The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on March 17, 1963 · 95
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 95

Boston, Massachusetts
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Sunday, March 17, 1963
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VVWvf ,""tri "". "V6; ";-4'';":""'"ra':''Io'"rt"''''It:"r""'""'Irv't".!'r'7"''''or7W'rir'". 'n.'"-ir-ir10"we've.p ""4".1"0"Or 1110-or"'or-"'Neloiow' ylv , I.: 4. : 5', 5, 104".Nir 9 , VOINEERI .o6 t it Now, you may have a per. con& interview with North ' American Aviation right in New York City. This is the greatest opportunity en. gineers, Scientists, and - mathematicians have ever had to join one of the na. - tion's foremost aerospace companiesNorth Ameri. can Aviation. At every levl, in every division, NAA Is moving ahead in research at a greater rate than ever before in its history. NAVAL AIRCRAFT Analysis of aircraft carrier Operation is a major research :13g.t 41,1,?gbr, , diViOlpn !designed and built the hay's a TM Buckeye iet trainer; it is now building the Mach 2 A5A tA3.1) Viallante--holder of world altitude records. A center of complete systems caPanilitv the Columbus Division builds radio radar telescopes and developing the Army's Redhead Roadrunner target mu-sae. Research activities also Vyaloet dIrclrafTethods. and AEROSPACE RESEARCH a: Los Angeles Division. Angeles. Calif.. designed end built the record-breaking. Rocket-powered X-15. It is al so developing other advanced aircraft, including the Navy and Air Forces twin-jet T-33) Sabreliner. Research engineers work on manufacturing techniques. conduct studies in aerodynamics. materials and Processes. therm. dynamics, and solve design problems concerning human capabilities. ELECTRONICS The Autorteties Division, Anheim. Calif.. is producing the inertial navigation ustems to guide the Air Force's GAM-77 missile and Amer lea's Polaris-carrying sub,. Marines. Its engineers also designed and are building the guidance and control SYStern for the Minuteman Inter. nntinntal ballistic missile. Research projects include microminiaturiration etudy of , attitude control of satellites, navigation of satellites. and behavior of electrical equipment under nuclear radiation. NUCLEAR REACTORS Atomics International DIAmon. Canoga Park. Calif., is a leader in the development and manufacture of nuclear reactors for power. research and mobile applications. Two of the worlds most advanced reactors for central power stations are being ,built by Al, and its research reactors - are being used throughout the world. Al is also developing compact nuclear reactors for space applications. SPACE EXPLORATION The Space at Information ' Systems Division. Downey, Calif.. is making outstanding ; contributions to the planned orderly exploration of space. Research and development programs are being carried 4 out on advanced manned. lunar. and earth orbital space , programs. Some of the most Important and exciting ap.ce research projects in the world are being carried on in this division. IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITIES ARE NOW AVAILABLE Ic MALE ,-GG.jp44-40444 AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ENGINEERS & SCIENTISTS Who Are Interested In SPACE-AGE RESEARCH ROCKETRY. The Rocketdyne Division. Canoga Park. California. has produced the engines that launched successful U.S. satllites and space probes. including the engines that launched the first Americans Into space. Currently :locketclYne is building the engines which will be clustered to give the Saturn space vehicle 1 million pounds of thrust; and the huge F.-1. a IN million-pound-thrust single unit. Under study at Rocketdyne are exotic forms of propulsion such Is ion and nuclear engines. AT NAA FOR: MECHANICAL ENGINEERS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERS AERODYNAMtctsTs THERMODYNAMICISTS GUIDANCE & CONTROL ENGINEERS ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS COMPUTER SPECIALISTS INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERS SYSTEMS ANALYSTS CHEMICAL ENGINEERS DYNAMICS ENGINEERS PROPULSION ENGINEERS CHEMISTS PHYSICISTS MATHEMATICIANS NUCLEAR ENGINEERS Intetwlews a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Saturday Contact Mr. R. G. North at Permanent NAA New York Employment Office 717 5th Ave. New York 22, New York Phone area code 212 Maui 2-0565 (IT lend a restune to arrange for convenient interview in your ' An Qualified applicants will re eeive consideration for entolos,- - Orient without regard to race. , steed. color, or national origin. The Divisions of NORTH AMERICAN AVIATION 'N I tAir7 - ENGINEERS and SCIENTISTS for the new submarino technology 4-- .,': ' ,,, ,.. ,9 x,,,n-, , -.'"';' .4.,:. :", N4Ax.:14,Q,";;;...:: '-'::1-it:',':...' .',,,,,-,.: '4' GIIIIIIII OPPORTUNITY IN '63 IN a nationally known corporation expanding in the Boston area. college and athletic background desirable. Full training program leading to management responsibilities for the right man. Salary based on Qualifications up to $600 Der month. plus commission. Write giving name. address and phone number. We will call yeti for confidential interview. K SO, Globe Office s...e?:;Es?;?;?a Custodian 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. shift. steady work. good working conditions. Apply 9 A.M. to 330 P.M. at Boston University University Personnel Services 100 Cummington St., Boston An Equal Opportunity Employer - MALE I - "(r.r---owiic:41.,,t0Aut . IDGENERAL. DYNAMICS I ELECTRIC BOAT An equo2 opportunity employer ENGINEERS' NEWS BULLETIN A It; N JIIJLLLIJiiMar171j63 Re: Positions and Proarams at TURBOTOWN General Electric's Flight Propulsion Division in Lynn. Mass. As most Boston area engineers know, G.E. here at Lynn designs and builds a wide spectrum of turbojet, turboshaft and turboprop en- - gines for small and medium sized aircraft and helicopters. Particular emphasis is placed on future developments of VTOLSTOL. There are opportunities now on engine programs concerned with achieving improvements on current designs to give the G-E record-breaking engines even greater capability for endurance, performance and reliability., Some of theinitions open for GRADUATE ENGINEERS are in TEST FACILITIES DESIGN... STRUCTURES... VIBRATION... LUBRICATION...GEARS... BEARINGS & SEALS...PNEUMATIC CONTROLS. This is only a partial listing... write us in regard to your particular career interest. Mr. Dave Brigham. Flight Propulsion Div.. G.E. Co., Bldg. 1745, Room 105, 1000 Western Ave., Lynn, Mass. AM Sawa, Twkity 2 GENERAL ELECTRIC (U.S. e4thenship required) 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111L4:' Challenging Opportunity Immediately Available in Star's Engineering Office ATTSMAIN Et: Must have thorough knowledge of engineering office drctiting procedures. Should be neat, accurate and be able to work with a minimum of supervision. Special requirements: 23 years experience including layout work and design of fixtures in the supermarket field.. Apply Personnel Department - M- STAR MARKET CO. (Mt. Auburn Office Park) 625 Mt. Auburn St.. Cambridge 38. Mass. .711f-71111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111811111 PAPER BOX DEPT. 1 s & S setun man. some supervisory exp. helpful: benefits. F. S. WEBSTER CO.. 1 Amherst it.. Kendall sq.. Cambridge. BAKER - -- --- ALL-AROUND baker. retail shoo Arts & Crafts Director I Apply LEBRUN BAKERY. .21. 'Dorchester ay.. Dor.: MI 3-4539 Sum. camp. Me. FA 5-3217. or TA 5-0894. . Vow Iowan so seis pews. Assn". in I mamas arson4 inannset by arn1ns41 totenstiens: the modorn uMnalins morn lownont Us station on as porunoto If the roe wstiod. This is the Meth Beet prayed: a summation of IA isehnotoreda &nand of Ms notistssinsisesis no. With oontraete or 14 norlear name. tertrie Et041 settle eisginerre end cientists m ati diseiplinse for 14 desiywroseorch-produetwa of orti Whettar pour doltt is awchetnieo4 electrica& civil, elsetrosica etruehint& or auditor reginerring whether your major study w Amon Wry. pligeiro, 11410,1 arendseture. biology. or applied otathossaties whether yew industrial eepertenao Ada bre aireenoutical, process, uterine, automotive, or quality weirs mire; pm asap qualify for s creative assignment la the Eleetrie Boat programs. If you are tho ruff Friskstimid who ton look beyond specialties to the sootily of all tee& nolores, Eleetric Boat eau assure you of rapid advanersteut to greater responsibtlitira. No single presetttotion eon dots the opportunities of on induatriot omplez that integrate' Out meteor power pitint, the wised eytteet, and the life 'import equipment of e otan-ofitur designed for Inter epee& Your imquiry or resume will promptly bring tha answer you Sri seeking: deUtited deseriptioss of assignmeuto and opportunitise at) Patric Boat. WWI TO Mr. Prod Whitehouse w& Orsonsicsilledrit Sod &Woos, Connect lee 4.. .A. , 14.0i : A. 7f. Ar17111POIC,- .:"..-.?.,...ESite,:k2:',A. , 11's1. MACHINE SHOP (SALARY $10-$15,000) Large manufacturing organization In Massachm setts has challenging position requiring: Comprehensive knowledge of machine-shop operations. Demonstrated administrative ability. Record of accomplishments and contributions In Machine-Shop field. Position offers growth potential with excellent starting salary and company benefits. Please send complete detailed resume to: K-149 Globe "All reolles confidential" ,I TECH. WRITER m . ' 1 f - - SOME background digital field; employer pays fee. Resumes piease. BELMONT EMP.. 481 ,Trapelo Rd.. Belmont. IV 4-1035. !LAYOUT & DRAFTSMAN 'ARCHITECTURAL woodwork: be familiar with all phases of woodsatarY arranged. Write TS. Globe office. MALE -43--.44,44-4- Ltig. , -.:er- ti,,141t; Senior members of MITRE's Technical Staff will conduct interviews in New York City throughout the IEEE Show, March 25 through 28, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel For an interview, call Mr. G. E. lininger on these dates at Plaza 9-8533. Pioneer in the design and development of command and control systems, MITRE was chartered in 1958 to serve Only the United States Government. The independent nonprofit firm is technical advisor and system engineer for the Air Force Electronic Systems Division and also serves the Federal Aviation Agency and the Department of Defense. ALuEN vi"6 rrechnkal mployment Consuhants ina WALrmam 1250111mi ISS SEAS WO- ROAD WALTMAM 54 MASS. TW1,4440o4 4-10t DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERS It SCIENTISTS With a degree and related experience In Electronics or Aerospace. Immediate openings for: Circuit & Logic Designers Components Developmant Design ElectreMecheOptics Designers Military Systems Analysts Solid StateThin Film Electronic & SPacc Physics Phone inquiries invited Evening and Saturday inter, views arranged Affiliated Offices is Washington, D.C., Los Angeles San Francisco .. a , :, N,,,, 4 ,:. , rb , . ,.',. , ti '.''' , ' ... 9 s, " ' 01'."--- -.. , 4.:-,: ' . -kt ,., ,.. .' 31, . ','!,,?: I ', !, - ' 1,,'Ill ''- ' f.-- ', i di . ;,,.. - - tl'''' '4' 1) :' 1 1411 rPi Mt&!i5t6t0 SALESMAN Fine Paper Due to the division's expansion an opening has been established for a En paper salesman -to call on paper merchants, printers end converters in the New England area. Candidates should possess a knowledge of writing and printing papers. with paper selling experience. Send resume and salary re. quirements to: Mr. N. D. miuer THE BUDD COMPANY Potychem Division 0 South Chapel St,. Newark. Delaware An equal oroortunitr LAST AD :This Is the last ad you will ever have to answer if vow can make ends meet on $91 ear WI. guar anteed salary. Car necessary. Calling on eeeee eta by IPPintment only. For interview all 438-0611. 1.--- I IMP IIMIMM.11 . ,,,e, ft , ,. , :,, .4 , .,,t',,,IN, ,.,:;i1:4'1;i' - -,. ':'..,,,,,,, -,..,t.,:-.. .. ,:1,:,1.-.11i4.4.4.. ;!;.,L,'-,,t '4'. ,-.4.A.,;,11: I ,7:,t;,-...,,,4T.,,,,,:$-,,,, 7rol.,...,-,IF,;.,,,v,1,:itt,:,;.-14.,q,,,.,.,!,t). ;I:',,1"is vi'It'"el,''i, L,iii,14"-I,Li,,;,k! ',,:,!,1',,:,-,1,',i,4:Zi.Y14':,-t,it.',,,A;t' ,0--:.,;..6 ar,.s .:1:::,,:;:,,.:::;,,'':2,1:',,i';', r,..4 ;;:',.L.!,: , , : .1. 80 ff' ff' 1:M ... THE 2:2C The Boston ..,, t I. AA i) ',,-r, 0. . t t :IV, ,' 4 t 4 I il ,.) , , . . '- , t lS:11' e 'ail:448 19-.. f..; ac,,,,...,.a :. , - , it . , uu-3-114 ,,,,r4-- .7- . 0 TifTrIIITI To , k , .t 7i,, 4,,k, , ,V..,1 . -11 n Ir - .. - P. ,.: ,. j.,...- ji:,,.,,,,, ,..1,. it. .,, . ,.. f:., . , ,5 11.4 , v i V -,14,,, X.' ..-''' ; .S..4. - ..,''!:::-:'''i';'.;;.1.:' ';'li1tii'":'.." . ' Because of the increasing need for more advanced defense systems, MITRE is expanding its technical staff. MITRE's prime mission: To design, develop and help put into operation global command and control systems for national defense. To analyze and integrate existing systems. To design new sensory, communications, and dis play systems. To explore every possible technique that mightgive the military commander extra seconds for decision and action. Beginning with SAGE and continuing through BM MS, NORAD Combat Operations Center, Nuclear Detection and Reporting System, and systems yet unnamed, MITRE is making important contributions both to national defense and to systems development. At MITRE the approach is purely scientific and in'terdisciplinary.You work on the leading edge of command and control technology. Today, at MITRE, there is a broad range of opportunity for competent and creative scientists and engineers. You would be part of a team that. is doing original, important, and challenging work in areas ranging from conceptual system design to electromagnetic intelligence projects to'new computer applications to survivability techniques. Here are listed the specific assignments now available and informa. ton about how to get started, today, towards a rewarding career at M ITRE. Currently assignments are available In the following broad areas: Management Systems , Human Factors Econometrics Data Processing Development Range Instrumentation Air Traffic Control Computer Applications Microwave Techniques Space Surveillance Air Defense Systems Design System Cost Analysis Space Systems Command Operations Research Radar Systems and Control ' Communications and Techniques Astrodynamics Minimum requirements, B.S., or M.S., or Ph.D. in these disciplines: electronics, physics and mathematics. MITRE is located in pleasant sub. urban Boston. Rewards are competitive.' If an interview will be incon. venient, write, in confidence, to Vice President Technical Operations. - The MITRE Corporation, P.O. Box 208 B, Bedford, Massachusetts., II I MITRE C-0 R PO R A T1-0 N ,. An Equal Opportunity Employer - , ' -,4.flIt'Odt.'l COMPUTER SYSTEMS ANALYST For investigating and establishing systems for computer applications. B.S. in Engineering or Mathematics required. Programming experience on 7070 and 1401 computer preferred. Write A 265, Globe Office - FIREMAN . , IPart Time Opportunities 1ST OR 2D CLASS license re-iFOR men with cars who would quire. experience pref. lor fur-;be willing to work 3 hours per tiler information. please contact, evening. 4 nights a week. average personnel office of HOLY GHOSTiM per hr. saiarY. Apply Monday. HOSPITAL, 1575 Cambridge st.,Iltlar. 18. 1:30 pm.. only. Ekco Cambridge; TR 8-434C i PRUDENTIAL. Room IA Motel 128. Dedham. , DRIVING Claims Adjuster Trainee 1 INSTRUCTORS CASUALTY insurance COMPanY has open. for a recent high school FULL & PART-TIME ooentrrm,oc college grad. We will train man 'must be 25 or over and marri' to be an office claims adiuster Apply SATE-T-WAY CENTERS. . bandimg ail forms of casualtY 1980 Mass. ay.. Cambridge; Intelclaims. Write stating eualificauons views Tuesday. Mar. 19. ,to K 148. Globe Office. -- l PACSA MG CP CI NO C ' " " S MG N ( ". I 1 Lip. . $ 1 . " -I Ti 3 i: AUTO Orr WAILER ri BOND IMP.. 144 IIIMONI IFor Wm wreckizur yL 1 B 6-41130 Sunday GlobeMirth 17, 19111 e I I I I I MALE 444-4444----- 44 -4- pgritIrNI,kroplior,r,r1IrrP11--,At'gr","!!'"..7"t!'r!!!!",,r1irMi LITTON'S GUIDANCE & CONTROL SYSTEMS DIVISION'S COMPUTER & DISPLAY SYSTEMS LABORATORY Located in Woodland Hills, California, has immediate CAREER OPPORTUNITIES for HUMAN FACTORS SCIENTISTS Advanced degree in either Industria) or Experimental Psychology. Knowledge of basic electronics computers, and radar desirable. Experience as Human Engineer on weapons and ground support systems plus additional industrial or post-graduate experience. For analysis and design of operational panel configurations in man-machine systems. DIGITAL CIRCUIT DESIGN ENGINEERS 13.S.E.E, and at least 3 years' experience in memory and memory circuit design. Involves design and development of high speed destructive and nondestructive readout random access memory systems including associated circuits, displays, and power supplies for digital computers; and detailed circuit analysis and follow. through of equipment to its completion. DISPLAY DESIGN ENGINEERS Symbol generation, summation, deflection, and Z-axis amplifier design for display consoles. Invent, develop, andor design new display systems including digital displays end associated circuits. Work with systems and human engineers to develop practical information interfaces between machine and operator. LOGICAL DESIGN ENGINEERS B.S. in Electrical Engineering or Physics with at least 1-2 years logical design experience in checkout of circuit design. Systems analysis or programming background is desirable. Work will include logical design of real time special and general purpose computers. These computers incorporate advanced hardware techniques which provide high performance and include magnetic drum and core systems, digital to analog and analog to digital conversion devices, arithmetic and control units analyzer and establishment of test procedures using the test analyzer. , E1101111EERS SellETEISTS APPLIED MATHEMATICIANS Formulate and evaluate mathematical equations relating to guidance control, detection, tracking, interception, and other problems. Assist Programmers in 511,1- tion of these equations by numerical techniques. , SEMICONDUCTOR ENGINEERS Semiconductor device technology, especially in the design and electrical characterization, of transistors, in. tegrated circuits, epitaxial growth and diffusion. As. sembly and pilot production of semiconductor devices or thin film circuitry.. Thermocompression bonding, mechanical and thermal design of microelectronic modules. GROUND SUPPORT ENGINEERS B.S.E.E. with 24 years' experience in circuit design end development. around support equipment design Freferred. but not required. Transistor circuit, capability and familiarity with digital techniques. Design support equipment for system end sub-system testing of digital and display systems. I MECHANICAL ENGINEERS B.S. or M.S. in Mechanical Engineering with 1-3 years' 'experience in packaging design. Will be concerned with i circuit packaging, structural design, and design of roItating and static memory devices for aerospace applications. Will monitor mechanical design efforts in data processing systems, as well as conduct liaison with circuit design and manufacturing departments: Litton Offers IMMEDIATELY Challenging Assignments On The Following CURRENT Contracts TX (N) Phoenix Missile Control System A2FDIANEPERSHINGMINUTEMAN 'In addition Litton offers outstanding fringe benefits: lI STOCK PURCHASE PLAN - 1 GROUP INSURANCE RETIREMENT PLAN EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANCE as well es PAID HOLIDAYS, SICK LEAVE, TRAVEL INSURANCE, LIBERAL RELOCATION ASSISTANCE PROVIDED. Rush your resume in confidence to, or request application from: MR. R. T. NEUMANN 5500 Canoga Ave. Woodland Hills, California M Guidance 8( Control Systerns Division LII 7TH NDUSTRIES An Zat lal Ovvertuntiv !my loyer A -9 I .. , ) . I MA . , , , , , SNOINEZR1 . AN IMP( MESSAC , , , ENGINE , SCIEN Who Are Ir ., spAci , R ESE Now. you may coned interwiev , ' American Avio New York Cif , greatest opp , , gineers, sci e , - mathematician! - had to join or , - tion's foremos companiesN can Aviation. el, in every d Is moving glee at a greater ri before in its h NAVAL Al Analysto of al Operation is a n proiect at the I Vision. Columbt , division design, the Navy's T2A trainer; it is the Mach 2 A5.1 lanteholder o tude records. , Complete oyster the Columbus E radio radar tele developing the , head Roadrunne sae. Research Include ASW i VSTOL aircral AEROSPACE Pt' Los Ange Los Angeles. Cr end built the ret Rocket-powered alsodeveloping o aircraft, includi and Air Forces Sabreliner. Be Peers work on ins technique studies in scrod terials and proce dynamics, and problems conce capabilities. ELECTR( The Autortetics herrn. Calif., the inertial na, , tems to guide th , GAM-77 missile icas Polaris-cs ,. Marines. Its el designed and . the guidance ani tern for the Mini continental ball Research prole microminiaturira , , attitude control navigation of a behavior of etc.( ment under nue' NUCLEAR R .. - Atomics Interns .. VolneitdCer fr,igat.hPes .0 and manuiactur reactors for nov and mobile appl of the worlds ni reactors for ce Stations are bei AI, and its rese are being used , the world. Al i opine compact i 4 tors for space al ,.. . ,. . , ROCKE ... The Rocketdyr '' Canoga Park, CA produced the 4 , launched success i elites and space i eluding the e -4 launched the fir , into space. Cur' , - etdyne is buildin s which will be ,-, give the Saturn ..,. I,s million pour -A and the huge F.- lion-pound-thrum ,,, Under study at are exotic form, 7 lion such Is ion engines. ,4 'i :; SPACE EXPIJ , . . The Space Se ,.- Systems Divisic .. Calif.. is making ; contributions to orderly explorati -f Research and - programs are b 4 out on advanc lunar. and earth , programs. Some important and e: '. research proiec world are being ,1 this division. .. , IMMEDI, ., . , OPPORTU , ARE NOW A . , AT NAA .,. -o! ., MECHANICAL .,-1- . ELECTRICAL 1 ' AERONAUTIC ,.. NE. GINEERS AERODYNAM , THERMODYNA GUIDANCE & -, ENGINEERS " ELECTRONIC " COMPUTER S . INSTRUMENT, ENGINEERS -, SYSTEMS AN --' CHEMICAL E -; DYNAMICS E. . , PROPULSION -, ENGINEERS .. CHEMISTS PHYSICISTS MATHEMATIC , NUCLEAR EN , ' -., Intebviq it a.m. to . Monday thru , Contact Mr. R ., at Permane , Few York Emote 717 5th : New York 22, . Phone area PLaza 2- , es' lend a resume convenient inte -, ' An qualified MAI ceive consideratico Orient without re , reed. color, or r --'. - Thl , ; D. . ivisiol I i . . . NOR' , ..,. .. AmER1 1 AVIA1 1 . . Legiwr I 1 - , , - , .41 , the opportunities of on induatriot 0 , , omplez that integrate' the me i teor , , ,1; .:1 : power 0110, the oniselle eytent, and . ,, : , 4A R :t '''''', , ..,t1i,,, the fits mipport equipment of a 4 ;!' , I i, ,,,, y otatuoftror designed for liner 'poem. :-" t Your inquiry or remote will 1 . promptly tiring the answer' you , r .,,,t, , , ., T 2 t!4.., are iteeking: detailed descriptions , ' t it of , suignmento slid opportnnitise all Beginn . 1:. '-'1 :. Electric Boat. . ' 4 i , : ..., OPerati ' i '. VI; ..:Z. - yet unr , ..,.. A ':, 1 , , , - -, .. -., At MITI on the wont TO . . Today, -:. :,,, ,,- Me. Prod Whitehouse and cre Clonotot Orsonsitstileserk k g is doini Oroton, Connecting . . : concep l . - compu , . . . ;- Here ar . , , . tion abr ., .7 ! e.'")0.,' , .. ,.., . ' .P.1,.--,,,,Ist' P . ' .11 ., ,,,,- ,:"Ift.TI!""Iltrtvld -.'.',"Irill;, Manag ,.;;,.. Ai;" , .) r -. r- ,,..5.,, -.,,.y-?.,...., .:',,', g......ii.,,,4 r '4,4, . ',1-, , ., ; . . , .,....i.,0,4,1,,,,,-,::,.4:,7A---..k..-,,,... .., ,A. . 'f At ,-,,, ''';''''',$'. .,', t. ' ,' ;:lid;:17,r''e;:.,777..,-t-Vr''''1,--'. , - ' ., - ,!, , . . , oc ,i,: , - Data 11 . ,...'',,,e, , ...1 : . :' ,. : ..- , ,- ' -. .,T,-,o,"f:t-$4q:t. . - 114,'s 4, ,- ' ' .x,..,!",,,s1 ig ' : , .',. .,,c ". ;, . :. '..,.0,.. 1,11!1"eitu ' :,1:-. :!?,:4;,''6,.,-'L.:!. - -. - 14, , ,... .. , .... 4., ,..; COMPU ,.,.,..,,,,,,, .- ..,,e vopror ,.orAt ePs:,,,,,,,p4,01(1-CM.5$4014.9mt ,,-,, n,?, ' Air De ,,;,--i-:,.?..1-ty.,-, -f,:.,'-,A ,y.b .m,- ,,,-A.oity--- . . ,,,,.'''''''-s.Qt,;,,..,,.,-,,-,r. :-. , - ,- ., , ..., .,,.....,,-.,...,,.... ;-'7'.,1,,d, SAIE,41.4';'5'? ': ' .., ,.., . ,,,,7'r'16, '.,,,,,,,,,4.Cnv.:, ....:,...;;;.,t, ,V1,,,,,,,;.,,,,a;,,:,''. -',.......17:,,, ' . 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