything in the film, but rather to give a distinguished characterization that has the same qualities of light and shade that the picture itself has. There are moments his delineation is subtle there are times when he resorts to action to put over his ideas. His makeup as uie graauaiiy aging Kane is superb but he matches his voice and his manner to the part, and he grows old with the story as naturally as if it were really the weight of years that put the palsy in his fingers and the stoop to his back. Next in importance of acting comes Joseph Cotten, . who plays the part of his best friend, the one man who might have saved him from complete disillusionment and loneliness. Cotten is excellent, both as the idealistic editor and the talka tive, sick old man who still retains the attractive qualities of his youth. Everett Sloane is also outstanding, playing the part of the Jewish business manager with vigor and honesty, while Dorothy Comingore superbly portrays the role of the singer-wife who becomes a dipsomaniac after leaving her husband. Ruth Warrick as the first wife gives a dignified yet sensitive performance, while Agnes Moorehead is interesting and unusual as Kane's ambitious, determined mother. However, when one sees "Citizen Kane" it is not the acting you remember, but the treatment of the story, the magic performed by the camera and the dynamic quality of me man wno , wrote, produced and played the title role. Perhaps some day we shall see a picture called "Citizen Welles." Tonight's Pops Program Jesus Maria Sanroma will be the soloist at the Pop concert in Symphony Hall tonight, offering Gershwin's Concerto. Arthur Fiedler will conduct the following program: burg, from "Tannhauser." Wagner; 'Romeo and Juliet" Overture-Fantasia, Tchaikovsky; Polka from "The Golden Age," Shostakovitch; "Ride of the Valkyries," Wagner; Piano Concerto in F, Gershwin, so'.oist, Jesus Maria Sanroma; By the Beautiful Blue Danube." waltzes Strauss; Mozart Matriculates. Alec Tem-pleton; Dance of the Buffoons, from "Snowmaiden." Rimsky-Korsakov. AMUSEMENTS 'OBERON'DOUGLASrW JWKAg? Ernst lubVHclVs - Lt ) IAj7. w . - m ww9 A GAY GLORIOUS 40 ' JOLIES FEMMES 40 AND A GALAXY OP CONTINENTAL STARS STAGE IN TOWN -HEHE IT C0SV3ES THE TRANS-CONTINENTAL SMASH HIT 20 Jfif?? .H Hollyusood 8 Weekm in San Francisco 19 UeeJcg in Chicago 10 Il eeca on Broadway ClIIIDCRTo 0PENS MONDAY EVE., MAY 26 UllUUkiil MAIL ORDERS NOW SEATS THURSDAY America's Treat for the Funny-bone! DANNY DARE Presents TrKAN HIT MUSICAL RlVUE ; WITH THI ORIGINAL HOLLYWOOD CAST All-AM DRIPCC. EVES., $2.75, J2.20, $1.65, $1.10, $ .85, $ .55 f tax 1 rnibca. mats. wed. and sat,,, $ .85, $ .55 Lcl. J VYILBUR 5L TOWGHT, 8:30 Matinee Tem'w at S:30 LIE EPHRAIM PRESENTS toaar claim a melville cooftt A NEW FARCICAL C0ME0V Direct if ky MARIV WAGSTAFF GRIBtLE Em. 2.7J t 55c; Mite. We4. $1.63 to 55a, Sit 2 20 to 351 Tn Inel.l 'SYMPHONY HALL, COM. 1492" TONIGHT at 8:30 ARTHUR FIEDLER Conductor Admiaalan .tj lit Bilrony Breerved .An. .IK, III na tat ALL TICKETS OK SALE 2 WEEKS III ADVANCE Movie Schedules BOSTON THEATRES BEACON "Road Show." 9:41. 1:13. 4:41. 8:09; "Son of Monta Criato. 11:14. 2:42. 6:10. 9:38. CIVIC REPERTORY "Pepe L Moaro," 12:45. 2:55. 5:10. 7:20. 9 35: "Charllu Chaplin on Parade." 12:00. 2:10. 4:25. . 6:35. 8:50. EXETER "Melody for Three." 2:00. 9:10. 8:20: "Adam Had Four Sons," 3:15. 6:25, 9:35. FENWAY "Cheers for Mtsa Bishop" 11:35. 3:00. 6:25. 9:55: "Sia Hopkins." 1:15. 4:40. 8:05. FINE ART "Charlie Chaplin restivsl" 1:00. 3:05. 5:10. 7:15: "National Philharmonic Orchestra." 2:55. 8:00. 7:0a. 9:10. GAYETT "Drums Alonsr the Mohawk." 11:21.1, z:3U, 9:43. y:uu: Men Against ine Sky." 9:40. 1:00. 4:15. 7:40. GLOBE Burlesque, 12:00. 2:30. 8:30; photoplays. "Three Cheers for the Irish" and "Prison Without Bars." HOWARD Burlcsoue, 12:00, 2:45. 8:30: "Hmi Across the Bay." 10:25. 6:33: "Gay Caballero," 9:25, 5:33. KEITH-BOSTON "Emergency Landing," 10:35. 2:35. e:25: "Pirates on Horseback." 11:35, 3:45, 7:35; stage, 1:20. 5:10. 9:00. KEITH-MEMORIAL Quintuplets In "Growing Up." 9:55. 12:50. 3:45, 6:40. 9:35; "Uncertain Feeling." 10:10. 1:05. 4:00. 6:55. 9:50; "Double Date." 11:50. 2:45. 5:40. 8:35. KENMORE "Buck Privates." 1:00, 4:00. 6:45. 9:40; "Blondie Plays Cupid," 2:30. 5:30, 8:15. LOEW'S ORPHEUM "Men of Boys Town." 9:10. 12:25. 3:40. 6:55. 10:10: "Washington Melodrama." 11:00. 2M5. 5:30. 8:50. LOEW'S STATE "Men of Boys Town, 11:40. 3:05, 6:35. 10:05: "Washington Melodrama." 1:40. 5:10. 8:40. METROPOLITAN "Strange Alibi." 10:05. 1:30. 4:50, 8:10: "Meet John Doe." 11:15. 2:35. 5:55. 9:20. MODERN "The Great Lie," 11:10, 2:35, 6:05, 9:35; '"Knockout," 9:45, 1:10, 4:40, 8:10. PARAMOUNT "Cheers for Miss Bishop," 11:00. 2:30, 6:00. 9:35; "Sis Hopkins." 9:15. 12:45. 4:15. 7:50. SCOLLAY SQUARE "Tha Great Lie," 11:25. 2:45, 6:00. 9:20; "Knockout," 10:05, 1:25. 4:40. 8:00. SOUTH STATION "March of -Time's Crisis In the Atlantic"; Father Hubbard's Travels. Pete Smith, Sports. Fishing and Diving. Freddie Martin's Band. 2 cartoons, comedy, latest news and other subjects. Continuous. 9:30 a. 91.-ll.-30 p. m. TRA.NS-LUX "Sweetheart of the Navy." 10:50, 1:27. 4:04. 6:41, 9:08; "23 '4 Hours Leave," 9:30, 12:07, 2:44, 5:21, 7:48. UPTOWN "Adam Had Four Sons." 1:35. 5:00, 8:25; "Road to Zarmbar," 3:00. 0:3. ;au. WASHINGTON STREET OLYMPIA nnaa to z,anziDar." jo:30, 1:15, 4:00, 6:40, 9:25; "Dead Men Tell.'5 9:30, 12:10, 2:55, 5:35, 8:20. SUBURBAN THEATRES ALLSTON CAPITOL "Vivacious Lady," - nere comes Happiness." Matinees at 1:40. evenings at 8:00. ALLSTON "Lives of a Bengal Lancer' and "Roar of the Press." Matinees at i:id. iwemngs at 7:45. ARLINGTON CAPITOL "A Girl, a Guy and. a Gob" and "Maisie Was a Lady. - iuaunees at z:uu. i-vemnEs at b:oo. REGENT "Strawberry Blonde" and Michael Shayne, Detective. Mati nees at 2:00. Evenings. 6:45-11:00. BRAINTREE BRAINTREE "Flight tommana- ana Jne won Keens a Date. Matinees at 1:45. Evenings continuous from 6:43. Last complete snow at 0:1a. BRIGHTON EGYPTIAN "The Great Dictator" and Here Comes Happiness. Matinees at 1:50. Evenings at 8:00. BROOKLINE COOLIDGE CORNER Bcotiana ara. z:uu. s:U5. 8:10: "Topper Returns." 3:35. 6:40. 9:45. BROOKLINE VILLAGE "Footllght lever. - i:su o:uu, o:iu - sea wolf, 3:10. 6:20. 9:30. CAMBRIDGE CENTRAL SQUARE Hoad to Zanzibar " and "Dead Men Tell." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. HARVARD "Lady Eve" and "Great ' Mr. Nobody." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:45. UNIVERSITY "Adam Had Four Sons l 3:20. 6:30. 9:45; "Sleepers West." 1:4. o:uu, o:iu; "iviarcn ot lime," a:uo, 6:10, 9:25. CHARLESTOWN THOMPSON SQUARE '5ea wolf," "Jennie." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. CLEVELAND CIRCLE CIRCLE "Road to zanziDar" ana A Gin, a Guy and a Gob." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 8:00. DORCHESTER CODMAN SQUARE Mr, and Mrs. Smith" and Bad Man." DORCHESTER "Play Girl" and "Devil Commands." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings continuous, 7:00-11:00. FRANKLIN PARK "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," 3:05, 9:20; "Bad Man," 1:55, 8:10. STRAND "Great Dictator." 3:04, 8:22; "Dead Men Tell," 1:54, 6:45, 10:28. EGLESTON SQUARE EGLESTON "Lady Eve" and "Tall, Dark and Handsome." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. EVERETT CAPITOL "Lady Eve." 3:06, 9:25; "Cherokee Strip," 1:35, 7:54. PARK "Gone With the Wind." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. HYDE PARK FAIRMOUNT "Lady Eve," 3:23, P:39: "Tall, Dark and Handsome," 1:53. 8:08. JAMAICA PLAIN JAMAICA "A Girl, a Guy and a Gob" and "Scotland Yard." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings at 7:45. LEXINGTON LEXINGTON "Victory," 2:30, 8:15; "Footsteps in the Dark," 3:45. 9:30. LYNN OPEN AIR THEATRE "Foreign Correspondent" and "That Gang of Mine." Continuous from dusk to midnight. MALDEN GRANADA "Dead Men Tell," z:ua. o:ia, h:zi; "itoaa to z.anziDar. 3:10. 6:18, 9:26. AMUSEMENTS - . REVUE 2 FIRST RUN HITS: EMERGENCY fA7IS 00 STAGE IN TOWN S H U B ERT Tonight. 1:30 MATINEE TOM'W 5e t.6S IHe, bill KFkT 'in LATH fc rrnrui IUELLA am DOROTHY 4. CHARLES ,. GEAR STONE COLLINS ,B rill t Ulllfit Ctrl Una II.. I.. I r... Em. 12.75-551. Wit. Wwl. git.. 1.63-3I tax it ICOLONIAL TiRltkt at S JO Mat. Tea a tat I SAM M. HARRIS niMla 'THE MAM WHO CAMETODIHHtt? MOSS HART GEORat ilUUf MAN Wit with ALEXANDER WOOLLCOTT Kltk A!.ter. Dwli Milaa. TH11 Hart ml Erik Nkalu trM. St.ltl ta ti T5, Wxl Mat. KSe ta 11. SS, hit. Hit 50 ta 12 U, Ul tnel. tmm I IHWill 1 J' ,i,i,iiyimiiiUiMHHH"i "HJ ... . j 7-: - V- K" i ' - . -.-I f -,H'? m. uMiMmMmiMnii'umnU KEEPS COOL Paulette Goddard, working in new film, "Nothing but (Ha Truth." enjoys the cooling; breeze made by a gint fan on the sound stage. MYSTIC "Virginia," 1:55. 7:40; "Straw- MAPLEWOOD "Virginia.'" Politics." Matinees at 1.45 at 7 -an. "Petticoat Evenings nnoHtTTTM "Mad Doctor." "Mexican Spitfire Out West." Matinees at i:o Evenings at 7:30. STRAND "Blond Inspiration, 2:15, 7:00, 9-50; "Adam Had Four Sons. 1 m ji an . M ATTAPAN ORIENTAL "Dead Men Tell, 1:45. o:uu; ine ukwi 9:21. MFDFORD FELLSWAY "Strawberry Blonde " and "Mad Doctor." Matinees at 1:30. Evenings at 7:30. unrnrnpn "Spa Wolf" and "Here Comes Happiness." T.vpnines at 6:4s. Matinees at 1:45. unincr mittrokf, "So Ends Our " Night," "Lone,, Wolf Keeps a Date. Matinees at 1:30. Evenings at 7.30. NATICK COLONIAL "The Great Dictator." 3:10. 9:00; "San. Francisco Docks." 2:uu, :ou. ..r..n.u DiPiMmiKT "Sea Wolf w and "Here Comes Happiness." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:0. NEWTON - PARAMOUNT - "The Great Dictator ana at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. QUINCY "The Bad Man" and "Blonde Inspiration." STRAND "Road to Zanzibar" and "Sleepers West." REVERE BOULEVARD "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and "Vivacious Lady. Matinees at 2. Evenings at 8:00. REVERE "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," "Vivacious Lady." Evenings at 8:00. SAUGUS DRIVE-IN "Kitty Foyle." "A Chump at Oxford." Continuous, dusk to midnight. SOMERVILLE CAPITOL and, BALL SQUARE "Come Live With Me" and "Road Show.'" Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. CENTRAL "Philadelphia Story" and "Case of the Black Parrot." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. DAVIS SQUARE "Four Mothers" and "Wildcat Bus." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. STRAND "Western Union" and "Sky Devils." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. T E E L E SQUARE "Meet Boston Blackie" and "Barnyard Follies." SOMERVILLE "Meet Boston Blackie" and "Barnyard Follies.' AMUSEMENTS Phone LIB. 7725 COQO WHOUSOMEUaGITER! -WonitrUU, hnnyr M V Urn tM HAVLIM 'f ieieia -tni lemiiiMr- l !- l.u.t- "tr triiiT FIXE ARTS "IT- 35. & eV r CHILDREN 15c AT ALL TIMES Ci.UL'i- "DHl'M 4I.OC 0L6ERT THUA1UIIAUH 2n Hit Rlfk Die Mia Aiaiait tke Sky' ji:Mi:'i,-:'Mi:i.xrn FRTHER -HUBBRRDaPETE SMITH TROUT jljHINGa.CFRTOONS-f 1 .':n PSMmmw TRULY A GREAT PICTURE! Ityp5" 1 f) r The Romance of "Gone With the Wind? 2 f JAMES CAGNEY DIANA WYNYARD j In "GREAT GUY" f j " iuyhoxo minut I i MAE CLARKE .iiWMiMi..i.,wIihmiiui.i. i -'' 'ml i 1 HMMMl I i 11 ' " V " La 25c wt jl Moiant tin om W mmmL. UPTOWN 300,... Itif lok Warier latter ClOktY HOf E latrIA Reriaaa . "ROAD TO "ADAM HAD ZANZIBAR" FOUR SONS" BURLESQUE OLD HOWARD ''Gypsy Maidens" Hinda Wassau, the best known for her exotic dancing in addition to her beauty, is the leading light in th new burlesque, 'Gypsy Maidens,-which opened yesterday at the Old Howard. A not inconsiderable array of ta!. ent surrounds Miss Wassau. In th comedy line are Fred Binder, Jack Rosen and Jack Diamond, as wackr a trio of zanies as ever romped over a burlesque stage. A quartet cf assistant glamor girls includes Winni Garrett, Maizie White, Pat Patterson and Ethel Deveaux, iir addition to the 30 dancing chorus girls. Vaudr ville specialists include the Wilbertt dancing stars; the Two Saxons nov. elty performers; pat Paige, Dolors DeVera, Chic Hunter, Conny Evan John and Kitty Collins. The films are "House Across Bay" and "Gay Caballero " -rv' usual Friday midnight show J begin at 11:30. 14 BROADWAY "Meet Boston Ri,t,i. and "Barnyard Follies." Bcklt" SOUTH BOSTON BROADWAY "Phn, delphia Story' and Mask." Matinees at at 7:30. evenings STRAND "The Sea Wolf" and -a Comes Happiness." Mat Evenings at 7:45. "k IMPERIAL '.'The Sea Wolf" ,nJ Cornea Ham) nm." Mitm. . f" T, -hVii. 1:4S. SOUTH WEYMOUTH CAMEO n,, son 9 Bay" and "Invisible Womin 5 Matinees at 1:45. Evenings continuS',. from 6:43. Last complete show at WALTHAM EMBASSY "The Grt ri i. at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. """a WATERTOWN COOLIDGE "Fyt. in the Dark" and "Victory." Mr,,.? at 1:30. Evenines at "nees WATERTOWN SQUARE-l'HJgri Si,, and "Ridin on a Rainbow." m,I2Z at 1:45. Eveninas at 7: "un WAVERLEY STRAND "Bark ;--,, and "Six Lessons From Lazonna " MVt, nees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:457' " WEST NEWTON "One flight In th. Tropics" and "So Ends Our Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7 45 WEYMOUTH DRIVE-TN "Kitty Fovl.t "Out .West .With , the Peppers." ConUnu. ous dusk to midnight. WINCHESTER WINCHESTER "FuM. ing 69th." 3:31. 8:01: "Sandy Gets Her Man," 2:15. 6:48. 9:49, Newton Legion Team Again Seeks Title After setting the precedent of not competing for the championship after holding it three years, the Newton Legion Guards are again going after their discarded mantle of national American Legion rifle drill team champions this Fall. They've started an "On to Milwaukee" drive and are giving a series of exhibitions to raise funds to de fray expenses of the trip to Milwaukee. Week before last they gave an exhibition in Ncwtonville. and this week they've designated "Newton Centre" week. Next Saturday at 7 p. m. the team will give a half -hour exhibition drill in Newton Centre sq., under the direction of Capt J. Joseph Ward. After the drill the Newton Legion band will give a concert The committee directing the fund drive consists of Co-Chairmen William J. Maloney and J. Warren Girroir and Treas. Francis Frazier. In addition to winning the nation. al drill championship three times, the Newton steppers have been state champs twice. AMUSEMENTS ORSON WELLES AN RKO RADIO MCTWf V THE MERCURY ACTORS Jotsph Cottsrt Dorothy Cowlwtorej Everatt Sloan Ray Collins Goort CoukMirlS Agnot MoorffetH Paul SUwart Ruth Wtrrlck . ErtkiM Sanford WillUm Allan MAJESTIC Tteraont St. Dm 8r. 9 t. . SUH 25o 'Til 1:00 P. M. Plus Ts Sptncor M'ekfjfw TRACY ROONEY MEN OF BOYS TOWN Plus Washington Melodrama Frank Morgan-Ann Kutnn- iartt I aamaf VWlea Lena LairtKi lln "Tint Hamilton Wonwi" riua: Iitirty li Alae iwitkint ll at li Homui 9 AS U ' rtlNDA WM.; JACK DIAMOND BINDER R08L, I.. I. BH1P ' . at f.ttwwa Nau J Tka arlikvti Hl lr" SO laopla 30 Clonflaa1 Ciflo NEXT WEEK ITA &HKIE 4,LT m.-8it..S,i., 44. VSi, 2t. Art. INGRID BERGMAN WARNER "ADAM HAD FOUR SONS" VT' "MELODY for THREE Tbursday. "THAT NIGHT IMR5!I Ll fPEPE tE MOK0 VI I I If tESTILE JtAW 6ABW VI H W heMMnW . Jr cwmic cwatie 0jB! t

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