The High Point Enterprise from High Point, North Carolina on May 22, 1966 · Page 37
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The High Point Enterprise from High Point, North Carolina · Page 37

High Point, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 22, 1966
Page 37
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· Life ;is;,fpr^M^ ; «ixi;. tall, , isn't Trus . The NSW York actor, pearing through May 29 in the comedy ''Goodbye, Charlie" ·t the S.hpwb^t ^i^r, Theatre, is 'a pacticing 4 be1iever in doing^ what you want to d^o. Art started following his own star as.a kid of .seven, when he 'decided' to 6en actor. He. · uiseJ. t? maHe.up the /'scripts": fpr;cMbat *»d «Wfeoy games. for -hir pals, land' always man-' agfed to 'cast' 'himself in the '' ' ' ' . ' ^At'lfi; When most 'boys are- either anxious to be lit Uniform or are dreading the prospect, ArV already Warty service i-thanks -to the borrowing ofU friend's Social -§«c«rity number whjjch ''proved^hiUn old' Of Pace prize, a perfect condition, flqwn by a pilot whp gave .^invaluable Inforpfitatlon." Art ,- ·picked him up in-a helicopter, the pilot picked up the. money «4-P«*ed a fas| route out of Sight; y .;V. -. .::..;,·; V - . - For his part in this and oth: er exploits, xfoe Korean govr ernment held a big parade and awarded 'hm*: the Hwrang ,; Medal with. Qold Star. ( A busy actor since going , .to New York, Art U*ok the role of George in "Goodbye Charlie"^ ^ Showboat'because it was ''different 1 'and, there- 7 fore; another challenge fa meet, another experience to ART VASIL, AURELIA DEFELICE In 'Goodbye, Charlie' . . . . . l - , ArtprovM-he W«»s-;,no brat white IRI seryiw iR-.lKiQraa; :-A member of 7 a - Korean ..fotelli- gence unit|-AE,t:advertwed that South Korea would' pay any North Korean: pilot $50,000 to .land .an undamaged MIG ! in iSpiith'' Korea. One fine day, in flew the Yvonne Happy To Her Normal Face am By GENE HANDSAKER HOLLYWOOD (AP) - After years as a pasty-complexioned tele-vampire, Yvonne De ~ r Carlo-says "I'm relieved to be ;..back in my normal face." Tite onetime siren of sex-and- : _;sand movies reflects on the nonr ^"renewal for next fall of "The Ministers," her sepulchral television comedy series: ...: "It.meant security. It gave me a new, young public I .-.-wouldn't have .had otherwise. It f- made me 'hot' again, which I iwasnlt for a while, ^·v.:^ "It's been nothing but good for me and I'm very sorry to v see it go.' * - ' · · "Still, I can't be too sad because now I can do other, things. I was getting disinterested/ : and that's bad. I have a few years "left; My figtire and acting are ijetter than ever. I know I can do other things with real zegt/' ,,The singer-dancer-actress will .. .star'in "Pal.Joey,";the musical comedy, next month in suburban Anaheim. '·: . - . · · · ; ' . : ' It ^as^the next to last day of sjiooting for theaters a movie --- jspinoff of the television series -v :!! Murister, Go Home." Np glppm could be discerned. · Fred Gwynne, as Herman -S'-Munster, the monster who ,;t;,works in a mortuary, was about :;;;.to race in "Drag-u-la," the 'dragster, built of a golden casket ^;, with organ pipes for exhaust.- "· · Al Lewis, who plays,'grandpa, the rnad scientist who relaxes in an old electric chair while reading obituaries, stood off-camera, ·munching .sunflower seeds. "Twp ; .years? That's a long run," he. said of the Munsters' television life. -."On the stage I've opened on Friday and closed on Saturday." Batman, who cut- heavily into the Munsters 1 audience, helped YVONNE DECARLO cause the Munsters- cancellation. Also, there's an industry feeling that the monster era has run its .coMrise.-: The'somewhat similar ."Addpms Fgrnily""af fell by the wayside, ": Miss De Carlo doesn't tell her age, but old studio biographies make her 41.' She still photographs as beautifully as in roles of yore: Moses' soulful wife in "The Ten .Commandments," POINTER D r ]!f. 70A O v'fnvowrc RC H.ol- Co. dl Adult Entertainment These Two Big Hits Will Not Be Shoyffl On TV1 LIVES OF UNUSUAL GIRLSI 'HOT FED' An Off-Bui Movie Ab'otit Guys and Gals In A Big Cltyl Daring · Revealing) 2nd Big Fun Color Hit 30 Lovely Cutles To Keep You Happy. , BACHELOR TQM PEEPING" Alec Guirtpegs' exotic' ."otfie wife" 'in ''Captain's Paradise, the glamorous lov.ely who enact ed a torrid love affair wit Clark Gable in "A Band of An Her features are delicate, th large eyes blue-gray. She meas iires 3f24i "and I don't k.nb\ about the hip's" -- 'but; they'r artistically proportioned, 'too. Every wording day for tw years, the suitry French-Cana dlan : brunette ·. ha?" undergon ,two hours' ; -make»up for. her rol as Lily -Monster! a mixture o gr^en .'.and., gray ''greasepaint green tint on.the eyelids, half Inch false ·eyelashes, swoopin black grows and a black y that falls to her calves.. . : i How did the-Veteran of glam or i-oles Jeel about taking th ghoulish part when,, her agen proposed jt?. , -. , . , . . . . · "jSprne people thou^hf 'i| wag criminal shame to put me- i this make-up.- Bat when I §ai the result on the screen it wa not too bad. It was not ogre-ish When they put comedy'with ii the whole thing became 'bi zarre." ·"." ··· ·· DIKNER THKATH1E WIT« MEW YOUK CAST OM THE "MAGIC STAdK '"The Reluctant : Debutante" MfFfH MUIMET viNREt TM P.M. Stagecoach Trail Near Airport Reservation Dial Darling Is A Devil! Conrrpversiair -- Frank! -- Exfe|ient[ Darling is auite a sirl . . . unite a motion picture. Realistic and possibly rough . . . but, always excellent, from the PTA Magazine to Time and the Academy Awards . . . Darling's a devil . . ; but excellent! BEST ACTRESS] Nominated as Best Picture--Direction Costume--Screenplay ". . . a bitter, glittering, and some-times- sfabbingly bril- Hant tale- of a jet-^et jade -- Time "Temptress In Purgatory." ''Her particular . appetite cannot be appta§«d by ser or food pr anything else -..-. it seems to be the particujiar malady of her time, the Jet- set achc'.f TIME 3HAGAZINE called it "Playgiri^ Pr»gr*ss" "A Sparkling "satirical British film about society today.^Adults." ; . --1'TA . Magazine "The woman so nominated in this ' totally, corrosive film . . . is anything but a- darling." -- x.Y. Timei JULIE CHRISTIE In her Role LAURENCE HARVEY DIRK VOGARDE Of Greek parents, Art has roet many members i of the Greek .communitiss in the Piedmont and has enjoyed . their- f e 11 p w s h i p jn .their churchiss,. homes and at S\\ovi- boat, where they have, come to see him act. Art will return to New York, where "thre; or four things' are cooking',' 1 - T h e ^things- cooking" could be a motion ·picture (he's been in films with. Tony Curtis, ; 'Debbie ·Reynolds and Sophia . Loren) · or a 'TV: show (he's appeared ; with Ben Gaazara, Franchot Tone, and Martin Balsam) on the stage.- Adnlt Entertainme^i - 4 · 3 · Begins TODAY For A Special . Limited: · Alt S^tt $1.00 CENTER Bachelorhood In New Light HOLLYWOOD (AP) ;"Bachelorhood was wonderful when I didn't know Burt/' says one of Holly wood's lovelier former bachelor glrh?, Angle Dickinson. : . Buri is 'Burt Bacharach, t cw poser of "Wives and Loveri," ''What the Wbrld. Needs.Now" and the Oscar nominee ''What's New, Pussycat?" The two celebrated their first wedding anniversary May 15." -. Aiigie's dates used to include director Richard Brooks and Frank Sinatra. . . · . , - · What about the cel«brated Hollywocxi..wolves? : * '; "It depends on what you're looking for. I didn' to go out.". ; ; v; 1 · , ' ' . . ,· And when, invited as an extra girl to somebody's : dinner par. ty, said Angle: "I always drove my own car so I didn't have to take potluck." . . . She described B.ach,arach as "beautiful"- and' marriage as "wonderful."They'have homes in New Ydrk and Holly wood-his apartment there and hers here before they were married. · She was about to join him for two months in New, York .while he works with his lyricist partner, Ne\y Yorker-.Hal David. The Bscharachs expect a baby in the fall. . ' . ' f! C CENTER THEATRE Sunday-Tuesday: "Darling," with.Julie Christie * and Laurence Harvey. : Starts Wednesday: "Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines," with an all-star cast, in color. ; . PARAMOUNT THEATRE Sunday-Wednesday: "Madame X,'' with Lana Turner and John Forsythe, in color ;;::. .Starts Thursday: ."A Man Could Get lutled," with James Garner, Melina Mercouris and Sandra Dee, in color. Monday Liinch Oiii ll?00 - 2;30 ! a .SAUSAGE a- · .D".. D ANCHayiES D SALAM'i" v D GROUND BEEF PIZZA PALACE DRIVE-IN H07 N. MAIN TEL. 883-9423 12-INCH $150 Solv-A-Gririie :\ · YOU ARE THE DETECTIVE Yoq J^vi? 1 been s«m?tM»ed'' to U^ hypqngJodge own^ by. the wealthy ; Frank ; Collins/ wter* you are met by two of the junjq? partners lf tysgen- eral insurance firm; Tom 'At-' cott apd Dick-Brady; The tyo youpjwien'have led you along'; a lonely tril in the fdrfesf to the spot wbere the}r host Jiesi' dead, a long-handled .hunting knife pluriged into .his ehest. You kneeV-beside^the heaVy looking ,body of the yicljrfi, carefully examine,the smooth handle of the" death -weapon, dust. it,\'anl come ..put ,with sorne -well . defined ; fingejv prints. Then, you take finger-: print impressions of Alcott: aqy on a piece ' ; you Wf;, pij-ryihS «nd compare them '· with f b* prinU you found on tite-knife, handle: : "Tha 'only' f-ingerprin'ts '" the knife 'handle -arevyo-,,... Alcott," 7pu ; -isay, "although?" you hpv.e .already : told me this' .is FraaU Collins 1 -knife." i-.,: : "But I cartv explain-that, 1 ^ excla}rn/. Torn Alcott. "I w;as- walking along: the" ·traiTheje." :at about-two o'clock, came d that "bend* there about - eaine apd, ypq cap imagine hew I ;;f?U ·· whm^P typf. To*n bent ,:py^ Mr; ciUBf : tith'hi* h,«nd .on the knife;- life fac* got -%h|te a sheet. when h« saw He tbrpwr'.jsii accusing when I sa\y, : M^. .Collins lying here on, tlje ground with knife it, · him; I ran over to.* him, grabbe"^ '·'· hold of ·' 'the!" knife, and. : .tr}«r to pull it oiit\. . . , I thought: at first' th*Vv mayba he was still alive and that I could help hjm. It w«^ . ; : . : "No, it waap't atricjde," you .;Tfp|y, and:$f»n you direct a -Jffhger at ope W* two yWng ;ii»en and say,- ''I'm taking you :/ wiHi me for further question" " ; ; ' you Vsiispect, and ' ' SOLUTION P«fe . I ;'.r-: ··· .- !' · .1 I " . , . ' 1 ^ TON IG HIT Air Color IXCITEMENTI And His Carolina Kinfolki! "KISSIN' COUSINS' "Magnificent in a special andvery engaging way!" "A comedy spectacular!" The Greatest Heart Drama Of Them All! "Mildred Pierce," "Stella Dallas," "Magnificent Obsession," "Back Street" and "Imitation of Life" . . . and NOW comes another great emotional experience! With t^Fo strokes of a . pen she branded herself rlT MADAM X! Her sin as a woman . . . her sbamc as a wifa . . . her sacrifice as a mother . . . in now a .. KuoS HUNTER Production ' ' motir!1 P^ture story to LANA TURNER '°° ch your ^ arl as TECHNICOLOR JOHN FORSYTHE RICARDO MONTALBAN · BURGESS MEREDITH CONSTANCE BENNQt-KflRDUlLEA... It'i Cry-Your-Eyei-Out Excitement To See And To Love! NOW S*e from Beginning Shows l:3fr-3:25 5:20-^7; l GOLQR Cinemascope! WEDNESDAY Where F-.U-N Is! !0(h CEKTURY-FQX presants STUfiRT WHITEN-SARAH MILES-JAMES FOX-ALBERTO SORdl ROBERTMORLEY· GEfll FROBE-JEAN-PIERRE CASSEL-IWDEVICK·'ERIC SIXES and TERRY-THQIMS . special .GUBSI star P-SU'ELTON HI THOSE MAGIIFICENT MEK IK TKEIR FLYiNB MMHINES Or Kow'lFlew From London to F.rli in 25 HDU" and 11 Minutu· ' - ' " ' " - : · Adulrs . . . ·, $1.25 · Children . : . 50c Center Theatre Starts TONIGHT! ··TV's Biggest Show . . . Now A ' Great Movie AW- MARGRET PameJq Tiffin The town,.", the peopje... and the tj-uth it called indecent f Carole Lynley ''THE PLEASURE SEEKERS in COLOR JERRY MS B M d o^'tfw Nov.t by QR/tCE METALIOUS CO-STARRING TUESDAY

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