The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1955
Page 2
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FACIE TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 195B ...So Here You Are, the Real Story Of George (and Two Alices) Gobel (First of Three Arllcles) By ERSKINE JOH.VSO.V NBA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD — (NEA) — Miny, miny people, believe th'ee me, should sit right down and read this here story about George Gobel. , Oh, I tell you true, things are in an awful stew. There s one Alice Gobel on television; another Alice Gobel at home; George in both places and TV fans wondering who's who, what's what, how come, and what's fact and what's fiction. And that's not even adding to the • confusion by mentioning that the TV Alice, Jeff Donneli, and her husband, movie star Aldo Ray, have a date with the stork in September. So there you are — and here I am — and here's ihe show (case) for unscrambling things about the comedian who just won an Emmy as television personality of the year. The real George and Alice Gobel met at Roosevelt High School in Chicago, their home town, when her name was Alice Humecki. They were married Dec. 13, 1942. They have three children: Gregg, 10; Georgia, 5. and Leslie, who will be a year old March 30. They live in a three-oedroom, ranch style home with a swimming pool at Sherman Oaks, a San Fernando Valley suburb separated from Hollywood by a range of mountains. Alice's mother, Lucille, of Polish descent, lives with them and helps Alice with the children and the cooking. Until 35-year-old George became a TV star, Alice's mother whipped up juicy roasts and thick Polish- style gravy for him back in Chicago. Now, because he's a little fellow — only 5 feet, 5 inches — he has to watch his weight ancl is confined to steaks and salad. Alice and her mother eat the roasts and gravy while George drools. On television George and Alice argue constantly. A friend who has known the real George and Alice for 10 years says: "I've never heard them argue about anything." At home George is the easy going fellow who leaves the management of everything to Alice, who is a whiz at the job. She shuns the limelight and Hollywood's cocktail parties to concentrate on the role of housewife, mother and headwaiter-valet for George — who loves it. When he leaves home for his TV show or a night club tour Alice packs his suitcase. He doesn't even check its contents; everything he needs is there, down to an extra hankie. THE REAL GEORGE Gobel at home with the real Alice Gobel make a point of something or oth- er for son Gregg while daughter Georgia watches. They have another daughter one year old. Shunning the spotlight goes for George, too. He much prefers th« private company of old Air Force pals, his golfing companions — ha shoots in the 80's — and friendi from his Chicago radio days. On these occasions he reverts to the role of a singer and at the drop of a cue he unpacks his guitar. There's always a guitar in the trunk of his car. One Gobel show on TV was about his son, Gregg. The boy was flunking at school and Alice dragged George in for a heart to heart talk with the principal. In real life, GregR bags straight A report cards. Another show was about Bob, George's brother-in-law, stopping by for a cup of coffee and staying six months. In real life, his brother-in-law Bob is a business associate. But George's dialog on TV is much the same as it is at home. Those expressions sweeping the country — "I became unglued" — "Sure you do" — "So there you are " „ "Well, I'll be a dirty bird" — and "You can't hardly get then no more" are phrases he's bee: using for years. Now about the TV Alice Gobel — a Hollywood movie actress with ski nose and a boy's name, Jeff Jeff Donneli became Mrs. Aid Ray just before she became "Mrs George Gobel." She and Aldo live at Sherman Oaks, too. And Jeff even had to change tin date of her wedding to accept the TV job with George. In argument: with Aldo about it, he quipped: "Honey, you'll have to make up your mind. You marry George Go bel or you marry me." Jeff arranged things so she go both. She has two children by a previ ous marriage — 13 year old Mike and eight-year-old Sally. In Sep tember, when the stork is due she'll be even with the real Alice. Says Jeff, "I'm really a lot like the real Alice. I love my home ant I'm always busy at school With the PTA. Without knowing it, Alice anc I even picked out dishes with the same pattern." No gasoline-no, not a single one-has higher octane than New 1955 GULF NO-NOX This lamp is butning NEW SUPER-REFINED GULF NO-NOX, Ihe clean-burning super-fuel This lamp is burning the "DIRTY-BURNING TAIL-END" of gasoline which GULF refines out but octane alone is not enough... 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PO 3-3251 THE TV GEORGE andi Alice have public so mixed up that this Alice, who is Jeff Donneli, is asked for Alice autographs. About George, Jeff says: "He's the nicest person in the world next to Aldo. I'm always telling people either about Aldo or George. When I went to New York and played Eddie Andrews' wife on a TV dramatic show, I felt like a bigamist!" Around Hollywood fans ask Jeff, "You're A'lice Gobel, aren't you? Please, may I have your autograph?" "Until recently," Jeff says, "I signed 'Jeff Donneli, 1 but people looked so disappointed I now sign their autograph books: "Alice Gobel (Jeff Donneli.)" Monday: George Gobel — Star of Screen. Singer's Marital Status Questioned SANTA MONICA, Calif. W)—Don Mills, lead tenpr o[ the Mills Brothers singing group, has been ordered to answer a lawyer's questions as to whether he is legally married. Superior Judge Orlando H. Rhodes Instructed him to appear at the office of Atty. Seymour M. Lazar April 1 for the questioning. The lawyer said Mrs. Jean Phillips Mills, of Hollywood, plans to file either a divorce suit or a suit for payment of services rendered against Mills. In an affidavit filed with the court Mrs. Mills sold she joined Mills in 1952 as housekeeper and social secretary and in 1953 entered into a "valid marriage relationship" with him. She said that since then Mills has left her. Mind Changed SACRAMENTO, Calif. W - Assemblyman William P. Marsh. North Hollywood Democrat, has ditched his bill to forbid use of the word bureau as a name by any agency or organization outside government. He said he had heard, among others, from the California Farm Bureau Federation and the Sacramento Better Business Bureau. WILL PRESENT CONCERT — V. Barle Copes organist, of Hendrix College music faculty will present a concert at First Methodist Church Monday at 8:00. Mr. Copes has been acclaimed as on* of the Southwest's outstanding organ virtuosi and has been heard in numerous recitals and concerts throuuiiout Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma The public is cordially i-^vi'p' 1 ( n attend the concert Southern Baptist Convention-Wide SIMULTANEOUS REVIVALS — Christ is the Answer — REV. RALPH DOUGLAS Director of Campaign CHt'RCH 29,500 CHURCHES Invite you to ATTEND THESE SERVICES March 20 - April 3 (ATTEND CHURCH NEAREST YOU) PASTOR ARMOREL BLACKWATER BLYTIIEVILLE CALVARY BLYTHEVILLE TRINITY BOYNTON BRINKLEY CHAPEL BROWN'S CHAPEL COLE RIDGE CROSS ROADS DELL DYESS CENTRAL EMANUEL FAIRVIEW GOSNEI.L JOINER KEISER LEACHVILLE LUXORA MANILA MARY'S CHAPEL NEW BETHEL NEW HARMONY NEW LIBERTY NEW PROV/BENCE NODENA NUMBER NINE OSCEOLA CALVARY OSCEOLA FIRST TOMATO WARD ELL WELL'S CHAPEL WHITTON WOODLAND CORNER YARBRO NEAL'S CHAPEL MANILA MISSION HENRY APPLEGATE THOMAS BRAY J. H. MELTON W. H. COOK CLIFFORD COOK OREN ELMS MORRIS .UcCUIRE CHARLES LONG H. GRADY WILKES H. B. STONE CHARLIE WATKINS GENE SHULTZ LEONARD KAFFKA J. W. OBATON HAROLD WHITE JAMES RIIfERD GUY MAGEE RAY CREWS M. D. DAVIS CHARLES TODD ORVILLE McGUIRE M. S. LLOYD ROY JOHNSON CLYDE McCORD C. S. WOMACK P. F. HERRING VERNON GEAN Wm. L. KREIS JESSE FLEEMAN, Jr. LELA.VD BOLES JAMES BROWN J. W. VAUGHN J. W. GIBBS MARCUS WILKINSON EVANGELIST CHARLES CARET THOMAS BRAY CARL JOHNSON ALVIN A. HARMS HARVEY FOWLER THURLO LEE JESSE HOLCOMB CHARLES LONG EARL EDWARDS R. B. CROTTS HUGH McGEHEE GUY WHITNEY HENRY BUCKLUE J. W. ROYAL Gl'Y WHITNEY I. L. YEARBY RALPH DOUGLAS H. L. McCLANAHAN JOHN D. GEARING ROY RICHARDS HUGH CHAMBLISS JAMES ADKLVS J. W. DEATON CLYDE McCORD C. S. WOMACK H. B. TILLMAN PARKER HAY DOYLE CREECH CHARLES DAVIS. JOE ANDERSO.V JAMES BROWN J. W. VAUGHN MARCUS WILKINSON DR. I. L. YEARI1Y Supi. of Kvansellsni Arkansas Baptist Convention SINGER PASTOR THtlRMAN RRAUOIITON GALE HOLCOMH SONNY STIRES PASTOR ci'nris LOVELESS UDELL KOUGEKS ROY MORGAN PASTOR JOLLY LEGGETT CLIFFORD WHITE HUBERT POLSGIIOVE PASTOR PASTOR PASTOR BILLY FOWI.KES DALE CARTER PASTOR PASTOR JACK LANGSTON EUGENE GALVI.MN PASTOR RONNIE WAGSTER H. L. YATF.S KEITH LaGESSE EDWIN BARGER PASTOR PASTOR PASTOR EUGENE ROSS GENE RAY TRIGGER WALL ATTEND SIMULTANEOUS CRUSADE RALLY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, OSCEOLA 3:00 P.M.-MARCH 20 Mississippi County Baptist Association

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