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DAILY NEWS. MONDAY, MARCH 19, 1923 1 Golden Gloves History -By PAUL GALLICO- Heroes of NEWS Tourney To Meet Tribune Champs And now, ON TO CHICAGO! Out of the whirlwind of bouts Saturday night that shook Madison Square Garden so that it seemed to be swaying as did Boyle's Thirty Acres, there will be born a team of twenty solid, brave and healthy youngsters who will journey to Chicago to match fists with the winners of the Chicago Golden Gloves Tourney for the honor of the City of New York. Two men in each class will go, making sixteen, from flyweight to heavyweight, with four substitutes totaling the twenty. They will go as the DAILY NEWS A. A.

Golden Gloves team, and on their uniforms trunks and sweaters provided by THE NEWS they will wear the initials of their city as well as the emblem of the Golden Gloves. The Golden Gloves that passed into history last Saturday night will be remembered as the wildest night of fighting that the Garden has ever seen. It was the most tremendously exciting thing that I have ever experienced. The public owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the youngsters who entertained it so honestly and furiously. Those amateurs who competed atoned for the sins of the professionals.

i -r- -r 5 1'; i vy THAT PUTS i maoism auACc CLOCKS it fceor-je Uit. winner if hicaeo Tribune's Jolden Gloves in featherweight riass. So thrilling was the socking that the clocks on the Garden wail went wrong. The round indicator acted up all night and the tremendous reverberation of cheers that shattered the air and rattled the walls affected the delicate adjustments of the electric clocks. Jackie Farrcll got so wrought up that he thought he saw Tex Rickard, when RiS was on his way to Miami and I got so overheated that I estimated the crowd at 23.000, when by actual count of ticket, that passed through the door the attendance was 20.24.

citizens. This number gathered all in one big room makes a lot of people. nd it was the finest crowd of men and women that ever saw any kina of boxing exhibition. The Golden Glovers played to a higher type of audience than any boxers ever have be ore Even the 75 cent boys up in the balcony were on their best behav.or and did themselves proud. You know.

I could list again the names of the A. A. I ofli-cials to whom we owe so much, in order to thank them for what they haye done for us. but I want to make th.s more than a smart gesture. We appreciate so deeply the work that these fine people who represent the Metropolitan A A I have done for amateur boxing and for THE NEWS and for these boys that no mere listing of their names could begin to express our debt.

Team of 20 to Represent East Saturday Night Dy PAUL I.ICO. (lolilfn Glover vs. tJolden Glover! New York vs. Chieapro for the Golden Gloves champion ships of the east and the middle west! The Chicago Tribune has challenged THE NEWS for the Golden Gloves cham-. pionships and the challenge has been accepted.

Thursday afternoon, twenty of the New York Golden Glovers, the team SEE UPS Wit) HIS" LEFT. WHAt CntOGO HAS TWEMSEIVES I to be announced tomorrow, will leave Grand Central station on the 20th Century Limited to box the Chicago team at the Coliseum in Chicago. Saturday night. March 24. Nick Fosro.

welterweight winner in Chirago tournament. RUBIN GOLDEN Chicago won the toss and will import the team from New York, and next year will make the trip here in return. In addition to the eight winners, some twelve other boys who mad a pood showing in the tournament will be nominated to box the New Yorkers. GLOVE WINNER party will be made tomorrow. The boys will rest until Tuesday, then begin light training.

Thursday I afternoon off they go on the Cen- tury. arriving Friday morning in time to see the town and get in some limbering up exercises. Sat- urdav night they fight for the glory; of New York. (Hher pictures on page 32) The Chicago Tribune ran a Oolden tlloves tournament of its own in Chicago, with the finals on March held in the Ashland Boulevard auditorium. Eight winners were returned, one in each class, anil so successful was the toamey that an immediate challenge was dispatched to Til N'KWS for a set inter-city Golden Gloves bouts on a h.ime and home basis to the (Tolden Gloves champions of the east vs.

the middle west. The challenge was accepted, and Fallow THE SUM'S for detail, York' (ioiden Glove tghfrg team. )ly THE SEM'S -'0 Count 'em 20. The Now York team will be made up of the best available men in the open and sub-novice classes. Sixteen boxers and four substitutes will be taken along to represent Father Knickerbocker.

The Chicago Golden Gloves inners were: Flyweight. .) i u-ill have it. Flyweight Mid die i ceigh i Chase; bantamweight. J. C.

Burns; featherweight. Georgie Root: lightweight. Joe Kestian; welterweight. Nick Fosco. one of the best boys i developed in the tournament; mid- dleweight.

Charles Bonoit. a ter-I riric puncher; light heavyweight. Dave a i r. and heavyweight. Walter Kadke.

Fspecially to Dr. Tfcomas F. DeNaouley. chief of the medical stafj, and his corps of physicians do we owe an extraordinary debt of gratitude To have come through a tournament with an orig-inal entry list of over three thousand without an injury to a single contestant is a record of which the doctor and the A. A.

U. may well be proud. From its inception, the welfare of the boys in this tournament was placed in his hands, and in the face of a storm of criticism, from all sides, he steadfastly maintained his standards of what an amateur athlete should be and aimed for the highest type of boy. Many fell by the wayside but the results spoke for themselves. The finest and strongest physical specimens were seen in action that have ever competed in an amateur tourney of any size, let alone the magnitude of the Golden Gloves.

The physique of the boys who boxed in the Garden last Saturday night caused a running fire of comment in the audience. The number of bouts that went the limit, with the contestants giving and taking punishment, was testimonial enough to the triumph of Dr. DeNaouley ideas. After all. the success of the tournament was to be desired, but even more so was the safety of the contestants.

More than anything else, we prayed that no one would be hurt, and because no one was, we owe to the medical staff of the Metropolitan A. A. U. a dbt greater than we can repay. The clocklike precision with which the bouts were handled is sufficient testimony to the efficiency of the A.

A. U. workers. volunteers all. and lovers of the sport to which they so freely contribute their time.

Certainly their success last Saturday must have left them feeling Some of my pets of the tournament came through, others didn't. Joe Siclari took his first round licking and then justified my estimate of him by winning the next two and the fight. Bob Olin and George Hoffman did more than well, and Huggins, in the 160 sub-novice, proved himself a coming middleweight. And true to my prediction, the greatest fight of the night was turned in by two sub-novice fighters, Yale Rubin and Charles Otten, who drew down upon themselves the greatest ovation ever tendered two fighters anywhere. No two professional fighters ever caused such scenes ef enthusiasm at the end of their performances as these two beginners.

O. well, I could write about that show for the next year. It will have to wait. Now it is ON TO CHICAGO! JJcrt t'nder Way Thursday. These men will box the first stnr.g men ot ML while the runners-up will take on the sub-novice winners.

The Chicago Tribune is awarding beautiful prt'-es t' the winners, but what the New York team is interested in mainly is trying to give the westerners a fine tanning and bringing victory back to New York. TUF. N'KWS was busy all day yesterday preparing the make-up of the team from New York, and announcement of their names and the names of the coaches and, handlers who will complete the Charles Bonott Jimmy Chase.

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