The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1952
Page 5
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' r PAGE 81XTEEK (ARK.) COUNTER TTTUK5DAT, JUNE 19, 1958 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION I Urn* m lln ................... >r 1 (tiw> »»r Jl»» r" ««7 ........... 'Jc 1 «•« P«r IIH P« d»J .......... ~ • ti«i« p«r UB« per i!«r .......... " If !)•*« 9ft lln« p«r day ... ..... >^ C«uvl flT* »ffr*ff wordi to th* line. Ail eHerfd lor Ihrrp or sli llmc( >na dorprll krlore fiplr»tlo» "III •' •karf*4 for ih* numlifr of limn l»' » fl •pjxirrd »nd tdjuilmrni ol kill m»«». Ill rliulflrd »d?prllili<B COM "">; • HIM by prnonl rMldtnK oulsme or tke city mu« »e «cfOjup»nlf<l bjr c»<* lain miy e*»1ly k« compotf* '">" tkt »»«« t>blc. , • Ad'trtlilni oiifrM for Imculir '»- •rrttoKi tiki Ih* <"" "™' '»*''• No rni»»>ll>llltr ""' bf '""" , •or* IMn one Inrorrtct inwrUon «' IB? rl»»llf!td id. All »(1» »I« rulrlrlrd lo Itifli pirn"' rUMirirallon stilt »nd ITP'- Tlie Courier Nfwi reserrri tht r1«!H to *<»l or reject my »d, _ _ Apartment for Rent ~~2 room furnished RparlirieiH nnr! Italh. Phone 4336. 322 N. 6'h. 6 19 r* 23 ~a room MnMrnlshtd urmrl mml. Prl- Tltr bath. Plioni- 3615. fi.19 !>* 2' Watch and Jewelry Repair l-D*y wrYlce on Jfwp-lry—3 dsys on »fttch«« »n<1 rlocki G'iftr«nteed work done by expert repairmen. f^'cst P PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second For Salt, Misc, 1—1849 V/cfitinghoute 1 It. refrigerator I—West in ghouls ho i ii r fiw/rr 1—40 Kftl. Honviinl vcwr h*Ml<»/ I'h. B47H 6 19 rk 26 Cutwork cloth with J2 napkins. Chaise IxHinge foi porrh or Jnwii. Plinnp 3626. 6.19 Ck 26 22" Mftlhla fan: Dormeyer Irl-wrll; ol! hwiter. 1141 Molly. fl.19 pK 22 ^ rrjoni Turn apt. 104 \V. n..h. ph. 4M2 K. D. Forsuson. 617 ck 24 Duplex utitornlshert. 3 room A- P' 1 ' lalf hath. Elfctrlc W H Newly .il-c- oralert. And 2 rooms and private bath nlrciT Mrrlfh«d. All ElfC. Kltcli'n <:]Mn. Pho. 2671 (liter 5:30. 3435. 810 pk '. '. Dnl. 3 room *pt Applj Bt 112 E Chtrrr. « » pk 1 6 3 room unfurnished atinrtmenl. Close in. Phone 2595. 6|5 ck ti Modern 3 ronr rut »pt Fh 2595 or 2!14 ct tf Modern Rpt., 3 rooms And hath, nrw- ly de«italed. Rood fiLrnlmre. B»S pqulp- menl Ph, 3313. F. Blmnn. 9,2) ck tf Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Reclrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash,I Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck If- Watermelons, For a heller and colder melon Kazan's Store, South Highway Gl, Dogsvood. (ill9 pk 2C> 5-Ton Chrysler air conditioning unit in use only OUR season. Can be purchased very ronsbnahly on terms. For a real bargain call us al once. JIODKKN IKXMK KCON'OMY STORI'} Phone 4585 10!) \V Main fill? ck 24 You'll Always Do Better At 300 Broadway Street 1919 FOJM) $1015 JOJ(» KORJ) ;. (if yuiirsflf i nlrp hEr mndrl car—this ('uslmn Chili Cnnjif h a EOfMl-looking maroon en lor. KH- Hrrp's a rf;tl buy In a 'ifi Knrd Ttnlor. Allrnntive Rrp.v flnKh. Good healer. Make a fixM trade il MM8 K01M) $!H5 Hllli KOHI) Tim tiros are n curly nrw—that'JI suvr .von nionnyl Siipfr deluxe Knnlor «(|tiii»|ird with boOi radio and heater, The |K>j,uUr Cluh Coup* rnodfl, Hits 1916 Knrd also has nnlin and hr:»(cr. You'll di> helUr at 300 Bros tl way. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A PICKUP? STliJ)KHAKKK $7J5 1«M7 KOIU) $645 It's a prcUy smarl him In fr;nl« for a l>H(rr Irurk /ion'—hpfore now I Ire n sos nrv due June 30, Sec this J.fc-Ton. l.onk for It nn Mir I,,1 —it's » mi 1 •• -To n ['' rkn p. A nil plan n n IrridfiiE brfmt- DIR enil of the month. Vnu'll iiive. cook Phone 2nM. Rushing 6 12 p PIANO STOHAOB RALE Cnrlnni] pl^noK Must Krir qulr inojne price. Ir>r cash In unve «tnrft 150 _ 175 _ JU5 Ph 37-1074 MernjihU. Tcnn We hjxrt- frrsh naJly. bnrhe^ni'd rlh< anrl frj'ers^chlcXen f,iln<t ham Kalftd, ptmlenio ch^c»o pninto *nli\(1 nn<1 home buXprt ham CrcLl Ivi^-c Oromy ant] Mtxrhet. ph 1S97. 520 clt 620 300 Broadway Phone 4453 Auto Supplies and Services Don'l enrtancer ' your fdmllf wllli f«u1t.T tlrM—BUT LFE TIJIKS. CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Unin andiniTlslon Phone 7.S83 iri3 ck if Scrrr'ccs E. R Allrv—Air contlltloiilnc refrigeration servlre. Ph. 247B. 102 E Missouri, Elythrflllfi. Ark. 6.S pit ";fl GiiKrnntrrfl piano umlnc Rnrt repair. Call 2071 dura. 2059 nlphls. 5 28 tf Expert Watch & Clock Repair All work" gunraMerd fit I OK eft prices. 905 S. 20th St. Ph. 8092. . «;M pk 28' W UTJCUTB PHOTOSTATIC SEHV- IC«. O'STMK'S STUDIO, 113 W MAIN ll[4 Ck tf Higher prlcM ptild for oM cars, temp Iron, metals, batteries and radiators. No Longer connected with Bly- ttirrllle Iron A- Metnl Co. For pick-tip •nrl * squar» cfrnl mil 4*09 V?. A. Al- I »ell unrt tnsraH 'romplet* vulr r *?Mpm and no money down 6mMl payments. Ph. 63*9. H- Meyers. Plans-Estimates for new construction. r*mrx!ellcg or -H.A. OF O 1. LOAN'S NO OBLIGATION Phone 30M Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. 5-24-lf Moving & Hauling Closed Van trucks. Safp-Dctienilahlp, Experienced help W W. Bccktam. in West Rose. Phone B938. 6.9 pk 7-9 •Ir parts and rcprvlrx Also pow<*r tiww TR for rent. Wcstbrook Machine Shop Acron* from Kroner Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. Z5S2 A-2 clc If TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. WMnm Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trartc your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers term.? ! /2 down, balance in the fall Formerly Arnold & Gninos. Ph. B357. 'l[17 ck tf DSFT> PIANOS FOR SALE—Ba lo* ft* t90. Guaranteed conrtlllnn Ph 2071 20-19. 5;22 ck REFRIGERATION Jhrpert »«rr1ce on Alr-ContlltlonIng:, RtTr Iteration nnrt Appliances Bill Teeethoff nnd Harry Rroofc.i Pnn:ir OTF6—If. no answer, till «r>C4. BUOFP REFRIGERATION co.. 2:137 Birch. 3 21 cfc If CO, COMMERCIAL RKFRICERATIO Air CondULonlnp. commrrctal an hotisrhold rplrlgpratlon Pftrrice. Phone R391 dny. 3175 nltjlit- «IB E Main 5.23 ck 6.23 Iy. We cnn save you tjme und nrr Cecil LOWD O toe cry nncl Mncltpl ph. +537 i in Ck. a DON'T BUY UNTIL YOU SEE The Rust COTTON PICKER Jack Robinson Implement Co. Klylheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 For Kent Private Rooms 6 room house. 2005 W. Vi Call 3510. . Nc hath. I p*. 23 J ' 61 house hull Hi id IinnuclUtte JKJS- 6J9 pk 26 n! hath. Furn. or or call 1CO-J O.s- 6 17 pk 20 5 room mil urnl.shptl house, hot wa fr hfriter. Oscar Alfxantlc-r. rh, 3470. 6 17 pK 2 UnfuriilsAed 5 room lialh. Newly i1f-(nratfd, ncsslon. Phone 6419. Duple*. S mi* imlurn, 205 Douj 4 rooms and bath upstairs. $2000 per imnth Call S3-iV 6 15 If ShetlaiKi pon!r« month, Delivery Unwell, ph. 3708 v the day. week or vice, John D Me- 6.5 pk 1 6 unfurnished hou a Inquire at 815 - ^7 1 House Trailer HhMt offrr. Trailer only fi Id. 42,'i Mhpny St.. StoctP, Mo fi 10 pk lhfi t-'ar Kfttp -hPRHlllul crorhcl 1 plrre iitichccin Eel tn SO Mrs. C. I.con lillhjis, 030 N. 6th 81 , Trailer House-. r> IR pk 2, 1 ) 1-1 plrcc Keel room iTCSL Illit [',! IT, 1 ? !U1<] s r SPC It Ml 50(3 So. Kn t. With l»IU-F.. (.':»[! lln. C IR i- BO acres of i bolre Penilscot Ilftyrui \»n<\ near Number Nine located In Sec. 20. Urt-p. IR Har\i<e il .tnovn *a n. y fUiuiuta Estnie. Parties Irilc-rcft- cd In thlr-UnU please submit Realc'l bills lo II. F. RhOHd.s Ji.. Ron-e No. 1, lion 362. Blytltcvine, Ark. Bkl.i win hi: Rcccp'.ed imtl] ]2 o'clock noon Jaly 5, 1952 ' Seller jTAervt's rlnlit to reject »iiy or all bkl-s Terms wlli ne. ca-sh on completion of Lcpivl rrqiilrruiiriils. 5'HI >>k 7.8 I nin dlrpcleri by- the rourt to re- rlrr hlrls for f.nlc of personal jnopt-r- v of A. J. Abcrnathy F.stiite. consl.-il- nsr or Ktn;ill stnrk wnjcrrlf^, elrrtrlr. nrat rnst\ scnli-s. drink tins, inrnl ilock, sniiMRp i Ml] I. and oi>ior flu- ,nrrR. lornlrd nt 7f>l R. l.nkf St. 100 miles, nnd one Pnlnci* House Trull- T. rnniplntff with HAS rnoklnc[>- nnnt unri lirai. See mf If Interefitnt Frank C. DonRltiR. AilriiLnlntrntnr Fire Rnd hiirular proof Kiifos. All i Bl faclory lukr-s, Vivilt noor.i. Frr 1. Plinnr '1191. 6|lfl pic NEW FREKZKnS Onr 17 en. (t. Drpp Freo7P 420n.&H Out* 20 fit. ft. n<-pp Frr-Mr pl9,05 ;OMMERC!Al. HEKRICiEHATION CO , 41fi E. Main, Ph, B3Q1 fl;18 ck 22 Full blooded puppies. ?15 each. Ph. 3451. {J;18 pk 23 '1 room house find Ijalh on 1 cornur lot on (ii Highway N. nnd Limiorate St. A home or ifood location, lot 75 x 75. Priced for quick sale $'1500. Modern and extra roomy 4 room house and batli on paved street in northeast part of (.own. Same as new—lip-lop condition inside and out. Lai'KG lot $1250. cash, fM.OO total monthly payments. Vacant, move in tomorrow. Modern 'I room house and bath 1UG I learn St. Choice neighborhood, beautiful backward, newly decorated inside. Dalmation Vacant, $1500. cash, $43.16 a He/p Wanted, Ma/e 2 cool bed rooms, private hath nn nuance.. 627 Wnlinil, ph. 2140. 6 17 pV 2 nice looms. Kan. Ctos* In. 305 N. Fourth, PK. 8016. 6^17 yk 2\ Bedroom Main. r»i. convenient to bath, fill W 3125. 66 pk. 1 6 Nice bedroom for rent near hlRh fcchool. Comfortable and cool, prlVRie entrance. Phone 3403. 1;2 DH bedroom nrltala bath Phone 4643, 0.3 pit 7,2 Wanted to Buy We will piijr CABH for your old Ko- dnks. ramcrss und Lenses for parts O'STKEN'a STUDIO, 115 W«*l URln. 12 4 ck tl ATTENTION: YourtK mpn ape* 13- Free to t IK ret. Average earning (50. per week. TrRiisporlRtLon lurnlsh- DrnwlnK acronnt In Advance. For full InfoniiRtlon see Mr. Kakln or Mlll- r from 2 to 4 and 6 lo 8 p.m. Friday ,1 CJlonroe Hotel. 6 la pK 23 fi IS 22 DISTRIBUTOR A business of your own. No Invesl- rnont tecinlred. Sixty-nine year old, AAA1 manufacturer ol inalntenanre roMitiRfi rte.slies man over 35 for protected lerrllory consisting ol 13 Ar'A- HIIS^K counties centering R round Jotif.sboio. Newport, niylhcvllle, Har- a^ould. Kalcsvllle. Kvery manufacturer, Ln.stUiLllon nnd business ran) It II n^ la »_ pros[jcct. Active Recounts. Full credit on mail orders, Ix>ber;\l cnin- mlsslons puld weekly pUui \ip to S2.000 Yearly- In entra htm uses. y^Uirday Kvenlns; Post. Nntlonnl Trade A1w e and Direct Mftll AtlvertU hi-: j: •K mnay Infill rie.s that result •nrdtatr hiifjnr/:s. TiAlnlnt; by fiRld nnppr. Cnr requlrod. Phone nr ire F. LeSupnr. Nohlp Hotel. Joiiesboi :an«a 5 on June 19,21, or 21 for I: view. 6 13 pli ?.I For Sale, Real C state THOR GLAD! RON AUTOMATIC; IKONKK Was $00.50 NOW $71).50 The B.F.GOODRICH STORK 417 W. Main 6; 18 ck 21 30 KffKe. 15 Ions nlfntfa hay. Call Dpll 2^42. 6;ia 7 ^ Veterans Special ! % No down payment, pay only closing i-osl ot^iaOO. 2 liodrodrns, iniiileni .TjH'lh, larjjs kitchen \villi dining fii'ca. The opportunity to Iniy this home will not last. Don't delay, act today. Sc?e or call Max Lotfaii, Realtor Lynch Bld K . Phone 203'1 (>:in ck 26 month. It's a good investment. Have several that will rent it. JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2506 5UO ck tf Opportunities HOT? WINDOW FANS $39.95, $49.95, $59.95 Try one 24 bourn In your nwn home without obligation, Dial 4551. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin, wire »nd all kinds of scrap metal. -Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdwny & Moultrie Drive Phone 8962 4;i5 ck tf Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OL1NCOI KOTII BIIILDINO IM W Alt. E> STOP & BUY Best Buys In Town 1951 CHKVROLKT )-dr Sedan . . . stat tov- $1 JQC »rs, white (ires, healer, defroster. Low mileage I4vy 1948 CHBVROI.ET Kleetline 2-door Sedan . . . radio, heater, defroster. Beautiful maroon finish 1950 CHEVROLKT '/,-Ton 1'itknp Truck . . . $QAC Hasdeluxe cab, exfra good rubber, perfect mir. wy v. 1919 CHKVROLKT Vi-'\\ 1'kp. Trk. . . . black $ finish. You don't find many Mil's like this one 1919 CHBVROKET «-T. I'kp. Trk. . . . Eood $COC iDaD rubber, motor runs like new, red color — R steal I9:i9 C»A:VROJ,ET IVi-T. Trk., ]5<)(ly.. .6 good ? tires. Here is a good cheap farm truck ... 99 KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Smlium Chlorate, 99% pare! Fine treated for dry application. $12.50 per 100 Ibs. A. H. WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. Hiwa.v 61. State Line—Phone 1414 IS 12 CHKVBOLET Ion* wheelnas* Truck . . . body, 2-speed axle, 700x20 front tires, 750x20 roiu $ — all good 1949 STUDKIJAKER lonx wheelbas* Truck . . . mofor completely overhauled, 750x20 front tires, S7QC 825x20 rear . . . onlv I «I3 EASY C.MAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, TO« »n always make t good deal tl SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Bir Used Car Lot •« Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 Personal Are yon h«Tlng trouble from excels rlnklriB? WonlrJ you like to tjult? Let us show you a way to happiness. Write: Alcoholics Anonymous. Boi 873, Bty- therlll«. Ark. '5127 pic 827 white beans, > whole cheese;- J» I assorted pieces or cheese, six nppta i I arts, two bottles Alsatian wine. Heavy Diner Tlie king of Normandy big caters, j CliFivlp.s Vienot, consumed 2',& pound. 1 ) of fish, 2Vi pounds ol chicken, 2!-i pounds of mutton Shop in Comfort in Our Air-Conditioned Showroom PICKUPS '-in STUDKHAKKR Twn Vj-Ton Pic from—I red, 1 jfrorn. Kncl^ pfd ivith n pond hralcr. before June 30. to rliousr BIG TRUCKS '-in S'ITMKHAKKR SS'ir, Tlii-. !-'rnn lone \ Sin- '-ID sTrnr;HAKKK 579:. A hiMvicr,'-VTon Pickuii nnir ^1 a barcaln prire. Xico tan finish — vrr.T coml hc.ilrr. Trade hrfnrc Julie 30. M7 STUDKKAKEK S.V.15 Tti jw-rfrrl condition, (his '.--litn I'ichitp also his n I most new lirrs. Grrrn color. Urtler trade before June 30. Mfi CHBVHOKKT .S5I5 Snap up Uiis h.ire.iin in a tnort usrd pickup. "i-Ton Chevrolet In fine shape. Tradf and save he- fore June 3n, rcnditiimril. (Inml SThx'in (irns. Savr (Tnublc lleeiue rnsls—trndr im«-. MS CMC STUr, Urrr's ^ v;iluc in n t'--Tni) limp tihre)tt:i<r (l.MC Tnirk. (".nn[l ninlor anil tirrs. \o«'s the limr lo Ir.nle for It M7 noix;K snuri dune l(> K;ii]n>:ul ,V Ash Streets for Mm bare.iin in a '2-Tnn ImiR nhrrht;isr Truck. S'^iiv'iO I Ires. Tr.icle this nmnlh. Real ESTATE Farms — City Property LOANS ff IxtneMed in Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glnncne Rlclg. Pli. FROZKN CUSTAUU KQUII'MKNT 1 Slnrl your own I!»islni'Ks or Inr.rrnse T«mr inrpciit with Frozen Cnstnrd «r FrrpKpr Fresh Ire Orenm. For lull dctnDs sre K K. Vnn Blhhf-r. P O Boi 564. Phnne 6300 Blylhcrtlle Ark. 6'5 pfc 76 JJOE MACHINE WORKS COMPLIT1 SHUT MITAL SHOP »TKUCTURAL IT III • GAS AND fUCHMC WILDING • CIK irPAIRi * M.ACKSMUH- IHO - HARDWAM - MACHINE RIP All I female Help Wanted >n I^nrllr.';: WmiM SAO r.r i Ulrvl to yonr Isicomp nir. nhr.nt the Hnstt Ha«-]f!k-li Co.. iw Tarty Pli'i. W T. Drpt. AKF-HD-HP-4. 6 19 pk 20 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 ATTENTION — 5 il.-hrri re to travel, and nhove. ft n \V IMI I r<1 - -Tn r r pr 618 |>k 23 •"•lit Avon C Abraham 1'avod Slrrcl, 2*1 - n r.- imi« lUInc rnnni I<r^Mt1"nl nattmil dtil Kk K;>st. Davis : room comblimllnn. I- 1 LOOT Jiirt\ar<- rhvorlc.. Tn rxcrllrnt conriltlon. Nlcr Rofirnnnis in (Vnnilry Club Drive t r-hnulnviru rtlnn hHndj; m wR. A nkc l<it ' , A real hnrunlti Phone 3-W9 ,\ nirr hny in A 1'j-Tnii Stnke Bnil y Vriirk. l.oiljf wllCOlhftSC niortcl. Only $lfl:>. I.ircnsin^ lime i^ just l»r> urrks away. June 30 is the date when new truck licenses ore due. Now's the time to trade for a brand new Studebaker Truck. Come in. Authorized IBk Service » 2 Hj L»H at R»ilr*^ & Ath Strt«H. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO, D.aitr A<* C«l CALLING ALL CARS AND TRUCKS For yotir own safely, for the tafety of olhers. W sure you know how fast you're drlvuif. \\> ^Ivc I-Day service on Speednmeter Kcpalr fnr all mafcrs «f CATS and (rucks. Come in tomorrow! T. I. SEAT MOTOR CO. Chr.vAler-rl?m«ith r Omlrr IZ1 K. Maim 21,!: Hrfti a Rr^as<- Job Is tivcn cvlra A It rut ion ubrn yini britii; your r;ir or (ruck lo T. 1. Sr;iv Motor Co. \Vr hi! AM. Ilir spots. \Mial- c»rr service your r;ir nerds, rou'll srl more for your mnnr>y here. T. l.SEAY MOTOR CO. Chryslrr-Vlymrtulh IIpaler 121 r,. Main 1'hone 2122 DANCING NIGHTLY! n a j: 24 HOUR SERVICE! FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- ' See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Mofor Co. two bottlp.i; B\!rg\»]dy, sncl four quarts of apple ciricr, to win th« tide. He weighed 32B pounds. OLD SHOE let us make'env GOOD AS NEW! HflLTCRS JUflLiTY SHO€ SHOP '21 W. MAIN ST. WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Street Blytheville COMPLETELY For The Best Trade You Ever Made ISM "88'* 1-rloor Sedan. This brll- Hant maroon automobile J* loaded with txlras. I.ow mile- igff. Now specially priced to >»%•« you monry! AIR CONDITIONED ALL BRAND CIGARETTES $1.60 CARTON All popular lirands of liquors, wines, gins and cordials at |M>pular prices. HUBERT'SCLUB Hubert Utley and Wert Akini HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. 194K rONTIAC Flectllne 2- rtoor Sfrinn. Here's a good- took Ing tigbt blue ear with radio, hf%t«r and white tires. The price?— $995 1951 STUDEBAKER I o n ff wlicelbas* truck thnl's as sluirp as a new »ne! Very low mileage. Make ihc righl trade at Horncr-Wilson. * $1145 I5S1 CHF.VROI.ET 14-Tnn Pickup wilh II,r deluxe cab. A low milciiRC truck with really Itoott tires. Check Horner- Wilson's price: $1095 1!)5« FORD Custom Clnb Coupe equipped wilh radio, heater and white side wall- Urea. The cleanest car In the city. Dark blue. $1295 I!349 FORD 1^-Ton Truck with Jjnoil lire.s and motor. Fnr thr. brsl (rartc. jrnn ever madr. come dnwn to East Main today! $645 HORNER-WlLSON MAIN Rockel OKsmobile — GMC I'rucks Phone 2t5« Used C»r Lot — Phone 6151

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