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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 14
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 14

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:

THE BOSTON GLOBE FRIDAY. DECEMBER 14. 1928 WORLD WAR VETERAN ADMITS DRUG CHARGE Became Addict Seeking Belief From Pain Man Wounded at Verdun Sent to Deer Island for Three Months Urodeiiweaii 3n Jfatttp I (gift jBoxto i 9 A Lot of Handsum Rayon Garments 21 II I I ALL STORES OPEN EVENINGS ALL STORES OPEN EVENINGS From a local manufacturer of only the best quality To make your Christmas happier every store in the TAUBMAN Chain has a complete assortment of gifts in Radio, Electrical Appliances, Household Goods, oys, Sporting Goods and Auto Wo, Worn en enjoy shopping at TAUBMANS-No inconvenience, no hustle and bustle, no waiting for salesmen. Call the nearest store and make your selections now. Everything you want at the price you want to pay. u-wY-r! IVES MECHANICAL TRAINS CHRISTMAS TREE ELECTRIC LIGHT SET Friday Mornin Easy Basement Ukinbuy. only 232 womens Super Sheen I Fi.s.iftsm (Bffne which meant extra heavy quality and LiuyOIl 3113 near aa can he found ordinary rayon garments have no comparison, many of fl these slips are embroidered and each garment in jJ I handsome gift box iHKl t-'A Every boy want, an Electric Railroad. Why not ati.fy that wish? There, action the time with a train aet and'the thrill that come, from the personal direction of train, are life-like copie. of the great Transcontinental Flyer. Electric train lets are the one gift for the small or large copies of the hest railroading. a Miniature i i boy that will delight him as nothing else wilL Give him what he has always wanted. A pathetic drama was enacted before Judge Foedlck In Suffolk Superior Criminal Court yesterday afternoon when Mitchell Maloof of the South End appeared for arraignment on chargee of having hypodermic needles and drugs in his possession and with having forged a prescription for drugs. In the lower court he had pleaded guilty to these charges but, when a six-month sentence was Imposed, he appealed. Yesterday he again pleaded guilty to the counts against him. While the case was pending from the lower court, attorney James A. Treanor, who has done much to assist disabled veterans, tried to bring about a solution of Maloofs problems. The defendant was a member of the 101st Regiment. He fought valiantly in the World War. At Verdun Oct 23, 1918, his days of active fighting ended. A German machine-gun sent 15 bullets into one of his legs between the knee and the hip. The shots left an open wound that one could look through. I Since that time, Maloof has had 13 operations, the last four of which he underwent without taking any anaesthetic. Continual pain wracked his body. Doctors administered narcotics to alleviate his suffering. Long duration of pain led Maloof to seek remedies himself. He became a confirmed addict. Oct 11 last he forged a prescription for narcotics. A few days later he was taken Into custody. The needles and drugs were found on him. Judge Fosdick and Dlst Atty Foley were told the entire story by Mr Treanor. They said they would do all possible. He could not be ordered to a hospital because he was not Insane. Only long confinement in a proper medical institution would help him and no one had the power to order this. Maloof was sent to the House of Correction at Deer Island for three months, on the possession charges. It was believed he could get more fresh air, and chance to be out In the open, there than at any other place Also it gave him the chance to have his wound attended at the hospital. GRANGE OPPOSES EXPORTING POWER Plea of Thompson Fails to Move Maine Body Special Dispatch to the Globe AUGUSTA, Me, Dec 13-The Maine State Grange this afternoon passed a resolution against the exportation of hydro-electric power from the State kA last minute effort was made by William J. Thompson of South China a former State master, to prevent any discussion of controversial questions on the floor of the convention. This was obviously aimed at the expected debate on the water power question. Mr Thompson urged the importance of unity of action and Interest among the members of the Grange. A real gift for your boy. Consists of Iron Locomotive, Tender and Passenger car. Six pieces of curved track make a full-size circle. Standard Ives quality. 1 FREE SAFETY GATE WITH EACH SET FREE Just 60 Sots Womens Trico Sheen Sets Another heavy rayon cloth 1 pair womens bloomers and one different colored frosted bulbs, flexible cord and two-piece plug. SET SET tiiArMAHc din Colors: Spruce, coral, rose and crimson. Also WOmUll 5 allH of this lot are super Indestructible varied colors, Sc each. sheen. Wide range of colors and sizes. In fancy gift box complete CARD TABLE $2.95 1 i iso Pairs Womens Super Sheen WAFFLE IRON A masterpiece in de- LIONEL ELECTRIC SET gauge track. Set comprises re- with flat lock seam, and ra- i Couldnt ba inforced seat. LIONEL ELECTRIC SET saute track. Set comprise. locomotive with electric headlight. Pull- .95 man tani observation track and IVES ELECTRIC SET Ives Limited 0 gaugre tvaok. Set comprises locomotive with electric headlight and hand leverse. 2 Pullman cars, 1 Observation oar, all electrically lighted and bnlliantly ensm i QE eled. Complete with 3 wr track, switch and in- JStm etiuction book. IVES ELECTRIC SET Red Arrow 2U pauge. Whole train measures feet lensrth. Locomotive with headlight and hand reverse. 2 electrically lighted Pullmans and 1 Club Car and 1 Observation car. fQ5 Has track, instruction jH yp book and wues. EeS crisp, golden brown waffles full size. Highly pol scrsible locomotive with electric beadlighL 2 Pullman and 1 Observation car. track and control rheostat switch and warning signal. IVES ELECTRIC SET Red Arrow This outfit is the same as the Red Arrow described on the left, except it ha an automatic reversing locomotive and a push- etj OEZ button control $3 switch Jtes sign. Makes i cars, warning slgnaL IVES ELECTRIC SET The Greyhound gauge track. Comprise locomotive lOti Inches long of the latest type. Has 2 electric headlights and hand reverse, 2 Pullman cars and Obser- as ation car. electrically ur -rSJS lighted track, clip. 13 11 control switch, tn- wmw ruction book and wires. Black waterproof moire padded top. Top of table heavily braced. Strong folding leg braces. Woodwork finished Cl 1 in black, red and I greet). Home on lce prevent scratch- mg. i ished nickel-plate. Easily 1 with cord and plug. Bridge Sots 89c i Rayon Bloomers made better, wide range of colors. Each pair in Pft fancy gift box 8 36 Womens Radium Silk Slips tailored. Good colors and sizes. Each garment 3 AP in fancy gift box aO JL IWw 84 Womens Milo Sheen Slips tailored. Each garment ha. the milo sheen label, showing the cloth. These come in extra size, and are only in black and navy. A wonderful gift for a large person. Each garment in a fancy gift box. jj I Each I TAX EXEMPTION, FREE RENT TO INDUSTRIES long, located on a spur track, rent free to Industry using the companys peyer The people of Milton, Senator Leon D. Latham, spokesman for his townspeople said, are anxious to attract business and will treat any new that here to do Alligator Grain Leatherette Bridge Cover 63c BATTERIES LONG LIFE DEPENDABLE flMIUJI" JIM WWW 1 i-1 'u JJ gum juhmua in i i Uii WHMIIWII' JPS i iftit Pfnvggpr mm mu, ju jwhi yn Wff jetiWir. a'J UMriatttJilUHlkSui iuww iitfmrn DRY CELLS I.1AGNETIG CONE SPEAKER 6-VoJt 11-Plate Slarage Gallery In Hard Rubber Casa A battery that will give yon ail the service that you need at a real saving. With Old Auto Battery De Soto 8 Tube A ALL ELECTRIC RECEIVER ll-vol Batteries made by a leading manufacturer. Those bat-tartee have many uses. Excellent quality. i This battery Is made by one of the largest manufacturers tn America who has requested that we do not divulge its famous name. Please do not confuse these with .19 A handsome speaker of excel lent tone and great volume. Easily installed in any Console. concern right comes 3 for (2)c 1 cheap batteries. No Mail Orders .95 Without Old flattery 6.95 Crating 5e Kira FEATURES Completely contained In handsome art metal cabinet. One dial control. Illuminated dial for easy reading, ho aerial or xround needed to receive nearby stations. lias four stages of radio fre-nuenry. detector and two stages of audio freauenrv. Has phonograph pirk-un. Use, seven A. r. Tubes and Rectifier Tube. Minimum current Vermont Town Wants to Attract New Business PHONOGRAPH PICK-UP UNIT AERIAL ELIMINATOR BALL-BEARING ROLLER SKATES ELECTRIC TOASTER Extra Heavy Genuine Ni-chrome element. Toasts evenly and quickly. Memorial Exercises Held Memorial exercises formed a feature of today's session. These were held for A. E. Morse of South Paris, for several years Stajte chaplain, Hoscoe Pease of Cornish, and Mary E. Aiken of Milo. Clement S. Stetson, who was State master from 190? to 1915. presided and the tributes were given by F. E. Russell of Bethel, Gladys M. Bisbee of lamerick and Mrs Daisy Smith of Dover-Foxcroft. The appointment of the legislative committee was announced by State Master Abbott as follows: Senate, Merle J. Harriman of Readfield, chairman; Albert T. Nickerson of Swan-ville, Mrs Claire S. Carter of Auburn; House, H. B. Crawford of Houlton, Leon A. McKnight of Poland, Lon E. Wight of Newry and J. Herbert Corn-ins of Eddington. So- consumption. No Batteries No Eliminators Just Plug in Any Lamp Socket You should have a radio in your home on Christmas. Here is your chance to buy tomorrows all-electric masterpiece at the unusually low price of Use your house ivirins for sn aerial Just screw In socket. Simple and Just the gift for your boy or girl. ft An instrument that links your phonograph to your radio. Pro- Atm .50 INFANTS CRIES SAVE SIX FROM COAL GAS Special Dispatch to the Globe NASHUA, Dec 13--The cries of an infant son saved Mrs Hsrrj Brown and her five children today their home, 34 Dearborn st, Xros asphyxiation by coal gas. Mrs Brown, gasping for breath When she was aroused by the cries, afirokt her eldest daughter, Marjory, who roused the other children and sent lot the father, caretaker of Memorial Hospital. The parlor stove had been oankei and dampers closed, filling the boust with coal gas fumes. Phyalei1 stated a half hour mors would been fatal to the six. A $5 Deposit Will Hold This Set Till Christmas Ball-bearing wheels, reinforced steel rch Special Dispatch to the Globe ST ALBANS, Vt, Dec 13-Milton, located midway between this city and Burlington, today came to the front as one of the most progressive small towns in the State seeking new industries, when leading citizens of the town made a unique offer to manufacturers through the Industrial bureau of the Central Vermont Railway to attract new business to the village. Milton, said that towns spokesman, has voted to exempt new industries from taxation for a period of 10 years and, in addition, ha arranged, through the Public Electric Light Company of this city, to offer the use of a large mill building, 40 feet wide and 300 feet The Eagleknit Prizes Are Announced N. W. Sanborn of Keene, read a paper on the activities and benefits of the National Grange Mutual Liability Insurance Company. He announced the prizes to Maine Granges in the interest of tho organization, Solid Rock Grange of Dhrham, first prize of $35; Minot Center Grange, second prize of $15, and Winthrop Grange, third prize of $10. Ex-State Senator I. W. Case of Lu-bee, presenting the report of the roads comm.ttee, stressed tho needs of Maine to plan ahead to have sufficient funds for new construction and to maintain roads already constructed properly. The committee indorsed the bond issue for new-road construction. Fred I. Walker of Monroe Introduced a resolution demanding that owners or operators of motor vehicles found guilty of faults in accidents involving $50 or more damage must give proof of financial responsibility. The place of the next convention was left to the executive committee. STAR HEATER RED HEAD CIGAR LIGHTER ROYAL FLUSH ANTI-FREEZE TIRE CHAINS Dont take any chances. Better to be safe than sorry. These chains will grab hold on Icy and muddy roads quickly. Cross chains are case hardened. Easily rut on and adjusted. 9 99 30x312 For All Cars One filling lasts the entire season. Absolute protection in coldest weather. Will not harm engine, radiator or hose connections. Will not evaporate or overheat motor. Non-inflammable, non-poisonous, non-toxic, odorless. 95 Gal. 5-45 No wires to short circuit. Can be passed around car. Clamps to Le dash board. aO3r Never in JEL the way. Reeintrr type Kxhauft lieater. Keeps the interior of our rar al-avs warm and oo7v. Complete with all attachments. Fitted with ehut-oit valve connected from dash. 29x4.40. MOTOR ROBE PARAMOUNT SLIP-ON CLOCK FRONT SPRING 7 Leaf TOW CABLE Full Size 54x72 Inches CLARION EXPLOSION WHISTLE Complete with spark plug adapter. -n .95 A 1 1 e-k put; clock which clamps on any dashboard easily. PRACTO FENDER FLAPS bberizcd material with vertical riba Protects finish 011 car. A 1 1 a ed beneath fenders. No holes to drill. Keeps mud and slush from splashing ear 'rf' Strong braided steel cable with 2 large hooks. CHICOPEE BURGLARS GET $500 IN SCHOOLS VAULT CHICOPEE, Deo 13 Burglars looted the vault in the office of Christopher A. Fitzgerald, principal of the Chicopee High School, early today and escaped With $500. The police are without definite clew, although the inspectors are working on the theory that it was the work of a local gang which has been committing robberies In the city over a considerable period. The raiders took money only, leaving checks, Jewelry and valuable documents strewn about the floor. Not a single tool used in wrecking the vault was left as evidence. Apparently a heavy lever was used to force open the doors of the safe, which was badly damaged. The combination assembly was smashed with a hammer and the outer and inner doors were wrenched from their hinges. Entrance to the building was gained through a basement window on the Front-st side of the school. The glass was broken, leaving the lock on the inside exposed. Most of the money stolen was the property of the Athletic Association connected with the school and was the result of successful minstrel For Model Fords 7-leaf, high- mt grade spring SBC steel. Complete line of better (trade robe, at popular prices. Fasily Installed mains standing as stiff as a piece of wood until the show is over. The revised regulations will require the reviewing officer to salute unit commanders at least as far down as major. Mr Davis thinks this will give both officers and men greater interest to looking and marching their hest when under review. merce, he said, has merrily accelerated still more communications between men and movement of men themselves from one place to another. SUPREME COURT DINNER HELD AT WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON, Dec 13 (A. and Mrs Coolidge were hosts tonight at the last official White House social function of the year, the annual dinner in honor of the members of the Supreme Court. In addition there was a long list of distinguished guests, Including Mr and Mrs Henry Ford, Ambassador Morrow, Gov Ritchie of Maryland, and Atty Gen Sargent. Congress was represented by three members of the Senate and House Judiciary Committee Senator Overman, Senator Gillett and Representative Sumners. Additional guests were Invited to the musicale following the dinner, the artists for which were Sophie Breslau, contralto, and the Elschuco trio. it would look and then lost his balance. The fall broke his neck. Philips parents said there was no reason why the boy should have committed suicide. AIRPLANES TO AID RAILROADS, KEYS SAYS NEW YORK, Dec 13 (A. transportation will be stimulant rather than a deterrent to a railroad business, members of the New York Railroad Club were told tonight by C. M. Keys, president of Transcontinental Air Transport, the plane-tram system with which Coi Charles A. Lindbergh is connected. would be willing to bet, said Keys, who is also chairman of the executive committee of National Air Transport, that the railroads of the country make more money out of carrying supplies and material for the National Air Transport than they have lost through the carriage of air mail by that line. Application of the railroad to com CRANE, WRITER, LEFT ESTATE OF $200,000 LOS ANGELES, Dec 13 (A. Frank Crane, writer, who died last Nov 6 in Nice, France, left an estate of 200,000 to his widow, A petition to probate the will was filed here today. Dr Crane moved here from New York three years ago. His widow lives here with a daughter, Ella S. Crane. Dr Crane also survived by a son, James L. Crane of Los Angeles. Well Prepared Hussell Dont you think college is a good preparation for life? Dobbs Yes. Indeed. I spent four years learning how to get to 8 oclock classes, so that now I have no trouble making an 8:05 train. Border Cities Star. A 19-GUN SALUTE FOR PERSHING IS PLANNED Special Dispatch to the Globe 2., WASHINGTON. Deo 13-Under en Army regulation soon to be prom. 1 Digged, 3en John J. Pershing, In his capacity aa general of the Armies of the United will on formal oc- casione receive a salute of 19 guns. 2 Thia will place the general of the At mles on a par with a Held marshal In Europe, who rate such, a salute. p. Other general officers, as at present, will receive 17 guns. Secretary of War Davis feels that the general of the Armies is entitled to the mark of greater distinction. Another amendment to the regula-i tlona will give reviewing officers more work to do. At present a reviewing officer salutes the commander of the la review and then re- I BRONX BOYS HANGING BELIEVED AN ACCIDENT NEW YORK, Dec 13 (A. Romangnoll, 11, hanged himself, apparently accidentally, to the basement of his homo in the Bronx today. After lunch, Philip was sent to wash his hands and comb his hair before going back to school. He had to climb up on a chair to look in the mirror. An end of a clothesline hung near tho mirror. Police believe that the boy. Interested in near-hangings ho had seen In the movies, tied the rope around his neck Just to see how JOSEPH E. HARVEY NAMED TO SACO MUNICIPAL COURT SACO, Me. Dec 13 Joseph E. Harvey was nominated today as recorder of the local Municipal Court by Gov Brewster, and as soon as he Is confirmed by the Governors Council will begin his duties. Mr Harvey was born In Saco and after graduating from Thornton Academy attended the University of Maine, being graduated in 1918. He served In the Yankee Division during the World War and after the armistice became a student at the University of Rennes In Fiance Eagtehnit All-wool. 'Patented. Tbs only knit cap that i cempistsly protect. 1 chs.k.f and flying Edgle A g.nnin fsath. Hlmt. Soon fitting MerSKtttt0 4 winn. A populsr-pricsd goto panion cap to (ha 1 Esglakak. Pally eatti, A it i

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