The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1955 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1955
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 21, 195S BI.YTHEVIU.E (AUK.) COURIER NEWS The George Gobel Story II; Gobel Turns Movie.Star He'll Re-Do Old Hit Because 'You Can't Hardly Find Stories Like This No More' {Second of Three Articles) By ERSK1NE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — So now little, crew haircut George Gobel is becoming a movie star. It was bound to happen because you can't hardly find comedians like George no more. Every studio In Hollywood launched open Gobcl-warfare after his appearance last October on TV's Diamond Jubilee of Lights show, on which he explained the intricacies of an electronic brain. He prefaced his remarks with: "I'm just a common man. I'm nbout as common as you can get and stay sober. But I didn't come up here to be made sport of." The film contracts tossed at him following this appearance were fnbiiJoiis. / 'Sign here," studio bosses said, ''and we'll dream up a story for you." But George and his manager, David O'Malley. played it smart. "Find a story we like," they replied, "and then we'll talk contract." The stories, hastily written, piled up higher than the fan mall in the offices George and O'MaJley share In a building, at the corner of Hollywood and Vine. All of them were turned down with the same explanation; "It doesn't fit George's personality." AT Paramount, production Boss Don Hartman .had an idea. He remembered the studio's 1941 movie hit, "The Lady Eve," in which Henry Fonda played a .shy millionaire who becomes involved with a couple of cheating cheaters, gamblers Charles Coburn and Barbara Stanwyck, on a trans-Atlantic liner. "This movie," said Don, "should have been made the first time with George Gobel." He invited George and his manager to see the picture, explaining he'd like to rewrite It a little and remake it, with George In the Fonda role and Paramount sharing with George In the profts. George and Manager O'Malley looked at the movie. Hartman knew it was a deal as soon as the lights went up. George was beaming. "You can't find stories like this no more," he laughed. That was two months ago. Just the other day the contract was signed. Nothing — not even a big studio like Paramount — can rush Gobel and his manager. As George fii'ys; "I'm too young to go to the cemetery on the dead run." Paramount will cast two Important stars with Gobel in the film which goes into production in July LITTLE GEORGIE sang cowboy songs on WLS when he was 16. for release this winter. The "let's-not-rush-into-thls" way in which George and O'Malley faced the big movie loot was typical of them. They never move until things are "Just right" for George. They've been operating that way ever since they teamed up 10 years ago In Chicago. • • * Before he launched his own TV show last September. 29 scripts were written and rejected by Gobel and O'Malley. And even on the first show, Gobel wasn't convinced he was on the right track. His opening line was: "Well, this is the show. It's not the greatest show on earth but it might keep you from gettin' sullen. This is a sort of — you might call it a comedy show — and if you don't, we're through." Getting laughs has been George Gobel's business only since 1944, when he was a first lieutenant in the Air Force, training B-26 pilots at Frederick, Okla. He was "drafted" into many entertainment programs and started telling stories related to him by fellow officers. For eight years before the war, he was a singer and guitar player —Little Georgie Gobel—on radio's National Barn Dance program. He also toured with the radio station WLS Barn Dance Revue, and played kid roles on the Tom Mix radio show from Chicago. His best line, he recalls, was "I'll hold your horse, Tom," Singing soprano with his church choir on WLS.started it all while he was dreaming of becoming a professional ball player. But after the war. George convinced O'Malley, a Chicago theatrical agent, that he was a comedian, O'Malley booked him on a USO Show in Chicago. Into smaJJ mJd- west night clubs and finally he GEORGE GOBEL WITH LONG HAIR was a senior In high school and engaged to Alice Humecki when this picture was made In 1930. played the most successful supper Night Review — to win him over- clubs in the country, from New York to Los Angeles. But it took television — first as just a guest star on 1953's Saturday night fame. So there you are. Tomorrow: The Rest of Gobel. Junior Mechanics Traffic Interpretation SAN ANTONIO, Tex. UB — They tell this one about Maj. Gen. Clements McMullen (Ret.), former commanding general at Kelly Air Force Base. When starlings persisted in landing or air surfaces of B36 bombers, soiling them and creating "drag", the general ordered children's beanie caps fixed on parked bombers' tail sections. Their whirring plastic propellers frightened the birds away. 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