The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on December 21, 1911 · 7
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 7

Boston, Massachusetts
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Thursday, December 21, 1911
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Till BOSTON GLOBE THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1911. THElEVENING GLOBE'S PAGE OF SPURTING NE If mJ AND GOSSIP. THESE BOWLERS AT CANDLE 7;"ni m im m ''Bj.A' ' EW RECORD LAbi Kite!1 ACT AND COMMEN pv A. CRACK - FIVE VETERANS NUCLEUS FOR STRONG SEVEN FOR C AMBRIDGE HIGH AiM) AHN '" " ' mi mii imi M,-, . . . I, - - ' - ia ii iin i ; CARROTH BOWLING TRAM OF BOSTON, standiat pf 4u Lang, R. A. Room. Bitting- Marry & O'Brien, William O. Collyer, H. B. Coburn. ' - ' ' T I lllflfMf WARD WANTS HIS TEAM TO EE CALLED THE "BOSTON BRAVES" By T. H. .'!.- M " Prct John M. Ward plans i : dungei at the South End Ground for tut aeaaon. The diamond, nrhich haa ma where it now is for 41 years, will to chan."! to bring the home MM ikout 15 feet closer to lb grand stajftft aod also shifted about the same dis- iaet to the West F Tit bleachers baelt of first base Will III shortened, as the right foul line fm hit the fence about 10 yards east Hi the present line. This will brine; the ! MR foul line well down into left fletd. The bleacher In left center win be token down and placed to extend from the present bleachers baek of third the 'braves.' Tbet BSre 'Boston Braves' that wouifi Bv thf true fighting- ring am fans would talte to." ... Tk grand stand la now Bai.Ml ienaslnK the seaUn stand from I3K as to of to una of hie plans yesteruay, Fres Fard said: "1 ftjjure by maKinp the lwinfmt,liitcd hu.niiAM to stive DSN room for batting and outheldlnff. while also increasing the seating capacity of W9 Pr-. . . rnvaie ooxes win ne ouui anranu mw mot of the grandstand and many btbers added to the ones now on the wound in front of the stand. The old flolrl will be nut into SOOd I tape, nd the players wilt have tod tance to protest, as in the past over the roughness of the pasture or the rsjescnery or tne inneia. SptiKin or tne cures policy, rxn Ward said: a i will oe tne national game urm, J 1 L ... VT A Al HA M 1 1' A t Hill A 4. "M Wi fi W Fl fll i the Ronton elan. W hone to iie in harmony with all other baseball or-Kuatlons. The Boston club will tie to no cliques, nut win aiways aui tependently for the beet interests of it National League. . - "An rnrifildar&Ma has been said about la Stw name for the club," said Pro : wart!. "1 would like to suggest "Boston i. You see, James E. Qasney m the grand sachems of 'rartnmny. ww York, and is known as GLOBE WANTS GLOBE DISPLAY ADS-READ THEM TODAY CHRISTMAS BAGS nameraen to tne WUth JHnd club, after Jto .presidents, brought little in the wwrof inspiration to the players. But a "brave" can look good even In defeat. rS Swra toe beet of luck, were one from JM P. Morrill, an old fellow player; Charley fgahfel, a veteran player, and Mayor M. ma u wonneii or jnteiitiui-R, who nas known Mr Ward a a self player. r New xerK on, tne E. uanney on . ward left t train, to meet Ji important business,: and Witt not return to Boston until after Christmas. Now that Hi' Bow owners have Planned DraoticaUy to rebuild the oi.i South Knd pUat, all further talk of wwaf for new ground 'is .simply net yt .bfn jslsetea, but it WHl:pi any b w 6 or . SPORTING-SCHEDULE. TOMORRO. waste novt rlcr. The "fwatiriir canacilv of the plant i now les thiui 10- and Messrs Maflney and Ward hope to in-crease it to 11,000. by liberal increase of irandetand ana pavilion seats. S turning the diamond around air. theght lleMer wttl not have the sun shining to hi fae throoKiiout th fame, and Old Sol will now dl tribute his favors betWMtt the OMItOr and right fielder, with th patron of the game protectees Pre Ward wa asked if he had set-on Who would manage the club. "I have not taken up tlmttabjift'yet,' ft. Id he. "I Will ke.-p in CjkMW WWh frith the manager, a I have mm. ideas about running the pame, but any thing l have to say along that line BOXING. Battling Nelson vs "One-Round" -Ho-gan. New York: "Prank Manteii vs Kid Oeonte, Sacra- n.entn. iAhe Attell vs Tommy HcrUCk, VWW! Held, ! . , - , Comsat V KeW Tork University at Kw York, ,,a , Hav rhiii High V :B. V. Law School atlHaVerbill , H.Vde I 'ark vs Oloueester. HWl lHffeJ Greater Boston League-Fr Mathews rs i arnearai v. ai. v. A. at i soston vol lege Gym, Iynn V . . M. - C. . Aw vs s t auury at nt igntan st, at Aipnonsn v t uuniiriiarn um iioxunry. , HOCKEY. m, vs Williams at New . H i eh vs Boinrvl 1T ' Hltk mi .vi BSB B B . Modf ord High i' Winchester High' at Newton:'HiKh at SportinK question of the hour: Will Harvard annex Technology-at tee hockey. Yale Is going In for fireproof football stands and a waterproof t football field. 'KahforKli. v Leach Cross, the lightweight, is a "double-cross" man In the ring and poor "Knockout" Brown was seriously upset in their bout at New York last evening. Presloent Taft does not believe, like the Romans, in dipping into the National treasury to make Federal roads. The cnanoea tor a -National golf course therefore, reem still more remote. No posts will hinder the vision of spectators in the Red ox' new ball stand. One woman wanted to know this morning what had become of the post that she had paid for many times over at tne oia nuntington-av grounds. Harvard has ."even good men left' life ns rootoaii eleven of 1913. in spue or tne ravaues or graduation. Perhaps in cam in m re are seven times seven good men waiting to be called, and seventy times seven who would like to be chosen. . Y a Selecting the best Jo ball players, pas. and present, is a feat of memory and a rare exercise of judgment, but what the -managers would like to know Is, who will constitute the best 20 ball players or H winch is Leap Year, by tne way Patrick Fxancls Murphy agrees with Solomon, that the race is not always to the swift, but Princeton, with her "Sain" White or is it "I thank you" Whttl beKs to differ with the king of wisdom and with the distinguished ora tor in tne case or a run ror a toucn down. 'tatm It. Ward would like to have the left-lield fence more than a mashie shot from the home plate. The golfer has a great eye for distance. He. cannot be expected to provide a Soldiers' Field for the aame where a full drive counts. but he will do the best he can with a short course. St Paul's School of Concord. N H, proved tb be all that was expected of It. at ice hockey in the match at New York ' with Yale, the latter team being put to It hard to win by two goals to one. There must have been more skating at Concord than has been vouchsafed to the suburbs of this city up to date. The Fenway Fencing Club is well fMfaehed on its seventh successful season with a large membership of old and experienced fencers. M. Antolne Gelas, who suceeded his father aa instructor last year, 1 instructor this year. At the annual meeting last evening tbe MjjBWing officers were elected: B. It. LoOEley, president; Sewall Cabot, Vice BffHden t : Arthur P. Cushing, secretary-treasurer; William Kirkpatrick, manager, t jwtnjniiir ' lllrtiri PVanklln Field. i-'l'-i. bo told to tb PMKe linn In I .....! , ,n n.t I IHlMlKuWl is th WhnUul. Matrtnt. " Vs cS. to make Christmas prices. : MR, PIGSKIN, WALRUS AND StM ivcitn. Bass. Dress 'iocom. Unibrei as 11,00 I At. suit case and. fl.oe ti. Me 'Mi Bon Trunk I actor , Oft. opp. So. Station; near i , r inm.K.m i Til "Wesi matte " beat Hvasa tebaaoe, to-tr with nor twtaesdto.. mwthmf BpertesMw, arc all .. i.m M. C. A. 1 ' tote iu 1 1 1 Mnoko tedar rog tmos mxbb, to. VOGEL ,NEW RESTAURANT 343 lhNlttoi St . Bostci ThFu oat J I MM Y WOULDN'T DO THIS! Manager Caliahn Hag to Turn Down a Real cmch on Pennant for th White Sox. CHICAGO, Dec 21 Manager James Callahan of tb 'Chicago Americana'lMWi .cat aside an offer, which, if everything wa Justifiable in baseball, he believes would surely bring tb IMS pennant to i. .in',, l! u.i s im x. ,s I.-, -day from a deaf mute who claimed to be M i-i-i.t m Hp reeding. "I a -i me Which will make your team pennant winners next Mm. m&.mVkX ii,ltontenco WCitta o a card ad placed before the manager. "Tins is mtereniDg at temat,- said cna manager to his visitor. Then a few motions of the fingers explained to the South Hide leader that the man with the pennant in his grasp could not talk. A ahffet tpne the manager was dl-geeting lb Dchetne, for hla caller had It already written ent. If explained that the pennant could be easily won by allowing the mute With a strong pair of field glassee.w tahb a position near the field or under M grandstand. By that aid glasses he would read the Upi'ref jtpg manager to his men between innings M the players on the field In whispered conversations. Then by the aid of an electrical contrivance connected with the home bench and a code of stg-MfD he could let It be known just exactly what kind of a game and what tricks the visitors were about to bring out Cigtehea wrote this answer: . mSm 4nrht cdOll t WOUid DrOVS Si winning one, but baseball is an honest anu l cannut cuiiBicr tf. II I ' ' ' 1 CAPABLANCA OBJECTS. Will Not Accept All the Condition Laid Down by Or Lacker forCheas Match. . jflJJW YORK, Dec 21 F. D. Rosebault. nt Trust, it Canabliinca. yester- ! day gave out the Cuban's reply lo the conditlona maxlo by ir trannuci for - a world's championship chess match The reply was mailed to Dr Lasker in Berlin last night. In dealinft With the several conditions Capab anoa does not mince matters in the least He raises several prinie objections any one of which may Interfere with the culmination ot the match. - immm In the first place Caopablanca declines . i oia.v hi iip " ....... ... which he rightly declares to be unprec-Ti,,. hr,rt ulav Mess ons are slso oVieettonabl to him. fie urges I B1B"..WM."'. ..., a. mutch hIiiI tot ttiat tne whiuqi rr hp who scores the majority of the Points, whereas Or Iskor siipulated Rat"he match shou d be drawn In cas the score stood at 1 to 0, to 1 or 3 t7vvith regard to the financial end of the contest Capablanca wishes to share ually with Or Lasker all the proceeds or he will consent to an arrangement whereby the winner takes all. title, g takes and Income. No Billiard Hall for Them. NEW VOKK, Dec tl The match at JUTS tsalk line billiards between Willie Honpe and George T. Sutton is to he played in the ballroom of hotel Aster. This Place has been selected because it Is thought that there are many who would attend the game there who would not go to the Maflison-H( Garden, and It is following the Parisian idea, where the best matches arc played at the brjt hotels. The date for this match has High eg Snglish High at lbArlinirfn 80'"n'J vs IjexJnton Inter collefllate Chess Association's annual tournament at HeW;-. York, ' second dayv " ' BILLIARDS. Na tional, -"IdiMWe-Nc w Vork at St LEAGU3:iOfiTt4lf&t : - . Woburn, BroasH ascent at Cam- MalGcn at James B. Greg: "tosh Suburban Sauare at way at Auditorium,. Cr. Driage, KniK.its at cssws. COUirabucb Flttonr Hayes. . Farq uh arggm "Jn. pibJ1.BacGregoi- Mel Shepparel Otst-fln; ' NEW YORK, Deo a Mel Sheppard, iHfgrea ; middle distanoe runner, who was recently operated on for the removal of a growth In the throat, wa around town yesterday. The operagkm was successful, and the. athlete is looking forward to a return tp track as soon as a troUbHHMMn VWelling which followed tne operation i reduced. One of Wendell's OHNpitlons for football ent&in of Harvard is that he can curry the opposing side on his M0 and another is that fie can alee carry bte oA tetsn on the same back and yet his position la called half back. It should be Samson-back. There ha been Mthing like it since Victor Hugo's Jean Valjean. Sol Metzger has a pet idea about foot-flfviipon which the sun may stMk, Stobelleves In the style of play in use last Vail except that the distance to be gained should be Ave yards in ttum downs, when a team has the ball in Its "WWil leitMPI' within its opponent's Btord line. Elsewhere it should be 10, yard in three downs. Ho, no, John, "Boston Braves" wetft sfsmall. If the National game is mSK, considered first, last and all tie time the proper name, of course, is Boston Nationals, which reQJires no dream-ing, no probing of the brain cells to.Ojsa Gte. If baseball can make people think naoenally. which it does, instead of Oosnoldly, it has achieved trtmipy enough. ' ' Altoood to a hvdroaeroolane stayed.' un minutes with a passenger and landad in the Saugus River like a swan terminating a long flight. From what he and his passenger said of the tempera ture aloft there would ettt to he aa emellent chance tor whiter snorts in the clouds. He could not chatter sp the cold, being trosen speechless wna he first. landed. Bis mate was even won off. ' eemtry, thrnMuS OcLt'lfil " Iti t ' GejTuth net Tom Mi baMbaJK brains Of the When it beat the World's total record by a Din. SSS-53.i-ki: with H. O'Brien, a new league man. rolling 3&i. The Allston Goir Club. Ignoring all the stymies that the alleys afford, won the first two strings from the pushing Newtownes, but the latter broke even by winning the third string and the team total by six pins. That was when the plnfall was not heard In silence. ' '-''.-"'' , U' " ship, a step taken by the 7th Regt Armory people at New York, is a backward movement In the sport. The indoor tennis championship, either men's or women's, has not enjoyed the popularity that it has reached in other countries. This Is perhaps due to the great interest in squash tennis and squasli rackets, which have their National Associations and each year attract more playeis, many lawn tennis plav-rs among them, who keep in form during the Winter and have a change of game. Rowing stands little chance in the voting at a mass meeting of college men with football. Football' makes its appeal at once and pays Its own and others. Football requires only a field,' rowing a river. Rowing needs the en-eouragement which until recent years has been sadly lacking. If the vote of tne men who row and also play football were taken, the balance would not be icurid to be so enormously in favor of land over waQtr. eon of Alabama used to divide his lire into two periods, the day he was elected football captain of bis college ;nd the day that his article appeared in the leading position in a monthly magazine with the most approved literary judgments. Recently, the mood being upon him. he found that even those things were vanities, for he remembered now the thing was done, the first by election methods of doubtful quality and the second by following carefully a trick of style. I Brae-Burn's piizefest dinner and smoke ta,lk this evening will be wortliy of the club spirit and the many successes that the club has had in golf iw far one its members winning tne .State amateur golf championship and its teams the State team championship and the Wtndeler shield. Brae-Burn, one of the institutions of the Garden City, which perhaps would be missed more than any other, started 16 years ago with a field or two and a shed for a clubhouse. Such progress never was dreamed of. The club could select a team of J5 players who could lick at golf 25 members of any club in the country, and this is said advisedly. Charles Williams, tthe world's champion, is coming here to play exhibition matches with George Standing at the New York Tennis and Racquet Club and also an exhibition match at the Boston Tennis and Racquet Club. He won the championship last year from Jamsetjee, the Parsee player of Bombay, and before that he won the Eng-l.ah professional championship from W. Hawes of Wellington College. Williams is a professional at Harrow School, where rackets is one of the greatest games. He Is considered about the best man who over has held the championship, though some say that there will never be another Peter Latham In rack- irsst jiua as wey say tnere will never oe anotner xnomas Pettitt in tennis. Fater-fllius golf tournaments were 'torWSjme year - 'ago rrr"'lli''wfw . thlan C. C. of Chicago, and this fall Philadelphia fell into line with a slmi-Ja tournament. In no other game went it be possible to get so many feathers and tons to play together. In Ireland one famous golfing family can make up a team of 11 players, men and women, boys and girls, which can lick any other family its size and weight. Pater-flltus golf has had two losses recently, H. H. Hilton's father dying in England and J. F. Shanley's in New York. Hilton's father taught him to pUpa to ing him round frequently as a nartner in a IbMBHBBo when the dmmpion was felnSr. Down in Connecticut this season C. G. Waldo Jr won the amateur chara-jHljjShip of tbe State and his father won the cup to the second dtvtifQtt4 of match play. For estimatlnat. the Bar a course for handicapping by the United States Golf Association, the distances are as follows: Up to 225 yards, 3; 226 to 425 yards, 4; 426 to 600 yards, 5; 601 fBp up. 6. The approved distances for a championship course are two holes. 600 to 650 yards: four, 415 to 440 yards: three, 390 to 410 yards; five, 330 to 380 yard, and four snort jjewl or sucn a course, aoout totol lenath. would be 72 or by tie- National method of rat amateur, If you please, could play soot course in ;s, except ny a miracle. Am ateur golfers are inclined to think, that they play better than they do. but they could not play as well 'as that unless di vinely or professionally inspired. Uncle nlNlfmethod, can have no ama teur golfers entitled to bo rated scratch players. 1 ;:'-.-'" SHOTS AT THE BASKET. The par Js in rokes i hat Dropping tbe indoor tennis champion- Manager J. W, Brook? of the Tiger AC WOnld IK lo hear from lOO-DCNMst toasne tbr games away from horn. BRg addrsaa to aa wsshiasrtoti st. alty. vrv 'J9p Hani. .. C, of Roxbury would KM to arrange games with teams averaging 116 pounds, teams in Roslin-dale, Lynn, South Boston. Maiden or the Victor A. C. of Brookline preferred. Forest Whlchelow. 80 Elmwood st, Roxbury. . The Wameslt Five of South Boston, which made such a good record on too floor last season, has reorganized sod g OUt with a challenge to all strong Ah- .v Wf W Bennett, (Kmt,: THREE PLAYERS OF THE CAMBRIDGE HI CarSf. Point, AND LATIN HOOfJaT BQUAI). ri Cambridge High and Latin School should be represented by one of the strongest hockey teams in its history this Winter, as five veterans are available from last year. Capt John Baker and Harold Grant of the 1910-'ll team were, however, graduated last June and It will be no easy matter to fill their positions. Errold' Thomas, the left end of the football team, who played finely in the forward line of the hockey seven a year ago, has been chosen captain. He will remain at his old position, and he is trying to arouse Interest in the Cana-dbm gain among the lower class teene, The team commences practice wOffc next week and a large number of can- Hon ot going out for the teas, -bat Thomas is hoping for a squad ot 60 to cu.veiop nrst. secuna ana tni The veterans are KM win BA1 aid Sands.- Cant Thomas and Thomas Harrington, all forwards, and Bennett Wells, goal tender. Tom Harrinitton layed. only a few games a year ago ecause of faculty restrictions, but was reinstated last Fall and was ldentilied with the football team. Harrington is regarded as one of the best school forwards in and be should assist C and Latin team to win more game. The candidates fr the Somerville High ' hockey team reported yesterday, 35 strong, to Capt Walter whittakei on the artificial pond near Tufts Oval. The prospects for a strong team are orlght. The Red and Blue will mike a to capture nrst nomas in tne in- olastlrt league. rans back are Richard Townsend, Bob Garland, Harold George, Chaunoey Cosgrove, Carl Holmes and F. Mcln-tvre. Among the new boys who give NO promise of making good 4tre Ofddav aner, rnompson, wreeic, nunneweii. Howard Kchaner. can i West. Ray Baxter. Har Robert Richards. Gulmbv and CaDt "Connie" Murnhv of the den High hockey team has issued a 911 for candidates to report during tne Christmas holidays. xhe veterans ase Barnard Gerrish, Richard Smith, Henry Osberg and Capt Murphy. , i English Jiign hockey m - "Htohe'xl'nTa Practice matches are scneauiea lor ranklln Field. It was flooded twodaM h bvnMondayh0Ped 0r Candidates' for Dorchester High sUrtAt practice in the gymnasium yesterday under tlje direction of Johnlj(yMWyi' The veterans have chosen To fW Hams, eat. -her of last ,imjn M. captain. "Winnie" Long tg''tMLbMti-ager. Promising candidates are Qulfty' Bishop. Rauschal, Brennan, Mullane; Walsh and Long. KsbmbB teams willing to pay a reasonable guarantee. Joseph O'Shaughnessy, Til) 3d st, South Boston. The Mission Church Field Band team would like to hear from the fastest 115-pound teams at home or away, from home. Half expenses given or taken for Six men. Joseph Fay, 13 Whitney st, r Roxbury 1 Julius F. Haller has Just been elected manager of the Memdell Five, formerly th Danforth Five, and would lik to arrange' games with teams averaging 116-120 pounds. Games must all be glayed away from home, as the team as no home hall. The lineup will be Llnberg and Borden backs, Haller center and Dandall and Barbour forwards. Address Julius F. Haller, 13 Danforth st, Jamaica Plate. The Acadia A. C. wants to hear from the managers of teams weighing 106-110 pounds. Full expenses given. Manager Charles H. Goodrich Jr. 805 Huntington av, city. The Whit Sox of Charlestown, composed of former Walnut Star and St Francis A. A. second team players, would like to meet some of the fast 115-pound teams. Sam Doherty, 381 Bunker Hill St. Charlestown. The Cleo Five of Cambridge, composed of Cambridge Y. M. C. A. men, has organized again, and is desirous of arranging for games with the fastest of amateur teams. Thte team has a record of 17 games won out of 3 games played last season. "Sonny" Baker, formerly of the Cooper Institute Five of New York city, will act coach. Clyde Fairfield, formerly of Cambridge Y. M. C. A. team, will play forward with Tom Wilson of Rlndge Technical School. "Hub" Green, formerly captain of the Rlndge team that Won the State championship, will hold down the center position. Carl GustejN OH, JOY ! MR ASA SPADES NOW HAS MONEY. By wallX& GOLDSMITH son of Harvard and "Gib" Small will play the back positions. Address all communications and inquiries to Gilbert Small, Cambridge Y. M. C. A. , MUST BREAK CLEAN. New Rule Passed by New York Boxing Commission Seconds to Four for Each Man. MBTw'yorK, Dec 21-A new rule compelling boxers to break clesai wtopa t. red by the referee was passed ye terday by the Boxing Commissioner-ng; their weekly meeting. Since the Fraw- ;l.-,inW.'':-llin'into effect last the . commissioners, nave number of complaints boxers on this point. Some referees order a clean break, while others allow boxers to hit with one hand free. In the future, however, no honor, according to the new rule, Will be allowed to hit when in a clinch. Any referee not enforcing this rule will b brought up on charges. Another new rule the Boxing Commissioners passed was one to prevent too many seconds behind a boxer. In the future only four seconds will be allowed In enefceorner. and these must stay in his corner during the contest. CHICAGO "K. 6." WON. Brown Got Deeleion Over Frit Hoi-. land a Result of Three Knockdowns in One Round. SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 21 GeOjrgS ("Knock-Out") Brown, th Castees middleweight, was given the decision over Fritz Holland of Spokane last night In their 10-round bout at the Piedmont Pavilion. This decision by referee Jaok Welsh was unquestionably rendered as a result Of the sixth round, in which the Chlcagoan, first flooring Holland with a, onM right-hand swing, sent hi hgiA-to the mat three times. . mn'ji Hoilaad wa.' aroaay. but in suite at that boxed remarkably well fir thai Journey, and some of, the. ught it should hav been SpCC tfl total ywMfl I I I I 1 ... ', , T . mmm 1 1 m n H intteruMaMW . ... . " . . . . n points ne cam- never out en a gtimV . on points Be cam- back strong eiMMfa to take tbe ;ninn mm .Ihw tnasr ponent -even, nt' tne uth. oennt en sgattit neikdow n QUS STILL WAITING. Even Mr Ruhlln Couldn't Havs Him Made a Boxing Referee. "" Churl in Harvey, secretary of the Stats Boxing Commission, told yesterday of nvtatt lto hnd received from- Mrs t. BJbtln, the alitont suffragette. Mfif , ' ttSf1 feiaapean to7 be " tb . wife ot" the am Gu Ruhlln who one aspired to heavyweight bOBOfe to tbe.pgts ring, tften . :psjT iiss . tnrned .. down by toe commission when he aplled for I license to act as referee, and Mrs Uus w en I T : ; e der the gette, wore Gus t I hem crl "What do you mean " " said Mrs Gm- a m a laxpayer ana my nusoana im m taxpayer. There must be no discrimi nation, i ciemann equal rights and in Hist that. Mr Itiihlln be MiTll W ssore eoreti mm m mm m m waiting mm HiWillllll Wily Smith is PORTLAND, Ore, Deo 21t SHIM 'Oft tb' baepttal last night that 3 T;;t,r Vs8 mmA9 Sunday ov QUltlrl IBhR m SI MOTv'er85'111 shrinking Hfrei' rv II ' H impulsive attack ofthr and mildly eXDlalned that too many referees of otiKl have, to wait un boxing a air'' til soma o? i under .the are of , explanations followed, but the sassjtoSBSBSMS ' f,ri Uunging Robes Angora Jackets Scarf Pin Handkerchiefs I' : f' I m U I HAMMOCKS flcSWINcSS S lOH' My ch.udj 7S &F) I I mmmrw wo 4 mm m fihri m m fur-Li " fTV I ASAyOfKE F'-P) 1 R THEAH AM JU3TS OQ PtfOPLE UAT MAK65 MONBy K r i I " "' "" WipEi AWArfs, BUT IT &M0 TAKES A 1 h f7TpT Urk) fUr7A SEN' TO 5LKP i, I piW' F HIM AND I withdraw ; HlS JEF INTO A . 1A, ; ( 1 iVOUAR!) , 5 W ACCOUNT FROM ( ' JfjR ' pO TUNC f r-- CiJrXi-TT lrIWj T'rorT fB .... ny'j I 1 ,..- -wr Ill 1 Hi IIS - t tir M- I .". ., t. :,.'! r-icAMi irifc . 1 . - ' " 1 SP 127 T REM ONI M . Opp. Park St.) biiiias For fVSen Gifts Smoking Jackets Dress Mufflers loves Steamer RugS W I Canes Loewe & Co.'s Imported Pipes mf, yy a J a. y Z2. Open Evenings Until Christmas H 1 31 1 1 31 1 v ' a'j' 1 jy mmmaotmmmm, 1 1 liliLS. ii N.,u,l f lavot m d Rich, AT HOTELS, CLUBS end CAFES this ot to SON5 Boston .ill NH IWIIMt HUM IIIJ I If Jou t'annvt Procure Thi Year Seatsr lend lirr t ;, TMOS. L. SMITH a SON h, 16-ls lutiin III m i

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