The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVTLLF (ARK.) COUNTER MEWS THURSDAY, TONE 19, 1952 Sanc/w/c/ies Are Best Warm-Day Menu /tern Br GAYNOK MADDOX On wnrm days, a few delicious sandwiches, a small green salad or some raw vegetables, plus a fresh fruit will make nn ideal and laborsaving luncheon. Franlifiirlpr-EsR RanilH-lrh HLIIHK (Yiflri: 2/3 eup of filling l"r « sandwirhesl One-hall cup i-hnjiped, rooked frankfiiners. 1 hard-cooked CRK. chopped, 1 tablespoon minrrd onion 1 tablespoon chili saurr. 'i teaspoon salt. ', trasjionn prepared mustard. '4 teaspoon pepper. Combine iranlclm-iers. chopped egc. onion, chili 5auc«, salt, mustard and pepper. Olive-Nitt-Orcam Clierse Samlaicli FIILInir (Yield: n cup. n- f!!!!ns saiiiUndicsl One <3-ounrel packace cream cheese 2 tablespoons butlrr or fortified marparinc, 2 tsulespcons ! " r * milk, 2 tahlespoons finely chopped ohve.s. 2 tahlefipoons finely chopped mils, 'i teaspoon otlion juice. Comfjjne cream cheese, Huller mllk,-jWvcs, iiut-s nnd onion Juice. .Eat? Saliwl-Ollv« Sandwich Pillint (VltM: 1 r"l>. or filllnn for S ' saiuhviclies) Six hai'rt-cotiked cRti^, ehopppd. lablespoons sliced, stuffed olives 'i rirp mayonnaise, \ a teaspoon onion salt. '. leaspnon salt, dash pepper. '* teiispootl dry niuslal'd, '>j | teaspoon Worrrslershire saure. | Combine chopped e;us. olives. I nmvonnai:-e. onion salt, sail, pepper, mustard and Wnrccstci shire sauce. Deviled Hain-I'eanift Antler Samlulrli filling (Ylclil: : 'i eup. or fll'lni; fi>r 4 sard\vlrhes) _ One-hall cup )> c a n 11 I butter, crushed pineapple iu\d pineapple Juice. HOLLAND NEWS By Mrs. Ed Hampton, Jr. Pamela .love Is '.he niune srivpn week in Hoi Sprincs then to points Ihc hnby dai]»hli-r of Cpl and Mrs.! In Oklahoma, for a foHnleht^for B Mtirlon Utlr>y. Born .June lllh at 1 ""' " "' """ "*--" Wall's Hospital, she U Hirir second rhild. A son. Mnrlon Lynn, Is al- Gary Tat« of Leachville end Howard Harmon of Cardwell. Following an operation. Mrs. Naomi Lahup is home from the Memorial Hospital ir\ Hayti. Mr. and Mrs. Voris Workman and ton, Sammy, and Mrs. Florence I Workman are li\ RtrMavui, Mo.. iU ! Mr, nnd Mrs. Harley Holdman's niovt one ypur old. C'pl IJtlny hns hriM! in Kotfa the srwial months vhfrr hp si-rvrs ns diFpatrhor with th* Transirn' Trurk Division. Mr?. 171 toy, thr fnr- mcr Mi L ^ Wilounrt I.inri-py, is making hT homo with Mr, and MrF. Virail Ulley. visit among relatives ot the Channels. Afier a !?•*• days here wllh his wife and son and piucnts. Mr. nnd Mrs. Perry Taylor. Pfc. Oletiwood i Taylor has left tor Tcxus whore he is beinc transferred from Omits 1 Field in IlI^iolR. Mrs. Tnylnr and \ I son. Gary Lynn, remain with her \ i parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. Earnest Me- i 1 Cary. I where • they will spend a part of their VHefttion. Arriving nere Saturday from Film. Mich., Mrs. Vern Swanson anrf -son and daughter. Gerry and De.nice, are with their mother and KrnncUnother. Mrs. Maude Richard, tor twn weeks. and Mrs. Henry Neal, accompanied Sgt, and Mrs^ilarley Qarrctt, who were weekend guest* of the Ne«ls, to Memphis for several days. Another 1952 Holland sndu«t* attending school at the Unlver«lt» • of Missouri In Columbia 1> Miw Sliirley Whltener. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Whitener who accompanied her Sunday. Sh« enrolled for the summer term. pll CO rlLLO l>rt Lik« Sii! But ••» I Irii e „ ,„„ TUNA WITH Ct'llKV SAITK wrn-d with fluffy Hrr Is a t UTlrmiiefl by rvrry ilKrrlmlnsttng curst. Tuna with Curry Sauce Is Family Fish Favorite Crispness of This Creole Cabbage Is Complimenteed by Cookeed Rice By OAVXOII .MAIIDOX N'KA Fnrni ntul Alnrlicls Filllnr Tunn is atioui, the mor-r popular of family fish irrnt.s The suppiy is j large now ami thai means prices Sati.sf.vins rice compliment* Ihe an crlspness o( the delicious cahba?e. The tomatoes add color and flavor, nnd I lie senscwings «>'e "just right." All told, this superoly delicious mnin riish, wivh chewy cubes of browned pork. Is a sure bet io silence the table conversation until second helpings are demanded. INGRKIHKNTS 3 cups hot cooked rlrp. 2 pork chops, cut In V, Inch cubes (or •>; cup crated meat) 1 cup onions, chopped 1 No 3V> can tomatoes 6 cups green cabbage, slirenrted % cup mushrooms sliced 2 teaspoons salt W teaspoon pepper V* teaspoon chlU jwu'der PREPARING THE RK'K To make 3 libernl cups ot Huffy rice, put 1 cup of unccoked rice, 2 cups of cold water and 1 teaspoon of salt Into *• two-quart, saucepan and taring Io a vigorous boil. Turn the heat as low ns poss |1>le - Coyer eaucepun with lid and leave over this low heat fnr 14 minutes, no not remove lirt or stir rica while it I- of waler. Spiead cooked rice rm a platter. Serve cabbage over Ihe rice. Deviled cess are an ideal accompaniment tn be served with the rice and cveolo cabhaur. This recipe will make 8 servliris. Refrigerator Defrosting Devices Vary Defrosting the rc/rfperalnr hup ,,.1110 nutnmnllc In many ot the new models this ycfir, Honir Demons(rnl.1on Annul- Opr- Irndr K. Hnllmnn explains the l.w penernl kinds of dofrostets tn HPW rpfriRfiratnrs on the market,. One IK the. built-in defroster, of which Ilirie nro two lypf-s. One (ypp Is FI clock-timer hrntcr devicp. H nn- (oninLtcfilly turns, on nnci then resets itpclf ftfter dcfrostinp is com- pleird. Tlic other hnill-in rirfnisirr Is a push-hutton type remove ll[1 w 1 " f'^' 1 A"-" «in"* •- "j* 3,g. Turn off the heat. It I, ^,'-«"»? then ready—perfectly cooked— with all the groins separate nnd Huffy. Leave the lid on until time to serve the rice. When retidy t» serve, remove lid, and use a forte to help j transfer the rice into the serving ' dish H Is never necessary to rinse n.irkREPd ric-e cooked by this method WRAhLnft clean pnrkflRPd rice either before or'flftcr it IR cooked wnstM valuable food nutrlenU n* well as time. Us« exact meaAHrement* 01 <n>- cookfd rice nnd water. Time the accurately. which I urns on ire? lovi'er. ' ' Tuna With Curry S:mrr ! (Serves Z) ] One can tuna iT-runrr), 2 table- ; inons hiittrr, 1 <:lo\'e cariir, 1 me- j dlurn oniOTi, cut in rin^s. 'i r bfiy • U»nf. 1 lablpspoon rurry powder. 1 tnkitcspncm Hour. »i u*asptx>n sn».. j cup wntcf• Drnin tuna. Brenk into chunks Melt biittpr in a saurcpnn. Add c«r- lic, onion rincs and hay Jraf and' until onion Is lender .about 10 min u IPS. Remove par lie. Stir in rurry pnwrier, flour and salt. Adrl water, stirrinc until wnll blended. Caak in (o 15 mlmit/'s. Strain and pour nver tuna. Serve with rice and rhutney. Hr-rc's an mexpensivp tuna new- hurp »finp shredded tima (cost^ loss'i and nf>n-ffit dry milk ' inex- pr-nsive). II romes from California, land of cood eatinjz. Calil'orTil^ Tuna XrwInirR (Serves 5 or fi) Tour tnble.sponns butter or fortified marparine. 3 Ifilijesponns (lour. S table^ponns nnn-fal dry milk, m eups ft-ntrr, 'A cup sherry wine or j juice of U lemon in nhoiit 'A cnp vratrr, I PRC yolk. slichtly henten. MMr, 2 '7-oinn:e> rau~ tnna. drained and finked- ! • Mrlt. huttrr in a .".rnircpan. Remove from hrrn. Mix {Inur «ud non-fat dry milk; nricl to bnftrr. f-Urrlnj: umil srnnnth, Add warrr !j)-adiml!y. blrndin? wpll. Reiurn to hem, Cook, siitrin^ coiK-tantl.v, until mixture boils and thinkeri*. Add wine or water and Irmon jnice. Stir a LiMlc of fhis snnrc into (he ep» ynlk; nUr ibis mixture ban'* into vhp TeiuavmriK s:\ure Add sea- sonines and luna. cently over very l<iw heat, fnr a minute or two. Serve immediately in paUy shells or toiist, cases .or on toast. Rirkir Otlis Is Die third hoy and fourth rhild horn to Mr. and Mrs Odis Harman M the Hmtlett Clin- ir in Rteole Wednesday mornimj, The l>a by a net moth er a re no'.v '. home. Re fore t\f'i" marriaRp. Mt's, : Hnrma ri was Miss I-fa/el MeDaniel. • The .Mm Avis family had a sum- ! incr plcnir Sunday pvcnine in the HnvTi Park in honor of M-S^t. and} Mr,>, .John P. Bach and daughters. 1 M^ity Francis and Mars a ret, of Hantonl, 111., who arp vacatinninR here. They were joiner! in Hay'tl by Mrs. Alire Avis. Mi. and Mrs. l.lnyri Avi< P.nri Mr. find Mrs, Waller A\'i.s of Caruthe-i sville. Mrs. Dolly Piown lelt Friday lw : T':r<;nn. Arix., to make her home there, fihf \i'ns a'Tompanieci fro^u r,!yiheville by a dnuchter, Mrs. Hill, •.< ho riro'.'e her to MemphiF From 111 e re s h P m a d r tb e trip by phmr. Rhr will lit- at Mr. anci Mr5. Fei-d Ly-rr's, hi l^irson. Mr-;. Bill Sherwood. Mrs. N' Jessie Paul MeAually j Paul Darryl and Miss', , .,..,...,.... McAiiftlly of Hwytl. G«nc : Miss Dolores Pnrker ha-s returned' [->j n V:Mon, Richard Hawkins. Robert,; from Girl's State at Camp Robin- j [j Rre Bn( j William Milton, all of i son near Little Rork, where she was , \itllinstnn Naval Station. ( on» of ten fjirls chosen for the trip = MJSR Ann N'eal, daughter of Mr. ; which wnfi sponsorod by thp Atuer- | _.- • — :Iran LeRion. She is the riauRhier of j " Mr. and Mrs. Max Parker. Recently of Holland, the Parkers came here from Reiser, Ark. t In Forrest CUy, over the '.vrek j **nd. Mr and Mrs. ISSHP McKay Jr., ! and son and daughter have return- ; ed from a visit with Mr. anrf Mrs. McKay's sisier. Mr. and Mrs. C. • Gestring, and fmnlly, j Mis?es Rave Lnvonne nnd Jerry. 'i;u!»hlers of Mr. nnd Mrs Charles ' Cohoon, left Tuesday with Mr. and • Mrs. H. F- Reynolds (or a three > weeks tour. They will visit Mr. and i Mrs. West Curl Richardson and; family, who moved from here several ypars past tn \Vnchitn. Kansas, and stop at leisure at points of inn-rest, iimoiiR them the Will Rogers Oi tpr«<iy reJIef fr . H.ip. n.tu,. .Hrl.k .,dii,,. „„» om your druRffist tofrj^Y^m'* ntf4. Ask for il k»<r **' lnt>( —it rood dn)( »to«-M Nunnnrv, nml MnJ Jeff Northern r - shrine in Colorado Springs. <n«n Saturday and Sunday At Mrs.: At Mr. mid Mi*. Ortis Harmons Monday Rend Courier News Classified Ail- 1 Price TatumVlii MI-H. Tatnni nrcumpniiifd thrm 10 : trr's Riloxi. M:SP.. fnr a 'veek with Mrs. Nunnery's and Mrs. Northern's .sis-; tor. Mrs. Etta Steward, and son, j Pvt. ni51io I^P STe\vnrrl, who is sin-' Moned near Rilnxi. Pvt. Steward is [ 1 n he trans f ori r-d shortly. i l^avinq this iveck on n vacation j trip nre Mr. and Mrs. Knorh Chaji- ^ iirl and dnnghii'r and f-on. Beulnh ^ Fnyr ftnd Charles Rave, and Mi=;: Wfinda Rnniford. They \\i)\ spi*nri a the past u-eok were the . _ _ parents. Mi, and Mrs. Fred Harmon of Lafe, Mo., Mr. nnrt : A svjasmvM t FOR MEAT MACARONI -SPAGHETTI rw^e ECO NOODLE^ eooniB . METHOD: Brown meal In a sKII- lel continue cooking until meal Is done EnoiiRh fat should cook out of the meat so lhat It Is not necos- tary to add additional tal to the skillet. Add onions and some o( the Juice from the tomatoes and cook until onions are tender. Add tomatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, salt, pepper nnd chili powder. Cover skille-t and cook only nnlil cabbsee Is lender. Do not overcnok. Cabbace should retain Us green color. It there Is ™t enoush Jinre from the tomatoes to prevent. Ihe mixture- from slicking add a small to start frosting nfUr the door has been opennri Rnd closed fiO limes. This operates for period of from to twenty miuule.i. denemUnj; the M7,e and make of the refrip:- onilor. DuriiiR a short. clefrosMnp period, there is, lit Me dnneer that Ihe stored food in Ihe freezing tmit will Uifiw onmiRh to n fleet its quality. The wcniid kind ot dctvoMer In us« i.s a porlntile one, It rpprntes with ft timing device Find defrosts the refrleerator daily. Time varies from nbmit. 3H tit ft hours in delr. ;. Foods stored in tho evnpni'fi . dnsli of nutmfB. sail t-Z LOCAL CBfPlT fOK LOCAL ffOPLt OIFTS II AW. MAIN 50lbs.-$6.75 8lbs.-$1.19 ;or inny thnw fnrli ilme this tnkps .. ]ilncp. This thnwin^ of Tnod may || nflcct Hie qimlKy nnd flavor ol the! fro7pn fnori. TCP niibo.s ftre not | hnrmed by rnfrpe?.inp. Sausage Mixes With Yams in This Supper Dish H universal favorite. At bienkfast- tim? the fracram aiotna of si/^lina 5an.«=3cp drifiinc- from the kitch"ii i? niviMnt; etionuh to tnnVce rrluc- Here's Sausage 'Timesaver' Here'5 a cond snusnpe dish which wins an "F. for Exe,ellenee" on three count*—it 1 .; Umpsnvinc <pop it into the ove.n alongside sraHoped .spin arh and steamed rnrroks for an oven meali; It's money savlnc and it's rnlchly cond iflstinc—another nf those pleading combinations of meat with fruit. I San s.i er 1'incapplr Stark-Upj 2 pounds hulk pork FBtisane R slices cnnued pineapple Prepared iiiu^'ard vr New Fbmily-Size. Uw-Cost FRIGIDAIRE STANDARD MODEL fiF crt ni;jk np and evert the ri:»y. s ;ni rqunllv inviMni; 1 vii i c- h f ,1 r t no m rt n y tr-s, ; •nnk pat l:s:hrly ' slices lithl- fail I y ."n^ni'p cake-. nvrn fni half a niic ronklncr with f> =\nip. 1-1 • 2 r \ I Do FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? — and with a these features Halseil & White FURNITURE CO, CLUE PLATE MARGARINE .240 B. PLATE S. DRESSING B. PLATE MflYOKHAlSE C. P.M. COFFEE ...830 SAHDHiES ^ „„ PORK SAUSAGE u, 290 SLiCED BACON best jrrarle MIDWEST ICE CREAM MEAL HODGE'S CASH & CARRY GROCERY HO.MKK \\'i Miles \Vcst nf .lily — Half Moon Koad _ TAMAUS ARE A REAL WARM WEATHER WINNER FOR DINNER Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes FUEL OIL . POETZ Oil CO. 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