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The Chilliwack Progress from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada • Page 4

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
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FALUTATOllY. In npon tliis new euteiprise in this uew field it will he onr purpose to so shape the policy of this paper that it may become 60 useful to every citizen ot the beautiful Chilliwuck valley, and tbeir interest will be bo well subserved that they will fetl the necessity of giving us a full, hearty and generous tupport. We shall, in a straight forward, honoruble way, employ cur beet euer giea, and engage all tho resources at pur command to advance the interests )f the Chilliwack valley and the pr gres8 of British Columbia. yfrj In politics we si. all sny independent policy, auiLr that the jndopeudeut we mtwfiilo we firmly word implies.

abject servant or refuse to Uy' party or clique, our slave always be open to a free ccMtcral db cussion of all questions which may be of interest and benefit to the public. We are most decided in our Dpiuiou that there is a grand future iu store, both for the Chilliwack valley and the great province of British Columbia with all her varied and iuexhauslnblo resources. Now then upon the broad gronuds of stiiut integrity ol purpose, coupled with the wide, liberal principal of equality to all, and with a thorough and Hnfliuchingdt termination to build up the various industries of this com munity, that iu the near future we may look upon the length and breadth of this beautiful, fertile valley aud say to the world as we lift the veil, "Look upon the prettiest, richest aud best spot on We appeal to the farmers, mechanics and business nieu of the Chilliwuck valley for a libel support. Let us faithfully labor, shoulder to shoulder, each in the interest of the other, thereby subserving the best iutercsts of each other. It wiil be entirely unnecessary fur us to enlarge upon tho necessity of advei Using, as every business man well knows tho great advantages that tho success of a newspaper almost wholly depends upon the support the business men give it by way of Jiboral patronage of its advertising polumus, aud more especially is this necessary to a paper struggling in its infancy.

A word tc the wise is sufficient. To make a local paper thoroughly interesting to the greatest number it is quite important that wo have, as co laborers, iv largo number of local correspondents, therefore we invite any oue who is at all interested iu the successof this ptper to send us in each wsek all the little items of news which nny occur iu your respective localities. EDITORIAL NOTES. The launching at Vancouver the other 'day of the sealing schooner Labrador and the immediate construction of four more larger craft marks an eoch in the history of our merchant nianue. Starting in a small way this industry will doubt'ess utsutue vast proportions.

Br.tish Columbia by rea fou of her Maritime positioc should pvn and equip a fleet of ships that should be found iu every important shipping port of the world. We have now a very respectable sealing fleet is capable of kcepin? iu constant service a large fleet of shins: Then too, our isolated postion from the great ship ing centres of the world makes it in eouveuient at times tor our merchants to charter ships whereas if we had a fit et of our own this difficulty would be overcome. Our txcelleut timber ffor ship building, mr vast coast line with its innumerable harbors and the mci easing demand for carrying tonu age aught tu make ship building one jf the first industries of the Proviuce. 1 It is to be hoped that no legislation will take place in this fair Canada that will make the elective franchise com pulsory, at least until such time as our Domini Voters Li. is so revised as to allow the voters ol Chilliwack to vote at home instead of having to cross the turbulent waters of the Eraser and proceed to Agazes, some 15 miles away leaving the very door of the polling will long be remembered by these loyal voters thai, had to plunge knee deep into ice cold water of several sloughs that had to be We believe thero were about 50 went oyer to Agazis and voteJ while many that were registered thero did not vote at all, not wishing to incur the risk.

Now this sort of thing is unfair ami the sooik the Domiuiou Voters List are properly revised tho better. The growing imp irtauee of this section is such that we are constantly iu neeJrl of belter jostal facilities in the wjUfn new post offices throughout Jj the fereut parts of this vallence refer Domiuiou officials rmyYoters on the us to the small uumh our application list it Chilliwujeuts. for any inipr Westminster Items. our Special Correspondent. The Council at last meeting voted $1,000 for Mayor Browu for 1891.

A Mass meeting will bo held iu the City Hall Friday night to talk over mutter's concerning a public market. The Man of War, Nymphe, anchored iu front; of our town last week. The grizzly bearded as well as the younir. who claim British nationality, felt proud as they saw oue cf the planks of tho wooden walls of the British Empire drop anchor. She leaves agaiu on the 21st.

Mr. Thos Levi has commenced operations to build a Hotel in the West end, capable of lodging a hundred people this is badly needed in New estminster now. Bu iness is brisk in almost every lLo. Building are going up every direction. Quite a number of Whackers have been here this week, There is great interest taken here ou Chilliwack's uew venture (the Progress).

We are anxious to see the first issue. Send me at least 20 copies for the hotels. The Vancr.nvrt and Westminster tramway is going it, both bauds aud feet. Tiie grand stores iu tho Library budding are Hearing completion, and will be occupied by Walker lieggs, tailors, and Johnson, boots shoes. The Tramwny Company, organized in Westminster for the building of a car line iu Chilliwack, have temporily retired penirTng the action of the CiiilliwHcl; Land Improvement Company at next council meetiug.

Popcum. Tui Messrs. Knight Bros, of Fopctiui UVfc ijlicSiL an jtudrv ilk. La. for an excelsior machine.

This enter prisiug firm has in operation iu their mills mi excelsior machine mauufac tured at St. Louis, and iu order to meet the iucreapiug demand tor excel si( have decided to put in another machine. They commeuctd to manufacture excelsior last December, aud since that time ns much as tweucty five tons tf excelsior bus been shipped from their mill to various parts of the Province, und considered a first class article. We congratulate the firm on their success in this particu lar branch of industry. They also manufacture very extensively all kinds cf ronsh aud dressed lumber, mould etc, A great deal of their products are used here, and lalauce is shipped to other parts of the Province.

Mr. Thos. Cunningham, of New Westminster, has purchased two fine farms near hen for a haudsorae ftiMire. What we May Expect. A railway, to Chilliwack this sum.

mer. To hear the weddmg bells unuoiinc mg the marriage of two enterprising Chilliwackers. A fire protection for the town. A' still greater boom in Chilhack. A tramway from the landing to town.

The Fair grounds converted into a Publio Park, and a Jail and Court House erected thereon. A along Main Street, aud "Trc hare lew snips capsule of taking the 'i 7, A daily steamer on Ihe river, afford products of our large lumbering es 1 iug Uer f)eighl aud laiI(WIJger tablishmcnts to the shores of Australia of transit between here and the Oiicnt, South America, the Saud 'New Westminster. wich Islands, aud Southern California, and many poiuts that might be mentioned. This trado is now ueaily nil beir.g done by foreign tonnage and Chilliwuck Council Meetim The municipal council held their regular monthly meeting the Conn cil Chamber on Monday, the 6th inst. Present Councillors Armstrong, Vedder, Rvdir.

Lickmau aud Bailey. In the absence of his Worship Reeve Kitcheh, Councilor Armstrong was unanimously voted chairman. Minutes of previous meetiug read, lul on motion adopted. Communicatisns From Reeve Knchcn stating that he would be un able to attend meeting. From Guy W.

Walker, on behalt of his ap plj iug for permission to construct and operate tram car line betweeu Centin ville and Chilliwack landing, laid over to next meetiug. From John Parker asking damages for injury to horse through defective culvert on C. road, built by Mr. O'Mara without knowledge of council referred to Mr. O'Mara.

From R. W. Prowse, asking for abatement of nuisauce on Branch flour road laid over. From James Patterson, asking for assistance on road leading to lime kiln, granted. gazette road from E.

crner of SG, Town 20, rnnii'iig north (xni Trunk road. From A. 7 others, Baking for an mdi' on the towards improving thcxrtics them Upper Prairie road, in anl of tlie Thos. Cunlbtiiug that they may be Jus AruoJf separate road beat, laid set apvp pointment of Pathmasters. over 'fnntinii of Councilor Vedder.

Landed by Councillor Lickmau, that he petition of J. C. Henderson and others, asking for bonus for hint cannery bo granted providing that the cannery iu kept in operation for five years bonus to he paid after cannery is iu operation one month. Ou motion Councillor Bailey was authorized to get S3 lb keg Judsou powder to blow out stumps ou Mc Guire road. On motion the Clerk was instructed to invite tendeis for tho following work, viz To clear out and widen the ditch ou tho Upper Prairie road; for laying down corduroy on road running east, ou the south end ol W.

II. Cawky's claim for clearing out tu full width the 1M1 road from Hope slough to Geo. Bell fence fjr laying 83 rods of corduroy on the road mu lling cast, between This. Coverdale and Jas. Biuce's claims for clem in tho road running south, from the south Suinass road to W.

Bairett's crossing for deliveting giavel on the Lickmau road, from the Trunk road to W. Ford's north corner. On motion the sum ot $25 was ap propriated to fill holes aud ruts on the Luck a kuclc river road, under direction of the Pathmaster. On motion $20 was appropriated to wards filling with rock the holes in the Mountain road. Ou motion the Collector whs instruct ed to sue for all taxes not paid by the 20th of April.

1891. Council adjourned to meet the first Monday in May at 10 o'clock a. m. Coral titer gtrm. Mb.

Smith left here a few days ago for his mints in the upper country taking with him a powerful hydraulic miniDj; plaut which he pui chased iu Sau Fraucisco, to be used iu his mines there. Messrs. Cornish Cooper, of Van couver have secured the contract for building the fruit cannery and dwelling house, to bo erected here. The Canning Co. have secured 8 acres of ground from Mr.

J. Reese, near the Steamboat Landing, where the buildings will be i located. The buildings are to be completed in three weeks' time. Cuiluwack Post Officii. The SulofftfaTM Mir post office during the year endirg June 80, 1891 Average number of letters posted, registered letters received 750 registered letters 6ent out 1,120 money ordf rs iseued to the value of over $20,000.

The work has increased four fold in this oflicc during the lastgtwo A very enjoyable time was given bv Mr. Wui. Cawley to his friends (prior to leaving the old homestead for town on Thursday evening last. Dancing was indulged iu and kept up till a late hour iu the morning to the sweel strains of W. J.

Cramer's orchestra A fine supper was served by Mrs Cawley, after which dancing and games were resumed again. The happy event passed off to be lookeJ back on by all with thoughts of pleasant remembrance. A map of t'ie entire town Chilliwack is being prepared by Mr. Livingston Thompson, C. and is now nearly completed.

It shows all the recent surveys and is ideal map in every particular and i effects great credit ou Mr. lhompson tho draughtsman. When completed the lots iu the various surveys will be placed on tne market aud part of them will be sold at auction, which sale will take place about the 20th of next month, when free excursions will be given from New Westminster Vancouver aud other points for here Mr. A. M.

Beattie, of ancouver, will conduct the sale. A wnlelv cnculateu petition was presented to the Council at tueir lant iu advance meeting, praying that grant of 000 be given in aid of a fruit uanueiy, to he established her, to cost in the neighborhood of $5,000. Tho petition has met with the approval of the Council and the bonus will be given as soon as tho cannery is completed, which will be ready in time to handle this season's crop. Such an enterprise will be of immense importance ar.d advantage to farmers and others growing fruit in this vicinity, as they can find ready sale for all the fruit they raise at their owu doors, without going to the expense of boxing and the risk in shipping as heretofore. Owing to pressure for room, we have to unavoidably omit iu this issue the followiug advertisements, but will appear in next week's edition Gordon Boots Shoes, New Westminster.

They make a special otter as a prize to anyone purchasing goods to the amount of $35. Tbey get a prcreut of a book valued at Gordon Rabb, importers and dealers i.i Furniture, opposite the C. P. R. Depot, New Westminster.

Don't forget to give them a call. Royal City JjiV'ry and Feed Stables, Plumb Burton, Props, 902 Canarvon Street, New Westminster. John Mercer, Blacksmith, Chilliwack. Having secured the Petitions From J. C.

Henderson i services of a practical horso slioer, and 175 other ratepayers, asking that I T. N. Wansborough, is prepared to do a bonus of $600 be granted to Mr. everything iu his line to the utmost booth of Chilliwack. Such has been Chaldrrcolt for tho construction and satisfaction of hi3 many cus' uors.

Box 68. Itmnrraa the case for the lust two elections, operation of a fruit canning ami ST IVkd kveby Thursday bt n.o 5th of Mfrch last a day that evapoling e.taWiH.auent i tl, 'a UmBn. iliuuieipaiuy. riuiu t. ii.

imuejE Mid others, asking llio council toTcrmof Subscription $2 ner vear Our advertising rates arc moderate aud will be made known on application. Casual advertisements 10 cents per line fiut insertion, 6 cents per hue selves subscribing! J. S. subsequent insertion, brevier work. manted.Xrhns, Walker and I measuio.

ISO paper discontinued until all arrears in paid, except at the option of tho puHisher. JOB MINTING of all description executed with neat ness nUd dispatch, pec ml attention to orders by mail. Give us a trial. J. G.

POMEROY, CABINET MAKER AND Furniture Dealer CHILLIWACK. B.C. FOH SALE. Throe thoroughbred yearling Shorthorn $100 each all Imported. Strcighi pidigree with

Apply to T. E. LADNER, Ladner'e Landing, B. C. TART OF THE TOWN OF CHILLIWAK, i)n the Main Street, close to Mrs.

Harriscu'R new Hotel aud the Fruit Caunerv. Orchard growing on the property good water and gravel streets About 80 lots yet for sale (large sized) ou reasonable terms. No better location. Also 10 acres close to the tchool. Cut up to suit purch aser.

iio one can offer greater bar gains. Correspondence solicited, J. T. WILKINSON. Chilliwack, B.

C. PURE BRED llclstoin Stock for Sule. Bulla fit for service siied by Cloth ildc 2nd Aitis, whose dam has the greater', milk md butter record of any Perclicron Horses imported direct from A nuo young Stallion (or sale; also lorkshire, Chester White and Ellesmere Tigs. Prices moderate. Apply to ii.


Wholesale and Retail. WW EST MINSTER, B. C. Ae class stock always ou hand. Partilar selection in Mattresses, Lou's and Chairs, aud Parlor Suits to si all.

OODS MADE TO ORDER. gods carefully packed for ship mc P. PEEBLES, 8th or Douglas New Westminster. Westminster Markets. following is a summary of the prs current during the past week in Westminster wholesale market follicles of home production Live st remains steady, the current prs bemg beef on foot 4 a to 5c hc7c calves 7c; sheep 5o to 6c.

Tu is a decided firmness in the pi of hay, which is now selling at to 15 per ton. Potatoes at $20 piou and firm, wheat from $30 to peas $30, and oats $35, find a re sale, sad there is every prospect K'e holding. Flour is ris are that it will j'luii Q0RB0ULD, SJcCOLL FOR IN Barrsters, TC. ATKINSON, flew Westminster. New Westminster.

Opposite the Post Office. ACrilERSON THOMSON, Leading Di ugistii, 708 Columbia St New Westmiustcr. GIFFOKD, 1 Front Street, New Westminster, Practical Watchmaker. J. NEWTON.

115 Frout New West, ot Uarness. Saddles, etc. A full aud choice stock constantly on baud. AINTERMUTE 429 488 Columbia New Westminster. The cheapest Furniture Store in towu.

JW JACKSON, 118 Cordova Vancouver, Practical Watchmaker, of 22 years experience. All orders promptly attended to. MeCOLL. Columbia Street, New Westminster, Dtaler iu choice Groceries and Provisions. Selling out his stock of Dry Good8.

HENRY MARK'S SHAVING PARLOR, Columbia New Westminster, successor to G. Mead. The best workmen only employed, and tho only place on the coast where Extract ot (Jocoa is used for the complexion. General Merchant, Chilliwack, B.C., has a larjie 6tock of Fresh Groceries, Dry Goods. Hats Caps, etc.

Produce taken in exchange for goodB. A call solicited. E. A. JENNES, ftarritter nafc policito.

Opposite the Tout House, iJrjibonrOacb, jUt. BARRISTER AT LAW, SOLICITOR, NOTARY PUBLIC 4.C. Office 29 McKinzib Sr. NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.

GRANT JESSUP, Druggist and Chemist. Presciiptious carefully Compounded. V(y. 3. Cramtr, Fashionable Jair Cutting and Shartny tParlor, CHILLIWACK, n.

C. A. M. NELSON, FRONT NEW WESTMINSTER Dealer in all kinds of Produce and Fruits, from Fraser River and Cali fornia direct. All kinds of goods sold on commission.

A. TRY CHILLIWACK, B. 0., for Hand made Harness. He con tinues to keep a full line of Harness i iaudles, Whips, Hardware, etc. Repairing promptly attended to.

H. D. BENSON, LADNER LANDING, B. Importer and breeder of Shorthorn Cattle and Improved Berkshire Swine. tS" Registered Stock for sale.

Centrally Located, COR COLUMBIA AND MACKENZIE ST8. On the European and American nlan Restaurant open day and night. Sample Telephone call 111, BC. MONUMENTAL WORKS, Cor. Church Columbia iiew Westminster.

ine leading Uranite and Marble Works the Province. Alex. Hamilton, Proprie tor. 1'. U.

liox 185. The best made in the Province for $2 per thousand, delivered iu any part of the city or at any steamer's wharf. All orders promptly filled. ELMER WARD, New Westminster. Close to Mechanic's Mill.

IU GO TO DEALER i 1N voi. cunitiE. Reid Currie, Brass and Iron Founders, Machinists Blacksmiths. Importers of Iron, Steel, Chain, Coal and Machinery, Agents for John Doty's Marine, Stationery and Hoisting Engines A. R.

Williams, manufacturer of and dealer in all kinds of Machinery London Tool manufacturers of all kinds ot Iron Working Tools. Also Agents for Brickyard and Saw mill Machinery Duplex, Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps, llrass goods, etc. John Campbell's Carriages, Hacks Buggies, Phaetous aud Wagons and Ramsay Wagons. COLUMBIA NEW WESTMINSTER. For your CLOTHING, HATS CAPS, and GENTS' FURNISHINGS.

tff cWi fS Watch the apaom yniwj. timo aml it your watch fails to give it accurately ROBERTSON Co. will promptly remove all defects. All kinds of Watch, Clock and Jewellery repairing done. Charges moderate.

We will also have a large stock of Watches, Jewellery aud Fancy Goods in a short time. Keep your orders for us and thcreuy patronize the town. ROBERTSON Chilliwack, B. C. NOTICE Towhom it.inny Concern.

All parties indebted to us are requested to settle up the amount of CHINA HALL D. li. ACKERMAN. J. E.

KKIUHT. T. ACKERMAN. MECHANICS yILL LT'D. Manufacturers and Dealers in SASJT, DO OH JiLIJTDS Store Fixtures and all kinds of Factory Work.

Foot Pelham NEW WESTMINSTER, ill: i p4 Pitch, Oakum, Tar, Widow Glass and Putty. THE LARGEST STOCK OF Builders' hiim In tho City. and get our COLUMBIA STREET. NEW pTMINSTER. JOHN REIO.

Marsill Si CARR AND BUILDEI i 1 or (a MAIN LAND REAIRERi Vork Guaranteed. Main pet, SHOPS Chilliwack, i 1 transfer their accounts to Jan. 1, 1891, on or, before 10th day of May, by cash orj Zivery and Feed note, as we must have our books closed for 1890. blables. G.

R. ASHWELL 4 SON. Horses of all descriptiot ROBSOINPS all times. olumbia New Westminster. Telephone Call No.

16. i A lull line of al! of CIIINAILLEY PiiorRitTom. CROCKERY nd GLAiiSWAJiE. Also manufacturer of choice pni Coufootionery. Agent for White Sewing Machine C22 Columbia Opp.

Colonial NEW WESTMINSTER. 1 This Space is reserved for J. H. BENT, "'COUVER. in tr 'V,.

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