Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on September 11, 1959 · Page 8
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 8

Marysville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1959
Page 8
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WANT/JID Call Owen Poling i . .li. Wanted* to Buy ' ' ' i9*j/u»a!nimsy&^Ait I7< HfWMhold Goodi for StltT It, lumen'.Oplumn Ifc -Part* Service* CLASSI^lfiD RATES _...4 cent* a word .....6 cent* a; word .,8 cent* a word ...JO cent* a, 1 word ,...H cent* a word " cent* i wor4 ......... Wcent* display, • 89 cents rate* at± lMil||||HVIi*MBMnV**nt*Vf mtnvcni n VHHI n« IV Card of THanks r THANKS, :-r< e wish'to'thank, bur, neighbor*, friend? and relatives' for th* many beautiful cards and lifts we received for out fiftieth wedding anniversary. • Mr.juid-Mrs'.-Hubcr QeGood CARD OF THANKS •I wish to extend my sincere thanks to my many friends, neighbors and .relatives /or card)i_and_flo_wers..senl_lo_me. dQrlh*^ my stay'in Norton Memorial. lnfirroary,_. Louisville. Ky.; and since my return home. Gerald Ruhl CARD OP THANKS I'WisH-tb thank all-mr relatives, friends and neighbors for their gifts, flowers, cards and - vteits-during—my-stay~in-4hd Memorial Hospital. —Also-many-thanks—to—thd nurses,, nurses' Aids, .and doc- ten for their fine care and work, _And thanks_ _ to Rev. Thomas E. Judd for hfs visits. 7 - Many, thanks to^cveryone-and , uoa 7 , »" "Bles; m you alTT Jessie L. Boyscl i Notices IV WILL • NOT • be responsibl« p=-loi h ---anjrr : debt8 ; -' contracted - by "any" one" other" than"myself, 1 Roland Bowen, Jr,, Mcchan -icsburg,--- 3 your carpets beautiful despite constant footsteps of a busy family. Get Blue Lustre. Marysvllie Hardware. AMOS GILBERT INS. agency Office in my home, 315 West fpiirth. Phone 4-1738. the Sportsman »tfel<rtl<^lru&s_Jf guaranteed not to'slip: It is.made rugged for men who work hard. Comfortable, Orahood and McCarthy Drug store. 4. Lost and Found LOST—Parakeet. Friday, 602 Collins Ave. Phone 3-1406. B. Business Services METCO CONTROL"^ Fre* inspection. Guaran' teed experienced exterminators. Member Ohlp_ Pest Control Association , Member National • Peat • Control Association. GUGEL HARDWARE 0thAc Plum Ph.2-1871 aemo TANKS VACUUM CLEANED Seweri and basement draina cleaned with electric cutter. No digging oecesaary. Free inspection. 24 hour gervire. STATE SEWER CLEANERS Bill Allra Phone 3-1771 Blxirlcal k B»fri««fatio» BerviCM ELECTRICAL CO. Ut W. Firit Phone M7H plumbing andTheat- ing. Phone 31210. CK06BWOR1* PUZZIA LB* covcflmo 1 •yftttrf, tewM waH w*M Bllhd* - 1 Hwyer i*l*i 'H Service :M*n» tor Prw HlitM. .... Utility trailer*, all size*; by boor i d»y or week.- MARYSVILLE RENTALS «65 MilfordAve. Phone M907 HAJIOLD L. SPURLINO — Qecteitel • Ceotetetdt — tl* Ph. t*MV 400'London Avi. • money, if you want tb'sell a . product ".that is well known and_weli adyertlsed, Jnvestl- 'gate therbpppr'tufilty offered bjf Avon Cosmetics. Write Mri Johnson, .P. O. Box 575, ;. Springfield; Ohio. SECRETARY—m,ust be fast accurate typist. GiVe'.fullin- formation-in-first-letter^4The Payne Tool and Engineering —Company^—Springfieldr-Ohio RUBBER- TIREl work7lfte7Ct«87 etc. Rotary raiower and mower sections ground and saws — f iled.-122-W^Third,-Marys- ville, shop in rear. Phonef 2-1421. SEPTIC TANK and sewage system* installed; excavating for oil tank*, water lines and •ewers. Free estimate*. Phone ie-2408.-Frank-J.-Orahoodl Raymond. •> • ROAD- SERVICE—Farm *er- vice. Tim* and batteries. Any -type-; CalI-21786] Bumgarner Shell. •ize,, any, EXPERT front' end alignment and;wheel balancing. Thorpe Motor Safes. Phone 4-1986. REFRIGERATION service. Se.. , or call Robert Caldwell. Rt. B. • M SPOUTiJ?O,' rbofinf and roof painting. Free estimates. James Matnyi, Route 1, West Mansfield.' Phone York Center 9-267. RUGS AND FURNITURE; cleaned, moth proofed, sizing, repair, cutting, binding, laying. Wall to wall carpet cleaned in. your homer Free pick up and delivery. Call .cdUesciLAjJkiJi. RuM cleaning 9-1081' or 9-1162: 133 East Winter Street, Delaware. TRACTOR TIRE Repair and Hydrofiatlon done on' the farm. Also truck and pcs- *enger~car-tirej. -CaU-flSOl Frear Gimre Goodyear, 215 N. Main. MarvsvUle. PAINTS~AND "WALLPAPER— Rental equipment, floot polisher and scrubber, wallpaper steamer, floor under and floor edger. Sherwin-William* Store. SHELLANB BOTTLED GAS-, A product of Shell Oil Co. Bottled or Bulk. Willson GB* ti Appiiancer B t o k dw*y.' Phono 1B-2604 or 1B-a4l» FOH SALE^-Kentucky coal, —block or stokerrlU ton-delivered by trucklpad. Ohio Red Ash coal, $11 ton by truckload dump. Also stone and fill dirt 'hauled. Phone Mllford Center 2724 S nrun HOG nnni an nnona rao North Lewlsburg, John Deere Sales Painting au4 Diesel Ser- vlcc. _ BEPTIC TANK t-leanlng and in- *tallatlon. AH type* of digging. General Contracting. L. 8. M.. MarysvlU* 3-2080 or SPOUTING AND ROOFING-, Free estimates. Phone 2-1174. Steve Mathys, Marion road. M&P Married local man, age 21.-45, Nfgbt'shift, 1 !* hours ~p«f—week;~Steady—em^- ployment, no layoffs. Bonded Oil N. MainS't.' 11 p.m. Frostep, phone 3-2111. «OltHtllliHIIIIHtl* H^iiiMinpiri-m-fr-m—-r'—t""'"" •"••••• '•" 9. Female Help Wanted «>H»MIIMIIII1III1IIIHMII<» WANTEDyCompanipn to live iri with elderly lady. Reply Box H-5. tcT help — with hpusewdrk' 'on' Satur: days; Mrs. Earl Poling. Phono X39RISTMAS IS COMING"— . Ladies, if, you need; extra WEST. 8 riMnV;rf6a&rn! home.- : . Kitchen; dlnln*. iwm, J nd down. 2,bedrboniJ and.bitWutf. Wall^h'.wall carpet: Hot water heat. .One-car gafa|e ^o^ie/. Nfc* JAt* : Amer Elliott'Reg.'g-89«T' ' R^p^Scheid>irer.Re».'3'2630 JrankRl 118 S.' Math J*"!!** iL'l 1*^1 10. Wanted to _ home, garage and basement , preferred Will redecorate if " needed. Contact Railway JSx- - : r press : of f ice"• . 11. for Rent FOB i RENT—^Four room apart- available— about—Sepk 15. Adults only. Phone 22616. Walter Asman. FOR RENT—Apafltment, 4 rooms ancTr'b'athY over Sphio . Station, .Mllfprd Centex, rear , entrance. Call Irene Fisher, 4060 Cleveland. Avo., Colum- busi Phone AM 7-4672. LTVB THE HOTBU Weekly rates $7.00 to $9:00.' U'GinpjeM). novel servico. JL eie- vision, Oakland Hotel. 100 Acres. Productivfe, all tillable. Well farmed "Ttnd~drainedr: liargcrbanjk— barn. Two modern dwelj- ihgs, 3-car gaf&gey other buildings.- 20 miles W Cd* . lumbus, O., . '• • : 99 Acres. Good soll. ; 8fl A. tillable. Dairy eo;uipped. Small down! payment. . , ' 200 Acres. All tillable. -^ ----• --.-'-». • « m m >._>_L'j*.\_ — 2 dwellings.'. Ade , , bams, ' other buildings and silo. Crop, dairy oc 1 hog farm. ; ; . , 179'Acres. 140) AJ very productive tillable.: Bal^ ance good, pasture. Very good buildings. Fixed for Grade A milk,. .• 440 Acres. Ideal idMtjl farm. Plenty barn '• space; _ 3 • dwellings. Two farm) ponds.' Let\ us 'tell'i'yo«i about' this one Priced right. ' : 136^ Acres. All tillable. 13. Real Estate for Sale FOR SALE 5 room modern home' t on State Route, 3 acres. '— NntUrftUgas,-$8500.00.—— Jeff Sabins "21219~ FOR SALE f B room, house for sale, ' cdmplete' with plumbing and heating. Must be : re- 1 - moved. .$100.00 and up. Ace —^Wrecking Co.— Corner Neil and Poplar Columbus, Ohio Phone CA-183aT • cattle farm. •-- —89~Acres- croplandc ; Good barn and< other; 1 buildings. New one floor brick house; Other btwiV ness. Must sell. • - 133 Acres. HO; AAjilk _ . able. Good buildings and ., fences. Weir-tiled.—One" mileJrpm Marysyilli. ^_ _ 4 76 Acres. All' tiHa161e, Very 'productive i farmi 12," miles to Marion, O. Own-. ,-er.-does not need -the farm- nor muclv cash. Easy_ ' WE HAVE MANY OTHER LISTINGS. COME IN AND TELIT US-WHAT— YOU WANT. , . Fiianlffe; Holycross, Inc. > Amcr Elliott Res.: 9-3.527' Ralph Scheiderer ^ i • Res. 3^2630 . , 118 S. Main Ph. 2-17«, i' >" 7. Situations Wanted CUSTOM DITCHING. Frank Gibson, Marysville B^. 2, County rd. 104. HBQfll orjara iEtHTTHRUMKi BRICK HOME 324 W. 8th St. 3: Bedrooms Good location. . Price $8500.00 1 MI EAST OF PEORIA 6 room home on 19'acres. Some woods. Hot and c u 1 d running .-$7pOO.-— $7000.00 HAROLD A. RAUSCH Realtor Phone 2-2661 542 E. 5th St. Marysville, O. MARYSVItLE HOME5 WEST. One floor plan. 3 bedrooms. "Modern home ' in good condition. —NORTH,— Modern— 1V4— story. Well buiU: 4^ bedroom home. Garage", See —this one,— -------------- ------EAST. One floor plan; 2 bedrooms, beautiful kiU chcn w/dinlng space, Ige. ^living- room^w/flreplace.- Full basement, breezeway and garage, Nice lot: A very well built; home uml priced to sell. WEST. 4 bedrooms. One down, 3 up. Bath on each- floor. Lg living room. w/ fireplace. IVi car garage. Best of location. Large lot. You will like this one." These are only a few of our Marysvlllfr horn* listings. Whatever you want we will try to please you. We also have investment properties and good business opportunities to offer you.' Amer Elliott Res, 9-3527. Ralph Scheiderer Res. 3-2630 Frank R. Holycross, Inc. 118 S. Main Ph. 2-1761, FOR SALE—Bjr owner. New three bedroom ranch. Barr- Haven addition, wajl-to-wall carpeting. Stone planter, 12 V4 x 20 rec. room. Phnoe 41536 SALE—Model homes, Dover Acres, Watkins road, open daily. C. D. Macomb«r, Realtor builder. ""FOR SALE—Four room house, large lot, near school. 2U Friend St., Plain City, Ohio Owner on prumiaes. DO VE^ ACRES .-•-• (WATKIIJS Rtii.V model* ef 10W'sq.> ft. , btg, , ving roonv sizeable and, l plafttieV birch kit' arid 3 r6omy bedroorts, Rirrest , teras- used. A* flna • \. 'Opcn»Daily- ~ MAC0WBERJ Realtor 32588 . 31212 •••'i •-.' OF' ' ' ' ' Messina-637 W, 5th " 32422. owner. m MifeC. •tniinin^tHiiiitiiititHtiitfiMHiMnmfvMWlH^iMMl FOR SALE-^Saddle. Call 21907! eight weeks old. Fulton Crecw Lnmbor ,C,6,, 3 ,'nniies rsouth-: east of RichwoOcI On State 1 , .Rt, 4; Telephone 5703 Rich-l —- • • ' '- •' " L -!-~LIQUIDATING'. . . the) Heaton >Mus4e Store iinveH- • itory . .(formerly v Columbus^ Ohio)— BargsinS'-ohd-ryaj'letj- like you've never seen. Spin• et ; pianos 'to musical ' saws Bagpipes to trumpets, . Operi tilt 9530— through -Saturday^ JHardenj's 173_J!. -Main, Ma-i ' " __ FOR SAtiBUri»5ir_CheyrpieS veJrjF, ixice; 'Siegier-'.autdmatic , ; 'fuel oil • stove, 7 -room; size) John W. Tucker,- near •Phar.' isbiirg. Co. Rdll84: ' '''' ' J orgimr- Wtirlitzer : stiletto -pW ano. Keystone 8 miri camera; • prqjector;'and screen } storage! cupboard, picnic baskets,' ' Dremel Sander and' Ca"se , fireplace ; scfreen and : tools; .._.'. garden i '. duster,' pump-type] garden sprqyer, two. ff6o»r lamps, Moe-Hoe garden tiller , . and, 100, ft! electric. cord, bojt! • springs' (double), tf 1 school blankets, Frigidaire ddnble-! i • oven stove. . Hoover . sweeper ' ~ahd' tools, mirror, Smith-Pot-! ona" skywriter tyfcgwriter 'andj •'case; poncho, duffle bags/ . camp stove,, canteen* 2f lift-; •saver — faoai; — pftkrws, Bates RURAt 143 A. Stock-farm. Near ^esvranBeT—ory modern home, good out buildings;- mostlp tillable ;• well, fenced. $26,000. TewtoowWi,4^Jtoterest.. lir.A, .War, Rlchwpod. OWd? Uuiidings, dairy farm; ,. aU i tiUable,. .wel feScWf DoWt miss this good buy. Ifja^AjEaBtjof ^ Marys- modernr home; Drolling l-Acre -•»«.' -• rten'tdn JBrqfce> DRESSES—Fit for a queen, at unbelievably' low'priceeV Gall 3-2441 alter 5:30 P. M. ; FOR. S ALE-i-Model :homes,-Dover Acres, Watkins road,,open daily. C. D. Macomber,.Realtor, builder; ' • • ' " 2. - «ne acre lots. Price $800 each; HVmiles from Maiysyille. Corner Rt. 33 and37S. • h; .•: (•;.••.- :',. .. k! i^R'SALE—Tosettle the estate f of-the ,late. Stuart Smith, 2 farms located in Dover township being,, in'the Marysville school-district. One 115 acres good buildings, equipped for QrmJt - A/--- milk 1 - products, house,, has new bathroom. One 50; a'ere*, good buildings and* gyod^'land,—located-on r»uto 39.'/ So*.Lester Smith. Phone Marysyilte 4-1230. f*ROPHRTV JOR r SALE—Six; lot 66x166, $4,- 5'OOV »' interested phone 2>2108.% -•- : To d used baby 4-1416 after 6 ALFALF.A and other grades of , Upper Sand- WE BUY antique clocks* lamps, furniture, dolls, dishes. Hartman Antiques, Zanesfield, for Sale GOAL f'LUMP f- «> STOKER Old • Mt. P«ryv Mine on Rt. 22, six 1 miles .east of Somerset, Ohio. Priol Cool Co, Zanetville, Ohio ,.„„_.. nsrerrey-sAviNG sale oi pur 53 year histoi-y! Harden's liquidation sale of Heotoh's musical stock, (formerly 1 located Columbus). Price*- r*ngi* belo-w whole- saley ynparalleUd, vanet> and sslcctiohs* PutJic and deslers' 1 ' \yelcoirrlc. Open this week 9:30- A. M. till 9:00 P. M. Harden's Music Store 173 S. Main.' Marion. • spread, q.uil,ting hoop,- Simmons 'Hide-a-Bed, • tools, pair brown corduroy ' dn|periesv i . Frigidaire dish-wa"sher< '.45 RPM record, player. Inquire: 406 West Fifth; St., Marysville. GUNS— Bought, . sold; tradedJ • Nsw, used, antique.' Atlthor- ' . ing - supplies.^ Primers, 12.50 — por : thoHsarid^shotr6..50"fbr.25 Ib. wads etc. I 'want to' buy Colt cap and .ball, pistols;, percussion rifles, -etc. Open 'every day .except Tuesday. Wammes G,uri Shtop.L550iE. Sahdiisky, ' Bellefbntaine. ; FOR SALE^Two-wheelea bO« tr_ajler t _with • ball_hitchl_] be: seen at 206 N- Mnnlg siT ^Op ; SALE—Fuel oil stove. Jean Holt, Irwin t • , ... • FOR SALE-il958 Moble home ^hoiisetrailcr,,like:new. Phone ' FOR SALE—Quality lUmp and .treated, stoker coali $11.33 -per- ton-in-truck-load,dump jobs. Halls Coal Yard, phone •Ydrh 472. • - '• ; ' . • ilmMtHmfHtlltlMHHIIHtltflflHHIIlfn 17. Household Goods •MllltlMIMHMIMIIMMMHIIMMIMIIIIIIIi 18. Farmers' Gottinin 7 Ft. AUg« Feed'Combine., Fflr* r C3orn'Hcker 4 1-and and 2 tteecf Tractors and, Implements- ?LMscount-PlHfcesi irt-Effeetl tRACTOR lJ ' ............... Wb- in waht to ^ll 'em dlU'Scilcbme we^l I offers T V-S 1957 PEYMOUTH V-8-- Sport' Suburban^ Station Wafeon $1895* 5rJ^8_Con_verlJbiej f 1955 PLYMOUTH 6 cyli Savoy 4 r d*v.- . Sedan ......... „...... ............. .._.. ....... < ...». .i$8B5j:_ ^^^^^!B&Mr[K^AiM. " 1954^ eHBVROLET 6 cyl. Sta. Wagon ./$895- : v ^r Sedan '' 1953 "NASH Satesmen 4 dr. Sedan ........ $295- ayGHEVROLETLlSO 2 dr. Sedan^._$395^ I 1953' GADit LAC 60 Special 4 dr. Sedan $445 .... ........... $175- Opetl. Evenings Til 9;00 P. M. OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC RAMBLER: t Main St. Marysville, Ohio 17. Household'Goods that now gives you SUPER FLOOR HEAT . see it now! McAuliffe Bros. MARYSVILLE 1952 PONTIAC. also Sieglef 7- room fuel oil stove. William Snycjer, County Rd. 116, Ma-» rysville, ' WILL SACRIFICE—New, mod- era wulnut 3-piece bedroom suite 1 , bookcase bed, dresser and chest. Phone 2-2100. SIE6LER SAVE FbMOds 604* only $299.93 ^"""FARMER'S"™: SUPPLY Phono Richwood 2172 Rlclrwood FOR SALE—Piano. $10. Call at .682 N: Main St. after 6:30 p.m.. or any tjme^Saturday; buy, USED ., _ sell, trade: W«st End Furni~~ phange, West Ottawa _ . FOR SALE-^lSx^.reversible '~bi*Qa >r nig,>'~j}oral" design on grey background. Freddy Thompson t ,Unlmwille_Center. BEDROOM r SET, repossessed, seafoahi 1 gtW, large double dresser- with tilting mirror, master dbeit on che^t. glamorous bookcase bed with sliding panel. The bedroom set ori- Cinany Bcld' for $249.00. Balance $9T; No money down, $1 per week* Gwnt Furniture Warelwise,.463~W;. Town, Co- phpneCA'1-4356: 18. Farmers' Column POIi ; SALE^-40x80 ft. barn, good condition. Ross Frazier, 3 miles enst New California on Rt. 33. FOR SALE— 54 ewes nno lambs, also General Electric refrigerator, good condition. JO._C. Russell, phone 16-2617. FOR SALE— Wood corn picker. _ ____ ANNOUNCING - M u r p hy's Cut-Cost concentrate feeds now being sold at Latham Grain and Supply, Unionville Center, Ohio, IIHMIHII«lllMIMMIIIMIIIHHIIIfllllllMM.IMHIMIHimibl 18. Farmers' Column IIIIIMIIIMMIIItilllilllillillllllMllltlHinilllllllllMlii^i USED MACHINES International 76 combine 7 ft. cut; New Idea elevator, 32 feet-New Idea one row pickerfNew Idea forage wagon and box; New Idea side rake; good John _Deere_ 12 A.combine,.very- good; John Deere B tractor; Case picker-sheller, good shape; two 24 International pickcrfl, dlsw, plows and wagons. Rich wood Implement Co. AUCTION Of All Specie* -Monday, IP.Mr- Daiiy Hog Market - Meat Type Grading TUBS. Si Thurs., 50c premium. Stocker and Feeder Cattle PRODUCERS STOCKYARDS Marion, Ohio Phone 3-2106 FOR SALE— Four nice largjfc Shropshire rams. Reasonably priced. Edgar A. Holycross, Marysville. O. Phone 3-1651. DAIRY SERVICE^FSSTBurt eau Co-op now offers a com* plete dairy service prograii to atl dairymen. Dewey Shirk and Art Retterer, our factor r — trained representatives »r% available to help "you witk building planning, pipe line milkers, bulk coolers and other dairy needs. Farm LIVESTOCK day, Columbus and Marlon: Thursday, Kenton. Custoni hauling anytime. Charles Bowersmith, Raymond 2641.

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