The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on July 3, 1907 · 5
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 5

Boston, Massachusetts
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Wednesday, July 3, 1907
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THE BOSTON GLOBE-WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 1907. 4 GLOBE LATEST! 7:30 O'CLOCK GRAND JULY PROGRAMS for Boston and Near-by Towns and Cities, SportingEvents, Pro cessions, Musters, Concerts, Abundant Entertainment 411 Along the Line to Close With Fireworks Displays. ruction of a committee consisting of fhurlea L. Clay, superintendent of schools, and A. H. Turner, will close with the singing of "America" and "Auld Lang Syne." A reception will follow in the Hap-good memorial building, where the guests will be received by a committee consisting of Dr and Mrs Herbert B. Koyal. Mr anil Mrs (ieorge T. (Jalo, Mr and M- Luther Wlllard. Mr and Mrs Benjamin J. Priest. Mr and Mrs J. B. Harlow. Mr and Mrs A. W. Bryant. Mr and Mra C. H. Riplej and Miss E. E. Here sey. In the aftrrnor. a baseball game will be played between teams representing Harvard ntl Bcxboro. The Hudson military band will give concerts In the afternoon and evening on the common. In the evening there will bo a display of fireworks under the direction of I. P. Baker. A. R. Huss-y. A. F. Ripley and H H. Gale. A tent will be erected on the common, where the women of the Corgreg , tional church will serve refreshments. The morning sports will begin at o'clock and the hall exercises at I'M. SUMMER TOILETS FROM PARIS. lb Fourth of July gets) awrm .nMv will ar...w It oy me twtse that Is made, yet there are to It ibservancea tn this and near-by cities) taa U tmttutM UN day's sign 10-awc- with kea racket and with fully as Tj tio with, there will be the express tn FanenU hall at 10.30 a m. a ar-nsged by Mayor Fltxgerald. Rev E. a U rton. chaplain of the state senate. wm. denver the oration; Rev Pr Mc-Cftttn y of Charrcstotrn wUl offer prayer, sss IVgtnalU B. OCailaghan of Dor-cnester. wno naa Just completed bis aec- Ijtttn school. of lndepend- otay ground and public fields t the ciy there srHJ be ath-iia la the morning and after-I in the evenlas band concerts isen tn the different warda. a U ti planned to illuminate a n in the public garden and to torks dieniays on the Common. SelJ. Gibson held. Dcrcbesler. ra Columbus-av playground, la park and Kogeia park. a. tn the ninaUnn of lion of hrcworka, togetner the cftya Program to itren wlU be entertained tn n Uartmoutn ana -ifc-: sm dock aocl . ever. t a u titntoiM wui no oi- j w:ieeIv rt-V m"wJrtdesh.7 eararaTat the"'! I t.soreotr. on pHlistoa at. a It k urn fuel mil that as to he expesaked hy the ir u Ussare the smiass ox i have a parad to the rur IsrU:" uraU at k tho a Its i a n. a hand a a Sal lite MMSlBS. I rmc i! sporting events for morning and aff rnoon on the Pierce held playground, Roslindale. At 8 p m the celebration will end with a band concert and fire rhliM has voted to ezreni oX and Waltham SMO for the celebration of the dav In those cities. In Newton local or ganlxations have planned programs to L- riven in the different vtllajtes. The one arransreo oy in- resiaems oi me Nonantum district will be the most im portant. The Fourth of July committee of OH ent Heights announces baseball games oi married and single men, for boys veraxir.g 15 years, and between the fir'ents and the Alpine A. C. These w 11 tw nlaved to the morning, and tn the afternoon there will be a long list rtt athletic events. Fireworks and a band foncert are down for the evening's en- la.vmcnt The annual meeting of the society of he Cincinnati will bo held at noon it Vminr'a hotel, uinner win ne .iein - - nvinrt and among the speakers wiil . Kirk D. Pierce, a nephew of Pres- . Franklin nerce The National amateur press associa tion will bold the first session of Its Sal annual convention at United States hotel. The session will be continued PnHT and Saturday, l'res William It. Murphy of Philadelphia will preside. The annual Held day of the Clan-Na- Gael of Boston and vicinity win oe held at Oak Island grove. Revere, and will Include a lengthy program of Interest !ng events. ALL OVER OLD NEW ENGLAND July Fourth Enthusiasm Never Greater, and All are Awaiting Tomorrow With Impatience. A compilation of more than half -i hundred programs, which New England cities and towns have announced for the celebration of the 131st anniversary of -ne declaration of Indcpvnd- Saace. Indicates that this section of the - . f -r.-- rnuortai f the SO-1 noiioay wiui h less sesu wan in pre- Jiiasains i . , .... and town la the sue New Eng. .ri suuea will make son organlxe! effort lo celebrate the day. and to the case of the exception, the patriotic youths am; not let the anniversary pass wlth-a r.tisr reminder of its significance. The o-rlklos; tVatur- Bf the collection of profnun la Use wide range of festivities which the New England people have arranged for the day. B-il two things hoi J in general throughout nose are tn Dooming or the ringing of bells to w the mayor a .tv.MK. there Is rtu glee I s I Uvea of and to- FOURTH IN CAMBRIDGE. Program to Keep Everyone Busy Morning. Afternoon and Evening Officials of the Day. The program for the city's observance of the Fourth in Cambridge has been ompleted and bid fair to attract lrr crowds to the different points where the principal feature are to be held. There to aa unusual number of ten trie for the various sporting event. The game will be run off on Cambridge Held to the morning at IS o'clock. In the afternoon at 2 o'clock there will be more :letlc events on Rlndge field. In the forenoon there will be ball games on Rlndge field. At Mag loo beach tbore win be a ball gameln the afternoon at lJb. On Cambridge common there will be a ball game at 10 a m. In the afternoon a band concert Is to be given at Mag sine beach, and In the evening there will be band concerts and "reworks on Cambridge Held. Rlndge held and at Maxxsine beach. The va rious event and entries for the morning B won re mm iouows: is-vara aasn R. A Rockford. li. c. A. A., scratch: K. Elndsev. H. A. A. S yards: A. Evans. B. I. 8.. 7: F. B. Mc- Govem. R. B. H. 8.. SH: H. A. Korte. Boston. 7. W. C. Bobbins. C. Y. M. C. A.. IS; F. VY. Kelley. tfc; H. Rawes. Providence. 3; E. A. Erickson. S. B. A. '.. (H: F. E. Miles. C. Y. M. C. A . SomervUle. IS- IMS J era run-r. fi. Kick ford. Ever ett. 20 yards handicap: A. Allen. Lynn. W. Scally. C. Q. A.. 40: A. W. HSd- dleton. R- W. A. A.. S9; H. A. Bruce, 43: A. U Ross. C. G. A.. 42: F. W. Kel ley. C; C. C. Ford 8. B. A. C. 54; C. Matthews. Roxbury. 28; F. E. Miles. C. M. C. A., 43; W. G. Klnsella. 42; B. W. Cutler Jr. Somerville. 50: J. 11. Peretti. C. G. A.. 48: 8. N. Bryaut, Newton Y. M. C. A.. 18. 440-yard lur F. M. Bickfnrd. Everett, handicap 16 yards; R. A. Rockford, B. i a. a.; sv. i.inosey, ti. a. a., it ; a. Evans, B. L. S.. 50: A. W. Haddleton. it W. A. A.. 34; r. i. AlcGovern, K. B. H. S-. 30; A. L. Ross. C. G. A.. 23; H W. Murphy. C. G. A.. 23; H. A. Korte. Boston. 34; F. W. Kelley, 25; H. Rawes. Providence. 26; A. I. Wright, C. . A., 27; E. A. Erickson, S. B. A. C. 27; F. E. Miles. C. Y. M. C. A.. .30; W. G. Kln-sella. 28; K. Webb. H. P. A. P., 29; J. V. Quinlan. H. A. A.; M. L. O'Toole, Somerville, 22. Three-mile run R. A. Fowler. C. G. A., handicap 90 yards; H. M. Cutting. Huston, fju; H. Brawley, St A. A.. 160; J. G. Tgg. Hyde Park. 220; B. W. Cutler Jr. Somerville. 32t. One-mile run George E. Roberts, handlcan 75 yards; 1. E. Daniels, C. Y. at. t A., fe: l . r . Kcardon. ti. A. a. 5: H. A. Bruce "o. C. G. Coughlin, C. Y. M. C. A.. 75: C. C. Ford. S. B. A. C, 90: C. O'Connell 30: G. A. Lange. B. Y. M C. A.. 70: C. Anderson. S. G. C. P., 30: A. Broadbent. Allnton, 85; J. G. Tiesr. Hvde Park. 75: J. H. Perotti. C. G. A., 80: N. S. Bryant. Newton Y. M. C. A.. 53. The officials of th.- dav are as fol lows: R. feree. Thomas F. Riley. C. G. A.; marshal. Joseph M. Casey. Cambridge: assistant. Percy Bolster, Cam-trilge: judges at finish. Neil McCar thy. C. G. A.. Neil Kelleher. C. G. A.. H. A Penniman. Cambridge, Carl R.'cd. CambrldEe: timers. Edward J. Brandon of Cambridge. Frank J. Ford of South BoPton. John J. Ahern of famhrldxe. V. E. McAnaul. C. Y. M. C. A: clerk of the course. John C. Ha vert v Jr. C. G. A.; assistants, Walter Wbalen. C. G. A.. William H. Hvnes. C. G. A.: announcer. Thomas J. Conrtck. C. G. A.: starter. Joseph P. McNamara. Tyler-st gymnasium: in-slim line .?. Frank Facey. R. B. C, Thomas Larsgam, C. G. A., E. J, Walsh, S. and A. C: manager. John W. v',rtB. C. G. A: assistant. G. Fred TfMan. UNITED VERDE MUST ACCOUNT Treadwell Wins Suit for Many Millions, Owns Small Minority of Shares in Clark's Bonanza. ird Senator's Income From It Said to be $25,000,000, The toilet at the left Is of absinthe crepe de chine. The skirt is In th form ot a tunic, shorter In the back than in front, where it entirely covers the deep flounce over which It falls. The edges of both tunic and flounce are bordered with bias bands of satin of the same shade and silk lace insertion, which is neembroidered in green. The corsage, in Japanese style, is shirred lengthwise. the shlrrings hidden by bands of the lace. The shawl collar is of the satin, the waistcoat of tucked and embroid ered chiffon. The blouse and sleeves. ruraos, are the latter composed of chiffon and lace, the girdle is of taffeta. The other gown is of blue cloth, trimmed with silk braid and soutache of the same shade. The skirt forms a long tunic, fitted smoothly over the hips, and trimmed at the bottom with the braid. The Japanese, corsage is trimmed with the braid and soutache and is slashed open over a blouse of blue and white checked gauze. The yoke and cuffs are composed of lace insertion and bands of the gauze. The girdle is of the cloth trimmed with braid and soutache. Shaughnessy, Mrs Mary O'Malley, Misses Not A. Madden, Eleanor O'Toole, Sarah KittreUge and Patrick Dooley. The committee on snorts comprises Edward F. Riley. Juseph Laplante, Thomas R. Burns, P. J. O'Malley, Pat rick Gohery, Alfred Robinson, Robert McRell, John B. Gallagher, William Gannon, Abraham Sonia, George Floyd and Owen Howe. The refreshment committee consists of Michael Gorman. James Gormley, Peter Lynsky, M. T. Dwyer,, Joseph Duvanney, Patrick Fmnerty, James Grady. James Fox, Dr James R. Kir- by. Misses Annie Welch, Ella Robin son, Hannah Uraoy, isellie O aiauey, Katharine McNamara, Gertrude Mcln- tyre, Laxzic and Alice Grady, Delia Duggan, Mary O'Malley, Lizzie Doyle, Katherine and Margaret O'Malley, Mayme Hoban. Ducy Tully, Mrs Michael Devany, Mrs Thomas McNamara, Mrs John B. Mclaughlin, Mrs Dennis Carney and Mrs William O'Malley. The reception committee includes r. A. Cannon, A. W . Diesman, John J. Philbin, P. H. Morrison, Daniel Mc- Caulev, James H. McGrath, Dr M. J. O'Toole, Dr E. T. Fox, Dr T. J. Kenne.y. George E. O Toole, James K. Eustace, Dr T. P. O'Brien, Dr P. A. S. Grady, Dr J. J. Goodwin, Charles B. O'Toole, Austin O Toole, John B. U Toole, .lames H. Carr, P. J. Moran, John O'Toole, Austin Sweenev. unaries Lj. looie. .To.senh Whalen. John T. Burke, P. F. Cannon, i nomas u, waisn, i nomas Burke. William Manoen, t,awara j. Mooney, John Finnerty, Michael Fin- netty, Henry at. Fox, ueorge l.. urury R. J. Mclntyre, Martin Kane and Thos F. Kelley. who resides on the upper floor, discovered tho door open and entered the apartments, to find the goods and apparel scattered about the rooms. The members of the Chrysanthemum club of this district held a very enjoy-abla outing yesterday at Nantasket Point. After dinner the various points of interest were visited. In the party were the Misses Torrens, Lovejoy, Sanderson, Fox, Norwood, Sim, Perry, Burroughs. Dowersiscn, Swift, McGeough and Metcalf. WIRELESS FROM SAX0NIA. Lines This Morning Was 460 Miles East of Boston Light Will Dock Tomorrow. The Cunard line steamship Saxonia, from Liverpool and Queenstown. was heard from this morning, when a wireless message was received from Capt E. H. Pentecost, giving the position of the liner at 6 a m as 160 miles east of Boston light. She will arrive off the light about 1pm tomorrow, and an hour later she should be fast at her berth in East Boston. She has 79 saloon passengers. 244 second cabin and 1001 steerage. Those on board will have an opportunity to celebrate at laast part of the Fourth ashore. Among the salooi passengers are: Alexander Cochrane and A. Lynde Coch rane of this city; Mr and Mrs Gugliei WITH PARADE AND SPORTS. m scistanataan- , - teuiMli I races. nrsei ' m irL i h'!lng con . I football and para at in i so. umt kB to be I rwork aisalsx at Everett tn asaste n4 a VSLmSS rvwsrka tor natea has ar- i tutors ffjj If you lunch lte, about I eleven o'clock try taking a SP,ilof EDUCATOR CRACKERS welcome in dawn of Independence day. And lb display of firework to murk lis close. To events of tbe day itself ladvde hundreds of different sports and feserrttisa. In eevry section sporting; events will predominate. Bonfire, parade of fan-tastk-A .iij horr.blm. cr. !c and military as are general features, in f sports, baseball easily hold :r. popularity, with Held and detlca also a general feature canoeing, vacating, swimming. nooue racing, oicycie n mu:ers. aorse racing test, balloon ascensions. r.i.o. dances, nag anus, mcket r events nicked -n IB IMUflin. In Urn matter of srunoowd. r and other explosive the polk-e and civil suthori-tvs of a Urge anajonty of tbe cities nd town have taken an unusually restrictive attitude this year. In order to limit tn now to tne day it sell and tu reduce th Urea aomber of accidents Incident to th celebration ot former yearn tv. tr dxy nerore tn rourtn the weather waa the one thing which felt might prevent a successful tomorrow, out tears in ir.u -.fneially relieved by the goverr.rr.-nt w-thrT bureau here, which predicted a pleasant holiday lb rough out HARVARD IN HOLIDAY GARB Town Will Celebrate Its 175 Anniver sary and Fourth of July With In door and Outdoor Programs. HARVARD. July X Harvard tm In holiday drees for the celebration of tbe Fourth. . Last Friday the town was 175 years old. bat tbe celebration was deferred until tomorrow. The committee of ar rangements Includes the selectmen, W U. -Fair bank chairman, w. B. Wlllard clerk and Benjamin J. Pries t. Tbe program will open with a list of ran.r and snorts on th grounds of tr UrcrnDeld school, which will be in cham of a commit lee const tin of w. J. Kerter and W. F. Dickson. There will be lea-yard dash, relay race. HP-yrd dash for gtrls under 14. 200-yard dash tor men. haeehall throwing contest for boy and an orange race for boy. At the conclusion of these sports there will b a baseball gme between the Bromflelds and tne Lancaster junior. Tbe ball game will be followed by a bosket lurch, served on the grounds. In the afternoon there will be exerw cises tn tbe town hall. The program will open with an Invocation by Rev j r gheafe. pastor of the Congrega tlonal cbarcn. after which the address ai w. l.Tutr wii: be delivered by chair- nun Fairbanks. The singing of "Home. f t Home" by a selected chorus will follow Two addresses will then be tn rder bv Percy A- Atherton and Oeorge E Clatk The pupils of tne grammar school will sing "Columbia." Next wii! be the reading of an original poem by Mr Annie it. Clark of Lancaster, a native of Harvard, who was school-mat of Lout 34 Alrott at the time lb Aleott family resided here t Troth-Uads." when A. Branson Aleott sought to stsblrsb of t ran seen -dental Ms Addrrssss will f ollow by John O Warnet and Mis Ruth W bit ney. Kruring of lb "CMd Oaken Backet' by th Harvard quartet will precede addresses by Senator Allan G But- trick of Laceter sr.d ongreii.rfiiiri Q. T.rrell OI .n. i n ns n , ....... wu -. -r-4er ti.e di- BIG BONFIRE AT EVERETT. Pile 30 Feet High and 50 Feet in Cir cumference to be Touched Off at Midnight Tonight. EVERETT. July 3 A large number of nJxf-ns ar.d boys worked hard last evening and this morning to complete tbe monster pile which is to be toucnea on at midnight tonight on Corbett hill back of Glendale park. This morning tbe worK wh.i practically nmcnea.. ine Mle is over 30 feet high and about SO In Circumieience. Th.. wnrir nan npn oone rni tpiv i a " - ----- ,r c'tlxens and tbe SW or more raiiroau ties and a many more barrels have Hooti niir.'hpmil bv Dooular subscription. Edward Thayer and Leo Shea have been the leaders In the work and have gathered the Tunas togetner ana maae the ourchase. They have been assisted In tot building by Oonald P.eaulac. Os- nr PouUnn Fred McCarty. Willis Wrtaht, George Barney Mc-UaJfigan. Onnle McGafllean. Walter rim.u- dMirm ivormine. jonn unatn, ll.irry Kcwnaii. tnancs n niumfc rii Hri... wniiam imnnxv. v uri t,uiim son. Edward Hurley and Matthew Dan MPMSi NORWOOD'S FOURTH. Sterling to Celebrate Under Improve ment Society's Direction. STERLING. July 3 Under the direc tion of the Village improvement so ciety. Sterling will celebrate the tourtn with a parade, in which various or ganizations will take part. The chairman of the Judges on parade will be County Commissioner Goodale of Clinton. Joel T. Wilder is chairman of the parade committee and Herbert W. warren or the noat committee. Among the floats will be two entered by the Ladies' Industrial society. One will represent the founders of the town in 1721, representing a good old-time fam ily, with tne rarming ana nousenoia implements or that time. ine omers will represent modern times. A Gen Lafayette reception, in memory or ais first visit here In 1S24, will be one or the features of the day. The reception will be held beneatb American ana Krench flaz3. near the spot where the platform and arch were erected 83 years ago. ine committee constats oi ntr-bert W Warren, Mrs Arthur E. Davis and Miss Anna H. Bartlett. There will he paric exercises, unaer the direction of a committee consisting of Rev Henry P. Stevens, Rev Walter L. Stone and Rev Charles B. louiman. The sports will be under the direction Of Luther Kugg, rcatpn Dievens, P. Traak and F. E. Gould ing. George M. Stuart will be chief marshal. FOURTH AT ARLINGTON. mo D. Arcais, i'. . tsacon, .vii8t in. j. Rnlrlwin. Mrs Edith Barry. Miss Anna T-f Barrv. Miss Clara B. Barry, Er nest Booth, L.ouls Brugiere, Mrs jo-seohine Brueuiere. Mrs Chadbourne, Miss Laura M. Coleman. Mr and Mrs n. H. Cross. Mr and Mrs Edwin H. Ciimmines. Herbert Francis Daly, Miss Nora A. Desmond, c a: rearing, .vir and Mrs E. W. Forbes, Mrs Joseph Knxter. T. F. Haisr l. MTBs Grace nam ilton. Miss E. R. Hatheway, Mr ana Mrs J. b . Harvey, miss m. a. ner- fnnl. Mr and Mrs H. C. Hutchinson Miss Katherine M. Kenney. Charles E Lauriat. Miss Lille Marshall, Miss Helen MeKev. Miss Eleanor McMuster Mrs F. M. deMeli, Mr and Mrs W. H. Mitchell. Mr and Mrs J. D. Munroe, Samuel G. Nash. Miss Newland, Miss Sarah J. Putman, Miss Mary Keed. Lionel Sovmour. Miss Ethel beymour Mr find Mrs A. M. Shurtleff. Miss G. H. Shurtleff. Miss Lillie Silver, Mr and Mrs Forest S. Smith, C. Spearman, Miss Marion Sprintr. Miss Mary E Walker. Mr and Mrs John Wood, Miss F. M. Zimmern. Celebration It Is Hoped, Will Excel All Previous Efforts NORWOOD. July 3 Norwood hopes to n-l .ill 1(5 l0h?a SftOTtS In tel. bra tlon of the Fourth of July. The antique and horrible parade promises to be more than a mile long. In the afternoon ....-.. win ttm a long program of sport and a ball game. In the evening there will be a band concert and display of firework. Every feature win be earned n rami si-.ile. will be paid for en tirely by voluntary contributions from Miium' The response to the commit- im ha been most generous. ,mn.m which conrist of Milton ii ii.,..r,l William D Huntoon and James A. Hartshorn, is. with the exception of the last named, made up exactly aa was the committee which had charge t ik. nhenomenal celebration two . ears ago. The members were appoint- .i hv the Norwood business association They have had much assistance from th nfnrer and members of the Nor wood athletic club and various other so- c'.etle. . . . Among features promised for the morning parade are those arranged by the Norwood hook and ladder associa tion, th binderies. Phi Alpha boys r. nnnrr manufacturiiiic Indus trtii of East Walpole One feature will t ti i ri .ti nee a bevv of ? young girls and nearly 100 people. The parade will start al-r'h Tnr.rtK and ball ames will be at i n ..' t rk at I ir. the sflemooB fU t. ,aii trame will he between the Nor-,.a,vU and the Dorchester locals.. It nt l.- imi.r ih. niinlces of the Nor wood athletic club. The Norwood band .nnuiHl for the day and even- in The display of fireworks will be U.rn n the Everett property, near W. .hlngton and Hoyle sts. All the ev-nts of the day will be free to the public. CLINTON'S CELEBRATION. Annual Picnic of St John's Parish Will be Feature on the Fourth. CLINTON. July 3 The celebration of the Fourth will be confined to the program arranged for the annual picnic of St John's, parish, on tbe parochial grounds. There will be a series of sporting event, which will Include a ball game between teams representing societies of the parish. Through the day and evening there will be dancing. The general committee Includes Rev D P Sullivan chairman. James Phillips. Rev Ueorge W. Welch, Micnael Gorman Joseph Laplante. Edward F. Riley Coleman Flaherty and James Gorm- 1 PKIIhln I kv Peter Cairns. John 8iayne. Dennis . UlphiAl o Uallev. P. F. Coyne, James Devamey. Martin Kllleen. Adel-and Duvarney and Peter Kerrigan. Entertainments will be presented under the direction of Thomas kf. Jen-nlnn Thomas R. Burns. Daniel T. Gradv James T. Duane. William Noo- From Morning Parade to Fireworks Busy Day Is Planned. ARLINGTON. Julv 3 For the ob servance of the Fourth in this town an excellent program has been arranged by the Arlington Heights carnival as sociation- The night before will undoubtedly be uuiet, as the police havo been instructed ny tne selectmen 10 enforce the laws In regard to disturbance before 4 o'clock tomorrow morning. Chief Urquhart says that he will have enough extra ponce on auiy to nanaie all violators of law. The carnival association will open the day's program with a parade, which will start at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. This parade will combine mili tary, circus and carnival features, and prizes will be awarded. The parade will form on Wachusott av, right resting on Appleton st. and will move over the following route: Appleton st to Claremont av, to Oakland av, io Hillside av, to Park av and around the standpipe, down Park av to Appleton st, to Massachusetts av to Forest st, countermarching on Massachusetts av to Park av, to Lowell st. west to Junction of Westminster av. thence by Westminster av to Lowell st. to westerly side of reservoir, where parade will be dismissed for breakfast. At 9 o'clock, at the reservoir park, an address will be delivered by Rev Frederick Biabee of this town. Music will be furrlshed and the prize win- iK-is annouricca. -sav, AT WEST MEDF0RD. rbe grounds will be In charge of John Michael i.orman. r-eter iyn- Mrs W. F. At 1:30 there will be game torwsiie children such as sacK races, ssaio races and Jumping contests. Refreshments will be served for the children. During the afternoon band concerts will As a wrnd-up of the day an exhibition of fireworks will be given in the vacant lot between Lowell st and Westminster av. opposite the entrance to the reservoir. This will be the only fireworks exhibition in the town, the legular celebration on Spy pond be-lr.K dispensed with. The parade will be under the management of William E. Lloyd, chief marshal, and all entering the parade will report to him before 5:30 tomorrow morning at Appleton st and Wachuselt av. BUNKER HILL DISTRICT. Division 37, A. O. H., held an Important meeting last evening In Hibernian hall, corner of Union and Lawrence sts. and voted to celebrate the 11th anniversary of its institution In Hibernian building Thursday evening. July 25. with a banquet. Elaborate ar-ranuements are being made for the event bv an emcieni cuiiuimieo u. which John D. Cadogan is chairman. A meeting of the county board of the A O. H. is to be heia in niDernian hall Frldav evening of this week. Thieves entered the apartment house at 13 Tufts st about 10:80 this morning bv means of false keys and ransacked the trunks, bureau drawers and closets and got away with many articles of value. At 11:30 the police heg&n an investigation and tried to get a list or the articles stolen, but the occupants .f ,, .lurimpnii entered happened to be staying at the beach forts were unsuccessful. Water Sports of the Medford Boat Club Will be a Feature of the Celebration Tomorrow. WEST MEDFORD.' July 3 An elaborate program of water sports, followed hy an illumination, concert and canoe parade, has been arranged by the Medford boat club for tomorrow in connection with the opening of Its ljandsome new clubhouse on the shores of upper Mystic lake. Capt Edward A. Freidrich of the club crews will have general charge of the water sports, which include an open sailing canoe race of four miles in the morning, followed by canoe and novelty races in the afternoon, which include club 4, single blade; tailend race, nurry-scurry race, rescue race, tandem, man overboard, club four hand paddle and war canoe paddle exhibition for half-mile record. Considerable rivalry exists between the first and second club-four crews, which took first and second honors respectively at the eastern division meet of the American canoe association on the Merrlmac river at Lawrence, June 17. The race tomorrow has been specially arranged to settle the question of supremacy. Tne first crew includes Capt E. A. Freidrich stroke, William G. Howard, William J. Trycn and Commodore Waldo S. Manson of the club. The second crew includes Haroid G. Peckham stroke, "Jack" Howard, champion double-blade paddler of New England, Albert G. Walking, and Arthur G. Mather, champion single-blade paddler of New England. The war canoe exhibition is -vpected to attract a large gathering. The crew has won the eastern division championship thr"e times In succession, as well as holding the record for this event. The- prices won by the club at the two meets entered thus far this year will be on exhibition at the new clubhouse during the day, and the clnbhouse and annex will be decorated. The members of the Winchester boat club will be the special guests of the ciub. The committee of arrangements for the canoe parade, have offered three handsome prizes for the best decorated canoes. The regatta committee of the club includes Edward A. Freidrich capt, Chailes W. Smith, W. A. Tryon, W. G. Howard and Louis Keay. flagpoleHfound rotted. NEW YORK. July 3 Justice Amend, in special term of the supreme court, han decideS that William A. Treadwell is entitled to an accounting in tho sale of the United Verde copper company, which is controlled by Ex-Senator W. A. Clark of Montana. I he sale of the United Verde copper company, a New York organization, for the purpose of reorganization under the laws of West Virginia, has been de clared illegal by the appellate division of tho supreme court. Air Treadwell asked for the appointment of a receiver, me granting ot an injunction ana an ac counting. Justice Amend decided that the ap pointment of a receiver and the Kraut inr of an iniunctior would needlessly ti ud the defendant's oDerations. with no corresponding advantage to Mr Treadwell, who, the court holds, would De compensated in money damages. Justice Amend stales that the evi dence shows that Mr Treadwell owned 73 shares of the capital stock of the United Verde copper company, which owned a verv valuable mine in Jerome Ariz, and was practically controuea tv the defendant. W. A. Clark, who, with his relatives and friends, held Oil percent of the eamtal stock. Senator dark determined to reorganize the com pany by dissolving the New York corporation and incorporating under the laws nt v PKt V rmriia. Tne reorganization was opposed uy Mr Treadwell. but the property was sold in 1899 to James A. McDonald, tho vire riresu lent of the romnanv. lor 0VW. 000. Mr McDonald, acting on behalf ot the corporation, organized a new company under the laws of West Virginia, nnrl tra naf erred the DronertV to it. .instire Amend states that it is conceded that the property is worm many uiuca the amount, bid. S500.000. and that the appallate division held that tho sale was 1 1 L.crn I Justice Amcnu says iiiai mu naia of mismanagement oi me uuipuiauun have not. been substantiated. Aeenrrl ne- to Charles W . uemonu counsel for Mr Treadwell, the investi gation which the court orders win show that Senator ClarK now derives an income of J25.000.000 a year from I'nltort Verde much or wnicn. -vir ie mond savs. should have been turneu nifsr to Treadwell. Judne Amend, in his ruling, says umi the sale of the property of the United Verde copper company to a reorganiza tion committee for $600,000, although the property is valuea at yu,uw,uuu, was iilec-nl and that the property shall re- ' .. i , . 1 . i , .i t- ; . vert to tne orieinai suicmiuiucib. i"" sale, according to Treadwell, was made for the purpose of freezing him out. for the reason that his snares, iiisieau oi belne rated at 1600 a share, which, he says, is their real value, would valued at onlv about $3 a share. .Tudire Amend turtnermore noius inui Ev.Spnainr Clark shall permit Ircad well to make a thorough investigation of all the United Verde property, from which he alleges ne nas nimerio ueeu barred by Clark, and shall be permitted to go through the books of the cor poration, as well as make an examlna tinn of the mines. Ex-Senator Clark must now make nnlilic all the. mysterious methods by which he has conducted the business of United Verde since 1888, when he first came into contro or tne company, Ra i d Mr Demond. It is most difficult to put any figures on the amount involved, said Mr De mond. "for the reason that the Clark ree-ime has hid the true facts from th public. If the ex-senator's income now i 2S noo.000 a year from United Verde the total for the last 20 years would make $300,000,000 a conservative estimate." "How much does Mr Treadwell expect Clark will be compelled to give up should this investigation prove his profits illegal, as is alleged ?" was asked. "Will he suffer losses which will materially impair his fortune?" "Th"re is no telling how much money the ex-senator may have to turn over to m' client," was the reply. But it iustic" be done, I am most positive that it will run up into the millions." Mr Demond said that Senator Clark and hi" iamily own about 300,000 shares of United Verde stock, or nearly 50 times as much as his client, but instead of Mr Treadwell getting l-50tli of the profits of the concern, he asserts that he is getting less than a hundredth V&A tha cnarore. that he had practically been frozen out, Mr Treadwell, who claims to have discovered the United vtrde mines long before Clark appeared on the scene, brought suit a-ainst the Montana ex-senator In 1899 for an accounting. The first decision went against Treadwell but this was .versed on appeal to the appellate division ot the supreme court. The case VltolOU Ul mo ,,, y,ro Inst:. .. then came up iu. w h -tne I tliorlsed at the Hi rvey school Ir at a cost of IIJ.00II; ulso ti explain ; the necessity of appropriating $"ifi) to . I meet the cost of repair on the roofs OI the llnll. Everett and Sw.iti - a estimated at 9dO; the cost of repairs to the roof i.nd heating apparatus of the Washington s-hool, estimated at &; the cost of painting the Hillside school-house, estimated at v; . Hie cost of repairing the engines at the high school, estimated at $150; the cost of extra furniture at the Washington school, estimated at $160, and ut the high Hchooi. estimated at $150. Some sharp questions ware asked the rneoibers of the school committee i tie board as to why tho matte of leptiirlng the roofs oX tho school lujti.'es had nm been brought up before, .nJ also why tb" appropriation lor the Hervey school aadlt on was not sunn inn. L.aier in ine evening the board adopted the orders ppropriatlng the money without oppo-itlon. though many meml ofi of the board express! 1 themselves pretty plain ly on What t..ey termed the coup oi the school committee in sepnning an its appropriation and then practically compel ling the board to grant a large addi tional appropriation. The order accompanying tne reouesi of Mayor Brew that $2300 be appropriated for the purchase of gravel sad sand by the city was adopted, as wen-orders accompanying communications from his honor appropriating ?120.i0 lo cover one third of the expense of the stenographic reports of the healing on the adjustment of the cost of the building of the Wellington bridge, held in April, IDO-j. appropriating tsti.u lot the additional amounts due of the new James schoolhouse; appropriating $: to meet an overdraft In the clly auditors department Incurred by City Audi tot George D. Cummins in supervising the work or getting out tne annual imports. Mayor Brewers communication aim order asking that the city treasurer ne authorized to borrow iou,uw in antici pation of this years taxes to meet a note of $75,00, due July 2.1, was adopted unanimously. The nnanco committee reported an or der, which was adopted, appropriating $7ii00 for tne construction of sidewalks ordered m the past few years for which no appropriation naa neea proviaeu. This order was adopted in response to the mayor's communication transmitting u statement from Supt of Btr i ts He-vey A. Hanscom showing the Side walks "ordered for which no money had been appropriated amounting in an w over $11,000 The street watering usranmem .mnimtlm- to SKS'.t.S . tI WHS adopted. HH was also the order appropriating $300 for necessary changes in the lire alarms ind apparatus at the iciuiai tion. Tne order appropriating i-u wr the laying out and macadamizing oi Touro av. Int roducea oy ahu-i ma n on of ward i, was reportea ravoraniy n the highway committee, and referred to the finance committee. 't . The partial reports or cxjcn r L. Frost for the Maiden anu aseiruw gaslight company and acting city forester Richard Iverson for the city on the cause of the large numn r oi ic.... and dying trees all over the clt wen submitted to theboard by Mayor Brewer and placed on file. The reports miw that the cause of the dca-ih of and in jury to the 350 to 375 dead and dying trees tnus rar examined wan neumj to the use of gas oil In connec tion with tne work against the gypsy ami oiown-tall moth pests during the pant rwo yearc. M . James Gowlng was appointed special police officer at the city almshouse and J. nwyt-r ami v.nani B . .n,. mmgs as special ponce. After a Hearing on tne pi in mo ui tne Boston elevated railway company on the matter of granting a location foi double tracks on Myrtle st. In Medford rrom and connecting with the proposed tracks of the new FVllsway line, to the extension of the Edge worth -Wellington line along Quincy st from Highland av, the board granted the location unanimously. Vice Pres C 8. Sargent appeared for the elevated railway com pany, and stated that It was tho lnt tlon of the company to run the. I Tvnf th-Wellintrton line, which IloW - a circuit through Kverett and Maldt sq to get to Its destination, along l in-proposed Fellsway line directly to Sulll van sq. In reply to questions, he stated that in all prohahllty un agreement would be reached with the Homervllle cll-v o-overnmcnt as to the terms of the locution for the new Fellsway line along Mystic av from Broadway park m in clu.lciitnn'ti line and that it w.i Intention of the company to build by fall the new line as far as Salom-Bt car barn in Medford. A communication from the Somer ,-nin hnntH of aldermen, adopted June 27, was read and liled. stating that public convenience required the building of a double track line along Mystic av.from Sullivan so to Medford sq." The Med ford board has already gone on record ir favor of an eli-vatcd structure on Mvstic av as atralnst the surface line f , .,r-..,i hv the Somerville aldermen. The two boards are therefore practically at loiM.ertieMds as to the Kind ol lo.ld to be built, while agreeing on the need of the construction of the new line. It i the intention of the two boards to hold a conference on the .natter In the near future. A feature of the meeting was the r cess at midnight for a collation of Ice cream, cake and coffee, followed by a short smoke. The next regular session of the board will be Hept 5. GIVING THE BOYS A GHANGl Permits Granted t Light Bonfires Commissioner We Is Had, l' to Noon, Issued 23 ol Them. Hopes Boys in Turn Wii Not Ring False Alarms. "Give the boys a chance." That tlie motto of Kire Commissioner Wol and Chief John A. Mullen of pic hi department. Up to noon today r-i' had approved Si applications for pt gilts for oonftree, and before dusk tlw expect to receive a few more request The boys. In return for receiving po; mission to light bonfires, will rafral from ringing in alartas. the H; leaders hope. There w.-.n a time wlt bonfires were not allowed, and ay person caught fccttlns one was subje to arrest. Now the commissioner gr.wil permits for them, providing that th site meets with tlx approval of l? chief in wno.-c dit.--.rict the firs is i tuke place. At noon today Fire Commi.v.-ims Weli sent to Stmt Pierce of the jollc department the list of those whose t quests tor permission to light bonllrij had been tfrant.-d, and anl s some Ui ditlons are made later In I ho day th only person K who can legally light ba fires at midnight are the ones Who names Supt I'lerce now has. The list cf those to whom permits t light bonilrcs has been given Is as let P. F. Donovan. AZ Marreiia hi. bury, for lit'- on Marcella ,-t iiaynroU'i .aims ravels. '.M ,i - r, ingio: i r Want iliilM, for tiro In Oalvln s Ib id, ot Was'iingtoii st. l.eo Wlilttermore. 7 Korkwi-ll St. Dill Chester, for lire In Held off Stockton belween Morcland and km Kiima sts. Watson H. IVnrltig, !Td WsKhlngton s Dorfhesuu , lor lire on Codmaii ohIuIi t'odmii n st , I inrcli. stcr. Thomas II. Mcltue, 5Io Hum toga Fast Huston, for lire on lot off Hretne st. Fast liostoti. W alter Collins, l'. IJulncy st, i nt Chester, for tire In lot bounded by Una ard av, Delkelth, BelfOUf and Wayluu sts. Councilman Xetteman of waul :7. fi' lire at North Hrlghton pluvaruundr: 'I h, ,m.i.. Cloin-y, 'I on, i w .iinl.i St. Hog Chester, tor III. at Ml Ida. on diaper Fugene Murphy, 4rj Cod man st, l)of Chester, for lire on ledge on Codmati I Joseiih L. Halts, fiTH lJorcheMtel av, (J tlte lii Held at I o. In .ti r i .it to t a Woodward st. I r ink Hkcitlnaton, 17 Clifton at, Itos bury, for lire In Held at Hlilitey st aiv MassacliilbellS av. Fdward Klchnrdson. 37 Athens st. lo fire on tin1 Common wealth tints John W liuggan. 7i l'b nsiint st, lof b. sler. for lire In mulsh at fool death of that jurist. Finally the case deaill 01 Amend who ffiJdedwuiter to the original rlnd- lnfccordtn3 to testimony adduced during thAeC trial there is IIM.OOO.OOO of ore ; In .v " -Tr,ifpd Verde mine snnpiy the ymteo hvond this co den nr; i. a iu v-j"--" .- ' . for the c'lle'ulabTe9 worth. Shou d the 'investigation which Judge Amend orders find that Thread well's profits are not as large as they should be he will also get a farger share of the fortune still to be mAceco'rding to William G. Allaire, who tee tlte eomplaihanbetorWne- tice ueac.i, a suncju, """P ", r. . and their ef-Mrs Canway, Danger Clinton Pupils Incurred by Climbing It Just Discovered. CLINTON. July 3 The danger which pupils of the high school Incurred within tha naa few weeks elimbinir the flae pole on the high school building for the purpose oi u'"b v.uas, ............. and flags was demonstrated yesterday rinrnnm it was found that the joint owondtnc out from the building, in which the staff was stepped, was rotted and that the pole itself, where the Iron 1 support held it near the ridgepole, was rotted half through. The boys climbed the pole 20 feet. It Is luckv i did not break and throw them 10 feet to the portico. The committee decided not to replace the pole, but to have a smaller one over the entrance that can be taken in when not in use. nth of Georae Warren Lawrence. Word has reached Boston of the death in Brookl- n of George Warren Lawrence, formerly of this city Mr Lawrence passed away June So. He was born in Boston in 1835, being the eldest son of Joseph Warren Lawrence, a well-known steamship agent He was a RTadjate of the Brimmer and Lngllsh high schools, and for years belonged to the Handel and Haydn society He was well known and highly respected in Boston and also in New ork, wherj be bad resided for several years. He left a wife. - hh and I starting at a central point in fhe company's . holding had found copper ort of wonderfully pure character within r-idins of 10,000 feet, or a little less fl an two miles in all directions Furthermore; the plaintiff esserted, the ore is alsfT? ch in gold and silver, from the mining of which there is said to be almost unlimited wealth, even were trie 'copper, w ii wnich it is most heavily rPi 'iVitcH According to testl- rriSnv set fortl by Treadwell, the present ore runs '00 antes of silver to the o nrf for each ton oi raw uic tncic $$kim W wrtll of geld, or about H a tiounu. tni, the stand he tertifted hat he "had bought the tnck of the United Verde when It was cheap and considered of ttle account. He described the inadequate rna-cl.nery- that he found above and below 3 and that It was not until he had obtained control, and been thus en-abled ? to make improvements, that the mine began to pour out the millions. He said he never hesitated to advance monev after the rare value of the prop-affl evident to him. He admitted that he did not wait to call the board of directors together before obtaining authority to buy adjacent properties but went ahead and secured tiem. whereupon he turned them over to the company for what he paid for "h said that he trusted entirely to the directors that they would reimburse him This, he declared, was the only way in which a transac i.on "i portance couiu ne uonuu " ; waited for the board to assemble, and MEDFORD. The members of tho children's chol of St Raphael's church were treated to an automobile ride yesterday afternoon through the kindness of Itev Nathaniel J. Merrltt. Four large autos weir, used, two of them being loaned by Mr i-fcaies Nelson of Chelsea and Frank Lewis uf this city. Twenty-five members of the choir enjoyed the ride from Medford through the Middlesex Fells to Heading and back to this city by the way ol Stoneham. Winchester and the Mysu Valley parkway. . , ,, A largely attended "hay rick' party In aid of the Fast Knd table conm ted with the field day of St Joseph s parish was held last evening. Six hay ricks were employed to transport the large party of young people who took tin; c.i corner of Tainter st and Park st to the Middlesex Fella and back. Miss Madge Johnson had Charge of the affair. . . . The board of aldermen appropriated $300 last evening for the purpose of constructing an iron raU fenca about the Swan school In the wnnl J district, on the order Introduced -byi .Alderman John W. Knwright. . The principal features of the. 1-otiit.i of July celebration In this city tomorrow will be the post OH, G. A. K.. annual salmon dinner and reunion at 1 ci o h In Grand Army hall, and the found opening of the boat club, with the regatta and Illumination on upper Myaue fake Five large bonfires will be set on In different sections of the city at mid night tonight, the largest at Wellington, opposite the railroad station, tx Ing over 3S feet in hlght. The two principal ball games will be between the Med ford and Lexington councils In the Knights of Columbus league in, tlW morning on the common, and the 'Hillocks and Franklins for the champlon-slilp of the Medford city league at the new high school athletic field In the afternoon. . a ahirt-walst nartv and hot) will b'1 given at Combination park this evening in aid of the South Medford table of the St Josephs parish field day. Mrs William H. Casey has charge of the affair. fool o litis Ol In H4 A SPECIALIST'S ADVICE To Sufferers from Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Catarrh of the Stomach, etc. Hav st. Dorchester. Hay st rur Dorchester av Just beyond Havli av. Nameset club. Houlli Boston, for Mr on beach off Hast 1st. btween 1' an; U sts. South Boston. T. J. Murphy, t- Avondsl" pi. Dot clu ster. lor Mm in field on odmrui lilM at Washington and "oilman sts. Joseph Mctllone. XI Cedar t. Msttn pan. for lire In vacant lot, coiner Hlvrt ,in,l drove land sts. Andrew Heamlst. MJ Dorchester a for lire in lot at Hail hampton am Klb-ry sts. Walter Travis. 35fl Dorcheater K for lire In marsh off Kemp st. Samuel Corbett. 47 Blum y "t, Tlox lutry. for fie in vacant lot. BrookUm and Longwood nvs. Ai-tlnir II Tun rr. 047 Fast 7th lif.iiil. Itiisioti I ,r lire i,n vacant lot East Olli st, Sojlh Iins'nn laMWeeli I and N sts. Horatio Fisher. 7U Fast Mil St. Soutl n-istcn, for fire In leld at East th nn4 N sts. Wllllsm Warnock. Si Vale st. for fin In vacant lot off Vale at. Michael J Cunningham. 1112 Bcnnlnif ion Rt. Hast Boston, lot at Orwl Heights, near Overlook st. me"Tterrific gale. Vessels Arriving from Provinces Re port Having Had 8evere Experl ences Last Sunday Night. Several of the VtMMfti arriving tod.n from the provinces repot I passing through a terrific gal.- Sunday night' The schooner Mercedes. Cnpt Menshaw which came In from Clen ent-port, N M had a severe experience and altbougj she escaped Injury she received a ba( washing. The echooaorw Neva. Cap! Chute, fro?J Hear Blver. fJ 8. and the Bi.'ssle, Cap) Adams, from Barton, also received th't full vent of the storm's fury Capt Halcoi.) of the Hrltlsn bchoonoj I'topla. which came III yesterday after noon from Bridgetown. N H. with I cords Of wood, stutcd that he encounj tared the n!e 40 mlh-s on Thati-herJ Island, ami before It moderated -th Vessel lost ii'ri oi tier ).aus una wi. severely liiil. -ted. I he etc., weie v, out from their trying experience, wl the vessel finally droiipc.t iier lion ks in the harbor. M'ter a nas-MC- of ii dsys from nun tbe Boston bark Benjamin F. Ir Cant Korla. arrived at Ihienos Ayf last Sundav. Kb- rarrled out a lurj ,-argo of hmii.'-r from M Ho wharf. Af on board were repotted well. vv , ,i I Win j mul a thtj Hun had discussed the suDjeci. iu m.o x the desired property would have advanced to prohibitive figures. breakTrevious records. Medford Aldermen Appropriate Near $20,00.0, Authorize Loan of $100,- 000 and Transact Much Business. MEDFORD, July 3-HaIf asleep from a session lasting over 5V4 hours, the aldermen adjourned shortly before 2 this morning for the summer vacation. Lw n was one of the longest of the year, and the amount of business ransacted surpassed all previous records for a" single meeting. Nearly J20.0O0 was appropriated, and 100.000 was ordered borrowed In anticipation of the nresent vear's taxes. The early part of the evening was vr to an Informal session, the board resolving Itself into a commtttf-e of the whole to more fully consider the larce batch ot communications from Mayor Brewer. The members of the school committee and the mayor were nresent to explain the need of the ad-uUional appropriation of !000 for the alterations and addition recently au- Dr. Peter HofTman, known to two hemispheres as one of tbe roost expert specialists on diseases ot tbe stomach and dlgestlTe orgnns. In a recent clinical lecture oo this Importaut subject ssld : The chief difficulty In permanently curing those who softer from acute Indigestion, dyspepsia, catarrh of the stomach, flstult-ucy. habitual constipation, dysentery, etc.. srlses from the fact that most sufferers lunlst Usm treating tbe symptoms lnstesd of removing h cause. Tbla accounts for the euurmoua con-wumptlon of patent medicines and stomach nos-truro wblcb. being heavily ladcD with narcot les or opiates, geuerally produce some tempi) rary relief by deadening the pain or distress, but alwuys at the exp nse of Injury to tbe delicate organs of lh- iuuicb and Intestines. "Here Is t slmplo prescription used with great suecesa Id my practice for many years. Mj adTlcs to auch aullerers Is to secure si once these lugredlenta, which can be bad of any reputable druggist at u uilnsl coat, and mix them yourseir ai nomo on s um aj iwist haaaim ") oaa i oa. . .V OB. . .1 OS. Blslac (geuuliiei Burnt Magnesia "Take a small traspoonful hnlf H I,, .Drafter meals and at bedtime, with half glass of hot water. B sure that your druggist gives yon Blslac In original sealed scsege." High medical authorities, commenting un Or. Hoffman's lectures on the aliove subject, agree that his prescription for dyspepsia. Indigestion snu stomach troubles Is th liWal one for the purpose. It certainly eoeta very little to try It. and it is cuundently recoui awn dad. this aOONIZINO pain Id the pit of your tomaeh l GALL-STONES Those at ia Kh occur at short intervals ami will contlniiw and Increase, in severity until the Uall SUmes are discharged iron, the Oall Ml- If noglertiMl, thiM iro'ihle will certainly ami nutoidy develop into vrry serious liver dlseaHes, which will be much more dlftVult to cure. At tli verv first sign of trouhls take APPENDIXIMB, which will dlwwlve and expel the Oall Btonea. soothinBly restoring the full an normal functions of the liver. AI-PEMHXINK Is the natural, health-ful and sure n iin-ity nii'l tonic W these orirana. Price $1 per boUl Write for interesting lookletg. Append,. ms to . M0 Wast 70th St., New TocK For gals by Jaynes Drug Co. g Storea. Bogftk MORE HELP WANTED ? ADVERTISE IN THE GLOBE Globe Ad bring the bet and quickest results. 1 r.iJi.BHKr Ul MMt )M

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