The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on April 15, 1905 · 8
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 8

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1905
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V 8 THE BOSTON GLOBE SATURDAY. APRIL 1". 1905. 5000 6000 5000 There were over 5000 paid Want Ads in last Sunday's Globe Globe Wants are bringing better results than ever before TO TO TO TO BUY SELL HIRE RENT Anything, put your ads in Tomorrow's Globe. . Re sure. 1 ALL EARLY Daily filobe MARCH AVERAGES: 203,628 ANDOVER BEATS PRINCETON 3 T0 1 AcademyBoysOutclassTiprs In All Departments Of the Game, AMERICAN LEAGUE, Contlnaert from the First Capt Collins put up a splendid fielding fimf. while Parent got in two of the four hit made by the champions. Ten Boston men reached first base, six reached second, four reached third, and two managed to find the home plate. Fourteen Quakers camped on the first bise. 11 found their way to second, seven reached third, and three scored. The fielding was even up. outside of Collins' work. There was no nncl,n anions; the players, and the crowd was one of 'h most impartial I ever aw The Boston champions worked like Japs to rattle I the big chief In the ninth, the whole team were clo to the coaching lines and howling loud enough to drown the cheers of the blencherltes. The proper spirit was shown, but the goods were lacking. T -e Game in Detail. Burkett was first to face the big Indian, and missed twice while trying for hunts. Then he tent up a weak fly for Bender. Parent singled to center, and was milled trying for second on a fine throw by Powers 8tahl filed out to left. With two out for the home team Davis made first on a fumble bv .Uacliar.ce. tM. Uurphr. M Cr. Bender 2. I -eft on 1 .tea. Host!-; 7. PhlUrJelfhU 7 First h oo l..tla. off Yean i. off Header 4 Struck ont. O-'uagfilB' Altndince ikTl hall, rarrsu. 3k, Dicplra, the an me AXDOVER. April M Magnificent pitching, timely hitting, daring base-runnfnir and sensational fielding gave Andover academy a 3 to 1 victory over the Princeton varsity nine in the gam played this afternoon on Brothers field diamond. It was the opening game of the season for the academy boys and their work was a revelation to the students and followers of both teams. At the bat. In the bos, on the bases and in the field they outclassed the Xtgcrs. and had a little more Judgment neen shown In the first few Innlnars a much larger score would have been made. It was the fourth time this year that the Andover boys have played outdoors and Incidentally the team was not the strongest Capt Clough might have had. as some of his star players were bothered by conditions Daly was taken from the track team at the last moment to go in behind the bat. and some other positions were Ml. .1 by substitutes. Iannlgan. the second strinx- pitcher on last year's team, was put In the box and he made a brilliant reputation for himself by holding the Tigers down to four hits The batting of Andover was the feature of the game. For weeks the boys have worked In the gymnasium under the watchful eye of principal Steams, and today they met the ball In a determined manner. Their drives were sharp, well placed and productive Prof Freman and other. A bonfire on the old campus wound up the celebration. HARVARD NINE STARTS. First Game on the Trip is Scheduled with West Point for This Afternoon. Two hundred Harvard undergraduates Echoes of the Game. Pres Ban Johnson enjoyed from a box. Mayor Weaver opened the game by tossing a new white ball out to pitcher Bender. Henry Chadwlck. past his K2d year, ever 60 of It writing baseball, came over from Brooklyn to enjoy the sport. M Cross waa hit on the wrist with a pitched ball, breaking a small hone. whlcn will seep mm oui oi ine for some time. - , During the game Fred Parent presented with a toilet esse. Dan Murphy abd M. Powers also received flowers and small presents. Among the spectators was Lon Knight, looking well and prosperous. Mr Knight was fr years woll known In New Kng-land from his connection with the ljowell club. William Oahlll and John Innes. Boston royal rooters, did their best fur t:,. champions. It threatened rain during the game and came down In earnest about sun down NATIONAL LEAGUE, .nlliiurd from the First Pnse. Kid Gleason when that worthy waa a slab artist and the nerviest in the Kme In the seventh Inning, after McGnnn had singled and was caught stealing second. Young fanned the mighty San-dow Mertes and the tricky Bill Dahlen. Mike Donlln led In the batting and took a good position among the National league players with a percentage or .750. He cracked out a home run. a double and a single, all made off Wll-helm's pitching. The Giants tallied twice in the first Inning. Donlln opened with a double, and followed with a bunt, which he easily beat to first. McGann singled to right, scoring Donlln. 8harpe tried to head off Strang at third, but threw the ball over WoTverton's head to the grand stand. Strang scored on the play. st ..oris Fsrrell 2T 4 Sbanhoa If.. . 4 KB cf 4 Rrin m 4 Oratly lb f IunleTT rf. Hark 8b 3 Warner e S MrParlaod p S Clark 1 t : 1 1 8 33000 0 0 0 1 0 0 114 3 0 0 0 0 10 1 I 0 0 0 8 1 8 0 0 0 0 3 0 O 0 O 4 S 1 o O O O 1 I O O O O O O 7 4 i 37 is "I Retiring From fiH t" e IP A T e a mm a 7 3 1 O 1-4 I 0 0 1-1 blta. Me- Kllnr - Patted for MrFsrlsad Is ninth. Innings 1 3 3 4 3 3 CHraeo 0 0 4 0 0 0 j St Lawns 0 0 0 0 0 O ""wo-baae bit. Barry. -Three-ha a r-i.thv 2. rerrell. Sacrine talta. i Iiuuhle plsr. ImoleaTy and Warner. Stolen j bases. Malnner. Slarle. Tinker. Base on halla. crT Mr Fat laud 4. 4T 2. Struck osr. bv McFartand 8, t.y Lflnlren laeft oo bases, gl Loots 4. Cbicaso 4. Time lb 37as. Csaplre. Olray. Attends nee. 3BO0. QUAKERS WfIRST GAME. ngOitSA Donlin and Strang Bunt. In the third Donlln and Strang Introduced buntatton. Both laid the ball down in front of the plate and beat the throws. McCann sat rlficcd. Mertes laced the bill to center for two bases. aa - a . . ar- m-mm. ' KPOr I1H I IAn 1 1 am .1 Ul.. a aat Uan.L.a1 Pr.a John I. isyior s.iw t.rorgo win- I., , "7, "" '"" I . ... . . . a a, . . COIltlfC.I flfi I I', hlr.n a at nnlA now VI , .Ir.r. ter liner me anine una ui ins name I o i " . ..- "" - a contract. i ms picusarc me nine pitcher very much. Pres Taylor left for heme this even- "res Ban Johnson will witness the Thru St.ihl pullc, down a long fly from game tomorrow and then an to Wash-Lave Cross. Ttigton for a game there. He will be in In the second Collins led off with a single and got another base a Hoffman let the hall go past him. Freeman filed out to short, when ho should hnve advanced his man. and a run was lost, lasohonce drew a Mas. Ferris went out on 'ong fly to left. Farrell hit to frosa and Jollliis was caught on his way to third. Seybold hit over Stahl's head for two I bases, and scored as a merry sacrifice i Bt-.iiri.1-r went wnltzing throuarn big ! George's legs. M. Cross was hit on the -rUl kr : t.ifeheH luall but not allowed cneere.i me ii.iii.iim i.iseu.ui i.-uin j ra- t take Itrst by umpire n iiugnun. ne terday afternoon, when It started on Hal then singled and srble second, but was New York nnd Boston for the opening. Capt Collins has cut three players off the traveling list. Tonight tickets for Boston were handed to pitchers O'Brien. Session and Olmslead. As law Crlgcr will rest for some time, he went to Boston wtth the youngsters, and all will report dally at the Huntington-av grounds. Capt Collins will carry 18 men to Washington. This does not Include Grlni.haw. T. II. Muroane. The largest of any two-cent paper published in the United States. . . . Sunday 3 1 3,699 By far the largest of any Sunday newspaper published in Boston or New Eng and Doyle is Kit Freely. Princeton sent Doyle to the slab to mow down the academy boys, but he was touched up for eight hits which were hunched prettily. In every Inning with the exception of the seventh. Andover got at least one man on base and three times the side was retired leaving two runners on the bases. The solitary run credited to the Tigers was practically a gift, as Keid was caught dead to rights between third and home by tainnigan. but on the tatter's throw to Daly the ball bounded from his glove and Reid scored. I inueiMI made a game effort to take lead in the seventh inning when the BQ3KS OPEN TO ALL. College and School Gamea Today. COIXKCE -Harvard as West lolat at West Foist. Tale ts f'ot imhia at New llasea. Princeton u Brown at l'i.-i v V. of P. ta Lettish at ItlladelpMa. Trinity Holy (Teas at Worcester. Williams I'uieu at Wltlianutuwa. Amherst ra trtlllaton st Amberat. Tufts ra Dean a.adrmr st franklin. TJalaeraltr uf North I'arulUaa vs Anaapnlla at Annaplts. Oenrreteva a Syiseasa nl Waabington. Lafayette r, Hnts-rs at Kaatua. Cornell as UIbImi niton at Itasca. Eaeter as t'xeter . ii;-;-t. at Kseter. ! If. CBOOL. rngllak blsb as kalkni A Uoblgaad at OduntHa-av grnanda. Bricbtoo hlgb Kittdce manual at Brtrn'ea. MalUrn btgb a llrue Park blgb at Hyde raik. hlsb .stenebam hlsb t Medford. hlsb at Latin ta s,xuerstll Melmse MA Ta Wlnmest r bUh nt M WnkrSeld blgb ts Cambridge blgb at Wake-eld. Doer beater high ts Eaerett klgh at Der- Roxtmry Latin vs Uiddleaex aehosl at Cos Mlltoa seademy as Milton blgb at Mlltoa. Mien high ts Better hleb at Kerere. t'oaeord blgb vs Ajer blgb at t'oeeord. Xearb.irjport blgb a Mrrrlmse blgb at New- ra rnsilagrjam col ts East Proftdence Wnt torn high We at Bsatk Nortb Attlebar Ugh klgb at Nortb Attleboro. Anbaradabr as Rnrk BMae Hall at Welles ley. HUbUml aaUltary of WoreaaSse vs .Nortb-W.ds Mg at WWttasTille. Hrtdgewstrr blgb ts Alpha A. C. at Bridge-Water. , R. ekUBd klgh ti nasorer blgb at Rockland. UalieweU blgb ts Ganttner blgh at Uar-alarr. Me. rthldard seminary a Northfteld high at Starr. Vt. u wm- New York Brokers vs Boston Brokers NEW YORK. April 14 The annual game of bosobaJl between Boston and New York stork exchanges wiU be held In New Tork. May IX on the grounds of the American league club. I Doyle got first on a single and second Inn Held s out at first. McLeean. the I third man up. connected with a . all to I his liking and as It sailed to left field Itnyie started for the plate. Payette, the Andover Helder. took the ball on the bound. The throw to Daly was perfect, and as Doyle put bis foot out to touch the plate the Andover k-str.p touched him out and practically robbed Princeton of the game. Payette's great throw encouraged his teammates and In the next Inning thev hammered loyte unmercifully and scored two runs, which, as It proved, were enough to win. The teams eliminated the foul strike rule. but. notwithstanding this, the contest proved exceptionally fast and Interesting. Andover waa In a bad hole In the fourth inning, but Payette got under another long drive for the third out. leaving three Princeton men on bases. Throughout the entire nine Innings Andover was given every sort of encouragement by a loyal band of cheering students, led by Capt Hnbbs of the football team. The good plays of the losers were not overlooked, and the best of feeling pre-alied. I-ast year Iainntgan figured In the box aaralnst the Tigers and lost by a smnll score. Today he had ample revenge and he seemed to enjoy his work of dropping the Tigers by the wayside. Stars of the Game. Capt Clough put up a splendid exhibition st first base, and Riley gathered In everything coming his way at second. Murphy In center field got In the way of two vicious drives. Williams fielded his position well at third, and shared the batting honors witn Payette, each being credited with two singles, Daly worked well behind the bat, Mclean. Forsytbe, Bard and Doyle were each credited with a hit. but the P f aaflKaSW !m JaflHsaaasF 3 X aBaaaaT j jtSjSSalaa tS' -'.-i i4 . ' CHARLES CLAYTON CIICGH. Captain of the Phillips Andover Baseball Tram. p.nminl southern trip. The first game will be played this afternoon with West Point on the hitter's diamond. The batting order of the two teams will be as follows: liARVAUD WFST PUIXT il.. rt cf Manton leauirtl 31. If Rockwell Rat.-lall h jh Uarlnrr Malhears ss 3h Grainger M I' e c Darla .srboenfu cf ss lrltebtt Keinan If lb Vagn.-r '.ts.m p rf Hanson K. initio 2I p Beavers Man.-iger Thornton is endeavoring to arrange two games to till the dates with Annapoll. and Trinity college of North Carolina, which hav. been canceled. TUFTS VS DEAN TODAY. CHESBRO ON THE SLAB. Through Hla Good Work New York ; Wins Its Game from Washington, 4 to 2. WASHINGTON. April 14-The American league season In Washington hna an auspicious opening, notwithstanding that rain fell for two hours from 11 to i and It cleared cold. A crowd of more than 9009 filled tn stands, the largest paid attendance a Washington team has had in several y :irs. Cheshro and Pntten were In excellent form, but the New Yorker had the benefit of a strong learn behind him. while there was considerable nervousness among the Nationals. Three of the hits made off Cheshro were scratches, but had not Mullen thrown wild In the first inning New York would not have secured three runs on as many hits In that round. Hill played a sensational game at third, gathering up short bunts, ann Jfhes caught a long fly with one nana while on n sprint to the fence. Williams' home-run hit Inside tne grounds was the hotting feature, while Chase planted a double to the score beards. New York scored three runs in the first on a wild throw by Mullen, a single by Keeler. Klberfeld's sacrifice and Williams' home run. Another tally was chalked up in tne sixth on n base on balls to Klberfeiu. and errors by Cassldy and Klttredge. A base on bills, a single nnd force play scored a run for Washington in the fifth. Klberfeld's wild throw and two single-scored another in the last round. The tn -ore: R BH TB PO I 3 2 1 1 1 I O O 1 1 4 0 3 3 fl 1 I 0 I 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 rlllert led off with a crack over second In the fourth. Bresnahan bunted. T.-nney made a flue pickup and whlppel the bnll to "Batty." who covered second. In his anxiety to complete a dotibie Play "Batty" dropped the ball. McOln-nlty also hit to Tenny'e territory and Hresnahnn was forced at second. Then Donlln broke up the game with a crack to left center, scoring Gilbert and Mc-tJInnliy. By running, aided by slow fielding. Donlln made the circuit on tne hit. With Young In the box Gil'jert beat out an Inileld hit In the flxth. He tallied on Mctllnnity's smash Into U;c crowd In right Held, which went as a three Linger under Ibe ground rules. Wllhelm singled in Boston's third in-nlr.g. Canned hit to Mcfilnnlty. who theftaj. Inni f . . . ...I a.a.,4 1 .1. ... ...... . WW awaa 7..-,, HIIU l-MtU lltlltirin . Tern safe M.rL.a w.kmA a Una, runnier. I - I rl fhTf f lk a. "fa a. .. I a- II a i I.Ht'T MrOann disposed of "I'aitv. After that not another one of the visitors reached first base until Lauterborn singled In the eighth. He got to second on Needham's out. Devlin to M Gann. Cy Young singled over second and l.suterborn scored Boston's only run. The score: R 3 Brooklyn Team is Beaten on the Home Grounds by a Score of 12 to S. BROOKLYN. April 14-The Philadelphia National league team opened the season at Washington park. Brooklyn, todnv. and beat the locals by a score of 12 to 8. The game throughout was fast Wo fltp and snappy, but the visitors were more lively around the bases and hunched: their hits to good advantage. The score: rilll.A in Tl. Bias ef 4 Gl.-as.-a 2b 4 ro.rtner 3b 4 3D I lee If 4 Titos rf 4 of $250,000 Worth CLOTHING Shoes, Hats and Furnish np at 60c Going Out of Business Itrai-'OrM Ih.. ix-lln as I-ooia e Pitlenger p Totals PHOiiK..TX SI.eekard If baSSsag rf,.... Bat h Sb.... .. lw. ita 2 ...... IV.hha ef Lear la s a ft a 5 a .3S a 8 . 3 a a 5 a 4 4 lb.. 4 anl G.lbert and V' i Intlre p g NEW ViiKK Is.ntln ef Strang rf M ilann ll Merle. If Ushteu as Iterlln 3t UlSert 2b Iin-anshan e. . . it.u i t v p. .. AV. .. 4 .. 4 nil a .. 4 .. 4 4 a. 4 .. 3 .. 4 1 O 3 tb ro T 1 2 4 1 13 S l l a i l i o 4 a a i i E 0 o o o o 1 Totals.. Innings. . f'Mls4el.hla Ur.oklTB ... Two-base hits. hse bit. fr-ccus B BH TB PO A 3 3 a n o o 2 2 3 ft ft 1 3 110 3 0 I 1 1 1 0 0 1113 0 0 1 2 3 11 I 0 0 0 0 2 3 0 1 1 1 4 1 O 0 O O 1 3 O 12 11 13 27 15 1 1112 0 1 a o o s o o S 3 3 2 o o 1 4 S O 3 0 O O O 5 O O O O O 1 1 O 0 2 2 11 0 O 0 O O 4 1 O 0 1 1 O 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 "5 io 12 27 5 1 2S49S7Sn o O O O 2 O 412 03010003 8 Because IS month that nor atore la too far from tlar traaWaaaaa Not being able to set a suitable mtn riealraLie loeatlnn. me barr a- '. i-J ta ma mm eor entire stock and quit. Thi tlraa aZ tbe market a quarter ni.:!''.n 4 ,.ltT -rikaf blrb jrade sonda at MtnUnf i1cra twl -7 frrds tbe trreatest niotier aTlnc ip iiaaii erer presented to tbe people, er.iuisa tbna to atock up witb spick aiaa o-r jeJ ah lea at prices lower than Srat roatef ira. do. t lon. Raster Is sear and i 1 1 j aai waaaa to ronw oet with sosetblnc rear oa SO eiinoa : ttii. areai eiaaing oat sale tl at a moat opportune time; It la being by thon-uinda. wljo aie comlnit frr-ii fu to set tbelr aba re of tbe matebbn iaaIUK Uiaii.UU.rq UHKT IT Baafea S rour ehaner for rettl: e the t,ltx, rrm erer reeelTed tn- wait Id tan take time by the f orek k sad nana at aaaa sblls assortments are ret eaaajarta. 1 1 Gl'aaen. BraeM. Three-Haerlflee hit, lileaaon. Mr- laUhtM. Ilrana- A few quotations will give a allgjrt Idea of how the go is are going: i, and $12 Suits and Top Coats are going at S5.75. $13 50 Suits aai Top Coats are now S6.75. $14 and $15 Suits. Top Coats and Rain Coats are now $7.75. $16.50 and Totals 33 BOSTON ranneli .-f 4 Tenner b 4 At-ltatleclile as. .. 2 Wolrrrton 3b 4 Harris? If 4 Sbarp rf 3 l. it. r'- n- r 3 10 14 21 27 13 Nrecitam e. Wllh-lm p. Yoaag p .. a s 1 o 0 0 o 1 o o o 0 o o o 1 o 1 1 o o 0 o II 1 I I a a o a 1 2 o o 3 1 0 o 1 4 a 3 Gee. Plttlacer. Stolen baser. Bat -h. 8T7C. ,nnn,rr.. $8 Sult-Topcoats and U:u rota Intlre 3 In four it.nlnn. Ift 00 basei. Brook- , CUt down to 59.75. $20 Slid Sjj irn .. miiaaeint.ia a. ttse-i on imii. Melntlre 8. off Plltenrer S. lilt by pitcb-d hall tT Ion-. St mi out. l-T Jones. M -L.tlre 2. by Pitteecer 3 Wild pitch. Plt-tener. Time lh 5Sm. Cm til re. llaiutrlne. AttiDdanee. lO.OOT.. Suits, Top Coats and Rain Coals eat b, I down to $11.75. NEW TORK AB l.utberty If 4 KekWr rf 8 t- ltwrfeld as 8 Williams 2b 4 Anderson ef 4 nrof 8b i 1'b.iae b 4 Kleinow e 8 t'heabro p 8 ilal 31 JUIN'OTON W A Jcae rf 4 O ii'ii 3t a o e a hi lb. . 4 I Hnelamnn f 4 O raasldy e 4 M-iMen 2h 4 0 'a'iilsr rf a 1 KTMrl.lpe e 4 0 Psttefl p 8 0 Totals 88 1 Innlna I S New Y.r 3 O V, i. Mutton O o Knrned rnna. Oiaae. Home K-eler. Kllerfeld. Stahl In t'aaaldy: I 0 8 12 27 13 A o o 4 O 1 S a 2 2 O 0 2 T T 0 o A 0 O 1 1 2 f) 1 3 0 New Tork 3. run. n llllsms. K". mow. I.lberf.l 1 O O o o I 1 J y i "i .-. o t 12 2 1 1 27 S 7 1 0 o a i 3 0 Two-baae hit. Saeriae blta. IKMl.le playa. to Williams to t'tiaae. First haae mi halla. eg ratten, og t beahm 2. Struck ent. by Patten 3. by 7. IWt oo haes. Wasblaiton 3. New Tork 3. Time lb 33m. I'mplre. Coonully. At tendance. P1 waa nailed bv r trrell when he d to purloin second. oThVVwent down easily: Reid ac. -epted Medford Team Will Lose Simon. Its and a Wr ,n n"D 'ne dotibll plav unaried'. Mci'an it Star Third Oaseman. and be Badly ; rST.h". "ZX Weakened. Mff.fWh. MEDFORD. April It-Tuft. had LSlTtSl Jnd 1. tS two days of practlc since the southrrn ' got I y the "!iike." A s.icnnce put the trip and will go down to Franklin t"- ! ol (,'"0 on third. Knight wss ihnw-i LH-an nc.iileni,- Tlie : "51 V '"".:"" ' 'rein weiu om nun left, as Young made a brilliant assist off Powers, and llartsel waa cleverly thrown out by Collins. I '.!. in went out In order in the third. Cy Young leading with a strike-out. Hoi; man. the rirst man up for the Athletics, slipped one off to left for a rlngle, and went to second on a sau-n-fn-e bv Pivls. Ive Cross lined one out to Stuhl. and Tolllns made a pretty assist lo first on Sevhold's fnst grounder. With otie down In the fourth. Collins (1 1 W n Hi aai nna at t a. I a. ..avinrf nnlaa S I ... . . a a I U 1 ' ' - --v.-... .. , mn on tne local Amencan wavn p. it r la,. I.Vncc fly oPu to center. grounds today, but despite the chilling Mahcrly p With ana .town. Knight, a young I north winds a fair-sized crowd watched local player, who had taken the nlace I to the enA the rain itl.mnl of the ' ? rA et". .t xhv trrr,"tif".. h!'- to " '"'t'1 h"1" . to corral.- A fnst throw bv Karr. ll well I , . , ... handled bv Kerr;s. flve.l Ki.iarbt as he i from the 8t Louis Browns. McAleer s tiled for sc-ond. P"eri .-Jiiiltd an 1 1 rejuvenated team won by the score of to 1. HOWELL'S FINE WORK. St Louis Browns Defeat Comiskey's White fox by a Score of 2 to 1 in Opering Game. CHICAGO. April 14-Coid weather marred the opening of the baseball sca- T.itats 30 I 8 8 24 13 3 lanlnira 1 23458788 New York 3 O 3 3 O 2 0 0 10 Boston 0 0 0 0 0 p 0 1 0-1 Two-lxae hits, Donlln. Martrs. Three-base hit. Mrtllnnlty. Home run. Imhlen. SserlAe,-blta. MeOann, Brmuahan. M. Ulnnlty. Stolen hae. le-rhn Pita. ..IT Wllhelm. IO la 4 bint:.-. IT loon. 4 In 4 Innings. I ft on l-a-ev s. Tork a. Beaton 3. Plrat - oo i ball. H nff Wllhelm. t-'lrst laas on errors. New York. Hit l.y pit. bed ball, by j M- OninlM Slrock oat. by Milnulty, by l.-inc -. wild pit.-b. louiic I line ih m I'mplre. JokBStutie and Kinalle. AltrnUance 40.0UU BIG CROWDATCINCINNAT. Harper Weakens in the Sixth Inning. and Pittsburg Cinches the Game with Six Runs. CINCINNATI. April 14-Nearly every one of the 15.000 raid who saw the Reds go down to defeat In the Inaugural clash with Pittsburg this afternoon put the onUH of Cincinnati'. downfall on manager Kelley. lie sent Harper to the slab for more gruel after be had shown signs of weakening Two pnsses in thv ' six ih and a cluster of Ave hit-, with a tittle dumb work by Dolan and Hug-i gins, placed six runs to Pittsburg's ; credit, and they, with the pair netted earlier In two walks and two hits, enabled the Pf rates to loop In. I All of Cincinnati's runs were hammered In by Corcoran, whose triple to right was the best drive of the after-n.M.n. The crowd was the greatest ever In I attendance at a Cincinnati opening. Mayor Fleischmann made a brief ad-dress before umpire Klem started them orr. There were half a dozen big parties of rooters with bands and two doaen i fans from Pittsburg were led bv Ex-Mayor Andrew Pulton of the Smoky j city. The run off Chech was made on a I bmce of lungles and a steal of Clancy's. The score: AB B Bit Tn PO 3 13 3 3 1 o u I o o HE IS A BOSTON BOY. m Frank H. Kennedy, Captain of the Massachusetts Agricultural College Nine. AMHERST. April 14 Frank H. Kennedy, tha captain of the Massachusetts aarrtcjltural college l.arcball team. Is a ; member of the junior class. He ore- pared for college at the English high I PITTSIltllO firmer rf .... Clarke If BeaarooBt cf . Wncner SS .... Clancy lb .... Leaeb 3b KllclHy 2b ... 0 1 o o X 8 1 o 1 2 1 X 16 O 1 1 O A O U 1 s o 1 PHELAN and STEPTOE Easter Hats T Celebrated 'Stetsot' $4 T Popular "Gujtr $3 P. 4 S. Special Dertf $3 Our "HKtaT DtrfcT $2 Easter Gloves (all auks).! te (2 S pcdai! SiL: Hits. $5 Jfgf See Our Mmahmttma Shirts for Spring I90S. 42 Boylston St. I Kelt to Hotel Tonralae. Open Keening a; . 1 I .,. . a .. . . ...... I ..... . . IUIIU .111.1 WW W-Mww F-.... .1-1 a.,,, i, , - a . a . . . a , . . , f strng crime in ine neiu. ana nam mu creditable work at flmt. Reid started the fun for Princeton bv getting his base on balls, and traveling to third on Mclaean's out at first. Wells hit to l.Annlgnn. and Reid was caught between the third nnd the plate. Un-nlgan t.issed the bnll to Daly, who al lowed It ta get away, and Princeton scored Its only run. Andc.ver was shut out tn the first three Innlnss. The Tigers began to shake things up in the fourth Inning, and And .vers prospects did not look very bright. iwney refused to iouge a si-.w curve. and walked to first. FOrsytne tnicx out. and Helm fotiie-1 to Only. Big Bard slashed a fast one to left ce-i. r for two ha?es. and Capt Winter walked. Tbe bases were filled, but P.iveite handled Doyle's fly for tbe third out. and Andover saved. The winners tied the score In their half of the fourth. After Murrhv had died at first Williams, Payette and FeKs singled In succession and Williams tal lied. Cushman tried to bring in mo-e runs, but W ens made a magnificent atop of his grounder and got him at first. Tne etgntn inning muno Andover con fident of Victory. Murphy faced Doyl and a long single to center took him to first. Williams followed with a hit to left field and when Payette drove the ball to right Murphy completed the circuit, giving Andover the lead. Fells made a low drive to center which Helm failed to hold and the bases were filled again. Daly now made amends for hla early error with a long fly to deep right and Williams came home, and the game waa won. as rnnceton went down In order In the ninth, and the Andover celebration began with a grand ovation to the team, which culminated In rush ing the heroes off the field on the shoulders or the students. The score: ANDOVRR I FaUaNCRTON M 8 L n pal guar 2... I X 3 O BM as o 4 2 o S MeiafOO Sh . 1 1 so morrow to piny. Dean academy. The ! team Is In a very disordered condition I lust iow. Simon, the star third la nulla, lalli. e . lit lil.e.l lb.. I. mi lalaat l'a. baSe. aai .anil w. ine itrsi man up ror tne les In the seventh and lacd the left field to pull down n fly from Powers. i n mi iwu unwn in it.e seventn. r ree- mnn wis pa.-scd. but never bfi tir-t will probably not play nny aiore. ft aiiT,"? . ... . . ., a . e"!'" 3, O.a iai-1 a-a aa . II e al'.'.l tVlll ami his work there will require must of his from now on. This loss places the team In a very bud way. for tlu-re is no one avail iMc for third ba te who Is nearly aa aa Simon. Donovan will play there tomorrow, but It does hot seem to lie the best policy to play a pitcher in the lufleld. and this is only an arra.igcnicnt i-r in-- iii- rcenc y. ur taTaiinnt thi hta-H ..--..., in rlcht flebl for two bases. lit- stol.. Jliilrd as F.irrvll threw to Parent, trying l to get the red man a!cen off second. Hansel was fanned Hoffman raised a ' alngl-s by T fly to short left on foul ground. Ilurkett i end Howell c.iiiKht the hall and then threw five ' yards wide of the plate. This run proved to be the winner. ftoston went out In order In th eighth. Will, ., . a t.. .. . . . i ... a As a result of the tryi n-.t ..n tne .,, .,rnd Knici,. ,C ZSS "..P S southern trip. Coburn. win play. nrst - . . . " n: . " t.Zt base, was replaced by Riley, who Wr.s KOMOn WCnt ,n for hcr U,t telng Iried out behind the bat. and Sullivan w is put in regularly as catcher. n..a.. , - This sa ems to be a strunser arr.inji "Oiton a Lost Cr.ance. Parent hit to right for two bnses. Stahl put up n weak flv for I.. Cross It was Harry Howell's great pitching that downed Comiskey's men. "Danny" Greer, was the only local player to get a safe hit. Green was credited with two. but one was of a doub ful character. Rut for a wild throw by Tom Jones In the fourth Inning it would have ben an easy matter for Howell to have blanket the Sox. St Loukt Is vastly Improved since seen here last. The deadwood material which kept the team back In the race has been dlsnl.ieed bv new blood and the lively youngsters put much ginger : tuit aaa.v ...v WW tjt lf iCC 1 1 T ' V Tl " WSHICS pitching phenomenal ball. Howell accepted Io fielding chances and drove out the lase hit that won the game. The Drowns hit Smith hard In two Innings, but scored only In the fifth. Jones. Padden. Olenson With Suciien's sacrifice t nine two runs. A sensational throw from deep left Held by "Ducky" Holmes taught a man at the plate In the sixth when he was trying to score from sec- Totals ClNlTNNATI IIoskId 2b ... IMan lb Set moor cf ... Sehrlns rf ..... OawaM if ' 3b . Corcoran ss .. Schlel e Harper p l.'bei-b p -. .3)3 9 12 12 27 IS 1 4 4 8 4 8 4 4 o o 1 2 I o o 0 o o o o 1 0 1 8 0 0 0 o 0 0 1 0 1 8 o 0 3 11 0 8 8 4 0 0 a i o o o 8 1 1 0 O I ii I o o 1 o o -3 I t I n I aHaaaaW PwB SLAUGHTER OF Boys' Easter Gioihing Boys' blue or tweed $2.50 Sailor 1 Suits 98?. Boys' $3.5o Norfoik : Blouse Suits. 6 to U year. All-wool $4.00 Sailor, Buster or Double-Breasted Suits oaly S 1 .95. Buster Brown $5.00 Strita In navy, royal, brown or garnet colors, 3 to 10 yeers. now 2.95. All wool- a.oo covert lop txatr. agrs 3 to 10. $1.95. 50c. CoetJuroy Knee Pants 23c. qoo M-l Wla- I ter Overcoats to close out at any price. SHOES-SHOES 500 cases Men's $3.00 and $3.50 Shoes must be closed out at once, choice. $1.98. Thousands of other bargains in every department Salt open until 9 at night; Saturdays, 10:30. PRANK H. KENNEDY. Captain of Massachusetts Agricultural College Bate ball Team. school in Boston, that city being his home. YVhi; in the high school t- was a memix-r of the baseball team and pitched for two years. This is his third year on the team at the colloge. and ue had pitcnod successfully for the two past years. 5 6 7 2 6 0 OO0 Stolen 13 2 S o 1 a 0 04 laae. Totals 88 4 S Innlnss 1 2 3 Plttabnrg O 0 0 Cincinnati 0 2 0 Tbivc-bae bit. Corcoran i I t mer. I larke. Clancy. lamMe plays. Cor- . . ran to Polan to St inf. Wagner la i Claw y. Base on balla. off Harper 4. off 'u.-b. -ff Hanerty. Snerilt-e bits. Stein- ints. Struck out. I.jr lln-ner 2. I.T niech. kg Flaherty. Illta. off Harper 0 in als Innings, off IHeeb .1 in three Innlnc.. I'aoard laalla. Pelts 2. Tltne Ik Ua. I ai-plre. Klem. Attendane IS.lia Clougl, lh. . 1 10 Mnrnby rt.. I I WltSasw Sb. 2 8 Payette If . . 8 8 Fells rf 1 8 Daly e 0 8 CViatucao as. o 0 O 1 O Well. 2t Totals... 887 "oon.-T r P.-rarttt If Helm ef.... Hani lb.... Wlater rf... Dujtle p O 8 0 8 1 1 0 2 1 8 0 8 1 0 l-rloeton hit. Street eat. hit. assisted, tilt par., cUrksaa. 8 8' Totals. . 4 24 10 8 1 8S4Se7S0 o o i o a a 8 a i o o o o o o o o -I by Williams 2. Murpky. RelrL Bard Stolen base. iToegn. 3. off loie 3. br Ik ,V 2. Iloahle Dlar. It. id m. t.T niched ball. Tonerr. Cm- Tlime Ih 40aa. James K O'Connell. by L Kllry ANDOVER CELEBRATES. Victory Over Princeton on the Diamond Proclaimed by the Ringing of the Academy Bell. ANDOVER. April 14-Phillips An lover's victory over Princeton was first proclaimed to the town by the ringing of the academy bell and soon after the students opened up with volley after volley from revolvers and guns. This evening the students marched to the houses of ihe members of the fac ulty and listened to congratulatory iron principal Stearns num. Kiley la green and very lignt but has u x-mhI reach, and promises t develop into a good first bas man. Me played last year for. Attleboro hlgn school. Suitor looks like a find In the field. He was tried nrst at first base, nut proved too slow. His good batnt earned him a .position on the team, however, and he is covering right neui wtth credit. McCarthy Is playing at his last year's position In center ileid and is batting nnd fie I. ling much better than uist spring. One of the pitchers Is being played regularly In leit HriU. either IukitiaKn or lK-novrtn. Capt Lamb Is keeping bis position at sa ond has,- and Rooer still covers short Watson will pitch In tomorrow s , calling st Lnris Sloor If tanXantef . EfKM .... Wallace aa . T Jones lb . Stii.len e I'aililen 2h . . t;innn 3h .. Itatla aa .... Ifc nohne lb . MrKarland r Tann. hill 3b nnndon 2b . . LOWELL. Representative William H. I. Hayes has Introduced an amendment to the bill changing the method of appointing Lowell overseers of the poor. It provides that the ambulance service shall " .- fwaiav -a.a aaaa. .a. ( a , a . of Lowell. The bill Is likely to be con- ni-'".7f sidered in the house nest week. ! If Tbe hoard of aldermen yesterday aft- DsH lb . ernoon did not consider the mayor's f. OMsa 3h veto of the redist rlcting act. !r-rlVdIr . II... II .. rnm... .v. . . I c . mwrntmrnm ... iiinian oui y iientier nn-l It looked to he all over. Freeman was I Totals . passed to first. Then big Oeorge lined sfflStP0 one against the screen over the right I p Jones ef ' ' . in. -ii ui Ko".l lor two Daaea, ureo rt scoring Tarent. Ferris drew a pass and Seibach came to bat for Farrell and also worked a pass, forcing In Freeman. With the bases s.lll full fnglaub came to bat for Young. It was a case of three balla and two strikes and the H.. .ton man working every point. Bender shot a curve six Inches wide of it.e ptate. out u laougnnn savci i,i. it a strike and the game w.ii om t The crowd were or. their feet during ! the whole of the last Inning and looked very mucn reiieveu wnen the umpire pulled off his mask and walked from - the plate, showing that he had called the Boston man out and the game was i over. It was playing until the last man was out with a vengeanct. The score: AB 4 a. 8 .. 8 Smith p 8 Tot a la .. Innings ... long single. The score: B BH TB PO A E 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 O 1 0 O O 3 8 1 O 0 0 11110 1 1 1 14 3 2 0 0 0 6 2 0 1 1 .1 1 4 0 0 11110 0 113 8 0 8 7 f 27 ' 88 "i 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 O O 2 0 0 ' 0 2 3 8 0 0! 0 0 0 3 3 11 0 0 0 6 8 0 O 0 0 6 3 0 0 0 2 3 0 0 0 8 0 O a o o s 3 o 7 2 3 87 14 T i8348878 SELEE'S CUBS WIN. YALE BEATEN IN RELAY. Columbia Swimmers Win 1000-Feet Race by Big Margin New Yorkers Also Take Water Polo Game. NEW YORK. April 14 At the Columbia university aquatic carnival in the Columbia gymnasium pool tonight. Columbia easily defeated Yale in the 1000-feet relay race. Trubenbach led In the final relay by more tlian 3 feet. The intercollegiate championship water polo game was also won by Columbia, tbe score being one goal to none. Tbe sum mitry: f.ot r..M Hon by C. II. M Klnla mrjaaaat R. 11 lli-nue 0 0 0 o n t Alt a. a a. 4 a. 4 .. 4 4 R Illl O 0 Chairman Dum-an directed yesterday ' BBH 3 ? that m-h-ols should be closed on Thurs- J?J,jJT S day. There was a vacation Widneeday J; " ' "l 7 2 and Friday, and the chairman added i."T!, f another day. ,uo,,-r 9 J 0 o o 1 o o o 0 8 Til 0 PO 3 3 in a o 3 I O 8 1 Jam-- Knock sustained amputation of one Anger yesterday, aa the result of his hand being caught In carding machlneiy In Beaver Itrook mill. Mayor Casey will In- the guest with Mai Charles a. Stmt aint Hun A. Marden of the builders' exchange Thursday evening. Jam.-- Iletu of laavaloy til wa.a re ported to the board of health yesterday as suffering wtth spotted fetu-r. Mis) Sot. hi- M'.rin sustained a frac ture of the lea; by falling In the Hamil ton mill yesterday afternoon. Totals nnsTos Burkett If . IVrrnt SB .. S'ahlrt .. . Oeorge i;..lllna.1h .. l a aaSSM lb r.-rrla 2b . . r'arrell e ... Y una; p ... Sellark ... I'aglaub . 8 10 18 37 King Edward to Viait Algiers. ALGIERS, April 14-The prefect or this city has been formally notified that King Edward will visit Algl s ami he 0 1 0 o I o o 0 o o 3 1 1 0 o 0 6 8 o 1 a o O 0 O O o 1 8 3 I o 18 I 8 o o 0 A f " f 3 0 o 1 1 1 4 1 I t 4 a 4 a a 0 s o a Ckl-age 0 !aft on bases. Cbl.-ago X St I ..nib nee nits. stHa-nen. T Jones. Kt.-len basea. r jour., l anoen. utiaoon. Mrurk a. or iionru a naai-a . n halla ..IT .n uk -i off lb .well 1. W1M pitch. Smith. Tlma lh Ltrplre. Sheridan. Atlen.lance SUM. St Louis Cardinals Make Only Ons Safe Hit Off Lundgren in Eight Innings. ST LOI'IB. April 14 A raw. wlndv. chilly day kept the crowd down at the opening game of the National league season In 8t Louis, only 3o eager tans being out to see the Cardinals roundly trounced by the Chicago Cubs. 6 to L McFarland was never efficacious and catcher Warner's dumb plays in th? third inning put the locals In such a bod hole that they were never able to rehabilitate themselves. I'p to this Inning the game was good enough, neither side-having scored, and the teams playing with machine-like accuracy. But In this fatal period, with one out and Evers on second. Warner dropped Lundgren's third strike and then ran Into the middle of the diamond holding the ball while the batter ran to first. Warner still had a chance to catch Evers. who was playing off second, but after holding the ball till Evere was nearly to third. Warner threw it low and the runner was safe. Casey, the next batter up. waa out to ; Grady at first who threw low to the plate and Evers scored. Malonev bunted struck ont. by smith one In front of the plate and Warner threw wild to Orndy. Lundgren counting. Barry's double scored Casey and Maloney. Warner partly redeemed himself by throwing Barry out at second, catching the latter playing off too wide. The third out was made by McCarthy, who tapped to McFarland. These four runs were enough to win on. as the O- 3 A. O. Siiyuam Of. acei.uil, third. Time 4t 4-3m. lutercolleslate teiay, distance ltXO feet, Yale vs ColiunMa Woe br Columbia W. patnaiu, Z. 1. Halpin, ti. Kres. K. C. Brown. C. D. rrntutiachi. Yale III. It. Melfs. U. Clark. U. P. Cook. C. T. .v ai. s. 1. Johnston! t-c-onJ. ruiutiihu't time 3m 34 2-5s; Yale'a time 3m 44a. t-.xblbltion plunge for distance G. P. Cook lYale). dlataiiee left Sin. Eiblbltion uf "crawl" stroke T. C. Kltch-Ing t.N". T. A. C.I. dlatance 2uott. time SS l-5a. 4'oluiuMa lntrclaae relay. M feet Won by e)MKHUores. Juniors second, freabmen thirl. Time 2m 21s Intet-.-..llegiaie water lo. Yale vs Columbia Columbia I - il. Yale 0. T.t 6 24 13 Snow at Cleveland. CLEVELAND. April 14 The opening of the American league season In thu city, was postponed, owing to a heavy rn.iwatorm thin morning. The chancs f-r . game tomor-ow are slim. Baseball Notes. The Prfncton Tigers were given a big surprise at Andover yesterday. Harvard will not play Annapolis this ynr. Harry Howell of the St Iaouls Browns put up a good day's work yesterday against Comiskey's White Sox. i t'tjasbro Is still a preitj good work- j At Andover vesterday Punchard high school defeated Methuen high. 8 to 2. I Thai ara. am-l hln. r t M. a . . I 1. ....... . www aa . I u. I . Tm I . . - . . - ' turned out to see the Olnnts trim the nnd ro,lcn do-.wH.1' V .a a - a a a ' , .a, ..... ... a , P n r . 1 1 a.) ooaiori .-aniioiiiiiN r'irtciy. e- -. ... ..a. v . ,.r i "Oh. my. ' now the ijoie Hat does Oi ring: the ialls xo off It like a shot. Spit oaiii ur i hi i' . ii- oajuiT is ine ya to use. JOSEPH A. SOLARI DEAD. Weil-Known Business Man of Revere Beach, and Prominent in Town Fire Department. REVERE. April 14 Joseph A. Solarl. aged 33. a prominent member of the town Ure department, and one of the best-known business men on Revere beach, died tonight from a stroke of paralysis, which be suffered this morning. .Mr Solarl was a member of hose 3 at Revere beach for eight years. He was formerly captain of the company, and was a member of the board of Are engineers five years, his last term having been completed about a year ago. He was born In Boston. His parents moved to Revere when he was a boy. and he graduated from the Revere schools. He was In the restaurant busi ness on Kevere Beach boulevard, in Metropolitan CI othingCo. 700-702 Washrrigton St., Cor. KneeiinU St DUGGAN AND A HAM. Cambridge Man in Exciting Chase in Roxbury. He Took it for a Joke, but tbe Polici Gall it Lircany. Because Thomas H. Duggan of Ai'stla st. Cambridge, would not take a dare, but would take a ham. he was arrested by officers of division 10 last evening, and incidentally, bis arrest led to aa exciting chase and a great deal of turmoil in the vkinity of Heath Ft. Duggan was passing along Columbus av. near New Heath st, shortly after 8 o'clock, feeling at peace with all m.M when one of his companions suggested that it was a splendid ham which hung temptingly in the store of Mrs Alice S. Milliken. 1408 Columbus av. Duggan agreed that it was an excellent specimen of its kind, and acaia one of his companions snggetced that i he ham was musl desirable from a culinary point of view, .-.ud dared Mr Duggan to "swip . it-" Mr Duggan declined to be oared, and in the spirit of th..' joke, sei .d upon the unoffending ham. dragged it frora its place of rest, and dashed up Columbus av. But when Duggan laid violent bands upon th-. ham he was observed by the watchful clerk in the store. ho set up a cry of protest, and give chase. Calling "8top thief!" at the top of his voice, the clerk followed in the wake of the fleeing Duggan. and as he followed, pedestrians joined in tlie cha--!, nearly all of whom exercised their vocal cord" as they ran. Eventually, as Duggan frund the ham a greater burflen than he could bear, be was overtaken in Heath sq by the clerk and the crowd, which numbrtd more than 100. Though somewhat out of breath. Duggan laughed gleefully at the success of his joke, but unfortunately for him. Sergt O'Nell and patrolmaa Sullivan came upon the scene at that moment, and after learning the circumstances, placed him under arrest for larceny. He was taken to the station house and locked up. but the ham was given a lace of honor on the desk And as luggan glanced back at It. although he spoke no word, his looks plainly indicated that he didn't regard it as tbe only ham in the place. t ardlnals were unable to do anything i companv with his brother John, who with Ltindxren. scoring only one hit In died In September. 1908. He was un-clisnt ititilnar. Rut in the seventh the married and resided with his mother on Itaiteai for I'arrell In ninth. Batted for Tunas In ninth. Innlaxa 2 3 4 I'MlwletriMa O 1 O O has telegraphed to Parts asking for io- j hJt. ,.' structiuaa. aUoJcr. i a s I A lt.Mt.ia .o O 0 O O 0 maj runs, Hoalna. pblla.1elp.ita. t nt. laarnaaee. raert-til.!. aa.-ria.-v lata, llartsel. Hoffman. 8 8 0 - 0 8- Schooner Garland Safe. ST AKDREW8. N B. April 14-The fl til mk schooner J E. uarland. concerning whose safety fears had been expressed, arrived thla morning. , Her rtsn- Ing operations had leen Interrupted oy visitor pu.hed another run a -ross the plate and a sixth tally was made in the ninth. The Cardinals found I-undgren for three hits In the ninth, hut It was too late. Clark, who batted for McFarlan 1. went out to first base unassisted. Kar-rell tripled to right and scored n Shannon's single tn center. Smoot was called out at first on a very close decision. Brain's single revived the fans' hopes for one minute, then Grady singled to Maloney and the game waa over. Mcrarl-mds Ineffectiveness, no flount. ith tne general rag- rdlnals playing, nut the fans were bitterly disappointed In their first showing against a rival team. The score: BtCAOO an r nn tb po a f. Wjt as 4 i i i o i o Malnney rf 4 1 0 0 8 1 0 Harry lb 4 0 I 10 3 0 McCarthy rf 4 0 8 8 1 f f Ma ale if 8 1 I 1 8 0 0 Tinker as 8 1 I 1 8 4 0 Rreta 2t 8 1 3 8 8 3 1 Kllug c 8 0 0 O 8 3 O l.i iiTcren n 4 1 O 0 3 6 0 Tot a la . Ocean av. Mr Solari was a member of Everett lodge of Elks 642. Revere aerie of Eagles TS1. Neptune lodge. I. O. O. F.. 337 and Eagle lodge. K. of P. 80 a 8 18 87 IT I v ' : Garfield Goes to Oil Fields. LAWRENCE. Kan. April 14 James R. Garfield, commissioner of corporation., spent today with Prof Haworth. state geologist, at Kansas university, dla- cut-slng th formation of the Kansas oil lands. Tonight he left for Chanute. ' where he will begin actively bla in- I veattgatlon of oil conditions. Valet Got 15-Year Sentence. NEW YORK. April 11 Oscaf Johnston, formerly a valet in the employ of W. Gould Brokaw. was sentenced to Sing Sing prison today lor U years. He was convicted of stealing half a j doaen valuable silver cups won by Mr Brokaw in automobile races and other j articles ir.mi Mr Brokaw's summer residence and then (. tuu tire tu tbe bouse to cover up tbe theft. Diseases are cured by Hydrozone Glycozone EmdorttJ fry fas Medical Prottnion. By destroying germs, they assist nature to accomplish a cure. Send thirty-five cents to pav ex-pressage on Free Trial Bottles. Said trr Lead af DrvtT0-Ha saaaaaaa aai aai labal baan my lacaaran : 2B Prince Stree-t. N. Y. Write riar free laranmatl"" afcaaxt I URiiIOlK mm 1.111 roB. DENTAL CC !3 Winter St (M7I0NAL UD TEETH OAUSt auu isjaea teat iaraJta. aau arr ju-"i aeclect thaw la cosily. Nose bet rifwrleacea. Ilrcnaed graituatea eiupioyea. ho the werg quickly, accurately ami palaieaaly. as we ui tell yoa la ad an. what row rur. will coat. We aaae teeth and ualn. Seta ! teeth gat at Pa eroTTBS, bride Tork 5. old ill Ins gl aa. once a patleot (laray a reoamaseiler. Iw. Uay aaye: I had tetta Sited and aom enracted st the National Dn; tal Oa. 13 Wlater St. abaadntell painless. Hour, H So A. hi. ta S P. y.. Sanaaa I0ta4. You Will Want a Kodak a No out lux trip coaudete without , ire. ben- IS t.. t-V. Brownies (I to .

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