The Chilliwack Progress from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada on January 22, 1908 · Page 1
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The Chilliwack Progress from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada · Page 1

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1908
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J(St0tc PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF THE FERTILE CHILLIWACK VALLEY SEVENTEENTH YEAK NO. 43 CIHLLIWACK, B. C, JANUARY 22, 1908. $1.00 A YEAR, TOWNSHIP REEVE AND COUNCILLORS GiMMl - Nutuml Contest Leaves Mr. Kickbush at II. - ad With Two New Members in Reduced Council. School Trustees Keturned ly Accla - inution Poor Polling Weather Jiiit Good Turnout. The municipal election' on Saturday, which was keenly but good - naturedly contested, resulted in the reflection 0 F. C. Kickbush for reeve; te return of Councillors Ashwell and Wilson and the addition of Messrs. Shirley and McLeod as new councillors. Considering the state of the weather a fair vote was polled Some Indifference perhaps was manifested by part of the electorate from the fact that the life of ihe present council would be .short owing to the separation of the town from the dls - trict with the passage of the bill'be - - fore the legislature now In session. Reeve Klckbush'a return to the presiding officer's .chair indicates that the people wish to give him the satisfaction of contacting to a finish the reparation of the management of city .and district which as reeve he has been instrumental in .bringing .about. Mr. Barrow, the defeated candidate for reeve, is ilifcely '.to be heard from again. He was ;a .good man; in' coun - j cil; experienced, wltb a good keen , grasp of municipal affairs,' above .board and impartial On his work, an will be missed. ' J. A. McLeod, wfa heads the poll' for the council, is a mew man, twidehy iknown and highly respected. He sur - l .prised himself by lb large vote he .polled In all three polling subdivisions ,in the municipality...' His was a grand victory and naiadi Is xpected of him. R. Shirley, another new man, found out his popularity in the township 6?y . coming in s - aeond. jIIc is Inexperienced in municipal affialrs, but known as a keen, tndwKtriious business jrnan .and worthy X the .trust the public .has placed In Brim. P. H. Wilson kiwn as the aald war - horse of the Chilli wack council, .from ' his seven years' service, nan congratulate hijnaself .tnd friends Sot his return. A man who has served av the council board has very litfile chance of making new friends - and every opportunity of making a host of enemies. Every decision is a disputed matter and every little petition turned down must count against him with some one and he must stand the reproaches of Ifce electorate when their demands fox road improvement have not been complied with. Mr. Wilson has been a. mainstay and ilhe old standby In tfee council and the people told him .en Saturday that he was wanted there once more. J H. Ashwell, known as the "Finance " Minister" of the council, has had an unbroken record. Nothing suits hW better than to be up to his ars In figures and accounts. Nothing escapes him and he keeps a etrlct tab upon all monies paid In or out and roust have a clear under - Btanding before his sanction as chairman of the finance committee can be granted. The people appreciate this watchfulness and have Intrusted him with their accounts for another term. He with Councillor Wilson and the two new men should form a pretty good quartette in supporting the reeve in transacting the business of the township. W. Eraithwaite and J. A. Evans, the defeated candidates, both made a good run. Mr. Eraithwaite, a new man in the municipality was not iknown very much outside of his immediate neighborhood. He came within 20 votes of being elected. J, A. Evans owes his defeat In part to the dividing of the forces in his own part of the township by the running of two men. Mr. Evans will be missed at the council board, as he was a good man. A keener or cleaner election could not very well have been held and the defeated candidates bow most gracefully to the elected. Below is a summary, of the votes polled for each candidate in the three polling subdivisions. For Reeve. - 3 . IS af F. C. Kick hush .. 49 '203 44 29G E. D. Barrow.. .. 140 21 169 Per Council . A. McLeod 31 24 9 .Shi - rU - y. . . . ... SO 233 33 313 46 309 26 297 23 290 61 271 29 220 by ac - H. Wilson .. 41 227 24 243 33 177 H. Awhwell . . Brfctthwaite. .. J. A, Evans. ... . . 39 152 The trustees were elected clamxtion Mr. Mercer retiring from the field, leaving A. L. Coote, Ivor C. Luffl.s and Jas. C. Robertson to be declared elected. 'The candidates were all present ami after Returning Officer G. W. Ck.adsey hiad declared the poll they were callefiupon and In neat speeches fttariked 'their supporters for their tavors, and fought the battle over a gain telling one another how it was 3one. The wmall boy then cut Isose, his' Impatlepce to get in his share of the , jubilation being manifested ljy the: grand Elsplay of fireworks from the; stock r5f fire - crackers stoned up f en days in anticipation of the ewnt. ThCj ban'd, as Is customary, plashed ""Annie Ttooney" "See the CtaraqneiiiBK Here Comes" and other jpalar aoxd .ap propriate airs, received ".their itreat - ment ot cigars and ite!dtin was' formUlly declared vex lor a. couple df nvonths. 'OUNG PEOPLES SOCXETS:. 'Ayyoung people's twclety has been '.lomned In connedlm with - fit.. Thomas' Church, wi.b the object of J prwfding for the yonns: people 'during the winter mortfhs. The oc'iety meats every Wednesday ;at ,.th' rectory and amusements of various ikinds uve '.indulged in. The rna.nagement r Dett itoa committee esnt&iting ctt IRev. Cansm HInchliffe, president; 31ir?8 L. Stiff, vice - president; Mr. A. X. Ssntth, secretary - treasurer, and Misses Car - ToUfli.aiid D. Royds. Although mvm - bet'Fhip Is limited to the toemtifr? ? the '(congregation of St. Thcmas', other .yaiing people will benefit indirectly ae each member if occasionally allowed to take a friend to tfte ine. - Ingfi. The .young people heartily appreciate he efforts of t'ie Rev. Canon HInchliffe to promote their welfare rince his coming to Chilliwack. He has" endeared himself not only to th; members of his congregation, but with all classes and denominations and his giving over the rectory an evening of .each week will prove very popular. DEATH OP MRS. ROUXSEFELU - The death of Margaret Rounsefell, wife of Mr. JoW Rounsefell, of Chilliwack, took place at her son's residence In Vancower on Monday, the 13th Inst. The remains were brought to Chilliwack and the funeral .was from her late residence on 15th inst., Rev. E. Manuel conducting the service. Mrs. Rounsefell was 68 years of age. She was the daughter of the late William H. DeWolf, of Wolfville, N. S. She leaves three sisters, Mrs. J. Howe Bent, of Chilliwack; " Mrs. F. C. Mahon. of London, Eng. and Mrs. D. F. Higglns, widow of the late Dr. Higglns, of Wrolfville, N S.; and two brothers, W. H. DeWolf, now of Sardis, B. C; ami John S. DeWolf, of Liverpool, England. Deceased also leaves three daughters, Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Holden. of Chilliwack, and Mrs. Haines, of Dewdney, B. C; and four isons, Mt Goiorge Rounsefejl, of Ketchekan, Alaska; F. W. Rounsefell. of Ceperly, Rounsefell & Co., Vancouver; Aubrey, Rounsefell and John Rounsefell, Jr., of Los Angeles, Cal. Mrs. Rounsefell was known and beloved by a large circle of friends and will be greatly missed; NEW COUNCIL HOLDS MEETING Oilicers and Committees for Two Month Only Tenders for Supplies Uivcr Landing. Engineer for the Municipality Tele - phone Company Making Too Free With Gravel Paths Monday was a busy day at the council chambers. In the forenoon the old; council made its last motion, drew its last brtath and died, and at 2 o'clock the newly elected council took life. The reeve and council having been sworn in and prayers having been read by Rev. Canon Hinchliffe, they got down to business and heard 'he various communications and petitions, principal among them being a resolution presented by W. A. Rose, as president of the board of trade, dealing with the river landings and asking for their sanction and support in presenting it before the govern ment and resident engineer. The council, needless to say, gave their en dorsement without taking up time in discussing It and as Councillor Wil son remarked: "They were more than willing to take any steps towards bet tering the conditions the people are compelled to put up with at the present landing places." L. W. Paisley ' then made 'applica tion for the extension of tbe Gibson road - and .the opening up f the same with the ' object of settlings "up that portion cf the Valley, At pres ent, be stated, the demand is for iv and o0 acre holdings. ..Without road accommodation " they are unable to induce , attlers to come in, for the simple .reason .that they ha no out let or inlet to these holdings. He was positive that .with the opening up of this road - and the extension , of the Viokerson .road many . new people would settle .there inside of . couple df .years.. As an inducement to open ing .up the jroad he .was willing to put in a ditch .alongside it, lo aid in building .the .road .and draining it. Another matter that is .calling for the attention of the new council is the abuse of the privileges .giv n the Telephone Company in erecting their poles. Along .the Hope Slough road complaints have been jnade that the company are obstructing the gravel footpath that ithe residents at considerable expense .and pains had constructed. They had erected iik.eir poles along this .path and had ev.en planted the posts in the highway for vehicle at the junction of the cross roads. This matter called for immediate attention and the board of works appointed a committee to in vestigate and act. The appointing .of .new officers for tfce year was taken up and the result is iven in the following Official Report. Tbe first meeting of the municipal council of the corporation of the township of CbiUiwhack or the year 1908, was held In the Court house on Monday, the 20th day ot January, 1908, at Z p.m. ' Present: The reeve and all the councillors. After the reeve and councillors had been sworn in Canon HInchliffe in voked the divine blessing on the pro ceedings of the council for the en suing year. G. W. Chadsey, returning officer, reported the result of the municipal election held on the 18th inst., as follows: School Trustees: Elected by accla. mation, A. L. Coote, I. C. Lucas and J. C. Robertson. Reeve: F. C. Kickbush, 296; E. D. Barrow, 169; majority, 127. Councillors: J. H. Ashwell, 290 (el ected); W. Eraithwaite, 271; J. A. Evans, 220; J. A. McLeod, 313 (elected); R. Shirley, 309 (elected); P. II. Wilson, 297 (elected). J. Pelly, stipendiary magistrate, re ported that F. C. Kickbush, reeve, J. A. McLeod, R. Shirley, P. H. Wilson and J. H. Ashwell, councilors, had duly taken and subscribed to their oaths of oifice, which reports were on motion received and adopted. Communications were received from the' undermentioned and dealt with as follows: D. E. Stevenson, re road in Kipp subdivision. Wilson - McLeod That the communication of D. E. Stevenson be received and filed and that the reeve and Coun. Ashwell be a committee to investigate the matter with power to act and report at the next meeting of the council. Mr. W. A. Rose, a delegate from the board of trade, having addressed the council. that the council endors ee resolution of the board of trade with reference to public land ing and that a copy be sent to our member, the minister of public works and the resident engineer. Carried. Shlrley - McLeod That the collect be authorized to strike off the taxes on the delinquent roll of work performed on C. Hawthorne's pathmaster list for 1907, which was done. Carried. Applications were received for the undermentioned positions from the following Clerk, J. Pelly. Collector, G. W. Chadsey and J Pelly. Constable. H. W. Hall. W. C. Mc Donald, A. W. Toumans, A. P. Cum mins. Caretaker, G. W. Chadsey. i Clerk Police Court, G. W. Chadsey The council then adjourned for a few tninutes to consider appoint ments, and upon resuming the session the reeve announced the following appointments: C. M. C. J. . Pelly Collector caretaker and clerk of po lice court, G. W. Chadsey; Chief of Police, H. W. Hall. The reeve also appointed the following committees Finance, the whole council, Coun Ashwell as chairman. Police, the reeve, Couns. Ashwell Shirley." Fire, light and water: The reeve Conns. Ashwell and Shirley. Printing: Reeve' and Coun. Ash well. Licensing Board: G. R. Ashwell Jos. Watson, J. P.; and the reeve Couns. McLeod and Wilson. Afih well - Wilson: That the council confirm the appointment of officers and standing committees to act until such time as division is made between the town and rural municipality; in any case no longer than the first of March. Carried. Wilson - McLeod: That the follow ing potndkeepers and pounds be hereby (established for the year 1908: John Chapman, Lot 34, Group 2 George Good, X. 100 acres of X.W. 14 See. 27, Tp. 26. H. Webb, Part Lot 38, Group 2 J. H. Collinson, Part Lot 28, Group 2L. Joseph Thompson, Subdiv. A. of S W. V, Sec. 21, Tp. 26. John McDonald, Pt. Lot 387, Group 2. H. W. Hall, Fair Grounds, Chilli wack. Wilson - McLeod: That the Board of Works interview the manager of the Chilliwack Telephone Co. re the objections on Hope Slough Road to the position of some of the poles, with a view of having same adjusted. Carried. Ashwell - Wilson: That the printing committee be empowered to procure suitable desk or counter for the collector's office - Carried. Ashwell - Shirley: That the clerk advertise for tenders for the following: Stationery and paper; eocene oil, per. barrel or case; hardware, nails, per keg or on base rate, similar quantities based on the same rate; lumber delivered in town. Carried. Shirley - McLeod: That the printing committee be instructed to procure necessary stationery and supplies for the corporation. Carried. Wilson - McLeod: That the Board of (Continued on Page 5,) RATERNAL ORDERS ARE FLOURISHING Chilliwack Strong in Adherence tt NobU' Principles Taught in the Several Lodge Rooms. Patriarchs of the Province Included In MemlH'rsliip Roll of Oilicers For Tills Year. Chilliwack, like all 'progressive towns, is well represented its fraternal societies. Every society reinv ented is in a good flourishing con dition and the meetings are regularly attended by the members. The past few weeks have been . busy ones among the lodges in the matter of initiating new members, advancing others in the various degrees and el ecting and installing officers for the incoming year. In the A. F. & A. M. the officers were elected at the last meeting in December and installed by C. C. Fisher, of Xew Westminster, D. D. G, M. This order being one of the oldest in the town is In a very flourishing condition both financially and with regard to membership. Xew members are being added almost every meeting night and very often Bpeclals have to be sandwiched In to catch up to the business. The lodge meets in fine rooms well furn ished in the Bank of Montreal block on the Friday on or before the full moon of each moth and a standing" Invitation is extended to brethren irt good standing to attend their meetings, and all apprentice, fellowcraft and master masons are welcome. Tho following officers have been" elected for this year: - P. M.', I. Johnson; W.. M., F. C. Kickbush; S. W., J. Wilkinson; J W J. H. Suart;' Treas., C. B. Reeves; Sec, J. W. Carmichael; S. D., H. Ralne; J. D., A. D. McEach - ern;' S. ?C Mark Huff; J S.,' H. H. Gervan; I. G., R. G, Menton; tyler L. W. Paisley. . luO. A. n. A. This order in growing (ri strength nt every meeting. They meef in the - Oddfellows Hall on the Thursday on' or before the full mdori. This arrangement Is to insure good moon - - light for the members from the coun - - try in attending iodgo. in this order" Maxwell Stevenson is known as h.r godfather of the Chilliwack Lotlgft and for that matter a good many of the OranfTP Lodges throughout the Lower Mainland districts of Tt. C. This patriarch of Orangcism is widely - known among the brethren of Vancouver, Victoria and Xew Westminster lodges and no brother no matter how high his standing In the order receives a more hearty welcome, and" the honors of the order are always awaiting him when he pays his official visit to the different lodges of the province. One of the things he - prides most is the distinction of being made an honorary life member of the Sovereign Grand Lodge when they held their meeting In Vancouver last year. Not having missed a meeting of the order more than perhaps a dozen times during his life he has the satisfaction of sitting now as chaplain in a lodge strong financially and growing In numbers. The officers for this year are: S. J. Wescott, W. M.; J. C. Robertson, D. M.; S. A. Parson, sec. - treas.; Maxwell Stevenson, chaplain; Ira Towns, D. of C; Harry Towns, lecturer; Robert Towns, inside tyler; E. Langford. outside ty - ler; W. Houston, 1st com. W. Houston has been delegated representative nt the Provincial Grand Lodge which meets this .if - Arm...t " - ' u..S 1. 11 lilt" 15th of February, and arrangements have been m.nrlo in - - v,ii, .1.. .. .. . MIl lllt, presentatives will be furnished with a 'palace car with sleeper leaving Vancouver the day before. Koyal Black Preceptory. This order though small In numbers compared to the others in Chilliwack nas a very select circle of member -

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