The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1955 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1955
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 1955 BLYTHETULI (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN OUR BOARDING HOUSI — with Major Hoopb OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William YOU LOUSV UTTLE BUM/ 1 K> •* OU6HTA COME BACK AMD ' PPUWD TH' STUFFIW OUTA HOU AM' KICK YOU BACK IMTO THE W3CD5 A MILE.' VeAH.'A CHAIR MTH VJIND IN u AIR —BlS SPEECHES, SROUP . SHUCK«/-THIS sroe CALLS FOR A 6ATT£Ey OP AND KSPOKT- ORIAL 6TAR6.'-—I HANS , ,r>NeNT6D A^ AIR-CONDITIONED (?OCXIMG CHAIR THAT WAFTS A FR6SH 8K£EZS ACROZ6 TUB 6ROVAJOF The , A GARBAGE CRISIS, , LOST CATS, PARADES WHV DONl'T I H1ER (SET A MICE OLD FASHIONED WUCKS IS HAVlMS « SAD DAV- V|4 •me HARP-SOILED SUYf Now HERE'S A-1 SouoN6,POp/ VOLUM! IP / THAT WAS me woue LIKE TOU—W CALL I WAS HAN6 r IMS AEOUND FOR/ MEP HAVE HIS MOSS BURIED IN A BOOK— GOOp SOLID STUFF LIKE THESE CLASSICS MERE-- BEN FEAMKUM WAS ALIVE YOU WOULONT RNO HIM WASTING HIS TIME ON TV, MOVIES OKMAM80DANCIM6I . 1955 by HEA S»rvi<«, Ifc. T. M. fi.j. U. 5. EASTMAN KODAKS Movie Cameras KIRBY DRUG STORES PAI NT & WALL PAPER FREE ESTIMATES LOW PRICES E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone 3-1551 EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2015 (TERRY LISTER'S father U wa* sitting at the while iru« garden table to my right. The gleam of the candle picked out the crisp whiteness of his hair and shadowed the sockets of his eyes. I could see no sign of sorrow in his posture; he sat as erect as always with one arm stretched before him across the tabletop and the brown fingers of his surgeon's hand holding one of the glasses. It was his habit in summer, at the end of evening, to sit out here. There was something admirable in the fact that he had made no exception of this one evening, and (he usualness of it steadied me. 1 went across the stone flagging and sal down opposite him at the table. "Hello, Bark," he said, and smiled. "Hello, dad." He lika me fco call him that. "Your trip must have been hot and uncomfortable, this tfme of year," he said, pouring me a glass of sherry. His hand, like his voice, was entirely steady. He looked at me. "We can talk about this thing in the morning. Don't feel you have to speak of it now." I avoided his eyes and told him, "The ashes are here, in the silver vase. I thought he'd like to have them in it" "That was good ot you." He was quiet for a while. When he spoke next his voice was remote, detached. "Tell me how U happened." This was the danger point, I told myself. What I said now would either satisfy him or set him on the track of the mystery I was resolved he should not think about at all. "He went into the little study. After a few minutes we heard the shot. He was lying across the desk. The gun wns on the floor beside him. We couldn't do anything for him." "We?" "She and I. M "I see. And there was no letter, no note? He didn't write anything to ex-plain?" "No." I didn't want him to think about, that, so I went on quickly. "I got his body into the cor, and drove to Los Palos, As soon as 1 was through with the undertaker and the coroner J caught the train home." "What about her?" That was another question I didn't wanl him to raise. "I don't know." "Did she drive in to Los Palos with you?" "No." "You didn't just lcav« her in the house?" I looked squarely into his eyes nnd snid, "When I was ready to leave, she wasn't In the house." He wns puzzled, I could sec, nnd I was a wore in some subtle wny that lie wns beginning to doubt something in my story. "You didn't see her again, then?" "No." "That Is alrnngo. Very strange, and not quite like you, cither, Dark." He pau«cd. "Do you know where she is now?" "No." "H* went into the study. We beard ft ihoi. He. wu lyinr acroee the desk. We couldn't da for WK." "Look here, my boy," he said finally, "I have somehow got the impression . . .** "There's no impression to get, dad. I don't know where she was when I le/t the house, but I think she had gone up to the top of the mesa. I didn't know when she would come back, and I couldn't wait. She'll be all right. The sheriff's men drove the car back to the house. She can come away any time she wants to." • • * HE was staring out over the water, the clean outline of his profile with its high, thin nose and jutting chin stamped out in dull bronze against the night. I recognized the expression on his face, the sureness of his look, the calm determination in the set of his mouth. It was the way he looked when he performed a difficult operation. "Bark," he said finally, "arc you in love with Selena yourself?" The question shocked me, it was so wide of the mark. "No!" "But you are afraid of something. I wondered if you were afraid of falling in love with Jerry's wife." "I've never felt that way about her." 'Then," he said, "I used to think you might be afraid for Jerry. That you had some intuition it would end like this. Was that it?" I was grateful for the opening, the chance to give a logical excuse for the feeling he had managed to delect in me. "Yes," I snirl, "J was afraid of thai." He withdrew his eyes from the dark stretches of the Sound nnd looked full at me. "Then why are you still afraid? It has hap- icnnd, as you feared it might. What else is there still to dread?" "Nothing," I replied without meeting his eyes. "You ran away, from her. T don't underslnnd that." "Jerry told me she often went p to the mesa at night, nlonc. I left her because I thought that was the best wiiy. I think she wanted m* lo leave her." , • * * HE snfd, "f scr," In n tone cn- Ur*ly •mpt* ot conviction. Ttun, after a while, in a low voice and half to himself: "I cannot believe that a son of mine would commit suicide. Even U he was not happy with his wife." For the first time his voice trembled slightly. "Don't think about it." And then, knowing how his pride and his conviction of Jerry's fineness were being humbled, I said without thinking, "And you've got to understand that what he did was not cowardly." He took me up Instantly. "You haven't told /ne everything!" "No, not everything." "Was he killed?" 1 didn't say anything, and he pressed me relentlessly. "Was he murdered? Did she kill him?" All the violence of his emotions, so sternly repressed up to now; was in the questions. "All right," I said with despair nnd fear in my heart. "I'll tell you the rest of it. Everything." He smiled. "Good. I know you would." He look out a cigarct, lit it, and poured each of us another glass of the sherry. "Whatever it is you're afraid of, we'll find the answer to it. There's nothing the human intelligence, properly applied, can't cope with." I TRIED to put behind my words all the conviction I felt. "Oh, yes, there is. Your intelligence won't bo able to do much with this business, if it is what I think. This isn't a detective story or a problem of deduction." He said quietly, "We'll sec." "Yes," I answered, "We'll see. But not with logic. We tried before to solve LcNormnnd's death with our minds; and We failed. You know that. Now you want to know why your son killed himself. It's the one thing on earth that 1 never wanl lo know. Hut-I'll help you if I can. Whatever it is, Jerry found il out, and not by thinking." His look was a question. "He found out," I said brutally, "by living with il." "Ah." And as I began to tell him about that a cold finality settled upon my mind. Whatever th* end, it was inevitable now. U'» Ita KOOLVENT ALUMINUM AWNINGS CALL NOW Ph. 3-4293 FOR FREE ESTIMATE SMITH AWNING CO. 113 S. First RADIATOR WORK Boiled Out Repaired Flo Tested Re-cored ALL WORK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS 59S Cl. 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SfW5 KNOW WOT K5» ^~— , ^-Z-^K UP TO, TH' BETTER WE CAN BE ON -**it*^Sl~«s««^' / IT WWT ONLY ME FEE PER .TH15 VOASfc, / W*.. WEEK..*. CHANCE TO W^KE A HONEST I DOLLAR... I FEEL ITS W£ BOOT/ TO HEP GIT V OWE 0' THEN $TOW6 6TATUR6SJO FOLX.5 . ^f WHOKINEMWEM THE CRAFT/ OLD ItOSUE IS AFTBR AMP THAT* WHAT PUZZ166 ME. I KNOW.. YOU'VE PROVED VEH...YOU TAkE Y £A5V ' THERE \10U DON'T NEED TO (XIV, BOV, 5E1 TIGHT AND DONT FOB THE KW.OCfi/ WITH MY BAIT..A BE AN EXPECT TO AND DOCa A IM MO EXPERT CWTH FSH HERE, &B?V- /5IT IN THE S%\ WE'£K LIKE./PCX...THIS PLACE THING! / MIDDLE ^icM^ MTU TWO/IS "EMJ-V CUT CF THI5 W3PLD^ «OW VA FIXED FES! PAJAMAS, SENOOM SLiPPESS AS 503SS ? 0' COURSE. THAT'S WHY 1 STOPPED wy WACKV V/ABSIT YOUWEAUZE CWSt Ml VOOVl

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