Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 16, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1896
Page 5
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Fred We will Give away this week one hundred Sample boxes [of Bragg's Blood, Nerve, Liver and Kidney Capsules. Call and get a sample, B. F. Keesling Druggist. • DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, JULY 10, - 1S9C. Silver and gold campaign caps at Otto's. , - - . Born, to Mr. and Mrs, Elvard Trickle, a son. • - • Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John YoungUer, a son. Henry Martin Is working for Julius Wagner. Born, to Mr. nnd Mrs. John-Disher, a daughter. Hammocks at yonr own price at Qeo, Harrtaon'a. ' The funeral of Miss Carrie Woll will . bo held Thursday afterjioon at 2:30 o'clock from the residence of hw sister Mw. A. .N* Donaldson, 328 Sycamore street, Westsidc. Services by the Rev. . MJ:. Wellborn. .,..„.. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; CREAM BAKING MOST'PERFECT MADE. « r ireCrap« Cream of tartar Powder. Fr« | t Ammonia, Alum or my other adulterant 40 Ycftrs tlie Standard. PERSONAL. • Mrs. John Splt/.nogie Ss visiting at Tcru. Miss Sallle Twells Is vlsitl-ng in tlie Mrs, WM1 Heppe Is visiting at JILchl- gaiCity. Bert Dulte of Peru was in the city yesterday. • ' . Miss Lou Murphy is'vlslting friends nt Cliteago. F. M. Arlington, of Walkerton is visit- Ing Jeff Bailley. The Eov. Mr. Tlrraenstcin. is at Chl- ctigo oiU biisloiess. - Mrs. J, T. McXary has rc'ttirned troni a visit at Wnbiis-b. Mrs. Harry Case has returned from a visit at Cincinnati. Miss Dolllc Chii.raplon-of Lafayette, la visit-tag in tlie city. Miss Blanche Gai-duor ol Walton, Is visiting in the city. Ed Murray returned to his home at Peru Tuesday nifflit. J. F. Moore of Richmond, visited friends here yesteixl-ay. Henry Gardner of Indianapolis is visiting J. R. Pratt and family. .Tolui Carroll and HariT Touslcy were at Keystone yesterday on business, M'Iss May Shaimhan is visiting ctriends at Coviugton and, Giucinna ti. Miss Sophia. Drompp Has returned from a. vfcit witti relatives nt Danville, 111. Ed Chappelow and Ed Chenoworth of El\vood are the guest of relatives in this city. Sheriff Adams .and family entertained .Oie Rev. F. P. Overmeyer and wife yesterday. Miss Maiy McDonald has returned to her Jiomc in Chicago after a visit with friends here, - . Mr. Cbaiiles McCaffrey has.returned from a business trip to Chlapaigue and Decatur, 111. Mis Bernlc'e Taylor has returned to licr home in, Lhifayette after a visit with relatives here. •Fred Menke of Ha-rtCord City, foiimer- •ly a resident of this city, visited friends here yesterday. ' Miss Dollie Loveless has reblrncd to her home at' Peru after, a visit wltn friends Ln. t'his city. . . •, B. W. Booth'left yesterday afternoon for -Washington, D. C., where he will visit for a short time. • The Rev. E. L. Somnns and daughter went to Wawasee lake, Kosclusko coun- tj-, for a few day's visit Miss Mattie Good win .has returned to bcr honw; In Chicago after a visit with S. B. Boy er.'and family. Mrs. Willtain 'Jacques and daughter of Galveston, Tex., are visiting the family of I>r. B. C.' Stevens. - Mrs. C. L. Shepherd and daughter Anna are entertaining Mrs. Field .and Mrs, S. E.' Moorman of Sedalia, Ohio, i Mrs. .T. J. Campbell and young daughter have returned from Chicago where the child was treated for spinal trouble. M'Iss Gertrude Youngerman 'lyifl returned to her home at Indianapolis after a 1 visit with Mrs. Low. Black of this city. . • . .. Miss Emma Gust of the Nortlislde has returned from a three -month's visit wMili relatives at Morris and Glcnwood, Mian. ' . Miss Minnie Kaufman, of Peorla, 111., who has been tihe guest of Mra. Jordan Hecht, left yesterday for French Lick Springs. Peru Chronicle: Mrs.. John Spltznagla came up f Win Logansport this morning and is visiting friends,a»l relatives in flic citj-. Charles Lee and faimily of High street have gone to New York. After a visit there they will visit Atlantic City and other points of interest in tlie South 'and East. Misses Emroa : Ross and Grace Win- klebleck have returned from a two weeks' visit with Miss Grace Phalerand Miss Blanche Ntewauder at Columbus, Ohio. -. '. . : A party composed of Misses Susie Elliott, Florence Alexander, Rne Willet and Hettie Elllo'tt and Masters-Rob Do- Ian, . Allen Nelson and Fred M.urdock will spend a .week's outing nt • Lake Maxlnkuckee next week. Only the sufferer knows the misery of dyspepsia, but Hood'a Soraaparllla cure*.the .most stubborn cases of this disease. >-^< .4 BROKEAMMD Council Meeting Whi^h in Shprt prderv- IN NINETEEN,'h-i^iU.TES Quite a Grist of Business; ^as Disposed oi;';;> """'*/' Tlio meeting of tbe'.Cbiwcy.iiiiit night was a recoixl-breaker.,;,^ ,;;S,. ...o'clock promptly rlie -Mayor cnUeA.itbe-body to order, ivitJi cveiy HH'iB-b<?r i;/ i>^csen& at roll call. The m i lnutes'"tt l e*e' i rctoI;;Snd approved niid the' regitloif;. rq&'Mitr of. busiuess was taken up'...'.p'l..^';,l.J.V Mr.Halgh for (ho comTflit(iee,pn,s.tr'eets reported in favor of the opening! and widening of a short street connecting TJhi and Maiydyke sti-eets'-; :i riiifl i 'a i Tes6- lu-tion was offered aud'nass«t.bra'dtiVi? the City Com.missfouers',ou|t' t[o'V^.\v'th'u location, to assess boneilts-aml1 damages on the'same. The'''cVmlss'ioni.'rs*MiP view the'street August 1 ^ Mr. IJaigh offered a, ro was adopted, order! nlj'p'r'b^Vrljf.. owners to -complete the improwmeu-tjo!:' Eighteen tin street, •bekv.eerc-r G-aprge . and . Smeutl streets as. previously -.ordered, or the same will be let mkfcu.'.-the pro-v-i.-. slons of the Barrett law.; •"'•'•- •""•'•>• -; Mr. Haigh offered a 'resojutlon.wh'ict was adopted,' requiring t^Vstt'eet railway comipaaiy to iim.prpve,''Mlaini street, so as to bri-ns the grade >up -to a level with tilic tracks, • :. '.•'•.•- .• • \ The following -claims' were allowed: .STREET DEPARTMENT. , ./'" 40 ajo ............ .............. .,........ Hike Nttvin boutderlng gutter;.....: ..... ..... » »} Thomas Bu.terworm itliey cro»slugs... ...... U .37- Charlfs Galllon, cement crofSlnKs,...'.....:.;.. , 1* ff 1 H J Crlemona sundries ;..:.;::.•....::.-.--•..:., - •* ' 6 ELECTRIC LIGHT DEPARTMENT;, Fay roll • ....'.,'!..;,• . 1! .'.:.'.'.:.'..-— "•"' 5" City Treasurer, freight etc ; ,....-.-•.rir.l-J {£ Mwhl -Ists Supply 1.0 suDdries...,vv. v; , 0 J °J Leonard 4 Ellis oil .;.:;...V.-....':- -S3 48 i Jeotral Electric Co .,..:,•*.,.,;• 90 GO Elrctilc AppllnncB Co f u..plies.... ;...•.-.,.-,., .«° ™ ElialcHl Carbon Co sundries .'.'.t.-;.-...::-' IS" ou Standard Oil Co oil........... .-.".....<.:.::•.. ::,& » ,1J Hlldebrsndt Cllne Btoi -...:-. 31 Rotnerrael .....-- :.-.iii4.« ABKwponiCo •••?—•?, rt S! h J diamond • ;•••-•• ; » ™ Thompson Lombu'C' ........:uv;- ,.:» oo FIRE DEPARTMENT (:.-•;:••< J E Reg.nn horseshot'log :'.- : A I .::l.?..v. ; .ts'-'- 1 ;10 00 CltrTrwtturerlrelglit....,: .-.,-^....',^-,;. Jg Ciuhsrloe Whitewashing „..-„,.,....,. 4 90 LtaleKrall washing..: :.-....'£...•:•.;:.-'• "i 20 MISCELLANEOUS CLAIMS,"- .Mel Bebee asst Civil Engineer '.'......:».» •' ; 18,09' WmMcKee ^,;.'_.-..:...;..;• W:60 Lognnsport Jouinal Co stationery....-...,,, t .-4 16 Cttj Treat, lot on W W Impvt|>dnd<:;.....:. ^22 flt CIV Trea« Jalr pmt Staiidaid Kltct Co... ..1C90 00 Cltf Treanurer postage ;.„..... ,n 00 Police dent par roll : 420-™ Water Works dept pay roll KM Miscellaneous malnis W w depc , - Wp,<8 Central fnlon Telepho- e Co rental: '. 4 M Chns Kendall labor »t Spencer Park 15 00. Wm Haiden jnow'ng Rlvewlde Park 8S 00 REPORT OF CITY TREASURER. . " To Cnsh on hand June J. 1B98?.!:;....... .'.... Refunding bonds on hand ........ . ... ......... l Received durlug month all acutcei.,.^i.... Total on hand ..... : ............. .'...v'. ! .':.',...'*875W''8l[ DlBbur/eronnti lor month ........ : ....... ;...,. |1S9W) <» By lerundinit bond on hand ..... .j...y. g ..^.,>; KOO 10 Balance In treasury June aS...':.j.j:*li06C8 0! The report of vie Citiy-lGlert ;for the month of June was read ;; an<f',i;efeiTed to the Finance committee 1 ."""' •" The City Treasurer's rep.OEU|OEAtlie. moath 'of June was read and referred to the Finance committee, A. petition of _ _- rj ,^ r owners of the Northsido aslSSg' tnat an ordinance, be passed : ^ra^ihitin^i- the speed of VandaJia trainshtn'<!ljr|>r tile stationing of a fi'a'gmon-'at the'iSfbrthl.cross- Ing of the -rniilrorid 'With Michigan:street, was referred to the 1 S.tree^BBmmlttee. i v Mr. Dykernan presented, a petition.of property ;ownei'S. on E'clJ Bj%'r avenue for a brick , , ^ The mntttr was referred '(truth e .Street' On motion of Mr. TVoll, the matter g£ the recom-meDdn.rion.pf ,^be Board.jaffj HoaJth that-a'u inspectQiffiOf&luihblnj; be appointed, and ':'yKjgh ^'fts^ re-: eeive'd ' a.nd placed da £ne |i"t the/last meeting of tSie (TOuridly-iwasXtaJjeh up and referred to the Wjitcr.lVo^|ks f .co,n> m-lttee. ; •,--'•• Mr. HaJgh ,c<iJ)ed 1 Sewer conmilt'.oe TO sewer on Mi-ami more street. There-was a lull ib'Hfi and a motion to! adjourn 1 carried .with n. nvsh^lie,.--.^-^; r bcen -in session just'-'bin6t-e^ i mrn'utes by the.watch, and .'anb^er^cQi^iind been splintered. •.^a™w:-<:..u,L- : . ' iK.raa f v*: " ' * t tlie- font of a,%ca v .... had HAD CANNED; Wanted to Go Horae,'tffi»Wav«tly— • "John He 'was n tall and' as lie' lurched from's-ftfe'To' side 'of the walk, he swayed rJHreart sapling 'in a strong wind; nnd •tbB.p.'v^hiP '-'danger thmt the next step wouid/^M»lm. lying prone In the gutter jAflTherneirred; the; earner where the ele,ct^9Cjainji-caiSt-n. hrond circle of white^htf-the.;police-, man who was-wntcliincjWs*jnpproa<;h. caught, the' flash >f..s3jgfei|)}ji'jr,.bright which seemed to bpng ^pfe the tail man's back At the^corner the officer stopped the enAiiC,," ?QUtse .0, stranger and asked '-Wlfee •you with that thing tied to your back?" The tall man BtralfbtiNWd !W> yl SPRING OVERCOATS. • . , \ ,"' T ,-l!?iUj. ^''vl* ' W' •jr*v'--f*+ • S~v - /~* T"*^ A /** ¥~^ JDS. G. GRACE MILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING MlIT TODAY FOR pESSMONEY f JJAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER LOGANSPORT. COfiPLETE. > f '( Buy llougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. ^ If you wani a Tailor Made Suit don't for- eet my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing •^ . • .:i*r->. nrrAJ-.'. ; .looked tTb-e^c^ifILO the face, ami sa,ld:-. "Hay.?"..,,;^;..!;-) , where niwssv soi-ng ivJth that tin bncket tied ^a^otir .biick?' 1 the pa- trolmim'repeated 1 ; 1 •''** n*l r ARiilh he mn<Je"a£tetfoYtfe look sober offi'cer's arms, llilC.,ft t. .j. ,,.„.,,,, .,,.,, by the.bail fijoiii, : Hic middle, of the back of his-coat, where itvwas-jscoured by lialf-anlozcn stitches'with fitout thread, •mug around and buimped 1 the officer in'. Eiie face. He was tbo/'far gone for; ut:tc|pce fu'rtiiet";jfiijiltJiat.nc wanted to) ''efeliomMo/Waveriy." '.Tt>.-a far hdohto.Waverly," said Patrolman Gra : ha'm;'"ahd as you sesm to.be somewhat tired-?'you'd beWr"le-£'me--l«id you.to a bed/ r . Andvli'e 0 mnrched the. tail' man do\vjf.fer'oadw^yjWltfi'tue bright new tin bucket swlngjuBiiiM-sw 3 ^' 11 ™ from elde.iitflf*Bide'as.'thft J -^Jflti 1 i»: walked. At the: jail-he gnve-^tho jutmo of Michael ^jatonrt and we^t:ttT*1«cp as'soon- as Ws-head-touched•' y tfie ;i cell cot. The bucket showed telltale traces of beer, and'^'e'taM-mifnlrBrlSfh was sufficiently strong to;jJJiT9gjept him from falling Another victli®f too much "booze" wail landed by 'afflcers Wlrwahn and He |P f^ the out towh- rcfuSS to|«)j-e a : name.'and iindp'r;that' ;: nnich\aBiTsed title v- : ., •i'.jfrjvj.J :«-^i: ••''.'' ''• '"samEikHORSES RECOVERED. • ^uE^ • "•' V •> ••' ''•.'''''.''.• •' • i ' T ii'orin 1 'stolon from*Snarlcs*' Hughes of Hughes of t Royal The marshal at that :c telephoned to the Logaiisportpo- .that the,.horse.,flnd ^buggy^had-been id, but nb'fJric(j£wM^Baid Jobdui'-thG thief. It Is -suppnlbd OTfl't the'rig Jwns indoned. 'It will b'fe'furjied over, to ,,->ui»^i..^'<,"F-.ji'f''J -Jphu Fortuer of fed^onib.''' 1 we're" 1 In'tlie' crty''yestevOay ou bu'«|nesS; : ' ,;'..~Vi. I E^« The .Military fbbu^ gave a free open air concert'at iio'tig Cliff hospital for tlie: insane lastMii^a.SfiSfffatwn o'f Su- ,. i- • >, .-.-- • -. > 'of'pcople toni,^^'citivcUiore and rodo. on..wheel»;*o; ! eS'i}oy3!the'Concert and ' • ' - - ttje .•Dave turer, :• manuXac- , c .... vj ,. r . ,...,,,„ gang'.'-last night, that he i^nWe", with a capital Ul' A* the Jnforn'iaYlon'ivwaS: accompauied- by some choice.clgai^.'AHic gang" are sijnoklng to•••fh«/.ire;; i tth_:'of«-'a ten-pound l>py ,'• 'the souVQiS.'.JbJm-h'nd'' Mrs. Yoiiug- ker. " ^ty ; iiji' '?•'••• ' . ,. • ; Bob Rodnhaufto)V,theK.i:estauraut nia'n,. will open a .bHlian¥i!;i'n,dippol room at .the opera house JMp^kfijin.fithc room lately, occupied' by:,.To)]a r :pti'aiffht with a bili: ifurd-outfit. Th^-orTeiiffig will occur Saturday nlglit.^aSbe-.room will be in : charge of' D.iieK^ffiTcer,. and the checks -.will -be S99^1feS'Jffi' ; ^'- a *• t ' ie c 0 * 111 ^'. nffxtdoor.; ',, .j,.j^ .- .-,^ftcr the,efctf UJfe past fciV (to'fs, evening wfts md^i^fifiVtt:^, though tlie thermometer dJd v nq|^\c>? such a low ifinpeft'tprf A.t'noon^t.-was 00 de 'grees^^tih* slrade, flfirf tft C o'clock the Wrftio,meter markefl* 80 At midnight ifjviave^djftr^ the city fufl force and the temperature had fallen to GO. - . Yesterday evening at about G o'clock a boy. of about five years was picked up on Fourth street, near Broadway. The lad was loot and was crying bitterly. He couW not tell his name and was tak- . en to tlie jail where Sheriff Adams's "family took charge of him. At,about 7 o'clock an elder brother of the lost child appeared and ehiimed the little one, whose name was learned to be Cramer. The parents reside on Market street, WHEN DESTITUTE OF HUMOR. S»ld to B» » Sure Indlcmtlen • o* Mental J?or«Tty. There appear to be whole races of men—the North American Indians and the -Cingalese Veddafl, *or example,— that arc destitute of the sense 1 of the ludicrous. And in ths higher races, •ays the Fortnightly Review, this senae la by no means universnlly found. The richest intellects possess it in amplest measure.- The absence of it i» a sure indication of mental poverty. "Here comes a fool, let's be grave," said Charles Lamb upon one occasion. And I remember a friend vf nay own observing of a somewhat .taciturn person whom we had met: "He must be a man- of sense, for, although he said little, he laughed in the.xight place." That laugh is a manifestation of intellectual.abun- dance or exuberance; it is something over and above the. actual work of life. And so we may adapt to our present .purpose certain words of Schiller's In- his Letters on Aesthetic Education: "tilan sports (spielt) only when he is man. in the full signification of tie -word, and then- only is he a complete man (ganz Menfich) .when he sports." ' I need hardly observe how grossly this' faculty of the ludicrous'may be "abused. There Is nothing more dlabol- 'icdl—i n the strictest 's»nse of the word .—than to turn into ridicule "whatsoev- 'er things are true, whatsoever things arc honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever thing's are lovely; whatsoever things are of good report." There is.no more detestable occupation than that of "sapping asolemn creed wi t?i solemn sneer." But it is a maxim, of ' jurisprudence. "Abnsus non tollit usum." And this holds universally. CRIMINAL LINES. A Mon'i Ch»r«cter Cannot Alwar* Be IMicernod In llli face. "I used, to be a strong believer in physiognomy," said B. C. Hidley to a Washington Star writer, "but 1mve lost some of my fflith in it us n science. In fact, a tnan's surroundings have very much to do witli the. character Khown by his fnce. I had an illustration of tkis coining into Washington. When we left Chicago I noticed .a group of men.two or three seats in front.ol me.butpaid no attention, to them particularly, but after we had gone about !SO miles I saw ,that 6n« of them'was. handcuffed. He was well-dressed, and at first I thought tie did not look like a/criminal, but-soon; saw.lines that betokened cunning duplicity and a .lack of morality, generally. I. became so interested that my. gaze attracted the attention of one.of the ofll- jsm i having him In charge, and : he said: .'You seem tp:be studying the ma-n Ibave there. Did you ever see him before?' I told him I had not, but I "was a phj si- ognomist, ond was studying the criminal lines In the face He prevailed upon me to make a report on the man*> character, which was greeted with laughter from the prisoner as well-as the officers. Then they explained that he. \vos 8f irreproachable character, and in.; n prank had tried on the cuffs, which belonged to the officer, and the key being 1 lost, could not get them off. Then the criminal lines in the face all disappeared." JUNGLES OF GUIANA. , A Maw of Vegetation That Can Scarcely •' . Be Penetrated. The vegetation of the Guianaa i»» devouring moss of green, which steadily encroaches, and is kept down ontj- bj; the ceaseless warfare of one plant upW'iin'dtJier. A tree springs up, say* AV. Nephew King in Century, and; nnds its way to the top by its energy. It, is no sooner eatablished than a parasite; begins to climb its trunk and lace itself around the tree, until finally the grip of the parasite kills the tree, and 1 both fall to ruin and decay, leaving *] space, which is immediately occnpfetf' by new forms. To penetrate such a jungle is Impossible without the use of a machete atfil! ax. To keep a path open requires constant cutting. If you ehoot a bird or on animal, it falls perhaps not morfr than 300 feet away; but it may »-.. quire a half hour or an hour to reach ikj and unless you can shoot from a canoe, and can drop the bird into tie watexv; aa a rule you. cannot find your game after it ta killed. Words cannot d*-, scribe the beauty of this mass of green,: vigorous vegetation, nor can one con*-, prehend the difficulty of conquering^ such a, wilderness unless one has actually grappled with it ' BUILDS MANY NESTS. Attempt At Expl»l«*tnf »n Old H»blt liE Hale YPrenl. The Ixjndon Field tells of many cas*e where wrens have built several nest*.i only one of which has been occupied, and casts about for an explanation. I* appears from what T. M. Ward, of SH>ton, Yoxford, Suffolk, s:iys, that it to the mal-J bird that builds these unused: nests. He also observed that the builder of a nest which was never csaS paused after each bit of nest materii, was put in place to sing" in a loud voitt- The odd nests are completely finishcdte all outward appearance. Sundry explanations of this remarkable habit have been offered, one being that the odd nests are put up for the purpose x£ fooling the parasitical cuckoo, wh;ct depends on other birds to raise, ato young; but there is a poetical idea that it is the wale bird's lonesomcncss-thnt urges him to build. A few America* birds build duplicate nests, but tie mat- , ter has not been so thoroughly stuaVca by field ornithologists yet to admif.0- au accurate explanation of tic -oaafio. palled Two Teeth for *«..*.-»— Dr. Dougal was a-famous Scotch phy- piciun and as eccentric as learned. On* •day a man conic to consult him, mac. agony of pain, and, a^tcr an o^f"™'. tion, ti)C doctor-tolc! the patient he bad an ulcerated tooth and advised him to poultice the jaw. -An argumentensnod, during which the sufferer cried out ; "What do you know about teeth/ .arc this, the doctor seized a pair of for-, ceps and shouted: "I'll draw every . tooth in your head!" The aiani.etl£- Ocnt ran out of tiie ho^isc, with «te doctor in pursuit, who finally overtook him in the market place, and took«*< two of hU teeth, in theimdstof an inter- eeted crowd^ ]_ _ Dliprop»rtlb»nl<!.' - There is but one firm of ucdertaicew In Skowbegn^Me, '.o IS doctors piw , ticlng in " '" ,Jte#h*i... j.

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