The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on December 15, 1922 · 18
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 18

Boston, Massachusetts
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Friday, December 15, 1922
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18 THE BOSTON GLOBE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1022 June 15 Fixed as Limit For Sales of Players For More Than Waiver Price-Duffy Lewis Red Sox Scout BIG LEAGUES' ACTION MAY CAUSE TROUBLE Vote That Men Placed With Minors Shall Be Subject to Draft To War on Gamblers NEW COMER AND VETERAN IN COUNCILS OF BOSTON RED SOX By JAMES C. O'LEARY NKW YORK, Dec 14 The National j nd American leagues had their joint , meeting at the Comrwodore totiay. and finished without causing friction enough ! to heat the machinery. . Nothing was done in regard to the , conflict in dates for the opening of the i reason of UK. As matters now stand, the date is Tuesday. April 17. In tfie Vational Leasue. and Wednesday, April 18. in the American league, it is generally belived. however, that the opening dat.? lor both will be April 13. One matter upon which the two j leaue5 were unanimous and which may , mental to baseball was read, llereto-cauFC res-mtnTHit and possilly retalia--! fore, a fine of CiioOO has been the extent tion by the Class AA leagues, which I to which the commissioner coutd go in l-'ujiiniiiii& a iiiajm iiruu . V.IUU, UU4. lU'W the following section-is made applicable to all clubs in all leagues as an amendment to Section 3 of Article 1 of the major minor agreement: runitive action the commit- DUFFY LEWIS TO SCOUT FOR RED SOX IN WEST NEW YORK, Dec 14 Frank Chance, new manager of the Boston Red Sox, announced today he had signed as a scout, Duffy Lewis, now manager of the Salt Lake City club of the Pacific Coast League. Lewir, will confine his duties to the western coast section. He will retain his position at Salt Lake City. hav lor the past two years successfully resisted the right of draft ly majors', dealth with sending players to the Class AA league clubs tiaaer optional aereev.ients. The majors, in me tuture will insist that any player siU by them to minor I sioner may take against any offender league clubs tinoer an optional asrree- v "yu"" iwi wkhw i- w.--uii sua u n.nt shall be subject to draft, even if all other members of the cluiyto which he is sent are immune from draft. This is. of course, intended As pressure against the Class A A leagues, all of the other classifications now submitting to the draft, and -if suoscribed to by the Class AA members will, in a way. destroy their absolute immunity trom aratt. Nenrlv every major league club heretofore has had four or Ave piayers placed with Class AA league clubs every season unaer optional agree merits. M at today's meeting the nun.' include anv one or r.oro of the fol lowing: A put lie reprimand, a tine not exceeding $inoci for any one offense, suspension, removal from office or tenil)o- The disposition of the J120.000' World's tea Lie sa,uie money wmcn it was u j-ideil to give to charity will be made by Commissioner Landis tomorrow after consultation with Pres Ruppert of the. Yankees and Pros Stoneham of the Giants. It is understood friat 50 percent will go to various hospitals in New York and the other 50 percent will go i, uisaoieo soldiers. J6 j : REMOVE ANOTHER INCH OF TILDEN'S INFECTED FINGER Champion Declares He Is Encouraged in Spite Of Injury Plans Trip West, Then Hopes to Defend Davis Cup PHILADELPHIA, Dec !4-WilIia:n T. Tilden 2tl. National tennis champion, had another inch removed from the middle finger of his right hand yesterday, it became known today. This second operation brings tne champion's finger down to .list about thf second joint. The ling, r became infected first from a scratch. "1 am highly encouraged,' said Tilden today. "I suffered no pain last night and T now belhwe my finger will besrin to heal. A small portion of the ! bone remains above the second joint and the surgeon say;; there Is a good chance there will b- movement in the joint. It isn't much, but it ought to 1 Give "Him" A Gift 1 fg that will bring real enjoyment and be of service and practical use. j! 14 Articles of apparel are useful and are always welcomed by JM ft a man. There's a definite value attached to gifts of this sort which makes them worth while and desirable. You Can Make Best Selections at a Men's Store, Where Individual Tastes Are Considered and Where Assortments .are Large help a little when I start to play again." Tilden is planning a Ioiik trip West next Summer. He said he thought this will Rive him a change of scene and a series of fairly easy matches that will permit him to work out his new same on his own lines. We will take Alexander Wiener, his protege, with him. we snouia set nacx eariy m -w-i gust," he said, "for the National doubles j tournament in Boston. Then I will be as ready as I can be for the Davis Cup and the National singles. "Th" Davis Cup will be my ultimate eroal this year, If I feel I am good enough to make tho team I will ask j the Davis Cup committee to take my l word for it. If I find that I am not. T 1 will frankly say so. My only idea is to j do all I can to help retain the cup." GLOVES, $1.65 to $5 NECKWEAR, 65c to $3 HOSIERY, 35c up Neckwear Hosiery Mufflers Handkerchiefs Gloves, Shirts Underwear Pajamas Night Robes Bath Robes Jewelry BASKET BAH FACTS WORTH KNOWING Questions by Officials, Players Clearly Answered and Fans twr ,.r nlAVer that mav be so Dlaced , .tSS "ei . J'l nK-enn.s ol the two December'. place in Chioaeo' in and the National Asso- Bs Mi.. M-w q., Mn ciation of Minor Leagues will meet in ig Minors May Refuse Men he sarne clty at tht, gjgj tjmo Claes AA leagues may, decline to ac- The Boston National League club an- cept plavers under the proposed new nounceii that it iias sold W alter Barhare conditions, and that the youngsters outright to the Toledo club. Chrlsten- v it is intended to farm oat will pury has practically been disposed of. have to with clubs in a elassifica- gJK 1 res drant does not care to say at tion lower tliari the AA. H Ume club he' lias -boon IS finn t r nVAnAaH i c ,-. , . hmS VL 'tffi ta S w d : Hf nk Gowdy. but he does' potent' tw KU PKS te4 Preferring to vi ar- allowed to stand. Dan O'Neill ! use nim In trad- president of the Kaslern L,ea?rue. and HaeaUns also tor ine J-exus"-the Southern Association, asked that the draft price in class A leagues be raised from S400" to $5000. Tnfi was not agreed to but another proposition advanced by Sir O'Neill, that the full amount ol the draft price. SW. must be paid at ohce'by the club benefiting by the draft, was accepted. The maximum numoer oi Chance Angling for Players Manager Frank Chance of the Red box har several lines out. but has not completed any deal. He has been trying to get Bishop, a second baseman, from Ealtimore. He said that Clark tir.-fnth of the Washington club nas offered $25,000 for kluddv nuel, but Chance, would not listen to the proposi-ticn. Trlmth would like to get Walters '1 ne cannot Duy KueL but Chance says ai.owed on the resen ea w r the Boston club is not selling nlavers .t!iv, remain'; at -4". an" f hese rlavu w ' EefiaK down to the limit Ol i was m 15 instead of May 1& June 15 also was the date set atier " there may be no deals made with otner clubs in the major leagues with a view to strengthening a possible pennant winner. Deals are now possible up to a rr i '. i . nhvers can be trans ferred' after June 15 only at the waiver j pi ice these days I'atsy Donovan, ex-manager of the Reg Sox, has signed up to manage the .Springfield Eastern League Club. He will make a splendid manager for opringfleld. Chick Gagnon, ex-Holv Cross star, was traded by the Detroit club to wsr.irgion tor pitcher Francis sou in paw. FRANK CHANCE (AT LEFT) AND SECRETARY LARRY GRAVER. Snapped While Talking at American League Meeting in New York. resent the cream of the playing talent of the minor field," 1 Hillis Goes to Harttord ROCHESTER, X Y, Doo 14 CavM Hillis. an inflelder. today was sold bv the Rochester International League cU't to Hartford of the Eastern League. HARVARD FIVE TO OPEN AGAINST ST MICHAEL'S Harvaul will open its basket-ball season tonight at S at the Hemenway Gym with St Michaels of Vermont as the opponent. McLeish, ex-Harvard captain and forward, will play guard. The lineup: HARVARD ST NICHOLAS Lctrentbal rf g McDonald tioraua (capt) If rg MurtViy Mhler c e Delnuey ISinek rg , 11 Mead Mcbetih Is Tf Garrls DanGde if. . a i Maiiro r'i . . O One of the most surprisine features ! cimralin ih o i mDimi in aninu luiaiiiuiuui'uip i t. r lirti hereafter will be PCWJ here this week was spnane tonicht The matter of ambling at oai. ; Pf ! Commodore arm in arm. It would I WEYMOUTH HIGH BEATS WEYMOUTH ALL-STARS WEYMOUTH, Dec 14 At the Clapp Memorial Court, East Weymouth, tc-night, Weymouth High School bask, ! -ball team won from the Weymouth All-Stars, -9 to 26. The summary: WEYMOI'TII H S I WEYMOUTH ALI.-S . , Gls Fls Pts! Gls Fla lt. Shields rt. 3 0 IDucan ll.. 1 O 2 Craig jf... O O OjSIattery rb. 3 O 0 1 :i Coffey U... 4 o o 0 O 0 0 By ED THORP Umbrellas, Canes Collar 'Bags Suspenders Garters Arm Bands Belt Buckles Sweaters Hats and Caps Cloth Hats Knit Vesta Gifts for Ladies Hosiery, Gloves Handkerchiefs Umbrellas Mufflers We issue Xmas Merchandise. Certificates which permit 9 the, recipient to make his own selections. Xmas boxes f FREE. U Phelan & Steptoe n 38-42 Boy Iston Street Next to Hotel Touraine. Open Evenings. Cu INTERPRETATIONS OF RULES OUINCY HIGH FOOTBALL TEAM GIVEN BANQUET QUINCY, Dec 14 The athletic prowess of Quincy High School football team war, sounded in vociferous tores to.-ipnt at a banquet given the members of the football team and the fathers of the players. The banquet was served In the parish house of the First Parish dhureli and was attendee: by a arge gathering. , The committee of citizens which pro cured the funds for the banquet w.-isl cen.nosed of Thomas S. ursin, cnair-; Robert W. Davis. Ei-nest P. Neal f.nd br R. R. Stoddard. Percy i Jenkins and Karl Pfaffmann,' 1 cth Quincy boys arid members nf tr," I In: vard varsity football team: Mend-master Ernest L. Collins of the Hitjh Scl.oor. Coach P. P. Mitchell and Mor.r.v H. Faxon, an old Harvard football Waver, spoke. II was announced at the nanquet that Herbert Listman has been elected captain of next year's team. 0- If a player is dribbling, can his opponent move directly in front of him in order to break up the dribble? A. Moving directly in front of a man dribbling is a foul. v Q. When shooting for a foul, can I shoot the ball against the backboard with speed, rush in and then score a goal? A. No. You must make an honest attempt to cage the foul, otherwise the ball goes back to center. Q. During a time out in amateur rules, may a player leave the court? A. Not unless permission haa been granted by the referee or umpire. 0- Who determines which players go into a game and which come out, the captain, coach or manager? A. Usually the coach decides upon the players who take part in a game. Q. How are points scored in a game? A. In both amateur and professional games, a field goal counts two points and a goal from a free throw counts one point. Totals.... 10 9 29 Gmi villa rt 4 .13 0 'M .. . . . t J V. , ?a-.rr.V p-a-' iliFCUSseu at. eoiisiuei jure and it was left to Commissioner r'.iniliV 1 l,ecn a case for the coroner if tiiese two for was the was playing Oruiseno.-rrv tieacemaKer. It was said today that "Wilbe Robinson has traded Wallace Hood, his voting outfielder, for Turner Barber, the outfielder and tirst baseman of the Chicago i I'.OS. I lie C utis nil the Hu I mni-t, ClitH 1 for Barber several years ago. Daiton cV. '. 6 0 Otto Miller, veteran catcher recently Fox rl 6 0 r-!eased by Brooklyn, has stoned, to i Rinkert lb.. 2 0 SSS : f innn,.nee Dubltc onin- l.a KJ"en so CIOse . rogetiier while i ?on and the legal authorities to abate f Commissioner Eandis and the home club officials will, in the future, be aiven the power to say whether weather conditions are favorable to the starting of a world's series game, but oace started the calling of the game will be left to the umpires as heretofore. a i . 1 r. ' I lanais rroposais rrcvan -manage the Atlanta .Southern Assoeln It was unanimously voted that on any! tion C'lub. Thr Cardinais have asked call for a joint meeting the clubs which WtSb&SSi l b6 respond shall constitute a quorum. This-j ' ' tSn that no big j HUSTON PLANS LAYOFF ltague clifbs be allowed to buy or sell I Ur TtAK FROIVI BASEBALL players except through the usual waiver NEW YORK, Dec 14 Col 'I? L. Huston ! . M I 1 ,, Y- r. 1 11 -I . A St. routes alter June i. wnicn was miorm- j cl-""oi i-uuaj mat ir ine pending trans- ally adopted last Autumn after the McQuillan and Dugan deals by the New ,.1. l,,h. tlirin?h nnfl ti imnimlv irh nmmtQfiinner' bi.lieves that this I retire from all active baseball himWeo will help to stifle "pennant buying" : for at least a. year. This statement was talk. i! regarded as setting at rest, temporarily, A communication from M. H. Sexton I reports that he might, after disposing and John H. Farrell, president and of his Y'ankee interests, become connect-aeci etarv, respectively, of the National ed with the ownership of eithef the Association of Baseball Clubs (the minor Brooklyn Nationals or Boston Amerl-leagues), in which a recommendation cans. was made to change the degree 'of j "The consummation of the negotia-punishment which the commissioner tions with Col Ruppert, however," he ty jiiiuci m taae w wirauti ucm- aaaea, is not such a sure thing us has been indicated. There are several details yet to be ironed out." Col Huston, however, has not renre- j sented fhe Yankees at any of the own- ' Lfo' f or einr t j M.nolr WALPOLE PROS DEFEAT WINTHROP TOWN, 44 25 WALPOLE. Dec 14 WinthroD Town ! l , i, l ....... i .. . . . r ... , i. . . ",e j Walpole Pros at the Town Hall tonight. w aipole winning, 44 to 25. The summary : WALPOLE PROS tils Fls Pts T Murob.r rf 5 O 10 HARVARD TO PICK NEW FOOTBALL CHIEF TODAY Harvard varsity football players who took part in the Yale same will elect their captain for the 1923 season, at 1 o'clock today, when they meet for the team picture. The leading candidates for the place are: C. J. Hubbard, guard: J-an Holden, end; Percy Jenkins, end: Gehrke, back; Grew, guard. Hubbard is favored, having played two vears as a regular on the team. DR HOWE REAPPOINTED HARVARD ROWING HEAD R. Heber Howe was reappointed director of rowing at Harvard for 1923-24 last night by the athletic committee. As in the past, he will have general s.u- I pervision of rowing at Harvard, but will j not be engaged as actively with the var- wiNTHttop town uT ZTZZTtt2&!2m22?X ri vitt Pi-a! au uecu tuiiieu over iu ioa'.'u Tonw lb.... 1 o 21 ?fu"tr' tHg win have as assistants 4 -umires ijin una neri. names ana 61 Brown. TotaJs . HOW TO PLAY BASKET BALL Shooting Let us first describe the three different styles of goals in use. First, the amateur rules provide the basket shall be nets of cord or other material, suspended from metal rings, 18 inches inside diameter. The rings shall be rigidly attached to the backboards, one foot ff om the bottom and three feet from either side. The backboards shall be six feet horizontally and four feet vertically. The rings shall be placed in such a position that they shall lie in a horizontal plane 10 feet above the floor so that the nearest point of the inside edge shall be 6 inches from the face of the backboard. The National rules (professional rules) differ from the amateur rules, in that the nearest point of the inside edge shall be 12 inches from the face of the backboard, and that backboard shall measure 4 feet by 4 feet. BASKET-BALL PLAYERS CALZA VICTOR IN BOUT HURT IN SALEM GAME AS LINOW IS INJURED LI A T 1,1 n r Tl -i A 15... O ' . . i ' . .. , . oauMi, ueu it joiin nu.t.ueij " . George Calza. Iralum rlumnlnn ,1. James Tuily of the Carltonville basket- t feated .Ta.ek r.inow in n -ilah Lt;i, ' . hall team were inuired tonight while , catch-can wrestline hour at thr flr.74 playing against rne bneiKs. anoiner opera House last nieht i.. a hnnr 'iieeler rb 12j(irifflth e. .. 3 12 Murphy If.. 1 I Auttion? rf. 5 action for the sale of half interest in me cw xorK i anaees to ms partner, Col Jacob Ruppert, is completed, he wlli Totals 0 441 Totals .12 ST JOSEPH'S OF QUINCY BEAT STOUGHTON C. A QUINCY, Dec 14 The Stoughtoft Catholic A. A'., lost to the St Joseph'A. C. basket-ball team of Quincy tonight, 31 to 26. The summary: m sbbsv v v. - s ia i hi i iimwi m Ar. i si ST JOSEPH'S A C ;is Kis Pt Buckley rf. 7 O'Connell If 3 Lane v..... 4 Bennett rb. 0 Zanowski rb 0 Oreene lb. . 0 TJavis lb... 1 STOUGHTON C A tils Fls Pts 1 O o f) 1 Totals .14 1 15 Cornell lb.. 2 1 5 Marrow rb. 2 1 Murphy p.. 1 0 0 Hiekey If.. S 0. 0 Leahy rf... 2 0 0 O 2 Totals ...12 3 SIX HYDE DEFEATS WINTON IN GOLF MATCH IN SOUTH PINEHURST. N C Ttka 14 .Toh tlde of Boston defeated D. N. W nton : of Minneapolis, in the first match round oi tne aiitt-Jt'ines Countrv (lub's annual invitation tournament today. 4 a id :!, anil will be opposed in tomorrow's ffn l-final round bv W. T. Barr of I,ring Harbor. Barr defeated Hugh J. RobeTt-sor- Jr of Brae Burn, 4 up and 3 to 4, ti. uraaiord Lewis bf North Andovet, in tne second night, dereat id James w. Daly of. New York, 4 and ?. 2 26 CHELSEA K. OF C. WINS FROM NORTH END K. OF C. Chelsea K. of C. easily defeated the North End K. of C, in a league game ?t Williams School-hall, last night, 60 to 8. The summary: ( MELSKA K. OF C. GU VU PU JSnn'she rf 4 ') ! MaeklM rf . o ! McCarthy if 6 i FSpa'glie c 7 Moekler rb . 4 Melley rb . 2 Tully lb. .. 2 0 0 o 0 o 0 Totals .30 0 60 NOBTH ENP K OF C Gls FU Ft- Quinn lb .. 0 4 4 ( nmp'il rb O McGrath e . 0 Mmimer If . 1 O'Meawi rf . 1 MAINE BASKET-BALL SQUAD ON LONG TRIP ORONO, Me. Dec 14 The University of Maine basket-ball squad left today for a week's trip during the Christmas vacation, which will be the most extensive ever taken by a Maine athletic team. The trip will open at Hamilton, N Y, tomorrow night with Colgate University, and conclude with a game with the University of Cincinnati on Dec 23. the Sheiks. Salem team, at Pickering School hall. Both were taken to the Salem City Hospital. Tully sustained a shoulder sprain and Slattery a sash on the forehead that required three stitches. Into the bargain, the Carltonville team lost the game. MURPHY GAINS AWARD s OVER BILLY FITZSIMMONS LOWELL, Dec 14 Billv Murphy of Lowell easily whipped Billy Kitzslm-mons of New York in the 10-round main bout at the meeting of the Moody A. A. tonight. Kid Lewis of Lawrence Knocked out Kid Blair of Lynn in the sieond round of the semifinal. Bob Conlan of Charlestown whipped Bob Ambrose of Cambridge In two rounds. Nick Madonna of Lexington stopped Dai.ny Vaughan of Cambridge in two rounds; Co L Five Is Victor MALDEN. Dec 14 Co L of Maiden defeated Co E of Medford at basket ball tonight, 25 to 19. The summary: CO L. MALDEN j CO E, MEDFORD tils Fls Fts Uls b is 1'1 O'Leary rf.. 4 W Hatch If. 2 Wilder e 4 M Hatch rb. O Brown lb. . . 1 Totals . .. .il ! i Corcoran lb. 4 4 11 Smith rb. 2 U Smith c. 0 jt'erew If... . 3 iCrossland rf 0 Totals 9 Battery F, 1st Corps, Wins Two games of basket ball were played last night at the 1st Corps Cadets Armory. Battery F, 1st Corps Cadets, defeated the United States Marines of Hmgham Station, 44 to G. and Battery G, 1st Corps, won from Battery F i minutes with a reverse body hold The Italian threw the Russian over his head and dazed him. After waiting 10 minutes, he was unable to continue, the referee awarding the bout to Calza. In the first preliminary, Louie Andrews, Greek lightweight, defea-ed Cteye Romanoff in 15 minutes with a half-Neison and toe hold. In the semi-nriai Tommy Record defeated George Flamer in J6 minutes with u crutch hold. ALLEN DEFEATS KIRBY IN AMATEUR TOURNEY The surprise of the Apollo A. C. amateur boxing tournament,' last night at the Scenic Auditorium, was the defeat of Tom Kirby of Roxbury in the heavyweight class by George Alien in two rounds. Kirby is one of the best amateur heavyweights in the countrv Another good bout was that in the 1" pound class, Johnny Moran of Brockton defeating Terry Parker of the North End in four rounds. There was 10 houts in all. The summary of the finals- 112-Pound Class-Mike Malaiison, East Boston, beat Harry Goldberg, Boston, by default. 126-Pound Class Johnny Moran Brockton, beat Terry Parker, North End, four rounds. 147-Pound Class Terry Mc Mantis 'Dorchester, beat Eddie Zion, Beaton, three rounds. Heavyweight Class George Allen Boston, beat Tom Kirby, Roxbury, two rounds, (knockout). CAMPBELL TO TAKE PLAGE OF BINGHAM Thomas J. Campbell, 102, old Tlar-vard halfback, freshman coach and V-.'s season football coach of the University of Virginia, which post he retigned yes terday, has been appointed assistant graduate treasurer of the Harvard Ath-let.c Association to succeed William J. Bingham who resigned the first of the montjl. "mmM. Campbell will assist Coa Fisher pt Hfarvaru. He will assume his duties ti e first of January. He wi'l attain art a :i head coach of the freshman football team. Rabbit and Cavy Club Meets At the meeting of the United Rabbit snd Caw Club In the Quincy House lat night, plnns were laid for the part which the club wil take in the Boston Poultry Show, which opens in Mechan ic a hiuilding jan t. ires p. -v. well presided and about 30 members attended. Charles S. Gibson of Elwood, Ind, w'll judge the rabbits at the show. DEATHS GEORGEIn Roxbury, Doe. J3th at l.or 35 School Street. Kath.nn- EiiJIteth of ( harlw A. (jeorfte. Aged 61 SiSl FmS2 services at the Kukri, .street Bupt", ( i at 2 P. M. Relatives and friends arMnvitM OILBERT-ln Dorchester. Dec 12 ' "nmnlrT' beloved husband of . Mary A i,' 11 t ,' KlUgerald). Service, at h I . T A 22 East Cottage g, SatuMay . lie' ""g'Tt 8?!A2-i5 g?E5Srt. PL 13. Tuoma. l f. i.i i . , 1 urma:i . nrniaencc, 4 ILD-In Pceksklll. & Y., Dec 13 )rr team, 18 to 7. id ROCKLAND FIVE WINS Totals MANSFIELD LEGION WINS FROM WINTJHROP, 29 TO 28 ! MANSFIELD, Dec 14 In a fast and I Do you know what kind of cigars you like? Blackstone is the kind of cigar most men like. Blackstone Ji5 CIGARS W WAJTT&BONO.Iac SAYS RAISING OPTION i I IMIT MAY OAIIQC lAftR I IT f I t Kin UnU JL 1VMII DALLAS. Tex', Dec 14 The two, major leagues. In raising the option limit from j eight tojla, deliberately defy the minors ' and possibly may provoke a baseball i war, if the lesser leagues, which voted i at Louisville to refuse permission for ! the raise, regard the agreement as abro- of the Dal as Club of the ' basket-ball Wine. Mansfield ex-president of the Texas League, and ex-member of the National Board, declared tonight. "Most minor magnates feel that the option law is the only thin& the minors get out of the present major-minor agreement," he said. "The American League has never signed it, mut the National has. Allowing trJor clubs" 15 option pla'yers means that the 13 teams ! will own 210 players in the minors in-I stead Of 12$, and these players will rep- 0 . ROCKLAND, Dec 14-Rockland five 0 easily defeated Columbus Club at 1 basket ball at the Rockland Opera House tonight, 32 to 14. The summary ROCKLAND FIVE Gla Fls Pta Mornson.rf. 3 Day, If 3 Haker.c. . . . 4 McCarthy, rb 3 Johnson, lb. . ' Totals. . 15 0 0 1 7 8 0 6 1 5 a 32 COLUMHT7S CLUB Gls Fls Pts 1 Kejuiy.rb. . . 1! POKe.-c 1 llttver.lf.... a Hudreau.rf. 1 Toial... 7 0 14 Legion debated Winthrop Legion In the Town Kali tonight, 29 to 28. The sum mary SARGENT SENIORS TAKE Gas League Bowling Six matches were rolled andne match forfeited in the weekly matches last night in the Boston Consolidated Gas Company League. The summaries: Service 425 Adjustments 413 Gas Apnllance. . . .480 Central Station Forfeit SaleR Dept 416 Collection No 2. .400 Collection No 1..411 Drafting 401 Calf Pasture 457 A lis ton 430 MANSFIELD LEGlONl WINTHROP LEGION Physical iucatioT won the hTterclass Ghj Flsrta INDOOR MEET HONORS ' pookkeepftMi '.'..'.445 Everett La born 'y 417 Everett Station .302 CmUDo If . 3 0 Kirby c 1 1 8 Dolan rb .. 2 1 B Moore lb . . 2 0' 4 Connell lb. 1 0 2 I Totals U 3 29 a OiAnthony rb. 1 Kit's c Trask If Miller rf j tifuuut nice i uo.kV WJtil OV pOIIll. x licviiiicu weie secoiiu aria tne juniors third. The meet consisted of rope climbing, pillow relay, balancing Totals, 13 2 28 483 428 13M 427 4W1 1801) 493 472 1445 422 438 1276 397 393 1190 417 4S2 1260 431 403 1235 '454 400 1311 406 "437 1282 444 486 1375 399 384 1228 58 450 1323 421 399 1212 Dorchester Man Hurt LOWELL. Dec 11 Robert Shauh- beam, squat ball and a wall scaling I nessy of Dorchester was struck here, contert. The previous day the fresh- ! today by an automobile and taken to men won the interelass basket-ball pen- l St John's Hospital. He is not serlouslv num. ueieaung i-ue seniors, -i to j&. injured. WEISSMULLER SMASHES ANOTHER SWIMMING MARK CLEVELAND, Dec 14 Two world's swimming records were broken tonight at the Cleveland A. C. Johnny Weiss- muiler, Illinois A. C, established a new iecoru ior a bu-root tank when he won the 350-yard back-stroke event in 1 minute, 44 seconds. The old record of 1:49 4-5 was held by Harry Hebner. Winning the 2'JO-yard back-stroke in 2 minutes 48 seconds, Harold Krueger. Honolulu, broke the old world's record DEATHS AMES Iu Roslindale, Dec. 14th. Mary E., beloved Wife of Jesse F. Auiea. In her 56th vear. Funeral services from her late home. 61 TyndnJe st.. Roslindale. Saturday. Dec. 16th. at 2 o'clock. Relatives and fneuds are invited. ARNOLD In South Boston, Dee. 14th. Robert P., beloved husband of Mary E. Arnold (nee Dny) Funeral from his I11U home, 324 Dor-eheVter st. Mouday, Dec. 18th. at 9 o'clock. Solemn requiem hisrli mass at St. Augustine Church at 10 o'clock. Relatives and friends Invited. Late member of Pere Marquette Council 271. K. of C, ad the Spanish War Veterans. BISNAW-ln Roslindale, Dee. IS. Henry, beloved husband of Revinah Bisnaw (nee Potts!. Funeral from his late home, 116 Bcllevue av.. Saturdaj. Dec. 16th, at 8:15. Solemn hlch muss of requiem at the Sacred Heart Church at 9 a. m. Relatlvesand frieuds invited. Canadian papers please copy. BRENNICK In Dorchester Dec- 12. Michael J., husband of the late Ellen C. (Sullivan) Brcniiick. Funeral from residence. 147 Draper St., Saturday, Dec. 10, at 8:15. Requiem services at St. Petev'B Cnurcb at 9 a. m. Relatives and friends, are Invited to attend. Pleaoc omtt flowers. CAMPBELL In Jamaica Plain. Dec. 14, Isa-bell N., wife of John M. Campbell, aged 03 vears. Funeral services Saturday. Dee. W, at 1 P- m-, from resideuee, 541 Center st. Funeral private. CAXN-At Brighton. Mass., Dec. 14. 1922. Srnh. widow of Samuel Oann, age 85 years. Funeral servlcsi at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Allen Itafuse. -'77 Market St., ItrlKuton, on Saturday. Dec. 10. at 2 p. m. 1. E. I. papers kindly copy. CHAMREKLAIN In Medford. December 12, John T. Chamberlain, In his i4th year. t'nnir 1 Tnttle t.. t fSiT teU,lrt' 'S invited ,.',itJ. GUILD In Pceksklll da ur hf h 1922. at 2 p. m. Burial" lo VtaTlikscJS HOWARD At her late home, 387 Belmon' tt Belmont, Adelia M. Howard, iu l.erT j",'. at t,,e A' E' tC & Chal. 19,9 Mass. av.. comer of Beech st. North Cambridge. &iturday. Dec. 1. at .M p. m. KELLY In Maplewood. Maiden, Dee. 14 John James, beloved son of James E. and Mar A. Kelly (nee McCaffervi. from family residence. 25 Sheafe st.. Sut-urday, Dec. 16, at 8:15 a. m. R-quiera hif mass at St. Joseph's Church at 0 o elo. k. Relatives and friends kindly invited. MacKERKON-In this -ity. Dee. 13. Johu A. MacKerron of 314 Marlboro st. Services ll t jLedJ,'?T- un,hoine of his sister. Jlu James Mitchic. a7 Waldorf road. Newtoo Hlgblnnds. Saturday. Dec. 16. at 2:30 p. m. McDflNNELL hi Dorchester. Lec 13tb Maria beloved wife of Patrick UcDoooelL rormerly of Roxbury. Funeral from her late "lnm Ta,l,ot av" BoreUwter. MtuSS Vt M?f m: ,,eum requiem high laasi t St Matthew's Church at 9 a. m. Ilelaiive and friends Invited. Ma2i5 IRb'y. D-e. 13. Robert, sgel lmin,-,'Hb,i,.OTed t'on of Jol Morris Be- sr r?Jtz inmed o clock. Helatives and Maodl MURKAY-Suddeoly. Decemlwr 14 DemiH Hignuiem1 2 V' Automobile cortege, ' 1 M O'BIIIEX-In East .roK ton. D,- 14 Marr .. Kunernl from reafcfiwee, -'21 Etereti t Saturday, at 8:15 a. m.' Solemn I , l ninU oVta?""i? 1at,1ChUr",0f ! Assumption cortege Ke,,Ulvos frien,Js invited. Motor O'CONXon-In Cambrtdf. Dec. 14. JoHrpft M. MofCd hllsuaiid of Rose Inee McNVIm and son .of Alice O'Connor (n.-e Had tlie late John J. Phmi'mI fmni his lnte residence 711 Etf!li st., ilec 17. at 12:3i. Servli-es st Church of Sacmi Haatt at l:.1'i p, as. Requi.-iu Utjrh mass Mnlav, Dec. 18. at . :3l a. m. Relatives and fri. udj iuvited to attend. , f .'. . : i U! . I v. nhntnhorlaln. IB C.arSeld av.. Me;:inr,l . CONNOR In Dorchester. Dee. H. Anne M.. ui iuc im.w AuouiHs i7 c minor, r uucru irom uer nte leaideoce, 1021 Honhoster av., on Saturday, Dee Ui. at 9:lTi a. ni. Solemn high mass at St. William's Church at 10 Friday, at 2 p. m. CKOWLEY-ln Everett. Dec. 14. Mary C. j O'Brien, widow of the late Jeremiah Crow- ! lev. Funeral from the resideuee of her daughter. Mrs. Richard Nlhan, 47 Chelsea St.. Saturday. Dec. 10. at 8 a. ni. High muss of requiem at the Immaculate Conception Church at 9 a. ni. Relatives and ffiei,ds in-tlteo. Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery. ) DEADV In South Boston. l"ec. i2.,n ... aged bi yrs.. hcioved lic-.swid of l'.rldi;t o'clock. O'CONNELL In Cambridge. Dec. 12. Maurice, son of an Andrew and Ellen O'Connell. Funeral from 4.10 Cambridce st. Saturday, Dec. 16, at 8:30 a. m. High iu9 of rt-qjiiem at Sacred Heart Church at 9 o'eWck, .vioior cortege. Deady (nee Connolly), residence 141 Bolton O DONXELL in Dorchester, Dec. 13. Janies st.. South Boston. Funeral frcm tn.e resl-, neioved liushnnd of Mllherge Traev O'Don-dtnee of his brother. James Deady 9 La-, D"- Funeral from his late home, 8 Strain-Jleld St., Dorchester. Dec. 10. at 8:15 a. n. " V"""8 road, off Wnsliingtou St., uear Coltiro- Solemn requiem high mass at .Jt. Vireer.i 's , D'a road. Dec. IG. at 9:1,1 a. m. Solema UNDERWOOD SHOWS HIS WILD GAME SNAPSHOTS William Lyman Underwood of Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave a delightful talk, illustrated with colored stereopticon views from his own snapshots, showing how much more enjoyable it is to shoot wild animals in the forest with a camera than with a gun, at the dinner last evening of the New England Street Railway Club at the Copley-Plaza. Mr Underwood, who has been snapshotting wild game for 40 years, showed many pictures of moose, deer, lynxes and game birds, made by flashlight at night in New Brunswick, within 15 or 30 feet of the subjects. A. E. Potter of Providence presided. Church at 0 a. m. Relatives ir.i frlen-M in vited. Automobile cortege. St. Johns' New - ; fcundland. papers please copy. DOLAN In Dorchester. Dee 13, Margaret (nee ' Lynch), beloved wlte of the late Thoraus j Dolan. Funeral from the esidence of her i daughter. Mrs Pctr Shea. fU Alexander St.. I Saturday, Dec. Hi. i:t 8:1S a. m. High mns ; of requiem at St. Paul s Church at 8 o cluck. Relatives and friends invRfl. FERGCSOX-In Waterville. N. Y., Dec. 13, Mary A. Ferguson. Funeral from the home of her brother, Patrick Ferguson. 37 Lin coln st.. Brighton. Mass., Saturday, at 8 a. ni. Solemn high mass at St. Anthony's Church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends cordially invited. rURLONOIn South Boston. Dec. 12, Joseuh T., husband of the Jate Agnes Furlong. Funeral from residence of lils daughter, Mrs. Plnero. 392 Eighth st.. Saturday. Dec. 10. at at 8:1,1. Requiem mass at Gate of Heaven Church at 9 a. m. Relatives and friends invited. GALLAGHER In Quincy, Dec. 13, Patrick M. A., beloved husband of Hannah A. Gallagher (nee Flynnt, formerly of Rockland. Funeral from his late residence, 74 Royal St., Wol-lastou, Saturday. :!t 8:80 a. in. Solemn iiich mass of requiem nt the Church of the Sacred Heart. Atlantic, at 9 o'clock. Relatives ind friends invited to attend. Interment In Holy Family Cemetery. Rqckland. ' GATES In Ashuiont, Dec. 14. at 44 Dracut t., Eliza M., widow of C. Otis Gates, Iu her i wu ;cai. ruurrni st-i ires lit All CltllUlS Church. Ashniont. Saturday. Dec. 16. at : p. m. Relatives and friends invited. sYOU KNOW ME, AL Extra: Darwin Leads in Debate With Bryan Words by Ring W. Lardner ARENA HOCKEY TONIGHT 8:15 MONTREAL NATIONALS vs. VICTORIAS Klustina: After tbe Game TOMORROW NIGHT B. A. A. vs. NATIONALS Public Skating Kunday Afternoon nml Evening FOR SALE Dress Suits & Tuxedos Slightly i;sed. In good condition. Any slue. Suitable for lodge work. Glee Club. Orchestras, etc. FAO A WHITE DKKSS t LOTH EN RKM1M. .. -iJ'.i-" 3T., BOSTON I VMISMEO tW6Y W0UL0 LT M6 60 IN "THE CA66 .ION r rvuiV tiiAaiT t v.,u, , r.,-' I wii wr" ' Win, uu. I TEMPT HIM TO YOU ASK BREAK The RULES r l II- IS 11 THAT'S A FUNNVj requiem mass nt si j- m,..-, til o'clwk. Relatives and frieuds InviUd. PARKS In Everett, Dec. 14, USS Mary K., wid,w ,f F. AVarren Parks, age "S yean. Services from residence. 179 Nichols Bra-da J. nt l:9ii p. ni. PKARSON In Ashuiont, Dec. IZ, Gertrude J., only daughter of Thomas 0. una Jnairt Pearsou, 3 years. Funeral from home. 5 Teuipleton st., Friday, Dec. !5. at 2 t at. Funeral private. 1'LUMMER In Medford. Dec. 14. Arthur C . beloved husband of Minnie A. iMnllInesuvi Pluiumer. Funeral services at his late residence. 31 Marstnn st.. Sunday. Dec. 17. A p. m. Reiiuiem mass at St. Josepk't Church Monday at 8 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited- KING In Cambridge. Dec. 14. William. Ik-loved son of the late John and Mary Klnf (nee Sweeney). Puoeral from his late hoax. 128V, Thorndike st., aturday. Dec. 16. 9 a. m. Requiem bigb mass at the Sacrr4 Heart Church at 9:45 a. m. Relatires '- friends respectfully Invited to attend. RCSSELL At I'phams Cornet. DM. 14, Blake, widow of lieorge F. Russell of Fitck-burg, Mass., in her 80th vear. Prayers the residence of her daughter. Mrs. Eraoie"' L. Dennett. 579 Columbia road. Pal Corner. Friday. Dec. 13. at 2 P. M. STORM-In Evrett, Dec. 14. Herbert B. Storm. 7 yrs. Il mm, 3 d. Funeral slices will be held at late residence, 121 CM St., Saturday. IK-c. It!, at 2 p. m. H"-tlves and friends Invited to atteud. St. Jo11-N. fl.. papers please copy.. WaLKER In Belmont. Dec. 14. Lydla Jo""' ston. wife of William H. WHlker. in !' 4."th rear. Funeral from her late residen.i'. 4" Willow st.. Belmont. Sunday, Dec, 17, 2:30. Relatives nnd rieods Invited. WALSH Dee. 13th. at St. Plliabeth's 8i pltal. Jolm K.. beloved husband of Aoa;' Walsh fnee Mailer). Funeral from hi 1;'J residence. 191 High St.. Walthan.. Satui.' niurnlns at 8:1,". SoUtuu high mass oi requiem at St. Charles' Church at 9. BurW at Calvary. PERE MARQUETTE COUNCIL 271, K. C. Special meeting will le held iu coaaod rooms, 64 N st.. South Boston. Friday. Dei'. at 8 i. m., to take actlou on tbe death brother Robert F. Aruold. Fraternally. A-V DREW J. G LEA SON. Q. K.; ARTUl'B J-OKEEFE. Recorder. Jtowera Tcleg-mpbed Promptly t" Mi Parts of t'nltod State and Canad 124 Tremont St. Beach 6900 CROSBY 10 AND 12 WARREN ST. UNDERTAKING SERVICE We are as near aa your telephone, an)-where, anv hour, day or nhsht. CALL ROXBURY 176 FSu dl5

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