The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on April 2, 1931 · 11
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 11

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1931
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r s. TTTE BOSTON BLOB'E THUTtSOXY, SPRIE 2, 1031 IT r .-i IE?,'? LES FILLED FORfASSOVER j-eJSt o! EmancipationHeld This MorniDg - r.rr Urge gathering were present k. first day s services of the Fass- j ' . Festival, the feast of emancipa- ! tT; h,,i in ad the temple and svna-j 0( Greater Boston this morning. nt the second day home service, kv-F ' w.Il be enjoyed. Vr.e Israel. Commonwealth av, , rcrnnc. Rabbi Harry Levi con-r'-eJ the first days services. Rabbi used the subject of his ser- Eyes tpcn the Hills. Tonight. House, Riverway and .e tv i'-itrocd the congregational Se-tr' will be enjoyed. The reservations f-r Lve affair promise a very large at-..-dsnce. While this is but the sec- j Annus! affair in this new center. " "Seder nights were celebrated j Temple Israel, on Commonwealth ,f dating back to the time of the w,U;d War, when they grew in popu-,ty so fast that the vestry of the U2.rj, would not accommodate the At Temple Ohabei Shalom, Beacon nd Kent rts, Brookline, Rabbi Samuel j Atrarc. assisted by Rev E. Wolko-,--ch and the temple choir, was in charge of the first day services. Rabbi Orvm.s used s the theme of his Passover sermon, Let Us Alone. He ia.d in part: A rat is true in other domains is ecualy true in the spheres of education and religion. In this age and in cur own country a fatal, dogmatic con-ervaf:sni has raised its voice, chal-lenrng the progressives to cease their j eatery, since, as it is stated, every- thimis all right and further changes are unnecessary. , Opportunity for Education 'Consider, for a moment, the mat Ur of sociology in its relation to education. In ancient times, only the priest and the noble were deemed worthy of receiving the glorious opportunity of intellectual development. The common people had no rights in this rcgaid. When the people asked for equai opportunities, the answer given was Let us alone. This was the attitude throughout history almost down to our own day. Some of you still remember when free education was unknown. The public school system was ultimately adopted because the masses of the poor were insistent in their demands that their children should receive equal opportunity for education with the children of the rich. Slowly, very slowly, it dawned on the consciousness of those who conducted the Government that the educated man was worth more to the Nation than the ignorant citizen. "Never was there a doctrine more false than that uneducated masses are economically advantageous or morally beneficial to the welfare of society. Some day some one will measure the waste and loss caused by the at-surgjty of keeping the masses ignorant. "In some countries, to this day, universities are open only to the 6ons of the rich, and it is impossible for us to calculate what, in the past, might have been societys gain had a more liberal policy existed with regard to the education of the masses of mankind. "The time will come when education will be as free to all as the very air, and a most generous opportunity will be offered to the poor, as to the rich, who desire to fit themselves for the tesk of performing their duties in the light of educated hands, heads and hearts. In some of our own States we row have the State University, and the difference of economic status is no factor in the right to receive a complete education. This is nothing but justice, this is the equality of which w boast in America, not equality in talcr.ts, nor equality In strength, nor equality in worth, but equality in p-prtvmty, equality before God and the law. Consider, too, for a moment, the subject of religion. Church attendance is desirable, but it must not be mistaken for religion. It Is an inspiring sight to see such vast numbers as are gathered here this morn-irg. men and women acknowledging their fidelity to a high ideal by united worship. But prayers and Psalm singing and Bible reading are only aids to religion, as is church attendance in place of religion. Religion is life. A Bad Citizen If religion Is to influence life, then trust those who have the greatest opportunity to serve Boston assume a vastly different attitude from their present 'let us alone position. Think of the money made in this city, and then consider what is done with it for the general purpose of philan-snthropy and public good, except by the excellent few. What equitable returns have money made for the opportunities which Boston has brought them? They tell us, 1 pay my taxes, that's enough. They think so, but we think otherwise. To pay one's taxes, a compulsory task, is not to offer on the altar of civic and communal virtue the sacrifice pleasing to a God of righteousness whom we claim to worship. I could name to you a dozen causes which languish for support. A wit once said that the difference between England and America was that, while the latter expected every man to pay his duty, the former ' p-cted everyone to do his duty. I Insist that a citizen has not done his full duty when he has met the mere legal obligation of paying his taxes. A progressing civilization demands for more from free men able to contribute from their store of wealth for the general good. "A man's value is not to be estimated by the size of his bank account, or by his property, or by his Eocir; position, but by the return he makes to society for the opportunities society has given him to accumulate the sources of comfort and knowledge and newer. The Bostonian who has accumulated a goodly surplus and then keeps what he makes is an altogether bad c't!zr-n. in srite of the regular payment of taxes, sometimes greatly re-du.-ed by cunning disavowal of true facts. It matters not what such a man leaves when he dies, he has been, a c vr- fii.'ure. If we are a religious t- we shall cease 'crvin-T, Let us Slone, and we shall strive to the " it to make e- equivalent return t- e.,r city and to our community, for 11 that they have afforded us to get "d to gain. Ameriesn kalon BAf TONS French -ANNEX A New Face or Easter with a HELENA RUBINSTEIN BEAUTY TREATMENT A Rubinstein facial does wonders toward making your face feel and look like new! Winter winds dry delicate skins. Spring finds the blood x sluggish. A muddy, coarsened complexion ' the result. A stimulating Rubinstein facial is the remedy. Watch your skin take on soft, smooth beauty under the hands of Jordans skilled operators. Call Hancock 9000 for, appointment. JORDAN MARSH COMPANY JORDAN'S Jacket blouse In flat crepe! With expensive details $575 pov:C - WHITE! PASTELS! SIZES 14 to 44. BLOCSES SECOND FLOOR MAIN STORE JORDANS I JORDAN MARSH COMPANY ONLY 2 MORE SHOPPING DAYS TO EASTER 40-Story Windowless Building to House 10 Different Restaurants NEW YORK, April 2 (A. P.) A 40-story windowless building is planned by Earl Carroll, showman, to heuse 10 restaurants, each of a different national flavor. He Intends to Install indirect artificial sunlight; also moonlight FENN SCHOOL TEACHER TO WED CONCORD GIRL CONCORD. Mass, April 2-An-I nrMrA i iinoetnerit is made by Mr and Mrs SMALL BREAKS REPORTED Holden of 4 Bedford st, of the j a';fmcr.t of their daughter, Miss F:;--:ior Holden, to Richard Baker Greenman. son of Rev and Mrs Lyman Manchester Greenman of Chelms--urd, where Rev Mr Greenman Is mln-v)r the Unitarian Church. Miss Holden was graduated from the TJheeiork Kindergarten School of Bos- in 1S.T0. Wp (l PAfiD m A n tr o a rra A in 1S30. Mr Greenman was grad-oated from Phillips Exeter Academy tad also from Harvard University of 1927. He is a member of the -uity of the Fenn School here, hav-ned it the past year, after teach-in the Avon Old Farms School in Conn ,r early Fall. The wedding is planned READ THE advertisements in TODAYS GLOBE TO AUTHORITIES IN QUINCY QUINCY, April 2 A number of small breaks, most oi which .yielded nothing, were reported ast night from various sections of the city. The Pompeo Motor Sales plant on the Southern artery was broken into, but nothing was taken Four cottages at Post Island were broken into, but as they are all Summer cottages there was nothing of value to take away. The police think they may have been entered by somebody who was trying to get shelter from the recent severe storms along tne shoye. A dry goods store at Adams and Beale sts was entered by breaking a pafte of blass near the window catch. The drawer of the cash register waa found open by a police officer. It is MEDFORD ALDERMEN REFUSE ZONING CHANGES MEDFORD, April 2 Two changes in the zoning ordinance were refused by the Aldermen following hearings before the board, at which a large number of objectors appeared in protest last night. The petition of the Boston A Maine Railroad to change the zoning of the land adjoining the West Medford railroad station, near High st, to permit of Its use for a store block, was opposed by about 50 persons, whose spokesmen were Frederick G. Fassett, owner of property on Tyler av, and Past Commander John Black of Medford Post, A. L. Attorney Chapman of the railrfiad said the company wanted to dispose of the land because of the need of revenue. He spoke of plans for a flower store, and denied that the place would be used for a miniature golf course. Aldermen Watson, Donnelian and Cheetham of West Medford spoke against the change. The former took the officials to task for their failure to take care of the old fence on the Playstead road side of their property, and said the railroad should start improving it. A resolution from the West Medford Womans Club was read opposing the request. Otino Monaco desired to erect store JORDANS PRESENTS Untold fabric eautyi t And suggests certain niceties that the personal choice of fabrics means to wardrobes . . i COIOR-A costume distinction easy io : maintain if chosen in the fabric ! f Fit A finesse that lifts a costume to the heights of vital correctness! 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About 20 persons, backed by Aldermen Martini and Burke, were in opposition, while Alderman Fuller said that a couple of stores would be an Improvement to the section. The petitioner was refused a similar request to change the zoning of the district twice jn the past few years. Ills Attraction Judge But, madam, how could you marry a man you knew to be a burglar? , . Witness O, your honor, he waa so quiet In the house, Liverpool Post. SRECIAL! FRIDAY and SATURDAY tie U EASTER ACCESSORIES no smart ensemble can 'do without !. Sfip-on PSgsftln Gloves Vhite or Natural Color . 295 They are .the important tailored length ' that goes with equal correctness to town, business, sports events, with suits, coats, long-sleeved dresses ...and with all summer things later on! , WASHABLE, of course! 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Wear them to social affairs see how favorably they compare in grace, in beauty with more expensive models ! Mail or phone orders filled, call HUB bard 2700. WATCHER STREET FLOOR ANNEX JORDANS JORDAN harsh COMPANY PLANE INDUSTRY STARTS IN OLD VICTORY PLANT QUINCY, April 2 A new industry started In this city yesterday, when the Kraplsh Aircraft Company began operations in part of the old Victory Plant at Squantum. Ths company will speclaliz in sky phantom planes and the head of the company is Alexander P. Kraplsh, who designed the sky phantom type of plane, Mr Kraplsh was formerly chief test pilot for the The new plane is a two-place outfit and equipped with a four-cyllnder-ln-llne air-cooled motor. Mr Kraplsh had a thrilling experience while testing one of the moth aircraft a few years ago. While making tt' loop something gave way, but he managed to pull his parachute rip cord and floated dowrf to safety, although the airship was wrecked. The new company was invited to come to Quincy several months sgo by the Chamber of Commerce, through its Moth Aircraft Company of Lowell, then president, William M. Edmonston. ... NORWOOD VOTES $55,000 FOR SCHOOL ADDITION NORWOOD, April 2 At a special town meeting in 'he Junior High School last evening, the residents voted to appropriate $53,000 for an addition to the senior high school building. The following commttte was appointed: Gladwin M. Mead, John J. Conley, Edward II. Allen, Thomas H. Hayden and John Carlson. They also voted $1200 for equipment, to be taken from the school department fund, ? i

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