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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 5

The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 5

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:

1 THE BOSTON' GLOBE-TUESDAY. JANUARY G. 5 1903. I FOR SLANDER. EYES BLACKED, 1 REAL ESTATES t.4443 lig Gil OD IL 41.E1 ATP il 1111c, 4 V-4 4.4r3, A A ..7 1' Z. Z. 1 it 1- As ...0.0. 1..... 7 1 vs, .) .7.. A. ,1 It 4 4 -At rt Mrs Mary Duncan Sues Has Been Transferred to Miss Mabel Hill. His Girl Married and the Trustees. i Ilis Ring Gone ii a' re et IP a JI A Pe rf-N 31(11 'zzt) .44 THE CHILDREN ENJOY 1 I :4 1 car Ca te Ccul cl tiorlhen Canty. N3W Builfng Erectd for the Conservatory of Music. mE'lb A11111151 II Hillarearce of Lynn Szys James Attackei Him, ti)' i'l D''' Statements Were Posted in Norwood Not Long Ago. Structure One of Most Perfect of Its Kind in the Country. YOUnZ Wife, Says Ring VA bAnd.ome new building erentod ror flo? Englind (nnAervatnry Si th Rt re- tner Gi untington ay. Was ven He. G.Lins4oro and St llowiph rtvl, hAn iseo-t u.1 I dn. 16, 4. io.C1 ao II 4. 4.C1 ,1 N. r.4'. I A 1' 1'1 V. 4.. I. Nft, -1 4.77, .1 e11r1 1.4 A r- i 4t-bk-I4V oft. s'15- tedi de r-, N. 1 ..1 eAmo 111, NJ. ti s'1, Life out of doors and out of the games which they play and the enjoyment which they receive and the efforts which they make, comes the greater part of that healthful development which is so essential to their happiness when grown. When a laxative is needed the remedy which is given to them to cleanse and sweeten and strengthen the internal organs on which it acts, should be such as physicians would sanction, because its component parts are known to be wholesome and the remedy itself free from every objectionable quality. The one remedy which physicians and parents. well-informed, approve and recommend and which the little ones esjoy. because of its pleasant flavor. its gentle action and its beneficial effects. is Syrup of Figsand for the same reason it is the only laxative which should be used by fathers and mothers. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy which acts gently, pleasantly and naturally without griping-, irritating, cr nauseating and which cleanses the system effectually. without producing that constipated habit which results from the use of the old-time cathartics and modern imitations. and against which the children salould be so carefully guarded. If you would have them grow to manhood and strong, healthy and happy, do not give them medicines, when medicines are not needed, and when nature needs assistance in the way of a laxative. give them only the simple, pleasant and gentleSyrup of Figs. Its quality is due not only to the excellence of the combination of the laxative principles ef plants with pleasant aromatic syrups and juices. but also to our original method of manufacture and as you value the health of the little ones, do not accept any of the substitutes which unscrupulous dealers sometimes offer to increase their profits. The genuine article may be bought anywhere of all reliable druggists at fifty cents pet bottle. Please to remember. the full name of the Company CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP Co--- is printed ott rsl: (.44 q- 0 ell. 1 ti OS itS )In )y I-- 14 nd Ile astt St ye 'd ad he out of al- be LSO On Dulles That She Promisal to Wel Montgoffierie's Story the Bombardment the Crignant .11.1.:: Testimony of Witnesses Does Not Seem to Agree Very Well. larrually deelarel completed. and the ter of the prop.Tty V) the Nt 1igIaral cor.servatory of Musie trustees wax male late MOndity afternoon by the blaming committee truste.s. comprising Ebert D. JfIrdart. Arthi anti Hon Richard IL bana The now building has a frontage of aleict 123 feet on Huntington rot. a frontage of mahout Il.42 feet on Gainsboro 2-4 and some I.I3 feet on St Botolph bL The ttructure 14 three stories high. and Is ono of the roost perfect of Its kite! In the United State. no expense. talving been spared to make It as near errtarlet in ail appointments as It lit to have a Imilding of this Ithyt. A complete description of the handsem dell Porto Ca bello to Insulted a British Crevh i Jan tt-A c.a., 'Prrw up in civil at.1,rt cif thro f.1 tont cf north(rn tide in g- 31rIt M.ary of Norwood. sues 3Ll--e1 thll of bharon. formerly of Not we-I. of viand. Vi.low. ing t' st.ttmerts IR Pr. post ,141 I tuPv. rai p7.1, 0.4 Ir. rtvrot On t'-' shora-Aer pf Miss Itill. who In tny of an nfreur went to Mrs liun, ear, it and e.sked hor If Ilb rOt th-' Ntra 11Pline.pga dersiect 1 th. PlarZ3t1.0111 and ouod Miss Hill on 1 the that Cie harm been slandorod IL) Jul ang her this ai1 leg, that alisi 11111 had arelLlit'd hor I by sayii that oho thought oho had 42, no it and could think of no one elso It wi wol I likely to do so. II.d that Imhof merely i airs liuncln If shoo hal done It. so'l al not aectrwo Lor of doing it- Arthur Clurk of I)odham aPneared 1 for Mro anti Gzles ot A-ti 211.,1 Hid. 1 2.1r Miry liurcan Mgt and tr.t wtit.erw. paid eke lived on WIsh11111- i Ni. Ncrwood. and flve living chilI dr. EL SLO that Stahel Hill or.tmet to I 1,.149," with Mr 14-1uster on UNA 1 1 -A them nt my doorway. Anna. Henry aril my dwighter were presentNE--i Itil evo.ko tio me an41 asked me If 1 I the 14Iri ahout her. I an1 nw-roli I did nut. and atisa Mil 1010 had rveived a nasty letter. 1 and si.o I went it. 0 -I said I did not. Mr phowo4 mo the till and I read p.irt of It. 1 i then stslito air and told hint Mos ICI hall amused me. I first 1 know ailsa 111I In Juno. Nilo roomed at I my house for tine months. She left 1 l'oi-euso I mide her. She toli tod! thing, -7 v. ,11,,,, ty 11.7.1-'14 -7 s-- 1 ri. 4 7 A 0, :...1 A I- 1. 1 May' SS at a- 1 0 a 5 0 111, itr i. 1 it J. 7. .5:: 14 ip l. riti; ilt. :1..., 1 front iln to every i it 11 1 1 (r fr-' beneficial effects it is al- Fe: ..:1 necessary to buy 7-v -e I -tt ri-: the genuine only. le.K. Vt 4. I 0 v. 't, A'''' I)), t. I i 1 I i 71 I 1 the front of every pack- tre-, age. In order to get its beneficial effects it is at Ce2 .:1 ways necessary to buy -if1 the genuine only. :..1 I i i '1. I 0- 034' r. ----0. is.3.---' AN'i (C Jan itiA case that hes made I scme building has heen printed In tne Sensational rtrid Interesting points a as i stturiume: partially heard In the pollee court Lila morning. alien James McNicholi of ethe Haven. The lure was about heard on the charge of assaulting rt bind. Pearee. Simply the fact a relating to al 11. It aratTimv7 s. property at this meeting on the street and the Eben D. Jordan et al. trus- of Ilsticuffs ere rehearsed to tk Jla'' tiniq it'll: l-e exce but taneath there Is a story of otaliy turned over to ftliarepwe. jealousy. nlArriajos i New Etigland conservatory of MUsle. silent. riace on i 6 Tili.te transfer of the property numbet Pc! ol End The aNegoct assaua took trien Pt W. Friday right in the pres- liernert C. Itirtwell. to the Alden' trust. price of a number of fn pie. but the reTettlir.rd. it polh-e have heen able to but a few witnets'il and the StOrik'S of these Ws- 1 ftWele. 1 six stories high. standing tTi about I a tieW Wick mercantile building. iloaever. Pearce ha.1 two black and he claims he was forced to of land. taxed for or In all day Saturday as a result of fi' igs irt the ofsault. Furthermore. he was com- I ta a-. has yet been taxed. pei'et to forego the pleasure of occorn- 1 a party to the theatre mid i '4" "v'nn l'JIA 11 vac-t 1311,1 At- tiateil on the corner of Rosemont st joyir4 a surlier afterward. lint ti nV, belonging It ad came about over a young worts- to Fe-ink M. Frost et ni. have been con- an. who was Miss Elsie Itutits. but vt'lre'l t' deed to Charles It oultenhouse is, about 3Pal'ii rent2, per square or "me 15 bonding has been printed In the Glob tgether vdth tt, Cut of the structure. The arenite.ts of the new building were Whoelwrizht Havn. The co-t of the new str.o.:ture was about ahove the land The transfer of the property at this titne from Eben D. Jordan et al. trustees. has no special significance except Ilott the property has now been forre.aily turned over to the of the New England conservatory of music. "Grievously Answered for" This ActionAmerican Consul Vas Intermediary. U.S 1 vi I 1..14 1 API 4. '-'--3 rl- i 111' kytv A-4, 44 ..10 't 41 r's--At No. :42, 1 6rb I 1: 4(1 oo 474, 1 ..4. 1: 1. ri. 't i .31.... e' I. 4 Jr- ist a e. t. tc1 s. iy.L. 14 .1) st v. 1- i 1 zrs. ....0, i UNHAPPILY MATED. KEPT SECRET. 4.7s 4. Lo.i PIP t. -re. "'er't ty Aft rt, orv .44 11.1t, Itt At it, 11'4W-ter 31 A 7 7 "1 4-Ant-tt ourt. 1'. t. i IL -4 14 litt 11.41 et.er4.1:14.7 'rcl '14 t- r- tt J-rit 1)ill'It. t' who since Saturday morning 1,4 Mrs on good Janie Titre of the man IR terms. whom It Is claimed assaulted -Later I met Fs. IV" ha-I a eon- ho WIA3 a former lover of the young on.ts ith tier. As a there seentor She Is hut IS yeass ass a feeitrg twtereen us. An a result of so- She 111:1 aceusution I had to have a Nil- is "tY han ine has I right Mack eyes. a prfusion of A ounitier of people of Nor- blac-i hair and would attract ato-iizion wood spoke to me about betng accume-t thiougit Ler kooks arvt the tolls." 'leo Anne Henry and Han- who since Saturday morning Is Janie NIcNicholl. Titre of the man It. has taken title to ir lkirchester, rerently sob, by owner it)ne of tn. i.1-,is is niim.s.rod 1'4 Barnes he corrir tt Dorchester a taxed tor The let of 141.1ii Contitins st-ttrits feet. t3Xtt1 for 1. cents per re feot. The other froperty is numbered to Watr st. near the corn. Walnut st. uompriing frarni- loolzac i ft 61..0 feet of whole fer $.9,01.. The land Is taxed tor Silov. Tales of Woe Told Today in the Divorce Court. Suicide of Insane Woman at Worcester. Ettet M. Wayland. sister of the libelant, corroborated her testimony. John 11. Paterson. In whose house the haa a fiat. told of going to see Bishop at his place of business. and taking a letter from Mrs Bishop to her husband. asking him to return. "Ilisnop told me that he never Intended to return." said the witness. "that he Intended to take his mother's advice." "I told him he ought not to take his mother's advice in that respect. but that he ought to live with his wife. Ito said he never Intended to live with her." Andrew D. Wayland. father of the libehnt. corroborated the testimony of his daughter. reserved. htt 111,1 1.te.1 ,1 I It I's. 'I -r- tr rn iit to Irrt- 1 r-. J-tt I. kr th thr t.3r tr MartA.1 LL tri, 1111.,1,, 1, rt. WI tl 1 flfl itt I JAM ,1.1 I r. tt ft 1.t;rr,br,.., siott t. ty t' 1 I i I tcrrtr. 1 find P.Urj NIArg 1-, I tg Or IIrr a.a., Wives Much in Majority of Those seeking tam Galling Ties, Srah M. Clark is the new owner of the corner estate on Fort iv and HighRoxbur). the title having passed trorn Josephine 1.. Clark. The consIsts of a frame house. to-ether with SOTTIP 3715 sfitrire feet of the wholo taxed for the land t. vailled by thc assessAa-: at $17iith- il. i sbnut 45 cents per Stiuure The vv.s 'private. toth Itur.esti. 4 to th. conversa- tion betme it Mrs DUrt Cali. Mtss Hill conducts a canely store 41 st and Miss turns was endil irlti Mr M.s Mil. Ins s1414 o'll'." 1r): there, ile openiv showA his the )oung wOrillial anti ord. 1. ito.1 tzt St.aron at tha t.rto,nt lime. t1 story they often attendod 11 Lila af at re and he thought very -I tiled to Norwod for a Alitie. From Of liei. to inne. I lived at Mrs Finally Pearce gave his sweetheart a 1)a)'s. er-1. after lier. i 11o 41 at diamond ring valued at and shortly 1 Mt).!" to April 1v2. I lett I afterward he linseed the ornament and iMr 4 14 41,144 1.4 twe-atoo- of something- Mrs I Miss, Iturns left no' store. There was a 1Pr. 441 1 iii-iiit i t.a-ene when retiree wanted the ring i I. -4 I 1 nnra witr, Moks inarns Insisted that he h3(1 1 ri c.sii, iiiiI 441.14,..1 lit tie had 1,, 1 Fltri It to and altr.oUgh he gild i) ara.r,I tl It not was an eT4gabrement rho. Nli i vv- a nasty did not think 14he wits oblise4 to return BB119 St John Pearson of This City Was Patient in Hospitals Cruel and Abusive Treatment the Most Common Complaint. CAMBRIDGE. 1 ti AD MIXUP FOR SPEARES. The vacant land on the corner of rtlii tolitlitt vtorl t. ts it.ton In tvi company. 4,, wino memo" 7f lp; M.11,111 re tt. tit k. improve VIP 141 lots p.t11 trt A sinie new building for investment. It. Ift Ikti.s 1 1 tiot 4 Svrerville Policeman Had a Warm Time of It for a Few Minutes Last 1 Eveninj. '4 0. r. kt .1 t.n hit4 Mrs IITt- There Wax to to cOn 1101 il ft that tenlik but Pearce is just as positive, only ksked Mrs Duncao if sill had 1 there and that when she hrnhe it oine IL. the ring should have come bark. Ile John a poilce nicer of Nor. 1 iwt 1,1. i3 Ills the 171 ata of Iti bla Mi44 sti-trnent 14 Miss in everythirg ex- simply Aaid the ring was hers of rt her with Mrs Duncan. which and she could do anything she wanted otht, I with U. even to pawn the diamond if I jrt rr reserved his dechdon. i bp felt so SECOND ANNUAL BALL. 1 it was three weeks ago that Miss Burns loft the store and sinc tha time I i numerous efforts have been made to numerous efforts have been made bo She Hanged Herself iD the Bathroom Dec 30. Authorities Dli Not Make tha Fact Pail; but it leakei Cuts Inquest Will be Held Before Judge Utley This Week. 't 1 I Arne. hrt4 ttrrv. tetween II rtna krz, I.Vintrr it in 014 of Sit th. uw-e4trant the heea.e I Ntarth.31:, the 1rnler Itni1t ry rl ftt, kn the, I. Ilartnnn J.nes th3t P111 ik 44 wArtel h- 1-0e Is 1f in entnnanN vv, tt! Jr.i in tfl 4.10.1,r-ve trA rtk.n a the 11. St Aft ItwAntkly trrel Haven Associates of South Boston 1 tbe riror. but they were all tin- 1 4, Held a Very Enjoyable Dancing I suect-'srui! Si!" was seen in company Party There Last Evening. i with Mr McNichol. VrI1 Ai Horns and Me raig ty I fIVI 1111104 UVfiViViti Frthy Llg-Lt :N11.4A 'turns awl Me 1 t' 1" t- Itt it -1 qtlt zr it itaven Drift- 1 Nicht 11 wero on I nil ,11 t. and th. titla Ir annual Nati in r.t tho stitaoliseiri or tho is 13t eveni.Ls. i ter. takl. Phe OW she Ilia I I tt 1 ,.1 Tt 1 tt A I In the district court today Charles Haley was charged with being arunk on riscilla Fr. -man If. Freman tn1.11 hie! tt. al i I A a ear. ali eat. atrIck J. Sul- In the (IIvorce 'irit-t till than was fined $10 for drunkennesa. morning that her spouse. George Another eietim of smanpox was taken a real bad man. Ile beat and to the special hospital on New st yeshr. she $aid. and choked her into in- terday. lie ta Thomas Gallagher. plasterer. who lives at Irsi Cambridge sem ibility at various times. st. This makes a total of six cases They are colored people. LTA were covered during the past week. Ofie. a married on June IS-1-4. In ilosion. light is from Linneau ct. four in They lived for three months at -9 tIar- family from Putnam av, and the lattst. case from the Inman sq district. den st. later at Dow st. Everett. cm" 't idiani Duddy was arrested yesterday hitt I still fit Phillips st. on tile charge of stealing iron barrels "My husband beat and kicked me and at the George F. Blake pump works. In knocked me on the foor senseless. He the district this niorning his rase toll me to get out of his Fight or he Irlir sTtTilti of until ill'ic the Wi I 1 i would kill me. that he did not want me st schoolhouse will bcgin tomorrow around. Ile threatened me and tried to merninz. The work was stopped on stz ike me in the presence of my sister. eount Of tite failure of the contractors. F. G. Coburn Co. who became in- Mrs White. a3heti on account of the trouble it the "On Christmas morning when I waa Central national bank. The trustees of on my Way to earIY prayers in the Bap- the surety company on the Coburn bond tist church. my husband stopped me on were in conference with 'Mayor AlcNa- Phillips st and he threatened me. and I rn twa 7ns ma ge :stattn.d At; itte.r aS(t; iliseei ut'4rhad to run around and get out by an- I si" terms suitable to the mayor were other way to escape him." i agreed upon. and the contract was Airs Ida White. another colored worn- signed. It is believed that the work i an. Flmter of the lib libelant. and Airs Lucy will now be rushed toward completion ta the distriet in which the schoOl is' A. Alitchell. gave similar testimony. and PI-very badly off in the way of his honor granted a decree nisi. sehool accommodations. There is a rumor about town that E. Baker. a refined looking i Representative Jeremiah F. Donovan woman of mature years. told the court znay decline the appointment of chief of that she married Frank W. In Boston. i police illy istertendefrentilikto hplio 11) Lhe 1-- Nov 17. ISTII. and lived in Lexington I"orn.e orflethe Trilcipal.easc'sessorsrl. ex- until 3. He was first a puilman car 1 ores this year. and it is said that Mr conductor. later on a tra veler, after- be a candidate for this wards working for the Edison people. i .1 Iltats. pointed out by many of I Mr Donovan's triendi that if he cc- The last time they lived together was I police dePartment position four years ago in New York. and she i bei. would be obliged to bury himself. ted he has since supported herself by dress- so to speak. so far as politics are con-malting. cerned. 1 St John' C. T. A encletv of North Walter E. Stone. a brother of the Cambridge'. held 'annual ins Ntalla- libelant. stated that his sister had not tion of officers at its rooms in Cedar been supaorted ity her husband. Aliso Julia F. Coolitie, of I) Humboldt lu'Aing i hail on pud.ey sit. last night. The lot- were installed by Thomas Cul- I han of Alt Auburn. county director: av Roxbury and Ai rs Kinfld te. Councilman Thomas P. O'Neil pres. Humboldt ay. told of the drinking hal-its I Daniel J. Morrissey viee prem. John P. of the libelee. and a decree nisi was Horan treas. T. A. Danenv tee sec. granted. I wiinam J. Lynch tin sec. Thomas F. Moran gen sec. J4411f1 Mahoney sergt-atElizabeth Milltr told a sorro to the Cfmrt of her treatment by her wful tale! firms. A congratulatory address was delivered by Rev John It. McCool. the Ir' re nit. hom she la married I li a Very After ter pro- husband. years 1.14o. last Thanksgiving. gram was given as follows: Reading. They lived on Maverick st. East Vets- M4s4 J'osePhin E. Nolan: piano solos. ton. and also on Maverick sa. She ed that she was compelled to leave him solos. John Dgflicuillieuddv. A COilit, several times because of his abu4ive i tion WWI served anti then dancing was treatment. Sae had him arrested for as- enjoyed until 11 o'clock. The accomeault and battery and fined. and also 1 panist was Ansa 'Alice M. Sheehan. WORCESTER. Jan 6The fact that a sornan patient at the Worcester insane hospital committed suicide in December. kept from the public by the hoipital authorities. has Just become known through other sources. The victim was Belle St John Pearson. aged 314. of Boston. who. by ineatm of her belt, hanged herself to a pipe -rhich ran through the upper part of the bithroom. The act was committed Dec 30. An inquest will be held before Samuel Utley in the Central district coart some time this week. Examiner F. H. raker said that the woman had been insane for se er a I years. and had committed to and released from the hospital several times. turrp.t sibssta upsn Lov Inig the rot- 1(111 tu4itr.ei vivre I unI --ery belutioal riir great 41,11 Ile 1Ad Aiirtirtioned MIK. c'irultrit Mr 4 alt4 gtsn Admiral treed, tt.o sird anI ott mous heroet. An.1 fri.t wall taner int tL-1 b-rrna it 11010.1 it to'n14-1. "eirome to our "econ.1 14 Iw ie At 1 I tt gran, I 4 l'om- ol err. l.fti am Fiari rt inte-rrerel nnly to, hair. iro-4 t3rn 11 no1 o' 1 ten 249 I-loerk; ani in a low i Ti uerv tit. lwr mernIArs 1414 and ttIr -ernwattee. Freteriek J. Litt- h.t1 2t4- r.on noor Jor.ol,h T. of 3 1hgotn Nlit lot the. Ry John J. an. Frati I. tho I J. "tho'rty. 0.1 011.1e;'ph I V1-, en- 1 John J. 1, 11 t. i Wvi 41 tttrI.0 14 chapinR farm ageney has sold for the ov.t1-1-. Charles Merrill. bis fruit and stock I trm. situated tm the Edes Falls road, in the town of Harrison. ('umber-land county. "de. comprising 35,7 aeres of land. a large farmhouse. barns and a traet of timber. This Is one of toe few fruit farms ir r.ounte 1g between 4.4 a and 51,03 apple and pear trees. and the largest barn in the state. some I t5 het long. The purchaser's name and the prtee are withheld. The were taken from the ries of the Real Estate Exchange: References: quitclaim. NV It deed. mortgage. release. --t ITV I'llti)PER. Mata It Smith to Harlan F. Wiliteurnb. Tremor! I. 1.1 Clrtwell to Alden Trnat. A1.1,0 at. St. Ehon It. Jocks et RI. eW of Mnsle. Iflintington Ga.val...eo Mid St SIM. It. lifts-FON. land company to Anal. E. Parker. Astrlts awl Bennington sta. $1. Q. RuXflLRY. S11.1in M. Bartiett. to Mary K. Booth. Ityo at. tots. clarke Saran M. Clark. Fort ar end IlIghttuct I h. $1. NV. vf I Liofl CoNzretattonal church. to deacons of I mos Congregational ehaN-a. Chadsh St. DRC Maria (i 11111, mortgagee. to Edward Kr, WAIL and Carrutu W.I. Edward J. lirocaa to Marla U. Ilia. Beals awl cooroth sot. Si. Q. Fratik L. Foot et at to Charles itosemost Colutile ats. eight Iota. I. S'penee to IVilliam H. Ql)fue7, ItArti 111. V. Fla 117r1 to William II. Quincy. Water at end hear, three pierea. w. WES IX BURY. .1,001 3tx sork mittnal Ire Insurance. comrany. Inott1nv. Jlin Ilanots'k mutual Pre Haar-an, coal; tirtf. Lint iterere eis and beteerhti aS. St5.4J.L.O. If. it. Searks to Charles Gould, Elba at. II. Mark James J. Itsverty. Strattoo arol Chatnimot sta. $1. W. Litsm A. to James 31. Dalton, Market at. V. Litrie loaltoa ti James Muldmon, Ilarket at. al. Jamea II. ttalton to Jatna Market at. Si. V. Jamea It. Valton to James Ituldren, Market at. Si. I it 4 I 4 -t TtIrre t. our m-0. IT', LrV It IA .,7 174, .,7 to the dopAt ie meet Mr li'Nicholl. as they were walking up the street they met Pearee. who said. -Well. look 4tt With A cry (If anger he sprung at loNicheill and the latter simply defended himselt. This was alseo the testimony of lh.Nicholl. Pearce testified that Le seas walking along and saying nothing. although be Pa the c-aiile and knew McNieholl was his rival. when suddenly he was struck in the face and then battered and kicked. After hearing this testimony. Judge Perry continued the case until tomorrow nierning. Saturday morning NteNiettoll and Miss linrile cr. married and the first Pearce of the ceremony was when her name was called as a witness. Thl re were others in the courtroom who were acquainted with the story Lind On them the news of the marriage swhiunly. 3Ire 5eNicholl Is a very well knol; emg WOnlan and has many friends who say that she was in no way tiame for the occurrence and deetly Pels the prominence thrust upen her. Elle lived tor many years at II Cburen lit with her mother. to, t4 vr 4 rr tn I ,1 Atl 1 Scotch Curlers Defeat Thistles. sT joHN. B. Jan 5The Scotch curlers this morning laid low the colors of the crack Thistle club of this city, the team which defeated Ail-Canada at Quebec last winter by a score of ZS to jo. two rinks playing. The Ice was wet and the foreigners with their fiat stones had the athantaire. -tt I Ni tr J. F. va '1'4" jOi.rt J. Ntelhm- In 1 I 1 e. P. 4 Ft rt trtz tk.ttett tor i Itrin. Johtt Carey. F. ttAlt tt J. the MArt.h..ill )Lte. ny'tn- Jolal J. Colt-at .1 a In the If J. zi I Will Cure You of Rheumatism NORTH END DISTRICT. HIGHLAND DISTRICT. sellARLESTOWN. rlociWerty to Annie VIthert et al. Wstot.itig,thO a1 Lyntie SI, Q. CHELSEA. E. tits, (tato to Goorge fl. Curti. (t-rttro et. two 1,1 Mired W. Fitz estate to George R. Curti. Orttugo 114. two Itireti. K. Fitz et at to George R. Cortls. 1. two 1.1 V. Fitz ostato to Gerwitit B. Curti. 114. tw K. Fitz et at to tieorge B. corns. for nonsupport. A.ductee nisi with custody of two cl.t!dren was granted-Frank L. Nevers was granted a decree nisi front Ella on the ground of devertion. The parties lived In A. Doherty told a pathetic tale of 041sc on the Fat of her ft. I tP I S. I St Etlg atv. to I B. Curtis. In LI iz cru to, i'Larles It. Tulsten. IV. to Gootgo E. earths. II t. $1. V. to CLarles H. Twiscln ot. li to.or-.:e II. to Cy. ivt, 11. 1,1 It I rib It Itttlit ntt cr .1 I A Li4 rucit TN t--bsn-intttee or ntringemet.t. con it-0y tr "rt-. I .1 J. Itrith. Ftettet ROYAL BLUE LINE. A ittaibt.t. bet-ti T. Itsye. -'1, I 4,.. 0 V34 ISt.crt.; tit -14 'WAIL-10Ln J.1, l'r'n, 1 4 V. rtfillt-rty and Itme, It tsl PerSOlally COrIdLICted Tours rteeene- To Nit let t-Klon tn. I th arbt rob, 1 Amor to it tth and Vt. Aprit --tr 1 ant I 11! 1'43'4 11- r1 L- LI i an I 44 A ru I I.n4 4 I' ttt litre tterint ir Mitts NlarT 4 t- I to, Kt-Ara WA.1.1r4tbbn si 14 tontr t44J 1:1. 444 ta "4, .4 ,4, It--; 1 I st-tit (tb 11,11 an I 11 ore. Nt 46 Mary 44 14,4, '44 we Miry Lab I S' ttto tag to It iTun i I 44 5 t'corq 1 IL tth 1 Ci 4.. 1r, I 14,4. KAtteritbe 4 ttt.10.10 N.1-Atty 1 To Utorit.t J.tit Vett. Lath And St-tortor 1,1 1, eri I.J. tirrir-lre'' l'In tr; 1 AlriS SEIZED 15 SHIPS gets I 1, Ai 1 rburn. For tr.nea- 1, tio to SS fti I tto--- tt It Vtttn tote 1.t1'. 1 rarte, 1,...,24 4I t'V44 tV4 k. 1.10:4 AU, N. E- k- 11 I Nitre L't Point OLA that A -tt St vit 1,,,4.44 Sir Jrrttrclett tritnea 6 St-ite of a- as Their a I i i orwta Mr 14401 1 DORCHESTER DISTRICT. Str La I 1.4:,,J..N, I I trill.ty 411' Mr an Mr :4 tar ttertit i Mt I 1,1 1 rr 7,14 1 ktt sir sib nt TA-Der 44 ''''s 1 Ar et tit ttre art-1 trt Sir Jtmrit ittratrfrk Sir it 7 1. 't l' 1 I 11 t' i.01 ,44 41.1 1 Mr Itilttrrliet kt Irtn441 )1rJataa4-4. Murtath 1 "'I-7 1 l'''' i 44 tri 4 I in Ana i l'' sr tr 4- rt4 4' An 1 1 BROOKLINE. t-'' I 1-1 t' 1- -4 14. 0'3 .04 't At tt f4 un .1.4 i Lt.0 44,4 Ott It1.0..t!, til F. I th In tod-al court thte morning Prank tr. It.tst tut tstortt twt.t.-tr$ fr 'a two arlnte.1 by In.spe,-tor 1 t't I 4 1 t1 It :0,, 1.1 t.ttit s0n ye.ter,I. 4, arF re I I ad I 1 ar-ssti hob t. h-trre i 't ta kr Ar at1 'I II It 1 a tt, n. it lircen); 1)rea a pron- ro 'i 3t ''ir'''' 4' ttr lan 4-04. 144,01 In til the gd trb tr. o. tsr i in 9' In .1 114 ''''1-1V "-'e it 14 tr.larttw t.f tot tre Fro I. rieetti of' the mom tnA th lb tc 1 et 0' 1-1terett atth the A i 10. ti, 1 in- 0- btrth it Alb nthe tuktne et I I' i' C''r- Ntr'l 4 t. for rt sttt .6 rs -4. 4 0.,,,,,.. tz 4, pr 07--1 i.i.. rt ....1 1.4. IbtrItart I It.e. In I 4173v- I 8 't 'il '11 I I t1 a i rhe el ettl.41vtit'itrttel,,reob:r.,.;T:i; Fs A'fo': fe.t: it 1 14 I 0 't I Art to rb.4.--. tit, A Attena Mr I.VI;A:str yt. In tt '0011 1.0 I Ntte It rig4 and t-1 1,,, t' 11.1-4 1 '11 t4 rt Jr. tit rt C.1- It 1 11 0 41 tt Atli rt 4 Fttio 1 4 re i I kn. i t- i A 1 I I s. I'. 'n 3'14 i ttt ttr ttorne, 3 4 N44hsrgt44n 1 tur rt.I.R-tst stet-, .1 -1 g- An: ao 4 ra i tt I -r. IN, tt It 14 ...4 t4 tt 1 IN 2 re 14 WEST ROXBURY' DISTRICT. tr- tt I It 14 It 1 of Warshos. r-l'tITI, ttl-n rtrvsneemet.t, t4 Joltt J. h. ROYAL BLUE BLUE LINE. J. Lat.n.t.t..1,-) T. 4.rne:1 114 I t'irttIt. tlftherty and Personally Cond.icted Tours rttoteenev. trt I 'tri rob, Antor.t.: stvrot th. April ant 'a Fr-1 Iantwt er4 mart, Nu-trill! et' 0: i Pit 't ii I Vit.s Aunt. ERE. to Thomas V. Sonio-o ilroadway. II. Testterday afternoon the children of Nlary's parish were entertained by the allitten of the parochial setii-tol. who the operetta. Tairy Itevels." in the sehted TLP little aetors made an excellent allowing. anti took their parts Ttils evening the operett. wtU be repeated at the ram, place for the older people of the parist The proceed 44 the play wtil pro Into the parish and. TIA4 evetdr-g tLe North End Improve-Men' aa.oclatIors aid hold a M-ellnK In Ihv footn of the bt Jonn's elitt Cutirt t. After by the arrest and the 114ycbt'4 of the a new tire house In the Nortn treseht Cor.d.t.l."o,1 of t.trt ot the district it ta expected that the perthanent cotntrattres V. hii rtport -hicr the feeltnzt of the or the td the 01. I trict that I.e 4 ate doing ett In clearirig the ittreeta of kuterera. there I a feeltng they truaht tasoo Moto, uiat work of clearn.g the "tread it I be It ft to t.4.ild.ty of those hit to througii North sq I pitwak ut the crowd that gather there 1 ttmy 1trvt.U.14 1 residence of I of the Sacred Heart church 1 rolkt tLe wvst!k thig polwe rit attention whatever. Th. rn.dv on they effect. anti a sit.ak IN4-; In ur.i.rm ci than ad Mt, trt itt Tro et -at 1.tah tittIv? :0 a tarty' 10.1t tIr'A at I at rt.od 1, i Am, b-)s rt iste U0)4 CIAO f-r tLe 5.rv..1; Ith resent ere lir of I CI, with Ntt Mr l'eterson. Mr NI4 V.rt F-risttno. Nirg FeonAchetti. Mrs Let croni. sand Niro Else No Money is Wanted. Any honest person who suffers from is welcome to this offer. I am a eperialist in Rheumatism. and havetreated more cases than any other physician.Ithink. For 16 years made 2000 experiments with different ail known remedies htle searching the world for something better. Nine years ago I found a costly chemical in Germany which, with ray previous disooveries, gives me a certain cure. I don't mean that I can turn bony joints into flesh but it can cure the disease at any stage, completely and forever. I have done it fully 100.000 times. I know this so well that I will furnish my remedy on trial. Simply write me a postal for my book on Rheumatism. and I will mall you an order on your druggist for six bottles Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic Cure. Take it for a month at my risk. If It succeeds the cost is only $550. If it fails. I will pay the druggist myselfand your mere word shall decide IL I mean that exactly. If you Pay the results are not what I claim. I don't expect a penny from you. tave to Any tare tam. that can affezt chronic Rheumatism most be drugged to the verge of danger. I use no such drugs, and it is to take thcm. You must get the disease out of the blood. My remedy does that even In the most difilcult. Latinate cases. It Las cured the oldest eases that I ever met. And in all my experiencein all my 2000 testsI never found another remedy that would cure one chronic case in ten. Write me and I will Pend you the order. Try my remedy for a month. as it can't harm you. anyway. It it faAlledditre Dr. Shoop Box 649.Racine. ls free. 'Wis. Mild cases. not chronic, are often cured one or two bottles. At all cured by one The funeral of Mrs Sarah E. Ituckins was held this afternoon at her home Townsend at. Services were conducted by Rey R. F. Alien. Interment was at Mt Aubutn cenemteryLyons was before the district morning charged with drine.tr0.!.4. Ile was arreeted late last nirht hy z-letat Carr of division 10 on et. alter a Very hard battle in whicti Ilyon a head was prett: badiy used up. tho servicos of a phygiztari. Ile was fined VI. Malachi J. flood was to five months in the hott3e ot correction tor drunkness. Ile hale just returned from the Island after e41.1pIeung a five months FehteMee for the Puente offence tie appealed. Mass Feeley of 22 Magazine et threw the oice of division Into a high state of commotion ldst night wLen word wag received at the station that there wag a murder at her house. Serict Daley and three patrolmen were rushed there in a patrol wagon Find found Mrs Feeley lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs Moaning in agony. She was picked up and carried tu her rooms on the eocond floor. where. after a consultation. it true decided to send her to the city hoeoltat. She was rushed there. and tor nearly an hour the hoked her Over. hut all they could nnd the matter with the woman watt a Cist.t Itjury to ter arm. The doctors put Ler arm in a sling and then turned her over to the potice. V. Instead of taktng her hnmo. carried Ler to etatin hor un 6n Vie cLarge of thisi charge oho reared leetore Judge Roister thin Ong. The cane wad continued until tomorrow. frLn.1 aerViccs for 11.trt1 11-eis v-ero held ale afternoon at hie home. Murray ay. Sutkr officiating. hurta I was at MiltonTht le sad; a very enjoyar.e gathering Suridajr eve1i7g at luS CedP.r at in henor of Mester Julius Suseman's rth birthday. liesides being the recipient of many both he, and the many friends and rt latit ea present were favored with a torwt rhartninzlv strratrel ronshitirtt TTIIIFIC by the raft mandolin and guitar club of All-atom. two excellent and wen-executed John P.Pierl tole Adele Suaemari. ale') vocal ecls by Mre 1-toyders and Miss! bache SUatMan. Ikere scrced. MANY FLORAL TRIBUTES. Funeral of Capt Francis Josselyn of West Somerville Largely Attended. 710. fun-ral i.t Oa pt Francis Jrmselyn wa4 at rn to.lay from his late )re tard Pt, West It was tirgely treflent lting a Ltrg4 delegation Kear.arge HAVal Vete ra ns. The eurrounded by many flural The urticn juck from the Naval Tisl I Carr from John A. camp. Son4 of Vrter4ns atri the O. ttraAtow t.q.s 1 a ter ef veteritro4. were 1.0 ere conductei by Rev Mr Marlile. velNtor of the North-ay church, CurnhrtdAre- The hat.g "Nearer. My t) Ilee- arid "Passing the t.e ere piaced In the receiving bunb at Auhurn Liter they to. interred in the f.itnEy lot at Camten. Me. Alit bony to whom she was married by justice of the peace on June 7.0. nrct 'She lived with her mother In Charlestown. and the husband lived stun his mother. Later they lived gether at Whittier st. Roxbury. Thrtm Monthn alter marriage lie blakkkened Ler eyes. and afterward from the time she let her mother-is house he usually Ler eyes and heat tar ihree or lour tlaus a week regularly. Viten wa-i druk he beat her on the slightest pretest. Once when she was his necktie she it slightly and lie struck 1ir in the Ile was then gt trig to a dance. and on his return about 3 in the morning he put Mrs Doherty and his little boy out in the entry without clothing- lie a. 1 SO cut her hair off with a razor. and i- am b-A I.e should kill hr. 31rs Mary Agneti, coilatey o-min-41 that Mr 4 Doheity rarely had rot over orpt tail. of Li 4.At e)es when Ler hurb-nd another pair. Lulu B. Bishop. a Young wtman. bought treedn1 from her tt.tUsild. Richmond L. to whom In he svas married on July 17 1. On Cliro-tmds eve. Is 6. Richmond urove I') the house In borchester In a herdic. packed his trunk and said be was going to New York to 1,34 for another position. Ile hal never returned home. the husband sought a divorce. but the libel was dismissed. Lianop Is now employed tending bar on Itroad at. and Mrs Bishop porti herself and her little girl by dressmaking. The little girl Is years old. and 114 In very pmir health and under a doctor, care. Augusta E. Wayland. brother. and 1 4 tc, 1.10 It liwow-0-tt 1,,,, At a w'r'344 J'''''' l'i" Ii4e4 la tho 4. 1 44s I. 14f Ncw C-1' 4sT Fr-. 714 aslete 1 I-tr etel pt Lim it, inaln. 1 ti in the AriL9 rc.cet tag sttp. t.kar.. v. It an I s'-anto-tt 114 de ti-ve a- tt.put 14 0 Ve et tt.1 at Is. ro cr, f.te t) a sttI alarm tot A Ne.ti ric Altt a il New '''e fa sag e- ork '9Ot It to, trio Porttnwtn. without An hour it ,4,, vitere he, 1,6, seven ere In the roof mina a I atter lit 1164,, in- tref thicit 41.Itb!,e, Ihri te I rT1 int aitt.out 1s. Tte cawAt Is 11 rt AC ntr ...04 ut t'arlt trt 'elk At the of the elaa 11.., bitt 441i: 4i-it i Lai 11 were eiec.ted t.tie LA trt toth-ti in Ito A committe, an-i tlen ttl tr New Or- to grepare a l.ait-t the annual 0 4. Vi, vhe rt main I tree-to-01 irt Nt2r-th wit i 04,, :0.1.trdi Ctras At Vol roll-off at the li.litsin,t,t;e ILLery I oit everinit tho wtnrero were L. F. California in Four Days lit-Aro-as A. A NA-- Cr rii arti IC loa. twom 44 ,,1 0,1,4. 1.1 no ell tri I row At After 1-. et V.0 orrl- I. tNt, tr Ncw 10tL. a a,) t-trtt pt. Plain. IA slett p.e 1t4-t-t I 1 t--to Of two in ri hA lair t.karto. v. an eaerliite. I Zie IV-into-At de' hiki, wr- iii io a). ti.e memt.ers yr At l's ti cri a Stt.1 Carr tor A A NteIti 'it it. sh in New la Ilte Th1.4 sag e- a tne 'without An hour teat; it val-ere she 11 I 141' ge Vert fl re 'W Al alisoaaverect Ira the root Ana a I AtIlia.a, atter a 1 It titat rt.r.tC in Awl itz. et Ittl', te I th,) tokitttout 1-1Ps. The cause Is AV- nu -1 I tit k-arit ran 1111 1111 rel. At the tnrettt.te of the 11-tettnIstle (1.11 11.0. hitt Texlie saii: aisit i Last eaeninec 11 evpiaothis were vie. 14 -rtsa l'en rnerntuerat.trk. A committee, len f.r New Or. to, I repAre a t.sit-t the Annual .14 ..11 1.4 le Ll 4. Vi nor ro. 141'le rt main 4.1:)rt7,R treetirot in )42r-th 1). ttras f--stit-Itie-st I At tite roll-off at the I Ater) ---------a I tst the at tnrers ere La F. California in Four Days lit-Aro-0a A. 11.tarth A VC. Cr Imheriein artrri t. A. Net.ttn Itea. em LZ art, unt.1 '4- 4 7 ii I 'v''' 4 2 CANTON. 4 l'4 )1 11 '4 li 1 '1 r' I Nft" -k. I 14. 4 i -tit lp 1., I 1 Cron.4.--) ar; i.c.,-,,It t'' 4t lq, 4-at I Ariaa '11 .4 0 "i "4' I.t, -i I rr of -r 4.1r.!,,,a I Lt', e- in -Z At. r-ttt -1 I. Vrttfri Itot.t' The -tovert1 Limit- overunot Pe-Plre A 4 1 Af i 'alA i ft I ist Lit utuirr the '41 4, I trIton l'Actriz ar-t tt 144:41.: l'tys. t.f NtUtti Frva. gtro, a an resttont of 1 Ottcet end 1 ri NVashir.gton Pt- at Kw.ghts of Honor -1 -z 1, Burglars Interrupted. NORTII ATTIXDORO. Jnn 6The et 1. IL Lrady on Park st As emervil by labt Mrtut. tr.is1nit;71t Mr Itrady as alkak Prince Henry Not to be a Regent PERLIN Jan 6l3aton von Cr Ammrurgdort. re1re4entielvet this court. ssys the retirt tLe Unite-4 States Prince 11nry Isru, 5sta itt bccome IN vont of it 14 sithout 1 regent. lh ince et' of If 11 Dtscome rt vont of ituttsts it 14 entirety 'without lotinda- Ilo. regent. l'i ince of wax of ctird tp.t bout-ids 1-euing ro4In. Ile etexted to, invesugete ami the IntruAicre Learlr.e: Lii ivotetetre meae their 1 Gey len a anti A4 by 1,. of 101,.0.,, tat. I haw!" valtiAbiel Emptrer L-1, Entrance was efrect.4 to i. pi OIrttiring, Is mg tx- 1N a Driputy Sheriff Ce.erit heir ztt. Itrow3 ix 43 not4del. If 1 1.. The Only Headache Cure Wt.leh cur os the cause. is Orangtthe rcawders. Vermanently Lentftta. drugglats. I I

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