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THE BOSTON DECEMBER 19, 1907. t4.1kabk el. PO 'S OF ALL BRANCHES A illbe rtr, .1. II I 1111111111b, '1811110111111111111111111111 i II 11111111111111111b. 'IlliiiiilliaitiliES 111 01111111111111111111111.

"milinallWil i I ........1.10 1 1 filillillii11111111111111111111111111111 "1., .42 'STA itilitRVEL OF STRENOTEI RS" EASY. WILL FIGHT IF FORCED TO r.721.V.". TO BE l(NOltiVil 11S "RED SOX" EiliSiWINS BOTH Charlestown Defeated, 36-13 and 3278. East Poston Wins by a Score of 35 to la Ban Johnson Declares His Position.

Pres Taylor Suggests a Name for His Team. Arthur Bartlett, a Boston Boy; Breaks All Records at Worcester Academy. Don't your automobile without having it weighed. Light weight means net ability and low expense. i Kelliher Severely Injures Hand in Principal Game, Will Not Sidestep Traub! Viith the Association, New Yorkers Make a Poor Showing In First Period, Bulls Unable to Flay on Account of Injuries.

Drives it Through Window While Blocking. Uniforms Ordered; Subject to Approval. Boston Club Manager Will Undoubtedly Agree, Unnecessary weight means extra work for your engine 'less speed, slower going on hills. What's the use of buying highhorse power and throwing it awayon excess weight. A heavy water-cooled engine has more to get out of order than an air-cooled enginethat means Inore repair bills.

A heavy automobile wears out tires fast still 1110Te expense. The 16 h. p. Franklin Touring Car at weighs 1600 pounds the 28 h. p.

at $2,850 weighs the six-cylinder 42 h. p. at $4,000 weighs 2,500 pounds. Water-cooled motor cars of similar power weigh from 2,000 to Talk About the Latter's Invasion 1:: 'i '1 7 'te i i i 2 Ifs 1, J.i;,.:.:, 2, .1 4 .5., 5: i-', i-- is i I 4 CINCINNATI, Dec will not sidestep trouble with the American association, in fact we are rather courting it." This bold statement was made by Pres Ban Johnson of the American league during his short stay in Cincinnati today. "There are two or three men in the American association who have been "Run it on the scales." Weigh your automobilesof whatever makebefore you buy it Demonstrations by appointment.

W. E. HAI RAH. Concord. N.H.

ROBERT R. ASHWELL. Hartford. Conn. S.

C. LOWE SUPPLY New Bedford, Mass. CENTRAL AUTO STATION Pittsfield. Mass. DAUER AUTOMOBILE Providence.

R. HAMPDEN AUTOMOBILE Springfield. Mass. ARTHUR E. BARTLETT, Worcester Academy's Strong Boy.

While attempting to block an opponent and secure possession of the ball, Cy Kelliher, leftback on the Enslish high school basket-ball team, drove his right hand through a window and sustained a bad gash. in the second half of the game in the division of the Boston high sehool league with Charlesown high at the English high gymnasium yesterday afternoon. English high won easily, the score being 36 to 13 It was the home team's opening contest, and it played the game for all it was worth. The score at the end of the first half was 14 to 4. It was early in the second period when Kelliher, on several passes, went down the court at a terrific vacs.

and when about to block an opponent he drove his hand through the window of the door leading to the schootyard. He retired to the dressing rooms and a physician was called to dress his wound. Kelliher's place was taken by Coville of the second team, who played very well. Capt Steele did excellent defensive work for Chariestown high. The close covering of Kelliher, however, prevent-' ed him from shooting any goals.

Flanagan, Maloney and Meade also played well at times. Capt Jerry Cronin and Roberts were the stars for English high, the former getting six goals from the floor and the latter five. The summary: ENGLISH LI 6 CHARLESTOWN 11 Lee rf lb Meade Bagman rf Croniu If Maloney Cronin If Maloney -A team calling itself the All stars of New York was defeated by the East Boston basketball team in Lyceum ball, East Boston, last night, 35 to 12. There was a big crowd present, and the showing of the visitors was a disappointment They were outclassed from the start and the score at the end of the first half was 21 to 2, the visitors' two points being scored on free tries. The New Yorkers took a brace in the second period, and scored four baskets from the floor on good work by Muller, Evans and Swenson.

The latter played brilliantly and held Doherty down to two baskets from the floor. The exhibition, given by this pair was a pretty one to watch, Swenson several times getting away from his opponent and having tries for the basket, none of which were successful. Suils who was expected to be in the visiting teaM's lineup was injured in a game at Newport, 1, Tuesday night and was unable to play. In the preliminary contest the East Boston second five scored an easy victory 26 to 9 over the John E. Baidwins, 1 the team from the peninsular district, i gaining its points on one basket from I the floor, and five goals from free tries.

The summary: EAST BOSTON ALL STARS Corbett rf lb Lamb Doherty If Swenson Crowley Nuller Coady rb a If Roach Desmond Evans FranklIn Automobile Co 671 Boylston Street 0 gio A -o' 41 44, 1 Pres John I. Taylor is on his way to California. Ile left Boston on the mid' tight train )ast night for New York, and will leave there for Chicago today. lie will meet Manager Jim McGuire in Chicago for a short conference and then start for San Francisco, hoping to reach the Golden Gate before Christ' mas eve. Before leaving yesterday Mr' Taylor Selected the Uniforms to be used next Season, subject to the approval of manager McGuire.

Pre Taylor has suggested red stockings to be a part of the uniforms and thought the Boston "Red Sox" might sound better to the baseball enthusiasts than the names now used by many, such as The Pilgrims," Yankees," etc. The original Boston team wore red stockings, and Mr Taylors idea is to practically reproduce the old, colors. Cincinnati has the "Reds," and there have been several "Red Stocking" clubs, but this is the first time any gilub has taken the name "Red Sox." It sounds good and the chances are that the veteran Jim McGuire will, fig. uratively, eat up the stiggestion. The ''Red Sox" -will be a popular name with the Boston fans.

Free Taylor -kin see Pres Johnson and learn just what the American association intends to do about placing a third team in Chicago Among the callers at American league headquarters yesterday were A. G. Doe. M. J.

Regan, who is to attend a smoke talk in Waltham tonight, and Jim Shannon, the inventor of the new scoring system. Pre George Dovey Is suffering with the grippe and remained at his office only a few minutes yesterday. John Dovey was mustering up courage to undergo an operation for appendicitis. The Dovey brothers intend to go west to spend Christmas with the family. After returning, about New Years, Pres Dovey will complete plans for the southern training trip and will as a preliminary start to sign up his bunch of seasened ball players.

T. M. M. Last year he put the shot and won the event at the B. A.

A. games in Boston. Last spring he broke the School records for putting both the 1-pound and 16-pound shots. His strength records tonight are: Strength of back 277.2 kilos; strength of legs 623.6 kilos; strength of upper arm 464.4 kilos; right grip 89 kilos: left grip 83 kilos; strength of lungs 40 kilos. His chest Is 40.8 inches and he stands 5 feet 11 inches.

During the examination he chinned himself 26 times and dipped 28 times. Prof McMillan considers Bartlett a wonder fcr his age. In taking the test for his legs be broke a solid oak stick and a baseball bat had to be substituted in its place. WORCESTER, Dec 18Worcester academy found a Marvel In the strength line in the person of Arthur E. Bartlett, a Boston boy, who smashed all strength records of the institution here tonight during a test given bY physical instructor Donald B.

McMillan. I The test was given according to the, Sargent systemoBartlett's total strength being 1477.2 kilos. This is over 300 kilos better than his work last year. Bartlett is only 18 years old, weighs 1S9 pounds and is in the junior class at the academy. He was captain of the ti ack team for the past two years and will again head the team.

He has played tackle on the football team. 4- HOW TO PLAY BASKET BALL. Iv. Reliance Should Not be Placed on Iudividual PlayingThe Underhand Pass. 85.

All Stars 12. Goals 5, Corbett 4, Coady 3, 2, Muller 2, Swenson, foull. Crowley 3, Evans Davis. Scorer, Gargam Time 20m balves. At 1 bad actors for some time, and it Will be a good thing for the game In general If these naughty boys receive a good spanking, Just to show them that they are not behaving aa they should," continued Mr Johnson-, "The oamerican league at its recent meeting adopted a resolution against permitting the American association to place a team in Chicago, and that resolution will bar them out unless they decide to turn outlawsand then they will have to fight.

It seems odd to me. however, that men like Cantillon, manager or the Minneapolis club, should tell how he is going to strengthen his team by buying players from Washington. Why doesn't he wait until the American association breaks away from the nationat agreement by entering Chicago, and then take all the players he wants, not only from Washington, but also from other clubs for nothing? "There are several American association club owners who are not in sympathy with this movement if it really has taken the proportions that the Chicago dispatches say it has. Whether these men would go with the other clubs in case the association turned outlaw is a matter of speculation. "However, in case of a war it would not be a difficult matter to secure financial backing for teams in American association cities to run in opposition to the outlaws, and that may be done In case the alleged insurrection becomes a reality." "The American association will-not be allowed to enter Chicago," declared chairman Herrmann of the national commission.

"unless the National and American leagues give their consent. "I don't care to discuss these reports from Chicago until there has been some official notification of the alleged invasion. I had a talk with Pres Bryce of the Columbus club, and others in the east last week. and they assured me that there was nothing in these yarns. "The American league has gone on record as opposing the admission of the American association to Chicago, and I aril sure the National league also would.

"If the American association has any grievance I feel that they would come to us with it rather than take the armtrary action with which they are credited. The entire story looks to me like a piece of imagination without any foundation in fact." Says ranchise Not Transferred. MILWAUKEE, Wig, Dec I8Pres O'Brien of the American association of baseball clubs this afternoon denied that any American association franchise had been transferred to Chicago. Score. East Roston from floor, Crowley Desmond 2, Doherty Evans.

Goals from R. Muller. Referee. Timer, M. Dolan.

tendance 1400. Landy rb If Keenan Lewis lb rf Mundo Score, Lincoln A. C. 78, Harlow A. C.

10. Goals from floor, Cappell 16, Lenity 10, Cohen 6, Sullivan 5, Lewis, H. Keenan 7t C. Keenan 2. Goals from fouls, Landy 2, Munch).

Referee, Bergman. Umpire IL 'Andy. Scorer, Clark. Timer, Sheehy. Time 20m halves.

Abington 66, Bridgewater 4. ket ball this afternoon, 13 to 7. The students of the academy marched in a body to thehigh school hall where the game was played, and both schools cheered their teams vociferously. After the game the Thayer students paraded through South Braintree, The summary: THAYER. ACADEMY BRAINTREE Richmond lb Morgan Crocker If rb A Walsh Carson Walsh Brennan If Howland Avery lb rf Belyea Score, Thayer academy 13.

Braintree high T. Goals from floor, Crocker 8, Carson 2, Howland 2 Richmond. Goals from fouls, Rich- mond, Belyea 3. Referee, Howley. Umpire, Wilson.

Scorer, Harding. Timer, lime 20m halves. Attendance 200. By JOHN D. O'REILLY.

I 4 I 3 I I I 1 I I I 1 1 Trinity 19, Eatons 18. Trinity defeated the Eaton basketball five at the Columbus-as' gymnasium 19 to 18 last evening. Parks and Gillis played best for the victors, while Stone and Strong excelled for the losers. The summary: Kiely Flanagan Kelliher Steele Coville rb Roberts rf Laughlin Score, English H. S.

36, Charlestown 13. Coals from floor. Cronin 6, Kiley 3, Roberts 5, Flanagan 2 Bagman, Laughlin 2, Maloney, Coville 2. 4oals from fouls, Cronin 2, Flanagan 2, Laughlin. Referee, Snyder.

Umpire, A bern. Scorer, MCGIJilleSS. Timer, 13ai1ey. Time 15m halves. Attendance 400.

SECOND GAME. Charlestown high 2d had only four players to place on the floor against the English high 2d five, and the latter won easily, 32 to 8. Smalley, Bergman and Moody played best for the winners, while Keefe scored all the losing team's points. The summary: ENGLISH LI 2D CHARLESTOWN FI 2D Moody rf lb Kelly Blakie If rb Kelly Morrisey If Coville Fletcher Stnailye rb If Keefe Bergman lb rf Spore, English H. B.

2d 82, Charlestown H. S. 2d 8. Goals from floor, Moody 3, Blakie 8, Morrisey 2. Coville 2, Smalley 2, Bergman 3, Keefe 3.

Goals from fouls. Blakie 2, Keefe 2. Referee, Snyder. Umpire, Ahern. Scorer.

MeGuiness. Timer, Bailey. halves. Attendance 400. ABINGTON, Mass, Dec 18Bridgewater high was easy for Abington high at the Y.

M. C. A. gym today, the latter winning, 66 to 4. The summary; ABINGTON 8 BRIDGEWATER IT Brett RI lg Hunt A Brett rg Condon Orcutt Seavey Wheatley If Hayes Chamberlin ig rf Randall Score, Abington 88, Bridgewater 4.

Goals from door. C. Brett 10, A. Brett 11, Orcult 8, Wheatley, Chamberlin 3, Hunt, Seavey. Referee.

Boynton. Timer, Wales. Scorer. Arnold. EATON lb Strong' rf rb Stone lb Strong' rf rb Stone TRINITY Earle rf Stevens Parks If Wentworth It (Mils James McCarthy If Pool Lorenz th Abernethy Fiske Wbyte lb Score, Trinity 19, Eatons 18.

6081 from tloor, Parks 4. Earle, Abernethy, Gillis 2, James 2, Pool 3, Fiske 2. Strong. GOttlf4 from fouls. Parks 2, Earle, Pool 2.

Referee, Butler. Umpire. D. Butler. Scorer.

Masters. Timer, Kilham. Time 20m. Attendance 200. Lowell T.

S. 37, St John's Acad 7. LOWELL, Dec 18In the first basketball game of this season Lowell textile school team defeated the team from St John's academy of Worcester tonight, 87 to 7. Holden, Gay, Gale, Farr and Bunce did excellent work for the Lowell team, and Mills for Worcester. The summary: LOWELL ST JOHN'S ACADEMY Holden rt .1.13 Mulcahy Gale rt unie rr DORCHESTER WINS, 12 TO 6.

Bunee rb McCarti Roxbury High Puts ue, a Stubborn Fight in First Asif. til '3 'rt' 1 I 1 1 -i, :::4:: -i, 7, 5 i 1 k.i l': -7 -'1 i i 4 NO SOUTHERN TRIP. Yale aaseball Men Regard It as of Doubtful Value to the Nine Changes in the Schedule. NEW HAVEN, Dec 18It has just been decided by the baseball authorities here that the Easter trip of the Yale nine to the south will be discontinued. For many years past the Yale team has played a series of games during the Easter recess with Georgetown, university of Virginia, Richmond, or any team of Sufficient caliber to give the Villa team practice.

The trip has always been a hurl on on the men, and it ilt01 come to be yegarded PS of doubtfli value. Nlt infrequently it has 7ieen responsible the injury of a prozinving pitcher'e arm, and last year the nine had a series of accidents. among them the serlyna injury to coach. Lush eye by a stone thrown on Washing r. st by small boy, and the breaking of Tennaat leg by a kick from a refractory bus holm Instead of going the nine will spend most of the Easter vacation in New Haven, practiclig ht the Geld if the weather lf the veatne-H does not permit of practice the men will be let off for ths whole re.tesi Cage work will not re began until much later than usual.

Manager Thotnton has practically completed Ws schedule for the ycar's Pa34011 gatoes. It differs front the sched ile of the last year in that the university of irginia. Lafayette and Williams games have been omitted and Malaattan college, university of untversit oi 'Vermont and Carlisle have been addcl. A game with Georgaown is to be played in New Haven. There will be only with Brown thi4 yrar.

mont and Carlisle been.add-c.i..: A game with Georgaown is to be played Ira New Haven. There will Le only two games with Brown 0114 yr. ar. Brainerd Gay Sheehan Dwight rb If Mills Manning rb Farr lb Mulcahy Winslow lb Score, Lowell T. S.

87, St John's academy 7. Baskets from floor, Holden 5, Gale 3, Gay 8 Mills 3, Bunce 2, Farr 2, Brainerd, Manning. Baskets from Boor. L. T.

S. 3. St John's academy. Referee, 11. J.

Lupin. Timer, 11. White. rime 20m and 15tu periods. TO CAPTAIN B.

A. A. TEAM. Bunker Hill 17, C. V.

M. C. A. 11. Bunker Hill boys club won over the Charlestown Y.

M. C. A. quintet, 17 to 11; last evening at the Bunker Hill gymnasium. Bardwell.

Cummings and Kirby played well for the victors, while McNare, Pearson and Shute did the best work for the losers. The summary: BUNKER HILL CYM CA Fife rt lb Shiite Kirby It rb Pearson Cummings 'Bonney Singer rb Tidd Mager rb It Tidd Reading V. M. C. A.

25 Everett 23. THE BEDELLS ARE COMING. Will be in Sprint Races Saturday NightMoran Going Against Darragon An Big Paced Event. John and Menus Bedell of New York. two of the foremost short-distance riders in the country.

will arrive in this city today for the professional sprint ralee at the indoor track Saturday night and they will also team in the 24- hour race at Park sq, which starts Christmas eve. It will be the first appearance of the pair at the indoor track. and as both are in fine shape, there promises to be the keenest kind of competition Saturday night, whPn they go against Iver Lawson. Downing, Downey, Mitten, Sherwood, Root, McLean, Krebs and a score of others in the mile handicap and 10-mile open events. On account of the grand showing no made in the New York six-day race, where he finished second, James F.

Moran has been substituted for Nat Butler in the big paced event Saturday night. Moran has been anxious to ride Darragon, the middle distance champion of the world, for it has always been the boast of the milkman that he never saw a foreign pace follower that he could not defeat. The Frenchman is riding in fine shape and is confident of winning. He has ridden two paced races in this country, defeating Walthour, but losing to McLean. Tie is a different rider from the man who faced McLean.

When the latter beat him he was off the boat only two days. CONDITIONS FOR YACHTS. William Minot, the Old Harvard Runner and Captain, Is the Unanimous Choice. At a meeting of the track team of the B. A.

at the clubhouse on Exeter st, yesterday afternoon, William Minot, captain of the Harvard track team last year, was unanimously elected captain of the B. A. A. track team. Dorchester MO, basket-ball team defeated Roxbury high in Roxbury yesterday afternoon, 12 to 6.

The home team put up a great game in the opening period. which ended with the score 4 to 4. The Roxbury boys played themselves out, and when they came on for the last half Cannon and Hayes were practically all in. Walter McCarthy p1aed brilliantly for the home team. If Spaulding of Dorchester had been properly covered, Roxbury would have had a good chance of winning.

The summary: DORCHESTER ROXBURY Daly rf 00000000 CRI111011 Hoernle -rb Hayes spauhling Conklin Conley rb If Keefe Sullivan lb II McCarthy Sullivan lb II McCarthy EVERETT, Dec 18The Reading Y. M. C. A. team defeated Everett Y.

M. C. A. in a fast game of basket ball here this evening, 25 to 23. At the end of the second period the teams were tied, the score being 23 to 23, and it was decided-that an extra five minutes would be played.

Hodgen of the visiting team scoring the basket from the floor. In a game between the seeond teams Everett won, 48 to 21. The summary. READING YMCA EVERETT YMOA Ring rf Kane Eames If rb Larkin Remick OAP 6. 1,0 Malloy Buckstrom If Soar If Jaynes Eodgeu -lb rf Brickley Score, Reading 25, Everett 23.

Goals from floor, Eames 5, Ring 4, Buekstrom 2. Remick, Hodgen, Brickley 5, Kane 2. Larkin, Mulloy, Jaynes. Goals from fouls, Hodgea, Brickley 8. Referee, Orooker.

Scorer, Collins. Timer, Brook. Time 2Orn and 5m periods. Bardwell MeNare Score, Bunker Hill 11. Charlestown Y.

M. C. 4 A. 11. Goals from Boor.

Fife 3. Kirby 2, Bardwell 2, Tidd 8, MeNare, Goals from fouls, Cummings 3. Bonney 3. Referee, Mc- 4 Gowen. Scorer, Briggs.

Timer, J. Cummings. Time 15m halves. Belmont A. C.

22, Python A. C. 2. Belmont A. C.

defeated the Python A. 22 to 2, at St Andrew's hall, West End, last night. Marshall and Wallace carried oft the honors for the victors, while Woodman and Berman excelled for the losers. The summary: BELMONT A 0 PYTHON A Marshall rf lb Byer Applebaum If rb Berman Kleine Woodman Tens Cherry rb If Boas Wallace lb rf -Ayer Score, Belmont A. C.

22, Python A. C. 2. Goals from floor, Klein 6, Marshall 3. Goals from fouls, Cherry 2, Applebaum 2, Woodman 2.

Referee, Klein. Umpire, Romberg. Scorer, Singer. Timer, Gruber. Time 2om halves.

Attendance 200. Score, Dorchester H. S. 12, Roxbury H. S.

6. from Boor, Spaulding 3, Hoernie, Goals Daly, Hayes 2, Conklin. Goals from fouls, Daly 2. Referee, Burke. Umpire, Healey.

The third Brown game, dace fL. el Jen Scorer, McDonald. Timer, O'Hearo. Time of three were scheduled, LIAR aiwa two 20m halves. Attendance 300.

I Come on Memorial 'ay. but thia year May 31) falls on a Saturlay. and as that In the game between the second 1 aturday has been the traditi nal day teams Dorchester high won 17 to 3, Ray for the first Princeton game, tha Won't Cavanaugh playing an excellent game game had to be cut out, for the winners. RIGHT WAY TO MAKE RUNNING LOW PASS. To succeed against well-balanced team, reliance should not be placed on Individual playing, as the adversaries will naturally center their efforts against the one or two stars who are the mainstay of their team.

The running low or underhand pass should be tried when a teammate is already in the open. The advantage of this pass is that it advances the ball I to the scoring point in the quickest possible time. Its weakness is that it is the easiest of all passes to intercept, as it can be blocked by an opponent merely crossing the line of transit. It not delivered with the highest gree of accuracy and speed, a fumble or block may result and tile possession of the ball be lost. This pass can be used very effectively by team which Is slightly faster than its opponents.

The ball should be passed either directly at the player or slightly in front of him, and should be about waist high. livered from he The ball is most easily received and pas de- It Is best used two players running parallel down the floor. When the ball is out Of hounds, and In a teams possession. players must s. make a quick dash to catch the hall and get it away before an opponent Can cover 44..4 rI A is 4 4 I -If --i, i 1 ...1,,..:,:, 5 RACE TRACK OWNERS LOSE Winthrop H.

S. 19, Winchester H. 17 WINTHROP, Dec 18Winthrop high Judge Peastee Decides for Con- basket-ball team by fast work defeated the Winchester high school team here tractors Who Erected Buildings this evening, 19 to 17. Winthrop scored at Salem, H. the winning points in the last few minNASHUA, II, Dec 18Judge Robert utes of play.

The features of the game J. Peas lee has handed down a decision I were the blocking of Tallacq and the In the suit of Head Dowst Co vs the general all-round work of Mahoney New England breeders club, which was and Parks for Winthrop, while Sharon announced today by clerk of the su- i of the visiting team played well. The perior court Thomas D. Luce of this summarY: WINTHROP II WINCHESTER II city. The case was recently heard in Marks rf lb Sharon Manchester and decision was reserved.

Mahoney If rb Welch JUdgment is ordered against all the de- A nderson Dover tendants interests in all property des- Kimball rb If Collins Cribed in the writ and return of at- Tailacci lb rf Camelon tachment for $16,748.08. The Head tts. Score, Winthrop H. S. 19, Winchester H.

DOwst Co erected the massive grand S. 17. 001118 from floor, Mahoney 3, Marks 4. e.nd fieldstands and the other building 9 Kimball 2, Welch, Sharon, Cameron 2, at Rockingham park, better known as Dover 2, Collins 2. Goals from fouls, hump-Kim- ball, Dover.

Referee, Reed. Scorer, the Salem race track. The attachment so was to secure them for the work done I on these buildings. I ime 20m halves. WINTHROP Li WINCHESTER II Marks rf lb Sharon Mahoney If Welch Anderson Dover Kimball rb If Collins Tailaefl lb rf Cameion Score, Winthrop H.

S. 19, Winchester H. S. 17. Goals from floor, Mahoney 3, Marks 4.

Kimball 2, Welch, Sharon, Cameron 2, Dover 2, Collins 2. Goals from fouls, KIIII- bail, Dover. Referee, Reed. Seorer, Thump- sou. Time 20m balves.

Newton 19, Lawrence 8. NEWTON, Dec 18The Newton Y. M. C. A.

basket-ball teams won two more games tonight, when the first team defeated Lawrence Y. M. C. A. 19 to 8, In the association gymnasium.

and the second team beat the. intermediates. 21 to 11. In the first fame Johnson and A. Wilson excelled, Johnson throwing an excellent goal back-handed.

Lawton played well for Lawrence. but the home team excelled in passing. The summary: NEWTON YMCA LAWRENCE yMCA A Wilson rf lb Lawton Johnson If rb Thompson Zeigler Smith Wilson rb It Sart rank Jacobs lb rf Leach Score, Newton 19, Lawrence 8. Goals from floor, A. Wilson 4, JOiing011 3.

Zeigler, Law ton 2 Leaeh. Goals from fouls. A. Wilson 3, Saffrank, Leach. Referee and umpire.

Banks. Scorer, Barris. Timer, Morton. Time 20m alves. I 1 I They Relate to the Contest for In.

ternational Challenge Cup Offered by the Brooklyn Y. C. NEW YORE, Dec 18Condit1ons governing the contest for the international challenge cup offered by the Brooklyn yacht club, with the purpose of developing fast racing yachts of wholesome type, were formulated today by a cornmittee appointed by the club. Sloops competing for the cup shall not be more than 65 4eet nor less than 35 feet on the load water and schooners shall not be of greater length than 80 feet nor less than 40 on the load water line. The races must be sailed between July 15 and Oct 15, and challenging yacht must proceed, under sail, on its own bottom, from the home port to the waters of the club holding the cup.

Under the cup provisions the dates, length of course, racing rules and other conditions are to be mutually arranged between the challenging and defending clubs. The conditions provide that the yachts shall be measured and rated for time allowance in accordance with the rating and measuring rules of the Brooklyn yacht club. The contest for the cup shall consist of not less than three races. No action was taken with regard to Sir Thomas Lipton's offer of a $1000 contest cup for an ocean race in American waters. SETTLE THEIR DIFFERENCES Basket-Ball Games Today.

COLLEGE. Yale vs Syracuse at Syracuse. Princeton vs Columbia at New York. I Amherst vs Pottsdam normal at Pottsdam, Y. SCHOOL.

Cushing academy' vs Cushing club at Ashburnhara. People's academy vs Northfield high at Morrisville, Vt. INDEPENDENT. Boston Y. 11.

C. A. vs Brockton at Boston. Cambridge Y. M.

C. A. vs Everett at Cambridge. Bosworth of New Bedford vs Middleboro Y. M.

C. A. at New Bedford. Young tien's Literary Institute vs Athenian A. A.

at Hancock ball, West End. Lawrence light guard va Co 5th regt, at Lawrence light guard armory. Peter's institute vs Dartmouth A. A. Belmont A.

C. vs St Peter's institute second; Haskins A. A. vs St Peter's Juniors at St Peter's hall, Concord av, Cambridge. YALE TEAM PICKED.

Coy and Murphy, Football Flayerk on the Basket-Sall Team Which Started on a Long Trip. NEW HAVEN, Dec isYale's basRethall team has been picked for its Christmas trip, 4000 miles, which begun todai Two football stars, Ted Coy and Fred Murphy, halfback, art on the squad. Haskell Noyes is again captain, and the team is once more coached by Billy Lush, the former Cleveland baseball player. The team will line up as follows: Forwards, Murphy and Wren: center. 'canvleck; guards, Capt Noyes.

coy or Carrigan. The team will play in the sOutti and Athletic Relations Are to Be Resumed. Bowdoin Alumni Banquet Feb 5. The Bowdoln alumni association of Boston will hold its annual banquet at the hotel Brunswick oh Feb 5. Addresses will be given by Rev Dr George A.

Cordon, James 31o.keene a lawyer of New York city; Prof Ar Bates of the Institute of Technology, Dr Fred IL Gerrish of the Maine Medical school. Hon IL B. Quimby of Lakeport. It and others. Melrose H.

S. 32, Brown 86 N. 6. MELROSE, Dec 18 Melrose high easily won from the Drown Nichols school team in the gymnasium of the Y. M.

C. A. thiq afternoon, the sco're being 82 to 6. Knapp, Stantial, Locke and Dtshop played a tine game for Melrose, while Bowker, Stebbins and Fernald made the best showing for the visiting team. The summary: MELROSE 8 BROWN I Locke 11 lb Woodman It) Janie I Knapp If Marsh Knapp If Lincoln A.

C. 78, Harlow A. C. 19. 1 Lincoln A.

C. defeated Harlow A. C. of Dorchester, 78 to 19, at the South End last night. Cappell and Landy carried off the honors.

The summary: LINCOLN A. 0 HARLOW A Cam II rt lb Browning Vu Divan Caltanan Cohen Keenan 1111111111 Dartmout aid Exchange Friendly Notes. W. MINOT. 011 Iiarrard Runner.

Elected Captain of IL A. A. Track Team. PURE OLD Iiistev If Milliken a ltlilliken BOSTON ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL BASKET BALL TEAM. Grvstal 11 Orystal Old Rivals to Meet on Gridiron Next FalL Spring 11,3 EFL" The ONLY Rum BOTTLED 111 BOI1D ICZ op 4, 4 4 rsti.

tottid, 430 -7, At ,,4114) ak-, Bowker Knapp Nt-ent worth It Fernald Jones rb bluntial lb rf Stebbirs rf 1tveldisoa Score, Melrose 32, Brown Nichols 6. Goals front door. Knapp 2. Bishop 2, Stannal 4, Wentworth, Milliken, flowker, Fernald, Sieliblus Goals from fouls, Knapp 2 lid feree, Eaton. Vulpire.

BUNK. Scorer, Dike. littler, Martin. Time 15m and 20ut periods. 1 Lowell H.

S. 19, B. C. H. S.

17. LOWELL, ec 18Two baSket-boall games were played In the high school annex tonight. In the first game Lowell commercial college defeated Lowell high school alumni. 33 to 4. In the principal contest Lowell high school team de.

feated Boston college high school players, 19 to 17. Who ley was the star has ket thrower for the visitors. and Donahoe, Reynolds and Gendron for Lowell high. The summary; LOWELL II 8 BOSTON COLLEGE II 8 riendrou rt lb Whaley Csonel if Lavin Ihmaitoe .7., lleatit Reynolds rb If Sweeney k. frerson rf Gooding MAI a bon lb 1 Si'ore, Lowell 11.

N. 19, Boston college IL S. 17. Baskets front Boor, Wholes 5, Donahoe 2, Gendron 2, Canoe), 2, Reynolds, Lars, Sweegoy. Baskets from fools, 1- II.

S. 3, Bretton college IL S. 3. Referee, Fisher. Tlinerlit, DeM nett anti Stevens.

Time 20in balves. i Thayer Acad 13, Braintree H. S. 7. 1 BRAINTREE, Dec 18Thayer academy defeated Braintree high at bait da '07 1,,:,: It bt'k ..01, 1,, 4 I 1 111111111141, esitib Minot (lid not take a prominent part in athletics at Harvard until his junior year, 1905.

Ile was elected captain of the cross-country In that year, and in 1906-'07 he captained the varsity track tarn. In his junior year he won the mile run in the dual meet with Yale, after a stubborn tight, in the excellent time of 4m 26 4-5s. Ile joined the B. A. te year ago.

He is at present in the Harvard law school. SOMERVILLE TEAM FIRST, Malden Second In Five-Team Y. M. A. Athletic Meet.

MALDEN. Dec 18--An athletic meet of teams representing Malden, Melrose, Everett. Chelsea and Somerville Y. MC. was held at the gymnasium of the Maiden ass9ciatiOn tonight, and four events were contested.

The Somerville team won the silver cup with 18 Malden was second with 8. Lhelsea third with b. while Melrose got 4, and Everett only I point. The srarnI rnary: Running boo, step anti jiimoF. J.

O'Brien of Chelsen hit, ilistanee 3hrt O. C. MeMibter of Somerville second; U. N. Jones of milr 110.1 d.

8E811(111w high Itittle of Malden find, flight sit (Pilo; It. V. Weeks of Melrose ittettidi Lyman Allen of Ir.Vereit third. ifigh bar esertireII. J.

Fitiolon if tirrt'. I of Somerville seceiell of Somerville third. rliv ir); Melrose seconcli Maldeu third. WILLIAMSTOWN, Dec 18Athletic relations between Dartmouth and Williams, which were suspended a year ago after the basket-ball game in the Williama gymnasium. by an order of the Dartmouth athletic council, because of differences which arose at that time between the players, have been resumed, and next fall the colleges will meet again In football.

The Dartmouth council in a letter under date of yesterday, informed the Williams council of its desire and I readiness to renew relations, which was followed by a reply by the Williams 1 councirtoday that Williams was agree. able, and that it had Instructed its football manage0 to schedule a game with DartmGutb for next fall, the basket-ball and baseball schedules of both colleges being practically complete. Dartmouth took the initiative. ROLLER POLO RESULTS. At Ilartford--Isrtfccal 5.

NOW Basis 4. 4 cyaVEXTRA DR' HAMPAGN DR IHAMPAGN Quarts. Fives. Pints. Half Pints.

Age. Purity and Strength guaranteed It U. S. government stamp Is unbroken. The Purest Voluor Distilled The Best Stimulant Known Recommended by Physicians Great hi Punches, Sauces, ices, Etc.

Buy of your regular dealer, and if be cannot supply you, write to FELION SOH, South Boston, Mass. ESTABLISHED 1810 imtkao froln the of.flrapet, naturrOjy of.grap, naturrOjy Kiley, Lee, Kelliher, Cronin (eapt), Covi lle, Bergman, Roberts. I.

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