The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on November 25, 1894 · 22
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 22

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 25, 1894
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22 : STOCKS, CHEAP GR DEAR? Twentv active stocks closed yesterday at i average of S54. r Same twentv setlve stocks averajreo Nnrem :Kr 2.". IS'".. J."-". or 2 percent higher than f yesternav average. f psrskxt it.rt.s are now oni.t TKRCKNT FROM THE LOWEST POINT THIS ( TEAR. Shareholders and Bondholder tfthoaM Inform themselves of the condition of the Investments thev hold in any corporation, .TlTIROr or Ixnt'STRIAL. and also of the 'est stocks to make money In. by sending for nr "400 r.xiE MAM al.. illustrated, witti railroad maps, showing the location of the tirlnctnal roads, and giving hleiiest and lowest r . . . cTAef! iii ! t pri.tTi ior ICU TCMlIf VI OlWaiJ, ' . ISO, COTTON and GRAIN. ISSFEO GRATIS AND MAILED FREE. Mil mill Mil THE Ft'A3iCIAL BESPosmii.iTr of the firm TOF DEAL WITH IS A IMPOR-TAXT AS SF.LECTIX6 THE SIGHT BTOrkS. STOCKS BONDS GRAIN I bought and Bold for cash or on 3 to 5 percent martin. Twenty years experience, largest clientele, lost commodious offices, best brokers ire service. NATIONAL BANE REFERENCES FURNISHED. Private Wires to Boston and Chicago, HAI6HT & FREESS BANKERS COMMISSION STOCK BROKERS, 63 BROADWAY, NEW YOKE. BRANCH OFFICE, USS Broadway, next to Del monloo's, near 28th st. Iirect Wires. BARREL GARDEN BEAT. Wlth Ingenuity a Comfortable Chair May be Made. P X have Just seen a sketch of s very primitive, but yet I Imagine comfortable, garden chair made out of a bax-f reL with the aid of a few extra staves or ifjirds. ' First, you must take the head off the tjarrel and fasten the hoops with some ixtra nails. Then mark with a pencil (the part which must be cut away to : leave the shape of a chair, and along this mark a piece of hooping must be nailed to prevent the staves coming apart when the sawing begirs. To make the chair the barrel, of course, stands upright, and you should ! cut it about half way up for about a third of Its circumference, and cut gradually upwards till you have left a ' shaped hollow, curved something: like kthe arms of a chair, and with the whole bight of the ban el to form the back. Then nail a few pieces of wood across !the front of the hollow, and upon them Jay the head of the barrel. That makes the seat, and with a cushion or two In- , side, and a little paint to smarten It up i outside, you have your garden chair. . (txentiewomart. THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE SUNDAY, NOVE3IBER 25, 1894 THIRTY-SIX PAGES. DARTMOUTH "NOT IN IT." FAILED TO SCORE. Bulls and Bears Forsook the "Street" for the Springfield Gridiron Meanwhile Stocks Took Good Care of Themselves Sugar and the Grangers Fared Well Bank Surplus Piling Ud in New York Boston Houses Bid for the New Bonds. Chic Jane pref . . . Chicago A W, . Chic. K I A rac . FltC.bnrg pref . .. Mei!-an Central. Old Colon v West Bad West End pref. . . TO 103 103 1021-5 103 20 97la t7V 10 filii, i:0T 3 .Mi B MO 13 ISO SSO ft 9 104 85 MINING ISO ISO 85 TV. 179 69 59 1401 30 100 SO -.;- ni-t-i 4 283 100 21s Bostrn A Mont dob.r. no Int. . . RutteA Hosion.. Calumet Hecla Lake Superior. . . MISCELLANEOUS 29 , 2PV4 nT SO lO&a IVj 1Mi K3 280 284 Bi&a .. 194 194 AN INCIDENT OF LAST WEEK'S GAME. 3 195 195 2 128 128 90 62V, VpM 62i 521 100 34i 344 . . 347's 20 155 155 154 155 30 14"g 14Ti 10 Mtl 96 P5li 5Va SO 61V, 51 51 61 Am Fell Tel 1 Mfon Elec Illu. Krle Tel ;en Electric. . . . Pullman Pal Car. Tenn Coal A Iron. 1 S Rubber pref. We sting Eltvprf. UNLISTED SECURITIES Am "near Ref . . . HW 38 . - v 700 12Mi 13 1174j Th'H series P.... 2 84 34 S-U s -1 - 12 S4 Pi dividend. Assessmnt paid. Total sales Bonds 18,175. stock 4450. nnllsted shares 1835. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. Yesterday' Closlns: Bond and Stock Transaction. JJF.W YORK, Nov 24-Following are the closing prices of bouds, compared with those of yesterday: Sot Not I 23 24 f 4. res. . 1 1 5 115 do roan. .115 115 do "1 ... . 'i Not Not 23 14 NT.c.t Jtl . .1017J, lOlTJ, MTf,t Osllli 1 1H doAs. rep.ll7t4 I17t:.!SoPac lsu.115 111 . . . 1 1ll 1 I . . O Jul'. BUI . do 3 !s! ! ! HOi., noi do eon 5s. 283 28 65Si j S 'west . on . 142 V 142s do conn . . 1 1 7" 11T3.- Vac Bs.95. . 101 lOl r C 3.G5S. . llo HO Atchison 4s. 66'i CiaSSA.-. IWH ifi vriiir.1 isw. Can So2ds. 10,1V, 105V,! do 5s... 52V 63 fenPae ltsl02Vi 102j Or NaTlsts.lo9i 10i,j C A 0 lsts. . 107 107 do con 5s. 71 71 0regShL6s 871.4 87Vt toss. . . . 45V s . . . v. a 78 ch a n v r rrcal.... 404 401 PARC. ltti. 113 113 dnia. 82" 82M, Frie2ds.... 72V, 721. lttrflno28 rwADlsta, 74 74 iROWlsU.. 70Vi lro 87 IOS 10() sn hBs ffone Into insolvency. His assets are the furniture, fixtures ami tools. Hvman Silverman, instalment goods, this" citv, has gene into insolvency. okn,i T-r "Ratssett. driirrist. doing business under the style of Jos. T. Brown i TT'p'I'l TToeTr VlRtilTlS to thft & Co formerly at 169 Tremont st. has ; Cll EittaY V lULllua LU LUC gone into insolvency, owing S,WW. 1 ne upsets are in ine nanus 01 r.icij e-- to whom an assignment was recently made. He offers his creditors lo percent. , , The Gay-Woodman company, boot and shoe manufacturers. Auburn. Me. has had a creditor's petition in insolvency brought against it. a settlement in insolvency being desired. G,IIA8A5s. 95 do 2d 5s. . . C.enElecSs. 87 HoasATC5fl05 do con ! 100 Iowa c ln. Kan Peon.. .. Kan I Its 75 28i 70 I 1 .t Ir Mo gen .'.. . .. 791 T0 Stl..ts Keen !00 10OV, St Peons.. .. 132' j si 1 , t nic .1 78 I rel.- .1"4 I19S4 sopcallsisiog 108 DenrliT. 10i-i I0AI4 8ont! r'th 8''.; 8814 M.KATSdt 4a-a e TexPa-lsts 891.4 891.4 Mo!. A ' 4s. 85 Mntl t"n 6s. 108 t'.S 108 r p lsts. . . totvk 10m, Wlht.tHl'iS', KI4L, 'J Cgen5s.ll3H H"4 West Sh 4s lOfi: 4 4 The number of shares sold, with the highest, lowest and closing prices, compared with those of yesterday, follow: RAILROADS Clcslni SPEfFLATlOX. OBSERVATIONS. Not one person In a hundred takes eoe-tenth of the benefit the market offer. In gpec ilntioo yon want to follow It Just as peraistcDtiT as 70a would In conducting any o" the staple branches of trade; following the market up and down. Don't wait for Use market to gx one way. Why is it not well to read the facts and Satires as set forth ry the financial writer or yonr dally newspaper? If reports of earn Ires are large, they should naturally go hisher. Then buy. If earnings run below the standard, the stock should ro lower. Then sell. If Manhattan ming, axe poor which the report plainly shows It to be lower prices on the stock should prevail. If the "Grangers." C. B. 4 Q.. St Paul. Ac., show good earnings, on gvneral principles they should be a good purchase. If the contrary, the prices should drop. rh exidence of this is before you. We feel this 13 the only honorable and eonserratlTe advice which we can giro to would -be specula tors. Don't waste your time waiting for the market to ro one war. The Excbantr-s make quotations every business day. Utilize your time on one side or the other. Call and see us. AU letters of Inquiry promptly answered. F. at. LTTLE fe CO.. 131 Devonshire at. S rxVKsVTMEXTS. s Mr yesterday, but most of its members were The local stock J second week :ln November J7.374.517 fle- . . , ! crease 111,. 620: 79 roads' first week in exchange was open November r.6S6.t1. decrease J372.S05; 111 the usual two hours 1 roads' month of September, gross. J56.- OSS.S57, decrease $3.747.S64. net J1R.857.313. decrease $3.073.S2i; lis roads. Jan 1 to . I . . .- .. --Kl C7C . . . . . . ' either on their way , rt .2. decrease J30.300,710. to Springfield, or gt Paul earnings, third week of S'o-else already on t2ie vember, J6U.t64. decrease J11.220. Bur lington, cedar ttspiai 4- .Nortnern September net J9.400, decrease J76.28S. malned behind paid ber: Georgia railroad 134,127, decrease $34: Toledo. Ann Arbor tc Northern Michigan JSI.0&6, decrease J499: Pittsburg & Western J54.650, increase J14.179; Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic JCO.ub. increase J3&31. BTOund. Those who re- OLD ESTABLISHED Traders' Stock Exchange, ;6 DeTonshirc St., Boston. Ail Boston Stocks, All New York Stocks, Chicago Wheat, Com and Pork, Bcsrtt asi so: I :i large or small let ca Msderate Marg-183. Discreiionsry acconats rrrelre personal attention. Call or send for Book on Speculation and Stock and Grain Fluctuations for 82 Years, FRLE OF CHARGE. SUCCESSFUL SPECULATION Our DAILT MARKET LETTER, since, its rst publication, has had 80 percent of its predictions verified Our WEEKLY MARKET LETTER for out-of-town traders has reached nearly the same average. Traders who follow it are consistent winners. Sent free upon request. Our pamphlets on SUCCESSFUL SPECULATION and TELEGRAPHIC CODE BOOKS will Interest yon. whether you are a trader or not. Sent free. We will handle from $20 to S1000. according to our Judgment baaed on our letters, without requiring the attention of the Investor We have averaeed 10 to 100 percent per month . font on such accounts. Accounts may be closed at any time, FISHER CO.. Stork asad IJrain Broker. 18 and 3f Broadway. Xew York. , Long ris:an.-eTelephone. 68 Broad. p. w. niscon & CO., Bankers and Brokers, 86 A 37 Ames Building, Boston. Telephone 211. Interest allowed on Deposit subject to t !i-k. Orders exernted for Cash or Margin in Stocks, Bonris. drain and Provisions listen on the Boston, 3few Tork and Chicago Kit hansel. Customers can telegraph orders at our exyene. DEALERS IX State, County and City Bonds. Sntf n!8 SUGAR IKLIMITED AX MAN H ATT STOCK EXCHANGE, Cor. Sprin? lane and Deronsblre St., Kouslit ant sold for cash or 1 to 10 percent IKtw- V'Jl KC-l SCr 1OT ID iJUStOH. more attention to football bulletins fro Hampden park than to the quotations o the ticker, and even the opening of the bids for the new bonds at Washington was relegated to second place, a a matter of news. Most of the offices were In pretty close touch with the scene of war by means of telegraph wire and long-distance telephone, and they were not so very far behind the newspaper offices In getting rhe latest returns. There was little excitement In the betting I'.ne, as Harvard money was a pretty scarce ar ticle on the "street." The stock dealings themselves were scarcely worthy of mention, total transactions being only 4450 shares listed. 1S35 shares unlisted and JI?,17o bonds. Prices opened generally firm and i Rothschilds. ciosea steady, with the chief local gains in Boston & Montana and Butte & Boston, the former advancing to SO. and the latter gaining i to 10H- Wall st had a strong close, with sugar up i to 88s, and St Paul, Burlington, Lake Shore. Northwestern and Western Union in the bull ranks. The general financial situation presents no marked change. The bond market is strong, but activity has been somewhat retarded by the uncertainty regarding the bond Issue. Gilt-edged securities are anything but a drug in The announcement that Southern railway securities will probably be listed in Europe brings to surface the fact that Drexel. Morgan & Co quite recently called up 40 percent of the subscription by the original guarantee syndicate of the Richmond Terminal plan. This svndicate agreed to advance J10.-50v.uu0 and receive therefor Js.OOO.OOO new bonds: about J13.0O0.0OO common stock and about J75O.00O of bonds which secured the floating debt. On the payment of 40 percent of the subscription part of these securities have been turned over to the syndicate. It is these securities which are now being shipped In part to the European members of the syndicate, the principal ones being J. S. Morgan &. Co and tne the market. AN The gaze of the business world 1? Just now directed at the Important personality 01 Danger j. r'lerpont Mor gan. As a result of the recent reorganl zatior of the famous firm of Drexel .Morgan & lo, it is not too much to say that Mr Morgan becomc-s the leading financier of the country. Even George Gould and the Vanderbilts will have to take a rear seat, for while they manage a dozen great railroad and other enterprises, Mr Morgan is a controlling spirit in scores. His future career will be watched with universal interest Local Interest centered to an unusual degree In the outcome of tne govern ment loan. The subscriptions from i:oston were heavy. Among the known bidders are Kidder, Peabody & co.; ti. uay A: io, i,.si",gon Merchants rational bank. $500,000: Shaw mut national bank, J300.000, and Globe national Dank. kmj.:. Lee. Higginson & Co have also bid for a large amount. - The New l ork bank statement rhows a reserve increase of J3.0sj3.o.-hj: loans de crease, J3,&33,600. Details follow: Incrense Loans and discounts .J4!.".00".400 r,.iiftC.6'l PRICES Have been declining for two weeks. The mar ket showed signs of st.-c-ngth on Saturday. v think the bond hsne will be made the excuse for a rise, &nd the thort int ret a reason for It. Our Saturday's letter speaks of most stocks la detail. Send for it: also our circular. W. E ALBERTSON & CO., 15 STATE STREET. STOCKS, BONDS, GRAIN, COTTON, COFFEE. FOR SALE Established Loan Business. Has been established fifteen years. Requires from $15,000 to t30,000. Sell on account of HillisssWt For farther particulars write to Globe Onk? Box. SnMWTh n25 LANGDO.V IXTS TO IXVESTOB.S AND SPECULATORS" tSd edition.'. It plainly Indicates the safest, best and quickest way to make money by rork operations. Full of valuable information. Sent tree on ap-t-Ucation to LA NO DON & CO, stock brokers, as Wail st. New York. Sutf n!8 I Net deposit Cltmlation . . Specie Legal tenders Reserve held 5H2. .17 1.300 2,176,200 11.154,400 . M.0T!)..V0 lis.oco.poo m.ii.ioo Reserve required 148.0!2.TO Surplus 66.027.6i0 15.000 1. .'. 4" 871.100 2. "! :" 544. ono 3,053,550 Decrease. Total bank clearings of all the clearing houses of the United States, week ending yesterday: JS91.524.321. against Jl. 041. 718,955 last week and J93u,911,424 last year. Boston clearing house exchanges were n4.13S.922. against J12.932.006 same day last year. For the week they were $85,-Co7.027, against J78.0S9,565. Imports of specie, week ended Nov 24, aggregated 158,960; total year to date $16,149,217. against J64,316,022 last year. The gold reserve gained Friday $254,009, and stands $."7,990,475, although the withdrawal of J2o0.000 at New York Friday has to be deducted from this amount. Receipts from all sources during November J15.318.342, and expenditures J24.052.000. Semi-annual interest and dividends payable in Boston December. 1894, as compiled by Mr J. G. Martin, aggregate J4,41.703. as compared with Jo.139.lS9 December, 1893. Sterling is quiet, and Boston net rates are: Cables $4. 884. demand $4.SS, ft)-davs' sight J4.86--J, commercial 60-days" sight $4.4ti. The usual quotations follow: Call loans ltt percent Time loans 2-ya3 percent Clearing house rate .". , l percent Nw York funds par New York ex.-hanees SS..o.V.lSO New York balan-es .... rt rt-W. -.. Treasury dbit at clearing SOS. 685 Aggregate railroad earnings: 63 roads' An atterr.nt has been made bj- the treasury to discredit houses which have withdrawn gold, as if to do so were. If not a crime, at least a piece of sharp practice. To do this is to attempt to assert that the treasury has the right to pay out one kind of money, but that to pay it back In its own money is unfair. Such a position is untenable. If the notes Issued by the treasury are not acceptable to it, then the sooner a radical reformation in our whole financial system is made the better. That the treasury has been reduced to its present state of distress will not be an unmitigated evil if it brings home to the people the inconsistencies and incongruities with which our currency laws are replete. (Hubbard. Price & Co. As usual at this period of the year, business in Wall st is dull and drooping. The flush of speculative Interest that generally appears on the return of operators from summer recreation, has exhausted itself, and there Is little disposition to undertake new ventures on the near approach of the season of holiday and of annual settlements. The present is a good time for buying in preparation for the usual New Year's rise. and. therefore, even the "bulls" are not unwilling to see prices easy. (Henry Clews. The new Citizen's pas company of Medford organized Friday at the Equitable building. The following named gentlemen are Incorporators: Frank D. Allen, Henry E. Turner, Charles J. Lee. Warren Sawyer, J. Arthur Pierce, W. H. Perkins. Walter S. Cushing, W. E. Neal, Nathan Warren. James R. Niver. The following board of directors was chosen: Frank D. Allen, Henry E. Turner, Charles J. Lee, J. Arthur Pierce, Walter S. Cushing. Demand Is to be made in a few davs upon the Lehigh Valley for those who are opposed to present management for a copy of the stock list and in case it is refused the courts will be asked to intervene. The request for this list is to be male by parties in this city and New York as well. In a few days a meeting of a number of prominent stockholders is to be held for purpose of organizing committee with a view of making a fight in the coming election. It Is said that the Boston & Montana win nave earnea mis year, in spite of tne low price or copper. STau.OU). or U per share. The company has paid two dividends of $1 each, which have ab- soroeci, tne sinking fund and interest have taken 1250,000, and $200,000 nas oeen expenuea in tne purchase of me vsuuuuicne mining property. Pearmaln & Brooks are told that If the si jcMioiuers are willing to concede some advantages to the DusuHi or jj.une. oy a new lease, that road can be develojed. The Une certainly has a promising is lyn, at'UUl J I, Mr M. E. Ingalls, president of the u;b iuui ranroHG, ana .Mr James T Y illard, a prominent New York banker, are expected in Boston. An important conference was held jeFteraay between Fres Roberts of the r triinj i ama, narns or tne Readlnst Wilbur of the Lehigh Valley and Mai-well of the Jersey Central. Nearly 100 prominent Philadelphia financiers, representing over $10 OOO -000 Reading general mortgage bonds were present at the Olcott-Earle committee meeting Thursday. They expressed themselves well pleased with the explanation of the intentions of the committee. Pres Greenhut of the Whiskv Trust will consult with prominent stockholders in New York as to the advisability or making an assessment on stock or issuing the remainder of the bonus authorized by the stockholders two years ago, only a part of which were sold. The Erie telegraph and telephone company made a net gain of 131 subl scribers In October. Total connected Oct 31, 15,932. ""uecieu Sugar scores another touchdown. BOSTON 8TOOK MARKET. BOSTON, Nov 24 Following were the sales today, with closing bids of yesterday and today: BONDS Snares sold ITlcti Low AUAtson IV) Big fMi Canada orith 1 10 BO&n 50g Central Iowa. loo 7 7 CheiAOhio.. 100 13, 1R, Ch. Bur .t(J. 8.T0O 71 7" C. C. CStL 40O S7V S7 nel.Lack.tW. loo 157U, 187 Erie 1.IOO lSi. 18y, florklnsVaL. 8O0 1TA 17 Lake shre. .. 4f IS: 134 I.ouuvANS'h. 64V, SSI's Lo. N A Ch. IOO 7 7 Manr.attan. . . 4.2Xi ins I03.r-i Mo Pacific... ?oo "Si, a-a. Mobile .t Ohio 'JOO 18 IS S J Central.. 1.100 P.M N'ortt'vestern. 8J' P 7 SYCsntral.. loo la Piii ITT XI 200 81V, 3li NV,-ilW 14 Peo. Dec . Er loo .tt 3V, Reading 14.000 1 IB , Blch'dAWP. 15 17 1A Back Island.. 2.S"v iS) an. St Paul 6,-iOO ,9J 89tA St P. Uill.. 100 10- 10S St P Omana oo S"V Southern Pas. SO0 194 19i Southerner l's 12 South r'v nrsf. 39 374 Tesas PaclDj. 100 !Tk f.g Waban Pac. 100 6' w WheellneaLE 11 12 WiLEpret IOO 43V4 4:i-fc Wiscon Cent'l loo 4 4 Nov s 81 18 4 37 lnCSi 13V 17 133 srtta toi 3J.k tH 931 . 09 nu H - Ss 1 '4 VVs los 3-i4 19 11 - a 371 1 Mi .;: 4 ani t Ss Not 60L, 70-, 37t k ItKMk 13V, I 7 13.-.V, ic'. IS t l7i H1 ll'i 14 1S1.4 17 mis lOTl S3" 1 V, 121 . 3 11'. 4.".a 4 AUSTRALIA'S COMPETITION. That and the Embargo on American Stock are Important Factors in the English Market. The latest advices from the British live Etock markets quote best American live cattle dull at 11c. with common and ordinary grades 99i-2C. The above prices were for dressed weight, sinking the offal. American refrigerated beef is quoted higher, and a stronger demand is noted at 7fa9c. Shippers !ook toward a stronger demand and higher values next week, and this they base upon much lighter shipments. During the last nine months American farmers have sent sheep to the value of 121,633 across to the British market. The objectionable embargo on the Canadian and L'nited States cattle in Great Britain Is now a actor in British politics. Sir Charles Tupper, Canada's high commissioner in London, In addressing a meeting of Scotch farmers at Dundee on Wednesday, denounced the action of the government and his speech Is said to have carried great weight with the electors. Another lot of live cattle have been landed in London from Australia. The beef of these cattle is described as very good, well colored, firm grain, but too Heavy and overfat. The cost landed at Deptford market was about J85, which was partly made up as follows: First cost 1000 miles from the port of embarkation J10, expense to seaboard J15. freight S3S. The following were the shipments of live cattle, sheep and dressed beef quarters from the port of Boston for the week ending Nov 24: Steamer and destination Cattla Ottoman, Liverpool .... 717 Columbian. Liverpool ... 23S Miemac, Havre 311 Scandinavian, Glasgow. . 30O Total 1.5flfl Shipments from New York: Steamer and destination Cattle Sheep 'sis 1.010 Beef Qtrs 1.6US 2 1 1.S53 8.900 Cotton Otl . Msfllers . . Lead Sagax TRUSTS 100 274 27A 27V, .... 9VJ ml 8-s ReO 41 4" 40 17.1O0 sai S7?'s b7? MISCELLANEOUS ti 4'V 8s Bay State Chicago c.aa . Consol Caa. . . I 1 A Hudson ieneral Eleo.. Laclede Ga.. Pacific Mall. . Pullman Pal 0 Ttnn Coal . . . West'n Uluon. POO 24V, 24 23-'" 2-7, 8.0OO 73 72V, "it. 71 , ISO 122 122 ISIVb 122 SOU lf.V, 1'.' 124V, I'.'RIA X.".V, S4S8 344, 3..'. 4 . .'I1, -1 .'- 1.0O 22"i 22 22'-i C.'i 110 188 15". 184 18s4 .let 'O I4 in 2,700 88 U 8TH 87V, b8V. Ks dividend. The transactions for the day aggregated 88.rJ0 shares. Closing Quotations at Philadelphia, PHILADELPHIA, Nov 24-Stocks closed firm at the following quotations: F'd ' rt'd rtnnt Broad Top s PMla traction 101 Leh!s!: Navigation. 4 : Reading 8 1-16 l,eii:gh s:t .... S'is, ' Kesdlne gen mor 4s 7 V, ietropoi traction. . lu i I Kea'i rg 1st pr inc. -' 4V4 Northern Pacific.. do pref Pennsylvania . . . People's traction Exchange on New York par do 21 pref . 171. .1o3dnref ftot West N Y 4 Penu . 85i,, IS' 4 144 6S New Tork Mining Quotation. NEW YORIC. Nov 24 Closing quotation today at the Consolidated stock and petroleum exchange: Bid I S.0S Ophlr 31. So ynlcksllver. . . 5.AO do pref 15.50 Standard 2.3'. Victor 700 Con Cal Va t. onsoi Coal. . , Hooking Coal Homes take . . . Horn Silver. . . Ontario Bid 2.r0 1.50 1R.OO 1.50 1.00 r s , .8755.02R,42AO . ..Pfl4.1S2.2C,! oo . .337.ft8t.SO4.00 . . l.Vi,('.s.2SO.Q,i B,tIT5,t.lO.0O High- Low. Sales en est Atcb.T S r 4s. 1 050 65 OS 83 83 60 GO llo- Un fia 1st Ss Ki.X) i M con scp l cio,io- Nov Not 23 24 6.M4 65 i 821 82i ma& fifis; 88., 88: Z .. 117 Dominion Coalfta -to uw. General Elec 5,. locn sgs, aas. K C. Ft M s. 10O1 2 9" S T A N E 1st 7sll0OO 117 117 V ' V ' i , 1 . . . . . , . ..... 1 A I. 1L . 1''' III1, 111. g L C ion 's. 500 Iihi 1 on Oregon Imp 5s. . . loou 531, 633 , .. RAILROADS Atch.Ton r. 230 BVaSOXUa 8Vfa Bta t::.t:c 1 -ac-.s a ,vi .sti.. sti; Boston .t All. any. 2 2071., SOTi.., SOTii OTt4 B-"wv n .V Maine . IB lfift " i5.i ls.t Iv.J Chic, Bur A Q... U 715 7H-4 70a 707 GO- 137.3 71 70', . . U S Treasurer's Statement. WASHINGTON, Nov 24 - The treasurer will begin business Monday with the following assets and demand liabilities: Assets MASiLirtr.s Gold certificates Sliver rertldcate, Treasury note of 1 siiO Currenry oentnrates , Dlsbni :ng officer's balances, agency aoiounts.etc 40.44O.563.91 The U S treasurer now holds in I" S bonds to secure circulation I1&7.6&6.700, as follows: Carrency 6s I,.ooo 2 percent 7,r os s;,o rcrcenM 184.22SI 4SO 0 tr.-ents 22.773.SOO I" S bonds held by the treasurer to secure public monevin national bank depositories $14.'.'Ul,ojO, as follows: Currency 61 il ,320.000 Spercnts 1.013.000 4prctnU L2.243 0..O 5ltcents 425.000 I' S bonds deposited to secure circulation during the week ended today $4:i.."i O: C S bonds to se- ure circulation withdrawn during the week ended today $296,000. National dank CIRCL'LATtoa oi tstan.oisg Curreni y . . 4,2'wi.823.87 1 Gold notes. . . . 592.217 TODAI'S eeckipts internal revenue ,8298 c.27 Custom 29s,6"7 MtsecUaneons : 21,786 The. transactions of the treasury in the redeiiiot ion of national bank notes during siia seen duusu inuaj were as 101 lows H.'eived for redemption 11106,770 RSDCSinSD SOTES PEI.IVEr.rt) For return to the ban Its t issne fc, - .. r or acsxracnon an.i reissue or new notes. j-41 ni lor destruction and retirement. . 384, 14d LSSposniH rfiTive 1 iorreueniprionot notes of national hanks fiiile.1, in liquidation and reducing circulation 254,100 naia::. .' or su 11 uepnmis remaining on tlie hoois of the treasury 29,372,008 National t.aHks re.eived todav for redemption 284,132 receipts asi. F.xi-rxnrrrr.! s Re.'eipts for month to date , ...81 5.924.r 4 nsosipvs ior ns-'iii Tear to oate J 32.912 14 l.xpend'.tures for month to date EiLendititrea for fiscal vear to date. . . . I50,57!i273 The Qncen. London Massachusetts, London .. Richmond London . Teutonic, Liverpool ..... 1 Auraula. Liverpool Noma.lls. Liverpool Montello. Dull New York. Southampton Othello. Antwerp Manbanset, Havre 479 661 350 430 08 126 371 Sheep 600 Beef Qtrs 1.500 2 4". 2.46 2. IS. 1 2.284 Providence Boys. horning Game at Springfifld Resulted 20 to 4 for Brown. Men from Hanover Were Outclassed at Every Point. SPRINGFIELD, Nov 24 Brown de feated Dartmouth in this city this morn ing by a score of 20 to 4. outclassing the Hanover miTi In every particular, al though lighter In weight. The game was sharply contested and for the first few minutes looked like a victory for Dartmouth, but after that the grit and activity of the Rhode Island men prevailed. The game was played on Outing park. The greater part 01 the 1J00 people on rcntae-p of Amherst men were nopmB tc see Harvard victorious. Last Wednesday afternoon Prof Tyler of Amherst college addressed the o-man's club in town hall. Col Gorgo W. Bain of Kentucky will deliver a lecture in the union lecture course next Wednesday evening. Yesterdav Prof Emerson of the college geological department entertained his seniorclasses of Smith and Amherst at his home. , . The college will close next Tuesday afternoon for the Thanksgiving vacation. , , The Amherst college quartet, consisting of C. J. Staples 96. first tenor: F. B. McAllister 96, s-cond tenor; C. T Porter 96, first bass; R. J. Gregory 96, second bass; assisted by R. B. Metcalf 98. mandolin; and I. C. Stone, guitar, will give a concert at Leominster, next Mon-dav evening. The college men will give a concert at Littleton. Tuesday evening. NORWOOD'S JOLLIFICATION. Will Dedicate Its New Industrial Plant, "The Norwood Press." Dec 20, with a Reception to the Governor. NORWOOD. Nov 23 This town is pre naring to let Itself loose for the biggest jollification in Its history on the evening it will dedicate its new of Dec 20, when the field were included in the different industrial plant, which is to be known ollego contingents and thev improved the opportunity to test thfir lung power tor tne tug arternoon game. The Brown rush line was impenetrable and the Dartmouth boys failed to break once for any considerable gain. The best work on both sidvs was done bv the halfbacks though the centers were usually proof against big gains. Randall and Elkstrom achieved glory ror uarimoum ana it tnoir line had been as aggressive as Brown's the game as 1 ne .Norwooa r-re. The new enterprise will add to the population of the town about 100 faml lies, and will give employment to at least 300 skilled hands. A fine new building has been erected and will be occupied by two large Bos ton firms in the printing and publishing business, who will worn togetner, prac-tipaiiv 99 one concern, one firm doing would have been more serious work for one branch of the work and the other the men in Brown. The Rhode Island men tried a flying Interference occasionally, but with little effect. The playing of the Dartmouth team was very loose In the second half. The Dartmouth gains were small and their Interference poor. BROWN Matteson 1 e , Emery It Thayer 1 g Comhes c Smith r( Nott r t Dennlson re Donovan q b Hopkins, Cspt h b Rol.lnson h b McCarthy f b DARTMOUTH . . . . . .r e Folsome . .r t Little, ("apt rg Huff c Caverley 1 g Bowles It Abbott 1 e I.nk.'tnan .q b Mac An drew q l li.lce ....hb Eckstrom . - h b McCormack . .f b Randall Brown 20. Dartmouth 4. Touchdowns Robinson 2, Randall, Hopkins, McCarthy Joals from touchdowns. M.-Carthy, Matteson another, and turning out together an kinds of books complete, and all from im.lpr one roof. The land on which the building stands Is valued at $10,000, and was donated by the town through the Instrumentality of the Norwood Business association. The firms own the building, which will he one of the most perfectly equipped establishments of the kind in the country. The Norwood Business association has taken the matter of the dedication in hand, and has decided, with the con sent of the owners of the building, to c-ive a concert and ball In the new structure on the evening of Dec 20 It is expected that the occasion will resolve itself into a grand county reception to Gov Greenhalge, who, with his staff, has promised to be present ery large committees nave Deen ap- 2d Total 2.173 1.535 10.80 Northern and eastern beef cattle wert all tied up In the barns to be examined by the Inspectors. Tuberculosis exists amongst the stock, and quite a number nave been slaughtered by tne examin ers. As was stated In a previous re port the beef trade Is going to be seri ously affected by the quarantine regu latlons, and drovers will, undoubtedly lose money. Milch cows and springers are In much tne same condition as beef cattle, an are i,elng carefully examined. The arrivals of veal calves were light and pa-ices snow no change from th quotations of a week ago. The demand was active and the quality fairly good rheop and lambs are selling at ridiculous figure, and drovers are In mourning over their hard lurk. Th quality was very poor, and buyers had everyttunsT their own way. Swine show no change from the quo tations or last ween. BOSTON PRICE8. Quotations for Round Lots of Market Commodities. Flour Fine superfine $2 lf.'.T2 30, common extras .".0, choice extras and seconds 2 .8012 n.rlng extras 12. JO.t2.3o. Minuesota bakers, clear and straight l2.4.Vit 3.50. Michigan clear and straight 2.7f2. N"W York . lear and straight $2 7ui 2. '..". Imll ana, Illinois and st Iyvuls clear and stralzb $2 75413. patent $3. lOfaXao, Wisconsin, Dako ta and Minnesota patent J3 4t.u3 75, special makes ss.Ta ;4. oats No. 1 clipped white 40241c. Clipped 3S4540c. No. 2 white 3!Uic. Corn New steamer yellow 575757t4c. Cheese -New York extra lKill!.o. Vermont extra lOViilP, New York and Vermont firsts 9"ilO. secoAds OjSc. twins IlsMHSe. s lfUfilSe, part sk!m 42c. Ohio flat extra lOHstllc. firsts MtVC. Butter Cr'amery Vermont extra 26c. New York extra 25c. firsts 23'i24c. eastern 2224c western exfrn 2-Ka2-. firsts 22V no'-i..rn June extra 2223c, we-tcrn June extra 20121 dalrv Vermont extra 22c. pw York extra 21 first 10420. western firsts 14il3c. Imitation creamery firsts lie', western ladle firsts 12'-fl..c b..xes extra creamery 2lVU2iC, extra dairy 23 trunk In Vi and $4-16 prints extra creamery I (o27c. extra dairy 23c. Eggs Suburban and cape farcy 30c. eastern choice fresh 2012. c. fair to frood IBfJZsc, er mont and New Hampshire ohol-e fresh 26? 27c western choice fresh 244925c, fall held 21ffi22c Ohio and Michigan fancy fresh 25z26c, south em choice fresh 23Q24C, P E Island fresh 233 24-. llme.1 ltjr't.i.e . refrigerator 17'.il,v. Beef Choice WiJiU.-. light choice SiV,-. heavy goc-l Cus.-. light good .V36c, lind quarters holoe 12'.13c. common to good iKlIc. fore quarters choice S'yaOc. common to good S1-! 5c. veal choice luc. fair to gooa iu'jc, common 4ti 5c. Mitton Extra :c, common to good 3?lc. real lings 34J5c, lambs choice Cc. fair to good 4z5. Poultry lurkeys, nortnem and eastern fresh killed, choice young 13Gil4c. common to good 101 12c, western choice 11(I1 2c, chickens, choice st.rlu l.;'.14c. fair in good lotl2c. western choica llil2c. fowls extra choice 12c. common to good mile, ducks, choice 132l4c, fair to goo.1 101 12c. 1 o:ut...-s. i;oc 10..C riTi. neorons r,o'aw white star nnd hurtianks 52J55c, Dakota reds ",Oc. ch. nane.vs r..if..jc. southern sweets SI 2.". bbl Jerseys''J2. Still Hunting Kapoleon's Fortune. It is astonishing how many people believe the old story that Bonaparte put a check for 100,000 francs in a silver five-franc piece, and that the coin Is yet In circulation In France. They say that the people did not want the five-franc piece, and that in order to create a demand for silver money of that denomination the emperor resorted 'to the device mentioned. The che k. or treasury order, was written on asbestos paper and made In the coin. It would be interesting to know, if this story be true, how many five-franc pieces have been broken op.n since the story of the check was first circulated. (St Louis Republic. Business Troubles. The Boston creditors of the assigned estate of Ebenezer S. Reeve, wholesale boots and shoes, Philadelphia, held a meeting yesterday. The condition of affairs, as presented showed the liabilities to amount to $97,704.21, and the assets are as follows: Cash on hand $1186.96, stocks at cash basis $33,326.67, book accounts called good 119,981.45, doubtful accounts valued at $1294.91, equities In three real estate properties 19000; total $67,789.99. After some discussion It was decided best to leave matters with the Philadelphia creditors and ratify such action as they may take. Gideon Haynes, confectioner, 18 India 51. nas gon into lnsolvenc . Receipts of Staples. Receipts reported to the chamber of commerce yesterday Include the follow ing staples: Cotton 2963 bales: wool 1J07 dom 26S fnr hales: Hour. 3733 bbls 72SS sa. ks: corn. 2G.4..7 bu: wheat. 2130 bu; oat.s. 3S.6S5 bu; cotton seed meal. fo ton: mill feed. 150 tons: .rat- meal. 250 bbls: malt. 2725 bu: hops, 20 bales: pens. bu: oieo. 1121 ; beans, bbls; potatoes. 12 cars 11,188 bu: hay. 31 cars: straw, 4 car-: poultry, .5115 pkgs: sweet pota toes. 603 bbls: onions, 186 bbls; t.irk. 1 bbl; beef. 7 bills: fresh beef. 20 cars: lard, 26 tea 7 cases S16:i pkfc-s: ham 12 bbls 195 tcs; bacon. 113 bxs; apples. S22S bbls: cram berries, 30 bbls: oranges, 5614 bxs: lemons, 413 bis: pine apples. 57": 267 kegs 1633 bskts 300 carriers; rtir. 223 pkgs: dotes. 300 pk-rs: raisins, 222;'. bxs: tea, 615 pkes: coffee, 1599 bags; sugar. 30 bbls: molasses, 304 bbls; salt. 30 tons: rice. Ml bacs; canned goods, 2173 cases: lumber, 60 cars: leather. 12.S50 sides 117S mils 1890 bdli 2P.5 bales s&l hags 2 ca.-s '237 bbls 33 cases: drv hides 56 hales; green hides. 1027 bdls 122 loose; calf skins. 15 pkgs so loose; pelts 14 bdls, 14 casks 1174 loose. Fractional Changes Only. Butter, cheese and eggs were practically unchanged In leading markets yesterday, the variations being fractional merely. Chicago Markets. Chicago opening, highest, lowest and closing prices on grain and provisions are reported by the Boston chamber of commerce as follows: Wheat. December, 53V,. 53. 53t-, 53; Mar. 5s",. 5St,, 3Vi. 5St. Corn, December, 47, 47',. 4s1.. 4s: May. 4sr. 4 4,. 47"4, 47"4, 47'v, 47's; May. 47Tj. 4ST. 4S-iv, May. :c.".. 82. 32'. 32'4a. Pork. January, 12 ."7. 12.10, 12.00, 12.:0. Iird. January, 6.97. 7 no, 6 !i5, 7.00. Hilis, January, 6.00, 6 05 6.09. 6.05. One Kentucky Mother. J. D. Shacklette says that when he lived In Meade county there was a man named Tom McMunegal, who lived in Brandenburg, who was said to be the strongest man in Kentucky. Tom was a married man, and afterward moved to Harrison county, Indiana, living across the river about three miles from Brandenburg. The first increase in his familv .was twins the next time it was triplets, and then his wife presented him with eight boys four at a birth. These eight boys all grew tin to he men, and the smallest of them weighed 165 pounds. Shacklette savs if any one doubts this story. ;11 he has to do Is to write to Mr McMunegal at Rranrien. i.urg, ana he will confirm it. (Eliza- bethtown N.ews. empire, Mr Beecher of Yale. Referee, Mr I pointed, which not only embrace the Jromlnent men or tne town, dui aiso tne leading business men of Norfolk county. The structure where the affair is to take nlace Is an imposing building which will not only give impetus to the town's prosperity, but is also an or nament. The room where the ball will be held contains upwards of 28,000 square feet of floor surface, and this is thought will be none too large for the many hundred that will participate In the dance. The building will be elaborately decorated for tha occasion. Two orchestras have been engaged, and there will be a continuous flow of music. Special trains will be run over both the New Tork & New England and on the New York, New Haven & Hart ford road to convey guests to and from the festiY'lties. Norton, Dartmouth coach. Time, two 35m halves. Linesman, Wliliam YYlng of Providence. TALK OF A NEW LEAGUE Trouble About Dartmouth's Football Player May Break the Present Trl- Ccllege Combine. AMHERST. Nov 21 Since the conclusion of the championship series of foot ball games In the trl-college league N. E. I. F. A., Dartmouth, Williams and Am herst students have been seriously considering the possibility of a change in the makeup of the league. This year Dartmouth claims to be the winner of the championship pennant. haY'ing defeated her two opponents. But since the New Hampshire teams won under protest. "Caverly." the centar, otherwise known as Horne. being considered as an illegal college football player, the managers of the Williams and Amherst elevens will not allow Dartmouth to take the championship banner until It Is shown that there was no ground for a protest. At present the college men doubt whether the Dart mouth management can give proof that 1 aeriy is a bona tcie stuaent ana on who should not have been debarred from playing the games by the rules of the association. it is unite nossible. under the nresent conditions, that Dartmouth will with- I without a word regarding his life work WAS A MAN WITH A BIG HEART. Caleb Clark Walworth, Deceased, Was One Who Has Left His Mark Upon Boston, Which He Loved, There has passed from our midst within the week, one, who, in his quiet way, has left his mark upon the city, which he loved, and In whose welfare he had ever a strong Interest. Mention has already been briefly made of his death, but the time of his release frqm earthly cares should not be allowed to pass draw from the triangular league. Inti mations to the effect that such a separa tion will be sought if the Amherst and Williams protest Is sustained, have been made by Dartmouth men. For a great many years Amherst, Dartmouth and Williams haY-e been well matched rlY'al colleges in all ath letic matters, and the championship contests between the colleges have been events characterized by a great deal of friendly antagonism. The ambition of each college for Its athletic teams has been to win from its two rivals, regardless of records against other institu tions. The present N. E. I. F. A. was or ganized in 1S92. In the preceding fall or lvi no championship could be awarded. Williams and Amherst being iieu. .mnerst won tne nrst cnamri on- ship, with George D. Pratt as captain. In S3: Dartmouth received the pennant last season, and the series for this year will be decided in Boston next week. when the matter of protest will be con sidered oy the association. Among Amherst men There is a diff erence of sentiment regarding the de sire for Dartmouth s leaving: the leae-ne j ne ract mat the New Hampshire team Is allowed to draw football men trom the medical college is not favored, since it gives that college a decided advantage in selecting men. Should Dartmouth withdraw It would be difficult to predict what the exact rormation or the new league would be. Possiblv Amherst and Williams would form themselY-es into a dual league: or perhaps admit some one of the other wew England colleges which hax-e formerly sought entrance to the league. and the sterling worth of his character Caleb Clark Walworth was born in Canaan. N H, on March 23. 1815. He re ceived what was considered in that dav a liberal education, and for a short time taught school la his natiY-e town. For seeral years thereafter he lived in the west. I pon his return to the east he was associated with his brother in the house of J. J. v alworth & Co, from which many of the leading engineers YOU ALL USE STATIONERY AND BLANK BOOKS, These are the closing days of the great sale of Paper, Blank Books anr? Office Supplies by the Thorp & Martin Co., 12 Milk st. 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New Feature About to be Introduced In the Case of the Will of Millionaire Davis of Montana. SAN FRANCISCO, Call, Nov 2-A new feature Is about to be introduced in the distribution of the estate of th late millionaire, A. J. DaY'ls of Montana, which will make It more celebrated ani sensational than the famous BlyUa case of California. The great fortune left by Davis ii scattered throughout the states of CaK- and steamntters of this country have j fornla, Montana, Massachusetts, low, emanated. I Illinois. Arkansas and Oreznn. The r- Heavy losses In Chicago, about the ,.,i, .h. .... .J mtT flnlnclal iBtJuitiel frtrnT whlt at fr0 .000,000 to $16,000,000. At the was rescued by the energy and shrewd I time or DaYis death he was suppose! business sagacity or .Yir j. c YYai worth. who formed a corporation under the name of the Walworth manufacturing company. His efforts to place the new company upon a strong nnancial basis were ably seconded by the late E. C. Hammer, who eventually became Its treasurer. From this time forward Mr C. C. Walworth was the master mind whiqh guided the company forward to tne phenomenal position which it has long held in the trade. His numerous lnY'entlons. notablv the multiple lapping machine, coilaos ngtao. me piate, manitoia, WDv. vice and an automatic machine for cutting and threading pipe, as well as his improY'e- ments in steam traps, wrought iron radiators, stlllson wrenches and auto- to haY-e left no will, but subseouentlv a document purporting to be his last testament was found, which made his brother John the beneficiary, with substantial allowances for two sons said to be natural children of the deceased capitalist. A second will was produced which de-Y-ised the property to two nephews, sons of John Davis, who was kiiled by failing OY-er the banister in a Seattle hotel. The estate is now in the hands of special administrators pending the setttlement of various claims. Now comes the latest development There will shortly be filed in the courts of Montana a claim to the entire estate by a Mrs Snell and two daughters, who liY-e near Los Angeles, and who claim matle sprinklers placed the company in I to be the widow and legitimate children Garrisons 4, Wellington 0. The Garrisons of Roxbury defeated the Wellingtons of the Back Bay yesterday on CloY-er field in an exciting game. Connell made some remarkable gains for the Garrisons through the center. Carey and Clearv also made some Y'ery brilliant runs. The interfer ence of the Garrisons was superb. At no time was the Garrisons' coal in ianger. the ball being most of the time n m.-ir possession, ror the Welling tons Mansfield. Smith and Curtz nlayed well, the latter makine a run" of yards. i. sons WII.r.tvnTnvo Mclionald le Msnsfleld ...r t I. Dallcy rp Craig a strong position to compete with other manuiaeturers in its line. His constructive ability was of constant and incalculable Y-alue to the corporation, and his inventions were the basis of the Malleable iron fittings company of Bran-ford, Conn, in which he has been for many years a director. He revolutionism! tho Incliicfr-i. e tn. I mnntio r ,v. aoriv ills she was mar- rnnir fittinc hv tho Invantinn e I r i ,Ka aact find two elrls, sa J - '- ... I. 11 111.11 u, 1-1 II I 1 ,1 I I . .1 1 , I . ,11 ..II 1 - -1 '-, maohinerv. and v.-a s thA first m mots I n-hn ar-a ,ic.o- ma cried womMi. were born valves and fittings to a scale, a method of the unlcn. In 1849 Davis came to wnicn nas ever since been in universal I California in search 01 iortune. w of A. J. Davis. Application will be made for allowances, and the case will be pushed to the utmost by able attor-nevs. These new claimants are backed by influential and wealthy men in California. The history of Mrs Snell, and her con nection with Jmice Davis, is mum uc unuugiiuui me country. De had a iaietiacuii.y ior grasping almost Instan riving here he went to the mines on the Tuolumne river and prospected with taneously the details and rjossibilities of I success. For about two years, Davis any meritorious invention. I corresponded regularly with his ramus In 1SS1 the factory" in Cambridge was and then his letters suddenly ceased, found to be inadequate for the reauire- I Then came what appeared to Mrs -tiio jl uic uusiuess, ajia tne vrystai I iavis reiiaoie tni.oiniai.iuii vncv Mull.-v 1 t 'rice 1 g lioss c . . StsnleT r g l e ...... . i , , i , . ..n i.Hriuv (jswaoooj rt Starke; re Iiempscy a b ......... Currv li b . . ..... icary hb ........... onneu r r fb Murphy Score l,:'.rriscn: 4 YVill!n!-trT.c o T-....i Inwri "'nnll. I' Mcrrvnia n.f.. Mansfield. Time Two 20m halvp tfr,.i, 300. ... w glass works at South Roston a pro v,,it- chased and a thoroughly equipped fac- Aside from his inventive genius and C e l -ur vv alworth was uum organizer, ana ror 40 vears his influence with the men individuallv and " FhWrai,! collectively was erlnoed by the fact that vote (Curtsl I uu"" Yanous p eriods of dlRcnntont it Howe I me laoonng classes, no strike ..1 e Smith f b C. D.tlley hb Dalv ...hb Bvers AMHERST HAPPENINGS PCo Flat for Her. In a dreamy rapture he kissed her golden tresses. "The future," he exclaimed Joyously, with its castles in the air!" She turned with sudden earnestness "'Flta-Maurlce," sho said decisively "Don't deceive yourself! I tell ou now" I shan't live In anv 'flat mnr tha.. Tyohoid Fever Among the Students- Literary and Social Notes. AMHERST, Nov Ci-Another case of ypnoia rover among the college stn dents Is reported today in the person of j. tx. smith y. The causes for the epidemic tvhlcr, has so thoroughly frightened the stu dents are not yet satisfactorily given. xne complaint that the cases were due to the water used from the Pelham reservoir is unfounded. The chemical nnntvnl. ma.iA k chemist Goessman 6f the agricultural college ami Prof Harris of Amh.rct t ege agree in showing that the Pelham wuter contains much more albuminous matter than pure drinking water should u pn-seiice oi ivpnou germs has not been found in the water Dr Hitchcock, the college nhvsicnl di rector, is inclined to believe tha, oysters eaten at the fraternity banquets ......v.. in,- cuiwuiKi as was me case .-ith the Wesleyan colleee students hi,- o many this reason is verv nnsaiiif. tory. ' It is a curious fact that the members of the Phi Delta Theta societv have been especially affected. Five of this fraternity are now suffering with the fever. Two students, going home with the symptoms of the fever, are reported as coriY'aleseent. Favel Gaylord has completed the contract of cleaning out the Pelham reservoir. During the operation the water supply was taken from Amythist brook. George Riddle, the famous elocutionist, assisted by the Boston Philhar monic orchestra, will give a joint entertainment in College hall next Mon-day. George Dickey, who was arrested some time ago for indecent exposure and who is still under bonds for trial for that offense, has now been arrested tor larceny. This time, it is claimed that Dickey stole a cow from the pasture of Jonathan Cowles at Prescott, and killed it for the use of his family. Pleading guilty to tho charge of larceny. Dickey is now under $300 bonds for sentence. At the Yale-Harvard football game In Springfield today, Amherst men we-e well represented. Nearly all of the college men watched the contest For uuhuvotu iwson 1 ale has beer-. ever occurred in his works, pending viuuuies ma)s naving Deen averted by in vmi in-neai-rea. juaicious intercourse vwin an classes of his enm oves. He was eY-er readv to annrecinte merit among those who worked for the com pany, ana constantly incited the vounc men to use their brains in perfecting I again But what he was. and what he at- lainea as a manufacturer and inventor are of little account to his sorrowing friends, compared to his characteristics as a man and a citizen. Thev will re Ti-'i c rlcorl After the ianse of about a year mim Davis married Snell. Early In lSoo &neu hpm ,c-ht hie TrifA and the tWO DaVlS children to 'California, and settled near Los Angeles. Not long alter in u fall of 1S.Vi or the snring of ISoB, Davis - ,...-! .v.. hio m-i'A and children were 17.1111. '1 111 ..lit ."I" " -- , In the state. He went to their home ana spent one whole day with nis ioniiei wife. Mr Snell was away at the time. Mrs Snell graphically describes mo interY-iew as most dramatic, fane refused to desert Snell and accompany Davis thniich tin Imnnrtuned her to do so. In the evening Davis rode away on his horse and neY-er saw his family again. He returned to the Tuolumne mines and remained for some time, ana then went to Montana, where fortune smiled on him, and he amassed the bulk of his great wealth. When Davis died, in March, Snell and her daughters proposed to I TVt nmhnp Vi i mm 1 ,irnct f klc - a. .i I generositv his warVn ever readv vm claim tlle Property, but Snell so nna senerooiiY, nis warm, oy er ready s m- I ,.- mort thia ctm that it was aban- I patny, willing assistance and unselfish Alf snn ht.t.4 ti,. nnnleasant Those who knew him best valued him ??rJ?,iy-WJic .WO,UJ.(Lle.S1,.rS.t0Jr?S 1 ill,- 1 I 1 1 I I (,I I IIH IMUlIIl t.II LUC most, and will neY'er cease to miss his genial personality. Took Prizes at the Bazar. The following prizes were awarded to I this city they have succeeded in build his wife. Something over a year ago Snell died, and Mrs Snell aecinea w push her claims. Her attorneys toos Via iQ ta in oViiifma a -i rl TX"i t V fflr flS" sistance Df detective C. J. Stlllwel! ot the Patrons of St Ma.rv ATnirHijlian'a I nc nr. a t-t-x' o1aoi a n , pfinnpr'tpd case . , . .. . ""S01" 41 L I flnrlino- n-itnceeAO r rarinnfl partS Ol Ho,,. f rrT ; h ISKHSmntS TwhSiniewDkVlsInin House of the Good Sher.her(1:.TarP-fo I v, n.m v,io marr In oo ci 1 1 ka nnu ww til t.r;3 til iu ino r w A Keefe, 640 Harrison aY. holy Yvater font; the east Men who were acquainted Mrs Cannj-, 21 Delle av, silk table scarf witn PaY-s before he left the east have Kittie Kilrov. 10 Wigglesworth t navy "een found, and they will give sy"',' blue dress; Willie Mahonev. Hnrri.on testimony to substantiate the widows av, Sacred Heart picture; Mrs Neil claim of marriage. . ... n i , i , ' . . . . . . : . I ntK.i, ., V . . . T-i . -1 the mlnllls shun.- in; ior,,.,,- C,A ti. 'i . ' PSimi! of Cal'f.-irilo will sffplf tflSl holy family group; Miss M. E. Fineran' Davis told them he had left a family si. croeneiea norn; riatle " , -rMr Connors, statueof Our Eadv of Lourdes- 'ar wlth the d'ad millionaires career Dennis Fineran, Green st, Westboro" in Montana will enable bv their tew chest of tea. timonv the attorneys for the widow t . In the contest for the gold watch be t ween Miss M. Crafts and Miss Annie "r, miss Annie ee won. nas gon into insolvency. three stories un under ZtmZZZT i Ti." " ' Yaie has b Charles Aubrey Yoynr. denti.t. 7 Park iti"wer8T a"y circum' j udentsTbut this year" alar e" large per- Almost a Miracle. n. gooa-neartea curate, who flrmlv Deuevea that Uck was continually working miracles to enable him to help the needy, and who seldom had a coin in his pocket, though he was never devoid of the fire of charity in his heart, was accosted one day by a beggar woman. aie, p'eaae? utr lack of money, and sadly turned aside; but, on the mendicant beseechint? him tr. oorh ki. -i,,..,.. , . - otniLii ilia i uiaL Llir-v it; Ulieil C'UHftt , Sn 'd e. hoPf lessl" P"t his hand in and leave half of it; and the "leavings V,,..'Ti3 - i . I A r-nl .Iter uuiiu ui a .'i. i l i c- . ar. n . . - claimant to the estate in quwu -Helena Calhoun, the well-known actress, who Is at present filling European engagements. Miss Calhoun is a grau daughter of DaY-ls. One Mystery Explained. Gentleman Walter. why are u kniY-es in this establishment always so blunt? Waiter (confidently)-Well. sir. J"0" see city gents are always In a otjbiw hurry, and when their knives is blunt It takes 'em so long to cut their Bjsjj hat they re often obltgea to su - one, and. to his amazement and joy t. iimo '1 - -i v. : : l t .u,.u a. ii.c-uuiiuux piece tnere. Another of Gods miracles!" he exclaimed; and then, addressing the woman. "This coin belongs to you. of right. Take it, and go in peace." Having told the storv a few hours later to his worldly-minded parish priest ii.i uB5eieu mat tney snouia both go down on their knees and render thanks to uoa, a strange, unpleasant light suddenly broke on the mind of the shrewd pastor, wno exciaimea In accents not Bugsrauve or LnanKsgiving: make beautiful stews! It would ne" do to have sharp knives It would rum the business, sir! (Pearson's. Matter of Doubt. First suburbanite How do you Ihe your new neighbor? . Second ditto Can't tell yet wheiner like him or hate him. "Whv?" "The first thing he did was to a Vi.o-v. f ...... i ii ,1 t , i , - n ti . r.eeii - Good God! Are those mv ir..o .k. .. -r it Is to keep that you've on you?" (The Contempo- his chickensln or my chickens out."- (Answers.

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