The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1955 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1955
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1955 By CE01LV BROWNSTONE Associated I'rcss Food Editor COOKING QUERIES keep cam- met Recently a neighbor phoned to ask how lo cook corned beef "the way I ate it in Allentown, Pennsylvania." I discovered that what she wanted was to prepare the beef with a brown-sugar glaze and gave her some directions that, she reported later, produced just the dish she had in mind. I have no idea where this style of preparing corned beef really did originate, but perhaps you would like to try it. With corned beef, plain or glazed, I like to serve a special mustard sauce that has a sweet-sour tang. H can be made quickly and always PARMESAN FRENCH TOAST is unusually (rood with honey »nd fruit compote. A New French. Toast Useful During Lent By GAl'NOR MAHDOX NEA Food anil Markets Editor Eggs are still big budget and nutrition news. So you may want to rend part of a letter from Knlh- ryn B. Niles, home economics director of the Poultry and Egg National Board in Chicago. ; "Parmesan French toasL with honey and fruit compote is our favorite new Lenten recipe. It was planned particularly for your readers. The departure (and \ve feel improvement) from* plain French toast is in the crispiness and the pleasantly unusual Parmesan flavor. The latter is the result of using thick slices of heavy - bodied French bread (called Vienna in some markets.) "There's no mushiness when you bite into this crisp toiist. Honey combines well with the Pur- meisnn cheese, although Parmesan French toast is. equally good 'as is.' A delicious menu suggestion is scrambled eggs with Parmesan French toast, an excellent Lenten luncheon." Parmesan French Toast (Makes about 10 large slices) Three eggs, \ z cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese, u teaspoon salt, 1 cup milk, 10 or more slices Vienna French bread. ! .'r inch thick (amount varies with loaf size and shape', fat for browning, honey, it desired. Beat eggs slightly with the Parmesan cheese. Blend in sail and milk. Dip bread in egg mixture, turning lo moisten slices com- pletely to center. ,Tf. necessary, drain against edge of bowl. Brown one side over medium heat on well - greased skillet or grid- Corned Beef Dinner for March 17 seems to be enjoyed, follows. Our recipe die. Turn and brown the other side. Add additional fnt as necessary to fc e e p bread from slicking. There are a lot of winter pears __i the market, too. Pears with cheese and crackers make a perfect dessert. Baked pears are always popular, especially with men. Just wash the pears, cut them in half, core them and put them in a baking dish. Sprinkle generously with sugar and a little salt. Dot with, butter and add a very little water., Cover and bake in a moderate oven. As soon as the fruit is hot; take off the cover to cook the syrup down. For extra flavor and color, cook cinnamon candies in the syrup, and serve the pears hot from the oven, glistening: in their spicy syrup. Or cool them and serve with a garnish of whipped cream, or a little cottage cheese or cream And what's better with corned beef than potatoes — boiled, doused with butter and sprinkled with parsley — or mashed and creamy? And how about cabbage cooked in wedges so it's just tender-crisp? If your meat man does not have .. fine piece of corned beef brisket on hand, he can undoubtedly get it for you. Just ask him about it several days before you plan your dinner. GLAZED CORNED BEEP Put corned beef brisket in a kettle and cover with water; bring to boil; skim off any scum. Simmer (do not boil) about 1 hour per pound or until tender. Remove the corned beef from the water and drain; place in a shallow baking pan fat-side-up aiid score the fat as you would a ham. Insert a whole clove in the center of each diamond. Put some light brown sugar in a small sifter and sift it generously over the scored surface of the meat; you can mash-the sugar through the sifter with a spoon. Place in a hot (400 degrees) oven until browned — about 20 minutes. TANGY MUSTARD SAUCE Ingredients: 1 egg, '/ 2 cup red Vinegar, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons prepared Bahama-type mustard, Vi teaspoon salt, 'A teaspoon paprika, l!i tablespoons butter or margarine, 16 teaspoons flour. 1 tablespoon cold water. Method: Put the egg in a heavy 1- or Ho-quart saucepan; beat with a smalf whisk just until the yolk j and white are combined. Add vme- gar, sugar, mustard, salt and paprika; whisk again until there are no lumps of .mustard left. Add butter. Cook and stir constantly over low heat until about as thick as soft custard sauce—this will probably take about 5 minutes. Remove j from heat. Stir flour and water to- New Type Orange Crystals Will Keep without Ice By r.AYN'OR MAIIDOX NEA Kuoil and Markets Editor 111 WiishiiiBlon. D. C., last week we drank orange juice and grapefruit jnic>; made from orungc and grapefruit crystals. These crystals, now in commercial production, will keep on the pantry shelf in ordinary temperatures, thereby eliminating the need for freezing. They look like tiny porous sponges with many small surfaces. They retain SO per cent of the vitamin C content of the fresh fruit. To turn a little can ol these no-freeze, no - squeeze crystals into a pint of juice, the crystals gether until smooth; add to sauce. Return to low heat; cook and stir constantly until flour thickens sauce a little more. Strain into small container in which it will be served. Serve warm or cold. Makes a little over ^ cup. Note: If you do not 'have the small heavy saucepan specified, cook in a double boiler over simmering water. are placed in a pitcher, three can- fuLs of cold water arc added and stirred until crystals are dissolved. How does the juice taste? we thought it tasted better than canned juice but not quite so good as frozen. Other food editors present at the Washington testing expressed about the same opinion. The crystals are now being packed in 1-pound and 4-pound cans, making a little over 1 gallon and 4 gallons of Juice. The Vacu-dry Company of Oakland, Calif., developed the process. They have granted exclusive rights for commercial production of these orange and grapefruit crystals to Orange Crystals ; Inc. of Florida, who plan to make them available in smaller packages during this year. About 64 medium - size oranges are concentrated into 1 pound of dry crystals that produce 1 gallon of juice when water is added. They are 2',i times lighter than frozen concentrate and 8'/ = times lighter than canned juice. Therefore, they can be transported more inexpensively. This is an important factor in overseas military supplies and, of course, will be to the family food budget. However, until tile crystals process is perfected, fresh orange juice .and frozen concentrate are still ahead in freshness of flavor. Read Courier News Classified Adi. A LITTLE CREAfA MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE M MILK AM MAKES A 016 PlFFERENCE r iNMARSARlNE / TOo! JUST TASTE THE PIPFCRENCE CREAM /WAKES IN CREA/WOTHE ONLY MARGARINE MAPE WITH CRCAN\ v«9«tabl« oik bUnded •Ml f>Mr» milt, cream, Distributed by 0. W. DAVIS ntiek.d «itli 15.000 LI* o( Vitamin A. SIMON'S SUPER MARKET 104 W. MAIN Phone 3-9060 Peaches Prarr-Low No. 2Vi Spiced Whole Can Bollard's or Gladiola Can 25 C 2 it I ITS I Lift Or Carnation 'lire, Nightingale *• for RI AI*K P£PPPi Pl "' c '' '"•• can 9 Cans DLHUft IK.*! fcH NiL-hfinL'ale <• Can K\ er-Good 50 l-l-b. 1KX Carton Uy Jumbo Clean 16 oz. Cris PV Cello. Bag 5 C Flour Jewel SHORTENING N 25 ^ ]69 59 C 2 Lbs. SUGAR with 25 Lbs. 25 SHIBI.EVS BEST FLOUR Lbs. * L Patties ULtU Mai-gold TOMATO SOUPca m pbe,l s Can 100 PUFFED WHEAT S" 100 Seedless, Pink or White Grapefruit • 6 for 25 ( stik. 1 G ! Jumbo Size Adler's Assorted Flavors (i <>•/.. Tumbler 100 Shoulder Steaks Fresh, Tender, Sliced BEEF LIVER - - Fry, Swiss, Broil SIRLOIN STEAK - Nice, Fresh BEEF STEW - - Purt Pork SAUSAGE - - Ib. 39? - - Ib. 29< - .,fc.59< - - Ib. 19*- 3 Ibs. 85* EGGS Country Fresh in Carton ... Dox.. 390 Nice, Lean, Tender CHUCK ROAST Sugar Cured HOG JOWLS - Streak-o-Lcan SALT PORK • Fresh Cut, Lean PORK STEAK • 100% All B««f HAMBURGER - Ib. 39* - Ib. 29< - Ib. 3 Ibs. 85c It Pays to Shop at Mays! Winter shortcake: arrange canned sliced peaches and whipped cream between two layers of spice cake. Top with more cream and peaches. "' Serve spaghetti • ma«aroni pure egg noodlej_ f CT'AC Grade "A"' Large btiUw Guaranteed Fresh .. Clapp Brand BABY FOOD, 81 nel DIK. S-1.00 190 Cans fcvp 2,., 230 A Tall or Chopped • Cans PET mlLn Or Carnation .... PftPfttRN " Bango " F VrVVlin Guaranteed lo Pop B & M Brand CORN MEAL Fresh'fiverv Week 5 Bag 330 3 Cans 290 fi Bottle Oven Ready with Bottles W Carton *vp Santa Ros in Extra Heavy Syrup. Can i .50 DIIIKADDI C Sanla Rosa Sliced No. 2 rlnELAr r LC ri A|in FREE— Case Dry Pet Milk, Can r Lwll K "Southern Daisy" FKE Baking Powders, Box of Soda Bhl. Lb. Ctn. pk g 120 Ih 890 ** Pure, Kettle Rendered Diamond Brand SO Count PI "Old Judge" With Regular or Drip Coupon FRESH & CURED MEATS Clean Modem Market — Low Prices Government Inspected and Graded! CHUCK ROAST u. 390 NECK BONES FRYERS GROUND BEEF Fresh, Meaty, Tender O.Cjt For Barbecue ' j "- ^^r Fresh. Meaty J and Tender • Fresh and Plump Feadv Tor the Pan Banner Brand i, or Whole Slab 290 450 3,bJ90 ,,,390 Lbs. Lb. FRESH PRODUCE CARROTS In Cello Bag GREEN BEANS L for L Lbs. 2 Pi Florida Fancy Yellow *• Lbs. 51 Size California Calavns Ea Fresh for Seed or Eating Lh. 190 250 290 190 330 FROZEN FOODS PICO Morton's OKRA Hill's Chopped for Your Dog Apple, Peach or Cherry rt Lb. Each Whole Pod Pkg.^'P 280 190 SUPER MARKET 421 S. 21st Ph. 3-9910 BESTWAY CLEANERS Invites you to visit their NEW LOCATION Phone 2-2408 2012 W. Main Now Equipped to Serv« You Better EBERDT'S GATEWAY GROCERY 2101 RosiSt. Ph. 3-3161 Thrift Sliced BACON WILSON'S CHOPPED BEEF - - can 29* JACK SPRAT CUT GREEN BEANS 2 cans 29* JACK SPRAT ORANGE JUICE "-25* HEINZ or GERBER'S BABY FOOD - - 4 cans 35* SUGAR 10 Ibs. 89* PORK CHOPS - - - Ib. 45* SNOWDRIFT 3 Ib. can 49< LETTUCE GRAPEFRUIT - - NABISCO SUGAR WAFERS BELLE MEAD CLUB CRACKERS head 10c 6 for 25* • pkg.29* - pkg.39* I* A ft 2 large boxes . lAu * iih can of A i ax FRff! CLEARFIELD CHEESE 2 Ibs. 69< TONY DOG FOOD • - - 3cans29l • SELF SERVICE • LOWER PRICES • PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE ATTENTION LADIES l-»9c Pot Flower for Ic With Each .$3.00 or More Purchase! KGCS, Large Fresh J lloz. 89e CANOVA BLACK PEPPER, Pure Ground 4 oz. can 2!lc 2 8-oz. FLAVORING, I I.emnn or 1 Vanilla, Res. IBo ca....25o TURNIPS & TOPS or COLLAKI) GREENS 10o SWEET POTATOES Bu. $1.99.. 5 II). HUB 2!)c POTATOES, N'o. 1 10 Ib. ling .Me PURE SORGHUM MOLASSES Qt. GOc !i Gal. SI.I!) GLADIOLA CAN BISCUITS 3 Cans 30c Save 75% on Your Garden FRESH CABBAGE PLANTS t Bnh». inn FRESH ONION PLANTS 4 llrhs. Iflo. SEED POTATOES KKI ft. BUR 52.79 Complete Stock of Bulk Garden Seed & Plants— Also Lawn Seed & Fertilizer! BLYTHEVILLE CURB MKT. Open till 10 p. m. Every Night

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