The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on July 31, 1897 · 8
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 8

Boston, Massachusetts
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Saturday, July 31, 1897
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I:q.t.) ' ' 4 1 t ,t ;t1 ;;, 1. I ; - 1 ! I '','11 I-, ; ' ..ii: ,''',I', f , . i i; 111 . ..4 . 1, . ; ' i ; 1 - 4 II - ,1 , , '1 0 ' ' 0 THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE-SATURDAY, TEILY 31, 1S97. DEATH& L....v. I 11. Inn and faint- I SUNDAY SERVICES- Charles River Park. SATURDAY JULY 31 AFTERNOON, AFTERNOON, A RARE AFTERNOON'S SPORT. SIX GREAT EVENTS. THE CREAT MULTICYCLE RACE FIRST IN AMERICA. A GREAT RACE. SEXTET, E. A. MCDUFFIE, CAPT. QUINT, M. F. SAUNDERS, CAPT. 11 QUAD, FRANK WALLER, CAPT. I TRIPLET, BAINBRIDGE, STONE AND JIMMY MICHAEL. TANDEM, BUTLER BROS. , MILE HEATS, BEST TWO IN THREE. DO YOU LOVE EXCITEMENT? IF SO, THEN SEE THE ABOVE RACE. IF You Miss IT You WILL BE SORRY. PURSE $350.00. FRED LOUCHEADI CHAMPION OF CAN'ADA, A. C. MERTENS, TOM ECK'S BRIGHT STAR, IN A MILE RACE, BEST 2 IN 3 HEATS. PACED BY TRIPLETS. PURSE $300. PROFESSIONAL RACES. I MILE TANDEM HANDICAP. , BUTLER BROS., HAGGERTY & PIERCE, WALLER & SCHERER, MAYO & SAUNDERS, AND OTHERS. 2 MILE OPEN AMATEUR RACES. I MILE TANDEM' HANDICAP. ECKBERG & CASEY OP WORCESTER, IIOLDERS OF THE I-MILE WORLD'S RECORD, WILL COMPETE WITH 8 OTHER WELL KNOWN TEAMS. I MILE 2.20 CLASS. RUDOLPH LAURIKS OF THE BAY STATE WHEELMEN WILL RIDE 100 MILES UNPACED AGAINST TIME. ADMISSION ONLY 50 CENTS. RESERVED SEAT AT HEARD'S, 32 WEST ST PARK OPEN AT 2.30 P. M. BAND CONCERT AT 2 P. M. - RACES AT 2.30 P. M. I CASTLE SQ. THEATRE. Mr. TONY CUMMINGS, General Director. 1121 Tremont St. Telephone 977 Tremont. Branch Office at Store, 168 Tremont St. Doors open DAILY at 2 and On . M. at 1 and 7 P. m. EDWIN MILTON ROYLE'S FRIENDS Children Pres at Matinee. Adults, when buying tickets for any Mat. !nee, will, upon request, be given one free adjoining seat for a child between the ages of 5 and 15 with each seat purchased. Only One Price. Ever,' Neat 111 the Rouse Reserved at 213e. Next WeekJIM THE PENMAN. 6t ly241 THE OLD NOWA D WILL BE OPENED MONDAY, AuG 2 AT I P. M. I 010 STAGE SHOW. PRICES ALWAYS TILE SAME. at Jy29 PARK THEATRE. ZUGENE Lessee and Manager g)ASE 1:,-;ALL TODAY AT 4.00. BOSTONS vs. WASHINGTON. Direct Wire from Grounds and Every Play Duplicated by the NATIONAL CEAGLE MACHINE. THE ONLY SUCCESSFUL Duplication of Base Bali in Existence. Smoking Permitted. Light Summer Beverages. GENERAL ADMISSION, 25c. It 'S "The Model Playhouse of the Country." High Class Vaudeville. Performance - Continuous. Williams and Walker Last times for the Colored Comedians, Singers and Dancers, and all the other clever entertainers In the current programme. ID VI a a EC. Jubilee Pictures In the Illograph. showing the Queen and other members of the royal family. Mme. Ida Klein, The noted opera singer, will be the soloist with the Symphony players. MUSIC 11 TODAY at 430 HALL BASE BALL Reproduced by Compton Electric System. CAPTAIN WILLIAM DALY Will atm announce to the audience every play made. BOSTON vs. WASHINGTON. Smoking Allowed, Refreshments Served. ADMISSION 2d Balcony 10 cite. 1st Balcony 1S ctn. tio . tio. 2 o . tio. ADMISSION THE HETI BUTIHORE ORIBLE14. AM ERICA'S SWELL I LOBED CLUB. HERB WILLIO-TIENNA, Man Flute. stage Shows Every Hour-2 Programs. 110t1t8 10 A. M. to 10.S0 P. M., 10e. to All. STOMPS 5t jy27 3E31176.I.J-él Afternoons and Evenings. Mardi-Cras , Burlesque Co I s and Grand Olio. Smoking Concerts Driinksj St 3 Huntington Avenue. C UTES BOSTON'S NORTH POLE. HORSES', OSTRICBES, TROLLEY, BAND CONCERTs. 10 Cents Admits - - I to II P. M. tt jy20 SPECIAL STEAMER. ALASKA 'Canadian Neil Nov. ,r4 Co.'s Steel Str.ISLAND- 0 8 L ,,, ti 1 ER. From Victoria AUG. I, 15, to DYEA, ALASKA, FIELDS. Cabin, $40.00. All information of CANADIAN PACIFIC BY.. iitl Washington Street. Boston. TTh Jir,7 1 I 6t ly241 , , 1 fm IL i PARK THEATRE. - 1 - Main loloor.....26 eta. .1 THE HETI BALTIMORE ORIOLES. AMERICA'S SWELL COLORED CLUB. !R it tiEgeast eo- ;very Evu!!!,111;;N Flute. o gr , LISTIN SIONE,S Cool vIATcHEs Old nee r);4n excitors. stm g Itarsnodamil. tormderlyFor NorithrEaristou. Mass. 80 e, .",,,. L.m. Luc 1 p'itib; CIIKI.STADISLPHIANS, Arcade IT.Ili 7 ....-- .. --. ....r 4 church on discomfort that might naturally 1),?, ex- ark sq cure lu.30 a m. Subject, The Y 4 F - --- .--:---------- 1 at-ii, "itanit"" I a'n't c'llOa.. held a'-t the First Baptist . 7 1301 Washington ft C,EMENTS o l'ThS j lines 7 1 der tree. Fore al. dSu3ts 1111 Sunday afternoon. pected until two hours later. when he Millennium." All welcome. No collection. Head at. Monday. Aug 2. at 10.80 o'clock. dSott znh13 GORMAN. 100 Tr I 4 . Easton. i i t i I . I ..... , , NR litmlot Five miles of pure, white sand. Best Beach in the United States, and unexcelled for Surf Bathing. A cool, delightful hour's sail down our beautiful harbor. I Six of the Finest Excursion Steamers In the world are now In commission. leaving ROWE'SIVIIA AFTERNOON AND EVENING 4C)1441-3M11.11-1 HOTEL 'NANTASKET. Myles Standish Band. C. R. TOMPSON, Conductor. W. C. KAINE, Cornet Soloist. SUNDAY SPECIALTY. The Swedish Sisters, SOPHIA AND CLARA WALLENTHIN. Will Sing both afternoon and evening. Weather Permitting Steamers leave for nru., tPemberton Landing) and NANTASECET 10120, 8.20, 9.20, 9.50. 10.20. 10..30, 11,20 a. ni.; 12.20. 1.20, 1.50, 2.20. 2.50, 3.20. 4.20, 4.50. 5.20, 5.50, 0.20, 7.20, 8.60 p. tn. HELL (Y. C. Pier). week days only-2.20, 5.20 p. m. CROW POINT, week days only-9.50 a. m.; 2.20. 5.20, 7.20 p. HINGHAM, week days only-9.50 a. m., 2.20, 5.20 p. in. a. Sundays excepted. Su G. P. CUSHING, Gen. Mgr. Electric Railroad -ALONG:- NANTASKET BEACH. Cars connect with beats to and from Pemberton. Fare Only 5 Cents. All 'maniac boat tickets have coupon for the Electric Railroad. hz5u RAYMOND EL WHITCOMB'S TOURS. ALL TRAVELLING EXPENSES INCLUDED. A party will leave Boston August ell for a Grand Tour of Sixty-Seven Days to THE YELLOW,SIONE AND CALIFORNIA. The trip will Include a week In the National Park, amrle stops at seattle Victoria, Tacoma and Portland, the picturesque Shasta Route. and extended Yisits to San Franmsoo. Santa Barbara, LosAlge le$, San Diego, etc., returning via California. Summer and Autumn Tripe of Five to TwentyOne Dave to the Principal Resorts of Neve England, New 'York and Canada, in August awl Repternber. 'num to She Yellowstone Park August Si. Annual Winter Trios to California. emu a month or ottener9 beginning in November. Independent Railroad and Steamship Tickets to all Points. Send for descriptive book, ment(oning whether Yellowstone or Summer tour is desired. RAYMOND az Nwurrcomn, 286 Washington Street (opp. School St.), Boston dSu3t ly31 PO I P4 11" s TONIGHT. lm of Ontdoor Shcw, ale .New OF Plantation Pastimes. pINEs ac)ntrdAITErTiosa,nnyDinANCLEdS, Music Day and Evening by the Lynn Cadet Band. DANCING FBELSPLENDID BATHING. 1.11NESAle. Mug, , TOMMY Mnsic from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m. THREE BANDS. One 3.ndred and Twenty-Five Musicians. The Celebrated Cornet Soloist, MISS ANNIE FOSTER LA ROOM LYNN CADET BAND. EAST BOSTON CADET BAND. ST. AUGUSTINE CADET BAND. Trains half hourly to and from by Revere Beach Lynn R. R. Iteund Trip, rncludine Admission, 95 ets. PLANWAIiiii 86,50 Berths Free. 8 Tzars A WEEK. Only Line Without Change to HAWILESBURY. C. IL, and CHARLOTTETOWN. P. E. Direct connection for all points in Nova Scotia Cape Breton and Prince Edw aril Island. S. Halifax every Tuesday, 12 noon, for Charlottetown, calling at Halifax and Hawitesbury. M S. Olivette every Wednesday and Sattuiday, 4.00 p M. for Halifax. From north aide Lewis wharf. Send for advertising. Tickets and information, 201, 298, 832 Washington st., and of J. A. FLANDERS. N. E. lass. Agent, 290 Washington St. RICHARDSON gt BARNARD, Agents, 20 Atlantic Av., Boston. auTThStf my20 Isles of Shoals The Stanch and Palatial MI LEWISTON (Largest Excursion Boat Afloat) Will leave Commercial Wharf. 96 Atlantic Ave., daily at 10 A. X, weather permitting (Except l'etentlay and Thursday). affording a magnificent view of the picturesque Isles of Shoals. Tuesday and Thursday. alone the fa. mous North Shores as far as Hampton Beach-Mai. Clark's Band and Orchestra. Dinners and Refreshments served. 100 Commodious Staterooms. Telephone Haymarket 1656. 75c 1111E1,1:MN i.In'Rrel.P 75c W. G. ORCUTT, G. IL EMZRSON, G. P. 4i. Gen. Mgr. tt j3-20 Salem Willows 2 HOU RS 25c GREATEST SAIL FOR SMALLEST COST Finest Fish Dinners on the North Atlantic Coast CMANGE OF TIME. Boats leave eearson's Wharf, 30(1 and 398 Atlantic Av, daily (weather permitting) at 9.30, 10.30 A. M., 2.30 and 3.30 P. M. Leave Salem Willows 11.30 A. M., 12.30, 5 and 0.30 P. M. Connections at the WILLOWS for BEVERLY and BAKER'S ISLAND. Special rates to exenrsions and picnic parties. For particulars apply to nAvID MORRISON, treas Morrison Steamboat Co. tf ly1.3 FESTIVAL DAYS AT PLY OUTH. The New Steel Steamer nalt C:6T-TerME Leaves Winthrop Wharf, 478 Atlantic Avenue, daily (weather permitting) at 10.00 A. 11,, arriving back at Boston 6.30 P. M. Round Trip.. 81.00 Single Fare.. tSe. Children Halt Fare MEALS AND LUNCHEON SERVED ON BOARD. No Liquors Sold. Music by JORDAN'S CADET BAND. jy25 Sudtt J. R. BACON. Gen. Mgr. BASS POINT; NAHANT1 Concerts Afternoon and Everting by 1..african's Naval Brigade Hand. Best Fish Dinners. DANCING- EJEEE. Steamers leave Lincoln's Wharf, daily, weather permitting. F011 BASS POINT-9.30, 11.00 a. tn.; 12.30. 2.20. 3.30, 5.041. 6.30 . 8.15 p in. Return-10.30 a. In.; 12.00, 2.00, 3.45, 5.15, 7.00, 9.30. FOR SAIIANT-0.30 11.00 a. m.: 12.30, 2.20, 3.30. 5.00, 6.30 p. m. Return-8.00, 11.00 a. m. 12.15, 1.30. 3.2.5, 4.35. 6.00 p. Fare 25c. Cbildrcs 1.5e. Take Ferry Cars. special Dates so Forties. E. M. ftEAllitooK, Runt. A. P. LANE, N. E. A., 201 Washingion St. TThFS jy27 oa To Nova Scotia By International S. S. Co. To MGM' and low rates beyond. Fend for folder. COMMA!, eta! wharf. or 201.211.228, 293, 332 Was Illn4ton st. $ .00 Fast Express &nice Begins July Btli. TbSTtt Je10 FOR THE FISHING GROUNDS. The new steamer Philadelphia, Capt Sorenson, will leave Commercial wharf daily at 10 a in, Sundays 10.30 a m; lines, bait and chowder tree. Fare SI. dSu3ts Jy31 RE 9 -AND. Illumination of the City and Harbor -AT nytlioRT 9 R. Wednesday, Mag. 4, 1897. FOR THIS OCCASION A Special Excursion Train will leave Park Square station, Boston, at COO p. in.. due at Newport about 6.00 P. M. Returning, leave Newport at 10.00 P. M. EXCURSION TICKETS Good only on the special train in each direction, will be on sale three days in advance at No. 3 old State House and at Park Square station at the IPC:IF)LJIL-Pt I? Olt RPL CDF'qg I 000 NUMBER POSITIVELY LIMITED. On this occasion the ships of the North Atlantic Squadron and the fleet of the New York Yacht Club will rendessous in the harbor, aud with their crews will participate in the celebration, which in magnificent electrical effects, illuminations and pyrotechnical displays will be beautiful and ilispiring bcyoud desvription SPECIAL NOTICEThe holders of special round trip tickets for this excursion will be afforded the privilege of witnessing the harbor illumination and parade front the steamer "City of Taucton," bleb will be located at the end of Long Wharf, upon presentation of such tickets at the gangway. New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. (Old Colony Systom.) E. G. ALLEN, GEO. L. CONNOR. A. C. KENDALL, Gen,. SRA. Pass. Tre.t. Mgr. Oen. Pass. AO. SSIIT Jy31 Tho Konotoc Sto Mut Co, PALATIAL STEAMERS, SUPERB SERVICE Between Boston and Picturesque. Maioe Now Eng lani's Groat Vacation Grouni DAILY TRIPS (Except Sundays) From Lincoln Wharf, BOSTON AT 6.00 P. M. Excursion tickets, good to return at any time during the season, sold at reduced rates. Send name and address tor our new summer folder. PREDERICIL A. JONES. Pass. Atte Lincoln Wharf. Boston. tt jy1.2 BOSTON & GLOUCESTER STEAMBOAT CO. NORTH SHORE ROUTE 10 GLOUCESTER THE NEW AND ELEGANT Steel Steamer Cape Ann, (COLUM BUS ORCHESTRA) And the Popular Steamer City of Gloucester Leave north side Central Wharf, Roston 4foot of State St.). weather permitting. week days at 10 A. M. and 2 and 4.30 r. m.: leave Gloucester at and 7.30 A. 11. and 2 P. M. Sundays leave 1306ton at 10.15 A. M. and 4.30 P. M.; lease Gloucester at 3 and 7.80 A. IL and 2.15 P. M. Single Fare, See. Round Trip. 15e. Book of SO Trips. $IS.S0., For further particulars and special rates fOr large parties. and folders descriptive of the beauties of Cape Ann apply to IS- S. 'ItEliCHANT. Gen. Mgr. Sudtt je27 DELIGHTFUL EXCURSION TRIP TO PROVINCETOWN, The Popular Family Excursion Steamer Longfellow, CAPT. JOHN 1119117114 will leave Comme-cial wharf Vora' Pier) daily at 9 A. M., Sundays Li.30 A. M.. for delightful excursion trip to Provineetown, arriving about 1 P. M., giving passengers going up the cape ample time to catch tile afternoon train up. Leaves PRoVINCETOWN at 2.30 P. M. arrives at Boston about 0.30 P. M. gieursion tickets 21.00. Stop-over tickets, goal until Sept. 15, $150. Dinners and refreshments served on board. NO LIQUORS. A'rwoon ttir RICH. Agents. 83 Conunercial Wharf. Low rates to Moonlight Excursioniats. SSutt lel Portland ONLY S DAY TRIPS FRI. INTERNATIONAI. S. S. CO., Commarcial Wharf. Tickets issued and baggage checked to points beyond. If jell) WITNESSES BACK IN JAIL. Davis and Schenck Insist on Truth of Testimony at O'Neil Trial. GREENFIELD, July 39 When Schenck was being taken back to the state prison at Charlestown by one of the wardens, Davis was being taken by the same train by officer Peabody to Concord. Both insisted to the officere in charge that their stories as told on the stand in relation to O'Neil were true. Allen Woodward, a brother of "Dubsev," was also being taken to Concord on the same train, and he was within earshot of Davis and Schenck and was compelled to listen to what they said. He remained client. When Davis reached Concord there was a crowd of sympathizers for O'Neil at the station and they hooted Davis unmercifully as one who had endeavored by his testimony to have a man convicted. Davis remarked to officer Peabody, "If you'll take off that bracelet I think I can take care of myself." Offieer Ward says that after the charge to the jury was given by Judge Mason, John O'Neil Sr left the court room. Ile went some distance on the sidewalk and then returned and said to officer Ward: "I wish to thank you, sir, for the courtesy you have shown me and the members of my family." The July term of the superior court came to an end today. The case of the Franklin county lumber company against Mrs Inez V. Blodgett, the wife of Rodney L. Blodgett, was tried and the Jury found In substance that the equity in the house en Shattuck 5t was the property of Rodney L. Blodgett. The case of Martin C. Jewett of South Deerfield against the Massachusetts highway commission has been settled out of court and Mr Jewett will receive Veit and costs. The case of the bank of Ellicottville against Simeon P. Keyes and others, the celebrated Percheron stallion case. goes to an auditor, who will be agreed upon by counsel. In the case of the Security savings bank against the Franklin mutual insurance company of Greenfield, a judgment of WO is given the savings bank. During the term these divorce eases have been granted; Emma Eastner from Charles F. Eastner, Ada F. Benoit against Joseph N. Benoit, Henry R. Winterha 'der against Minnie. Winter-balder, Bertha Carroll agaMst William J. Carroll. The first three are for desertion and the last for adultery. Carroll has served a term in the county Jail. He was 'one of the witnesses who testified that the story of David Davis in re:ation to John O'Neil Jr was untrue. EVERETT. - Saturday, Aug 14, will be a gala day for Everett council, Knights of Colutnbus, the occasion being its second annual field day. A long and varied program of interesting events has been prepared, and every attempt has been made to surpass the success achieved last year. Visiting knights and their friends will be present from many of the neighboring councils. Fred Beals has resigned his position In the'city engineer's department and is enjoying a brief vacation before erptering upon his duties in the water department. Today will be observed as ladles day at the Mt Washington ball grounds, and to all members of the fair sex attending the game between Mt Washington and the Waltham Y. M. A. team the admission fee will be waived. The Everett ball team has again reorganized and will appear at Athletic park under a new management this afternoon. The opposing nine is the strong South Boston team. A special baptismal service will be held at the First Baptist church on Sunday afternoon. "VENETIAN FETE tr --n THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE 'WANTS TO ISSUE STOCK. Pneumatic Transit Company Before Gas Board. W. E. L Di !luny Declares That the System is lot a Chimera. Parent Company in Philadelphia to Furnish Material for Boston. The gas commissioners gave a hearing kyesterday at the state house on the petition of the Boston pneumatic transit company for authority to issue $50,000 stock. The petition, signed by W. E. L. Dill-away, 'president, represented that the company was duly incorporated under the laws of this state; that the Mayor and aldermen of Boston had given the company permission to lay and main-tam underground conduits for pipes to be used for the transportation of LT S mail, messages. commercial bundles. etc.-in Boston. The petition further stated that the Company is now ready to begin work, and needs to issue stock for the purpose of paying for constructing the necessary pipe. tubes. conduits and machinery. as well as the incidental street work. Chairman Barker of the commission opened the hearing shortly after 10.30. Commissioners Schaff and Gifford were present. The chairman read the petition and the notices of the public hearing. - W. E. L. Dillaway appeared for the petitioning company. Mr Dillaway explained the purposes of the company and submitted its certificate of organization. Further, he presented the authority of the mayor and aldermen. He referred to a contract which. he said, the city of Boston had entered into with the company. according to the terms of which said company would pay for the sight to use the streets on the following basis: First year, one half of 1 percent of the gross earnings, this amount to be increased by one-quarter of 1 percent until It amounts to 21.i percent, and this to be paid annually thereafter as long as the streets are used. In addition to this contract the company has entered into another with the U S government to transmit the mails for four years from the postottice to the northern union station at $18.000 a year. "This system is not a chimera, but Is based on actual experience." Mr Di llaway said. "It ha-s been tried and Is now In successful operation in Philadelphia. The postal department at Washington has proven its confidence In the pneumatic tube in both Philadelphia and New York." He suggested that. though the company was authorized to transmit commercial packages and messages, yét the main object for which the petition was pressed today was to construct the tube. etc. from- the postoflice to the northern union station.. Engineer H. H. Carter submitted estimates for the street work from the post-office to the union station. The total, excluslve of brass and iron pipes and special appliances, was $16.213.90. This total was reached on the following computation: Taking up and replacing pavements, etc. $3705.40: special work, where the pipes will enter the postoftice and the station, $126; digging trench, 2415 cubic yards at 70 cents a yard, $1732.50; work near Mt Vernon to allow for future cutting down of the hill. $350: removing and relocating pipes, catch basins. etc, MOO; lumber, watchmen. etc, $500: hauling pipes SM, iron gates for manholes $s00 laying and leading 9000 feet lead pipe $4000. 15 percent of foregoing estimates for engineering $2000; total $16,213.90. - Constructing engineer B. C. Batcheller was called on. He submitted an estimate of $40,969.50 for the construction of a double-line pneumatic tube from the pastoffice to the station. This was exclusive of the cost of hauling pipes and street work. At request of Mr Dillaway. witness explained in detail the working of the proposed pneumatic system. The witness gave much testimony in relation to the working of the tubes in Philadelphia which he had constructed. The operation there was most successful. The company there is about to extend the system, which now runs front the Bourse building to the postoffice from the postoffice to the Pennsylvania and Reading railroads for the purpose of 1 transmitting mail quickly. The estimates for the Boston work contemplate 20 brass bands and tube in 12-foot lengths. The transmitters will cost $1100 each. Two types of receivers were submitted, one at $550 and the other at $1100. Mr Batcheller further stated that 5000 feet of electric cable would be necessary for signalling purposes. Two large wrought-iron tanks five feet diameter and 10 feet high are provided. No provision was made for steam boilers, and chairman Barker interrogated the witness on this point Mr Dil laway interrupted to state that the steam would be furnished by the 11 S government. "But of course this will be different when we extend our line." he added. In reply to a question by commissioner Schaff. the engineer saia that none of the stock was to go to him in payment for his patents. "All my rights to my patents have been assigned to the Philadelphia company." he said. "Then how much Is to go to that corn-pony for the use of these rights?" Mr Dillaway stated here that to clear the case he would say that none of the stock would go that way. "We are going to make a contract for construction. and then pay a royalty to the Philadelphia company for use of the machinery." Mr Bache Iler admitted that he was a stockholder in the Philadelphia company. In answer to a question by Chairman Barker, Mr Ratchet ler said that all the construction material had already been contracted for with the Philadelphia. company. "on the basis bf the figures you have submitted here," asked the chairman. "Not exactly. The contract is based on the actual cost to the Philadelphia company, plus 10 percent. The 10 percent represents the parent company's entire profit. The company is to furnish the machinery, put it together alid guarantee operation for a year. Mr Dillaway then said that he had noti,ing further to offer. Chairman Barker closed the hearing with the understanding that if the board wanted further information they would send for IL SPRINGFIELD'S BIG MUSTER. Expected That Fully 4000 Men Will be in Line Sept I. SPRINGFIELD. July 30It is estimated by the general committee of the veteran firemen's association that not less than 4000 men will be in line at the muster of the New England associations In this city. Sept 1. The general executive committee of the New England veteran firemen's league was in the city today to inspect the arrangements made for the muster by the local association. The visitors were Alexander Harbison of Hartford, William H. Hathaway of Hyde Park, Samuel Carpenter of Providence, John Exley of Newton and John H. Barton of Central Falls, R I. They were met by a delegation from the local association. comprising A. P. Leshure, A. O. Sinclair, P. H. Quinn, M. J. King, William Annable, J. A. Stevens, C. -H. Hunt, O. S. Taylor, T. J. Ryan and City Marshal MacDonald. The full plans of the association were outlined at dinner, after which the visitors were shown the "playout" grounds on Hampden park, which met with their unqualified approval. They were also shown the principal places of interest in the city. The judges for the muster have been selected as follows: Ex Chief W. A. Green. Boston; Chief George A. Cushing, Hingham; Chief E. A. Mott, Taunton: Chief John A. Lynch, Holyoke: ChOef Henry J. Eaton, Hartford, Conn; Chief J. B. Francis. Pittsfield; ex Chief A. C. Hendrick, New Haven, Conn; A. J. Kennedy. New Haven; Chief Blaisdell, Chicopee: George A. Steere, Providence; Chief E. L. Vaughn. Worcester; D. Arthur Burt, Roston; C. J. Goodwin, Springfield; E. F. Pierce, Leominster; Capt Kenney, Chicopee: John Mead, Greenfield. These names will be submitted to the league by the local delegates and a committee of six will be appointed to act as Judges of the playout and a committee of five to act as Judges of the procession. Saved from Lockjaw or Blood Poisoning. ROCKLAND, Me. July 30Elias Cross, a well-known truckman, for years a member of the city government, while working about his premises on South st yesterday aecidentally drove a nail about two Inches into his right leg. He did not suffer anything more than the discomfort that might naturally be expected until two hours later1 when he - SATURDAY. JUTAY was seized with fearful rains and fainted away before he could be got to his chamber. Today a physician from New York and a local physician held a consultation. and measures were taken which will probably prevent lockjaw or blood poisoning. SWIFT TEXAS JUSTICE - Maximo Martinez, Who Killed Aged Couple and Assaulted Young Girl June 6, Hanged in Jail. SAN ANTONIO, Tex, Jury 60Maximo Martinez was banged at Floresville, in the Wilson county jail, this afternoon for a triple murder committed on June 6 last. He killed Jesus Cart llo and wife, an aged couple. and Juanita Acosta, 18, whom he first assaulted. MISSING FROM THE FARM. Charles Orcutt Disappears with it is Alleged, Much Stolen Property. ITPCHBURG. July 30Leonard Robinson a farmer from Potato bill. Westminster. was at the police station this morning looking for one Charles Orcutt. who until Thursday afternoon was in his employs when he suddely left. When he went away, Mr Robinson alleges, he took a black horse and a harness, a complete suit of clothes. inctuding a pair of cuffs with pearl and gold links. a collar and four-in-hand necktie, an ulster. a light overcoat and a silver-handled parasol. All these articles belonged to Mr Robinson and his wife. Orcutt then. it is charged, went to a neighbor's barn, stole an open buggy and drove away. At the time this happened Mr Robinson and his family were away from home, leaving the house in Orcutrs care. Orcutt is 18. and came from a reform school two Months ago to live on the farm. He has long dark hair. is about feet 6 inches tall. and weighs 150 pounds. He said 'that his parents live in Worcester. He was recommended to Mr Robinson by A. Wheeler of Rutland, who is the custodian of the boy during his probationary term. BUYS ITS WATER WORKS. Terme by Which Westerly, R Secures Ita Plant. PROVIDENCE. July 30The Westerly water works owned largely by port-land, Boston and eattern investors.were sold this afternoon to the town of Westerly, the contract being signed by the committee. Five years of litigation in state and federal courts has thus ended. The town must pay $98,000 before Sept 10 for the purchase of the bonds. The town shall also. on or before Sept 10. pay to the water works $77.000 in cash. The town will then receive the deed. and it agrees to hold the borough of Stonington free from all loss or damage by injury to the bridge over the Pawcatuck river. SUNDAY SERVICES. B. Y. M. CITRISTIAN UNIONVesper serrice. Sunday evening. at the Union ball. Boylston at. First in the new course of brief addresses to young people and others by Rev A. D. Mayo, M. A.. Li. D.. of BObt upoa "God's American University." Special topic. "The University of Anwrican Life." tAsuce musical pimento' by 1isi Gertrude L. Stock-sell. mezzosoprano: Miss lielen Arenstrop, soprano; Masters Lad Eaton. boy soprano, and illiam Cornea. boy alto. Musical program: 1 Solo. "Softly Now the Light of Day," Panofka; bolo. -Love Divine." Cauca. 3 Duet. -lie Leadeth Me." Greatores. 4 Solo, "Evening Song." Welsh air. 5 Solo. The Savior's Voice." Glover. tWngregational singing, George 3ienda11 Taylor, musical director. Doors open at 7.15. to begin at 7.45 o'clock. All young people and the public cordially invited. TREMONT TEMPLERev George C. Lorimer. D D. pastor. Rev ilocace F. Barnes, 1:4Y Miner R. Deming, associate pastors. 9.30 morning prayers. 10.30, nubile worship, with sermon by Rev A C. Dixon of Brooklyn, followed by communion. 12.15. Sunday school and Bible classes, 4.80 p m, services of sacred song in charge of Rev l. K. Deming. Prof C. L. Boyd precentor. Blanche Belilith Sears violinist. Addreases by Dr P. Ramachandrayys, of Madras, india, a converted limbs) priest, and M. Morgan, editor of the Christian. London, Eng. 5.30. evening prayer, Lorimer ball. 7.30, Service. with sermon by Rev A. C. Dixon. D Seats all free. Welcome. PEOPLE'S TEMPLE, Columbus ay, corner of Berkeley at. Rev James Boyd Brady. Pb D. D D. pastorPreaching at 10.30 a m and 7.30 p m. by Rev Louis Albert Banks. D D. This will be the last opportunity to bear Dr Banks in Boston this season. Holy communion at the close of the morning sermon. The following quartet will render choice selections at both the morning and evening services: Mrs N. D. Griffin soprano, Miss Wood alto, Mr A. C. Saunders tenor. Mr B. B. Ailing basso. The other services as usual. Seats free. BERKELEI"TEMPLE. Rev Chas. A. Dick-bison, D D. pastor; Rey Wm. S. Kelsey. Rev Larelice Phelps. associate pastorsPreaching at 10.30 by Rev Chas. H. Daniels. D Sunday school 12.15. Chriatian Endeavor 5 and 0 20 o'clock. 7.30 Gospel temperance rally. 'Thrilling testimonies, rousing singing. short addrtsses. Special music by Mr and Mrs Wil son, the gospel singers. All welcome. strste HALL rATruomo MELTING will be held tomorrow. Sunday, In People's temple, Colunibus ay. at 2.30 p m. Speaker, Rev Lee 14. Broughton of Roanoke. Va. Pubject: "Cliristlan Citizenship; or the Sacrefluess of the Ballot." Song service at 2, conducted by Profs Carter and Root; soloist, Mrs Nellie Brown Mitchell. Rev Dr Fulton will be present and speak. Cordial welcome to all. BROMFIELD ST M. E. CIICRCH, the Strangers' Church Home. Rev L. B. Bates. D D, pastorclass meeting at 9.15 a In. Preaching by the pastor at 10.30. subject, "The Believer's I )efe nse. and 'Chris t la n Communion. ' nday scheols at noon and 2 p m. At 7.15 young and old people's serviee. Report from Christian Workers at Old Orchard, Me. Seats free all; come. BULFINCH FL CHURCH (Benevolent Fraternity of Churches)Special veeper servicea during August. Sunday evening, Aug 1, at 7.30, Rev C. R. Eliot will preach. .Slusic by th following singers: Mrs Anna Clifford Breed, Miss Adel' Hussey, Mr Warren Turner, Mr L. G. itiplev. Subject of sermon, "Rainy Days and Sunshine." All are cordially Invited. Seats free. TREMONT TEMPLDService of sacred song 2.30 p In. in charge of Rev M. R. Deming, Prof C. E. Boyd precentor, Blanche Beulah , Sears violinist, addresses by Dr P. Ramaebandrayya uf Madras. India, a converted Hindu priest, and R. C. Morgan. editor of "The Christian," London. Eng. Strangers In Rostock and public in general Invited. BOSTON COMMONPopular religious servle(s tUnitarian) on Sunday. Aug 1, at 6 p m. Charles st mall. 9th tree north of tile walk. Speakers. Rev Samuel A. Eliot of Brooklyn, N IC, and Rev George L. Perin. D D. of the Every Day chureh, Boston. Congregational singing, led by cornet and chorus. A. welcome to all. AT THE TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH, 13owdoin sq. Rev Walter Calley, pastor, Rev F. C. Briggs will preach at 10.30 a in; subject. "The Chrietian's Badge," and at 7.30 p m, subject, "Personal Accounts." Bible school at 12. YOUng peoples meeting at 6 p m. A cordial In to all. Every seat free. EVERY-DAY CHURCH 397 Shawmut ay 10.30 a in preaching by the pastor, Rev George L. Perin. D D. subjeet. "The Essential and Non-Esaential in Religion;" 12.15 p at. an informal Bible class. composed of young and old. In charge of the pastor. Splendid music. Everybody welcome. SHAWNIUT CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, corner Tremont and Brookline eta, Rev W. E. Barton. D D, pastorRev Isaac O. Rankin will preach at 10.30 a al; topic, 'The Method of Peace.' Chriatian Endeavor meeting at 6.30 p In. Seats free. All welcome. WALTER BAKER MANSION GOLD CURE, 494 Washington. corner Park at. Dorchester3.30 p m, usual Sunday services, conducted by graduates of the institute. members of the B. B. of G. club. Interesting testimonies from cured men. Stf 113 ChA itENDON ST BAPTIST CH l'RCI Prearbing by Rev J. A. McElwain at 10.;0. Reception Of new members and communion in the morning. Prof P. Itamaeliena(lrayva. NI I), will speak at 7.80 on "The Needs of India." NORTH END UNION AND NioRGAN CHAPELRev Richmond Fisk of East Boston will address the North End union. 53 Hanover St. Sunday 7.30 p m and the Morgan chapel guild next Wednesday evening. BETHANY BAPTIS'T CHURCH, West Cottage St. Roxbury, Rev Herbert Judson White pastorRev O. J. White of Taunton will preach morning and evening. Sunday school at 12.15. All seats free. souni ND UNION SERVICE (Unitarian). Church of the Dia...toles, corner of West Brookline et and Warren avAug 1, at 10.30 ,a in, Rev Edward Everett Hale, D D, will preach. Cordial welcome to all. WARREN AV BAPTIST CHURCH, West Canton st, cor Warren av, Boston, Rev Robert MacDonald. pastorRev Wm. M. Lawrence, Ii D, of Chicago will preach at 10.30 and 7.30 p in Sunday, Aug 1. HOMESTEAD HALL. 724 Washington at Homestead debating society. Slipper 5.30 p dismission 7 p question, "Resolved, Is Fiat (paper) Money Without Promise to Pay the Best Money?" ARCADE HALL. 7 I'ark soSunday evening meeting, Aug 1. Mr Samuel Brazier; subject, Uncle Stims Big Farm, ite owners and its Managers." Mr Masters will read a paper. Seats free. FIRST M. E. CHURCH, Temple at, rear of state houseRev W. T. Perrin pastor. Rev J. N. Higgins of Charlestown will preach at 10.30 a in and 7.30 p in. All seats free. Everybody Wele01.11e. THE GOSPEL OF SPIRIT RETURN SOCETV, Minnie NI. Soule pastor, Appleton hall, 91,.i Appleton at (Paine Memorial buibling side 1 entranceServices Sunday only at 2.30 and 7.30 p REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST of L. D. S.Serviees In Guild hall, corner Washington and Dudley sta. 10.30 a in and 7.30 p in. Sunday school 12.15. Stf 110SPITALLER SUNDAY INSTITUTE, 7 Park soQuestion at 7.30 p m, "Has the Catholic Church Been a Benefit to Humanity?" Opened by Mr Foster. THE CHRISTADELPHIANS, Arcade bail 7 Park seLecture 10.30 a m. Subject, "The Millenalunt." All welcome. No collection. 31, 1S97. SUNDAY SERVICES. GRACE M. E. citrumr. corner Magazine and tots. Vatubritige---1030 & sacra- ment of supper. conducted by the pastor. Rev George A. Phinney. 12 tn. Sunday school, and motor's Bible Flags and Mrs rhinney's class In the andienee rem ; chalk talk by AV V. Seree; 0 p Epworth league meet- It 1;:el 117 R. F. Iliggins. prebident Harvard at chapter; 7 p tn. gospel sAme service; addresa bv the pastor. aubject: rte First Evening Angled. Seats free. All welcome. GOSPEL TENT. North Littman! vit. Al Won. Maas---Under auspices of Evangelistic association of NPVC England. Services Sunday. Aug 1. at 3 and 7.30 p m. Fine speak:rig and singing. Everyttode welcome.. Take Cambridge and Allst,ru electric via Pearl et. SPIRITUALISTIC MEETINGS. , DAMBRIDGITORT G. A. R. HALL, 573 Mass avl'atriotic Bible Spiritual meetin..:s Sunday at 10.30 a m. 2.45. 7.45 p m. Niediums expected during 3 setts. Mrs Merritt. lira Seymore. 3frs Hatch. Mrs Fredericks. Katie Butler. Mr D. S. Clark. Mr Nichols, Mr EVIIIIS and others. Mr Fred Clark and Mr Flynn will sang In evening. Mrs L. J. Akerman, president. C01131ERCIAL HALL, 694 Washimrton St Mrs Wilkins, presidenL Developing circle at H. Mrs Collins hating charge. Frve betatibff by Dr Webber. Fine test meeting at 2.3111 1-80- Prof Charles Woods will give astrological read- ings, followed by Mrs Militant and others. Good mediums. HIAWATHA HALL. 241 Tremont it. near EliotMeetings 11 a m and 2.30 and 7.45 p Mediums. Mrs Brown. Sirs Klidde. Mrs Woods. Mrs Knowles. Mrs Drivis. Mrs Thomas. Mrs West. Mrs Ilare and others. Mediums invited. E. H. Turn.E. leader. HARMONY HALL, 724 Washington stS. P. Smith's phenmnens meetings. line test and speaking mediums. local and visiting. Miss Josephene Webster. Mrs Hanson Kibble and others. morning afternoon and evening. INTERESTING and instruetive Spiritual meetings in cool. quiet hall 820 Washington et. every Sunday, 11 a in. 3. 7.45 p good music and test mediums afways pzesent. Mrs Gilliland. conductor. EAGLE HALL, 619 Washington stW. H. Amorige. conductor. Developing circle, at Tent meetings 2.30 anti 7.30. Excellent talent will be present. Mediums welcome. - Public Invited. MRS A. PEABODY McKENNA. assisted by Mr Arthur McKenna, will hold a circle Sunday erening at 8 We lock. at 334 Tremont St. near Pleasant at. suite 1. PR ABBIE K. M. HEATH. 71 hover at. eclectic anti psychic. sittings daily. 1 to 9 p tinge Sunday evening. 8 o'clock. Why not come MRS M. E. ICtrINSON cireloa 11 a tn. 2.30 p in. 14 Winter at, rooms 5 and 6. MARRY ME WEENIE and VIZ tiny the wedding ring at AVIIS.ON who make Australian gold wedding rings in their own factory from id to 12; any special ring to order in two hours; Big Clock, 14-15 Tremont row. MARRIAGE INTENTIONS. Louis Wolf and Esther Levin, John Jordan and Florence Grates. DEATEIS. ANDERSONIn this city. July O. Mrs Ellen, mother of Rev Joseph G. Anderson. 57 yrs 10 mos. Funeral from her late residence, No. 62 Spring at. Monday, Aug 2. at 8.30 o'clock. Solemn high mass of requiem at St Joseph's church. Chambers at. at 9 o'clock. Friends Invited to attend. BABBIn Southport, Me. July 29. Walter Babb. 65 yrs 5 mos 29 di. Funeral from late mildew. 21 East Emerson at, Melrose, Sun. day. at 3 p BLACKLERIn Rostindale. July M. Annie E., wife of Edward J. Blackler. 35 yrs. Funeral from her late residence. Friday. July 30. at 8 o'clock p Ui. Relatives and friends invited without further notice. Beloved by all who knew her. CONNELLIn Roxbury. July 30. Leonora Connell. 3 mos. beloved child of Patrick and Julia Connell. Funeral from parents residence. 124 Boylston ay. Sunday. Aug I. at 2 p in. Rellatives and friends invited. CRAIGla Dorchester. July 29, Mary, beloved wife of Samuel Craig. 32 yrs. Funeral from her late residence, 9 Greenwich pl, Sunday, Aig 1. at 2 o'clock. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. COOLIDGEIn Somerville, July 29, Charles H. Coolidge, 66 yrs. DAVISIn Somerville, July 29. Edward A. Davis. 11 yrs. Funeral from his late residence. No. 9 Hollis ay. Sunday, at 2.30 p tn. Relatives and friends invited. Interment at Malden. DONNELLIn Roxbury. July 30, Sandi L. widow of William S. Donnell. 74 yrs 10 mos. Funeral services at the residence of her daughter. Mrs C. H. D. Stockbridge. 259 Harold st, Saturday. July 31, at 2 p m. Interment at Bath. Me. Bath. Me. papers please copy. ELLISIn Roxbury, July 30, Daniel J., beloved child of Charles and Maggie Ellis, 2 mos 8 da. Funeral from parent& residence. 7 Adams at. Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Relatives and friends are kindly invited. FELLMANNIn Randolph. July 30. Ferdinand Fellmann. 78 yrs. Funeral at late residence Sunday, at 1 p tn. Burial at Mt Hope at 3.30. FLYNNIn South Boston, July 29. Richard V. Flynn, 29 yrs 8 mos 2 cis. Funeral from his late residence. 443 West 24 st, Monday, Aug 2, at 8.15 a m. Solemn high mass at St Vincent's ehureli at 9 o'clock. Burial at Abington, Mass. Late member South Boston council. 78, Knights of Columbus. Train leaves Old Colony station at 10.45 a tn. KLSEAIn Revere, July 1. Esther M. Klee,. 2 yrs 4 mos 5 di. Funeral from her mother's residence. 135 Fenno st. Saturday, at 2 p Relatives and friends invited without further notice. KELLOGGIn Somerville. July 30. Grace War-rent wife of Dr Frederick L. Kellogg. 33 yrs 11 mos. Funeral services at her late restdenee, Sunday, at 3 o'clock. LEONARD In Roxbury, July 30, Catherine Leonard. Funeral from the residence of her brother-in-law, Timothy Sullivan, 13 Willow pk, formerly of 111 Union Park et. Monday, Aug 2. at 8.15 a in. Services at St Francis de Sales' church at 9 a in. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. LOVELLIn Cottage City, July 29. John P. Lovell, TT yrs. Funeral in Congregational chnrch. East Weymouth, Sunday, Aug 1, at 2.30 p in. Relatives and friends invited to attend. LYNCHIn Roxbury., July 30, Margaret Grattan, beloved daughter of Hannah Bell and the late Edward McCormack, and wife of James Lynch. Funeral from mother's residence, ono Parker at, Sunday, Aug 1. at 1.30. Services at Mission church at 2 o'clock. Attendanee of relatives and friends requested. MeCORMICKIn Roxbury. July 30, Edward McCormick. Funeral from his late residence, 14 Allegheny at. Roxbury, Monday, Aug 2. at 8 o'clock. Services at 9 oelm-k at Mission church. Relatives. friends and members of St Francis court, No. 4, M. C. O. F., kindly invited to be present. MANNIXIn Millie. July 29, William Manilla, 78 yrs. Funeral from his late residence in Millis, Mass, Saturday', July 31. at 9.15 a tn. Train leaves Boston & Albany depot. Boston, at 8 a in. MULCAIIETIn South Boston, July 28, Jeremiah Mulcahey, 23 yrs. Funeral from his late residence. 9 Silver at. Saturday, July 31, at 1.30. Services at SS Peter and Paul's church at 2 p m. Relatives and friends invited to attend. McCORKELI,--In Stoughton, William, on of James and Mary McCorkell, 50 yrs 8 mos. Funeral Saturday, July 31, at 2 o'clock, from his sister's residence, Pearl at, Stoughton. Friends and relatives kindly invited to attend. McDONOUGHIn North Cambridge, July 210, Mary McDonough. Funeral from her late residence. 56 Tannery at. Sunday, at 12.30 o'clock. Services at St John's church, Rindge av, at 1 o'clock. Relatives and friends invited to attend. MraPnrIn South Boston. July 30, Kathrine E. Murphy, 19 yrs. Funeral from her late residence. 596 Dorchester av, Sunday. Aug 1. at 1.15. Services at St Augustine's church at 2 p in. Relatives and friends Invited to attend. McNAMARAIn Dorchester, July 30, Edward McNamara, 1 yr 1 mo 25 de. Funeral from parents' residence, 93 Buttonwood at, Sunds7. Aug 1. at 2 p in. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend. NOWELLIn Worcester, July 29, Francis S. Nowell. 69 yrs 6 inns 14 ds. Funeral from late residence. 108 Chestnut at, Cambridge-port, Sunday, Aug 1, at 2 p tn. NOONANIn South Boston. July 29, Joseph, infant son of Robert and Sarah Noonan, 8 mos 12 as. Funeral from parents' residence, 66 Silver at. Friday, at 2 p m. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. O'CONNORJuly 29. John Leslie. on of Timothy and Ellen O'Connor, 1 yr 25 ds. Will be turied from his regiden,e. 55 West Dedham st, Sunday. at 2 o'clock St John, N B. papers please copy. PRAYIn Dorchester, July 29, Mary, beloved wife of Samuel Pray. 22 yrs. Funeral from her residence. Aug 1. at 2 p m. Relatives and friends invited to attend. RANDALLIn Boston Highland, . July 30 Zi ha Randall. formerly of North Easton. Maas. 80 yrs 2 mos Zi ds. Funeral services from 3 Gay Head at. Monday. Aug 2. at 10.80 o'clock. 4 DEATHS. --- 111SK--In Roxbury. July SO. Nanette. widow of Charles Riuk. 6 r$ 19 do. Funeral private. from tier late residence. 122S Columbus ay. Itorburr. Sunday. Aug 1. Burial at Belfast. Ile. New York papers please copy. STAIILIn Roxbury. suddenly. July 20. mina. widow of Wiliam F. Stahl. Notice of funeral later. SCLLIVAN---In Bradford. July 29. suddenly. of appendicitis. Margaret G. Sullivan. Funeral from the residence of her aunt. $4 Eustis at. Roxbury. Saturday. July 31. at 2 p in. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. wisitABYIn Everett. July 29. Joseph Edwin. son of J. G. and Nettle IL Wisbart. 5 yrs 4 mos II da. Interment at Cedar Grove ream-ten'. Friday. July 30. Funeral private. OA First Mass: Regiment intantri. ComradesNotice Is given of the funeral ef Francis S. SoieII. Co IOS Chestnut at. Canibridgeport. on Sunday. Aug 1. at 2 e'eltelt p m. 34WEPIli IL DALTON. President. WM. G. BIRD. herretatl 2t 1y30 FLOWERS. NEW AND BEAUTINEE. nEstows. J. NEWMAN & SONS, 51 TREMONT ST. Eatabilabed 1870. dSult al Business Chances 3EICYVM-Ird Meat market. lease and fixtures for sale. down town location. fitted second to none in Boi,ton and should be seen to be appreciated. a place like it only on 'market once In a lifetime; we claim it to be the beet located market in Boston. place and books are open for rigid inrestigation to parties meaning business,. price right. Nee HOVEY. fiti Court et. BAKERY. this city. eat years. Ordway portable oxen. bus $135 a week. all counter trade. no team. rent 63(0 mo. with 5 living rooms $43 mo. $900. riOu down. HOVEY. RESTAURANT. with 2 living rooms connected. et for I years. scats 4s; well fitted. fine front. and doing a good paying business. rent for all 142 mo. HOVEY. blt Court at. LEASE and fixtures of & first-class boot and shoe store. down town. Or would sell any part of stock to suit purchaser at inventory. snap for some one. HuVEY. ti9 Court at. VARIETY STORE and lunch at Highlands, sells cigars. tobacco. papers. soft drinks. etc. rent 213 me. business 2100 week. Sunday 1iten0P: Price only 2173. floVEY. int Court st. BARBER. $2101 3 chairs, tnis city. est 22 years, one man 24 years in this shop. seils cigars. tobacco; pipes. barbers suvpiles. etc. rent 222 mo. price 24.10. HOVEY. 15.4 Court et AN EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITYCafe and erear3ery. beautiful store. Opole" location,. only 1400 down. drot to inspect will purchase: greatest largaln erer offered. JoLINSON LA 21,7 Washington et A LAUNDRY. doing a lame business in Boston. must be sold at once. sickness the cause of sale, best location ha city. T 17. Globe office. dSu4t jy31 BAKERY for sale. Fall giver. cost 22-..4110 to Gt. horses. I wagon. new. I No. 2 Middieby oven. double store. rent only 226. bargain for practical baker. can be bought for 111200. Apply to J. MILiDLEBY JR. 201 State et. rms jyn B tiRGA IN--Genes furnishing. tobacco, cigars. corner store. plate glass windows. old established. for gent or lady; come today. 2206 0oloinibus ay. BkithER SHOP to giro array at your own 3gures Call at DE:CLOW. Milford, N II. Ot jy31 CASH to put up in busincao. with aerriroa. high trterenees. t I 11. Gioue odic. SSW. --latr:G STOREWill pay from $10000 ao ragh tor a good store city or country. T 12, Globe other. SSne 1)LUG STORE for sale, rare chance to step Into paying business. no competition. riitoo0 persons pass daily. PERKINS. 431 Exchange bldg. jy20 Si ant 3' 141FG STORE. good location. fino fountain and fixtures. sell stocked. Z X 196. Globe ollies. FoR SALEPaint shop and stock at cost). runs from 5 to 15 men. located in town of 6u00 inhabitants, business established over 20 years. Address O. II. WATERMAN, Lebanon. N H. dSulit jy27 FOR SALEPlumbing. tinning and beating business. Inroice Of tools. stores end stock less than 2000, good chance. SI 70, Globe Rice. dStat jy27- FOR SALE-5600. paint store and painting business. winter contract on hand. will reduce stock to suit purchaser. 0 15. Globe office. dStals j730 FOIL SALEWell established clothing and gents furnishing store, with fixtures, corner store, centrally located. Addrelta T 41. Globe office. 3y29 81 an3 5 T FOR SALBGroceey and provision store. large store. plate glass show windows sickness cause of selling, good weekly cash trade. 216 Somerville ay. Somerville. dSuSt 3y31 FOR SALEA first.class candy wagon in good repair, newly painted: also line driving mare. harness and puns. Apply to J. D. HALL, It-mum hall. Harvard in, eanah. FOR SALEBakery. tine counter trade. Ice cream. (pink limeh and confectionery. 6650 If taken at once. Address F 1S1. Globe cake. SSW, FOR SALEA nice tailoring business out of the city, at a low price. paying well. good reason for selling. Address F S3. Globe office. FOR SALELiquor saloon. centrally located, doing good business. inquire 72 North Main st. Pawtucket. R L dSu7t jy31 FOR SALEDining room in Lynn. seating 70. best location. good trade.. price low. J. O. BLACK. 113 Munroe st, Lynn. dSti5t jy28 FOR SALE-2 horses. barness. wagon anti business. Apply to R. D. SANDERS. 283-E st, So Boston. Mass. 2t 1,-30 FOR SALEThe best 12-room lodging house at the South end. rent $60 a month. DO brokers. Ati,iress K 27. Globe cyllee. ditn3t jy30 FOR SALE, chespFirst-class bakery. good trade. Call 57 Holland at. West Somerritto. SSu nousE. 4 rooms. corner lot, store. stock, all tnebotea $I1NI. MneCARTIIT. 1o6 Court st. LODGING HOUSE. all furnished or partly furnished, cheap, rent Z15. good loeation. 40 Hanson et. ThS Sy29 Lorit-uxo HOUSE. PAY-111g nleelY Sell elleaP. take $17:1 down. Union Realty Co. 218 Tremont. IA)11GING HOUSE, 10 rooms. Col. av rent rio, will trade. M 41. Globe efitee. MOUSAM norsn at Kennebonk to let. roods for SAIP. on easy terms. For particulars, terms, etc. address lock box 37. Sanford, Me. dSutt Sy29 PARTNER in butter business. capable of taking full eharge. terms to suit. CHAS. J. NiacCARTHY. 3 Equitable building. 2to jy30 -RESTAURANT. eats 70. bandsomely furnished. always a moneymaker, this place must be seen to be appreciated. no re3Jklaltble offer refused" W. H. COWAN, 3 Tremont row. RESTAURANT for sale. In Lynn. finely furnished. doing a good business. a minute tt walk from Central depot and direct route to Naluint beach. Apply to WM. J. BARRY, 3t3 union st. dfluit Sy 29 RrnrEn FACTORY. thoroughly equlpped. short diatom from Roston. latest Improved machinery. SO h. p. boiler. eleetHe dynamo . etc, will sell low. Address G SS, Globe Mee. Snd7t jy25 RARE CHANCEOld established restaurant. No. 4 North Market st. Boston. to let, furnished. Apply to M. RICH & CO. 3 No Market St. ThS SPOT CASH paid for stocks of stores and meret.andise of erery description, in large or small lot... in port of r S. Address In confidence Boston Consignment Co. 281 Broadway. Chelsea, Niass; M. SAMUEL. manager. dSu4t jy30 WANTEDpatty with a few bundled dollars to engage In real estate. coal and wood, bay and grain business. N 72. Globe ottlee. SST's WANTEDMan with 8300 to take part Interest in summer show in city 100.000 population. Address 0 12. Globe office. dStt3t jy30 IVANTEDPerson with 8200 to Invest at 8 percent. K 78, Globe office. WFSSu Sy2,8 Lost, Found, Etc BICYCLE FOUND on Prince ert, Jamaica. Plain. Owner can have same by paying' charges. 104 Wafth'n st. Brookline. dSu3t jy31 FOUNDA gold watch, chain and charm . near the Old Colony depot; the owner may have the mtme by proving property and paying charges. FRANK R. LENTINE 311. 159 Kneeland st. Boston. Zit j3-29 FOUNDPalr horses. which owner can have by proving property and paying expense. Can be found at Jlamptonav Mattapan, Mass. J. S. ROCKWELL. dSu3to, jy30 FOUNDLittle dog. in Cambridge, last Friday morning. Owner can have by paying charges. IIALLI1ERG. 20$ C at. So Boeton; call after 6 p m. LOSTStrayed from Sudbury. July 25, a Great Dane doe. answers to name of "Bluff." body light fawn color. nose. breast, feet and tip of tail white, also white spot .1 back of neek near shoulder. ears not cropped. bight 26 inches at shoulder And wedeln' about 16,1 finder will be suitably rewarded. F. G. MAR. Uounimmwealth hotel, tVorcester. 31ass. LOSTOn speeial pilgrim train from Essex July 28, ladies' heptonette garment. Finder please address Mrs G. W. HIGGINS. 143 Moreland st, Roxbury. LOSTBetween Parker bouse and starting place for reservoir car, an old gold knot or coil pin. with diamond in cenier. Liberal reward will be paid for return to Parker house. LOSTFrom Tremont house ear, grip containing volume of "Oo liege Miscellany..." the owner will welcome return of book bv express at his expense. Rev P. W. LYMAN, Fall River. Mass. LOSTA bunch of keya.with owners name; a liberal reward onered. MoRRISON. ea MOO- tuumth sr, East Boston. LOSTA cape. In Lexington, July 27. Please return to Five-Fork farm. Les. or 18 Essex st. - Vharlestown. LOST, last Wed. a PMEtil handbag, containing a hunch of keys. If found please return to J. GREEN. Exchange bldg. - LOSTA dory about a mile from Boston light. July 29, front the sloop Pyra. T wharf. LOSTCocker spaniel, in Roxbury. Friday. Return 4 Junpe ir st; reward. WATCHES Oldi.":11LIPC1k:"barl'.. dSutf znh13 Medical LD- BrollglIOCI 116ECg11111110 DISEASES OF mE3 Cured whets an there fall. every private disease. old eases vamp tb. cln 6,.c.nene poiseened. prninetag bkotet,47.11 al tame. Small Watery li;isters. palms and Bemen, Ulcerated Sera Throat. eas'"111 dinekartes vanisit as the osier 1...i.1,11 sun. Seminal Weakness. radea".1,-- disease arising from yontntal eves .77. tenses speedil pe y. rmanently CURED. -;;n, ore by a Ettir method. Jf yea imam' ei toe t sestina list. Valuta book sr s4 seat FREE. sealed. , Dolts 1814 Mel MIT ft.. Itap trios los is D; to S t. ete,11111 aloe 1,4--; Nve le b Pros ;,-.1 :Rut b,et aunt ,0,7,24 ft STIR, )11, mast I. lb t Mitt rs , 111-; Mere tbes., 147 et ii.;7 .111olee tutu: 7 le tte ley II a urs; Stru by sow t Paha: ow or arm, roe ot todlit elm Helm t OFFt MP: Cott t Osiettly etp, lity: ati, days le k dSett rE. 41 tenitiot et IL to bottlit Ma - DO C911 - Pilot". mote& )0D Lifattj reda huz, torEv incET laving et 1; be eepbtat, Owl kaki 3.142 LND 1111 ir 1 yam - - :D GM ler Mot usa-liaM-221 I. wank s. 211121 1 to att . k l cat OTTLEIR to P.p.". kw .06. woo hortiolt I to .stet. 2. Perth sa bottles it tat 7ASH iti exam os we ode pal dime riot ad wo gem Lier t Dorn be well-Mow k Co. nd rye all p toes Ira GLULLGE Zia Anew 'if krt tors aad rop wtnk t Cods Cewherint by not M old Call pe 'ELIA & Botten.lisa dSatt && Steamer! - !tyke. tfti ter appoints re tad Liwt 1: Sept 11: , awl opwert imoodatites LP- Pitis sit LET é 'SONS, BOP& FbSTtZ fli ' CO 1 further as batow. turf Friday at 12 2th follow !done for Rh inftneatia vwt 1 Pt and Ism 25 evert' Sew Quemoyon y; cabin p " weed tam - Stearier a.ExAN-rta dSatf J112 TS o'. and &dim Fell la-AS 12 Fltir : PATI141 t'S:1 lir2t ;57) too 1 lu plans ! Nemo. est elhin slid FARLEY é ITSIDI 24 Tlifor tato sad all Pies mail aniel 7 PASEL was rrie LTS - , a beatfill rt. a hod lee doso. abget be.' 7 ki6 (WWI 7 dd as and 11 Ps!. - d own 01 44 . o:o end s1-3 1 xi per wet. et. Sq 1"r1 i OE SA a -- $od I los tatisf3esra0- ireemosont HORTON b Tv egg0W will 14 ammo 6tiful 60' )Oits to Ste with sa eie 7 lasing scoll .tented leliter Iglawit" is not 6.2 e littot to 000t their 20" fai. wont a Ow OW - I trisralrA repribm-- 4 124,Deetelci & to. '77 Pine ist,. 'gild is." mire Pc rt es. rooal - ------ , pope ot rat teethim etc. 0 a. vete , HALLOCK MEDICAL INSTIMI, Ito COURT ST., BOSTON, mut Office boors. 9 to 9: Seists 3v, lb t- (Established 16464 it" 311 SPECIFIC rimali-; With this remedy persons eta ems without the least exposure. (tato ittrittos Interfering with business. The tuedielts nothing that Is of the least Injery (bp elm, Ask your druggist for It. Price SI hot, Situ STRICTURE cured by isee up without put: as si lapse et 41, from business; all private &memos et ous.; cent sod old lingering mese swim, eat SIMMONS. 29 Hollis at. Rum I let &today. 10 to 1 and to 9 p et. THE OLD DR. HALL OFFICE, 50 Bowurd st. near Revere bonne: Comm t men: all kinds vetiereal canes quickly ow( special strentios to nervous debility; kat I, hood restored; boars 0 to 96 &Ways le dfutt jp4 THE OLD DR BAILEY OFFICE. 46 E.:: $t. eetablished M yearn: special attestao to disessesot men; boors 9 to 9 deli. Inion, LR.GORIX (dike 532 Trestoot st, spont lot in roens diseases; hours 9 A. IL to x bodlit Wines, La'quors,Eto JOHN BEHAN c C:6 - 65 131 Ickstone St, 8 :ea WE LEAD THEM ALL FOR GOOD uclrat AT LOW PRICE& IK OFFF.RING our own It Elf A N3 -troLD MS"' KENTVIrKT BOtbi and BEHANS -toLD 'tr,5 liENTVART rat $2 tou a galkon rearant' want Iva, gallon. as throe roods elmool las dslobtamt lsen her. toe less than $2-50. WE SELL FINtIFS GOLDEN WIrrtreN Rye and (old Crow Boorhon. two bze, and 5 years old. at S21s and Ilk& SELL CoLICNEW ENGLAND la te $1.511. and Medford Old Rom. 3 aLd S yam mt. for $2.00 and 12.5tt. --WE SELL DOUBLE DISIThLLED PrEirl GIN tee $2-00. and pure Holland Gilt ter sal, WE SELL ROCK AND RYE. rock candy and rye whiskey. tor C..m. pkals. d a preventive and eure for colds. WE SELL 5 FULL QUART BOTTLES Call ?orals Pure Old Wines. aamorted to Mt. k $1.00; California Old Brandy Ile. a mat WE SELL 4 I'LL QUART BOTTLES emt Cherry Rum. or Cheri, or Blaritheer. y kr for 11.00, elder grades $150 and taltb. WE SF1.L ONE CASE ot I doors battioa t to callow Pure Liquors. mooned Mallet iv family or medicinal use. for SS-00. wink sa WE BOX ALL OrR-GOWIDS tree Me O. ave-eation. End put up la Jugs or battles km without extra charge. AS WE SELL AT LOWEST CASH la Int prices., all orders. wh-aer by BMW fit MN Caen aecompanied with the prim, as we el Dot send rand. C. DIP TOU DO NOT FIND the mode joss ass sk slime list. send for oar tall prim ha. send us your order. with cash. aM we pit tee to 511 saute as low as any dealer la Bona as we earry a tall stock ot all the well-bast brands. John Behan & Co. OLD KENTUCKY BOURBON and rye welt and N E ruin. A140 per gallon; all roes Ira ranted pure; send for prite list. 61.014.4 I YENETC111 CO. 142 Azad 144 tlacksteats sel WE SELL a atralc"at distilled tors aad whisky. $1.75 per Golden Prop wtok per gallon. Old Crow whisky3. nbeb.S Wedding. whiskr 13. Clark. Old CanbyInt rye whisky $11. nolland gin VS. Cherry rant Old Medford Irmo 42 and 6-Yrasold Call pi wine SI per gallon. J. II. COSTELLO 01 120-127- South it. 130-132 Beach st. Bortmatit &Sett JO Ocean and Coastwise Steamer! DOMINION LINEPasmonger service. the I S. Canada (newt. 9000 tons. has Wei-appoints to sail from Boston for Qeeennows tad Uwe Was follows: Saturday. Atm Sept lk ars. Oct Id; saloon passage g.n ad upward second cabin (very superior acessusodstises 342.50, steerage $Z.50. For passage. plans an information. apply to JOHN FARLEY é SONS General Passenger Agents. 103 State st. Bona USTI fli THE YARMOUTH STEAMSHIP CO tliniten Steamers of this line will, limit former se Gee. leave pier 1 Lewis wharf. Ikons. etery Monday, Tuesday. Thursday and Friday at o'clock noon. arriving at Yarmouth follow mornitnd and making close connections tor sE parts of Nova S.-oda For full intentions apply to 1. F. SPINNEY. Agent. Lewis triad or 201, 2116 and Washington It, and 21 Chatham st. Ism al CUNARD LINESteamers oLi'l every day from Boston and Liverpool six Quietestan and from New York every Saturday: cabin pie sage from Roston 275 and upward. oemed calm 942.50 and upward. according to steamer Ibt location; steerage at low rates. ALEIANKI MARTIN. Agent. 99 State st. dSatf Jatt ALLAN LINENew York to Glossal'. TO Derry. Glasgow to Boston. via Der:y and GA-way.: Passage tickets at lowest rates- Esti le tcrnostion given by U. & A. ALLAS 92 Sive st: C. V. DASEY, 7 Brosd st: PATER DONAHOE. 630 Washington sit. It'S1 sy2d CH EA rEsT PASSAGE TICK ETs to sod tos Liverpool. Queenstown. London and all sigma Great Britain. Ireland. continent et EmW. we; unusually low MIA'S for (shin :M eshis 224 elecrage Passage. Apply to JOIN FARLEY é SONS. 103 State st, Boston. WSIRI 24 GENERAL ST EA M SHIP AGENCYLoll to and from Great Britain. Irelsod sad Claws of Europe; drafts and exchange; mall waled have prompt attention. ('HAS. V. PAW, Broad st (4 doors from State stl.i Snoopsrra, LT Furniture, Etc FREEAn elegant reed rocker, a beagiel S-day clock. a handsome dinner set. a col oak sideboard. carpets, furniture. ice deo. refrigerator& baby carriage& range& bee. hoards. iron beds. mirrors. clocks. etwtel and housetold goods of all kinds Sold ea tootnret-ts: our terms. $1 down on $10 and 81 ki! week. $2 down on $20 and $1 per week....13 down on $31) and SI per week. $4 60111..s.,,Th and $:: per Week. $5 down on S50 $wo.,.'-- p4m 'seek. SS down on $t lo and S1.50 per wf". ST don on C70 and A1.50 tier week. r on $80 and $2 per week. $9 dosna IS $.4 as vp,trt.2ireetke:eu:sr;: maedifnug-gwg-ele thoesi,tabbv,:ta tteodtpormwns on are $notiod gesodtistoncr0 we will make sni tbe t circusorstees of each purchaser. tillOWNE. HORTON b Co, STS Washington st, 816; everv costars cchbg go the amount to :ett unRattli ustomers purasin etAtoltrilaWnlitt. $50 will be presented with a beautiful eigt day clock: customers purchasing g,sods ike amount of $100 will be preoented with sa eit gent dinner set: customers purchasing emu to the amount of $150 will be presented 1,111 a dandy Oak Sideboard; we also deliver Fla free to any city or town in New England sv" here is a railroad tuation. which is not by every house In Boston: any oDe &Mt.!! of town and not having the time to come is and select their goods can have their erdell attended to by sending them to ea what kind or goods they want and tho Pm... that they scant to pay; we will '- that they will be Just as they are re fairearalPre"t, In every particular. Do not forget and nember, BROWNE. HORTON & a. Washington at. between Oak and PiDe StL d Sad voice FOR SALEFurnitureof bouseof nevee and bath on Highland alr. Latin and Fxrclisb high school. low 11404 an offer. Address X 74). Globe &fire. FOR SALE CHEAPFurniture et I loam Suite 25. 252 Coltuntots ay. 21 trN.. of rat LADY going away wishes to diprote of household effects. including sewing IOWA ice chest. tables, baby carriage. Globe office. dStrOte Patents p14--T-tr- titre cost kitlinilv- : -Iteco , t 1 I A PP: es:001 01 ssst. 184:t . oo: caul-elm: 0:: Write or call Mr intoratatioa or tidrk:, Surrastf otr. SUTHERLAND & CO. 24) Pemberton oe .... dStat RILL. Sewing Machin' es IMPROVED MACHINES. $5 Is $14 all makes repaired. STERN dk CO. lo Ewes fi LATEST dSu3r $S EACHIf good second-hand seichig - chines. LARKIN is CO. 142 Typewriters, Etc RENT ntbsnit4nOtrnminaftg,Teredsr;1; SELLribbons turnisned . TeL 34,4 I NO..- a MARTIN CO., 12 Milk SL d!,utt SELL Dramatic o AMCSEMENTS of all kinds for an acessrs GORMAN. 100 Tremont att telephone Easton. dSu340 .11-m I I LI 34 School St.. Boston. .:In 'Mt" Jr". I 171;117-- I . rail or mad to 1 nberton on. dhstat Me. lines ------- . INES. $5 al 5132 CO. I. Esges ' ------- mit13and Oelring,.. otiSten g1- - - ----------------.. Etc ----- and all elrekl ilj a troarallo'd lin iSt- 344. THORP I Mlk .. dust op ...'.. "..................... :......d.'.......... rot on occisitgli telephone 551 dSuSets sr. 1 ---1 S

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