The High Point Enterprise from High Point, North Carolina on December 4, 1969 · Page 50
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The High Point Enterprise from High Point, North Carolina · Page 50

High Point, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1969
Page 50
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ID Hifh P«** itityptttt, Th«fi4«y, D«c. 4, IW WITH reiER KEINECKK Ski Dbcctor, Seren btffBi Kftort ;A .^ Yo»r Shi IO.IM.C* . . . .Ski boots are the roost important part of your outfit. For maw- "jnum comfort and safety, they must fit perfectly. Generalijr, iki boots are purchased one-half size larger than your dm -"toe-to allow. foThwy socks. Be sure to buckle or lace your ·boot* fairly tight for food ankle support. I As a general ruk, ski* should be about six inches taller than -the peraon iBingWm- All skis should have safety brndina ' ·whidTcan jelease during * fall. Safety straps wrapped loosdy v wu.w* · around tne ankles will keep skis i. · - . . ' . . : . from sliding downhill after the · . - ' · ' . safety binding releases. T The ski pole should measure from the ground to yont armpit as you stand upright .Any type of warm clothing will be sufficient for your fust try at skiing.' Water repellent pants and parkas are preferred and are available in all colors, styles and designs at most ski shops. Two small, but very important, items are heavy leather mittens or gto?es to protect your hands, and some headwear- which also coven your ears, such as a toboggan* *) Copyright Seven Devils Resort dub. Boon*, N. C. Jonies Is Top NFL Player On Defense NEW YORK (AP) - "When Sonny Jurgeusen, the fastest gtm in the East is dumped .six times in one Sunday afternoon, the defensive pkyer of the week has to be in on the show. Because the Los Angeles Rams awarded the-game ball to Deacon^ Jones/ the old- all-pro defensive en6V-the"~ Associated Press ' went - ^long' -today " and Wash Terrace (63) Joyce (4) roving Ion 00) Wall flZ) Lindsay (« Score by periods: Wash.-Terrace 20 IS Hillcrest 0 7 S U-27 Subs: W. Terrace -- Franklin 3, Truesdale 6, Brown 2, SJiaw 4, E. Shaw S, named Mm the defensive player of ^fhe week -in, FootbaflrLeagtie. the Natioaal the Deacon dHfpass,OR-1he game\ball jto, had jlayel;bjs:firsjrgrak in 14 months , after: .recovering Jrbm knee surgeify.C J - -.~^-y - If$ouH iave Rams' defensive goat* 3ecause they"aH^put terrific-presiare on Jargensen, - the Washington croarterback. In scoring their City League crnr LEACUE Hillcrest (27) Davis OH Washington U) Jctinson U) Steel B) -, Pope(O) Butler 6 Chavls Y (M) Johnson til) Lilly (2). Roseboro (2) White (4) F* (3) Score/try periods: Chavls Y Sportsman's Club Sportsman's Club (36) Yates (10) Pope (5) Vandertiall (6) Simuels.(i) (5) 14 T-34 01011*^36 r _______________ Suts: Chavls Y -- . WMI* 4, C«mp i Little 4 Sportsman -- Andrews J ' Alderman (») Hany (4 Hacklerff) Glywin (9) Snookle (3) Dann (4) Score by periods: J Atderman tanc* _ t , L*nc* (34) Mimart (U _ RIfch JI? Thompson (10) McCarter (S Ho6b* (4) , Subs: Una -- R. HOODS 7 I » 5 451213-34 llttt straignc Yiciory,;zwg - aEd clmehmgjlgl/rasW Division fi- tie.^Jorgensen^was^Bdd to SO yards net gain in'fheiffst three periods dttdngh^htT wound up with 21 onipletions"df 29* throws for 206 yards'buLwas.intercept- ed twiee.~It was the heat put on by the frontlbnr, led by Jones, that forced Sonny to force passes that resulted In interceptions by Eichie Petitbon and Jim Nettles, Four of the snfquarterback, dumps eae on IhMdownTv ~ '"ife's the. top-passer In tft£ league," said "the .Deacon. "Vfs rushed him so Bard he, fiatl to throw to Tns^acfcs. That's ,okay but Sonny has got to' throw deep when he gets behind. When we got ahead we could turn the animals loose." .Dartmouth Leaders T ~ "-HANOVER, NJL ~(AP) -- Alt New England defensive back Murray Bowden and offensive lackle_BobJPeters_haveJ)een Elon's McGeorge. N.C. Centfprs Wilkerson On First Teqin Future Pros Fill All-America Teiiti ,Ar 0 » NEW YORK (AP) - Bruce Cerone, Emporit State's pass- catching wizard; hard-running halfback Paul Hatcbett of North Dakota State and au r outstanding crop of potential pros were named today to the small col- ege All-America team as se- ected by "The Associated Press. AH season the professional eagues have been ogling such prospects as tight end Richard tfcGeorge of Elon, offensive tackles John Kohler of South Dakota and Doug Wilkerson of forth Carolina Central, offensive guards Glenn Kidder of McNeese State and Joe Ste- Jhens of Jackson State, quarter- jack Terry Bradshaw of Louisiana Tech,, defensive, end Joe 'Turkey Jones of ^Tennessee State, defensive^ tackles Dave Haverdick of Morthead State and Clovis Swinney of Arkansas State, linebacker Chip Bennett of Abilene Christian and defensive backs Merl Code of North Carolina AT,"David Hadley of Alcorn A.M and Bruce Taylor of .Boston University. , Rounding out the first team offense are center Dan Buckley of Arkansas State, halfback jarry Schreiber of Tennessee Tech and fullback Leon Burns of .Long Beach State, the only anior among the top 22. The rest of the:defensive unit ndudes end Harvey Adams of Kings Point, middle guard Teddy Taylor of Eastern Kentucky and linebackers Glenn Lafleur. Southwestern Louisiana, and Calvin Lee^ Willamette: Cerone aad Hatchett were the only repeaters on the first team white Kohler, Lafleur, Lee and Hadley all moved up from the second team a year ago. Perhaps the choicest pro prospect is the WooM, 215-pound Jradshaw, a rifle-armed passer who'threw for 2,314 yards and hreatened to lure more.scouts than spectators to Tech's fames. , . 'It' conceivable that be couM be No. 1," says Gil Brandt, director of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys. Parise Ends Playing Sting MBSfNEAPOlJ^ST.' P A U L AP) -- Minnesota's Jean-Paul 'arise missed ^Wednesday's National Hockey League game with Toronto, endingvhis streak of 153 consecutive, contests. Parise, who had played in every game since joining the Minnesota midway through the 1967-68 season, was sidelined with a bruised foot, suffered in practice Tuesday.' named co-captains T of"Dart-I mouth's 1970 football team. [ Pro Cage Results NEW YORK 6 Johnson 2 Hunter Taylor Tart MelehM Simon Dov Lehmarm 3 M Green 0 0 - 0 Totals LOS ANGELES - ' C F T 6 Davis -6 4-7 16 7 2-4 16 Stone 4 2-2 10 4 1-3 9 Hitower .10 S-S 25 10 5-6 25 Warren 4 1-1. 9 5 M 12 Calvin S 10-11 50 S 1-1 11 Jackson 4 J-3 10 8 M 22 MeGill 2 (M) 4 7 Wise 1 1-3 3 0 4*1M* 108 Totals M 25-12 *7 New Y«1r 16 M '27 s-IN LOS ADflelf* --23 II M M-1J Three-point goals--New York. Lehmann 1, Fekhkirml 1. ' · · - ; , - : · · - · r^xiled out--New York, Johnson. Los AnfleleSr Stpne. Total fouls-^Iew York 25, Los Anselo A-1^07. DENVER WASHINSTON 6 FT H:-"ld 0 2-2 Zard Beck 2 2-3 SAmsfns Hywood 13 3-S 2» Harge Congtfon 6 1-2 14 Logan Jones 1 2-4 * Brown . Theard 0 1-2 1 Taylor Pttcwkt 2 2-2 SBarrett Wright 8 3 - 4 1 ? Bradd* Warley 1 '-W 4Ea k Ins Totals «.W-3117 TOWS Denver .. · WatMngton .. Fouled out--None Three-point soals--Conjdon, Warley. Total fouls--Denver 31, Washington 27 /Attendance 1,67« · . O F T 5 M 10 4 54 13 2-2 14 4 6-7 14 3 S-S 11 0 0 - 1 0 2.5-2 6 « 8-J 20 3-M 11 .. M 3M» » 21 » 17 2»--87 .14 n M 33-- » GEWKATORS STARTERS ALTERNATORS FOR MOST CARS AND TRUCKS 1709 N. Main ICU/IC "He's the best college quarterback prospect since Jw Na- math." ' Other scouts have described Bradshaw as "a big Sammy Baugh" and 'say he has the "strongest arm in the country and is "capable of playing as a rookie pro." Schreiber, a 200-pounder, missed Tennessee Tech's final game with an injury at a time when he needed only 82 yards to become college football's second all-tune ground-gainer. He set : tied instead for fourth place SSsSSKKSWH' TRUCKLOAD PANELING SALE! PANEL A10'x 12'ROOM JL $55.00 as '. FLORIDA S T 30 SANDUUAN^ " «-x8'x3/16' $ 3 VIRGINIA $ ^ 30 5 LAUAN - ' J MICHIGAN S C 95 BIRCH «*·%*·» NEWYORK BIRCH 4'x8'xl/4* BIRCH' ' Q VERMONT $*£39 8 95 TEXAS S PECAN. COLORED NAILS PUTTY op Box 69 PANEL ADHESIVE Tto MiUnt.. ; tni Out : wHtprool Klheive putt up panels, mlltxunt ind mouWinc. V169 1 ·tub« OIL i VARNISH STAIN MOULDING FROM WOOD 3, R. REED SUPPLY COMPANY 1100 NATIONAL HWY. THOMASVILIE ··Where Serrice ind Quality Are Gwrnrttei" BUILDER - MART MIAMI MUrrel! Stale Thoren Fremn Cannon Vcendlc Andersn Hcyman Staws Cueto Tofltt Miami Indiana INDIANA. TBrwn I 15 Ntlcky 22 Daniel* 7 3-4 17 Lewis 10 3-5 23 BarnMII U Keller t Chubin 0 Becker , S Thacker 9 · · ; - 6 .0 f 7 M 9 S X-8 0 00- -8 22 7 £-11 20 », M 23 313-1S M 5 2-3 12 1 1-2 3 1 4-4 A 8 4-4 20 0 0-0 0 3 3-4 3 M 4*«.J7117 TBtah 4241-H1U -2J-M 2? 38-117 . '-33^31 3* 2J-124 Three-point goals--Indiana, Lewis. Fouled out--Miami Stages. Total fouls--Miami 36, Indiana 28. Attendance-«,493. i CAN YOU FIND THE DUPLICATED ITEM? ·i t " Listed below are some of the things you can rent from A to 1 Rental Center, 2001 N. Main, Tel. 88 5-4823. One item is listed twice. If you can find it, mail us this list with the items circled, and : your name and address. The first 1 00 people's lists we receive will win a certivicate worth *3.00 toward any rental. Good Hunting. Card Ta5»l«* * Chain WhowogWathcughtrti ' Fower Earth Augers , Action Cyd* Asphalt Shingft Cutler Boats Axes Banquet Tablts Bir Bracer. Belt Sander* Crutcfm Uvth . k Tow Bar.' Hoist* import Wrench Drop Cloth , Outdoor Vacuums Ettttrk Skilttws Faint Spraytn Hedge Trimmtri lawnReflon fixits Plus Many Others Coffee Makers Hi Chain Commode* Extension ladders Acetylene Torch Floor Polishers Cement Mixers Car Top Carriers Flaring Tools Camping Irallen AtrCemprettor Moor Tie Cutters CwctfK engraven Tents Electric Choinsaws . · . Transits Tib Heaters Weed Bumcn rtospitalBed* · · · «·· Cutters-;. |' ; |,^ ; 'w»tk*.Tod#*."S5?x- CJasoIme Choinsaws Etectrknanes ;*- HovMJada; Space Heaters Fewer Lawn Renovator ' Ferfifaer Spreader Pipe Benders Etectrie Soldering Gun Planes Bedside TaWes Finishing Tools Sump Pumps Staple Guns Vacuum Cleaners Punch Bowb It Cups ~ f ancient Bicycle* MOVM Scivens Santa Clous Suits Ditch Witch Beit Vibrators Floor Sanders Electric Harnmcn Camp Stoves Ceramic Tile Cutters Single Bicycles Electric Typewriters Stiff Hitch Power Brush Cutter SheetmlcJack Electric Welder Orbital Sanders Gizmos Udders . · Power Skklebars Force Pumps . Klvctnc ran Mastk Tslo Cutter* Movie Projectert Manual Typewriters Wallpaper Steamers Udder Monks Power Nailer Deohkktes Electric Drifts Boby Cribs Television Staging ' ~ Hammen . -, WatchtimacGntt* Past* Tools ' Handsaws , Whirlpool Bath All Types Class Wheelbarrows Contractor's Pumps Paving Breaker Pipe Threaders Electric Car Polishers Uwn Sweepen Concrete Wheelbarrows Post Hole Diggers Hand lawn Mower* Wh*el Chair* Slide Projector* Mitre Soxes Power lawn Rake Silver Service Extension Dollies Sandblasting Outfit Power Trowels Walkers Rug Shampoo Machine* Camp Cots Electric Genera ton Cement Vibrator All Types of Wrenches Compost Grinder Demofitien Hammet Power Stud Driven. Paint Remover Sander* . HandTrusks Centrifufol Pump* Uwn Edgar Play Pen* Furniture Pads Folding Chairs Paste Tables VtW A tft Air Ma»res»esiiT»VJi MIMTAU etHrtrf »«».,,, Therapy Umps " Power Garden Sprayers Punch Fountain ·' Whatisifs Floor Edgen Hand Tools Swollen Fans Toboggans Fence Stretchers Electric Adding Machines Floor Scrubbers' Elect rk Saber Saws Disc Sanders Trailer Hitches Heaten .' Electric Handsaws Jack Hammer Cycle Exerciser Silverware ' · Power Garden Tito r* Vaporize** Tile Rollers Serving Trays Ridge Reamer Fence Stretcher* AH Engine Tools lawn He* Seed Spreaders Submersible Pumps Manual Adding Machine* Noil Putter. Wheel* Gear Pullers Power Uwn Mowers Chainfolls Mortar Pant Z RENTAL CENTER 2001 N. MAIN ST. 711.885-4823 Anvthiftfl Your H«iort Delicti" iu with 4,421 yards, 1,521 of them this season on 286 carries, including a high of 255 against Northwestern Louisiana, most ever by a player from the Ohio Valley Conference. Linebacker Sidney Allred of Wofford made the second team on defense. On the honorable mention list on offense are ends Martin of North Carolina Central and Spradling of Western Carolina, center Grady of TWnston - Sa- ' People the world over - have learned the easiest way to communicate ·', 'with the buying public . is with a Want Ad. · £ ' , " , Because you can reach - a large audience for a very small investment. Want Ads are the best bet in the advertising world today. Dial 1885-2164 to' place a fast-ccting, low-cost Want Ad.,' ' 3 LINES {15 WORDS) 8DAYSS3.3G JUST CHARGE IT! YOU MAY CANCEL ANYTIME; lem state, and quarterbacks Dalton of Western and Matthews of North Carolina Central. Making honorable mention ·· - - ^ X on defense were mJ4ifc Lumsden backer Lernah of 'North Una 'AW and back latid of North A4VT. f01 '25,000 ? YOU CALM BUY / ^ AJ0NAII»^\:^' ; 'v* IN NORTH CAROLINA Your ^0,000 to ^5,000 c«h ; in v*stm«nt in rent, fe«$ and - · ' V · operating capital can earn *25,000 ·« to '50^000 annually for you as ^Lv",;;. . Owh«r^^rqtorofyoM''«wnV., ^ ~; BONANZA SIRLOIN PIT franchise. Choke locations are available jn X ; ' ';\ High Point, WinstoniSalem, Durham ;' , and Charlotte, N. C and DanvilleVVa. y also other areas throughout the U.S. YM ntti Hi wt«iT«rt experience «· JMSt CdSH MM MIDltitll* -' We will provide free training: in our managtment school, and t continuing management assistance. Twi |tt a prtveM men« -- Steaks at a price people can offord. , And strong advertising Support . : - ' ' - '·· featuring the Bonanza-Cartwright family image. ; - -\ ·-* . ',' i j · * To claim your Bonanza INTERVIEW IN GREENSBORO Thursday through Saturday (Dec. 4-6) Call'CHUCK'HALFEN At Alberr Pkk Hotel (919) 668-2431 For appointment Of wrHt$twMmh,Krtdw»fFr«*tlKk^.lBiMmiolnUrrwtrttid. ·1U H Ctntr«l Exprwsway, 300 Exprcsswiy Tewer, Dallas, Twos. 752M. ·r'piwHe(214)Uf-23ll. BONANZA SIRLOIN PIT. Xrtfrrtto, fveryboc/y Puf5 IJ, On f * e r y Body Puts Us On, Discounter of Quality Clothes LOCATED ON OLD THOMASYILLE RD. i New Star* Jamestown -- 102 E. Main S 1 Winter Suits 100% Worsted Wools K.S.M. Regular Low Price of49 7S They Are A Great B u y A t 4 9 7 5 - - - - - HOWSAVE *10 M MORE THE WORSTED SUITS: season's most popular, shape... two button model with deep center side vents, notched lapels and bold flap pockets. 100% worsted wool solids, plaids, patterns and stripes in new-now grays, blues, browns and olives. Sizes 37 to 50, regulars, shorts, longs. Another Great Buy For the Man Who Cares Raincoats $ Regularly Sola At 42" to 65 30 I Tht mctnufccturer wouldn't giv« ur hi* nam* - · » butthty arc th* tame coats you will recognin anywhere -- stylet - - split and natural thowlder- slash pockets - pile lined to zip out - plaid lined -V 65% Dacron, 35% cotton, Zepel Finished · ' · Wash-N-Wear. - - OlD THOMASVtlLE RD AT I 85 OPEN Q A M 9 P M M O N ' FRI OPEN 1 P M . O P F N 9 A M 6 P M S A T 6 P M S U { f l y A WAY ' MA^TfR CHARGE RANK AMfRlCAR i I"

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