The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1955
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB Arkonsons in Washington Harris Te//s Congress How U, S. Money Helped Mt. Ida's Economy By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON (AP) — A story of how a relatively small amount of federal money gave a big boost to the economy of an Arkansas community was told to Congress by Rep. Oren Harris (D-Ark). Harris gave the account to a House appropriations subcommittee in testifying in support of an increase in funds for the Forestry Service for timber stand improvement work. The story concerns Mount Ida, county seat of Montgomery County, in the heart of the Ouachita National Forest. Harris said use of $6,640 for timber work brought the Federal Government a net return of $18,762 in timber sales anf gave the local economy a $145,245 shot in the arm. This, he said, was a ratio of 3-to-l for the U. S. government and 22-to-l for the local economy. The money was used, Harris said, to cut down trees needing to be taken out in the interest of better forest practice. Sale of the timber brough* $28,863. Of this a total of $10,001 went for local benefits — $7,215 to counties Involved for payments in lieu of taxes and $2,886 for use on local forest roads In addition to the $10,001, Harris said, the timber stand improvement was estimated to be worth $13,348 while benefits for labor, transportation and other costs in processing the timber were placed at $145,245. "To a lot of people that is not a great deal of money," he said, "but to that local community that had been stricken with drought and was suffering from an unemploy- ment problem, it meant a lot.". The money was made available by the Forest Service at Harris' request after he had visited Mount Ida to see what could be done to help. A total of ".13,000 was allotted but only about half the money had been .spent as of last Dec. 31. Harris said that If $200,000 additional could be made available for similar work in the southern region for the year starting next July 1, "it would return to the Treasury of the United States some two million dollars." Fulbrlfht Ready Sen. J. W. Fulbright (D-Ark) is ali set — in one respect — for hi.-, 1956 re-election campaign, if he has to make one. He has a helicopter pilot on his staff. The pilot Is Norvill Jones, of Little Rock, who has just finished a 4-year hitch in the Navy where, as a lieutenant, J. G. he operated helicopters. Jones was on Fulbrfght's staff from 1947 to 1951 when he left to enter naval service. Jones, son of Mrs. Clarissa Jones, said he operated helicopters from virtually every type of ship and installation the Navy has. He's to take over some of the work handled by John Erickson, the senator's administrative assistant, to free Erickson for other work. Trimble Chines Rep. Jim Trimble (D-Ark) had a golden opportunity the other day to impress some of his constituents. An Arkansas group, in town on another matter, expressed a desire to tell the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee that a trout hatchery is needed near Norfork reservoir. At a meeting of the committee. Chairman Bonner (D-NC) explained that normally a hearing on a bill by ( Trimble to authorize the hatchery wouldn't be held until after a report was received from the Interior Department. But, he said, because of the high esteem the committee held for Trimble it would consider the bill out of order. He then proceeded to pay Trimble a glowing tribute, Trimble grained, turned to his constituents and said: "Now I want you i-ascals to remember what, the chairman has seid." The junior class led the high school honor roll last six weeks, Editor Wanda McWIlliams has announced. Billy McCain, freshman, was the only high school student who maintained an all A average. Students making B's or better were: JUNIORS — Janice Vassar, Melba Cornish, Shirley Brewer, Tapian Ellis, Kenny Issacs, Freddie Veach, and Gene Baugher. Merit list: Ruth Patton, Joan Beach. SOPHOMORES — Nancy White, Judy Wright, Wanda Short. Ada Faye TiiJlery, Wanda Whitney, and Linda Bassett. FRESHMEN — Jake Gray, James Hill, Dora Deal, Myrna Phil- hours, and Brenda Johnston. Merit list; Polly Tucker and Alvin RUs- sell. SENIORS — Wanda McWilliams, Margaret Hart, Inelda Tipton, Mnvis Shelton. and Martha Sllis. Merit list Norita Davis. Proceeds from the senior presentation of the three act comedy 'The Big Surprise" totaled $150, Miss Thelma Fowler, director, has announced. Members of the cast were Inelda Tipton, Martha Ellis, Norita Davis, Roxie Smith Mavis Shelton, Linda Sue Edwards, James Harris Clifford Hicks, Raymond Mullican, Noel Lee, and Harold Gordon. Manila senior class will attend the showing of Holiday on Ice at Ellis Auditorium, Memphis Tuesday night accompanied by Misses Thelma Fowler and Nadine Grable. Mrs. V. B. Osborne, health chairman of the Manila PTA, has reported that the round-up for pre-school children will be held in the Manila gymnasium Friday, March 25 beginning at 9:30. Mrs. Annabel Fill, county health nurse, will be assisted by Dr. R. W. Ration and Dr. Howard Nelson. Any child who begins this summer should be present for vaccination and shots. Mothers who have volnteered to assist with this project are Mrs. Guy Rubenstein PTA president: Mrs. Bill Davidson. Mrs. Milton Towles, Mrs. Walter Davis, Mrs. Lucian Broom, Mrs. Addie Asha- bmnner, Mrs. George Farmer, and Mrs. Billy Fox. This is the first time that a dentist has assisted in this clinic, Mrs. George Flagg has been elected president of the Milligan Ridge Home Demonstration Club W. W. Beckham Moving & Storage Co. Phone 3-8928 900 N. Second Mltr Mart All Wops Others named to office are Mrs. Newt Dunigan, vice president; Mrs. Amon Holt, Secretary-treasury; Mrs. Harry Dunavant, assistant secretary - treasury; Mrs. Hubert Stutts, recreational director; Mrs. Dutch Dennis, reporter. Eleven members of Scout Troop 32 were registered as an active troop last week when Bill Clare, district scout executive of Blytheville, met with them. Local committee members meeting with them were Bill Shockley, scoutmaster; L. K. Holt, chairman, Hulen Faulkner, treasurer; Joe Hornberger, transportation; and G. S. Sambothe. Macky Joe Ashabranner has been named senior patrol leader. The boys plan to camp out every two weeks. Later this spring they will attend a camporee at Craighead County Forest near Jonesboro. To prepare for this event the boys are studying outdoor cooking, tent pitching, fire building and signaling. The first camping out of the season was held last Friday night. Mrs. Clyde Milligan who recently moved to Gideon, Mo,, was entertained with a party at the Manila Methodist Church last week. The Buffalo Island sub-district of the Methodist Youth Fellowship will meet at the Manila Church Monday night. The Rev. Raymond Dorm an of Wijson will have charge of the fellowship hour and direct the recreation. Mrs. V. B. Osborne has been named chairman of the Manila Mobile unit which will be in Manila April 6 to work from 9 to 12 and from 1 to 4 pm. The unit will be located at the American Legion Hut. Squirrel Goes On Whirl, Ends Up in Laboratory CHARLESTON, W.Va. UP) — A squirrel on a whirl had things hopping yesterday on the West Side. Henry P. Copenhaver said within a few minutes the squirrel scratched one woman on the arm, bit a neighbor woman on the head and arm, then scampered across the street and sank his fangs in a woman's leg. While the women hustled off to a hospital for tetanus shots, Copenhaver called police. An officer, borrowing Copenhaver's rifle, shot Billy as he sat in a nearby tree. Copenhaver said he'd ship the dead pet off to the State Health Department for a rabies test, but added, "I don't think he was rabid —just playful and all the excitement made him angry." Ground cleared for work on Steeie church. Steeie Baptist Church Beginning Work on Its $50,000 Program By H. L. YEAGER STEELE—Pouring of the foundation for an addition to the Baptist Church of this city was scheduled to begin last week. The addition will include a new auditorium and between this and the present church house will be a front entrance hall to either building and also to rooms just back of the long entrance hall. A house on the adjoining lot to the right has been moved to another lot recently purchased with adjoins the church property at the rear. The house has been utilized for Sunday School rooms for several years. On the ground vacated and facing Walnut Street which is also U. S. Highway 61 through Steeie will be erected the imposing new addition along a frontage of nearly 100 feet. The present main church building of brick construction, built in the middle and late thirties, comprising mainly an auditorium on the first floor and class rooms on the first or basement floor, will become class rooms in the new building program. Twenty-two years ago, the congregation was housed in a one- room frame building. In a pay as you go plan, the basement floor of the present THEATRE On W. Main St. pjiln Blytheville = Phone 3-4621 HCIPS MORE CHiL&BCM THROUGH MOBftUS -than any other brand. Orange ST.JD5EPH . ASPIRIN , I FOR CHILDREN] World's Largest Selling Aspirin For (Men flavored; accurate dosage. Buy the best for your child. Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p. m.—Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p. m. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Double Feature —AND— lift Flit CUnmt. • IHU ElfCDIT • KMI CIOTUI A UXMIS FtoluUJM . » UPPtKT PlCIURtS noUUM ALSO SHORT L. E. OLD Special Agent L. E. Old is the Man of the Month in the Arkansas Agency of the Prudential Insurance Company of America. Eddie Old, who represents the Arkansas Agency In Blytheville, is the outstanding Special Agent for the month in the entire stale—a real tribute to a man who has proven his ability to help his neighbors plan a more secure future for themselves and their families. His address in Blytheville is Box 33, telephone PO 3-3683. ARKANSAS AGENCY H. W. Tinson, Jr., CLU, Manager »2I West Cnpllol Avc. Tel.: FR. 5-0143 little Rock, Ark. Vrudential church was first built with a temporary roof. In the late thirties, the second floor was added. The church has had a phenomi- nal growth in the last half of the 50 years It has been established in Steeie. It is planned to have the additions completed for the celebration of their 50th anniversary in August. The new auditorium will have a frontage of about 42 feet asd a depth of about 90 feet. A steeple will rise above the roof line 48 feet. The entrance hall connecting the auditorium and first building will be over 50 feet in length. The hall will at the, same time be front of the new buildinginbetween which be arranged in rooms providing a pastor's study, a banquet and recreational room, a kitchen and a service room at the back. A space of eight feet will be left open between the new buildings_and the first building, however the en- trance hall will completely span the buildings. It is pointed out that the space between the two buildings will serve in protective measures as well as other purposes. The design of the completed j buildings will be colonial and mod- i ernistic. Hyatt Construction Co. of Kennet has been employed and some local contracts also will assist in the construction. Construction material will be of brick at an estimated cost of S50,- 000. Woman Parole Officer Nobbed In Baby Black Market Probe SAN FRANCISCO Of}— A veteran woman parole officer Is accused of threatening a mother with return to prison to force her to give up her baby for black market adoption. She is accused ot using the same threat, to extort several thousand dollars from women parolees. Dep. Atty. Gen. Richard H. Perry said dismissal proceedings by the State Personnel Board also charge that Miss Frances J. Sullivan, 47, forced one woman parolee to get a divorce. Miss Sullivan denied the accusations. No criminal complaint was filed against hei-. The dismissal complaint charges Miss Sullivan demanded between $9,000 and $14,000 from a woman Little Spree Was Costly parolee who admitted embezzling more than $30,000 from » iup«- market. Mumps Force Coast Guard Cutter Out BOSTON (ffl — The Coast Guard cutter Bibb, which never gave In to a storm, has had to leave her weather duty post because o« mumps. Coast Guard headquarter* ula last night the Bibb was returning to Boston because some crewmen were stricken with the mumps. The exact number of cases could not be determined Immediately but a radio message from the Bibb said no one is In serious condition. The cutter Campbell was dls- Mary Eleanor Gauthier, 28, a total of.$388. Municipal Judge Clark M. Olmstead presented Mrs. Gauthier with a bill for the amount yesterday after police testified she: 1. Drove an automobile while intoxicated fine $125. 2. Tore the uniform of one of six policemen called to arrest her repairs $5. 3. Kicked up a rumpus v/hen police forced her into a patrol car repairs to car S10Q. 4. Tore out the plumbing in her. cell at the city jail replacement costs S156. Mrs. Gauthier, mother of three children, also drew a two-day jail sentence.. and Greenland, LENGHTY AMAZON From its mouths on the Atlantic to the farthest source of its myriad tributary streams, the mystic maze of the Amazon River leads 3900 winding miles westward across Brazil and southward through Peru. Read Courier News Classified Ads. 8 Die in Wreck MELBOURNE, Australia (.# — Two automobiles collided with such force on a highway near here yesterday' they telescoped with windshields almost touching. Eight persons perished, including all three children of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Thomas, who survived. Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; FeeE Younger Thousand* of couples .ire weak, worn-out, ei- hauslcd just because body lacks iron. For new younger feeling after 41). try Ostiei Tooli Tablets. Contain lion fo' pep; suplilcmcni divs vitamins BI and IK Costs little. "Gf r,-iuninti-»r size od> 5 Of. At a!! drugfiiil' $129.95 to S189.95. Easy term*. Liberal trade-In. Come In today. 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