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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 2

The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 2

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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THE BOSTON GLOBE WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 24. 1913 TOTALS MOUNTING. i I I il GIRL i i GIVES UP RICH LEISURE FOR STAGE DEATH REMOVES PATRONOF ART Francis Bartlett Was III a Long Time. Charles Carroll Now Has 103,913. SP Write aw Br Maa LAST DAY! Weekly Cash Awards HP End Tonight. Last Chance for Weekly Awards Closes at 10 M. Af Ksme of TW Stats Today marks the close of the last CI Miss Stone of Cambridge Playing in a Boston Theatre. Lawyer Passes Away at Home at Prides Grossing. I SI of the weekly cash awards of the a ra I id 'mm flit wt 8en rabber MB malt. ezDrvaa a mi eager Clot 8a slog Editor. 1 1 II Globe's Savings Coupon Contest, and all coupons to count for these award must be In the Globe office before 10 o'clock this evening. After today the boys and girls of New England have until Tuesday. Sept 30. at 10 o'clock in THE OLOBK. Mttaa. at i Gave the Boston Museum $1,000,000 Collection. CUT OUT ON THIS UNI- the evening to send their coupons for the grand awards that will be distributed at Of the $12,500 offered bv the Boston Globe in its Savings rnunnn "nntst in nahlp thp hnvs anH of Nw Fnp-lanri Roxbury 3.4H8 Gladys A l'eteru, Uolltrisford, to make and save monev during; the Summer months, $6100 yet Froni al' indications of the number VnnV A Kumpf Jimail.t i- k- 17- U. Ift 1 of coupons that have been received by August Burt. I'lain remains to be distributed. For this last weekly period ending at 10 New Timothy Mend. tonvllle. PRIDES CROSSING, Sept 2J-Franclg Bartlett, the well-known Boston lawyer and many years a director of Bos- the Globe since last week Wednesday Alfrt il IVry, Maiden 3,4 1 3.477 8,377 3.30S 8.347 3.1114 o'clock tonight the Globe will distribute cash awards amounting to the fight for these weekly cash awards. Lecora Knrns, ftiriugueln. Arthur Brodeur. 1'ninani. ('onn Gladys A I-ovell. Mlddlelioro Francis Dnuahy. Hopklnton Florence Abht, Norwood Carl Sr-itta. IWry. Florenc A Sanders. Athn. Me Arthur Elkius. South Berwick. Me xitfifim, it iir.liier. Taunton ton Museum of Fine Arts, died early $400. Then at 10 o'clock on the night of Sept 30 next, the Sav-1 the last of this contest, win be the Alex Harrle. Weymouth Frederick Medfoni. Jams Carroll. William Kreetb. Cambridge. Krancls Turner. Charlestown alary Kane. Roxbury l'htlip Bnruhaw. Brslntree insrs Coupon Contest ends, and $5700 in cash awards will be dis- fought the contest anea it i a 1 back in last May. 3. B.2D1 .1.181 IU3J 5,074 4.SS.-, 4 a 4.804 4.8f,l 4.824 4. 812 4.7.t 4,700 4 am XriPUieU among lllC uuvs auu juu nave otui mc Last week Miss Hilda Foley, who cap tonight at his Summer home at Prides Crossing, after a long illness. His Winter home was at 236 Commonwealth av, Boston. The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at Mt Avu burn Cemetery Kead tne numbers of Globe Savings Coupons during the contest. tured the largest award of the week. I Aithea leaser, Roxbury. B.ZT i Walter Crowley. -Uonson. 3.2 Lillian A KlchBrdson. Mtlford- H- S.2l 1 Kca-inald Cross, Port Mill, vt 8.243 QUdys Bean, XewSeld. 3.216 f.rieton Chanibcrlln. Hillsboro. B- I Joseph lien. Saxonvllle S-JS; I Ksther Amstein. Shelburne Falls Kyan, Kosbury. pi tt -t i r. Attanrlr sent to the Globe more than 46,000 cou pons, and it now appears as if a wnilanis. Xewton larger total would be required to take Frank Noior jy.ob"' the J25 award in the weekly contest that i Unti. C. Hum. I-a luoiuli 8.087 Dooua l'lummer. Kobert Magnire. Frauilncham Thomas Cobh, Southhoro 4 .520 I 4.482 I 4.4.-1 closes today. Newtmi Upper 8.078 In the Metropolitan Boston division 'rrrrnlns. Quincy all three of the rsnrllrtntes al the head i. line Rrnlntree 3.040 conditions beiow, boys and girls, and make every possible effort to incresrc rour tot! oiF credits before 10 of Sept 30. $1000 Grand Award for the Boy or Girl Sending In the Most Globe Savings Coupons (May 18 to Sept. 30, Inclusive). Boston Glebe's Savings Offer handwriting they go through the mail as Alvin Wright. Brattlelwro, of the Hst added to their totals vester- Klra Bettl. Dorchester 8.028 Howard Uragin, Leominster 4.41.0 .1.020 Doris I'nrker. Urcenwldi 2.W1 2.000 2.000 2.i3r 4.883 4.334 4.331 4,310 4.PV) Howard Scliontag, Shelburne aua. Dorothy Jones. East Pembroke Hub? Srhott, Wes! Warren Eva Clark, Kennelnmk, Me 2. H24 fohn Vorworwl dav, the two leaders. Miss Allison and i Albert konhs. Sooth Boston Miss Foley, increasing their lead over I Joseph Murray. Xenonaet. the other candidates allghtly. while Os- I borne Nelson, who is in third position. went up about 1500 In total. Miss Mar- Hfrtiprt A guerite Lowe of Charlestown. who has Rlgflnw. East been working up in the standing grad- Elsie Bowser. West Somervllle. ually, jumped three places and Is now William Brennan. Charleaiown. seventh on tne Ust. Margaret Clllen. Dorchester Charles Carroll of Framlngham. lead- Jennie Brown, Newton t'niriand now I KiiEene McSwcener. ohasset first-class matter at the rate of 2 cents o'gii I Harold Bain'sbiirg, Stunersworth. H. 4.141 2 848 Holden Benurt. Burlington TTgt- 2.848 4.076 Marv Conrev. Koclu'stor. has a total that Is past the lOO.OlO mark. I Helens McKenale Wlnthrop. Marearet Mellen. Cliarlestown Leon A Dean, Keene. Walter Duggao. on son Thomas II Walsh. Ayer Frits Peterson, Stanley Colburn. Augusta. Me Matilda Stotx. Ttirners Falls, w. Clarence Russell. Exeter, Helen Ntckerson. Ritnl Haverhill 2.852 2.837 2.827 2.7T1 2.701 2.74B 2.742 2.735 2.782 2.720 22 for one ounce. AH boys or girls in New England, 18 years old or under, are eligible to participate in this magnificent offer. Boston Globe employes and the members of their families are not eligible to enter this contest. In the event of a tie for any one awurd the amount of the award will be divided. SaV; "WjBslEkAl having credited to his name lU3.i- coupons. In this division Krnest Raymonl Of Claremont. M. is once again In second ptace. having passed Miss Lucy Cassidy of Marlboro. The list of contestants and their credits follow: i'llfrord Ferg)iaon. Berwick. Me Clarence Tuttle. South B.Twlck. Me. Helen Trowbridge, Hudson Tucker. Smith Boston Biggs. Forest Hills Helen Green, South Boston Horrid Hngan. East Boston Joseph Matiiasey. Roxbury. William Van Busklrk, Xewton. John Dugan, South Frances Savage. Maiden Edward Breau. Cambridge Gladys Ellis. Cambridge Leroy Stociford, Atlantic tieorge Wilcomb. Lynn Daniel O'Xell. Jamaica Jerome Johnson. South Boston. 1 Rnrnrl. METBOPOL1TAX BOSTON i Wallace I'ulsifer. Xatick 22? Frederick Harlow, Cotolt i'2'l Ethel McFarland. Barre. Vt Aaron Cadltz. Haverhill i Janet Hull. Xortli Rochester. .,..39 Hayes, Xortb Attleboro 2,499 prT ivitv. St Jnbnsburr. Vt .233 260 93.381 81.133 72,891 to the Boys and Girls of Metropolitan Boston. (Metropolitan Boston Includes: Arlington. Belmont Boston. Bralntree. Brook-line. ambrldge. Canton. t'helsra. Cohas-aet. Dedhani. IKiver, Kverett. II Ingham. Hull. 1 i inert I van. Maiden. Medford. Melrose, Milton. Xnhant. Xeedham. Newton. ninry. Kei ere. Sanrtis. famerville, filnnehain. Swampsrott. Wakefield. Wal-thim. Watertown. Wellesley. Weston. Westwood. Weymouth, Winchester. Winthrop. Woliurn.) To ihe Metroitolilan Boston Boy or Girl collecting the most Globe Savings Couiions during the period (May 18 to Sept 30, the Boston Globe will give $500.00 To the boy or girl with the next highest number of coupons $300.00 Next five bovs or girls, SI 00 each, or a total or $500.00 Next 2." bovs or girls, $10 each, or a total of $250.00 Next bovs or girls, $." each, or a total of. $250.00 Next 100 hovs or' girls. $3 each, or a total of 30.00 Klla A s- East Boston Hilda FoleT. Dorchester Osborne Nels in. Don a lil tlray. Xeedham Charles O'Brien. Canton D.vlne Hiixburr fll.214 Hugh Duffy. Somervllle Unrmnnd Mclnnls. Dorchester 2.48ft Certiude Hill. Mnrlbrro Philip Byrne. Dorchester 55.470 Frank Walker. Xeedham 2,435 Florence Wright. MedfleW Donald Chisbolro. Mattapan 2.410 Herbert Thompson. Troy, i.hi n.rrctt Rrlithton 2,402 Carl Xorbera-. Rochester, Boston Globe's Savings Offer to the Boys and Girls of New England Outside of Metropolitan Boston. To the boy or girl in Massachusetts and New England, outside of Metropolitan Boston, collecting the most Globe Savings Coupons during the period (Ma? IS to Sept 30. Inclusive), the Boston Globe will give. $500.00 To the boy or girl with the next MISS AMY FAY STONE Hiisscll Sullivan, noxnury Marguerite Dowe. Cbarlestbwn 51.07ft Leila Melvln. Rosllndale Julia Bnrehell. ftonth Boston 48.175 Ft Boston 41.202 Julia Tooher. East Weymootb 2,308 I Ererett East Taunton 2.380 Thfrza Orne. Orleans. Vt. Viola I. Cammer, Dorchester FRANCIS BARTLETT. Herbert Mcintosh. OO.O.ll 35.845 34.451 29.778 Ilcglnald Boyd. Newton Thomas McAleer, SomerrllL Florence Wall, Milton Lillian Maloney. Watertown llln L. 1r Arthur Bernard. Dorchester Sn-nnson. Weymouth Marr Kelly. Brighton 20.490 Mary Kntlgan. I'lain. i (ieorge Kills. Doreheater Joseph tVLtaUjr. Charleslown. highest number of coupons 4.044 4.015 8.954 S.H19 3.S43 3.773 3.733 8.732 3.730 3.723 3.714 3.711 3.708 3.636 3.U11 3.607 8,571 3.535 3.497 8.450 8.404 3.388 3.321 3,259 8.224 8,210 8.172 8,167 8.149 8.122 8.100 S.O'.to 3.015 2.990 2.984 2.957 2.927 2,849 2.846 2.790 2,761 2.727 2.690 2.64S 2.023 2.009 2.605 2,584 2.540 2.532 2.523 2.509 2.496 2.445 2,480 2.407 2.405 2.378 2.356 2.345 2.340 2.305 2,287 2.285 2,277 2.259 2.256 9.sftf iiAllm.n 'ifi 1 Cavanaugh. SomerTllle 1 Francis Fay. Dedham 2 212 Harry Edward. Roxbury 96 Carbutt. Winthrop 27.33ft Qateg Beverly. 25.491 Ethel Crockett. Boston 24.833 untf Walsh. West Roxbury cupation in life did not try the stage first. She went into social service in the North End and the members of more than one Italian family are grateful to her for what she did for them. The young woman, however, found that this was not sufficient and at last she determined to go on the stage. Her story is not one of constant longing for a career as an actress. She did take part in school theatricals, but that did nyt arouse particular ambition. She also went to Radcliffe for two years. For three years she studied in the Cours Filon at Paris, an exclusive French boardine school. While Next five bo's or girls, $100 each, i Helen Hooley. Cambridge I or a total of $500.00 i 2r. "k5a2I Next J'O boys or girls, $1 each, or I 'a hovs or eirls $10 each or I n. n.irin. Rrlrhton 2,878 Marie Reynolds. Peterboro. 2,355 Mildred Morlarty. Bellows Falls, 2.349 Harry Grattan, Framlngham 2.333 Gcrtffide Maier, South Ashburnhana 2.289 Clifton Htirktns, Clinton 2.268 Clinton Smith. Attlelwro 2.256 Paul Gregory. Sanfor.l. Me 2.242 Beulah 0 Thompson. Medwwy 2.202 Walter Pember. Walpole 2.182 Francis Joy. South Framlngham 2.182 Sumner A Gllflllan. Barnet. Vt 2.182 Henry Cror.i n. Norwood 2.166 Matthew J' Riley, Readrille 2,108 1 Edith A Hllla, Boothbay Harbor, 2,072 I Clifford Eastman, Fryeburg. Me 2.070 1 EUa Bartlett. Ea.t Barrington, 2.055 Mabel Cnrtia, Mont Vernon, 2 "42 I Sam Stanley. Wells RWer, Vt MH Adelaide Foley. Portland. Me 2.013 Floyd Miyoard. Mlllera Falla oJ- Raymond Walden. Coleraln cV i Myrton Sheldon. Wilmington Ida Sargent. Hanorer. J'oio Signe Xelaon. Gardiner pHS Errin A Towns. Tllton. iT4.ivi Brown, South a total Of 1250.00 a total of. An '-rge Cretty. Qulncy 24.209 j0hh Coleman. Jamaica Sweenev. East Carabrldge. 22.91 1 Thomas Hubbard. PVI nnVC (ir mr annh am i.t TI 22.302 n.vmond Kawver. Arlington. In spite of the objection of her father who Is a member of the Somerset Club and in spite of the fact that she could have anything that wealth and positiqn could obtain. Miss Amy Kay Stone, who is descended from one of Boston's oldest families, is determined to become an actress and 1b now playing Important parts Jn a Bpston theatre. Miss Stone Is known on the stage by the name Anne Faystone, her middle name being connected with her last into one word. by this change of cognomen, who she was has hitherto been unknown to the public and it Is only through the recognition of a friend In the audience that her identity was revealed. Miss Stone is with company for thfs year. The young woman lives in Cambridge. Her father is Wll- dt mi ii. ui i naries r.ugewaiu. a t0tal 0f ftSaUl OA Thomas Doyle. East xl 1 11 i Mary Monahan. Everett iAts A i in iovs or srir s. eacn or ci.rv I'imiT hip there she saw Sarah Bernhardt on the $IUUU trend AWard SlUUU a total Of CtOAAA Mnrr MrlamHU. CimbrlJie. 'IS -rr-w Breen. Dorchester To the boy or girl in all New England -Xext boys or girls. $1 each, or Wormly. Cambridge who collects the most Globe Savings a total of $250.00 Coupons during the period Mav 18 to Lillian Sheehan. Dorchester 28.080 1 Charles Maban, Jamaica PUIn 20,975 William Maine. Maiden 19.B75 i I Cawley. Cambridge 19.496 John Consldlne. Jamaica Plain 18.0ft" Alice Foley. Cambridge 18.338 Herman Brauer. Rosllndale 18.197 Albert Murray, 18 153 Daniel Collins. South Boston 17 485 Donald Gardner. Winthrop HJalmar Fnndln. Hyde lark trt'n04 Herald Shea. Arthur Cambridge iksKa Arthur Melvin. Medford Walter Greene. Everett 15.402 Julla Tooker. East Weymouth i Sept 30. the Boston Globe1 82,950.00 Daniel McDevltt. Dorche.ter Mason. Maiden. V.TLL GIVE SifXiono tn r-A3H Thomas Klssllng. Somervllle. I mi IJinrence Camenn. Hnrtiord, f-Si? Lh.yd York Corner, 1 805 Scott. Sonth 'osQ Cbarbaa i.arvin. Harvey F. Lord. East Rochester. Vt Charles place of the $500.00 award in the Metro- lltfbCijrl 1 politan Boston or the New England Di- "a stage quite frequently and she was much impressed, but did not think of herself as a possible actress. Miss Stone also went to school in Brussels and In Florence, and according to a close friend, she always made a point of seeing the best performances; Returning to America two years aero, she was given an unusual opportunity to are before the -footlights. The Cercle Francais. the French club at Harvard, puts on a French pfav every year, and in 1911 the play was Rostand's "Les Romanesques." There Is one woman's part in the performance, and it is so girlish and feminine that it was decided not to have a student take It. 1H29 Sam Sableman. Harcrhill. Ten years ago Francis Bartlett gave the Boston Museum of Fine Arts one of the finest collections of antiquarian art known in this country. The collection was valued at more than $1,000,000. Among the rare specimens which it included were statues made more than 500 years ago. Anofher specimen was a vase fashioned five centuries before Christ. Of the collection the museum's bulletin said at the time: "This collection, the most important gift of works of art the museum has ever received, consists of 303 objects." Mr Bartlett was born in Boston, Sept 21, 1836. He inherited a fortune from his father. -Sidney Bartlett. He was graduated from Harvard University ill 1857. One of. his classmates was Hdn John D. Long, ex-Governor and ex-Secretary of the Navy. The year following his graduation Mr Bartlett entered his father's office as a law student, and then took a year's course In Dane Law School. He was admitted to the Suffolk County bar Sept 17, 18o fter spending a year travel asroaa he returned to Boston and began the practice of law. His law practice he continued many years. Of late years he had a Boston office at 40 State st. In 1867 Mr Bartlett married Miss Marianna Hubbard Slater of Norwich, Conn, who died in 1S73, leaving two daughters, one of whom died a few years after her mother. Mr Bartlett was a member of the Somerset. Country, Lnlon. Essex County, Exchange. University and St Bo-tolph Clubs of Boston and the Players' Club of New York. 'sions. The second boy or girl in the Weekly I liam E. Stone, a man of independent Frank A lork. nwi Frank Breagy. Stoneham Robert Poat. Rosllmlale Gladys McCaffrey. Doreheater Mary Moran. East Cambridge Margaret Miskella, Newton James Pender, Wo burn Corey. Everett John Brennan. snmrrui 15.261 Dorothv Skllton. Hlugham 15.146 Helen Hurney. South Boston 15.028 Harrison Blake Jr, Wobnrn 14.857 I Leo Fitagerald. Charlestown. 14 846 Howard 0 Stevens. West Somervllle. Davtsion in which the $1000.00 is awarded will get the $500.00 award, and the other awards will be made to the next contestants acording tc their stand- Awards means. His chief interest is antiquities. Miss Stone's mother was Miss Kate Fay of the well-known Boston family, and Norman Fay of New York is her uncle. Her aunt. Miss Amy Fay, for 1 S14 i iiuwny, Hyianu 1811 John Lebaron, Mlddleboro Lord. West Lebanon, Me 1.768 Sybil Day, Bellows Ealla, Vt 1.764 1 Alice Prew. Concord, 1,741 I Carl Graves. Wilton. 1.717 Charles Thayer, Franklin 1.082 Ruth Mitchell. Bath, Me 1.677 Harry Sanders. Hudson, rSH Rock. Brentwood, Kerrlran. Xewton t'pper Fall. 14 13S Lavina jonnson, jueuio.u.. 13 441 William Hanson. (In these special awards all of 1 joseoh Caton. theiea Arthur Cerlberg, Miss Stone was selected, and she was whom the young woman was named, THE LAST COUPON MUST BE IN New England is considered as one 2 O'Donnell. Frank Hugal. Roxbury Leo Sehinher. Boston. Bernard Ch.rlestown ant oubiufl liLUBE OFFICE BY I division.) 2,213 I riynn, Woonsocket, Mcrienney. lieorfire 10 O'CLOCK P. M. TUESDAY, SEPT I To the boy or girl in all New Eng- 13.2C.1 13.219 13.204 18,171 1S.083 13.059 12.754 12.664 has achieved a reputation as a pianist the first woman to appear in a Cercle and author on musical subjects. One I Francais performance. She was made of Mias Stone's sisters is Mrs Austin an honorary member of the cercle. a Tappan Wright of Cambridge, whose distinction which was only shared with husband Is the son of Prof Wright of fh rnhardt herself. -Harvard, and another sister is Mrs WaB Played the 80. 19L3. Those received after that hou Gladys Melrose Vincent Callanan, Maiden I Ralph Dunne. Maiden Noel Hyde Pack- 1'John West QulOey i Axon Crowley. South Boston land collecting the most Globe 169 182 10S 081 039 039 02f. Ernest Bajre. Iynn i'a5i i IBna Xorth Newport, 2, Thelma McDonald. Wobnrn 121 eorge Pierre Jr, Medfleld 2, Artluir Williams. Boston James Purcelle, Beach. Me 2, John r.rant. Roxkary Roger Smith. Orleans Allan Bvans. Waltham Ani Mi'6red Temple. Athol 2, Roland I Wentworth. West Somervllle. Ll)n Sampson, ox born. 2, Martin Russell. SomerTllle i S2n A Burrell. Marlboro 2, Savings 43oupons during this last v. 1 11,7 iiuusif A Arthur Lorinsr Jackson, also well known Door, which was produced bv the I. Moriran. In' Cambridge antf Boston. 12.oo2 Falls )--'- Kt-rihen Sullivan. Newton ,008 I'arroll McTear. ouasxon nrrin Trask, Clinton. Me 1 ii lWuit I sj Gertrude Cochran. Miuiervllle. 1 I I i.i, ru. i fc i.iii iwtmi I mnn 954 Cambridge Dramatic Club. She had gone for two years at Radcliffe previous to her last trip abroad, and while there she had tried settlement work and had given it up. i. nil Catherine Sexton. Chelsea. 1 944 1 564 Albert foffey, South Lincoln ran Clarence el sod, Provlncetown 1,980 Xelaon. Provlncetni SPECIAL AW ARD PERIOD, the Boston Globe will give a cash award of Next 10 boys or girls will receive $10.00 each, or $100.00 Next 20 boys or girls will receive $5.00 each, or $100.00 Next 50 boys or girls will receive $2.00 each, or $100.00 Next 75 boys or girls will receive $1.00 each, or $75.00 1 548 1 Hutchinson, Boothhar Har, Me I 8 Cole. RidlooTllle. Me lir.88 i Donald Prescott. Nashua, 1 512 LewrDce Woods, West Duxbury 1.507 Frank Lesnak, Manchester. 1,505 I Doris Brltton. Globe Village 1.508 I Hasel A Lougee, Ashburnham Began With Small Part. At a reception at the home of her aunt. Mrs Theodore Thomas, wife of Two years ago Mr Bartlett aroused Wanted to Accomplish Something. The reason for Miss Stone's strong desire for the stage. It was learned through friends yesterday, was a dislike for the life that a rich girl lives. Neither her father nor her friends could exactly understand her point ot view, but she told them that she was very much discontented and wanted to accomplish something. Miss Stone had studied much and was too active a girl to be content with teas and dances. She wanted more out of life that leisure. "I look upon marriage as a profession." she said to a close friend re John MacDonald. Xewton Edward Conway, Maiden John J. Hurley, Charlestown Harel Durrant. Hyde Park John Dolnn, West Xewton TA llllaru Winthrop Krlc Lincoln. Hlogbam Francis Stetfleld. SomerTllle Winifred Ceorge. Maiden David Sew i. Melrose Margaret Clement, Revere. Freda Morse. Medford Adrian English. Forest Hill. Stanlev Crocker. South Boston Inez iiicb. Hlngbara Clarence Macksey, Helen Fltratrlck, Cambridge Irma Lenx, Roxbury Anna Knlaht. Charlestown 1.500 i i-panes ts Wooley, Grotou 1,921 1.907 1.890 1.874 1,870 1,859 1,849 1,848 1,847 1,828 1,802 1.769 1.762 1.747 the famous musician, ahe met George widespread interest in real estate cir-Arliw, and sue spoke to him about I cles by leasing property in Chicago, at Maude Cameron. Mavnard 1.4K4 1.474 will not be cobnted. For th SPECIAL AWARDS, ALL COUPONS MUST BE IN THE GLOBE OFFICE BY 10 O'CLOCK TONIGHT. Conns 0 be countet' must be plainly marked with the name and address of the boy or girl for whom they are to count. Coupons clipped from the Daily Globe will count as single coupons; those clipped from the Sunday Globe will count as three coupons, or, in other words, will be as good as three coupons from the Daily Globe. Coupons sent by mail should be addressed to the Globe Savings Editor, 242 Washington St Boston, Mass. Express or postage MUST be prepaid in full on every package. No torn or otherwise mutilated coupons will be counted. In filling out the coupons, if the name nd address is inserted by using a rubber stamp, the coupons will go through the mail as second-class matter at the rate of 2 ounces for one rent Tf Emll. Robinson, Mlddleboro. William Kinerv. IUthl going on 1.471 $400.00 he He gave her a let-'; the corner or State and Randolph sts. Craie of the Castle anrt i for a trm of vsars. involving a ana total rental of tll.730.000. This was oro- th total rental oi ji. mis was ter to Joh ch. tj.oh The remaining special period, ending 1.484 Marjorle Shaw. Richmond, 1.484 Susie Lake. Canterbury, 1,488 Leo Storme. 1,481 Arthur Donnell. York, Me 1,421 I Viola Winchester, H. 1.412 Mary Sylvester. North Ixk. villi at io ociock tonight, for which the Slobe will award $400 in cash, is from Sept 18 to Sent 24. inclusive Mr Craig liked her acting so well that tXer tknown tn? of Chicago, he signed a contract with her for this The terms of the lease called for a sc-season and then gave her the impor- curit' of to 1,722 1,709 1,702 Arthur Hart. Maiaen. Charlea De Courcy. ambrldge Joseph SulliTan. A DaTennort. Rosllndale Harold Goodwin. Medford Frank Oormley. Frances Knapp. Dorchester Henry Smith. Cambridge. Albert Townsend. West Lynn Albert Jennings. Mattapan Clarence Hlnes. South Boaton Joseph Qulgley. Everett Lawrence Coombs. Atlantic. tieorge Blaglotti. Roxbnry James A Ho. Mary Merrill. Somervllle Frank Martin, Jamaica Plain Helena Doyle, Cambridge Dena Foster. Cambridge waiter Williams. Lynn Chsrles Rudolph. Chelsea Earl Kobinson. Cambridge Francla GarTln. Westwood Edgar Heyd. Ermine Williams. Bast SomerTllle Ella O'Donnell. Woburn William Brennan. Charlestown Louise 1 Allen. Hyde Park Arba Tirylor. Harry Edson. Stoneham Allen Kinsley. Clifford Carter. South Boston Catherine Donegan. Hlmrham Osnlel Herllhv. Cambridge John I Carney Roxbury cently, "and the stage as a profession. William O'Brien. 1.407 Marion Wlnslow. Coldbrook Spring. l'90 1.883 Alice Hanson. North Andover. l'all 1.879 James II Billing. Somervllle. Conn. i'r78 aiiu 1 uiu iivl miiiir uiai 1 unit roie oi iupeti Anne or Ausfria in I v. of having a home, a husband and the "The Three Musketeers." At the last to cost not ess tnan 300,000. quivi iiuiiiuiuiu ui uin.wi.-w mc nuiicu periormance or tne spring she was me. I found nothing that would in- given the part of Louise Spoffard in 1,052 1.632 1,606 terest me in leaning tne average social "Bachelors and Benedicts." She has I.OIO -1 1 1.321 Albert Wentworth. Farmlngton 1.810 1 Helen Burna. Rockland. Me 1.273 Mildred Giltnore. Keene 1,270 I Lester Kimball, Enlield enter n' ii 1.267 Wealey Caswell. Athol 1)U Edwaid Muoney, South Boston Clifton Harlow Jr. Weymouth Hereafter the Slindav Globe Sav- I Terence Durnln. Cambridge ings Coupons will be found on Page IS 2 Of tne Color Supplement. charlea Wentworth. South Bctoo JLATTERS pertaining TO THIS CONTEST THE DECISIONS KUh Holden. East Bton 2T GJ-0BE SAVINGS EDITOR IT, 1 STOMACH MISERY eMbtenoe. continued to De successful since the "Most girls will not admit it. Miss opening this Fall, her good looks aid-Stone also said to her friend, "hut mar- iner not a riage Is a profession and should be Her father has not forced an issue, ac treated as such. If they want to marry GAS, INDIGESTION 12.203 12.004 11.67S 11.6&0 11,454 11,105 II. 049 10.786 III. 76U 1U.8S6 10.577 10,541 10.15O 10,141 10.002 10.031 0. 769 9.C81 9.588 9.587 9.401 9.297 9,285 9.28' 9.200 1, 8,907 8.909 S.S5& 8.7t)3 8.052 8.508 8.588 8.532 8,835 S.I 80 8.108 7.8H8 7.N57 7.8U 7.B22 7.4US 7,411 7.4'JO 7.312 7.12S 6,713 6 CMS 6.514 6.4UK 6. Hal 6,276 6.248 8.200 ajD 6.UK4 5.973 8.847 6. SCO 5.80 5.816 coupons are filled out in the ordinary. WILL BE FLNAL. inn Hlch. Hlnehnm. 1.265 1.262 1.258 1.250 1.227 1.220 1,200 1,591 1,581 1,564 1,555 1.582 1,550 1.544 1.522 1,476 1,452 1.444 Merton A Rrtggs. Paul A Cone. Claremont. H. Pearl Dickinson. Wlacesset Me Joseph Haggerty. l.cwiston. Me Mary Saunders. Keene. Jamea Rogers, Springfield. Dona 1.1 Albley, Cushman Harold MoultroD. Drewsviiu ii thtiy should make the home the place of their activities and as that was the way I looked at it, and as I realized that such a career did not interest me, I resolved to do what I wanted to do. "Last Winter I was quite unhappy cording to her Iriends. but he is nevertheless very much opposed to his daughter appearing on the stage. Her mother, while opposed, is not so strenuous in her objection. "Really there is nothing to sav about me," said Miss Stone last evening. "I have decided to go on the stage because Pape's Dhpepiin" fixes Aime St Martin, Claremont 'x with my lot, but now, although I am i 1.440 1 workingmorning, afternoon and evening I prerer it to the life I was leading. I wanted to do something and by hard sick, sour, gassv stomachs ia five minutes. 1,437 1 nave never enjoyea myseti more, i Vera Favor, FrankUn. X. John Drake. Northwood. Bradford Damon. Lancaster ii" Louise Barber. Norwood. Adrlenne Bouvier, Fall River Frank Tolman tt inct .108 018 56.851 54.395 48 649 48.065 1.431 line tne worn aim i nite ine persons I work with." MANY LURED TO HOTEL ROOMS Continued From the Pace. out by the PittsUurs police, who want-I ed the man under the name of Brokaw I for an attack on merchant there At the time that Schlanskv Was mur- dered four squads of detectives were i rr hre' A te'eram from I the Louisville Police Department had oen received earlier in the day, asking the Indianapolis police to arrest Ellis The hotly of Schlansky was found late wora 1 nope to De aDle to do so sometime. Yes, I am very happy. I like tb stage, what I hv seen of it, very much. Please say an little as vou can, won't you. There's the I must go now." XEW ENGLAND Charles Carroll. Framlngham Ernest Raymond. Claremout. Lucy Casslly. Marlboro Leo' Marcott. Windsor. Vt George Johnson. Brockton Madeline Llttlefleld. Doyer, Earl 0 Rlc. Leominster Bessie Pottle. Xorway, Me Lester Hardy. Xatick Earl Roue. Ludlow, Vt Mary Bulman. Greenfield Wilbur Haines. Newmarket. Arthur (lavln. Natlck SalTM I Hwar'i abattnek. r't'. 41.013 Studied at Radcliffe and Abroad. Miss Stone in her search for an oc- Time it! In five minutes all stom Iiawrence Hehreelrson, Maiden ll'-nrr Hmumell. Xewton Center Klnsella. Cnarletown Isalielle E. Maboney, Dorchester Charles MtCaffrey. East SomerTllle. John II Shea. SomerTllle Agues Sheehan, Everett James Daly. Cambridge James Flynn, East Boston Thomas Foley, Chelsea John Brackett. Dorchester Thomas Wl lte, Forest Hills James Kelley, Houih Boaton Mary Irving. Ballou. Medford Margaret Ore.teen, East Dantcl Mirihy. Cambridge James Qi.etaan, Qulncy Cotter. Cambridge Francis Km ugh. South Boston Thomas McQneney, Rcrrfe a ir Jamaica Plato Clarence Campbell. Medford Frank Edwards. Newton Center Mlchnrl O'Connor. Chelsea Charles Walsh. West Xewton Gladys Hawkins, Dorchester Herman Skinner. Roxbury ach distress will go So indigeatioo. 1.407 1.306 1.396 1.874 1.811 1,310 1.293 1.272 1,209 1.257 1.241 mSS Kennebtirik" Me. 82 304 Frederic Court. 29.0,2 Clifton Wright. Cnrendlsh Vt 26.21 Doris Tarhell. Wilton. .24.666 Kloor Bishop. Winthrop. Me 22.076 John Maloney. York Corner. Me JEROME IS SATISFIED. Harold Taylor. Orange 11111.T1. iiiremonl a room at a local hotel, which had been occupied bv a young lothirr merchants or a second-hand mn "ho ha.I resisterad R. Ander-dealer, and. exp.ainin,, that he bad the some samples he must get out tls and he had been shot through the head possession at once, ask the dealer to I TMe washbowl In the room was filled 1.241 1.240 L240 I Cannot See How Gov Felker Can to Refuse to Turn Thaw Over heartburn, sourness or belching ct CIMII AD race ii Tri rnn gas, acid, or eructations of undigest-dimiLAn LAab IN TOLEDO. ed food, no dizziness, bloating, foul gn- -ri 1 breath or headache. Police There Believe Murderer of Pape's Diapepsin is noted for its Schlansky Is Same Man Who 1 speed in regulating upset stomachs, and Robbed Sakolsy 11 tne surest, quickest and most TOLEDO, O. Sept 23-The local police fJ880? believe that the murderer of Joseph whole world, and besides It is harm-Schlansky In a hotel in Indianapolis Is less. Phs.u.norS.tlsS; nJpt P- enJic.e1 Millions of men and women now Beatrice CgsgroTe, Mlllera Falls 17.984 i Pauline Lawrence. Kwllngton Vt p3 Dori. Hackett. Athol 17.807 Henry Deans. Manomet Prank Moore, Randolph 1T.757 Henrietta Brown, Madbttry, 'ti; Robert Hart, Olouceater 16,987 i Frederick Le Roy Manaur. Rhaplelgh. Me 1 1S2 Vincent Kelley, Plymouth 16.821 HenryEd wards, North Attleboro. 1 i wnii iiuoi water, snowing that after having killed ie merchant the pro- derer washed his hands go to his room. Once in the man's room State of New York. William Travers Jerome spent a few 1 1 lna. ai'nnlni, Ill-all tr I 16.207 J.ol,n I'STIdson. Rumford, 1 lto nuurs 111 toijii 1 1 1 1 1 Russell Merrill. Mllford. 1 V.a.An 15.792 ioa i i cedure nearly always was the same. The victim either as struck down or forced at the point of a revolver to I ne merchant's watch and about enni im -mi. noxoary were missing. The sla left wo notes BH- iTS in which he said he had StcT5b ie merchant and then killed him Dart? lumcoe iii. Fred Stone. AndoTer, 15,088 Arthur Snlliran. New Bedford i i 171 Beryl I'enneil. Bar Mills ivuiu 111 a notei 5.778 submit to being bound and gaggt-1 Ethel Crockett, 57AS Roland McX.lly. Salmon Falls. 14:371 Elsie Fugllstadt, Springfield tig I Marlon Tenuey. White Rlrer Vt. 12,415 IJL here under pretext of showing samples of clothing he offered at a bargain Sakolsy was robbed of is so n' eat their fa vc rite foods without fear they know Pape's Diapepsin will save them from any stomach misery. Then his valuables were stolen, and IN PHILADELPHIA. a'w BaTu'' Biokilnf 12,876 "egan, ortn Kochester, ljioe I his journey here between Concord, and New York city. Most of his L126 i time In Boston was passed at the City I'Yy, Club, where he dined informally as the guest of George W. R. Harriman of 1,071 Maiden. He left on the midnight train l.oni 1,046 for New York. 1,089 Although somewhat weary after his 1,011 long day at Concord, Mr Jerome ex- 12 157 oiiiiw, Laiiii'rs. the robber. leaving tne mercnani 10 Jr. anion. money he had in his possession, and beaten to unconsciousness. A similar Please, for your sake, get a large be discovered by hotel employes, de- Young Man So Registering Lured i Abrl John Murphy, East t.i.mhrlIge robbery occurred in a Cleveland hotel i fifty-cent case of Pape's Uiaper-sin 19 nts I ralTey, Ilenniker. frSJ F.dwln Dwelley. Rockland. Grace Kills. Pea body. Vhfm Elmer Dacey. Fitchburg Lydla Freeman, York. the previous day. 3 I tT-VI. That the i from any drug store and put your ohio.i,,. i Merchant to Hotel Room TkMi rl'IT McHngb. SomerTllle murderer of Schlanskj ts noom, 1 nen Kav, sorth Cambridge. the police say the feel; Bound, Gagged and Robbed Him. i Joim Ryan. Cambridge was identiiied at Jiuis- Norman Bddy Som-rvllle 11,470 Joseph' Eliis. certain. He Frauds aiie. 11 wanwui 1.572 Milton Jlllson, Hudson 5..148 Jaek Lynne. Worcester Joseph Miner, Gardner 11 ilordon Ellla. Berntre Hilton. Central Kail- I 5.237 ISugene Young. Monson Bocer Parker. Lisbon. 5.280 uonald Patrick, Reading I Francis Carroll. Whlrin.Tllle 6.187 Josephine Pratt, Plymouth B. 17i gtalrita Cowall. West ii. Me. i'V'ii Arthur I.angdon. Beadtng 5' Iii I Mooert I AUi-a, Amesltury r3? John Donshno. Taunton. cath-rnc- VIeary. Xewhnrynort niiLAurii.l lilA, Sent '23 The mur- 1..1 Watertown. vilie bv DbotoirraDhs sent from his home, and also from photographs sent 1 der of a merchant in an Indianapolis A 'X'dley Qulut. Ljnu. K.t Edmund O'Brien. Wejfmouth. 11.424 10! 890 OPENS SEASON SEPT 29. 10.248 10 "a Shoo for Crippled Chil- I pressed satisfaction with the manner In whclh everything had gone. 1 "Gov Felker listened in the most cour-I teous and attentive way." he said, "to everything which we set forth, but, i naturally, gave no intimation what dren Seeks Orders Kathertne ilolman. South Harold IVarson. South Mary Beynaud. Beret Lawrence llootan. fhelsea Stanley Munsey, SouierTllle Joseph Tnrnhull. Dorchester 8. .11 8 H.428 9.427 ".82.1 1J rmiHaei- phia police today a robbery in a local 1 hostelry on Sefit by a young man. who 1 registered as "Ftl Duncan." He lured a second-hand clothing met bant to the I hotel room on th pretense that ho had some clothing to sell, held him up at the point of a revolver. and gassed I and rnhhed him and robbed him. The Industrial School for Crippled and Deformed Children, 241 st Botolph at Dolly A Cole. Middb-coro stomach right. Don't keep on being miserable -life is too short you are not here long, so make your stay agreeable. Eat what you iike and digest it; enjoy it, without dread of rebellion in the stomach. Pape's Diapepsin belongs in your home, anyway. Should one of the family eat something which don't agree with them, or in case of an attack of indigestion, dyspepsia, gastritis or stomach derangement at daytime or during the night, it is handy to give the quickest, r-urest relief known. WANTED IN PITTSBURG. Man Who Enticed Clothes Dealer Into Hotel There and Robbed Him Known as Brokaw. PITTSBURG, Sept 23-Supt of Police Thomas McQuaid this afternoon sent to the chief of police at Indianapolis a photograph of Fred Brokaw, in the belief that he may be identified as the murderer of Joseph Schlansky laat night. Brokaw is wanted by the police here for enticing a second-hand clothes dealer to his room In a hotel and robbing him, leaving the man bound and gagged. WiHIam rtetim. Jamaica I'lain. iw. i- Il Wllklrcc Wells Iteach Ma Kielyn Nourac. Arlington. 4.S08 I mnltH I- Hock B.282 Pens lts 2th season on Sept 29, and Casey, llelru Stanley A Higm. Rreretf Alice MeManns. amnrmge. Anna Lucy. Melrose Agnes Murray, South Boston James Toonier. South Robert Holland, Maiden Joseph lyes berg. Boaton 11 ELLIS IVASJN BOSTON. Stickers on Suit Case So Indicated 4.762 4.747 4.564 .520 4.4S2 4.407 4.322 W'liUm Kltigihof.B. Roekltnd Kajmond Shaw, Athol Cleon tilllette. Sprlngflld. Vt Fred Sweeney, East Jaffrey, George North Ablngtco Cnauneey Cochrane, Saco. Me retr Pltkington. MansOeld Unasell II Bent. Medfield Vi nson Chase, Nantucket. I'n-Miott Morse, South Framinglmm. I'ferlatnober Doric. off wand for Two Robberies In EStSe? J.wU. JhrKU. Wanted Louisville. Wanted i Rdward Dlckhant, Roxbury ever or his personal attitude or or what course he intends to pursue." lb. reply to a question as to his own opinion of the outcome of the hearing before the Governor of New Hampshire on the requisition of Acting Gov Glynn of New York for the return to that state of Harry K. Thaw, Mr Jerome smiled in a noncommittal manner and shrugged his shoulders. "Of course," he said, "it seems to me that the authorities we have submitted to Gov Felker are ot a controlling character, and in Lie face of this it is hard to believe that he can deny our request." Mr Jerome was if he had any other plan, or if there was any other way in which Thaw uould be taken out of New Hampshire, in rhe event of Gov Felker's refusal to grant New York's request for his extradition. "No," he replied, somewhat hesitatingly, "there is no other practical way." If Gov Felker does grant New York's request Mr Jerome will probably re- Mart-'aret 'louio. nariesiown. 8,992 1 would be very glad to receive orders in 8 fj the printing, sewing, woodworking and 8,819 basketry and cane-seating departments, 430 in order to kep the workers in these different departments occupied, a they I-JSS depend upon the work given them thir livelihood. Chairs will be called for and ercd within the city proper. Express o.iwo one way will be paid on chairs outside O.flSl this limit. Telephone Back Bay 2647 .891 I a.soo EXTENDED UNTIL OCT 20 MM 6.427 Boston A Maine to Prolong Servics SSS Wh'e 4.18s Ruaaell Gray. Bell ws Falla, Vt LOflSVil.l.K Ki Sent 3-Th mm I KoUa Sullivan, Ion-liester. lime 4.10B Madeline (barter. 4.071 Helen Avery. Wnlfel-oro. 4.051 Mary Pratt. West M.nafleld 4.1)30 Altha Walker, Concord. 4.018 Marlon Brackett. Peterlwro. 4.0O1 Kthel Parker, Leomtnater k.006 1 Ray McGowan. Natlek 8.9.- Naomi A Cutler. Medfoid 1 I fpfftlfem 1 onley, I harlettowu I der In Indianapolis last night of Joseph yra Ljiuriat. Weyonouth I Schlansky. a merchant, who had been Alice Beal. Norfolk hwni 1 Alt'ert K' ine Somervllle lured tp a room at a hotel by a young Keuoetb Tlrrell. Ka.t Weymouth. I man giving the name of R. Ander- Rtcbard Cotter. SomerTllle son. is believed by the Louisville police Walter 8 Carrie. We.t to be one of a series of crimes alleged Lucy Xoreau. Somerrlll to have been committed recently in 1 Clara I. Ellis. Dorchester Your Relief BANK B00K B0ND A school teacher, in tlespair at trying to keep money in Savings Bank, two years ago drew her small balance and made the first quarterly payment ($6.56) on a ACCUMULATIVE ARE BOND It to her, at regular times, a regular amount, put away "to take root and The Bank Account now has a teadilv increasing balance, in addition to her quarterly bond savings. The Accumulative Bond and the Savings Bank Book go hand in hand in the Wav of Thrift. Are you getting ahead Try this plan. Am ft i can gral (Malr it 11' lWvs. U.kUnJ ip v. 1 Frank Fitagerald, North Walpole. 8. tug 3. Wo 3. from Constipation Kaslern and western cities Daniel Mulllns, Stafford Springs, Conn 3.U21 Grace F. WUlard. Wolf-iboro Fails. ,276 I jn conformity with the nnlicv Margaret Wallace. Mlddleb. ro 0.J43 I Dollc P- Ltncoln FarweU. Buasell besir, West Momerrilw. Krrin Allen. SonierTtlle Harold West Newton Harold Moslisr, MelroM Alfred WeaTer. Berere 3.1)14 i.anuran. wannoro isuuiinun season. 1 turn to concora next weeK. DUt It It Is 11.134 1 1 1 tw1 vpsr asm thn sl Joseph Ellis, alias Robert Duncan, son of a carpet manufacturer of Rich-'; mond, Va. Two yobnerles in this c4tv last week are charged to young KIlis by the and a blood auit of clothes S.OOOI GeneTlere ampliell, astllia. mti Milton Ratcbelder. st Johnabnry. Vt. S.oso reiueea nt t.aKt mat ne should probably ..111, 1 R.i.h.M.. fl. Ella Hndsdon. SaolxirnTilie. if" sofMi Railroad will extend Its service until I not go back there at all. Francis Maroney. Waltham 8.775 Earl Kendall Peterboro. ,074 Oct 20. Through parlor car will be on- At the mention of the question of ft T-j Ilaln I Pll Mvfl.l1 II 07'A rt Thaw's sanity Mr Jerome remarked: Howard Hamlin. Charleatown. 1 erated dally except in both It is absolutely Inconceivable to me 18 mount elyaUle to me 8.741 Alice 1. lones. i.roion S' direction between Boton and Bret to 1 r. oA Woods, and New York and Bretto T7 iov 5 880 Wood. "Xii nKth of time, could see him for several i-uiianut ive uays. 1 mean, or S.mim 1 The Northbound service will be given n.740 5 from 8ept 29 until Oct 19, Inclusive, and YOTT are eenstlpated. Ton wgjit relief and want it tjuie. There le bo nae going- around all daw with a heavy, dragging feeling a baadache, disordered rtonxach, had breath, and all that when, within one hoar from the time yon take 4 giafui of auaiADl JASOS WATM, th If atural I.axativa, your howl will more gently, anrely and and your good health an apirita will be restored. A a business man or woman, wit lots of duties before you, a healthy mind and body are necessary, Don't waste a dayof your lifes It can never be recovered. TaJt glassful BUarxADl JAHOS WATER any time on an empty stomach; watch the clock; within one hour or so and you're relieved- Get a bottle at any Drug stor to-day. even for a considerable iai-t of one dav, without realizing thut tie man 1 in. 3 732 MlldT.i Thom.ston. Me a'7is Elisabeth Schreler. Staff rd Sp'gs, Conn 3 ini i James It McDnuald. Stoughton 3 ilic James II Malltnaon, Maynard 31 Dorla Ruaaell. Plttsfleld, .1 MX 1 John Cnltlna, Ashland 1188 Peter MrCall, Norwood Philip Diwden, South Acton 3.1182 Kliiabeth Lledka, Foghorn 1 frts .1 Stuart Harmon. Taunton 1 which lie sold to a second-hand dealer Charles Wataen. Cambridge here is being held bv detectives. C-orge Dillon. Charlestown Sticker on a suit Ce carried by Kathrin O'Connell South Boston I Kills indicate that recently he ha been in Boaton. Xew Vork. 'Veb I bus. Toledo and Cincinnati Vw.TUtM. Ro.bnry! RafT. who was the victim of a sen- I i-i'lriVs Adams. Neponaet sational robbery in a hotel here Satur- isseii Kelly, gulney day afternoon, declared today that a Margaret Duggan. Boston 1 destriptioti of the man who gave the Marjorle tirant. Hyde Park I name of In Indianapolis is 1 Rdward Uallaglier. Charleatown I identical with that of Kills, 'vho. be do- Andrew Jln. vv 1 robbed him rr fSSLSSf 1 Ellis is!!ed as aoOut 20 years lSuSfUS of aire. 5 feer fi inches tall. 1M I Andrew Oi the souinDOunn service irom sept 3u to i rr-t -20 Inclusive The Bervica urlll lie Ol I 1 il. sane. For a little while he may appear UVl Ull.IUlll.l- Wl OO 5.4.T7 1 w.llo ni. ot xir normal, out ir one is with him even a very few hours the truth must becomi apparent." jim I l) wmy wi v. i aiiu ouuunvilie. fi'ftks i Service 011 the Bethlehem Branch will 5, .1.12 I De coniiiiucii uiiin wi av, inclusive. S.RRfl I'arlcton Sonthgate, RDer Jet. Vt 5.821 Among the group who had supper with Mr Jerome at the City Club last evening were Charles L. Buriill, louls I I 11 Bubonic Plague at Yokohama. llinliiii KVKKK1T A. It C.1 width. Me ar 3.578 Harry Cohen, Taunton 8.2.1S 8 I' McCleaTe. Nantucket S.239 8.558 Pogcr Eaetman. Littleton, 8.231 3.587 I Herman Buss. Lebanon. 5 -3o Dor. heater. TOK'Hi Sept 23-A fatal case ot I 1.I...D Lufkin i Conuaugtit Connaugbton, pounds in WriKht. of athletic build, I dressed and oL cultured madnera. iv', i- 1 n.n numer. AiHrt'n tj Bunnett, Jeremiah Desmond and Mavricwey. Jamaica Plain 3.518 Donald Morrow. Norwood 6.208 bubonic plague-OCCUred iier today.

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