The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on September 2, 1897 · 9
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 9

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1897
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THE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE-THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 2. 1897.' i I t t t I t I b 1 1 I 1 I OUR MIDST" Business Boom a New fug land Actuality. rocal Railroad Ida Is Say It is.thidoutteily Higher Records Scored by Sugar and "Omaha." Caiumet Directors Vote a $10 Dividend. F Earnings of the Rig Roads Test End Lease. YESTERDAY'S "PROSPERITY" PRICES. BEGAIL 'BELL TELEPHONE inowrom ac MAINE CHICAGO JuseTion; OMAHA liSD 24512 I OS 11013 82t.-11 The "boom" is surely here. I - That is, right here in New England. - A prominent official of the Boston & b Maine system, in conversation with the - Globe yesterday, stated that, for the first time, he felt positively assurc-d that the Improved business conditions that started with dollar wheat in the west t bad finally reached New England. and re being shown in concrete form in the shape of Increased earnings by the local roads. ;, Going more into details Ithe official said that freight earnings of the Boston & Maine system for the first time :n r ronths are beginning to ehow a small gain over the corresponding period last I year. with the outlook for the future - exceedingly encouraging. t t- Passenger earnings, no said, were probably averaging just about the t same as a year ago, with some increase t, t- in the purely summer tourist business, t but the net results of the big railroad company's operations is such as to give distinct encouragement to those who o have its interests in charge. This is why Boston & Maine stock is selling at 165 today, and is one of the colt , lateral causes that make it possible to r , get $345 a share for Bell telephone stock, 3 f $110 for Chicago Junction, S42 for Calut met & Reda mining. $110 for Dominion I t- Coal preferred and hel for Chicago, Bur, hngton .qc Quincy shares. The Wall st market opened strong. : with Sugar a leading feature at 157142, up I 1, 112. Renewed reports of a roming $4 quar- terly regular dividend, and the knowledge that the sugar company is acceptteg large orders subject to delay, served t to send the price up to a new high notch ) i 159and again illustrated the current i - truism that Sugar is mighty dangerous r , stuff to go short of. ' One big New York brokerage firm learned that fact on Tuesday to its t everlasting sorrow. P: As high as 175 Is now confidently pre- t.4. dieted for the stock by the more san- - , 'mine of its friends; but there are times, '1- Too, when Sugar is dangerous stuff to be 1. long" of. A Wall at special to The Globe says: ; "As compared with yesterday, when I r. the trarsactions in Sugar exceeded 70.- 1 eoo shares, trading during the first hour t today was about 30.0u0 shares. While the common stock, which is the eptculative security of the trust, has been performing acrobatic feats, the t staid preferred stock has been following - after. The latter opened this morning at 117, sold up to 119, and at noon was , quoted at 118. - "James R. Keene, the big Wall et operator. has again engineered a big 'scoop' in Sugar. During the rapid flue- tuations in the stock yesterday, opening, - as rt did, at 149, selling as high as 157, and closing at 156. Mr Keene is credited with clearing at least S2o0,000." "Omaha" common was another prime favorite in the Wall at board. and the price this time climbed 10 points t higher on the report that the company sill earn for the present year 4 pert cent on the stock, with the probability - that the dividend rate will be increased - In January. Other specialties, in which there was extensive trading, included Burlington, I Tobacco, Tennessee Coal. Atchison and Missouri Pacific, the last named being subjected to a drive later in the day . which had a temporarily bad effect upon the general list. ; The selling was credited to operator - Weil. The current Wall at gossip was mostly of a bullish character and had to do with the improved earnings of the western and southern reads, the growing car shortage in both those sections, the expected early settlement of the coal miners' strike and the pronounced improvement in industrial matters. In Boston Dominion Coal common was bid up TO to 22, the preferred softening to 10914. Bell Telephone went to 2451i lip 214. and Chicago Junction common climbed 11,2 to 1101,2. The principal events of the day here were the declaration of the Calumet and West End dividends and the meeting of the West End directors to discuss the L road lease. The afternoon market was irregular, with Leather preferred strong at 7114, end Burlington barely steady around ' TN. It is evidently not in a Special hurry to cross par. General Electric common rose to 3574o - New England Telephone to 122 and West End common to SeNi. Calumet regained Its high point of 425 and Bay State Gas fell off to 71O. Net changes at the close were as follews: Centennial up 34111 S Gas oT Gas 2fts oft It 'll'ulumet up 5 Gen Else !1, tnnatta ......... up 9141 LPattiPr pret Tobaeeo up Me June up I 'Me Pacific oft 1,4 Sugar up 1OO twee island . up There is no change in the money conditions. Rates are unchanged and sterling is quiet, with local qnotations as follows: Cables $4.Stli:, demand $486, 60- days' sight $1.S4. commercial 60-days' light $4.61 Call loans 1141;i3 peresn1 Time loans pereent cletirine lemse rate 1!.,..2 percent New York funds Par &stem exehances $17.21S.29s Erenanees year 14,419.3 New Yirk ev-danges 117.71fLIK1 New 1-9,-k lances 7.s23,715 Tromnry delet at clearing 414.147 TreaAir:,- goll reserve 144.214.376 The 1110.5)0 Malden. Ma, 4 percent eoupon to,ruts were awarded as follows: The Glenwood schoolhouse bonds. averaging 11 1-6 year, to Jose Parker & Co tt 1tit13. and the remaining $55,500, Comprising nine issues, averaging 12 Years, to E. H. Rollins & Sons at 101S5. The large Increase in the Mexican Central's expenses in July, and consequent decreasle In net earnings. was caused by the movement from Tampico ft P' 116 5 Boston and Alaska Transportation Compantis FIRST SPRINC SAILINC -DIRECT TO-- DAWS N CITY, ALL WATER ROUTE, Leaving Salle. Wednasdah Marc) 1 61 ki4 tLe (.;"1,1 Field Si a Weeks EARLIER, than by any otter route. L.jsset Kates. Eluittnited trelirbt allowauee. For particulars eatt or address, 4. E. CRONENWETT, Phi Mrs' ItAK k Islani Excursions. 291, Washington Street. Boston. or I. A. Gr.nss. D. P. A. N. P. 24) Waialtingtun St.. Bosom. CiuTt au31 of very heavy tonnage of low grade freight. which had been accumulating there, and also by h:glier rate of exchange on U S currency, material and expenses, owing to decline in silver. Comparative figures for July follow: 197 1S96 14)3 Cross $953.663 RiS,010 734,728 Net 233,300 313,334 2S0.155 Seven months: Gross 7.521.418 5,4194.398 5,338,639 Net 2.444,81Z 2.929,710 2.197,229 In view of the present interest in lklexlco and its railroads the folloaing table showing the gradual gain in gross earnings by the Mexican Central road is of .interest: Earngs per Miles oper'd Gross earrets wile opted 1QS5 .235 $3.559,560 V2.858 50 1486 1.235 3.857.705 3.121.37 187 1,235 4.8s6.578 8.710.06 1,488 1.316 5.774,331 . 4.02s.03 1$s9 1.461 6.337.225 4.0o4.S3 1S90 1.527 6.42.,6$04 4,04440S 1S91 1.665 7.374.538 4.169.54 1892 1.824 7,1163.253 4.146.07 1s03 1.8441 7,981.76S 4.322 32 1894 1.8:0 $,426,025 4.530.53 1895 1.359 9.495.863 5.105.77 18941 1.869 11108,020 5.460.00 Other railroad earnings are reported as below: LAKE SHORE Year ended June 30: 1897 11396 Inerease Gross f 19,3s0.967 21.477.1431 2.096.964 Expenses ,. 12.416.169 14.4311.233 s2.014,064 Net 6,964,79S 7,047.61e3 S2.16011 Other Inc ., 543.150 428.304 114,846 Total net 7.507.948 7,476.002 31.946 Charges 4,449.165 4.429,401 19,764 Balance 3.058.783 3.046,601 12,182 1 Avitlends 3,021,34o 3,021.344) Surplus .. 37,443 25,261 12,132 NICKEL PLATE Year ended June 30: Gross 55.377.490 6.162.567 7S5.077 Expenses , 4,256.40 4.94 of4,774 .652.362 Net 1.121,042 1.253,793 132.711 Other Inc ., 6.271 11.574 5.303 Total Inc ,- , 1.127.353 1.265.367 138.014 Charges 1,131,770 1.082,747 49.023 Balance ..... 4,416 t 1)42,620 187.036 Dividends .-.. 250.1so) 250.040 Deficit 4.410 07.379 62.963 .490 6.102.5417 7S3.077 .4044 4.94 of4,774 .0412.362 .042 1.2:43,793 132.711 .271 11.574 65.303 .353 1,265.307 138.014 770 L0S2,747 49.023 ,410 1)42,620 0187.030 250,0(0 250.040 ,410 07,379 02,903 MANH ATTAN ELEVATED Year ended June 30: Gross 39.163,742 0,256,931 Net 3.S61.890 3,725.973 Other Inc 180.277 232.520 Total 4.041.667 3.95$.493 Charges 2.707.016 2.840.391 En i a nee 1.334.651 1.11S.096 Dividends 1,so0,00o 1,S00,000 Deficit 165.349 681,904 0,256,931 .93.1 99 3,725.973 135.417 232.520 52.243 3.95..4.493 S3.174 2.840.397 1!13.3$1 1.113.09n 216.555 1,1.441,090 300.000 661,904 516,555 LACKAWANNA Year ended June SO: Gross $7.625.191 Expenses . 3.949.279 Net ..... 3,675.921 Charges 2.528,4:17 Surplus - 1,147,484 ERIE 8.827.847 1.202,674 4.117,023 107,755 4.710.'422 1,031.901 2.414.4 113.613 2.2:)5,998 1.348.514 3uly: Gross $2.950.894 2,615.513 215.361 Net 798,186 782,455 15,731 Dee 1 to July 31: G roes 20,2c2 946 19.930.976 351.976 Net 4,665,489 4,760.022 '94,533 LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE July: romp $1.795.457 1,627,601 167.S5(1 Expenses 1,167.741 1,127.602 40.139 Net 627.716 499,999 127,717 NEW YORK & HARLEM Quarter ended June 30! Gross $1114,660 243.256 143.656 Net 98.5t11 109.019 10.4153 Surplus 98.561 153,704 14,857 TDIRD AVENVE Quarter ended June 30: Gross $69.375 70a.3014 o1S.es9 Net 336.66e 351.710 15,050 - Decrease. Deficit tSurplus. At the annual meeting of the Ontario & Western next month Pres Ashley of the Wabash railway will enter the board of directors. Mr Ashley says that the change is of no significance except as showing the harmony which has existed between the two roads for some time, and which it is hoped will always remain....The American mailing company is practically in existence- E. R. Chapman of Moore & Schley says that the idea is one of the most logical and promising in economies and leasiblity that has ever been launched. The financing of the new trust will involve millions. ....The first let of gold from the Klondike has been received at the IT S assay office. One lot was worth 815.48 an ounce and another lot 916.95 an ounce. Ordinary California gold is worth 1-17.5t) an ounce It is said that the plans for consolidation of the Equitable gaslight and the New York & East River gas companies will be perfected this week. .Vice Pres C. S. Mellen of the New Haven ralirdad yesterday severed his connection with that road to assume the presidency of the Northern Pacific.... General freight agent Burton Johnson says that Wisconsin Central freight business has shown steady increase since first week in June, and will have about the largest freight business it can handle during the balance of the year.. .The delay in the issue of the Chicago, Burlington Quincy report for July is due to the change in the fiscal year. so that it shall hereafter begin July 1 instead of Jan 1. The accounts for July on the new basis are not yet made up. Flint & Pere Marquette stocks are closely held on the announcement recently made that the company has secured control of the Monroe & Toledo railroad, thereby obtaining a direct line into Toledo. Heretofore the Flint road used the tracks of Lake Shore....J. P. MIrgan & Co have sold 92,000.000 Northern Pacific as at 60 and interest This practically cleans up the syndicate holdings...,It is now said that Carnegie's new ore road to the lakes cannot be in operation before Jan 1....Philadelphia & Erie earnings six months ending June 30: Gross 953.766 less than last year, net 99420 ahead....September dividends and interest disbursements are estimated at 9.25,000,000. At their regular meeting yesterday the West End directors voted to call a special meeting of the stockholders for Sept 9 to take action on the Elevated lease. The directors declared a semi-annual dividend on the common stock of 4 percent, payable Oct 1: books close Sept 11. and open Sept 20. This is an advance of percent on the regular dividend rate. It is understood that at the meeting of the directors the lease as drawn by the committees representing the Boston Elevated and the West End road was aproved, and it was voted to reccommend the acceptance of same to the stockholders. The directors were in session from 10 until 1 o'clock. and made anly a few minor 'changes in the lease. The main points of the lease have already been pnblished. The West End dividend was increased to an 8 percent basis because the road is earning IL One point made in favor of an increase in the dividend rate was that the road had earned and paid 8 percent before and was earning it again, and it was only fair to some of the small stockholders who might not care to subscribe to the Elevated stock, that they should profit by the increased earnings of the company. West End people say that the affairs of the road were never in more pros- pepus condition and that earnings have in eased eery materially. The American loan and trust company gives notice that the transfer books of the preferred and common stock of the West End street railway w!il be closed at the close of business Sept 1 and opened Sept 10. The common stock books WM be closed again Sept 11 and opened Sept 20. Messrs F. S. Mead & Co in their monthly letter state that the buyers of 1,ominion Coal are not, and have not been. buyers of Bay State Gas. and that the various stories on the street connecting the two are absolutely without fc t.niation. The Estimated figures of the August coal shipments of the Dominion Coal company have been received and compare as follows with previous years and mcnths: Tor. 1697 I gigt 1st January 29. 7-,s 2a.o4o ls. 4'17 F.t.ruary 21.3-3 21.449 2.5-4; Nla 23.71 9.171 1.74) April 31t.o 311.315 6,S54 May 101.772 112..A1 71,13M June 143.711 152,1141 113.4111 .111y 173.1lai In4.s41) 131.457 August 159. 0o0 119.532 108,1154 -- Eiztat ruonths.....OSS.69 .5 667.900 4C)6,756 Eight months. .tissAni 667.9oo August business was the largest of any month In the Bostor stock exchange In two years. Transaetions amounted to cver T5251.0e0 bonds and over 1,250.000 shorts. Of the latter over I.(100,00 shares werc in the Iktel department. For eight mcr.thrl the trinsactions amounted to alTror71 124.0)",) bonds and over 5,797,01)0 shares. New york rstct k exchange transactions fcr August, wi'.11 comparisons. were as tat: 14.147 14494i 1m-remise Stall-PS II.:W.s22 4.225.64,7 7.124.135 Owl Sow $.5iY2,154) 74,4.400) 2s1.350 )t her harAs 73.s.7,2.4000) 1S,432,701.1 55,419.3110 Stock scrip 0)4.471) 644,470 ea.s 22,u00 263,000 241.000 Deerease Pre s Charles P. Clark of the New Haven railroad. who has Just returned from Europe. visited the new union station yesterday tri41 spent an hour or two at the office of the term!nal company. tie was much interested in the great changes that have taken place during his absence in Europe. much progress having been made on the work. There are said to be now fewer than 10 candidates for ex Vice Pros C. S. Mellen's position in the field. There is some talk about the office being entirely abolished and that of general manager created In its stead. The Calumet & Hec la directors yesterday declared a dividend 4f ;10 per share. 1 payable Oct 1 to stock of record Sept 4. With the $10 declared today, which is the Itbith divid-end declared by the company the total dividend disbursements will aggregate $50.850,000. Today'a is the second of the fiscal year, beginning May 1. and makes $20 thus far declared, in tho last fiscal year ending April 30, the company declared six dividends. aggregating $40; $40 have thus far been declared in the calendar year, against $25 paid in the calendar year of 1S96. The report comes from New York that the Rock Island people are negotiating for control of the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf. Investigation In Boston among officials of the Denver & Gulf road falls to bring any confirmation of the story. The Union PacitIc people, who practically control the Denver & Gulf line, admit that such a union is possible and very natural, but at the same time they assert that they have no information of any action being taken in that direction. If anything looking to a control of the property by the Rock Island people was being done it would in all probability be done In New York, through the bondholders' committee, which, at the present time, holds the majority of the company's securities. pending the consummation of a reorganization plan. An Metal of the Rock Island says: "Our earnings for August. which will be made public tomorrow afternoon, show very satisfaetory increases. The passenger and freight business is better than for a long time. The next dividend meeting not made public yet." Northern Pacific earnings, third week In August. decreased $3100 to $14)7.936. The bears are par-alyzed. 131DSTON bTOCK MARKET. BOSTON, Sept 1Following are the sales today, with closing bids of yesterday and today: BONDS --Closing-- High. Low- Aug Sept caleii et en 31 1 A,TASF new 44127500 6034 8814 8; 8614 A'1.4sP adiu 44.17400 6973 5614 5114 bst esUnGas 1054.14009 923,4 921;2 911,2 Res Untias2d5s. le000 82 811,2 111 Clue. B ,2 No 55. 3009 105 105 10414 10414 C W l scrip.- 3975 651,2 651,2 DontinionCoaltis 9000 101 10014 1001 4 10012 111Stpiaindeb5c15000 St Stis4 $.) 81 K C. 'Ft 8 it M 6815000 9914 993,4 9211i B 4 pc sc 240 86 86 K e,,M R B inc SO 34 34 31 1..Evk st 1.1st 6E40000 100 100 97 100 Meg een 44 55000 63 63 63 63 Nies ('en 2.1 Ole 10000 5t 's 414 414 Ore Sit 1. new 5e. 5000 9134 811A-4 9114 9114 410 Sertp. 14,;s4 1o634 S bs .10000 5712 5734 .414 57 West End 51,.. 1000 19)514 105,14 1051,2 Wisconsin Cen 5s 7000 37:4 3714 3612 871,2 RAILROLADS 760 1534 1514 154'8 1534 AJ.LSI, ;arr. 1474 341,i 3348 34 3314 Boston itAlbanv 63 220 220 220 21314 Boston& Maine '20 1115 105 164 184 Cen Mass 250 1214 1214 1214 ("en 31ass pref.- 15o 61 61 tit tit Chic, Bur Q 4144 931a 9714 97r,11 9734 ChicJunction 1675 nor,. 109 10614 1011:!4 Chic, Ind I. pt. 10 3414 $814 Fitchburg ',rel 45 9314 93 93 Flint P Mar pf 505 411 $914 $ 9 3914 Lou it Naslivilie. 100 62 62 Maine Central 5 127 127 125 125 Manhattan Elev. 100 1067,s 10614 Mexican Central. 225 014 61,4 614 814 New Eneland 25 10 10 New Eng pref 70 90 11:4 86 14 T. N Jr H. 12 1781,4 17814 Northern ,N111. 9 155 155 Or Short L now- 510 2214 22 2214 Ph k Brad 1st pf 200 bil 56 Union 14c1110 1370 18 1714 17 1712 I P. Ben t R 0. 250 6 6 tis4 West End 749 9644 90 957,4 9514 West E.nd pref.- 100 101 101 100 100 MINING Arnold. 350 314 314 $14 Atlantic 52 20 25 25 '25 Beaton& Mont- 490 14434 144 144 144 Butte& Hos tr rot 2299 2714 204 2674 2614 Calumet& Heel. 87 15 116 415 424 Centennial. 15105 1014 10 974 10 Gold Coin MInes 200 31,4 $14 3 8 Kearsarge 150 21 2034 21 osocois,.... 75 $:414 31 3784 3714 Pioneer... 3935 01, 614 614 648 Quinev.. ... . 50 119 119 118 118 Santa 50 15 15 15 1434 1-14nkrilet 87 137 1341 134 136 Tatuaracit Junior 100 19 19 19 19 Wolverine 181 1414 1414 141a 11:1s MISCELLANEOUS Am Bell Tel- 72 24512 24314 243 245 Dominion Coal- 4724 22 2018 2014 211,4 COSI pt bi40 10-9si, 10914 110 ltdo Erie Tei - 172 6714 601,1 64 01 I-0 East BostonLand. 5115 6 514 51.44 514 tien Electric 2770 3S54 $7 $614 36 Cen Electric prat 104 112 St Si. 81 Illinois Ste.' 303 50 50 4914 Lamson Store ser 1 o) :6012 2014 2014 20 Maverick Land 400 3 8 3 New Eng lel.. . VI 122 120 119 121 New Eng Tel rts. 811 134 16os 114 114 Pullman Palest. Icto 176 176 175 175 Reece Buttenhote 155 lay, lath, san Diego Lan,'" 433 13 121,,., Tenn Coal k Iron 100 3914 361,-4 U Pt Rubber pref. 5 6914 6814 6714 OS Westinghouse EL 100 24 24 UNLISTED SECURITIES Am Sugar Ref-. 9359 15934 150111 135711 15014 Am Snit Ref at- 12lia 112414 11734 117 11,114 Bair State Gag.- 7r11 8) 714 71,4 714 7 3-10 Merced Minin-z- 705 7 434 6 634 old I ninunionMin 150 19 19 1814 183,4 S Leather 145 101'a 111 C 8 Leather pref 000 7114 Ex dividend 1FIrst assessment pal& Tot31 salesBonds $3224(P0, listed stock 34,131, unlisted shares 29041. Auction Sale 23 Howard national bank ... 6 Nzttional City bank 074,66,:,, b Market national hank - 70 5 Howard rational bank ...... -.-- 101L., I 3,1,tasiteh UM. t t s nathatal bank 74114 10 Atlantic t'otton mills 6,o4 2 Iateon la 31fg Co .-...612I-2 b Chicopee Mfg Co 1111 I Amin's...v.1min wills 113 10 Eastern raliroadN II bl 50 Kansas City, It Scott & 31 R It, cum 17 20 Swift & Co .. tooti 34 National Tnbe Works Co, coin f 5 10 itowker Fertilizer Co 0914 110 Rights N F. Tel & Tel Co 13i, 50 SNares N K Tel & Tel Co. rights off 12114 10 National Tube Works Co, prf Itasti, 15 National Rivera batik 70 17 Tremont national bank 72 29 National exchange bank 12314 19 National hide & Leather bank .104,1,4 35 National bank of Redemption 113 3 stitrolk national bunk 10s14, 2 York Mfg Co 77,0 25 Massachusetta eotton mills 031i 511 31anchester mills 1001,41,0111014 3 Naumkeag steam cotton co ....... 60L1J GO Arlington mills 1020141' 4j 7 Androtwoggin mills - 114112 3 Appleton co 4.171 25 Bates manufacturing co 11414j 17 Manchester mills 100:901,10104 15 Northern It It. N II 156,4 75 Concord et Montreal R R, elass 4 175-4 2 Old Colony R It co 1441. 24 Rutland It R. corn .....- Hi 12 Bowker fertilizer eo 9061s01-'1 10 Mass Loan & Trust co. Boston I1414 1(1 Realty co 35 LOW City of Tacoma water and light loan, gold, ibi 06 $2.000 Lynn & Boston R it 1st mt N. 1924 1021;i $100 K C. St Jo & Conm:11 Bluffs It It 7s, 19417 12, 500 St Joseph & Grand Island It It 1st flit 214. as, 4s 1ial7 6S $4.0010 West Etid street ry co Ns, 191)2 105,4 110 Kansas City, Fort Scott & Gulf It It 1st nit 7s. Ilsk4 111,7i, $5,0001 C. It & Q It it 4. ..1) Hens ex its13 1090 C. B & Q It It cony 5s, 1903 104 $300 Kossuth Hall association 5 percent bond 250 NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. Yesterday's Closing Transactions, with Range of Prices. NEW YORK, Sept I.Following are the closing quotations of bonds . compared with these of yesterday: Aug Sept i An?. SiTt 31 1 I 1 r. I t:57a 25a4 Ma Paens..100 In0 US4a,new e 135ZN 2544 N Ye lits .11772 11772 1:s4s. 01,1.111132 1132 NJ c'en5s..1127,1, 112 1' S4a.old.c.11144 13,4 . N Pa!! Isis .10 12,1 UN bs. rez 113114 i 3.1,4 I do 3s.... t014, 611A US bs. con 1134,4 I 33,,, ! do 42. . '1 1,2 321.4 18 ds 971,2 971,-, ic l',04 to6:1,4 It C-3.654 to101,., o31,4!NontW tis..1231,2 123E, Atchison 44 rt734 841, iNorrr't eon.144 1441, is doadlt 41t 561,2 5-Sli.,! do del. bs.111 1173s can $o 2,1s 11 lit ItiO i Or N av 112.1121,2 t I 11,A cell P icts 1011,2 e .. I .tlo 44 .... :191,4 391,2 C&NPtr5s 415mi 451'2 OtK Line Os.117 117111 C Ar 0 'its.- $541 1423,4i do 5g. -... 112 921,? Cill DV251 10312 104i1, i Or Imp 1s:4. 10 1 101 INLitt; 1.1o 84 83 do bs..... 4 IL 40 do 4s 1101,2 1101.2 IleadoN 4s. hdl 4 silt A F. Tett Ists 1o8 103 PG W Ists.. .. 4034 Etta ton 42 7212 72132 StIAINI 5s. 0734 01L, I FWDISES 69'14 0 st.L.k1, 68.11532 115 Gen El 5s I04) lit!) st rani con.1311 169 G,11k,SA Os 104 104 IStlCl 141s. . . 121 I 410 2,154 100 Got Isol.WAV 54. iP414 ti43,4 11AtTc ilci., 1091,i2 unot 6 ! ,;t. it,t'r tiA.. 4;4 110 con ((A m.; 104 rfex P 1 is It.112 14t144 In Ceti 131 171,2 tt712 do 12ds .. 331,4 331,. Kiln P eon 101 13y1-111,a,. lc, 1 1142 II 112- to Ists, li .1-111a1,1,11t 45 45 Oil' 11314 11314 Wab lit 5i.107 1071,4 31 i A T tni- 8.1 62 '4 no 2 is,. ... 7 31,i 10'1,4 do 4s 811.;:it Sdi,l, Wrst Slt 4,1.10332 1063,4 The number of shares sold. with the highest. lowest an. closing prices. corn-pared with those of yesterday. I;illow: ItAILItuaDS --Closinr-- Shares Al,': sera soid High Low 31 I Mention .... 1075 1514 1542 1.5rts 112 Atchison met 11,674 141,4 3352 53;4, 133.4 Bolt A Ohio.. 435 17 Mit Iti 1411 Can Pacific 100 72 72 7232 7112 Canada Sontl 7o0 5552 5514 55 551, Central lown. 1.7011 1212 111 12 121'4 ent.' l'itettie. 130 141, 14112 1414 1317 Chi..., A I tido.. 22 i:(o 2(11,p v a i2s11,2 2ii 4 (b. Bur At 1). 180540 0S12 07 075.6 977,0 Ole . t. E 111., t 00 50 44 49 k 49 ( .C C & St L '1....l4s0 37E4 3sti 2ns, 3714 Chtentto Gt V 13.113 18 172o 175,A 1752 1111,.Int1.t Lon 4.810 125 A 1214 123 ii 121 4 eh. 1 tt- Lott If 1,14o0 3414, n; 37 371.4 1 iel.l.aek ,t W. 400 iii11,2 11101',2 1111 1401,4 1ensa1ttihrf 46 43 471,2 48 4742 Frio 1.1 lo 1712 1712 1714 171, Ern Utt bre . 1000 413,4 411,2 411,2 411,4 Gt North pref. 4Ol 113 1321,4 121 134 Hocking Val.. uo0 51,2 51,2 512 514 Illinois cent 2.4(4 105in 1051,2 105(4 1051.2 lAke E it W .. 1.700 22 2112 2114 2114 I, E az VI ore. 2610 741,4 75 74;12 7s15 2 Lake Shorn.- 660 177 177 174 1701 Lauirt4S6511 11,131. 611W4 OW. Oi Ulla Manhattan 1,840 107 1001,41 1061,41 1061,44 efropol teals, 2,820 12414 124 122 12312 MichiganCenti 2410 10742 10715 107 NI 107 M inn & tL 200 26 25114 251,2 251,2 Mo Pacific. 21,950 40 38 391,2 3824 Mobile& Oh10 1.950 31 3012 30 3 114 Mo.KanArreK. 1.850 154 151,4 1388 154 110, K t T ut. 6,030 361,2 3518 34114 31112 N Y. Sugq W 2,185 181,6 18 181,2 174,42 tir18 Int- 700 89 381,2 39.s 39 N J Central 500 9612 90 00 9525 N Y Centr.t1 2,740 1109 10812 10842 10824 N Y.C811,21 Dr titt4W 38 381,2 2912 89 bort 368 14 14 131,2 14 NOM PneitiO. 2,600 t7 3,4 177,8 1724 Ilte ptd 6.320 b0m,4 30 301,s 3034 Northwestern. 7,420 1221,4 120 1201,44 1211,2 Ontario& West 2,700 18 1778 177,4 171,4 oreg shun L. 100 2214 221,4 2214" 22 heading 8,310 271.11 27 2714 2718 'Kuck Island 20.125 V 1 1, 1 110 905,2 914 2 StLASW 210 67s 624 61,2 612 st 1. A a 1Y pret be() 141,11 14 13 14 St Paul 27.480 8614 8413 1131,4 8418 St Paul pre - 400 14412 144 1431,2 144 r a OinAitil 27,250 8212 71 7211d 83 St A, Om prt. 204 14412 144 143 144 South l'actue. 7o0 2 i.48 2115 21 21141 southern wv 6,900 11 1 112 II 11.4 South r'y arr. b.o50 361,2 3512 2648 Texas l'adnio. 3.340 14112 1412 1434 144it Mon Pauttle. 2,020 1711 1758 .17 25 17 11.1 env A 300 6 LIU b 67'8 8 Wabash rue. two 8 812 81;8 W ah l'ae twee. 12,1160 22ka 218.14 22 2218 Wheeling &Le. 1,800 3 21,e 234 INDUSTRIALS Anner'n Sprit s 7,595 15 14 14141 141,5 Am SOB prt. 1.620 34 B314 3261, 3314 Am'n Tortinvo 40,9t40 148 11442 24 944s liar state s 8.204) 153,4 141,2 181,5 14 C1teagoGas 11.270 1t32 10214 1023'21031,2 Consul Gas 850 104 193 1'192 1631,4 Colorado Fuel 2.140 24 23 2224 2342 Cotton Oil 1.880 2512 2312 23 251,12 Cotton 011 net. 1,313 801,i 7812 7718 79 General Elea 16.620 3i 367 4 364,4 381,4 Illinois Steel 200 423,4 4944 4912 4912 Laclede tins- 2.123 4914 48 49 48 1.ead. 11,1120 Sas,' 37 37 37114 Lead pref tr,o 106 10514 10412 105 Nati Latis'.10il 400 21 2114 111.14 211,4 'u1lman C4 200 178 1151,1 17102 1751,2 antnuarditope 950 7141 712 7 71,5 Sugar 32.170 159 1611as 156 1561,2 Sugar pre! 3.335 119 117 1171,5 11812 U a Leather S.450 10,5 .1144 95,8 10 L Leatn prat 20.0110 72 7014 70 71 S Runner 1.800 19 184 2 IS 1678 US Rubber prt 250 6812 68 0 7 68 MISCELLANEOUS No Americm. 1,C,00 512 511 51s SI8 Oregon NAT 800 34 33 88 34 ravine i0,720 37 6 lis 85 Si $64 'lent' Coal.... 17,840 stiyi &IA!, solvdt 324 Cilion. 10,760 9414 84 V41,11 3418 -- Ex dividewl. First assessment paid. tittles tor the day aggregatel 560.742 Share. Money and Exchange Rates. NEW YORK, Sept 1Money on call easy at 1V11,A.! percent. Prime mercantile paper :31f,11 4!,i percent. Sterling exchange firm. with actual business in bankers bills at $4.235-i for derrmnd and $-1W-4,'n4.83414 for 60 days; posted rates 34.841,21q4.852 and $4.Si1A(44.87; commercial bills S4.621,41'14.82. Bar silver L11.c. Mexican dollars 41c. Government bonds strong, state bonds dull, railrowl bends easier. REAL ESTATE MATTERS. Better Feeling Among the TradersThe Business Pritnerty, 170 Tremont St Bought by J. Albert Walker. There is a little better feeling among the real estate men than for a number of dam A number of large deals in city proper and suburban estates have been closed, and final papers in a large trade have Just been signed. The property sold is numbered 170 Tremont st, situated on the corner of Mason st, belonging to the heirs of John Lowell, the buyer being J. Albert Weikel the well-known real estate operator of this city. The estate comprises a large five-story brick building, valued by the assessors at $122.000. The price paid, while not being made public, will figure considerably in excess of the total assessment. The sale was negotiated through Messrs Whitcomb. Weed & Co. Another valuable estate transferred Is that owned by George Wheatland, numbered tk) Bay State road. Back Bay district. This property is a handsome one, the house, which is a large four-story swell (runt brick. having recently been erected by Mr Wheatland. The lot contains about ZOO square feet. The buyer was George E. Parker. for occupancy, the consideration paid being in the vicinity of $28,0u0. The sale of the estate numbered 3S3 Beacon st, water side, situated between Gicueester and Fairfield sts. Back Bay, has been efre,s2ted. the purchaser being Mr Peermaine of Pearmaine & Brooks, bankers. The buyer was represented by Henry D. Bennett, and J. G. Freeman represented the owner. The estate consists of an octagon front brick house and L'oot; square feet of land, the whole taxed for $29.90). The land is assessed tor l0eitr. The new owner buys for occupancy, On private terms. The grantor was Edward Id. Cutler. - Final papers in the transfer to Louis Berenson from William C. Norcross of the apartment house property on ths earner of Dudley and Kenilworth sts, Roxbury, have just gone on record. The estate is numbered 71 on the former street. and 1 to 3 on the latter street, and consisti of a large four-story. light stone structure containing six suites and two stores. the lot of land containing 1627 square feet. taxed for S2400. The whole estate has a taxed value of $12,000. The price paid was about $15.0v0. As Dart payment for the above property Mr Bengtson has conveyed by deed to Ile left M. Norcross, his property numbered 1130 Tremont at. on the corner of Ifowe ct, Roxbury, comprising a frame building and 2306 square feet of land, having a total assessed value of $s4u0, $49(su being on the land. The Robinson estate numbered 50 Vernon st. Roxbury. which some two monthe ago was purchased from the estate in the name of Phoebe C. McKenna, has just been conveyed to A. Shuman, of S'i 'man corner, who also owns the Property adjoining. This estate is one of the finest in this part of Roxbury, being valued by the assessors at $12,900, of which VD.10 is on the land, or about 80 cents per square foot. The location is near Shaw-mut ay. There is a large frame house and 12,127 square feet of land. 411.,...... A number of lots of vacant land in Dorchester have Just changed ownership. The Caroline Jackson estate has sold to John A. Sundberg five lots on Colonial av and Millet et. having a total land area of about 25,500 square feet. The new owner will improve. A lot of about 50u0 square feet on Esmond St. Dorchester, belonging to Charlotte A. Bradstreet. has been purchased for improvement by Patrick J. Barry, the price paid being private. The estate owned by Matilda Belyea. on Fowler st, has been transferred to Daniel F. Sullivan. who has bought the property for investment, for a private consideration. The corner estate on Blue Hill atr and Clifford st. Roxbury. ward 21, is now the property of Joseph Gans, who has just purchased the estate from the owner. Louisa L. Hunneman, the price paid being in excess of the total assessed value of $4504). There is a large frame house, together with about 3135 square feet of land, taxed for 2500. Patrick O'lliorden has Just added another estate to his holdings in the Charlestown district. The property bought by Mr Oltiorden Is situated on Henley pi, near Vapping at, and consbzts of a lot of land containing 4131 square feet. taxed for The grantor was the estate of Samuel C. Hunt. The files of the Real Estate Exchange show the following entries of record at the Suffolk registry of deeds for the month of August, ISK: Ifert 1$190 1895 No. of transfers 1.r.74 1.417 1.509 No. of mons: es. 672 012 073 Am at mortg'0.$3,1S2,175 2,057,431 5,150,410 THEIR NATTY UNIFORMS. Subway Conductors and Motormen Appear In New Suits. The new uniforms worn by the subway employes Wue manufactured by the Continental Clothing house. The natty appearance of the men is due to the fit and general excellence of these uniforms, and is another feather in the cap of the Continental, always noted for its excellence in the line of clothing. The coats are single-breasted, with seven buttons. The caps have straight sides and straight visers, with two bands of gold. The material is of the same shade of blue universally used by the company, but appears to be of a finer quality. Canadian Bar Association. HALIFAX, N S, Sept 1The second days proceedings of the first annual meeting of the Canadian bar asraciation were opened at Dalhousie college law library today at noon. A paper by a A. Howland of Toronto on the subject of "An International Court" was to have been read, but owing to the lateness of the hour Mr Howland suggested that it would be better to postpone the reading of it. Accordingly it will be read tomorrow. This afternoon the visiting barristers went for a drive through the park awl suburbs. HIDES HOLD. Raw Material's Cost is a Check on Trade. Boyers of Loattor Pay II iglu Prices Grad lifillt Small Prospect of Relief in the sear Futures' Packers and Leather Trust Are In Control. Farther Advances Said to Be Close at Hand. High hides are the stumbling block of the leather industry at present, and there seems to be no immediate prospect of relief from the pressure which they exert upon the market. Buffs are quoted at 10c and Texas steers bring lie in Chicago. Buyers hesitate to take leather freely, recognizing the fact that values are abnormally high. and hardly knowing what to expect. The natural sequel to such an artificial advance is a decided reaction. The strength of the combined efforts of the packers and the leather trust has proved sufficient, however, to sustain quotations thus far, and they show no signs of receding from their intrenchments. How long they can maintain their position is a matter of conjecture. It still looks as though their limit had not quite been reached. Further advances are predicted, and the camel's back, as in previous years, is likely to be put to the test of the last straw. Till the breaking point is reached, therefore, manufacturers expect to have quotations gradually raised, and a few of the largest concerns have been buying right along without any expectation of a change in the drift of prices, this season at least, while others have purchased only for pressing needs. Strange as it may seem, in view of the oft-repeated assertions that hides are scarce in proportion to the demand, receipts of cattle at the Chicago scock yards continue as a rule to exceed those of the corresponding weeks in 1896 and 1895. As was pointed out a short time ago, moreover, the receipts at the leading cattle marts for the first half of 1897 exceeded those of the first half of 1896 by quite a large number. Last week the receipts at Chicago were 59,679 head against 56.002 a. year ago, 52,486 two years ago and 57,761in the previous week. The recent nitivance in sole leather was anticipated by numerous buyers, and there has been a pretty good movement of stock. Even at the rise there is considerable trading. the 'impression prevailing that another Is imminent. Quotations follow: lik-allock sole: Prime It A no -804 Common hide AetI Light 4x21 19 la 21) 21 022 021 19 029 21 4122 Over 121 19 020 2 t 022 Good dam .19 0,20 IS at 19 19 Poor dam IT Vg 111,41g Union sole: Slaughter Steers Light Hide Leather Light haess. 29 019!Goott hacks 629 Middle hacks 29 fa:iOlseconds 027 Heavy barks ..29 301Thirds 6 "5 Seconds 26 (ri281Lte11ies 4-(13 California oekSides, No. I. heavy, 22t1 23c; medium, 21022e: light. 2oo421e; bellies. 13(e14e. Upper leather is firm in sympathy with the tone of the hide and sole leather markets. Holders of grains and splits are not eager sellers at ruling prices, and some are said to be holding their stock above the market. The movement is mainly in small lots, but aggregate sales have been fairly large at the higher level. Wax calf and missies are both in fair demand. Advances in raw calfskins have affected the market for tanned products. and a slight rise in quotations has gone into effect. For 35 to 45-lb skins the quotations run from 551465e, and for 75 to 100-lb about 40(a45c is the range. Russia calf brings 211422c for No. 1, kangaroo 171(18e. According to the Shoe and Leather Reporter, forwardings of footwear for the week have been 72,2)5 cases, against 89.680 cases last week and 88,489 eases for the corresponding week of last year. Since Jan 1. 1897, forwarIngs have been 2.693.550 cases, against 2,635,335 cases last year, an excess of 58,215. SHARP RISE IN WHEAT. Cables Were Stronger and All Grains Made an Advance. Wheat took a fresh hold yesterday and started for the dollar mark again. Cables came a little more encouraging and the buying of December wheat was renewed with reports of bull manipulation In prospect by the operators Who were active in the September rise. The net gain for the day was Vic. Corn gained also closing lc higher, and cats were up Chicago opening. highest, lowest and closing prices on grain and provisions are reported by the Boston chamber of commerce as follows: Wheat. Sc,nember 894 931 891,4 93. December 149 $14 89 93. Corn, September 29142 311 29'42 81,4. December 8114 :1514 31 3911. ODA. September 18 19 18 19. December 2t,t, 20 2olh 24,e1,6. Pork. September 8.80 8.02 8.75 8.92. December 9.00 9.10 S.87 9.07: Dard. September 480 4.90 4.80 4.90. December 4.92 5.05 4.92 5.00. Ribs. September 5.70 5.82 5.70 5.80. December 5.10 5.10 3.10 5.10. Dairy Market Steady. The dairy market remains steady with values unchanged. There is a. little cessattml of demand on butter. due to easier quotations ir some of the othcr prominent markets. Eggs and cheese remain firm. In other centers: ButterNew York very dull and weak at 18k4e, Chicago steady at ISc. CheeseNew York large 9e. small 93.4.10e, Chicago and Liverpool unchanged. LggsN PNV York quiet ut 1612e, Chicago steady at 1316e. St Louis weak at 1244:te. Receipts in principal markets: BostonButter 4119 tubs 8175 him weighing 187.942 list; cheese 2499 pkgs; eggs 2135 es. New YorkButter 6300 pkgs; cheese 0300 pkgs: eggs 12.500 C. ChicagoButter 3000 Nils local. 025,000 cheese 300,000 lbs, eggs 2100 es local. Receipts Of Staples. Boston receipts of staple commodities are reported for Wednesday as follows: Leather. 21,598 sides 215 rolls 821 bdis 234 bales 1360 bags 13 ears b3 es; green hides, 40 bills; calf Fklus, 79 pkgs; goat skins, 110 bales; skins, 7 csks; coal, by rail 139 tons; lumber. 150 cars; cotton. 124 dom bales; wool, 1579 (loin 14 for bales; wheat, 721 bu; corn, 56.636 tot; oats. t18.153 bu; Walt, 1330 bu; mill feed, 70 tons: cornmeal, 375 bbls; oatmeaf, 400 sks; flour. 4525 bids 4240 sks; beans. I440 bbls; Potatoes, 27 ears 2649 tea; hay, 57 cars; onions, iso bids; sweet potatoes. 3156 bbls; lard, 101 tes 20 es 050 pkgs; poultry. 132 pkgs; pork, 80 bills; fresh beef, 25 ears; ham, 112.170 lbs; bacon. 2046 lecs; preserved meats, 450 es; canned goods, 274S es: ' 131$ bbis; cranberries, 244 lob's; peaches. 13.100 crates; watermelons. 7900; bananas, 16.334 bunches; cocoanuts, 390 bags; California fruit, 141 cars; grapes, 141-S2 Pkgs; tea. 700 Pkgs; coffee, 195 bags; sugar. 100 bids 350 bags; salt, 3000 bu 165 tons; pelts, 7000. BOSTON PRICES. Quotations for Bound Lots of Staple Commodities. FlourMuter clear. Michigan. New York. Ohio. Indiana. Illinois and St Louis $4.3040.7;i, straights $4.8045.30, patents $5.354-0.100, spring clear, Minnesota. iViseonsin and Dakota $4.ti4Jrti 5.10. straights S5.1o4t5.43, patents $5.55(ittl.10 . special brands $u.1.1041.50. CornSteamer yellow 401,6t-ilc. steamer 40e. OatsFancy clipped 204242ULfic, No. 2 clipped white 2sitm20c. 3 Clipped white 2be. rejected 271,2e. HayFancy $16.50. prime $15016. choice $13 Sin, fair to good $12u13, CO111111011 S1'.S411.50, clover mixed 11412. StrawRye sio.5iV1i.0. oat Sd.500.7. Bolter Creamery northern extra 19411914.e. western extra 1S124L19c. tista IralSe seeon-ds 140115e . storage Jane extra 171.21a1S4c. dairy extra 1644.17e. firsts 144j.17ke, imitation creamery extra 131.15e. firsts rnt,6412e. ladle extra 114712c. firsts 10e. box creamery extra 20e. dairy 17a1Sc, print creamery extra 20c, dairy 17411fic. CUeek4NeW TQa awl Verwout extra 92 9e firsts 7,21Sc . seconds litisqlle. part skim Varic. western twins extra 9146j93e Ohin fiat extra 8M0e, fair to go(4.70,71e, sage Sti TtfiticEggsSuburban and cape fancy 226723c eastern cholee fresh 19c. fair to good 14(a,Itle, Vermont and New liampshire chotee fresh 184 lite, NI i eh van selected 1641417e, western choice fair to good 14415e, refrigerator l44415e. BeefChoice heavy SeSI4e, light 7(47112c, good heavy 69441,7c light 5141446e, hindquarters choice lity,efillc common to good 76:1:toe, forequarters choice 54,i5tc eonnuon to good 340c, veal choice Se, fair to good 6q7c. MultonExtra (like. common to good 4(F-st6e yearlings 5q7e. spring heavy 812.eil9c, fair to good 741Se. PotatoesNew native rose and hebrons $2.23t 2.30, white star $2.23412.40. sweet 1.75k2.50. ApplesGravenstein $2.76(43.50. duebesse $2.30ro3, Ale Kander $2.30. porter $1.7542, PIP-pin . $1.75g2.25. sweet $1.50i1r2, common $ug 1.50 NEW YORK PRICES. Quotations on Wheat, Bye, Oats and Other Staple Products. NEW YORK, Sept 1Flour, receipts 24.527 bbls, exports 974)4 bbis; sales 9000 pkgs; strong and held bigher on the rise of wheat; city mill patents $6.35(6.6.45; winter patents 5.3540.4)5; city mill clears $5.45(0.55; winter straits $4.854'0: Minneeota patent $5.404J 5.85; winter extras 3.4041:3.90; Minnesota bakers' $4.40414.70: winter low grades $3.3ts4 3.50: rye flour firm. Corn meal firm; yellow 3.72; city 3.75. Rye firmer; No. 2 western 53e c. I. f. Buffalo; car lots 40400c. Barley firmer; feeding 31e e. I. f. Buffalo; barley malt firm; western 5061115e. Wheat, receipts 7t3,050 bu, exports 205,835 bu; sales 3.925,000 bu futures. 2S0.000 bu spot; spot strong; No. 2 red 11.0236(41.02 f. o. b. afloat: No. 1 northern New York 1.0414, f. o. b. afloat; No. 2 hard $IMI f. o. b. afloat; options opened lirtn and advanced actively all day on strong pirate cables, foreign buying, heavy COVering renewed export demand and bad crop news from the northwest and Europe; closed strong at 344.4e net advance; September 98 3-10c W4., closed $14; October 9704134c, closed 118e; November closed 98e; December 944 9814" closed 98c. Corn. receipts 206,600 bu, exports 6930 bu; sales 1,533,000 bu futures, 76.000 bli spot; spot strong; No. 2 37c elevator. 3birie afloat; options opened weaker under free deliveries, but turned strong and advanced all day on bad crop news and cover-Mg, closed net higher; September 55,40374e, closed 3714,e; October 341e123712e, dosed 37e: November 37463814e, dosed 38,4e; beeember 87u43811-16c, closed 38. Oats. receipts 208,800 bu, exports 141,699 ha; sales 15.000 bu futures. 30,000 bu spot; spot stronger; No. 2 231124124e; No. 8 23442314c; No. 2 white 250251,42c; No. 3 white 24144 241.4e; trivet mixed western 231,4(424e; traek white 2441.30c; options quiet. but stronger, closing net higher; September closed 24e; October 23W:02414c, closed 2414e; December 2514.e. Butter unsettled: western creamery 12,01814e; do factory 8,(1.11e; Eigins 1Stee; imitation creamery 1O4l13e; state dairy 10612 17e; do creamery 124181.4e. Cheese very dull; large white 9e; small white fieic; large colored 9N.c; small colored 10c; part skims 5y2ret 6u2c; full skims 3144t4e. EgKs quiet; state and Pennsylvania 17!..4s4o1ee: western fresh 164i2C. PONI 008 steady; Jerseys $1.50(42: Long Island $26.?225; sweets $1.504'd1.75. Tallow quiet; 814e bid. 4 asked; country 3473Vie as to quality. Cottonseed oil, stronger; prime yellow 2712e2Sc. Petroleum steady; united closed 72 bid. Rosin steady. Turpentine 29W430,4e. Rice firm. '.1Io1asses firm. Peanuts quiet and firm Freights dull. Pig iron quiet; southern $9.75010; northern s1og12.25. Copper firm; brokers' 11)4e; exchange J 1.104.0 1 .2.-)e. Dead strong, brokers $3.85' . exchange $4.221244.25. Tin easy; straits $13.004t13.65: plates steady. Spelter steady; d.)mestic 54,25414.35. Feed fitni: bran 6744e4l0e; rniddliugs 7544771Ace rye feed 574105c; city 7075e. Hops quiet. Hides steady. Leather steady. Wool firm. Coal steady. Beef firm. Cut meats firm. Lard firm; western steam 5.30e; October 5.25c; nominal; refined strong: continent 5.00c; compound 0q,p 5e. Pork firm. Coffee options opened steady, 5 to to points lower: ruled quiet with easy undertone, heavy Brazilian receipts, slack spot demand. absence of outside support and lower European markets; bulls cautioug owing to estimated heavy incresse in world's visible supply, closed barely steady at 10 to 15 points net decline: sales 16.500 bags, including September $6.1506.20: December $6.504t6.05; January $6.604, 6.05 ; 1!arch $0.13(040.85; May $695; 3111Y 7-05. Spot coffee; rio quiet; No. 7 invoice 67,4e No. 7 Jobbing 7e; mild quiet; cordova 101.4q161.6c. Sugar firm; fair refining 114c; centrifugal 9s1 test 2e; relined firm. AMUSEMENT NOTES. Current and Coming Local Attractions at the 'Various Playhouses. The London Gaiety Girls are presenting a capital program of burlesque, variety and comedy at the Palace theater this week. These are ideal days for a visit to the chutes. and the attendance proves that the people appreciate the many amusements to be found there. Clara, Blanchard Dickey, well and favorably known in Boston. has been engaged for The Walking Delegate company to understudy Christie MacDonald as Wee-Mee. The clever monologue introduced by Mr Arthur C. Sidman in the dainty sketch, "A Bit of Real Life," is replete with crisp, bright stories, all of them new and original with him. They are causing many hearty laughs at the Howard this week. Miss Christie MacDonald, Miss Annie Liehter, Miss Edith Hardy and the Misses Bouvier, Greenwood and Dickey occupied a box at the Tremont Wednesday and enjoyed the performance of "Sunshine of Paradise Alley" as the guests of Mr George Ryer. lloyt s "A Black Sheep" le the next choice tidbit which manager McCarty is preparing to gratify the palate e of Park theater patrons. This rollicking farce-comedy. undoubtedly one of Hoyt's funniest and best. will be given a first performance on Monday afternoon. "Trilby" has proved an Immense attraction at the Castle sq theater this week, and the audiences have filled the house at .every performance. "Trilby" is announced for only the preeent week, and the fall and winter season will begin next Monday with a production of "The Charity Ball." The female tug-of-war contest at Austin & Stone's museihn is crowding the lecture hail every time an exhibailon Is given. Both teams are working deed for the prizes offered by the management. The vaudeville rhows are of just the sort to please museum patrons. The box office of the Grand opera house will open this morning for the advance sale of seats for "Straight from the Heart," which will open the theater's season Saturday evening. Today and tomorrow the office will be open from 9 a m to 9 p tn. Next week "The Span of Life" will be presented at the Bowdoin sq theater. An entire new set of scenery has been painted, and those wonderful stage effects, the lighthouse on Coffin rock, the oceai . liner under full headway and the human bridge, will, no doubt, arouse as much enthusiasm as ever. Those who went into the Boston museum late yesterday afternoon or last evening found it impossible to get anything but standing room, and that shows the emphatic way in which Boston theater-goers have expressed their opinion of the merits of Roland Reed and his latest production, "A Man of Ideas." Gormart's ideal mineteels are drawing heavily at Norumbega park this week, the open air theater being filled at every performance. Next week the attraction in the theater will be Gorman's original Alabama troubadour, and on Labor day among the special features will be band concerts afternoon and evening. "At Gay' Cohey Island" ts still the magnet which rerves to draw full houses to the Park theater where each successive performance seems Only to whet the appetites of Bostonians for more of that rip-roaring farce-comedy. Mathews and Bulger and their select coterie of mirtn makers are evidently satisfying to the fullest public anticipation. "The Cherry Pickers." otherwise the Eleventh Hussars of the British army, will make their first bow at the Boston theater next Monday afternoon. Joseph Arthur. whose "Blue Jeans" and "Still Alarm" were such phenomenal successes, is the author of this play, and is said to have eclipsed the success of his old favorites in this latter piece. Primrose and aVest's minstrels are meeting with particular favor at the Beeton theater, where they will be the attraction for the balance of the week. While there is much of the old time flavor about their performance this sea-eon. there is also a rare spice of novelty in it and several of the songs and specialties in general are entirely new. The opening of the second season of the Zoo will be about Sent 13. Instead of the entire show being given mainly in the big Bates hall, as last season, there will now be in addition seven other distinct halls, each having its special purpose and attraction, but the prices will be the same as before, one price of admission being good for everything. The performance of the "Cotton King" at the Bowdoin sq theater this week by William A. Brady's company is a creditable one. The play is staged with the same scenery that was shewn when "The Cotton King" made its long run at the Bowdoin sq theater. Next Saturday proprietor Lothrop will give another of his popular bargain matinees, when the best seats in the Ifouse will be sold for 50 cents. The comedy portion of the show at IKeith's this week is largely in the hands of Charles Sweet. the "burglar" comedian and musician: Willis P. Sweat- num. blackface entertainer, and Evans and Vidoco. "talking comedians," three acts that are strong enough to carry al( ng the strongest vaudeville. Mme Tavary, the operatic prima donna, is making a big hit as soloist with the symphony orchestra. The Hollis St theater box office will open this morning for the sale of seats for the first Boston production of "Courted Into Court." John J. Me- , - Nally' s new farcical comedy, which is to begin an engagement at that theater Monday. Of the long list of laughable plays emanating from the prolific pen of this author, "Courted Into Court" is the Only one which Boston has not passed judgment upon. The delightful revival of "The Sunshine of Paradise Alley" by the Thompson and Ryer company at the Tremont theater is being given nightly before a succession of crowded houses. The performance is well staged and is so full Of praiseworthy features throughout that It would be very difficult to single out ary particular one which might be said to be more deserving of comment than the others. The cast is unusually large and each one is afforded excellent opportunities to display his ability to the best advantage. Those who have witnessed the character work of Frank J. Keenan at the Grand theater this week, in the part of Jack Trail. the big-hearted California lad, say It is as clever a piece of acting as be has ever done in this city. The drama is Edwin Arden's "Eagle's Nest," and the production in its entirety is the best ever seen at the Grand theater. For the first three days this week the receipts beat the record business at that house. Mr Keenan and the Grand theater stock company will 'give way to Katherine Bober and her company next Monday. The architect and builders in charge of the improvements at the Columbia had a big problem before them when they undertook to increase the seating capacity of the house by the addition of an entire new tier, but the work has been done as well as If the original plans of the building had called for the present improvements. With a force of between 50 and 60 mechanics the work is being carried forward with great rapidity, and the opening, Sept 13. when the new "Eight Bells" will be the attraction, will find everything in a completed state. The sale of seats for "One Round of Pleasure," Klaw & Erlanger's latest essay in the field of music and mirth, which began at the museum yesterday. Indicates that there are likely to be many days of this bright presentation in Boston. The piece is now in its last week at the Knickerbocker theater, New York. and on the conclusion of Its run it will be transferred intact to the stage of the museum. - Klaw & Erlanger promise a company of nearly 100 people and a wealth of scenery. costumes and pretty girls. There are said to be many amusing features in the clever travesty on Shakespeare, which is a feature of the second act. The Straight from the Heart company advertised in The Globe for 100 men and 50 women, the latter to take part in a banquet scene and the former to appear as Arabs in a stirring representation of a capture on the African desert. The crowd of applicants on Tuesday morning at the Grand opera house was an interesting study. The men were of the conventional type, but the girls anxious to become actresses were noticeable because of their youth and good looks, the change from the depressing appearance of the applicants in Montreal. where the company appeared last week, being, according to the stage manager, most complimentary to Boston and comforting to the management. The extra people will be taken with the organization to Lynn news of Mrs John Drew's death was received with peculiar regret by William P. Sheldon, the oldtime comedian and character actor, who is now in Boston with "Straight from the Heart." Away back in 1856 when traveling stars found stock companies to support them In every theater, Mr Sheldon was call boy with the company at the old St Louis theater. It was there that he saw Mrs Drew. who was then starring through the country with her husband. Mr Sheldon still has a vivid remembrance of her appearance at that time In such forgotten old English dramas as "The Grist of the Mill," 'The Knight of Ave" and "The Irish Embassador." Mr Sheldon himself. along in the 60s was a member of the old Howard Atheneum stock company, and was its leading comedian the first season that it was managed by Mr Rich. GRAND LODGE. L O. O. F., TO MEET. - Important Suggestions by Grand Master Nevins, One of Which is to Invite Sovereign Lodge. - The grand lodge, I. O. O. F., of Massachusetts, will meet in annual session at 9 this morning in Odd Fellows building. During the day reports of the officers, trustees and standing and special committees will be presented, also several proposed amendments to the constitution. Grand Master Winfield S. Nevins in his communication will make several Important suggestions and give many Interesting details of the progress and life of the order. GRAND MASTER IVLNTIELD S. NEVINS. of the certificates for dues, he says In his report: "The form and price are generally objectionable. Some improvement has been made in the form since the first issue. Little doubt exists !n the mind of anyone but that the s3vereign grand lodge will materially reduce the price and greatly improve the form. The universal certificates of dues which existed about 18.55 should be again adopted." "The time Is probably coming." he continues, "when the jurisdiction of Massachusetts will have to adopt the system of districting in vogue in some other jurisdictions, having large districts of five to fifteen lodges under an able deputy, well versed in the laws of the order and in the ritual, who shalt make official visits and advise and instruct, but who may select installing officers or allow the lodges the privilege. It is difficult for a grand master to select competent district deputy grand masters for the jurisdiction, as he cannot know them all personally. HO must rely greatly upon the judgment of others, and their ideas of capable deputies may not accord with his own. Some lodges think the best deputies are those who see nothing wrong, only the good. Such men are not fit for deputies? Continuing, the grand master's retort says: "At the last session of the sovereign grand lodge our honored brother and grand representative, Alfred S. Pinkerton, was elevated to the office of deputy grand sire. Beyond question he will, one year hence, be promoted to the office of grand sire, the most exalted in our great order. It is one of the few international offices in the world. He will be the head of the order not alone in the United States, but in the whole world. Massachusetts Odd Fellowship and Massachusetts citizenship are honored by this selection. In this connection it has been suggested that if an invitation from this grand lodge to the sovereign grand lodge to meet In Boston in 189S should be extended it would probably be accented. While it is a privilege, as well as a benefit, to have that body meet in a Jurisdiction at any time. it would seem to be doubly appropriate next year. The grand encampment, by an overwhelming vote, has decided that if the grand lodge shall extend the invitation it will join with us in making the session successful." Speaking of the Odd Fellows' home the grand master says that the institution has had a prosperous year, that the expenses have been kept well within the appropriation. and that the fund has been handsomely increased in various ways. He also says that a change has been made in the management of the home during the year, and that some new methods have Wen - introduced, which appears to have been beneficial. Alleged Embezzler Brought to Lowell. LOWELL, Sept 1Charles McCarthy, arrested in New Haven. Conn, charged with embezzlement of a horse and wagon in Lowell, was brought here tonight by Inspector Allen. McCarthy was selling fruit, when it is alleged he drove away with a horse and wagon. , , ---."---- -2 . Ilep .',4 selliAolk-, 1"-AMst. - 4 WIN:, .4,j q!',, g ' ''''s . 1 t,'-,' 1 ' r- .. ' ,titi ', f L. .:i..Z.''.. ........:71 , - '''',' . h ,..A , , 101--. - , ,,,34 I , . t4 ,v,-,:71 le" 4-111:di'll'ilil:''''' ,,WA.14.4.., , ,1, ,,1 , ,,, .1,4 , I ' 4: - , . i ,,,, r0:7111 Bt r , i sN ...' 1,--',--p,k i OW, , ,,,,,:le, ,r, - - 4 jr,, I ...--, . 1:1' -, BEIVIE'S BREAK. "Lack of Good Faith on the Part of the U S." Ito Polo Couldn't "Sit unti Liston to Any such Amulets." Bering Sea Commission in Halifax Hearing. Canadian Said He Meant it Purely in a Legal Sense. But Jadge Says Question Could Not be Raised. HALIFAX, N 8, Sept 1The Bering sea commission continues work from day to day, and although the addresses of counsel are necessarily uninteresting to the general public, yet a goodly number attend every session and follow the ar-'; gurnents of the speakers with apparenti enjoyment The usual business of the proceedings Nr as slightly varied today when Mr Beique, who was addressing the corn-. mission referred to a lack of good faltbi' on the part of the United States In seizing sealing vessels. He regretted that in further discussing the subject he might have occasion to use words which would appear harsh' and offensive. but he wished his words to be known in the strictly legal sense, and as applicable to officers of the United States for the time being and not to the United States themselves. The United States officers had acted contrary to the rulings of the secretaries. of state and the claims were not pre- - sented In good faith. Judge PutnamI can't sit here and' tear that either Great Britain or the United States have not acted in good faith, especially to hear any argument touching the good faith of the United States. The convention does not permit 4 that ouestion to be raised at all. Mr DickinsonAs the matter has been referred to In the brief I would prefer that it be discussed here. Mr BelqueI am referring strictly to 1 the acts of the officers of the government and not to the government. "I shall have occasion to refer to the argument of Mr Carter - before the Paris tribunal, when he said that he would not defend the seizures, and my only purpose is to show that it is a case where aggravated damages should be granted. Mr Beique, continuing, said that he - did not desire to be offensive to the United States, and be merely wished to refer to the facts as they occurred to support the claim for aggravated dam. ages. Judge Putnam said he took no excel). tion to any statement of law offered or to any question raised by the record as ! to these acts, but he could not sit and listen to comments on the graciousness or ungraciousness of the United States. Mr Beique made an elaborate argu- ment to establish Great Britain's right to claim for loss of prospective catch. TO RATIFY TREATY. Hawaiian Senate Called to Assemble Sept. 6 in Extra Session to Confirm Annexation. SAN' FRANCISCO, Sept 1The steamer Australia, from Honolulu direct, arrived today with the following Hawaiian advices: Francis M. Hatch, minister to WashIngton, arrived Aug 20, with special In-; formation which will require the attention of both government and senate, and secret notice has already been issued to the members of the latter body calling' upon them to giet in, extra session, - Sept 6, to considrr the question. "Meanwhile, Minister Retch is in almost constant consultation with Free Dole and his cabinet. "The lawmakers will be asked to ratl- fy the annexation treaty recently signed , in Washington; as a majority of the members favor annexation the matter will be rushed through." DAILY REGISTRATION BEGUN. Offices of the Election Commissioners Are Opened for Business. Yesterday morning the board of eke- I tion commissioners opened their offices I on the main floor of the old court house building for the daily registration of voters for the state eleetion. Hereafter until Thursday, Sept 30, the offices will be opened daily from 9 a m until 5 p m excepting Sundays and holidays, and on Saturdays, when they close at 12 m. Although yesterday was the formal opening day for the daily registration of voters, registration has been for the past month quietly carried on at the of-lice of the board on Saturdays. but the $ number registered during August will barely reach 200. Yesterday there were not more than 50 registered. GLOUCESTER. There promises to be a lively time 141 the meeting of the city council Friday evening. or rather a renewal of befall-ides between the mayor and several of the members of the council, temporarily suspended because of the summer vacation. The advent of Spruce IV in local waters has proved decidedly stimulating to the yachting interests of the Cane. Two half-raters will be built In time for next season, one for Carlos Moore and Charles and Frederick Cunningham, and the other for the Bent brothers of Phila..' delphia. Waterhouse of Boston will de-, sign the latter craft. The Spruce IV' will sail matches with Harry Wiggins dory Tabasco next Saturday, Sunday( and Monday over the course at Squam. ! In the police court yesterday liquorsi seized from Wallace Rowe, Charles lager, John J. Sutherland, Thomas Long. Charles Fairweather, Ambrose Malonson and William H. Ryan werel ordered confiscated. Foster Bruce, who will row Bart DoYle I of Salem ' at Salem Willows, Sept 11, took a little spin about the harbor yesterday in his boat, the first time it ha$ been in the water since Aug It The regatta assigned for Labor day by the East Gloucester yacht club has beenb pcbtponed. The Skedaddle, Torment. Arid, l Nemo and Wild Rose of the clubl fleet eet will go to Lynn and participate hie the regatta on that day. Work on the construction of the electric lighting plant for the city's lighting has been carried as far as Annisquant and will be rapidly pushed to the Rock- port line. - ' SOMERVILLE. - The republican ward and city commit I tee met last night in the Studio build.. trig. West Somerville. Frank E. Hodg. kins presiding. It was voted to call the caucuses. for the election of delegates to the various state conventions on Sept, 21. Charles F. Bertwell, a member front ward 4, tendered his resignation, owing: to the fact that he had moved to Lex.--: invton. The alarm from box 14 at 4 p m yesterday was for a fire on the roof of a, shed in the rear of 26 Tufts at. owned byl G. F. Lund of Malden and used by Sam-, uel Lunt. The fire caught from ths sparks from a locomotive on the Boston,' & Lowell railroad. Damage $25. 1 Farewell Reception to Miss Garber. Miss Alberta D. Garber, for the past year assistant at the Every Day church. was tendered a farewell reception last evening at the residence of Rev Dr George L. Perin, the pastor. Miss Oarber leaves for her home in Cincinnati, and her position will be filled by Rev Abbe Danforth of Ohio. The reception lasted from 8 until le, and during that time she was greeted by more than 1.0t.) parishioners. She was assisted in re.: ceiving by Mr William H. Ireiand. A. pleasant feature of the evening was ths presentation to Miss Garber by Mr Her- 1 bert H. Brown of a long gold chain with diamond guard.

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