The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on April 20, 1902 · 4
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 4

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 20, 1902
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4 D1117- Greti this 1 Eultgair. nuncrs VARIE KN3WLT09 ACir-24 monnis HERE IS POSITIVE PROOF That tPir Crowrh of t'reot Hair Can Be in itanted for the Better. roes woeco tioeintely boottliv to heti each. I, was be traloc to Irruri It Stet atat lager 15 rolo Stees fo,resallitrtw oN.Ate vtoroorpsth i4 !its rronesco Mvrie Not sO itr''''.4.11rertere Sloe. II Ittri kstir tri400rottste t rote vita 4 lit the war ot ocooNwiss Ihre Eilk4e rut Las had tbiort,rtr.r, at.! to Ler Lair sm.! sealp ream-tor: y woes otAr woo (Styr rpoutts et arc orc1 lbw totta:t tt or or tome tam ttr lortorst 8;4 Mo. tort,;Ottrzt b.a I ort liaLr errr t000rtoot o ors ;,11 re ,.oror aro Irrate,o liti e. to la oeottettoor of tor. I IN Knelt Onto. 'rt :tooth tort& ,S 11', teatto 1 0t.,e al. that too tate, is Ioccf-tr aoftet taster traria ohe to. act he to our I. I te It troorcitto to Snorts Oho ithoor 11,1,11 14.. V41344 It7irrt nifit time she IS tier :otaro sr ASTOVI311ES evrtrroorsr. FREEp,u,dr onietly lcorelerta secs- Kosossit.o !cafeteria rk sotrt orttl a torso, aosst4cr free flr W ars orloJi otr me who to Mt totsorttoostrot ortrO ttoir below stool Plater" Sad lib coots to awftco or town pro tab Solt wools CP. It I. ono 111. 7:1:-I grrt totolvibe t or. Al ifeocolL OARSLIEti - ALL OUT. Various Rowing Clubs of Boston Get Their Coots and Crews Aroat and Enjoy the Day. The varloies vistrg clubs Iii thls t-wk advanbige of the fine weather yes:orday and AtAged in rowing to such an eatent that It might be called the or,,er.igag of the stawon. The h;:, Jtseh itenter four were out, crew were plekel fer the gigs an got wtott and the catel.dates for 'eats in the jaraer fmr-okared working boat also 1,..ya but Litre nut as yet been fealty so. levied. TI'as, club timalA It a formal apenInc. Sal all the members, rovomit and nonrJ.got4 on ham to impress tna c-seitnnen with the interest the aseoczalio is taking in their work. ay., more conspteuous that er ateh t rto obiritual threetrr of tfle club,. wed the teteren oarsman and chin eatwitt. Jim lustier. Trie work of tne enic, crew created mueb enthusiasm. for thee are lloire very rinelY. At the West Erils. across the way. tee winters were in attendance and wee,. woratnvr tar putting the boattrette ticLape.. - Tee Eri.ou B. C. made a splendid eko trio water with canoes. ste-its and rdeasure crafts. the entire rowing streegth of the club being In the ten!ir IL A. ttad a small fleet ef rez:. and the crewmen put in a good ft.-tr"s Up the river the Itradfoels. St Aititioneus and Itiversis made a line potrir. beth at thtir clubhouses and on the water. The ..itt liaston oarsmen also began to beetsr themselves. and the ,Niiiietreams on the ereek and the Shawmuts on the tzontla ray cure were aren represeetel. KENDALL DOUBLED UP. John; Ho;:kins Beats Harvard at Lacrosse by Score of 11 to 1. nAwrimortn, Arril 19 -- The Johns Iftt,LIns Licrosse tetm defeated liar-sari this afternoon 21 to I. The grand 'tan! at American League park was nearly iUi with Hopkins men and their frien sith hire and there a sprinLiir,r of followers of the erimson. A witntor of women wore the Harvard fittlatf a -30 S. hm-151wre Abercrombie. PIM and the Pernhelms did splendid work I.- liorkln. while the star players for Harvard siyee lloguet, Stevenson. Chaffee and God-tar In the syeer.I half Weniall. who was r!ayirt;- ref....Iced a severe body ch.-ok from C. tzeatnetsser. which double-I rim up and put him nut of the orttroe. Ta even up the opposing sides IL P. S!raus.who t ad twisty. his ankle. wIte tan out. In place of Kendall. 01,,L.Lle I eTzardell the soil and covere4 himself with glJry by several clever IrOir tioale were made by frnyler 4. Putts 3. rlr1 2. IL liernheim. Abercrombie for i;kr.s. Alvard for Harvard. ENORMOUS ATTENDANCE. Scores of Thousands See a Football Game in London. triNVON. )toril 11The Sher'aell- tairttil an,1 Southarhote,st clubs met this wren-twos at the Crystal iLe groun is to c-nttAt for the possession of the cup.'" the blue rittAat of British f The invasicon of 1.on,:on by the pr- valeta: array of areient a !mixers of the "mn.t.lted oats. who. after a teasores avurz...s. tn. t tel tbe libel tie. cotnour...4 at Lo,bre-klit. the, 1.artss ranro.t.ts raveling ova sr I ot 304 oeel visitors. en- w.-tnen eat eui ren. woo throneed lb 7trlus anI conerted them into huge t : gr.uti. ! 7-3. sb44,tors afterwar.1 toure4 the streets. st;:htse trt:r. an') Ittrodtnalsy found, tho. tr aay top the, Cryot.41 yalace. where they au.,,rnente4 a metropoo,tan &,fl 1111..te LtUtitcrOtift than them- eves. r e t.lovrtati eTare ro-o-ttted in a draw. ssch of the to-n. toc.kttnAt a goal. 'TOO MANY MASTERS." -- Ca;:t Sycamore's Comment on Hand-tin?, of Shamrock COr.- F-4 April I)--eart Sycamore. who sast,1 Sty. Thuma, Llpton's yaett Stateir.4-k. In the Lt races at New Turk for A'nerlica cup. rays he Is locreng foroart Ica a return to the Unito4 Flatfoot Ito ch I of the yachting yea-son In Ene,,n1 He now has citarce of W. IL yacht Namur. but has hal revers.' ors from Arnrkiart yat Itto r-trio-4 horn I-k-ton on lefl:ent 11314. ..tut I oaihil not sail wtrh hirn gfiL e,ive renooll le. there are tea many Inaatie faand there are atter 11.0.4,,,okat "if I 7e1 hal my crew en ate (-mum.. i",! 1 oi;.1 sl.tire beaten t.le Shamrock rt LT Ix mtrsta more titan sr.e WAS bostio. Tao Csal.umoia was the better bee 11?- 44r.11141,1. ltio 2., New Tart Weal.) Three New Syracuse Records. 111111AetSr.,. Arril 1)At the Inter-etas. track meet of Syracuse univerWy Irsoo afternoons three local college Teemed" etre hroken. Loose '03. tft 141121t, in the Ltalis janit; Eto.inelDn rau tit goo. maw, In 1.40 3".. a nd Van threw the It-pound hammer Two Garnet in Cobattet. Cr 41Afrat:T. Attil 11 Too excittng anowa of 10494,4 ball II ere 11274'2 here I u'ca3r. The A. A. secoot team lots dtpatect by the Nattaskept A. C, 't to It Cubtaatt A. A. beat Illogbain. to IL Dn if 11 7 , . 7 t i r, P fifil: Y1211,, II Iftit'l '- L L.! 1,1--4.1k: -J eilha a 7a . .4741,41. ,zre 3 l-,, (),!,-etto14,. I t h: , , ,.,,,:.-4,, i.... , it .,, t, ,, a 1 SP WI 0 i CI r I ' )41'; s'-'4L'1' ' m 1 goi I Go 13 -;----'4; ..frz , ,i ie ,....;...,' ,)'fri I fi 1,11t o, 4 I, '''. t t I.-. g fr7r., ..o:. ,....4,1:1144. 04 h.) A s , :.'-r I te4f14.4...0 y ilf rill JIS. St ;I a V."-.' It4E i, '''''', I.3.: : 14 1.4 1 ; .. ,if ,, s.: , 1 t....i.,1ri .4 -4.1.;titciri::)':Ii:' ..,;43 .,, -if I!) I rt vb.t. I 1' ' 1a . IL..? )1A ' I AL' k i I I'l -. - il:1-yl,fo ' . 1 '.:,I.: 1 to; 1- fe,-T.-, r? '- T-' kI BOSTON GOT IIALF. National Leaguers Divided With Brooklyn. kst Firs! Gam of Ae 8asall at Grout; But Secured-the Second in Rattling Finish. Chicago Whippei Cincinnati For the Third Time. , , - Pittsburg, Too, nag Yet to be Beaten In a Contest. NATIONAL LEAGUE RESULTS. Attendance At BootonMorning game. Brooklyn 3,, Boston 1 (13 Innings) 5.000 Atli-roma amino. Boston 5. Brooklyn 3 8.000 At $t LouiePittsburg 10, St Louie 4 10.000 At CincinnatiChicago 0. Cincinnati 5 1.500 At Nen tort rtatAdelybla 8. Now Via k 4 12.000 National League Standing. Won . Lent Pe wnn Mies nes a o Lotpo ill t.bwirg a o Ltoill ItrmAktyn :i 1 .6ert I I tInielpbta ... 2 1 .067 11,Alasin I X .2 it i New V ot k 1 2 .;$33 St Louts 0 2 .touo I. tortnn.t it 0 3 4)00 National League Games Today. Pittal Inv at St Louts. Wrap) at Cincinnati. BOSTON'S FIRST VICTORY. Divides with Brooklyn In Two Games at National League Opening Here. The National league season In this ells' was opened yesterday with two grimes at the South End grounds. the lirooklyns being the opposing team. Tvio splendid exhibitions of fast ball playirg were given and both were geplete with exciting Incidents. The weather was ideal for the ball tossers and the fans took advantage of the occasion to extend a hearty welrorne. There was favorable comment on the new blood In the local team. and the younger members of the nine were generously remembered by the rooters. At the morning contest 5010 persons gathered to lend encouragement while In the afternoon IMO interested enthusiasts yelled themselves hoarse when the Bostons made their brilliant spurt la the seventh inning and secured the victory when defeat stared them In the face. The morning battle was one of the most Interesting seen in this city for many years. as It took 13 innings to demonstrate the superior abilities of the Brooklynites. It was nip and tuck throughout, the score at tn.) end of the ninth inning being even. each team being credited with one run. In their half oi the 11th. the Brooklyns pulled out ahead. by getting two men across the rubber. Beaton atoned for thie loss. however. In the afternoon and put a stop to the victorious onward march of Hanlon's squad by landing first honors after a deepezate struggle. The Brooklyn aggregation - was out for both games and it was a bitter disappointment when the Bastons turned the trick. - Boston's New Men All Right. The work of Courtney. Boston's new left-fielder, was one of the features of the day. He proved himself a natural ground coverer. and his acceptance of difficult drives was easy and graceful. At the bat he made a good record. as aid else) Greminger . the new third baseman. who landed on the ball hard and at the mest opportune moments. Carney, in right garden. came up to the expectation of the fans. as hie fielding . base running and hitting were especially gratifying. Brown, formerly of Dartmouth college. replaced the latter in the efiernoon. and he. too. iliteu in just right by the wielding of the ash and his speed on the bases. Capt Long was in his element at shorts and his work In that position eats electrifying. The twe ritt-hers. Pittenger in the moreing an,1 Ivillis in the afternoon. were very effective. and they were ably backed up by Kittredge, who caught both games. Tenney at first bass gave exceptional demonstration of his ability to hold down that bag. and he was called upon more than once to do some lively hustling to nail his man. The Breoklyn team showed excellent collective play and left no opportunity to slide when ttere was the remotest chance to score. The solitary error In the afternoon was rather unfortunate in Its consequences, for had Flood fielded the hail cleanly in the seventh Inning. a different story would have been told, In all probability. A large number from out of town witnessed the games and there were many women present both in the mormng and In the afternoon. The Baltimore and Boston Amerlean league teams were on betel in the moreine gem. a nti Ca r t Joe Kelley of the vie;ters sat on the Brooklyn bench alth his old manager. Hanlon. - Fast Play Stopped Brooklyn. Billy Keeler was the first man to face Pittinger. and was burned in the ribs 'kith a curve. Dolan hit to Tenney, who made a fast throw to Long at seconl for a force out and a double play in sigtt. but Long could only block the ball down with his left hand. and both men were safe. 3IcCreery sacrificed and Dahlen was in a position to bring in two men with a hit. but he pent up a hi;e3 fly for Kit. and Flood closed the visitors' chances with a strikeout. Cooley led off with a fine single. to see the nest three men go out at first base. - With one Out In the second Long fumbled Irwin's groun-ter. Ahearn etruck out. McCann single!. Demont juggled Keeler's ground drive and Irwin scored. Lolan then struck out. For Roston Carney struck out. going after very wide bails; Greminger hit for a. single. Long new out to lett. Kittredge singled. I-ItLinger choeped one down In the front yard. but Abeam was fast away and got him at first. Both teams went Out In the third on weak hittinz. In the fourth the ball was banged hard. Hiteebrand drove one to the ocerner and Courtney made a fine running catch of it and duplicated the play on Aheerns long drive. Irwin gave Long a chance to make a clever eaten. Ge-minger sm tithed a nerce one to rignt center shit Keeler pulled down. and; tine drive was taken after a neaerun by Itil lebrand. Pittinger was third out to right. After one bad been retired In the filth Keeler singled. Tenney killed Do-lane enm grounder and Cooley took care of licereery's 'long hit. Cooley opened with a safe bunt and got second. se Irwin threw wild to first. - Tenney oacrificed his man to third. front where he scered on Dernont's long fly to left. COUtilbe.Y was thrown Out by Floe& But seven men went to the bat In the exile iliklebrarel drawing a visa. Oremisrer sineled to be thrown out in trying for mond' - Carney's Sensational Catch. The visitors went out in order In the seventh Carney making a sensational catch et a, ball that dropped foul close to the bleachers. In thio inning Kittretige started oft with a pass. Pit-linger sscrineed him to second and nothing short of hard luck prevented the home team from scoring the winning run thew and there. Cooley smashed the ball at Irwin. who was laying for a bunts and the third baseman made a THE I great catch within a few Inches of the ground and tossed the ball to second for a double. Dolan started the eighth with a pass to first and W fla then thrown out by Kittredge when trying for second. Long made a brilliant catch off McCreerY. Dahlen fouled out to Kittredge. The home team went back to the bench In Net Dolan making a superb running catch off Courtney close to the fie arpok,. Irwin and Ahearn singled after two were out In the ninth to see McCann fan the air. Carney was thrown out at first and Gremiuger flew to left. Long Made a bid for the game with a double. but Kittredge pulled a curve around to Dahlen and was out at first. Cart Keeler began the 10th with a double over Courtney's head and was sacrificed to third by Dolan. McCreery bit to Demont and tbe ball was sent tO Xittrceige for a putout on a doge play. McCreery was caught off first by Pittinger. Tenney singled to be caught In trying for second and was third out. Each team had only three men who ent to bat In the Ilth. Gremingee and Hildebrand making grand-stand plays. Irwin opened the 12th with a single and was sacrificed to second to see the next two men fail. With one man gone Long secured a single and was thrown nut by Hildebrand while trying to make It two bases. . . Darien led the forlorn hope in the 12th as two were out when he came tin. - He hit for a single and scored on Floods hard drive against the right fence for two bases. Hildebrand I Ingled and Flonri scored. Ahearn struck thrice. but didn't meet the sphere. Boston went out in order. commencing at the top of the batting list. k The score: , BROOKLYN AB R BR TB Is0 A E Keeler rit .5023400 Dolan cf 4 0 0 0 , 1 0 0 NfeCreery lb 5 0 0 0 16 1 0 Petition es llllll 481 Fiend 2b 1 1 2 - 2 7 0 Hildebrand If 5 0 1 1 8 1 0 Irwin 3b 8 1 3 3 1 2.2 A bPern e 5 0 1 - 1 2 8 0 Ilt.Cana p 5011140 Totals 4 3 10 12' 33 21 3 POSTON reoley ef 6 1 2. 2 1 0, 0 Tenney lb 40111511 ment 2b 6 0 0 0 2 4 1 Ccit-trey If l .400-0400 Cern...y rf 5 0 00.2 0 0 Girona neer lib 5 0 2 2 0' 4 0 Lane aft 5 0 2 8.3 4 1 Kittredge e 0 1 1 12 1 0 Pittinger p 4 0 0 0 0 3 0 - Totals 42 1 8 9 80 IT 8 Innimrt. 2 8 4 5 6 I 8 9 10 11 12 18 Prooklyn 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 28 Boston 0000100000000-1 Two-base bit.. Long. Keeler, Flood. Sacrifice bits. Tenney. Manger. Dolan. kleCreerl Ahearn. First base on balls. by Pittinger 2. by McCann 4. Struck out. by' Pittinger 8. by McCann 2. Donble play. Irwin to Hood. lilt bY Pi tebNi ball. Keeler. Time 2h 24m. Umpire. Tout Brown. Attendance 5000. Second Game is Boston's. The afternoon game was witnessed by more than WO enthusiastic spectators. It was a grand struggle throughout, and the many brilliant plays kept the crowd on edge. Up to the seventh Inning It looked as though the visitors-would add one more victory to their string. as they had a lead of two runs. and were playing errorless bail. At that point. however. Boston gave a splendid exhibition of cyclonic base running. and with a double. to singles and a bad error on the part of Flood of Brooklyn. three tallies were made. which gave the home team one to the gand. licNtakin was in the box for the Drooklyns. while "Vic" Willis twirled for the local players. The former was given admtrable support. and he succeeded in keeping the bits well scattered. Floods error was the only black mark credited against the team, but that was fatal. Willis had tine aveed. and he mixed his picots In an adv-edrable manner. Ile had good control of the ball. as was evidenced in the seventh inning. when he pulled out of a very tight hole by striking out Dolan with three Brooklyn men on the bases. Pair of Doubles by Home Players. In the third inning Demontreville and Tenney executed a neat double play when the visitors had men on first and second. and in the fifth Willis, Long and Tenney. got in another double which brcught the crowd up with a rush. Dah len of the Prooklyns had the honor of getting the.first home run of this season. Capt Long distinguished himself by several clever plays and at the bat he managed to land two bits with a total of three. Ills error in the fourth inning was responsible for Brnoklyns tirst run. but he made up for this by timely stickwork later in the game. Brooklyn tallied in the fourth. Dolan's fly was gathered in by Dernqnt-oville,but McCreery.who followed him drove out a hot line ball to right center for a single. Coole3"s good stop preventing a three-bagger. A minute later MeCreery started to steal second. Kittredge threw beautifully, but Long dropped the ball when the Brooklynite was three yards off the base. Dahien sacrificed and MeCreety landed on third, scoring on Floods double to right. No mere tallying was done until the Fl t h. when Brooklyn got two men over the plate. Dahlen sailed the ball over the left field fence. sending in Dol-tn. who had reached 'first through the fault of Willis. who overstepped the bag when Tenney fielded Dolan's grounder to him. This ended Brooklyn's rungetting. Tenney scored for Boston in the sixth. He singled and was ndvanced by Courtney's safe drive and Brown's two-bagger.. Where Long's Boys Won. The. seventh inning was replete with excitement the spectators rising en mar-se to encourage the home team. Brooklyn gave the rootersa decided chill when it filled the bases. but this was turned to joy when Dolan fanned, retiring the side. - Long opened Boston's half with a double to right center. Dolan Just missing the sphere. Kittreilte singled to right. Long skipping to third. Willis hit to second and Flood touched Kittredge. Willis reaching first safely and Long scoring. Cooley responded to the plaudits of the crowd by tapping a single to left. Tenney proved a patient waiter and got a free gift. which filled the bases. Demontrevides effort gave Flood an 43;portunity to make a double. Dahlen got the ball and tossed it to the second baseman. who got Tenney. Flood turned quickly and shot the ball to McCreery. but it was too low and it bounded over to the bleachers. Willis and Cooley dashed for home. and Tenney kept running also. Tenney' s dodge proved effectlye. as McCreery threw the ball to Farrell. who immediately started to put Tenney Out for the second time. The Boston first baseman stopped about 14 feet from the plate. and McCreery touched him with the ball.. Demontretoile meanwhile went down to second. taking all the benefit of the -Brooklyn misplay. Three runs in all were netted. In the eighth Greminger added still ant ther - to the total. Brooklyn: made a grand 13:d to tie the score in the ninth. Ilibiti-rand and Farrell - both singled. but IvIcNiakin. Irwin and Keeler were tetired on pop files to Long. Courtney and Greminger respectively. - Brown. the old Dartmouth player: covered right lit Id in place of Carney. whose finger troubled him. He distinguished iimself especially at the bat with two bits and a total of three. - Tenney played an errorless game at first. accepting 13 chances. Demontreville fielded eltanly at second and Willis in the box had five assists. - For Brooklyn.- Farrell. Dahlen. McCreery and Dolan did the must telling work. The score: -- litoSToN AU Bit., TB PO A E nooler ct .4 1 11, 0 0 0 Tenney lb 4- 1 ' 1 1 13 3 - 0 Betuounevifie qb, 4 0 0 U 3 2 , 0 c-Hurta..y It -4 01 1 2 0 0 Brawn rt 40 2 3 o 0 Grewinger 30 ... 4 1 1 I 2 ' 0 0 Imam no 4 1 2 8.30 I Kittredge a 4 O. 2 2 8 2 0 o 412 2 1b 2 Kittredge e Willie p . Totals. $ 3 II 12 14 27 IS 3 BittsiKLICS , - Key ler rt 4000 1 0 . 0 ., I hOttl et 4 - 1 0 0 . 2. 0 0 SP-Creery Its 4 1 1 1 11 0-0 i)allien as 4 1 1 4 5 o Flood 21 , 4 0 1 2 2 . 4 1 Hildebrand If 4 0 2 2 2 0 . 0 Irwin 3b 4 0 0 0 2 8 0 fr 'wren e 3 ' 0 3 4 1 1 0 itellakin p .... 4 0 2 2 e 0' 2 0 Totals. 33 3 10 13 24 13 1 lunings. 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 Boston 000001 8 1 5 Brooklyn 000 1 0 2 000-8 Tao-base bits. Broun Luny, Flood, Farrt.u. Hume run. Ltahlea. btolen baste, Grenlinffer. NaerMele bit. Itahlert. First base on balls. by Willis 2 by licilakin. Struck out, by Willis 2. Double plays. Willis. Long and Tenney; Ikeroontreellle and Tenney. Time, lb Gun. Umpire. BroWD. Attetulam-e 801)0. Philadelphia 6, New York 4. NEW -YORK. -April 19Philadelphia again defeated the New Yorks at the Polo grounds today by a score of 6 to 4. The Philadelphia, bunched their hits when the New Yorks bunched their errors in the sixth Inning.. Van Ha Urea 0). . Boston) Win Out In It , , I THE BOSTON -SUNDAY GLOBE---. APRIL 20, 1902. . Inches of the n 1,,, . , Af,frSo zl TWO BOSTON CLUBS WIN. ,,,. 1, ,11 to second li ., Oswielginotsil Again Show ill.,qt I with a pass 1 Om WaNrwOrerov Ara. If ft rown out by it,. 4 Continued front the Fleet lattig O. , gl,:t Ait'i,"...4 . tecond. Long 'rite, '''''' ...V.,:,.... Act erev,,eo.oA r,?ev,5 -k ,. 6 ,... g , '' ''. ,Ir-,5-,..,A "PO 40; - 117:117.'.7., 41 "Ar'Sz.'fk t 0 "'A y Staying Qualities, ,IT McCreerY. j 0r: gi' -e--7 ti',...'-'44'-', , r tl:,t r:-. ,s;.,4''''''' rim. 111P41,-kio-vettei, .tnt,..,4 ,04.1 ) . 74 , jig! - ,k1,1,, ,.,1,,,i,..,:-,,,,t,,,f,,,) ar,,:tcpi3-!t.-4.t.,-,i5i A to 1Cittredge. 0-.1l,t14,atia,ra-4,14...f. .147 ,0 , ,, 114, 'k ;-,,, - I.., fi,,,t.f4 '.'s'sc-y--$ rp merly gave allegiance to the visiting .,?-,-,441,04t,'''',,, 7.-zi-74k4A,r7,iii.1101Nw7"1-,..,-.-- 4'4' -1, ''" to the bench e-s,1 ...a-1- -..,,,s, ,,,, eh. .t. .ridg,. ,1.,,,, - ...1 , -st,: ie. 743,,,.,:-!t;,,A.t's.,. -1,. ..-ei.-s.,,,,i, ,tr..1,,,h.-444F-VO4.11!;. 1, 4-91.,1,,, eat,111:Kft tioty ril team on the South End grounds. .., -5,1000 ,) .t. ,-.,r..... a, r.-- 7, -'.:.- -c:- 4, : . , '' ,,-...,s.:,;f 1 .,,,(A2-4 ,,), :.r.n, ,. ., ,P,-., S - ,,xi,-, 0 p 'VI. , superb run- "''',1-47-,.?'',..,,4 .,r,,A.-1.Aft,4,17,..-1-....,,,..:3-:it;;;....-.-?4,-:,,,ti,11.37tt- z-, ,,--J --,- ;,,,,........---,,,..:,orr,g,-,,,a.t,,0-1.-,az--,.,z,,o4,:$47 A,21(,4-;.,-,9-,Pri- , - ,, close to the ..,af,,,,:,-";a'fi.;,1,1"" 4 "4 If 1 ';'.. 1 "1.?;'. ..' -. 1,CI'l - ''' ."4.1441::.(41.44115111.4614211t;15:014114-afgaggiacallZ4 .z.1, '0 10.- 1 '1.1ATT.,:46:1)1:1,;,(rot.. ;.g,i1W., BOSTON'S CYCLONIC FINSI , . .. - '''-'fV :WI- :2 .1;"4-41:0te ' . ---:1A - - ------- .5..3 ........ ,. . . a .. ,s. ... 1; .tiAlelvik,1,17;.ror4;:ii;itt id, ,4 ,), I-l. '.I.,?? t';c t,;,-,,F,v'Pla':Ar -xig'.-A.8 ed after two .,1,14.e,e, 4., 4rt4. ,et.-, .vfr - 'A 4n, - ::117 V ib 3 ,1,,,r, 0 Acb , "A e - i It -"As fr--- V.a4", 4 , 0 0 ' -,P .. see McCann ., .1,.. ,....,.,,,- . . , -. - ....-- .-,t. 4r, 7 ., ,,,,, Initial Victory of American League i I brown out at lè:',-R-qrfelj.., .. k.-07 7-----.. ...,,i.--- ---4 y --"Pf. 4 r; ,..4...,6- tta t-- ) left. Long ..9. .1434,44:.';4- , .1 Baltimore) Don I INe2r It , ?,-11,, Icisksik Season Taken from Baltimore.' rlit fith a double. ..rtraitt 4rstr'ii.;:414eltis - ' ' tt. so. a. , :urve around 4 - ,Vete 4 There wa omething ding t the ,., 11,e gtA?-t, t ' tor ',lei rN. -g., , first v I ...i'-l's -I fl-Nly $.- , - , ' . 4.4? . .e,.--,148,...- - American league park yesterday, and Bostons We2r Them ,..0-,er, .. ,,,A41-44,a . 10th N th a. "-: gr?" ,10;',34,'pre0';''"0Y1 ev,e6J,, m Aft17)414e44 C. ecAT41:---Ci if all the persontnlfo Went'thOrc to See Cs I -AL 4 -tifit,--i Iles : V, 03 ridb,VA,74?Atft41,,C,A,.W , ...rt. ,c a,a, '444, the game could. have .bec,n stecommo- n. Alcereery crow --------------- n '----,,ze.,:.Q:- ,....,.,.. .3;:trts,2 ,..,f...41--;., - .,i,,,, -, N'',,,,.1r. ,c) ' 401 -4-' -11 ---- dated the largest si ever known at gi ead and was .,,,,e, 4, .;,s4p, ,,,, .,... II was sent N?"1' t on a close ' 14....-"Q.,'r 1 f i P''' !,.(grliZiff-Ar .. '4...1 . ----.:-...........- - , -.14" a game in Boston woull have been the 111UF CED Oj g ht off first t till!' ,K,' -)111-')..z1... , ,.,,,,, , ,, -------- -- 1 1 e-trz....4J result. ' '' ' ' .. " ' . . a ingled to be l'iii ,-,,, . .. , - t, . -'1r,,, ' ' As it was 16.000crowded the seats and ----a, , md and was ,,, ' 7,..." circled the field to see the game which --- ----- op". ,,,------ - , ,, EL.:: -,, ree men who -z-4.-..- ,--- .....;------ , 77 --, -, s- was won by the home team in a garri reminger an - d "4 ,---,--,------ --,..--,-,--- , ........ .,1 , V 1.---:- 1 di' 4 .' , ---- ,-----.. 4 - ---'' ::) ,' 1 1 son finish. scoring font' runs with one tand plaYa -,44. -----. - -""'N ,,-- ' --, , ; , 4, ' - r . de 1 ll I 1111111 cut on EV-Pale grand hitting' In the ninth 10 4,1 IRE. , , , ,,,, ... , , , vith a single ----..- - .. ---. I .,,,,--,-,-; --'-''---;-'7---,,,-' 0 ..,sT) , ---..... 1 1 . inning, to the music of the cheering (4 4 . , ad to see the ------ I Ile-1. ..., -,...... , ,ne man gone Al i olk - -------':-- ili 1 , - itittt ,1 ----fe,-;!"4- !-7 , 1 , - crxowd.1 was thrown , , ) , , , ,, swill 1. ) (.... ---. a ear y one hour before time for the IL , , SE110E 6)2 ".."" ying to make ----- id "-', - .. ti '4141411 de-g,,S16, .V.,,,,,,i, ,t ----..-i-erio, , i 1 vi game the throng blocked the entrance ---- ..,,...1,1 . ( renyyzy .e.s AS .V. I ,. AA 4 to the etTNI rounds and thousands gave u p g g li:lt- ,, iq ,,,,..04r-ti fri ettileEJ QUA' AS Ea 'W't - I ' - Mine WI. He 0,- k , , the idea of getting Inside and left for s 1 4 ..,,ZS )4 II ,..kit - i . vg, IN, , -- t 4t t the South End erounds and the bike pe in the 13th v VI .47-----,..-- d on Flood's le I tht fence for . , '- -. , , w411V1411- -- ' ' 14 ii..-41, ,;-)f) v 0. . ,..,,,.... races. It was estimated t hat fu lly 8410 S U IT, ,., singled and , ck thrice. but , '' , zt , 't '' efil40604,1 1.14.for '",- . . 0 - , ptri.ons were disat,peinted and went to ,'-- , . 1 ,---- Boston went - , trouble. came over the fence at I -ILI:p, ' I FA,,4 0 a j other amusements. and poor manage- , ...- J--,C - ment was the cause for much of the t at the, top -I dir CO14-lYS -' - ' , re r . 1 .Z'0.01 , ,,i,14 N , l', d ' i? fill Sour 1 , , , ii ii Eta) 4-molietai The crowd different places in droves and pushed ' ....--------. rn PO A E ,s, e.. coop 21AT , N 'Ws- ..,.."- 41, ' ''.) I 1 - ''1 , N ,,-. , ( . , . weak humanity out of the way to the 3 4 0 0 1 ll - ' , 1-1---II TEHPAr Pitoe 1 A PCA' ',,, disgust of those holding tickets. It was SOLD ONLY 13 y 0 1 0 0 , . , --,' - - , I i - - ' 1-tri k,,,,i tc ,... fthi . O 16 1 0 -- ., CI C.4Z h,: a case of go as you pleame, with no one 1 4 8 1 . 110065: :ts.rHooN 7:Al:NAL.per. ..Vbss.:2, 1 , ,....-jr; 7 , e, ,,,,, 1 : . -,):,-NtQ in charge and few policemen in sight. 2- 2 7 0 - ItooPootD VII n - . 1 I i q ' ..-- -- . ';'1.. N - 1 The crowd pressed onto the field and .10 h 35 Tw 1 13 ilasrlDingiltno Ds 1 8 1 0 - .,, N. -t i, N . refused to give way to the players. 3 1 2 2 ,- , . t A I 'There seetned to be no one to send for 1 2 8 .0 i ler fin extra torce of oiliecrs. oo toot Jot 1 1 4 0 I- s 1 4 4 1 r'N' , 1, I. -ft ' r 4.;." f, i e- vantage of a nearby telephone and ()THING cos ... .... -- 12' 33 21 3 1 7-evE tvoot"'" Alai, - ,. ) soon half a dozen patrolmen from eta- . -- - , Oli ' ( tion 10 arrived and went to work driving ! , 2 1 0 0 e. the solid mass of beings to the ropes- Kelley of the Baltimore club took ad- om n t 1 1 , "7, ,6 it ,-- 6 ..,...Z.... ' 0 2 .4 1 - -- , 14 .:...),, ' s.,,',1 1 ) ,, Iv I l j -4.- account the new arogtrievas throng h l re 'ebaocf "tic.iti et Poll ,,e1-!,i al Ir. O 400,11-71- " '2741P .? .à 1 I . --L, , 2 0 4 0 the sixth man was a "bird." He was a 0- 2 0 0 k.,?----.:-- 4 ,,,,..t- , " - , AtO. '' - ,-, ' ,,,- ',.,. , 0 II 1, 1 .., ' I ( 1 strapping big fellow. and went around oecasion to start tho soaotm that , 1 8 .- 3 4 1 2 1 0 " - I . ,1 )1 tsi . play- dimplay(d hugtling qua lit los novo Al ethe edge of the multitude like a y timore club an 1 ot,poileat ate utting down the first crop of hay. A ceqy to dispose dt. 1 ,s, -'' - ,N1, i ,. 4.- 'N. I .44 N. t- r--, - 0 0 8 0 ' c r t3r c ; , ,, ,14...., .. ..t .... 4.1 ..,, wave of his hand and the crowd fell The star pollits of the, gam. s'ere th , - back. while every one cheered hint. In tielling and pei feet batting of Csit Col! . - - - - .zj .4 t ! 9 30 IT 3 Cs..:.. ... I Id.' --kVittli, - ., At , o, 0" ,k 10 m;natee this healthy good-natured line. who hit vitely each iinto ti p ti,4 .SvoRr oe&el M:010 cAokrZ LATE policeman did more than the ball 4 r bt t l't 10 11 12 18 ze-tete v, ,r,- 4)..eeto-ew ter mud' oy op 64 Lea A"' it, A r rivE exhibited by thin tilt at 1 all pl,iy r 1:a! o o 0 2 3 iy,T coi.,..trafj erc oft-5 , C-04 7-C ov 04 3 4-01 re 0 CA ov . i AMAlgiCA1V 6, Mt,7111.04' ers could have done in a week and after .1. ........,.. t...- --,,,,, ..-,,, ,......... .... t..- rent am atiT,s,rh .1.,,,, I .. . ,, . , . - - - - -SUND.ArY BOSTON --, e 4 ,.., ,):L 4,11, ''' V, ' .!';,-. 6.0C417:' .., !r..iil tie 0 f.. re '11'',1.0 ....-, A a l al!,,A.::11-!....! N' 'Atkw V''''',.1'. - -à. , ..; l l , 0 le - I iet..ti -.t, $t a' '1'4;':'0' tPea.::P - alt. 'A', tc4i..0:.di,';.16,11,4-,y1S'It, .; - Al-::,1V 40,1!:, - cv-,Q.b , 0.-i eet,'.4ft-, , ...., 01:s.i.- 1 c A p A 402 .d. t!' ' le ,!;Fki ,.afr'' - cd! 'UAW 4 ':.1- : - , , A,o.").40 - ' - IZV:tiV 1 Tia:;;VII Wt. xi..sicr:4; i'r-K2i 3!lells-i 4-:$:',4) -',;, cl.,0.116,;;Ntyzakl,sibv; i -va if 4 I -';'- !tiL,,,v,,,Hil er .. -- -- ..". -;. ,, , '. ' -6t - - 'vt-:,t-t,N 1 Ill -rovE orootro 0 OV 1YR COL-L.or14 SIGHTS ON THE , TWO .MAJOR played for the first time this season and received an ovation. Roy Clarke. the new outfielder from Brown. Joined the local team today. The score: PIIII,A AB It EH TB PO A . E Thomas el' 3 2 1 1 1 0 0 1:arry rf 4 0 2 2 . 2 0 0 Bmwne lt 3000402 Douglas lb 5 0 ' 1 1 8 0 0 Ittioin-c 1000021 Dulowitt Pit 5111330 11111711MM 3b 2100131 et0018 2b 3211230 Suilsbury p 1000000 Voorbers p 2000000 Totals 33 6 s 0 6 27 11 , 4 NEW YOEK Van Ila Wen cf 5 0 0 0 2 0 1 Dunn as 4 0 11 2 2 1 Lauder ab 5 1 220 1 1 1)nyte lb 4 1 1 1 12 00 Delabanty rt 4 0 1 1 0 0 0 81nith 2b 4 2 2 2 2 5 1 Jackson It 402 3 1 0 1 Yeager c.... 4 0 1 1 8 1 1 It Tblelman p 1 0 1 1 0 4 1 setnke 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 McGee p 1 0 0 0 0 Totals 37 4 11 12 27 Batted for Thielman in sixth inning. Innings I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Philadelphia I00014000--6 New York 200101000-4 Two-Lase Mt, Jackson. First base by errors. New York 2. Philadelphia 5. Left 4,11 bases. New 'York 8, Philadelphia P. Stolen bamen. Lauder. Smith 2.- Thielman, Douglas. Sacrifice bite, Parr3. iluimann 2. First bilge on balls. off Thielman 5, off Voorhees. Stiiiek out. by Thielmitu 4, by S'oorhees 4. Time. 2h. Umpire, O'Day. Attendance. 12.000. Pittsburg 10, St Louis 4. ST LOUIS, April 19Eleven errors by the St Louis team and consistent hitting by the Pittsburgs gave the scond game of the series to the visitors by a score of 10 to 4. Popp pitched well for the home team. but was miserably supported. The score: Prrrsimuo Alt It EII TB PO A E Davis rf 5 2 2 2 10 0 Clarke If 5 11 2 4 0 1 ritanalont et 4 1 1 1 4 0 Wagner ss ... 5 1 1 1 2 4 2 Mansfield lb 5 0 2 2 9 0 1 4 1 2 2 0 4 0 Leach 211 4 1 0 0 0 1 0 OConnor c 4 2 2 2 7 1 0 Cbt-sbro p 4 1 2 4 0 - 1 - 0 Totals 40 10 13 16 27 11 '4 147' L01:13 - ' ST LOUIS '. . . - Forrell 21, ... 51'11811 Bare lay If 5111102 11ortman 3b. 'I 0 0- 0 2 2 1 Smoot et 3 1 2 8 . 3 0 - 2 i'..e.mer ss ... 5 0 1 0 3 9 1 lotmovan et 4110201 Itselton th 2 0 1 0 9 1 ' 0 Ryan e 4 0 2 0 3 2 2 Popp 1 4000141 Totals. 37 4 9 4 27 19 11 Innings 123456789. Pittsburg ....2 2 02 0 0 0 1 3-10! St Louis ' 0 0 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 I Earned runs. Pittsburg 2, St Louis 2. Two. base bits. Smoot, Clarke. Three-base bit, I Chesbro. Stolen bases. Smoot. lamovan. Wile- I Her. Hit by pitched ball, by eltelthro 3. Wild I f 1.1teh, Popp. Double .plity. Kruger to Farrell to Hazelton. 'lases 9n bails, by Popp. by Chem- t bro. Struck cut. by Chesbro 5. by Popp 2. i Lett on bases, St Louis 10. Pittsburg 5. Passed balls. Ryan. O'Connor. Time lb 50m. Um pits. Catitillon. Attendance 10,000. ' Chicago Cincinnati 5. - 1 CINCINNATI. April 19 Chicago scored the third cons,tcutive victory over Cincinnati today through Ewing's wildness in giving bases on balls. He allowed 10 passes to' first. Up to 'the ninth inning Chicago had scored only one hit off his delivery. The score: (-1Bem-0 - AR It 1111 TR PO A' E Slagle cf 3111300 Miller-If 4 I 0 0 I I 2 !water Sb 2 I 0 0 4 0 1 Schaefer rf 4 2 I I 2 , 0 0 Chance e - 0 0 0 2 0 0 Kling e 2 0 , 1 1 , 1 - 0 0 Lowe oh 4100031 tr Hagen lb 3 2 l 1 8 3 0 Tinker $o 3100331 Gardner p ... 4 0 1 I 2 4 0 Rhoades p 00001101 Totals 32 9 5 5 21 15 5 rtxttvvATI CINCINNATI Hoy et 5 1 0 0 4 00 1 Dobbs If 5 1 2 3 0 0 0 I Heekley lb 4 0 2 2 - 12 ' 0 Crawford rf 4 1 2 2 ,0 0 0 ii,,.k 2u 5, 0 ' 1 I 2 2 0 Coreoran sq . 3 1 1 I 2 3 0 Steinfeltit 31i 4 0 1 1 2 1 2 Bergen e 4 0 00'5 2 0 Ewing p 4 1 1 20 7 0 Totals 38 5 10 12 27 15 2 Innings 1 2 3. 4 5 0 7 8 0 Chicago 000 5 010 0 3-0 Cincinnati 2'0 0 0 1 -1 0 0A-5 Earned runs. 'Chicago 2. Cincinnati 4. Two-base hits. Dobbs. Ewing. Stolen Wool'. Stein-relit Crawford. Double piny. Dprter slated). First base on ballot. by Ewing 10. by Gardner 3. by Rhoades 2, latruek out. IT Ewing 5 by Gardner 2. Passed balls. Doreen 2. Wild plteli. Ewing. Tinie,211 Vim. Unwire, Eniblie. Attendance 1500. ' Baseball Nam' ' - Nearly 30,000 people witnessed the ball games at the league and American grounds yesterday. , Frank Solee made it three straight from Cincinnati. , 4 Duckey Freeman should he,ve an extra large -glove for the outfield and - then take the rubber out. The New York Giants have been discovered; Boston will go after them next. The Brooklyn team has a lot of weak hitters and will fall down badly In the raee. John McGraw may decide to keep out of the game. as Joe Kelley is playing third base in grand shape. Robinson. Messitt and Ketchum have jumped Dale Geer? American association team .of Kansas City for Charley Nichols team. The Boston league boys will leave for New York at 3 o'clock today. The lloSton Americans will go to Meriden. Conn. Monday at 11 o'clock a rn. d;reminger. Courtney and Carney are making good In the league. Think of 10,000 people unable to gain entrance to the American grounds yesterday. A few more gates and policemen will be In order on special occasions at the Huntington-ay grounds if the management care to rake In all the money in sight.... - . Thirteen:Vears-Old Murderer. TOLEDO, O. April 19Daniel Rosenbecker. aged 13 years, today pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to serve 20 years in the state penitentiary. He killed his playmate, Arthur Shen-teen, aged seven years. , GLOBE--APRIL 20, 1902. ,,141r.);,,q 1,:kfl))417, F4.4 - J; ,e7 4-1,7g ze, I t:1,47-4',t4. wrvionti;loighwiAltatekk, 6., 14hitik;;;Keritft AWN' - 4 .1:e. , , . , , . LEAGUE .BALL GROUNDS AT B. A. A. TOOK Abb. 'Beat Brookline Boys Water Contests. in Foal Very Good SpGrt in Relay Rtela,T, Diving and ren. - - 2 1 1 1 B. A. A. Youngsters Rather Stronger Q o - Than Their Opponents o o o 1 - 1 1 The Brookline swimming club juniors 4 1 visited the B. A. A. last evening and O 0 contested against the - athletic club 1 0 juniors in relay racing, diving and 14 7 water polo, but got shut out in all three events. - , 9 Both teams were made up of fine ath0 6 letic looking fellows, all unler 13 years 0 4 of age, but B. A. A. looked a little error t. stronger as they stood ready to plunge basea in the tank. bamen, Sacri- The first event was the relay race, distate cat tance two lengths of the tank for each Sttlick man. B. A. A. was first' to take the 211. water, and laid up a vantage of two feet In the first relay. Their gain in the second was slight, their representative )rs by being just three feet ahead. kitting The third man to represent B. A. A. game only held his vantage, but the fourth score and last' finished up with about seven tr the feet to the good, which gave the con-sup- test to B. A. A. , . Next came the plunge for distance, the A E men' standing on the southwest corner O 0 O 1 and plunging diagonally across to. the O ) northeast corner. Martin of the 13. A. 4 2 A. cleared the full dikstance and stopped O 1 as his finger struck the extreme corner 4 0 of the 1ank. ,All of the Brookline boys 1 0 fell short of this but it remained for kS. .1 Galvin of the B. A. A. to plunge the -.0 entire length, and he then turned under ;-7 water and shot out on the ,return trip " ' like a trout plunging for an insect. He covered over half ofthe return journey 1 befere he came up to breathe. O 2 . B. A. A. .won first and second In this Water polo was the last contest, the teams being made up Of six on a side. They 'played two halves of 10 minuteS each, with a rest of live minutes. - In the first half the B. A'. A. team kept the ball in Brookline's territory nearly all the time, and Martin, B. A. A. made the first goal. in 3m 43s. -McCos;eer, , B. A. A., mad..? the second, in 6m, and Townsend scorbd the third goat for B. A. A. a few seconds before the end of the first half. In this half the play was fast and 'a A; A. displayed better h.eadwork, and were. very much stronger in the mixups, which were frequent. , Brookline 'played a; passing' game in the second hal and consequently made a very much better showing. The B. A. A.. team kept forcing things and only once was there any real danger of Brookline scoring. Twice B. A. A. found on)y. the goal tender at Brook-lines gt)-9,1 and the second time Galvin of the D. A. -A. towhed the board and won by a final. score of 4-0. ,The apart was spirited. B. A. A. exCe1ng in every department. , The teams were made up as follows: r lt41 EVENTTEAM RACE It AA - Brookline It Tovrestqui 1. Inch - o McCtwker , , C RINI Il iifrulati J Quinlan T Galvin - E Farley - SECOND EVENTPLUNGE. FOR DISTANCE A--Mertin- - , E Varlity H -Hoffman - - L Welt ' C Konball - , 0Loug1tlin It Tolcusecd 11,111.1psAt McCiwker , ,AV Fletcher , -: THIRD 'EVENTWATER POLO' ' Copt A Martin goal Frteraeo goal t.L. Galvin h 11 Farley b II Hoffman h - 'J quinitin b - 0 MeCtwker'L I. Welt f ' It TOWIISQ1111 1 O'Loughlin t E Burke e Fletcher e 11 Sigouney sub Johnston sub Prof ',James H. Shen managed ' the tournament in an admirable manner. - - Co H Has a Handicap Shoot STONEHAM. ' April 19 The annual holiday 'hardiedro ritle.shoot of Co H, Gth regt, Stoneham light infantry., was held , this -,- morning, at Franklinville rapge.. In the. etEnpavy handlcap shoot. following are the hand:caps and scores: Pri ate idardel ce MillerCII, 22;Sergt Lane 00. Capt Ilarnstead (ft), 22: private Twornbty GI.' 22; Sergt Doucette prt, Ete (.1t)ve 21; Sergt Kelly (iA). 2112; Sergt Nutting (e), 21:Sergt Ireland (14 2).- 2014., The team shoot resulted as follows: - --SEitGT NUTTINCIS TEAM' Sergt Ntatitig .... 5 -r 4 4 4 4 5 4 5 4-- 44 Lieut. Desmond 3 5 3 5 3 4 3 3 4 3 80 Sergt Kelly... ..... 4-4 4, 4 4 4 4 4 4 39 Private Delano 4 4 4.4 4 4 4 3 4 5 40 Private- Marti.m. 4.4,4 r 4 3 4 4 4 4-- 40 Private Twombly 3 3 4 '3 4 5 5 4 5 4 40 - - Total - 230 , - SEROT DOeCETTE'S, TEAM Sergt -Doucette 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 2 4 4 41 Capt Barnatead ;I 4 5 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 43 Sella ...,; 5 '4 4 4 4 5 4 4 0 5 so tortveto 4ieve 4 3 2 5 3 3 4 5 3 3 5-7 Corp-Draper 5 4 3 3 8 4 4 4 4 4 38 Sergt Ireland.. ...... 4 5 5 4 4 3 4 4 5 5 43 Total - 239 , Wollaston.Trap Club Shoot. At the holiday shoot of the Wollaston trap 'club yesterday, Whitmarsh left the grounds high gun. - Thomas also had a clean score of 10. The summary: 1st event unknownWhitmarsh 8, Barry S. Bache .6..Tuttle 6. Aluldown 6. Doell 4, Lee 6, Kelley 8. Barlow 5. 2nd event, doublesWhitmarsh 8, Barry 8. Doell 2, Tuttle 5. Kelley 5, Lee 3. 3d event, unknownWhi,marsh 8, Barry 7. ,Baker 6. Tuttle 5. Bache 3. Muldown 6. Doell 3. Kelley 7. Thomart 16, J. Whitten 6.. It.- K. .Whitten 3, Palouect. Lee 6, Bixby 4. Barlow 6. 4th event, unknown Whitmarsh 6. Barry 9, Baker?. Bache 4. Tuttle 6, Muldown 6. Doell 5, Kelley 8, Thomas 8. J. Whitten 6, R. K., Whitten 7. Paloucel 6, Lee 6. Bixby 6, Barlow 9. 5th event, unknown Whitmarsh 7. Barry 8. 13aker 7. Bache 5 . Tuttle 9. Mul. , gt,..-4,-,-9,2p 0 ,;7,,,,-, ;,gi,.,,k , ada, -4,10,4ifitv,::t51-1;,7,,,accfktr,-,,. L., 1, , p.,,-.,1,-,..,:-.arni.,:p-optcni, i, E.,i-',;,:i.,,,,e..-itrisl,,,,,,.;:44..,4; d fl,.. I . ).. '.' Pit, rt.::1'cr kiiLZtI'd:;134T-1141i'9 410 ft:Qtr,tkV:rIf.104,;,. 1 l';fil; .1, -e) .,t1",- 2..e,i1Os,15, , et P 'VI:177474AV ,--'1 W-1 1Cis 4111 , , (, If 1'4;k, . ,It'c);i 0 1L14,-f11,-:, le l 4r.ti:..4 , , 0 ..., ,, r,t1t,-7,,,iosc-ireP;T'li:--, , 1 ,, .f4;:, , - ,,,, ,; , 1149,r, -,-, e-aP.I ,,, 7-H.E. FAA.? 01,1 ---,-.-------- Z.Z r sfiearFHISEIteDocFmoteMemitt j It 1111 Az-t 4 1-..-, K-.....J10- V...' N ... ..1 4t--i d 4116 ,. JWOR 7' Of &11 wola CA AIZ LA re Aevo19 7- az r mucm of A. Leuve me 4 A r ree E ANA RiCA tY 0 RO IN.04' TIIE OPENING OF TIIE SMASON.: down 0, Doe ! 3, Kelley 8, Thomas 8. J. Whitten 7, R. K. Whitten 7, Paloucci 6, Lee 6,, Bixby 6, Barlow 4, Now les 7. 6th event. doublesJ. Whi.ten 5, Bache 6, Baker 4. Bixby 6, liarry 9, Whitmarsh 9, Lee, 4, R. K. -Witten 3.: Tuttle 7. Kelley 6, Now les 7.- - 7th event, unknownR.K. Whitten 7, Po Luce' 7, Lee 5, Bixby 6. Barlow 7. Now les 7, Whitmarsh 9, Bache 6. -8th event.- unknown Whitmarsh 9, Barry 6, Baker 7. Bache 8, Tuttla 9. 9th event, regularsMu !down 5, Doe 8, Kelley 6, Thomas 7, J. Whitten 3. 10th event, doublesBarry 8. Whit-marsh 8, Doe!! 5, Kelley 3, Lee 5. ROAD WAGON RACE. Feature of the Opening Day at Corn. , . , bination Park. , MEDFORD, April 19The opening of Combination park today brought out a large attendance. .- There ivere. four events on the racing Icard. As usual at this track every heat t was a race. The feature race of the at! terroon was that for road wagons. The ! distance was a, mile, and the one driving' ; it nearest to three minutes took the ; money. . - I In the 2:35 class, trot and pace. LuI zarro took two of the three heats and I Toto E one. In . the second and ,third ' heats Lusarro was pushed hard by lone. i In the 2:20 class( the three heats were ; close , and interesting. Genevieve cap; tured the first t heat, although pushed 1 hard by Emma 'C, who had things her I own way in the next two. I Morley King ,was picked for a sure I winner In the free-for-all, but Drummer I Girl took the first two heats. in which i- the .favorite'could make no-- better than t last place, on account of. had behavior. I He got down to facts in the third heat 1 and won handAy. , I- The road wagon rate was 'interesting in the extreme.- , Mabel took the money. 1 but it was only .after three tries that she was able to beat -Genevieve. - The summary:, ' .. . - : .. ', - ,' : ' 2:35 CLASS, TII,OT OR PACE I . Half-Milo Heats, Every Heat a 'flare.- : Lnzarro, Min Otabfloal s . 4, 1' 1 IToto E. bin NPVellA) 1 II 8 t Ione.. ehm '(Sparfordi ' 8 2 2 .1 Mlnicyrood, bg Bailey). .... 6 2 5 5 : in'usella, brm (Met;ratii) ' ' 5 4 4 !Glenwood, rog (Newman) - 6 6 dr Time 1:11, 1:1114, 1:11. ' ' ' 2:20 CLASS, TROT 011 PACE Half-Mile Heats, Every Heat a .1tatee. Emma C. mon' oltwiev) 2 1. 1 Genevieve, brm tItolston) ' 1 2 , 2 Taylor. brg (Deglv) 3 4 3 Mary I; gm (Spafford) - 4 8 dr Time 1:004, 1:08, -1:0814- ' - FREE-FOR-ALL. TROT OR PACE Half-mile beats. every heat-s rare Drummer Girl. bun (Nettzer) 1 I 2 !doyley King, big (HrigKs loud Lockwood)5 5 1 Mordlea, brm (Bail('y) 2 2 5 Lizzie W. mom (Anderson) 3 3 3 Lady Bashford, bm (Spofford) 4 4 4 Time 1:0912, 1:10. 1:1216. ' ' - ROAD-WAGOX RACE - ' Nenrest to tiireeminutes - Mabel. bra teurbusta t 258 brin, (ilcq11)... 2574 Uttle Boy Jr. bg (Pike) , 2519 i lien Willies, big (Lock:woad) 2-50 LAWSON HORSES ENTERED. ..... Will be Shown In the Tenth. Annual , ,Brooklyn,Horse Show.' NLW YORK, April 12All Will be a scene of splendor at -the Riding, and Driving club on Thursday night, when the bugle call is sounded for the opening of Brooklyn's leth annual horse show. The fine string belonging to Thomas W. Lawson of Boston is expected to arrive at the club on Tuesday, .and the corapetitiou between his horses and the other exhibits will be watched with interest. Mr Lawson has given a $250 cup for gig horses and a $511) silver cup has bcsn oftered by the' Whip club of Brooklyn for the best tandem horses over .15 bands high. The Lawson cup can only be contested for by amateurs. Charles River Speedway Open.. The Charles river, speedway, In Brighton was opened for the ,season yesterday,' and from early morning, until 'nightfall the course was paced off Ly fast horses. The counter attractions of the holiday did not seem to affect the popularity of the the least. The footing was tIrst-elass, and , the drive it4eir is undoubtedly, in better shape than -ever before. The largest owd was seen before the noon, hour, although from 2 to 5 o'clock the track was well filled. - King Edward to See Epsom Races. LONDON. April 19King Edward will make his first appearance on the turf since his accession. at Epsom, April 22, when the friends of William C. Whitney hope he will have a chance to see Vtiodyovski carry off the valuable city and suburban prize. Prize favorite as the late Derby winner. Volodybvski is. with. Danny Maher, the American jock-. ey, up, the twenty-four probable starters make up a -field strong enough to result in what, it is anticipatetl, will be one of the greatest struggles of the year. - Sporting Notes. Yale and Princeton teams met at New Haven yesterday afternoon and evening in their annual ch2cker tournament. Sixty games were played. Ten teams represented each college. Princeton won 42 games and Yale 18. F. IL EIIIM of Philadelphia has bought of II. M. Bosworth at Lexington, Ky. the 4-year-old bay gelding Arient. 2:25. by Berkshire Chimes, 2:17, for $3000. Henry 14. Hertzer . chairman of the polo association, received a cablegram at Lakewood? N J. from Föxhall Keene last evening, in which Mr Keene said that he was out yesterday for the first time since the accident. Ile would be in good form for the international polo contest. The Lakewood team played a match yesterday on the Georgian court grounds with the Philadelphia country club team. Lakewood won. 5 to 3. Ran Amuck with a Gun. HAMMOND.- Ind. April 19Doug1ass Craft. a wealthy farmer living near here. this afternoon severely wounded Arthur Meyer, his hired man, and then blew his own bead off with a shotgun. craft was undoubtedly Icsane , 170 pSTON CLUBS Continued front the First I' age. ite merly gave allegiance to the visiting team on the South End grounds. ' BOSTON'S CYCLONIC FINISN Initial Victory of American League Season Taken from Baltimore.' There wee something doing. rttthe , , American league park yesterday, and It all the tersontVdo Wenttherc to see the game could have been stecommodated the largest.crewd ever anown rat. 'a game in Boston woull have been the result. ' ' '''' ! As it was 16.000.erowded the seats and !circled the field to see the game which was won by the home team in a garrison finish. scoring fottrruns.with one cut on sOrrle grand hitting in the ninth inning, to the music of the cheering crowd.- Nearly one hour before time for the game the throng blocked the entrance to the grounds and thousands gave up the. Idea of getting Inside and left for the South End srounds and the bike races. It was estimated that fully 8410 persons were disappointed and went to other amusements. and poor management was the cause for Much of, the trouble. The crowd came over the fence at different places in droves and pushed weak humanity out of the way to the disgust of those holding tickets. It was a case of go as you pleame, with no one In charge and few policemen in sight-The crowd pressed onto the field and refused to give way to the players. There seemed to be no one to send for an extra torce of ()ewers. iso thet Jos Kelley of the Baltimore club took advantage of a nearby telephone and soon half a dozen patrolmen from etation 10 arrived and went to work driving the solid mass of beings to the ropes. Five of the new arrivals were of Lane account in forcing the throng back. but the sixth man was a "bird." He was a strapping big fellow. and went around the edge of the multitude like a scythe cutting .down the first crop of hay. , A wave of hie hand and the crowd fell back, while every one cheered him. In 10 minutes this healthy good-natured policeman did more than the ball players could have done in a week and after the game he smiled and bowed to the applaure showered on him. His name ,is Lewis Brown Jr of station 10. , - ! Cy Young Starts the,Season. It was 28 minutes after time when Cy Young sailed up the first ball to Gilbert. Tbe uldBoston standby was wild from the start . and had not his usual perfect corerot, and yet. - with star backine,,he.would have won in a walk Gilbert!' was passed to first. Sheelterd hit a fast one that caromed off Lachance to Ferris, and in the mieup Las chance lost th ball again at first. and there were two men on baxes. Joe Kelley sent, a sharp' grounder to Ferris and the bail was pleved to Parent rind betdc to first for a fast double play. The crowd cheered. Seymour flew out to Freeman. - Pgrent hit to the pitcher lint was out at first. Stahl flew out to Kelley. Collins singled oyer second, but it was no good, as Freeman was thrown mit by Gilbert.. Williams opened the seennd with a single. 'Selbach fanned.' McGann drove to the left bank for two bases. The infield closed up to cut off the man going home.- Roblnann hit snarple to .e( r- ris and the youngster poise .1 w...o the ! runner stopped short and then, instead ! of running down his man, the Bostonian threw in to the ground in front ot Criger and two men scored. Hughes struck out. Gilbert singled and the third run came in. Sheckard's strikeout was the third man In the inning to ga that way. Hickman received a fast in. shoot on his finger while trying to pull away and after showing it to the boys got up and walked to first: Lachance gave Winiatne an opportunity to initial a fine double play. Ferris fanned. Boston Ranges Up Even. , ' ' The visitors took back seats In order in the third, and with tsvo out Parent singled, to be forced at second by Stahl dn a sharp-"grounder. to Gilbert, well played.. ,Three.Otiolea came up only to go way back in, the fourth, Collins making, a great assist off McGann' s slow bunt and Lachancetaking It on a pickup at lont; reach. Collins opened this inning with a single and-cantered to third on Free-mans double over the crowd in right. Hickman was thrown out by Hughes at first. Lachance followed snit via Wil. Hams, scoring, Collins. Ferris burned the, marble.for .two.bases, a clean, hard drive, and Freeman crossed the rubber. Criger then chased a high one. for a strike out. Hughes began the ilfth With a beautiful double to right.. Freeman muffed Gabert's .fiy. Sheckard sacrificed, Collins making a capital assist. Kelly laced. one to short. and the ,brsil was thrown low to the first corner. Seymour hit to' Parent and Hughes NVELS nailed at the plate.. Williams closing the exercises with a strike-out. Boston tied the score in this inning. 'Young got a free ticket and was sacrificed to second by Parent.- Stahl singled, Collins 'hit for two bases to the fence in right fold and Young scored. Freeman hit a fast liner, for which Kelley dove and brought up with his bare hand end, touched third base for a donble play. Selhach started the sixth With a single. McCann popped tip A. liv and Freeman made 'an awful muff.. Robinson hit to Parent find Selbach was run down between third and home. Iinehes struck out and Gilbert flew out to Ferris. 'What looked like a bad pocket was passed by. The home team went out in order. ' Orioles 'my Ahead. , ' After one had,been disposed of in the seventh Joe Kelley drove the sphere to the bankin left center. but Was allowed only two bastes. Seymour was at the bat and Cy Young was coaxing the other Sy to chase a high one. but in doing so sent in a wild pitch. allowing Kelley to score. There was a long wrangle over the decision. but umpire Connolly declared that the wild pitch was equal to a wild throw. and the rules for the day gave hits and balls thrown into the crowds good for two .bases. This anve the visitors the lead, and the game was cloeing up fast. Criger hit along the right line and It gave him half the circuit. lie, got mixed up off second as Gilbert kept dodging back and forth using splendid judgment in his work. Young hit a ball and Criger chrtneed hie mind about going to third and the play was close at second. The umpire called the man safe and the vialtors gathered about Mr Connolly as mad an hornets. Manager McGraw in uniform could not reelet the temptation to have a little fling at the offiehil., for avhich he was ordered ciff the field. and went rather reluctantly - This closed the ecene. Criger wax still held at second and was unable to reach third on Parent's fine sacrifice. litighea making the tatty to Kelley.. Stahl hit a, sharp grounder that Gilbert played to NVilliarns who pivoted for a fast double p:ay and the visitors were out of R bad corner. With one out in the eighth McGnnn sent the bail skyward close to. the crowd and Freeman allowed it to get away from him. Then with two out the young man jogged bettio on iitighea line double to the right corner. Collins drew a base.' but the next three went out and it Willi down to the ninth with the orioles flopping their wings in great glee. Mr Foreman was on the coacking lines announcing the winner. The crowd enjoyed his witty sayings and nil were satisfied that It was not Boeton's day. . - - ' The two first batsmen were victims. and Seymour hit for it single,. then stole second. from where he scored on a fine single by Williams. Selbach fanned. It was four to win anti three to tie. Ferris led off with a charming single and the crowd commeneed to root. Dougherty was rent to bat for Criger. and was thrown out by Hughes. , Warner went in for Young and was hit by a pitched ball. A wild pitch sent the men along a base. Parent-drove one to the 'bunk in right 'center for a double. and two rune came in to the music of the band. Stahl smashed the first ball sent him for a single to left. anti Prirent datthed home with the tieing run, the batter landing on second on the throw in. Collins got a scratch Infield single by eliding to first, a feature of the game that the captain tinually dimeards. but not this reason. Freeman Wall then up; the infield played back. looking for a double play. Buckley hit a grounder close to the bag inside the line on which Kelley tried to mak s. a fast play. knowing that Stahl. a opeedy man, 'wee making tracks for the plate. and the Pirete was the only place for the out at that time. Kell juggled the bell an instant. and then shot it home a bit low for Robbie and Stahl. and touched the rubber for the winning run and the gnme Wail over. It was a finish that pleased the crowd. for the Mutton team is looked on tut likely to win out by a streak of batting at any time, and yeeterday was a good Bost0n3 Win Out In (Innis Again Shod Staying Qualities, Ballimore3 Don't INe'ar Boston Wen Them, ITIUF CED.H ftele SERGE SUITS, . EOLD ONLY LY STANDARD CLOTHING 0011 305 Washington St, 1 11EMIMME..... oecasion to mtart tho segment that slit, and the tialtiniore club an oppwitiit nut ce my to dispose Of. The titer points of the, game were no fielding and perfect batting of Cat.t line. who hit safely each time no mil dimplay(d hustling qualities never butte exhibited by this gmat 1;all rent Obi 1111Perb wurk with the at k k end in the field. Stahl also gel", grand exhibition in the and et the bat. 1t4.1tria Lit wed' and up li,ding &tome with the eme, whin of at4 stip-up that proved very elltivivieg. Vor the mtisitors Joe is:eitey rarrieti the honors, elosolv foliowed by 61.bert and NVilliame. Tha best bitting wee done by hurtle's, an(I the new eonvert to tits Ameri-an loactio hroyfd beyeari ot doubt that he is it gent tit' the arm Wit ter. Cy Tonn e. was hardly at him beit. volt did teplendidlm,, neverthelems, wma mi. ways cool. 'rile catehinr of teAli Rob. 111MtIll and ('tiger WAR siINTI). splott pitcher used ' a variety of envy,' sal shoots that took ean.trul wat.litrx handle. ' . Struggle for First 11011011 noth t( anis fottg-ht iirrl for the init!ii honors. Re the garno was an ittportent one, for the fans all over the etuntil were keeping a sharp lookout for them suit. , It was the first game of tt,m Ea. tiOn, atull before a tremendous eruct, but this 4as nothtng to pitamm lot o; stare, and the pli)log wtts ut no extra quality. when the itI tors are tolon into consideratIon. AVItilet the huge throng was thorough. ly ,provuked nt the arrangements at to, grounds the iii.ish soothed the teetwel 41111. Lifid they Vit wilt mt.teikt i .1 Cellins has a hall teatn, and the MN, lean teim is furnishing tne real arthole in baseball thin sermon. Among the crowd sere noticed (loom tVright, Ham Vrigitt. Tommy !decor thy. Ed I ii ii tr. Andy 1,vonar,I. Harry SchRter anti scores of old-timtore eully appreciate the fast playing of itt present day. The , American grounds were in f!o order. the grass cliptad around the row I.. n I the players. ullU( i h,,,,,, ut Suldit End groundx, were ()Morin: pra!m rot- their eoutols. and ii.. y ti It takes very little to put ball entomb In shape and the players are antaimd m IL smooth surface. tinniness manager Clavin was sot in the best of spirits yeettorday, tip hi. newel (rem Indianapolin saying that tot father hall died Friday. lie eves filmy. pointed awl the improvements et the 4o:room-in were pot cottuttoe, sod she there will be no trouble In the future. The score: , BOSTON LB It Itll 111 ro A k'utett me 4 I 2 3 I IAA ef 5 I 2 2 4 0 tolline VI 4 I 4 ' 8' I ' 4 erIlunts rf . b I III0 Uhlman if 3 0 0 0 1 0 l.sehatteo lb , 4 0 O. 0 $ rolls 2b 4 I 2 X 2 4 t!ritter e 4 0 I 2 to I , 1,ettgi1erty i I 0 0 o 0 0 y.uskt O ...2 I 0 o 0 0 'it-tter 0 I 0 0 U 0 1 , Totals. 8 3 7 32 , 10 27 13 11A1,11310111t Wilbert PS S 0' 2 I 5 Ahovkard et 40001100 Velley 56. 5112 4 2 0 :Jeysolotir rt 5 I 1 1 I 4) 0 WiIIhttnc 210 512230 ocilonell it 5011100 SltOnlin 110 4 2 1 2 13 0 0 ltrbinson e 4 1 0 , 0 8 0 I Iltijhea p 4 0 2 4 0 5 Totals. 9 0 V 3 25 13 -- sone out when winning run wits mode. innings " 1 2 a 4 ' 0 8 llo stoo ....... ...10 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 41- 1Iltintors 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 Two-bass hits, Parent. t l'roeino, fewris. Crigr. Kelley, mAgill 2. Pasties stolen base, Seymoa Merinos, hits, Parent Sliet knrtl. First nano on 14111a, oft PIN:Iwo:, off 'Young. Wrack not. by V'0011111 8. 111110911 a. Double playa. Kelley to 3illianis to 3100a.tfts Perrin to Parent to Laehane. Paonwil boll. Crier. VI hi pitehoo. Vittillit Hughes. lilt tj Illteh,4 hs1101, 111011roan; iVarner. Unittirs. I U. Connolly. Time lh 870n. Attoidars 1001 T. U. I urnant WILL ROW' TWO RACES. Cornell Changes Plans for Regatta Oil Memorial Day. i ITHACA. N Y. April 19Corneire row ing committee, after a conference with coach Courtney last night, reconsidered its decision not to row two reeve on Me' moral day. Final word from Columbia and Penn . sylvania, was received that neither would come to Ithaca on that date to row with Itarvard's Js:ewell crew hnd Cornell's junior crew. 0, In order to fulfil her: trigagementa, therefore, Cornell tQund It necessary to deoldo on two races., ono of which will be rowed on lake Cayuga with Harvard. The oih.r will be a trianghlar event on the Seherikill with the Columbia and l'entaylvse nia econd varsity eights. s - Sent to N Prison for Life. Y. Arrll 1.9--Itomer L Sarvir wa to;:nil guilty i tonight of mot der In the Rec udent! degree. and Was iien no...1 by Jge -3111411os to laWrison- ment for life. - Farvis shot end 10144 OW ,a i vaderson, a g t r, on night of April 21. - The Kidneys and Bladder Should be cleansed of Impurities collected during the months. DR. PARKER'S SURE IMIEYRILS Are the most powerful of klineY and bladder cleansers. hey ICI!. tone to the organs, and 010'0 cure the severest cases of orlon' disorders. Prico 25 Conts1 11P NoT t4otA) DY nun ultrol5t NEN 0 lat CI.N1 it Dr.Earl S. Sloan, Station A. BOStOn, Mass. 7 ma 'ton St. mon that war. I 01,11mt lit hut tamp were no ig or Capt Col. tint.", tip Nil 41 never lartts vilytr, ita w4wk velth the thl also gave s y14 and at the pat ow r,,, o

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