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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 22
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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 22

Daily Newsi
New York, New York
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TTAILY NEWS, WEDNESDATiLvRCH 141925 1 TVl mjmjm wants you for herself the old cow! Naturellement! "S'sh, Therese, for God's sake "Well, isn't it true? What can you do on a ranch Why does she want you if not for' herself? Do you deny it?" "What's the use of denying anything? You'll believe what yoa want to believe." Copyright by Alice Campbell.) (Continued tomorrow.) over there is Very nice looking, but, I can tell yoa he's what we call at home a cake hound. I can always spot them!" Esther smiled at the recollection. "Waiter, bring me a win you? And hold on what do you want Therese?" "Rien rifs da tout. AToit, tenez dy the de Chine, simplement." She took care of her looks, that was evident. The waiter gone, Esther saw the Frenchwoman lean across to her companion with an obvious effort of self-control.

"Arthur tell me once more. What is it, this job you speak of?" "What the Argentine? I don't know. The Toda woman wants to take me out of there as a sort of manager or something. She sails on the eighth, she expects me to go with her." "T'ck! I knew it! The beautiful woman's voice rose shrilly with a stridant note which was an odd revelation. "So that is itl Manager-: ha, ha, ha! But of coarse, I might have known.

It is quite plain. She START THIS FASCINATING STORY TODAY Katar Hf, a Bane, fcavlaa" aeeanaaaalea' mm lavalld fraaa la I alt State ta Caaaea tae Riviera, la akait ta retara New I ork wkn ft he aeea aa advertlse-aseat la the paper lr a aarse and teea aaatataat a ad she deeMea ta apply far tae joa, la arder ta ilr4 a little tieaa la Caaaea. labile waittns; Itr aaawer ta aer applleatlea ta Or. Sartariaa. I 'other treat aeraeU ta tea at tae faaaiaaaale HeaUanat dra Aakawc livara.

Xala faaefaatlaaT ateer aearaa aaly laat Meaday. Start It-taday a paall e-ajay It taraaaaeait. iiimfniinMfififfififtijffinwitttti'ty'fntttwt'fitwitfwttftitfftiitfrtiitniif'fittttffitiffHutg An Interesting Couple ESTHER'S own slender, well shod feet would do more than pas3 muster here, she reflected with satisfaction. Indeed, although she was plainly -dressed than most of the women present, she rejoiced to feel she did not suffer too much by comparison. Esther was never dowdy.

She was not ashamed of her well'tailored costume, marron in color which went well with her eyes and hair nor of her little new felt hat, purchased in Paris. Her small "choker" fur was of good stone marten, even her gloves and the handkerchief peeping from her pocket had the correct touch. Trifles, perhaps, but trifles that mattered. She made "good money," and she had always found it paid to dres3 well and carefully. Of course, shejsvould not be able to buy clothes on her salary from Dr.

Sartorius but what did it matter, for six months or so? It was surely worth a sacrifice to remain in France. Besides, she had a little saved up. BROWNIES Beautify Hands and Arms This Quick, Easy ay! Myatic Cream puts thrilling lovable aoftnesa into feminine hands leaves them white and velvet like. ystie Cream has a mystic charm over rough chapped skin. Try a jar.

For sale at dept. and drug stores. MSrC CREAM Director of Borden recipe work teaspoon salt i teaspoon vanilla yi cap chopped nutmeats Milk Labels NYN-3-14-2S i 35c and 63c jars 1 Cap Borden's Sweetened Condensed Milk 2 squares unsweetened chocolate I BY English was nearly faultless," the accent a mere flavor. Esther recalled that a man and woman had taken the table xn her right and a little behind her. She longed to look at them, but controlled her impulse, out of curiosity to hear more.

There was a sHence that seemed interminable. Then the woman spoke again, her voice vibrant, urgent. "You heard me! Why don't you answer? Why? Ah! My God, it is like beating against a stone waUl- you go away from me, At last a man's voice, low, cold, and a little sulky. "What do you want me to say, Therese? You know as well as I do I've got to live. "Ah, but is that the reason the only reason for.

your going?" "Good God, what else would it be? You don't imagine I'd choose to bury myself in a rotten hole like that, do you?" There was a long sigh, quavering with tears. "I know how fearfully difficult it all is, only, Arthur, why must you decide at once? Why not wait a bit?" "If I wait, I lose the job. That's why. I thought you understood. Besides, what is there to hang about here for?" "Well.

There's always a chance, isn't there?" An exclamation of contempt followed by the scratch of a match, then silence again, fraught, so Esther felt, with tension. Who, what were these people? She must try and steal a glance at them. Cautiously she turned her head, then finding both the occupants of the next table were look- rQ5 1 LJ If a ing the other way, she indulged in a good inspection. The woman claimed her attention first. Young a very young thirty-five, Esther decided.

Blonde with delicate transparency, and lovely; her natural beauty was accentuated by careful makeup and clothes so exquisite that they could be called "elegant" without a misuse of the word. It seemed evident that she was wealthy. Her gown of filmy black had the cachet of an exclusive house, the' expensive simplicity that serves so well as a background for wonderful jewels. Against it gleamed a heavy strand of glistening pearls "real ones, too!" thought Esther. On one slender arm slid negligently half a dozen diamond bangles, on the hand which supported her chin an enormous square diamond Her skin, shadowed, by her little close, black hat, was dazzling, her eyes large, gray, flecked with gold, and shaded by long, dark lashes.

Altogether there was about her the clear beauty of a star, which even the traces of emotion now discernible could not A Cake Hound. And her companion what was he like Esther glanced at him and gave a start. It was the young Englishman who had come out of the doctor's house, the man she had seen before somewhere she still did not recall where. Studied at close revealed points of interest. He was dressed with that perfection crowned with negligence which the Englishman of the- upper classes so admirably He was, in fact, unmis- 9 I I think I shall kill takably a gentleman, at least by birth, though his bored manner held a hint of insolence, a suggestion of the bounder.

His hazel eyes, glancing aboutawith irritable restlessness, were curiously devoid of any depths, his mouth showed a mixture of weakness and obstinacy, devil-may-care courage, and lack of moral stamina. An after the product, no doubt, nervy and jumpy, frayed by stimulants and late hours, and yet, with all this, attractive. Yes, curiously attractive, thefe was no denying it. "Waiter where's that blasted waiter gone?" He turned in Esther's direction, and for an instant his eyes met hers and took her in, though with little show of interest. Seeing him full faced she suddenly recalled him! When she and Miss Ferriss had first arrived, they had seen him on two occasions lunching in the Carlton grill, in company with a swarthy, overdressed.

Spanish looking woman and her daughter. She remembered now. Shrewd old Miss Ferriss had said about him: "Esther, that young Englishman 4 A Melt chocolate in double boiler. Add condensed milk to melted chocolate and stir until well blended. Remove from fire, add salt, vanilla and nutmeats.

Spread l2 inch thick on pan which has been very well greased and Soured. Place rather low in very hot oven (450 for 10 minutes. Lower heat to moderate (350 and bake 10 minutes longer. Remove from oven and cut in squares, then return to slow oven (300 for 10 minutes. (Entire baking time, 30 minutes.) Take from oven and remove carefully from pan with spatula or broad-bladed knife.

READ that recipe again! No butter no egjs no sugar no flour. Impossible, you exclaim! But it's perfectly possible with Magnolia Sweetened Condensed Milk' Listen: In the Borden testing kitchen, we've been working out a big new idea. Working with Sweetened Condensed Milk. We have tested to the full its astonishing cooking possibilities. We have discovered that this form of milk makes wonderful new cooking methods possible new ease, speed and economy.

This milk, you know, is not plain canned milk. It is two ingredients in one full -cream milk smoothly blended with finest sugar. It is twice as rich as ordinary milk because most of the water has been removed. And this thick, smooth, creamy mixture is a perfect foundation for dozens and dozens of novel, delicious, time-saving. lator saving dishes! Send for the big new recipe booklet.

Mail the coupon today 1 YOUR GROCER SELLS The doctor that "rather odd, eold creature. The prospect of -working' for him did not fill her with enthusiasm. What exactly was it she felt about him? She strove to analyze her impression, and found herself thinking only of his small, dull eyes and queer, it at forehead. He was an abh man, iso charlatan, of that she was sure, instinctively. Primarily, a student, no doubt.

What waft his practice like, if indeed he had any? Not a good manner. for a dmrtor, too remote, too negative, too lacking in humanity. For a moment I felt positively creepy!" she "told herself. "What was it he reminded me of? Something: that fascinated and repelled or am I merely imagining things?" Musical Narcotic. After all, what did it matter? She always gut on well with people Dinah's gone to Carolina.

Mf Dinah gone and broke tny heart in two. lAnrnome and blue Xtihing to do, roams around a-feelin' lift I had the fin. Prom the region of the saxophones a gorgeous baritone had soared forth. Glancing around, she saw the glistening black face of a faultlessly attired American negro. The song, one of the mournful type now emanating from Broadway, was the last word in banality, but the honeyed voice, suave, gave it the charm of a narcotic Even the waiters stopped here they were and gazed as they listened, transfixed.

Conversation died, the great room was stilled to drink iu the notes. A storm of applause, the chorus was repeated oi ce, twice. Then fell a moment's lull, ami ordinary sounds began aj ain. It was at this moment that, teapot in hand, Esther heard close at her elbow the choking sound of a woman's sob. It startled her so that she very nearly looked around, curious to see the person who was so moved by the sentimental tribute to the lost Dinah.

Then she was "glad she had not turned, for she caught these low, passionate, distinct: "Arthur, if you go away from me. a3 you speak of doing, I think, quite likely. I shall kill myself!" OooJ heavens! The woman, whoever she was, said it as if she jaeant it. It was no joking voice, its wner was deeply moved. evidently rench.

though her yiagnolia SWEETENED CONDENSED Save the THS BORDEN COMPANY Borden Building 3 SO Madison Ave, New York, N. Y. Please send me the free recipe booklet, "New Magic in the ATanne, Addro City Stare..

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