The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on March 15, 1937 · 2
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 2

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1937
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THE BOSTON GLOBE MONDAY. MARCH 15, 1937 BAIL OF $5000 AFTERATTAGK Assault on Woman Laid to Trio in Cambridge James E. Thomas, 22. Kinnard st, Cambridge; John E. Hill, 21, Seattle st, Allston, and Alfred E. Green, 21, Essex st, Cambridge, Negroes, were arraigned in Third District Court, East Cambridge, this morning on a charge of assault with criminal intent Saturday night upon Mrs Betty Fernando, Cambridge. They pleaded not guilty. The case was continued to March 16 and they were held in bonds of $5000 each. According to the police, Mrs Fernando, a young bride, was seized on the street Saturday night about 11:30 o'clock, and was dragged into the Russell Hoyt Playground, where she was roughly handled and some of her clothing was torn off. ALPHA CHAPTER DANCE TOMORROW EVENING Alpha Chapter of Pi Lambda Sigma, national sorority at Boston University, will hold its annual dinner tomorrow night at the Hotel Lenox following the initiation of pledges. Miss Grace McGillicuddy of Med-f ord is chairman and Miss Ellen Mul-hall will be toastmaster. Miss Agnes Casey of Lawrence will speak for the alumnae. The affair will be the first func- i, ' V ,s. ' 4. lniwmi., - 1 r A cl EIGHT SURVIVORS OF SAMOAN DISASTER IN REUNION HERE 1-1 (il? i "St 1 Left to Right, Seated Martin Kelly, Lieut E. V. Sandstorm, Karl O. Arneson. . Standing Ernest Harroth, Walter "Wilkinson, Daniel C allahan, John Larson, Fred Bergliyid. Recalling Jhe grim tidal wave and hurricane which snuffed out the lives of hundreds of German and American navy sailors In the harbor of Apia, Samoan Islands, just 38 years ago, eight survivors pf the disaster met at the Boston Yacht Club Saturday to discuss that fatal day. State Commissioner of State Aid and Pensions Richard R. Flynn, W. P. Miles, father of Judge Frankland W. L. Miles; Gen McManus, United States Army, retired; Lieut E. V. Sandstorm president of the Samoan Veterans' Club; E. O. Mathison, executive committee, and Daniel Callahan, Indian war veteran and one of the survivors, were the speakers. The veterans of the disaster were sailors aboard the three American men-o'-war Trenton, Nipsic and Vandalia, lying in the harbor, waiting for expected orders to engage the German war vessels Olga, Eber and Adler, also at anchor there. The Samoan Islands at that time were claimed by Germany, Great Britain and the United States, and feeling was tense among the nations. The hurricane, tidal wave and terrific undertow destroyed the war vessels, drowning almost half of the 1870 sailors who comprised their crews. Later the islands ownership was divided among the three nations. ' MISS GRACE McG ILLICUDD Y tion of the sorority under the new officers who are as follows: Grace McGillicuddy, pres; Mary McQuil- lani vice pres; Eleanor TyrrelL sec; Jeanette Coppola, treas; Grace Fin-negan, historian; Ernestine Good, ritualist, and Margaret Conway, registrar. CANADIAN CLUB AUXILIARY TO OBSERVE ANNIVERSARY The Women's Auxiliary of the Canadian Club of Boston will observe its 30th anniversary tomorrow evening in the Y. W. C. A. Building, 140 Clarendon st. Mrs J. Arnold Wry, pres, will present the honor guests and speakers, including charter members and past presidents. Among the guests will be Hugh Alex Ford, British consul general at Boston Sir Herbert and Lady Ames, J. Ernest Kerr, president of the Canadian Club, and Mrs Kerr; Mrs John H. Kimball, president of the Massachusetts State Federation of Women's Clubs; Robert Bowie, president of the Scottish Charitable Society, and Mrs Bowie; Mrs James Dick, president of the Women's Auxiliary of the Scottish Charitable Society, and Mr Dick; Robert U. Grandison, president of the British Charitable Society, and Mrs Grandison; Mrs Herbert Gruber, president of the Women's Auxiliary of the British Charitable Society, and Mr Gruber. B. U. Glee Club to Give Operetta Boston University School of Education Glee Club will present two performances of the operetta "In Old Vienna" on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, in the Little Theatre, 25 Blagden st. WOMEN IN SAVINGS BANKS TO MEET HERE Style Show and Banquet to Enliven Convention The annual convention of the Massachusetts Association of Savings Bank Women will be held at the Hotel Vendome, March 18 and 19. Opening with a social meeting and style show on Thursday evening, in charge of Miss Cora Blanch-ard of the Suffolk Savings Bank, the business sessions will extend through Friday morning and afternoon, closing with a banquet on Friday night. Nearly 200 leading savings bank women from all parts of Massachusets are expected to attend. Miss Helen Mason, president of the association, will preside at all meetings. Miss Esther. Perkins, Maiden Savings Bank, is chairman of the program committee. Among the speakers on Friday are Mrs Josephine G. Van Ness, chairman of the American Home Department of the Massachusetts Federation of Women's Clubs, who will speak on "Family Income Problems of the Club Woman"; E. Curtis Matthews, president of the Piscataqua Savings Bank, Portsmouth, N H, on "Know Your Public," and James Manson, Home Savings Bank, Boston, on "Social Security and the Savings Bank." . At the banquet on Friday, Kaipn B. Wilson, vice president of Bab-son's Reports, Inc, will give an address on "What Every Woman Banker Should Know." Music for the occasion will be furnished by Louise Beach, soprano; Robert MacKenzie, flutist, and Howard Slayman, pianist. . . . Reporting to the convention upon their work for the year are Miss Martha Cadoo, Five Cents Savings Bank, Boston, chairman of the survey committee; Miss Dorothy Gordon, Newton Center Savings Bank, chairman of the committee on information, and Miss Esther R. Mous-ley, Lee Savings Bank, on school savings. Miss Beatrice D. Landers, Watertown Savings Bank, is convention hostess, and Miss Margaret E. Jacobs, Union Savings Bank, Boston, is chairman of the publicity committee. D. Brewer Eddy to Speak on Russia Dr D. Brewer Eddy will be the guest of honor at a dinner at the Women's City Club on Wednesday at 6:30 p m and speak on "Conditions In Russia Today," with pictures. Dr Eddy has just returned from a world tour through EuropC.the Near I East and the Orient. odd garments 2 car "-ifiaSK' fc5 1 overcoat? on worstea J.u: k dress topo-:r... '."Vt 11 sportbacK..- ttlt 4 dress su w &w ne irx to ii a v c tut, vi,v-b v ail our mcrcninni rciict: uun prion because WE SELL ONLY FOR CASH and we are the only store in the world reducing prices automatically under our famous automatic price reducing plan. First price must be low or we lose through automatic reduction 25 after 12 selling days, 50 after 18 selling days, 75 after 24 selling days. Goods given away to charitable Institution after 30 selling days. VALUES FOR WHICH YOU HAVE TO SEARCH FAR AND WIDE BOUGHT UNDERPRICED UNDER OUR AUTOMATIC PLAN TUESDAY AT 9:30 A. M. MEN'S clothing underpficeo hasn't been as scare for years as it is today. in- MEN'S suitings have creased 25 since we made many of these dramatic purchases. LENTEN DRAMA PRESENTED AT EMMANUEL COLLEGE t ...... i i - ' If - 'V ' L if! : . . ' i . V ' ' A xf Mrriiiiiiin mum -' --J Si"" I ' 9 V' 'H 1 WROTE OF HIS LAST MONTH ALIVE PROVIDENCE. R I. March 13 P) -Howard Phillips Lovecraft, 45, author of horror tales, died early today of an illness from which he had suffered since childhood. During the last month, whea j condition , tx?trame serious, he voted his writing to a minute clinical study of his disease as an aid v science, continuing the daily chart until he couid no longer hold k $ pencil. Hi sole survivor is an aunt, Hrj Phillips Gamweil, this city. APPEARED IN CAST OF "SHEKELS" Front Row, Left to Right Helen Delaney, Mary McGinn and Gertrude Duffy. Rear Row Margaret Brooks, Claire Busby and Catherine Fleming. A Lenten drama, "Shekels," by Thomas Walsh, was presented by the Dramatic Society of Emmanuel College yesterday afternoon in the college auditorium before a large audience. Miss Elizabeth Graves, '37, ci Jjorcnester, was an charge of tickets. Miss Claire Busby. '37. of Watertown, was chairman of patrons and patronesses. In the cast were Mary Dunn, Dorchester; Helen Delaney, Cambridge; Margaret Brooks, Somerville; Claire Busby, Watertown; Catherine Fleming, Lowell; Mary Cronin, South Boston; Barbara Gill, Somerville; Mary McGinn, Providence; Rita Mc-Kearin, Cambridge; Jeanne Busby, Watertown; Mary Scanlon, North Easton; Gertrude Duffy, Arlington, and Helen O'Connor of Newton. Big mills are filling orders for fabrics at SHARPLY ADVANCED PRICES. . U J ULZI h fPrTiT 7 famous make $ jorsiec o rugged imported Englis ! suits - ' sus&s opooafs i n rjeea oaimaeaan ioogobis H new sporfbaek suits 2 pant all wool suits oston's store's topeoats retail stocks S23.7S or $2S suits gabardine sportlaek suits o suits of odd lengths of fabrics and odd lots to save on A pace setting collection to set the bargain world gog with skyrocketing priced of fabrics keeping makers working only on orders as they come in with newspapers filled with announcements of rising prices this is remarkable bargain news end only because our customers expect FiJene's Basement to do the unuiual under our automatic plan and our low CASH prices is it possible to' gather this collection together so low. See orig inal price tags and labels on many markdowns taken on some previous to our purchase, SUIT SIZES REGULARS 35 to 42 IN LOT $15 SUIT SIZES SHORTS 35 to 42 IN LOT $15 SUIT SIZES LONGS 37 to 42 IN LOT $15 TOPCOAT SIZES Regulars 35 to 42 IN LOT $15 3 HUNDREDS OF OTHER BARGAIN LOTS NOT ADVERTISED -NO MAIL ORDERS j "LEARN CHRIST'S CONFIDENCE" Eev Dr Charles E. Park Preaches in Trinity "Can We Learn Christ's Confidence?" was the subject on which Rev Dr Charles E. Park of the First Church in Boston preached this non in Trinity Church in Copley sq. He said that "Christ was a serenely confident soul; His Kingdom of heaven, like the grain of mustard seed, would increase through us uwu geriiuiiauve power unxil ix 5. JZf( REV DR CHARLES E. PARK filled the earth. How long it would take, what form it would assume, just how it would be established, were unimportant. At some time. by some means, the kingdom of God is coming, that was His funda mental confidence. "The question is, can we share that confidence? Can He teach it to us? If not, we are left facing the hardest task that human beings can encounter; the attempt to succeed where the very possibility of success is uncertain. Our human hearts tell there is a vast difference between working in an atomosphere of doubt, and working in an atomo sphere of confidence. In the atomosphere of doubt, every choice be comes ominous, every failure por- tentious, and every mistake fatal. "In an atmosphere of confidence our souls wear a smile of superiority. We say to error and failure: You cannot terrify me; for I am journeying through a land where all roads lead to Rome. I may take the wrong turn. but my mistake is only a prolonga tion of the journey; I may fail in my effort, but my failure is nothing worse than a postponement. "Atmosphere of Doubt" "Every detail of modern life seems to be in a conspiracy to create for us an atmosphere of doubt. The voice of the alarmist is heard on every side, telling us that our economic theory is a mistake, that our democratic institutions will not work, that our religion has not the slightest basis in reality, that our population is increasing in size and deteriorating in quality, that the doom of our civilization is already written in the next war which cannot long be averted, and that our future contains no probability so logical as our complete annihilation. "The honest man has nothing to set against this argument except the example of Christ; nothing except his trust in God and his confidence in God's power and victory. And when we demand proof that Christ's trust was justified, the honest man is bound to say there is no proof; God cannot be proved to the mind; confidence in God's purpose cannot be based upon what we call evidence. OBSERVES BIRTHDAY OF JANE DELANO Red Cross Honors Founder of Nursing Service The Boston Metropolitan Chapter of the American Red Cross announces that the Red Cross throughout the country is joining in revering the memory of Jane Delano, f founder of the American Re.d Cross Nursing Service, through observance of Delano Week, which begins today. Born in 1862 in Townsend. Schuyler County, N Y, she was the first director and chairman of the Red Cross Nursing Service. Miss Delano died in France in 1919, as the result of arduous and exhausting work in the line of her chosen duty. Admiral Cary T. Grayson, chair man of the American Red Cross in Washington, said today: "The anni versary of Miss Delano's birth can receive no greater tribute to her achievements than the work of the thousand and more Red Cross nurses now in the field who are following her fine example of public service." Recently a supreme test came and the structure upon which Miss Delano labored so devotedly was not found wanting, as there was no epidemic in the Mississippi and Ohio valleys, following flood waters which engulfed the homes of a million persons. One great service that has already been rendered by the nursing service in the flood area has been immunizing from typhoid, diphtheria, and other diseases a total of almost 800,000 men, women and children. EXPERT DYEIilG W semli,k fr. pritinc ttiilu na lirmrnli jm tt cta t sfteo, yet r tit (d I diicard. TOPCOATS LADIES' COATS Dyed Navy Blat or Black 509 Otkcr colors at cqsall? low prices Fat Colon Guaranteed Oa- Re!et,btMi Stores Futri WEEKLY MCHET-SAf IMS SPECIAL: Ko Better Service at An Price J mr tea; i INTOWN STORES t Winter St, Km. 1100111 Sarantr si 32 Province St. Harm Statioi Tn.'eif 162 Steart Street Alartyr to BLACKHEADS mm For over 20 years Read this remarkable, grateful trihut;: "I suffered for at least 20 years with blackheads and pimples of external origin. The pimples were large, irritating.' and caused many embarrassing days. " I tried many salves and soap3, but none gave relief. Then I bought Cuticura and after using only one-half a bos cf Cuticura Ointment along with Cuticura Soap, my Ekin wa9 dear again." (Signed) Mrs. H. Simpson, 195-2nd Ave., San Francisco, Calif. You, too, can find in Cuticura treatments real relief for pimples, rashes, ; chafing, eczema irritation and other skin and scalp conditions of external origin. Soap 25c. Ointment 25c. Ail druggists. Samples FREE write "Cuticura" Dept. 27, Maiden. Mass. CAST AT ARLINGTON TO GIVE "THE PATSY" ARLINGTON, March 15 The newiy organized St James Dramatic Club will present itr first play. 'The Patsy," tomorrow ai.d Wednesday evenings at bt James Hall. Appleton st, Arlington Heights. The leads will be taken bv Miss Katherine Greeley and Bernard Fenton. Others in the cast include Mrs Greelev, John Riordan. Eliza beth Cody, Richard Faldetta. May Higgins, Frank Higgins and Joseph LeBlanc. The committee Is Mrs Greeley chairman, Mary Deasy secretary. Harold Whitney stage manager, assisted by Francis Taltr and Fred Roome. The ushers will be Rose Coppola. Marie Casey, Kathleen Grady and Winnlfred Quinn. Wall Faper Style Show Newest designs and textures in wall paper will be displayed at the Wall Paper Style Show in the lobby salon of Hotel Bradford tomorrow afternoon. James A. Moran is in charge of the arrangements. i ftS CRANKY, I HAD NO ENERGY 'DOCTOR TOIO ME I WAS LAXATIVE - STALE . BEECH AAA'S THE PURELY VEGETABLE COMPOUND, GAVE ME QUICK RELIEF FROM CORSnPATtON -NEW PEP AND BRIGHTNESS- , LAXA TVCAFAUJC fOfiAfiSAL CUAN6STAXS Send nostcsrd to lioecham . Dept. 42 mVrickSL.N.Y.lW I free trial pekir- -Wagerlng Life on God's Jteality v "Donald Hankey told us once that the crucifixion was only Christ wagering his life on God's reality. The honest man has nothing more than that to promise. Confidence in God is our one and only salvation, and there is only one way to secure it: to follow the example of Christ and all his great brotherhood; to make our wager; to take that desperate jump in the dark, 'Lord, I believe; help Thou mine unbelief.' "The moment we do that, the atmosphere clears. The smile comes back to our faces. The laughter is again heard in our souls. We may fail, but God cannot fail. We may wander and lose our v.'ay, but God will turn our very wanderings to our own advantage, and bring us safely home at the last. And when God's children can live in that atmosphere of confidence, nothing can defeat them." Dartmouth Women's Club Meeting The March meeting of the Dartmouth Women's Club will be held at the Hotel Vendome on Wednesday at 2 p m. Judge Emma Fall Scho- 4 field will be the peaker. Blackstone THS CIGAR OF SUCCESSFUL IMEM MAFICTO, t Jv CAIINIT Oft lONDRIt. IS TAHKII OR PAHITIIA, 1 o. Ill

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