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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 6

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Saturday, January 7, 1888
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GLOBE- SA'rtlIDAT, .TANUARY 'T. 1888. if 6 THE BOSTON DAILY I I I I (J ; , - 1 1 f i A r - r THE KitiGis sECRET Go tell Wm that will come to him tomor- I row. end that then we will argue our re- sp,-E tive claims lace to fare." OIL, For a few moments Manto seemed rude- cided how to set: but lie quickly remembored the order of his royal mAster. and lute Fydriacont th3 Lion-Heartat mind was as quwlety made up. thA n Your.uLg sitr.: lent.s.aikom you have u Iio irtnve beard Earldom); - , ley Arg-113I C. RI CUBICAL. , , ' ETNopsts Or PRECEDMG CHAPTERS. - A etrange creature. bunted down by tbe Persian is:IL-up lluidem and his Ira n. proves to hi a human le-mg.-though strangely clad and uttering cries like a wild Least. Rue- tem takes the wild lad home to hersePolis 1 ttLe I:Me betug that of kers a's glory gi es him the name of ler doou i nd educates him as lee son. An old astronsger s mita Raistem and bee taint seed tee youth. write is of ra e y remise, to the abode of a isumbv cobbler. I Ts vie Le meet's and loves a beentiful wait en. who returns his affection. Bat by secens of a trick t ertain conspirators get a I shim; se of 1.1ah. thearai she is eedu ously Ittlin:ed from puteic glee. an& in the mime ski the king. a ',fluty Of eiaves soon resit the I rfal 0-ebler's home and km nd the surren- 1 tier Of his fair Oath:liter to the emIssar ws of re.ral:r. Brave ler doom defies the would-be aisinctore of his iove. and the angry si.orarch orders the instant, &nest of youth , mini niaiden. - CHAPTER 1,-1.--CoeTtereri. Ae the king thus epoke. his lieutenant I.ft the apartment. and ere long a hundred pie Wiers were ready to het out. and with tie to went six more slavel to bear the char. People eased upon II en as they I, eieeets and woettered whet plait the kieg Lad on foot now. A ersou es eehrab was left alone with bts pillow-LA. he bt-gan to pace the apartment snore meth rately than be had been do ng. ler his thotaints stem deep and interesting. 1 06-teem tens lee stub et t. and he gab', ii artil V eischt. lie semen' eted the youth, pr.d he retnemberwa how fair and beautiful be IS 1L4, .., 4 tste reader knees. the king had . en Is m hut once. ales that was only two etre s reveeis to the present t ime. ',Aare." he soul. weeping su idenly in his wale ard ate;n:-esinsr in el his se midis. "-emend find kamah and bial ban attend we li.e.-s,.- -k v nor soul. there's something strange alseset this yeetie" he metteree. after Inc termed' had gone. ""I notice d when he at he tny s's e ta the great hall that he Le-LA' e I tot as otl,er people hei ate in the eerie nee id the king. lie .id not cower Her telsote me. and 1ii4 otieieance was bole in ontwaril torus. I'd know him well ere ice:Liz-and he shall know inel" teens afterward one of the inner deers of tbe aaartaLent was (evened and en old man eeteree. Ile wee olde - then the !deg. for les Lad sorely area more then the threeaesee-aed -ten to ars of allotted life. Yet be west min aud upright. with a fare of great eLressdness and inteilleenee. his name was Ka tale and he was the kings chief sear se'..or and adveter. -Am arGOd irkanett. I have sent for you to he:p me in a cur one "Latter. Do you reser tut er tic yoeth whom Illr stem broucht hitt er with tem ea the day befote yesterf 1 - AI sire. I remember him well." -1 him s I thee devii here. Now listen." lied It --renott the king went on and re latest Lii t:az, had happened in the house of tte cot,bler. -Now. kana'it." the monarch resdir.sid. -whom do YOU think this youth to isi-."- t-elY. sire. I kriow not." Eat tio yeu thilik him really the son of 1,10 sat!sh: -No.- "let -I tboeglit so." - -I will to- ll you my reastens. sire. In the lirst 13,,C. Ilustent told us that this youth was Just one and tweirir years of age on the day he erought ban here. and that be bid kept him teas Ltr tecivue-41 so that he might , hot herenaes cent ,mnated by the vices of ! youths. Now if you will take the i :: treuele to refer to the records in the , arch's el ef the kingdom. you will tind that e3 years ago this& very month Itueein went into Arab!is with a part of Kei iiliteirou's ermy tend was gone three years. This is the erst evidence of contrattiction. But later than that I have one Irma his own - Lee. It i4 not 10 Years since Restern used to pray that God would bestow a son upon him. and 1 rementher. about eve years ago. ltustem svas amiss:itching ci:d age w;th sedate and sotrowful look , and I think that at that time he told me. wh n I rallied hint noon his de ection, that told Lad (-urged him with Itasren wives. 'I hen it was that he went MI to the H- t en-sierras to hunt. man when he returned I eyelet see that be came with sin les and eteet humor. an I SO he has been ever in te" -By my life. Kellett. you have a wonderful memory." said the molter le -I have lossked npollese things. sire. -e the SittnIP trertglit ha Son here. first saw that youth. and heard il that it m-as his son. I began to . Out of CM:nosily I hunted over the A.. -,.. and now you know as well as I do." - For 5.01I e in meats the king remained $ilent. but at length beside!. while a sudden teat Rhot athwart h s countenance: -Good Kellett. I believe I am ahead of thee. 'Net thou not remember the mighty 3nau on war-Kei Khostou'a great generaleineetasp?" -Ay. well." returned the counsellor.' '''You remember he was the most comely man cf his time. and the most mighty in bLzcogth?' -Ay-most truly. sire'!" . ''And is not this youth Feridoon his cowltereart?" -Now. by the Foes. my noble king. you have lift d the veil! ' cried the counsellor. with euthueastn. "nil youth is the very eel( of tiusittasp in form and feature; and well do I rem miser me that the mighty general bast an infaet when he way-was-" "Sitled by the mbbers of the desert." ettesiested the king, seeing his companion is it." aided Kano)). with a online,- smile unon hie face.-"But I Yemeni-her well that lie had an infant son. whom he Wok with him when he went away upon Ice last iinLii,n" ' -1-:; stem Shall be questioned upon this." resumed the king. -yet, rare." quickly added Kenai). "Yon may be sure Iluatein tetsant no halm. Whatever may hate been his Puresee in claimnig the yciuth as h;s own gen, you may rest assured tilat he meant no harm to you or to . the kingdom." 1 hetes not." et e 1 know he did not. for I know Eastern well. and he le one of your meet loyal sub-Sees. tss t the truth from him,, but not me wee hint of wrousr." And here the auk), ect of Yet-41001es nativity rested for the preeent. The king and Its couesetior conversed a long while upon tree (mime. c ircurastance. but they arrsved at no farther poistill. merely dwellaig upon tee varietts tartars's which such a matter would ee likely to head up-the main void t 1 being wise-titer Rutstein had brought Ieri- ' 'icon tip from ild.artelr. or whether he had tailed tban more recently. 1 CHAPTER TII. A It OaT SirlraNGIZ SATTLZ. The wife of 7ak Turan trepared dinner - In ber bvit tv 1- 1E for she had conceived a lore for leroon si ttlne h as sh o e would her li .e felt for her own child. and she wished to do Lies houoice. I he dinner was eaten, and Shen l'etii"o on went away and at down I it-i ZUhili. while Hod. bah cleared oft the ewe. and shortiy afterwards Zak Toren went rut to his stall to work. for he had a par of sandals to stitch before Right. it was about Calf an hour after this. wile the youth and maiden were conversing ardently Imether. that ti. e cobbler came rushing in ait vale and trembling. -The Lord save ra now!" he ejaculated. An hundred soldiers are coming this way. mud the same oncer leads them who was I here this morning. ()maid be with us LOW!" lf-illah uttered a sharp cry upon this Intel.. nr -nee. and she would have fallen to the root In a suoon had not her lover caught Le- in his arms. -Fly. good Feridoontly!" cried Zak Tura". -Not so. father." calmly retslied the youth. '-1 shall not do myself the injustice, for oniy the rtiltv nee wins' any man anproa. loth. Net 'would have thee conduct " -- Zlitah away from here. for she may he 1 .. 1 inoved wLtii too much fear: Mother, you wAl take herb o her own apartments." No sooner had Fer Mien t lin, spoken than Uuoatiali took Allah hy the band to lead her away: but the maiden revived upon . the moment she found herself about to be taken frcm Ler lover, and ,t was not until I Vendooli laid his etmeas trcmmand upon her Inat she coul3 be indu...1 to leave. --lte. ,u:thatdr ti ltiveeirizer. awnidolllefttgleur, hero and i i foot- ,-' fa; of the soliLers were heard without . -, iib youth sprang to th e door. and reached it 311, tits the sold,ersw reentermg at 1 hegate. lold there. hirelings!' shouted led& 4 n. -Now what seek ye. )loth you and the damsel, Zillah," re.. t. rued Menlo. for halt was who led the band,. -.Ind wherefore me?" -The kitg will vanish you for your deed . . ' 4:1-1's LI A) w late re.. f. ore the damsel r. 'irliat our king may take her to wife."' And if she were once w-thin the king's grasp he would make her hut wile in aPite of 2.1 reason and persuasion?" lie would do his own will most surely, for kii .... are not prune to ask advice upon suet. matters." -Then you may go and tell the king that Zillah he c. ono; Lave. and tell him also that 1 W11 Cottle to hint on the morrow." - Unt we has. orders to take you both now." And if 1 refuse?" I -Then you must go by force. The king bade the letols you to him either dead or II alit e." - Ilten he is anZrY because I resisted you" -fie is.". - -1 on did not tell him that the maiden ik - -iris aiready beloved by another?" - -told." 'iln.i does he still xersist In having the rria:.,eu for his own? , ,..... -Most resolutely. ' 'llatti witat a tyrant have we for a Inlet! k a the or. ers we have fr-om- the king. Loth You and the damsel must go with us now. If you wilt submit quietly. all w Ii be well; but if you et oose to retest.. the result Le upon your own head." Be 't where it will. I shall not submq. because if I do. Zillah will most assur dly be carried to t the king. aud then no one can protect her. Methinks you. being a man. can iudge somewhat of my feelings. You know how you would feel were the king to send a guard of slaves to seize your own lovel wife. for the God above us knows that I love the teautiful Zillah as t ough she were already mine in marriage. Now I have said au. I hope you will not put me to ancelisr t tie" Manto knew thst he should fall in argument. and. as tune was pr., lolls. he resolved to do his work at once. So he beckoned to his followers and bade them seize the youth immediately. "Eemember1." cried Feridoon. "this is right aid ainst wrong. I shall defend the maiden that I love against any Dower that shall set it-elf up in open violation of the laws of Justice. And remember one other thine You are many, and I must therefore tight to the death if you force me!" But the soldiers heeded not his words. They knew nothing of him but What they now saw. and with a confident movement some dozen of those in advance moved towards him. It so happened that a stout lever of olive wood stoo:1 against the doorposta lever wnich Zak Turan had use for pryieg his door stone into placeand this the Traub seized at once. It was some six feet long and very stout and heat. y. This repeated wrong bad roused his indignation to It4 Mahe t ch. and at he saw the me. ement of the soldiers towards him. seeitig some of them draw their swords, and knowing that they were ready to kill him rather than Jet him eisiape. he became angry beyond pelf-control ; it was the first time within his meinstrY that hiss pas ions had been o thotoughly stroiried. He swung the huge club over his bead. and at the fir t sweep trier men were laid pro trate. Higher and b gher rose his wrath as he taw the who e pealan x draw their snores. and with his whole might he ruslit d upon them. Manto hail at hett wondered Mlle youth could sway that huge clu b watt sk II enough Iss effect anything. but his wonder changed to deadly Liar. for be not only Few the Imo. derous lever flash through the air 1 ke a lightning-bolt. tut i.e saw time youth's face. and he knew that the garage had supp tutted the phicsoplier. Ile shrank b knit Lis followers. as be had a right to do, and when he saw them falling like grain tie-fore the reaper's hook. he resolved to make one last effirt"M bat. Ito! my men!" he cried. "now move together! rush in upon ban at once all of youin a body!" But the rushing vart of the work was imon the other hand. No man nor no body of men could stan.i before the enraged youth. He h id his enemies all I efore hint. and not one of them could rea h him. for that stout clue periortned its circuits instantly and its force was such that a whole section was swept down at once. Swords were of no more use than so mane chips weithl have been. These of the to diers who bad been without the gate rushed in viten they heard the sound of conflict. and as lb iy saw the r (limeades falling before them they prkssed blindly forward. shoueng and pushing and Isrsudtshing the'r swords. But soon the current set against themthose in advance began to fall back. Yet they braced themselves up. little &earning at the moment that they were only torcing their brethren into useless destruction. Thus went the work on. feridoon was not only yet untesched. but at every stroke be seemed to gain new strength. I he t uth was. be wa4 losing his humanityhe was forgettins that he was a man. He seemed only to realize that he was a beast. defeniiins( his yoting from a merciless foe. He swept his enormous club over his 1 cad and the royal soldiers fell before him like (-half. But such a combat could not last long. One stout man will make quick werk wait puny boys. and Feridoon did the same with the Ir mired soldiers. The garden was hterally strewed with prostrate bodies, and ween at lengt i the youth passed the gate and entered the street only six men were left to flee before bun. and one of those was Maple. He bad has the judgment to keep out of the way. As soon as leridoon fontid that there were no more to oppose h ilia let the po'nt of bli club fall:and having gazed unt-1 the six fug,t yes bad disappeared be returned into the garden. Some of the men were just crawling to their feet, but they f. II back as they saw their terrible enemy returning. The youth did not molest tits nt. however. but pursued his way at once to the house. where he found the poor cobbler trembling like an aspen. "Now. mine ext client-. host. what is the matter?" asked Feridoon, as he noticed the old man's pertuliation. - "The Isa:d7preat rte tet!! uttered Zak Turan. in trembling accents. "You have slain the kings soldiers. and most surely will he have vengeance. len will not always be here to protect us. and ere long they will comedown upon me." "Fear not. my kind father," returned the youth. persuasively. "1'4 u have had no hand in any of these doings, and so I will inform the king." you tell him that?" "Most assuredly." "But will yell see him?" "I shall see him tomorrow." "He will kill you!" "I think not. I slaB go armed. and if he Issues orders against my life I shall make him a hostage for my safety. Fear not for me." cosrizinED MONDAY. FOR A WOMAN'S SAKE. fNew York Itoning Journal.j Mrs. Miramon dropped her sewing and started up in a dismay as a man in convict garb rushed into the summer-house where she was sitting and clied out: Save me. I implore! My life Is at stake!" She looked at his face a moment and then exclahned: -Quick. under here!" lifting up the light fabric she was sewing on. He crawled beneath it just as a squad of ail-dives ente.ed. "Have yt u seen anything of a convict in the neighborhood t" asked the leader. "I heard some one runn ne," was the answer. -you bad beater Fearcn the place." They did. thoroughly, and went away in a disappointed mood. -Ion have saved my life." Paid Jose Garen. as he came out pt his place of conceal-seeps after they had gone. 1 am glad of that. and yet you must be a very bad man or they would not want to kill you If )ou are grateful to me cease frum doing wrong." Ito Intked at her black dress and sighed. ''You are a widow?" be asked. No. WY husband livei. tie is Dr. Maas mon. I wear bIa k because he is a prisoner. and there is little hope be will ever come back. His offence was politicaL" tliarcia bad already heard the doctor had written a .ainst the law. The shades of evening were falling. and the lady ea tiered 111) her work with the evident intention of going to the house. 11 I can ever belts you. senora." said the convict. earnesCy. "I will at any cost. Ten thousand thanks for your kindness. Adios!" - And Jose Garcia darted across the road. taking good care not to head in the direction of Havana. only a mile or so away. At 10 o'clock that night two cloaked cures entered the gate at the Captain-General's palace. One of them had his anus ceound behind hiuz.but he was covered wan a cloak. It took fierce and earnest solicitation to obtain an audience with the captain. general. but the strangers at last found themselves in the presence of that awful u net lonari-1 br ng you Jose Garcia. the famous robber and inerderer. for whom your excellency has offered $141.00o. (lead or alive," said Gomez. in a swelling, boastful tone. The captain general ceded an officer. who looked closely at Garcia. He is the man." was his brief report. 'And this fellow?' said the captain-general lii ughtily pointing to Gomez. don t like his face." replied the officer, "but he has never been in my hands." See that he gets his money. then." commended the other, -and have a tile of men take the pris-iner to the castle." So Garcia was marched off in one direction. and Gomez was led off in another. Jose Garcia knew very well what his fate would be. He had been the chief of a band of robbers for five years. and during that time he had done all the na chief that could be none with fire and word. He had pillage. the captain-general's own plantat on. Ile-had given his active support to a revolutionaiv movement. Yet the fellow slept soundly that night, after he bad bi en lodged in the castle, and in the morning the ab,ence of anything in the shape of breakfast did not seem to disturb him. The devil!" he exclaimed. with a via. later in the day. when a soldier entered lcs cell and tied his hands behind his back; tret something solid in my stomach pretty soon." The prisoner allowed himself to be marched into the courtyard without a murmur. lie took hi stand unconcernedly. and sinned upon the soldiers. -Take good aim." be said. and then he wh s- eyed. "I wi.nder what the senora would think of It?" li-e fell dead at tbe first volley. . - , A week later Dr. Miramon and the senora joined the Cu ton colony at Key West. To the astonishment of the dot-tor and everybody elm, Fome unknown friend had Dal this line and secured his release. The trausactiiin hao conducred by a 1-tritst. who retused to rnit...:- any explanaWilk. He merely stated that he was the alient Qf ano her. Miramcns did not feel safe in Cuba. snd it is not likely they will aver return. To this day they retnain In utter ignorance of the fact that Miramon's freedom cost a, ifroor tasatict his LI. 111 JOSEPH, PRINCE OF Naos. Prime Minister to the Sultan in the Tenth Century. Failure of Rio Project to Rehabilitate the Jewish Nation. Rabbi Solomon Sc laindler's Lecture in Temple Adath Israel. Rabbi Solomon Schindler addressed the congregation at tho Temple Adath Israel. last evening. on the subject of l.Joseph. Prince of Naxos." a celebratsd Hebrew adviser of Sultan Selim of Turkey in the tenth century. Rabbi Schindler said: - A mocking dream hes vesPd the Jews for letto years. From the day that the Roman lea-ions scaled the wails of Jerusalem to this very day the hope of a national reiurrection lias been kept alive among the Jew'. During the first two centuries after the fall of Jerusalem valiant efforts were nvide to win back through the sword what had been lost by the sword. but with every new century these martial outbursts became less vigorous unt't the bore in a restoration assumed a tamer form. the form of a theory, and finally beeanae a mere dream. pleasing while it lasted hot always unpleasant utter the awakening. It was wished and. therefore. hoped and believed that the day would come when the Israelites scattered all over Ue earth should be reassembled in the land of their forefathers, should be settled under some form of government and should assert their sovereign rislite. as do other nations. The absurd.ty of suet' a hope and the impossibility of realizing it was never taken into account; the fact was entirely lost sight tat that nations are formed by far different methods: that to begin the establishment of a people the thoughts of such a nation. to be formed. must to pliable and not hardened into old moulds. that the individual members must he satisfied to unite and amalgamate with the rest of the emigrants tnat should happen to throw in their lot with therm Tne Jews, however. had a tiro. totype: if thev were to be re-established in their land they wanted to be just such a nation and no other; they wanted to have just such a form of gosernment and no other: they wanted to establish just such a relit:Set and no other; their repulaic or monarchy or hierarchy. or whatseever it was to be. should exclude all strangers ae elements foreign and not wholesome to its existence. When the hopes of nat'onal resturrection bad been so frequently disappointed that even the most credulous of Jews had be. tame disillusioned. the id a of coloni -ellen suggested itself. If God peglected to redeem his pledge. why should the Israelite not try to establ,sh better conditions for themselves? The Scheme of Colonization appeared to be so practical. so useful to all cencernern so glcrions that even in our own days it has not yet been relegated to the place to which' it belongsto fairy land. There were and there are so many good reasons why the Jews should be colonized. It would give to them a respected position; it would keep them out of reash of prejudics; in course of time they would grow into a naiion. and show the world by a model government what was proper torah to do; they neat have their own army and navy. their own kings or ores - dents. but above all things those of their brethren who would prefer to stay where they are could get rid of the unpleasant elements in their midst. of their poor and destitute. An earnest effort to colonize the Jews and thus to make an cud of their m serable anti pitiable condition wes made in the middle of the tenth century. about the time when the war of 30 years had brain fintlaed in Germany end had left all Furore in a state of torpor. If ever time and conditions were prosperous for such an enterprise It was then. and the accounts of it read rather like a novel than like die! history. It wts, however. a failure. Let us begin right at the beginning. The expulsion of the Jews trom Spain had exiled only a part. perhaps only a small part. of them. A great number had remained. submitting to baptism. Under cover of the Christian name they continued in their occupations. anti whiie they performed punctually all the ceremonies and rites prescribed by the Catholic church. they remained Jews a heart all the same. They married among tilemselves.initiated secretly their children into the Abetment; rite. and assembled in secret conclaves for the celebration of Jewish festivals. The Marrannos. as these pseudo-Christians were called. were numerous in Spain. and counted among thems Ives not only the highest dignitaries of the State. but even bishops and cardinals of the church. The Inquisition was. therefore, on a constant warfare with them. and wherever and whenever one of the Marrannos was caught. when it could be proven that he had performed some Jewish rite. no mercy was shown to himhe was burned at the stake and his fortune sequestrated. The r ch Marrannos escaped. therefore. from Spain whenever an opportunity offered itself to them. Joao Niques arrived in Constantinople in about lee& Commanding the wealth of his family he established a business which stretched its branches around the borders of the Mediterranean sea. No sooner had he reached Mohammedan soil than in threw away tie mask of Chin tian ty and appea ea openly as a Jew. as uming his former family name and calling himself lion Joseph Nassi. His wealth and social stand ng introduced him soon to the court of the Sultan Poleiman. Suleiman was a wise ruler. He understood Mow, to S lett Ills Advisers. and thus be discovered that Joseph was a genius by whom be and his country could profit. Jcseph was considered by Soleiman to be of great usefulness. His vast business was carried on mainly through Jews; maltreated as they were everywhere. they did not love the countries in which they lived. and they felt no scruples to betray to the Turkish government whatever happened at any of the European courts. Joseph Bassi e as better served by his system of detectives than any toonasih. and he was in possession of news days before it reached the cabinet through the channels. Sul an Soleiman had two sons. Sento and Bajazet; Scum. the older and rightful heir to the throne, was the lather's favorite; Ba aset was the idol of the army. It was an open seeret that in the event of Soleim. n s death the army would ra se Ba azet to the throne. The courtiers wee undecided who-e. cause to cm brace and would not spoil ther chance with either. Joseph Nastu threw in his lot with Selim the rightful successor. He took open part for him. helped to defeat Ba aset. and when Solei- man d ed the grateful Seim the Seeond made Nagai his prime minister. or at least prime auviser, bestowing upon him the title of Prilie0 of Naxos. with the sovereignty of the island of that name. The Turks held at that time the balance of power in their hands. as today the Germans do. The Prince of ,Naxas Who had the ear of the Sultan. was, therefore. a man of aim lar importanee as is today Prince Bi Tee Jews heaved a sigh of relief; whenever a danger I tireatened them they appealed to the Prince of Naxos. Many a diplomatic note was exchanged between the cabinets of Constaittinople and those of Christian sovereigns. and many a time was a threaten ng fate removed from them. The Jews - on their part did all they could to support the Sultan's favor tie and shaking off their native timidity they lent a hand to the most dangerous ente.prises veth a courage which nobedy would have credited to them. With longing eyes had selim looked upon the Island of Cyprus. then in possession of the Vent-chins. but wh le Joseph Nassi advised an attack the rest of the cahinet d'ssuaded the Sultan from it Be it that Nassi. who had a grudge against the Venicians. wished to be revenged on them. or that the promise of Seim to make bun king of Cyprus had tired him. it is a fact that through his instigations the arsenal of Venice with all its rich ammunition - Was Blown p wth Gunpowder. No sooner bad the news reached Constantinople than the Prince of Naxos prevailed tiDOnSelim to attack Cyprus. After a prolonged siege the island came Into the possession of the Turks., where it remained until a decade ago, when another offspring of the Jewish raceDisraelitooe it away from them and annexed it to Great Britain. The Jews dreamt at that time of national restoration; a new Joseph had appeared. he was to be thea king; be should coteet theta from all over the earth. God had sent hint to their relief and the evil days had now passed. Alas! these were pret y dreams. and the awakening from them was, therefore. the - more disappointing. file pence made an effort. To commence with he purchased a tract of land in Palestine. near the sea of Tiberias. and built upon it a city and a dozen of villages. VShen all was ready tie invited the Israelites to take possession of it. Enormous sums had been sunk in the enterprise. still the colony did not prosper. Little is said about the exp riences which Joseph had with the settlers, hut be seems to have turned awny from his orehg ()nista alter that. and wheel a new demand was made to settle Jews upon some of the islands which he owned be tied tied to do so. The reign of Selim the Second and the intluentre exerted upon him by the Pence of Naxoe had iven to the persecuted Jews a moment el rest and respite. It was of so short a duration that hardly had the Jews become awsre of it when it was gone again. They actaally had not known how to make 1 INJUNCTIONS GRANTED. Decisions Rendered in Favor of the Motto Nerve Food Company. Judge Colt. in the United States Circuit Court. yesterday. rendered the decision of the court in the cases of the Moxie Nerve Food Company vs. Herbert C. Beach et al, and seven other similar cases. Following is the opinion of the court in lull: These cases were heard together on a motion for a preliminary injunction. The complainant manufactures and sells a beverage called Mox e Nerve Food. and it seeks to restrain these defendants from the use of its trade mark and from an imitation of its lithe. bottles and wravers. The registered trade mark of complainant is simply the word "Moxie." The complainant ins sts- however. that it is also entitled to a trade mark in the words "Nerve Food." It appears from the evidence that these words had been previously applied in several cases to medicinal compounds. but never before to a beverage- All of the defendants use the term "Nerve Food" on their labels. In ease s No. 2 e94. 2395 awl, 2401 the defendants call their article the Standard Nere e Food. In the other cases the deferulants term it Imperial. or Fast In lie. or Excelsior. or Noxie Nerve Food. The evidence shows that these defen- aiils sell their preparations for the genuine Moxie Nerve Food matte by the complainant- In the labels, bottles and wrappers there is an evident attempt on the part of the defendants to imitate those used by the complainant. Some of the labels are closer Imitations than other;. In two cases the defendants go so far as to adopt the name Noxie in place of Mode. In several cases apollinaris bottles are used in the place of the Moxie champagne bottles. But itdoes not seem to me important to closely analyze the different labels or bottles used by defendants. because I am s ttistied that the labels. wrappers and bottles of all the defendants Lear so close in imitat'on to those ,of complainant that the pubic are deceived in consequence. and that, therefore. the injunction prayed for should be granted. I do not place this decision on the ground of infringement of the re it stered trade mark in the word Moxie. though that might be saA of the two cases In which the delemdants use the word Noxie: nor do I de cide that tee compla nant is out tied to be protected in the exclusive right to the words Nerve Food as applied to a beverage, but the conclusion I have to ched is pet upon the ground that these defendants f rr the purpose o deceiving the public hnve imitated to such a degree the labels. Lanes and wrappers of the compiainant that they should be enjoined... The fact that the defendants Beach and Clarridge make the labels and wrappers and sell them,to others for a wrongful purpose doesnot re levet them from liability. Lie Kuyper vs. WittemanAt3 Fed. Rep. 871. In Moxie Nerve Food Company vs. Baumbach. 32 Fed. Rep. 205 (1'o,...1,1887). in the Circuit Court for the eastern d'strict of Texas, Judge Sabin. in an exhaustive opinion. held that the complainant was entitled to a preliminary in unction. In that case the labels, etc. . were those made by the de- tendante Beach and Clarridge, in case No. 2394. A preliminary injunction is granted in each of the above cases. POULTRY EXHI3IT 'Unusually Attractive Programme for -- the Mechanic's Building show. The next annual exhibit of the Massachusetts Poultry Association will open in the Mechanic's Fair building next Thursday. Jan. 12. at noon, and continue until the 18th. After the opening day the doors will be open from 9 a. m. to 10 p. The cash value of the prizes offered amounts to $5000. The attractions will be very numerous. especially in the peacocks. pheasants. pigeons and rabbits. One cage. 25 feet square. will contain 20 rare and beautiful pea fowl ; danother 10 feet square will hold a great number of golden and silver pheasants. and the duck pens will be equally large. There will be seen incubators hatching chickens and ducks during the en tire show. Especially interesting will be the exhibit of Charles L. Marshall. manager for XV. K. Vanderbilt of New lork. The cages and apparatus will occupy a spaee 15., by 20 feet,and will include incnbators.30 brooders with wire runs. all containing chickens. In Mr. Marshall's exhibit will bo found a k reach fatten r- This is a machine whose operat on is quite in.eresting. It consists of a revelving circular table, aud the nrachine for feed.114 upon is The fow.s are placed upon the table, and as they are brought around to ti,e machine their mouths are La-ced open and the food forced down their throats. Contrary to the general suppo ition tnat th;s is a repulsive sight, it is qu te interesting. The fowls will be fed four times each day during the exhibit. Abbott Bros. of Norfolk. Eng.. have cabled that they have sent to this country to be placed in the exhibit, males and females of famous Eng sit varieties, and some superb specimens of minorcas and red caps. In the Asiatic, Plymouth Ruck, Wyandotte game Lephorn and Hamburg classes the exhibit will be unusually large. The entire show will be cooped in the patent w re coops used in tie Birmingham and Crystal Palace shows in Eneland. The entire show is ntier the management of the following gentlemen. who compose the executive coinmittee: John Lowell. Jr.. president: W. B. Atherton, Loma A. Shaw, c. N. Weld and W. F. Bacon. ITWAS HER BIRTHDAY. ' - - Mrs. ahackford Surprised by Iller Friends and Reatives Mrs. M. E. Shackford never was more happy than last evening. when her relatives and friends gathered at her residence, 89 Poplar street, West End, to do honor to her birthday. The estimable lady was impresued by the happy company that she was 43 years o:d, and who. to her great surprises made her the recipient of presents galore. A silver castor was contributed by Mrs. Thomas and a friend ; a dinner-set by Ben amin L.-Petting II: silver knives and forks by her son, William Shackford ; a hanging lamp by Mrs. Mary E. Decker of Charlestown: a willow rocker by Mrs. Kellogg and family; 'tank us. by the respected husband and father. Charles Shackford: and innumerable o her substamial and costly tokens from friends. A bountiful collation was served and vocal and instrumental muFrc added to the mirth and general good cheer of the evening. 1 he festivities were brought to a close about midni ht. and the occasion will ever be reinemlered as the event in the lives of the jolly lady and her spouse. Heating Company at Work., The Boston Heating Company formally began operations for the winter yesterday evening. After all the mains boilers and pumps had been tested and found to be in satisfactory condition. Mr. Richards. the President of the company. turned the valve which set the hot water circulsbtanix in the complex system of pipes. Waiters' Twonti-fiftb Annual Sall. The twenty-fifth annual ball o the Walters' Benevolent Asiociation wilt take 'place Wednesday evening, Jan. I s. in MUSIC Hall. Tickets ar now on sale. Baldwin's Cadet baud lit to furslish music. and the floor will be under die charge of W. F. Callahan and Patrick O'Reiley. both of the y klouse. The chair-nan of the re. ception committee is Patrick Healey of the proper use of the opportunities that bad laern offere I to them. Forgetful of their common fate. they endeavored to win for themselves individually as much as they posiibly eonld.. never profiting from the lessons of their history.. never thinking that their wea!th. their in udicious and ostentatious display of it, was the prime cause of all to r oppression. Ti e few days of sunshine had given life and strength to one of the - Most Poisonous Outgrowths - of Jewish imaginat'on. to the Cabbaleh. While the rest of the nations endeavored with all their might to break the fetters of credulity and to push forward towaads the age of reason. the Jews had built up a most fanciful structure of belief. and in consonance with it they bad surrounded themseives with supeistit.ous rites and ettstoM4 of the crudest nature. Anew kind of Judaism had sprung up. in el-nth hardly a trace could be found of the Mosaic or prophetic Judaism, The theories of Albo were nowbearing fruit. the centre ot gravity was placed in the life te come. there was a si.ul to be saved by a str et adherence to formalities: heavenly ;ovs were stored away for the pious, an I tortures worse than those of the inquisition were waiting for the malefactor in the life to come. Our unfortunate an eestors. for whom the earthly life offered little inducement. clung'. therefore, with all their inherited tenacity to the life to come. Their whole tuture happiness was depend-, ing upon the performance of r'tes, so they were told. Religion as, they learned it was a bundle of forms; it was to them a grave sin if any of the table laws were broken. even without intent. when a word in a prayer was omitted. or Dot spoken at a proper seison. and there was a great divergence even between rahb s as to what wai allowable and what not. No wonder. therefore.sthat a book was produced at that time which supplied that Ceinand, and which for the last 300 years has teen among Jews Mt authority winich reached beyond that of the Talmud or Bible event rhat remarkable book is known under the nameof Shulehan Aruch. the Set Table.", The author of that book was Joseph Karo. a contemporary of Prince Joseph. , Revere 'louse. anti the oommittPe of ar flgements are Wiliam P. O'Flanagaa. : 11 ham F. Callahan. TILomas Dunn. John .1. Ramey, William Whelan. James A. Fitzpatrick. James McHugh. FEAST OF, THE EPIPHANY. -- Celebration at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The feast of the Epiphany was observed in the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help 'yesterday by solemn high mass at 9 a. mj Celebrant. Rev. Francis Delargy, C. SS.R.; deacon. Rey. A. Lutz, C. isS. R.; sub-deacon. Rev. J. Hickey. C. SS. R., who officiated as master of ceremonies. The high altar was decorated as at Christmas, and presented a beautiful appearance. Lite-size figures of the Eastern kings. with their offenngs of go d. frankincense and myrth. were placed in the crib. over which was a star. Hundreds of pions. worshippers visitcd the church during the day. Little children a?so came to dore the new-born Saviour, who with smiling lips and outstretched arms invited all to come to Him. The musical programme was remarkably fine. and as usual was exquisitely rendered. As the officiating clergyman entered the Sanctuary, preceded by the acolytes, the sweet strains of the organ. minzling with the voices of the choristers. produced a fine enect. Solemn vespers were chanted at 7.30. after which was the benediction. Webster Non-Partisan Reunion. - The members of the Webster Historical Society and their non-partisan friends hold their triennial festival at the Parker House on the evening of Jan. 18. Tickets may be had of the treasurer previous to the 15th. Many distinguished members are exnected to be present. , SUNDAY SERVICES. BAPTIST TABERNACLE, Bowdoln sq.Rev. M. R. Deming, pastor. Bible school at 10.30. CornHIlltatilk at 12 In. Addrrea by Mr. J. S. Paine at 2; subject, "Scenes in the Life of Christ." illustrated Wan Stereopticon VISA'S. Men's prayer meeting at 6. Ladies' prayer meeting al, B. Praise meeting at 7. Sermon by the pastor at 7.30; subject," weighed and Found Waiving." Baptista after the sermon. The public cordially invited. B. Y. 31. CH RI STIA UNIONVesper service Sunday evening at the Union Hall, 1$ Boylston st.; addtess by Rev. John F. Nichols of Emanuel church. Boston; subject, "Memory, llotte and Wok." programme by the boy choir of Futanuel Church (45 voices), , George L. Osgood. choir niasier; Waller IL Spalding. accomeanist. boors open at 7. to begin at '7.30 o'clock. The public cordially invited.' REV. WILLIAM W. DOWNS, pastor of Bowdoin Square 1 aptist Church. will preach at Paine Memorial Hall, Appleton st.. mew Berkeley, at 7.30. Seats free. Strangers welcome. subject of sermon: "1 he B, lievers Unseen Helpers." NoticeBeginning with Sunday, Jan. 15. the servires will be changed from the evening to the morning at 11 o'clock. sharp. MEETING AT HAMPSHIRE HALLAt 712 1Vrshington st., on Sunday. Jan. 8. 2.45 and 7.45. Snbject, -Will not determination bring success in all things pertaining to the weltare of mankind if we work with the divine power that God has given us." Music by Prof. M. Jones. Temoerance meetings on Monday and Thursday evenings, conducted by HS. George. A FREE BIBLE LECTURE at 'United Fellowship Hall, one eight, 1371 Washington at., next Sunday evening. Jan.8. at 7.30 o'clock. Subject: -How are the hies of men disposed of as soon as committed? Are our sins blotted out when we are converted?" The above questions answered by Plain Bible tests. Seats free. All invited. TEMPERANCE MEETING In the Peonle's Church at 3 p. addresses by E. E. Hale, D. D.. and S. A. Haines, piesidmt of the Commercial Travellers' League; music by the Cecilia Ladles' (t)itartet; Annie Park, cornetist; praise service at 2-.45 p. m. COLITMBUS AVENUE UNIVERSALIST CHURCH, corner Clarendon street, Re. Dr. Miner will preach in lecture room at 10.30; at 7.30 .51iss Marie A. Brown will give a free lecture, with stereopticon illustrations, on the Icelandic Discovery of America. SECOND CHURCH IN BosToN, Copley sq., Boylston at Rev. Edward A. Horton, the pastor. wit preach. Services at 10.30 a. tn.; S'unday school at 12.10 p. tn.; vesper service at '1.30 (all seats free), consisting of varied, short exercises. PEOPLE'S CHURCH-10.30. sermon by Rev. Josenli Cook; 12. pastor's Bible class: 1.30, Sunday school; 6, young people's meeting: 7, praise service, Park sisters will be present; 7.30, sermon, with paintings, subject, "Christmas Visions." REFORMED EPISCOPAL CHURCH (Dartmouth and Harwich sts.)Divine service at 10.30 and 7.30. The rector, Rev. James M. Gray. wit preach. Sunday school at 2.30. All the beats are free. Strangers welcome. CLARENDON' STREE'r CHURCH.Preaching at 10.30 a. m. by Rev. A. J. Gordon, D. D. At 7.30 p. m. the pastor will deliver the seventh lecture in the course on prophecy. Subject, "The Man of Sin." Baptism ilk the evening. ROXBURY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Highland HAI, Warren at., cor. of Walnut ay.PreachInc by the pastor, Rev. F. Campbell, at 10.30 and 7.30; Sabbath school at 12 o'ciock. All are cordially invited. Y. M. C. ASSOCIATION, cor. Boylston and Berkeley sta.Bible classes at 9.15 a. In. and p. tn. Meeting for men only at 4.15 p. tn. Singing by the male chorus, S. W. Cole, director. All young men welcome. UNION CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Columbus ay.; Rev. L. L. Potter of Hartiord, Conn., will preach at 1030 and 7.30;, special se-loon to the young; Sunday 50h031 at 12.15; all are cordially invited. CHURCH OF THE PLT1LTTAS,T 10.30 a. m. "The Spirit's witness to our adoption as sons"; 2 13 m : "Joint heirs with Christ to inamertal glory." Rev. Lucius R. Eastman. 176 Trenioat et. CHURCH TEMPERANCE MEETING, Wells Memorial Hall, Washington et., above CastleSocial singing at 7.30. Addresses and select readings by Miss Albertina Heywood of Boston at 7.30. - DEARBORN STREET CHURCH, Francis Bellamy, pagtorPreaching 10.30: "Value of the Prayer Meeting to Busy Peoole"; 7.30. Debated Questions, Series I., "1 he Heaven I Want," NORTH STREET UNION MISSION, 2029 Washington st.Morning prayers 9.30. Preaching 10.30 and 3, by Philip Davies. Bible class 1.30. Eventig meeting t. Public invited. Seats tree. TREMONT TEMPLEFree service of song. 3 m.; Hawthorne male quartet, Mrs. Mamie Hitch, soprano; Thomas' Cambridge orchestra, A. Deraerritt, director. Come in and sing. COLUMBUS AVENUE P ILE SBYTERI AN CHURCH. cor. Columbus ay. and Berkeley at. preaching by Rev. G. H. Hubbard at 10.30 a. m. and af7.30 p. in.; Sabbath school, 12m. INGERSOLL SECULAR SOCIETY; Paine Memo-lal Hall, Appleton et., Sunday, at 2.45; lecture by ex-Rev. C. H. Sims of Alabama; subject, "Motive in Religion." Free; aU invited MUSIC HALL.Rev. Justin D. Fulton, D.D., will preach in Music Hall Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, on Romanism. Subject "Rome and the Inquisition." Seats free. 1IOSPITALLER,170 Tremont st,;--Question at 7.30: "Ought the State or the Church Control, oar Cieldren's Education?' Opened by Mr. Mornighan. CHRISTADELPHIANS meet at Chandler Hall, 13 Essex et., at. 10.45 a. tn. Subject, "The Covenaut of God with David." Seats free; no collection. SPIRITUALISTIC MEETINGS. PAINE MEMORIAL HALL, Appleton it., Boa- ton.Edwin Powell, the celebrated trance and test medium of London, Eng., wiil hold two public test seances on Sunday, Jan. 8. He gives the names in full of your spirit iriends, and descriptions p oving beyond doubt their presence; aloe reads articl-s psychometrically of persons in the audience. Before the holidays the3e meetings were well attended. Persons wishing to receive proofs of the truths of Spiritualism and spirit return should go and hear this wonderful medium. Hours of meeting, 2.30 and 7.30 p. in. Everybody Ls made welcome; good music. - THE ECHO SPIRITUALISTS', MEETING '- at Mishavrum Hall, City sq., Charlestown.Sunday, 2.30 and 7.30 p. tn., Dr. Harding. Mrs. Shackley, iss Nettie M. Holt, Mrs. 1110111118. - At 7.30 Dr. Harding will lecture. followed by tests and psychometric readrngs. - SPIRITUALIST PHENOMENA ASSOCIATION, Ladies Aid Parlors, 1031 Washington st.sunday, at 2.30 and 7.30; two interesting lectures by Hon. Warren Chase, 40 years a public speaker on Spiritualism and other reform movements, good music. FIRST SPIRITUAL TEMPLE. cor. Newbury and Exeter sta.Mrs. E. It. Dyar-Clough will speak tinder the influence of spirits. H.W.beeeher on 'Spiritual Needs of the Hour." Service commences at 2.45; public invited; all seat. free. - CHILDREN'S PROGRESSIVE LYCEUM. Paine Hall, Sunday. at 11 a. tn. Readings, recitations, addresses, vocal and instrumental music. AU seats free.-- - -- - ROSTON SPIRITUAL TEMPLE,' at Berkeley Hall. 4 Berkeley at.Mis. R. S. Lillie will lecture Sunday, Jan. 8. at 10.30 a. in. and 7 p. - NARCOTICSInstructive lecture, followed by a test circle, 28 Claremont pk. off Columbus ay., ;Sunday evening. 8 o'clock. Fred Crockett. , MRS. HATTIE YOUNG will hold circle in My parlors every Sunday evening at 8 p. in. 72 Williams at., Chelsea. , , 0 EATH& ,ADAMS.--In Everett, Stit Inst.. Adeline P., wife 01 Cyrus Adams. 1Funeral irom her late residence. 112 Broadway, MondaY, Otir inst., at 1 o'clock. Relatives aud Irtends invited.) ILLNOWETH.In Dorchester, Oth inst.. Herbert M., son of Charles A. and Louisa. It. Chenoweth, years 11 months 6 days. Lyn,' papers please copy. , CUMAIIN(.8.--in New York, ether late residence, 114 Lest twenty-sixth at.. 4th inst., after a long and painful illness, Frances M., widow of the be Air. Jahn A. I ''Inunings Of 11010011. (Interment was at Forest Hills, Roston.) irooNERIn 'Charlestown, bth inst., Alice Dooner, 59 years. Funeral from her late residence, 89 Medford St., Sunday, Sib inst., at 2 o'clock p. tn. Relatives and friends are invited to attend.) ' DELAN Boston, 8th Inst. Daniel J. , Delaney, 97 Years. (Funeral from Chnrch of the Sacred Heart, East I Boston, Saturday at 9 o'clock a. tn.I ciLENNON.---In Boston Ilig1llaudsthinat.Ann J., I daughter of John and Ellen 4..lennon. I Funeral from the residence of her parents, 02 Heath st., Saturday, 'Mine-, at 2 p. In. sharp.) GAIELYIn Boston Highlands, bth tear., at 51 Dennis st. llartin (lately, 65 years. (Funeral Saturday, at 9 o'clock, from St. Patrlek's Church. 1101KiDON.--In Roxbury, Oth inst., Frederick A. Rodgdou. 29 years. S'unerill services Sunday, itth Inst., at 2 o'clock 1). m. from 174 Highland et.) Reedville, 5th inst., Josephine youngest oaughter of k". and Clara Kunkel. 2 years mot.ths 19 days. Funeral Sunday at Holy Trinity at 2 p. tn.) KELLY.--In this city. bin beg., K ads M., beloved wile of Peter Kelly, and eldest daughter el bernard and Anne Kam). FUTIC1111 tiorn 20 Auburn et., Itionday . eth at 8.30 a. in. Frieuds invited.) MONA IA A N".--In Roxbury, tith inst., Rose, wife of William Monahan. 30 years 12 days. Funeral from late residence, 13 HallKiltil et., ann. day et 1.30 p. nu Relatives and friends invited ncited to attend.) MART111.---1a this 'ay, $th Inst., John Martin, S8 years. (Funeral from his late residence. rear 228 federal It.. Sunday, at 2 p. u liciattres and friends aro invAted 10 &aim:U.1 DEATHS. EICE.--In Etat Boston, 5th inst.; Patrick Rice, 40 years. Funeral from his late residence, 275 Border et., Onnder afternoon. at 1.30 o'clock. Relatives and friends are requested to attend without turther notice.) Cambridgeport, 5th Inst.. Charles V. Muer, Si years. auntral from his Isie residence, 85 Winsor it.. Sundae. fith Inst., at 1.80 O'clock.) RICIN..1n Dorchester, Oth suit., John Rein, 72 years. Funeral will take place from the Church of the Holy Trinity., labawmut ay.. Sunday, Sal mat., at 2.3A o'clock... 1URNElt:In Besehmont, Pc.vere, Oth flai r, t M., wife of Henn' 'furrier, oo years. Funeral Sunday at . , . Armory Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Mass. FAUX IL IIM.L, BOSTON, Jan. et 1388. Circular No. The eetnnany is again called on to mourn the 1011$ of one of its members, J. Frank Mile, who died on the 4th inst. Members of the company are requested to attend the tuneral at his late residence. rohool st.. SW:nor . vine. on SATURDAY. Jan. 7, IS88.14 o'clock Pau. Per order. BE:NEI( NV ALKE.R. Captain. IF ,YOU ARE SUFFERINC -WITHCONSULIM LIVER COMPLAINT on DYSPEPSIA, CONSULT DR. J. H.'SCHENCK (Of PhiladeTphia), -AT C- QUINCY HOUSE, rattle St., Boston" WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY January 11 and 12. U (Mee Hours from 9 A. M. to 3 F. M. If you cannot consult Dr. Schenck personally, write to Dr. J. IL schenck ,k Son, Philadelphia, for the New Book on Diseaseaof the Lungs. Liver and Stomach, which will be sent free. dt3uOt ja5 AT Til E-7 " NEWHALL 99, 0101 ALA V W Aid" 150 Tremont St. Every Day at 2 p.m., Sunday Included. The Most Ifronderful and Enthusiastic Excitement. The Lame walk,the Deaf, hear, the Blind see, and the Sick are healed! SEATS FREE! Private Lecture to Grutlamen char on Sunday Eventna at 1.d0. Errors of Youth. SUITILEIRS FROM Illen'OUS Debility, Youthful P.E. Indiscretions, Lost Manhood, i cx, ,4 )1J BE TOUR OWN FUSHUN Many Mem from the effects of yonthtni iMprudence. have brought about a state of weakness thet has reduced the general aye. tam so much as to Induce almost every other dieratie, and the real canoe of the trouble scarcely ever being suspected. they are doctored for everything but the right e n.. Notwithstanding the many valuable remedies that medical science haa produced for the relief of this class of patients, none S t the ordinary modes of treatment effect lb aura. During our extensive college and hoes peal practice we have experimented wit h eaddiscovered new and concentrated remiss elm The accompanying prescription is of. red SS a CertAtill and speedy rural, $S undreds of cases in our practiee have been restored to perfect health by its we flag NU ether remedies failed. Perfectly pore ins lents must be used In the preparation Oi Es d prescription. Krythroxylon coca) 1 Jerabehln, f drachm. Ettractitills4 Detentes Drolca.e drachm. - Gelsemin, 8 grains. Ext. Malaita amarie (alembelle). 2 grate, Ext. leptandra. 2 amuples. . Glycerine, g. s. Wake $o pills. Take 1 DM la. m at 8 .. and a or on going to bed. in some cases it w netweiary for the patient to take two pil Vlabi:rietini"e'e. dyirektlii ipttteiTur::iietzei breyr.ohnr7iiiititiodnaTA nervous deatlity and weekness in either sex: arid especially in those eases resulting from Imprudence. The recupera we cowers or this restorative are truly astonishing, and its cerminued let a short tittle changes Um id, debilitated, nerveless cotiltion to One of renewed hie and vigor. As we are constantly in receipt of letters o acc relative 0 would i Inquiry ti I vwee et to this r eenrae llotYn.17t we iwi i would u Z remitting $1 a securely sealed packaet Containing tri pills. carefully compound Vrtil be seat by return mail front our private& taboraWry, or we will furnish 6 pacLaseea sabot, will cure moat case& for 86. Address or call on - EN ENDIAND MEDICAL INSTITUT& . . all WA EMONT ROW, la OtigEONi MA-S2a , (Mutt mh8 , IJFKi. NHS Or the Liquor Habit 1Polittvely Covell by Administerina Dr. Haines' Golden Specific. It can be given in a cup ot coffee or tea without the knowledge of the person taking it; is absolutely barniless, and will effect a perinaneut anti speedy cure. whether the patient is a moderate drinker or all alcoholic wreck. It has been given in thousands of cases, and every luta ance a perfect cure has It nerPr fails. The system once impregnated with the SpecMc, it becomes an utter impossibility for the liquor appetite to exist. For sale by all druggists. GEO. C. GOODWIN At CO., general agents, 36 and 38 Hanover at., Boston. Mass. tiSitood182t nt OLD DR. IldlIVOLAS,, treats men only, at 033 Tremont et.; read carefully; stop swallowing mercury anti copabai, and use only botanic medicine; quick and sate cur. of all private diseases; a physician who makes certain dis,ases a special practice. must advertise to let patellas know where he may be found; more cases cured by Old Dr tavola than any other doctor in all ot New England; call and see for yourself it you have become tired of swallowing mercury and copabai paste and ether injurious stuff, and of being bum. bugged by cheap doctors who care only for the almighty dallar and not cure you. Then give Old LAVOLAS a trial. 033 Troinont at.: hours 9 to 4; evenings, 7 to 9; Sundays 10 to 2. Every case warranted. 2t jaO 31 1 g 0 has given universal satisfaction In the cure of Gonorrlicea and Gleet. I prescribe It and feel safe in recommending it to all sufferers. .11 A., I. STONER, N.D., ' Decatur, PRICE, 61.00. Bold by Druggists eudeo4182t an T'S7NITZI aaranteoli mot to camas Striatum lit4 only by the ,IVS112 Clualkal Os. qvkCinainnati.5 Ohio, Trade '11.0611,ark MRS. WINSLOW'S FEMALE ItEGITEILTORS Remove all obstructions. Safe and effectual. Compounded by a druggist of 40 years experience. $j per package; sent by mail. !if:tidose address with 2- cent stamp awl I will send you by letter my Treatise on Female Fitnetions that win give you nmeh ea isfactory lamination. Direct to J. W. I. R' I LI, SON. Apotheealy, 479 Broadway, South Boson. II tutu Its DR. HYNDRIAIN'S CELEBRATED BLACK MIXTURE Cures Coughs, C01(19, Bronchitis and all affections of the 'I hront anti Lungs. t;et the only genuine of Dr. p. 3101titi4. Sole Proprietor, ;151 Federal. cor. K nee-land. and 1411 'Washington st.. opposite tie ( dud of the Holy Ciose. 1 FAYARD AND BLAYN PAPER. Sure Coro for Colds. Irritstions of the Chest. Faits, Ithettutat Oslo. Lumbago and Mums. Moos s, way with Warts and Corns. Look for our sig.. nature. For Salo by all detteteiste. LQ Exh,wstm vitality, Nervous Debility and Weaknomee Men. rendttnir from xnesapo, cured without Womack histones by the Marston V IC011 Bolus. Sealed beck sent tem Marston Slostiody Co..I.0 katk pl..'New TorL bUTIS To WEAK nEtimufferhse from thee& loots of youthful ore fors. saris decay. lost manhood. am. eri it eecd a valuable treatise (sealed') eoutruntor full oartioutart for home cure, fr., ad shants., Ad dram prom c. Ir0 VILER. Corm 41.S wy(Sua 015 CLOTHING. A TTENTION, IKVEll VI:IODICWe ere nL eel lin g overeoa a from :i op: pants front 01 up: c als And vettletroill SI no i we giturandee our goods ) to be slightly wog of Itodwl clikILOM 110tilliig; illSO a large & ot Leek of ites' clothing of olti dram!' iptions it1 t goods sold on . toms; clothing tiliquirsol. dyed. ,oeseed efid re Ire& tkouth tea vicitiang Atm. 17, to and gl tquvituut ae.; open evenings. 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SIMI '..e.,', I 11:43P.4-',E.: Tule:sr:1 t; 4 BE TOUE ----- ?deny men. from the imprudence. have broil weakness that has red' tam so much as to 1 other disease, and the trouble scarcely ever 1 are doctored for ever one. Notwithstanding remedies that medical tor the relief of this el et the ordinary modes cure. During our Intel Vial practice we bat, daddiscovered new am , sum The accom Ds ny in reed as a CertAlt a an . hundreds of cases in et restored to perfect bee tal other remedies toile Ionia be used A Es d moat prescription. - Er jerebebin,f draet I-felonies Dioica.e, Gelsemin, 8 grains Ext. Malaita amar Ext. leptandra. 21 Glycerine, q. I. aka re pills. 'bike 1 trer on going to bed. netossary for the pat bedtime. making the This remedy is adapted nervous denility and wo arid especially in those imprudence. The ret that restorative are trel cerntineed let ash td. debilitated, ir Otte of renewed life at AS we are constantly I atiltiry rwelgivwe totollaiplirsez remitting $1 a Deco containing ea pills. co Witt be sent by return i laboratory, or we will Which will cure most e Address or call Ott KEW ENGLAND ME ail WILEmc asi , jit. ''''. OHRE Or the Liquor Muhl by Administerit Golden 0 It can be given in a cup 0 knowledge of the person harmless, and will effect cure. whether the patient all alcoholic wreck. IL has of cases, and every insoanc lowed. It nerPr fails. The with the SpeeMe, it becom, for the liquor aplietite to eli gists. GEO. C. (OODWIN 36 and 38 lianover st., Boa OLD 1)11. IL treats men only, at 033 Tre stop swallowing mercury al botanic medicine; q 'tick at diseases; a physician who special practice. must advei where he may be found; n Dr. Lavoie& than any oth England; call and see for come tired of swallowini paste and ether injurious bugged by cheap doctors almighty dullar and not o DR. LAVOLAS a trial. 413; 4; evenings, 7 to 9; 8unda3 wamulted. . , , , . 44144,,t,,, f 311 , a' 1 '43 .. 01611ia4 "I ...",-f ' 1 vo 6 DAYS. ' .,, er to:. --; Inmates& woe le A ,,,I - - CUM Striatum '-', -...... fe , Ste only by the in 6,l- ,Itebt Ckemkal N. --... Otaelonsti. 1140 ..,.. 4 -. N , Ohio. ' Tra , , de issoloS nark , . - - M RS. WI1S FEMALE ItE Remove ell obstructions. F pounded by a druggist of do per paeltage; sent by mail. Cent stamp awl I will send tise on Female Functions tit ea 1sfactory information. I SON. Apotheoaly, 479 Br Muss. ' DR. HYN CELEBRATED BL Cowes Coughs, Colde. Brotm Cite 'I hroat and Lungs. t ;et P. 3101tRI A. Sole Proprimol land. and 1411 W saltingtoi dial of the Holy (ioss. FAYARD AND B Sure Cure for Col the Cheat. Paine. 1161 boa and Untrue. Warts and Corns. ) nature. For Sale by litz2IIT Exhatuted r am and Wealtne from 'melee. , Stomach Nal VICOR Bolus. Sea Marston Stemeds Co. To WEAK rail El manhood. etc. twill sena a postatatat full partioniall "horse. Address Prof.E. Cl- Fl - CLOTH -- A IrTENTION; RV) A-2, selling overcoa a from) c ais and vests I ro,a SI no i to be slightly wo or mul ,oal )1( Ism oe s sLs or 'des cloth apo.ts add on oe terms; it sod eau ired. tokaith in and 21 Plunitout 111; MN - - NiVitijz ca trersti c n tror!i Sharman ev . AUCTION ALIM Sy ClAIILES El DOAK SNOW. - Massachusetts Sale Stable, 35 Endiniatt at. - Regular auction sale. ATI:HMV. Jan. 7. at 10.30 o'clock, opening sale o 1os8d and sixteenth consectitist year of business at the Otti Ilassaelm. setup tables, We extend to ail a happy New year. arid hope the pleronnt gelatola ellsttng between buyer and seller will continue. We shall- open the season SatintlayWitti a ear of Ohio Norman draught bort$ ps the prominent feature, whith. ti or lob vices are correct. will create quite- it stir In cfreles using such borers; they will weigh from 1300 to 1700 stud or twit constritetion fts to anent belief in their durability and great power: we therefore ask cities. towns, lIFIIi MO raw,. rations to matte a minute of this sale we shall sell 23 Ponies of varied qualtnentions nod wetglite. eititable for gen. Pral use find driving; they will nil be warretited In good faith to every yer tintil Monday following a.) Of sale at 4 e'elnek. and if not striAly ss stiatt4 money WL1 be refunded. C. W. CLAP, Auctipiteer. lit Jab lly HENRI' $t 111A URN GU CO., International Excharige.191 to 107 Friend M., 32 to 88 Tiavers M. near Eitelthip it. Eastern. Lowell and 5la1nedepotskIlickoek Ai Prosser's old stand). -- On SATURDAY, Jan. 7. 189S. al 10.SO a. tn. sbarp, we shall hold a large end ettraetive sale of 3 esrlosds ot sat. y flue buries. In all (stead 00 bend, whielt we are assured by telegram from tbe shippers will be here on Saturday morning ineviolis to s le; these horses are deserteed by tIo huI1tt4i I iO I 0 an Imusually line kit Of builds, and general 'moment horses. adatned to street railroad, lumber and cosi teams. lupe:tens and bakers' 40010 quite good stenpeis and roadsters, all who are in Whitt of any each liaises as above aid do well to attend thie sale. as each and evety horse will porinively lie sold to the highest bidder wi'nout reserve, and warranted to be at teprcsented at sale cr. I llllll ev pimpled. anil trial given until Alcouday night, Jae. 10. 1688. Ut. jft4.1 By LEIVISJ. tilltDat CO., Auctiosers. 32 Bromfield at. - On SATURDAY.Jan. 7th, at 11.30 o'cloek, noodle. cary'S stock and fixtures front the tattle of Mr. John Sullivan, corner Tremont and Ileac:on streets, IA. moved to our salesroom. embracing ht Pall, I ptescription desk coin Imo; 2 stivest plated illioweases. beveled glass; 1 oval front pfited 01101,eaS0 with sIdtng Illere and top attachment, cost WO; niorters and pestles. cooper HIP:mire, druggists' glass lire; 200 labeled sbelt buttles and vontents, 'case dra wers( 100) ; 1 ease tire wero(20) ;12 graduao tug glasses and a host of other articles too mutter-cite l0 mention; sale positive. At 12.30 o'clock, snail library of foreign books, the property ot a pros et . sor tot belly of Harvard Cob lege. Our regular sale lit f oilman., carpets, stoves, betiding. etc., will commence at 0.30 o'clock. 21 3a11 By J. C. MCIIIA.UDSON. Combination sale stable, 190 Portland et. to 70 , Cariseway sr., opp. Lowell depot, Boston. Regular weekly auction sate. SATURDAY, Jan. 7. at 10.30 A. m. sharp. tour carlopili Indiana. Intimate Wisconsin mid Ohio heavy draught. express. tants. faintly, driving, honor reamed arid gelp.rui lmothoRg horses, varynig in weight front 10u0 to 1800 ihs, each; am'atii them are smite extra, good steppers end gentlemen's road horses pairs and single ; any otte wonting firmt-class, sound stoek. will do well to attend this stile each and eVery 'muse Will be sold to the highest adder itigardif ss to cost or value. Ind faitht ully tleseribed and warranted as reprerented at sale, or money set nailed; givPn un 11 31onday night, Jan. 9, ,b8. F. P. Auctioneer. le jab By L. FOSTER MOltalE, Auctioneer. Office, 56 1Varren at. Te1ep1one. ..1Zo. 4431. - Assignee's sale valuable lot of land for Improve. meat; linggies it., corner liampature, tient Tremont at., Gn WEDNESI)4Y, Jan. 11. at 8 o'clock !). in., oil the premises; the lot einiiiiins 6083 sq. ft. of Ismi with frontage of 186' It., thus iiiaiii it all available for building purposes docittion good tor an apartment house. stores or bosh, ess broperty; this beim: the It at piece of resl estate ilcoW Leirmffing to the e.tate of Samuel O. Snelling. the male will be, positive. with. not any reserve. to settle the estate; man to be seen at office ot auctioneer; $100 required at sale. rape to pass within 6 thus front dive of sale. Prr critter CHARLES r. eittEESCtill and CHARLES E. ItAYSION:D, Assignees in insolveney of Samuel Snelling. By 1llICHIS011118 aU CO, Auctioneers. e3 Court at. Established 1838. - ' Auctioneers, appraisers and real estate brokers; real estate at private sale; looney loaned on wort. logos; personal attention given to sales of furniture itt residence. gtoc,is of goods, or any description of persoma property. Ifichborn C0..83 Court at. e$u -VOIR ICAULE. at auction, Saturday. Jan. 14. 10 a. in.. 2 second-hand 231.ell for storage; stored by le.14.Went. worth of Lioston. C. SQ 1-AIRES, 67 Sudbury st. 1"1"liS2w J1i3 FURNITURE, ETC. MIME HOSTON LON CO. IIPS now on 1. band a great variety or household goods and furniture of all description that, they have taken on mortgages and offer for sale at very low prioeist their stock consists of parlor suites. chamber sets, dining-room and kitchen Innately tuanos. brgans, odd chairs, chiffoniers, sideboards: libre ry, table, desiks, cabinet. sofa and mantel beds. militia box, carpets, rugs. hall stands. couches, mirrors. pictures, clocks, silverware, plain and decorated dinner and tea set, extension tables, mattresses of all kinds, bed springs. draperies, ornaments, bric-tt-brac, etc.; we have on hand a few ranges end parlor stoves, both new and second-hanit, which we will sell at 60 per cent. less than auction pi ices: we are constantly receiving inottgeged goods which we offer or sale as soon as received. and Close who get the drat rind many rare bargains; open every day mei evening until ft o'clock. Storage warehouse of the Boston Loan Co., 74 Chester log. LDW. . CHAFFEE, Treasurer. riSu7t Ja3 C UT THISFor low prices visit WOODRUFri4 desk store. 73 Portland st. roll top. dot top and standing desks, chairs, oitice 'fixtures, et.. new or beeondtuul(1. Stitildt I) OLT, TOP D ESKS. ETC . for sale; low- lb. est manufacturers' prices. 1.71tion liesk Co., 104 Sudbury st. StiuTTlitt WO PARTIES having household furniture to dispose OL we will pay the blithest cash priest. W. T. RICE, 14 Chester sq. dSu let ju3 FOR SALE. Irk ICOP AM MEIL for sale; grinding tracbino, If small power puimiting press, Wadding LW., also U. S. patents.. Box 2294. lt 14-0Vo-i-Costumes tor anis. 65." Globs it 1101Alt11.0111 STOVIE for sale; price ird 9. l'orter mt. Ssus QECOND-IllAND ptirlor stoves, ranges. chain-tier sole, di at auction prices: cash or instal- nients. GAZZLI. 173 Blackstone st., opposite B. I.11. depot. - 3 t Jo S OVESSecondhanot variety; store. ;Ales, IP shoo, parlor stoves, open grates. It RONV N'S, 64 Union L. d4o4to js7 S TANDINC4 DENK for sole, three sides, with chest of drawers. 127 Washington et. situ Art WINO PAIR NOV and cage for saki at 8 Briggs pl.; call 11 to 2 only. its t Ili 0 IL CASES for sale. 105 Dorchester ay., 4.) South Bottoa. 1 to DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, ETC. A RE 1101.f, AWLUE that your old broken Li. jewelry, spoons, etc., can be sold for cash. you getting its full value stt LOOD st REYNOLDS'. 1 flight. 710 'fretuctus st.? - tiSit29t ja3 S 1 t 1'4(4 11.11; 118 t st:t7;c1.17;e11. w s ;flet Pet; for 20 years; bottom prices on any make or g titles send to list. H. S. TOWNSEND, 307 Hanover st. tiSu3ts jJ S . - 3 , IISItsPa 'Tiat! tellit?t In gr dieletritl'ollRwi .7 new and 1111 got-ds as represented. T. 11. TILDEN. tu Beath at. siSunt la7 DRESSMAKINC ' 110pOSTON 1)1t ESSCILYTTINEI SCHOOL IL . J 37 Wolter .Ire. rs. it A. STEARN:4; inniroved tailor inethol tot tit; patterns cut to order. tide JA ibiEfil wanted to learn my perfect-fitting eye. J tem of dresscutting, k'rench bias; latest e yle caught with system, ilk 10; patterns cut. Niro. It. A. 1NNVOO1t, 31 Winter it., room 3. dSmits ja7 1;ADIEftt-acadeliiy for dress and garment Wig, lessons daily, froin 9 a. in. to 5 p. In.; dress-maker's novelties for sale; seed for circular. E. E.. principal. 25 1Vinter it., rams 20. dSu3t J.16 MUCIM - ANJO and stn., daneing taught. P5, PM $15. 110 NV. E. DAWN', 89 Court at.; open evenings. d8uato ja7 CI- HUN'S'. teacher of Auto, piccolo and b8u Co clarinet. 8 Garland mt. JC. NW 11.0 banjo inst ructor and 'Wood. 333 Tremont at.; send for circular. Mite '71oLIN lNT1tLTCTIO Si given de y and 1' evening; send for card. J.1111-1,, 20 Warren.. ton st. tiSuSts ja5 DRAMATIC. T ADIES AND DENTEEMENWante41. ILA amateurs in any branch of the a altnu.nt totalne.ta to call and leave their tiatiolt for city and out of town engegenienui; want A few for text Monday night. 73 Cumin II, room 0. It. rANE Immediately, good chores VOIAPA tOT TD opers; sillio a good basso for a Ina mitml cou,edy outouny. liOilt011 Allit Ihtlaeln loUrenit Mward RI., Itoaton. hen,' --J-- 0 A y SEWING MACHINES. IVENV "EWING MACIIINElit of nearly 11 every ftrot-elasettotke tog ,:to cosh or f35 otentP itt the hew htt; uiacIdne butatt r. 25 At'inter st, room 3. over 0,Ma miler. 0; Mkt OIN44Eia. MEWING, MALCHINCOt 65 to 00 12; ilitrytrti. Bold lib, helpmate. siesrp, ..ew. 0 25; needle,. attaelitile,tfat maeltint to Irti imeetal latet;tiott to ropathmg. C( 01.N, 1t7 IVatilliuzton d4titito jog INFORMATION WANTED. oic (). a tilt A rtirnyed trom big 11. home Jan. 2. 18; 6 U. 0 In. in height; gray hair and gav willakets; welght ma.; uny to.litittion of his v. herpahuitis will I a thankliiiiv re. ceived by Ina fauiily. bad Yin' at., Lawrinitm Masa. IN FiaithiA 71-6-N ea.t1; if Hayford will commun.:Ate with P. O. box 2420 he will confer a favor anti icurea ailvantaus for blamed. 0Suo - COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. rvis IR COPARTNERSHIP of If. M. Web. mistwon & Co. ta lids day diasoteed by lintatual o,tisent. and that boat:teas will be e,..otoidisit by II. m. itlebardlion. under the old nt it, mum. of 11. N1,, mop. aribton a. Co.. at 241 Cambridge at., Boat al. to will pay all the debts of the said b sinPve and who autitorinqi to reeeive all woueva dile the amid concern. 11LN ItY BIGUS, 1L M. it IC11.4 HDtSitN. Root bee. SO. 1687. at ja.4.1 INSTRUCTION. LOC T1ON. &Mutate action, y.motouoine Wight ky ita expos-kneed tiet refs. 15 blid.iimmea lit.,atute 4. daunt,' jm3 l s at,1 titiutATI litztlirtl onit,011: t 10 er7k;!: ow Waiddligton. otr. boytatou et.; d y itud biits WINES, LIQUORS, ETC. le GE V. TIEN ISTC1111.-142 Sqlomititot;s. icoepo coonoway on hood oztra lino vista, oLoo, winogoy non runt i X. E. Mal. 11.4t); y bourbon, I I AO: all goods warrant" ',ease call anti axamLia. tiS Will (-30. E' fent S PROPOSALS. irtrry car notrrtiy-N.ti,o to eni)trat.mee. Set, yro-(ciie wILI r-tvi,1 Kt the ,ttee of nut leocrootewielst, of 4,144441, evy WU, Itote..n mt. til ikon) tpiy.,)?It. 7. 3 otboi. t 11t osi.. ott ht. j 'tom. pinee Ito V Wilt telb 141,6114.h, towhi.1 4141 'trading Ildit b4 tVI ot 4 4,1111i.otiVP.itilo ay., foto ...I? 31tiatiatlit,setts ttio.) tying bet NV?rt,ti mud V $1,hr. Ovation iota.. in I$i. it, t. kit, Ip Ow mots thereof sa the atiperint,totent of inn Wok a.oal rewore. Pt.v(0404 WM ithina the toteor Per claim, ord. tote ured Q putAlp Ih the b3t,14, the CO V Oil t'Vt. or, 1,4 (to onl loot b tow the to toii fo ki 11,40 two teriati.ock Ite1mic.1oeA' I d n m4eit, the hoes ur the propoke.t rototwory (1'Z. 'Seel wide lit the ',reel, grade). wilt tha he ...attire atootoi, 1 he etottrao,w wdi I.. reoldred l, itetatinIe itte t.eit t ono the other Inmate 01. to Wolk I Is. ek eaee,litta 60 tatmula W44114 Anti to deliver nil Mr Itutleri.41 MI 111 it f,01:04 on 4 t eeeeeee pont' ? e.. hr I woeit t weld outwit at. tind Harvard ma lV lalterstibtottent at,00tta null front ittiot itP I iiiI direct. I Pt.. wm pro,eIlitt te row of out ie., then 100 ewe,- yields per dove. 't he stove ,if 601,1r wilt be re1111.e,1 g ive st.t.ond Oh urette4 atutirodory 14J 4110 lot the tottlifill oerformanee ot It e work. I une41,11, Milo tj RIVno'i by the tedder tind notrdilltIIIIIed by a bond of ta IINHI, otte tinting-yid thiiimte, fur the eleentiou of the te,ntreet, or by el, properly eertilied cheek ftr 4311114 IS tots IOW 04 41i0 4113 of Weston. lie tight is teaerve4 $O loos or ft14 btte. 1tt.r4V4M111 I. 11,4 RtfolrfImeI It, JvtI W. MO. nupermielolviit ot "if at Pia . IJIrlit EA 11( 1110111A serm PM. Atm me ital 10614,11 NiftAll 1144 19. 1114$7. t416101 01.,14,4itill iti be reeetved lit this oilier, sintit liouts ,t lOtti Itav Jansialy. 1)1404. lot 6111,1,1Yllkid I Ok !Mere, mitovi Is oer4.O4 141114Velli4W01114 rrt.'e4, ite of 'too lharinft 11,4411401 1441Vio.- ilmtups N1,1.01. ..,01..dub.4 and further itiloiloution tuny he ol,Initted trIon ',two' ion pi the 11,a tiVhi a 104,01'44,1 tu 441,1ave Int or wailltii Mitt relt4,4 Istly or ail pr pottals. H. V AI knrgeom is 4,141.1 anTrtoptak MEDICAL A HXJMI( 1O ILA 11011--Mts, I,r, t,t qt. is IPON1424 I remota at,, ot iteatina female complaitila tometali ;1 others, bell4 war, vititileell &tail isi w;t!, 1 tial. Pk. and Nino. 4,0itt HY. 14 the inilaeat totnialatimil sue. cialkto i, imaton, lattice win. ate sick ii , ri iumido aimuld conionit one of Mein I,.f here, gild be gotilimid 44 hoeiptit odino-1.1 ; Mums litho lalm been tinonoceinifolly twitted lio other an,. tor espeetallo invited; board atid toultia ktiontibu dining cunlinentent, atteice flee anis ei,htoleititHi. Stotalt Jul - . A I RN. IP It. DS' PkilliN ham ho te,lnoesa j. I i. .1kb Tre ,,,,, lii at.. wtiefe van he ,,h. tilted day tit evening; yeurat taitiii,o. HI tiooMn anci avoid I II I 111.1.1orttre W110 efo,y tt name and itticerthienicias U. over Ivo into, and whge only medical kin.witda to ut,c.l by expotri ',ranting upon a levy delmied piiiiento; !swims wii4 fitiOtt 'wan awindied in WA why not despair until tt!tif tin e seen !laic in .1 iii3O11,01 IN, wild hag nd eqii.,1 in Ittely arid tftilekly V117'11114 compininto; Imam' and nittalia in confinement; eon. imitation flee aud ronntletillist 011100 netglabo, flee bona tonics. 221O 'I IP1111 if It at. i lissngwo AI Al RELIED and lotragle ladies requittoog the ger 111 vices of a skilful h hould commit !Pr. 43. II. II A L1,. 110 !toward st., near itercre lionise. whose methods of treating unmade of the 101140 111f, 110L14 Weakfilly iiiI surgicallY, are Superior to all other toting ieniedies that aro smut:Ave in effect. but !Artistes' in resoilt, without Prostration; home eoinforts for pattents while under the doetor's rare; Iowa lion fres to am toilers: open day and evening. 111,01Wif loill3 A 6K litot'it Utatil P41' Volt 461 M11.1 Aiory's 11orheum; add alitivhoo patio ill menstruations and Kindred t tantIiiints iii LO toiLlici ; :lever failed its 40 years. ti LO. C. I osub I N Coo., General A gent ts. 14,0 and li14 ilanover at. 1sSloto jab ----- 111111VAUE1"6 FEMALE BIEGULA IR-A safe and reliable remedy, nolo agents, r. T. ClirliCit CO., tor. Court and !toward its. 11.50 per bottle. 004 T .6 DI EN' YMICIANMte. lir. Thump-son. 7 Tremont row; the alcit or Hi troutatt tu relief: board and no in confinement; ladies will avoid frauds by having eurrect address; term... dies Sent by mail; consult:Won tree. StiNi'llist!itJat Coon MA MAItITAN will cure In it few inyri weakness of the Wile) s arid bladder, Scald intt. burning miscue anti sellittient lit liter goat all mileages or the urinary organs; litiee $1. Lori rEttliN, tf45 Washington et. tit ja7 1.) Li; ic" avratala, awl all chrouhttlistelutes. Office hoard I rout 9 a. in. to IS p. in., Zit Chatnian et. 7to jaff - - D R. cAlurEivm 1,1111'11,11; Flail A pills never tad. is eitiont et.. t.1,9 wills et. 14 not; I t JA 1 - I) IC. I tomiltV eni3IMIel; tit 14 A t ;w; rsi effectual when ail pills tail. 31 retwnit it. 0. jati Ili NV A. TO W 27,10114 it., nuigual. 1.. ism, wind, massage and compound ON YMP fl dstitt je5 111.1 1)0. I iltt;; t vistiatit 31.3gri4vealuirt.rIg 01:11 ven:y"r"AeruL71116,1e7r 71171r4 row. Stiol14ts jet tme phyla: 3Lisau.1; Liclelet oititvivie,i 228 Tremont it. . ttSivittL di 4 MACHINERY. VIVIAINEM-2. 4.0o S. 10 horso-power 'Penni!. 1'4 Iwt id boxier pillow in Prat-class miler., fur side cheap; most be sold Ht UAW.; send Itar p c s. to F. lioLr. 77 Ilaverbill it. jit7 ruiivE MALL AltrollATIC 11 has no swwriors ; it is self dup. able and eeononsival In foci. absoltindy pert set In regidatton; send tor catalogues. kt. I.. 11.4AT CO..67 SuLitout y $t. 14T1litt anti IV AN TE machines; in be Y in gots' condition MO earitilto or doing emu.. rate wo k; 0 machine lathes. 1 sowed Isilie, 8 tit.. right drills. 1 4-spindle drill. 2 or 3 planirs. 2 null. nig niaeliines. 1 p in le mephitic: ç'i ii i Iliti ntaker.vriee, condition IlDit rartienlars of machine. tilos of work WI whigh nrelonsly used, nil t want where they cau be cattillined. T. UU," Wow, who. UP, jaci CLAIRVOYANTS. TTENTIONLIZZIE PlW ELLS ranee, (lair tl vovant, giv( names. tells mod. pipmmt. ?Morel medical exult) lila ions. 7 Tiettiont row, wont b. A IVONDElt TO ALL.-SAI)11: JittlINSON, rk, clairvoyant; telis all ittri41111 totivillesa. 'illuse pcosperity; magnetic troatmetst. 14 Hanover it. A NOIL LI N El magnetic phvai(nta; baths; hours SI. Ili 10 b 14 1 ;mover it., intim O. A NII II1t4uUN. tnittiotim tre3thiptit. 3 tA, ckrvcr it.. near P. dettot, lit floor, lower bell. A ItÀ HAN 11) A Li. camomile physician. &OA Beach st..11VC011(1 Might. I runt,. A 11.711 HUN NELL., 17 Moue el.. titlyetelan; eivee blobs and truatmelitee i A Wit M cistirvoynnt; innictIPtio treat.. meta. 1141) Court St., Sti lIit. tooto 7; el to to. -- - - A 'AIN- IF es Pt ISO. trentineut suet bathe. 30 common lit., off 1 remota mt. ,,---- A M It TEM PILE end mosistnut. wpm. iL end m-lipletie treatments; 1 flight up. A NS El WILDER mid ADDIL; 4k chili voyants, 112 lAoiex It. A DA Cf..EVELAND and -NINA. uLairvap tt ants. 12 Harvard at. A GIVEN WJtIiE. nutguette 17 tioLW se.: hour 8 to 9. A LIAR 71101IN DIKE,. nownetie plivelotan. 8157 WasinnpAort et., r4-oitio 2 and 8. A 1)DI11- WAIIIIEN. clairvoyant, removed ,t1t. to 34 Eliot st.; Aeatment anil totths. --- A 1201.71fl. test, businese medium, curd row': er; holy, 211c.: gent, b0c. 22 W Int er st., room 1st, treatment and . li8 4 1 r" B ATII PA KI,Olt--IS Shawnitit NE, r Park sq., suite 1; plain vapor, mai:mote, sage treatment. Miss lioLLIS anti Ni lad a..)W ------.--.. B ATIIA-Mnts CA I waon s:ly 3133 Washington $t. ---- T) ATI( IttilfrOt11. 19,1 Eliot st.; 1,) mews. W ititill 1'; a,,a.stant. ' B E ALI) EN. elairvo' treatments. 113 kALOI it. TIERTIE 1,Eleidir. 4001'4 11 physician anti Int! hat &liana, no ELL AMEN. clairvoya Green at. DERTItA 21()ItItt Li ants; bathe. 400 'Ire Dquay scoTT. el baths. 20 Dover it r- - 't A lislY FIELD 11 went. massage. TPTTA PA I.M E 124 Washiogion at., ra, T,17.-601-S EGI LI 20 Dover it. 111.41411141181 DUI .1; VELE, massage tr . 17 A C lidiN and .112 tor TliPlailliii.11111 I E-E Essex at.; (111ACE GEO ILA son sit. ENVIE Newt UP near klarvaret. TENNIE t baths. SO Conativt, - T ILLIE tdvotolvre4 chiir. Kneelunti it.. 1 MOIL trout. BR. VALUED. grt tluctur, Lim Just returned Iv I. mich pl. a I I I 4.114 ItDIVE. eliect 11,44 1 .1-1. Natortoid li e 311PN Ino-tialtAlbI r I 404 A I and 41 P.1 4 1 k. Istir OYM,A4o. 111 Witetrier itt.; WI' 1,44941yr:int ay. 4 liliT11-4-'rr7silitie.nts anti Atli trona 3I 1 tit v.6 t330 1 remount 31V.Ii!:Entr,1:;,,,t.b7;;T',"0 "rulluent' I . ItT 114M ILLA WHITE. M4111111. sob Penton at.. butte 7. , 31 1141;1 ittik,S 1.110A. clairvoyant. , 1i itrattle sq.a .0.1 hours, 0 to tit 111.1 INS ENC II. etaire"tnnt; 41 Ide Assiut ILI treattneut Mlil bat 1i 2 rikii, lettni LOTT I I'VE. re movs4 so epeeOA. Tremont of ; boors, 11 a. tn. to jo.nt. f 4.1r S. room G. 1 111 Court et.; b to to. , It I am 8L4IE. clairvoyaut, ILO Cotg .01 1.04,111 0; UIoP. 1 10118 Ilt tOti 11:11-11111 mut NINA. noir' lista; 4311. dru. firtPtiton 61.. "wit up LA It06114 elltitruyttut mutt .11 it 3 4 pt. - 3 it : 11114bWIIP1 cora mit,1, 181 31I etli lnunt,s't mitts 8; gents i3O1 wiles V8. -- )11.1b1E.24)11:r li i E. cdrvo) Ant. 382 Castle mt.. -- 31E. OITA It It prt,i M I r. tuellitetto mut tAttiis; 744 I Imeatt.t ot., V anti Vii.1L4. TADAME at' SIO. beer. be? Womili,,Lrfoo .111 lit., tuvoi 7,, itotown. QtatE l FA U r I,L. blartiette PIO eid4P....w.. N.? ,0.6.16 emiA eat eL, ,..stol Ma ter Will lito - isrtollell lt( MI:W.44)n' tou ?hit M aryl forma nce lot 11,Il Willlt I r,ric,11,010 the Odder Wit acOttpattird by a liontoiltot Iodide, conditioned of oho whit-Hot, or by a, properly he ardor nod pot-elde to the ells )It is reeerYr. to releet ells or 414 1111ir.owd t. JvIIN tt Mot temictit "I "it St iit it' it E loA It'f Esr. , 1",,a1 I.St Montle., J. 1114$7. Sraltit ft III tither Plait tiOuti tt Web V tit 6,11'141;lit 1610Vt hi, liftir'tql, tot ttir its li.e chi. tit Mouton, Matto. tkeinoitil,11 may lie olitaitied it 'mt. tilt. 14.1.11i:titd. 1 a rekerre,1 mit 1.1 riect any or ail pro. k I I , itargisai its tido Re. 31, MEDICAL 'ro ILA DI 1101Nfte, lit, ,t edit looll.roved 'rookie .mm11114106 a 11. ote hist ;1 armless ale alma:died...mai. Rt. wit the ',mood rotaidistot.i ape. Wilk,' who ate sick oho Ir Ir....Ia e, lie of MOM 1,ofi,re oirtd tV .0eptit 11,tooso-ho lb.". Illoceogl iq oilier tett; board shit s. I t I i. ttetititia t, advice Lee min itiroirlitial. Stodilt Oat Pk N ham rit.i reinocv nold Toileolt 14,,441. :11,) yraret mitMit, Memo ly Immo IliJi.5rS who et...y tier mehto tit over iv the tolltlic, and ti knowitOtie a stncil ity ea' delude. pitilento; bunco wii,) ats why lloold not dlespalp 111 ii. 1 11tOl1ts4 iN, who hog and quickly entitle all Mitotic Intl nursing in ...our tirmeid; eon, round...mod otilce lit resinclaid4 titan loale.e. 2214 tremolo, et. NI I intsn2ws 1,42 rot single ladies requirdig the oer ul pitytuelan should commit tr. 43. ,rd st., near Revere ilotiott. whole atiniattli of t1,e tomato Ian, bott4 lftliv, are Superior to all other Oro poultice in Wort,. but Mints- out rution home comforts for r tlic'ol ram; ',Wit liont tismi My told Tlit,..11Wit I ell' 1011 slot NIS- IiI: Wlil ItiloVi3le pot Pio tit turntoluolitints iislitutt I; ream. t.robl I & it., t and 314 ilanover et, ilisfilto jab ----- " OS FENIALE IIESSELA oilit reliable remedy, nolo tiventot ,;0., tor. Court and !toward st,s. 'llossittlit apt 4 Ylate 1 )111SMrs. fir. Thump- 6 row; the sick or lit troutile surto id litirsing in confinement; ladies lutvinkr corre.,1 address; tent... ;:ensuititiou free. 81011 itS2a-1itt TA1ITAN will cure In st of the Wile and Itittililer, !miens anti scillitient la liter and, he iirintiry organs; prier $1. Lir' iinizton et. to 114 ItESINiakilig for Ills spot-bill; ot constimutiou, cencermirt eyes, thisriows. 031e0 hour. trots Zit Charman it, 7to jad ITEM-- A EA I. 2112 "remora it.. torn twins at. PtudZill Pt I E H ATE D IVESI A ILE t fail; always sure; warranie.1 pills tall. 37 1 reword sr. (1, 1,42 0 W NE.10114 Wasb. it., magma. ssage and compound osyscn. tistitt Ja5 Clore DON. 223 Trominit it-.. .isbed Idlylifilti It! Boeing; dS11313 41:11. PoONFtmittle rellictio. 3 otJuoney ref untiod. 7 itia.i . titis114t. jut iiii;M pow --Lotitims, I' successful plate:We; folvie.) tree. . rtSii410. rite ACHINERY 4. 0, 9. 10 botvo.power 'Penni!. - ogitire, III first-elan5 order, tor sale It at thie0; send tor p to s. t.. 3 it. dm Ott) 11,7 AE1'411011 A TIC EN(al t; It to $011.4.4)11ttlisit41, IA tit Net. and absolutely iteriect tor calM.4,01es. S. L. 114AT 14T thIf anti Pentl-liallit machines; inust Jon nod culpable or doing emit. het lathes. I lowed lathe, 3 itm alle drill. 2 or 3 2 nullp ul tot pigelittillt 1141C19 Iiiillsoi rartienlare of lutecium.., cinch preNionsly Heed nil I Wale vutligued. "r. ...lobe odic'. 1itti kIRVOYANTS - , rLIZZIE NEW13.1,,tranoerlair. lames. tolls moat. prmmt, ?morel O ne. 7 Tiettiotit row, wow TO AideSAME JttliNsioN, sits all bpiintim. fuittUe , IC troatmeist. 16 Hanover it, magnetic physioisu; baths; boon " inover et.. intim O. tut ss. magnolia treattitent. 2 r P. depot, lit floor, lowor bell. I I.E. lid flight, Irtitit.. ;LI.. 17 Mona at.. magnetic itti baths and troutinefite. ',, clairvoyant; mainietic treats Art St.. 34 night. roont 7 9 to, 10 , - r.lo EN th !mowing, treatment awl ot., off lreniont mt. ILE and assistant. visit yoyaul reatinents; I night tip. .11SEIC. iutt ADDIL 1()E'N11, 2 Cowes st. :LAND and NINA. istatrvoy: il it. Is ESC, magnetic physician., 17 - e 9 to 9. RN DIKE. magnetic phsielatt. It it., r.tafts 2 and 8 it It EN. clairvoyant, removed Aeatitient and baths. fit, businese ontsilittn, card read: gent, Nee. 22 WInterst., room V. It. ttiagnctio treatment and tont row, room S. 1,01t-5 Slummed it.. r I; plain, vapor, macitelle. I, Lii 114.)L1.13 and Ni Ise 1.0W. rA PLELL, wagnetle In it. :714. 19,1 Eliot fit.1 Itit)111'; st..cstant. lo N elairyo- - La Limit et. iecor etto l't Clair voya III it0 'Ire T. el cr it IE r,, UI IT tr, 1- it nem 0 taltr4 club'', Maid. trout. , & LK E Fl. cry st returned to I. , electrician, hotel 1 ..1 WILSON. eibilf t4-41E j 41 -

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