Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 13, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1895
Page 2
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THE ONWARD flARCH of Consumption is stopped short by Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. If •you haven't waited beyond reason, there's complete recovery and cure. Although by many believed to be incur- aHe > therc is the evidence of hundreds of living witnesses to the fact that, in all its earlier stages, con. sumption is a curable 'iff?!: disease. Not every * case, but a large per- —.Callage of cases, and c- bc-litvc, fully 98 per cent, are cured by Dr. Pierce.'s Golden Medical Discovery, even after r.hc disease has profrresssd so far as to induce repeated bleedings from the Junffrt, severe linfrcritiff cough vith . copious expectoration (including tubercular matter), grwit losa of flesh and extreme emaciation rind wwikness. Do you doubt that hundreds of such easM reported 10 us as cured by "Golden Medical Discovery " were genuine cruses of tliiit •• dread and fatal disease ? You need not take our word fur it. They have, i" nearly every insvuice, been HO pronounced by the best and most experienced home physicians, who have no interest whatever in mis- Tcprowntinsr them, and who were often Strongly prejudiced and advised agsiinst a trial of "Golden Medical Discovery," but who have been forced to confess that It surpasses, in curative power over this fatal malady, all other medicines with which they are acquainted. Nasty cod- liver oil and its filthy "emulsions" and mixtures, had been tried in nearly nl! these cases and had either utterly failed to benefit, or had only seemed to benefit a little for a short time. Extract of nmlt. whiskey, and various preparations of the hypophos- phites had also been faithfully tried in vain. The photographs of a larpe number of those 'cured of consumption, bronchitis, lingering coughs, asthma, chronic nasal • catarrh and kindred maladies, have be:-n Skillfully reproduced in a book of ifio pages which will be mailed to you, on receipt of address and six cents in stamps, You can then write those cured and learn tbcirexpericncc. Address Won t.P'S DISCK.V- -*ARV MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Buffalo. N, Y. A HOY BADLY HURT. A llt'livy Ur:iy CroimeM the S-'odr of F.ljihc-Vriti-OKI Karl William*. Earl Williams, ao eight year old boy, ur 'r> nf Hrtr«yv VVillUima, tat) PAD Htti.dle r-iiuii.ni!! 1 . WRS run over yesterday at r.oon uy a, 2,500 pouecl dray, •belonciofr,' t() Honry Roncb Thu bo\ was returning from school to hie home atNo. 1601 Marke", street when the j-iirii: accident occurred. The poor lad's body was so terribh crushed uero-s the mldi!l« that It wat- feared the hurts might prove very •fleriotia He WHS carried in hl« home, .whcro I).- M. A. J'jrdiin found him, still liv^n-ible, antl aut'td.irt to hi* -bruises. When '"MS (iccldent, happened, thf roti rn>v with ijKvera! others, WBI- ntr "'i trio dray, whi-ft thi! Ufi fortuOHti- '.m- missed hl.s footing 1 and foil bo'.wi-.-n tho erut'l whirls. MI blatno c-in in NU".«hi'd to tho driver o' thuvwhlc-K It Is thought thru the lojui'i-d iful -vlU rfci'ivor. A SlJK.I'RUiK BASQUEI 1 . At tliti U, A. St. JInll Liint Mjshf—The W. K. C- linden AHtonlMli ' li« <!• iui*Ad<*H of I'owt li'ourttti n. Without an intimation or warclnp • to ti-c iiD'-ii'M.rt.-s of Post No. 1-1, tho ' ladlos of tho \V, K. C. N'o. 11 o:irrioi; .. to tbu 'ods.'o ruora all tho catubies and »cooa:ii>rl<:r' for a Splendid raoquet Tho Hi«rn?i'->-s of the Grand Army post .wr-ro oortftlaly completely nstoundec woun, in. mo close of ihe business- meoitng tir-s ladlos marched in, boar- IUR 'fii') nn-ke'8 that were later to ni. emptied of .delioaoies .iod nil sorts of good in the lion of fliUabltf. In every r«- •pect ''lo suread WAS a success. After justlcj b'»-.i been done the collation •peecbos wrrt in order, aod impromptu remarks ware made by comrades Rob' Insoo, MoKoo, Strain, Swlgart. Winters »nd L'ntfin.' and by »lstor» Brown. Twelb uad utbei'8. Too mst-i-iiiu last night of the tf. A R. Po.-t, wii.t (or the purpose of talk- IDJT ovor thu coming dopartmeat of ludtann enciitapinont at Munclo. It i.- prob:ib'« inn.t a larpe -delegation will atiuo'i from Lopt'itipport. >.->>• Municul Ci>ni|)OMltIon». TD« Journal ha8 received a recent publlca'lon of a musical composition 'of Pruf. Max Mattes of LoganSpOrt. It 1» n -I'pr.itio solo, the words by W. L. Dy- s r, i-rid Is called, "For too He.nri Liko Birds uf Pa?9»ge." Prof. Ma'to . har< boaa widely congratulated on tht- oomposltlon, which promises to become genoraliy popular. A rcuatcal com position for the 'man doiin, •-Black Boys'Frolic" hss been l*tued from the John Church company •of New York, and the Journal is in debted to the composer, Edpar E. Powell, for a copy of ine piece, wbicb has hoen plajed wiih great success by the Elite Mandolin olob, of which Mr. Powul.1 to tho director. Notice of Klecilon. Ther»i will oe a m-e'-iuR of tho con- jfrecaiion of the Cumrierland Preiby* torUr. Crsurch of Locaneport, Ind., on Thursday evening, March 28, 1895 for tho purpose of electing trusttee. Ono for tbo ier m, of ooe year, Oi e tor two yeurs, and ona for ibree year^ .from April 1, 1895. By order of tht -Church session, ; S, Clerk. EIGHT HONORED SEVENIY-FlVE loinkten Were Fed mud lodged by Cut* Conniy Limt <tq»ner— The Bill ill «OOO, Sheriff Horn burg's bill /or furnish. ing plain prub and bedding to a grand aggregation of 875 prisoners, lodgers ana unfortunates during the last three mouths baa been handed to the Cass county commissioners, The claim i» $600. On account of the rigorous winter, the number of wayfarlnfi or-e night stand lodgers, waa unusually largo laet quarter. The chilled tour iota invaded the breakfast table at the jail by tens aod scores last winter. u.nd up to the present every night a number of tbo weary ones are loflfri-d. A Coming WecKllns. A wedding v. ill occur Thu red «y a-. 11 a. m., at the horns of Mr. and Mrs. Wood Hart of Plum street. The Kuv. C. B. Wellborn will join la marrinRe Cbarlesj McGowau ac-d Ml*m Alice- U'hitfield. Mr. McGo^a-u id the wuli known Pan Handle tiag^agB master. -ir.d tte prospective bride is an accjm plUht-d lady. \ SlH <-l>t-Sl'lll A supper and social given last oven I rip at the UaivorRalUt church by the young people of ihe coogregtttion WB well patronized. An excellent gup per .was served and almost §20 wen cleared. The fund was tui ned ove; to tho pastor. John Sillier Heard From. Somo time HPO. John Miller, i .young maa of Wa*hlogtori township left hia homo suddenly and m\ sicri ously. He has recently been hearc from, he belnp at Dayton, Ohio, ano steadily employed. TURNING B'LIND AT NIGHT. Gunned by Slooplnc In tho Moonlight and Common AinonK Indlaa Natives. Ifight blindness is a rare condition in which a person toward evening 1 finds that objects are becoming 1 less and less distinct, and at last ho is totally blind. This may occur without previous warning and causo great alarm, says the Philadelphia Record, and next morninf, ho finds that his sight is restored This is repeated every night, but at last the eyes become weak during the day and suffer paralysis of the optic nerve Thia strange affliction runy become epidemic. It has attacked bodies of troops exposed to great -fatigue and the glare of the sun's rays. If theru arc no symptoms of disease within the brain recovery generally results by protection of the eyes from the light and entire repose. Jt is seldom met with in this country except among sailors just returned from the tropical regions. It is frcqtiorit among the natives of some parts of India, \vlio attribute it. as our own sailors do, to sleeping exposed to the moonbeams. The more probable cause of ths a ("action is, however, exhaustion of tho power of the retina from ovorc.vcitement or from excessive light, so!'.nit it is rendered incapable of iiri;iriK;Uili"|? the weaker stimulating action of twilight or moonlight. All that suggests itself in the way of treatment is to protect the eye?, from strong light, during the ilrsy !».:i('. to proscribe quinine and a uoin-Ulixng mixed diet. •i u,' ;*oiciu-o or i-jatisii:. \Vc hear ;'. great deal in these later days about the science oi' cooking, but Germany is going a step farther nn-.i i investigating the science of eating. In other words, the government has allowed the establishment of an. experimental elass among the soldiers for the purpose of a comparative; study by specialists of different diets, times of eating, amount of food taken, etc. It is hopctl,.in time, to learn something definite about what mnn ought to eat, and how and when he ought to cat it. It does not do to say that nature has given, us appetites for t.his purpose, for appetite is easily perverted, and probably not one person in a thousand has a •'natural" appetite. A Swiss statistician, who evidently has not a great deal to do, has taken the trouble to count the number of steps he took in walking during a whole year, and informs the world that the number is !>,700,900, an average of nearly 27,000 each day. Now, if some one will count the step's the average housewife takes in a year, the world will begin to understand something of what it means to rear and care for a family.—Womankind. T.lrd* In Winter Storms. That great snow storms are destructive to our larger birds, as the crows, and even to robins and blackbirds, is known, and how it happens that they do not at such times ily beyond the storm's area is not readily explained: but the small seed-eating birds fare pretty well, judging from appearances. There was a lively little kinglet to-day, tho only one I saw, that peeped into every uncovered cranny of the bark of an old oak, and once. I know, pulled something out which it swallowed. The tall weeds that now were bent with snow \\ould soon stand upright aguin and then the seeds that ^iil were hold intact would be found by the Inisv sparrows. As to the whitethroats, or Pea body birds, they always seemed to lazy too eat.—Lippincott's. Eccentric ludlaiiu .Epicures. A So-.itli Bend paper has found two epicurean monstrosities in that ci'y. One oats raince'pic with cold, tea riml the other puts sugar in his oyster sony Weak Nerves Indicate as surely .as-any physical symptom shows anything', that the organs and tissues "of the body are not satisfied -with their nourishment. They draw their sustenance from the blood, and if the blood is thin, impure or insufficient, they art: in a state of revolt. Their coi::;;]u.ints are made to the brain, the king 1 of the body, through the nei"'ou> system, and the result of the general dissatisfaction is call Nervousness. A LL DISEASES of the blood are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which by its vitalizing, enriching, and alterative effects makes'only PURE !L>OOD. This is a concise, reasonable explanation of the whole matter. The cure for Nervousness, thru, is Biinple. Farify and enrich yo;:r V:;.:;ii by taking Hood's Sarsapari •' i. a;:;i ti.i- nerves, tissues and organ--- .:lll 3'::v••• tho heuitlit'ul nouri-limcuti! y cr:;\ :-. Ncn'ousiK'-'s up.i.1 Vi'ccikne.-v \.'.'I1 t .,.ii jfivo v, - :iy'lo si.ivnu'th and lic:inh. " That, iiiis is not theory but fur;, i: proven by iheviUuitury suitciy.fi 1 '.- I/L llioiu-aiuls curoii ')>" JloodV Sarsupu- rilla. llcatUl'.o next eo!u:i (T3 z]l/ fc] "Wit'upleasurolwfll stato that Hood'r Sarsaparilla has helped me wonderfully. For several months I could not lie down to sleep on account ol heart trouble and also Prostration of the Nerves. For three years I bad been doctoring, but could not get cured. I received relief for a while, but not permanent. Soon alter beginning to take Kood's Sarsaparilla there was a change for tbe better. In a short time I was feeling splendidly, I now rest well and am able to do v.'ork ol whatever kind. If I bad not trio.d Hood's Sarsaparilla I do not know ivbat would have become of me.' I keep it in my house all tha time, and other members of the family take it, and sll say there is Nothing Like Hood's ! Jiurstiparilla. I have h.'^hly recommended ] iuiiidonoof my iH>ujhN,r.-has commenced ! Oikiug it. I rpconir;!'-!!:-; Hood's Sarsapa- • rills at every opr.ov j EKAPDOCK, 4(M Erie i Pennsylvania. r." MRS. £- \Yillmr.ispOrt, Bo sure to set JAPAN AND CHINA. Simm or th" I'iiim* I" Hi 1 Wlscuiificrt at the IVi'K'i- » onlVriMxrr. '),i>.vw>v. .March !'.'.—The Time 5 ; cor- ivspimiK-i,! in Vi-lnnir snys: China, llirnnjrli l : ni\i-il Sl;iU's Ministers IK-nby inul .Dun. hus ;i--.vi-il that tho points to bo di.scn.vii'il :il. tlie peace conference with ,l;ip::ii sliiill include: The independence ol' Con/:'., the cession of territory, the i>:;ynii/iit of Mich tin indemnity us the envoys m.-iy dctcnuinc. 'No imperial edict re- ];ilin;i- to the war has appeared in ;i inmnh u.'iu :io reference to the peace neyutia.llc.ms has been published. There is ostensible harmony timonjj; tho hitfh officials here as to Chin:i.'s attitude towards Japan, for the abandoning of the \v:ir policy is now -renc-rally reuo<rn inert as Uio only possible course. The Central ,N"c\vs corrcsp-.'iidfTJt ill Shan-rlia: confirms the above dispatch as to the status ol' the negotiations between those countries "for a peace conference. 'He donies the report that China has acceded to Japan's demands nnd is ready to si^'ii the Ireaty of peace. That report, lie says, is pure fiction. TO CROSS NIAGARA IN CARS. .Vorlnl Triiinwajr t'onipmy Wnnts Aulilior- iiy 1.0 Srrcti'li Wire.'*. LocKi-oi:-! 1 . X. Y.. -March J2.—Attor- ney ("enrtfi' "\V. ron 7i t!. one of the dT- rectors of the Aerial Tramway company. h;;s sens to Albany a bill iiutliorixins 1 his company 10 erect a tower and hunlijiy: place in the state, reservation park- for the use o' a scheme whifli will be. one of tlif eii-ineei-iiiff U'ivinphs of the a^-i.'. A si'n.ii!;ir urn- has liecn. ob Ciiiu-d \vith roiVrciieo t" • Queen Yii-.'.;>ria park from lli>- Ca'ui.'Vian <rov- r-'.':ii:.'C!it. Lea-.!',,>::' ' '•.::i:,di:i n politicians :-.iv 'mien.-;!" i lii i;.k- eiiU'i"_-i-i:-:e. The i".)-.':.<-.:\" : i-.-.i.). •.- ;.,) ct.-.-.-y tourists ;;<•';•! .; \!\.'. .'l\ \ •-.:':i r:vc>'. [>vi.':- l',iic l>i-'::i'.; of ihe i: :; .:-.:i-l. :i:nl 30 feet cl.ov, 1 t!:. 1 I": 1 '.'':'. ' •>.•.''•"",. A di.nilih; set, of w.. ',;< , -.vi'; :> -, >'. retched froii: t,!:;' \."""~-.' >'•> ' ' • i.'anailijin anil tv-.-.-,-:.•:• n:i (/.int. :^-:: ••.-'.. ( '>n thus-.: cables ca'.v-!;U;.' c^r.-. '.ii'p •••', susin-r.ik'e. liy tvo'iU'vs a'.'.d n;i-... l.'.l by electricity fro:ii t!:o AnU'i-ie:::! -.i.'u'. CHURCH RiOT. Polish C:itiicill<w Jliii-i' » I.'irrly Tims lit OJWH.V, Xcb.. March 12. — The row in tte - Polish Catholic church here culminated in a riot Tuesday morn:'.::?. Just after mass about forty of the opponents of Father Kaininski, who are upheld by the bishop, entered the cruwch nrmed with revolvers, ax- liunilleS and pick-handles, and beffan a violent attack upon the couTivg-ation. •About t wodoxen shots were exchanged. Several men were shot, ODC seri- ouslv. Father Kaiuinski shot one man"in the leg-, lie alleges in self-defense. A warrant has been issued for his arrest He belongs to the order, of Franciscan monks. Two factions have been fig-hting- for some time for possession of this church. The district court a'few weeks ago decided against Kamiiiski, but pending- appeal to the suorerue court his faction has retained possession. Tried to Keirlster lllesmHy. svr I'OK'IC. Jlarch \2. — Joha Downs, jcorRC iving, and James E. Otis., charged with conspiring to violate the election registration laws, were found, uilty and sentenced each to 1 year in the penitentiary. ES^It is all a mistake for this admi.n- .stration to attempt to outline a foreign policy until it lias a domestic pol- icv.— Toledo Elade. i llovr to I'lsar. /Ipplc Trcrs. i There is a deplorable tcndcr.cy among ! tipple orchard planters t:> :;ot, the trees ! too 'close togo'-hor. .VumL-rous or- : shards, jr.st coming iiito Vnvhig, have their uri-es only twc.-'-'-y-tw'" and twcn- '| tv-l'our feet apart, with Innbs almost interlocking, while Uitis y^uug. The smallest li;uit .sljotilil bo two rods, or ihh-ty-thvec u-el, tii-rty-rr-'c feet, would be better. ni:d Lhirty-cightor forty still better. \Vhcn the trees get large and their limbs meet passage through the orchard with horses is obstructed, as well .as cultivation. Further, tho ground so densely shaded becomes sour and unproductive, so far as tine fruit is eoni'crned. pUMQTHERS R .... We Oiler You a Remedy Which B Insure* Safety to Life ol Mother »nd Child. ft oitm» FRIEND ,obs Confinement of its Pain, Horror and Risk. \ftcr usinc one bottle of "MOTHERS* FIUEND" I suffered bill llttlo pain, ant! did n- noi experience ttut wcaknefs »ftem-ard. ft usual In auoli owes.—ilBS. Axxn GAGE, |t Bailor Sprtnga, Kan. Kt Se^'-bv Mail or Erpross. on receipt of prie« f ti wr bottle. Book to Moth«rit muled , Free. SoldbyallDm«ri5t», , [ BIUPOTLD RECU1ATORCO., AU«nt», C«. i j 'I ox, Mavch 10. — The treas-' ui-y eonilition foi- 'the first third of Jit'.trch shows that receipts aggregated 5'.). I);.'"). Ono and the expenditures £i 1.354,- UOO, or an excess of tin: expenditures over receipts of 5~,0:j'.lO-ja . of tli« Str;>uu"i- IVtbskfy Get ST. JoSEi'ir. Mich,, March 12.— The stoumer '1'etosliuj-. which lias been loulcod in the ice in this harbor for more out lh;in t\vo raoinlis, succeeded in <retting' Tuesday mornitifr and will, start on her regular trips to Milwaukee. iMital ficu at Viuunuii, Trl'ls. JI'ILWAUKKK. M.iri:h 12. — A spec:;il from Waiiptin s:i.ys ;i destructive flrc oeeiirvud :it that place Tuesday n.io rn in -r. Six puvsoni wure injured, tme 1'iiUilly. The pecuniary low ag- ''rej'ules S-iO.OOO. THE MARKETS. Uniin, l^ruvlf^loiis, I ; ,to. CHICAOO, ^^rtrch 1i 7'T.orn-Quiot but ilrmly hold. Quotable: •\vintPT— P-.aciifs, ?-:.M;is,orii Mraights, «.:w.i ifii); clo:il-K. Sil.'i 2.3i); sccnu.ls, c I.UH'iCL'.OU: low cr;irlcs, $1.00 l.Si. Spl'hi,'-l':it,oilLs. IH-OOiJ :).50. strtilKhls. Si IO'«.T.">: li-iljcrs', fl.Si-j. low tri-aili;*. *!."= il-H": ]; ° l! U°x- *].ii"'i Kvo. i~ iiu.i-'.ril). WjiEA'r— Active anil unsettled and higher. Osisli, SSSCOc: May, SSJdv'M.'.c: July, . r )7!iL5 i''oiiN— Active :uid flrin. Ko: 2 and N'o. 2 Yullow, -15=: >•'<>. 3. -lasJ-W'/Sc; Xd. 3 Yellow. -I3H (tWin; May. •IC'^M'lic; July, JOE PALMER'S GOOD FIGHT. Th« Latter Pmrt nt It WM Wlthont Thumb*, IJnt H« Won. "In those days." said the man with the broad white hat who is spending a few days in Louisville, "Creede was a booming- camp. You can make books on that. And it was a camp that it pleased an old-timer to set foot in. Tenderfcet were not stacking up aguitist the fellows then. It was a reminder of Doadwocxi and Lcadvillc. It was a reminiscence of "40," quotes the Louisville Couricr-Journ.il. "Bin, ;vs 1 was saying, that fiffht that' Joe ralrner made ttjr.iinst tho 'Orleans Kid" was as good and f^imo a fig-lit as a man uvor saw. 1'ahnor is ill Denver now. What doos he do 1 . 1 Well, everything-; for Joe is 11,11 all-around gambler. Down in Creede ho-i-un a house for.'efi' Smith. The Kid came in there one tiijriit aud ^ot noisy and nlnisive. The fa'd that he had killoti f<mr men didn't, out :::iy figure wilii .lc,e. ::nd he politely but firmly lo'.d hi-.n to s;et iv.it. The Kkl in ft su'ildly and v,-e fellows at tin 1 tables, w;U..'hi;;-r the ;i!::y l;e;wecn l.::r:is of tlie cards, j'.;st look r. liver, in o::.- inner ooiiscioiisiies 1 *. th.'it thero'd be tror.b'.e bef>r.v murniiitr. "Joe sti-npi'i! oat of t'.ie plaee a little :ifti:rw:::\i. He was ^\>ne lull a r.io:uont. or t\vo wiien we lii-ard ;i ,-!nst. \>c spninsr up frur.i oi:r I'liips. U-avi:!;r our be'.s on the hiyont. and rushed ouiside. And there we saw a tjjyht. ••Piihin.'r was suiinlin;j in the luiddle of the street, rijfht under tlie electric liu-lit. In tho briyht jrlare he was the fill rest oi targets. The Kid was by the corner in the shadow of the stores.. Koth of them were blazing 1 away at less than thirty puces. The Kid's second bullet struck Joe in the thumb of his pistol hand and the prun fell to the ground, Joe picked it up witli his left hand and wont on shooting. Another bullet from the Kid's pistol struck Joe's loft thumb and tho six-shooter dropped uijain. We all thought Joo wor.ld run then, sure, because we couldn't sec how he could uver cock his ffun to l;oep up tlie fifj-ht. ile stooped over, as cool as you please, ^nibbed hisg-un in his right hand and cocked it by rubbing itdown- wnrd against his leg. "When the two men had used up all their cartridges and the fiffht was over the Kid stiiscored away. Lie had lost. Four of Joe's six bullets had hit him. He won out, thouffh, in liis ling-ering- six wcclts' game with death, and got well enough to kill :i man up in Duluth and ffo to the Minnesota pen." .. "Ovrs— Firmer ar.d higher, witli fair trading. No. 2, -A", May, I9^''62a?i'c; July. SSJiiS Samples Urmor. Ko. 3. 'J'.>-?i'cfr30i:; No. :i \Vlilic, 31'//fi32Mc: No. 2, 20;.(-aa»ic; No. 2 White. 32 — Steady and supply small. No. i in store, 51',ic: sample lots, M-giSSc outside choice: No. 3, about -iSSHOc: May dolivery, S3«@r.3e. BAULBV— Finn and a shade tiinhcr. Xo. 4. 50 (fJ51o; No. 3. 52SJO-IC for fair to choice, and Xo. 2.54®SSc.. MESS PORK— Trading was quite active asid prices higher. Quotations ranged at 811.40 GkllWA for cash rot;ular; $11.33^11.50 for March, and JlMoSH.GT'M for May. LARD— Fairly active and hii:lier. Quotations tanced at IttaJHaawK f° r '-'.sh; $6 0*36,70 for March, and $0.72' / 4fj;a.82!/ ! for May. LIVE POULTRY— Per pound: Turkeys, SSlOo; Chlclcens. Wflfic; Ducks. 93! le; Geese, pei dozen. S3 00 aa 00. BUTTKtt-Creamery, 102.13-: dairy, TjJKic; Pncl:liiB Stock, 5S8c. LKJCOHS— Whisky quoted steady at $1.2Stf per gallon for highwlnes. XE^V YORK. March 12. Fi,om— State and western quiet, flrm. WHEAT— Xo 2 red activu and excited at JI£® 1'n'c advance on higher cables: covernoient report. Jorcisn buying aod decidedly hishcr west: declined H^;«o on freo HquidatioDs: rallied *»-Mc on covering; arm at I!jai5£c up. May, 01 ;»*«3c: Ju'-y- Ol "-l83Cle: August, BtH'd Ii2c: September, Cl.'i'Sti'J^c. CORN— Xo. 2 stronger, moderately active. May. Gl-LolUc: July, 50Ji5^lc*. September, sio; Xo. -. Sl®--i2;io. OATS— .^a i quist. firmer. Jlay. 33, : i'SS33to; State. 37(g^lc: western. M3-*le. BEEF— Dall, uncnaoBPd. POKK— Firm, quiet. Jless. SllOoaiioO. LARD— Quiet. lirm. Steam-rendered. $7.01 BCWEB— Qutot. veal;. Western dairy, s-JJ 12^-c: do. creamery new. IS'SIDi;: do. old. 9 / 15c; do." factory, 7>412c; lilgins. I9c: imitation creamery. 9®13«c. CHEESE— Fancy flrm; fairly active. Stats larje. OfJUl-jC; do. fancy colored. HXc: da •white, lie: do. small, D^IJiac. EGOS— Liberal supply: lower. 'tVester.'j, 13Hc; southern, 12M^Jl3c. Live !-tork. CHICAGO, March 12. . HOGS— Market fairly active. Opened rather stronc. but soon- weakened and prices declined ac.' Sales ranged at $3.1534-15 for PI'RS; H.05&4.:«forlii:al.: S4.03Q,4.15 for roush pacliiwr: j,J.05it4.43 for mixed, and H-Oa-1.5i for heavy packing and shipping lots. CATTLE— Market rather active, and. Uie feel- 1ns was flrm. with prices »c higher. Quoia- tlons raasert at £i30 j.M for choice to extra shipping steers; .54. K* •'£•"'• 33 for sood to choice (Jo.: S4.30&5'JOfor fair to (Too:!: *3.30 v4.5D for common to medium do.: ?t G"iS' 10 for Batchers 1 Steers: }i<r;<?,3.r>0for Stockers: mo^tu lor Feeders; $1.50 -7.3 35 for Cows: ?3.'J054.2i for Heifer-;- Ji(HT.4.7Ti lor Bulls: ,J3.«,'>.-i.eO for TOXJS- Steers! :m.l -JiMi-'J" for Veal Calves. A PROFITABLE INVESTMENT. BoMplit :i Claim for 81OO, WbicJl Wir.liln K Month Yielded W13.OOO. The history of gold mining in California is full of instances where abandoned claims have subsequently yielded a rich return and where shafts sunk as far as capital would permit have afterwards urado rich fortunes for more fortunate capitalists. The stories told about such experiences in the Coinstoek and in other famous mines are as household words in m:.-iing circles, and there arc occasional anecdotes in connection with less historical enterprises. One story relates to tho casual \'isit of John Jillson to Siskiyou county years ago in search of a. recreant debtor who owed him five hundred dollars, says the .S;ui I'Vuucuseo Cl:ronicl«: Times were hard, and Jillson. when ho found his man, accepted two hundred dollars "on account,'' and started home again. "What ^ tand worth here?"' asked JillsoiJ. "Not much of anything," was the reply. "But you fellows seem to like it," persisted J'.Usoii. "Only because we can't get away." "What will you take for your claim?" asked Jillson. "One hundred dollars cash." "Done," .said Jillson, going clown into his pocket. . Tlie price was paid, a deed given, the seller: walked away, the buyer took off his coat and went to work. The next day ha struck it rich, and in a month cleaned up thirteen thousand dollars. There was a crowd on the street corner below a sky-scraper in course of erection, says Vanity. Fair. A painter b.i.d let his pot of preen paint fall, and the emerald liquid now streaked the sidewalk gorgeously. About this a crowd of idlers had gathered. A newcomer, trying- to push his way to the unseen mag-net of attention, met a man equally eager to get out, and accosted him: "What's it all about?" "Nothing much."said the othi^r: "just a u Irah- nmn had a .V Sturm at Sem. Increases tbo discomfort of the vojager, But ev>n when tte weather Is not tempestuous He la Hi Die to ten sickness. They who traverse tbe ••gtirdmlc "'etnpfS" should lie pn.vldefl with Bos- ttiter's Stomach Bitters, whlc.ti quiets disordered siumachs wlili frratlfilnR spe^d and certainty. To th.- hurtful indueni e ul a tropic, malarious er too rlRorous or camp climate, as well as to ibe iMjierul eiJects of unwtiole ome diet and bad water. 1C is a reliaole ruitldoie. Commercial travelers M sea ?r land, mariners, miners, w-st- ern pioneers, and all who have to encounter vtcisslttdes of climate and tempera.UTB, co icui in pronouncing Jt the best r-afetfuard. It prevents rhrumatlsm aud pulmonary attnclc In consequence of damp hnd cold, and'lt Is an • efficient defence against all forms of n:alnrla. It ca > be depended upon In dyspepsia, ll\er a d kidney trouble. For Or»r Klltj Team vlrs. Window's Sootdjofe Syrup has neen used for orer flfty 3 ears by nail•ions of mothers for tbeir cbtlcren vbSJe teethicf?, wi;h perfect success. 11. soothes the child, sofiecs tbt guu>c. -.ll&isall pain, cures wild colic, and * the best remedy for dlarrtom. I> *i 1 relicTe tbe poor lutle sufferer im- •oediately. Sold by druggist in e^ery jr.rt of the world. Twenty-five ceat*. i bottle. Be Sure and ask for 'Mrs VVinslow's Soothing Syrup," and take; DO other kind. KNOWLEDGE :Srings comfort and improvement and '.>i:ds to personal enjoyment \vhen "Kluly used- The many, who live bet- .Wf thiin others and enjoy life moiv, with •«ss expenditure, L;- "more promptly -,.i:iptin!? tlie world's bo-st pmducta to • -\-> needs of physical being, will attest -'value to l:s:\lth of the pnivjiquid •_\:-.tive principles embiaced in tlie -.iiiedy. Syrup ot Figs. ft.* excellence is due to its presenting • ;>.<? fovrc. most acceptable and pleas- ,:ir to the taste, the refreshing nnd truly •v::cfici:il proportios of .1 perfect lax- ,!ive; eiTecui.-illy clraiising the syswm, i^snellint; colds,' heiidftdies and fevers ......i nerinanciuly curing constipation. ; : has given sai.isfaot.ion to millions and vu>tVith*lio approval of the medical ..mfession, beciuso it nets on tlie Kid- ''C.TS, Liver and Bowels >vifhout weaK- •.iiiiir them and it is perfectly free from -very objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug^ .• \SK in 50c aud'Sl bottles, but it is ir.au- if.-ictured by the California Fig Syrup ;'.,. only, whose name is printed on every ...icl;age, also the name, Syvup of Figs, ^nd being well informed, yon will no': -•^-ept; any substitute if »«•—*'- PAP CALENDAR For # * * I I895i A Desk Calendar is s. necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest nnd handsomest O f a i]_(ull of dainly sillioucties nnd pen sketches nnd entertaining ihoughts on outdoor exercise owi sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and oi your need ol one. You won't object to that, of course. Tlie Calendar will be mailed for live 2-cent stamps. Address Calendar Department, ,' Mei.u POPE MFG. CO,, uoo ihn piper. 1'ills, Tliclr L'M! cm! Abuse. Pills are by far the best cathartic i to use, but you must not abuse their use by baoitually depending on them for daily stool.". If you will use Rioehari'6 1'iils you will find them to regulate the bowels nod afford reeular acd free dnily stools, by an occasional aose of one piH Sold by B. F. Kees- liD£ Hud Keystone drup store. Children Cry for ditcher's O If you lack strenptb, with, no appetite, take Ricehart's Pills. Oaeadose. Sold by B. F. Keesliog and KejBtone store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. r*le LIpi »nd Fluthed Che«k« Are a eure sign of fetonuch wormy __i_n children, and If not removed tbeejmp. tome are more alarming by frightful dreame, nervousoeee and epaeme. The best remedy to use isKinebart'a Worm Lozenges. They always remove all klnde of worms and the worm neBt. Sold by B. F. Keeeling and Keystone drugstore. •When Babr w«« «lcfc. w« •Wbmibe wa» a ChDcJ. sue cried for CosurU. •Wben mo Decame illia, ate CIUDR to CastorVfc Wbm uus ton Qiluiwn, toe £«•« unan C«*ock, If your child has pale l!p« or le fretful. Rive Rinehart's Worm Lozenges. Sold by B. F. Ksealiog and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cartoria. Vandalia Line JE On April 2 and 30, 1S95, home seeker's excursion tickets will be on eale at very cheap rates to various points in tbe South and Southwest. For rales, limit stopover privilges. etc., apply to J. C. EPGE WORTH. Agt-, LogaEBport, led.

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