The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1955
Page 12
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PAOT.TWELTI BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 2S, 1955 SEC Chairman Gives Brokers Good Report By ED CREAGH WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission gave the nation's brokers a good report card today in the Senate's stock market inquiry. Ralph H. Demmler, whose agency polices market activity, said in testimony prepared for the Senate Banking Committee: 'While some violations of the various securities laws undoubtedly go undetected, I believe that there is not prevalent any serious wave of illegal practices by brokers and dealers." Always Loopholes But he said its a never-ending chore to devise .rules and regulations "to close loopholes which the ingenious seek to discover." "It must be borne in mind," he said "that abuses which subtly creep into business transactions are frequently in the nature of unfair practices, overreaching, informal collusive action, activities not in accordance with just and equitable principles of trade. "The line between the unethical and the illegal is sometimes hard to draw." Demmler was called as the next- to-last witness in a series of committee hearings enlivened by a feud between Chairman Fulbright (D-Ark) and the senior Republican, Sen. Capeharl oi Indiana. Fullbnght yesterday rebuffed a demand for an immediate vote on recalling Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith to the witness chair. He said the matter could be decided later. Capehart termed Galbraith a pro-New Deal exponent of "gloom and doom." He urged that he be called back for" questioning about his authorship of a 1940 pamphlet which Capehart interpreted as sympathetic toward communism. Fairless Fearless Galbraith. in Cambridge, Mass., said the pamphlet was exactly the opposite of the way Capehart represented it. He said the senator had quoted passages out of context. He wired Fulbright saying he'd be glad to testify again. There was no "gloom and doom" in yesterday's testimony. Board Chairman Benjamin Fairless of U.S. Steel said it's his view the country is on the threshold of one o! the greatest periods of prosperity in its history. Today's witness, Demmler, described how SBC policies the nation's securities markets — but cautioned investors against expecting too much of the agency. "There is a popular fallacy," he said, "that if a security has been registered with the commission. . . the commission has 'approved' it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The commission has no power to approve or disapprove securities." WITH A SONG IN HER HEART — Sister Mary Norbert, a our Lady of Hungary School,'in Perth Amboy. N. J., is a newcomer among hit song writers. She wrote "In The Chapel of 'My Heart" for a school show, but the song was purchased by a' music publisher. She uses Judy Martin as her nom de plume, because her two favorite saints are St. Jude and Blessed Martin. 6 BUSES DAILY TO ST. LOUIS Leave;— 3:37 A.M. 8:30 A.M. 10:30 A.M. 3:30 P.M. 5:14 P.M. 11:00 P.M. 8 BUSES DA5LY TO MEMPHIS •M- n i r i «x n . nf\ 4 u A . an A 1U 1 1 -1£ s 3:4* A.M. 3:00 P.M. ft. Lorn SMS *. 1. IM. Mf MtntA 8:30 A.M. 9:30 A.M. 5:50 P.M..:-..«:5.5 P.M. 11:35 A.M. 10:30 P.M. Memphli $1.90 •a r«od-M|> ttcktta. GREYHOUND MIS DEPOT 1M N. Filth 3-4441 Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:3* g«oUti«u> ay ........ 3319 3379 3363 3363 uly ... 3W6 3406 3388 3388 d ..... 340T 3412 3396 3396 ec ....... , 3415 3422 3408 3410 N«w Orleans Cotton ay ........ 3379 3379 3361 3361 ly ........ 3405 3405 3386 3386 ct .. 3405 3409 3394 3384 ec ........ 3416 3416 3406 3406 hic«go Corn ar 144 3 i 144% 143'i 143TJ, :ay .... I45 3 i 146% i«?i 145% Chicago Soybeans ar .... 259'A 262ft 259'-, 252 ay .... 2S2 3 -, 254 !i 252 3 i 254 'A lly .... 24TU 249 247U 249 ept .... 240 241 3 i 240 241% Chicago Wheat New York Stocks T and T mer Tobacco naconda Copper eth Steel ....IB hrysler oca-Cola en Electric . . . •. ien Motors lontgomery Ward Y. Central . nt. Harvester epublic Steel ... iadio ocony Vacuum tudebaker tandard ot N. 3 exas Corp ....... S. Steel ears .ivestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., JP)— (USDA)— Hogs 9.000; steady to igher; bulk choice 180-220 Ib 11.00_. choice No. Is and 2s and some niibrm under 210 Ib 17.40-50; 22040 Ib 16.75-17.10; few to 17.25; 40-270 Ib 16.25-15: small lots 27000 Ib 16.00-25; 150-110 Ib 16.757.00; sows, 450 Ib down 14.15-15.25. eavier sows 13.50-14.50; boars .50-12.00. Cattle 3,500; calves 800: good rade steers strong at 22.00-24.50; ows utility and commercial 12.505.00; a few 15.50; canners and outers 10.00-12.50: bulls utility and ommercial 13.00-14.50; canners nd cutters 10.00-12.50; venlers and calves 2.00 higher; prime 31.00; good and choice 23.00-29.00; com mercial good 17.00-22.00. 218 5 a 212 ;1 4 179 1-4 65 1-4 55 121 68 115 3-4 50 933-4 17 34 7-8 36 1-B 82 1-2 41 5-8 52 12 1-2 Ill 1-4 93 11 1-8 79 3-8 IKE FLAN BUNDLE COFFEE — These members of bsceola's Junior Service Auxiliary are planning a bundle coffee which will be in the Seminole Club on Thursday. Clothes received at the event will be used in the Auxiliary's Thrift Shop. Proceeds from the Thrift Shop go to the group's va- rious children's projects. Mrs. Jack Wilson is chairman of the event. Pictured are (front row) Mrs. Arthur.Rogers, Mrs. E. L. Taliaferro; (back row) Mrs. C. W. Silverblatt, Mrs. Prank Edrington, Mrs. Roy Cox, Mrs. Jack Wilson and Mrs. Sam Hodges. ARUBA (Continued from Page 1) islands we still hold. "They certainly made it very clear \ve are not to use their material to attack any ships owned by 'democratic' countries." The American official said: "We •u-e not 'encouraging' any action ainst allied ships, particularly British ships, just as we are not now 'encouraging' air or sea ac- Harwell to Speak To Fellowship Dr. Mallory Harwell of Memphis' Methodist Hospital will be principal speaker tomorrow night when he Men's Fellowship of First Methodist Church meets at the church. Dr. Harwell originally came from Osceola. The event, which gets started at 6:30, includes dinner. Tickets are on sale now. against the Chinese main- pressure in England .and. 'Political was building up 18 months ago — after British ships were attacked — for convoys to Red Chinese ports. 'That's, all we needed: To see our ships and planes given to the Nationalists involved in battle with the Royal Navy, our number one European ally." The American Embassy here says "responsible" British firms nave not been end-running the blockade. But there are many Hong Kong Chinese, with British citizenship and Communist business associates — who buy or charter profit- bent British, Scandinavian and Pan amanian ships for the Red-run. Officially the British ban "strategic" materials bound for Communist ports: we ban all trade. If a ship known to carry war material is en route to Red China it is not allowed to fuel in the crown colonies of Singapore or Hong Kong. There are as many ways to whip that as there ..are ways for wetbacks to slip over from Mexico. One example: 4 British ship leaves Liverpool carrying nothing more damaging than bubble gum. It slips into the Free Port of Tangier, where the only thing forbidden by law is shooting grandmother during dinner, and takes on ma- chine tools, vital for Peking's] irmy. Then — a refueling stop in :ndoesia — and on to China and a janus for all hands, lads. Since the Tachen evacuation the Nationalists have difficulty block- iding Shanghai, even if they were trying. Your map shows how long a idc it is from Formosa to Shang- iai. From Matsu and Quemoy and Formosa proper they can still keep an eye on Amyo and Foochow, but it is an eye that winks — or rather twitches with anger. I've just visited Gaishung, in the south of Formosa, the largest Nationalist naval base, where I shared a kidney and water chestnut dish with a ship commander back from "blockade" duty. I asked him: "What do you do. under present conditions, if you see a British Danish dr Panamanian ship nearing a Red Chinese port?" He laughed: "We 'talk' to them via blinker. We urge them not to enter the port, tell them it is dan- ;erous. make them think we will shoot." I continued: "But if they sail on?" He sighed: "We note their refusal in the ship's log." Singing Meeting Tomorrow Night A singing meeting will be held a Church of God Wednesday night a' 1:30. Featured attraction will be the appearance of the Burdette quartette. The Ladies Trio of the churcl and the Griffin Trio will also participate in the singing event. There will be mass singing and several ances. duete and solo perform Read Courier News Classified Ads (Continued Irom Page U o control Peiping's actions. Spoke for Himself George made it clear he .spoke 'or himself alone in proposing a neeting of the heads of the ma- or nations without imposing advance conditions on the Russians. Sen. Knowland (R-Calif), ex- n-essed opposition last night to the dea of any four-power conference now, saying in a speech at Charlotte, N.C.: "There Is no purpose of attempting a four-power conference unless we know what the objectives are." "eorge's call for a give-and-take meeting of the heads of the major powers went beyond the point President Elsenhower and Secretary of Stole Dulles have been willing to go publicly." Eisenhower has said he was wiling to confer on world peace at any time but has specified that the Russians first must show sincerity by their actions. "Must Be in Force" A State Department spokesman said yesterday Dulles believes the Paris agreements for arming Germany must be "in force" and there must be evidence of ''a basis foi agreement, especially on the Ger man and Austrian questions," be fore the high-level talks can take place. George said in an intervijw he believes a big power meetfng, ir which he would include Prance bir not Communist Chine, .might de velop some agreements pointing toward "more nearly normal re lations" with Red China "It would not be fruitful at this time to discuss recognition of the Peiping governmer. 1 ," he said "We should refuse even to discuss that question until the problem 0 Formosa is settled on a basis tha it remains in friendly hands and a part of our Pacific bastion of de fense. "But if some agreement can be reached we could look toward the possibility that normal commer cial trade and relations could b worked out. That might help solve some of the problems of our allies in that area." Beyond specifying prior rntific; tion of the Paris accords, George IN UN JOB—Bruce R. Turner, of New Zealand, is the new controller of the UN secretariat He succeeds Hans Christian Andersen, of Denmark, who »• ccntLv resigned. Bean, Grain, Hay Acreage to Be Up LITTLE ROCK (/P)—Arkansas farmers will increase plantings of soybeans, hay, oats and barley this year, the Federal-State Crop Reporting Service said today. The service noted that the acreage of sorghum is expected to remain at the high 1954 level but less corn, rice, potatoes will be grown. said he didn't want lo "superimpose any conditions" the Russians were not likely to meet in advance or to "rake up old matters." DO FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip?, FASTEETH. ao Improved powder to be sprinkled on upper or lower plates, holds false teeth more firmly In place. Do not slide, nllp or rock. No gummy. coooy piiBty taste or feeling. FAS- TEETH Is alkiillnc (non-acid). Dow not sour Checks "plate odor (d«a- tiirc breath). Get FASTEETH ftt my drug counter. UTT< * UZ— 3-21 It's better to give than to receive, because it's deductible. 1795 Washington Penny 1795 Lettered Edge Cent 1787 Massachusetts Cent 1819 Large Date Cent How much is a penny worth? Undated Bar Cent 1787 New York Indian Cent 1861 Confederate Cent 1786 New Jersey Cent 1859 Indian Head Cent V 1785 Cent Constellatio 1792 Washington Roman Head Cent It all depends on how you look at it. These are all American pennies. Worth, at face value, only one cent. But to a coin collector, some of these pennies are worth many times more. To him, their rea/ value is high. The real value of the pennies you spend for electricity is high, too. Think what you get for them in terms of comfort, convenience and easier living. Electricity is always there to help with the housework, the cooking, the laundry and dishwashing. It will warm the baby's bottle late at night or help Dad shave in the morning. When you count all the things electricity does for you, don't you agree that yon get more for your electric pennies than for the money you .spend for anything else in your family budget? "YOU ARE THERE"—CBS leloviiion— wllncn hiilory'i great evonli Ark-Mo Power Co. 1858 Flying Eagle Cent 1795 Undated Washington Penny 1722 Rosa Americana Penny 1787 Excelsior Cent Famous Independent Research Organization gives in Men's Clothi?ig to. TANY: 5©o DAROFF Tailored by This impartial organization, whose name you know, whose magazine you've seen, rates our "BOTANY" "500" Clothing as— TOPS in fabric. ..means longer vicar and lasting good looks. TOPS in tailoring ...means llic clothing holds its shape. TOPS in trimming ... means durable inner construction (seams, thread, pocketing, etc.). Now you can he sure thai your best buy is our best suit-the "BOTANY" "500" by DAROFF. Come in and choose the cloth- ing that experts chose as the top value in AMERICA! $55 to $67.50 —Use Martin's Lay-away Service MARTIN'S MENS STORE "Everything for Men and Boys"

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