The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on March 30, 1917 · 9
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 9

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1917
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o 7. . ' y THE BOSTON GLOBE FRIDA Y. MARCH 30, 1917 Z (lally nominated FOR POSTMASTER ill Succeed Mrs Cooke in Milford Office lf8 Formerly Held the Position for More Than Four Years pr4fal Dlph to the Globe MTLFORP. March SO Ex-Postmaster ' t oiv was not!fle from Wftoh-late last night that he had been ni'1 frtr iwstmaster here, to suc- JORDAN MARSH COMPANY New Englands Favorite Shopping Place PREPAREDNESS At Enthusiastic Meeting of Citizens To Organizo School for Military Training-Erery One Urged to Help 7 s Lovely lorn mimtpd for postmaster here, to suc-BJ M tedl jjp is cont ji;s Marianna J. Cooke, whose lento'? nectf V i,s ,rihe domination of Mr Lally will not 1 . . .. ,v tba )iMirtnr hv thA Prtot a 1 tai ordere 1 last Saturday unex-9,0 jjV His confirmation by the Fen-PffjC confidently expected by Mr Hally's f,e with the hearing by the Postal npr itment promised to Congressman Winslow, when Mrs Conke's are to be heard. Much surprise expressed today at ths hurry of removal and appointment among friends born here Feb 22, 1862. h, worked in Milford shoe factories three vears, and was elected to Lecisla'ture in 1887, 1888 and 1889. He was appointed Postmaster by President Cleveland March 16, 1894, ered 4 years, being succeeded K postmaster Georse G. Cooke. He was long a member of the Milford Fire Department and is member of Valencia Cornell, K of C., and Milford Pods of Elks He never married. URSALFORETTA TEN EYCK, WIFE OF CREW COACH, DEAD WORCESTER, March 30 According word which reached Worcester yes- t-rdar, Mrs Alforetta Ten Eyck, wife of Yme s A. Ten EycK, the veteran rowing eoaeh. and mother of Edward Hanlan Ten Eyck, "inner of the diamond sculls t the Henlev regatta, and .Tames A. Ten Evck Jr. wno has also won fame as an o-rsnan ard rowing coach, died Hedne1a' IB he1- homo ai Sxracue, v y, after a long illness. In addition to her husband and the two sons mentioned, Mrs Ten Eyck is furmed by a third son. Dr George S. Ten Ejek of New York, and a daughter, Mrs J. C. Freeman of Worcester. jirs Ten Eyck was a resident of this dtv for manv years up to the time her husband left Lake Quinsigamond to coach college crews. She has been a resident of Syracuse since 1903, where her husband went to coach the Syracuse University crews. MISS KINNAN HAD BEEN AT FRIENDS HOME OVER NIGHT PYXX, March 30 The police searched from 3 until Sam today for Miss tVil-mer Kmnan. assistant superintendent ot schools, who attended a lecture for teachers yesterday afternoon, and did not return to her home on Newhall st b!t evening. At 8 this morning Miss Kinnan appeared and announced that she had been at a. friends home over night. BEVERLY HENS GIVE PROOF THEY HAD BEEN STOLEN BEVERLY, March 30 During the past few weeks Chief of Police William R. Tucker has received several complaints of herts being stolen. Patrolman Couhig was assigned to the case and he learned th. ,t m the Italian section a woman bo ght 25 hens of a man for $29. Ur Apoleton of Centerville, who had lost several hens, visited the Park-st coop and picked out the hens which he thoueht belonged to him. It was suggested by Chief Tucker that leg bands be put on the hens Mr Appleton thought belonged to him, which was done. The hens were taken to the Appleton larm, and In less than five minutes they ade for the coop, which was some dis-ce away. This was considered proof that the hens belonged to Mr Appleton, i One of the hens on har arrival at the hoop laid an egg. The hens commenced t cackle and appeared to be happy at their return home. CASCARETSFOR HUR BOWELS IF HEADACHY, SICK For biliousness, bad breath, colds, indigestion and " constipation. Enjoy Life 1 Liven your liver and bowels tonight and feel fine. NORWOOD, March 3b A meeting for the purpose of organizing a school for military training and for recruiting was held last evening under the auspices of the recruiting committee of the Norwood Committee on Public Safety at the gymnasium of the Norwood Civic Association. About 300 men were present. Chairman James T. Wellington of the recruiting committee opened the meeting, and introduced Chairman H. M. Plimpton of the Committee on Public Safety, who explained the plan and purpose of organizing the men of Norwood for military training, so that if war comes those who wish to go may be prepared and the others act as home guard. He urged the raising of 1000 men for the purpose. A detail from the 1st Corps of Cadets was present. Including Lieut Ralph H. Haliett, Sergt Harry Spencer and Corp Schauffler, also a detail of the machine company of the Cadets, with their gun mounted on its auto truck. In the machine gun detail were Corp Williams Corp Andrews and privates Flanders, Emerson, Lyman and Boyd. Lieut Haliett gave a talk on preparedness and the urgency of having such a school for military training as was planned. He invited all the men I who wished to undertake military train-ing to sign cards which were passed around, stating what they were willing to do in the work of preparedness. He offered the services of officers to train such a school as Mr Plimpton suggested. Remarks were also made by Judge James A. Halloran, who urged every one to sign the cards, saying that every man and woman in Norwood was wanted to sign. After the meeting the Cadets talked with various groups and instructed those who filled out cards for the military training school to be established here or the home guard company. James M. Folan was the first to sign and pass in his card for the home guard company or military training school. The machine gun detail gave an exemplification of the work of their gun outside the hall. Sec K. E. Smullin announced that those who wished could enroll any time at the Civic Association. A large number signed the cards for military training, after the meeting. TWO WASHED OVERBOARD IN GALE IN BAY OF BISCAY GALVESTOX. Tex, March 30 Two men were washed overboard and lost in a terrific gale north of the Bay of Biscay, March 4, according to a ship which arrived at a Gulf port yesterday. Another member of the crew was Injured during the storm and was placed in a shore hospital. The first officer was confined to his stateroom when the ship docked because of injuries suffered during the storm. The ship Itself was considerably damaged. HINGHAM COAST PATROL ENROLLMENT TOMORROW HINGHAM, March 30 Enrollment in jthe Naval Coast Patrol Reserve will take place in the Town Hall tomorrow from 2.30 until 10 p m. Scout cruiser Lynx will be in the harbor and prominent speakers will set forth the purpose of the organization. There will be a band concert from 7 to 10. Every effort will be made to give this home of yachtsmen and salt water enthusiasts a strong representation in the coast patrol. Your tongue is coated! Look insida your watch cover and see! Thats bad business. What have you been eating? What were you drinking? What kind of a lazy chair did you take exercise in? Now, dont think it doesnt matter, because its your bowels that talk now every time you open your mouth. That doesnt help your popularity, nor your earning capacity. Besides, a person with bad bowels is in a bad way and a coated tongue or a tad breath are sure signs of bad bowels and poor digestion. Why dont you get a 10-cent box of Cascarets at any drug store and giva your liver and thirty feet of bowels tho nicest, gentlest cleansing they oer experienced ? Take one or two Cascarets tonight and wake up feeling hue and fit. All Headache, Dull -ness, Biliousness, Bad Breath, Stomal Sourness. Cold aid Constipation gone wake up with your head clear, tongue clean, stomach sweet, liver bowels active, step elastic and complexion rosy. Cascarets work while you sleep Ver gripe or sicken. Cascarets act r S-utly that you hardly realize you U'e taken a thorough cathartic. 7 dont bother you all next day ae Sats, pills, oil or calomel Cas-ts being perfectly harmless, is - childrens laxative. Advt. PLASTERS The Worlds Greatest External Remedy. Coughs and Colds (on chest end another between shoulder blade) Weak Chests, Any Local Pain. Insist on Having ALLCOCKS. f- MM - 1 WHY HAIR FALLS OUT H Dandruff causes a feverish lrrita- shrtKi ,the BCalP the hair roots loosen and then the hair at nt8 out fast- To 8tP falling hair Darti6 and rid the scalp of every botti 6 of dandruff, get a 25-cent tin. a Danderine at any drug Jl Pur a little in your hand and .r,n!)Vel into the scalp. After a few (J, all dandruff disappears rtUs hair 8tl)s coming out. Ad- UPTON MOTHER Oft GIRL TRIPLETS IS DEAD UXBRIDGE, March 30 Mrs Nelli Bresnahan, who gave birth last Sunday to triplets, died last evening at her home in Calumet Village, aged 36 years. She was a native of Ireland, and married James Bresnahan about six years ago. One of the triplets, all girls, died a short time after birth, but the other two are doing well. FLAG-RAISING IN THE MARKET DISTRICT An American flag of imposing dimensions was raised on the roof of the building occupied by the Arthur E. Dorr Company, 2 North st, shortly after 10 this morning. The flag is one which was presented to Mr Dorr on June 17, 1916, by his employes on the occasion of their annual field day. The flag was raised by Mr Dorr himself as Bugleis Mahoney and Van Horn of the 9th Regiment, N. G. M., sounded colors. As the flag spread its folds to the wind several hundred persons of all ages, sex and stations cheered heartily. the men waving their hats as if timing their cheers, and the women their handkerchiefs. TIN WHISTLE PIPER ENTERTAINS BIG CROWD A poorly -dressed man, named, he said, Jim Higgins, entertained a crowd of several hundred persons between 7 and 7:30 a m today In Newspaper Row by playing tunes sweetly on a tin wfiistle and occasionally singing. He danced about and played oldtime and patriotic airs until he was arrested for having indulged too freely. He was not begging and did not pick up the coins thrown at his feet. His whistle was taken away from him at Station 2 for safekeeping, and he was put in a cell. It was not long before Higgins exclaimed: Say, captain, give i me my whistle, please. Theres work for a Pied Piper down in this dungeon if there ever was work for a piper anywhere. Higgins had seen some of the four-footed inmates racing about the floor. STATE GRANGE PLANS TO INCREASE FOOD PRODUCTION A carefully -planned movement to Increase the food production of Massachusetts to such an extent as to make it in part at least self-sustaining is under way under the auspices of the executive committee of the State Grange. Old and young are urged to cultivate a garden plot this Summer. The State Grange urges the following: That every family that can possibly arrange it shall plant and cultivate a plot of ground. That the children be encouraged in home gardening and that they have the assistance of adults. That the local granges get unused tracts of land, especially in the rural towns, where there are many idle acres, and plant them to foodstuffs. That the Granges work for community garden undertakings in these rural towns. That questions of food conservation, food production and food values be given leading place in 1917 Grange programs and that the Patrons of Husbandry take the leadership m this important work. , j HOPKINTON The Board of Health met last evening and organized by the choice of P. Edward McManus as chairman and A. J. Cosgrove, secretary. The ' other member is E. Frank Morse. Miss Mollie Murphy of South Boston Is visiting Miss Mary OConnell, Grove st. The Epworth League will conduct asocial In the M. E. Church parlors tomorrow evening. ... Mrs Edward M. Eldridge entertained the Matinee Whist Club at her home on Hayden Rowe st, yesterday afternoon. Made Assistant Naval Surgeon Dr John Francis Cremens, son of Mr and Mrs E. G. Cremens of 130 Antrim st, Cambridge, has been appointed as- distant surgeoil In the Navy with the rank of lieutenant. Dr Cremens has been examining recruits at the. Brook-tyn Navy Yard for tho last two weks. He was born in Cambridge and Wa graduated from Georgetown University in 1915. For Little Miss Boston and Her New England Sisters Our Great Juvenile Floor overflows with new ideas and pretty fashions at wanted prices 500 Misses Coats and. Capes 18.50 to 95.00 ' Styles Full-flare, belted, empire, trench, sports, street and military models. With barrel 'pockets, cape collars, embroidery, cable stitching, buckles, high-waist effect. S5.00 Fabrics Bolivia, vicuna, wool velour, velvet, silk or wool jersey, b u r e 1 1 a, tricotine, Poiret twill, checks, tweeds, gunniburl, serge, taffeta, Callot satin, sports silks. Colors Damson, resfeda, platinum. Linings Very lovely, in plain silks or beige, clay, gold, rose. Spring green, in Oriental colorings to harmonize navy and Belgian blue. with the coat fabrics. 10 New Coat Models at 35.00 The sketch shows one of these models, made of velour and lined throughout. A Pre-Easter Offering of Interest in Misses Suits 19 Styles From Which to Choose at This Price "VJ 7 CL-t f-c Models in new tub. fabrics are arriving -L x Vw Olvll Lo daily, showing many novelty weaves in Beautiful white and printed designs, adapted fo 'For Ml.tcc Spring and Summ'r outinS w'r-ror misses Prices 3.95 to 18.50 Silk skirts are much in favor and are shown In plain and fancy colorings 7.50 to 35.00 Wool Skirts, .in plain serge and in novelty stripes and plaids. 5.00 to 25.00 In becoming shapes and wanted colors, at 1.50 to 25.00. For 500 Misses and Children with sunny or raven locks. The model illustrated is of navy serge with modified barrel sides and semi-barrel skirt. New pointed white taffeta ovcrcoltar. The price is 29.50. At suits. At New slot-seam man-tailored suits. New Russian belted suits. sjew plaited suits, with large buckles. New junior and check New Jersey- suits, in light colors. New mixture belted suits. QC flf) New man-tailored navy serge suits. Oxford melton tailored JJ,UU suits. Semi-barrel effect suits. Suits reproduced from foreign models. Heather mixture Jersey suits. At 180 N?vy iunior suits- Norfolk navy suits. Blouse suits, shirred XaL skirts. Homespurf junior suits. - Other Suits from 15.00 to 75.00 Like a Garden in Full Bloom- Our Collection Of Misses Blouses Ranging in Price from 1.00 New Georgette Blouses, frilly or embroidered, 5.75 Double-breasted Linen Blouses 3.95 X M I S S E S s I L At 2.00 to 10.00 Several mod els in beautiful changeable effects, snappy girlish styles, 32 to 36 inches long. At 2.95 A pretty skirt with Dresden silk flounce and Sepeco silk top. At 3.95 Six lovely styles in all colors. At 5.00 Extra full " flounce styles, one with best quality all-silk Jersey P E T T I C O A T Misses Dainty New Frocks In zvhite nets and voiles, white and flesh crepes de chine and taffetas and fine embroidered chiffons. Arriving Daily Dainty Crepe de Chine Frock at 18.50 In white, flesh, mist, Copenhagen, navy; new, large collar, tunic skirt trimmed with five rows of white soutache braid. (Sketched.) 22 other models at 18.50 and 19.75 A Taffeta Street Frock at 15.00 Reproduced from a well-liked model selling for more; in six wanted Spring colors, and showing new treatment of back. About 800 other frocks, brand new Among the Inexpensive Dresses For Misses Dresses Dainty and Practical Flowered Voile Dress, with large pocket, taffeta coatee 9.50 Taffeta Street Frock, with Georgette collar and large pockets 9 JO Combination Gingham and Chambray Coat Dresses, 7.50 One-piece Linen Frock in the youthful Slip-on style 7.50 From Our Infants 9 Section Hats and Coats For Children From the Tiny Baby Up to the Youngster of Six Coats of velour, serge, silk, checks and of burella cloth in pretty colors and fashions, .showing touches of pongee, linen and pique 7.50 Coats, in silks or woolen materials, in empire, box, circular and plaited styles, hand embroidered. yarn trimmed, pique and linen collars 10.00 Empire, Circular, Smocked or Box Cpats, in burella, silk, Bedford cord, shepherd checks, qre... 12.50 Hats to match the Coats in dressy and tailored styles. . .1.00 to 15.00 White Coats 1.95 to 60.00 Plenty of Coats in Colors, at 3.95 to 22.50 . Sweaters Misses and Childrens Handmade Sweaters, slip-on and coat styles, angora trimmed, in the newest colors 7.50 to 25.00 Misses Pure Thread Silk Slip-On . Sweaters, with ' Roman stripe" trimmings . . .37.50 Zephyr Sweaters, some with trimming of imported angora, 5.95 to 13.50 Girls New Spring Coats That Mothers and Little Daughters Like For Girls 6 to 12 and the Intermediates of 12 to 16 18.50 I 1 -Wool Velour Coat, in sizes 12 to 16 years; knapsack pockets, belt, separate pongee collar, in all high ' collars 18.50 2 Poplin Coat, in sizes 6 to 10 years; yoke back and front, overcollar of embroidered pongee 10.00 Scores of other attractive Coats are 3 Coat in Shepherd Checks, pointed sides, belted front and back, deep sailor collar inlaid with contrasting silk; 10 to 16 year sizes 15.00 4 Wool Velour Check Coat, in green or brown; lined, belted, pocketed; 6 to 10 years ....7.50 here in the wanted materials and colots. 5 Sports Plaid Wool Velour Coat, deep pockets, belt and sailor col- i lar; 10 to 16 years. 12.50 6 Coat in Serge or Checks, dressy model with shirred sides, black braid trimming, hand-embroidered pique collar; sizes 6 to 10 years ........ .... 12.50 varying tn price from 5.00 to 25.00 Jordan Marsh Company They'll be well shod on Easter Day9 the little Feet that wear Our Own Brand For Misses and Children Sizes 11K to 2. Misses Tan Russia Calf Boots, buttoned or laced 4.00 Misses Gun Metal Calf Boots, buttoned or laced 3.50 Misses White Buck Boots, buttoned......... s.50 Sizes 2V to 7. Growing Girls Gun Metal Calf Boots, buttoned 4.50 Growing Girls Gun Metal Calf Boots, 7 and 8 inches, laced, x 5.00 and 6.00 Growing Girls White Snow Buck Boots, laced, with saddle strap, 6.00 and 6.50 Growing Girls Cloth Top Boots, in patent or gun metal, buttoned, 4.50 and 5.00 1 I i ; I i i i I I 1 X. T v

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