The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on April 9, 1912 · 6
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 6

Boston, Massachusetts
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Tuesday, April 9, 1912
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TTTK BOSTON" GLOBE-TUESDAY. APRIL 0. 1912. I; I r BOSTON'S SPLENDID NEW BASEBALL PARK 3 5 U 5 "ol I) iw fHP aav WHEN YOU GET YOUR Dfl dkV INJ ArTirlVJ I lljrFD STAHI I IWAl O HRST 0000 LOOK AT VMuSSS MUMU iSSf OF 5 fj D D P 5 MORE BRAVES SECTION OF THE VAST GRANDSTAND AT WILL GET FIRST REAL LINE ON THEIR COME TO TOWN FENWAY PARK, TO BE OPENED THIS AFTERNOON HARVARD TEAM AT FENWAY PARK TODAY Game at Jersey City Is Called 05, Boston Team Will Play at Princeton Today. in it mx s now 1 Then All Will Come Here for Opening. After yesterday's game at Jersey City had been called ..ft ause of cold Manager John of the Boston Nationals figured that r.if tam's Spring training trip was at m end. and although a ;am. is scheduled wlta the Princeton College nine at Princeton today Kllng will hardlv send his ilrst-strtng players down t-.- Osborne Fi-ld. Pitchers "Cy" Young. Perdue. Donnelly and Tyler, catcher Gowdy and Infielder Ingerton left New York yesterday after the Jersey City game was canceled and arrived in Boston last nl5- came over trom New i or u me - Boston at v p m. makes la of the B-i taThTtrst of the Braves party will stay tn New York tda. coming oter "n inldilght train. -inle 11 tJ i, , It rains to prevent l!ie game at I rmi -ton today, in w.-iuh event me piaj era wilt leave this afternoon, so as lo feet Manager Kllng has Buster ' Brown. Al Mattern. Bradley. Hutfg and lck-M for pitchers today. The plaerj now in Boston und-r tne coaching of "harie I'arreil ani ' ' Young will start practice at tne South End grounds at i a i t-lay for two or three hours ar.d t:ien see same at the new Ked aoi gro Until Thursday the pi tlnue to live at the espe management, but aft-r will seek thetr own hote places. The Philadelphia t-arrt the first attraction -it Grounds, will arrive J early, and altnough was Just lost the servlc Magee. his hea y-hitttn Is certstn that the Phillies not oniy will make a good start here in Boston, but will set a pace that will be retained In fhe leagu. race. The Boston mn. however, look much stronger than th did last year How much beirer the pit Mug ftafT la this ass son than it was List remains to be seen, but he ho..- are fleMlng well and In all their games have shown the tendency to hit the Sail hard and to develop lots of speed ,.n the bases. The Boston National Ijeag ;ers will not have a brand new park this year .n-:. avers will con-rise of the club tomorrow they .s and boarding which will be the South End iere tomorrow ianager Dooln s of Sherwuod e outfielder, he HAGEMAN WILL PITCH FOR SOX ontlnned From the First P-. ENTRANCE TO THE GRANDSTAND the club did not care for his services. This was a great disappointment. The banquet was called off. but the presentation of the traveling bag went through, and the young man has returned to his mercantile position. Iarry Pape de. lares that he will never recom mend a ball player again. The Bed Sox players will not go to ; the hall I ark this morning, but will be I out early this afternoon to look over j ! the new plant for the first time and ; I plav Harvard. but the o!d W'alpole-i been so improved th will be recognised hy only has an addition t been built, but tne dl shifted so that trie 1 Is much longer than the removal of about center field has ma. larger playing space I The stands. htrchen heen repainted in re the plant repr-?-en th i ha ve in . l v fan.v Not ' Manager Stahl will present his regular lineup today, with Thomas and Casey 'I Hageman in the points. Hageman was nd has be-n laboring with a ttore arm at Hot eld foul line i Sprlnic. and never displayed any great ver wax. snt MX work. He Is a master of the art rWr . ! of pltciiing. however, and If his arm I hit teerii rv I na!" improved with plenty of light worK. S ie piliivi. t 1 lonk for a swell exhibition. rVi i The Boston "!ub paid Denver $5iVo In -,'oorl cash for Hatseman last tall. rtl witn tne western league i tH 1 rtii't :;r.t.ft rrf: . " - ' " " : . 1 1 1 . r 1 Y, 1 1 ' I 'r lr I .- r :i n.l l:ikp seasons thev hav. H.-en i.n f I 8n C harley wagner win piay snort to- ! i day unless the weath'-r is too cold. His thu r.b is still quite sore, out tie is ; Thursday's opening same will com m niav-H V .K- .'.I. ; ano.,s to be in the game and will try- as well as the f. w games the team ! toP'av 'II JSon a"d Worcester. ; la scheduled to plav at home before ' ,Wlh!!" the Red Sox have no cam-', tt starts Wet Later In the vmnn the i plaint to make over their training trip; games will start t 3 or' 3 !5 but,10 IIoI fprings-every man is In the; untU the davs get longer the home , P'nk of condition-all are smiling nt the j management believes that the Boston K00' ,uck ll,at Hugh McBreen'. Jersey, fang will appreciate the starting of I Cltv boys had in going to Bermuna Ion the games at an earlier hour their preliminary work. 1 Seats are being reserved 'or the rtnen- The New 1 ork Highlanders have de- J teg game, and fans wfshlng to reserve ' eld -l to go to Bermuda next Spring, them may do so by notifying the club's and the chances are thai Jersey City offtco In the Paddock Building. I ha discovered the ideal training The new Boston National League i grounds for bail teams. pasaooogs are ready, and this year they contain pages, each page being txut I nil is a depart u - from ing fhe books rilled with small coupons The new tickets are printed on verv If He Sh CAPT ROBERT S. POTTER AND COACH SEXTON OF THE CRIMSON NINE. FELTON TO START IN BOX. thin paper, and the b than the old ones. no bulkier Pierce Sold to Chicago Cubs. WfcW YORK. April S The New York Nationals sold George Pierce, a recruit fttcbar. to the Chicago Cubs today. Baseball Notes. Welcome hack to Boston. Jake Stahl. The Boston National pi'chers sent home tn advance of 'he regular squad practiced yesterday on the lot oppi " the gate at the South End. The steam roller had the call on the regular field Today's the day when all the fans can see the new Red Sox Park for themselves The game with Harvard wilt begin at 3 30. The St Louis Cardinals took thetr series with the Browns, four games to St. but It's about certain 'hat before the season Is well under way the American Leaguers i!l have the call with the St Louts fans. The new score cards at the South Kn.i this year will be like th .se tn ,ire at the Polo New Y-k in wh'cn are published the old-fashioned blanks for tabulating the plavs. "f!Lrtrlh H x regular opening an April lis may be reserved at the Boston club's office. ? Washington st M-rsadjr more seats hae been reser-'ed than for any other opening the meri-can League team has had in Boston for u years- Manager Kllng will not play his regulars against the Princeton Tigers toCav. Several of them were sent home l st night from Jersey City. Hugh McBreen is said to be bis trouble trying to get White, the oM Princeton pit. her. w;h the Bed S-x last year, to sign a Jersev City contract White was far from Cfas minor league material even last season. Probably one of the youngest playrs SB the major leagues this season i Hash Leonard of the Red Sox. He s oely IS. There will be about sv seats m place for the Harvard-Red Sox game todv That la, in tne grand stand. Tb new grandstand at Cincinnati will be formally dedicated May 18. ows Good Form Harvard Is Counting on Giving Red Sox Hard Game as Last Year. Practice for the Harvard Varsity baseball squad yesterday In preparation for Its opening came with the Bostcn i Red Sox this afternoon was limited to a few minutes of fielding practice outdoors, with n short Indoor session In the age. Coach Sexton was not willing to risk acquiring any sore arms In tip? sharp all and so kept close tabs on bia players Sam Felton. the big varsity end. s slated to start the pitching for the Crimson, but the cnances arc that ho w.ll be relieved fairly early by either Hitchcock or Bartholf. S. P. Clark Is signed up for first base, with Capt Bob j Potter in his old place at second, Deshi at snortst -p and Winsate. the freshman captain or last year, in Gibbon's place at third BIG CROWD FOR PARK OPENING Continued From the First Page. Gov Foss and Mayor Fltzzgerald are among the notables who have been invited to see the game as guests of the Bed Sox club. The game will begin at 3:30. on a field that has been put into excellent condition by ground-keeper Jerome Kelley, who removed the old Huntlrigton-av diamond turf for the new Infield, and who for several weeks has had a force of men working on the playing field for this opening game. The regular season, for the Ked Sox will begin Thursday but It will not be until a week later that the boys will come to Boston for their first home game in their championship series. But the grounds are In shape, and while the new stand is not completed, there will be plenty of seats for today's ! match, and by the middle of next week all Trill be in readiness for the big crowds that will turn out for the open- t Ing and for the Red Sox' two games ! that are scheduled Patriots' Day. i '.- 1 . 1 . 1 U'ini t ClarL- . V. ..i...w - e, , - . i ' i i ii- ers :r: .in v ecrmt to atar th.. The Red Sox have just returned from only recruit to start the eame ' Cincinnati, where they nlaved two will be varsity halfback and : games with the National League club held" xTfgesXth "a "' w'""'n "" 'r his running mates In ine outer gatden.-. ; but losing Sunday's game, in which Provided Fe'.ton Is working in gc-Kl j neither team was able to do much hit-shape, the Crimson nine is counting on I ting. n the South, however, good bat- Ietnas tbey' did a'yeaV Vin whfnh" i tlnK " bf"n ,n, rh!ef feature df the Bed So gat hiwv with the game Sv i Boston team's work, and a continuation i to ". after a hard tussle. The col- i of this is what the fans want to see. The Harvard nine has played no CIANTS UNKIND TO MCGINNITY HitHimHardandBeat Newark, 7 to 0. Tesreau Pitches Good Ball for New Yorkers. 3. Chicago got six hits and Indianapolis five. The batteries rompi-ised Reulbach. Cheney and Needham; Webb and MeCarty, Haley. Pittsburg 10, Kansas City 4. KANSAS CITY, Mo, April & The Pittsburg Nationals made 14 hits off j w ) K r.Tisas City pitchers today and won tne final same and the series from the local team. 10 to 4. YALE SWAMPS JOHNS HOPKINS Score 12 to 1 in Game at Baltimore. Innings 1 23456789 I Holy Cross 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 24 Virginia 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 Runs made, by Cawley C, Ostergrn. Carter. Two-base bits. O'Brien, Oster-Krvn. !tglass. Carter, stolen bases. C'awley, J. Murray. Kennedy. NeJT. Carter. Hewitt 2. Double play. Lyncb and O'Brien. Sacrifice bits. J. Murray. Kennedy. Base on balls, by I.yn-'h 3. by Murray, by Goodhue 3. Left on bases. Holy Cross 7. Virginia 8. Hits, off I.yncb 5 in 6s innings: off Mnrrav 1 in 21-, innings. Struck out. by Lyncb 6. by Murray 3, i Dy uooanue z. wild pitches, Lyncb, Murray. Time, lh 55m. Umpire, Carroll. AMHERST SHUT OUT. DOG TEAM WINS S5000 Alaska Stake Landed by Mrs Darling's Group. They Lead in 472-Mile Race From Nome to Candle and Return. Freeman Proves Invincible With Men on the Bases. Cincinnati Wins From Detroit, 10 to 9, tegtans have been cut short on practice because of so much unfavorable weath er, hut they rave come fast in thedavs when they could use the varsity diamond and should give a good account of themselves today. GALBRAITH NEW COACH. Country Day School of Secures Cambridge Latin's 1911 Caseball Instructor. The Country' Day School Baseball team jf Newton was notined by Head- games this year, and has had very little practice out of doors. In a few days the college men will go to Washington. Baltuncre and Annapolis for five practice games, but to date all the worK they have done on Soldiers Field has I been done sgalnst other players on the NeWtOn ' n-varH aoiinH The t.lar.r. however, have had more than a month Ir. the cage, and will go into today's game in good physical trim. It hardly Is likely that manager Stahl will send any of his first-string pitchers master S K Kerna v..rribv thai H. E. C.albralth of the Harvard I j. w i sgalnst Harvard today, particularly whan the Giants wlli be at the new I School has been engaged to coach the j houW ,he dav but the Har- Park built by Garry Herrmann for his F.ed Bird It is to be hoped that the sudden death of owner Havener of the Milwaukee club in the American Association will not Interfere with Hugh Puffy" s plans for the team this year. Duffy has built up a first-class nine on the Spring practice trip Ever. W. Miller. Schulte. Rater. Lennox, Hofman. Zimmerman Is the way toe Cabs have been arrange! to bat by Manager Chance Trsas McBoy of the Boston Americans, who came bom ahead of the team, says that the regular Red Sox look mighty goad to him. and that Mc. Aleer Is confident some of the new ners wui develop oerore the la very old If Practically none of the major league teams this year has been able to do as HI ( mucn practice on its Spring trip as HI I aawat For this reason it Is likely to M : be three weeks or more before the te-jr., wn to reatl bnai-.-Mi m that wt down to real championship Maloney Reports at Brockton. BROCKTOK. AprU S Pat MaJoney. the Mill Leaue player who hit for .377 last year, repot rd to Prea John W. McCue of the local New England League Cltib today, as did slao Ed Bast of Taunton, a catcher who Worked' yesterday with Buck" O'Brien a few years sg6tV a g tn me ota otony i.eague. team this Spring. Ualbralth has been vard coacn wUI tr' out the best men he a pitcher for the Louisville club for the i hM- Harvard's pitchers all are lnex- last three years, and he has been at tending the Harvard Law School dur- lerlenced. but outside of the Dog there are many veterans In line, although Ing the off season. last Spring h i -"apt Potter and Babson are the only coached the Cambridge Latin School f two men who have played In more than team and turned out a strong nine. ' n game against the Boston Leaguers. In spite of the cold weather yester- Two years ago Potter, who was then day the candidates for nearly all of the : playing his first game of varsity ball leading high school teams reported for for Harvard, made the most sensational pract'.ce Box bury Latin will moet Kindge Technical School at Rtndge Field. Cambridge, this afternoon and the game Is likely to be very close. Coach Allen U. Tenner of Boston English High has picked the team that will play Medford High at Medford tomorrow afternoon. The- E- H, 8. batting order follows: Bradley lb. Dela-ney rb. Norton 3b. Henry ss. Bran no n p. Fowler c. Msgtnnts If. McPberson cf. Silverman ru Tomorrow the Noble fc Greenough team will meet the St Marks' School team at Southboro. The Technology Sophomores will meet the Mechanic Arts High School team thu afternoon In a practice game at the Fenway. The game win be late, starting about 4 o'clock to give opportunity for all the pajr:.-w t-3 ho on band. Manager C S Uardlner of the Tech team announced that he Uad seme with the Wellealev Hih I T-T3 1U4 .TU aSL of the game a successful one-hand stab at a high liner sent out toward right-center field. Both teams will be full of ginger, and the crowd will be keen for some good sport. To reach the new grounds, cars mav be taken at the Subway, going via Ipswich st or Beacon st Lawrence Players on Deck. LAWRENCE. April 8-Most of the players who are to be given a trial by Man, jjjftr per of tne local New jue -earn had arrtvt day, but to the cold weather little playing was done. Those here are Howard. Pearson. Keating. Kolseth. Fullertpn. Ortleb. MorrV. Collins and Hall, pitchers. Clrieh. Breymaler. Tev-dn and ates. catchers. M.liraih. Outt. Paaanlx. Carlstrom and Shaughnessey, Indelders: Lyster. Brigss. Jones arid fcmito, outflelders. NEW YORK. April 8 The New York Nationals shut out the Newark Internationals 7 to 0 at the Polo Grounds today. McGlnnlty pitched for Newark, and Tesreau, a recruit from the old Eastern League, pitched most of the game for New York. McGlnnlty was hit hard, but Tesreau held the visitors to three hits in six Innings and struck out five men. The score: Innings... 123456789RHE New York. 40001200 7 12 2 Newark 00000000 00 5 3 Batteries, Tesread. Crandall and Wilson: McGinnlty, Gaskill and Bergen. Ryerson. Cincinnati 10, Detroit 9. CINCINNATI. April S The Cincinnati Nationals defeated the Detroit Americans today. 10 to 9. In the first game of their exhibition series here. The score: Innings ..1 2 3 4 5 7 S 9 R H E Cincinnati .2 0220310 10 11 1 Detroit ....2 00250000 3 10 6 Batteries. HUdebrand. Bagby and Clarke; Mullin. Covington and Stanage, Onslow. Louisville 5, Cleveland 4. LOriSVILLE. Ky. April S The Cleveland Americans were defeated by the Louisville team of the American Association here today, 5 to 4. The batteries comprised Gregg. Kaler ami Easterly. Adams: Snyder and Madden. Other Games Yesterday. At Atlanta. Ga Atlanta (Southern Leajue) 6. ltochester (International) 3. At Spartanburg. S C Buffalo (International) 18. KpartaaJ.ury (Carolina) 4. At Petersburg. Va Toronto (International) 9. Petersburg (Virginia) 3. 'At Newport News. Va New York Americana (Yanlgans) 8. Newport News 2. At Rlcbmoad. Va Washington (American) (Yanigans) 7. Rlcbmoad (Virginia) 0. At Charlotte. N C Philadelphia American League second team 11, Charlotte (Carolina Association) 2. HIKE FOR BALL PLAYERS. Holy Gross" Spurt Beats Virginia Boys, 4 to 1. BALTIMORE. Md. April 8 Yale slaughtered Johns Hopkins this after- i Horan 3b... 1 2 2 0 Swasey cf. . 1 4 0.0 Haverhiil New England Leaguers in a Walking Stunt Cross Anxious to See the Boys in Action. HAVERHILL. April 8 It was too cold today for the Haverhill New England squad of players to practice at Athletic Park and instead Manager LVe Cross : ...,, .h D f? ?. ,.or. took the men out for long walks, morn V,"., n, into Web intr ar, ,-.,.,, Merrltt 3b.. 1 O 1 . ' noon. The visitors rouna r-ieper easy and. aided by seven errors, rolled up 12 runs. Hopkins had enough chances to score, but Freeman was invincible witlk men on the bases. Yale started off with a rush and made enough runs In the first inning to win the game. The fourth yielded a harvest. Five runs were then tallied, none of which was earned. Hopkins got its lone run in the second inning on a single, a sacrifice and a double. The hitting of Yale was the feature of the game. The score: Y.u.E II01'KIS bhpoaei on po a raigc ner . . . . " v phster If.. 0 2 O 0 Held for Three Hits bv Greene- Catholic University Pitcher. . , 0 , , L . , o NOME. Aaska. April 8 ia Ashcroft, WASHINGTON. April 8-CatnoHc B C-A. A. (Scotty) Allan, driving the T Diversity shut out Amherst here to- i ieam of Malamute dogs owned bv M-s Charles F. Darling of Berkeley. Calif, won the All-Alaska sweepstakes, crossing the finish line at Nome at 1:32 this morning. Allan's time for the 472 miles from Nome to Candle and return was STh Sim, 5h 5m more than his time last vear when he won the race with the same team. Alexander Holmson, driving Jonnson's team of Siberian wolfhounds, holders of the record of Tlh 14m 20s, was second. He came Into Nome one hour behind Allan. Charles Johnson, driving ox Ramsey's dogs, was third, arriving half an hour after Holmson. The race was one of the hardest la the history of the sweepstakes. Allan w-as pressed hard by the three leaders the greater part of the drive and it was not until he was on the last 50 miles that his dogs showed their superiority and kept the pace that gave him a safe margin of victory. Thev made an average of seven miles an hour on the home stretch. Despite the cold and the earlv hour the stands were filled when the dogs came in Although Mrs Darling's dogs were the favorites from the first, betting was heavy and a large amount of money changed hands. The purse for this year's race was JoOOO. aay. o to u. c nier Cireene twined excellent ball for the winners, letting the visitors down with three scattered bingles. Tilden of Amherst was hit for 10 safeties and the supnort afforded him was not very good. The score: CATHOLIC L'NIV . AMHERST bhpoaei on po a e Lynch cf . . . 1 2 0 0 Kimball If.. 110 0 Hare, ss 115 0 FItr 2b 10 4 0 Hessler rf. . 2 0 O 0; P'rtnbmr 2b 0 1 ' 2 1 Widmayer2b 0 4 2 0 Bart lb 0 13 0 0 McDonnell c 1 5 0 0 Vernon rf... 0 2 0 1 I'ipp lb 1 10 0 0 Wil'.'mson sa 0 0 0 2 Greene p... 2 2 ' Tilden p.... 0 0 4 0 Totals 10 27 11 Oi Totals 3 24 11 4 Innings 1 23456789 Catholic UniT 0 0012002 5 Runs made, by Hayes. Uessier. Horan. Greene. Clancy (running for Pippi. Earned runs. C. U. 2. First base on errors. C. U. 4. Left on base, C. V. 7, Amherst 4. First bate on balls, by Greene, by Tilden 2. Struck out. by Greeoe 5. by Tilden 3. Sacrifice hits. Hayes. Fit. Widmayer. Stolen bases. Hayes, Hesler. Horan, Partenhelmer. Time lb 40m. L'mpire. Fury. TUFTS LEAGUE OPENS. ing and afternoon Cross is anxious action so as to select his nine as quickly Thompson cf 2 0 0 0 Pieper p 0 1 4 2 as possible. There are now three catch- carhart rf.. 0 2 0 0,Leman c. 0 5 2 0 1 t t I U' Mio'TlG rf O 1 O II cross is anxious to see the players in nnrnlaii ss I 0 1 o WiUon ss. . I 1 4 ers. Perkins. Magee and Pratt, and five MCrearv lb 17 0 1 nber cf.. pitchers. Barry. Etts. Schaub. Hankee ; Burdett c... 116 3 o; Smith 2b. . and Dorr. Pitcher Melnt vie is expected, Freeman p.. 0 0 1 oDorsey lb. HIT BY A BATTED BALL. Giles p 0 0 0 O.ftlce 10. Hartweil p. 0 0 1 Or Totals. 9 27 9 2 Totals. . 1 (I 0 O 0 110 0 12 0 3 0 3 0 0 "52611 7 Frank Bull, a Worcester Infielder, Sustains a Broken Nose. YVOHCESTER. April 8 Frank Bull, an Infielder from Buffalo, sustained a broken nose while working out with the Worcester baseball team today. One ' mSz - . I . . . . . . . . .... - 1 X uu -i int uniiers nu tne oaii hard, and it struck Bull In the face. He will be out of the game for several days. Hyland .Gunning, the Red Sox recruit sent to Worcester, reported for practice today. Christy Wilson, the veteran pitcher, also put in an appearance R-iwllngs is the only regular Who has vet to rennrt I(a avtli o . , - ' - ....1 .,, , Friday. On Wednesday the club plavs the i Holy Cross Then Bunches Hits and ncu chx on Esouievara 1'arK. Cornish out bit by thrown ball. Inning 1 23456789 yaIe 5 2 O O 5 O 0 2 3 012 Hopkins 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 Rmir. made, by Harpean 2. Merritt. Reilley 2. Cornish. Thompson 2. Carhart 2. McCreary. Burdett. Olvr. Two-base bits. Burden. Mer- itt. Bellley ana rorter. curee oase Bit. inpson. Sacrtnce nits. Merritt. Burdett. Smith Stolen bases. Bellley. Double nlay. Cornili. Burdett and McCreary. First base on balls, by Freeman :i. by Giles 3. by Hart- . Hall Wins by 18 to 15, and East Hall by 19 to 8. MEDFORD, April 8 The Tufts Intra- moral League season opened today with two games. Paige Hall defeated West Hall on the old campus in a close, free-hitting game. 18 to 15, and East Hall won on the Tufts Athletic Field by running up a score of 19 to 8 against Dean Hall. The scores: Innings l 234567RI-fP. r-aige Mall 2 2 3 4 0 7 0 Vest nail 0 1 5 2 4 1 215 12 7 Batteries, Blagbrough and Bobbins: ATHLETICS NEED THIS ONE. Taylor. Gallupe and Phelps. well. Stnu k out. by Pieper 3. by r reeman 5. by Giles 6, by Uartwell 2. Left on liases, Hopkins 9. Time. 2b. L'mpire. McAtee. CLOSE UP TO THE NINTH. Innings 1 234567RHE East Hall 3 2 5 1 2 4 219 12 4 Dean Hall 2 01 3020868 Batteries. Brown nd l.iniai. 'am rich. Emerson and Porter. Must Beat Pniliies Today to Get So Good as Tie in Series, as No More Games Will Be Played. PHILADELPHIA. April 8 Another cold spell today prevented the Phillies and Athletics from reducing their training camp expenses by prohibiting the sixth scheduled clash between the two clubs. The larecst tru t. th 18 13 5 1 was expected, for Easter Monday In iiuaaeipnia is a general holiday amor.g the working classes The series ends tomorrow at Shibe Park. To even the series the Athlet'cs must win. for the Phillies now have a one-game advantage. Wednesdav the Phillies will meet Pennsylvania, and the Athletics are to play a local school. LAKE'S BOYS SEEK REVENGE. Second Game With Brown Tomorrow With Young Renfer Twirling. PROVIDEICE. April S-Pitcher Fred hlierry. the last of the holdouts of the Brooklyn 7, Washington 0. WASHINGTON. April 8-;The Washington Americans were whitewashed today by the Brooklyn Nationals. 7 to 0. I Providence team, signed a contract this The batteries comprised Cashloh. ! sfternoon. He came from the Washing- Ualker arid Alnsmith. Henry; Rucker, ton American League team. The play-Allen and Phelps. ers hnd a tuning-up this afternoon lor w . a TT T- . secnd game with Brown Vniver-New York (A. L.) 6. To!edo 4. slty tomorrow. Eddie Renfer. the is- kT- .- F"rRrS'" !S.0,2nArh.np7 Bnne9 W " "J me -ew i called out. too. loclle Ycrk Americans won. 6 to 4. Errors fig- i start for Brown. ured largely In the scoring in the first inning, after which both teams played good ball. New York got 11 hits and Toledo 6. av lie Warner will Bi-rningham 5, Cleveland 4. BIBM1NGHAM. Ala. April 8 Birmingham defeated the Cleveland American second team here today, 5 to 4. Chi cago Cubs 4, Indianapolis 3. INDIANAPOLIS. April s-The Chicago Nationals caught up wit Indianapolis in the ninth Inning of todav'. Milwaukee Woman in Baseball. MILWAUKEE. Wis. April 8 Mrs Charles S Havener, widow of the late owner of the Milwaukee American Association Baseball Club, was elected president and treasurer of the Milwaukee board of directors tonight. Dave Roth Sold to Troy. N Y. Club. BALTIMORE. April S Pave Roth of Newport News. Va, a young recruit on the pitching staff of the local International League baseball team, waa sold same s,-n-rl tw,. . j , I ') iu hit: iiuj v-.uo oi im -ci iOrK ame, scorea two runs and won 4 to ' State League. Beats Virginia, 4 to 1 Murray Does Well in the Box. niARIiTTF..VILLE. Va. April 8 Hcly Cross defeated Virginia today. 4 to L The contest was close until the rinth. when the lads from Massachusetts bunched a double and single, and this, with the aid of an error. netted two r.ins. Lynch started for Holy Cross, but retired In the Sevan th after losing control and issuing three passes Baltimore 4. Cornell 2. BALTIMORE. April S-Cornell's base-hall team made a creditable showing against the Baltimore Internationals, today, although they lost. 4 to S The score: Irnings ..1 23456789 RHE Paltimore .0 0 0 1 l l i o x-4 I Cornell ....0 0000100 1 255 Batteries Russell. Smith and p'avne iviemow ; rsisbet, Burkhardt anrt st,u,. b 'GRAND RAPIDS TO SET PACE. i ick. Princeton 5, Georgetown 4. WASHINGTON. April 8-Princeton defeated Georgetown for the second time this season here todav. ."i tr. a Th. k. Entries Insure One of the B?st Harness Race Openings the Grand Circuit Has Ever Had. GRAND RAPIDS. Mich. April S The entries for the six early closing events for the opening of the Grand Circuit in this city July 8. closed last week, but not until tomorrow will the lists be made k.iowr,. The delav is tn wr- I mit mail entries that may have been j belated by flood or other circumstances. I W-Ia, Snow of Hornell. N Y, was not heard from until Saturdav night and he named horses in three of the eventa I fec Kein says that the entries made I for all six events Insures one of the greatest openings the Grand Circuit in succession, k. .Murray, a :res.oman. j nice ano j r.aa ever had and that the 2:12 trot for succeeded him and acquitted himself aney: Ltar iind Sterrett. 1 lho-rtf?urnLture Manufacturers' purse of we.L fanning L1H, Fitchett and Landes . Washington an7Lee, by 6 to 3 WSJP W'elf! Goodhue, who was in the box tor Vir- --tx-f:L Y & t0 3- Tte 2:20 trot for the Grand Rapi&s ginia. pitched welt. fcSUfcaJft wN , a. April 8 Washing- Railway purse of 12000 will show the The Easter crowd was the smallest In years owing to cold weather, aggravated by a t iling wind. The score: HOLY CROSS I VIRGINIA bh po a e bh po a e C'awley 3b .. 1 (I 4 0 Finley c 1 -J 1 J Murray 2b. 0 2 2 o Grant cf . . . . o O o (, i Bi-:.-n ss... 1 2 2 0 Ul? cf o 0 0 oik rr r u w o .Hugiass as Twomey If... 0 10 0;Xe(T 3b j5i rrn in i ii j u-i urier lb.... 1 15 0 1 aenneiy cr.. i z o o HThett If. . t 4 n n mm c o s l ii tii-wttt 2b.. . o 2 -t n Lyncb p 0 1 1 OjLabdes rf . . . 0 1 O 0 K Murray p. 0 0 0 OtCooAos p. .. 1 o 4 - 'Riley o o 0 o Totals 5 27 10 ll Totals 3 27 15 5 Batted for Goodnue in ninth. trri & Lee defeated Pennsylvania State College at baseball here today, t to 3. Mount St Joseph's 4, Fordham 2. BALTIMORE. Md, AprU t-ili UN Joseph's College defeated Fordham here 1 0 5 l j today by a score of 4 to 1 1 1 2 oi White Sox Delayed by Accident. DES MOIVKS. Ia. April S-The game between the Chicago American League regulars and the Des Moines Western League club was called off today because of the late arrival of the Chicago team, owing to derailment of a train. iargest entry the Grand Circuit has ever had for a purse of this size. Comstock Park just now Is under three feet of water as a result of Grand River going over its hank. Work on the track will begin as soon ia tna flood subsides. READ THE ADVERTISEMENTS IN TODAY'S GLOBE. PILES AAKBSI9 gtrea !sstt relief, auri is a simple cere for piles, $1 at ilrsrs'-s or or :nail. Sampi- free. aaV-drcss "AAAKESLS." Irissaw aW4 Mw lata. a I 'X

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