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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 3

The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts • Page 3

The Boston Globei
Boston, Massachusetts
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1 A 1 TEIE BOSTON DAILY GLOM-SATURDAY. JAISITAKY 4 9 -I 1 TIRING Alin AcTivi to the firm of Charles, Bead it Co fn New cLOSING Con. Mr. Manahan died from Pneumonia, 1 ork aid Boeton. Eines cos.

limos cos. following influenza- Bs wm a Writer tor .1 .,,,..5 MMEMINMEMERIMINMEMIMik Botsford R. Clarke of the firm of 1t. B. Bid.

A skod.1 2.25 B.o14's 72'4 dcogiik 6 i Turner Co. was today admitted to mem- tutted from Boston college In 1679. the Democrat. and bag been connected with several newspapers in thus city. lie grad- ad I Aelec- .10 .22 .26 -35 4, 1 irb 0 4115r-401V The Equzable The Story of Stocks in Both Markets.

bership is the Boston Mock Exchange. E. 1-1. Mason seas today elected president :8203 4135 of the Pueblo Smelting and Refuling 13 as waahinen. limy.

MONEY EILIGHTLr BASLE Claudia J. AO .15 IP 0 ULLA sawn. 50 re EW TeMpt Hero: i ArnElectrie .30 .48 Don It. 'trim .28 .20 Sutton Cort.75 2.25 .60 .65 Admen Tay5.50 COO CURRENTS CF COMMERCE. BOSTON PRICES.

1 rli c'm tili skill At Clearing. but Outside Estes Stiff 's 17 itil, Pionenne .10 .14 kens Chair .01 .02 t) 1 as Igt .23 158 Humboldt. .10 .15 wat 14 .03 ii i 1 --s. AO Oceanbert5.05 07 notations for Round Lots of the 111, Life. Assurance Society, Sugar, Easter', Cepuers aid Fitebbur ExchangeBond a Money slightly easier.

Staple Commodities. ti I ,) 12.sog 2.75 Uhl; toper. 1 1 fp at Home-Wall Street Up. At the clearin house this morning all YORK STOCK MARKET. 12.503; exfra and seconds.

120 Broadway, N. loans were le made at 5 per cent. at i New York unds told gft. sota Yesterday's Closing Transactions On Minne bakers'. clear and straight, I lj 1 S4.20g4.75; Michigan stone.

1141 1s1k if 41617 the Stock Exchange. Per 11000. There was an AMD16 'winter wheat. straight and rolled. 14.50 it So; l'Ilk v- 1Nlammasa MOneY Easier at Clearing-Stiff in the supply'.

Outside rates continue firm. and rxw YORIC Jan. on ea'd has ,11100,, 4SW. Gio 01 1 Outside Market-Londs. little call money is tole had under 64812 been tight, ranging from 3 to 17 per cent-.

4.75; winter patents. Ming 6 patents, 15.50,-a old wheat tour, 16.25e; 7-1 per the rate touching 8 is some last loan at 4.. 0.nd cloeing offered at 2 per 6.40. '71, -rxi sz, )a instances. Time loans.

41347 per cent cent. Prime mercantile paner 53,4 per i ....4, free ontine policies CORN. -High mixed, 44g45c: steamer s. s. 1lAy 6 iet2 al( 4 I STATit STRRET.

Jan. 3. lesn. business paper. per cent eent.

Bar silver 9512c. Sterlisg exchange i A 41 2 41c' steamer li St ow, A 42c; o. mire tion paper, per cent. and collat. 1 I the list generall ri' 1 Rocks were strong and active.

steauy to firm. with actual business at slat loans. 5 Per cent. k'ull quotations mixed, so grade, 39.400 r'l I Sugar. Eastern.

Fitchburg and the coppers are as foliows; $4.80 for 60-dav bills. and 14.84 for to fancy clipped. 33 la4c; 16 and Investment were the heaviest traders and the bulk of demand; posted rates are choice barley and No. 1 white.34 35C; Mr eon loans 51,4 I generally rounded out the daY at an Time oans 8 a 7 cont. Government bones dull and steady.

Rail- 20 whelt.ree.i ected white. 030 311-, a.3212c; o. 3 white. 31 379 Pe 11 advance. cleartoubouse rate et et and firm l.

0e.1742c; rejected 7: AC 'rev, York funds mixed. 28 ,1 cl y- exchanges $26 056 91,3 The stock market wag more active after 2.15. but the strong tone was still main- qt. Itrl astern touched 132 and closed at a firsts. 22 cc 2Jc: East- 044 I at oak neclecIA at as 5 5 per cn.

road bonds qu 100,944.945 further fractional advances oc Northern extra, 24A For the Laundry. 41 frillO on Sugar cloed at 5912. uo 112 from day a 130. a net advance of 11,12 poinut The pre- New 1 ork balanm4 8.918,692 tame an ern extra, 24c; Western 20423c; kk Western extra firsts. 2o22c: firsts, 18 re 'V 1 lerred sold at 134.

3 points higher. Fitch- Treasury detat at clearing 2,304,793 curred ali along the line. The coal stocks. 18c; seconds. r2 a.15c; dairy Vermont ex- a burg preterrod advanced from 821-12 to 88.

Exchange on New York: Chicago. 25 Missouri Pacific. St. Paul. Lead and Colo- 21o: New York extra.

20erzto, New 41b 4.0. a- 0, '7010041110130D10501141MOSIMN 4 osing 9 points; lower at 86. net gain of 312 ii i um t-1. Louis. I discount: San ra do Coal were most prominent, and the nd ork a Vemont extra, firsts, Francisco.

sight par; telegraph. 8 premium. las name rose 4t. pe regon Short cent as id Ine also New I or and mont ork and ermont firsts. '''''7 Cr-10 points.

New England stiffened 12 to 441 11 ,4. New Orleans 15o discount; 15 7c ,) .1,. lit er low rades1 g. X.IC "Italr! I the preferred ad 1 to 113. Wiscon- bask.

oar: Charleston. buving Vs discount IPI' 1 The Equitable Life Assurance Society, 120 Broadway, N. Y. free Tontine Policies and Investment 0 ndsa STRONG AND ACTIVE 1 The Story of Stocks in Both Markets. Sugar, Easter', Cepuers aid Fitebburr fp at HomeWall Street Up.

Money Easier at ClearingStiff in the Outside MarketE onds. STATit STRIFEET, Jan. 3. 1889. Stocks were strong and active.

Sugar. Eastern. Fitchburg and the coppers were th9 heaviest traders and the bulk of the list generally rounded out the day at an advance. Sugar closed at 5912. uo 1114 from yesterday.

Eastern touched 132 and closed at 130. a net advance of 11,12 points. The preferred sold at 134. 3 points higher. Fitchburg preferred advanced from 8212 to 88, closing 2 points; lower at 86.

net gain of 3112 points. New England stiffened 12 to 4414. the preferred advancing 1 to 113. TEIE BOSTON DAILY GLOBE to the firm of Charles Read in New ork aid Boston. Botsford R.

Clarke of the Errn of it. B. Turner Co. was today admitted to membership is the Boston stock Exchange. E.

Mason was today elected president of the Pueblo Smelting and Refuling Company. MONEY SLIGHTLY EASIER At Clearing, but Outside Estes Stiff Exchange--Boxtde. Money slightly easier. At the clearing house this morning all loans were made at 5 per cent. between banks.while New York fundn sold at diviount $1000.

There was an AMD16 supply. Outside rates continue firm. and little call money is to le had under 64 61741 per the rate touching 8 in some instances. Time loans. 41347 per cent business Paper.

514 7 per cent corpora- tion paper. 4124.512 per cent. and eial loans. 5 Per cent. Ina quotations are as follows; Cali loans 5108 percent.

Time loans 4,27 per cent. cleartnuhouse rate 5 per cent. 1Tew York funds 5 15c. clisconnt flank exchanges $28,058.918 Bank balances 2 671 713 ew York exchanges 190,944.948 York balatics 8,918,692 Treasnrydetnt, at clearing Exchange on New York: Chicago. 25 FO prernium t.

Louis. SI discount: San Francisco. Sight par; telegraph. 8 premium; New Orleans 150 discount; bank. par; Charleston.

billmg Vs discount. SAT (MD AI, JAIN ITA CLOSING Eint4 cos. Bid. Asked. 1 213 2.25 Amon .10 .22 .83 .10 i3 nee" .20 AO .13 .10 Claudia AO .15 Crencomt.

Art 05 Don Porto. .28 50 Dunkin 60 .65 Honenno 10 Pinetriad 10 Humboldt. AO .15 .40 430 Palms. gums cog. 1 Astiod.

Native -08 a It UM. .26 .35 St- Marv's. .11,1 .23 Sft. Sid. 0 .33 Washings.

.10 -113 It IP OILLA tnE isetrin .30 .46 Burton Cart.73 Sib Sthshn Toy5.30 COO Keno Chatt .01 .03 lst Telptt .58 .63 .03 Oceanbe8 11.06 .01 NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. Yesterdars Closing Transactions on the Stock Exchange. rxw Yon. Jan. 3.Money on can has been tight, ranging from 3 to 17 per cent, last loan at 4..

And closing offered at 2 per cent. Prime mercantile paper per sent. Bar silver Si512c. Sterling exchange steady to firm. with actual business at 14.80 for 60-day bills.

and 14.84 for demand posted rates are 14.8012g4.85. Goversmest bones dull an4 steady. Railroad bonds quiet and firm." The stock market was more active after 2.15. but the strong tone was still main-tamed. and further fractional advances occurred all along the line.

The coal stocks. Missouri Pacific. St. Paul. Lead and Colorado Coal were most prominent, and the last named rose 1 per as did Coal and Oregon Short Line.

ItY 4, Ib9U. Con. Mr. Manahan died from pneumonia, following influenza. Hs PA a writer for the Democrat.

and ban been connected with several newspapers In this city. tie grad-tutted from Boston college in 1879. CURRENTS CF COMMERCE. BOSTON Quotations tor Bound Lots Of the Staple Commodities. notre.Fine.

Vol; super. 82-50g3; exfra and seconds. Minnesota bakers'. clear and straight, S4.20A4.75; Michigan stone. winter wheat, straight and rolled.

$4.50 4.75; winter patents. 85.255.75; spring patents. old wheat tour, 86.25o; 6.40. mixed, 44g45c; steamer yellow, 41 42c No. 2 mixed.

41c; steamer mixed. no grade, 39400. OATS.Cboice to fancy clipped. 33 choice barley and No. 1 white.d4 '35c; Mk 2 white.

$11-i e321-h2c; NO. 3 white. 3112c; rejected white. 30 c4301742 rejected mixed. 2u Northern extra, 24A 25c; Northern extra firsts.

22 Eastern extra, 24c; Western extra, 20423c; Western extra firsts. firsts, 16 cc 18c; seconds. dairy Vermont extra. 21c: New York extra. 20 f42.1c: New ork and Vermont extra firsts, 18 New York and Vermont firsts.

15 New York and Vermont low grades. 132 Western mwm ammEimm. Co ra I A 1.1 3 I GLOUCES. goesipts Light TirmYrc OborcitsTRR. coltish tbilt IV $0,400 Ma only all kinds have Prices are firm continuos dull.

Jobbers' (Mot VMS, $30 23 h. 51 so I re fa sale )ni frozen herring ti0.400 the; tAn Ma. Other rer Leming, I gno Log and 7 tibia Largo Gaorir (Ai tor tarp), and $4.75 for 4 Small do. 64 i I ern bank. $5.5 (4.

Cared naddo csolk. $.1.2557: 12 25: rnglipth cod citsk. haddock Labrador her Fplt eltro land do. (i; 114: split iPPplini round Eastport $23 per bbl; fornian do, awnrdifiSh Scif GLOUCESTER beeipts Light. ErinFrozen Oborcasrma.

oafish this 80,400 ths only all kinds bave Prices are firm continues dal'. Jobbers' west $30032 I21423; medium mall do, $14 Last fare sales white and loc codfish. $3.75 herring bait. hare dropped drful. The arrivals have been three Its codfish and La Have with halibut; from throe from frozen herring.

S0.400 the total the. Other herring, 1 2no and 7 bbls Large Georges titi tor large, and $4.75 for Swan do, 64; bank, 4. Cored haddock, cask. $2,25 English floaeless cusk. haddock Labrador Fplit, extra land do.

split Shore, round Eastport. $23 per bbl; fornian do, word fish. $9: LIABILITIES Failures of a Year Increase Over 1888 rot Enough to Denote Unhealthy Etate of Credits. Nvw YORK.Jan. S.The business failures occurring throughout the country during tbe last seven days.

as reported to R. G. Dun Co. and E. Russell number for the 'United States 291.

and for Canada 31, or a total 822 failures. against 288 last week, and 342 the week previous to the Just. For the corresponding week of last year the figures were 387. representing a5a failures in the United States and 28 in Canada. The failures in 18R9 numbered 10.8e2 in the United Stateg.

or one in every 97 firms. and 1777 in Canada, or one in every 45 Prins. In 1888, the failures were 10.679 In the United States and 1647 in Canada. The aggregate of liabilities NYas 784,337 in the United States against 829.973 in 1888. and 4,713.223 in Canada against 14.031.1u9.

But the average of liabilities for each firm failing waa lower in Canada, 8279 last year, against 88396 in 1888. and the increase in the United States. if an unfavorable indication. was still not enough to denote an unhealthy state of commercial credits, for the average in 188t1 was but $13,672. against al J.592 in 1888.

17.392 in 1887, and 1520.632 in 1884. The total nutnber of business failurea in 1889 in the United States reported to Brad-streets is 11,719, or 1034 per cent. more than in 1888. The increase in liabilities is 16,4 and in assets 13 9-10 per cent. The increase in commercial deathd has been 98 per when compared with 1881.

the increase in the commercial and industrial population daring that period being about as great. Liabilities of failing traders have increased only 84 per as compared with 1881. Panic clearings at 37 cities for 1889 aggregate as reported to Beadstreets. 1312 per cent. more than last year and 9 per cent.

over 1887. Only six cities show decreases. as compared with 1888 or 1867. Bradstreet's reports 310 failures in the United States miring the past week. against 237 in the preceding and 286 in the corresponding week of 1889.

The market closed fairly active and strong at the best figures of the day. Followine are the closing quotattons of bonds aid stocks: VONDS. Er 8 4s. 'Katmai Union 61 8 4s, I .1 int port 1111,4 8 No Pacific lsts 11334, II 412s, coupOn.1043,,S; No Pacific 2ds 113 PaCific 53, 1895.....118 'Northwestern em 1424 3.553 12414 Northw'n deben Its-110 Canada South 24is 0734 Oregon Nay Cen Paeinc l3ta 1101A i Oregon trans 64,...10339. benv Rio 0 Ists 117 St LI 1 Goa 1383s Deny Rio 0 4s 77 1st 8 Gel-131-110 ben Its 971,4 St Paul ben, ti di lam I St a Pao 1tr.s.116 Erie 101 So Pao Cal Kansas Pacific con 1147A Tex Pas 0 tr rots 91 bit Den DIY 113 Tex Pac 0 tr rcts 3843 8 4 Oen 68 7434 Union Pao It.

4 Geo Ss. 6414 Vi egl Shari) 1 STOCKS. Amer Cotton 011 31 'Mil. 1. 6 West.

99 Atchison 33121 do prof. .115:14. Acisins Exprose 130 4 St Louis 6 Alton Terre IL 4092 no prof 111s do prof 110 i Missouri Pacific. 7343 American Expross 113 blonde Ohio 13 Atlantic a 6 Morris a Essex Boston Air Line pl. Nashe Is Chat 102 Brunswick 33 14 a 6, 4414 But.

Roch'r a Pitts New Jersey Cent'1 12u7At Bur. a Non! it West prof 601,4 Canada Pacific Northern Pacific. 3114 Canada Southern 859 do prat' 74 Canton 60 i Northwestern 1119 4 Central Iowa 8 I do prof 142 i Cenral Pacific 3312 New York Chesa a Ohio 97 IS Chic 1714 do 1st prof 6574' no prof 704 do 2i1 prof 44 AL Mississippi. 23 Chicago a Alton 130 I do pref. do prof Ontario .2 Westorn.

1944 Chicago. Bur Atka 19714 Oregon InintOet. 43 Chic .16 Illinois 36 Navigation.100 do prof 841,2 Oregon Short Line. 63 Chic, St a Pits 17 -Oregon Transconr I 844 do pret 4711 Pacitle Mail 3714 Chicago Gas 43a4 Peoria. Dec JE 18 Cin.liam At Barton St.

Louis. 704 Put Palace ear 13912 do twat 9734 Reading 391,2 Consolidated Coal hishm'il it iik.floiFy. 23 Consohdated Gas 9214 Eicliin'd kW Point 2114 Del a tiudson 14834 do prof 771p Um, LacK A- Rock island 97 Denver a Rio 1612' Rome, Wat a Og do prof 504 8t it San 1612 Denv, Tex let 35S4 do pref 361,4 East Tennessee do lst pref 0 2 12 do 1st prof 67 EtPaul 701,4 do 3d pref. 2044 do prof 114 2 Erie 261,2 St Paul 3 2 do prof 63 Mt Al a Man .11214 Fort Yoayne St Paul 2312 Rocking Valley. 19 do pref Houston Texas Southern Pacific 9514 Illinois Tenn Coal a Iron 8512 Ind.

Bloom elt West Texas Pacific 2134 Kansas a Texas. Tol lc Ohio eon pt Kingston it ra718(1 63 Lake Erie a 173veltnited States Exp 83 do prof 6314, tica 1g Black Riv. Lakt Shore 10434 Wabasn 1814 Long island 89y21 do prof 313i Loulsv a Wells.rargo Exp 133 Loniar. A a Chic 38 Western Cnion 8334 Manhattan 5 Wheeling a Lake 6714 Manhattan Elev lel Wisconsin Central. 95:14 'Memphis Ch'ston 64 Sliver certiftcates 9474 Metropolitan Sugar trust cite 4143,8 Michigan Cen trto.

94 I Lead trusts l'' Sir mart. 7249 I Cattle trusts 10 Following are the highest and lowest vrices and number of shares of the principal stocks sold during the day: So. of shares. 1,100 1,300 100 4- 00 200 100 t4110 SOO 10 160 ii0o 10,000 800 POO 1,000 200 700 4.000 1100 400 12 90 1,400 34100 600 700 2.600 600 20() 3.000 25,000 1.700 loo 709 12,000 204.4 3.300 2.000 2 300 108 100 800 377,000 26,000 6 200 Highest. Lowest.

Atchison. Topeka IS Pe 3314 3314 Canada Southern 55,4 55 Central Pacific 3812 33y2 Chicago East i11ir1013 35 3414 Chicago 111 pref 8454 $4 Canada Pacific 7514 7 51,2 Chicago. It urrton 1. 1.071.1i 10714 Cotton Oil 3114 So Clew, Cin. Ch St 69 69, Clay.

Ctn. Ch a tit pt ti8 P8 Chicago Gas. 4312 4212 Deis Lackawanna a 9 13t-0ti 13. i Delaware Illidson 14814 149 Denv. Tex Ft 3514 35 Erie vsl's Docking Valley 1914 19 Lake Shore.

10414 Louisville Nashville 8712 Sftlia Manitoba 11234 112 Ai ichigan Central 9514 101 bi iesouri Pacific 7354 7112 Northwestern 1111i 1103,4 NewJerser Central 12714 1253,4 Northern Pacific 3114 3161" Northern Pacific 7514 14' a New York New Ent- 4414 43 Oregon Transcont'l 3412 Oregon Improvement 45 43a4 Pacific 3712 35'4 3 reading 391ke 38114 Richmond West Point 2114 2034 Richmond pref 7714 7714 Rock Island 07114 St Paul 703 8 (SO 8 ill Paul Omaha 33 $334. Texas Pacific 213,8 'I gnu Coal At Iron SO 84 Cnion Pacific, AA 6712 Western Union 833i. 8312 Ve abash Pacific 16Y4 1514 Withsan Pacifie pref. 32 3114 Wheeling Lake Erie 6818 Os P'etroleurm barrels 10334 110254 Lead Trust. 2114 2034 Sugar Trust 5934 5734 Sales ol stocks today aggregated 147.600 shares.

New York Mining Quotations. Nxw YORK, Jan. closing (nista. tons today at the Consohdated Stock and Petroleum Exchange aro as follows: Bid. A sited.

Bid. Asked. Adams .27 .28 Leadville .10 .12 Antador .75 8.00iLes .35 1.05 1.15! Little Chair. .20 116 1.65 Aspen 7.00 116 2.50 Bodie 1.001N Belle Isle. 1.00 Breece .20 .30 North 7.00 Caled'a.

1111 1.20 1.75 'Ontario 35.00 Vs. 4.150 6.001 Plymouth 2.85 3.5.0 Chollar 2.50 I 1.95 Col Coal 41.62 Pine nix. Art .44 .50 Deadwood 1.45 1.00 Quicksilver. 7.25 Eureka Con 4.00 I do Ft 1.40 1.45, Robson Con .26 .60 lath de swat .40 Minna Hopes 1.00 Freeland .35 .00 .60 .76 Gould Cur 136 Cord. .70 .75 Hale it Nor 240 .25 .60 liomestsim .10,00 8 .14 of 25 30 Born Silver.

145 2.05 Sutter Creek 40 .01 Hoe Ward Con .60 San Francisco Mining Stocks. SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 3.Fo1lowing are today's official closing quotations of mining stocks: Best Belcher 210 Cho 2.30 Con. Cal.

Va 4.55 Crown Point 1.60 tiould Curry 1.3u Bale Norcross 2.55 Mexican 2.30 Ophir SAP) Potosi 1.85 Savage 1.42 S. Nevada 1.80 Union Con. 2.20 Yellow Jacket 1.00 Commonwealth 3.25 Building Permits. The following permissions to build are of recent issue in this city: Gooch Fray, for Boston Real Estate Trust Company, for mechanical purposes, 130x52, at 332 Con-tress street. corner Purchase street, ward 12.

T. R. White, owner and builder, apartments 55112x109112 at 25 and 27 Falmouth street, corner Belvidere street, ward 11. Suffolk Brewing Company. owner, engine house, 30150, on street near East 8th street, ward 14.

WOOD. C. A. North, for J. 1.

Stewart, two dwellings, 22x 35, On 'Wrentham street, Dorchester avenue, ward 24. E. N. Burt, for Rowena Burt. dwelling, 113x29.8, on unnamed street, from 49 Bailey street, ward 24.

Peter Riley, for Ann Riley, dwelling, 21x43, On Ashmont park, near Ashmont street, ward 24. P. P. Nichols, for C. M.

Bugbee, dwelling. 32'42, on Sydney street. near Sevin Hill avenue, ward 24. J. H.

Stevenson, owner and budder, dwelling. 21 x34. on Morris street, near Brooks street, ward 1. W. S.

Mitchell, Or T. F. Welch. dwelling. 24x39, on Gardner street, near Baker street, ward 23.

M. J. O'Brien, owner and builder, wellIng, 32x22, at 818 Parker street, ward 22. A. Ripley.

owner and builder, dwelling. 2Zx68, at 10 Harlow street, ward 20. F. J. owner and builder.

two dwellings. 22x47.6, at 42 and 44 Ottawa street, ward 21. Funeral of James S. Manahan. The funeral of James 8.

Manahan, who died Thursday. will take place from the residence of his father, Thoinas S. Manahan. 106 Boylston street. at 8 a.

En. Requiem mass will be celebrated at 9 a. mat the church of the Immaculate Concep IllnAikreas for the system. (rood appLS wrien TIT CI by gooa Illon le a rteb posies. Mince Pie wall be irl" 7 Imre greatly relished WI mere moll; iLgested ir you use RCB PVICCI1 in their Making, nue bottle to 10 Mind' ot sleek Try it, sad inork the improvement.

Gro. Gem sad druggists ell the Pooch. Gott Cooks too It. 14e; Western extra firsts. 134414c; firsts, 11 4:4 I 2c Western seconds, 10c Western imitation creamery.

extra. 140: tion creamery. firsts. 1215c; ladle packed extra firsts. 12e: ladle packed firsts.

10 al 12c; ladle packed seconds. 10c; Franklin County. Mass boxes. extra creamery. 26c: extra dairy, 22423c; extra firsts.

19 21c; firsts, 154180; low grades, 1014c; trunk butter in 14 and I4 lb prints. extra lb, 234)24c; extra firsts, 204226. Jobbing prices. IA 2c higher. CH HRSR Choice to good.

11'M1212c: same in job lots; nIA-glOc; fair to wood. 7a se; Northern. 614 I Oc. Tie Liverpool market is quoted at 65s. 6d.

Euns.Eastern fresh, 2542(1c; fancy, bigher; fresh extra Northern, good to fresh extra island and New BrntiSwick, 24N25e; New York firsts. Michigan extras, 24c; Canadian firsts. 22 orices.14A12e higher. liehrons. 68.1)70o VP bush rose, Aroostook hebrons.

65 A roostook rose. 63 Vermont rose and hebrens, b8 a 60e; New York bur-banks, GOC; New York white stars, 60c; Western straight, 60e: N. B. and N. S.

bebrons 650; N. B. and N. S. rose, 65e: P.

E. Island hebrons. 65e; P. E. Island rose.

83c: P. E. Island stars and burbanks. We; P. E.

Island silver dollars. 60e; P. E. Island citenangoes. 55 58c N.

S. and N. B. rose and hebrons, 4 bbl. 81.75612.

heavy good. VA me; good. 5 512e; bind quarters. choice. losto2c; common to good.

8 12A91742c fore Quarters. choice. 41fi0; common to good. 3 C. MuTTON.Extra, common to good, 44 7c.

SPRING 10g11c; fair to good, 5'cis 9e. EA L.Choice Eastern. 9ID10c; fair to good, common. 3A56. 110GS.Country dressed.

GRAIN AND PROVISIONS. Becord of the Day's Business on the Chicago Board of Trade. Desnatches from Chicago yesterday to Farnum, Reardon reported the market as follows: Wheat opened strong. the news being of a bulliSh nature, but everybody had a little wheat which they wanted to sell on the rise they booed would come. This resulted as it often does.

They sold on a break, but there was demand enough at 82Ys to hold the market. Corn was steady. A good deal of January was sold out that was delivered yesterday. Oats were dull and without feature. Provisions were dull but firm.

WHAT. highest. Lowest. Closing. 78 715i8 777sa 7018 9 79188 8334" 8253 83 81 8138 CORN.

Opening. Jan 77 711 Feb 9 May a 141. July 81 is Jan 2931 293,1 2 9 14 Feb. 2952 295,8 295 8 294 8 May 32 32 3112b 32 July 3212 3212 3212 3212 OATS. Jan 2014 2032 2014 20114 Feb.

2014 May 2 2 12b i-iis iii8 223, PORK. Jan 9.15 9.2212 9.15 9.2212, Fe 9.30 935 9.271211 9.35 arch 9.40 9.4712 3.3712 9.471,2 May 9.6212 9.70 9.60 9.70a LA RD. 5.8210 15.60 5.871,2 5.85 5.92 6.05 6.0292 SHORT RIBS. 4.60 4.55 4.7013 4.6212 4.754 4.724 9 4.8712 485 Jan 5.80 eb bS 712 .14 arch 159212 May 6.05 5.80 6871211, 6.9212 6.05 Fab 4.671213 March. 4.7240 May.

4.851.) 4.573T 4.65 4.721213 4.8712a IN LEADING MARKETS. quotations of Staple Products in New York, Chicago and St. Louis. NEW YORK. Jan.

dull uplands, ordinary. good ordinary. 8 13-16c; low middlings. 934 middling. 1014c; gulf ordinary.

734 good ordinary. 91-16c; haw middling, 10c: middling. 1012c. Flour. receipts.

33.170 pkgs exports, 7998 bbls. 2089 sacks; firm. fair demand; sales 21,750 hble; Southern flour firm rye flOur barely steady. quiet; buckwheat flour. S1.50A1.60.

Corn meal steady. Wheat. receipts, 3850 bush; exports, 11.890 bush sales, 000 bush; firmer, dull; No. 2 red, 8606120 elevator. 871248712c afloat, f.

o. b. steamer No. 2 red. 83 18314c No.

3 red, 83c: steamer No. 3 red. 76-12c; No. 1 Northern, 94A 9414c 1No. 1 hard.

9717-2c. Rye firmer, State. 57461c. Western. 574.

60c; Canada. 57 st'i60c. Barley firm, State. 50s59c Western, 50462120; Canada. 58A72c.

Barley malt, quiet 2-rowed State. 6712475c; 6-rowed do. 7212g80c; Canada. 70s-i85c. Corn, receipts.

600 hush: exports. 10.454 bush; sales. 147.000 bush; steadier. med. erately active: No 2.

393012C elevator: 4078(ft411sc afloat: steamer mixed, 373sra13834c: No. 2 white. 4212c; No. 3, 3512c. Oats-receipts.

79.000 bush; exports, 38,037 hush: sales, 161,000 bush No. 3. 27120; do white. 2912c; No. 2, 2812 Alio; do white, 8012 No.

1. 119c do white, 34C: mixed Western, 261230e; white do. 30a3412c; white State, 30,0.1 a4120: No. 2 Chicago, 293,4 Coffee, Rio quiet, steady; cargoes. Sugar, raw firmer.

good demand refined in good demand, firm. Molasses, foreign nominal; New Orleans steady. Rice steady, quiet. Petrolenm quiet. steady; united, $1.0312.

Tallow firmer: city (82 for Wigs), 4 15-32c; country (pkgs 4 7-16a43ic. as to quality. Rosin dull. Potatoes quiet. Turpentine quiet.

steady. Pork steady, fair demand sales. 550 bids. Beef quiet; beef hams steady; tiereed beef quiet. Cut meats dull: pickied bellies.

53-Sak512e; middles ticiet. Lard steady quiet; sales. 250 tcs-: Western steam, 6.15c; city. 5.70c; refined quiet tinent.605426.50c Butter quiet. fancy steady, others weak.

Cheese dull. Freights to Liverpool, market steady. Pig iron strong. Copper dull but strong. Leady steady; domestic, 3.9212c.

Tin quiet. firmer; straits, 21.20c: plates quiet, unchanged. Svelter firm: domestic. 5.45c. CoicA00.

Jan. nominally unchanged. Wheat unsettled: No. 2 spring. 77 'me; No.

2 red. 77-t sc. Core steady; No; 2, 29I4c. Oats slow, weaker and lower: No. 2.

201-Sg20I4e. No. 2 rye, 4412c. No. 2 barley.

58 (t60c. Mess pork stronger. So25. Lard dull: Dry salted shoulders. 84.1212 short clear sides.

d'5. Whiskey. 81.02. Receipts-Flour. 22.000 Ws; wheat, 43,000 bash; corn.

INFLUENZA Which is producing rich universal suffering and discomfort throughout the world seems to have easily baffled the skill of the physicians. This epidemic known as LA GRIPPE Yields at once to that wonderful remedy, WISTAKS BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY, Which curea Influenza, Coughs', Bronchitis, Croup, Whooping Cough, Colds, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Pains or Soreness in the Cheat, Bide and, Back, Bleeding at the Lungs, 60 cts. and a bottle. Prepared by SETH W. POWLE BONS, Boston.

Bold by all Druggists. btiu Vital Exhaustion! Sexual Debility! Cured by It Modal Moans. Avoid Quacks. Alootr le Prousesiaoi lingua Modieinoa and Hunibuim Health and manhood fulir Instruction sent tree), t000rely ock recelpe of two-cora PostrAV No dotoption. No courseettou woe meGL tzlititatea Addreni G.

lock boo Me. clitt slung par; Savannan. buying 1s discount, selling par. Bond offerings. $400 at 12.

Sterling exchange steady at these Enures: Sight. Sixty davit. rankers' sterling 4.8.14 Sight. t4urty nave-rankers' sterling 4.8014 Cable transfers 4.8414 Cononercial bill 4.7819 Vranes 5.20 6.221,, Much marks .1614 Guilders. Money in London per cent Par silver 445stl.

Paris 3 per cent. rentes 871. 90c. for the account. Government securities quiet at the following current quotations; 4124 reg.

...104:1,011054 1Currency es, 1896.11g 412s cup. 6s, 1898,118 43 reg 12 6 cd 1'2012! Currency 61, 1897.121 4s cup 128 6126121Currency 1898.124 lCurrency 6, 1899,120 Railroad Earnings. DENVER RIO GRANDE. 1RS9. 1 MR.

4th week Dec. 176 240 Month 6s49.401) 610.260 Since July 1 7,9911,511 7.663,666 IOWA, CENTRAL. Inereago. 38.760 79.250 335,945 4'h week Dec p37.4141 28.898 Month 142,165 123,864 19302 Year 1517,718 1,381,258 138,450 MILWAUKEE, PHORK WE.ITERN. 4th week Dee 43228 18,429 Month 230,401 185,371 8b 030 Year 8 488,514 2.831,51)3 634,621 NORFOLK i WESTERN.

4th week Dee teR9.071 75.508 13,585 itionth 477.940 381,5011 148,432 Year 5 568,811 4,871,880 897.431 SALES AND PRICES. Boston Stock Exchange 3. The following are the sales as reported today. showing the amount and the highest and lowest prices of the day: BONDS. Amount.

nighest. Am. Bell. Tel. 7s $2000 112 T.

S. le 4s f121725 824 0-45340 53 no int $15000 5238 Bnr. Mo. exempt 6s $1000 119L4 Bor. 5s 82000 10014 Chic.

West Mich. 5s $1000 92 1y2 B. 4.2. plain 4s 110000 90 Lane. No 7s emnoo 104 IC fltr.

5s $3000 99 Mexican Central 4s $12000 70 do 1st ino $1000 8614 N. Y. New Eng. Is $1000 127 do 68 $2000 106 g. Lake Ch.

con. 6s. $4000 104 W1800118111 Central 53.. $15000 97 do Income. 65000 6119 do 93 15000 6 Lowest.

11212 8238 8214 11914 10014 9212 90 104 99 70 3 618 127 106 104 97 6112 61 RAILROAD STOCKS. Top. Santa Fe. 1616 3384, 83 do 15 0 3 312 3 3 12 Atlantic 45 5 Boston Albany 30 218 21712 Boston 100 210 210 Boston Lowell 80 169 16812 Bur. Quincy 15 10714 10714 Central 31ass.

pref. 10 29 29 Eastern 1277 182 130 no hit 100 130 130 do 400 131 130 do pref. 25 334 134 Fitchburg pref 631 86 83 Flint Pere Marg. 135 26 2412 do 10 04 04 Mexican Central 2( 0 1818 15 N. Y.

New Eng 250 404 44 do 100 113 113 Old Colony 14 178 17512 Ore. Sb. L. ex-rts-b60 50 64 64 do 135 112 138 Entland 50 54 2 512 Union Pacific 121 6514 6838 50 67 I's 6712 do 2624 114 1 West End pref 1 I 2 8 3,111, 8313. Wisconsin Central pref 1L0 62 62 Nash.

Boobs- 8 124 122 MINING STOCKS. Atlantic 210 1434 1434 2 Allone7 100 171) Pia Boston Mon. (copper) 928 b112 60 Butte Boston 675 .16 1523 boo c45c. 9212c. Calumet 23 26.o 258 Catalpa 500 14e.

4c. Dunion 100 65c. b5c. Franklin 855 18 1534 iltiron 250 8 72 372 National 400 2713 2 Osceola 115 24 23 Quincy 75 10 0 Santa Fe 2950 1.60 1.45 1 150 150 LAND STOCKS. Campobello 50 114 114 Frenchman's Bay 10 6 6 San Diego 85 2114 2114 Sullivan Harbor 100 13,2 18S West End 600 2418 24 TELEPHONE STOCKS.

American Bell 67 201 200 Erie 20 3712 3712 Mexican. 200 15c. 75c. New England 10 4914 431,4 MISCELLANEOUS STOCKS. Lamson Store Service 300 86 3574 do 100 36 38 do 810.

300 8b14 3512 UNLISTED STOCKS. Pay State Gas 135 2474 24 Ft. Wayne Eieo 50 1332 1332 Illinois Steel 45 il9 99 National Lead 200 21 20tys Sugar Refilletiell 2810 60 673,4 do 13.. 100 6938 691,8 Th. European Welding.

45 121 1203,4 do lib, no 55 120 120 Elect 235 5814 6712 do prat 100 2612 2ults Total sales-Bonds, shares, 17,301. Ex-dividend. Closing Prices of Bonds and Stocks. LAND STOCKS. RAILROADS.

Bid. Asked.1 Bid. Asked. Anniston 671A 69 Aspinwall. 77s no pref.

4ro 2720 1 3litine Cent 140 Boston 612 7 1 Iles 18 1814 BosiValerP 6 614LNY 444 4448 214 I do 4 9 16 NH )15334 1 ss Cainpoh'o. 114 2 10IdColony.175 176 riot. 2 l((re short L'. Wig b4 Oldeolony.175 176 Or b3118 Rutland. 512 do 50 Summit Br.

1 rnion Pax. Srcig 681Ie Vt West do S4 WmconCen 33 3 do 62 64 East BOSt011 334, FeChill'il 13 6114 b0c Lenox S. 4 2 Newport. 214 Payson Penob Bay IV, Petit Menan San Diego. 21 sullivau H.

114 Topeka SwainoseL West 24 Winter liar 35c 60c 61.4 brie 212 21,2 Perioh Bay 114 2 I 'Macon Con 83 3 Fent Menai' 25e do pref 62 64 San Diego. 21 2114 I IktINING STOCKS. Sullivan H. 114 131 I Allouez 174 2 Topeka 3 i Atlantic 1434, lb Swainintel. 234 120 1214c Wegt 24 2414 Bonanza She, 1 Winter liar 35c 'Bois Mon 60 WA 154 Butte 15 IS Wollaston- 60c 75c i liecla.260 '265 Bosom.

't Catalpa 14o Atch GM 44 8234 8214 Central 15 income ha 5314 5 121 Cresoent 71 tic Is Dunkin 60e 70c do 2d 92 95 Franklin 1534, 16 18 48 Huron 334 4 lowa die. 94 FC earsaros 734 814 11 58 92 1 Mesnard 45e COD Ilia lis 8712 88 I NaPa 4 Cur't Riebsioe I National 234 3 D.1.,& NM78102 2314 24 Eastern 68.124 I l'e wawa 5 7 Pontiac 20a Lit FS 78 99 10014! Quincy 70 E.E&St.1.68 109 lRidge 754 114 2,111 7214 75 anta Fe 1.4712 114 Ilex Cen 4s 6914 70 south Side 20c ltaino Si 36 36 Tantarack 14914 151 1 TaLEn10141S aTOCK1. (to 2d 6s .106 146 Amer Be11 200 Mil NVisconCen Erie 3714 35 Ist morbs 9714 97141Mexican. 75c 80c do 6114 62 I New Eued 49 60 asitantaoll. Tropical 35C 500 Atchison.

3314 33411 atiegam.a1ia005. AU 5 I ConAdjeih. 10 Boa 218 East Car ti 214 Low. 169 Lamson 85 35 3614 Bos I 190 Bos Prov258 Itn St Yd of Cal I 14 Siouteity110 113 Cent 15 1514 UNLISTIID liKerLITtaS. do pret 25 2914 Am Cot Oil 5114 3134 Clieshoe-100 102 Am Pnen 2 5 Ch, N.

41 42 Bait St Gas 24 25 Ch. Q.10714 10734 Edison Toy 514 6 M. 28 SO .11 Elec. 133.4 131,4 in. CI 25 Steel 99 100 Cies a Can 634 I Pt.170 do pref.

24 21 Eboc 1 117 1 atl.dTrust 9134 2114 Conn 1iver209 iNaileiMfg 70c bet, A Ii. final' Refin 6914 69, do 50 Thomson11 5714 68 131 do pref 2514 28 do TseesetC 1212 85 86 do. set D. 9 Mar. 25 ITliEnrEtr.130 121 do Tret 1.4 EL 4712 43 P.

1 RC.FtZ41M i lantana' 5 26 Bostou Mining Exobanze PLOCE.Alt Zan. a. ISIVIPI OWL 100 AlLeuez 200 As loc 100 1()0 rorianza 880 200 lirnone 28e 100 1autiva 144 100 Don tnrig 17uto 80 It ranting 100 IlawboidLiOn 80 IL samaras. 8 Mk 1.844 It Cos, 100 Ileo 20 Osceola 23 100 Banta La 14D COL 100 I 160 100 Fr 6 miscau.Aslogs. oatas Bet.

ee 1600 is STOCKHOLDERS TO TH -Or TB 1 Fe Railroad In April last we asked you to intrust to us your proxies to be used at the annual Meeting of the Company in May. This re-stilted in a change of management, the introduction of reforms and ecouttmies and a financial reorganization of the co-pony that has met general approval. During the progress of this tion it has been frequently suggested in the public press and by numerous and large holders of the company's securities that it would give greater stability to the reorganized company if a management committed to the successful working out of the plan of reorganization, and abacilutely in the interest of the property could be secured for several years. Consulting our own inclination and convenience, we would prefer to leave the management of this great property to others; but we recognize the force of the suggestion and the necessity for some such arrangement. and, as many shareholders believe that great advantages are likely to result to the holders of all classes of the company's securities from such co-operation.

we have consented to act in the matter. Holders of stock of the Atchison. Topeka Santa Fe Railroad Company may deliver their certificates. assigned upon the back in favor of George C. Magoun.

Thomas Baring. Oliver W. Peabody and John J. McCook. to the BOSTON SATE DEPOSIT AND TRUST COMPANY.

SI Milk street. Boston, subject to an agreement that the title to such stock and the voting power thereon shall be vested in our nominees or their successors also te be named by us. for tea years. or until July 1. 1900.

The Trust Company will issue Stock Trust Certificates, entitling the holder to all the beneficial interests and advan4 tages belonging to or growing out of the deposited shares and to the return of like number of shares when the term of the trust has expired. unless the same shall be further extended by the respective parties in interest. Applications will be made to have the Trust Certificates above referred to listed upon the New York. Boston and London. took Exchanges.

KIDDED, PEABODY 113 Devonshire Boston. 1 Nassau New York. Boston. 16 December, 1889. dStitf Atchison, Topeka Santa Fe RAILROAD COMPANY.

TIIE INTEREST due JANUARY 189; On the GENERAL MORTGAGE FOUR PER CENT. GOLD BONDS of the ATCIIISON, TOPEKA SANTA FE RAILROAD COMPANY Will be paid on and after that date by the CN1ON TRUST COMPANY OF NE'W YORK, at their (Aces, 73 Broadway, New York, and room 9, No. 95 Milk et, Boston, and at office of BARING BROTHERS COM PAN London. The payments of Interest will be made only upon the CERTIFICATES of the UNION TRUST COMPAN Y. which cover tile old 18111ell Ot Bonds, deposited, as below, upon presentation of such CertItle cates at either of above offices: ATCHISON, TOPEKA I SA.

Irle lst Is. Do. I CHICAGO 5s. TRUST 63.1911- COLL. be.






WICHTI 44TESTERN lit Is. WICHITA WESTERN Isles. To facilitate the work the Union Trost Company will on and after Friday morning. December 271h. accept Certiticates left at their offices.

Boston and New York, giving a temporary receipt for same, aad returning Original Ceruticates with checks for Interest on and after January 1s1. Union Trust Company of New York, d27 ttSlitt TRESTLE Atchisoll licorEallizglioll Bolder. of UNION TRUST COMPANY'S CEP, TIFICATES covering THE FOLLOWING ISSUES OF BONDS deposited under Plan of Reorgsaisav Lion: A. T. 8.


SUM NisR I FORT SMITH Ie, FLORENCE, ELDORADO 4 WALNUT VALLEY Ilrat Is, GULF, COLORADO A SANTA YE tieenert 84. KANSAS CITY. LAWRENCE SOUTHERN' telt MARION McPHERRON' Bret le, NEW MEXICO I SOUTHERN PACIFIC first Is, OTTAWA BURLINGTON first Be. Win receive the cash payment to which the' are en. titled Jesuary 1st, upon prescotaiton of their rent, fitAtes on and after thM date at office, Union Trusi Company.

Room 9, No. 05 Milk Boston, and Ko. '73 Broadway, New York. and Brothers 8 Buthotaate.wunin. London, E.

C. Union Trust Co. of New York I c131 itSuGt IrifittSTEr. 17 For Cent. tin OlitTOAOltS INTZ71.

lWiiloji PROPkftTY. Kansas City. NiO Kanit.11 etty. Kan. STATE belected borrowers.

Absolute safety. litt guar-limited by ITZ trr- LAND 1 IT LE GUA RANI CE CO, Fire Insurenoe to temb-r. lb-st serer- MENT In the market. tor btrunsest retereures A Co. 2.I.W IS V.I.'S, KT.

bMS TEMPLE NOUSE PLAN. 1148 to 1147 Washington Ilt Stem Mali electric lights, electric belle. Open l. night. 1,34 4e41 I Wisconsin Central incomes were up 112 to 61.

Atchison opened at 33. improved to 33. and closed at e.36s. no 3,14 over yesterday. New 41 netted an advance of 14 to 8234, while the incomes Jost 1,4 to 52.

Mexican Central was LID Irs to 181S. The closed at 70, up14: the first iecomes at 36533, down 8, Bell Telephone's last sale came at 201, no a point. Lamson cloned at '36. a gainer by Ira per cent. In coppers.

Calumet Heels closed at 2eo, 4 points higher. Santa Fe at 112. Butte oil 112 at 1512. and Boston Montana at 50'4, no change. Osceola sold, for the last transaction, at 233.4, off Thomson-lioustOn lost 12 to 5712.

Lead gained to 214.4. Wall street opened (Wet, without special feature. The list held siren but witnout much activity. closing at an advance extending from 1-8 to i the latter in Transcontinental. Sugar was up Missouri Pacific.

Louisville Nashville. Fis, and balance of the list 1,11 to 11s per cent. Lead lost 14 and Rock Island 12 per cent. Money. 6 to 25 per cent.

I.euewals, 8 to 15 Per cent. Closing. ti per cent. Gossip duit. I be us pendens fled by Receiver Griy of the North River sugar refinery against the sugar trust, restraining it from making any tranSactiOni durng the pending suit.

applies to real estate only. Edward Kent Me of Poston filed a petition before the interstate commerce commission against the Lake Shore Michigan Southern railroad as violating provisions of the interstato commerce act, in that it has. through other companies and lines, charred and collected upon merchandise destined for Boston an uniust and discriminating freight rate between Chicago and Buffalo. The petition reopens the Chamber of Commerce case of 1887. The Philadelphia Inquirer says the story is that Leading Coal and Iron Company will show a profit of $150,000 for the year instead of a loss of $1.500.000, as was generally expected.

Jay Gould says that while he has no speculative interest in the market. he exPects to see all the good and regular 4 tier cent. dividend paying stocks now selling below par advance to 100 this year. St. Paul.

Minneapolis Manitoba has declared a Quarterly dividend of 112 per payable Feb. 1. Books will close Jan. 18. It is reported that President Norton will shortly publish a most favorable statement concerning the Louisville Nashville Company.

Copper firm. The Boston Investment Co. pays its fifth (masterly dividend of $1.63 per share at the Broadway National Bank, Boston, Jan. 15. 1890.

It has accumulated quite a surplus in excess of these dividends. George Loonara, 246 Washington Ag't. ATCHISON HAPPENINGS. Boston Maine--Union Stock Yards Odds and EndsGossip and Facts. There was considerable borrowing of Atchison new securities today owing to the pressure to clear the bond transactions under the subscription circular, but houses are offering each other all facilities in their power to adjust the dealings as speedily as Possible.

The name of Chicago. Santa Fe California is US be abolished. and the name of Atchison. Topeka sante Fe will be extended to all the main line between Chicago and Pacific hereafter the distributlug point on the Atchison wilt be at its terminals at Chicago. and no breaking of bulk will take place at the Missouri river as heretofore for unconsigned freight.

It is perhaps not generally understood in the Ewa that the Atchison has not until istio declared its main line terminus to be other than at the Missouri river, where freight has broken bulk and been distributed to the various Chicago lines, the Atchison's Chicago line being treated as a branch connection. Vice-President and General Manager Robinson's powers. by the merging of the Atchison's lines. displace those of General Manager Goddard, who will retain his office of vice-president. his authority to be extended over the entire line.

The president's office will remain ia Chicago, and the entire operating department of the system will be there The latest is that the Boston Maine and Eastern are to consolidate on the basis of six to nine: that is. six shares of Boston Maine to nine of Eastern. Mr. Sinclair began selling Eastern at $130 on the last rise, but one of the shrewdest operators, discovering the fact. undersold him.iPest.

This will make Col. Sinolair smile. Hon. Frank Jones and Payson Tucker have recently been visiting Sorrento," says the Boston News Bureau, "forlthe purpose. it is intimated, or a proposed extension of the Maine Central to and through the Sorrento property of the Frenchman's Bay aud Mt.

Desert Land and Water Company." The net income of the Cajun Stock -Yard Company for the last six months of was Sim.000; rents. $22.000 total net. 000; interest, $18.000, balance. 000. The balance sheet shows a surplus lien.

28 of against 587,435 Sept. 23. This decrease is explained by the fact that the surplus of Dec. 23 is, after deducting six months' interest, $18,000. and 4 per cent.

semiannual dividend, $40,000. while from the surplus of Sept. 2 no proportion of interest or dividend was' deducted. The Se1.o00 net income was. and alter paying $18,000 interest.

leaves over 6 per cent. earned on the stock during the past six months. The $300.000 Old Colony Steamboat 412 Per cent. bonds offered for sale are not a Part of an authorized issue of S700.00o, as has been stated. There are 000 old Cs outstanding.

and the present issue of 412s may be increased to which would give an aggregate bonded indebtedness ot $700,000. The new steamboat will cost $1,250.000. It is rumored that the freight traffic which was transferred from the New York New England to the Central Massachusetts some months since will go back to the New York New England again.lJournal. One of the Boston Maine directors says the advance in Eastern stock is the result wholly of street manipulation and not of any arrangement that has been reached with reference to consolidation. The Don Enrique Company has declared a dividend of ac a share.

The Don Enrione is the reorganized Cusihuiriachic. aud the present dividend is the first one ever declared by either company. Messrs. Kidder. Peabody Co.

are the present sponsors of Don 'Enrique. Books close Jan. 15 to 26, inclusive. Mr. H.

D. Corey. formerly with the Pope Manufacturing Company, has formed a Partnership with Mr. Frederick L. Milliken for the general transaction of stocks, bonds and investment securities in all exchanges.

Mr. Milliken was for seven years the cashier of the Boston house of W. S. Lawson Co. alessra.

Corey Milliken have ottices at 45 MI by street. The Advertiser predicts a fine showing of the Boston Maine for the quarter ending Dec. 31. The increase in the business of the Eastern Electric Cable Company the past year was 50 per cent. over ledd.

The comnanY has earned 20 per cent on the common stock beside the 6 per cent. devidend paid on the preferred stock. Refined copper produced by the Boston Montana Company by months. for the first six tuoaths of its tiscal year. are as follows: 18s9.

Lbs. copper. Juiy IOW 419 August September wtober 2.525.000 November 2.200.000 December 2.200,000 Six months 13,122.789 Important changes in the management of the Fitchburg road. beside that of the presidency, are said to be pending. They will have an important bearing on the road's future policy.

and are likely to bring great benetits. Well-informed people are confidently asserting that the stock is "booked" for par. on this movement.Bosten sews Bureau. The directors of Boston tt Montana meet either Jan. 14 or 15 to tteciare a Quarterly dividend.

It is expected that $1 will be the am OtIn Etforts are being made to reduce the stock capital of the c.anta Is from 500.000 to 100.000 shares. Late earnings of WIsconzin Central are: Deramber 1889. Increase. Fourth $1011000 S4.080 17.940 On 874.919 279.080 95.839 4.269,613 454.863 Herbert 5. Carpenter kas been admitted 1 I 1 1 4.

,1 I 4 1 I PP I it. rt. Y3 Ls. 100 1qt -s: oats. 129.000 bu sh: rye.

13.000 I bush: barley. bush. Shipments ono lash: oats. 129.000 bush: rye. 13.000 bush: barley.

bush. Shipments Flour. 7.000 bbls: wheat. 20.000 bush: corn. 234.000 bush: oats.

bu3h; rye. 14.000 bush; barley. 48.000 hush. ST. Lot Is.

Jan. 3.Flour quiet. Wheat firm; No. 2 red. 'Wise.

Corn weak; No. 2 mixed. 25,4 Oats lower; No. 2, od4 20c. Rye firm.

Barley steady: Minnesota. s4 Asc. Wh4keY 81.02. Provisions quiet and essentially unchanged. little doing.

ReceiptsFlour. 3000 big; wheat, '4 ii.o00 bush: corn. bush oats, 12.000 bush rye. 4i )00 bush barley. 1000 bush.

ShipmentsFlour. 15.000 bbls: wheat, bush corn, 307.000 bush; oats. 18,000 bush; rye. 2000 bush. SULLIVAN TO PRESIDE.

Democratio Members of Common Council Choose Him in Caucus. The Democratic members of the Council bald a caucus in the committee room at City Hall last evening for the purpose of nominating candidates for president of the Common Council, city clerk and city messenger. The members were called to order by Councilman Rosnosky of ward lg. David F. Barry of ward 16 was elected chairman and John F.

J. Mulhall was chosen secretary. The result of the first ballot was as fellows: Richard le. sullivan. ward 22.

received 14 votes and Mr. ttnsuosky. scattering. 1. On a motion of Mr.

Rosuosky the nomination of Mr. Sullivan for president was made unanimous. There were no nominaticms made for the other officers. although Councilmen E. P.

Barry nrged the necessity of taking such a sten. The meeting was very harmonious, and lastee less than an hour. Had a Right to a Cellar Door. Annie T. Gaffney boarded with Garfella Brown on Bowdom street, and after eating dinner one day started to go from the dining-room.

but opened the wrong door by mistake and fell down cellar. she sued her landlady for damages. but the buoreine Court decides that one has a right to have a cellar door in their house. and that the plaintiff should have been more careful. Judgment for the defendant is affirmed.

There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the They are not, but like all counterfeits, they lack the peculiar andi remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for Ivory Soap and insist upon having it 'Tis sold everywhere. COMPLEXION' EMM1ALIftUl POWDER Is an absolute necessity of a refined toilet in this climate. POZZOliTI'S MEDICATED COPIPLEXION POWDER Combines every element of beauty and purity. 41 el.

30167C6Z.V.S71711-e,X.E3 The Boy's Holiday, The Beet Youth's Paper Ever Published. WILL BE OUT JANUARY 7Itt Examine the First For tale by all Price ts. dS tat ja.3 LA CRIPPE. The Old Reliable Standish Pills 1611.41p AI 1 ftioW MI 1 410 lake the poison from the system, no matter front what cause. very body should take these pills at the fIrst attack of la grippe.

ONLY 25e At BOW. Etold by all droggista. 1ib12t Jae THERE'S no remedy un4er the sun that will cure a cough or cold as quickly se the Cushing Procese Co. 'I pure Rock a Rye, and in this climate every Ctudiy should have supply In the All Sire bottles as our store. 568 Washington st.

et ja4 ROCK I RTE. TO WEAK MEri lauffenda the edeete of youthful errors. decay. wedightea. lost manhood.

I will send a valuable treatise vested containing full panic-tiara for home cure, 'HEE of charge. A splendid medical work: should be read by every roan who la nervous tool debilitated. Address, Prof. F. C.

10 WLEIL, Mood detail, 624 RESTORED. ttlanhood musing Premature laaeay geTerma Deddrityd, Levi liteunood. having tried in every known remedy, as diaciavered a maim at aekteure, WC Le will seed -wadi "RYE to nia tallavr-outrerera. Addroos, J. H.

REES'S. P.O. sex awo. Now York MA ES 111645 010 ilfirEAK Alava nzt. art es Art volt as mature Doolloo sad lit I riulb lLi oizzpolyramnalpitaili al nolietadm.

41:10 60 Kum cps twit rtasZsi larib 1ltii4w727 Ma4 FISH MARKET. Trade Dull an Prices Herring Cheaper. Jan. 3.The receipts of week have been very light, being landed. Fresh fish of been In moderate receipt.

and well sustained. Trade quotations of mackerel: Extra libl; No. 1, $2428; and large :38, 1119A20; i415. Bank halibut. 15c 4,) th for for gray.

Last sales of shore 40 cwt. Last sales of new' It bbl. Frozen herring from $1.75 to 81.25 4, 111111- and receints during the week from Georges with 500 the halibut; ne from 19,000 Ms codfish and 2oo shore fishing. 11.4o0 Its codfish; Placentia bay with 1450.00t) Total receipts of codfish. receipts of halibut.

52.71)4) receipts, Limon box es. stnoked bbla Rea clam. 20 obis spur-ling berring bait. codfish are firm at In per with choice lots held at $8.25 mall; large Lank, $4.50 late caught, band line western large shore. Staall de, $3.25 per ntl lake.

neavr salted cured do, $3. codfish, titelOn 4 th; boneless and lake, 4'4 (1014c IS. herring. $5.75 per bbl medium No. 4 do.

$7.50: Newfound. Nova Scotia do, $5' Eastport round do, $8.25. Nova Scotia salmon, Newfoundland do. Cali- $17; trout. $15; shad $12; alewines.

halibut tins, CO; pickled codfish, pickled haddock, halibut beads. tongues. $10: sounds. $18 tongues and sounds, $11, clam bait, $7: slivers. $4.

Smoked salmon. 13c IS: smoked halibut. smoked haddock, ec; smoked medium herring. 14c 43' box; bloaters. tlOc: No.

re, oc lengthwise. 12c; tucks, 11 c. Canned salmon, $180 to lobsters. $2: trout, $1.60: Clams. 800; mackerel.

63.75; herring. 85c American sardines, oils, 84.50; 1 3.60. Medicine oil, coo th cod oil, 271(1 sec: black5sn oil. 55c; menhaden oil, 23c; livers. bucket.

Fish skins, $20 30 11' ton: fiSia scrap, dry do, Iglu; liver scrap. 84. FOR SUNDAY'S DINNER. Good Variety and Fair Price. in the Provision Market.

The following prices are quoted by markilineu; stirrrs AND VinZTANLIS. Lettuce, 8 to 10 cents a bunch. Spinach. 30 cents a peck. Celery, 20 c(lnts.

Long ntdishes. 8 to 10 cents a bunch; round ones, 5 cents a bunch. Watercress. 5 cents a hunch. lining beans, 25 and 30 cents a quart.

Artichokes, 15 cents. )Iandarin oranges, 40 cents a dozen. Florida oranges, 35 cents a dozen. lisnanas, 35 to 40 cents a dozen. 4alaga grapes, 25 cents a pound.

Catawba grapes, 30 cents a pound. If EAYI. Leg of lamb. 121,42 cents a ponnd. Lamb chops, 121742 cents a pound; abort ones, 25 tents a pound.

Leg of mutton. 14 cents a pound. Extra sirloin roast. 25 cents a pound. 121,4 2 cents.

Double sweetbreads. 50 cents a pair, Beeves' hearts, 4 cents a pound. Brighton livers, 60 cents to tt a piece. POULTRY AND GAR. Green ducks, lit to 20 cents a pound.

Green geese, 18 to 20 cents a pound. Chickens, 15 to 25 cents a pound. 'Turkeys, IS to 22 cents a pound. Squab, 11.50 a dozen. Cantastiack ducks, 16 to t'S 5U a pair.

Butea duels, 11 to 21.25 a pair. Ballard ducks, 11.25. Val ducks. 75 cents to 21. TIM parer.

Fresh cooking eggs, 23 cents a dozen. Extra nearby eggs, 35 to 40 cents a dozen. Good dairy awl creamery butter in tubs and boxes, 26 to 30 cents a pound. lighty Per Cent. Rescued from Vice.

ibatOWRI.L Jan. report of the officers of the Maine Industrial School for Girls has been completed, and THE GLOBF Correspondent Las been permitted to minute advance sheets. Supt. Mal. Rowell.

in his report. refers specially to the troubles which occurred in the school last summer and fall. and which occasioned So much comment at the time. le says that 300 girls have been committed to the school since it was first opened, Jan. 20.

1875. They find in the whole number of girls committed thus far to tho school but 20 whose records have been per- istently and perhaps permaneatlY had after their discharge. Each year's experience confirms the statement that fully 80 her cent, of the girls committed to the school were rescued from vice and unmorality and grew up to be respectable Women. Panteo at Quarantine. The Boston bark Fantets.

Cart. Steele. owned by J. F. Brooks.

arrived at quaran tine yesterday. after a oassago of 140 days from the west coast of Africa. Oa the passage many of the crew were stricken with fever. and Fales played havoc with sails and rigging. I.

apt. Steele is now down with fever. anti the health dicers wdl fumigate the vessel before she is docked. May Keep His Verdict. The frill bench of the Supreme Court has overruled the defendants' exceptions in tlie ease of George IV.

Babcock va the Old Colony Railroad Company, I action of tortin which the plaintiff. who ati inured while acting as a brakeman, by a pile of sleepers negligently left too iltkat the track by the defendant's servants, recovered a veraict of Stootki. II la ti READY RELIEFS FOR SITAINA, BRUISES, BACKACHE, PAIN IIIE CHEST OR DES, il F. Al) TOn 111- MAW- INIel.ANINIATION4. IIIIEUM Al ISM.

NEI RALGIA, 11Nt RA( tO, A (. OK ANY THE 11 Aik RNAL PAIN. A VW A l'iLICATIoNS ACT LIKE MAtae, CATiraIiol ILLE "'AIN It) 1TaNILY ut)r. "Worth its Wciilit in Gold!" un.148s. Arnrst A.

GA. I. KAtsw At. I bare Wed all the various kinds of millet Met they have on the market without whell I nnAae stew worse, and a friend advised nie to try your heady Relief. did eel, aPPIYin to my ankle and knee, and to my surmise telut ahe i re111111110, my nett My trouble 'eat iiheamatarn of Ion; sIanalng.

never be enhout for its weight in um. mv mother neregi by K. it. 11. In tete bow of rbentenusm is Ms Likett'EAr IS of COOYER EVASS.


CHILLS AD FEVER 100 ter HOU bolt by DraggisTss PRINT WORKS FAIL. Application for a Receiver for Union Company. NEW Yonvc. Jan. 3.

Application was made in the Kings County Supreme Court today, for the appointment of a receiver for the Union Print Works Company. which is declared to be insolvent. BUSINESS TROUBLES. Insolvent Debtors Making Terms with Lenient Creditors. O'Brien Bond, frirnittire and careet dealers.

48 Washington street, Boston, have gone into insolvency. Joseph M. Graff, hardware dealer. Dunkirk, N. has assigned to Elias Allenbran.

J. S. Reynolds. creamery, Essex Junction. has failed.

Patrick ORiorden, contractor. 50 Chelsea street, Charlestown district. has brought a creditor's petition in insolvency against Edward Lynch of Boston. Bridges Sc Carroll. shoo manufacturers, Salem.

have gone into insolvency. The composition offer of 20 cents on a dollar moue by George W. Hollis, 20 North street. Boston. has been confirmed, and 6ettleneent effected.

In the creditors' petition in insolvency brought by Neal. Morse Co. against Henry E. Fates, tailor. 147 Tremont street, Boston.

a warrant has been ordered to issue. IVhite boots and shoes, St. Joe, have assigned. C. C.

Pendleton, flour and grain, Oouldsboro, has compromised at 35 cents on a dollar. Luther A. Bond, carpetings and furniture. 173 ashington street, Boston, has gone into insolvency. Edward Harrison, clothing dealer, Minneapolis, Minn- has assigned.

Thrasvoulos N. Catrevas, dealer in soaps, chamois skins. 19 Batterymarch street, Boston. is settling through insolvency. 'William M.

Richardson acting as assignee. MARINE NEWS. Arrived Friday. Steamers Flamborough (Br), Fraser. Port Antonio, Jamaica, Dec 25, fruit, Boston Fruit Co; John Brooks, POTIOVAR, Portland, mdse and passengers, Charles Williams; City of Gloucester, Young, Gloucester; Charles I Hand, Baltimore, coal; Katandin.

Bangor, mdse and passengers, Calvin Aun; Snawmut, Fuller, towing barge, Atlas, coal. Tug Herald, Ilaivestowing barges Navesink. Crooker and El Lida, Burgeis, Philadelphia, and Samuel E. Spring, Kelley, Newport News. Schooners Jubllee (Br), Hickey, Placentia Bay, F.

herring; Charles Magee, Hand. Baltimore, coal; I Biggs, Henderson, Elizabethport. coal; Harriet, Full, Rockport, stone; Fleetwing.Williains, liewburyport, sand; II Butler, Brown, Rockland, Me, lone; Lena Chester, Beal, Rockport, Me, brick; Lake, Johnson, Rockland, Me, lime; Addle Seavey, Haggerty, Newburyport, sand; Fawn, Morgan, Amboy, coal; Franklin Nickerson, Marshall. Fort Liberty, coal. Cleared Friday.

Steamers, John Brooks, Donovan, Portland, Charles trilliams; Samaria (Br), Hewitson, Liverpool, Alexander Martin; Katandin, Pierce, Bangor. Calvin Austin. Bark Freida A Willey, Willey, Apalachicola, Fla, Ellicott A Co. Brigs Stowe (Br), Hammett, Lonenberg, S. Whiting, Pouslancl At Co; Canadian Port au Prince.

Hayti, James Stevenson; Lucy Snow, Hackett, Cape Verde Islands and Africa, Butman, Acadia (Br), Morrill, Port Medway, S. John Hall Co. Schooners, Lion (Br), Peters, Halifax, NS. Barclay Co; McKay (Br). Roberts, Spencer Wand, Hathaway Jr Co; Minnie Bergen, Davis, Horse Island and Portland, Me, Walter, Friend Co; Myra Spear, Caswell.

Georgetown. Walter. Friend a Co; Richard (Br), Thibedeau, Metigham IC S. Belong Seaman; Robert Rose (Br), John, Sullivan; Howard Smith, Howes, Brunswick, Jamas Linnell; sale Markee, Blake, Philadelphia, James vr Lin-nail; Elm City, Etheridge, Philadelphia, James James Pace, Garfield, Baltimore, Crowell; Lulu, Nickerson, Norfolk, Va, Doane Co. Sailed Friday.

Steamer Katandin, Bangor, Tog Herald, towing barges Merryman, New York, and Escort, Philadelphia. Bark Beatrice, Port an Prince. 'via Wilmington, C. Schooners, Sophie Stnart, Mayaguez, Ida Hull, Fernandina, Fla; Franconia, Ellsworth. Me; Tecumseh, Philadelphia; 0 WithertU.

Baltimore; Morris Child, Fla; Cox Green, Philadelphia; John Haynes, Baltimore; Rodman Nickerson, Boothbay and New York; Longfellow. Bay View and Beaufort, Cl Reno; Edward IP Mansfield, Baltimore; Hairy Prescott, Lain, Kate Macke; Mattie A. Franithr4 Savannah, tia; Bessie A. La Have, James race, Bantinore; Sarah ant Boothbay and New York; Minnie Horse Island and Portland; Laura Hardy, Lunen-berg and Liverpool, 8, Henry Sutton. Second Meetings of Insolvent Debtors.

In the Suffolk Insolvency Court yesterday second meetings were held in the following cases. and adjournments made to the dates mentioned: Albert Whittum. the Springfield Bicycle Manufacturing Corn Michael Kenny. Charles S. horrithy.

red L. McLaughlin. Frank O. Litlywan. 'Wolf Levi.

Patrick T. Stut, las, J. Abeam. Barnott 14: Fverett M. Neisna.

all tri Arm! 11; Henry ibh and henry Viunkett. 3lay G. A. R. POSTS throughout the tnitei States orepitTing to visit Boston in August are taking time by the forelock anci cons.

Dieting their arrangements with G. W. Simmons 82 tO 44 North stroolL 5unp4 the new undorme and oquipmeats that will be aooded for that uogasmast..

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