The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on April 11, 1911 · 16
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 16

Boston, Massachusetts
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Tuesday, April 11, 1911
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16 THE BOSTON GLOBE TUESDAY. APRIU 11, 1911. aaaliP'ti3SaBBBW I EVENING WOMEN PENNED EDITION IN, ALL DROWN TUESDAY , April ii, 1911. Overwhelmed by Sea in Deckhouse. MINIATURE ALMANAC PR1I. 11 Why Tunnel r g a i n the B a Basement can Save you Money on nearly all your Apparel. XTT V I TI KFR ii LH KK VDV MONET, jj or A 31 V h 1 W 1 1 18 TO ( fcSE HI T His gAMPLE8,or V WAXrFACTCBIXG TVII.OK s III Pil l FN OF MA-TKKIAI. M BI V P I IP, etc.. ete it is chances like this and many others that make it possible for the Tunnel Bargain Basement to sa "HUE DKKDS OK FX TKAOUDIWKY BAKi; U LOTS FVFRY DAY." Only few tots advertised. About 1000 Waists Tailored &Linserie Worth 1.00, on sale WEDNESDAY at Standard Time. ' ' " ' Sun Rises. 5:11 1 High Tide. .10:00 am Boa Set 6:20 1 " 1 ..10:125 pm Length Of Dav. 13:09 i Moon Sets.. l:;b am Iliftht of Tide y ft ri in am. 9 ft ti in I'-.n Light Automobile. Lamps at.... CtfVptn CAPT ROBT. BARTLETT says gov foss . ;T J IS 'MAKING good: Moon's Changes. I Full Moon. April IS 9h 37m, morn, W ! Last Quarter. April "Jl. Ih 3tm, eve. W j New Moon, Aprii S, oh 25m. eve. W First Quarter. May 5. Sh 14m. morn. K SORRY FOR THEM. Struggled to Escape From the , Steamer Iroquois. -' Twenty Perish in Pacific Coast Disaster. Newfoundlander Swears Allegiance to American Government. VICTORIA, every woman Mrs James This paper says that after a courtship of 30 yeais a couple have just married Mr James Isn't that too bad, after so many happy years. Philadelphia Telegraph. FIGURATIVE CALAMITY. B C, April U Nearly on board the wooden steamer Iroquois, which foundered yes terday near Sydney, Vancouver island, was drown.'. i Penned In the deck house of the boat, Ave or six women III Hgg'lofl while the sea broke in. They were beating against the glass of the saloon vm-dows when the survivors clambered out to struggle ud the side to the doik. 1 Harry Hartnell, brother of the drowned ! steward, was seen adrift on a door 1 and w;is rescued by Indians. I At Coal island the sea cast up the body of Mima Isabel I en wick. had no life-preserver and had to reach shore on a mattress her hand still olunpt. Harry S. Moh.s, a passenger, lay on the wreck of the house with mate L-tbister. John Bennett and an unknown passenger, drifting about for two hours. The sea washed the broken deckhouse against Mary Island and mate lstblster jumped ashore with a rope and pulled Bennett and Moss ashore. They threw the rope to the fourth man. who wu Hnartn0 dazed and al most unconscious to a davit fast to j the wreckage. The rope whirled around i his neck, but he paid no attention. Hej still clung to the davit. Then a breaker j came, turned the deck over, and n was not seen again. The total deaf, list Is JO. UNDER THE ROSE. She ' tried to which 9 fChlctp- MMMkl Pre had my woes: it wis the fate of me I To be 'MeToored by curiosity. Tben worse befell; enelopeJ In a Came Wa L worcbed by a "burnins sense shame." From out my astws hardly did 1 start : Before "remorse was gnawing at my heart." I exorcised It, broke the baneful bond. I Bat found myself !n "the sloagli of iSapSasV1 So sooner had I 'scaped that "liTing ,omb Than "wrapped was I in melancholy p'.oom."' While striTing hard to gain my normal cheer 1 suddenly was "preyed upon by fear." Lest, "struck by an abstract Idea," I Might from the sharp concussion fall and die. Fierce was my struggle with this fearful foe. For handicapped was I by "weight of woe." Then straight at me was Ahot a Serr glance. " i rnnn that outriTals any lance. I quickly dodged the shot aDU moaned. Ah. 69c Tailored wait or unene. with front panel of embroidery, edged with tucks, or in more elaborate embroidery styles. Lingerie aiti of sheer ' awn with dainty lace yoke and tucked and lace-edged collar, also with back and front tnmmings of embroidery insertions. HUNDREDS OF OTHER LOTS XOT ADVERTISED WEDNESDAY! j I'm surely 'wedded to calamity!' " , But I'll not longer "harrow up thy soul." i Since here I am today. allTe and whole. . Though I have long been "tortured on the i rack." I'd haTe yon understand that I Te come back." And why I seem wn marred is briefly told I nTer iiave been "cast in beauty's mold." R. MATHER BAGG DEAD. Aged West Springfield Resident Was Interested in Farming Pursuits From Boyhood. WEST SPRINGFIELD. April 11 R. Mather Bagg. aged 67. one of the most prominent residents of this town, died at his residence, 7 Riverdale st, at 12:30 yesterday, after a long illness. Rufus Mather Bagg was oorn In West Springfield Dec 2u, lhti. His father. Col Bagg, served in the state senate In 1SSS aa.u i w ana in tne lower house In 1ST3. Weil, the Thames is Handy. Kenneth Kerr, Just back from India, meets a lady he knows quite well in Regent street. He cannot recollect her name. She stops and greets him cordially, saying, "How nice to see you again! Tou must come and lunch with me at my club the Ladles' Lyceum and give me all the Bombay (From "The Complete Angler O, the gallant ffc.her's life.v It Is the best of any: "Tis full of pleasure, void of strife. And 'tis beloved by many: Other Joys Ate bat toys. Only this Lawful Is: For our skill Bret-ds no ill. But content and pleasure. When we please to walk abroad For our recreation. In the fields Is our abode. Full of delectation : Where In a brook. With a hook, (i- a lake. 11 sh we take; There we sit For a bit. Till we flsli entangle. . It was Saturday! On a Boston & Maine train there was a healthy, hearty, happy boy. Perhaps on other days he may have v. orried over his books, he may have sighed as he saw the spring sun glistening in through the schoolroom win-cows, ne may have felt weary the little prisoner but that day was Saturday and he was free. lie had evidently planned a day on his lavorite brook, for sucli a veritable W. F. Murray Full of Enthusiasm, Returns to Work Encouraged by What He Heard Here Has No Doubt Whatever of Fobs' Reelection. E ASTER Clothing FOR THE Whole F amilv WASH ! XGTO.V, April 11 Pepresenta-Uve William F. Murray returned to Washington from Boston yesterday, brimming over with enthu.tfasm at the political e!t nut ion- He say he beard nothing but words of encouragement from the democrats -he saw in Boston. "The democrats all say Gov Foss is making good in great style." Mr Murray told the Olobe correspondent. "Even the republicans admit that he is doing ;nhniteiy bettor tlMM thy axperted. "Many of the governor's appointments arc giving satisfaction, while comparatively few of them re arous ing animosity. Of course not everybody j could be Hath-bed with all the appoint- merits, but there is remarkably little apparent objection to most of them. "Gov Foss Is doing well in other re- I specs, too. He t8 not stirring up a lot of trouble Just to be doing some-thing, but is conducting the affairs of his office in a manner calculated to in- I aplro publie trust, f have no doubt whatever about his reelection." ,A. Kaurloa Low. CAPT ROBERT BARTLETT, Who Was Master of the Peary Arctic Ship Roosevelt. He is Organizing Expedition to Try for the South Pole. NEW YORK, April U Capt Robert Peary the master of the Roosevelt has P.artlest, nuister of the Peary. Arctic j been nearer to the "top of the world" ship Roosevelt, became an American j than any white man. citizen today. h Capt Bartleft took out citizenship Capt Bartlett was a Newfoundlander j papers some time ago and makes his and accompanied Commander Peary, home in Brooklyn when in this cltv. now a rear admiral, on his Journey to the north pole. With the exception of Bartlett is organizing an expedition lj try for the south pole. GIRL'S AUTO SPEEDING CASE. Miss Esther Slater of Milton Secures a Continuance for One Week by Telephonic Request. Qt'IXCY. April 11 Mlaa Esther Sister of Milton, the well-known society heir- j ess who was summoned to appear today : in court on a charge of overspeeding her j motor car, secured the continuance Of j her case this morning. The young! woman bad not engaged counsel until ' this morning, it was said, and as the at- J torney had not become familiar with j the case, he requested a postponement, j Neither Miss Hlater nor her attorney I appeared in court, the request for a con- j nnuance oemg receiveo oy telephone. The case was pjt over until later In the week. CLEARED BY GRAND JURY. Not Slightest Evidence to Show That William Bernagozi Had Anything to Do With Fire in HisStore. BARNSTABLE. April 11 The April term of the superior court for Barnstable county is still in session, the unusually large number of civil cases on the docket making the term one of the longest held here for many years. One of the principal cases heard by the grand Jury was the commonwealth va William Bernagozi of Sagamote. Mr Bernagozi was charged with an at-' ttmpt to burn his dry goods store and stock, but the grand Jury after hearing the -evidence promptly decided that there was not the slightest evidence to how that Mr Bernagozi had anything to do with the Are that broke out in his building and he was discharged from custody. jjijj 1 ill LADIES' SUITS la good quality arge. - blue and blade, sailor collar, ending In loas mil froirt, trimmed with two rows braid. Skirt regulation width. Wide lelt Back and front. 15,50 We want yoi to come in between now and Easter and get your Spring clothing. By trading with us you do not have to waiL You can jret your clothing- earlv w t down, no in- in the season for terest, and at prices that are cheaper than the cash stores for the quality of such first-class goods as we sell We are manufacturers and the largest credit dealers, and offer you the Best Goods a (he Lowest Price and on the La$ie$t Terms. We advise you now to come an l see us at your earliest convenience, day or evening, as our Easter Clothing is all ready in stock in our store waiting for you to select what you need. We will be glad to welcome you and give you what you want for Easter on your own terms. BOYLE BROS. 853-859 Washington St., Boston ACTIVE CAREER ENDS, State Senator Hamilton of Maine Dead. fr of the bat at Judge Ross became bis partner in. rears later, and the firm Rose continued until 17.. wh j ic rri.u1,' unlc1Pi court, rr-rai ror O s senator at tl i , , -Tl: An Eloquent Advocate and of Wide Experience in Public Affairs, BIDDEFORD. Me. April 11-Senator Benjamin r. Hamilton died at his borne. 368 Alfred st. this morning, aged 71 years. He is the second member of tha Maine senate to die since th ture convened early In January. He went to Augusta Wednesday, Jan 26, and shortly after his arrival was stricken with an attack of acute Indigestion. He was in the-senate cham: her when he sunered tne lit turn , Moirie IfFi.iufnr.' BeSjimTn TVe aJnii" of Judga MSSS tkCh!mVT.r"a 'gnSZ'lS the firm continued ... r- roru marnicipal court, and tn "atedhwnVn,,hS tonto bT in lS?.1.wit"..Mr Haaillton. In Politics Mr HamOton has always e legUla- he was elected urrir,i ,.:.whe.a f YvfrrH -"Jwrzs t f"1 """ jears. a rr,-rr.- frli LI e.board ot assessors of Bidde-oi aiy solicitor for five years He Zt,rmlr h ."Publican state . - . .v. . vpjin who at tendfd him stated that the senator's sickness was due to a bad heart aatn.?f ! MRS CHARLES GR0VER DEAD. navarSL1 Iveri- lava ha will Km dflieiiT.-d but he cannot fix 'a day then. ' Just I disciple of lza.ik Walton must have had Da favorite brook. It is beyond undrr write to me at my club, " says the lady; "Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will suit me." She passes on. Kerr cannot remember what tier name la. "What ougi-t he to do? British Weekly. Resubmission. Dr Pierce, the President's pastor, says that the mission of the church is not to get men out Of hell, but to get hell out of men. Boston Globe. Even at that the church has some - m. . - - - i w mm w r n i .. nnanimrnui otnT.ic? nawai p wa-i a. so if ci!ie!R,in:- r,r fi to . . ? aovv a- i- mis paer company of Holyoke and Herald fas at one time its president. I f"luc pape.s p:ease copy.-Boston Rufus Mather Bagg at the age of 20 xviu ah. ti i it t BaltatlM farms of Samuel Morean "elJ' the Tpurnal 1" a Maine paper, :-r Morgan on Riverdale st. At ! -Pb Si reqTsl- "NOW' ertod he formed a partnership j what "ea-t .-Biddeford Journal. S. Batchelder and thev estah. ! Z agricultural store In Spring- Come to Boston and Have Some 1 , and continued in this business for yea rs. y then disposed of the bualnaaa B. It. Bragg & Co. In 1865 lie was FAarried to Marv Elizabeth Bartholo- ew, daughter of Dr Hiram and So standing that It could be otherwise. He bespoke the genuine angler. That calm philosophic look, it could only come to DM who never allows impatience to mar the pleasure of the day's sport, be It rich in prizes, cr only rich in hope and such is your real angler. And how btiuting he dressed the pa,rt, and with f ind care be held his delicate, sprlncry, T.hiplike fisiiing rod. There was genuine pride in possession. He may have seen a full 10 years, but they had been kindly ones to lilin. and perhaps because there was within a real, natural, unquenchable love for the open, his ear was attuned to the ever-c.ianging, ever-inviting brook song, and he Crafty, gamy, leaping trout, that can ' the average man busy for the next few ; months without bothering with any ! small revolution. It may be truthfully said that where Asa Spades is there is the thick of the conflict. by the ban nasetlnS it was on th un derstanding that the article would come up next Monday evening at the adjourned town meeting. The children will be provided with sticks sq they .will not be obliged to handle the rubbish. GOING TO CLEAN UP TOWN. Club of Norwood School Children to Give Practical Demonstration of Its Work Thursday. NORWOOD, April 11 The Clean-Up club of Norwood school children is to give a practical demonstration of H work on a wholesale scale. Thursday has been assigned to the children of the Boston Globe editor indulged strawberry shortcake a few nights ago, then to show he did it, complained price fhia larks Bartholomew at Montgom- were setting bigger and better. He who W- f" ""S6 uuivivtu uy nis wne j inspires envy and covetousness ha tnP fed eight children. They are: Laura I bosom of another has much to answer S.. wife of Charles Duval of Colorado for North Adams Herald. Springs, Colo; Rufus N. Jr. instructor I in geoiogy :n tne university of Illinois-fcdward O. Bagg of West Springfield Klisha A. Bagg of Soutii Hadlev. I-Ved-rick P. Bagg of West Springfield Mary Sophia, Ida Elizabeth and Elsie Bagg, all of "West Springfield. 4 He was a member of Park Congregational church and Roswell Lee lodge IV. F. and A. M. ' With Us. j would make his senses tingle arid his Globe editor indulged in i e:''s sparKle. Man Kills Another in Girl's Home. LjjT CARMEU IH, April 11-Dr J E. inskeep shot and killed Asa Dunning, ta'hen attacked by the latter in the liome of Miss Ruth Moore, last night, br Inskeep surrendered to the sheriff nd said he had killed Dunning in self-teience. The physician is widely known n southern Illinois, being the owner f extensive oil interests in that section MAKE YOUR PURCHASES FROM GLOBE ADVERTISERS Order Unce. as rr.ces Wi Advance. EASTER LILIES True Giganteum Also December and January. Notch is saved. When ip to see it? Boston The Crawford are you going Globe, May and June Concord Patriot. are good months. Odd Items From Everywhere. Though the school children of Hart- 12', 2 PER FLO WER and a iare assort ment of Azaleas, Crimson and Pink Ramblers and other flowering plants at low prices. rora nave received jo,w) catalpa tre for planting on Arbor day, the authorities have issued orders against planting In city streets. The reason given is that in trie spring the trees drop a bloom which makes sidewalks dangerous to pedestrians. Electric carpets for heating rooms are shortly to come into fashion in Paris It Is said. The under side of the new-carpets consists of a network of steei wires, forming a contact, and insu-ing that the current shall be equally distributed in all directions. It is" sail that the cost of the new svstem at heating will be less than that of any now known. It Is estimated tha' a room fitted with one of the new ele-ctrlc carpets can be heated a a total cost o' one cent an hour. The feather tuft on trie top of the crown worn on special occasions bv the r ricce of Wales is said to be the' only one of its kind in human posse- j SlOn. II vmueu itl BHhesa T ie In'- is made of the feathern of the periw-ak" a bird that is found only in dense junkies where tigers have their la'rs It was only after many attempts, last- tag over a period of 20 years, that one ct those nirxts couin oe secured. More than a dozen hunters, it is said," lost their lives in the quest. ICiSS Mary Todd, for 39 years a school J teacher in west .Aurora, in, has never I believed in the motto "Spare the rod ana spou tne cnuu. in an tier years had or teacning .miss i ouu nas nevr in flicted corporal punishment on a pupil. But In spite of the bigness of th-event that boy was willing to divide the pleasure even of his favorite brook. With him he was taking his dearest chum, one who he knew- could be depended upon to share to the full the enthu-.-iasm. if success should be theirs, or bear up philosophically In the event of failure. That chum was a real fisherman, too. Anybody could tell that. Of eourse he had a fisherman's outfit, but that wasn't what told the story. And those two cronies sat in a seat together, chatting and laughing, each perfectly satisfied with the other's company and s happy that they didn"t seem to see anybody else in the car. The world was theirs that day with a good trout brook thrown in to make good measure. BANK DOOR FOUND OPEN. THE BOSTON CUT FLOWER CO. i o 14 BROiVIFIELO ST. Ktianize Floor Finish ble getting i good Floor Finish, try Kyaciie. It's made on purpose for floors, and wears. k it IS different from ether floor Varnishes a tougher and more lasting finish. iciais of Cambridge Institution Think It Was Due to Settling of Building Caused by Subway Construction. U was late ;n the afternoon when they returned In a Boston & Maine train from their day's fishing. Perhaps they came from a trout brook out in Wilmington, who knows? Again they sat in a seat together. The young angler was plainly weary, for he rested his head against his chum's shoulder, and the chum folded the boy very closely to him. and they laughed a little while they chatted. Perhan it should be told that that chum had gray streaks in his hair, anyone could see them, and the boy always, called him "pop" with a pleasantly blended accent expressing to the full the idea of comradeship. And so they sat, father and son, very close to each other, and lived over the day's sport they had enjoyed together. When a passenger asked if they had good luck the boy proudly an swered: We did pretty well" notice that he included his chum in the honors of the day and then he opened the basfcet and showed that it was rull. full of trout, fat and tempting. CLAIM LEASE IS VIOLATED. Owners of Rhodes Estate at 85 to 91 Essex St Assert Explosive and Inflammable Material is Kept There. Fred K. Rhodes, executor of the will of Rosina N. Rhodes et al. owners of the estate at 86 to 91 Essex st and 1 to IX Edinboro st. brought a bill in the superior court today against H. B. Gordon & Co and S. Bergson'fe Co, seek- Winslow and Balch schools bv Super- "J l" luP terms ot a ieitse com- intendent of Schools Austin H. FItts as P,ied w1th- Tne Plaintiffs allege Gor-a holiday, to be used under the direction J don Co have explosive and infiam-of the- principal of the schools. Miss nable material In the building, which Katharine Carbee. in cleaning up that j has increased the fire and insurance tection of the town. There will be over I risks. 400 children, ranging in age from 6 .to The plaintiff leased the premises to 12 years, going about through that Bergson & Co. and the latter sublet it section and collecting th? refuse, tin to the other defendants. Gordon & Co cans, and other such things, end carry- ft is alleged, have a quantity of rubbering them off in wagons which the ' cement, composed largely of naphtha, parents of the children will furnish. The j stored in the building. The complain-superintendent has authorized Miss I ants have had difficulty to let other por-Curbee to do tl.ts. and to devote le Uons of the property because of the day to that .'napose. high Insurance rates, due to the In- This Includes practically the whole creased danger by reason of the explo-south end of the town, where many of sive and inflammable material kept in the families of European nationality the building. reside, and it is stated that at least 15 Plaintiffs alleged the keeping of such nationalities will be engaged in the material is In violation of the terms of work. the lease, which they seek now to have ne tiean-up ciuo was organized last 'enforced Dy tne court by preventing the ran ! -miss iirnoe among the children of the Wlnslow and Balch schools, and the children have done a great deal of good work. The clvlr-s department of the Norwood woman's club took up the matter, and Mrs Martha Window donated $50 to buy barrels to deposit the matter that the children picked up. It whs then found that there was no town appropriation to have this rubbish collected from the barrels and taken away, and the Norwood business association and board of trade took the matter up and bad an article inserted in the tbwn warrant for the collection and disposal of rubbish in the streets and other public nlaces. At the recent town meeting, however, the committee of 15 on appropriations recommended that this article bo In definitely postponed, and that department strictly en defendants. Gordon & Co. from keeping umirimi ui iu mini eumpiameu or In the premises occupied by them. California, Dogs Lead Now. NOME. Alaska, April 11 The team of 11 dogs enttxed by Mrs C. E..Daling of Berkeley, Calif, and driven by "Seotty"' Allan, made an unexpected burst of speed late yesterday and led In the All-Alaska sweepstakes at the mile. Time. 5.'. hours. The teams arc expected to finish the return trip to Nome today. -f Minister Sues for $5000. 11. A IN VII. I.E. April 11-Rev Georsa H. uogers. pastor or the M. E. church id that the police , brought suit for 15000 yesterday again uirce nie urui-ie ! r... unai oi -Nortn atnanaM r. of the rwn bylaws relating to throwing Rogers alleges that he was riding hi rubbish In the streets. Before this i bicycle on Washington st. North Attle meeting was held a warrant had been , noro, on Nov 22. 190. when thi defend Mother of Haverhill Board of Trade PresiJent and Another Business Man of That City. HAMPSTEAD, N H. April 11 Mrs Charles Grover, wife of Charles Grov-er, a prominent citizen of this town, died at her home on Ames st, this morning ot pneumonia. Mrs Grover. although born fn Plaistow, had been a life-long resident of this town. She would have been a years old, tomorrow. Besides her husband. Mrs Grover is survived by two sons, Charles Grover Jr. president of Haverhill. Mass, board of trade, and Frederick Grover, also a business man of Haverhill, and two daughters. Mrs Bessie Mills of this town and Miss Abble Grover. a teacher in the public schools of Haverhill. The funeral will be held Thursday at 2 p m. ROOSEVELT AGAIN IN IDAHO. After 25 Years' Absence. Colonel Visits Sand Point, and is Greeted by Almost Everybody. HAND POINT. Idaho. Aaril 11 Theo dore Roosevelt returned to Sand Point r nis once iron consutution. yesterday after anabsence of more than pft SiSSof York fnty n quarter of a century, to be welcomed 1 bar for many vears, was born In East by as many hundreds of people as there Water boro. Me, In 184. His ances-werc individuals when he last saw the I tors were among the early settlers town. He spoke to several hundred ' of the district of Maine and possessed was taken to his boarding house, where; late Hon James G. Blaine wa- at th he remained until he was able to come bight of his Influence. He has s-verai to his home in this city. The physician Umes been a member of the citv WnA county committees. In VS2Z he was elected a -. .-., legislature, and S5ELT session he labored energetically for the oest interests of the srnte He w afterward reelected to the house. Two years ago he was elected a senator from the southeastern district of Yo-k ""fty. i isst September be was reelected. His ability was unquestioned, and he took an active part in the last session. He, , w a V appointed postmaster by Pfe!ie? L'J3-, Gran. "J he administered the affairs of the office for four years. He was president and a trustee . thS Mine stat agricultural society for 12 years, and was for many years a member of the Patrons of Husbandry of this city. He delivered addressee before granges in all parts of Maine. He was at one time a deputy master of the Maine state grange. As a lawyer he had the greatest success and had a state wide reputation ss a skilful pleader and an eloquent advocate before the Jury. The time had been when the courtroom would be crowded when It was known lawver Hamilton was to argue a case. He has filled the chairs in the lodge of Knights of Pythias and was prominent In Laconia lodge and York encampment. I. O. O. F. He was for four years grand worthy secretary of the Maine state lodge of Good Templars. H is survived by hia wife. THB LATE SENATOR BENJAMIN . HAMILTON Of Biddeford. Me. attack and a general breaking down school children gathered before a modern school building on a site that was covered by the forest S years ago. and saw railroads and trolley lines where only forest trails had been. Col Roosevelt addressed a gathering last night that numbered almost the whole population. His private car was attached to the regular train which left lust before midnight, and will reach Missoula. Mont, this morning. ASHL.AND. Estes R Carpenter defeated Steven K. Howard for assessor by . votes ax the special election held yesterday. A small vote was cast, about 25 per of the total registraUrag. iosb dhhhib. in ;in s buuk uaiam bums a also an article for the dls- i him and inflicted severe injuries includ-rubblsh. So while the com- ! Int; several fractured ribs. posted for a special which was BJa poeaj of Holy Cross Debaters Selected. WORCESTER, April 11 Rev Fr James A. Mullin, s.l . announced yesterday the foPow-ng contestants for the $40 prise offered to the winners of the sophomore-freshman debate, whlc1! will be held May 17 In Fenwlck hall: Frederick W. ..'allahan of Worcester. Laurence J. Jackson of Mansfield and John R. Mulroy of Glens Falls, N T, for the second-year men. and Joseph 8. Diceen of Philadelphia, Francis W. Comerford of Worcester and Herbert L. McDonald of Rosiindale. The question to be discussed is "Resolved, that the present system of (ranting ship subsidies should be extended." . the reputation of bein men or un- usual intellectual ability, figuring con-! splcuously in public affairs. Mr Hamilton's grandfather took part tn the j war of the revolution. The dietir.-guished American statesman. Alexand er Hamilton, was a kinsman. Senator Hamilton passed his boy-1 hood days en his father's farm in Waterboro. He completed a course In . the Literary institute at North Hamil-' ton, NIL after which he taught school for 11 winters. In the summer he worked on the farm and also engaged I in burning charcoal. He next taught i school in Ivennebunk, Waterboro and I Alfred. He was a pedagogue in the 1 shore town for four years, after which he relinquished the occupation of teaching and began the study of law in the office of the late Hon Ira T. Drew. He was admitted to the York bar in ism. and after attending a course of lectures I at the Cambridge law school began the practice of law in this city In ivsi. where be had since been established. In 17 be formed a law partnership with his cousin. Hon 8. K. Hamilt'tn. ; They continued until 1873 when his , cousin withdrew and established him- self In Boston, where be is a leading; IS" - "THE GENTLEMAN FROM ILLINOIS" STUPENDOUS SALE Sflade bj Boston Varus?! Co Woll B, My Clothier," r-orner Hanover and Portland streets, is most easily reached from the Havmarket gqttare, Adams Souare, BcoUsy Square and Friend-Union Street Stations of the subway. ESSaLl I-OB FTJCSS mi;u "liirrs i&iTO V. 0. B. SCOTCH mm and dooVanTi" I Ore. , . h .ku u ". 1 provide aga I n -act used, oteet eur sa'.is.'y. It i? one thing to IstJgb with a person but quite another thing to laugh at him Hut When the individual who U hfinir lanahed v. it;; or at doesn't For a short time this morning the .nu.,, the- loke. It is stm aaantfc ! police of Cambridge imagined that they matter. case of the latter sort hap- had a bank robbery on their hands d ,n tne ec.turp room of a class i " Patrolman DWyST found the front p rwuv.hy college one day last wek. rt? the t Mitral rracrl rnmnanf :,r Massachusetts av. that city. .Jar the previous meeting of the class, while he was trying the doors of the I the Wotensor m charge had neglected shops and -buildings along his route take an account of the attendance Assisted by Lieut Charles Pike of Ma- In consequence, at the beginning of Uon 2 and patrolman Moylan, he the hour in question, the instructor searched the building, but could Imd called the roll, requesting those who no trace of anyone having been there . , ' , . since the bank had been ! losed lor the hn lt!y Pilous ses- day. , sion to answer "present, present." All VValrtn ;. Davis, treasurer of the 1 went along smoothly until the middle company and Elmer H. Bright, the of the roil was reached when a stu-president, were summoned. tnd the , , , ... , , Blu former explained that the settling of : Jent replied With a -Ingle, present." the buildings in the vicinity, caused by Tilings had been going SO smoothly the excavations for the subway, was that the professor was evijentlv taken responsible for many doors ai.o la IT L , , . ,rT - l,Kfn being jarr out of place and s.,ui he "ff nls KUard "nf1 rpI'""'l: "Which believed this to be the cause of the ; dy?" Some of the class saw the joke PM door The janitor appeared on the and laughed heartily, others dldn'L The ESU tne & .iVngX1 bufldi'ng' SfiT- i"' 8m as he had been forced to do so twic, BSpM :he HwhW' A policeman was detailed to watch ' and see that it did not open again after SPRSSvi ww. rf ...... mmm oin- -i s m. ,c. wi na m mmm -- any. This morning all the I " " KtkJ? will be overhauled in 1 say mere u . irummun oown In the st such an occurance hai.- SOHth somewher. Who cares, am-wav renins again. 1 LIGHTING FIXTURES i To make room for new designs to arrive. Desirable for Public Buildings, Hotels. Home and Summer Cottages. 2500 Gas ami Electric Chandeliers Brackets and ibie Lamps Also Andiron 5, LPtl z Sets and I Ire Screens All marked with Red Tags. To be sold JUST HALF THE REGULAR PRICE h is an exceptional opportunity for those anticipating to buy practical Lighting Fixtures to purchase and lay away until required. Sale i!l Commcmc April in and Continue Ons Week "WE LIGHT THE WOULD" Theie are battles enoush in the -Vaieri- I THE MIGHTY PUT DOWN FROM From the N McKemiey & Water bury Co. pEMEMBER its reputation. Snappy Styles in the greatest variety of lasts. The top notch of quality in the Shoe that is " Honest ail Through." You can buy the particular style you want in the last that is comfortable for your foot Ask for the proof. S3. 50, $4.00, $5.00 1S5 Summer Mm opp. Owth citation W. II. FLETCHER. Mgr. Court Hanover St-. Scollay smaare. 1 J- Charaeck. Manager. ew York World. 0 si mzm m w r jl o a rran.tiin, v or. Cflgrte St., 3o'Acn, Mass. i READ THE ADVERTISEMENTS IN TODAY'S GLOBE MAKE YCUT. PURCHASES FROM GLOBE ADVERTISERS j' A1 "i: -.i uouuii- x: ,kur," au: e shf nsttli wmrr pu?chf gioraings Mtt A 12 o'eieek oocu. t ft'or&. Mf Clotulo:," comer flr-aoter and i'oy. smf 4 stoning

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