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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 14

The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 14

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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THE BOSTON GLOBE MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1910. 14 AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS NORWOOD CHURCH OPENED HIS NECK BROKEN, Charles Arnold Killed in Fall Down Stairs. HOLLIS BOSTON THEATRE to i.r.o I nil I (ill nt AVril.Sst.st2 CHECKERING HALL THIS (MONDAY) EVENING, AT 8il5 HLONGYCLUB Chamber Mnslc for Wind Instruments. Tickets and Program at Symphony Hall. Vrohmnn-Harrls enure JOHNSON MEN CLAIM VICTORY Senatorship Contest in Maine Warm, MANY PRESENTS UNDELIVERED Extra Men Working on Mountain of Mail.

This attraction will not appear In any other New England city east of Boston St Catherine Parishioners Occupy Their New Edifice In Several Crowded Services. Body Found in Hallway of Lodging House by a Milkman. JOY Tonight at 8 2 HOLIDAY WEEKS ONLY KXAW KRLANGER ANNOCNCE Farewell Engagement of the World's Greatest Dancer Chu- Rich Harris, Lessees Mgrs Last 8 Performances xVo1 Only Matinees Wed. and Sat.

at 2 it Two Entertainment, In One Program Klaw Krlanger and Henry B. Harris Present RUTH ST. DENIS la New Dance of ANCIENT EGYPT SUPPORTED BY A COMPANY OF 50 W. W. ANDREEFFS IMPERIAL, 111 SSI AN COIBT BALALAIKA ORCHESTRA These attractions will not appear In any other New England city east of Boston.

BOSTON TO mm UNE. ADELINE Vis Rail and Boat. Dally except Sunday. NEW MANAGEMENT. IMPROVED SERVICE Ticket Office.

211 Washington Boston. dStitf ol Doubt If Today's Delivery Will Dispose of All Sorted. IKE Legislature Will Meet Jan 4-Dtfter Contests in Sight. Pattangall Expects to Be Attorney General, ICE SKATING BOSTON ARENA, St. Botalph Mass.

Ave. TODAY'S SESSIONS A. M. to 12 25c 2.30 to 5 T. Mi, 35o D-3 50c IN THE BIGGEST MUSICAL SHOW OF THE YEAR Postmaster Mansfield Is in Personal Charge, NEXT MONDAY NIGHT Tw0nrks MATINEES WED.

AND SAT. DAVID BELASCO Presents DAVID WARFIELD In a New Play by DAVID BELASCO The Return of Peter Grimm SEAT SALE TOMORROW WITH FRANK LAI.OR WORDS BY HARRY B. SMITH I 'SIC BY RAYMOND HI HBKI-I. STAGED BY JCUAN MITCHELL 7C The Original 715 9 New York Cast i ROCKLAND, Me. Dec 26 Charles Arnold, a stone mason, who was one time engaged In business in Lynn, Mass, fell lown a flight of stairs at his boarding place, 36 Willow st, early this morning and sustained a broken neck.

Arnold and his brother, Alvin L. Arnold, arrived at the former's boarding place about midnight. They conversed in Charles' room a few moments and were then heard by other boarders to descend the flight of stairs from the third floor. Annie Annie, the landlady, was roused from her slumbers by the sound of a heavy fall, but as she heard the street door close and somebody go out she thought nothing serious had happened. Alvin Arnold made his way to the police station, told the officers that his brother was in trouble and asked their assistance.

The police told Arnold to go home and if his brother was still in need of help they would go. Alvin, however, returned to his rooms in another part of the same block, and the tragedy did not become known until a milkman stumbled over the body lying in a pool of blood at 6 o'clock this morning. 'ihe matter was investigated by Coroner Judkins and the local authorities, but no inquest was held. Arnold was about 60 and unmarried. tf d26 2t (126 Hf llC-rir" Evenings at 8 i wa a Mat.


New York Police Place Alleged Boston Opera House HENRY RUSSELL, Managing Director Regular Prices $1.00. $1.60, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00 and $5.00 Tonight at 8, IX TROVATORE. Mmes. Korolewlcz (debut). Gay, G.

Fisher; SIM. Zenatello, Galeffl. Perini. Glaccone. Cond.

Moranzoni. Wednesday, Dec. 28, at 7:46, ALDA. Mmes. Melis, Gay, Savage; MM.

Zenatello, Scotti (debut). Mardones. White, Glaccone. Cond. Contl.

Friday, Dec. 30, at 8, CARMEN. Mmes. Gay, Nielsen. B.

Fisher, Roberts; MM. Zenatello, Gilly (debut). Devaui, Glaccone, Gantvoort, Letol. Cond. Andre-Caplet.

Saturday MaHnee. Dec. 31, at 2, PRODIGI'E. Mme. Nielsen.

MM. Lasalle, Blanchart, Cond. Andre-Caplet. Followed by Anna Pavlowa-Mlkall Mordkln, supported by the complete Imperial Russian Ballet in Giselle. Saturday Evening, Dec.

31, at 8, at special prices from 50c to $5.00, I PAG-LIACCI. Mme. Dereyne, MM. Constantino, Galeffl, Fornarl, Glaccone, fe'troes-co, Huddy. Cond.

Moranzoni. Followed by Anna Favlowa-Mikail Mordkln, supported by the Complete Imperial Russian Ballet in ARABIAN NIGHTS. Seats an sale at Box Office and Downtown ticket office, 177 Tremont street (Eastern Talking Machine Co.) MASON HAMLIN PIANOS FSED Dorothy Donnelly. William Elliott and Dramatic Ensemble of 100 WATERVIDLE. Me.

Dec 25-As the day for, the 75th Maine legislature to convene. Jan 4, approaches, the Interest in the several contests for places of honor and emolument increases. The tight which overshadows all th- others Is the struggle for 8 senatf Of late the candidates with their supporters have become very active and the papers throughout the state have almost daily contained estimates of the strength of the four contestants. This section of the state is naturally interested. In the success of Charles V.

Johnson of Watervllle, and his friends have been hard at work since election to land him in the position so long occupied by Hon Eugene Hale. They appear to be confident of victory and oase their conliaonce on the claim that after caret ully canvassing the democratic members they have votes to spare. Taking the state by counties the Johnson supporters informed a Ulobe mau today mat William M. Pennell of BrunswicK is no.nniaily sure of the four senators from Cuinoerlaml. although Jt is asserted that one ui tne quartet is as yet unpledged.

The only senator pledged to Obadiah Gardner is senator uapies ot Knox. George F. Haley of Yo.k county ha no support in tne upptr branch. There wilt be 22 Ueiouctuts Ui tne senate. Of the 17 not Liuiiiwueu lo are claimed to have pledged tnemselves to Johnson.

Of the members of the house, Johnson men claim the unanimous Aiaorsement of the democratic ueiegations from Aroostook four, Piscataquis two, Somerset six, Washington six. Hancock four, Kennebec nine; total 31. In Penobscot jonnson claims the indorsement of elgnt ot tne, li representatives. The others may support Gardner. There will be three democrats from Waldo, of whom Johnson has two, while the other is unpieugeu.

In Knox, Gard-fiti's home county, one of ih six rep-Pesentatives is pim.geu to oiinson. Lincoln county will have three democrats iri the next house, of wno.n two will support Johnson, it is saiu. One of the two from Sagadahoc is pieuged to Gardner while the other is understood to be favorable to Johnson. The six democrats from York will support Haley as long as he is a candidate. Androscoggin's tight democrats are divided in their allegiance between Johnson and Gardner, just how nobody knows, although both candidates claim a majority.

Cumberland's 14 will probably all support Pennell. The lone democrat from Franklin county has steadfastly refused to pledge himself. Allowing an even break in Androscoggin between Jonnson and Gardner. COLONIAL THEATRE Chas. Frohman Wm.

Harris. lessees Mgrs. All day yesterday, and Judging by the size of the force at work most of last night, the force of clerks, carriers) an.l foremen were on duty at the centrnl postofflce, trying to get through same of the extra work piled up for them by persons who failed to mall their Chrisqi mas cards, letters and presents early enough. This morning nhere will be one delivery of mall matter throughout the city, but it is looked upon as extremely doubtful If the carriers will be able to deliver all of the mail which has been sorted in the last day or two, even though all the extra available carriers will be put on the Job. In every sorting section at the postofflce and the branch offices crowds of men were working yesterday and last night Many of the men, for whom Sunday, and especially Christmas, is usually a holiday, were said to have been pressed into service to meet the emergency.

Postmaster Mansfield personally visited the central office and watched the work In the several rooms during the morning. The foremen ana others in charge seemed rather reticent when asked for statements as to how things were going, and would only smile and say that everything was running smoothly. No one, except eye-witnesses to the busy scenes, can have the faintest idea of the amount of mail matter over which the force are working. There seems to be an especially heavy lot of papers and circulars, while the letters and packages, although coming in faster than they can go out, are being disposed of more readily. It should be understood that the blame for the delay of the mail, especially of packages and papers, lies with the senders rather than with the local postal authorities.

For some weeks before the holiday season began notices were posted requesting that packages and holiday letters and cards be mailed early, and explaining that if this were done it would save much extra work and delay. Just how much longer the carriers and extra men will be pressed into service as sorters for incoming mall is not known, nor can it be estimated. Postmaster Mansfield is at work on the problem and he and his assistants are doing all in their power to ease the labors of the men, and at the same time get the holiday mall out as soon as -possible. Tho scenes at the local express offices differed greatly from those at the post-offices. Although several companies had teams out with late deliveries the men at the offices said that practically all the Christmas business was over yesterday morning and that there were no bundles waiting to be delivered for lack of men, nor time.

DECLINED WITH THANKS. Assailant Under Arrest. REV THOMAS J. MacCORMACK, Rector of St Catherine's Church, Norwood. Eregs.

at Mats. Wed. Sat, at 8:15 Beginning with a MATINEE TODAY AT 2:15 The Ideal Holiday Attraction! BESSIE M'COY NEW YORK, Dec 26-Jacob Nadler, a pugilist, who as "Terry Brooks" claims the lightweight championship of Maine, was shot three times tonight in a row-over $2. Joseph Nlerenberg was locked up, charged with the shooting. Nadler is not fatally hurt.

and 100 OTHERS in CHARLES DILLINGHAM'S Singing and Dancing Frolic ii THE ECHO 80 GIRLS THEY ALL DANCE This attraction will not appear in any other New England city eaat of Boaton B. F. KEITH'S TODAY BILLY B. VAN AND THE BEAUMONT SISTERS DE HAVEN SEXTETTE UNA CLAYTON CO. Mnllen tt Corelll, Harry Breen, The Kratons, Jennings Renfrew, Joste O'Meera, and" Wormwood's Animals.

Overture at 1:46 and 7:30 Gifts for the Children Every Afternoon SHU BE RT Evenings at 8:20 NORWOOD, Dec 26 The formal opening of the new St Catherine's church at Norwood, Mass, occurred today, the first mass being celebrated by the rector, Rev Thomas J. MacCormack, at 6 a the high mass by Rev John M. Corrlgan, assistant priest. At all the masses was read a letter of congratulation from Archbishop O'Connell. Fr MacCormack, also conveyed the special blessing of the pope, by permission given personally to the rector by the holy father' last summer.

The church was filled at all the masses. The music was rendered by the regular choir, Miss Frances Hennessey, organist. At the high mass the sermon was by Rev James Maguire SJ, of Boston college. Vesper service was held in the evening. The church is one of the handsomest in the country, well located in the center of the town at the corner of Washington and Nahatah sts.

The archl-tectuarl style is designed to solve the parochial church problem of being both economical and artistic. The English perpendicular treatment of structural masses makes an ecclesiastical type of architecture that is seriously beautiful and compelling, possessing picturesque variety and sturdy vitality of construction. St Catherine's church has been thus modeled, avoiding cheap appeal through extraneous ornamentation; shaping the lines modestly adhering to the sound laws of proportion illustrated in the best mediaeval churches. The historical standard is especially evident In the Interior. The structural lines in heau-tiful masonry with carved capitals of varied form, yet keeping the cost of the building much lower than is usually allowed for churches of the same magnitude.

The church will seat 1050 and there is also a morning chapel opening oh Nahatan st, to be known as the chaoel of the Blessed Sacrament and seating 200. It is so disposed in reflrence to the main church that the chancel of each is accessible directly from the large sacristy. One of the unique features of the new church is the location of the tower, which is built directly over the chancel vails and rises to a considerable hlght above the nave roof. The proportions of the tower are unusually massive. The termination of the external lines of tho structure, a slender fleche of copper supporting the cross, rises from the center of the square tower, examples of which are frequently found in French and English churches.

The building is constructed of gray Roman brick with Indiana limestone trimmings. MATINEE TODAY AT 2:20 FORBES-ROBERTSON In "The Passing of the Third Floor Back." JENNINGS TELLS OF OFFERS. Boston, He Says, Wanted Schmidt, Mullin and Summers in Trade for Carrigan and Wood. WILKESBARRE, Dec 26 Manager Hughey Jennings of the Detroit team, talking to Wilkesbarre friends today about the outlook for the Tigers next season, said that Detroit would give the Athletics a hard fight, providing pitcher Willets, Summers and Mullin showed their usual good form. He also spoke highly of the young material to be tried out, stating that Del Drake, who played center field for Wilkesbarre last season, would get every chance for a regular position.

At New York, Jennings said, several trades were offered him. Boston, he added, wanted to give pitcher Wood and catcher Carrigan for catcher Schmidt and pitchers Mullin and Summers. This he refused, and also turned down a couple of deals involving outfielder Mclntyre and Matty may be seen in the Tig-era' outfield next sea- SEATS TOMORROW 0LGA NETHERS0LE In Maeterlinck's MARY MAGDALENE Mail Orders Now. TnriinilT One Week Only, IntmLilll Beginning with a I liumuil I Xmu Mat. Today at 2 A.

H. WOODS PRESENTS THE GIRL IN THE TAXI With Carter De Haven and original company DEMOCRATIC IN HER LIKES. Miss Helen Taft Sticks to Her Old Friends Despite Glamor of Her High Social Position. WASHINGTON, Deo 26-Miss Helen Taft is fast winning the name of being the most democratic belle in Washington. Despite the fact that she is dally a guest at cotillons, dinners, luncheons and teas given in her'honor.

Miss Taft Is the same sensible, unspoiled young woman she was In her school To the glamor of great fortunes she seems to be indifferent, and the fact that some of her friends are but modestly provided with this world's goods is no bar to her attachment for them. One Of the young women from Bryn Mawr whom Miss Taft invited to be one of guests at a house party recently at the White House is a girl who is earning her way through college. A few hours after she arrived Miss Taft said: "If there is any one whom you would like to meet let me know and I will arrange it for you." The guest named an acquaintance who Is an employe of one of the departments, whom she had met the previous summer oft a camping excursion. The next day the government clerk received an invitation to take tea Informally with Mrs Taft and Miss Taft at the White House the following day. When she arrived she found a company which included a number of the most distinguished women in Washington.

The cordiality with which she was received delighted the gest. It also convinced her that Miss Taft is putting no barriers between the White House and the wage-earner. It has been remarked that many of those who have given entertainments in honor of Misa Taft are in somewhat modest circumstances and not accounted among the smart set of Washington They are, however, friends of Miss Taft, to whom she became attached in her school and Sunday school days. She has accepted these Invitations and apparently enjoyed the simple events in her honor as much as those given by the smartest hostesses whose fortunes are counted by millions. Similarity of tastes and interests la apparently the strongest attraction which others can exert with Miss Taft.

The constancy of her friendship ta also remarkable. That intense, but often fleeting friendships of girls has never apnealed to her. She makes friends rather slowly, but she makes them, apparently, for life. CHRISTMAS AT VATICAN. Pope Plus Has His Sisters and Niece as Guests and Receives Many Messages.

ROME, Dec 25 Christmas passed off tranquilly at the Vatican, where Plus after pontificating at early mass before specially invited guests, spent the morning in his private-apartments with his sisters and nieces. Later he saw some of his household and the secretary of state. Cardinal Merry del Val, who wished to renew tneir greeting, but all of the audiences were of a private character. His holiness received messages and greetings from sovereigns, heads of states, high ecclesiastics and prominent laymen from all over the world. He read each of these and will himself reply to many of them.

At court there were no official receptions, but the gifts of the king and queen to their respective households were distributed, and the family of their majesties, now comprising four phti- DARK Last 6 Nights, 8:15 Mats. Todnv. Wed Sat 9-1K SEVEN DAYS MONDAY, JAN. 2ToBlorrow: at 9 A. HENRY B.

HARRIS Presents EDMUND REESE in THE SCARECROW By PERCY MACKAYE Comedy Nit In 20 Yaara These attractions will not be presented in any other city In N. E. east of Boston EVERYBODY'S COLUMN Daily at 2 8 Tel.Tremont 5 Castle Sq NEXT MON. Night BEAT SALE TIES. CHARLES FROHMAN Presents The Famous Detective-Thief Play ARSENE LUPIN With Wm.

Courtenav fffr1 Mr John Craig Announces The Famous Musical Extravaganza JACK tt BEANSTALK Prices 15c, 25c, 50c, 75c Down-Town Ticket Office, 15 Winter St. J. Walton Cook of Pittsburg Invited to Take Christmas Dinner With His Wife At Reno. PITTSBURG. Dec 25 A young Pittsburg clubman of wealth, J.

Walton Cook, declined to participate in a Christmas dinner which would have been the most unique on record one provided by his wife at Reno, Nev, where she is now seeking divorce. Mrs Cook, who was formerly Miss Edith Soule of New York, sent a formal invitation to her husband to come with the two children and eat Christmas dinner With her there. The matter is discussed quite freely in the exclusive circle In which the Cooks have moved. The couple have been married but a few yfars and there is nothing made public as to the cause for the separation which Is now admittedly being sought. Cook is a son of Mr and Mrs Thomas McKnight Cook of the North Side and was the favorite grandson and namesake of tbe Jat Joseph Walton, river Best Seats Erg' GLOBE Letters from Old and Young on Subjects That Interest All the People All the Time A Chance for Each One to Express His or Her Opinion.

MAT. Today 25c 50c Few Tf MAY FIGHT MAJORS. Report Has It That American Association Wants to Expand Eastern Dissatisfied, Too, It is Said. CINCINNATI, Dec 25 Members of the national baseball commission are said to be convinced that two more major leagues are on the way and are acting accordingly. The commission's agents have been working on reports that the American association will expand and that the Eastern league contract may be broken under the guise of a fight for reclassification next October, when the present agreement expires.

According to the reports, unless the major leagues represented by the com THE PLAY BEAUTIFUL 6t d26 cue ROSARY the former will have t5 votes, 11 more than enough to win. Gardner will have 14. Pennell IK, all from Cumberland, Haley six from York, while four ars unpledged. Allowing Gardner the entire Androscoggin delegation, Johnson will still have seven more than the necessary 54, while the Knox county candidate will be tied with Pennell. If these figures, are as the Johnson workers declare they are, Johnson will win.

The attorney generalship, which paya J4000, will go to Will'tm R. Pattanguil of Watervllle. Mr Irattangall has the pledges of nearly 100 of the new legislators. Mr Pattangall has publicly announced that If he is( chosen attorney general he will dispense with the services of an assistant, an office but recently created and now held by Charle-j P. Barnes.

Mr Pattangall is a member of the incoming legislature and is looked upon as a leader of the party on the floor of the house. For secretary of state the leading candidates are Cyrus W. Davis of Watervllle, twice the standard bearer of his party for governor, and Fred B. Wiggin of Saco. Both claim enough votes to win.

For state treasurer James F. Singleton of Bangor. George W. Pottle of Lewlston, at present state assessor, and E. E.

Brady of Ellsworth are the contestants. There are three candidates for commissioner of agriculture, W. T. Gup-till of Bowdoinham. William G.

Hunton of Readfleld and John P. Buckley of Westbrook. The caucus will be held Wednesday evening, Jan 4, while the caucuses for the house and senate organization will be held the preceding night. For president of the senate Nathan Clifford of Portland will be chosen unanimously. W.

C. Hanson of Ma-chiasport and Kingsbury B. Piper of Fairfield are the rival candidates for secretary of the upper branch. F. H.

Thurlough of Pittsfield seems to have no opposition for assistant secretary. There are three candidates for speaker of the house. Fred H. Strjcklanti of Bangor, Frank A. Morey of Lewtston and J.

Clark Scates of Westbrook. Chandler C. Harvey of Fort FairfleM will be chosen clerk of the house. The incoming legislature will take possession of a capitol building which has Just been remodeled at an expense of 5350,000. the Readers Isn't there a Tom, Dick or Harry, 1H ORPHEUM THEATRE Continuous 9 A.


Evenings, 10c, 15c, 26c. Sunny This or Sun- ny That, who will take pity on Hus-1 Sud3t d25 mission grants the demands of the American association and the Eastern GRAND I OPERA HOUSE fcrtm ki afata, Sat. at 2 Queen of the Outlaws Camp NEXT WEEK-EAST LYNNE coal king. whr. died worth perhaps league and gives tnqjn the same drafting privileKes the majors enjoy, besides willed Ui share.

Ev'gs 8 :10 20c, 35c 50c, 75c. Mats. 1500 at 25c Berkeley St. Warren Av7J THEATRE JH Today continuous performance 2-10 :30 pm Admission 10 Cts. All Seats Free band Hunter, lead her to the altar and thus put her out of her misery? I did really think that her troubles were o'er a few weeks ago, when I watched the column with almost breathless interest hopes that I may meet one who will prove to be interesting as well as plump.

As fortne, a skilled mechanic my is in many different places and have not been in any one town long enough to think ofa home for myself My plans are to buy a small fruit farm and of course it will be necessary to have "one of the prettiest of the pretty to i.hare the good times there. Boy, 38 Years Young. Correspondence Club. To Hoosac Tunnel and others I want to correspond with a middle-aged man of good habits, who Is kind and respected and would appreciate an honest andniand who enJys tn company Jt lonely Heart-I am about vour 5 feet inches tall, weigh am a'ways healthy and am con! SldeJe I have S-ood habits and always have had a vrv good reputation. Vour description nd tone jrenmi na HUB IQc WASKIVflTnv kt Moving Pictures Vaudeville GAIETY NEAR BOVLSTON LARGE CONGREGATIONS.

That Was the Order in the Churches of Arlington. ARLINGTON, Dec 25 In the churches of all denominations in this town the Christmas services- were largely attended, tn several instances there were decorations of a beautiful character, holly and evergreen being much in ThSMWtf s2 QUEEN OF BOHEMIA Daily at 2:16 and 8 p. m. Tel. Ox.

39. exempting them from the one-man draft, there is expected to be war to the hilt. According to the reports the American association will seize the opportunity to expand. The rearranged Western major league, it is said, will consist of Kansas City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Columbus and three major league cities. Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburg.

Havenor owns a park on the north side of Chicago which will be fitted for baseball purposes. St Paul Toledo and Louisville, according to the reports, will be dropped and form a nucleus of a new class A league. Barrows, the present Eastern league president, is declared unfriendly to Ban Johnson, and, it is said, will advise Eastern league magnates to go to war if their demands are not granted. Montreal, the reports declare, will be dropped from the Eastern circuit and Syracuse substituted. Gt d26 HOWARD the outcome of her correspondence BIG REVIEW GIRLS, the snappy show and variety.

et 1 doing from 1 till 11. 6t d26 dre" had a tree, over which the joy was as great as in any humble home of the kingdom. UfALDRON'S CASINO I finrinn Rollao Rnrloeniiaro iuiiiivii wbiieo wUII60iUDI0 DAILY MA IS BIG PRODUCTION 6t d26 Star Show Girls LOOKING FOR AN IDEAL. KILLED jYA BULL. J.

E. Hills of Hollisi Gored to Death in Barn. By LAURA JEAN L-IBBEY. BURNED TO DEATH. Miss Casey the Victim in Lowell.

with Wife Hunter. I thought at one time that she had got him. I did indeed. When lo! he had gone. false and fickle Wfe Hunter! Me thinks you have made a tremendous mistake, for I see the makings of a fond and loving wife and a most devoted mother in Husband Hunter.

Well, never mind, H. H. There are, you know, as good fish in the sea sts ever were taken out of it, and leap year is not so very far off. Then, you can, Indeed, snap your fingers at most of us. In the meantime there are a few nice men left in column who may be eligible.

There is Jack C. Dorchester and his corn-cob pipe that beg of you not to forget. You would most surely suijt him well, as you say you are a good cook. He says, though, that there are no girls here, east, that feed their husbands right, and if you can believe what you read all the girls in column can cook. They would rather cook and keep house than go to a dance or the theatre.

Put what delightful pictures of domesticity Jack C. Dorchester portray for us in his savings (I mean reveries) to Easterner. I wish he would write again, as his contributions are worth reading. There is also Jolly 33. But he seems Vva "lavine low." as we hear noth Had Been Honored by His Town With Many Public Offices.

i nave lead a irr.t many letters and answers to vour letter ard often wondered ir the partfes concerned ever became friends I have never noticed anv means d.3h whereby they could bZtmi acquainted helr nom-de-plumc Everybody's column. I hope von wm reply through the column 111 Humanitarian. To Home Loving Harry-l would like to correspod with some young man of good habits. I am a Canadian SrP but live tn Boston at the present ui' Am 5 ff 9 in In hlght? weh 1SB 5SS" have black hair and brown eyeT My age is 24. Won't some young man take pity on and correspond with A True Nova.

To Winsome Janet-I noticed In the column your reply to The Average Man and was favorably impressed by vour sentiment, and if The Average Man defers too long I hope you will reply (Copyright, 1810, by Lanra Jean Libbey.) Yon were In Jet. I know it. Now tlioush lt rather late Kathor too Tate to turn my life And seek another fnte: I'm not a like thousand. Wlth'a heart that will veer and twirl, Aod feel a glow at the word and glance Of every pretty girl. Timely Arrival of Firemen Probably Saves Others in Building.

ing from him lately. Considering the number of "darlings" who are trying to i aj me nrst place I am a Bostonian, have traveled much, hut the s-nnri nld i APPY is the man who is not looking for an ideal In feminine form and can content himself in loving and being loved by Just a plain, good sweet g-lrl, whose greatest attraction is a great big, fond heart. The man looking for an ideal follows a wlll-o'- DONOVAN AT HOME AGAIN. Red Sox Manager Reaches Lawrence for Christmas and Forecasts Winning Ball from the Start. LAWRENCE, Dec 25 Manager P.

J. Donovan of the Boston Americans and Mrs Donovan arrived in this city late last night after their honeymoon trip in Europe. Bothwere in excellent health and expressed themselves as navihg had a delightful journey. On arrival in New York Friday they sent greetings to relatives at home with tne announcement that they were to spend a day in the metropolis and would reach here in time for the holiday. The greater part of their time abroad was spent in London, Paris and in neighboring places.

Baseball and the signing of players was forgotten for a time. Now that Manager Donovan is at home his thought is of the success of the Red Sox, and he predict, that Boston will have a team that will show up well at the very start. "We are going to have a good team." he said, "and one that will do well." He plans to go to Boston Tuesday and confer with Pres Taylor relative to the work before them, preliminary to the start of the team south. Mrs Donovan will probably make the trip with him when the team leaves. NOT TO PR0PCY YOUNG.

Somers and McGuire Confident Veteran Will be a Big Winner for Cleveland Next Season. CLEVELAND, Dec 26 New York papers printed a story this morning to the effect that Cy Young is to be dropped by the Cleveland club. Such information, however, was news to the Cleveland club officials. Sec Blackwood widow who tips the scale at 199 if you please if he looked for golden he serves that the tresses hung on the back of a chair at night are brown -and silver The man who wants an Ideal wife ought to Inhabit a castle in the lr or dwell amidst the stars in the latest improved aeroplane. "atest Even artists find their fairv vlHion ary.

canvass ideals, mightily different from the flesh and blood girls of everyday life. You never see an artL searching for an Ideal-to marrv The nearest to an ideal they look for i good sensible girl who can STrJS- tend the cooking of a sauare do it herself, if necestit demands thT nurse" who' know we hthat manage fhe new XZrnftT. hoTney hakanrt her own baklng-whlch niS" bread or old chestnut as moThi'3 thJ? to make, 100 percent mo'her used Not discounting the old rith son-for this Is a new era ilhout rea' age. and tho real girl keenSrrEeS8lTe S3S girl cares for few, If an? me eyes outsparkle the rarest Her could buy "rest gema money The real girl may not be flowery of speech, but she can 12LanJ you on the subjects nearest "i inJerest importance to you vltal av, 1 sensible m.iti JOYFUL DAY FOR THEM. Catholics of Braintree Attend Services in Their New Church, St Francis'.

BRAINTREE. Dec 25 It was a Joyful Christmas for the Catholics of this town when they attended holy day services in their new church ediliee in South Braintree today. The new church will bear the name of St Francis, the same as the old vdiflce, which was tired in honor of the patron saint of the late Rev Francis A. Frlgugliettl of Quincy, who built the old church of St Francis as a mission station of the pariah of St John the Baptist at Quincy, which was the parent church a number of smaller churches and mission stations at that time. Masses were ceb-brated today by the present pastor.

Rev Mathew McDonnell, a warm Dersonul friend it tho late Rev Fr Frlg iglietti, and also by Rev Andrew J. yitzGerald, who wa3 welcomed by his purUhioners, as he is Just recovering from the effects of an accident. Tho parochial mass was, celebiated at 10:20 by Itev Fr McDonnell and a special musical program was arranged by Miss Mary E. Shay, the (rganist. A high vesper service was celebrated this evening nd another special musical program of high order was rendered by an augmented choir.

The new church is of granite and situated on the old Francis A. Hobart estate on Washington st. Just on the border of the South Braintree sq. The interior of the church is not quite completed. The building is heated by steam and is lighted by electricity; the pewi-are of oak and of the latest (jesign, and natural light Is admitted by beautiful memorial windows dedicated to those who have been workers for the Catholic faith in this town.

VAN STRUCK BY TROLLEY. Driver William A. Douglass of Boston Badly Shaken Up in West Medford Accident. MRncnnn nc 2S An inbound iO WELL, Dec 25 Miss Margaret Casey, aged 45, was fatally burned when her clothing caught fire at her home near the corner of Worthen and Market Bts early this morning. She received prompt surgical treatment, but It was unavailing.

The fire extended to the woodwork of the building, but was quickly extinguished by firemen. Medical Examiner Meigs viewed the body at undertaking rooms near her home. But for the timely arrival of the firemen Martin Leonard, Miss Mary Lawless and Mrs Dunfey, the latter an aged woman, would also probably hav been victims. Miss Casey had been a resident a number of years' and had relatives living on MarKet and Worthen sts. HOLLIS, Dec 25 James E.

Hills of the Pine Hill road was killed by a ferocious bull in his barn this forenoon. The mangled body was found by relatives after Mr Hills had been away from the house for some time. He had gone out to his barn, driven cut the cows, and was caring for the bull when the animal is believed to have turned on him. His clothes were torn off, a rib broken and his skull fractured. The body was taken out and a physician called, but life was extinct.

Mr Hills was one of the best-known resfdents of Hollis, 68 years old, and had been honored by the townspeople with many public offices. He had been selectman, representative, member of the school boara, and at the time of his death was road commissioner. He had been a lifelong member and was a deacon in the Congregational church. He leaves a wife and these cmldren: Mrs Luetta Baker, Edward A. Hills, George F.

Hills, J. Charles Hills and Miss Ruth Hills. The funeral will be on Wednesday afternoon. make an impression on nis nara ana flinty heart isn't it a wonder he does not come forward? Right Girl has not, evidently, turned up yet. And I had the conceit a few weeks ago to think that I was his chosen one.

Woe Is me! I feel like a widow. Husband Hunter, would like so much to heave you write me You can hit back if you wish to. I don't mind. Old Man's Darling. Widows and Widowers.

Smoker's Friend I am a constant reader of Everybody's column and I never saw a letter that Interested me more than yours, so I take pleasure In ai'swerlng it. I have my own home' and I do mv own cooking and washing, but I call It a miserable one where man Is all alone without a lady companion. have a boy 11 years old, but he does not keer me much company, i fever go out nights, but stay at home enjoying mv pipe an 1 reading the papers after supper. I am 5 years old. have bUck eyes, blaok hair, am feet 6uuu enougn for me.

Wouldn't it be nice to get acquainted with someone like yourself Me thinks I can imagine what you are like. Happily possessed with a good sense of humor and a good home-loving woman and would make a lovinir man an affectionate wife. Will not describe myself at this time, only will say I am 23 years old and called' good looking. If hope long deferred maketh the heart sad repfy to Convivial. To Chicken I was very much interested in your letter.

I am a farmer's daughter. Jive in a ctty a mile and a half from town. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall, have brown hair and brown eyes I am 18 years old. I have a good disposition, like a good time, but lik home. I have had several gentlemen friends, but have not met the right one Am particular in choosing the right one.

Would like to hear from you or anyone who Is interested In a Farmer's Daughter. To Yankee Doodle's Niece Although vour letter was not to me, I am going to take the liberty to answer. I was Interested In your letter because you seemed a little different from the average girl of today, and because vour description of yourself was to my liking I use neither tobacco nor liquor and have a little different Idea from most of the people I have met. I enjov a good time as well as the next one and usually have it wherever I am. I make friends easily and have mingled more or less with all kinds and classes am four-years your senior and live lust a little further from the Hub than vou do, but probably in a different direction Broad Minded.

ASBURNHAM. the wisp a phantom which cleverly eludes his graps, as he approaches with outstretched hands. The man who searches for an ideal is a dreamer of artistic-poetical turn of mind. He does not realize that the world of women nowadays want a wide-awake, "every-day-soit-of -fellow." The man searching for an ideal wants a fair maid with love locks carelessly caressing an alabaster brow. He does not Imagine the twist of a curl may be due to curl papers, or the pink flush of a cheek which rivals the rich heart of a crimaon rose, due to a dash of carmine.

And the Hebe form, the result of the latest notion in stays. All of these attributes to unusual beauty belong to the ideal girl, with her fluffy, billowy frocks and frills and ribbons. The real girl may have a freckle or two on her nose, but her smile and jolly laugh are real enough. She knows a little about poetry, and she knows a great deal about the golf Units and a flve-mile walk in the morning that paints her cheek. Hp and chin with real roses.

This real girl is not iack-a-daislcal creature, who has no 30 SO, SAYS MANAGER GRAY. Has Heard of No Negotiations by Fred Lake With a View to Purchase the Lowell Baseball Team. LOWELL, Dec 25 Manager James Gray of the Lowell baseball team says the report published in a Boston paper that Fred Lake was negotiating for tho purchase of that team is not correct Gray says he has heard of no negotiations for the purchase of the team. stood sponsor for a denial, raying: electric car on Main st, South Mes- Inches tall, weien i.w uounas ano lairiy good looking and have a loving disposition I would like to henr from von. Unlucky Smoker.

Donelv Heart Well. I read everything In the Globe, consequently I read your letter, and I must say I was interested. I am 5 feet 11 incites tall, weigh 160 pounds and am perfectly healthy. Am a widower and have no home now. Well, you know I am lonesome, as I alwavs enjoyed my home.

Evenings and all holidays found me at home. Would like to correapond jylth you. A Lonely Man. Wants to Hear from the "Plump Qlrla." have been a reader of Everybody's "Arrangements have been made whereby Cy will go to Hot Springs as usual to get Into condition about Feb 1. Not a word has been said in reference to disposing of the veteran.

Cy wMuld have nad a much better record last season if he had had a better team behind him. BODY FOUND IN WOODS. GOOD FROM EVIL British Steamer Putting Back for an Injured Fireman Finds Break in Her Machinery. NEW YORK, Dec 25 The British steamship Scottish Prince, Capt Hod-son, which left port this morning for South America, returned and anchored off quarantine tonight because Thomas Alderson, a fireman, fell out of his berth and -ustained internal injuries which rriy prove fatal. Although the ship was miles south of the Ambrose channel lightship, the captain ordered her back to obtain surgical treatment for the injured man.

As the vessel was returning William Mct-harer, a sailor, had a hard fall and was also Injured internally. Both men were removed to a hospital. The delay proved fortunate, for on the way back the chief engineer discovered a break in the machinery. This will necessitate remaining in port until repairs are made. ford.

struck a large, empty furnuuio van Saturday evening, throwing the driver. William A. Douglas of 216 Har- fi-nm i i spat across in time, of tronbl. Sf.t" In the dark, our fortune often meet u-U fate bo not. then what can fJr.JL Or can wo avoid It If It be Ior'c7 glrl not to ffod 'or earthlv food If you want a wife with whom yOU cn." haPPy- Remember the faT est fruit upon which the sun eve-shone and wooed to perfection Is not without some little speck or blemish which never detracts from Ks sweetl ness.

Choose an every-day girl, and lt It go at that. 8 lw Another ortfble entitled, "Will Tbe Toucli of a Hand Awaken LoveP will he printed "Somers ana MclxUlr are exmwflnir .1 the roadway and against the trunk ol Cv to be a big winner next season. Now a tree. His son who was witn nun also thrown out. Tne rattier was "i a Ot views of tier own, She arrives at her own conclusions in her own energetic way, and knows how to express them, too.

The real girl, while brave, always i hesitates over a love affair. She wantB i a husband whose lips she can kiss, not the back and injuries about the aboo- Pointing of Bird Dog Leads to Discovery of Tragedy. DETROIT, Dec 25 While searching this afternoon for a yule log in a grove a short distance north of the city harry S. Lee discovered the nude body of an unidentified man with the legs severed at the knee and the head cut and bruised. Lee's attention was directed to the body by the pointing of a bird dog.

The body is thought to have been in the woods several daya. A petition Is being circulated here ask- that they have so many young pitchers In line. Cy will not be used much tin warm weather. Blaze in Roxbury Tailor Shop. The alarm from box 232 at 8:30 last night was for a Are in the tailor shop of Louis Taylor at 261 Dudley st, Roxbury.

The fire started from some unknown cause. The loss was about free deliveries of express matter in this town. column anfl nn very interesting, but wonder wly 1 do not read more letters from the talWand plump girls who look even more pretty at 35 than at 25. Perhaps It Is because they ail are appreciated and nave hqmes of their own. I hope so, but I am an optimist and have Th car struck a rear wheel of tne van slewed the team across tne track.

The wagon was not seriousi damaged. Mr Douglas was treated at police headquarters and sent home suffering great pain. His son was not injured. one wnose neau is up in the clouds, out of reach. No man ever yet found an ideal-realized.

The man who spends the best part of his life searching for a sylph winds up by taking a buxom Pror H. S. Cowed addressed the Men's class of the Congregational church yesterday on "Current Events of the Closing Year,".

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