The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on January 15, 1919 · 1
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 1

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1919
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Order the Daily Globe i larlj from .vnii ih il!cr or - To set the bst result see that your want and classified advertisement appear In the Dally and Sunday Globe Me liULVLTL -IsM Edition vol. XOV-XO. 15 BOSTON, WEDNESDAY EVENING. JANUARY 15. 1919 14 PAGES COPTRIOHT. 191. BT THE GIX5BE? NEWSPAPER CC price 2 cents 7:30 LATEST-CLOSING MARKETS N H J-n iJBwiWjL HkuBr " SOUTH BOSTON WO CHARGED WITH MU i COLEMAN LEE WAS FOUND DEAD OF GAS Police Discover a Hole Was Punctured in Pipe i Ifff Nun I ,ee. .iged fit), of 60 Baxter st Houili HoHtun. was arraigned in the touili Honlon f'lstrlrt Court thia morn inf nemtr .nidge W illiam J. Pay, on a rrnt i-iinrging her with the murder nf hir titiNhaiid, Coleman, aged m. Dt ihf mne address ' n'.HWii I wax found dead at 6:30 cr.i;i morning In a gHS-fllled room In hie tnn. and at the time It wan be- WfMd that he had committed suicide Ht Mk found by his wife and she Pi iPOrled lite death to the police Owlne. lo Htories of neighbors and titlim-H Hi, " made an inventlgati n hli'li resulted in the arrest of Mrs I,e.e In court a plea of not utility was en tfreil and the case was routinueil until Tuesdu k- morniiiK in order to al jn i he i m 1 1 to iiiukk a tuiuur mves tlH inn. Iri'Kt Hugh Itourke of Division 6 -e-i.rnl ill. luina'il in court. He arrested Win laic vesterday afternoon as a IMPIClOua person connected with the RUINS OF MOLASSES TANK AND OTHER BUILDINGS olasses Tank Blows Up, Causing Widespread Damage to Property DEAD, INJURED AND MISSING Coul In ! rn I he Hrronil I'mtvc f THE WEATHER ck ip United ttatsi l eath- ' "lb er I : i .i.i fAHMitM' J3H 1 Iliwi" and n- p"- vicinity !' u and cold- HR A . cr tonight: Thursday v TtT'X c" fair. moderate west wind. For N e w Kngl.iiid and Kastern New S'ork : Fair Ionian t and TtlUrS-ilay, colder ton it, hi, fresh northwest to itrit wind C 12 SkT Temperatures at 8 a .ifc ... " n: It it rl i ii u t on and Id 't. .-. ltoston, lis: New York. ft Washington. 38, Chicago, 28. S-ulipcrs' forecast: l'roteet :t6-hour MMMnta north for temperatures of 8 to IS degrees: west. H to 'JO; south. IS to Z Horn mi and its vicinity. 2t) to 26. Htichluiid Light. 8 a m: Wind west. 15 nilie. cloudy. Bo.ton observations, 8 am: Barome--'vi in. in-.-,, it .iiperature. 39; lowest PHai lust night, 39; highest on Tues-f . humidity. 67 percent; wind west, U mile, cloudy. The Temperature Today TV thi i ninuii'ter ni Tlmniiwon'i, Spa roc.irilt uihtiiiihi ni ie a . ill toijajr u.s IoIIowh: 1pm 41 44 p iu 43 44 I p m 4.'i 14 Mtkfl IIMS unii M 4 .' ; in ii 87 43 I " ' V ' ' ; ' ! Fifteen people were killed outright, scores of others were seriously injured and a tremendous property damage was caused when a huge tank of molasses located at the plant of the Purity Distilling Company, 529 i Commercial st. North End, exploded ' about 12 : .".0- o'clock today. The tank, capable of holding be-I tween 3,000.000 and 4.000,000 gallons ; of molasses, is believed to have been about halt' filled with molasse.s, and I after the explosion the thorough- fares for blocks arotind worn two . ii.d throp f tn 1 ilunn in tilt hMvv , 41 1 w. - ' " - I vital lC5LUWn fluid, which -n liberated by the ex- j . JAMES LL!NON, city employe, 87 Brooke mw. Dor-plo3ion- cheater. Tl n . o 1 1 , f i I a nv nine i rtrt w 'j a n rt ;:ZrelZr mrs Bridget clougherty, e CoPP'. Hiii the explosion had taken place, but those who were in the vicinity at the time said that there was not the usual great detonation accompanying IDENTIFIED DEAD OWEN GORMAN, city employe, 55 Freeman at, UNIDENTIFIED DEAD Four men at North Grove-st Morgue, so completely covered such '.lasts, but rather a low, rum- wW noi. that description is impoible bung sound more like a quake than t otherwise. Girl in front of Bay State freight office. Buildings Crumpled Up Fragments of the great tank were thrown into the air. building. in the neighborhood began to crumple up as though the underpinnings had been pulled away from them, and scores INJURED Ul fraTturiev. of people in the various building ppTFK liKIM' were buried in the ruins, some dean and others badly injured. The explosion came without th slightest warning. The workmen were at their noontime meals, some eating in the building or just out side, and many of the men In the RELIEF HOSPITAL CASES T D PT7PATRIPIf vskll Me w is I ,,.. tm D riii.rAiniui DIED TODAY Continued the reoud PBgr. BRUNSWICK PROPOSES A NORTH GERMAN REPUBLIC COPBNHACJKN. Jan 16 The Government of Brunswick has issued a proclamation proposing the formation of a Central North tlerman Federal Republic," with A prclimiriKry constitution resembling that of Switzerland. Soldiers' and Workmen's Councils in various districts are askod to pafs upon the question. Outing 1918 tr.e Gtotc printed more Heat Estate advts than the second Boston paper. Heal Estate for sale, to let or vantedt Advertise in the Daily and Sunday Globe. HUNS GET WORLD TRADE ro 6 Bell an s Hot water Sure Relief RELLr AN S "POR INDIGESTION CASTLE SQ. THEATRE 1 J"r Hlene'n, Whero Ticket ro Ttu. n' Oidlvernil Immediately. Hk -story or Tirr. rosary- Americans Must Learn Languages in Order to Compete A teleprnm from New York dated Jan 14 says: A sixty-four page book, entitled "Language Logic." profusely illustrated with full page half-tone engravings, tells how Spanish can be acquired by a very wonderful method by whica you can learn to speak as well as read and write Spanish. French, Italian and Knglish simply by listening to specially nrepured phonograph records on any machine. Its publishers the Cortina Academy, 12 East 46th St. Desk 43. New York, announce that for a limited time thle book will be given free to all who write for It. Advertisement. SEA OF MOLASSES ON AND WRECK COMMERCIAL OF ELEVATED ST STRUCTURE L. C. Cough Drops Take them a few times and note how quickly hoarseness disappears Advt. Burdett College Now Business and shorthand courses b.-cin Mondays. 18 Boylston St. cor. Wash. -Advt. TODAY Money Deposited in Our Savings Department Today Draws Interest From Jan. 15th IS THE RATE WE HAVE BEEN PAYING Open Saturdays 9 A. HI. to 9 P. M- CosmoDolitan Trust Company GO Devonshire St.. Boston Mall re(oit. lot marked Today Draw Interest From Tda fi c' ' ' """ -.x. v -;8 jj&pr t W Warn ? JOH SEVKKLH I' (SietM-rlk-h I) JOH NOOXE. I II IM.l v WHITM.t. UILLIAH KEOl'lill. mm addrr-s grhrca. ItAKTHOLOMKW if'M ALI.KV. l orn- merrial at. J. H. MaeMULLEX. I... i 117 Sara- toaa st. East Boston. (IWKN t.OKMAN, ii Freeman U harlet4wn. lt:MS P. MLLIVAV 64, f ii Wordsworth st, Eat Kostnu. THOMAS J. HErKKKN VN. 257 Mala st, Charlfstowa. ISAAC YE ATOM, 3 Uintbrop nt. Kovhurj. JOHN McKEZlK, Ut harvester at, j Huston. MKS Y. H. l UMELL, Ifeafcs st, lluulton. Me. PAI L ELLIS, 109 C harlett st, Boston. JOE , found in freight car. YMLLIAX V. RYAN, 199 Portlaad U I a m In i-i-'c. DANIEL Ml LLMAH, 171 West lot- t;iee st. West Roxbnr. RALPH MABTIX, 120 Train st. Dor- Chester. - m wi rii'iMA TlMioai K. Kitztrlck. or treasurer of the Brown lurrII '"otn-paay. one of America's prooii t work- onllnard mm the Talrd rat. I iinlinuril on the S-.nd I'm. Please notify Circulation Manager. Boston Globe, if yon fosse any difficulty in obtaining your copy of the paper. Owino to tha increasing demand, newsdealer are frequently all sold out on tha Daily and Hunday Globe. BLAME IS PLACED FOR WRECK OF TROOP TRAIN the interstate Commerce Commission on j na!.' I Pointing out irai mi w wv . Naturally "Walter, this coffee is nothing but :,i)uin miia. WASHIXGTON, Jan 15-Blame for the , train dispatcher and an engineman. p . zz The bin eau reports that the rc m wreck of a troop tram on the St Louis w2?'.aUsld by he failure of division ent & San Francisco Railroad, noar t; -! .,:cher Choinister to transmit a poi ftilure' or en- 1 that class or cdnt which could 6 thus morrun:' Stray Stories. I -.!vrt in the collision were expert- pd men with gooo recoros, mr re- a ' port aids' Marshyllle, Mo. last Seotember. in train order to the operator at the Con- t f '1: :Tkk , m iSi. ....' . '...i.:M roBM Uhlfri J, r.ln s r- jn K.A amrt nuAS ttiav KfAiltill ;4 n 1 1 Ifl. rft iUrii Ul CU" Special Notice The Tremont Trust Co. is the only known banking institution in New England allowing withdrawal of deposits in its Savings Department at any time practically without loss of interest. IT HAS PAID MORE THAN 4 on savings deposits and permits patrons the free use of its vault for the safe custody of Liberty and other bonds, stocks and valuable papers. New Savings Accounts opened on or before January 20 will go on interest as if started January 1 TREMONT TRUST CO. 14 State Street 77 Warren St. Star Dedltf fa. Transfer Sta. Open Saturday Errninji

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