El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas on May 19, 1996 · 49
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El Paso Times from El Paso, Texas · 49

El Paso, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1996
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Computing El Paso Time ?t Sunday. May 19. 1996 UU "jj,p'" CD-ROMS Free Stuff from the Internet, 2nd Edition, by Coriolis Group Books, $25, for Macintosh and Windows, (602) 483-0192. njciiAfeny people who plunk down aTOUple of dollars an hour for Internet surfing will find this bookCD-ROM duo a real time-saver and, thus, a money-saver. Author Patrick Vincent has a long, list of places on the Inter-netfthat provide free merchandise and services, including computer magazines, ballpoint .pens, . estate planning reports, jAgrjculture Department garden planning tips and even free sefeds. But the real value is its lod,e, of software posted on the iwteVnet under the shareware cnfiept whereby users download programs, try them for a 'ttfiihth or so and then send the Author a payment if they decide ft'keep them. 'More! IQ Test & Brain-teasers by Virtual Entertainment, dual-media Windows "and" Macintosh, $19.99, 1(617) 449-7567, ext 227 or JPalladinovirtent.com. ru iJMore! IQ Test & Brainteas-jie.r?" Jets you test your IQ in the privacy of your own home. It's th eiv)Uci tO rvluitiiVldia IQ Test(TM), the best-selling IQ ttVith more than 100,000 copies sold. T.b's st questions, randomly generated from an extensive database, range from fiendishly tliffieult logic progressions to spatial reasoning and analysis. Saturday Night Live Goes .Political, by Berkeley Systems, NBC Interactive Media,; $49.99, for PC with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and ; Macintosh system, http:www.berksys.com uSaturday Night Live Goes Political features the greatest moments from 20 years of :'SNL" -political satire, captured in .'neatly 300 full-motion video i i.Ahd it has games including ifour funny arcade-style games such as a Pac-Man-like game f where you must satisfy Clinton's ? hunger for burgers and fries. I SOFTWARE I Lotus Word Pro 96 by Lo- ; tus, for Windows 95, $100; and Microsoft Word by Mh ; crosoft, for Windows, $300. J I hese programs oner impressive, word processing and docu- ew; management features that ak-. them more than solid 4hofces for home or office and both?yVrd ard Word Pro are determined to make things as Jasy as possible for people who iTite,"whatever their output, Both programs offer templates (fiilore to help you create memos,' faxes, letters and other, more triplicated documents. Word fro though, goes a little bit fur-thWby offering templates for ttcVeation of indices and ta-fotebf content. INFORMATION "Online Scams: Road Hazards on the Information Superhighway" points out some common cyber frauds and gives tips for protecting yourself on the Internet. '' Scams and schemes surfacing on line are nothing new; they've beVrt around for years. The only difference is swindlers now can sit at their keyboards and reach hundreds of thousands of people, basically for free, in a short period of time. The pamphlet is Item 377C. To order, send your name, address and check or money order for 50 cents to Consumer Infor-mation Center, Dept. 377C, Puablo, Colo. 81009. EQUIPMENT H GIidePoint Sensation by Cirque Corp., $89, for PC-compatible computers, (800) 454-3375 or (801) 467-1100. j This is an alternative to the mouse. Trackpad, a small rect-Janjgular device that lets you control the pointer by gliding a jfingertip. Tapping a finger on Ihtj trackpad's surface is like flicking a mouse button, i The trackpad surface now fconsists of a lightly shaded triangular area in the upper right orper and the darker gray color hat covers most of the Glide- Point's surface. V FastCD by Loglcraft Information Systems, $24.95, works with Windows 95 and Windows NT and Is network Compatible, (800) 800-5644 Or (603) 880-0300. i A new program, FastCD, lets ?ou' run most CD-ROM applica-lonLs .'directly from your hard isk drive. After the transfer is lade.-vou can run most any t'D'ROM application without a (D.RQM drive. This makes fastCD an ideal product for portable computers, j FhattT) creates an identical (lata image of a CD and places fchis "virtual" CD on the hard drive. At full speed, it takes about 40 minutes to transfer the contents of a CD. Call a teen-ager for high-tech aid Computer whizzes tutor adults Associated Press BOSTON When Paul Bradley went kicking and screaming into the computer age, he did what a lot of people have done lately when they've found themselves unable to get from the "on" button to on line. He called one of the experts: a teen. "He's riveted. He's really in tune with the computer," Bradley, 58, said of his tutor, 18-year-old Jeffrey Vogel. "It's part of his being. These young, uncluttered minds." .Adults who went to school during the age of slide rules and adding machines are learning computers from youths nowadays. After all, who better than someone who's been playing games and doing homework on a computer since he was old enough to guide a mouse? Teen-age tutors are also less expensive than adult instructors. And maybe less intimidating, too. v "I think adults tend to be more willing to talk to youngsters," said Michael Zabinski, founder of the National Computer Camp. "An adult may be in more need of patience. They may not be as quick to grasp." Like Vogel, many of the teen-age tutors are largely self-taught computer whizzes who get hired through word of mouth. Other youngsters offer their expertise in more formal settings. Beachwood High School in suburban Cleveland, for example, has an Elder Class Program, in which retirees learn about computers from high school and middle school youths. Electronic By Dan Keating Knight-Ridder News Service It's really fun watching the incredible explosion of information on line. , Just a year ago, I told people that the Internet was full of great stuff, but setting out to find a particular piece of information was often fruitless it might not be there and, even if it was, it could be hard to find. But that's changed. Not only has the haystack become gargantuan, but now there's wonderful help in tracking down the needle. For example, my wife and I were talking last weekend about getting some bamboo for our yard and wondering how well it bears transplanting. So I hopped online. Within a minute honestly, just 60 seconds not only did I have tons of information about bamboo in general, I also had a magazine article with a detailed description of transplanting techniques. It's getting difficult to find a subject about which information isn't available on line. Increasingly, you may have to pay for that information on the Internet, but it's there and the ratio of free to for-pay is still heavily weighted in favor of us cheapies. There are many, many different tools, engines and robots for scouring the vast world of electronic information. To find many things say, the home page of a major company or sports team you just make a quick visit to a Here's a list of El Paso computer bulletin boards, provided by Will Jewell, the system operator of La Cantina BBS. Although these boards aren't dedicated to adult-oriented materials, parents should always monitor the use of bulletin boards and on-line services by children.. If you have changes to make to this list, dial up the La Cantina BBS and leave a message for the system operator. Bulletin board Against All Logic BBS Big Jims's BBS El Diablo BBS Golden Saber BBS Graphical Edge I BBS Health Professionals BBS James' Tavern BBS La Cantina BBS Lost Horizons BBS Randy's Basement BBS Renegage BBS Sub-Rosa BBS Synchronicity BBS Temporary Insanity BBS The Night Owl BBS The Other Side BBS The Rave BBS The Underground BBS 2099 BBS "A lot of people didn't grow up in the computer age and they need some elementary instruction about it," said Vogel, a North Andover High School senior. "It's not their best skill or whatever. I understand." Vogel's help has enabled Bradley, a stone salesman who prefers a lamp and a good book to a computer, to bypass all those daunting inches-thick computer manuals with subsections on "configuration utility messages' and "diskette-based diagnostics." "I told Jeffrey that where I want to start is on page one. Assume. I have no knowledge," Bradley said. Sixteen-year-old Spencer Joy-ner has been able to earn $10 to $bu an hour for his computer expertise. He has done everything from helping people get their home computers up and running to setting up an entire network for a company. "Sometimes I get ahead of myself," the Andover High sophomore said of his home tutorials. "I go all the way back to square three but they're still at square one. Sometimes I overestimate people, but most people start to pick things up really quickly." Seventeen-year-old Andrew Gale said people who call on him for help have problems "that I would see as really simple because I've seen it a thousand times: installing new software, hooking up a modem." He used to earn money dishwashing and scooping ice cream. "This summer will be the first I won't have to work nights and I'll have weekends off," the North Andover High senior said. searches widen horizon 32 These are addresses for super-search engines that query a variety of search tools on line: Search.com: http:www. search.com Operated by CNet, whose main site at hup: www.cnet.com has lots of excellent Information. Offers several search engines and other choices. Enter search terms individually for each. Easypage AlWOne: http: easypage.comall4one A very sophisticated use of Netscape Navigator frames. Automatically submits request to major on-line index like Yahoo! But maybe you're looking for something obscure say, information about transplanting bamboo. Then you need to harness all the searching power that's out there. But there are dozens of Internet search engines these days. So where do you turn? To the latest tool: on-line sites that help you search all the search engines. Some have a list of all the search engines with an entry block to query each one, one at a time. The most sophisticated, though, will let you ask the question only once. They take your search terms and submit them to several search engines, then assemble Phone number 755-7242 821-3475 857-2656 562-7913 822-2791 590-9798 590-7192 544-1482 757-1299 856-1276 592-9687 598-2042 771-7136 821-2653 821-4966 590-3817 755-2031 860-2838 598-8126 I I 4 riii i 'Toy Story' on CD-ROM is just as good as the movie version with simple children's games and amusing stories throughout the program. Toy Story' hite 0ROM Computer game makes splash, too By Mike Langherg Knight-Ridder News Service Toy Story the CD-ROM, I'm happy to report, is just as fun and charming as "Toy Story" the movie. Disney Interactive, the software subsidiary of Walt Disney Co., retells the movie's tale of two feuding toys the loyal cowboy Woody and the newcomer spaceman Buzz Ligh-tyear while adding clever animation and five small games for children ages 3 to 9. "Disney's Animated Story-Book, Toy Story," the CD-ROM's complete and awkward name, delivers almost everything that made the movie special. A scaled-down version of the complex computer program that created the movie is built four search engines, puts all responses on screen at once. Must have Netscape Navigator 2.0 to use. fl SawySearch: http:numan. cs.colostate.edu:1969form Searches more than a dozen engines with one request. Can take a long time and be too busy to accept search at times. Yahoo!: http:www. yahoo.com Search Yahool's index of pages and get a list of other major search engines. Click on one and it submits the search for you. the replies on one page for you. It's a super-simple way to get at a huge amount of information. A warning, though: If you use these powerful tools for a simple question or a broad topic such as "financial info" you'll get so many responses you'll be overwhelmed. Best to stick to simple topical indexes here. One of the most impressive of these super-search engines is a South Florida creation called All40ne. It uses the most impressive implementation of Netscape frames I've seen. Try a few of these super-sites. When you figure out which one feels comfortable, you'll be a lot closer to mastering the Internet. System operator Merle Burbargh Jim Biggs Robert Corbin Steve Watson Edward Ozogar Daniel Hagan James Iry Will Jewell John Walters Randy Blackmond Dale Maupin David Butler Robbie Fields Trevor Horkheimer Roger Harrison Sean Dunbar Sam Boehm Kenny Scott David Butler into the CD-ROM, so the animation on screen looks as lifelike as the original. The developers have scattered new and interesting little scenes throughout the CD-ROM. We learn, for example, that Buzz Lightyear is something of a dancing fool, eager to show his boogie and ballet moves whenever the music starts. Some of the best bits from the movie also show up on the CD-ROM. "But what if Andy get3 another dinosaur? A mean one?" frets Rex, the timid ty-rannosaur. "I just don't think I could take that kind of rejection." The CD-ROM unfolds through 15 on-screen storybook pages. Each page begins with Hamm the piggy bank reading FOR LEASE 100 S. COTTON 3 LEVEL MANUFACTURING UP-GRADED OFFICES 97J00O SQUARE FEET PARKING, OVER 100 SPACES PLAZA PROPERTIES 544-0230 Krafsur, Gordon, Mott,' Sanders & Miranda, R G Attorneys and Counselors at Law . 7400 Viscount Boulevard Slitte 103 .. El Paso, Texas 79925 Telephone 772-9266 IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT HarrelL. Davis m, Maryles V. Warwick AND KeNNARD T. kWRENCE have joined the firm s3T Krafsur, Gordon, Mott, Sanders & Miranda, V.C. seeks to provide its clients with the sophisticated quality of legal representation customarily associated with larger law firms, in a small firm environment The Firm's practice areas include: domestic international taxation tax disputes and litigation domestic international business transactions immigration and customs intellectual property The Firm has four attorneys that arc Certified Public Accountants, one of whom is Board (Certified in 'lax Law by the 'lcxas Board of Legal Siecialiatiori. Four attorneys of the Fimi specialize in bankniptcy matters and creditor debtor disputes, three of whom are Board ( '.'citified in Business Bankniptcy I, aw by the 'lcxas Board of Legal Specialixition, and one of whom is also Board Certified in Consumer Banknmtcv Law and is a mem ber of the panel of Bankniptcy 'Ihistecs for the Kl Paso DistricL Knight-Ridder News Service s out loud the sentence or two of text shown on the screen, a nice touch in helping younger I children learn to read. "' ' J There are only a few minor shortcomings, The CD- ROM of- ' fers some unobtrusive background music; I missed hearing the movie's signature song, "You've Got a Friend in Me." I And the games are so simple that all but the youngest children won't want to play them more than a few times. But the , storybook pages are so much fun that kids should enjoy many trips through Toy Story. Write to Mike Langberg at the San Jose Mercury News, 750 Ridder Park Drive, San Jose, Calif. 95190; telephone (408) 920-5084; fax (408) 920-5917; or e-mail to cdrom-mike(at)aol.com. ' Harrel L. Davis III Shareholder I'Hmary areas of pmakv are K inkmpttv. Business I .itiiratkm, & I Xbttir ( teilitur Relations Board ( icrtificd, Business Bankruptcy I .aw by the lcxas Boardof lful SpccialiAition, BS I niversityof Jl-xas at Kl I'.iso, IW4 JI) I niversitv of 'lcxas at Austin, l)77 l 'reiient speaker at eonnnumg leal education seminars Former shareholder of Mountc & (ialatzan. Marylee V. Warwick Of Counsel Vimarv areas of practice are Taxation. Ksute and Probate. & (icncral Business ( Certified Public Accountant BBA in Accounting from I niversity of Texas at Austin, I'M) with hinhest honors JI) I niversity of Houston Law Center. Wfshwith honors Former associate member ol Mounce & GalatAin. IK l-'oimer shareholder of (minings, Birkelhach. keith dx IX-lKado.PC. NOTCKKTII-'IKD BY'I'IIKTKXAS BOAKDOI i.h(;Ai..spi;:iuzviio Kennard T. Lawrence Of Counsel I'nmary areas of practice are Federal. Suite jnd Indian - -Ixxanon of Corporanons, Partnerships and other entitles BA I niversity -of South Scwanee, lennessec JI) 1 nnersity of lexas at Austin I.I.M in taxation from New Virk I 'niversity, W7l Former lax ( jiunscl for F.I Paso Fnergy ( !on,xration and F-IFasoNaniraKiasOimpanv ' , l Nm'CKRTII-IKI) BY TIIK TEXAS BOARD OF' . l-KGALSPKCIAUZAIION ' bankniptcy and insolvency litigation creditor debtor disputes ,1 commercial litigation estate planning general corporate transactions real estate transactions

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