The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on April 21, 1903 · 8
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 8

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1903
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,--. t t;', 1 , 1 . 1 " 1 i 4 ''t 41 1 I , 1 f ,' ; 1 1 , ',$ t ' 0 , ' 4'' 1 1.'' '1 $ ) ',1 I 4 I 'f I 1 ,. 1 1 " ..., ' k 11 : 1 ' Is I 1 I i I: 1 ' ' 11 11 I ii I I It , I ,f 1 i ',',f 11 , 1 '1; I t ) 1. i I t . , t i , t t , i , I , , N , ,, I 1; , 11 I. 11 1 MI 1 ? n f . 44 4 it . Al in 4 f. , , IA , 1.1 - - 4,, , , ,,,,,,,..,miMmoo.k . . f 0 . . . . - THE BOSTON- - GLOBETUESDAY., , APRIL 21 1003. .. .r 4 , - . --- 1 TI e Gobe 0 1 , ON THIRD RAIL 1 SAME FORT I E , 1 WORTHY CHARITY. vioRK OF RELIEF.' "cc ,.., ... 01 ei J , ESTIMATE OF ATTENDANCE AT i.,",,,, 1 . . . 1 , , . . sal NOtwoMEOmten Eyszill arn7 . . YESTERDAY'S PRINCIPAL Evtrilb Fair in Aid of Aged Blind , it e........ , d s i ttee on ,-. .. 2 For 10 Minutes New York Even Break for Each Home I, , Committee Ai i . , 1 11 and Infirm Deaf Mutes.- tttpkRtI ' ' ii -TA c Man Lay There, Niue Yesterday. , I, tir Tr 5 sa . Active at Lowell. , , .., , Marathon Race (Entire Course) -,,,000 , .,,"4 lif , . IN I 0 i Q f 2000 S t t Wh M ,.orintse or - pc a ors on ore Than 27,000 Peo;18 at , American League, A 31 Game.... , 8 376 CamblidgEManMakesan!Contrlutas 1 , 1, , 1 ir ' 4 American League, P M Game . 19,282 n -si' , -: He Escapei thlinjUlect Arntrioacs' Afternotn Cann ' National l'Alnpmp A al name 1 Q,,, a S1000 Silk Quilt i 4 -..,--n --II - - Game. i iou,0 u, Pies Conroy Says WeaYErs'' " 11 f, . , , 1Sational League, P 31 Game. ; 4,867 . 44'''I 1 LI ' I ,, i!,..) D t BOYS tifiRESTED, Old Emploe Killed on Brooklyn Charley . Farrell Steps Right ., Horse Show (Day and Evening). 10,000 . Specimens of Needle Many Other p . CI P Dtspute Has En Maall111.1 ill I ; II ; , ' Bridge. In to Popularity. Lexington and Concord Sightseers 60,000 Work by Men Exhibited. 14 I j 0 . O . 1 0 0 , Veterans' Playout at Arlington . 10,000 William Griffin and 'ratan' TORE. April al-Several thou- AMERICAN LEAGUE . Boxing This morning at 10) the fair in ald of Men Received Strike Pay . it p... a. mollAr.. , ' - - , 9 000 ed the home for ag blind and Infirm OND011b sand pereone witneased two accidents , , t Thomas 0 Connell. oft tae larootilyn aridge today in which , one man was crusised to dea,th and an- It was the openirg of the -great race ort Nh End Park Athletic Games, A for the champtonsh'ip of the American ' M .. 4,000 deaf mutes. at 273 Cridge et. Allston. opened in the el amb Tr -atel of inity church. Last Saturday. Aber eseaped in a miraculous manner. ' North End Park Athletic Games, I' 31 1" 000 At lewd la tables were filled ssith useful - al HARIIESS AGEGY leagese that drew immense and en- as ' A wed-dreseed young 'Thin. who re- thtialastic crowds of people yesterday to and fancy articles. mort of which were - , " fusal to give hie name, in attempting the ball park at Huntington av-in fact 'Revere Cycl made by the blind nd deaf anti mute n -, e Races , a i te yurrp from a moving train fell to the the' largest paid attendance that ever am. a New England- Thilly-FIYEGraeistfaTa for Mich!gan Said to ha Part of Can In etruetere and acmes the third rail where he lay for 10 fninatee in sight of a-000 t t witnessed games in this city, a, otal for Val morning and afternoon of 27,65a- . arles River Park Cycle Races Automobile IIIII Climbing Contest .. 8,000 ., an Mrs George A. Holmes la chairman d has charge of the fair. her &mort- ' .. 1,' a00 to Wort In Cotton Mil The Norse Shwa peraene Ile was not injured. The champion Athletics of Philadel- ants being Mrs Caroline S. Papas, ais South End Breaks, ivaoats;lithaThaoki;arl,Petelnefona9g9171toh tehte, ellerrotoieke- Idlehilla went dodtohee,opbbeenfoormeentahel Rhoumbee Wteaadm- Tufts College-Wellington Ball Game, Dorchester 6,000 Charles W. Bigelow. airs Mary A. , Wright. Mate Amelia ateCollum. airs A Barnard ft Ssmisel C. the Brooklyn rapid transit than any in the morning game, while Boston with , , . ' , , William . . a Croat Mrs H. P Chapman Mr eleerge other employe. was the victim of the Cy Young, the greatest Roman of them r la . . . s . Cutter. Miss HPIiS ! Zimm Massachuse t or. airs ts Plant to B ail d an th , lio fatal aealdent lie watt standin g. at the all, was fofced to one knee and the ' , ' Charles Burrill. Miss Ella aloore and trind okfla train4 oftetahre ihriltdhe yarditiettethte ceunt at thbe aftherinoontgbamde. aoo yn en o e r ge wa al o ' An-even rea s no a n baseball A dle - I b b . -. Mies C. la Holmes. - . Most of the articles at the fair were . Former Reputed to be the Addition Dung I Period. , ...... made by the needle, there beina seateral make a conneetion with a motor. In but the second g, from Boston's - ........ ilit ame intereeting specimens of men s work. ------ Leader of Youngsters. 'some mysterious way another train viewpoint, look-ed like taking m ey EVEN mARATHoN LEADERs on out ' Mr William H. Golossmith has a, large osta,nding behind the motor was started of. the bank for six innings. Then the ' patehwork (milt, while a "ilk em- , down the Theline. This train struck the Quakers cut loose and made a winning - broidered reread made by Mr William LOWELL. April al-Pr' Conroy said G. Barnard of Cambridge took motor awfull l started it toward Walsh. Be-Bee finish that was fu of live baseball. ' ' 4 ' ' - him this noon. aner the leap "4 Inaert'c' , nearly 10 years to finish. - In it are SI5 committee meeting; 1 1 , fore he knew of hie danger he had been The feature of the day was the re- ' ' N skeins of silk floes, and the spread is .'The committee on eel relieved a elude Sion of John T. Ka ia Kato Was erlled bet m between the bumpers of the eeption to Charley Farrell, the duke of . Nana - Framingham. Natick. Wellesley. , Eoulevira Coclidas Coe Finish. valued at Veda Ms toda . Coas- Y fi c motor and a car. Marlboro," and his alaround, grand ball The refreshment table In In charce nt number of app 1 ice Brolun Into Sunday fight Marcellus Brout, the man in charge playinga, Farrell needs no introduction Lorden . 7 5 7 3 alb 1 airs Charles akatiker and Mat Hattie feature-a who Lave been visiting In otaer , - E. Wheeler. a Japanese tea table ts cities made tbair reports and they are of the motor, at once backed the ma- to the lovers of baseball in this part of 1e11or 2 1 1 ant 1 ..., presided over by Mat Adam Acheson. very satisfactory.. These WAS a digitate ' . chine away. This released Walith's the world, for he has been at the busi- E, " by t This evening Mr William S. Shaw et , . t'w In )1 " o i" 1 flettened body. which fell down into nees these many long years, but time Spring 11 , 7 5 , 4 3 3 Brookline will exhibit an electric ap- watabe rs Of the weavers traln . Thron Stolen NITheels Found in Nassau st, sriking the ground right in has dealt lightly with the good-natured paratue for awakening' 'sleeping deaf whieh has been magnified into a di -1 e,- 1 d (a 1 ate . Lohrs 9 9 11 12' - 5 4 people., a device original and most turbance by censerAlen Intermiat. The f a woman who was walking ront of catcher, and his work yesterday was t i unique. ' weavers rectelvedatheir strike ala 1let 1 D . t s perf af;e through the street. She ran screaming up-to-date. He caught both games and Donovan ...-...-.12 1 1 8 6 . 4 5 The fair will - efontinue this Pvenimt Alley Off Wheeler St. Into the police station at the Brooklyn all plichers looked alike to him. In the and will not close until 10 tomorrow Saturday. ership in treRecent t unlon or applicants ter mem l en the -1 mand pointed flameectly 5 d end of the bridge, where she talked in- rarniag game be threw out five men Zeigler.... 8 . 6 - 6 5 9 6 night. . treatment as new v c, bae s i -- an , members la , VISITThe. ccherently for several minutes. that attempted to steal second, showing - Fay 17 15 12 - 6 7 1 -S I N, I CLOS t U 1 0 I A ; : Other persons 'who saw the body fall that his salary wing Was in apple-pie - . ILL-HEALTH LED TO SUICIDE other ualown." - - This morning Greelas left basalt fer t I IA It N ESS,with ItLe Pipette') ranter!! Burr end Reagan of carried It into the police station. It order, and got ire three timely hits out ate the Maud Dedisam-et Statir)it at 3 recinek was later ta,ken home, , . of six flame at bat, besides a perfect 1 m 23:00 . 46:30 1:01:35 1:35:00 2:29:30 2:11:29 4-3 Colomblaille a , Harris L. Coxon of Cambridge Drank v. Mitts. wae re th e s y a l bo ! ILZ it 1 ,-,, tide morning arreetee William Gratin alsh was 50 years old , W. He had been sacrifice . He made light work of Recor 20:00 4 00 1:02:00 1:3 00 2:01:00 2:29:23 34 it - d . . . 5:5: employed In cotton mai. aaWISS colaract In c-...: Heed 15, of 49 Potter st, and 'Thomas in the employe of tile Brooklyn rapid hind the bat and was cheered several Carbolic Acid, and Died Shortly It Is understood Mat wbile work iti I I- ...n,r1i,141 NVorkf,hon,--(.-' times for his pl eying. . 464,or toConnela aged 15, et 11 Wheeler et, on transit for a quarter century. Ile left - 'Afterward.- 1 bW1.1 i 4 Prt0111011. Agent SOUthlbOtitt lib it . 0 the charge of . - , d IV for Farrell iamon Ring r ae. , 111 health iratmod Ilarrig L. Coxora an at:dation to the cloth room ol Oat ; aliteaschusetts mill meets an rellwrerni.-nth. an breaking end entering a wife and several children D ti larceny. - ROSTON - , VOILA il AB R BI TB PO A E snge to take his Me shortly before - . A remind hand of ttet Tremors Á Sid- ) .-...Owl Gratin le said to lieve been the leader EARLY AT VOTING BOOTHS . As Farrell went to the bat in the sec- 1 Denchetty- If .... 5 0 3 5 0 1 0 'rheum.' et 3 1 3 1 03 0 o noon oday. at hes . 0 of a band of five boys of about hie OW01 ond game Capt Bill Daly called the ' (alma! 3b a 0 0 0 2 1 0 weiverton 3a.... 51311t le folk Co reports he 11'1'0 order to tat on - I !!,!aill et 5 1 2 5 :: 0 0 Dirrv if 5 0 0 - - - - Moore t et. Cambridge lodging place 11 4 i 1 0 band for wore next Moveless players about him and made a neat enme rf ! ae - 5 2 3 7 1 0 0 k'et.aior rf - 3 0 2 2 1 n e About 11tS0 the, neettrimantst et the helms. The agent Orli VAUpetinterodent Ilt0Nre Cross Pigskin Saitilcs The BOYS ARRESTED, William Griffin and Thomas O'Connell. Said to In Part of Gang In South End Breaks, Former Reputed to be the Leader of Youngsters elude Sion of John T. Keefo Was Bro lun Into Sunday Night. Thren Stolen Wheels Found in Alley Off Wheeler St. Stpectal officere Rerr end Reagan- of t hi men. Dedham-et ate tiell at 3 o'clock this morning arrested William Griffin, Hged 15, (4 egi Porter st, and Thomas o'Connell. aged 15, et 11 Wheeler at, on the charge of breaking and entering and larceny. Gratin la said to linve been the leader of a heed of live boys of about Ids owe ;Ise. le ham four sears on his face, gottn in battles with boys older than himself, and has a record of previous arremt. There has been a serien of breaks at the South End, and Griffin has been constantly under tnispicion. Late Sunday night the bicycle store of John T. Keefe, S57 Columbus all. was breken into. Three high-priced wheels were taken. Entrance was gained by but-ming the fastening on a window Could only be gotten at by climbing over ttn eight-foot fence. The police learned Of the brvak yesterday morning end went to work on the case. In the afternoon officers of the Lagrange-st tation learned that the O'Connell boy had been Keen riding a bicycle In the morning, and a watch was kept on If house, Just before dusk It was learned that he bed placed the wheel in a ailed in an alleyway Oft Wheeler it and eearvit was made. The three stolen wheels were found. When officers Burr and Reagan were told of the finding of the wheel e they plaeed O'Connell under arrest on suspicion. Ile confessed to his part In the stealing, and named Griffin at4 the ringleader of the band. Griffin was sought, hilt not found until this morning, when officers lying in wait at his home saw hint approaeh the door. lie laughed at the aecusation of the ofileere. Ile denied all that o'Connell had said. From O'Connell the police learned the mimeo; of the others concerned In the oftnilsign era summonses for their par-tub.; t ippear with their eons In the juvenile court will be obtained from a court ledge today. The eglicers think that they will be able to eiear In) at least three small breaks which heretofore have been eupposed to be the work of experienced thieves. DROPPED FROM VOTING LIST, Election Commissioners, After Hearing, Vote to Remove Name of Jas. - W. Hayes of Ward 12. The e ec t on commLisioners lifla a ben ring todav On a complaint u1liM by Harry a Uph:1 m. republican councilman from ward 12. in which it was set forth that James 'W. Hayes, also of ward 12. , was registered to vote in Iloston In 1901. The complainant asked that the name of Ilayem 1Y1 dropped om the Voting list. in view of the fact that he would not be 21 years old until blarch 1!8. 1110,Am did not appear R t thP bearing. The election board at the close of the hearing voted to drop the 11011110 of Jiimes NV. Ilaves from the voting list. levee. it will be remembered. was the candidate in the late municipal elect ion who tied Upham for third risco from ward 12 In the council. Illyes was a democrat. At I hat time it was charged that Moen wits under figs and. when a hearing was exiled. Haves dmlined to Cant tPlt t 11 vaesint seat with Upham. As a result Upham was declared the uccessfill candidata and was voted the Vt4eant seat Ii the common council by the membera of that body. Gross aid Net Prizes Awarded. PHVERLY. April :0The Beverly golf nub opened the el .son today with an 1S-hole handicap tournament. R. Warren won the grosa prize, and F. A. Needham the net. 41s0SEAS0 N loiters and patrons ro earnestly Invited to view oar latest types and mole Ike marked prat r.Tes al develop. intent la tritct;ng stlady et technique. proviso tittention to detail, sod pasi tiv Charatler 01 model. While sittplea in oar special de. pertinent is the Mechanics building demonstrate our claims they but lately represent the actual 1duallty end quality of emir ellorts, 11111 Fro.nota Carriage Co y 0 ' FIRCINAND f. FTEKS DUSICINIRI 1 BVILDERS L IS num. TIRS 4 92-98 SIMMER. SIKEET 0'. , I I t 1 bum t ho net- , 'rt ;)47 4, ''',.0,04"- (- ' ,, ;se"614Z 74 , , . ,, re-N. spier grool of b , were tio At T',-1,0',. lc 4, ). 4.Szy, ,,,,A.1 tiAe I , ,, I: erT, 1 r li,,,,,4t41,.,,,, s(k..:st-o.,14 ..,1,."-:.., Itjao:ti ,. 16 ' ' ' -';',,doit..,,:..1:4"ti,447,paok'4 of 1 bride k , 1,o "kicald,, V4te, '1' ton. I t ono,,, I "a 0 2 ' r IN.--11N.,q4 ....,- Ao. ,,4v;,01.t, ' race! Mr a Mr ; VI er-Tk.----..m:-..Iziti, . of la 0 ', 1; 411.1., rd(A. Ar4 4.41e 4frel,:t' '':' ,'" 'VI": 1:1"7: ..,,,ii .11 14(.6. .tII"' (.4 MI,,,,,,,,g:::7411;; f''''. l'r14- '' Ift'ee 1116,40 0 ,..NITis V (,k14.,,t ,,, carri Th ,.... and t st. A gi; 1 0.1. ,,,r,,, 4, it 01 oo,,, ,, pitek o - , IS 4. Tol Ei 11 r , : H 1 star' Th VS 4 t:Aerintl , , I. Rill , ,,,, Gila ki.,n,d I . Irv 1.. Ilrot l';reo far ' iir- and r NI TS H ' ORSE " at isut, , Sti3O10V ,..r , F i lak , IvEEK Exhibit Mrs , ) Et , . ... 4 1St TO Proptkred Especially., Mts., -- rtr v S-Iti , 419V,SEASON t i arr Neu . U. 1 letters and patrons ttre earnestly Lan g i , invited to view our latest types, and ieri II note the nye, ked progress et (ley clop- ,i !..,:t.17111 wont to ism:tin g study et technique. ,, print attention to detail, and pati Uwe Charm:ter of model,. 4 . Ft While ample In our special de Roz 1 partmeat in tale Mechanics'' building last ' demonstrate our claim the but nua if lately represent the actual Ind'. I thai ' 1 v (duality and quality et este etterte., nu'l mita ----collo , TSAI 14Tiva Froatall CardaTe Co'y It?t:til t3 MI IIRCINAND c, ITEK14 and Dr $ itr. I R i 6 LI UAW RS t.4,11 1.- iStRICI. TEAS . ehti 1 ' 1 941'98 SIMMER. STKEET t:117H' , , mauctimasrioP itf,,,eJ , on T111111) RAIL. yFor 10 Minutes New York Man Lay There, Surprise for 2000 Spectators When He Escapei Uninjured. Old Employe Killed on Brooklyn Bridge. NEW April 7,1--S.veral thousand persons witnessed two accidents oil t Brooklyn bridge today in which one man was crushed to death and anAher eseaped in a mirg.culous manner. A wed-dressed young rian. who refused to giv his name. In attempting to jump from a moving train fell to the structure and across the third rail where he lay for 10 minutes in sight of '1900 1erm,n4. Ile was not Injured. - Wititam Walsh of 290 17th st. Brooklyn, will has been longer in the service ot tilt Brooklyn rapid transit than any other employe. was the victim of the fatal aecident. Ile was standing at the end of a train of cars in the yard at the 1-ook1yn end of the bridge waiting to make a connection with a motor. In some mysterious way another train standing behtnd the motor was started down the ineline. This train struck the motor and started it toward Walsh. Before he knew of him danger he had been crtiehed between the bumpers of the motor and a car. Marcelins Brout. the man in charge of the motor, at once backed the machine away. This released flattened body. which fell down Into Nassau st. sriking the ground right in (tont of a woman who was walking through the street. She ran screaming into the police station at the Brooklyn end of the bridge, where she talked inccherently for several minutes. Other persons who saw the body fall' carried It Into the pollee station. It vvas later taken home, , . Walsh was 50 years old. He had been In the employe of the Brooklyn rapid transit for a quarter century. He left IL wife and several children. - EARLY AT NOTING BOOTHS. -- Unusually 'Heavy Ballot Being Cast at the Municipal Election in New Haven Today. NE.W ITAVFN", corm. April 21--An unusually heavy vote was cast this moroing In the monicIpal election,. and It is estitnated that one-third of the total in mcot wards was thrown before o'clock. Balloting eontinued.. throughout thc day; The mayor, other eity oftleers, aldarmen-at-large and half the ward aldermen are being voted for. For mayur, tho leading candidates are John P. Studley, the present mayor, republican, and Thomas I. ICInney. democrat. - s HIT ON HEAD WITH-CLUB. Mrs Kohout Rendered Helpless, but Screams Frightened Burglars from House. NEW YORK. April 21A wakene4 early today by a noise in her room on the second floor of the house at 458 5th av, Brooklyn, Mrs Drina, Kohout sprang from her bed to confront a burglar who threatened to kill her if she made an outcry. The plucky woman grappled with the burglar and received a blow on the head with a club. Mrs Kohout's shrieks so frightened the burglar and his eompanion, who was hiding in a corner. that the two men ran to a window and jumped out. Both made good their escape. Mrs Kohout Is suffering' from shock. She says that her assailants are both youths. BREED-SCATES NUPTIALS. - Home of the Bride in Brighton Was Elaborately Decorated for the Happy Event. One of the most exelusive social at-fairs of the season was the wedding of Miss Bessie Plummer Scates and Mr George Horace Breed. which took place at the home of the bride, 11 Elko at. Brighton, last evening. Miss Seates, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Edward C. Scales. is an unusually handsome young woman, and has a host of friends in Brookline and Boston society. She was one of the most charming of the six bridesmaids at the recent Hatherway wedding in Brighton. Mr Breed is a graduate of Harvard, class of '09, a member of the 1st corps cadets and a successful architect in thic city. His home Is in Louisville, Ky. The cercmony took, place at 6:45 in the reception room, beneath a bower of asparagus vine and maiden-hair fern intertwined with tulips. , This decorative scheme was followed throughout the house. The set. ice was read by Rev Dr L. D. DeCoirnis, retired, of Cambridge. The bride was unattended, The best man was Mr Edward Breed, a brother of the groom, now at Harvard. ' The bride made a striking picture in a gown of liberty silk and duchess lace. Eer finnan veil wa,s caught with a spray of orange blossoms which some friends in Califorria had sent especially for the occasion. Around her neck hung a splendid pearl brooch, the gift of the groom. She carried a shower bouquet of brideroses. The siedding marches were played by five members of the BoAton symphony nrehestrr,. A reception. lasting until 10, followed the ceremony. The ushers were Mr Frederick H. Newhall of Lynn, a cousin of the groom; Mr Leland T. Dutton of Elizabeth. N J, a cousin; of the bride. and Mr Prank Simmons of Boston. The bridal couple were assisted in receiving by Mr and Mrs Scates and Mr and Miss Breed. Mrs Seates wore a beautiful creation of lavender crepe de chine and duchess lace. nd carried white pinks. Miss Breed wore black spangled lace and carried pink roses. The wedding gifts were both many and beautiful. The members of Co B of the 1st corps sent a huge silver , pitcher. Tomorrow Mr and Mrs Breed ' will start for Europe, to be gone six months, , The wedoing sery1.3e was attended by the members of the family only. Among those present at the reception were: Mr and Mrs John Warner. Mr and Mrs Steven Newhall. Mr and Mrs Lyman Fraser. Mr and Mrs William Breed, MIS3 Edith Breed. MissFlorenee 1;retial. Mrs Fenny Allen. Mrs L. Allen. Mr and Mrs Shaw, Mr Leon Flosa. Mr and Mrs James A. liatherway. Mr and Mrs F. G. Newhall. Mr and Mrs Albert Patton, Mrs James TUrnfr Mr and Mrs Carleton Slack, Mr and Mrs' William: Baker. Mrs Hamilton Fiske. Mr and Mrs C. D .11. Fisk'. Mr and Mrs George l.rock. Mr and Mrs Arthur Pierce. Mr Major W. Barker, Mise Mabel Peach. Miss Anne smith, Mr Barrage Carter, Dr and Mrs Henry Warren. Mr William Sates Miss Martha Morrill. Mrs William Morse. Mr Lawrence Brewn. Louis Neashall Mr George Gilmore. Mr C. J. It Woodbury. Miss Mabel Kinney. Mr Lawrence Bailey, Miss Mildred Chamberlain. Mr W. N. Chamberlain. Mr Ralph Golothwaite. Nir John Russell, Miss NalrWalley and Mr Walter Clapp-Ball of the Roxbury Club. Fully soo Members and fricnds of the Roxbury club crowded Union-pk hall last evening. the occasion being the annual ball given under the auspices of that organization. The affair was a most successful one in every detail. The affair was opened with a promnade Concert from 8 until 9. when the grand march was formed. .The march was led by Councliman Thomas J. Pay end Miss Lena C-4 meulili. Eugene J. Good and I Miss 'Bertha Hopkins. Albert Ritchie and Miss Mabel Crawford, who wrote foilowcd through many pretty figures hv rwarly one-half of those present. The v,ftioers of 'the hail were Thomas J. Fey , tor director. assisted by Eugene Good. 1 The aids were Whert Ritchie, Louis likarcs. Joseph A. Coleman and Jamel W., Wilda& Old Employe K: Bri id Nen, Tem:. At sand pommy witn on the Brooklyn 'hi - one man was crust, .sther eseaped In a A weil-dressed y " fused to give. his to jump from a mo I truettorm and ti h acres, e lay for 10 rnim peraons. Ile was n William Valets a lyn, whe has been ot the Brooklyn ra other employe. stra, fatal secident. cnd of a train of ca it) Peooklyn cm of tl make a connection some mysterious standing behind (hi down the ncUne. T motor awl started fore he knew of his as ertished between t motor ancl a car. Marcellus Brout, of the motor, at o chine away. Thi, flettened body. wt Nassau st, sriking in front of a woman through the street. - into the police stet end of the bridge, ccherently for seve Other persons wh or carried It into the ck was later taken hor in Naleili was 50 yea' as in the employe of on transit for a quart, ng a wife and several - Cr EARLY AT NO It- Unusually 'Heavy at the Munic4N km Haven Today. en NEAV HAVE'N", unusually heavy se re meriting In the mu, as it IS estimated tilt., total in most wards by S o'clock. Ballotin ww throughout the day b- eity oftleers, aldm'm oe the ward aldermen lg For inlyc,r, tho lea he John P. Studley, tiu put3I1ean, and Thou ay ,)erat. , - he HIT ON HEAD ed ---- "d Mrs Kohout Rendi Screams Frig from House. re NEW YORK. .1 eY early today by a Tic 3- the second floor of le ex, Brooklyn. Mrs D g- from her bed to eon tt. threatened to kill t outcry. The pluck at ,w with the burglar a e- on the head with a Mrs Kohout's sin titt the burglar and h he r- was hiding in a en ie men ran to a windc a Both made good, the tk Mrs Kohout Is su at 0, She says that her 71 youths. , TE BREED-SCA r. Home of the Bride Elaborately De S. Happy Event. One of the most a .fairs of the season 3Y Miss Bessie Plumn George Horace Bree et at the home of the of Brighton, last eveni I n Miss Scates, the Pti Mrs Edward C. Sea Pd ly handsome young et host of friends in R til society. She was ir. charming of the six he recent Ilatherway of Mr Breed is a g-r class of '99, a moral cadets and a success His home Is in a- The cercmony tool tt reception room, ben, st a paragus vine and ir to tertwined with tult 11- scheme was follow he house. The sem ice t he j D. DeCohnis, ret J1r The bride was Ural Irian was Mr Edwa, of the groom, now a ' The bride made a ,''own of liberty sill I t Eer milan veil was Irt at orange blossoms r- in Califorria had se d- eeeasion. Around splendid pearl broo 11,..eslIn 511,1 e12 pridmtl FORTUNE Even Break for Each Home Niue Yesterday. Mara Than 27,000 Pe0;18 at Amtricars' Atternatn Gam,. Charley Farrell Steps Right Into Popularity. AMERICAN LEAGUE-- , It was the opening of the -great race for the championship of the American leagere that drew immense ' and enthasiastic crowds of people yesterday to the ball park at Huntington avin fact the largest paid attendance that ever witnessed games in this city, a total for morning and afternoon of 27,65S. The champion Athletics of Philadelphia with the phenomenal Rube Waddell went down before the home team in the morning game, while Boston with Cy Young, the greatest Roman of them all, was Joked to one knee and the count at the afternoon game: 'An,even break is not bad in baseball, but, the second game, from Boston's viewpoint, looked like taking money out of, the bank for six innings. Then the Quakers cut loose and made a winning finish that was full of live baseball. The feature of the day was the reception to Charley Farrell, "the duke of Marlboro," and his all-round, grand ball playing. Farrell needs no Introduction to the lovers of baseball in this part of the world, for he has been at the businees these many long years, but time has dealt lightly with the good-natured catcher, and his work yesterday was up-to-date. He caught both games and all. pilehers looked alike to him. In the morning game he threw out five men that attempted to steal second, showing that his salary wing was In apple-pie order, and got In. three timely hits out of six timer at bat, besides a perfect sacrifice. He made light work or it behind the bat and was cheered several times for his playing. , Diamond Ring for Farrell. As Farrell went to the bat in the second game Capt Bill Daly called the players about him and made a neat speech, ,telling hove the royal rooters of Boston were delighted to see Farrell back to the city he helped win a championship for in '91 at the Congress-st grounds. Then he presented to the duke a beautiful dlomond ring from his old friends. After the ceremony Farrell thanked the boys by cracking a fine single down the left field. Piehina the bat Farrell accepted all or 20 chances. . Morning Game. , I In the morning game Rube Waddell started off with aT rtish, striking out the llret four men that faced him. Winters held his own for two innings. Monte Cross opened the third with a single. but was nailed by Farrell when trying for second. The next man was passed to first. Waddell hit to Ferris, who tossed the ball to Parent for a double ,play, but the nail was thrown wild to Lachance and went to the bleachers, allowing Schreck to score. 1 M. Cross opened the fourth with a single and scored on Seyboltes single. Fast work by Farrell and Ferris cut off the third man at the plate. Boston put the game on ice . in their half. Chick Stahl drew a oase and Freeman singled. Parent sacrificed, M Cross making a pretty play to first. Lachance doubled and two runs came in. Ferris singled and Lachance scored. Farrell deew a pass and scored on Winter's double into the crowd. BOSTON AB It BEI TE PO A E Dougherty 5 1 , 1 I I 0 0 Collins 31i 5 I 1 1 1 0 0 Sts 1)1 ef 2 1 00 10 0 Freeman rf 4111100 Parent as .... 3 0 1 1 4 8 1 Lachance lb 4 2 2 8 11 1 0 Ferris 2b 4 2 2 2 3 5 0 Farrell e . . .. 2 1 1 1 5 5 0 Winter p .2 0 1 2 0 1 0 Dineen p 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 Giel16011 ; 1 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 33 9 11 13 27 20 1 ATHLETICS - Hartsel If 5 0 0 0 2 0 '0 Davis lb . .. 4 1 1 2 4 2 0 L Cross 3b 3 1 12 4 2 1 ybold rf 4 0 I 1 2 0 0 Murphy 2b 4 1 2 2 1 0 )1 Pinkney er 4 0 2 2 2 0 0 Cress 3b 3 0 2 2 2 0 0 Schreek c 3 1 0 0 11 1 1 Waddell p .. 3 0 1 1 0 1 1 Hoffman 1 0 0 0 0 -0 0 Totals ..... 34 4 10 12, 24 6 4 ,Innings 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 Boston 0 00 5 0 2 1 1 9 Atbleeties 0 0 1 1 0 2 0 0 0-4 Two-base hits. Lacbante. Winter, L. Cross, Davis. Stolen base. Collins. Saerilice bits. Stahl. Farrell. Base on balls, off Winter 2, off Dineen, off Waddell 2. Struck out, by Waddell O. by Winter. by Dineen 2. Doubie play, Farrell to Ferris. Bit by pitched ball, Stahl. Umpires. Cennelley and Bassett. Time 2h 2m. Attendance 8378. Afternoon Game. - Cy Young struck out the first man up inthe afternoon game, and for six innings allowed only one player to reach first base, AL Cross being, hit by a pitched ball. , ForBoston, Dougherty opened with a single and was caught napping at first, in thia way throwing away two runs. Collins- struck out, Stahl hit for three bases. and Freeman went Out at first. Boston scored two in the second. Parent singled. Lachance went to sacrifice and forced his man at second base. Ferris got first on Plank's fumble. Farrell was given a dimond ring and theretipon hit for a single, Lachance scoring. Young singled. scoring Ferris. Doubles by Freeman and Parent scOred the former'in the third. Bender went in for the Athletics in the fifth and did fine work outside of one inning, Boston scoring three runs in this inning on triples by Freeman and Parent and singles by Ferris, Lachance and Farrell. The Qitakers started after the game in the seventh. Davis hit a bounder that jumped and was lost by Parent. J. Cross doubled. Seybold and Murphy singled, and Pickering hit one to the crowd in left for three bases. .M. Cross singled and scored on Hartsel's triple. ' The visitors took the lead in the eighth on Seyboid's triple and Pickering's single. Hughes pitched the last inning. Stone going to bat for Young and striking out. Singles by Plank. Hartsel and Davis, a triple by L. Cross and a wild pitch gave the Quakers three runs in their last chance up. Stahl opened the ninth with a single and scored on a double by Freeman. The next three men went out at first, and the crowd went home to tell the story of old Cy's defeat. The score: 4Thi.ETIcs Aft It IiL TI1 PO A E Bartsch If 5 0 2 4 1 0 0 Davie lb . . .. 5 2 1 1 10 0 0 Cross 3b 5 2 2 6 3 0 0 Scyb010 rf 5 2 2 4 0 0 0 !Amply, 2b . 4 1 1 1 1 2 0 picketing cf 412 4 200 M Cress ss 31118 4 1 Pon ern c 4 0 0 0 ,7 3 0 Ph4nkp..---1 0 0'0. 0 3 1 Bender p 3.111021 Tetsuo 39 It) 12 22 27 14 3 Man Harness Co 200 Devonshire St. Smart Effects Swell Styles Without the excessive profits others charge. No other house can or will equal the values we give. Compare our $65 Runabout Harness Mt other at It Igher price". Trit sp21 SAME TON- - ESTIMATE OF ATTENDANCE AT YESTERDAY'S PRINCIPAL EVENTS Marathon Race (Entire Course)........... American League, A 31 Game............ , American League, P 31 Game National League, A M Game.. ......... National League, P M Game. Horse Show (Day and Evening). Lexington and Concord Sightseers Veterans' Playout at Arlington , Boxing .................... . North End Park Athletic Games, A 31 ' North End Park Athletic Games, P 'Revere Cycle Races Charles River Park Cycle Races Automobile 11111 Climbing Contest 1,500 Tufts College-Wellington Ball Game, Dorchester 6,000 POSITIONS AND TIMES OF THE SEVEN MARATHON LEADERS Name. Framingham. Natick. Lorden 7 5 Mellor 2 , 1 Spring 11 , 7 Lohrs 9 9 Donovan 11 Zeigler. 8 6 - Fay . 17 15 Time 23:00 46:30 Recocd: 20:00 45:00 ' I 1 ROSTON - , . I It'ilrnh.,-ig If - - - - Is' I') g Ls 2 1 41 I Stall' et ' 5 1 2 5 2 0 0 VrPermt8 rf . 5 2 3 7 1 0 0 1 rarent. ss ' 5 1 8 0 0 5 1 1 1.sebiliwo lb ..... 5 2 1 1 12 0 0 1 1:::rrisil2.,b ... .. ... : ' 1 1 1 13 g 3 I 011it2 p ., 3 3 I 1 0 1 0 I Hilabes p 0'000011 SUMO i 0 0.0000 -' Totals' ..43 ', 7 16 28 -' 27 12 2 , Inntrgs. - 1 2 3 4 5 6 T 8 9 Athletics ......-.....0 0 0: 0 0 0 6 1 $10 DOMOD .... ....... .0 2 1 0 3 '0 0:0 1 1' Twc.,-hase bits. Stahl, Freeman, Parent. Three-base hits. Dougherty. Stahl, Freeman, Parent, Hansel. L. Cross, Seybold, Plckering. Stolen bages Pickering, M. Cross. Struck out, by Young 8, by Iingifes, by Plank, by Bender 4. Passed ball. Powers. Wild pitch, Hughes. Hit by pitehed ball, M. CrOS8. by Young. Time 2h 22m - Umpires, Connolly and Ilasaett. Attend- anee 19,282. . . ' ' T. H. MUrnane. AMERICAN LEAGUE RESULTS. . Atteadanee Boston 0, Philadelphia 4 (a m) 8.3703 Philadelphia 10. Boston 7 (p 19.282 v American League Standing. , t , . , , . Won Lott Fe won Boston 1 1 .600 1'111110(10la. 1 1 .500 New lark 0 0 .000 Washington 0 0 .000 Cleveland 0 0 .000 Meng 0 0 .000 At Donis - 0 0 .000 Detroit ... .. 0 0 .000 NATIONAL LEAGUE. - Boston and Philadelphia. split even yesterday at the National league opening at the South End grounds. In the morning, 'svith Pittenger against young bleFetridge.the home team picked off a Victory 4 to 3 In a hard-fOught. wellpityed game. But in the afternoon Mitchell, the Boston Americans former pitcher put it all over Vic Willis. the Boston veteran. Philadelphia winning Philadelphia, got a good start in the morning game, when. after Thomas had been passed to first and stole second. Keister. with two out. drove the ball high over Carney's head and away out into the (Ad right field bleachers for a home run. It was one of, the longest bits possible Inside the South 1-,;nd grounds. For Boston. in the first. Dexter was passed, but was forced at second. Boston's winning run came in the eighth on Abbaticcisio's single. Cooley's saerifice and Carney's hit to center; while in their half Philadelphia's two hits resulted in force-outs at second base. The score: BOSTON Y AB It MI TB PO A IC Dexter et 3 0 0 2 0 0 Tenney lb 3 I 1 1 10 0 0 Abbatieehio sa a 2 2 3 I 3 0 CooltrS If 3 1 2 3 1 0 0 Clatnez rt 4 0 1 1 000 Douner 2b 8 0 0 0 8 1 0 Grethinger 4 0 2 2 0 4 I Moran e 3 0 00 4 20 Pittenger p 2 0000 5 1 A Totals 28 4 8 10 28 15 2 - Zimmer out for Interfering with Moran In throw. - 1111LADELPIIIA Thomas ef 4 1 0 0 1 0 0 Wolverton 3b 4 0 2 2 3 0 I Barry If 4 0 I I 0 I 0 Keixter rf 4 1 I 4 1 0 Douglass 1 4 1 2 2 13 0 0 Hallman 2b 4 0 1 1 8 7 2 nalMitt ES 4 0 1 1 1 20 Zimmer e 3 0 0 0 2 2 0 Metretridge p 3 0 0 0 0 2 pooln 1 0 1 1 4) 0 0 35 3 0 11 24 IS ,5 , Roo in batted for Mcretridge in ninth. I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Boston 4)0000801 4 Philadelphia 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 Two-base bits,. Abbatlechlo, Cooley. Rome run, Heister. Stolen base. Thomas. Sacrifics COoloy. First base on balls. by Pittenger. by MrFetridge 3. Struck out. by Pittenger 3, by McFetridge 2. Double playa. Hallman to Merarland; Holawitt. Hallman to MiHrarland. Wild pitches, Mciretridge 2. Fittenger. Hit by pitebed ball. by Meretrldee. Bonner. Timb lb 86m. Umpire, O'Day. Attendance, 1627. Afternoon Game. - In the afternoon Philadelphia got Thomas around on a single and Barry's three-bagger. while Boston scored two runs after two were out on Tenney's pass. Cooley's double and a liner .to right center by Carney. , In the sixth the visitors pulled away. scoring three runs on two singles. a base on balls.' Dexter's muff and a fly that Tenney could not keep his eyes on. Then tour more came in the seventh. msking the wame easy. In this inning Willis gave two bases on balls. and Douglass. Mitchell and Thomas And Wolverton made hits. - Boston rallied in the seventh. and got three men across on a base on balls and singles by Abbaticchio. VVillia and Carney. In the ninth Tenney and Abbaticchto singled. but Dexter. Cooley and Carney each was out on a high fly to Thomas. The score: Eoyerjonasson-et ro Tremont and d a les Suits--. In accordance with our usual custom at this season, we offer our remaining stock of heavy Wool Suitsconsisting of Cheviot, Broadcloth and Novelty Mixtures, at about one-half regular pricesin 3 Special Lots, $12.501 $20.00 GLOBE-TUESDAY, , APRIL - 8,376 19,282 1,828 4,867 10,000 60,000 10,000 10,000 . 4,000 12,000 6,000 4, 8 000 i , toclits Cot Finish. 2 1 ch ' 5 4 4 5 9 6 6 7 Wellesley. Eoulevard 7 3 1 5 , 4 11 12 8 6 - 6 5 Wellesley. Eoulevard. 7 3 J. ant 1:04:35 1:35:00 1:02:00 1:35:00 2:29:30 2:11:29 1-3 2:01:00 2:29:23 34 PIMA 4111 R RI! 3 1 3 ts'-'001",zocat 3 b . 5 1 3 Barr, If 5 0 2 Ketster rt 5 0 2 Douglass lb 5 1 2 Hallman 21, B 2 1 5 , 1 1 Iti,u)tirettt BS 4 2 1 Mitebs11 p........ 5 2 2 Tota1c..........40 10 17 uncrreiv fl TB PO A E 34800 38110 24110 ,22100 2,391.0 113- 4 1 11210 11110 23120 22 27 II 1 130'SfON Dexter er......,. 5 0 Tenney lb- 3 2 kbhatte,h10 3 2 Cooley If 5 1 Carney rt 5 0 Bonner 2b 4 0 Greminger 3b...., 4 0 Kit-triage e 4 1 willis 8 1 . Totals -- 3 T Inning,' 1 2 Philadelphia 1 0 0 A 0 0 0 3 6 O 1 2 0 2 1 1 0 O 0 4 0 2 0 . 0 2 1 5 0 0 8 o 2 0 2 a 0 1 4 a a 2 1 3 Totals 3 12 14 27 17 2 'Innings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 $ 9 Philadelphia 101013400-10 Boston 200110300-7 Two-base hits. Cooley. Tiepins, Dougiam. Willis. Mitchell. Three-base bit, Barry. Strasa IA. Abbbtleehico. Sart-thee hits. Hallman. Tb0Ma! Ailbatteehin. First bouts on bails, by lilivhell 2, by Willis 3. Struch out. hY Mitch. fll 2. by Willis 3. Wilt' pitches. Mitchell. Willis. Time lb 47m. Umpire, O'Day. At. tendance 3S67. Baseball Notes. The Philadelphia National team will be at the South End grounds today. 6 The Boston Americans leave for New Haven this morning, where they will play today. Did you notice how Brockton turned out to see the new team? That was a fine attendance at Lawrence! How about manager Persona being unpopular? Nothing to it. If his team is all right. Billy Lush has reeelved his lO days notice. As he can get at least goo more salary from another club. William is to be congratulated. Think of Willis. Young and Waddell being defeated the PIMP day! The New England league clubs are drawing well in the exhibition games. its a big mistake to play with each other before the regular season. outside of the two state holidays. Among the boys seen at the American grounds yesterday were John P. Morrill. Harry Schaffer. Capt Ryan. Otto Dinninger. Senator Michael Sullivan. Bennie Sugerman. Tommy Boles and delegations from Providence. Marlboro and other New England cities. Manager Buckenberger can not see anything in the National league better than his South End team, except Pittsburg. Stone has poor- form at the bAt. It will never do in the big league. Nothing like standing up and facing the pitcher. NATIONAL LEAGUE RESULTS.- Attendance 1827 :0417 inc, 72t)0 Boston 4. Philadelphia 3 (a ml 1827 Philadelphia 10, Boaton. 7 (p m) 3887 New York 5, 13rooklyn 5, 11 innings 7200 - National League Standing. , Won Lost Pc won Pittsburg ... 4 0 1.000 Boston 2 2 .5is) Philadelphia 2 4 .500 Chicago 2 " .500 St Louis 2 - 2 .500 Brooklyn ... .1 1 .500 Now York 1 1 .500 Cincinnati - 0 4 .000 - National League Games Today. Philadelphia at Boston. New York at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Chicago. St Louis at Pittsburg. FOR LITTLE CHILDREN. - Playgrounds Being Sought for the Coming Summer Vacation. The Massachusetts emergency and hygiene association has asked the Boston school board for permission to use 11 of the public school yards as playgrounds for little children during the ccming summer vacation. The yards desired are South Boston. Parkman and Lawrence sc400ls; Roxbury. Dearborn. Phi Inns-Rt. Ira Alien. Sherwin schools: East Boston, Lyman and Adams schools; North End. Hancock and Eliot schools; Charlestown. Warren school. In addition to these yards the association has also asked for some portion of each building in those yards. to be used as a storeroom: the basement s. or a room On the ground floor being preferred. As there are now so many playgrounds which are accessible to older boys. the association this year intends to admit to the yards. provided they are granted by the school board. only young .children and larger boys and girls having charge of babies. Not a Desirable Acquaintance. A fearless yonng lady in !looking, Went out with a hole in her stocking. Thin lady then said. With a tows of bor bead. "I dotet give a darn if tia snacking coiumbia Jeater. Boylston Sts. Reduced Prices. - and $27.50 .21. .1003. WORTHY CHARITY.... Fair in Aid of Aged Blind and Infirm Deaf Mutei.- CamblidgEManMakesan!Contautes a $1000 S!lk , Quilt Many Other Specimens of Needle Work by Mn Exhibited. This morning at 10) the fair in aid of the home for aged blind and inftrm deaf mutes. at 273 Cambridge M. Allston . opened in the chat el if Trirdly church. At leaat 12 tables were filled with useful and fancy articles. most of which were made by the blind and deaf and mute in New England. Mrs George A. Holmes is chairman and has charge of the fair. her assistants being Mrs Caroline S. Ross, Mrs Charles W. Bigelow. Mrs Mary A. Wright. Mims Amelia McCollum. 3.1rs NVilliam A. Barnard. Nfrs Samuel C. Croat. Mrs H. P. Chapman. Mrs tle,.rga F. Cittt-v. Miss HPI!ift Zimmer. Mrs Charles Burrill. Miss Elia Moore and Miss C. E Holmeit. - , Most of the articles at the fair were made by the needle, there being se-zeral interesting specimens of men a work. Mr William H. Goloomith has a, large patchwork (milt, while a silk embroidered spread made by Mr William G. Barnard of Cambridge took- him nearly 10 3-ears to finish. - In it are SI5 skeins of silk nOPL and the spread is valued at WOO. The refreshment table is In charge et Mrs Charles -Valker and Mn s Hattie E. Wheeler. a Japanese tea table is prealded over by Mrs Adam Acheson. This evening Mr 'William S. Shaw of Brookline will exhibit an electric apparatue for awakening' sleeping deaf people., a device original and most unique. The fair will eontinue this evening and will not close until 10 tomorrow night.- - ILL-HEALTH LED TO SUICIDE. - Harris L. Coson 'of Cambridge Drank Carbolic Acid, and Died Shortly -Afterward: DI health caused Harris L. Coxon. single,, to take his Me shortly before noon today. at hes lodging place. 101 Moore tit. Cambridge. About II PO the occupants of the house were startled by the sound of groans coming from Crixon's room. Investigation was made. and a. physician. was u mm on ed who found evidence. that the man had drank carbolic acid. Ile was beyond aid. and died within 10 minutes. Conn was employed in a piano action factory In Cambridgeport. Ito was despondent because of ill health. Medical Examiner Swan ordered the body taken to It D. LitchficidW morgue. where he examined The dead man' only known relative is Mrs Sarah Tait. an aunt. who lives In Dorchester. GAS CONSOLIDATION PLAN. Committee on Public Lightlng This , Morning Appointed a Subcommittee to Draft a Bill. - Before the committee fon publie lighting at the Pt3te houge this morning. the Anal hearing was given on the gas tamsolidation project. the eommittee later going into xerutive iseasion and appointing a eubeommittee composed of Senator Apeey and Bernie and Reproeentativela Moe, ley. Heenan and Larkin te draft a bill heeled upon tre t ner eubmitted by the hoard of gas and oboetrie light eommiselorere and tholes yeahmitted today 15) Ito.toman Hall and Ex-Senator Berry-The most radlealir difrerent sei-tion the Ilan bill from that se:greeted by the gins d'onimipsion is section 4. providing for the appointment by Hee oupreme court or three dieinterested person ot to act tos commiesioners in determining the value of property. Its explaining ble bill. Mr Hall veld that it provided that the new gas rompiny may be created exactly the same as any other gas comoany. Mr SnOW'a amendments to the bill of the gas cammiselon he declined to descuss. as he vaid that they were preeented for the ourpose of blinding the committee and the publie. "Sernething has been staid." remarked Air Hail. -to the-effect inlet the eine of Addleks and-the sine of Whitney should not be vialted on the rower-Jou Individuals' who want to put through Inks 1.50.000;100 gas deal at your hand.. and therefore they. should recelve thie princely gift. Contrary to all tradition and precedents in the canitalization of Maseachirsetts corporations. thet, aj;k :veal by 5 oetlal favoring legielation of the most dangeroua character to recemmend a gigantic stock watering job. never dreamed of by sin Addicks- or a Whitney. We ask you to put an end to ench dreams. Let them capitalize the plants of dietributing eyeteme stetually engaged In the gas bucinese. tell off the minions of dollars of dead. unueed property. liquidate the debut and reduee the capital efock. and the people win realize cheaper gag- - '"Refer this entire matter of appraising the gait properties to appraisers to be appointed by the Rupreme judicial eourt. Our measure Is brief. with no doubtful clautnee. and. at the name time . it allows coneolidation and fair capitalization." - . For the Dorchester Improvement company Ex-Senator John K. Berry caned the bill of the gas commiseionere like the play of "Hamlet" with Hamlet lett cut. All of thee companie . he said. Including the New - England gals and coke company. are Owned by the Ataesachusetts gas compardee. a voluntary corporation and the eomm1l5StiMPeas bill seeks only to incorporate the distributing and leave the manufacturing end free to make even outside profits on the by products. "In other words. they propose to give the shell and keep the meat of the eg to g themselvee." sail he. "AVe are as badly off as before." - Mr Berry then offered the draft of a bill to include the gas and coke company In the consolidation. -The queetion in 'simply one of open. trig the right faucets for the gag to flow from the plant in Ererett into my house in Dorchester." paid Mr. Berry. "and I want It to do so without having to pay three or four prnnta. This she of enriching gas le farcleal: it le the p ,nktee of the stockholders that are enriehed." . GOOD WORK ACCOMPLISHED. -- Annual Meeting of "Needle Woman's Friend Society." The 56th annual meeting of the Needle Woman !" Friend society was held in the Unitarian building. Beacon rt. it 11 this morning. Mrs A. Davis Weld pre- siding. . Mrs 8. E. Vbeelwright read the annual report of the secretary. which showed that the pociety Lad employed 1.3 women in the Friday departmen1 . and during the year the society hais garments sent by the Maagachuaetta ',ant asylum. the Children's convalescent lic.rne. the fair for crippled children and the Woman s hospital. This. tbe esiclety is gind to do. raid the set,retary. for sir.- charity. The society has Also gison Uri worth of clothing to Mr Wahlron. city missionary. lien.bimin C. Clark. treasurer. reported that the toilance from the previous re-6 port W33 1?..1441ki: total roceints. including thia "tom. $; mony profitably in V ted a 14).71.. The election of offieere renulted Ust. I.: Mrs A. Davits Veld pre. Mr's Francia P. Sprar3o vtee girel 11,n,latmin Clark tryout. Mrs Ct,aira ft. )1,..);,,r asst treas. Mrs 41. W. Vheelwright ups-. Mine Mary F. Jenks. Ilre It, , Holden. Mrs G. A. Hilton. Mr! J. Elwar.3 lersdt. Mrs barwin F. Ware. Mrs A. rot--g Freeman. 'Mrs Wm M. Conatt ham Rit-hardson. Mien Ashy A-Quincy. Mrs, Exteriard C. Ittehardson, trip L. Hawes. Mtn EUit Pro"-tor Mine Mary Patterson. M:na n j phenson. Mrs Bernard C. Jr, Wm. A. Gaston. Mra lierbert Merriam. Mrs J. IL Lombard. Mrs F. M. fruity. Mrs Wm. T. Pcters. Mris Julius litiourn. Mrs J. Frank Emmons. Misr Eitaabbeth Thompson. Mrs Walker 4..8,1!,t managers To and Fr. Now YorkArrived stoarnOfpo sacs. from Colon; Mvne.arn from nntterdam: Umbria, from tii-nola and ples,. New YoricArrlred Grolaerh:orfuhrolfrom Bremen cd Cherbourg. WORK OF AELIEEI Committee on Aid Active at Lowell. .1 Pies Conroy Says WeayErs1 Dispute Has BEen MagnitM 1 w t Men Received Strike Pay Last Saturday. . Thirty-FinGreeksttaya lot tilicYgal to Wort la Cot loa Mill Massachusetts Plant to Build an Addition During Idle Periol LOWELL. April fllPree Conroy said I this noon. after the ways and In11110 committee meeting; -The committee on aid relieved a number of applicants today. CommItteee who lhave been visiting in ether cities made ttAqr report and they are very satisfactory. There was a disti.ite by two members of the weaerii vir-lost which has been magnined Into a diii- I I torbance by corporaUon InteresuL Too weevers received, their oink. aid last lia i u rda 3-- Recent applicants for mem- . berehip in that union are given tho : same treatment sis new niembet a in ! other urAocia." I Thus morning Z Greelis left Lioureil 14,'r Columblaville. Mich. where they ist:: tie employed In cotton mill. It Is understood mat while IR otk to I storped. agent Ili,luthoorth wilt Ibuil-1 an ailoiltion to this cloth room ol the Maasachusk-Its mills. Maas.sebusk-Its mills. A rectnd hand of tho Tirecnont Suf. folk Co report he Iota ordral to La tot hand for .ota nest Moto lard. The agent and oupottntendent were not at toe county:la roown (tow morning a tut, the pa)noiatr okay. he tax no, knoirledge of intentloa to Platt macninery. DFATH DUE ALCOHOLISM. DEATH DUE - ALCOHOLISM. Report of Medical Examiner Draper After Autopsy on Body of Neil McKenzie, Found Dead Sunday. Medical 1:zaminer Draper perfrirt-mod an autot., on the b4v of Neil Ale.. Kentle. who grim found dead In ats alleynay off Dover et near the rarntry of Waybinglon al. early Sukzeiar morn-tog. al the City hospital tootirso ttpo forenoon'. At the time of ilha 4,4 Ili. boil,- 11, grills 1 1104.4 )IcKenzois waa a -letim of foul play-At the comfitn of the autopsy Ler Draper ye4orte4 to the pc-line that- In opinloa. cltath Ira." Ckaa I tacodol-t4n- IN COLONIAL COSTIAIES. I 4 Minstrel Show by Members of St Augustine C. T. A. Society. A Iteeeptints at the Coicattal (712111 r.die the name el .111 lb." rr.troarel roeut of the St Aucuotimos C. T. A. twobri.-.!ir trttrtainno-I tart everstt-4 It fet sortine hati. In. 6evuth toil. There 'item az. etterklaskre rt room. ft 1190. The costumes of the pairtfripatits etiontal. those of the ends 1ein4 wrotaloque. Joseph C. S.A.tivan via the interlocutor anoi president of Ite club, tits pages Isere James flay and Attnur bnerrnan. Ti. -deltgates trvm use hisektriiio dessauated ao,. were Edward U. 141011) Ittas Fr. toc4s, Nliehael J. Casey and Mts.. Loomis-a Cwncar.o.00t. .et.anion. thiniel J. loorectsdun and Miss Elia Trainor 'sere iaz.VIIifsm toot. S rimsfor waig muoc..1 ihrectoe. 111.14.e in 'no e.relo Isere :1114-041 N. A. I4ttrs 1. F. Barrett. U. : Coughlin. T A. cdoldr.s. K. J. Loris,- t MI. 51. a. Devine. M. Ellard. A. ' rot. I-anlb, K. II lklu;len K. mcKInnon. M A(lsrph). 34- I 1.1.1- gaol. NI E. Nowell. L V. Nosodi. I o Nell. E. E. Trainor and 4;- M- TOUrtr, Vieescoo M. J. Ca000v. J. J. Concan.lott. J. , 1AIham Curter. J. 1.7, ti,amon. J. r". ei21Virt J. E. s;alialrr J. Irtllichrlod. C. J. It-dd.-tried vi;itant F. tilirslaol. Thorns Kennet. I-1. IS Leshv. J. E. Leothr. M. A- tirebtn Tbema I ally. J. M Idurph. U. to. Itloyolhn, P. E. Murphy, t. T. Melleana. oil- ton. E. ()Nell. J. J. O'Meara. J. rIirien. W. E. Peterson. J P. Purrelt, I. F. Roaloe..T. F. Sullivan C. A. Schvrorn. C. NVebber and J. Wctdoet '1 Th prograrn: Overture by tioo club- &Alter Proy 'rung by Charles 7. Itolierveid: Louise 3disst rraneis; Walting Cpon tho Shore.'" Miss J. torttroll; -Sulolanna.'" It r Lootl,,y- -In th Valley of Kentuckv.- line Kittle G. N(eKle,n,fin: 1fl IINP TemTItin-itosts.- Miss Eltrithoth Ceoughlio; Nly Dream of Ton; John E- ttlaraAn; Slrir ItallInjah? Michas) .1. 6:0"... I annnn: finale oin4 Emancipation 'AV"' by I ho ertliroo club. The toscond part Included an orri-es.. teal oerovro. sthivtling 944.. he miedg Jennie Itecarthv and a norrNer E. .rIgnan. svolortool Aturtaittintea C. T. at, A mgnir thm sos- I rinitioa wail a 111-t.rinc arid disorirg: :te by Slo-wrrit J. tirMrik :outpt.h anligghe-r Myririn WIlluerzo Ly.1101 11.1,1 )4,rnard 11.;rystiv. ! wins. 1,Valter Ptree.n. JAM40 1. A. Pnreell J,.P-pt, M. Murphr: a trat--, ,,,ot Y. -r-I I I rrett v 1 Thom F. solivan. DaAell J. J Cbart . o.n I :111--hakel J - run. ow 1,-inie& J I MI11 Illy NIL Amain r. ..1 Kow..41. Lr11 A coiling! and Lillian! O'Neil. and a -Pinav Panic Prwl (ftaty l'y 110est Ksti. j. Ji.rjTIeI.n M. IAmb. Gerirude T104;nc. 11- 3,1 r:vh t- 11 TI fret I. May (7, poine liatbeein worn., Alry C. Morgan awl yot. Bankers to Meet in San Francisco. YORK. April MTLe execulit treuttedi or the, banLere awo.- ! "net h tJI.i fitr ',afar andl 4. eicisA to turlol It annual eenvention In' 1.4n Prat; CIPCO ?SOL later tlart 04r1 Ilk neat. Fred it. Lucas 125.132 Summer Street. Boston AScot-XCt Opening of Their NEW ViARER.0 kMS About April Tvcnty-Scycn,th trA ere ikty will el Asia Airtrririr terrIstrs 's oar 4 az e row:4' I szr " dl " Zenks Thompson a tiro. i IL Jualkins 4 Sons Co. I Pau 14-'4,64 SAM toe' idiAllwa ,1 ) Hume Cartlaze Co. anJ J. A. Lanzaster C4tr,.s641.30.4 .44. slum pawl 4IX uro. J IL Jut Ilklas 4 Sorts CO. I pact 4,4,44 toolgto toe' idiAbwel ,1 ) !time Cartlaze Co. &nil J. A. Lanzater Cat vets wl.betti lif4) IL4-44014,344 7he fred;Azt el :r4;4-ch tr,t,r cc,' fro! lns'e Av.( TLJ - tr, 64 la 04;4 ez, lir fro! N.( -tr fr;:-: Ve. have selected tor exhiLatiors the fret CX-1-77es d z7-3 -exclusive desi;r.s. and at our exhitt at the flO3S! 13O V4 these C211 Le seen untlierriest lavcrabs,c circurzcl-ncn j tc:44:152A, A "1. 111 TVS Vc4 A RAt ; . , tirt t: t 77,4 -N, I iv I 17.' I a 1 ' 13 II ti , ,: , , ! . ill I ',,, p t I ... t 1 , ,.., u . 11, Pip,sa., ....0- 4L.1 4 On D taVlb HARIIESS AGEGY , , , The Norse Shwa 1 7 litik '''''' i . C 11 .- 41,..... .....,11, dA.4.( Olt 4 1 1 ib 1 ., )1 t (4 Ara i 4..7 434 ' 0 t; 1, Demands perfectly z4. pointed I larne!.s. and :Lt. CROSS R UNA BOUT i I 't IZ V 1.17F0-; vr;t11 it1',, ,-.: cI.-, ;. , " rir4 rNII! n 11 I h t! I 3 ' I t Irt agacotl HARUESS AGEllOY The Norse Show Demands perfectly Fointed Harness. and :Lz CROSS RUNA wur I RNESS,with tLe Swiss coNarmade English Workshopsr1.;!:r meets all requirememth. OP-.MOmmmm.. Cross Pigskin Saddics It is nztural !CT 1:clizLt,14 'Ctrs to s.cicc-t tor sad4les, Thcse z,!c iquatty. 11.3rAto,74.-r4 s: c salety 1-arscut-L1ck 1:er !D keep it ott the horscs sA;11.n!o rench r3neltkrs1 kersey rti rite, the clislinc.zre style rerv:d;sez the stl.;:ic Price S55 Others at $30 zr:i $40 The: prices a a CROSS SADDLES tinr1u,dt tlirrc? leathers. hand- tor;,-;ed raps ancl 1:17, tiwi:Lar.: girths. Ile satldle being comp:etc. Weymouth, Pelham an Snaffle Bridles All Cross Ilridles aoe rriLdc t he b ighest graCe Erg:v,h leather -- si;ver-plat cs ferol steel to.t1 Weymouth Bridle $12.53 Pelham Br file $10.50 Snaffle Bridle $3.03 , Late importation a Line-a Riding Crops azal lti.rss at. various prices. EMN.EM.M.., Mark Cross Co London Harness AtencT The worlfs Grcamt Ltrozer $lam, drado.1". Summer St (Near Washing-ton Street) 111:1A1 DOWN TOWN 253 Broadway Opp. City Hail I K, up TOWS 240 5th AS Wee it32 Er:44001f I it441 ottle 144 .0 SChaS1 0.stratt Tte J..ibfl 19.'4 1,Rs 3 tit ICUth41 at 1-mtl, etet!,1 cl jjv1 r-.;4 leer lit... .tto,T, .04 t ph iNr fildiorte.,1 19 Ili,. I Ifr.1111 Et t r .sv & Alit Lka leLo Is L...."-41 ii) J it ,42 Caning Cos 4, I I k 0 i r, 4. MM1 S 0

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