The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on September 18, 1902 · 12
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 12

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1902
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. e - THE. BOSTON GLOBE-THURSDAY.- SEPTENIBER - 18. 1002 12 El EDITION THURSDAY, SEPT IS, 1902. :,S:INIATVIFI ALMANAC SEM' IS Stindarl Timo 1Z140- 5 1 High Tido.111C am Sin $ets :1.7.4o 11::4) pm 1..en-zth ottIay I-2.21 1 Mori l'7.1ses.. 6.13 pm Moon. CLargrtt List Q'tirter.S.,pt mom, W NPs. M.-won. Oct 1. 01 'tn. etc. W First Qti.trter. h't tbit m. .1-e. r, M..tot. Oct 17. th im. m)rt4 NV WF:AT IT CCSIS. - --ri 7.'-k,ls1,1, :.-,-4? I4 41;;,,, ,,,101 ,. .v4.. '1---t..9 I, 0! 11,,,- '-, :-; ts .t; Al 1 1 0 I... ::',' I-4 It !I 'At,F 4 A eZ--17( - i ' t ,,:. ,..,p .ez --- , 1,,,tri :.." ,,,t l , I ) , ' , . 1 . .1 .X.:--,...! if. 14 411, 114 2,-,c i "116.... Te.1, 1 , 1. - q." i , w' - . W ' ' '4 1 '',C ,!1 1 4 .., I 0, , .V 4 .' 4, g f . T '1 ' -.A tiLl .' ' 4 ' i; r. At, 4 l...:, 4 ,It'' ' '. ., - ' 4,2. i r k- i a,..0(.....i.jc i I '.," yon fnti your automobile very ear,!1..ive:" -t's. on an art rapo 5,1elliekerot, 11 dovg. a few duciit. ;Ina thr ef. ebil,iren run over tvtry enricature. Had Associated With PoliticianscrIer tI lsenirate t1i use At ob. jectict;a1e worts the tiliter hal evelvel a sstern et tines. soalewhat atter this nary, itOno crnt Irt ir--1 cer1s41;osh Thre. cent4. icy e rental. unc t- wren referrnel by thi4 rnethel 1:110,1 the taritt atth eAn 'erat:e irteref,t. tut It was snme time b.fre h. Fretie 1i. iI.1 at "7 rtP,ts know ,,,,rne Nerds that woull cost a titi.ittei.--Chicago rest. Something He Could Shut Up. tatter the cr tarr.I)Ate :volt trotr !fw fl'.. I 'enie 111,7ct Siturilly. Jack? 1 -k stro.:!:To'rently)Sure. IT.,rq-A,(u:ty)--Ani areyougo-goalcre? Jack flpitc fit!!v)-0, rn: I 01311 take umbter.a.Chteavo News. Affecting. TT"Tln y,,11 tvirt-n.e the mculn tins anyt!tr..z to '.() vOth triv love? ttly sly the trrion einen s.It:cts 1 hi rtini--1)etro.t Free Prtes. She Did Her Best. r7nrnnt t rou utter a scream schPn ki.ce you? MjJA rtluf.!!xl Itisream.--Town Tortes Odd stems from Everywhere. Farie han learnel the art. of trnneplarting larre trees successfully. so that at the earlieet sign of decay a street tree may be remove-I and the symmetry ef the sista rot spelied by tee succesear. For those treee alone the, expenses of parie areceint te ainut VOtee ft a,t- The reznicipal nurseries include a hostpital- or -cure- for the tired treee. whore they are restored. if resettle. PI heelth are' etreneth in redi Mak is richer than the city. The rare event of the Toth sentversary of a marriage was re1ebrat,1 by Herr Arnault. formerly a mercher f cantftirt, and hie wife at Resetrnereirl. The tomb:int le Se and the wife leo Yeare nl.L The German emperor bad Fre,ial medal struck for the coeple. shewitig the portralts tlf the emperor and empress and the number 73- A bottle whieh hae been on ftl way for yeeiee ha.' Just been pleitoel iip near the Hawaiian islands. From he orlents tt aupears that it was thrown into the Mackinae strait in Pee by a Mr Itecher Hitttele It tiepears to have fieitel down the 3I14sissi1pl. crossed Meetean It erd the Atiartie.'deolbicl ears. 'Tern. and ilriftel on the Pa,itle entil pleked upa distance of 1).x14) miles or go. Prot C. H. Miller of the high sechnot tele made a novel (-fork to nseist in the routirtP. The clock will ring for retliations of variette clastiee at any r,me i,ssired. It needs to be set ant leen I only once a week. Tbe alarm rever seunot on Sltant.tY or Sundae. If there be er,eelai instrictiers on sperial dive the fleck keeps track of thorn and 7rr nt the proner Ilme. It 14 estimated that the land nt Lincolnshire. ng re. iiimed (rem the pea arrcrnnt. nn,Nro thqn ce'-11 acres. or ree,re than lee.) square rinien In the ,,etary of the Humber abeut erigeare rniles have from time to time been from the "ea. Only la stones remnin opricht at Stanehengel only two cf these belong to the inner circle. An celfrary hernan heert wetche ti (z. yet its pee er le sufficient to raise Its weleht 2.v).2,4) feet In an hour. Lendon consumes II tons of salt a day. A fur-leeeed chicken. weighing three peends. is in the pos4es-ion of James W. Woeters. tvho lives near Dover. Del. The little freak le very hearty and moves around a iirey ae though not teir,b'ned with two tw.perfloolie tett. The owner ie very proud of thecuriosity. In crirneetien with Tiverton agrteultura' associatien prize' were on'ered to the who ceuid give the nearest guees ae to the weight of a fine Devon bullock. Tne anima! was afterward killed and wezhe.i. Extraorimary to relate six ccmpetitore guessei the xaet weight at whi-h it turned the !Real.. Six there gaesset wehin half a peund to a po,;rel. and 15 within 2 pound.; of the right weight. Most of the competitors were firmer!. t 4 MISMINNIENPO ..11010MWENIVIMINIPS I Battu' 11 Lcwar PIIC!S I THE PEPABERTOil Car, Tremont An Court Sts. C;;. Sconi E; zre Ltsal St3!;33. frIETTPS gitRES FOR k.aler m We were fortunate in securing a large factory's entire output of shoes made to sell for $5.00, so we can sell them to you for $2.50, half their value. This season's best styles, all sires, Vici Kid, Black Russia, Box Calf, all Goodyear Welt sewed. Opel Until 9 Saturday Even:ng 11.: N . , ''''''''''''.1. ' ''. 4 I ' ' 7 ' .1 : ., - , , , ,... , , . r,17 (I, 4 sl, ,7-27.? i k4 1, ,,,, ,14 '"-t I, 0 ! 1 'el , i '4T : .?, L ,,t i ,91-k.,1.,' A ,..:4,-;,-4 it : . t!, --": A;7 ',.....w.l. , j I ' 'Z''''1:: 4 - L ,-,--v-. ' 4- . r ...;.,--, t 4 , I 1 - i :. 4 .f i :-t:-; 14-.---;-:,0 -, qt. b e ,,,. ,. 2 ,-;..,-c 4 kup L -h,1 - , '1 ct. 1 I i 1 1 I --- A., - ' , t--;. .- - - V l'i 1 '41;111 1 ;'-r '''. 1 1 .Pr 1 41,, - ot ; .k" , ....fb t i .. . 0,, 101:, 11... , 1 r- - a,..ot .... A 1 i eo ; A .11116kok." 1 - 40 I E s , I a STARTS NEW YEAR. Boston University is: Formally Reopened. 1 Prospect fa a Larger Enrollment Than In Any Frey:ous Term. Prof Black Places the Library on a Firmer Basis. The formal opentng of roeton univer- sity took blare thie morning at the et.1.. ge of Lilstral Arts. 12 Somerset I. The e:)anet was erowlItst to Its utmort rapacity with new srulen!e and tan sr.4,1natee. The neual exert-hies were hoFor at 18:1.; anI ronsis:ed of Pinginc OP the tart of the Cntiro anstlence. S,:rti:nre renf:ing 1-y rr d es Warren an prayer by Plihn border. P. Itowne. No format abiress wag tieliverei flt Ithis time. its in previous years. II be!na Cif C f ie.' to te.e!rone It until the latter t part of the erst semester. The reason Ile Vat twirly all the students enter by certiticate on.1 the first term being a :i protxationary one. It was deemed best i to wIthlto'..1 the matriculatine exercises until all ha I gainc.I relular 5tanan4. I 1-11r regbtrat!cat of the freshmen con-I ICJtor; throuah the entire day. and as t Ycl the exalt I namber Is rot known. but !it In rortain flat It will exceed any trf-bols year. alsmt MI betng already enro led r.:,;natiors Live been in I ptwzress for the :last three days and I about the usull number have presented 1 littrusekts. although the Istpularity of I the eertig,ate It)sttqn was apparent. the I majority critcring lit that manner. t T.-.e entire faculty was present on the ( FROF F- CHARLTON: BLACK. wile Returns to noliton Fotio-rstty after Leave of Alstriv.e. platform. The seniors attended In cap ! and goan and at In the front et the hall. while the other classes were at the Fitiot and rear. Dean Huntington spoke Informally.; welcoming old owl new stoolents to the: college. and dwelt on the necessity for tarneet and faithful pcholarsidp. Alexander Hamilton Rice Jr was tn.: trod-acel to the stthiPtitit a the new In-! 1 'tractor In Latinan addition to that 41epartment. Ile will have charge of some of the work formerly taken by Profs Joseph R. Taylor and Thomas IL: Lindsay. Mr Rice wan for two 3-cars al student of Boston university. though a graduate of Harvard. Ile 14 a Boston-. born bor. and has attended the Boston public schools as well as Na!,,hua high. school. Prof E. Chariton Black was abla warmly welcomed by the students after' a leav of absence. devoted to the intrests of the university !library. which he was tnstrumental in establishing on a new and firmer basis. He has been in England and on the continent and has sur,teded in s-"uring many rare and valuatble sets of early English works. Vhile In Scotland be was fortnaily in-"tailed as a cloetcr of laws at Glasgow university. which honor he shared with three other Americans. Referring to chanct,,s for the coming, year. Dean Villiam F. Huntington "tat. o c. that tbe most important was that of p the Introduction of the semester system' instead of the three-term plan . whieh has been In vegne since the college was established. As on incidental result of this change eomen a reclooetion In the number of honors for graduation' from 1) to 120. Registration continued the entire day I and no professor will meet classes until ti,morrrow. A reception to new students will be held Friday evening in the chapel. un(1-r the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. ;led; Y. NV. C. A. of the college. Y. W. C. A. of the college. MRS DELIA NORCROSS DEAD.. Wife of One of the Most Prominent - Men in Grafton. GRArroN. sibt ISMrs Del!st NorerwAs. st;ze,1 14. wife a Daniel W. Norcross. tiled hte yester,hy at her home on South t. She- was born in Grafton. March 24. Is73. she was married to Norcross. 'alto Is ene of the most prom,- nent me; in Grafton. baring been on the school committee many years. She left a hush:mkt. four chil,lren. NVebster. r It... Joseph K. of Itoston and Mrs M. O. Stnitton of locover. Colo, anti a mgtcr. Ntrs Harriet F. tVhitney. One son. i Webster Norcroos. Is the well-knosn: bass tonger. THE UNGROWNED KING. (Ft. E. Kiser la illifrair) fleeted Herald) The free-bota ettisen gets ap when dew Is wit PAP grOPIL And tires himself rears-red to 1110,nit glass. A frost eot trots the soap he dads at leaeln rpon 1 7att lomat. And ILmoztt Cot fattir of soave frost he takes Lis comb In band. Ills ',Ate. sitspeteters. (DLitt sad sorts. tL bat . tons on Ms coat. bandl.ert-Lief. Lis Deektls. sal the collar round Lis throat All ram. trots Isclorles that trusts permit to operate. A tr,11.t 111101411 toiOt to bTO reel to pito upon the grate. y:rhttig to th anger trout be makes Ma rofFes sweet. howlog to the beef trust Le may base A teat, t o t : the tracker frost. the Cott trust. tits toffee trust Dims hot. Takes tratote from IL man tette dwells witere Err,lous honor" titre. Be rip. fr.m the tat). of hh-ht a trust lessee Is hiorary. Anti on the trostenttle ball tries dads a trust-made bat to wear. Koss see the free born rlttlea wpm lb trust-,weed rare By paying tribute Le may ride to where Lts duties are. sits before s trustmade desks trust Las alit be may-- And Lek free sad equal be teas for tLe trust all day; At bight a trust prorities Els liglot. lead when Lis strayers art said Vas um-rowtwd kin,g devout!: kneets beetle trist-litsdo brii Titus all Lls trust, boual op In trim?' that treat biro as they phase. Ile litres through favor of tito trusts. to tbem Le beads Lis literal Att. let us trod tht when be dies sad frail vrorhi of rare. boom trUot will waft Lint to lb. skies sad giro idut &Wry Iberia. two drir Is pas ; tritgema,Ift I finch at leocIN ::. ,, ,,; -!,: '''';-! --- - s :', .' 4' '- ', -. - ,-,, - , (t.,-,.,,,1 )4, i'' i .... ,. '. -A.m. 1 ll. 6 !, ,. .a, . If. cl'''' ' t A.. , 1;,'' I , 11, ' T if '1111E., TVA : ..'' 41;', ,,:., , ,....,,.', . sJv 4t.'14 :AL , , -4 ' :": -...--1 ,, . - . -,-,..,..,..z : . -4k-'--, -; ; ;-; , ':.' ?drt'''';' '' 4r. - ,. ' , : . --. , ...4.-.- A !II"- to -:' ',..: . ,..-1,11 I 1..'.6. d ! ' 4'.q.,,'Sil ' . , ,' : ' A-7 e. . . z,z, ,( , , , ,,, 1.1 f ,-,,'"4iiktk,I - -f ' ;,- ' ' -1,1 - - -Ts ;J: L ,-, 7' ,-.,,, r..1,. ',, . - --...,,:7t N.. 3,. '1' ' , .4.1: ' , , :,- i 4,,,,,,Abel". . . . t A ,. , : . ; il .. :' ' - ' ,- .. , , .0 ", .5r.i:,..,iit, .41i .7.. N, 41. - ' A , ,:trjr .0.1.:$f .;''Pjt;'' "1 'SP '',... ' ti Aet'''':. - ' - B 1 . : A; ,.1 ''',,:- . - - - ' .Z t , , - ! 0 t 1 1-19.7., .r.:, , ,. ''''.,47: a ' ,' f i ' r',c-, '''''' . The Globe EXTRA! 3 OMAN LIISCAR OREM Picturesque Sailors of - the Mashona. British Steamer Reaches Port F Captain Ron Calcutta, Lin Gives Bonds for Return of Men. OppCSItleil t3 RaII3Va1 of th3 EL131 Fram KE131'S Le Has Been Carriel Out of Its Position Five Times. I The Erttish steamer Mahon a of Lon- i doe. Capt V.illatos. arriveti this morn-I tng from the far Peet and was tartlea at the Eaetrn railroad pier. East Bop: ton. She loaded burlaps an.1 a general , in 4la cargo at Calcuttt anti sailed from ' there -tele :3. pratataling to Colombo. I I where elle took on a Phil ment of 0-3- i len tea. She came through the Red sea. I Suez carial anti Methterranean sea, call: ing at Suva and Algiers to replenish her I coal bunkers. Daring the long Voiraee ; the weather was generally fair and the veasel made good progress'. ! 1 With the exceptien of the otneers. en, ginvers and quartettnasters the :Ma) slime ha a a crew of lascarri, shipped 1 for the passage at Calcutta. There art . 49 of these foreigners on board anti the r Ipicturesque appearance attracted conelderable attention as the steamer was warpeta into her berth. They are in I charge of two serange. who oectipy the I positions of boatswain. on board. anti I these serangs transmit the orders of the 1 i English Meer. I (apt NVIlitarns sail that the East In- I1 ttirris give genetal eatisfaction and are very willing workere. They are quickly affected by celd weather. however. aaa I the IIdt to a ct-,4,1 climate is usually 1 atter It d with much vickners among, I tilt nt. The lascars fellow their aecusI tt me-1 mode ct living while on board 1 rhip. The captain aas obliged to ge.'e : bond. for the !tato return of the men , la Calcutta. this being exacted of Il I itritish eteaniship cotnmanlers shipping : such creas. I The 31ashona has part cargo for New ! York. whenee she plot-yetis from here. -- I After being laid up at Liverpool for ' reveral weeka. owing to the recent dull; nee in ocean freights. the Canard steamship S)Ivartia. in command of , Cart James C. Darr. arrived this morning after a passage of 9 days :9 hours from Liverpool. On ticcount of dense I fog the t essel aas obliged to anchor for . six hours In the river Mersey. Ise after , leaving there tine weather wag .,,ipertenced. bleb continued the en ire distance. The steamer brunght in a cargo of a general nature. The Syhania made her last sailing front litre June 3. anti from June 14 to Sept 9 she svas In port at Liverpool. In i anticipation of inereased movement In eommodities shipped from that country. ' Nhe was again placed in c"mmission. hi : though the COMM i0,11 of freights at tile ; present time would hardly ace-in to warrant It. i ('at Parr hae Made several tripe in P the Saxonia. and aas in central-id of ' One of the Cunard liners whielt waa an, der charter to the ItrItish admiralty : during the South African war. The proposition to rtmove the buoy from XHys let14-.. it the entrance to the channel. is meeting with cor1.4)1erable opposition as the rives! of some Mark over this dangerous spool is felt to be a rieceiolit in the interest of safe navigation See Preston of the chamber of etannocree hao; Petit to tt'Al tiIp1,1Pc intlevdn' the following nootiee: in accerdance with the recommendation of the Lloston chamber of commerce owl of the pilot commissioners of the tort of Itoston Co mina oder Naxro. lOPpeAOr ot the '2,1 district. located at itooston. pbteeJ on Kelley ledge Lt the entrance to the lower main ship cha.ont I a rin't spar buoy to mark the eallon of this letge. upon which there I, bat 21 feet of wilier at mean low Ittle. Since the e-datlishment of this ail to navigation. on June 21 itost it has been carried out of Issitien five tunes. and the buoy mow at that station is tae sixth buoy placed there. We Mob-V.131ot a to I. the opinion of the lighttouse instorete ilLat there is danger convect ol with the perio 'heal absence of this buoy troom its proper station than it nor attempt were made to maintain one at that point n nI that he am eel 4-euthenist to recommend that tne tome be permanenty removed if the trouble Coln 11111;r4 Cornmanfer Naar has been requested to rtr.s re front 'akin,' any action in that direction toor he present. torsi tits notice is issued to taarittm .interests ttlk 70 dit,OPSI ltn the captains ot a1;1 steamers roma:tog too this port, wet all towboat commanders be notified of the Iteenee rt tilt boo) he a mark to Ketle)v huge. and toe reopoesie.1 to um cote tix Pee that it Is not dragged from its position." Changes Among the Firemen. Fire Coinneasoittner Henry S. Ittssoell. In an ortler toottea this forenoon. stitch will take effect at 14 o'clock tomorrow sanotions the tranofer of end privates ittol meetiptS ti reylatiattoti of at t..ii s,tt be trartterreti men are boblerman charley, MeCartrty. who I,. vornt front laktter company-Z. l'airtS lat. East I:..,-ton. to es,4,itt, eompAny 3;. lamgatool ay. Roxbury Jebn J. itevitn. on nstite company 37. laotgatokl ay. Is hts otteevocoor at lue Eaot Ecositot 1.114blr butts,. he Mitt E.u.i Itootton boy amt has be, 11 t'onio.eteI likith lite fteltartment oJtee May is. Peterpoirt. rot- over r.,Jr years attarD-4 to lahto company itarrioon ay. is now tranoterre4 lalaer emputty 7. Utast ot. 31t our I boretwyter j3rn..1 1-:. Noloo 1.1 Lamer comstony 7 Is sniffed to the Harrison-ay. truck. The call substitute who temierel reotamtion to thottrke A. thintan. who has been In the tiervice but a short time twin; locateI at Ine engine company 44. west Roxbury. Held a Birthday Piorty. A very pleasant evening' wall tiperit at the resaltnee of Mr am' Mrs IEL Clark. Woothille sl. Ibtabury . last nigtst. tht Ewe:to:tan being the 10;th birth.. day of their son. In' rease X. Clark. Music ttas turn:she,: ly alizis tIrate 3i. Niha atal Mrs I7. Stetns. teirinj the evenin4 a collation was oerve,I Among tittlya o-eyent wtre Miss EiSle ettetit. Nitto4 catbernte Carne). lliss Muttons Streeter. Nits Cr' ee M. Kitts. Ails, Eleanor Small. Mr Increase Clark. Mr Gov Smalt. Mr Charles Parker., Mr Albert Parker. Mr Ita411 Cabar sol,1 Air Viltred Doe. COMING TO GovMummins of Iowa, His Staff and Miss Macomber in Chicago. - ..,. , . . , . ' . , f 1 4 1 .." - . I ak ". ' ; ' ' "s ,..- s' 4 44 ', 04.,"" ""' " . "'"'," 4; ,1 .1. ''''' 4 , . , , 34 elti;- i ' -! ., . -- , f ,. k ''' . , ' ', i ' 1 ' "'A i"k", f,,,,$ . ; - ' 1 ' ' ' :1: ' : ' '.. :1 ..44 . ,.. ' 1 i . ' , 4,-7, ,, ,,, 1 .., .,. , .,,.....t ,t. .., I,. c ,1 , . is -, . .. f ;, ... -S.:,"1,-.- ' ., oit ,,,, ' It. -,,,,:ft4 , ; , , ., 1 . , .4404-1, . . '.... 4 ' 4 , .00.4,, rt.. . , . . . , N( 1 .,47 i ''t- ti,r-- . . . s ,. I . , , , . ;.; - ,- . . , , ,,, .4, 4., ' lk. I . . , .. , . - ' , ( . , . , ... ' ,., . ... . . ' , . i 1 ':: t - , d. , .11 , I .; l - t . t. , ' , ' '' tb, ....), s ' .... a' ' , o , , , ,,, . , . . .. ... ;, , , ' . . , , - : ' . ;- k i , --, tit.' ' .-, 4, ' -. , . 41 - , - ..5,. - , , ; . . ,,,,t. . it.. .mt t - ,, 4i 4 4 kr its 1.N, 5. --.,. 'ylL,-16.' '''')' let1Cor 1 - -. - 4 ' , '" ' ...-- , Ar , ' - i,, i' le, ,- . .t7-7,.,,I. . ft ,-1," . ct.( - ', ' ---, ,-1 i,11 "4- ,...- .. , ' ' 4". , ' , ,, , '' - I n, 1 t ' , . , . ' '''" J... 4. P 4 .4 . ,41?" - ., . .e , t ' $ 4.:,01,.1".. . .V., f s ,,'..,,, , .., .... .' , , ,,, x s . 01 '. 'N., ' .....KA '1..11C'!' - ... ' '-' ''' 4 '. z : ) fA (.. ... 1 , , MISS ELSIE MACOMBER Of Des Moines, la, Chosen to Christen the Cruiser De 3 Moines at Quincy, Sept 20. CHICAGO. Sept ISGov Albert H. rtolY col member.' or thcir familbs. to Quincy. Mors. where the t S erni,se Elsie 3I.lember. ho will chrit.ten the CONDITIONS PLAIN. Railroad Commissioners Issue "Platform." Statement In Regard to Approval of Street Railway Iccaticns, For Benefit of Companies and Local Authorities. The state board of railroad commisslooers has decided on an Important platform In relation to the approval of locations granted, by lot-al authorities to Street railway companies. act of the legislature last June the raliroad cominissioners were given authority to approve locations granted to street railways. I n other wcird. . no locations granted would beeome valid until the state board had approved the same. The railroad commissloners Imlay make everything plain. and the new str.ftet railway companies, for it affects those most. a; well a the leteai atithorities. sill hereafter know just what tril state board will demand when an approval case reaches their hands. Among the cmplitions are two schVh have a bearing on thp occurrence at Pittsfield when the presidential party was run Into by a car of the Pittsfield street railway. The board encouraires the allotment of a certain spaee on the highway. separated from the driveway. for the use Of the street railways. WI ere this is troptbedbie the board say there must hp prq-or regulations as to the crossings of the railway front one Phi. of the highway to the other. The boarirs statement follows: Every location must be at-comp:into.) by it pinn showing the plare in the highwny to be ectsplell hy the, railway tintornouts). and by trolley poles. The plan PhOUlt1 also give grades and stret lines. and such I titer Information as may be practicabie. The following conditions shout' be attached to gtants of locatiobt The rails to be not less than fo) pounls pee yard in weight. TJ-1 to be of suitable timber. not less 1,11:.r. seven feet in leneth. six inctics thick, nit.1 silt inches feet,. ant elutze4 ti more than iteii feet On eenters. The roadbed to be constructed with nt least IS inch-- of suitable o.til.ts- ts lob bas pe rails mei pt. perly drainet. When practienb'e, the railway ,To too centint.ot.rly either on one side or in the center of 11.0 driveway and separated frt m the oiritew.ty. with a vie:trance from any oh...traction of at least 1 feet on tangents nfol More In toropOrt tOrl 09 iirvirst The roadway lailepewit-nt of the railway to be of stole-lent width to propi-rly eceionnotelat other travel. Crossings of the railway from on Wile to the other of the higtway to br VOI.b..1; hot if permittei. only with provision for proper r gulation ircspects InK the ciperation of care DIA restrigthin of speed. These respairements aro not to exclude other suit tble conditions anti restricflorin by 1Wal 1411 or by this board me the circumstances In partieular Caro a may re,01:re. WALTHAM STREET RAILWAY. Seeka Approval of Railro:d Commissioners on Locations Granted by NewtonCounsel Will Submit Brief. l'hit Vt. Itliam street railway colopany eine oip4ie.,1 on another petition heti re the rolirua4 cominissioneis this rio..rning. The company askt-I fur the board's siiI;oal Of locJilotis grantel to it by the tsar, of ollerniett of the city of 'Newton. tin July 21 last the al lerrren slI'riAc4 locations for the Waltham Ciiirtipil.y J. Washington and' Ilsavvri tits. ;Itoj ire junction of the Ir iki et OW Ptofl p ' irce.tier stint t reliixey company nil ILi)isit et Pt. illoimticri.iin II. A. Niiiton alp. arol for Ile company tthlai Ct iin..I Coulktge tuba Meta dill art.,' in ouseisition on hi bait. Of the 1 y Iiision. 'tot iiAt I W. efintelitit it I hat the Wallhato eoniiiiiny was not in position to lot( tor. nor the ablvrmen of Newton to mrsitt. the lora 'ions reft rre I Pl. The locations sought. Le said had no connetion eith the oriti.- nal route. la the charter. certain LAIRICHIIIGi Cummins of Iowa. in company with his pessed through Chl.-ago today en route r Moines will be launched. Sills new utir essel. is One of thP party. term!ni were Mabel and the Waltham compar.3r 1.aid definitely le-tween what tet mini they wished to operate. Ti.. milt-mid law was that until the road was operatinsr betwten teak,' termini it could tilt reek extension. :7titincel l'!-.rimrserlitin admitted flint tint wa4 rt.ilrentd kw lint hell a differnt apoliention of the law in the case of street 1mila:urn. Atter itome discusTion of the !Peal phase. chairman Jackson sitegesteol that unless Mr Chamberlain could convineo him Cent the company's rights were broader ha. imply li. tnen the termini in the orizinal locatkin. namely to Newton Cent( r. he helievid the case ought to Ire dismissed. TI.e hearing was confirmed to allow Mr Ch:tent-etiain to submit a kirk( on this point. GOES OVER TO OCT 9. Hearing Continued in Case of Madden and Kelly. Charged with Manslaughter, at Pittsfield. Sept ISThe hearing In the case or motorman Euclid NI:olden and conductor James Kelly. charged with manslaughter in enusing the death of st.c-et service ofacr William Craig. was con,intied this morning to Oct 9. Special Ju:41ce Vellington pr. sided. Th,o-e was no (imposition to the continuance on the part Of the commonwealth. WILL NOT .WITHDRAW. Joseph A. Dennison Says He Will Run, and Expects to be the Next Congressman from His District. The statement made In nowenrir edition of an afternoon paper to the effect that Joseph A. Itentilton is understood to Ise ready to withdraw his carothla:by for congress In the ninth district on the tom:litho) that John A. Kol Ilher should withdraw. Is without foundatiun or authority. Nit' Dennison said to a rePotter today: ant pledged to my cotiAtituents In Charlestown and ward 12 as well es to a hrst of friends WU; supporters II all the wards of the district. to remain a candidate to the end. I hall not seith len sr shift I shall stay ',west-id the :10,Urilli-.s 1A-hich reach me hourly convince pie that I shall he the Onlinee .f the rem( nti,Nn an i the next c41nyres4rnatt from the oltrtrict." ABOUT 200 DELEGATES. - Seventeenth Annual Convention of Bristol County W. C. T. U. at Attleboro. ATTLE1 ORO. SPPt 141The 17th WIWI. al conventton of the Drietol county W. C. T. U. was held today in the Methotlbzt church. Nearly 290 delegates were ci.cemblecl from the Attleboros. Fall River. Taunton. Manictichl. Norton. Som. erset. Dighton. nehoboth and other plocee. The convention opened at 10 a m with a devotional service conducted by Mrs Sirs IL L. MoNTC011FRT President of Drilla County W. C. T. U. Everett S: Horton itt Attleboro. Greet.. los sax esten.11.4 by Rev Thomas Tyne. words of welcome by Mrs E. A. Cum-mines Itol response by Mrs II. D. Valk-sr of Taunton. After rept Its by the L. T. L. secretary and others the annual roblress si an ivy. en by the presrlent. Mrs Isattort Montutmery of Taunton. Mrs netts ern F. ii. of title. the the 2ff:ref:try. gave an Interestit4 report. This afternoon there wait an atbiress by Mrs J. K. 143rney of ProvIdenee on "femperance Kittmualon In Cuba. and One by L. .. Chubbu.-k 4.n "Penal awl Charitbie York for W. C. T. U. A question box concludei the day'. session. , , ',' , - '.7 ,,..,',-i-',:1:.;. 1;.':',,...',....f.,;.,A':::.?..',,,' ...,...,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,, . . .,. .,,,,, , ,,,,..,,,,:,,, t. - .... ',,ei,' , ; ,,, ..-'1 1.4".. ' TAL, , -"' 4 ,.....4 41 , it.' st4 ,e 4..4 - - p P' -. 'IA fie.e3.10;- : ' ',',, re!, )4 ,,gtowistille,' ' 4- a .i;,"-, - .,:.,477:te''';:,1I11''..,,,,r''''t, e.L ,.. -- , 4.74.,,t',::S-,,14ttvg,er,k11,74,,Z7t'y ,,, ,4-,(4 - , et...- ;77,.:4"1,t,titi 0 t ! 1,:,414 ,-- . ,yji.1,1-. , zwa ,,,,7 -,'' ..1r-tA: A ' -'...-,..1;i' '- r'liwe 44'.;..r.,,.! At.t - c - ,,c, ,-147: A; ..;,-.1: -t- !IA.'''. -"-s' Tt '''' :tp!"40...i- ;N41.,:!14ttriltsI::;?.sP; ti i''', t, --''"..1-:-!:::::-.:144'..: &, .L'1,4:;;;I: 41:1 14-- 51' -.,,,Z7.',,,!5., -,,t- . i N h4 . -4;-It -------;::,.- , ,11 .,.... RESDE ET11,1111A! O'CL 0 OK STO P Colombia Governmeits Troops Aggressive. American Riflemen Aboard That for Panama, Soldiers "Covered" With Rifles Engineer and Train Hands of a Freight Train Entering Colon, Insisting.on Inspecting Contents of Locked Box Cars. WASHINGTON, Sept ISSec of the Navy Moody received the following dispatch today from Commander McLean of the Cincinnati: "COLON, (Blank Date) "Train for Panama went through with Cincinnatrs guard of riflemen and rapid-fire guns. Freight train coming toward Colon stopped by soldiers at sides of track continuously pointing loaded muskets at engineer and train bands, demanding opening of locked box cars for inspection; conductor no key; could not. Went to find some responsible officer; also sent man to flag following passenger train; menace removed; freight came In witla passenger train. Will ivigorously protect life, liberty of American and other peaceable employes and maintain unobstructed transit Have Instructed Ranger to assist in this duty." Two YOUNG THIEVES.' Felix Fontain, 14, and Frank Donegan, la Theft of Horses and Buggies Their Particular Line.- - - Arrested in Norwood After Trying to Sell Stolen Rig; NORWOOD. Scpt IS--The thieves who stole Louis Thompsona horse and buggy Monday night are probably two of the youngest in that line of crime. They were arrested yesterday after committing ancther theft and gave the names of Felix Fontain. 29 Crawfori rt. Woonsocket. ant! Frank Donegan of 336 Front rt. Woonsocket. Fontain Is 14 years of age and Donegan is only Yesterday afternoon they aroused suspicion while near the village of Islington in trying to sell a horse of some value to a pedler for $2. Assistant Supt Edward Sheehan of the Norfolk Central tranch of the Old Colony took the horse and buggy from them. and they immediately ran away. Mr Sheehan drove to Norwood to the stable of ofreer M. D. Creed. Mr Creed, though on his vacation, at once started after the boys. and captured them near Norwood station.- They were taken to Dedham. Their eases eame up todays but were continued until tomorrow. GREASE ON TRACKS. - Testimony Given by Railway Men Against Norwood Boys Who Are Charged with Malicious Mischief. DEDHAM. Sept IS--A Fourth of July prank at Norwood. where tieven boys were arrested recently on a charge of grtasing the tracks of the Old Colony street railway company. was recalled teday by the arraignment of the defendants in the Norfolk superior court here. before Judge Fessenden. As a result of their act, It Is alleged. two cars came Into collision and were badly damaged. several of the passengers sustaining Injuries. The boys all pleaded not guilty to the etarge of malicious mbichief. Their names are William K. Fulton. Paul A. Stuntzner. John W. McDonald Jr. If. M. McDonald. Fred C. Iluttrick. Albert 11. Meyer SIMI Richard J. 0Leary. Another defendant. Daniel J. I;r4nnan. also of Norwood . who had previously pleaded. not guilay. bad not arrived at the time the case was called for trial. Judge Thomas E. Grover of Canton srptared for the McDonald boys. Wye? and 01-eary. end Elisha Greenhood of Boston represented the othors. Dist Atty Asa French of Randolph and hie assistant. Itichard W. Nutter of I:ridgewater. conducted the prosecution. NVIlliant 1k. Walsh. called by the government. tentitied ttat he was a tlIvIslon foreman of the railway. Ile told of Muting two cars that lied come In colt-lotion at Norwood., and produced some greasy Irt IMP with which the tracks had been greased. l'airtek A. Savage. a conductor . told of the collision. ilo found grease on the tracks. FrIedif Johnson of Norwood. motor- man on tl.e car with 84a v a g e. teptleel In corroboration. Edward Flaragan of East Dedham. 1 the second motorman. testined that he could n'Pt Ptup his car from rtion!ng tota Johnson's tar. lie founI grease on the track. Ile was 'laid an" for some time after the accident. There were nine passengers On his car. &tuna!' testimony by other wiZnettatts for the prosecution was put in. The hearing hi ttuftnished. -- The bulginess of Meyer Jonasson & Co. will be continued. Whom. interruption. by the receiverthe latest st)les will be received sad displayed daily. as beret. Sirs. , - VALUED MEtTIBEIL Tribute to Worth of Miss Kate C. Phelps. Former Associates in Women's Charity Club Express Feeling. i Encouraging Report byTreasurer of Hospital Fund. I When the first meeting for the reason 1 of the Womans charity chili was opened at the Vendome . this morning. there was a full attendance of memI bers. but there was one vacant chair Iwhich was decorated with asters. This was the place occupied by Miss Kate C. : rheirs atevery meeting which she faith-II fully attended no matter how Inclement the weather Miss Phelps died in Los Angeles Aug 20 and the meeting to1 day might be called a memorial to here as the greater part of the time was given over to a number of the members I who paid tributes to her worth. i Mrs 311crth Dyer presidtd, and after I the opening l-ayer had been offerel ex-Ipressed much pleasure on meeting her "girls." as she lovingly calls them. and . eabl that she was sorry to Interrupt ; their social talk by calling the meeting 1 formally to order. Mrs I. Henry Paige read the thinutes of the previous meeting. and then foi1 I lowed a report of the treasury of the club tuna' by Mrs I. Sewall Reeds as fol.. IOWS: Receipts. Including balance on I Land from Mitt report. Id7.84: expenses. ! $111.41; balance on ham!. V176.41. Mrs ! Reel further reported that she had re- ' 4- ceived money from various sourees for 4 the hoepital. amounting to 3L.1-95. and I of this she had given to the treasurer 1 of the hospital fund 1.-i, lesving a bal1 since in cat.h of $111.95. . Mrs Reed's announcement that the I late J. It Clover had made a bequest 1 of riloa to the charity hospital was rei ceived with much applause. ! Mrs F. S. Rieteen. treasurer of the ' hospital fund. gave an interesting ac: count of how the finances are dispostd . of at the hoepital. the summary of t ! which shows the receipts. Including i balanee from last report. to be I16.:4; : espenditurta V11161. balance on hand 'MEG. and all Lille pail. The last statement evoked much band-clapping an I exolamations of pleasure. for the club Is never so happy as when It learns that It is In debt to no one. Mrs R. D. Cushing. In a solee husky with emotion and with tears rumen; down her eheeke. made the ("Metal announcement of the death of Miss Phelps, a-Ping a few loving words as to the great work Miss Phles hal itone toward allevialleg the sufferings of those who have been cared for through the efforts of the W. C. C. Mrs A. O. Tallman. In her report of the board of trusteee. said that Miss Phelps bad been an active rnetnher 44t the board for the first five years of the clubs existence. Mrs Dytr then paid a touching tribute VI the fidelity and energy of Miss Phelps. "I Tett as if I had almost lost a daughter." continued the. president. "and I feel so grateful that her last conscious act was the writing of a congratulatory letter on the occasion of my last birthday." Other speakers were Mrs J. Sew ail Heed. Mrs Itale Jacobs. Mrs S. A. P. ItickermAn. Mr J E. Yeaton. Mrs F. D. usgood. 31rs A. C. Paige and Mies Hatch. On motion of Mrs Yeaton It was voted to place Nlies Phelps portrait in a consple'uous I lace In the hoe; ital, the price to be reboil 1.y Voluntary contribution. HollandWyJr. WM:URN. Sept ItAlbert If. Hollan& a clerk hi the savings bank. and Mise Annie IL Wyer. daughter of Postmaster Wyer,, were married yesterday by Iles Dr Daniel trireh.. Mr and Mrs alms dillillie 41- I yrirt uilitsgairr 1.11 A Mr., master Wyer, were married yesterday by Rev Dr Daniel larch.. Mr and Mrs Holland will melba their Imma on Kliby VIII NOT Mfil, Andover Seminar Begins. 05th Year, Number of Students an Increi:i of Four OYET Last TErra, Statement Given Out 11 Pros Charles O. Day. 1 "White Spirit GI New BEgirlairi Markei by Faith an Courage Says Special Courses of GI, 3-4 Interest Are Plannel. ANDOVER. Sept ISThe Andorertte. logical seminary tegan its e;th en, today with most favorable proe.-Ae4. The suggestion of the removal ot th seminary from Andover has been cloned. Pres Charles O. Day gate tiA the following statement today: "The 95th year of the seminary int' today. the number of etuden s in attendaece being an increase of four Ter last year. the indications beirg that the toal enrolment will reach ea. wbiet ;11 Hghly encouraging. as the uneettling brought pad tr s.nt.T dceu rzeguttehessteti hot nten. ohaaonr:ol keef:m:Elitnprnhocibaer yut.tusrfr: oroaaearn:stntehultnont ituemart seitrinr a:s cey c ya ran: fte 0 Al; the rrofeseors are on han& tomb!, with Dr Owen IL Gate, . formerly or Oberlin seminary . who wel give inetrue(ion in Hebrew. "In addition to the regular lectures. several special courses of great intereet are ylanned for. Rev J. P. Jones, DD. of India. will begin the Ilyde lecture!' on foreign missions on atenday. The Southworth lectures upon The Or. ganized Work of the Crburth." will be given by a prominent western educator. The alumni are planning felt a Fp.- cial lectureship to be given during the latter part of the year urn scene aspects of aeolegetics or phileeo;ty. Additional courses in old teetamAnt ence and in religioes edueatten planned for. A series of practieal talks by prominent preachers is in view. "The student organization knew n as the society of Inquiry and the Bartlett atheneum will go into cperatien th:1 sveck. The faculty held its idrst Ing last evening ,And regular lectures began this morning. "All indications point toward a ?tearous year of work. One of the most hopeful signs is the enthusiasm at subetantially univereal f urtpcrt of the alumni of the seminary." 1 EVERETT MAYOR'S VACATIC1 Charles Bruce Will Go to California to Regain His Health, Almost Completely Broken. Mayor Charles Bruce of Everett leareo today for California. taking in raring side trips. his object being to regain ts health. which is almost compitnt:i broken down from overwork. There was a large delegation from el the city departments of Everett. rev,- sentatives from other cities and lrom the office of Edward T. lIarengtos k Co. Nri t which he to connected. his I-4 soc:ates saw that his apartment in t!A parlor car was decorated with cha licwers. The mayor has had an unusual stra!a iron rim. as various things have ar1 5th which have taxed his strength to tle utmost Ile has been successful in OL r3ing through improvements which w3 be of lasting benefit to the city he he so honorably represents. f GLOBE ADS GLOBE ADS GLOBE ADS PAY BEST PAY BEST PAY BEST TRY Mill TRY ONE TRY ONE AND SE2 AND SEE AND SEE 1 The Fashion Cloak and Suit Co. I Style, Variety ani Novelty IN Laths' Medium Priced Garments. TheFashion is not a cheap store, nor a high-priced store, but just the place to go if you want to get your money's worth. 1 An Immense Variety of Ite LATEST NOVELTIES Al the Most Salable lett 1 k, Three floorsElevatorConnection from Vashir.;:ton St thou;.;h our Minery Dept. 14 Tempe 499 Washin&lon Street 0 AMEEICA.S LEA:ING tREIT CLCTEIA1 BOYLE NOS. ORIGINATORS OF NO MONEY DOWN PAY AS YOU CAN CONMEMENNNEMINIONMmplo A LITTLE A ---- WEEK --- Lucest Stock. Lowest Fects Easiest Terms. i South End Green Store 853 WASHINCTON ST. E 1 1 (

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