The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on June 10, 1897 · 10
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 10

Boston, Massachusetts
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Thursday, June 10, 1897
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i .; f: I ', ir, !, I il 1,1,, t,til ,-) , Ili ',. ti 1! . 1 1 '.1t11;i1. , l!,1 !1il il 'iiii Ill :ti: 11 11'1'1 ni i - ill ' -'1 , I I . 0 ,14 .I , 1 ,1,111. ' . iiq .1 i!: .- -.- --;. i; ;;., ., : .r li i' '14' !,- ,., I , , I-, I P I t 1 I, i, 1 : - , i ' . t, .,, 4 4.P -.! - .. -..; .1 t, :.- t'. 1 74 . P iri . ! ' !'41. fq ,,, i.,:: i b,i t' T T..:'! I CI d 4 !i I ,; l'i 1 - l',4 il HI ' L2111 i,1 .( 11 1. ill , li t i, 14 - 411 I I I11. 1; ,1 , I 1 t,,,. i ,I 1 , 1 41 11 I - " s Y 1 :: 11 I :, 4 , I lAii, ..t, ) 1111 -'.i 41 4 . 1 II fi I 11. 1 11, . 1 . 1 t 4 i 1-4, '4'i ;01. 1 . A 1 i :.; 'il .11 11 li - 1 11 I I. . 1 1 1 1 10, WANT TRANSFER STATION. Charlestown People Ask One at City Sq. ' West End lianagement Criticised for Its Treatment of the District School Board Also Raked Over Coals for Not Providing More Boom. The school board and, the West End street railway management were sharply criticised at the meeting of the Charleatown improvement 'association at Lincoln hall last night. Ex Alderman John J. Mahoney asked that the association use its efforts to secure a free transfer station at City sq. He said that the people of the district had been bulldozed long enough by the -' West End road. He considered that the free transfer station at the Neck was a disgrace to the city and claimed that It failed to benefit the residents of the district and only proved ef service to the residents of outlying districts. He said that other districts, such as Roxbury, Dorchester and South Boston, could get what they wanted, but that Charlestown was shabbily treated. Alderman E. W. Fresh() said that Alford at would soon be widened and then the West End road would build a substantial station. He said a disagreement between the road and the park commissioners was the reason for the road not beginning on the station before this day. Hon G. H. Gammons said that the transfer station at the Neck bad been more of a curse to the district than a blessing.! Jahn Hurley indorsed his remarks. I The association voted to empower the transportation committee to endeavor to have a free transfer station established at City sq. Dr Frank E. Bateman, a member of the school board, spoke on the matter of additional school accommodations for the district. He said that he hoped that no action would be taken with a View to haying the Chestnut st lot turned into a playground, as it was needed for a site for a 10-room primary - school building. He said that at the Frothingham sehool during the past ' winter it had been found necessary to Mart a class in the basement. and the teachers and pupils had suffered se verely. The schoolhouse had been somewhat relieved by the fitting up of the Chauncy pl schoolhouse, but he was not In lavor of sending small children across Bunker Hill at. where the electric cars , were running constantly, and where two - children had been killed within the past few years. He said that the Cross at schoolhouse was a disgrace, and that the Mead at school was not much better. The association emnnwered the r otnMee on public buildings to endeavac to secure a new echoolhouze for the disWet. It was voted that addit!cnal polca tection be asked for the night befare thit Seventeenth el June. ard it was alse voted that $20 be donated to the (arrival association. follow;reg officers wer-a cl--seted: Irra-nk S. Mason pres, Hon .1-inn IL Murphy. Hon E. L. P.Isburys vice pres, Representative Mark E. Smi-N ice. Frank A. TItes treaa, Nahura Chap;n, Benjamin F. Stacey. Represent.tive J. J. McCarthy. Alderman E. W. Preeho, F. L. Brown, A. V. Lincain, Andrew Byrnes, IThomas -Doane, L. C. Pearsoe, Hon G. H. Gammons. 'Mal Matt H. Oakes directors. RESIGNATION WAS ACCEPTED. - Unitarian Soeetv of Church of Our Father Rescinded Act-ol on Pastor Fisk, However. A special meeting of the rnitarlan society of the church of -f.)ur Father of East Boston was held last evening, and was largely attended. the - weather conditions. The rtJeCt of the rneetIng was to take action en the set of resolutions adapted at the annual meeting a short time ego. when the pas- tor. Rev Dr Richmond Ftqlt. was requested to tender his re3Lrnation. This Dr Fisk did as roan as be was Made aware of the fe.11og of a portion of his parish. although he was assured that the action of the annual meeting did not voice the sent:ment of the majority of his parish. Last eveninff the resolutions were reconsidered and rescinded. Dr Fisk's formal resignation was read - and accepted. as he had declared that whatever action the metting might talcbe would not consent to remain as pastor of the churzh. ilis res,gnation take effect Oct I. which is the end of the fifth year of his pastorate. - The church w.-ii remain closed during July and Augusta as is customary. ANNUAL CONVENTION. Conference of Congregational Churches Opened at Keene Yesterday. KEENE. N H. June 9The 70th annual convention of the Cheshire county conference of Congregational churches opened at 9.30 this morning in the First church auditorium. The morning session, wee devoted mainly to organization, the reading of the minutes, reports from the churches and the annual review by the scribe. The afternoon program included the following features: Praise service; a paper, entitled "Historical Sketch of Cheshire Conference," by G. H. De Bevaise; annual meeting of the Cheshire County. auxiliary of the New Hampshire branch of the Woman's boar df missions; annual sermon by Revitghton Moses of Troy, and the communion, administered by Revs I. B. Stuart and E. B. Burrows. Miss Kate Lamson of Boston was the speaker of the auxiliary Meeting. This evening occurred the Sunday school anniversary, with a report by Rev W. E. Renshaw of Hinsdale, tho secretary, and an able historic paper by Rev W. W. Livingston of Jaffrey, the longest settled pastor in the conference, on 'The Work of the Churches of Cheshire Conference, 1827-1897." Rev G. H. De Bevaise was chosen moderator of the conference, Hon Geo. W BleDurce assistant moderator and Rey John S. Colby assistant scribe. W. C. T. U. COIN VE14 MON. -- 2Xere18e3 Held in Maple St ,Cht-ach, - Danvers, 100 Attending. DANVERS, June 9About 190 persons attended the Essex.county W. C. T. 17. convention in the Maple st chur,-di today. - Mrs Mary O. Stevens of Peabody presided. - The morning session was opened by - prayer and the report of the secretary. Mrs J. M. Pierce of Amesbury. Mrs W. M. Ayers of Danvers nave an address of , welcome. which was followed by a response from Mrs Ablate Small of Swamp,- scott, of unions and the ripDrt the treasurer, Mrs J. C. Undernill of Wenham Depot, who reported about $200 In the treasury. Mrs Ruth Baker, secretary of the Massachusetts W. C. T. IL, read from the Bible, and the noon hour was devoted to a memorial prayer service for Mrs R. F. Humphrey, formerly county secretary. Mrs S. M. Gorham of Wenham Depot told of the work in the press department of the union. Basket lunch was served at noon, and there was a meetinp; of the executive committee in the early afternoon. Then followed prayer and reports of officers and committees. The following addresses were given at the afternoon session: On "Literature." by Mrs Ruth B. Baker, and on "Railroad work." by Mrs E. M. Allen of Boston. superintendent of that department. Miss Oda Howe of Danvers had charge of the singing. Thomas M. Putnam Dead. DANVERS, June 9Thomas M. Putnam, one of the oldest and most familiar of Danvers' citizens, died at his home on Maple et this forenoon at the age of 80. He leaves a wife and two adult children, Webster F. Putnam, a broker in Boston, and Miss Agnes Putnam. Mr Putnam had been in rather feeble condition for some time, but had been out of doors within a few days, so that death ttvas somewhat sudden. He war,. formerly engaged in the shoe manufacturing business, and later dealt in nursery stock. but for some time has not engaged regularly in any occupation. Principal Westfall Resigns. - HANOVER. N II, June 9F. M. West-fall hae resigned his principalship of Thetford academy to go elsewhere. Prof Westfall during his stay in the academy has raised the standard of the school considerably. He has been identified with the founding of several schools and academies !ri New York state, and he been connected at different times wit the Unadilla high school and Coopers town union school and academy. SPENT 65 YEARS IN A BANK. Joseph Hardy Phippen of Salem, Cashier for 41 Years, Will be 91 ' Ytars Old Today. ' SALEM, June 9Joseph Hardy Phip pen, cashier emeritus of the Mercantil, national bank, will observe the 90th an niversary of his birth tomorrow by hold Ing a reception at his residence. 12 Bridge st. He enjoys good health, and is re markably active for one so advance( In years. Except in very inclemen weather, he takes extended walks, hi ! erect form and elastic step promptirn nearly everybody to notice him as 11( passes along the streets. He Is a native of Salem, and ha ! passed all of his useful life here. Hi ! parents were Capt Hardy and Ursull (Symonds) Phippen. When a boy he attended a privet( school, and subsequently the school kep by master Gerr Ish. His only sehOolmat( of that sf2hool now living is Capt Chanel H. Allen of 24 Hardy st, who will be 8' years old July 31. While young Phippen was attending school his father retired from the set and came home and established a gro eery store. His son was given a positior as clerk. He did not like the grocer3 bun:ness and secured a position as clerk in the postollice. Leaving the postofficl he entered the Mercantile national bank as clerk. He filled the positions of Oen!' and bookkeeper for a long period anc was then appointed cashier, holding thf office with marked ability and accept' ance. He retired from active work or March 7, ISA having been connectec with the bank 65 years, of which he wat cashier for 41 years. Mr Phippen cast his first vote for prea ident lnr John Quincy Adams, but An drew Jackson was elected. He has vote(: at every state and presidential electior since. He has held other positions of honoi and trust, among them being that col treasurer of the Tabernacle Congrega tional church for 35 year. He regignec the last named. office Dec 1, 1396. Mr Phippen takes a deep interest ir current events and is an attentive stir. dent of daily papers. TO,UCHED BY THEIR RECEPTION. Par-American Delegates Call Upo Mayor Strong and Then Visit tt - CEfferent Exchanges in New York. NEW YORK. June 9The representa Uwe business men of South Amprie Central America and Mexico, who hay come here as delegates from the respec tive chambers of commerce of wh!cl they are members, were astir bright an early in the Waldorf this morning. I was about 10.30 o'clock when the dole gates reached the city hall In carrlages escorted by a squad of mounted park ponce. Up in the governor's room Mayor Strong. flanked by four ex mayors of 'New York, stood ready to receive them. The former mayors were 'William H. Grace, Edward Cooper, Franklin Edson and Smith Ely. The mayor was assisted further by Charles R. Flint. Jordan L. Mott, W. Bayard Cutting. Seth MAliken, Robert W. Cuttlng and others of the committee representing our chamber of commerce. The 45 visitors, headed by former Mayor Schieren of Brooklyn, lined up before the mayor and William R. Grace made a little speech. Antonio Delfino of Caracas spoke for the guests.. He said the hearts of the Latin-Americans had been touched by the warmth of their reception. Then the guests were driven down to the exchanges. The visitors were c3rdially received at the produce exchange by Fres McCord and ex Pres Herrick, who made addresses of welcome to the delegates. A number of the delegates responded with short speeches. At the maritime exchange Pres Hugh Kelly addressed the visitors. Former Mayor Schleren of Brooklyn responded. At the coffee exchange Pres- Henry Mentz welcomed the delegates. Dr Mendes of Rio de Janeiro replied. The visitors then proceeded to the stock exchange, where they thronged the galleries. The chamber of commerce functions were not exclusively social. It developed into an earnest discussion of the purpose of the foreigners visit. and incidentally brought out a fervent r-:ea by one of the Brazilian contingent for the gold standard. , . In the absence of Pres Orr, who is traveling in the west, the chair was occupied by J. Edward Sernmons, president of the Fourth national bank, extending the welcome of the chamber. An elaborate luncheon was served In the chamber by Delmonico. The guests were then driven to pier I, North river, where they boardEd a steamboat for a trip around the river and harbor. In the evening the delegates went to the theater. DISPUTE OVER A FENCE. George N. Randall Still Game and Seek a New Trial.. George N. Randall has lived in Plymptoil, Mass, for a number of years, and his next door neighbor 13 one Harris. Some time ago a line fence was put up, one-half of which was made of stone and the other half of rails. The fence was 60 rods in length. Now this fence his been the cause of considerable trouble, in fact, it has caused some talk among those living in the neighborhood. Last fall the rail fence was badly in need of repairs, and Randall told Harris that he ought to repair it. However, his advice fell upon deaf ears. This made Randall angry and he determined to have the fence repaired. Accordingly he went to the fence viewers and entered a complaint against Harris. and he doubtless regrets his action now. Of course he supposed that Harris owned the rail portion of the fence and that he owned the other portion ot stone. The fence viewers went to look at the fence and decided that Harris' half was in good condition and that the half owned by Randall needed repairing. Randall could not understand how the viewers reached such a decision and upon making inquiry he was surprised to learn that the viewers had decided that the stone portion of the fence belonged to Harris and the other to Randall. Randall did not agree with the viewers. He thought they must have some ill-feeling against him. He now thinks he knows what the feeling is. He believes the action of the viewers in deciding against him was brought about by its chairman, William H. H. Wright.. Some time ago Randall says he had an Italian in his employ and one day he found him drunk. He accused Wright of having given his employe the liquor and as a result the couple do not speak "as they pass by." The matter finally entered the courts and at the conclusion of a hearing given in the supreme court before Judge Knowlton, on a bill in equity praying for a writ of certiorari to quash the proceedings of the fence viewers, the court deeided against Randall. Notwithstanding this defeat Randall Is still game, for yesterday in the supreme court he made a motion for a new trial on the ground of newly discovered evidence. Judge Morton heard the motion and reserved his decision. MARR1ACE RINCS. All shapes, sites and widths, solid 14 and 18 karat gold at prices from $2.50 to $12. according to weight. The E. B. Horn Co. 429 Washington st, established 1S39. open evenings. (1Sute Je5 MARRY LIE AA and bin- the wedding rireZat WILSON BROS., who make AllStralifin gold wedding rings in their own factory from $6 to $12: any special ring to order in two tours: Big Clock. 14-13 Tremont row. MARRIAGE INTENTIONS. Max Greenberg and Bassie Silberman, Michele Giggi and Mario A. Canual. DEATES. ATWOODIn Everett, June 8, Hawes Atwood, 85 yrs 8 mos 19 ds. Funeral from his late residence. 577 Broadway, Thursday, June 10, at 1 o'clock. Burial pith ate. CLARKIn Cambridge, Mass, June 9, of apoplexy. Alvan Graham Clark, 64 yrs 10 mos 29 us. Funeral from late residence. Sunday. CADIGANIn Roxbury, June 9, Catherine, be. loved daughter of Cornelius and Mary Gaul. gan, 5 yrs. Funeral will take place from parents' residence, 7 Burke at, Friday, June 11. at 2 p tn. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. DAVSIn South Boston., June 0, Alfred, son of John and Emily Davis, 25 yrs. Funeral ftom his late residence, No. 85 Baxter at, Friday, June 11, at 8 a m. High me,vs at St Augustine's church at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends are invited. - THE BOSTON DAILY , s -- - - ' . DEATHS. - It --- 1- FORD-In Braintree. June 7, Mary Ann For Funeral services at St Catherine's chive: Norwood, Mass. Thursday. June 10, at o'clock. Train leaves Boston from Old Color station, New England railroad, at f.40 a m. a GUNSENHISER-In West Somerville, June 1 Hertz Gunsenhiser; 51 yrs. Funeral from !al ) , residence. Worth st, Thursday. June 10. at 9 tn. Services at East Boston at II. GOGGIN-In Charlestown, June 8, Benedio - son of the late Kenney and Rosanna Goggit 0 24 yrs. Funeral from Ids late residence. 4 - Tufts f,t, Friday a m at 8.30. High mass c - requiem at St Catherine's church, Vine at. a 0 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends are raspedl Fully invited. - GREY-In Chelsea. June 9. Marion E., clang! I ter of Thomas 3. and Mary A. E. Grey. t mos 12 ds. Funeral from parents' residenei 3 No. 202 Poplar at, Thursday afternoon, at ; o-clock. Burial private. a HALL-Charles, beloved son of Andrew and Sr g san Hall, 1 yr 3 mos 24 ds. Services at hems( a 16 Hammond st, Thursday. at 2.30 p tn. Re: 1 atives and friends invited to attend. ElEANUE-In this city. June 9. Annie 8 a Ileanue, 21 yrs. Feneral from her late ma t denee, 52 Dundee at, Saturday. June 12, a 3 3 8.15 a tn. Servicea at St Ceellia's church. a I 9 a m. Relatives and friends invited to at tend. Dover. N II, papers please copy. ; IIARBER-In Boston. June 9. Grace, belove I. daughter of William G. and Henrietta L - Harber. 2 yrs 9 mos. Funeral from late rest 1 r denee, 4 Meridian at. E. Boston. Thursday r June 10. at 2.30 p in. Relatives and friend ?, requested to attend. z INGALLS-In Chelsea, June 9. Elvira P. : widow of Lindsay A. Ingalls. 73 yrs. Funera 1 t at residence of ber daughter, Mrs Dr Carle -. ton, 176 Chestnut et. Saturday, 2 p m. ! KEENAN-In Quiney, June 9. Terrenc t Keenan, 70 yrs. Funeral Friday morning I June II. High mass at St John's church a . 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends Invited t, . attend. I MeBRIDE-In this city. June 8. Minnie. &melt I ter of Bridget and the late Michael 'McBride Funeral from No. 12 Oswald st, Friday, a r 9.30 a m. Solemn high mass at Missim t church at 10 a m. I MAHONEY-In Roxbury, Jane 9. Catharine daughter of Jeremiah D. and Catharine Matto f ney, 2 yot 6 mos. Funeral from residence. 4l - Smith St. Roxbury, Thursday, June IL at o'clock. Relatives and fricnds kindly tuvitet to be present. MtLDOON-In Ashmont, June 9. Margaret youngest child of Patrick and Ellen Muldoon 1 yr 4 mos 25 ds. Funeral from residence. 2l i Fuller st, Thursday. June 10, at 2.30. Bela l flees and friends are invited to attend. NORTON-Passed to spirit life. June 9, Mn Caroilee Norton, 71 yrs 7 mos. Funeral skr vices at 48 Pearl at, Somerville. Friday. at ! , o'clock. Frinds invited. Maine papers pleas4 I eop3- . PARROTT-In Medford, June 8. Mary Adelini Parrott, beloved wife of Edward Parrott , Funeral from residence. 65 Winchester at Thursday, June 10, at 10 a ra. Funeral pri , vale. . SMITH-In this city, June 9, William Smith . child of George and Maggie Smith. 2 yrs 11 mos 9 de. Services and ballet at Mt Hope cem , etet,-. Friday. June 11, it 2.30 o'clock p m , Burial private. SULLIVAN-In North Cambridge. June 9, Jere. Wait Sullivan. Funeral from his late rest. deuce, 215 kludge ay (formerly Spruce at), Friday morning. at 8.30. Requiem high mast at St John's chapel, at 9 o'clock. Interment at St Paul's, Arlington. TILTON-In East Boston, June 9, Fannie Small, wife of Dr Frank II. Tilton and daughter of the late Hanson Wentworth arid Harriet E. Small. 37 yrs. Funeral service at the Saratoga at M. E. church. Saturday. June 12, at 2.30 p m. WILMARTH-In Charlestown, June 0, Nathan, beloved husband of Mary Wilmarth, 64 yrs. ' Funeral from his late residence, 24 Vine at, Friday, at 1.30 p m. Relatives and friends Invited to attend. Rhode Island papers please Copy. . FLOWERS. NEW AND BEA UTIFUL DENIG3In, J. NEWMAN at SONS, SI TREMONT ST. Establiahed 1870. dautf di .- ' Wines, Liquors. Etc JOHil BEHAN es CO., ' - 05 Blachtne St.. Bata , WE LEAD THEM ALL FOR GOOD LIQUORS AT LOW PRICES. IN (5-EPEAING our own special brands, BEIIAN'S "OLD '65" KENTUCKY BOURBON and BEI1AN'S "OLD '65" KENTUCKY RYE at $2.00 a gallon, we guarantee a saying of 50e. a gallon, as these goods cannot be duplicated elsewhere for less than $2.50. WE SELL 1-1:1;.Cli'S GOLDEN WEDDING Rye and old Crow Bourbon, two leading breads, 3 and b years old, at, $2.50 and $3.00. WE SELL -OLD NEW ENGLAND RUM for $1.5o. and Medford Old Rum, 8 and 5 years old, tor $2.00 and $2.50. - .. WE SELL DOUBLE DISTILLED PURE RYE GIN for $2.00 and pure Holland Gin for $3.00. WE SELL ROCK AND RYE, made of pure rock candy and it whisky, for $2.00, warranted a preventive and cure tor cold. WE SELL 5 FULL QUART BOTTLES. Call: tonna Pure Old Wines, assorted to suit, for 0.00; CaliforMa Old Brandy 75c. a quart. - WE SELL 4- n7ff- QUART BOTTLE S good Cherry Rum, or Cherry or Blackberry Brandy for $1.00. older grades $1.50and $2.00. WE SELL ONE CASE of 1 dozen bottles (5 to gallon t Pure. Liquors, escorted to suit, for family or medicinal use, for $5.00. worth $7.50. WE BOX ALL OUR GOODS free from obiservatton, and put up in jugs or bottles to suit without extra charge. 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Stunt je6 RAKER, Swede, good, all-round man on Vienna and Amer lean bread, cake and pastry. wants sit as first or second band. V 6, Globe 3t jet, BAKERSituation wanted by a first-class bread, cake and pastry baker, good ornamenter, can give best of reference. Apply to A. SEIDEL. 138 Minden st, Roxbury. 3t Je8 BARBER wants a Job, good, steady man, will go anywhere for fair pay. Address WILL F. EMMONS, 13 Fletcher at. Nashua, N 2ts 3e9 t t BOOKKEEPERThoroughly competent man wants position in office, 10 years with last employers. moderate salary, highest references. 11 27, Globe office. St le9 BAKER wants work, a steady, sober young Mtn Wail a good recommend. R 29. Globe office. (1170' jet) BARBER wants steady Job. American, strictly temperate. best of references. GUY LINCOLN, 97 John st, Lowell, Mass. 2t jet) BAKER wishes position, seeond or third band on bread, cake, pastry. Address 2 Myrtle pi, Roxbury. 2t jet) I BLACKSMITH. first-class horseshoer and ear. rlage smith, wants steady Job. country preferred. X 84. Globe 'office. 2t jet) BLACK6M11.11 wants good steady Job; good e all-round man, 13 years' experience. Black., smith, 13 E. Springfield st, Boston. t BARBERSYoung man, three years' expert) ence, good -workman, reasonable offer. steady Job. Address N 64, Globe dice. dSu4ts pit BARBERFsirst-eutsa sober man wants Job, A. DONOVAN, Beverly. Mass. dStelts je7 BAKER, first-elass. all-round man, wants t situation- 11 43, Globe office. a BAKER wants Fitt ust Ion on bread or cakes, 1st hand. J 63, Globe office. nt COACHMAN. young man. thoroughly expert. eneed. wants position. best of references from former employers. R 12. Globe office. Sud5t Jed COOKExperienced young man desires situation as assistant, good references. S. R., 17 Kirkland st, Cambridge, Mass. St Jen COOKOrder cook or broiler tor hotel or restaurant, can do butchering. M. J. SULLIVAN, 54 Oak. city. 2t 4e9 COOK. Al chef, thorough first-class man, refcrenees. (look, 13 Groton st. St jeS DRUG CLERK. registered, well onalified,enrabic and reliable. desires position. C 31, Globe office. 2to jet) DRUG CLERK. 5 years' exp. wants position, Maine. N II or Vermont preferred. T 92. Globe office. dSulOt JeS ENGINEER wants situation, first class unlimited license. experienced on both high and low speed engines. understands electric lighting and can do own repair's. Al reteretwen. Address O. J. H., 77 Center st. Lynn. Mass. Swint jee E X PER I ENC ED STENOGRAPHER- destre; position in RR office in Boston. is first-class man, fast on machine. also has bad 15 years' cxp as telegraph operator, Al ref. C. V., box 10. St Johnsbury, I. 2t wanted by a strictly sober licensed engineer, 85 years of age, will go anywhere, best of references. W. F. COGS. SVELL, 505 Shawmut ay. dSul't jefi ENGINEER, with license, good machinist, make repairs, first-class reference. N 02, Globe office. dSu5t ENGINEE1l wants position. first-class license, temperate, do repairing, Al reference and tooter. S. 77 Gardner at, Waltham, Mass. dSiat ENGINEER and electrician, first-class liense, Al on repairs. 19 Lopez st, Cambridge. 3t Jet, EXPERIENcED man cook wants situation, references. TILOS. NOBLE, 73 Marlboro st Back Bay. 3t jolO EMP1A)IERS can get experhsnced help free of charge. at Mutual Co, 205 Washington stl l'OREMANCARPENTElt desires situation; good framer, callable of taking full charge. Adthess It.. hotel Clay. Beachmont, Mass. FARMERS. teamsters.. Americans. Nova Seo'- Hans. Swedes. temperate. strong Polanders, $12. new arrivals, married couples with reference. Call or write 5 Merrimac st. Haymarket Pt). SMTTit je5 GOOD ENGLISH TOUT'''. age 18, wants sit. nation, hotel or private family, good refer-coops. Address It ns. Glob cm. 11011SESIIttEll. 51-st-c1aws turner and titter. wants steady Job, sober and steady, work 6 days a week end will go any pie. Address loek box 44S. Fitchburg, Mass. dSit5ts je10 I WILL GIVE SIO to any one that gets me a steady Job of kotne kind. last employer'S 6 years, references, age 28. G 83, Globe dice. dSu7to Je9 LINEMAN, exp inside wiring and trimming. wants work; best ref. Z 45, Globe office. -MARRIED MAN. 32. German American. intelligent and active, wants work of any kind, can drive, bandy with tools. Address N 65. Globe office. 21 jell) MAN AND WIFE want work on farm. wife good cook man good all-round man, has good references. E 54, Globe office. MEAT CrTTER wants a Ituation In provi-4 Ws) or grocery store. T 38, Globe oftlee2tsje10 Ft)SITION wanted by a clean, respectable young man of goo. charact.r on gent 's place, thotoughly understands care of horses anti cow; benelt or country preferred. R 24. Globe office. Itt 3e9 POSITION wanted as a salesman in a retail Shop store. 4 years' experience in Boston E, A. TARBOX, Portland. Me. SutiGt Jed PLUMBER'S IMPROVER. lirst-class, has tools and license. V 88, Globe office. 204 jeO SITUATION wanted by young man at a beach or mountain hotel. good earnest worker and has Al references. Address B., P 0 box MI. Boston. Mass. dSn5t jefi SITUATION wanted, by a young man In hotel as kitchen man. age 20. and bell boy, age IS. In same hotel. T 41. Globe office. SITUATION wanted by a young man not afraid of work, handy at anything. beet of references. X SO, Globe office. 2to je9 SITUATION of any kind wanted, by young limn, good education, good teamster, reference. T 30. Globe office. 2t jel0 SITUATION wanted by first-class treman. M. SCANNELL. 146 Berkshire st. Cambridge. port. dfintit Jeti SITUATION wanted by a good Jobbing mason, Address box 11;7, Medfield, MasimiSiffitsjel0 SITUATION as, waiter, care of a dining room or to do cooking. Z 93, Globe office. 2t je9 TRUSTY Scotch Protestant eouple. farmer. wife housework. good cook. $2 5 mouth. sitit Washington. N'ILET from hotel Cecil, London, wants altnation. private or otherwige, gJod reference. Addre.s .1011N KEVILLK 145 Broadway, rvar, Lawrence, Mass. WASTKDFirst-class horseshoer and jobber wants permanent position, American and strictly temperate. Address A. A. 11.. box 207, Watertown. Mass. Sud 7to Jeti WANTEDSituation by medical student of 28 as dr assistant, would go in drug store at low wages or hospital work. Address 0 100, Globe Mee. TTbSu jeS WANTEDSituation in cigar store by man of 12 years' experience, would work at bench t1rst-c1as4 references. Address V 8, Giolte ()Mee. dSuIt je8 WANTEDSituation by bright yonng married man, has no batt habits of any kind, steady worker. Address X 2, Globe ()Mee. dSu7tje5 W ANTEDWork as waiter or kitchen man In restaurant. G 18. Globe oatee. YOUNG MAN. -23 years old. desireit position In private family taking care of horses and driving, good ref, go anywhere. Address hax 352, Peterboro, N II. YOUNG MAN would like to learn horseshoeIng, has worked 2 years in blacksmith shop. NVM. FLANAGAN, 1177 Tremont st, Roxbury. 21 je9 YOUNG DANISH MAN wants situation, willing to do anything, bandy with tools. fox 201. South Hanover, Mass. 2t le9 Situations WantedFemale AN AMERICAN WIDOW. 35. good appearance. thomugh housekeeper for widower or small family, neat and economical. K 23, Globe office. 3t jeS A THOROUGHLY RELIABLEexpd. e. bookkeeper wishes permanent situation with reliable house, ern in wholesale, Al references. C 42, Globe Mee. --AYOUNG WOMAN who is a dressmaker would like work in a hotel linen room. Address MisoMARY O'CONNER, Egypt. Mass. ate jel0 AM WANTING housework, country or cit7, recommended, little pay. 32 Boylston st. AMERICAN young widow wishes houseke.-Tlog, Inotterate wages. 2(15 Washington at. room J. COMPETENT PROTESTANT II0-tSEWORK GIRL, no objection large family or country, also young girl. care children or assist in housework. 8419 Washington. COoKs. WOMIln with a child. $I week. housekeepers. chamber, table. YOUNG. 777 Washington. COLORED GIRL would like work by the day or week. 12 Albion st. city. 21 JO COLORED GIRL would like situation as chamber girl or laundress. 58 Kendall st. DRESSMAKER wants work with dressMaker. Call ur write, room 12, SO 5 'Washington st. Surrh jeG DRESSMAKER. experienced. goes Out, latest styles, terms $1.50 a day. C 41, Globe dice. -EXPERIENCED all round -Cook -and table girl to go together. small summer hotel, or boarding house. Call 16 Marlboro at, Back Bay; no let ter s answered. EXPERIENCED housework girl. Swedish-, wants ituntion. good references. JOHNSON, 17 NI at. South Boston. GREEN SCOTCH HOUSEWORK GIRL, sister experienced cook, laundress, 31 years here. 601 Washington. GREEN Scotch girl. 21 years, wishes house-- work, little pay. anywhere. 32 Boylston St. 1674l-141fliElil1'E1tS pasition wanted by a lady having some furniture. widower's family pre. ferret'. It 50. Giotto mike. A-NI an American widow, I want a position as bouttekeeper in a small family, or would like to take charge of a house while the family are away for the summer, could give the very beet of reference. Address B 40, Globe edlesi, GLOBE-THURSDAY; JUNE Situations WantedFemale HOUSEKEEPER. situation -wanted by a widow in a mechanic's family. where I can have my little boy, capable of taking full charge, sabtirbs preferred., Address Housekeeper. 11 Foster et, Glenwood. Mass; best of references. 2to ,Je9 LADY BOOKKEEPER desires position. experienced, moderate salary. Box 406. So ly'ramIngham. MAINE GIRLS. neat, wants bonsework, competent take full charge. HURLEY'S. 286 Washington. MILLINER wants position. Coil or Write, 805 Washington st, room 12A. ' SuTTh je6 PLACE, out town, wanted, neat, Protestant housekeeper, housework, care sick, $2.75. C91 Washington. RELIABI(E WOMAN would like suite of rooms in exchange for taking care of apartment houses. Mrs THOMAS. 47 Lenox St. SITUATION wanted, experienced saleslady in bakery. fully competent to take charge of branch store. best references. 0 94. Globe office. 2ts je9 SMART YOUNG WOMAN wants washing or cleaning by the day or bour..',No. 70 Carver st, after 9 o'clock. STENOGRAPHERYoung lady of experience, desires situation, rapid dictation and transcrip- lion. V 91, Globe office. --SITUATIONS wanted. American and Swedish girls. 718 Cambridge st East Cambridge. WANTEDPosition as tenehnr, governess or couipanion for July and August, by a capable American girl, best of references. Address HERMAN FOSTER, box 81, Nianchester, N H. ThSSuT0t jet WANTEDPosition as housekeeper. hotel. sewing room or linen room. Call or address 39 Worcester sq. Boston. 2t Jet - WANTEDHousekeeper position. Cali 205 Eliot st, MAGGIE SULLIVAN. 5t jes Agents, Partners, Etc AGENTs. Some good salesmen wanted, permanent employment. WILLIAMS, 444 Greenwich st, N Y. AGENTS wanted to know that they can get rooms elegantly furnished, hot and cold water. steam heat. bath. eter hotel accommodations, everything first-class. $3 per week and upwards, transient 75e per day. at hotel Rexford, 'or Bultinch pl and Bowdolo at. SStiTTlitt 1107 AGENTS Wanted. to sell a new bicycle saddle cushion. prevents chafing and rupture and adds safety and comfort to every wheel, sells at sight to ladies or gentlemen; call or write for particulars. Ideal Bicycle S'addle Cushion Co. 763 NVashington et, Boston. ThSuT25t - AGENTS "Electric Mending Plate." for brass. tin or copper articles, quickest "seller" on market, sample mailed 15 ets; other novelties of merit. exclusive territory. circulars for la tamps. Boom A. 325 Washington et. --A FEW AGENTS WANTED for epeeist canvass with a special work among a special class on a speeial plan; liberal weekly advances. BAI,C11 BROS. 30 Bromfield st. d8utt tny22 AGENTS wanted by King-rtichardson 181 Tremont at, to take instalment orders for the two best $5 books In BostGn, never canvassed here until now. ACTIVE YOUNG MEN, living in small towns. can obtain honorable. steady-paying employment, write us. MATTOON ,Sc Co. Com-ego, NY. - dSn7t Je5 - AGENTS. either sex. $75 mo . samples to wortierA, beautiful goods, easy money. Gregory Mfg Co. 2 Park pl. New York. AGENTS, dont get left. $5 up daily, write quick. Lightning Co, So Gardner. Mans. dSwit Je10 CLIFFORD CO, perfumers, 5Gi Washington St. want agents, call or send to us, $1 stamps or bill for 1(1 quiek-selling, big-profit novelties. 2t Je9 WANTEDA few wideawake male or female agents to introduce our new brand of ton to family trade, we deliver the goods; call after 0 a m. 78 Broad at. one flight. $14000PARTNER. lady or gent, in old established business paying 15 pereent, largest of its kind In the city, money all secured. full Invtstigation solicited; no brokers; only those who mean business need apply. J. P. M., station A, Boston. 2t je9 81900 BCYS half interest in old. established real estate and building business. $3090 a year to right party. E. A. PIERCE. epringtiAd, Mass. tit jeS Male Help Wanted SALESMAN WANTED. A position with a largo Manufacturing company la open tor a first-class salesman acousinted with tho wrought iron pipe and fittifigs trade of New liogland to travel far orders; must hare the best references for charaeter and ability: statP experience and salary Pxpeeted. all communications confidentially treated. Address A 99, Globe office. Trh3 yc8 CONFECTIONER WANTED. A firstclass workman with the ability to take charge of OW' choeolate and bonbon department. CHASE & CO. Corp.. Csmfectioners. 351 Congress at. Idoston. Slaps. St jell CHEF Wanted, for leading city restaurant, steady place and good pay tbe year around. Address immediately, A 4. Globe otlief. A FISH CD'IsTER. exp'd, Dorchester or Box, $12: grocery order clerk for Box $12. boot and sime salesman $12, stationery salesmen, tras produce salesman, sole sorter SW, young man learn trade $S. meat cutter $12. laundryman $25 and VI. Breck's Bureau of Registry and Information. 51-52 No Market at. A BICYCLE SALESMAN, tip, 12-15; young American meat cutter $10. entry clerk. oung Atuerietin living city. $10; young groeery clerk $10. gent's place. young Catholic, $20 inn: 10 bright. Miler-lean boys, wholesale office. print. ing, law Mee. etc. C-1: clean cot e U boys start 3. Employers Ref Assn,419 Washington. CAPABLE MAN wanted to sell and col-!Pet, one able to speak Italian and with a knowledge of the Instalment businesa preferred; twist be able to furnish a bond. Call after 9 o'clock, COHEN BROS & CO, 57 Washington E4 t, Boston. A "I'llYSIOGNOMICAL" naircutting, cutting your ham hnd beard to suit tbe features of your face. made a specialty for the last 14 years, at ALLAND PROS. 19 Tremont row, orittinators and leaders of the "Pompadour" in the U S. 3t jeS AN ENERGETIC MAN of sober habits wanted. he must be of agreeable disposition, capable of holding and appreciating a paying position and wiling to work for his 1110110Y. GATELY 6.; O'GORMAN; 811 Washington at. AMERICAN PROT BOYS, MO school grad $3. Al wit office 3, trades $3.50, cash tall boy $3, cylinder press feeder $5. retail drugs 4. N. E. Ref MUM, 157 Washington. AMEitICTÄN BOY, about 15 or 16. wanted. in office of wholesale hardwood lumber business. Address In own handwriting G 84, Globe office. 2t Jed AN ACTIVE, good-appearing man. generally useful, $12. Rounds' Warerooms, 165 Devonshire. ATTENTIONYon can make $2 to $4 day seliing most practieal Mee article. L. A. HALL & CO. 351 Washington et. BANDSAWYER and resawyer at once. Brecies Bureau of Registry and Informa- tion. 51-52 No Market at. ASK FOR "Jumbo Schooner" of Ale. 5c. "The Elm," cor Dock sq and Elm et. 2t je10 AN ACTIVE and willing man wanted; light general work. $12 per week. Apply S. MACCONNELL. It Frotlitifil St. --ASK YOUR DRUGGIST for 2:le bottle lir Rey'a Parilla Compound for rheumatism. 2t A GOOD ADVERTISING SOLICITOR wanted. 50 Summer Rt. basement, A GOOD, willing man wanted. Call room 2, 32 Hawley et. ACTIVE MAN with $209 can clear $25 week-IF; invostitrate. Room 11, 17.2 Wasim. mt. BARBER wanted, with 2 or 8 years. exp. Call or rend postal to F. W. JORDAN. Railroad av, Norwood. Mass. 2t je9 -It LUCK-LAYERS wanted at Mt Auburn st, near Harvard sq. Cambridge; none but first-class men need apply. FINK B. GILBRETH. BARBER wanted. 388Ir Warren st, Roxbury. CLOTHING on credit. $I per week. P. RArliC0.35 Hanover st, 1 filgilt,open evenings. dSutf tnt12 CALL FOR Jumbo solemner of AIP, 5e. "The Elm," eor Doek sq and Elm at. 2t jell) CiriTIIING on eredlt tor Si per week. 2:340, Washington st. 'or Zeigler st; open erenings. dStitt ol5 DRUG CLERIC. reg, $15; Jr $10. Al meat cutter, willing. hard worker. US: vegetable ni,d fruit salesman $15. hustling young salesman. N. E. Ref Ass'n. 157 Washington. DRUG CLERICS that have sent tip applications for June examination call at once, speciai pointers. fine drugs. Dr PATRICK. established tutor of pharmacy. 52 Phillips, near Grove at. DRUG CLERKSI passed 4 last week, take a few lessons and pass the 22. .101IN MaeDONNELL, M D, 3S1 Broadway, South Boston. 2ts .109 INEtirBoDY SAVES MONEY here, first-class dentistry at half price, painless extracting 25e. gas only 50e, fillings boe, gold $1 and $2. cleaning ratc. repairing 75 c. why pay more? Bates Dental Co. 19 Tremont row, opp Brattle at. FARMERS. and wives as bousekeepers. 5 very good places to be tilled today sure, $40, all found. Breck's Bureau of Registry and Information, 51-52 No Market et. FARM 14ANDS. slope, at once. Breek's Bunem of Registry aim lutormation, LI-52 No Market st. tt apl FIRST-CLASS WASHER, also marker and sorter wauted In steam laundry. T 37, Globe ()Mee. GENTLEMEN'S HAIR SINGEING selentlfi: eallyi done for the preservation of falling-out hair. at ALLANH BROS, 19 Tremont row. 3te GROCERY, exp, whole n sale, $8; trot youi man, tool maker, $12: buy for gent's plaee, $12 um: store, $3. Bay State, 260 Wash'''. st. HOTEL night clerk, out of town, $25 nio; B. and R. men s furnishings salesman $o, dress goods salesman IA bill clerk $5, lamp store $4, office $4. who. wool $3. who. woolens $3, real estate office $3, publishing offiee $3. Mercantile Reference and Bond Association, 46 Summer st. 11016-;ESHOERWante4. a first-class man, no other need apply. come ready for work, steady job for the right man. Apply to OWEN J. CARNEY. Market st. Lowell, Mass. 2t je9 tioBgE---Any Meality. $5 down, $1 weekly. Boma Assistance Soc, 122 Boylston st, Boston. dSutt f4 HEAD WAITER for summer hotel, boys and men, general work. Mutual, 2 6' 5 Washington st. HARDWARE SALESMEN, useful articles, side line on COMMiSt4t0D. 51 Ames bidg, Boston. IF YOU WANT STEADY WORK anti go-o-ci pay, write J. LOVEWELL, So Gardner. Mass. 4Su4t jel0 10, 1897. Male Help Wanted WATCHMAKERS AND WATCH SALESMEN Wanted at once. KEENE'S TEMPORARY DRANCII. 230 Washington et WANTED bGaTrfily Nmenten to England grow Tr Nursery stock. Experience not necessary. Commission or salary. Write for terms. U. II. GURNEY & CO.. Auburn. Enron Me. dSu9Ot mill7 MALE OR FEMALE STENOGRAPHERS Furnished without charge to either employer or employed. Machines rented. repaired and exchanged. Remington Standard Typewriter. WYCKOFF, SEAMANS & BENEDICT, 15 School st. JUMBO SCHOoNER of Ale. 3c. ask for it. "The Elm," cor Dock sq and Elm at. 2t jel0 LADY AND GENT AGENTS wanted right away. can mrtke good money, come and see it. M. FRANKENSTEIN, 1050 Cambridge, Climb. 2to je10 MAIN SPRINGS 37 ctn. put in while waiting. please don't be prejudiced. COLLINS, 1tial Tremont rt. Sud6to jeti 310LER'S BARBER SCHOOL. 97 11108011 St. New York. barber trade taught thoroughly in 8 weeks, new system, ograduates guaranteed competent to work anywhere or open business for themselves.recommendations given when through, tools donated. special rates for board. write for free catalogue. dSu7t Je4 MEN can make $20 a week easy. no fake. $3 tequired. D. SMITH, room 13, 823 Washington at. 3t )03 MARRIED COUPLE for farm, cottage, no children. 5 Merrimac st, HaYinarket 841- 2ts jell) MAN wanted; short hours. $18 weekly; WO required. HAILPEll, 17 Central sq, Cambridge-port. MAN in every (qty. to engsee in business. Kleener Mfg Co. 564 Wash. st, Boston, Mass. MEN OF ALL TRADES wanting work join Patriotic Induatrial Association, 10 Federal st,, NOTICEFalling out hair stopped andbaldnetts prevented, thin and fine hair cut to appear thick, at ALLAND BROS. 19 Tremont row. 3t PAPER. HANGERSFirst-class union men. J. A. GLASS Sr, C0.119 Washington FL Boston. TbSSu jel0 REAL ESTATE SALESNIEN wanted, taco of l-T0041 address. with experience and abilitx, to close sales, permanent position with :',.zood pay. Apply to WILLIAM A. WADSWORTH. 27 School st, room 110. 3t jet RESPONSIBLE BUILDERS wanted for Air-- stun. plans free, money furnihed at 6 percent, no cash needed, no commissions. J. M. WALKER, or E. J. WOODWORTH, 31 Stare et; 9 to 12. SHOEMARERS--Keep away from Stoneham until the present lockout is settled. B. and S. W. U. dSutt 1'13 SALESMAN. bright, persistent, elegant commission, specialty. STAPLES, 254 Pearl st, New Torii. SuTWTh Jed STRONG BENCH HAND. Holmes Est, 273 NV. 1st Bt. So Boston. THE OFFICIAL watch inspectors appointed by the N Y. N 11 & 11 it It will issue you a certificate that your watch has passed the inspeetion and was thoroughly repaired by us and fully regulated to Wilson itros' eastern time. the Same as we do for conductors and engineers; if your watch doeu cot run welt let us put it in order; watches loaned: no watch too difficult for our watchmakers. WILSON BROS. Tremont row. fiSutt ap41 THOUSANDS OF MEN WANTED to buy $3 sample shoes at $1.69. one pair to a customer onlY; no dealers. Pioneer Clothing Co. 900-602 Washington St. dSu3fit je2 WANTP;1).Itellable men everywhere to tack up advertleing signs, $20 earned weekly work. lug for um, exclusive territory. steady work; those meaning business inelose 10e for postage, packing, sample, etc. - Wilson Chemical Co, Tyrone, Penn. Jed 9 10 11 s IVAKE UP your neighborsFor heaven's sake. what's that racket? Only one of WILSON PROS' $1.50 miaman's alarm clocks, rings 20 times as long as the ordinary clock. Tretn. row. dSutt spit) WANTEDManager for branch ()Mee In Boston. salary $1200 and commlasion. $730 casn capital required. also good references. 783 Ellicott sq, Buffalo. N Y. 2t WE SELL CLOTHING on credit for $I per week to everybody and don't ask any questlons of anybody. Worklogrnen's Credit Store. 1904 IVasilington et. co Newcomb st, open evenings. dSott jaI4 WANTED-2 men to sell goods from team tinder a capable managar, experience not necessary, but lutist be holiest and sober. gool pay. rall after 10 o'clock, COHEN BROS & CO. 5 NVitaltington at Boston. 2t jell) WANTEDAcents. $75 per month and expenses paid active men if right, goods sold by sample only. samples, also horse and carriage fornisbed free. Address Jobber, box 5308. Boston. NIIIPS. Su1'rhS0t mh21 WAN-MDFive salesmen for New England and the west. also Canada. $1500 a year easily wade heaides expenses. Call. at once. on J. R. SPAULDING & CO, 106 Court at. at je9 WANTEDMan to take charge of our stitching room in factory making 3000 pairs daily of medium grade women's. misses', and children's goods; a steady position to the right man. Apply at 51 Lincoln at, Boston. at Jen WANTED-4 firat-class face anion br1 c-11 layers on new high school. Springfield. Mass: we want ey.ery day men. MORRISSEY & SHE. 3ts Je 10 WANTED. at once, 4 treers on men's and boys' satin shoes. John W. Rues Co. River at, Haverhill. 3t jeS WANTEDGood canvassers to sell a patented article on easy terms. salary or commisaion. Call at 218 Tremont at, room 311. dStilit je9 WANTEDIron pattern fitter to fit stove plate patterns. Apply to Magee Furnace Co, Chelsea. Blass. dStitt tny18 WANTEDBuilders on new tract land, money furniabed. SWIFT. No. 7 Herald bldg. dSu-it jet WANTED-4n city drug store, young man. American preferred. who has had 1 year's experience. Address E 76, ..Globe Mace. at je8 WANTEDAt onee, a ill-at-class plumber and helner, enll between 11 and 12 &elm at 115 Sudbury at. city. in basement. S. Felleman Co. WANTEDGood man. establiabed business. small capital, $15 weekly. 32 5 Washington st, romu 23. WANTEDYoung man willing to exchange an hour's dictation in stenography. T 40. Globe office. WASTEDShoernaker on first-elass repairing. steady work. Oa or address H. A. PETERS. Brookline, Mass. WANTEDA young man. tinsmith or coppersmith. 40 West 34 st, South Boston. WANTED at ()nee, fine. younk penman. $25 per week. HICKOK. expert. 803 Carter bldg.' WANTEDFirst-elass coat finishers.-9fs Wash. at, room 8. WANTEDAn experienced house painter, must work reasonable. C 39, Globe oirwe. Y----TREMEMIIER, English steel main spring Is best cleanly, 85c to 50e. warranted 2 years. put in your watch while you wait. watches oiled free; cleaned 50c. ALBERT, 1033 Washington St. dStat Je8 YOUNG MAN wants instructiOn in use of steam engine indicator by a practical engineer. Address Z S3. Globe office. $100 TO $150 MONTHLY and expenses paid salesmen for cigars: experience unnecessary, permanent position. The W. L. Kline Co. St Louis. Sud3Ot je6 600MEN wanted to b10 575 $15 snits for $5.75. Pioneer CI Co, 600 and 602 Washington at, open evenings. dSnaOt jeS 2 FIRSTCLASS COATMAKERS wanted at once. only first-class need apply. DISSAULT CAVANAUGH, Lowell, Mass. at le9 2 RELIABLE men for our E. Boston and Chelsea route: right parties can earn $12 weekly. Apply after 8.80 a in Mr FRENCH, 141 High at. WO TO $150 PER MONTH earned by tat. 'ling Rlehmond's farnitare polish: male nal female agents wanted; fine side line. LrruGoE & CO. 164A Tremont st, Boston. $12 'WEEKLY, light work, responsible posrtions, must have $200 cash, real estate security for money, steady work, good pay. Address N 72. Globe ofilce. 25 TO $ZS) PER WEEK salary paid engravers in this MO send for terms to learn this trade. Nil( id's School of Erxraving. 178 Devonshire st. Boston, room 511; elevators. SAMPLE TEA, - - 5 lbs. for $1 CHOICE SAMPLE TEA.-- 4 lbs. for $1 BEST SAMPLE TEA, - 3 lbs. for $1 SUCH TEAS COST YOU 51e...4 60e.. 73e. At ItPtalL A uood Compound Cotieet - 2 lbs, f3r 25c. PURE JAVA COFFEE. - 20c. per lb. Choice Java & Mocha Cof:ee. 25c. per lb. N. E. CISTRIBUTING CO., WHOLESALE 8 IROAD sr.,--conow rEicany. Thtttf my20 Female Help Wanted AT ONCE. housework girl. family 2, $4. experiftwe ImnecesQury. 869 AVashinzton. AcTlyn WOMAN. $15 weekly. no canvassing. BASSETT. room 4, 36 Boylston at. SuT-Th Jed BOOKKEEPER, large retail exp, $10; stenographer, knowledge d. e. b. k.. easy plaee. $9; luneh (-outlier, take charge at bea7li. $5 and board: doetces mile.... out of city. $7; factory, So Boston, $3-$4-$5. N. E. Ref Assn, 187 Washington. BosTox COLLEGE OF CHIROPODY AND DERMATOIA)GYAlso manicurinz and hairdressing. 595 Washington at; day and eve class; diplomas awarded, both sexes admitted. 2t JOU BRIGHT PROT GIRLS, light, clean work, $4; chocolate and bonbon dippers $5-7. Employers' Ref Assn, 419 Washington. BilIGHT, energetic lady to introdnee a standard article of inerit. Apply 15 nourt s. r. 18. COOK wanted, kitchen, pantry. Bible, secOnd, housework, green roung girls. CAMP- BELL. CURE THAT RHEUMATISM; ask jeyloour dritg;!.ist tor Dr Ray's blood purit:er Part Ha Compound. At CHOCOLATE GIRLS, experienced hands for fine work. L. CAHORS, 5 Knapp at. COOKLWanted, all-round cook, must be smart. Apply 3G Portland st. D. E. BOOKKEEPER. thoroughly experieneed. and steng, one familiar with lumber business preferred. Breek's Bureau of Reg lbtry aud Information. 51-52 No Market at. DRESSMAKING taught free, salary whsn competent, milliner? taught. TAYLOR'S 86 j Boylston et. - Sudet e6 Female Help Wanted ANY ONE wanting shorthand and typevrriting apply to W. LI. DILLON, located in Globe building over 13 years; law. newspaper and general mercantile work. all accepted parties assured positions day or evening. a week's trial free to all. private tuition, speed to poorly equipped writers. A PAINFUL CANCER, killed. removed;- no knife. pain. risk or return. Write. send or bring this, CANCER CLINIC, 50 Bromfield at. 1 to S. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST for 25-cent bottle Dr Rays Parilla Compound. for rheumatism. 2t A GOOD 110CSE to have canvasser on most desirable household article ever invented. L. A. HALL & CO. 351 Washington at. BRIGHT GIRL, good office exp, $O; ins office, $5; fine penman, $0; collector, goo,' ability, shop, $3. Bay State, 266 Wash'n. at. DRUGGIST. reg lady, $15; soda, exp. $5; bookkeeping, d. e.. $0; bakery at beach $5; 15 waitresses, nearby summer hotel, $3; neat little girl, light work. short hours. $2.50. Employers Ref Assn 419 Washington. DRESSES MADE $5 up. hats trimmed 35e, satistaetion guaranteed. Aline LITCHFIELD, NO5 Washington at. Suddt Jed DRESSMAKING----Girla wanted in first-elass establishment to learn the business, including cutting and designing. 192 Boylston Et. 2tjel0 EVERYBODY SAVES MONEY here, first-class dentistry at half price, painless extracting 25e, gas only 50e, fillings 50e, gold $1 and $2, cleaning 50e, repairing 75c, why pay more? Bates Dental Co, 19 Tremont row, opp Brattie st. EXP. WAITRESSES. summer hotels, girls. first-class city bakery, It R cafe, ice cream and soda, head medians's. summer hotel. kirecies Bureau of Registry and inforipation, 51-52 No Market at. EXPERIENCED gold layers. H. M. PLIMTON & CO, 234 Congress it. 2t Je9 FREE TREATMENT OF THE FEET. 1.30 to 5, 6.30 to 9 p tn. College of Chiropody, 595 Wash. 2to lel FOR RHEUMATISM tisk your druggist, for Dr Ray's blood purifier. Farina Compound. 2t Pugs made into eollarettos, $2 up; dresses made, bats trimmed. TAYLOR'S. 36 Boylston st. Suddt je6 GIRL wanted $4.51, bousework for 1 (1;41 lady. Mrs CANIPBELL4 247 Washington. GIRL- wanted, small faintly. 39 Maywood st , Roxbury. suite 1. HOTEL HELP, cooks, table, laundry, fancy !moors, kitchen, cleaners, veg cooks, storeroom. pantrv. beaches, mountains; the Am Hotel Institute is successor to Hotel Help Association, and members of either wanting work should report at once. Am Hotel Institute, 116 (bort at. 2.t jel0 HOTEL HELP, also for restaurants, male or female. Am Hotel ins-Mute, 116 Court bt. 2to jet HOUSEKEEPERS. pastry cooks, chamber, waitresses and general help. Mutual, 265 Washington St. HOTEL HELP, bead waitress for all-year hotel. Am Hotel Institute, 116 Court st. 2tjeld LADIES wanted to learn dressmaking and millinery, positions guaranteed, $10 to $15 weekly. Call or write Mme LITCHFIELD, 805 Washington at. Suditte Je6 LADIES, come and learn the new French system. only $lit QUINN. 1460 Wash. at. Sud St je6 LADY tor permanent position, salary $15 weekly.595 Washington at, room 21. 2t jel0 PASTRY COOK $10. man or woman, table-, housework. night kitchen. 22 Hanover et. Sii-ORTHAND. typewriting, booitteeping. etc. individeal inbtruetion day or evening; none too old to learn. Call or send for circular. Boston Cominercial College, 3 Beacon at. STENOG and bookkeeper, exp. $10; 2 exp, throotighly d. e. b. k., $15 to start; salealady. over 18. $5 to start; young lady, $4. Mercantile Reference and Bond Association, 40 Summer et. SMART GIRL for housework in small private family. Apply 12 Batavia at, Back Bay. SLIDE GIRL wanted at 11S howdoin at TWO companionable girls. light housework, delicate lady, place homelike. 32 Boylston at. WANTEDAt Boston Dressmaking College, good workers. to take places by the day, Harriet A. Brown svstem will be taught free, which must he used; apprentice girl wanted in our dressmaking room to learn the business. HARRIET A. BROWN, room 30. 146A Tremont at, cor West at. WANTEDA few ladles and gentlemen to study for the stage. professional instructions. engagements when competent. no expense, will not interfere with daily employment. T 53, Globe Mike. WANTEDCooks, laundress. chambermaids and kitchen girls for beach and mountains. 400 Tremont st, opposite Castle sq theatre. WANTEDA young girl to toisint In the care of children. Apply between 10 and 2, VI East Broadway, South Boston. WANTEDA general bounework girl In small fatnily In West Roxbury wages $3 per wtea. C OS, Globe office. WANTEDA Protestant woman to do general housework. no washing: eome prepared to work. Apply at 46 Union at. Charlestown. WANTEDFirst-clam chambermaid, one who can wait on table. colored. Apply 17 Blagden st before 10 a tn. WANTEDNeat girl for general housework In small family of adults- Apply at 452 Center st, cor Boylston, Jamaica Plain. WANTEDA ,girl for general housework, small family. must have references. Apply 155 Huntington av, suite 1. WANTEDVampers, closer-on, corder and top stitcher on ladies dong boots, CHICK BROS. Berlin. N H. dSuTt je9 WANTEDA smart woman order cook. 822 Washington at. WANTEDPaperienced table girl. Electric Lunch Room, G. A., Ferdinand, cor Cortes at. WANTEDAn experienced chocolate roller. 579 Washington st, J. W. ROBERTS. WANTEDGood scrub girl; call and see housekteper. 247 Tremont it.. city. 2t je9 WANTEDGirl to work on pantaloons. 819 Washington st top door, Ii. M. LEVINE. WANTEDA lady to tend a bake shop. 292 8th at, So Boston. 2to jel0 WANTEDBasque makers and trimmers. Apply Mrs FRIEND, 18 Huntington ay. WANTEDLady of good business habits to sssist in grocery store. T 51. Globe office. YOUNG LADY TYPEWRITElt and bookkeeper (lin find steads work in a good take. Address N 60. Globe office. 2 COOKS. chamber. pantry. plain laundress. housework for 1 lady, young nursery. 691 Washington. 25 ItOrSEWORK GIRLS, 10 cbatnber. 10 table. b57 Washington at. 33 PROTFSTANT. Catholic itonsework girls, cooks, table. kitchen, laundry FRENCH'S, 298 Wsshinstcn. SOMETHING WRONG If you cannot read the following paragraph at a 4istant-4.ot 20 inches tram the eye your sight la defective and yowl reinire glaarep. no matter what your age: or if you can read it, but with difficulty . It in evidence that your eyes require attention. Ivor lo7ollabt la voodoos tato so Almon ; toot all tbo boat orb root, moo of tooter-bet ability awl bog otottionta; ot employ so short toollate paotoriptioas Clod oyes sputa boo of &on. , We have the largest optical department in New England. WILSt)N EROS.. 14-15 Tremont row. Typewriters, Eta NOT IN THE TRUST. Call snd see tbe new typewriters, Oliver and Peerless. visible writing, and all the latest Improvements. standard machines, warranted in every way; send for circulars. W. M. BELCHER & CO, N E agents, 8ti Bromfield at. TTbSult ap27 RENT Smiths : Remlactons an4 all others lt13 1104 nrrtdntrhnItyek, emd.achTtenle.13EutrsTntHeedoRonpti SELL Si MARTIN CO.112 Milk SL d4utt my& Yachts, Boats, Etc BOAT HARDWARE. Brass and galvanized hardware for yachts, boats and canoes. A. J. WILKINSON & CO. 180 to 188 'Washington at. dSutjy1 ap2T FOR CHARTER by day. week or month. schooner yacht Silvia, and sloop Acteon. DIXON BROS. IIS Atlantic av. telephone Haymarket 654. Su to 01 mylti GASOLINE ENGINES for launches, to 16- h. p. T. E. VIIITNEY. 65 Sudbury at. TIISSuTo Propoials COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS Office of the Secretary, Booton, June 9, 1897-- Proposals for PaperThe Secretary of the Commonwealth invites proposals to supply the paper required in the execution of the contraet for state printing for one year. beginning July 1. Forms of proposal and all information relative to quantities and qualities re:itired can be obtained at this Mee. Proposals saould be sealed, addressed to the Secretary of the Commonweatth and marked "Proposals for supplying paper." They will be received until 12 m &stun lay, June 19. IS97. Samples of all papers to be furnished must accompany each proposal. The right Is reserved to reject any and all bids.- WM. M. OLIN. Seretary. at jell, Matrimonial NEW ENGLAND CUPID. I Ver7a7oliltrk: otlieri. lie table, clean, no publicity. Sent 3 mos. tor I0e. silver. Box 1e5G, Dover. N. SuMTIIIrs Jen WEDDING BELLS, paper, Intmaluces people socially or matrimonially Inclined. Send Ine to box 2520, Boston, or call at oMce 168 Tremont st. 2to jell) Sewing Machines BARGAINS in high-grade sewing machines, family and manufacturing. WILSON, 262 Camtkr4dge st. 2to - LATEST IMPROVED MACHINES. $3 to115, all in kes repaired. STERN & CO, 15 Essex st. 4to jell - Detective Aeencies ABSOLUTE SECRECY. aseertaining habits, associates, eta, established 1890, telepaone Boston 2321-3. Mass. Secret Service. 47 Court Ht., Boston. dStAts Jett) MISS QUERO, P 0 box 2006, Boston, Mass, Will call at alma and resideaces. at ,111 Medical THE BEHREOCklfiliCglilstili. DISEASES OF MEN Cured when all others fail, every form at private disease, old cases where the blood hal become poisoned, producing blotches on The face, Small AVatery Blisters, pains in the head and Bones, Ulcerated Sore Throat, ceasing aij discharges to vanish as the mist before the sun. seminal Weakness. Verleocele and ae diseases arising from youthful errors and es. eesseis speedily. pernuthently CURED. strict. nee by a new method. If you cannot eall sesd for question list. Valuable book of 64 pages bent FREE, sealed. HALLOCK MEDICAL INSTITUTE, Ho COURT ST., BOSTON, MASS. Office hours, 9 to 9; Sunday 10 to I. (Established 1848.1 dStitt Je2 1 '.10 Howard st, near ltevere house; disesete ot men; all kinds venereal vases giddily cured: special attention to nervous debility; lost ma b dSutt le4 01-.0 OffiftEood Trestored; hours to 'J. sundaya 10 to b. THE OLD DR. BAILETOFFICE, 43 Howard et; former doctor returned and pays special attentien to treatment of diseases of men; hours 9 to 9. dSlatt mad MRS DR. THOMPSON AND DERV7 Tremont row. specialist mena diseases dSutt my? Bicycles, Tricycles, Etc - Crawford Bicycles - $2950. Open Saturday Evenings. J. A. Class & Co., "Boston's Leading Wall Paper store," 119 WASHINGTON STRUM $10 Down and $2 Per Week Will buy a McCune bicycle. We have a lot of wheels that Lave been used before, but In good condition, which we offer for - $5 Down, $1.50 Per Weeks H. ROBINSON & CO.. Dock sq., Boston. 26t 'el SECOND 9 avotioNvxo HAND - 3 e-si AND otber makes: must be sold; if sot at oar price. at yours: call and see them. G. é S. MFG. 00.,174 Columbus ay.. Doetou. dStittapil LADIES, ATTENTION! - - We offer this week CO 1896 ladles wheels. high grade, well-known snake at 137.50 to dose, black, purple, olive and maroon enamel, Strauss,' Vim or M. & W. tires, 20, 22 end 24-in frames, 60 to 6616 gear, written guarantee with Prey wheel. don't miss this chance, as there are so more to be bad, $5 deposit secures one. Alba Cycle Co, 99 Blackstone St. dtt Sel DUDLEY has a White Royal combinstion tandem, $75 cash. 147 Columbus ay. .,,DUDLEY has a Crawford tandem. lost as good as new, $77.50 cash. DUDLEYTer Johnson, pneumatic tires, la good shape, $10 151 Columbus sy. DUDLEY wants 500 bicycles !n tra.le fur arw wheels. cash or instalments. DUDLEY has a Directum in line shape, VS cash. 170 Columbus ay. DUDLEYltegPnt, wheels, right up to date. 153 Columbus ay. DUDLEYIeidy's Iver Johnson for f25 spier cash. 147 Columbus ay. DUDLEYS100 ladies' Royals35 cusa while they last. 170 Columbus ay. DUDLEYPremier, 22 lbs, just as good as new, for $25 cash. DUDLEY does all kinds of repairljg at reasonable rates. 170 Columbus ay. DUDLEY has 97 Royal. -Ineb frama. cash- 170 Columbus ay. DUDLEYHector, 26-Im frame, good as new $33. 149 Columbus ay. DUDLEY wants to sell 100 wheels to agents at once for cash. DUDLEY rents wheels by boor, day, asek, month. on reasonable terms. STORMER BICYCLES. price reduced from $75 to $47.50. this company Manufactures a raerse. ntaSmitivetht; Complete line in all (colors, from small Juveniles gi;altieEs-tLI13-PETTuYu:tAYmIrt Park sq. udtf ray3to tandems, fully guaranteed, positively the I ctab' this r cype Gardiner Supply Co, 12 hi0 cycle, price $60. reduced from $100, the reduc- tion in the price of this superior wheel um a great surprise to all bic,cle riders; you will hear it talked about at the hotels, the clubs, mi the street eornera, and, in fact at the churches, it is admitted that it is the greatest flunity of lista, Smith & Gardiner Supply Co. 13 Park eq. Sada iny30 A THOROUGHLY high grade $100 wheel. price retlueed to $37.50. we are not even permitted to advertise the name of this wheel by the company from whom we purchased 300 of these magnificent bicycles, which we were able - to buy at a low price only because the manufacturer was overstockd, do not think of per-chasing anywhere before examining these, yell will certainly be amazed when you see them, easy terms at a slight advance on above pri,,e, every wheel guaranteed by the company and by ourselves. Smith Sr. Gardiner Supply Co, 12 Park sq. Sudtt my30 HIGH GRADE IS96 WHEELS. prices from $28 to $45. terms $10 down. $1.50 per week. Smith & Gardiner Supply Co. 12 Park sq. Sudtf my30 ASK TO Si E the American Century Trip Cyclometer, can be set bark each day withoat interfering with total redister; the most accurate eyclometer in the world. dStxtf my?! BICYCLESBargaina In second-band bleyeleS whieh have been taken in trade for 97 raven "Diamonds." prices right. John P. Lovell Arms Co. 131 Broad et and 147 Wasbineon at; our Washinkton at store open Saturday eveninga during April and May. SulThS62t m1114 BICYCLE. REPAIRINGWe employ none but first-class workmen. repairing of all kinds neatly and promptly done. John P. Dwell Arms Co, 131 Broad at. SuTTbSCt mb14 BICYCLES on instalments. new and secoo - hand easy terms. John P. Lovell Arms Co, 131 Broad at and 147 Washington at. SuTrhS62t mh14 BEST 97a, full warranty, hose. mackintoshes. tires $5 pair, rubber. factory prices. Mineral- ized Rubber Co. New York; agents wanted. Sad3t Je0 Fon SALE cheap for cash, 96 Columbia tandem, drop frame, front, pneumatic saddle. hell and cyclometer, as good as new. Addresasit 82. Globe JOIN OUR CLUBWe can get 97 legh-glam bicycles at $36 each cash, by taking 100. and need a few more ladies and gents. It 1. Globe office. 3ts Je8 NOW IS YOUR TIME--A few beautif. I 00 eat 97 "Hub Kings" and "Hub Queens." grade. used only as samples. to be sold ter only $55, fully guaranteed. quick or they'll be gone. HASTINGS. 47 Cornbill and 26 Wattle at. dSu5t Jele NEW 07 BICYCLES. fully guaranteed, 40 mv club 0 pereent discount saved by Joining 1. Globe office. dSti5t TAKEN FOR DEBTWill sell 96 higb-gni I WANTEDLady's high-grade 96 bicyclet bicyele, 72 gear, bell. toe clips and adinotahl handle bar. $35. Address E 12, Globe office anti be reasonable. call day or evening. E..I. 11. 668 Maas. av, city. Lost, Found, Eto POUNDA. small female greyboutd, with a brass collar. Apply to Mr J. H. IMIADFORp 2 Earl st. So Roston. LOSTIn Cambridge. on Tuesday, a anis black cocker spaniel. Liberal reward given for return of dog to 17 Brewster st. Cam' LOSTIn going from 6 Portland. tbratigb Hanover. to Court at 7 keys on ring. Return to Foster Mfg Co. 6 Portland St. for reward. LOSTJune 3. tiger cat. Return to suite 9, 336 Sbawmut ay. and receive reward. 2tSei) riATCHES K 130 Washington St. dSutt mbld Old ones taken In exchnnt Miscellaneous KINDLING WOOD. , 5 barrels waste wood, 3 to 5 inches long, de livered. $1; 14 bushels bard wood, from bobbins. sawed. split, delivered. $1.23. Order Mall. telephone 234; C. W. York Co. 120 Border It. East BostotSL--------Irl'hSIIW. 3e4 CONSUMPTION surely cured. Prof J. L BATES. Weymouth. Mass; write for pamphlet. dSu2ot WANTEDRoll-top desk for painting,whittalug or whitewashing. C 43, Globe offic!,2.....' SODA FOUNTAIN and attachments. good Cr; der, beauty, great sacrifice. S 37, Globe ollica. Legal Notices COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS. dice of the Secretary. Boston. June 4. 1891-0 Notice is hereby given that. on the twennedi day of May in the year eighteen hundred sad ninety-seven. George H. Keyes, of Boston. wall duly licensed and commissioned as a Public Warehouseman within and for tbe city of Batton; that he has given bond in the sum et live thousand dollars. for the faithful dischatg, of the duties of a Public Warehouseman. that be had taken and subscribed the Ova necessary to qualify him for the duties of said (ace. WM. M. OLIN. Secretary of the Our monwealth. 10t Je3 Dogs, Pups, Etc FOR SALE-2 male puz pups. ii. K. S1, 4.12 Sa lom st, COT Milt 'it, Volum FOR SALECocker spaniel. male, 10 wens old prize stock, 815. J. A. I.. SUITLE, E. Cambridgei.orts -- -

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