The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1955 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1955
Page 8
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PAOB BIGHT BLTTHBTILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWi EATURPAT, MARCH It. House Bill to Guard Army Reserves from Connection with UMT By RUSSELL BRINES WASHINGTON (AP) — A House subcommittee has taken steps designed to prevent the administration's military reserves plan from becoming a seedbed for universal military training. Working on a Pentagon bill to strengthen the reserves, a House Armed Services subcommittee yesterday made tentative changes which Chairman Brooks (D-La) said show "conclusively it is not a universal military training measure." The group has not yet acted finally. Brooks said the bill still is open to amendment. He announced Plane Damage Is Termed Sabotage BIRMINGHAM. Ala. 10—Damage to government planes being modified at the Hayes Aircraft Corp. plant was called "a serious case of sabotage" by a high company of- Vital flying surfaces of air force transport planes — the large C119 Boxcars and the smaller B25 aircraft — were found to have been tampered with, the company reported. The extent of the damage was not revealed. The damage was discovered yesterday, and FBI, Air Force and company agents began an immediate investigation. "Such sabotage endangers the lives of people who fly these airplanes," said Harry Rowland, president of Hayes. He labeled the reported damage "a serious case of sabotage." The company is negotiating a new contract with the United Automobile and Aircraft Workers Union, which has notified the firm it will terminate its agreement March 27 unless a new agreement is reached. Union leaders disclaimed any responsibility for the alleged sabotage. The union said it had,offered to aid in investigating the alleged sabotage. hearings will open Monday to get the views of Pentagon, National Guard and Reserve Officer spokesmen on the revised proposals. Minimum Amount In the main, the subcommittee changes dealt with Pentagon proposals to: Recruit: corps of youths under 19 for six months of intentive training to be followed by a hitch in the reserves; and use compulsion for the first time in getting reservists to keep up their required training. Brooks said the subcommittee version would provide "the minimum amount of compulsion." The administration bill spelled out no specific annual quota for the special corps of under-19 trainees. It was this aspect that critics contended could be a loophole through which the program could be expanded into UMT. 250,000 Maximum To seal such a passible loophole, the subcommittee specified a minimum of 100,000 and a maximum of 250,000 such trainees annually. Pentagon spokesmen had said they were thinking in terms of 100,000 a year. The House group also provided that service in such a corps should be voluntary. It thus rejected a Pentagon proposal to permit drafting trainees if there were not enough volunteers. The regular draft would continue in effect for most youths between the ages of 18& and 26. Old Gold Coins Found on Farm ENGLAND, Ark. W)—Two Negro farm tenants have uncovered $600 In gold coins on the grounds of an abandoned pro-Civil War plantation home near here. The pot full of gold—30 United States $20 gold coins—was found on land now owned by J. R. Webb. Webb said he guessed the former owner of the plantation had hidden the money to keep federal soldiers from capturing It. Red Fishermen Are Returned SINGAPORE tJPt — The British liner Caronia arrived in Singapore today with five shipwrecked Chinese fishermen picked up off Malaya. They were survivors of a group of eight fishermen whose vessel sank in a storm off the Malayan port of Penang a week ago. They had clung to rafts until the Caronia spotted them Friday. Senate Votes Inquiry Money WASHINGTON (£>)—The Senate last night voted more than a million dollars for 10 special inquiries —but not before Sen. Ellender D-La, had charged Sen. Kefauver D-Tenn with hoping for "plenty of advertising" hit of a juvenile delinquency investigation lie heads. Ellender challenged Kefauver's request for $154,000. saying that the study "will result in pure wasts." Sen. Lfinger R-ND leaped into the fray, telling Ellender the Louisiana senator never worried about voting money "for hogs, cattle, sheep and the hoof and mouth disease." Ellender also forced a $50,000 cut in a $250,000 request for an antitrust probe, and a $5,000 reduction in a fund to look in to federal prison conditions. State Highway Need Is Cited Superheated Home MADISON. Ind. (IP}— An opposum j looking for a new home crawled under the hood of an automobile, taking atong an old burlap bag as furnishings. But he wound up as | a dinner for the owner. The bag ] caught fire from the hot manifold. MOVING? Loral or Long Distance CALL 3-8928 Beckhdm Moving & Storage Co. 900 . Second WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI cou.vrr, ARKANSAS Charles W. Nance, Pltf. vs. . No. 12,903 Peggy Joe Nance, Dft, The defendant. Peggy Joe Nance, is hereby warned to appear within: thirty days in the court named in j the caption hereof and answer the j complaint of the plaintiff. Charles W. Nance. Dateri this 18th day of March. 1955. SEAL GEHALDINE LISTON, Clerk. By DONNA SIMMONS, D. C. Percy A. Wright. Ally, for Pltf. Max Harrison, Atty. Ad Litem. 3 19-20-4/2-9 Guaranteed Watch Cleaning .50 36 Hour Service 3 Your watch is completely disassembled—all pivots polished —springs adjusted nnd machine cleaned. Chronosruplis and Automatics not, Included nt this low price Thompson Jewelers 114 W. Main SINGLETON - Familiar enough to residents of Provo, Utah, but eyebrow-raising to strangers is Robert Collier, of Taylorsville, Utah, on his homemade unicycle. He is a student at Brigham Young University and a cadet in the ROTC. Bob says that as soon as he can save enough money, he'll add another wheel and have a conventional bike. Red China Bound Tanker Passes Ceylon WASHINGTON m — Arkansas will need more than one billion dollars for highway construction during the next 10 years, the Bureau of Public Roads says. The bureau s.tid in a report released yesterday that the state will be able to provide only $770.436.000. ' leaving the federal government to provide 315 million dollars for the next 10 years. ; COLOMBO, Ceylon WV- The Finnish tanker Aruba, making 100 miles a day in the Indian Ocean with a cargo of jet fuel for Communist China, passed 70 miles off the south coast of Ceylon today. A chartered plane carried press photographers over the ship. Crewmen took off caps and vests and waved, The Aruba, carrying 13.000 tons of jet fuel, Was instructed yesterday by her owners to keep going, to avoid ports and — if she must stop for any reason — to wait in international waters until fresh orders are received. Seamen's union spokesmen in Helsinki said Wednesday, the crew would strike if ordered to take the Aruba beyond Singapore. Twice Conned Corn RUBY, S. C. W» — Because of the drought last summer and last fall, a cannery here had to buy canned corn, uncan it, mix it with its own ingredients and recan the mixture. UTIEY (Continued from Page Vt ly ajar so as to give him a view of the front door. A few minutes later Utley and the woman arrived. Utley parked his late model Cadillac in front of the liquor store. Upon entering he removed a pistol from his belt and placed it on a shelf under the counter in the cmity of the cash register. The woman followed Utley into the liquor store. Apparently sensing something was up, Utley turned toward the back door when he arose to an upright position and saw the white man level the shotgun. He lunged at the man, striking the shotgun enough to deflect the blast. However, from all indieations 1 buck shot pellets from the blasl struck Utley in the hand and arm. The remainder of the shot tore through a Wall counter and into a neon sign in the room. Hit Again While Utley frantically tried to reach him, the white man fired another blast from the shotgun. This blast struck Utley in the face At this point the Negro arose from his hiding place and began firing at Utley with the pistol. Utley then centered* his attention on the Negro and at one time, very nearly caught him. But one of, the pistol slugs struck him in the neck and he fell to the floor dead. The gunmen then walked over to the dead man, took his car keys from his pocket, ordered Robinson to accompany them and left in Utley's car. Robinson, who suffered frozen feet while serving with the Army during World War IT, was ordered to lie on the floor in the back of the car while the gunmen fled. At a spot a short distance from Cooler, the gunmen stopped the car and ordered Robinson out. They then proceeded toward Cooter. Utley's car was found abandoned near Cooler and the men apparently escaped in a waiting automobile. J. R. Kinningham of the German Funeral Home in Steele, where Utley's body was taken following the shooting, told the Courier News yesterday that, Utley was shot once in the face by the buckshot blast from the shotgun and once in the neck by a slug from the pistol. Mr. Kinningham said that the pistol slug ranged downward and was removed "just beneath the skin" near the lower center of his back. However, he stated that the slug removed from Utley's body was a .45 calibre bullet. John German, owner of the funeral home, said that in his opinion, the pistol slug killed Utley and not the shotgun blast. Gun Found A shotgun, believed to be the one used in the killing-, and the keys to Utley's late model Cadillac, were found a short distance from the spot where the car was abandoned, officers said. In spite of the fact that Utley's two carat diamond ring is reported Communist Handbook Tells Of Reds' Signs and Signals ATTENTION LADIES l-39c Pot Flower for 1c With Each $,'i.OO or More Purchase! EGGS. I.arec Fresh 2 Doz. 89o CANOVA BLACK PEPPER, Pure Ground 4 oz. can 29e 2 S-oz. FLAVORIXO, 1 Lemon or 1 Vanilla, Reg. 19c ea 25c Tt'IlNIPS ,t TOPS or COLLAR!) GHKKNS lOc SWEET POTATOES Bu. S1.99 5 Ib. Bag '29c POTATOES. No. 1 10 Ib. Bag 39c PURE SOKGIIl'M MOLASSES Qt. tiSc )i Gal. SI.19 GLADIOLA CAN BISCUITS 3 Cans 29c Save 75% on Your Garden FRESH CABBAGE PLANTS 4 Bchs. 49c FRESH ONION PLANTS 4 Bchs. 49c SEED POTATOES 100 Ib. Bag 52.79 Complete Slock of Bulk Garden Seed & Plants— Also Lawn Seed & Fertilizer! BLYTHEVILLE CURB MKT. Open till 10 p. m. Every Night SEATTLE (#)—Communist party big shots frown on using flower pots for window signals (the cops are wise) but they recommend the use of onion juice and water for writing: secret messages. This and a lot of other cloak and dagger information , wai gleaned from a handbook which the House Un-American Activities subcommittee obtained from a witness yesterday. The manual, part of a collection of hundreds of documents stuffed into four cartons, was supplied by Eugene Dennett, steelworkers and former Communist official testifying at hearings the subcommittee is conducting here. ignored Orders Dennett, had the records because he ignored orders from the party to destroy them when they read him out of membership in 1947 for "devintionist Trotskyism." Frank S. Tavenner Jr., committee counsel, said the records are the most voluminous ever turned over to the committee by a former Communist. He said the handbook, written by B. Vassiliev, a former comin- tern strategist, goes much more into detail of Communist party mechanics and "is much plainer in its purposes" than anything in to be missing, officers have about ruled out robbery as a possible motive. At the Steele funeral home, Mr. Kinninkham, who said he received the call to pick up Utley's body around 2 a.m., said the dead man was still wearing a diamond stick pin when he picked up the body. 'When I arrived at the liquor store, Mr. Vickrey and officers were already there. They searched the body and found two bundles of money, one in his shirt pocket and one in his pants pocket," Mr, Kinningham said. However, he stated, he did not see a billfold but quickly added, That doesn't mean it was missing." The shotgun reportedly was found by Louis Lester who turned it over to Paul A. Moore. It has been sent to Jefferson City for examination by the state's criminology laboratory there. Four expended cartridges from s .38 caliber .pistol were found In the liquor store, officers said. A description of the men as given by witnesses had the Negro as being short, about 5-7, and heavy, about 215 pounds. The white man, they said, was well-dressed, wore a light tan suit and a light tan trench coat. Both were reported to be about 30 years old. The Negro was said to have been wearing a denim jacket and a cap. the extensive files of the commit* tee. Not only were the cops wise to the flower pots, Vassiliev wrote, they were even doublecrossing the Communists by putting pots in the windows themselves. Comrades were instructed to use "the latest inventions of chemistry" in writing: messages not intended for bourgeois eyes. But If the chemicals weren't handy, mix onion juice and water, they were advised. Bad Meeting Place Cafes also were looked upon as bad places for meetings. "There always are spies In cafes and in countless numbers and it is .difficult to get rid of them." An ordinary, indistinctive flat was recommended, instead. Passwords for getting into that flat were mandatory and of varying complexity as an official's rank increased. Rank and file members got through the door with simple passwords. District workers had to learn a more complicated routine. And central workers, they really had to know the answers. A member who could ask and respond to three questions could be "addressed with full frankness." Codes were specified, too ranging from ordinary word juggling to real mysterious stuff about book pages and poetry. For instance, "auntie" was a printing press and "sugar" was type. If "auntie asks without fail to send her 2 pounds of sugar," you knew "we need 20 pounds of type for the printing press." There were instructions for infiltration of unions, industrial enterprises and professions like law, medicine, education and writing. 1924 Presidential Candidate III CHARLESTON. S. C. Lfl — John W. Davis, 81, presidential candidate in 1924, was reported in serious condition yesterday in a hospital here. Hospital officials refused to say what Davis' Illness is. It was reported that he is in a "serious" condition. Davis represented South Carolina last year before the United States Supreme Court in the school segregation case. In 1924 he ran for president against Calvin Coolidge. Church News Briefs PORTER RODTH. secretary of executive committee of So' 1 "™'" Baptist Convention, will '"' ""• pulpit at the First Baptist Church Sunday. Soloist will be Harry Fa i. He will sing "Prayer Perfect by Stenson. THE MONTHLY meeting of the First Baptist Church Brotherhood will be held in the church dining room at 7 p. m., Monday. Guest Speaker will be Dr. William P. Carson, assistant to the president at Memphis State College. "HEAR MY PRAYER," by Will James will be sung by the First Methodist Church choir under the direction of Mrs. J. Wilson Henry at the services Sunday morning. SUNDAY NIGHT The Rev. Harold Eggenspergcr will talk on "Persecuted, but Possessors," the last in a series of sermons on the Beatitudes. AT 8 r. M. Monday an organ recital will be presented in the sanctuary of the First Methodist Church by Earl Copes of Conway. WORKER'S CONFERENCE of the First Christian Church meet at the church Sunday evening at 7:30 p. m. PAI NT & WALL PAPER FREE ESTIMATES LOW PRICES E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Fhone 3-4551 EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-Z015 Hew Border Incident in Hear East JERUSALEM (/PI — Mixed armistice commissions In the troubled Holy Lund had two new border shooting cases before them today. Three persons were killed and on« wounded In the Incident*. Egypt and Israel both complained to their commission over shooting yesterday near the frontier of th« Egyptian-held Gaza strip. An Egyptian spokesman said the victim» were two children, a boy aged 13 and a girl 10, who strayed over th« border while playing and were ma- chlnegunned by an Israeli military patrol. An Israeli spokesman, however, said the two killed were among a group of infiltrators harvesting in Jewish fields. PACKAGED ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM Guaranteed Quality We manufacture our own High Quality Ice Cream KREAM KASTLE DRIVE IN New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns contains the largest roofed room in the world. It is 4000 feet by | 825 feet by 300 feet. NEW IDEA make fertilizer dollars go twice as far FERTILIZER SPREADERS 'Patented cam agitator discs assure even distribution, eliminate port clogging. New Idea will spread ANY fertilizer, in ANY condition, in ANY (10 to 5,000 ibs. per acre) amount . . . uniformly and accurately . . . without clogging or money back. NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY Division tvco Distributing Corporation BYRUM IMPLEMENT CO. 118 E. Main St. Phone 3-4404 Abraham's Tourist Court MODERN ROOMS—VENTILATED HEAT REASONABLE RATES $1.50 . .Single 3.00 . ... ... . .Single with bath 4.00 Double with bath South Highway 61 Plenty of parking room Beer By The Case Budweiser .. .$4.40 Griesedieck ,.,.... . .,.,. . 3.90 Falitaff . ..., 3.90 ABRAHAM'S CAFE ! ASH and BROADWAY MERCHANTS LUNCH-75? SOUTHERN STYLE CRACKLIN' BREAD SERVED DAILY "Mom" Rice's Home Made Pies Italian Spaghetti — Chicken & Dumplings DRIVE IN RAZORBACK The Finest USED TRACTORS Are Traded in on the NEW FORD 600 and 800 TRACTORS You Can Buy Them At Bargain Prices-Easy Terms At SNOW TRACTOR CO. 112 N. Franklin Phone 3-8951 RUSTIC INN Is Now Offering CURB SERVICE Drive Out For A Snack Or Full Meal 1/2 doz. Fried Jumbo Pantail Shrimp $1.00 i/i doz. Extra Select Fried Oysters $1.00 Chicken 'N the Basket $1-25 Special Daily Luncheons — 85c Real Pit Bar-R-Q Pig 35c Double Thick Malted Milk 30c Walnut & Division Ph. 2-2202 THEATRE On W. Main St. In Blythcville =Phone 3-4621 Weekdays Show Slarls 7:00 p. m.—Sal. & Sun. 1:00 p. m. PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET • Fresh Fruit & Produce • Fresh Dressed Poultry > The Finest in Beef, Veal, Lamb &Pork Nationally Advertised ft Fancy Groceries 2-2043 Call In w. Deliver Come In 1044 Chick SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature DEFYING THE LAW ... TO SHELTER AN OUTLAW . . . The Mesquiteers, daredevil riders of the plains, try a desperate plan to break up a menacing crime syndicate. —AND— Also Cartoon Serial SUNDAY and MONDAY Double Feature BlcitskWicluw ClNEMAScQpE ALSO CARTOON

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