The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on January 2, 1935 · 35
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 35

Boston, Massachusetts
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Wednesday, January 2, 1935
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r jl-: t" it. aa f"AI 1 Me I THE BOSTON GLOBE WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 1935 STRAIGHT 3T SI Si HH WCKK 3C a DAILY MOVIE NEWS and PICTURES MAYME OBER PEAK Globe Staff Correspondent in Hollywood y 'I - t ft Ii- Or" J IT WILL BE SIR GEORGE SOON -.ric-i seerr.s to be flowering in our midst Not -v.( -AP Sir Ciuv Standing anri Sir fjeririp Harn- , j -ere m liolij-wood. but ueorge Arliss, just re-:'ron his native England after making "The Du.-lc " there, will soon be knighted. Although re realization of a long-eherished dream, the r. sctcr retained his characteristic reticence, ar-j: his jcb as unassumingly as ever. He is I : iTOriw i Sf&m "-rV : if - : w, -v't ( i ru i l.vfi; t-,'.itt,w..u ,....iv..-' -.v-.- ? .. ' -.rta.Mid Mnifinm'T'Y if 1 it "y " i hi in- f r "Ylj i -f- i 1 1- idr r' T-f I bcg:n work in 20th Century's "Cardinal BETTE CHOSEN THE BEST Bette Davis, who hails from Newton, Mass, has just signed a new contract at Warner Brothers, which will keep her on their lot for the next seven years. Last week players on her home lot voted her the best among them. Your scribe predicts her work with Leslie Howard in "Of Human Bondage" will win her the 1934 Academy Award for the best .performance of the year. She has finished her role in Paul Muni's "Border Town," and will next play opposite Edward G. Robinson in "Money Man." 4 ' " K A '4 - 'y, , SCENE FROM PARAMOUNT'S DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA The screea has gone dance-mad since the great success of "The Gay Divorcee." Paramount's current film "Rumba," co-starring George Raft and Carole Lombard, is probably the motion picture dance opus of all time. It features seven noted dance teams, a chorus of 100 terpsichorean beauties and 150 rumba experts from Latin America. Immediately upon completion of the picture Carole Lombard plans to sail for a European vacation, leaving New York Jan 15. Above is a dance scene from the picture. v BECKY AND AMELIA "Becky Sharp,". the screen version of Thackeray's immortal "Vanity Fair," was originally scheduled to start shooting today, but due to the sudden death of Lowell Sherman, who was to handle the direction, the actual filming has been postponed for a few days. The picture will be an all-color production. Here is a scene showing Miriam Hopkins, the star, as she will appear in the title role, with Frances Dee as Amelia Sedley. Mr Sherman, who himself was once a top-notcher as an actor, had just finished directing "Night Life of the Gods." Another great masterpiece of literature which will come to the screen is Anatole France's'Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard," which RKO is adapting for the cinema. Anne Shirley has been assigned a role, and George Nichols Jr will direct. Sr. Do you believe in long en- He No. I don't -All right stingy!" Stray Stories. AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS imARA&WUREtEIIBILDX lirVeiGHB0BH00PVy ALLSTON JOC PCN NCR-JACK OAKIE XIX mVd "Collet Rhythm" III Iim PlmitaH "T i''m- rtltITI UK- ?i3T IF (ill (4 (LEV ALLSTON & BRIGHTON KtfC TC Tttllf 41UTM ir Is lT'n TK (M. f f -)r rlrf CAMBRIDGE mm. i CO CO Jet Fesier-Jack Oakie College Rhythm HBflTRES MATTAPAN SQUARE Eddie Cantor "KID MILLIONS" Crl Itar4-Mtr lt9 .ADV Br CHOICE" ! SCO STADIUM SEATS 30t NEEDH AM NEWTON tESEIVEO SEATS MO. 1820-1&21 -lIBfHiUSE IUES" CEO. RAFT (. BAIIV IAIA0" KAREN MORLEY 2:15 7:45 JAS. CACNEY -ST. 16UIS KID" Aaaa SUm-ftH tttttt E LIVE AGAI" ROXBURY DORCHESTER JOA BENNETT f2 COL. 20CO 1 1M SO EOOIE CANTOR KIO MILLIONS' LADY BY CHOICE" (- Itmtml mr, Imm Dorchester Wollaston JC Bt1Y !l'(llltl8" t CALA SITE" HELEN HAYES ! Enrr am Girl In Danger" EOOIE CANTOR KID WILLIONS" CAROLE LOMBARD LADY Br CHOICE' Hl 2-Ent 30t4 4C MAURICE CHEVAtlE JEAkETTE MxDtkALO -THE MERRY IDt" RICMARO AILEH IIAOY f (R LSVE" SOMERVILLE Mt- 1S1 P. . Eit. 35c-S P. M. -Tin CI" BITE 50 MUES rt Kr-Karii Mar try "Tie Crime Doctor" Jia li4ll-GIK4a Famll -KANSAS CITY PRIRCESS" WALT HAM BWA.L.SB4 MU 2-Ea. S FREE PAIKII6 HELD OVER EDDIE CANTOR "KID MILLIONS" "LADY BY CHOICE" SAT. "COLLEGE RHYTHM' "ARME if CREEI CABLES' NEAH HOME THEATRES TODAY ARLINGTON '1IMEH0USE BLUES" (wh Rjtt-Ji Parker JOE E. BROWN "6 DAY BIKE RIDER" BROOKLINE KiO AAJLUOM CAMBRIDGE iillifE!!5ITy "kei ddm i lu on s" FRANK MORGAN " "lUtft t Alwtft TtBarrav" CHARLESTOWN THOMPSON I Ml ABE aA.S JAMES CAGNEY "ST. LOUIS KID" "AGE OF INNOCENCE" IRENE DUNN DORCHESTER-BACK BAY 1 f TciMa aBlL4 i jT 11 iTi "Bfitiah Agant" "W Mot Rich" Cfnei-E' Mif R nr . "A LOST LADY" Barbara Stanwyck WAGON WHEELS' Randolph Scott DORCHESTER &Mt "Br YOUR LEAVE" 2ii2iy) CEO. O'BRIEN "DUDE RANGER" EG LEST ON SQUARE .- T. at WILL ROGERS "JUDGE PRIEST" KINO VIDOR'S "OUR DAILY BREAD" RMar'a tlauvara Rita EVERETT Mf a ibc a a nraiuw '-c'Jr.L TWANS ATLANTIC ..,,, ' MERRY-GO-ROUND" tASE if RlallRS tK- PARK lMar Traty-lcttl talllaa "Marie Galanti" WARNER OLAND ' CRAtlC CRAB IB IRRMI HYDE PARK MiCnav-Mlrta aaia Ct ta tt rM" I'lM-In BwrA LI ANYTHING" CRRJfRf R LEXINGTON LEXINGTON THEATRE OPERATOR 13" Mirlaa Dnlai-Gary Cseper "S0RS BF THE DESERT" J LAUREL A HARDY ' MALDEN G rpa i i a m n j.ii ji i : - - i mh.i l.lili JOE PENNER.LANNY ROSS-JACK OAKIE "COLLEGE RHYTHM" CAROLE LOMBARD-"LADE BY CHOICE" NEXT SAT. "WHITE PARADE" EDDIE CANTOR "KID MILLIONS" RICHARD ARLEN 'READY fOR LOVE Sat. -'Annaaf Grata Gabln' ANNA MAY WONG CHU CHIN CHOW' BETTE DAVIS "FOG OVER FRISCO" Htut Sat.-'PwIi'l B Bny'l MEDFORD Cta. Raft-Anna M. Wtna "LIMEH0USE BLUES" Rjnty Carrall-Jack Binny "TRANSATLANTIC MFRRV-G0-RSUN0" GRACE MOORE "ONE NIGHT OF LOVE" Mary Carllal "THAT'S GRATITUDE" MELROSE M. Chtvalltr-J. MacDonaK THE MERRY WIDOW' GERTRUDE MICHAEL "THE MENACE" Ovenwar Nit QUINCY EDDIE CANTOR KID MILLIONS" "OUTCAST LADY" BRITISH AGENT" Lf.lit Howra-Ky Franclt "DANGEROUS CORNER" REVERE "WHITE PARADE" LORETTA YOUNG "YRUNG ANO BEAUTIFUL" WM. JOHN BOLES HAINES SOMERVILLE G tar ft Raft, "Llvtkaau Blatt" (tar i Irlta, "DWa Banftr" Alt "LA CPARACWA" -Mrs. Wiftt af H "Caaaifa Patch' "Manhattaa lata Sant' SOUTH BOSTON STRAND CREVALIER-MacOONALS IRE MERRY WIDOW" Jo E. Brown -t DAY BIKE RI0EI" BROADWAY Halan Havaa 'Waal Er Waaiaa Kaaan' La Traev "LEMON DROP RIB" BMA0WAV 0RIY eiASSWARFNITE WATERTOWN CodlTdgE Cooitd aa 4 atw Fra Attaira-Slaaar Raaart GAY DIVORCEE1 Cartri4 Mkaaal-Paal Cataana "MENACE" Mau 1 Cnta Eta. S Cant a Movie Schedules BOSTON THEATRES BOWDOIN "Student Hour," 9:00. 12:59, 4:57. 8:5S: "Lady by Choice." 10:25. 2:24. 6:22. 10:20. EXETER "I Sell Anything." 2:10. 5:00. ?.50; "Chu Chin Chow." 3:20. 6:10. 8:00. FENWAY "Boeder 'Tovra." 1:00. 3:59. 6:o8. :5"; "Bachelor Arts." 2:39. 5:38. 8:37. FIXE ARTS "Man of Aran." 1:40. 3:40. 5:35. 7:30. 9:30. GATETT "Transatlantic Merry - Go - Round." 9:40, 1:40. 5:40. 9:40. HOWARD "Lineup.'' 9:30. 5:36; "Son Of a Sailor." 10:30. 6:36. KEITH'S MEMORIAL "The Little Minister." 10:13. 12.24, 2:35, 4:46. 6:57. 8:08. LANCASTER "What Every Woman Knows." 12:20. 3:20. 6:20. 9:20; "YounK and Beautiful.'1 11:05. 2:05. 5:05. 8:05. lOEW'S ORPHEIM "Evelyn Prentice." 8:30. 12:35. 3:40, 6:45. 9:50. LOEW'S STATE "Forsakinc All Other. 1:00. 3:10. 5:20. 7:30. 9:45. METROPOLITAN "Here Is My Heart." 12:10. 2:50. 5:20. 7:50. 10:30. . MOnrKN "Kid Millions." 9:1S. 12:15. 3:15. 6:20. 9:25: "Behold My Wife." 10:50. 1:55. 5:00. 8:00. PARAMOUNT "Bordertown " 9:10, 12:20. , 3:30. 6:30. 9:30: "Bachelor of Arts," 11:00. 2:10. 5:10. 8:10. I PARK Burlesque showlnss at 12:00. 3:00, i 6;O0. 9:00. j KKO-ROSTON "The Marines Are Coming." lu:l4. 1:17. 4:26. 10:20. SCOI.LAY SOI'AKE "Bright Eye." 11:50. 3:10. 6:20. 9:20. TRFMONT "One Man's Journey" and 'Scarlet Letter." Continuous from 9:00 a m to 11 p m. UPTOWN "College Rhythm." 1:00. 4:00, 7: On. 10:00: "While Parr ie." 2:30. 6:30. 8:30. I WASHINGTON OLTMPIA "White Pa- raae. ju :.-, j:u4. e:44. v:ji: Ready for Love." 9:18. 11:57. 2:36. 5:20, 8:10. SCREEN ODDITIES By Capt Roacoe Fawcett NEAR HOME THEATRES ALLSTON ALLSTON "Take the Stand" and "Square Shooter." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. CAPITOL "College Rhythm" and "Lady by Choice." Mitinecs at 2:00. Evenings I at 8:00. ! ARLINGTON CAPITOL "Six-Day Bike Rider and Limehouse Blues. Matinees at 2:15. Evenings at 6:48 and 8:10. BACK BAT STRAND "A Lost Lady." 1:10. 4:01, tV51. 9:52; "Wagon Wheels," 2:40. 5:31. 8:21. BRIGHTON EGYPTIAN "Limehouse Blues" and "Age of Innocence." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. BROOK LINE COOLIDGE CORNER "Great Expectations." 4:00. 7:50; "Kid Millions." 2:10. 6:00. 9:50. CAMBRIDGE CENTRAL SQUARE "College Rhythm" and "Lady by Choice." Matinees at 2. Evenings at 8:00. UNIVERSITY "Kid Millions." 3:25. 6:30, 9:35; "There's Always Tomorrow," 2:00, 5:05. 8:10. . ' CHARLESTOWN THOMPSON SQUARE "St Louis Kid," 3:40, 9 40; "Age oi In nocence." 2:30, b:jo. DORfHFSTFR CODMAN "Pursuit of Happiness," "Menace." 1:55, 7:55. DORCHESTER "Bv Your Leave" and "Dude Ranger." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:00 and 8:15. FIELDS CORNER "Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round" and "Marie Galante." Matinees at 1:45. Evenings, 7:00-11:00. MAGNET "British Agent" and "We're Not Rich." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings, 7:00-11:00. STRAND "Lady by Choice." 2:12. !5:12. 8:12; "Kid Millions," 3:32. 6:32. 9:32. EGI.ERTON SQUARE EGLESTON "Judge Priest," 2:30 7:00, 10:00; "Our Daily Bread," 3:30. 8:30. EVERETT CAPITOL "Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round" and "Case of Howling Dog." Matinees, at 2:00. Evenings, 7:00-11:00. PARK "Marie Galante." 3:00, 9:00; "Charlie Chan in London' 1:40. 7:40. HIDE PARK FAIRMOUNT "Richest Girl SQUARE 3733. 9:33; 4 pas FASTER AJt FAftTUtrQ TUAtJ GCtTA k TO A UOLUyWCOO mam wuo osed to ano wuo challenged Akima to Hike omc tue moll- WOOO UlLLS. A J1 ATT ii . I 1 f s l ( i' 3 6 I Bill QOQlNfOH LOOKS ABOUT ISSytARS OF- AGE , BUT IS REALU 57. Ut EATS ICE CREAM wrr4 EVLRy MEAL A TOTAL OF FOUR QUARTS A OA. Marcahet Suluvan r AAEUT. TOOK CAPE ACARTMElOT WTWOUT HELP AND OID ALUf UER OWM COOKUOC. SE INSISTS SME WILL. COOK TUE MEALS Fc? UEl? uusbano, oiRtnac Willi AM WyLER. CONTRACTS FOR 35 TRAINING PLANES War Dep artment Completes Its 1934 Program , WASHINGTON, Jan 2 (A. P.) The War Department today awarded a contract for 35 basic training planes to the Seversky Aircraft Corporation, New York city, for $745,738. This completed the procurement program for 1934, as contracts have already been awarded for bombing, attack, pursuit and observation planes. The War Department's 1935 acquisition program, for which invitations for bids have already been sent out, is based on recommendations for purchase of 800 planes in 1935. The Budget Bureau is understood, however, to have slashed the total amount needed and it is expected that contracts will be awarded for not more than 600 during 1935. In the . World" and "I Sell Anything." Matinees at 2:00. Evenincs. 7:00-11:00. esert," LEXINGTON LEXINGTON " 13," 3:40, 8:15; "Sons of the 2:40. 8:15. MATTAPAN ORIENTAL "Kid Milliona" and "Lady by Choice." Matinees at 2. Evenings at 8:00. MALDEN GRANADA "Collefa Rhythm" and "Lady by Choice." Continuous, 1:45-11:00. MYSTIC "Chu Chin Chow." 3:45, 7:10, 9:50; "Fog Over Frisco," 2:25, 8:35. STRAND "Ready for Love," 2:15, 5:20, 8:25; "Kid Millions." 3:20, 6:25, 9:30. MEDFORD FELLSWAY "One Night of Love," 3:05, 9:05; "That's Gratitude," 1:50, 7:50. ' MEDFORD "Limehouse Blues," 8:55. 8:25; "Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round," 2:40, 7:00, 9:55. MELROSE MELROSE "The Merry Widow" and "The Menace." Matinees at 1:30. Evenings at 7:30. XEFDHAM PARAMOUNT "Limehouse Blues" and "Our Daily Bread." Matinees at 2:15. Evenings at 8:00. NEWTON PARAMOUNT "St Louis Kid" and "We Live Again." Matinees at 2:15. Evenings at 7:45. QUINC1T QUINCY "British Agent," 1:20. 4:05, 6:30, 9:20; "Dangerous Corner," 12:00, 2:40, 6:20, 8:00. STRAND "Kid Millions," 3:00. 6:00, 9:00; "Outcast Lady," 1:45, 4:45, 7:45. REVERE BOULEVARD "White Parade" and "Young arid Beautiful." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. REVERE "White Parade and "Youna and Beautiful," Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. ROXBUSY DUDLEY "The Merry AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS nil 1 IT'S THE BEST1 C3DBHIS Here Is My ART Kitty CARLISLE PttfO IHIAKRDS with LEAH RAY, and BIG STAR CAST ! Illl3!ll T Ijllf1 j 6 DAYS ONLY III JSi - (paramount fenway "ACMflOU F AITS" Taa trawa Aalta laalM arllM jita 11 II aw.i.iii4. II II Saaa lavaaatf II Jl Pl'BafcaMHTWIft' II Widow" and "Ready For Love." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings 7:00-11:00. RIVOLI "Kid Millions" and "Lady by Choice." Matinees at 2. Evenings at 8. SOMERVILLE BALL SQUARE "Limehouse Blues" and "Dude Ranger." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. CAPITOL "Limehouse Blues" and . "Dude Ranger." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. CENTRAL "Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch" and "Manhattan Love Song." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. STRAND "The Crime Doctor" and "Kansas City Princess." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. SOUTH BOSTON STRAND "The Merry Widow" and "Six-Day Bike Rider." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 7:30. BROADWAY "What Every Woman Knows7' and "Lemon Drop Kid." Matinee at 2:00. Evenings at 7:30. WALTHAM EMBASSY "Kid Millions" and "Lady by Choice. Matinees at 2. Evenings at 8:00. WATERTOWN COOLIDGE "Gay Divorcee" and "Menace." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. WATERTOWN SQUARE "Twin Husbands" and "British Agent." Matinees at 2:00. Evenings at 8:00. WOLLASTON WOLLASTON "What -Every Woman Knows," 2:55, 8:10; "Girl in Danger," 1:55. 7:10. 9:50. THREE NORWOOD CARRIERS 35 YEARS IN SERVICE NORWOOD, Jan 2 Three local postal carriers yesterday observed the completion pt 35 years' service, and it is estimated that during this time they have traveled 315,000 miles- On Jan 1, 1900, James J. Reardon, George E. Everett and Roy A. Fairbanks went out on their first deliveries, and from that time on, six days a week, they have carried the mail. They have seen many changes in the postal system since the inaugural tion of the delivery service. CLINTON WOMAN, HIT BY AUTOMOBILE, DIES CLINTON, Jan 2 Mrs RozaliaPa-rozyk, 54, of 134 Green st, died yesterday at Clinton Hospital of injuries received when she was hit by an automobile alleged to have been driven by Lawrence Rauscher Jr of Clamshell road. The accident happened on Chestnut Hill when Mrs Parozyk was crossing the street on her way to services m St Mary's Church. Her injuries included a fractured skull, broken jaw and fractures of four ribs. She is survived by a son, Francis, and three daughters, Mrs Marito Ten-cati, Mrs Andrew Rouleau and Mrs Mary Nichols, all of this town. - The funeral will be tomorrow with services in St Mary's Church. FAY, RURAL MAIL CARRIER, RETIRED AT WESTB0R0 WESTBORO, Jan 2 Howard B. Fay, for the past 30 years the West- hnro rural mail pnrrlpr. VMtarrlnv was retired by the Government The ' a. i w . 1- s r..l1 , xuuies in emu ouuuiuuiu i B. C. CLASSES WILL BE - RESUMED TOMORROW The holidays for students at Boston College end today and. tomorrow classes will be resumed at University Heights. All other departments of the college with the exception of the evening session of the law school, which is scheduled to resume classes tonight, will convene tomorrow morning. The marks for the second quarter at the college will close Friday, Jan 18, with the mid-year examinations beginning Friday, Jan 25, and concluding Friday, Feb 1. The second semester will begin Feb 5. SERGT JOHN J. MCCARTHY RETIRED FROM NAVY YARD Sergt John J. McCarthy, Spanish War veteran and past commander of Bunker Hill Camp, U. S. W. V., has been retired after completing 30 years of service with the Government at the Navy Yard, Charlestown. On the occasion of his retirement Monday afternoon, fellow employes presented Mr McCarthy a purse of money and other useful articles. A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a box of candy were sent to Mr McCarthy's wife, Ellen ::. (O'Donnell) McCarthy. Mr McCarthy served in the Regular Army during the Spanish War. He and Mrs McCarthy plan to take a three months vacation in Ireland and on their return will live in New-buryport. Their present residence is at 12 Adams st, Charlestown. DEATH IN MANSFIELD OF LEON T. COBB, 7 MANSFIELD, Jan 2 Leon T. Cobb died yesterday at his home, 74 Rum-ford av, after a long sickness. He operated a garage business until a few years ago. He was born here 76 years ago, and his first occupation was in a jewelry factory. He bought the Crocker-st stable, which he sold later, and then opened a garage on Rumford av. " He Is survived by his wife, Minnie (Cook) Cobb; a son. Dr Henry W. Cobb, and a granddaughter. Miss Barbara Cobb. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2, at his home, with Rev William M. Mac-Nair of Cambridge, formerly a pastor here, officiating, assisted by Rev-Lester G. Myers, pastor of the local Congregational Church. Interment will be in Spring Brook Cemetery. WILL HOLD DEBATE ON UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CONCORD. Mass, Jan 2 The Concord High School Debating Society will hold its second debate of the season, Friday, in the high school, when this question debated: "Resolved. That There Should Be Unemployment Insurance in Massachusetts." Mary Chase, a senior, will be captain of the affirmative team, which will also include Sarah Bartol-omeo, a junior; David Kean, a senior, and Robert B. Hajens, a Junior. The negative debating team will be captained by Michael Lombardo, a junior, and other membri of his Isam will be Jana Daniels, John Ed- will be consolidated and the routes of the two towns will be covered by Walter Hutt, the Southboro rural carrier. Mr Fay covered a route of 30 miles. Mr Hutt now, wih the two routes, will cover daily. 40 .miles. and Lauren Kingmen, RESCUES HIS WIFE AND TWO CHILDREN Salem Man Aided in Fire "by Neighbor SALEM. Jan 2 Stifling smoke awakened Frank Rheyciak at 4 o'clock this morning, in his cottage at 26 Irving st. After waking his wife and their two children, he discovered the fire burning briskly in the spare room in such a way as to cut off the stairway. He helped his wife and the two children out on to an ell in the rear of the cottage, and with the aid of Cecil Cudmore, who lived on the first floor front of the house and could get out easily, he lowered his wife and the children to safety.. They took refuge with neighbors, while the Fire Department extinguished the blaze. Damage was estimated at about $250. Fire Department officials said that the fire probably had been smouldering for five hours before breaking out into flames. DISTRICT OFFICERS NAMED BY ALEPH ZADICK ALEPfj LAWRENCE, Jan 2 The following district officers wera elected yestr day at the closing session of the thre4 days' convention of the Aleph Zadilj Aleph of the B'nal B'rith in thel Franklin Hotel: Joseph Shorr, Woon socket, pres; Leon Greenberg Worcester, vice pres: Hyman Haves New Haven, sec; William Wheelcn Boston, publication editor; NatharJ Shapiro, Middlcton, treas. District officers of the alumni weri also elected, those chosen beini Harry Brost, Taunton, pres; Benjamin Fox, Lawrence, vice pres; MiltoiJ HameL. New York, sec; Nathan & Cohen, Hartford, treas. Harry Herbert, senior adviser oi the local chapter, presided at las1 night's banquet, at which the speak ers were Rabbi Jacob Ml Cohen, Dl Abraham Ash, A. Baker and thq newly elected president, Joseph Shorr. Prizes were awarded as follow?. Debating, Sumner Levenson and Wil liam Wheeler of Boston; oratory Hyman Haves, New Haven, basket ball, Center Chapter team of Brook! lyn, N Y. - AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS A" SIR J. M. I ''Mr r BARRIE'S I W HTTlfv "rterv, 111111131 su.' ic V" 3? V f7 with I kf& h JOHN BE ALE , W$i'r ALAN HALE TNI BERYL MERCER k u u necks on tn Looael mi i torn HBintS CONRAD NASEl AH HI U A ESTHER RALSTOH txottSDfViUr' 7 BIO ACTS ADA WARD JOE BESSER Vlrilnla Bacon ant Blf HH ANNT" weeks Start! FRIOAY-Pratltw Thna SltM "THE SILVER STREAK." and 7 Big Headline AcU 7 PLYMOUTH LAST 6 TIMES "FLY AWAY HOME" A Gav Now Comedy with THOMAS MITCHELL All, EVES. Kile to S2.S0 Thurs. & Sat. Mats.. 55c to $1.63 SlfimERTPop. Mat Today Gilbert Millar an Laslia Howard In Association with Arthur Hoaains, Prtvtnt LESLIE HOWARD tn Person in "THE PETRIFIED FOREST" By ROBERT E. SHERWOOD SHUBERT NEXT MON. Seats Now ONE week; only LE GALLIENNE In Clement Dint'i Vtrslon of Roitana"! "L'AIGLON" EAGLET Evea. A Wed. A Sat. Mat. SBc to $2.20 6 RKO VAUDEVILLE T ACTS H PERSON H WKHNKSDAY-Tlll KSPAY-FR1DAY A Shipload of (ililj. Music, Lore and f'un JIMMY OURANTE CHAS. BUTTERWORTH in "STUDENT TOUR" Mm h loved her are ladder hut wiser 1 CAROL LOMBARD A MAV ROBSON in "LADY BY CHOICE" TONIGHT Earla Nelson'! Radlt Aidltlon Contest SAT. "ritk'l Bad Bo"-"Anna of Green GaalM"" TICKETS TODAY at WILBUR THEATRE Lucienne Boyer "CONTINENTAL VARIETIES JAN. I0.ILI2 - fit Balled, Estadara, Raphael. Carailta SAT. AFT. at 3 Jordan Hall JOSEF IIOFMAtili Only Boston Racltal (Mat. Aaron Rleamond) SCATS I MS, ISss rTRAHSAUlTIC-MtM1Ul HOUIIC I ON THI ITAtii 'MANHATTAN REVELS ALsH et-LlftMy-tjiRl. m PAN&tft - SCREEN: ThrlUinK Drama! Wm. Powell Myrna Loy In "Eyalyn Prentica" STAGE: . Jack SIDNEY'S SAMPLES "A Big Uttl Shaw" S UNITS FRIDAY WALLACE BEERY la 'The Misfity Barnum'' Plus VAUDEVILLE pn OMI Al l aat Tloifa. Mat. JOnV C. WILSON ttlienM NOEL COWARD'S New n.r "POINT VALAINE"! ai Turn i.ysv or,ooTvJ LUNT FONTANNE PERKINS Staarrt tW MR.COWARIt HOLLIS ST. Mat a. Tn. A Kat. BLANCHE RINQ with Clmrna ISordatram Ei. 40t-12.20 Tee. and tat LAST WEEK "HER MASTER'S VOICE" Mate. 40e $l ) all mands cs;!iors. Tha judges will probably be thrso 4hfc? high school teachers: Miss Jo- fcpiii'i? Boynton, Miss Gertrude Dyrr pnri Ft pnk J. Googins. Miss Deborah 4 Tike will preside. j DURLESaUE, a;t KvNSjwmYriu6P.M5Aiiir uttm CXSTiaKA Ae4a ADULT EOUCATIOM grille ArtS COUNCIL t.rai,.J "MAN OF ARAN" THE IRISH PRIZK FILM UPTOWN.YMOc , JOE TENNER LANNY BOSS COLLEGE RHYTHM" ktaits 1 P, M. Hint. -Mail. Araa, JLORETTA YOI'NCJ JOHN BOLES "THE WHITti DAD SIIF" niinswai THE OLD Comilett tlnawi Dally 1 (Noon) -2:30-8:15 T. H RTINO FEMALES'' y c at 12 "FLIRTI Bl'RLERQl tKH linWARII CARRRll SISTIRS-AL Hllllfl IlW I4IH niDAV MIDNIfiHT SHOW ONlJ BURttESQUE x AWN CORIO IN rERSOW 1 ""I" ' ' ' lllaTft ' LANCASTER . "WHAT EVERY WOMAN . WED., THURS. KNOWS" Halan Hayaa "YOUNG ANO BEAUTIFUL" William Hainan EXETER ANNA MAY WONG In "CHU CHIN CHOW f AT I MIEN-ANN DVORAK la VI tELl ANTRIM THIKP.

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