The Chilliwack Progress from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada on May 21, 1931 · Page 10
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The Chilliwack Progress from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada · Page 10

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1931
Page 10
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10 THE CHILLIWACK PROGRESS THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1931 Why "GP" Cord Material is cut on the bias A tire in service is subjected to severe stresses from every angle. To successfully stand these strains the plies of cords are criss - crossed .... For greater strength each ply of cord is laid at right angles to the other. The strength is in this angle - wise construction .... These plies are accurately cut "on the bias" by a machine adjusted to the fraction of an inch .... "GP" insulated cords absorb the road shocks .... hold against all strains and add to the strength already imparted by the Gum Cushions and Resisto tread. "GP" Tires are sold at all "Gum Cushion Tire Stations." Built Better To Wear Better" Gutta Percha &. Rubber, Limited Toronto . Canada fiJKi W .... 'fcA GUM CUSHIONED BRETT'S GARAGE - Gutta Percha Tire Dealer CHILLIWACK, ABBOTSFORD AND MISSION IN A WET SEASON every rain cloud throws gloom Into the affairs of the man trying to farm wet land. Human energy and time are too precious to spend farming wet land. The only way to do anything with it Is to drain it. First, put in tile where they are most needed and each year gradually enlarge the drainage system. TILE DRAINAGE, if well done, is a permanent investment that pays dividends every year. The only land worth cultivating is well - drained land. Protect your investment. Use clay tile. 3 - ineh Drain Tile 2 lie 4 - inch Drain Tiler. - 3c 6 - inch Drain Tile hc One price to all for Cash at our yard. The Port Haney Brick Co. Ltd. Patronize PROGRESS ADVERTISERS BAGLEY TRIES FOR LIBERTY AT BELLINGHAM An investigation is under way by Sheriff T. C. Fraser and Prosecutor Lawrence Keplinger, Bell - ingham, in an effort to determine what means were employed by William Bagley, ex - convict, being held for Canadian authorities, to obtain the revolver with which he attempted to force his way from the Whatcom county jail. Bagley was thwarted in his attempt to escape by Jailer Bruce Loop, who shot Bagley in the thigh. Bagley tried to shoot his way past Loop but his revolver misfired three times. Bagley is being held for Canadian authorities on suspicion of being implicated in the robbery of the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel on April 27. WOOD and COAL All Kinds in Any Lengths Wellington and Sootless H. Fairall - Phone 6486 Yard Opposite C. N. R. Station Red Roses of Chilliwack Can Claim Distinction In connection with an item ap pearing in a coast paper written by one who claimed that roses grown in this province could not compare with those grown in the old land, we recall Mr. G. H. McFetridge telling us of an incident which occurred last summer. While in his garden one afternoon, a large and expensive motor car driven by chauffeur in uniform, stopped in front of his home, and the owner a man from New York, got out to ask of Mr. McFetridge the name of a certain red rose growing on his lawn. The stranger declared that it was the finest specimen of a red rose he had ever seen and he de sired to have the name of the variety in order that he might grow the same on his estate on Long Island. The rose in question was from the nursery of H. M. Eddie & Sons, Sardis, and was a George Dickson. As we understand the current economic doctrine, folks shouldn't wait like shorn lambs to have the wind tempered to them. They ought to go out and blow themselves. Boston Herald. SPORT PARAGRAPHS Sports Day at High School Preparations are being made for a field sports day at the high school, to be held on Friday, May 29. Further announcement of the details will be made next week. Strand Team Walks Away With Season's First Game Strand Theatre team staged a walkaway In the season's first game by defeating the Kinsmen Club ballplayers 37 to 8 Tuesday evening. The Strand play a good game, the pitcher was in good form and had good backing from his in and out fields. Softball at Centrul No less than five diamonds have been put into shape at the Central school for the use of softball teams among the boys, and the game is going over big. This means that about a hundred boys can participate in properly supervised sport at one time, and full advantage is being taken of the opportunity. Central Boats C. II. S. The high school may be a centre of higher learning, but the Central school boys don't think that applies also to baseball. When they met on the baseball diamond the latter put up such a good argument that Central romped away to a 15 to 8 win. Teddy Karr, pitching for the winners, was in top form, while C. H. S. put no less than four pitchers in the box in an attempt to stem the tide. High school had better luck with their other team against Robertson school's nine, coming out winners. The Central scnool girls' team continued the school's unbroken record of wins on Monday night by beating the Robertson girls 10 runs to 9. Hints For Highway Rose Growers; Four Prizes Are Offered Mr. H. M. Eddie, tht donor of the climbing roses for the "Rose Highway" between the Canal bridge and Rosedale, advises that those who are training the vines, pay particular attention to them at this time. Young shoots should be tied up neatly and evenly to permit this season bloom to be seen and to give the new growth a good chance for next season flowering. If plants are threatened with caterpillars, do not spray with arsate of lead. Use black leaf "40," according to directions for this pest as well as for green aphis. The roses will be judged some time early in June and this year four prizes will be given, these being donated by Mr. Eddie, Reeve Wells, Mayor Manuel and H. D. Hipwell. . TENT CATERPILLARS ARE ON THE MARCH This is open season for tent caterpillars, and already the effects of their pilgrimages are to be seen. The mild winter and the recent warm summer - like weather have been ideal for the crawlers SARDIS PEN NOW IN SECOND PLACE 40 : 30 : 20 : 10 Years Ago Column From Progress Files Four Teams In Baseball League Likelihood Now For These use CYPEOC when g or GYPROC is a fire - resistant wallboard used for making inside walls, ceilings and partitions. It is made from gypsum rock and comes in sheets 4 to 10 feet long, 4 feet wide and f of an inch thick. 1. It does not burn. 2. It is inexpensive. 3. Its ivory colour requires no decoration; when panelled. 4. It is an excellent base for Alabastine, Gyptex or wallpaper. 5. It is structurally strong. 6. It has insulation value. 7. It is draught and vermin - proof. 8. It is easy to install. 9. It saves time in new construction. For further information ask your nearest dealer for a direction sheet or write us for FREE booklet, "Building and Remodelling with Gyproc". 375W GYPSUM, LIME and ALABASTINE, CANADA, LIMITED Vancouver B. C. We Are Well Supplied to take care of your Holiday Wants Whether it be a Roast, Fry or Cooked Meats just phone us we will do the rest. Also full line of Vegetables. Tomatoes, Lettuce and Kraft's Salud Dressing for the picnic basket. Yours for Service Andrews' Meat Market The Busy Market Phone 4271 At a meeting held in Chilliwack Thursday evening, the Fraser Valley Baseball League came into being for this season, with the possibilities pointing to four teams getting into the pennant race. Chilliwack, Hope and Boston Bar are sure entrants, with the likelihood that the fourth will be Sardis. Agassiz is understood to be occupying itself with a three - team league of its own. Officers for the new league were elected as follows: C. C. Umbach, Hope, president; Roy Martinson, Boston Bar; W. Evans, Chilliwack, and H. Everett, Rosedale, vice - presidents; H. H. Gallagher, Hope, secretary. Hugh Laughlin, Chilliwack, and Messrs. Umbach and Harrington, of Hope and Boston Bar, respectively, were named a crew of umpires. Confirmation of the teams entering the league will be had in a few days, and organization will be completed, when it will be possible to draw up a schedule. Games will commence some time after the 25th May celebration. It is a long step from Boston Bar to Chilliwack, and it is proposed that these two teams shall play most of their games with each other at Hope, probably making the trip from one end of the league territory to the other two or three times during the season. Weir Says Ban on Corn Detrimental To B.C. Poultrymen Steps taken to encourage use of Canadian barley in livestock feeding were described by Hon. Robert Weir, minister of agriculture, in the House at Ottawa the other day when the resolution of the Saskatoon Board of Trade was referred to him. The resolution asks the government to insure the use of Canadian - grown barley rather than foreign - grown corn in livestock feeding. A very important obstacle to taking any steps that would prevent bringing foreign corn into Canada is the injury it would do the poultry growers of British. Columbia. With existing domestic freight rates, barley would cost them twice as much as they now have to pay for corn brought in by the shipload. Another difficulty confronting the advocates of barley as a poultry feed was the prevalence of weed seeds in stocks at the head of the lakes. - Measures were being taken to overcome this, the minister said. For Sale by Robertson Brothers Chilliwack, B.C. Theal Boyd The Best Field SEEDS Garden SEEDS Flour, Feed and Grains Mixed Feed Dairy Cows Have your oats and barley ground and make a balanced ration. TRIANGLE FERTILIZERS Deering - McCormick Farm Machinery MILKING MACHINES Theal & Boyd, Limited Formerly Rockwell, Theal & Davison, Ltd. Office and Store Fhone 3111 Chilliwack B.O. Mill and Elevator Phone 2441 M. H. Ruttledge's pen of White Leghorns moved up to second place in the B. C. egg - laying contest during the week, gaining a slight lead over the Whiting pen. The pen of F. C. Evans continues to head the procession. TRADE WITH RI SSIA FORTY YEARS AGO (May 21, 1891) A sidewalk is being laid on Westminster street. The grading of Main street is being pushed forward. Squiala native band played a few tunes the other day while having their photos taken. An improved farm of 140 acres is offered at $38 per acre. Ralph White and Grant Jessup create considerable excitement in a foot race vs. a horse race. White won. At the hour of going to press, great crowds of people are seen pouring into town from every quarter. The celebration promises to be the grandest ever. Newspaper comments on the institution of The Progress at Chilliwack observe that judging by the paper's advertising columns the town is full of live business men. The wife of a Sumas farmer accompanied by a lady friend from town have exciting experience. While walking in the orchard, a playful calf tethered by a long rope circled the farmer's wife until both the woman and the calf were in a heap. The former sustained severe injuries while the calf, it was reported, would prob ably die. Sumas organizes football team. Mr. McGillivray and L. L. Chad - sey are sowing a large acreage to grain. Officers of Maple Leaf Lodge, I. O. T. G., are installed. Ed., Stephen and David Chadsey head honor roll at Sumas school. Soviet Russia, with whom Canada has curtailed trade relations, sold this country goods valued at $1,917,652 during the fiscal year ending last March. At the same time, Canada sold Russia goods valued at $568,100. BIG FEKX INDUSTRY Seventy - one carloads of ferns have been shipped this season by the Callison Company of Chehalis, Wash., compared to twenty - six carloads for the same period last year. About 150 persons are employed in the work, the ferns being hauled to Chehalis from points many miles distant. Due to strong demand, picking will be continued for some time yet. The ferns are shipped to all parts of the United States. MISSION LOCAL OF EGG POOL OPPOSES FEED SALE SCHEME The Mission local of the B. C. Egg and Poultry Co - operative Association, after a stormy debate following presentation of a feed handling proposal by the directors, passed a resolution recommending that the association should not extend its operations into the feed business, as the present does not seem an opportune time. A vote of confidence in Mr. Bury, director for the district, was passed. WHO WILL BE CHILLIWACK'S CHERRY CARNIVAL QUEEN 1931! Irene Macfarlane, representing Fairfield Island schools; Mable Mc - Elroy, Robertson school; Jean Robertson, Rosedale school; Ethel Toop, Atchelitz - Sumas schools; Evelyn Barr, Chilliwack Central school, have been chosen as princesses to enter the contest to decide who will have the honor of being Chilliwack's 1931 Cherry Carnival Queen. Arrangements in regard to the voting and ballots are now in hand and will be announced this coming week. FOREST FIRE FIGHTERS CUT TO 25 CENTS HOUR; ROAD MEN MAY GET LESS Compensation for forest fire fighters was reduced by the government Friday from twenty - five cents an hour with board to the same amount without board. Where fire fighters are unable to board themselves, the government will deduct $1 a day from their wages for feeding them. - This change is designed to make fire wages in keeping with those now prevailing in the timber industry. While the government is not planning any immediate cut in wages for road work all over the province, it may introduce a half holiday on Saturdays in order to effect economy. This proposal is being studied now. REV. A. C. WISHART TAKES OVER NEW CHARGE AT NEW WESTMINSTER Rev. A. C. Wishart was inducted into the pastorate of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church at a ceremony held Wednesday evening in the church. Rev. Mr. Wishart, who comes from Chilliwack, was given a unanimous call to St. Andrew's church, succeeding Rev. A. Gordon Macpherson, now at Listowel, Ont. The service was under the direction of the Presbytery of Westminster, with Rev. J. M. McGillivray, moderator, presiding. Rev. S. B. Hillocks had charge of the devotional part and preached a splendid sermon on "The Christian's Vocation." The moderator asked the questions of the formula which were assented to by Rev. Mr. Wishart, after which he was inducted into the pastorate of the church. Rev. H. T. Murray delivered the charge to the newly inducted minister and expressed the hope that, as St. Andrew's church is the oldest Presbyterian church in the lower mainland district of the synod, its records might be the basis of a literary work that would commemorate the events of its early days and be a history interesting not only in Presbyterian but also in provincial and city circles. Dr. R. J. Douglas gave the charge to the congregation and urged fullest co - operation and con secration of people and pastor In the work of the church. Colum bian. THIRTY YEARS AGO (May 22, 1901) Town and Coqualeetza football teams play first game of the season. It is rumored that the lame men of town are contemplating organizing a football team and will challenge the local kickers. The organ ization of a team from among local Chinese is also reported. Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Ashwell leave on trip to England. Messrs. Barnard and Sinclair, chiefs of a party of United States surveyors, arrive in town to locate the boundary line between Canada and the U. S. TWENTY YEARS AGO (May 17, 1911) Ignace van der Bom buys sixty acres near Yarrow for purpose of establishing a nursery. Vedder mountain road is being widened to sixty feet. Rev. A. E. Roberts, president of conference, appointed to pastorate of Methodist church, and Thomas G. Barlow to Cheam. F. J. Hart & Co. Ltd. purchase the Westminster Trust blocks at New Westminster and Chilliwack for $160,000. An improved mail service is promised. A bridge over Hope river at Wells street is assured. Mrs. Edward Copeland and Mrs. John Orr pass away. G. H. Raine and family leave on trip to England. The Royal Bank opens branch at Rosedale. Rev. E. Manuel, Chilliwack, has been appointed to pastorate of Central Methodist Church, Vancouver. Alderman Gervan sells his team of Hackneys to Vancouver buyer for $350. H. G. Brown, London, England, is visiting his brother, P. J. Brown, of the firm of Cawley & Car - michael. TEN YEARS AGO (May 19, 1921) Fire brigade presses for paid fire chief and better equipment. Mr. Isaac Kipp, one of the Valley's first settlers, passes away in his 82nd year. Frank Cadby, formerly of Brighton, England, opens bakery in city. DR. LYLE TELFORD AND J. E. ARMISHAW HERE FRIDAY NIGHT Dr. Lyle Telford and J. E. Armi - shaw are billed to speak in the Orange hall Friday evening on behalf of the new political party known as the "People's Party of B. C." J. W. Little, of Matsqui, was in the city Monday making arrangements for the meeting. ECZEMA Boils, Pimples mmd iUa mpdoiu nrali tram bUod bm porttM. T thorough 1 7 cliu the blood ad rid da BklB of blcmiaooi uk TRU. BLOOD ad pplr Buckler' OiatmoM to thm tjdn. Asood ciflMto begmboov. Yon will bwtoI at ft main ad too improvement fat Tour health. TR life L O O D (1.00, the Oimt. moot 50c ASK TOUR DRUGGIST "Build B. C jSZS"' TEA 1 01 WITH PACIFIC MILK Tea with Pacific Milk! It makes all the difference in the world, writes a lady skilled in making tea the way it is made in England. Nothing, she says, gives the zest and flavor of Pacific Milk. PacificMilk Factory at AbbotHford, B.C. 100 B. C. Owned and Controlled BARGAINS in USED CARS All the cars listed below are exceptional values. They are all in good mechanical order, and are sold with the usual used car guarantee. See them before you buy. 1925 FORD COUPE Overhauled, balloon tires, etc. Priced at $125 1927 FORD TUDOR Privately owned; paint, tires and general condition like new $200 1925 FORD SEDAN All brand new tires, license. A little dandy $125 1926 FORD TOURING All new tires, motor and general condition good : $160 1925 FORD TOURING All good tires, new battery, and running really good $75 1929 CHEVROLET SEDAN Looks and runs just like new $675 1929 FORD MODEL A TOURING Tires, paint and general appearance like new $376 1924 FORD LIGHT DELIVERY Running good $75 Many other good buys. These cars are all reconditioned. Usual terms. BRETT'S LIMITED GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCTS 21 - Hour Service At Our Garage CHILLIWACK Telephones 4111, 4121 Ablxitsford Mission Returns Made To Farmers By Milk Board The Lower Mainland Dairy Products Sales Adjustment Committee announced Friday that the first adjustment for this year has been mailed to the dairy farmers of the Fraser Valley. It covered the period from January 1 to March 31, and was at the rate of a cent and a half a pound butter fat. Returns show a marked increase in production, and indications are that all previous records of production will be surpassed during the peak months of May and June, but the consumption of fluid milk remains practically the same, thus forcing the increase into the surplus markets, the statement says. The committee reiterates its assertion that the decision of the RIGLEYS aKIi Kv worth THESE Wrigley nackases contain JL the best that can be produced in cnewmg gum. Freshens mouth sweetens breath f v.. - u ....... 1. viicing 1 5 stead ies the nerves and aids digestion the sugar is energy mat keeps you up ana coming. Keep fit w Wrigltvs. ith oN CL1"' Supreme Court on the Produce manteiing acc in no way affects the legality of the Dairy Products Sales Adjustment Act. which the statement says, will remain con stitutional until a definite decision is made against it through the courts. The committee Is mnlrino - every effort to enforce 100 per uciil compliance ana actions are being proceeded with as rapidly as legal requirements will permit. Relieve your mind by calling home Why spoil jour visit by worrying about the family at home? Naturally you can't help thinking about thorn, and, of course, you're wondering how they're getting along. Well, It's very easy to find out, ' If tfiere's a telephone handy. Just call them up, and see how quickly a chat with them swoops away your worries. When great distance separates you from loved ones there is' nothing so reassuring as a telephone cull. Chilliwack Telephones Limited Gigantic Foods Sale May 22 and 23 We Beterva the Bight to Limit Qaantitle PEAS TOMATOES Aylmer Sieve 4 Quaker Large Tins Per Tin 72c Per Tin 10c PEACHES Fancy Quality Tin 23C SHORTENING H,ghQua.ity 2 Lbs. 25c PORK AND BEANS 3 Tins 25c SOAP caatue 6 Bars 25c CLEANING FLUID N" g Tin 29c OATS With Fancy Chlnaware Pkt. 25c SOAP CHIPS Always Needed 2 LbS. 23C BEANS King Beach Green Beana 2 TinS 25C PRUNES Medium size 3 Lbs. 19c EXTRA! EXTRA!! EXTRA!!! With each purchase of 1 lb. Special Blend Tea or Coffee at regular prices we will sell 10 Lbs. B.C. SUGAR for 35C Quality Meats That Satisfy Steer I?eef Roasts, per lb 1 2c Pork Shoulders Per lb 1 3c Shoulders Uiml) Frnser Valley, lb. 20c Veal Koasts Choice Local, lb. 1 6c Cottaire Hams Per lb 24c Picnic Hams Per lb. 1 9C PICNIC DAINTIES Boiled Ham, per lb. .. 49c Bologna . . .1 Weiners . . .1 Per lb. 24c Lunch Loaf Phone 5111 Safeway Stores Limited Chilliwack

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