The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on October 4, 1905 · 6
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 6

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1905
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THE BOSTON GTU15E WKDNKSUA Y. UVVOBKE 4. 105. The Globe LATEST 7:30 O'CLOCK waiting process it has Rone through. Is of $7,600,000 for additional locomotives In a position to make larger returns to I and cars STOCK ! its stockholders in the coming few- years than though it had erected a first-class plant and had begun the production of or- and the payment of dividends three years ago. "1. That while the United States Mining company Is enthusiastic and rightly so over its Mammoth property, the White Knob over Its Balakalala. and the Oeneral Electric company over Its 1 Bully Hill, our property has better ore deposits and Is so much more extensive that I am convinced of the soundness of your management s judgment wnen It refused to purchase all or any of the three when It had tnem unaer op-uun Sii Thomas Shaughnessy said that the gross traffic receipts were $50,000,000 for the year Just closed, and predicted that they would exceed this sum by a considerable amount during the current year. MARKET Prices Grew Bit Heavy. Hey ffere Strong in Early Dealings. Sigar, AialiaiaM smiiig id in Snail Reactions la Local Coppers. the air nrartlrfll nnllnn "f. I am more confirmed than ever of th wisdom and foresight of the past actions of vour management. I have k r, mMMukI In the nubile prints be cause of the 3lngle-man management of ih THnllv rnmranv and It has been t said that my metnoas or sswwjm susceptible to the same oojecuons iuiu publicly urged against the management of other companies. To this criticism I answer. "I publicly and in the most open mai-nor fmm the twartnnlne of the Trinity onipany. warned everyone o keep out of It unless- saiisneo i ' .. .il . f ho waf Interests or ine propri i , n i mfllr It a one-man mi.i agrment. I pledged myself 1 would not n.n it tnr ainrk market purposes .ltd that I would be responsible for Its su-'-ct-sji or Its failure, and. In reaffirming this. I now make mis oner io uw wv "If at any time the holders of one snare over a majority of the stoca outstanding, other than that held by myself and my Immediate friends, nuke the request that I turn the management over to others they may select. I will do so. and give to them the proxies upon every share owned by myself and my immediate friends." Montana Tonepah Mining Co. The fiscal year of the Montana- Ton-ops h Mining Co ended Sept 12. The pamphlet report contains the following statement of the financial condition of the company as of that date: Km TOFTS on- t i. WD1.MG Ttaaaav few TMI cat eats ; IDS 1.3"U Tcal. t.Rl KHRMKNT Opera t lac "i 4i-.5v; 21 .SOS 12,873 rst laaarraat eMa sad rsrsester a) efP"; start, tfsveilsg essssse and nUrt . T 1 1 WPMff Pataaee Irask a rsositl J? The company Is capitalised for $i.W0 -dUided Into L0mM shares of the par value of SI each; share are still held to the treasury, however, and the credit item of SIMM reoresents dividends at the rait of 10 percent re-reived on this stock. During the year me company tiupim re vaiut-u si vvi per -r..r:ioi. rs i lltne Hint! the froat. , . Out It Mom Slaw t T m f. ! J - Trinity Copper Co r-unm at lbs -fwttr!T Nw JVr-if . -a; Msa far Sat fa Innt rtf nrr I The cost of Ion and exlrac- as tmng In the ttan was 15 per ton: hence the net but It arew heavier ! value of the ore shipped was SS0.03 per i w- ., ton or . , i prices r on. mil i Tlie company completed a3 fee, oi l large, as a rule. ; development work during the year, malt-as it u called, did f ing iron feet of underground workings g and s tats flurry ! tn nUne. It to estimated that the u at ih. L. eom-ny has 0. tons of Mgli ' 1 rm,r shipping ores In sight, to say nothing ht on the reaction af ,hr milling ore, whose value depend nt do msirh In the I on local conditions. of the industrials 1 The report adds that the hrn ,,. ..a, ' beer showing net earnings of Ili.tfo ma emu mna. wtin . quarter since March. wh-n it was n two points, was ftrd from debt. As only 81.jJ0 Is re-gar and a ma lap- ! ,,ulred to nay 10 percent dividends on The Steels were I the stork outstanding, there wjulti rc-r slid off later with main a surplus, of Cl.Sc per quarter. rs were somewhat Dividends Declared. " ",-,r iZtl'Ji The Atchison. Topeka A Santa Fe , nvrh "psTt ln uie Railway Co has declared the regular cry actlte an! ' semiannual dividend of 2 percent on the enmmon stock, payable Dec 1. Book-close Nov 9 and reopen Dec 2. The Assoc! ited Merchants Co has de- .tarHi t lariilar oiirterlv dividend rs in which , of l percent and sn additional of of per fteiige. j perr-en, tn. nrst preferred stock. . r-, hr regular quarterly aiviaena ot m ilea t op- percent and an extra of 1 percent on ml- f tiie second preferred stock, all payable of the. fr, 15, Books close Oct and reopen i!n If Oct 1. ten tin- , Tlie H B ciaflln Co lias declared the n. sugar I fgr quarterl dividend of 1U percent I an the- first nreferred stock and 1V4 tier- I cent on the second inferred and also I an extra dividend of of 1 percent on both the first and second preferred. The 1 dividends are payable Oct 14. The New England Cotton Tmi Co has I declared a dividend oi i.a per sn.irc on i thr preferred atoclc. payable Nov 1 to stock of record Oct '.. Amoskeag Meeting. At the annual stockholders' meeting of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Co today the retiring directors were reelected with the exception that Frank P. Carpenter of Manchester, who was elected to succeed O. Byron Chandler, deceased. The following comparative statement for the year, ended June 10. was sub-milted: IBt-. 104 lena iT r . . mt.isi. Tn las.on.sss i.0Tftar3 Pma) lap .. l.M.riT l.3a.T73 1.70S.4K? Sale, rds . Itl.sdl.sai UI.WOt.3M 13a.S3t.S43 Sale bags - 3.2l.eaz I.U2S.ZT3 Z.OB3.01 sik tm M r Slk aa M.(s 74 SaS.lB Hf fat sale S 44.Za SSHS.383 the Trtnitv ron- et ft" SM.asw 4X3.134 i . . Ut dl. . QO.iaW aoo.000 i lavMi. prei- Rlfr- l.OOO.OOO 'ipenoitures for -,-i.K SMsa 1 were At the. Qsfeh rap and Foreign Exchange. Allouez and Centennial. Pres Kay of the Allouez and Centennial companies has just returned from a visit to the lake. He la very enthu-ahout these properties, especial ly Allouez. ne saio: The results at the Allouez to date have certainly exceeded my greatest expectations, and as we are making absolutely no selection of rock, either above or below ground, our mill results are almost phenomenal. "It will be recalled that our stock pile, at Allouex is what first excited the iJiko people, who saw with their own eyes the quality of the rock which was being hoisted in the process of opening up the mine; but our September results, which showed a mineral yield of 46.6 pounds per ton. Included a very much smaller tonnage of rock from the stockpile than was the case in August, when the mineral yield was 41.6; In other words the Improvement of five pounds per ton .in September figures was the result of an Increased amount of rock sent from the present mine openings. "'We have, as yet. such a limited amount of drifts and levels tributary to No. 1 shaft that we are. by necessity. obllaed to send everything to the mill. as we are not yet' doing any stoping. and the rock now being milled is that nroKen down in th- process or i-xl'n i- Ing our levels and sinking the shaft. The 4th level, which Is the deepest level from wntch we are now takinc rock, is richer than those above, and is the finest looking amygdaloid rock that I have ever seen at Lake superior. When It is remembered that we :irc worklns the KearsHree formation at a deptn or over 2UW reet on tnc plane o: the lode. It will be seen that Allouez will not be obliged to pass through that long stretch of poor ground which has been encountered td date in all the Kearsarge mines somewhere between the 500 and 1600-foot levels. During th j month of August we made over $20,000 in excess or our expenses, lr we cat keen this showing up indefinitely, all consideration of an assessment is enmi Hated. "No. 2 shaft to down 60 feet in the sand, and we are in apparently entire control of the water. It will take two rs at least, however, before this shaft reaches the lode and Is In Dost tloti to be any considerable xactor in Allouex production. "In September we stamped iO tnns of rocs, working one snirt at tne ten tennial mill, and by Jan 1 I hope to In crease the tonnage to 10,000 tons per day. Vf. wm at lh tan HliU will be devoted to opening up the mine, and intend to mane ail otner questions subsidiary to this one. "At the Centennial, the mine is look ing extremely well. and. In fact, better than I have ever seen It. We are sloping a little, but are directing our worK mainly to creating reserves, we are a little more than paying our way and if we can do this while opening up the mine. I shall be satisned. "Our 24th. 26th. 26th and 27th levels north, are all In excellent ground, and the 22d to the 26th levels, south, are all tn splendid looking rock. In fact. Centennial to Improving at depth." Lake Superior Corporation. NEW YORK. Oct 4 The annual report of the Lake Superior corporation for the year ended June 30. contains the following financial statement: Interest ot. Inrestment and security. .fM3.45.'i Mla-rllaneaus net interest -TA"4 Total Income 58.",53i tV-uii-Hui from IrI rotse bonds outstanding 402.170 Balsoee 133.3H4 lieneral espenfc. taxes, etc UH.."02 Surplus 34.802 The production for the year was: On band Production June 30. '03 ton ton aog.sso ott.m 6S.23B 0.61H ftS.22 11.22 37.817 2,347 Bon Maine. .170 170 179 179 ral.tlle.-ia Mln.670 e70 070 668 68,r 'Centennial Mln 2(V 29a 28 374 2!V PlMiHsMmi Mill .39 .60 .57 .58 .57 Cop Kangr Jlin. 7?.4 73?g 72 72 73Vg riling TSltT 121 121 121 12T 121 Daly-Weat Mln. I414 15 1414 14 lVs I N Y..N" H H. 208, 209 208V, 207',, 207 Vi S y.OA Wea:. Br, fire Pic l.-on .. trel ralla round wood pulp l-ntnUer rfalcs. Scrap etc.. $233,147 4.817 Slnee sold. Alfred P. Boiler was elected a director to succeed G. B. Terrell. The other directors were reelected. Hudson River Electric Power Co. The report of the Hudson River Electric Power Co for the month' of August and the eight months ended Aug 31 compares as follows: lOOft 1004 Increase Asa rrr.- .-am 17.;. .-.42 59.87 16.6SB rtper ex 34.363 24.018 10.345 Do m Coal Mln.. 80 80 70 Dom lr Steel. 23Va 23Va 23V 23 SSVfc Edison El 111. .. 262 252 252 260 250 Klin HiTfr Mln . 3 3V' 3 V, 31-g Fltchhurn pr. . . 142 142 142 .. 142 Franklin Mm. . 174 1 74 1V4 10L4 t7'a Cm EMetrte. . . 182 182 182 17ltVi 181 Granny Mln. . . . 77,4 8 "7g 7.i 74 CirnwConMln. 2GV4 2fl's 26 25' 28i,i Guanajuato Min 5 5L, 5 I 614 Itlc Hoj-aleMln. 23 23i4 1:24 2214 234 Mum Electric. . 14 141,4 14 14 13 Maa Klectrlc pr 68 58 68 67 C8V4 MaaaCaa 60V4 BOVfc 60 60 6O14 MaasG&a pr.. . . 88 88V4 88 874 874 M( Mln 10 V4 10Va 4 10 10Vk Mayflowsr Min. 11 I14 1 11 1 Michigan Min. . 15'4 164 1414 14U, 154 Mohawk Mln. . . 694 60 5s 67Vi 694 Mont C.tC Mm. 4 4 3"4 V 3 N E Te.lATel. ..187 1374 137 1S7 137 .VT,NH4 H. .2001, SOOVa 20914 203 308 No Butte Mln... 67V4 68 55 65V 67 Northern (SH). 164 164 164 Old Colony Mln. 2V4 24 SV4 24 Ud Colony Bit . 2O814 20914 2081.4 208 208 Old Uomln Mln. 27 27V 27 264 274 Oaceola Mln. . . . 109 IO9V4 108 107 I08V4 Parrot Min ... . 2714 274 2914 27 27 Phoenix Mln. . . IVa 1 , lVs 1 1 PTillmanCo 26 255,, 235 266 26B QulncyMln 107 IO714 107 108 107 Rhode Ial'd Mln. 74 74 7 74 74 Banla FeMin. . . 24 2 a 34 2V 'j . , Heattle Electric 68 63 88 63 60 Seattle Elec pr. 89 99 99 08 98 Shannon Min.. 8 g i, 814 : , 84 66 Vn t4 54 65 SorJolk ,t Wt sSfi 8Vt s-4 85Va 8B OAinerlcart . . 93 98 9S 98 9814 I Sorth-nPartac.Sili an 209V 210 211 I Pacific Coast. . ,1044 104:4 1044 I04V4 104V4 I j PacJBcMail 464 46 46Va 46 4614 ! PennylTaala...t44Tg 145 1484 1484 1444 People'. Gat. . .104 104 104 10314 104 4 Pre,iedSteal... 4814 4(l,a 40:, 45V. 4Bii' Preed8teel pr. 9114 9714 964 9314 i4 Pnllman Car. . .3654 266 258 263 'J55 Reading 1 2414 1344 132Vi 1334 1234 !MMiluyiasr. w 4 93 93Va 100 Vs 25 95 S48 81 383 10J ON CHARGE OF ACCEPTING BRIBE. 99 244 S3 34 724 71 79 79 71 70 62 81 Beading 31 pr. .100 Replron Steel 2414 Rep Jr St'lpr. 95 RorMaland .... 844 Rock Wend pr. hot, Rabber Goodi. . 884 Rnb Goods pr ... 105 SlotrSteel 71 8t LS F lit pr 79 SI L & S F 2d pr 71 St LASo'wnpr. 81 RFMl 1834 183 8t Paul pr 189 189 Booth Piolflo. . 7014 7014 69 So Paciflo pr. . .1194 1194 119 Southern tty .. . 37V4 375,4 37 tsouin -m Ky pr . IOO 100 TennCoal!.. 884 89V, ISSSa Piclflr . . 36V4 Tol.St LAW., 88 Tol.S L S W p: 674 Cnlon Bag ,t P. 1 M ' . V nlon BAP pr. "80 99 244 94 336, 80 834 80 V. 38, 37 106 104 71 79 69V4 ei'4 9914 3414 93 v, 34o', 804 37 104 704 79 70Vj 6174 3614 38 674 1414 80 I8I14 181, l82'a 189 189 188 9S, 70, 1184 . . 36', 3714 99 y, 100 88 88 36:4 37 '4 67Vj 187, 79 14 ss4 88 85 V 38 674 1314 8i Swift A Co 1084 '09 1084 108 108 Tamarack Mln.. 134 134 133 183 134 TecumaehMIn.. 16Vg I614 14V4 1414 I614 Torrlngton pr . . 96 36 26 25 25 Vj Trinity Mm 10 10 914 914 9 Union Pacific. ..1344 13414 1334 133 IS414 Union Paepr... 964 07 864 864 96Va United Copper.. 344 344 84 34 34 United Cop pr.. 77 77 77 Cnlted Fruit., .to: 4 107 Ml United Shoe M. 8 83 14 82 UnitedShMa pr 82 32 S3 UB Coal A OIL. 10 IO 10 US Mln 874 88 36. US Steel 38', 89 88 V 76 76 108V3 107 82 81 Va 31V, 3lVj 10 10 3714 8714 ?8i,4 S878 CSSteelpr 10674 105T4 1054 106V, loea Ct ah Mln 4714 47Vj Victoria Min. . 614 7 WaahingtonMtn 114 1V4 WEndStRy... S94 99y,i Wasting Elee... 84V4 84 Mi Winona Mln.. . . 104 104 WolTerineMln..ll8 lie Wyandot Mln.. 3V4 2y, 47 614 1V4 99',, 844 10 118 II814 118 2V4 8 M .64 i 98 84 10 471 6 1 98 83ij IO14 El dir. tARScaament pd. g2d instalment pd. Auction Sales. BT FRANCIS HEyNSHAW A- 9 Merchants National Rank. 8 State National Bank 38 Fall Klrer Qas Works 1 Old Boston National Bank. u0 Freeman s National Bunk. cr 202 i-i 1501 SOOVa .104 .lasii 50 Merchants' National Bant 202V, lit rounn national Hank is 0 Pepperell atfg Co h 280 8 Masaachuaetts Mills in Gcorsla 98 50 Manchester Mills, pref 113V4 21 lloaton Wharr Co o 2 E & T Fail banks Co 2954 1 Board of Trade Building Trust 106 25 Ercelalor Eanndrr Co 20 S120 U S Government 3s. 1918, reg 103 BY R 1, DAT & CO 1 Second National Bank. Boston 217 2 Boylston Nntional Bank 100 24 Borlston National Rank 101 2 Boylston National Rack 101 5 First National Bank of Aver Mass..l75Va 6 Merchants National Bank 224 3 Amoakcag Mfg Co 2155 4 Amory Mfg Co 128 1 Jackson Co 60O 18 Lawrence Mfg Co 126 10 Massachusetts Cotton Mills 85 75 Lancaster Mills 40 10 Concord A Montreal RR, class 4 187 25 Boston Wharf Co OOVi. 90 8 Essex Co 163"4 6 Planters Compress Co. com 2 Planters Compress Co, prof 11U 100 Massehnsatts Breweries Co 25V4 3 Haywood Bros m akefleld Co, pref.lOtt 1 Heywood Bros & Wakefield Co. com.. 60 (loot) Boston Consolidated Street Railway OS. 1907 101 $900 International A Great Northern UK 3d mort 4s. 1921 75 NEW YORK MARKET. American Smelting Was a Feature It Advanced Over Two Points. NEW YORK, Oct 4 The stock mar ket held strong most of the time today. Net earns 42.178 35,808 6.310 j Trading was fairly active. At the open I h mo grcwa earna 4.V....73 33Z.H52 122.(520 '.aJ ; . .1X1 4 aa J ft -4S 4W4 Oper rx 266.999 173.137 et earns iw..-ij io. ,v 93.S41 28.778 Railroad Earnings. FOURTH WEEK OF SKPTEMBER Buffalo, Rochester at Pittsburg: 8.871.045 S.OaV.flBO &SS.0O0 44JO.OUO 3.44S.S73 2.SSS. Bond Items. 13a.ono S.BC1.U00 ktk re drlten and! Rnckpnrt. Mass. has sold ?11 W 4 per-r rnnipaiijr. I rent I l-yer serial school 1io:ils. Vhe rTri I .-.- was made 10 Farson. L-uch A jae fwrrlwaed ,-0, msi. MariRMu. Wis. has sold 1 4-per-crm II -3-rear serial drjcaW -! wharf bands tn the First Trust at Sh of f'hlrago at IOC. IS. Draavs cunt y. O. has oereent a-vear laverase lo l.e Farmers' National Bank and th- fbamnd National Hank o; tireenvllle n: 19H5 1904 Increase Grass $276,982 221.501 55.391 Canadian Paciflc: Gross 1. son. OOO 1.277,000 320.000 M..nth 4.816.000 4.171.0OO 645.O0O Kr-.rn Jnly 1 . . 14.S41.900 13.044.072 1,197.837 Colorado A Southern : Gross 131.903 136,400 15.403 PrnmJttlrl.. 1.812.719 1.512.824 299.895 Dearer & Rio Grande: Gross 507.000 468.400 38.000 1 r,.m July 1 . 4.824.000 4,198.600 825.400 Wabash: Grass 841.288 784.883 M53.645 Frosi Joly 1 . 6.415.5S3 7.172.601 IST.OOi iviigs hank MONTH OF AUGUST Psagor 4c Aroostook: Gross . . Oper es. Net Charges Sat III Kxpeoaes ei Charges Surplus Uenrer A RIo Grande. Including RU Graude V esters: 81H1.432 176.009 5.423 108.538 108.189 349 72.894 87.830 6.074 48.382 45.787 2.575 24.382 22.008 2.490 349.224 829.K27 19.397 222.304 212.817 9.4H7 126.920 117.010 9.910 97.27" 03.3OO 3.970 29.650 23.70S 3.941 I Gross grer sold .( S ! JgJ ) ditch bonds . es. ... T4 ptri (eat t.. I tee Han. W- r- of a.gntn m : other Total inro Charges, taxes Balance Reaewal rand. surplss - - Oper es et thr laeoae. Total laeosse . ranches of the cit y council of 1 ltt 4antes. BaMiukal n f ttmm twn anlliia lail I taaea. etc lo '. t3aS.n 4 percent l-inds. Aptdtcaitna has hern made to the New York stork exchange to list S3. 000,- additional unified &-year 4 percent bonds of 14 of the Louisville a- Nashville Railroad Co. n.. i rerent &-vcar iaverni-i road bonds at 14 tfc and 88000 3-7 rear aertal mad bonds at 104 133 to Beascn-geod Marer of Onrinnatl. N.shvtlle Tenn. will sell SIS.OOO t percent 3-rr suburban street bondj on trt IS 1.60O.2.11 77.192 71S.OSS 21.821 7X4.990 844.01A 890.974 10.000 am.974 8.195.688 1.926.478 1.269.212 88.873 1.337.HXi 1.424.977 849.2H4 673.091 3.582 578.223 843.0X7 234.226 10.000 224.228 2.746.A16 1 ICW.rtOIl 1.119.917 51.949 1.171.866 Sew York City Railway Co. NEW VOBS. Oct 4 The report of the New York Olr Railway Co (Including Metropolitan. Third Av and Central 'roast own) for the quarter ended June compares mm follows: S4.417.oft 4.47S.813 62.731 1 9SS.SA1 1.97.29 , 2B.3S2 5TM 133.523 192.21.1 2.3Z2..eW 2.IOS.7S4 221. 79". 2.7M..VtS 2.31S.430 2S0.1I9 47n.sao 413.826 5S..124 TIIjbM . watting, we hre.v we H'i live ar- Xet as this other tseasse. and the Total final. he Deeu- t'hwrae . a sol veal Ie6Ht . . iSraMnra ' "ash SB haad . 1 asd 1 def atsuseraus ! v,mmm. rs . or l a . a...f i.a i Ralaaee Renewal fund narplos HS1.235 689.R22 636.630 482.044 2O.000 20.000 636.630 462.044 MONTH OF JULY Western Maryland: Gross (380.202 815.483 Net 119.084 118.717 Total sat 149.9W9 143.723 YRAR ENDED JCNR SO Minneapolis St Lands: Gross $8,076,755 Cper es. r f the -reef ,, .1 h longer than pendittire has Se were mitre Tot than Sam ran Vi Amory Manufacturing Co. At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Amory Manufacturing Co today the retiring board of directors was reelected. The report of the company for the year ended April so. with comparisons, is hers given: I SOB 1904 ism i or proa yas. zs.wiz.iwz zz.oss.sit other Total locome. Int. tax. etc. A rait for dlra. Dlv pfd VS,... Common 2V-fntal dlrs. ... Sirrpios 1.828.884 1.247.871 236,074 1.483.945 1.226. 4 no 237.485 200.000 200.000 57.405 2.850.565 1. 090.092 1.150.478 275.248 1.435.721 1.187.643 208.078 200.000 I50.0U0 350,000 t51.922 2W.2S4 127.9O0 137.378 19.889 15ri.7'i7 19 186.748 156.748 449.072 299.777 149.29.1 16,724 186.019 8.587 174.600 i74;eoa 64.710 367 6.27 226.190 188.793 87.398 30.174 48.224 88.807 40.683 lSOOSO 150,000 109,417 Decrease. tDeflrlt. ing prices were firm, with an advancing tendency In the more active issues. Traders were not particularly baullteh, but in view of the absence of any golf ing pressure, seemed to think that the rally of the past three days might easily run farther. Commission house orders were light. The United States Steel stocks were particularly prominent. with very heavy transactions in the common. The industrials generally were firm, with spirited advances In Amalgamated. Republic Iron & Steel and Cast Iron Pipe. The local tractions were for the most part dull. Brooklyn Rapid Transit was strong and advanced to 73. The railway list showed rather small and uncertain movements, with the dealings largest In Union and Southern Paciflc, Reading, Atcljlson and Pennsylvania. There was a fair increase in commission business which indicated a growing speculative demand, especially in the industrial shares which have assumed a prominent part in current transactions. International Paper showed decided strength. The room traders who fought for a reaction yesterday were generally buyers of stocks today, not only covering shorts, but taking fairly large lines on long account. The market became quieter toward noon, and prices slipped back. Occasional new points of strength developed without much effect on the general list. Wabash preferred rose 1. Central railroad of New Jersey 2V4 and Baltimore & Ohio. Louisville & Nashville and Delaware ft Hudson L Smelting rose an extreme VM and Federal Mining 2. In the afternoon tne leaflinir active stocks including LAN, Union Pacific. 8t Paul. Reading;. Amalgamated and others receded a little, but the under tone continued firm. The reactions were in part attributed to liquidation by the western speculative element. Following is a summary or today c prices, with closing quotations of today and yesterday: r-Clos'g bid-, Open High Low Oct 4 Oct 3 Amal Copper... 88 88' 8614 85S8 8SV AmOre.... 88 89 87 87 871, Am Oar a Fpe. 100 lOOVfc tOO 100 09 Vg AmCottonOtl.. S9V 834 82'- 8a'4j 82 Amerlee.see.-ir.. 7t 7Sk 174 27 Am Unseed Oil. lOJ 19V, 19V 18 10 Am Locomotive 55 65 84 64 86 Am lxcopr. . 113 113 U3V. 118 118 38 38 67 13 73 . .,..... "..,r.. 1 -Hi 1344 133 1s 133 184V4 C 8 ixpreas. . .ai2S 123 123 122 123 C S Leather pr. 112 112 112 111 no t S Realty C A 1 87 8 7 87 88 s . 1 6Rubjs. .... 65 68 64 54S, 66 L fi Rubber pr. . 112 112 112 U2 111 tBste 38T8 39 88 38 88 LSStselpr. ... 105 105V, 106 105 106 Ta-Caro Che.n. 34 34 33 as 337, Va-Cheinpr. . .107 107 107 lOflU, ma.u W.h..l P,nll. J ...... ... . ..... ,1 4 aa ','s n aicACinop.-. 42Vs 44 Western Hates. 93 SS WALK lit pr. 41 41 WALK24pr.. 25 25 WlaconilnCen.. 30 30 ya 98 40 25 80 108 106- 22 23 43 3 39 26 30V 42 J3 39 25 30 It dlrldend. London Market. LONDON, Oct 4 The market for securities here was generally soft today. Gilt-edged investment issues improved slightly after a flat opening, but South African mining stocks were neglected and heavy. Consols were inclined to sell off and lost percent for both money and account. The coppers "were very heavy. Rio Tlntos declined Vi percent to 66. American shares were fairly stetady. With the exceptions of Canadian Paciflc. which was down , and Illinois Central, which was Vi percent lower, the declines did not amount to iriucn. neaaing was , Pennsylvania Vfe, Union Paciflc V4 and United States Steel Continued from the first I'nae. er. a conference with Mr Bourne, bad l'i p usd the !-tter with tB6 B bills, and which was found on Swllt Then arrested this morning. This morning, after consultation with Asst U S Dlst Atty William Lewis, a complaint was presented to the U 8 commissioner by Postofflce Inspectors Snow and Perkins as complainants. To throw the reporters of the various papers off the scent, the defendant in the case was given as "John Doe." Not even the clerks in the commissioner s office were aware of the identity of Swift until the latter was placed under arrest by U S Deputy Marshal JameH Waters. Ihe arrest was made about 10 o'clock, and Swift was arraigned immediately before Commissioner Kiske. A hearing in the case was continued until Oct 11, bail being placed at -uou. Up to noon Swift had failed to furnish sureties, although expecting to find bondsmen later in the day. Swift is about 42 years old, and nnS been in the employ of the postofflce, most of the time as assistant custodian, for the past 15 years. Until his present trouble he has enjoyed an unsullied reputation for honesty and uprightness. Postmaster George A. Jtiibbard declined to be interviewed in any form respecting the case. Chief Postofflce Inspector Leatherman and other Inspectors interested in the case also maintain a most determined reserve, and would not talk respecting the case. " Swift himself, in a talk with a Globe man, emphatically stated that the chareres aeainst. him were all a mistake. and that at the proper time he would prove his innocence. Shortly after noon Swift furnished bail, his bondsman being a Mr O'Rear-tion of Charlestown. After "sureties had beon arranged Swift, in company with his wife, left the court. ONCE ACAIJM We wlh to call your attention to the stock of ths we , Laramie. HahnsPeak&Pacific Railway now scllinK at 1.50 to 2 per share. Since we "rut called the attention of the public to this atork several thousand people all over New England have ber-oms Interested la tt. Km' of those who have Investigated Ita merits and have become stock holder,, ar. well known and Biibstantlal business men who -are In the market contin ually. N.ot alone this, but a civil engineer of national reputation wtl requested by a larRo banking, house In New York City to Investigate th! matter in detail, and In the very near futura we export to sts the ttock active on the "curb" In New York mn well aa In lioston. We are firmly convinced from results .during, the past week that peonia are very much interested In this stock, that the rise In price during th t,..? month Is only a forerunner of its advance until it stands on Its merit , producer and reaches Its par value of fen dollars per share. We are not interested in building up an unhealthy boom In prlr. o-this stock; in fact, we should ue our efforta to defeat such a result but w. ARE interested in acquainting th hundreds of thousands of' peooia Interested in the purchase of stocks with the M Kit ITS of Laramie, Hahns Peak & Pacific resting content to abide by their decision an to Its merit after furnished the information. it we hays BUY "Laramie" BUY HOW THAT IS OUR JlDVinF ISAAC VAN HORN COMPANY - r - - -rt CITY TO PAY $757,375. Judgment in Case of Agreement to Take Abandoned Roadbed of Old Colony In South Boston. Under the agreement It made in 1897 to take the abandoned roadbed of the Old Colony railroad between Dorchester av and Columbia road, South Boston, and share the expense of the company's obtaining and building a new location from Columbia road under Dor chester av, Boston, Southampton st and the South Bay, the city of Boston will be called upon to pay hte Old Colony railroad $757..'175. A judgment for this amount was entered upon motion of J. H. Benton Jr before Judtre Fessenden in the superior preferred percent higher. Russian 4s court today. Of the amount. $703,226 is BRIDGE BLOWN UP. That Over Stony Brook in the Fens Dynamited. AGAINST SHINBURN, Habeas Corpus, Petition Denied at Concord, N E Construction of Naw Sewer Made Ruling by Supreme Courl W!U the Struciure No Longer Needed. Anarnndfi Mining 6 Atchison. Tombs & Sanfa Pp. ML Atcblsnn. Topeka & Santa Fe pr.1081 Baltimore & Ohio 117 Canitdlan Pacific 179& 60 C4 rose V to 94M-. Japanese bonds somewhat reactionary. The usual quotations follow: r Closing , Oct 4 Oct 3 0 10i't 18014 22 187Vi SO IS .,21 Big 75H is-1... lolRf. 38 " 135 h8 !)5 57 74 14 S (4 9J4 72 :J.7 102i4 MTTt 90 :i9 108 24. 44 riiesitiioakc & Ohio Chicaao Great Western Chicago, Milwaukee 4 St Paul ..188W Consols for money HSK fi 1 . m . 2SJ9 vjwurus for aceoijat Delleere (deferred) 17T T ".,.... , 1,1. . , . ....4 . ri v iiu urraime JltJ's Denver & ltlo Grande pr 924 K? ,-vn 5 IZ.I If JSL Ul Ki le 2d nr .7.-5 Illinois Central 187'4 Louisville & Nashville 100 Missouri. Kansas & Texas 35 New York Central 1ft7 Norfolk & Ccfitern 88 Norfolk t Western pr 95 Ontario & Western 58 Pennsylvania 74V Hand Mines R&Z Reading 64 Heading 1st pr 49 Beading 2d nr niw. Southern Puelflc 72 Southern Railway 38 Southern Railway pr 102 Spanish 4s . BJttZ Union Paciflc 138 l nlon Paciflc pr 99 Dotted States Steel 40 I'nlted States Steel or 108 Wabash 24 Wabash pr 44 three months' hilla ink percent. uar silver steady at 2Sd per ounce. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. the damages and $64.48, the interest. TANGLED MATRIMONY. Charles N. Taylor Seeks Annulment of His Marriage Wife Says Her Previous Wedding Was Known to Him. Charles N. Taylor, a dyer, is seeking the annullment of his marriage with Mary Ann Taylor, wrhlch took place at Glasgow, Scot, in 1889. He claims that she was married to Peter Petite at the time, and could not legally marry him. After their marriage they came to this country and lived at Lawrence and Lowell, where he worked as a dyer in the mills. They separated a year ago. She claims that he knew of Peter Petite and of her marriage to him, and that he was willing to take her for his wife, no matter what would be the result. This he denies, claiming that lie first learned of her marriage to Peter Petite a little over a year ago. 1 ne case was before Judge Fessenden Money 233 percent. Rate of discount for short bills 3 percent, and thr in the superior court today. Mrs Taylor claims that she is Tavlor's' lawful wife, and asked the court to award her required some weeks to tear it down by The handsome little hrldga over Stony brook, in the Fenway, near the Huntington-av entrance, was blown up by dynamite yesterday afternoon, three charges being necessary to completely destroy the structure. The three explosions, in rapid succession, soon after 1 o'clcok, startled Back Bay and Roxbury residents, who were unaware that the bridge was to be destroyed. The destruction of the bridge, which was built only a few years ago, was made necessary by the work of purifying the fenway, which has been going on all summer. At Huntington av the Stony brook sewer formerly ran into the fenway and, sewage and all, slowly circulated by a devious cojirse Into the Charles river, the air ift summer being burdened with noxious odors as a result. To remedy this a complete draining and cleaning up of the water courses of the fenway has been in progress for several months. From Huntington av for some distance into the fenway, a covered sewer has been built to carry the Stony brook matter, and the course of the latter changed so that It will leave no deposit upon the banks. As a consequence, the beautiful little bridge was no longer necessary, and the contractors blew it up yesterday, as the easiest way of destroying It. It was so well built that it would have Probably Serve Senlence. CONCORD, N H, Oct 3- The October esslon of supreme court opened st tha state library building today. On of tha most Important enses whs the denial of the petition of Max Bhlnburn. the worM famous bnnk criminal, now behind III New Hampshire walla, for 11 writ of habeas corpus. Chief Justice Parsons stated that th question of Jurisdiction of th court had been raised. Ho said thai the oiiir points raised were of such nature, however, as to lead to the denial of tha petition without detcrmlnlns; the que. non or jurisdiction H- th. return an-tered the order denying the petition and announced that the atato attorney would not be required to make arKument in the cose. HI unburn has wit Inn a year mnde tha rounds of the two stale court and tha V B court and has failed In all. so that he will now undoubtedly serve the bal ance of his unexpired term, which la about five years, without any further attempts to secure his liberty. The superior court was also convened here today. Jurigf pike of l,,wt pre. l;iing. A grand Jury was drawn. wlt Ala L. OfkooiI of Allcntown as foreman County Solicitor Clifford has nearly cases to present. FORTY ENGINES ENTERED. 8omerville, Newton, Maldtn, Evaratt, Waltham, Boston and Cambridge to be Represented at Brockton, alimony pending tne outcome or nis nand. The debris will be used for lililna ' "'o i ion, u't ,i- wiid nn entry Hit niruhSP& i ld, ' ot the brook. ; of ;:;-N w' yn'; ;'f - when 17, and that they separated six I The explosion was a complete success. of 1,1 1 " N" w ""' lMtua, months afterward. Petite telling he had I The reports were heard all over that ' t,,e n1"1"1''1 " " Hroi kion fnlr Friday we he hail -i ne reports Were heard all ovr that anotner w-ite living, and that Taylor section of the city, and for some tir ' . i . i'M'1 clliu Wdliicu l. .' LKJl ma Grain Market. Tha Chicago grain market was very quiet today, and though the tone was generally easy losses In all instances were trilling. Wheat closed WfiVic net lower: corn showed declines of '..ffii'.c and oats were unchanged to c under i uesaay h nnais. Provisions a c ned a little, but dealings were light. Most of the trading was in the lard options. Quotations were reported by the Boston Chamber of Commerce as follows: Wheat: Oet . . Dee May Corn: Oct Dec May ... Oats: Oct Dec May Pork: Oct Jan Ird: Oct Dec Jan Ribs: Oct. ..... Jan CHICAGO Onen High . .83 . -S4! . . .49 . .43 .14.87b . 13.32 . 7.17 .4&s 85 .4 .43 .43 Low .83 .851,4 Close !S4;-Ha .49 ,49a -43 -43- .42- .42- 13b .27n .27n .'29-I-30 27n -27V4b 2$i-b wife. This he denied. Judge Fessenden gave her $10 alimony to be paid by Taylor at once, and if the case is not tried next month, she may ask for more alimony. SAFE AS IN WASHINGTON. 14.87 12.32 7.20 6.80-82 fl.SO-82 14.80 12.30 7.10 6.77 8.50b 6.45 8.50 8.50 6.45-47 6.42 14.80b 12.30a 7.12a 6.77-80a 6.77 8.50b 6.42-45a Previous close 6s 8d 6s 8d 4s 9d 4s 2d BOSTON STOCK MARKET. BOSTON. Oct 4 Fololwing are the opening, highest and lowest sales today, with closing bids of today and yesterday : BONDS Sales r-Ctoa'g Md-, Open High Low Oct 4 Oct 3 Am Bell Tal 4a. 100 IOO 100 100 100 CantralVl 1st 4a HI l 91 91 91 ' f Trtmtr end I am content the year to you nqualifled state- Miv. through th f - a a . .c - da. 2Z.4SX.aBO ZZ.&4S.533 23.20rj.rJvd .nayJ..ii-l ...i-,. ...i., iuiv oi STS JD.m M241 I fiJn.T Mil ,1 o . o , a lCTli 1071a in-ia .. M.noo Dom In ( oal & 1(1 101 101 aaiiiBB B.BI -a.iui Z.241 DeaVit. NORTH BUTTE If you are intarreetei la Xforth Etatte Cattea elotk prlataal and Ossapai. which baa becosne the 1 ratling ' nf",k?d. - -.- cuve stock oa toe Boston Kmchanga. j TetS ZSH j wnte or oall for a copy of our saarket lot tar. which will give you reliable information resrajrdinoT thio property j FREDERICK R.TIBBITTS IIVESTKIT SECURITIES rarlh rieo-. Istls Balldln; U Immgrt ilrcei. laiMtNi Manchestor Mills. At the annual meeting of the stock holders of the Manchester mills Today I the retiring board of directors was reelected. The following statement for year end- eo juv ii, was presented: tSOS II i Tarda Tarda 4 -12 2a 7 42.45A. Jlt te.4HS.444 B.S01..K2 Receipts and Expenditures. WASHINGTON. Oct 4-Government celpta Prom internal revenue JHM -I: miscellaneous CH.737; customs SI - tures CI 10,000. Canadian Pacific MONTR EA I. Oct 4-At the annual me tine of the Canadian Pacific rail-l way company today the stockholders authorised s further capital expenditure KCMRySBr 6tl044 1044 1044 .. NE Cot Yarn 6 SSV, HSVt S, 98 W . !4a.lHl7 103 , in3i, I ijk, .. STOCKS i Sales , r-Clon't old-, Open Ulch Low Oct 4 Oct 3 Aerator Mia. 9Kk SV, S s 8 AUonexMla. .. 40 40'8 99 38'yfc 40Va AmalssM Jlla. . 88 86 a SiVrs SSVs 84 Am AfChecn. .. as - 2 TSVa 28 Va 98 23' AmAfChem pr. 984 V, 9814 98V4 99 AmSoaarRet...14ta 14314 141 1it 14li AmSogRrfpr ISSHa tSS4 13Vfc ISSV, 1384 Am Trie Tal .H914 13a 139 139 139 Am Woolen.... 3H.a SMi, 1734 3714 38, Am Woolaapr .103 103s 1H3V 103 103V, AniZtBC.LkS.. SVs 9V S S 914 ArradlanMlS.. 4V 44 414 414 4Vfc Arnold Mia ... 1 1 184 AahbedMla. . . . 14 14 IV Alrb.TopaSr". . 90V MM SO AUaoltrMln. . JS 26 254 Blntiaai alt.. Sits 8S 81 Booanja Mia.. .'O .70 .70 Boa CooaMUin. 844. 074 4 Baa Kteralad . . Its lf.4 154 hoaS Alhaay..sSf Boa S Lowell . . 340 4 I'a 14 tH 8344, 00-, 35 6Va 31 3144 .TO .70 8V 133 158 Col So lit pr. . . 3Vg Col ho 2.1 p.- . . 4444 ConaolGa 180 Com irodaati.. 134 Corn Prod pr . . . S3 Pel Jt Uudaon ..818 DmrrrA ltlo .1. 36 Den Je It U pr . . 894 Dlattllera aecar. 44 Etie B0V4 Erlelttpr 8IS4 09 100 54 0V4 28V4 2 9Vt 894 3V4 44 44Va 86U 287 240 240 247 246 287 2U AmSTieltlnt..lS84 1304 128'4 12i4 118V, Am8melt'cpr..l32V4 122T4 121V4 L21V4 22 AmSasax its(..1414 143V4 141V4 142 14144 Ari Touaoeo .T.101V4 10 101V4 101V4 101 V, Anaconda. 124'4 125 I94T4 ISSV4 125 Atatilaon OOVs 904 894 89S4 9044 AtcblrODpr . . . .106 106 105 1044 105 Allan Coast L. .186V4 187V4 1864 1W4 184 Balt.c OHIO 114 1144 H31a 113 V, I1S44 Blum Rap Tr. 73V4 734 72V4 72V4 7344 Cau Pacific 174V4 17414 178 173 174V4 Central Leather. 48V4 44 45 V4 48Vg 46 '4 CentrnlLeapr..l04i4 106 I04V4 104V, 1044 CheiAOhlo 584 69 87 6744 684 Colcaro . v. 31V4 214 214 314 21 Vi CnleOtWprA. 78 78 78 7714 CbieOtwprB. 35T4 86T4 8o'4 854 84 Ct. &Morttnr'n.317 217 I1AV4 218 217 C. C.C a 8t L. . 101 101 100 Ootonderaal.. 48V4 47 48 Col ou - 29 29V, 28 03 V4 3V 4 j 4 434 180 188 IS 14 13 64 53 219 219 854 85 Vi ' 89 Va 45V, 44 60 V, 49 V4 81 V, 8 144 Erie 2d pr niaJTHH "3V4 UrneralElac....l81V4 I8IV3 181 14 I8U4 180 GtXortli pr.. . .327Vi 37Vi 820V4 -124 27t4 Hocking Coal .. . 164 1844 IS 44 18 V4 15 V lllinoia Central. 1824, 1824 181 181 I8L'V4 lat'catlPapar.. 2314 234 22y 22V4 2,!V lm '1 Paper pr . . 79V4 80 14 78V4 79V4 79 Int'nat Pump pr 8814 8:V4 8314 82V4 8a Kan City South. 8 4 27 26V, nV4 27 Kan City 80 pr. . 5314 65 V4 6614 64 65Vj Loul,r A ?aih..l5.V4 IS'I'-h 1541 4 1541, 156Va Vln Srcurltlaa.. 81,a 814 t tu:., 8H4 Metropolitan...! 2 UV4 1274 I26V4 2V4 ltOSA Wei Central. . . 9444 25V, 2444 2114 24i SI o.Kan Tat. 34 3d, 83 Va 3344 34', Uo.Kan t p.-. 894 894 I9Vm 8.1V, H( MortrlUe 108 lO.IVi 105,4 tttSSA lOIlt, IBIcat. ...-6344 651, M S5 55. - ... 48 401 47 :t 4S 4 471, M J Centra... .214 214-, iV K T Air BrakelS2Vx 154T4 162V4 153 148 i 1 IV st..mV 16144 1501 I6OV4 1614 Open 188 194 63 218 851., 89 V 448, 49 Ml 81 Vt 73 I8S14 IS 63 ate 89 44 804 Bl'4 3, CASH MAttKETS Wheat No. 2 red winter 85fit86Vic. No. :: red winter S4'r.85'4c. No. 2 hard winter 3V4 (g87c. No. 3 hard winter 81V485c. No. 1 northern spring 88c, No. 2 northern spring 8587ou, No. 3 spring r986cn. Corn No. 2 61n51Uc, No. 2 white 53534'?, No. 2 yellow 53(r53Uc. No. 3 51o. No. a vellaw Oats No. 2 27"4327c. No. 2 white 28468 2VaC No. 3 27c. No. 3 white 27(28Vic, No. 4 white 2(J'4Q27i,e, standard 28i4?8c. LIVERPOOL No. 2 red winter wheat: Oueu Close December 6s Sdn 6s 8d March 6s 8dn 6s 8Vkd Mixed corn: December 4s 8Vidn 4s 9Vd March 4s SHdn 4s 2d DEI'KMBF.R WHEAT IN OUTSIDE MARKETS Minne- New York spoils Dulutb St Ixjuis . .89 .81ft .77V4I' 824 . .88ia .80, .77Ub .82-ft CHICAGO LIVE STOCK Hogg opened generally steady; rough $4.75 4.95, light $5Si5.30, mixed packing &5(o;5.70, heavy shipping $4.755.75. Receipts 25,000; estimated receipts for Thursday 24,000. Cattle steady; beeves $3.55g'6.25. cows and heifers $1 .25(g4.90. Blockers and feeders S2.20 4.25. Recefpt, 23,000. Sheep steady; natives $34.90, westerns $3 4.90, yearlings t4.WKa.".50, native lambs So. 50 Qli iu, wcrairmn o.uovu. t . to. ttccciuts OJ,UOV. Cotton Market. NEW YORK. Oct 4 The local cotton market started easy this morning, but rallied a little later and during the rest of the day held within a few points of the previous closings. Houses with private wires had a lot of the staple for sale at the start, but it seemed to be fairly well absorbed mainly by shorts. Private cables from Liverpool sfated that some unfavor able advices regarding the crop had been received abroad, but they were less Dearisn on tne whole than expected. Trading was very active early, but lell off as the day wore on. Following are the New York and Liverpool quotations: NflSJV YORK Piev- Opcn 9. No 9.95 10.11 10.18 10.83 10.31 II) 3 10.41 10.44 Assurances Given the President by New Orleans Men. WASHINGTON, Oct 4 Representatives Meyer and Davy and Postmaster Thomas J. Woodward of New Orleans called on the President today to discuss with him his approaching visit to New Orleans on Oct 26. They told him that he would be as safe in New Orleans from yellow fever at the time of his visit as he was today in Washington from smallpox or typhoid fever. Joseph O. Thompson, collector of internal revenue at Birmingham, Ala, also called on President Roosevelt with a committee representing the commercial bodies of Birmingham, to arrange finally the details of the President's visit to their city on Oct 2i. The President will spend two hours at Birmingham and will deliver two addresses, one at the state fair and the other in the ;ity. Senator Simmons of aNorth Carolina conferred with the President regarding his trip through that state. The President's speech at Raleigh will be one of the most important on the trip. linn a thick cloud of smoke obscured ths fragments of the bridge. Residents of the vicinity are indignant because the temporary channel for the Stony brook sewerage is not yet filled in. It has been open all summer and the offensive odors have caused many complaints, but without result. DAVIS FISK. 80 October November December January February .March close .. 9.80 . .10.02 . .10.17 . .10.23 . . 10.80 . .10.37 April 10.42 May June 10.48 High 10.01 10.10 10.26 10.31 10.87 10.46 10.47 10 .-,.( 10.44 Lew 9.81 9.95 10.09 10. US 10.35 10.28 10.38 10.38 10.44 Last sale 10.01 10.10 10.21 10.30 10.37 10. IS 10.38 Hi.K, 10.44 dllng uplapds 10.40c, middling gulf io.tlSc. Sales 2000 I'aies; stock 2to,471 bales. LVEKP00L October October-November . November-December Decern ber-January January February .. February-March . March-April April-May May-June June-July July-August 2pm 5.34 5.34 6.37 5.42 5.44 5.47 549 5.4S 5.51 .B.Hi .5.54 4pm 3.3 5.38 5.42 5.46 5.49 5.51 6.53 5.58 5.57 5.58 Spot I'm lu es opened weak, closed steady. moderately uollve and weak: American mid dllng uplands o(T 20 points to 5.4Id. Sales of the dav, Including 01 Ot) American, were 10,000 bales. " Receipts none. Another Advance in Oil. PITTSBl'ltO. Oct 4 The Standard Oil Co today advanced the price of Pennsylvania and Tiona oil five cents. The other grades of oil were not cbanaratli Groom's Grandparents, 90 and Years Old, Attended Wedding. CONTOOCOOK, N H, Oct 3 At the residence of Mr and Mrs Daniel Frank Fisk of this place, their eldest daughter, Mabel Dell, was married, at 12:30 p m. to Henry Russell Davis, the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Henry C. Davis of Warner. The ceremony was performed by-Rev Mark Tisdale, pastor of the Methodist church, and only the immediate relatives were present. These included Capt and Mrs Moses Whlttier of Webster, aged 90 and 80 years, respectively, grandparents of the groom. The bride was gowned in white crepe de chine, with tulle veil, and carried a large bouquet of roses. A reception followed from 1 to 3 o'clock, the ushers being Nathaniel F. Davis of Dartmouth, brother of the groom, and Edward S. Willis, son of Postofflce Inspector H. S. Willis of Warner. The bridal couple were assisted in receiving by their parents. The rooms were beautifully decorated with evergreen, clematis and amerlcan beauty roses. The refreshment table was presided over by Miss Lida Fisk, sister of the bride. Miss Shirlie M. Davis of Warner, Miss Mildred Nichols of Somerville, Mass, and Miss Mildred Baker of Contoocook. The presents were numerous, a check for 11000 and another for $500 being among tne numDer. IRISH HISTORY WANTED. Matthew Cummings Saya A. 0. H. Will Try to Have It Taught In Boston Public Schools. MANCHESTER, N H. Oct 3-Matthew Cummings of Boston, state president of the A. O. H. of Massachusetts, was the principal speaker at a union smoke talk of divisions 1, t and 7 of this city In uattery nan tonight. It was the largest gathering in the history of the order here. County PreB Denis M. Fleming presiaea, and Patrick A. I.ehan was toastmaster. Other speakers were Bishop Delaney, Rev John J. Lyons, Rev Matthew Creamer, the state chaplain; Dr T. A. McCarthy of Nashua the state president, and Hugh Mo-Donpugh. Bishop Delaney announced. amid cheers, that he had arranged to introduce the study of Irish history in all the English-speaking parochial schools of the New Hampshire diocese, and Mr Cummings. in his account of the accomplishments of the A. O. H. In Massachusetts, declared that the next movement of the order In Boston would be to secure the teaching of that history in the public schools. GREEN KENT. Prominent Worcester Young Couple Married in Trinity Church. WORCESTER, Oct 3 Miss Marion F. Ayers, private secretary of Register of Deeds Daniel Kent, and H Edwin Green, bookkeeper for the Worcester trust company, were married tonight in Trinity church by Rev Dr Samuel M. Dick, pastor of the church, assisted by Rev Dr Francis J. Van Horn, pastor of Old South church, where the groorn is an attendant. The young people are well known in church and social circles. Albert F. Hall of 8pencer was best man and the bride was attended oy MIsb Leila M. Ayres as maid of honor and by Mls.s Zellda C. Ayres, Miss Bessie C. Newell and Miss Luliona M. Barker of Worcester and Miss Lela A. Haynes of Fitch-burg as bridesmaids. The ushers were William H. Beaumont. Loren O. Vaji Busklrk. Arthur J. SDencer and Vranl.- Cooper. The bridal procession was I statement Issued that day AS TO BANK STATEMENT. Charged That It is a Farce, Because Trust Companies Make Large Loans Without Adequate Reserves. NEW YORK. Oct 3-Charges that tho statement of the condition of New York uanas, issued weefcly, has become a t?c' ana mat the action of trust companies in extending large credits wiuiuut maintaining adequate cash re serves constitutes a great danger, were made before the Clearing house today by the president of the t-orn exenange bank. William A. Nash The Corn exchange bank In one oHthc most important financial of the city, having average deposits of Mr Nash .... ...i t -i.. .... of affairs by -which trust companfes" op! ta2S5"!dt thr clearing house! and . r IS a l" llB uies, are not obiig ! 2. ?.intaai!. th& casn reserve of j"b-fourth of the sum of deposits, which required of national banks ia ana or other clearing smutlon y thC rUlM of th,a Mr Nash urged that measures be taken to bring the trust companies under the regulations of the clearing house. After much discussion a resolution was unanimously adopted directing the clearing house commltee to take tho matter under consideration with a view to effecting the results advocated by Mr Nash. The committee consists of W. H. Porter, president of the Chemical nntional bank, chairman; V, P. Snyder, president of the national hank of Commerce; James Stlllman, president of the national City bank; J. Edward Simmons, president of the Fourth national bank, and Richard Delafleld. president of the Park national bank. Criticism of the bank statement Is. sued at the close of every bualneas week, which had been In progress for some time, became general in the financial district last Saturday, when the market was cauarht entlrelv nfT lta guard by the figures contained in the promises io im? ini oosi huh Mciiaon , New England, Tlila evening thx draw, ing for pi. tying positions took place la, F. of A. hull, resulting aa follows; Knterprlae 2. I'ampello. City of Kniiiervlllr. inernile. Fire K In if. I'Mliuel. in.. Marlduliead KIiik I'hlllp, it. i. Ulna. I. I in. in Kaat llralnire. Ituuifh and Heady, Teruplrtna. WiiNlilnicinu, llriuikvllle. Defender, Kaat Weymouth. Neiiaiitum. Newton. Active, We mouth. Ueean No. 1, rruiiaton. Niagara, rllixiithtmi. Converse. Maiden Uuteher Buy, Smith Weymouth. Uui'i"'', Providence, Alabama (Von. Stoufhton. Hay I'nrt, l'aw tucket, iiardnvr 4. Gardner. Oulf Ktreain. Kail Hlvar. (Jeyaer. Kaat Ptav14asota Hancock . Taunton. Ucn Taylor. Kverett. gtar No. 1, I'ranalon. 1'aul Kavarc Itaverc Htar of n. Jamaica Plata. Protector 3. Hrockton. Gen Mil". Wetmlntr, E. A. Whit Ins. lliilyoke. Miireir.ii A ana hnet, Pocanactt, Bvewood, It I. i i t., nn. Qfoaeaattr. Trcmoiit, Rratwrf. Tekcoanow, waoaaochat. tied Jacket,, rambi'ldg. iwiiato. Hralntroa. Watch City. Waltham. White Ansel. Salam. Hancock 1. nrocktoii. DEATH8. RAKIt(lN--In Rnxliiirv. Oct 4, at IN A u barn at, M minet, lulu v.d wife nf the lale William Kiirnui. Hequlrin man ,t Mt Kraticla do Bales' church, Friday, Oct tl. at M a m, l'. nernl private. COAKLKY In Naliant, Oct .1, at r.:45 n m. Mary, widow of Jnhti Ooakley, iim yr 5 im. I'M., mi I from her late rvaUletiee, 1 1 unit r ad, Nahant. Friday, Oct d, at H n in Iteipileut ti 1ft It macs at St Thowaa' clmrrli al I) o'clock, Itelallvea and friends please attrnl wltliovl further notice, Kindly .unit tinner,. 00UKTNKY In Uniliiiry, o, t 8,,, i. . w.l dauKhter nf the lute James and Mniy Courtney. Funeral f mm her late realdein , 48 Ada ins st. Tharaday, o.i r. at u a m li-qiilem hlU mass at St Patrick', church. Pu lley at. at t:4. o'clock. Relative, and rrlrtnla are Invited lo attend. Interment at New Calvary reuietery. Cl'RRAN In Krrrett, Oct 8, Corarllua A.. In fan! child f I'nrnelliia and Annie Curran men Shea). .'I inns 11 (Is. Kuneral friilll ,:tt blue at Thnraday, N't ft, nt 3 o'eln.k. Relative, iinj friends are Invited tu attend. FE88RNDRN Oct :t. Oarlhaldl It. I'eaaeailaa, Services at hla father's home, II Centra t. CiMilldjrc t urner. Ilronkllne, Tliiiraday, oet A a I 1 oVIock. HARRINGTON- At St Jnseph', hospital, Nt Jo. ,eph. Wo, Oct 8, slater G. Per boy re Hml'ij ton, formerly of Rnaliury, Mas,. New York papers piease Copy. JORHAN In Kverett, Oct 4, John Jnsenb. beloved child of Jnliii II. and Theresa Jnrdan, I yr 11 urns 11 ds. funeral from patents' residence. s:i Central av, nff Ha ck at. Thur,. day, i i f. at .' p iu. Relatives and frleiela kindly invited to attend. KKNNRDY In Hyda Park. Oct 4. at Ihe 'mine of his daughter. Mrs Ge.irae W. Kelcli. IM Williams v, Hyde Park. Klward T. Kin-nedy. In his 74lh year. Clineral irlv,te LORD - In Maiden, Oct 8, Rdwln Lord, t' vr,. Kuueriil fruiii Ida late realdence, 174 Mail .u, at. Maiden. Krldny. Oct . private. Inter-ment at Korest Hale cemetery. McCarthy ai ttie chiidcau'a hnspiiai, Hunt I nut i hi av, Kiistnu. 'let ,i VviiIIci, pel, .veil child f Timothy C. mnl Mary II M ne par cuts resilience, N IMirlllllll si. isnmert Hie 1 yr 11 imsi 25 d,. etinara from the iii, Relatlvea ami headed by Miss Ursula Clark of Med ford, a little niece of the groom, who strewed the path of the bride anrl groom with rose petals. After a reception at the home of the bride's parents, the couple started on a weaning journey, after which they will live on Hollywood st. Claffey Long. HOLYOKE, Oct 3-Mlss Lillian Long of 56 North East st. and Frank Claffey of Rome, N Y. a nurse in the TJ 8 navy. were married today a. the Rosary hurch. The ceremony was nerformcd uy Rev Fr E. 8. Fitzgerald, and was .allowed by a nuutlal m.-.Mn Th.. I, rides. iruiui was Miss Nellie Kel i ....I the best man. William Penin Th.. iirirW dress was of whit organdie with lace trimmings. After a short hoiievnioon -Mrs Claftey will make her ), hoe while her husband will return to West Virginia, where h tioned. r All of Frldav'H rnmnlln'tlnna fmm Urn bank movements of tho week agreed that at least r7.000.000 had gone out of the cash reserves, and traders had carried on their operations on the basis of a bank statement showing this condition. When the report was issued, however, instead of a decrease of more than 17.000.000 It reported an increase of $1,522,300. The statement also reported a reduction of 14.810,000 In loans, while unofficial compilations had shown the loan account to have been Increased during the week. The methods employed In reaching the totals given In the statement have not Deen explained, but It has Ieen suggested that gold engaged In Ixindon and also that in transit from Europe to America may have been credited to the banks by which it had been engaged. The reduction of loans, it was suggested, had been brought about by transferring largo borrowings from clearing housu banks to trust companies. Thursday, Oct D, at 'J p in. friends are Invited tn atlemi IfUDO K- In Hyde Park. Del .1, Mary A , aid- on- nf Michael Miiilge, mrmerlr or I Maries-tuwu. I '.in -ini fniui Ihe resilience of her daiialiter, Mrs Frances Farley, Mp liana t Friday. Oct r), at 11 a m Relative and 1 1 lends Invited. Take 10:07 train. - i I division, to Falriiiouut atatloa. latenueut at l.i'iliii'l.ifi Mass Hl l.i.lVAN In thl city. Oct 4. AnastaaU. wldnw uf Jeremiah Mullliau. fnriurrly nr sa at, Houth Uoatnii. Fuiieral finm her late residence, 8 Rutteiick pi. Friday, Oct II. ,1 I W a in Reijiiieiu mass at SI Mary's cliureh. 1 1 a '..ft at, at II o'clock. RrUllves ami friend respectfully Invited to attend. TAT la Melrose. Oct 2. Mary J., wife t Aamo I. lay. Funeral Thursday, ocl o. ( 2 i. in Ktlatlves sud friends luvlled. TIGHK In aaaajTlIU Oct .1. Ann M.. rMaf of Thomas F Tlahe Kuneral from Iter lata residence. 110 Webster av, Friday. Oct 0, at 8:18 a in Hnlemii high mass nf leoiileui at bt Joseph', church at 9 o'clock. Relative and friend, are lnvltel to attend WolIRMANN In Jamaica Plain. Oct 8. Carl G.. beloved huslsand of Theresa Wolirinann. 8 yra. Kuneral from hi, late residenee 11 Imartlne st. Friday, Oct , at a a m. Re. H in-ill high mass i the ll. .it Trinity ctmreli, Hhawmnt av. ut V o'rlock R. -I, live, iinl friend are kliwlly Invited In attend. AFTERNOON Unclassified Sm allAds. GIRLS WANTED AT ONOt petti ON SH.K in nn. I. is 24. Pearl at. Hniner round, gisid iay. Apply tn vine, .sin -oat,, IU TIL w: Mai WA ellnln MAC I ik a ifiaaSj aa

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