The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on February 16, 1901 · 10
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 10

Boston, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1901
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10 ME 0 tO S T C: N THEATRE ECGZSE and MATINEE TODAY. - DENMAN Toomrson ...A N D.... THE OLD HOLESTEAD TONICHT AT C. Tickets Now Ready for Washington's Birthday MATINEE or NICHT. TOM011SUNDAYEveninz. VIETH "POPULAR MUSIC CONCERT." FIRST RECIMENT BAND. smto.ENt; COMER, ilvieen Regent or DP. .'71Pti" Nittr.r0; ERA NrEs cl It RA N, Magnetic Comicflienne orl Voralist: M A iliE CAMPREI.L. 'various Vocalist; 1101.1.1S rid iv ot TON. Pcwnlar PuPttlta; MASTER, F; I" 8 N Roe Soprano; anti ttRUE J. LAtIA. Trombone Soloist. 1 Kno NOTHING SEVIS. dit-Vo utJto 111Glill;4 f4.11to on Selo Roston Tbestre box office. MUSIC HALL AND ortir. WORLD IN WAX) HAMILTON PL. WINTER ST. lelephane 1744 ozterd. 13'DICIab EVERY SEAT RESERVED AFTERNOONS fittond Calcony OC Eemainder of House - 25c (Saturdaya and IloWays Excepted., EVENINGS econd Balcony OC 1 Irst Balcony - 25c Orchestra Circle, 12 Rows 25c Ord). Front. 12 rows, and Box Seats 50c tSaturda3s aud tiolidays Excepted. VAUDEVILLE Wei r I es el IN clo xi' os I a es mi rit Continuous trona 12:20 M. to 10:30 In M. John W. Damsons oak & tonnes Linton & Mr, nt) re Dobertrs Poodles Tableaux Itants Entitled Lew Hawkins & Stone Barr & Evans Almon! & Dumont templet, Orchestra 1 Itazraph And Man) Other Ittrong Features. - The only ind.vI1I Unit 1 Neve Enta.Inntil with a permanent Complete Orcheatra. - MATINEE MOUVENITIA. 2000 Nouvenie Pores of eboeninte Pon. Pone will be prenented to the tire !000 patrons erterinte M t:Pi Ilall betweeti 12 I anti 2 P 144 !Wit tontine. CASTLE TH E82:TR E 421 Tremont It. Tel. 077 Tremont.. Bennett nt I Monte Boll pl.. Tel. 8.'4 extort. Daily at 2 anl 8 P. Doors Open M At I and 7 P. It Daily at 2 ad 8 P. M. Elaborate Production of THELITTLE MINISTER &rflhIMN. 115e, 25e an" Nothing. Mat' Iberia. o ig il.00 hor Ail Scots itemerv I. Box Mr, tfn frosrt S A. Si. In io:30 P. M. ot 'Monday Mai cep. A tins iNr.,,,ht.p Nov? vi-,,ek --Tit I,ITTLF: NIATIrg onewmpson tit fit OSTOil " Air 11-1, MUSEUM ITY1"61 al 4. 2 WEEKS ONLY. ILITINILL5 al 2. Second Nintinee Today. Third Matinee loci.. Feb 22. W ton'a tAirthilay,) Fourth 5totinee Sat.. Feb 23. -IX 1.Aa-r NI.t.., CD L.- E) ID FR U IR'. Comedy by Pant heater. Management of kLAW et ERLANGER. Sonts on Sate for Four,. Fricayoment. GRAND OPERA HOUSE te.:. Letolee net Manager.. Te lepbe,no 1109 TN-Knout. Evenings at Li. Matinees Tues.. Thurs.,. Sat. ftw:rit,ar!...Sii.tttt:en.en tt:tr:es; o J. IL 1'41111.1NC reelests ROSE MELVILLE Is Great Rurat ComedrD:arna sot ot sot tilt Las; Season. SI S Nee Features. Scorn E!c. flOPRINS Nett WeAVARO and VOKES. It tI3 ATIRAt TIVE ENTERTAINMENT. k- 51: i11111STIAN UNIONAt the uniart telt, t. tkrit vd,t,..sthOr Eth 111. the Itosioa tautictille mod Skia halt 40el1ue.dy I', ii. 11,,1. or ,tinat saw aunt that:omenal k,ica: Miss Mattel liamta ltut,cra,,n,stiksok, 1nt Ittzit ttotiek, fill sol,s f6,0,11,ph ti'L: Mlas, Nclite Nickerson. 'maga: 51r 'rflks Issanru,s, chariketer laqtersoaatioas: coaciusi:14 ith succeastill r",ittetta: Ine ktiortcra.' All stemtterv, an4 Irttuta inaltat;on tickets reads Nicailas eventoz, kseb Pi. at 5 o'clock: dosra att .15, 1,, 1,egio at ';47. o'clock: tuernher, 11 Itcr sear WILLIAkt U. BALLWIN. rrirt-E, se.eF. OVVARD TODAY 1 Till Li P. M. vi eikpt;Vilittnit l'reeira Eta SENSATION BURLESQUER& It. N 114 id 10 lite and ti Ica - AA4 Waxen. ká..j 1A4 am A.m. A Cboto. Iltroave4 Seat ',.0. a ft 1 BOWDOIN 3VVDOIN Ittlet I tit: Ch. Fa !I.. zere,i,tt t,vio M floats rim THE COTTON KINC Zo,.,o IA Mattat,ra at IL Errata. at & Aka 'Neat in laa Ituu-se L any Pet t IM -se.a. tvittit4; b 401er. 2A. eke. h...usapped' it nt 111111 11111011111L 1 IN LI I PI NI IVA i a tab Ut ttLEstat EARS. Grand to, Jai i al. coaacertla Pre tk-9, 1,11,-a-ke.t 14 L14 Roue )nt tent n 2000 m 12 RE atom P IL ER Ann. hor , ft : trip, a III': ..-.- tal i EP I u 1-6 L2 4Ir- 4 gemmitundommni ' 9 if,N011 Pillybe.noto or lb Conotr wave the PrOvgt V n110.117 El Ntrir S PwstAn. Pobilormanco Coyttionems-12 M. to PI:a0 P. W. 125c. 35c. 50c. 1 A few Orrbontra gmts It 75t... All bov owats at St oarb. THE HIT OF THE SEASON na. PaPa georpd by tboi Spectacular Production Willi Its frl beautiful find graeeful girls. elegantly costumed. perfectly drilled and natural Cancers be biggest thing seen in vaudeville in yosire. Originated and infected by Capt., W. Eddy. GREAT VAUDEVILLE PROGRAMME rcr 1L71171031C. First Time liere of tbe Famous and Mrvellotts Greatest Tromp. of Jegglers Ever $een in America. Also. First Time in America of the natolsome Anatomical Wonder. MOE tt fil THEATRE Boylston and Tremont Sts. COLONIAL RICH, BARRIS and CLIAtELE:s litalliaN5Lessees and Managers EVENINGS 7:45-OVER 1045. MATINEES 2-OVER 5. MATINEE TODAY. Oth Extraordinary Week. KLAW & ERLANGER'S Marvelously Beautiful Production. Gen. Le N allacen WEDNESDAY AND , SATURDAY, 2 O'CLOCK. Dramatised by Wm. Yonne. Music by Edgar Stillman Kelly. Staged by Ken TeaL Seats Secured Until and Including March 2. Also for Special Matinee Washington's Birthday. Mali orders accompanied by check or postal order will receive prompt attention. also telephone orders. Admission 50e. TREMONT THEATRE y Today at 2. , NEXT MONDAY, FEEL 18, 22d and FINAL WEEK. SOUVENIRS! Monday 123vening. Feb. IS. 200'21h Performme in the United states. SILVER COIN PURSES With Chatelaines. Wednesday Matinee. Feb. 20. 1g5th Performance In Eoston. SILVER -FRUIT SPOONS With Gold-Lined Bowls. HOLIDAY MATINEE WASHINCTON'S BIRTHDAY. THE SAELOER OF - I 1 1 w MASTER Is Now Progressing at the ' COLUMBIATHEATRE 111E ENGAGFIIENT BEGINS MONDAY, HMI Mats. tts., !anion's linday. 1 ; 'V' NI 11-10 11-1 (-11 Ni le R-11 AL I- I--- SUNDAY EVENING, FEB. 24. Handel and Hadyn Society. Mr. Emil Maenhatier, Conductor. VERDI'S REQUIEM WIT!!-- VERDI'S REQUIEM Mrs. IILESEEERAD BIT a Y Soprano Mite. MAN N-11EINK ..... . Comets Mr. IL EVAN WILLIAMS, Tow Mr. OWILIM MILLS , ..... Baos Players fr4441 the Rastas Symohoa v Orchestra. Tickets altlt.414): $1.50. $1:00. On sale Monday Ntornirt. 1-et3 IS at Symphony 11t.11 Boa Ottee 4 fel hack hay 14442, &tut at Wright a: 1)11440a-s: 344 '94 444.11ington $t - -c-rx."... - joy LINE, IS etets. Staterooms and Information at tom 14611.3P Ote 214 Itizshington St (ar. Mato. Tel- 11013 )i AIM Seduced rates set all palms south. t t SSu ,.,,,...-.....,- -- Tt,- NEW YORK tob Ilko.60 Try,. Mont S, A &A...4k 0-16.11..t A Th. l'estsous Vas net Rosa. 1111-1E s of (101-16 A I-Slit kite tionCs tnsaliche Maze Sivve ksets tiour-2 Programs, Flessreh) A M. se 10:30 P Itke t USTIN & STONE'S 5. t12 RALPH EMERSON BURNHAM preoents JOSEF HOFMANN SYMPtiONCIr HALL. liVeduestlay Mairch (Mt. at 2:30 P. M. Foe scats and b.,1.4.1. zkYzargmaiLY Hata. on ad atf,, Feb. :f11.1. THE S "AO. tlitt11)01: 54.4. NI L.SL-LM. ANdui Ltamid lies visas Noammt4 Anr1rait pime,igratuc in Atrierha le tzeir tisn ti.,A,Py d....4. $eo It all tor 5 vent& flos Li& ) at 1 , t - , ST A F ,ILy EL A BEN dULi Do: p To- - at gah! Eats.- awls 1 'I THE SALE OF SEATS -FOR THE-- 1 FORGO- I A iv) RIVIQICF1; CIP"6cault- - .,,s. 7411 . At - , ' .4.- :,:----.1, -4,k - : LI THE BOSTON HOLLIS THESATiRE. ISAAC Propriotor and Manager - Curtain Rises Tonight at 7:45. 2 Neva II AppearancestThreshie Loses Game at Last Matinee Today at 2. New York. Tonight; Goodby Performance mR, I Boston Nall Takes Lead Alia JOHN HRE'Si Farewell American 'roar in Arbor W. Pizarro's Comedy. THE GAY LORD INEX Aiodated by MISS IRENE VANBRUCH Amid London Globe Theatre Company -- Prieen 25e., 50e., 75e. 1.00. $1.50 and Next Monday, Feb. 18 Washington's Birthday and Saturday MATINEES CHARLES FROHM AtS Presents William Gillette In DID Great Drama. Sherlock Holmes Sale of Seats in Progress. Seale of Prices. Orchomtra Stalls (first ten rows) $2.00 Orchestra Stalls Meat six rows). 1.00 Orchestra Stalls two rear rows) 1.00 Entire First aril Seenrd Balconies at Secular 1To Ills St. Theatre Priees. tt fll IPARK THEATRE k.UGEN13, loMPK INS. -Lessee sod liansge PARK THEATRE. MATINEE I TON1CHT AT 2. AT 8. CHAS.FROHMAN'S COMEDIANS 9 In the Present Season's Sum 3s, SELFAND LADY E. M. Holland. Frits Williams and All the Favorite.. outommentameromm I ,E I! A, HERBERT rteILCEY AND N E X T S H A ELVEN N MinihrDiaiicarY W E E K EXTRA MAT. WASIIMGTO HIRT IMAYSoats Now on Szle TREMONT TEMPLE. Dite U I 10Fitk El VI ems irsk I fur- HOLMES ge''s THESSALY & SLAIAPSIAN TODAY AT 2:3'0: Ticket's 25e.. 50e.. 75e.. and tp I. Feb.20,1230BERAMMERCAU WS tI3 ROLLER POLO RESULTS. Clinton Beats Brockton on Former's Rink After Close Game, in Which Rough Playing Predominates. CLINTON. Feb 171Clinton defeated Brockton on the local rink tonight by a score of 2 to 1 in a well-contested game. The playing was rough throughout, and once the referee had to Interfere and separate two men. Cashman did nearly all the work for the visitors. wade Houghton and .Bartlett did the best playing for the locals. The summary: CLINTONDaly Ir. Boughton 2r. Devlin e, Bartlett hb, Lannon g. BUOCKTONMurphy ir, Dawn's 2r, Fitzgerald c. Gardner lib. Cashman g. Goals. mon by. made by m 9 1clinton, DevilL 11:4 2--Clinton. Houghton - .5:19 3Brockton. Fitzgerald.... ..... 4 :09 Seore, Clinton 2, Brockton: Rustles, Murpay 4. Devlin, Daly. Stops. Cashman 50, Bannon 24. Fouts, Fitzgerald. ,ir..rituy, Bartlett Referee. Gibbons. Tinier, Hartwell. Attendance 500. MAINE POLO LEAGUE. Portland on the Home Rink Gives Bath More Than She Can stand. PORTLAND, Me, Feb 15Portland defeated Bath this evening 12 to 6. The visitors not only did not have Di 61cle'' Pierce with them. but they were also minus the services of Leydon. who was taken sick yesterday. Ryan, a Bath amateur. was suostituted for Leydon, arta he playeo a strong game. The summary: l'oRTLANDCanipltell Ir. Whipple 2r, McKay co lLatuerou lib. Mallory g. BAT11-1-tigg!ns 1r. Ryan 2r. Farrell c, Mut.- laugh hb, burgess g. Cottia, won by made by m 1-13.tta. kl.ggins 11Portland. Catnpisql 0:30 3Port :atm. Nittaly 10:15 4Bath, Higgins 1:13 t bath. Furrea CPatb. Jdrrvd 0:341 ort1an4. 1 bippie 050 b---rort land. OA al pbell 1 AO toPottland, Campbell 3;15 10Portland. Campbell 11Hath. Pazrell 0:30 12Port1atol, 1A-hippie 2540 13Port1an4, Canipbell 4 :05 14Portland. Campbell ..... 1:40 1:1-1'ort1and. hippie 1:00 ISPortland. Campbell 0 :35 17-11arh. 2:39 1SPert1anti. 'Worpple 4:55 seore. portland 12. Rath 6. Rusbos. Campbell 13. Biggins S. Stops. Mallory 57. Burgess Stt. tteleree. Connolly. Tinter. Dyer, Attends ace. tiNti. CORNELL FENCERS WIN. --- Ithacan. Win Seven Out of Nine Bouts in Tournament with Yale. ITHACA. N Y. Feb 1LCorne11 defeated Yale in fencing. winning seven out of nine bouts. The Ithacans were i the better form and in J. E. Gignoux . who won his three bouts. had the star fencer. S. N. Arnold of Yale carried off second individual honors. Yale's team was composed of S. N. Arnold. E. IL De larield. W. E. Meyer and K. Spalding. substitute. Cornelis men were C. W. Davis. J. E. Gignoug. H. Y. Blount and J. IL Russell, substitute. Abost 10.000 people attended the event, which was held In Barnes hall. Ihe judges were Prof W. F. Durand. G. B. Viles and G. 11. Snephard. For St Mary's 'Want Asylum. A whist and dancing party tn aid of St Mary 's Infant asylum of Dorchester was given last evening In Catholic union hall under the auspices of St Joser.,h-s ladies' ald society of the West End. It was largAY attended- Whist he4an at 8 o'clock and continued until 10. when trio rnzes were awailded to the following: Miss Toy first ladies'. Miss Moriarty second Miss Terry consolation. Mr CrOWICI nrst gentlernews Mr mAxecy seeond. Danking followed with Mr Pink-ham as floor director.i:.ssistect by .NT-ssrs McCarthy Sweeney. Potter and Dowd. The cornmittee ot srrangements consIsted of Miss Ilia Valsti, Miss N-Alie Walsh. Miss Catherine Daoey. Miss Annie Daev. Miss Helen t.i'Vrien. Miss Evelyn Collins, Miss Annie Noian, Miss Elizabeth Flanagan. Miss Mary Kile y ttud litss lielen McCirath. 3 GLOBE-SATURDAY, FEBRUARY BY ONE POINT. Most Wouderful Brace. lie Gels as Far as 399 and Then Misses. Conklin Runs Out, Having 10 Points to Make. Victor 11111 Meet l'osOor the Championship Today. xnnw YORK, Feb 15-C. F. Conklin of Chicago won the honors from Charles Threshie of Boston after a sensational game which was to decide the best amateur billiardist in this year's tournament which has been in progress for the last two weeks in the theatre of the Knickerbocker athletic club. Conklin and Thresh le up to tonight had each won three out of the necessary four games and it was generally understood that a battle royal would ensue when they came together for the final tussle. Conklin won the bank and chose the white ball, and in his fourth inning he made 52, to which Threshic replied with 32. Conklin's next best effort was 45, which placed him more than 60 points ahead of his adversary. Up to this time Conklin had been playing steady billiards, his position play being almost perfect. At the end of the ninth inning his score stood 112, against Threshie's 40 Threshie in his fourth inning made 32, and It was accumulated by some magnificent all-round play. But he failed to duplicate this score during the entire game. Conklin, still keeping the lead with a series of clever shots, ran his total up to 270 in his 27th inning. He was then over 70 points ahead of his opponent. Threshie playing steadily reduced this lead to 23 points in his 32d inning by a beautiful bunch of 35 caroms. Conklin immeolately replied with a break of 28 and followed up with 46 three innings later. Threshie then, in his wonderful open play, made 29, 17 and 15 in rapid succession. while the western man only gathered in 13. Threahle was now in excellent form and he gradually reduced the Chicago man's lead I nd tinaliy passed him on the 46th inning, the score then being Threshie's favor, 399 to Conklin's 388. It looked now as if Threshie had the game in hand. He threw away an Opportunity by missing a masse shot to count out the game. Conklin ran out, and the score stood 400 to the Bostonians 399 The winner played a con-; s,stent game throughout. Threshie played beautifully throughout the game. but his manipulation was only spasmodically correct. Tomorrow night the game will be for the championship between Conklin and Foss. Following is tonight's score: C. F. Conklin, Chicago-0, 0, 2, 52, 0, 2, 4. 7, 45, 7, 2, 2, 1, 0, 11, 2, O. 7, 5, 0, 36,', -31, 10, 5, 6, 4, 39, 0, 0, 2 ' 1, 10, 28, 0, 1, 48, t?, 8, 5, 1, 0, 9, 1, 10. 1, 5, 2, 10-total 400. AVerage 8 16-48. High runs 52, 46, 45, 39, 331. Charles Threshie, Boston-1. 1, 1, 32, 0, 7, 4. 0, 3, 6, 1, 11. 0, 24, 3, 15. 14, 2 9, 19. 0, 0, 12, 5, '20, 14, a 11. 5. 0, 5, 35, 0, f, 1, 1. 29, 17, 15, 6, 13. 14 29, O. 10, 4, 0-total 399. Average it 23-47. High runs 35. 32 23, 29. 24. Referee, Mr Edwin O. Fleshy, 1N7er- York. FRIZELL DIL,FEATS JE WETT. Billiard Match in Class B at 999th A. A. Ends in Victory 300-221. In the class B billiard tournament at the 999th Artillery association, Charlestown, last evening Fred Frizell beat H. M. Jewett by 79 buttons, the score being 300 to 221. The winner's average was only a few points below 6. This is the second best average made in the tournament. The summary: Frize11-1, O. 7. 6, 2, 1, 0 11, 9, 1, 13, 3, 16, 2, 1, 1, 13. 9, 7, 0, 23. 15, 1, 1, 10, 1, 6, 5, 0, 2, 21, 6, 0, 6, 19, 0. 3, 1, 27. 0, 3, 16, 1, 0, 4, 1. 2, 1, 1, 1. 5-total 300. Average 5 40-52. High runs 28, 27 and 21. Jewett-33, 1, 0, 1, 7, 0, 0, 0, 3, 2, 3, 3, 13, 9. 0, 1. 1, 4, 2, 1, 0, 8, 3. 3, 17, 1, 1, 0, 6, 1, 0, 6, 12, 5, 0, 2, I, 4, 22, 0, 5, 1. 1, 11, 4, 6. 1. 7, 4. 4. 2-total 221. Average 4 1-3. High runs 33 and 22. Sullivan Service at Et Pau's. There will be at St Paul's church, Tremont st, tomorrow afternoon at 4 O'clock a special musical service, consistIng of selections from the composisions of Sir Arthur Sullivan. The music will be reiniered by the full vested choir of Men and boys under the direction of Warren A. Locke, the organist and choir master of the churcn. Tile program is as follows: Processional. hymn M6. "Onward Christian Soldiers:" Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, Anglican-chants; sacred song, The Lost Cnord," the arias. "O. That Thou Hadst Hearkened" and "How Many Hired Servants of My Father's," from The Prodigal Son:" the aria "Daughters of Jerusalem" and chorus, "Yea, Though I NN'alk,' from "The Eight of the World;" fertival anthem. "Sing. 0 Heavens;" recessional, hymn 344, "Nearer, My God, to Thee." SUNDAY SERVICES. THr. FIRST CHURCH OF CHIIIST, Scientist, the mother church, Falinouth and Norway sts, Boston. MassServiees 10;80 a in kk Ind 3 p Itt subject: "Illind"; subjects and sermons copyrighted by Rev Mary Baker Edify; children-a lt;uuday sellool 10:30 a oh SECOND UNIVERSALIST corner Columbus t - av and Clarendon st Rev N. Roblin, DD, ministerServices 10:30. Mnsie by quartet, soprano soloist and great chorus choir; composers. Parker, Foote. Handel. Gouuod. G. W. Chadwick ehoirmaster. RUGGLES-ST BAP CHURCH. near Treninnt atBev 11. C Maine. DD. of .11lasy. Ualou will preach:, 10:30 a to, "Tidings From the Battle Frent." ituggles-st quartet; 7:30 p an. "Christian Principles of the First Century Requisite for the 2tith." THE FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN church, cor Berkeley and Chatalier sta. T De pastor. Rev A. K. MacLennan. Ill), will preach at 3 and 7;30 p m. Topics, "Cauties of Doubt" and fEnsuspected Yalta" All welcome. WASH I NGTONI A N HOME Temperance meeting Suuday afternoon at 3:30 In chapel, 41 Waltbam st. Edgar P. bleummin. coons...tor-atlaw. will speak. Miss Lucy R. Covell will Mug. Public Invited. NEW THESPIAN HALL. 16.4 Nlassaebusetts av 4nr Boylston st), branch' Saboatb ',beet of Tremont temple. Sunday. Feb 17. 3 p m. address by Dr Lorimer. singing by quartet and iameregation. UNION CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, corner Columbus av and Weet Newton stPreaebing at 10:30 a in aud 7:30 p r.n by Prof George F. Moore. Sunday school, 12 to. 1. P. S. C. E.. 0:20 p re. ;SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTYPublic meeting Sunday evenlug. 7:30. at Homestead hall, 724 Watihington 6t. Subjpet. "Political opened by F. ii. McClellan; free discussion. IN DEPENDENT CHURCH. Rev Samuel Richard Fuller. Pierce hall, Boston, Copley sq Sunday morninga, 10:4a, subject. Eitilcal Culture: RI) Steanfastnesa of" Public invited. BoSTON LIBERAL FORUM. Pilgrim ball, en4 Washington stSua at I p in. Speaker, Rev J. P. Bland. BD. agnoidie. Sub. "Science va Socialism." Diseession invited. Music. TIIE PittitiRE:as;vE LycE.. LM. a Sptritualistic Sainday school. hold)) its aessions every Sunday at 11 am. la Rea Menu 14 Tremont at, Boston. All weicoine. ANDREW"S pRts CLIERCH, W. Concord atPrvactiing by the pastor, Rev A. D. Maelelainou. BD, at 10:30. Uncareal-for Souls"; at 7;IIA "God Making Ep His Jewels." NEW TESTAMENT STUDY. coalneted by Aaron M. Creme. Pierer builiiag. Copiey est. 3.Int p nat. ;sunder. St.laii-ct. The Law et Leer"; John, iv, Li and TREMONT TE3IPLESong. and evangelistic service at 2:30. Mr C. P. Jartorsois will preside. Address by Bev 11. P. Smith. Singtrig by the jubilee singers. FIRST CHURCH IN BOSTON. Berkeley end Marlboro au a Re v Ja ints Leila, minister. Morning service at 1e:.30 o'cloet. Parish San-day a.-Mwil at 3, HOSPITALLER, 724 Washington at. Naomi hallQueotion at 7::tai, "What. Will solve tlie Indastriat Probletn? Opened by Mr Poiniey. ,suaw!ilET-AV NIESStAIUS CHURCII Ecangeliat W. Davis will preach at 3 p in, san.lecta "Inn kAith 01 Aiint." I SUNDAY SERVICES. - --- , , rosTos, YOUNG MENt4 CHRISTIAN CND tNVesper $rn.y eveuing. at - the Colon brill. 4' liaITIstnn Rt. Rev Daniel Do-lane Addisen of All Saints' Episcopal ehurch. Itrof,kline. sabjeet. "Sainthood." Special music: Miss Gertrude Walker soprono, Mtge Floretice M. llopkine mexao-sotirano, Mom Helen E. Niatthews alto. Will 11. Griggs bari- "W ith Beene." Buck: eeprano solo. "Heaven is My erIflr 'Clrall.'11,11.1"PirXradtut):: eiSe.717170 soral::: "Salve SanrkrP: baritone gab), From the DPW 118.. 481111,14!IR soprano sem. -Abide with Outatanding." Griggs: seprano solo, "Day is Liddle: baritone Ik110. Jesus. Thou Ended." Bartlett. Congregational singing. Georce Mendell Taylor, nit:steal director. Doors open at L. to begin at 7:30 o'clock. All people and the nubile cordially invited. TREMONT TEMPLE BArrisr CHURCH. Strengers" Sabbath Hotne-9:30 morning prayer; 10:30 preaching by the pestor. Rev Geo. C. Lorimer. I D. subject: "Jehovates Guest. or the Religion of a Gentleman"; 12:15 Sunday ..heel.. and Bible elasses; 2:30 song and evanglistic serviee, Mr C. P. Jameson presidina; sd4res by Rev H. P. Smith. evangelist: singing bY Jubilee shiers: 4:30 G081)e4 temperanee service io Lorimer ball. address bn Rey J. A. Jebneon: music by the C. P. U. orchestra. Mr L. D. Sr-hriven. director: 5:30 young peoples prayer meeting in Gilbert hall; 7:30 nermon by Pr Lorimer. subieet: "After Death. or P0At bunions Probation." Bennett). After-meeting sit,AwmuT CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. corner Tremont anti Brookline sts---Rev Wm. T. !.1cEireen, PhD, pastor. will preaeh at 10:30 a in and 7-n0 p iii. Morning topic, "The Wrath of the Lerti.' Sunday sehool at 12:15. Christian Entlenvor meeting at 6:30 p M. At 7:30 p ri Dr 51eElveen hinting his series of talks on the Goepel of Recent Fietion, the book commented upon being Ralph Connor 's "Sky Pilot." Mise Olson of Emerson sehool of oratory reads condensed chapter. Music selections from Haydn, Parker and Dunham (planet and chorus under the direction of Mr 11. M. Dunham. Seats free. All welcome. THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY of the Massachnvetts Total Abetinence society will be oh-served by a pnblic meeting at the Bromtield-st ehurcli. on Friday. Feb 22. at 2:30, followed by a banquet. Addresses will be given by LI(In E. H. Haskell. lion B. B. Johnson. C. E. Dennett. Rev Thomas Scully. 51iss Jessie Forsyth. Mrst H. T. Todd. Rev C. H. Mead. DD. an others. and a historical address will he glen by Rev Alfred Noon. The Franklin quartet will sing. PEOPLE'S TEMPLE, eor Columbus av and 'Berkeley, Rev L. II. Doreneater. pastqr-10:30. pastors topic. "Heaven"; 12, Bible echool: B. Christian Eteleavor: 7:15. song service: large chorus:, eeleetions. "Jerusalem. from Gounod's "Gallia": "The Heavenly Song." Gray; duet. Mrs Wright and Miss -Lincoln; eornet solo. Miss Morse. The pastor will give first of three sermons on "Nights in Sacred Story"; topic, "A Night Call Upon a Witch." Everybody welcome. FIRST M. E. CHUCILI Temple St, rear of stete house. Rev loranklib Hamilton pastor9:45 a In, morning prayer 10:30 a in, preaehing by the pastor. Rev Franklin Hamilton, tople. "The Sliepherd Christ": 12:15 p m. Sunday school: 6:30 p in, Epworth league; 7:30 p preaching by the pastor, tonic "1,4 Methodism a Failure?" Music by a quartet and apeelal soloists. assisted by a large chorus and Instruments. Every seat free; everybody invited. BERKELEY TEMPLEMorning service 10:30, sermon, Rev Edward Andersou, subject. "Gentleness"; musk- by chorus. solo Miss Hughson. Christian Endeavor 6:20. Evening. 7:30. monthly musteal service by chorus of 50 voices, Mr J. C. Bartlett director; will give 'Gloria" front Fernier's mass, "I Will Mention His Loying Kindness," Sullivan. Mr Bartlett and chorus; tenor solo. Mr Bartlett. etc: address. Dr Anderson, subject, "Bright Examples." EVERY-DAY CHURCH, 397 Shawmut ay. betneen Brookline and Canton sts, Rev George L. Perin, DD. pastor-10:30, sermon by associate pastor. Rev Thomas B. Payne. subject, "The Need of Christian Citizenshite": 7:30, vesper service. sermon by Rev Frank O. Hall of Cambridge. Continuation of series upon Gods Common People." Special subject, "Common People as Neighbore." Everybody Welcome. MRS FLATTERY, wife of the famous ex priest, speaks in Berkeley temple patriotic meeting at 2:311 p m. upon 'Convent Life." or personal experience in a convent. The design of this lecture is to open the eyes of Americana to the cruelties of this p-agao system of imprisonment for our young ladies. Inspiring mush! from 2 p in. To defray unusual expenses We rpeeive a sliver offering at the door. BOSTON YOUNG IMEN'S CIIRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. Buyiston and Berkeley sts-2:30 p at, synthetie Bible class, led by Rev J. M. Gray, .DD. Both men and women Invited. 3:45 p m, grand mass meeting for men. Address by J. Campbell White, seeretary Y. M. C. A., Calcutta, India.. Miss Lucy R. Covell. soprano. and Association male quartet. All men invited. 5 p m, Frenelt Bible class. BROMFIELD-ST M. E. CHURCH, Rev John Galbraith, l'hD, pastorThe pastor will preach 10:30, "The Great Prayer, Our Father:" 7:30. "The Transfiguration." All seats free. Everybody welcome. Noen meetings daily. Chaplain J. H. Macomber, USA, will preach each day. Good singing. Everybody welcome. Come in. UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD ORGANIZATION AND THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETYNonpelitical and unsectarian. Lodge No- 78 will hold its monthly piddle- meeting at 8 it in Eberle lower hall. Union sq. Somerville. Addresses on living questions front the theosophical standpoint. Musical selections. All invited. AT TIIE BAPTIST TABERNACLE, Bowdoin sitTomorrow Rev Walter Calley will preach at 10:30 a in on "Heart Religion." at 7:30 on the "Crucial Hour in a Human Life." Bible 'wheel at 12 in, Mr George it. Kelso wuperintendent. All seats free. Strangers cordially welcome. Meetings every evening in the week. WARREN-AV BAPTIST CHURCH. corner West Canton and Warren avThe pastor. Rev lierle-rt S. Johnson. will preach at 10:30, "Water Made Into Wine"; at 7:30 "Hope in the 20tb Century." Song service at 7. Harvard male Quartet in the evening. Welcome CLARErs.DON-ST BAPTIST CHURCH Prenching by Rev A. A. Shaw of Brookline at 10:30. and by Rev J. A. :McElwain at 7:30. Bible school at 2:30. Service at 175 Huntington av at 3:30. condueted by Miss N. H. Millett. Bible school at 2:15. THE CHRISTADELPHIANS, Arcade ball, 7 Park sqLecture 10:30 a m; subject, "The Purpose of God In the Earth." All welcome. No collection. KARL MARX' CLASS of political economy rneete every Sunday. 3 n al. at 724 Washington st. Free to all. Martha Moore Avery, director. SPIRITUALISTIC MEETINGS. P,ED MEN'S HALL UWU Nem 0 IlimP 5 11 AP MEM NM II MRS MAGGIE J. BUTLER will hold a series of meetinga in Red Men's ball. 514 Tremont st. beginning Sunday. Feb 17. Good speakers will be present. Speeial mitsical program. Meet- lag begins promptly at 7.30. DEDICATION SUNDAY, Cambridgeport, 573 Mass. av, afteipoon 2:30, evening 7:30. Meditints expected Mrs Fish, Mrs S. E. Hall. Belle Robertson, Mr Graham and others. Extra talent, good singers; Minnie Parker of Haverhill, singer. will t; lag under control. Lucy J. Aker-wan. Pres. FlutsT SPIRITUAL TEMPLE, Exeter st Spirit Zoronster will speak at 10:45 and spirit Henry W. Beecher at 2:30, through the trance medittruship of Mrs N. J. Willis. Sehool at 12 in. Seance for materialization at 7:30. Medium. Mrs M. It. Goff. ROSTON SPIRITUAL TEMPLE, 4 Berkeley StRev P. A. Wiggio, speaker. Mr Wiggin will speak and give spirit eonintunications at 10:30 and 7:30. Ladies' Schubert quartet will furnish music. Meetings free. All invited. 446 TREMONT STSpiritual meetings 11 a in and 2 31 ) and 7 p m. Mrs Gutierrez, conduetor. assisted by the best of talent. Mrs Hall. seloist: Mr Wilde. pianist. Good speakers and test mediums always present. ROXBURY SPIRITUAL AS'SOCIATION. Box-bury hail. 67 Warren at. opposite Dudley-st transfer station, holds test meetings every Sunday at 730 p tn. Medium, Mrs Mack of 304A Warren st COMMERCIAL HALL. 604 Washington at M. Adeline Villkinson, Conductor. Serviea at 11. 3. 7:30. Reliable mediums. proving the continuity of life. will be present. Lyle orchestra. DR ABBIE K. M. HEATH. psyehic healer and test medium. Cireie every Sunday at 3 p Ill. 71 Dover et. Teats, readings and delineations. Something for each. Why not come? THE GOSPEL OP SPIRIT-RETURN SOCIETY. Minnie M. Soule pastor. Assembly hall. 200 Huntington avDiseourse and evidences. 7:45 p w. ECHO HALL SPIRITUAL MEETINGS are now held at 321 Main at, Charlestown, near Walker, Sunday evenings. Mrs E. J. Peak, Conduetor. MRS M. E. JorfxsoNStinday circles 11 a in. 2:30 p ni. 7:30 p to. Removed from 41 Winter at to room A. 170A Tremont at. MRS A. PEABODY MeliENNA. will hold a test circle Sunday evening ut 8 o'clok, Warrenton at. near Washington. MEETINGS IN AMERICA HALL, 723 AVashingtin circle 10:30, 2:30, 7:30. Mrs IL E. Milian, President. MRS C. M. SAWYER. materializing seance, Sunday evening. hotel Yarmouth. 21 Yarmouth at. suite 3. MISS J. RHIND has a parlor' circle Sunday, 1064 .iasnington at. PLOV-TERS At Very Lowes! Prices. J. NEWMAN &IONS, 51 TREMONT ST. WE RAVE NO BRANCH STORES. DEATHS. BADDAMIn Dorchester, Feb 13, William IL Radiant, late lieutenant and passed assistant engineer, USN, 6'0 yrs. Funeral front St Mary.' church, Uphanis Corner, Dorchester. at 2 p Sunday. C.ID143.4,NIn South Roston, Feb 15, Frank W., beloved son of Mary anti the late Patrick C4d1.rail. 24 yrs. Funeral from his late residence. 210 Dorchester st, Monday, at S-20 a m. outem nwa.s at St Augustine's churrh at o'clock. Relatives aud ftienda Invited to at-teat!. erAFLINIre Newton Center. Feb 15. Daniel CLidM. 71 yrs. Funeral (rota hie late residence. 3(.0 Chase st. Suo,lay. at 3 p m. Relatives and friends Invited without further ao 16. 11)01. DEATHS. COLLINSIn tide city. Feb 15. Mrs Edward M. Collins (nee Rine). 27 yrs. Funeral from the residence of ber parents. No. 18 Seneca .st. Monday. Feb IS. at 8:15 a in. Solemn bigh mass at the cathedra of the Holy Cross at 9 a ta. Relatives and friends invited. CONROYIn this city. Feb 15, John J.. beloved Inieband of Cella XL Conroy. Funeral from bis late residence. 41 Charter at. rear. Monday moraine. at S:30 o'clock. Solemn high mass of tequiem at St Stephen's church. iISSOVer St. at 9 o'clock. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited. CROWLEYIn Se.merville, Feb 15. Dennis. be bushand of Catherine Crow icy (nee 111111Y). Funeral from bis late residence. 64 Bow at. 5londay. Feb IS. et 8:30 a m. Requiem high mass at St Joseph's church. rider' sq. at 0 o'cloek. Relatives and friends kindly invited to attend. - CUNNINGHANIIn Jamaica Plain. Feb 15. James II.. beloved child of Thomas F. aud Maria Cunningham, 4 yrs 7 mos bad Funeral from parents' residence, 82 Child at, Saturday, Feb Id. at 2 p m. Relatives and friends invited to attend. CURTINIn North Cambridge, Feb 15. Mars widow of Timothy Curtin. of Burke, N Y. removal of remains from residence of daughter, Mrs Thomas F. Martin. 15 Sherman at. Cambridge. Mass, Sunday, Feb 17, at 4 p Remains leave union station at 7 o'clock for Chateaugay. N Y. DONOVAN-1n this city. Feb 15. Dennis, beloved husband of the late Hannah Donovan. Funeral from the Little Sisters of the Poor, Dudley tit. Saturday. Feb 16. at 8:30 a m. Services at St Patrick's church at 9 a in. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. ERICKSONIn Roxbury. Feb 14, Eric E. Erickson, preeident of the Erickson Electric Equipment Co, 50 yrs. Funeral services at his late residence. 12 Thwing at. Roxbury. Saturday, at 2 o'clock. Relatives and friends Invited to attend without further notice. FITZPSTRICKIn this city. Feb 14, Margaret, beloved wife of John Fitzpatrick (nee Weir). Funeral from her late residence, 51 Revere at. Sunday, Feb 17, at 2 o'clock. Services at St Joseph's church, Chambers at, at 2:30 p m. Relatives and friends invited Prince Edward Island papers please copy. GANNONIn East Cambridee, Feb 15, Mary A., beloved child of Thomas and Annie Gannon, 10 yrs 3 meet 4 ds. Funeral from parents' residence, 113 ad at. Sunday, Feb 17, at 2 p m. Relatives and friends invited to attend. CIOR31ANIn Dorchester, Feb 14, Kittle Gorml 21 yrs Funeral from her parents' rest-deuce. 10 Pniltan ay. Sunday, at 2 o'clock. Prayers at St Peter's church at 2:15 o'clock. HANSONAt City hospital, Feb 8. Hattie Florence, wife of Wm. H. Hanson. HENNESSEYDrowned in Dorchester bay, Feb 14, James. beloved son of John and Julia Hennessey. 10 yrs 6 mos. Funeral from his late residence. No. 47 Kimball at, Sunday; Feb 17, at 2 o'clock. Services at 't St Peter's church, Meeting House Hill, at 3 P in. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend. HORMELIn South Boston, Feb 15, at 41 M st, Ernest G., son of Ernest and Albertina Hormel, 23 yrs. Funeral from German Lutheran church. West Newton at, Monday, Feb 18, at 2 p m. HUNTERJames B., the beloved husband of Charlotte E. Bunter. departed this life Thursday morning, in his 76th year. Funeral from his late residealce, 74 Vernon at, Roxbury, on Sunday. at 11 a m. Relatives and friends are cordially invited to attend. LOCKEIn Chelsea. Feb 13, Caroline A. wife of Andrew J. Locke, 63 yrs. Services at late residence, 138 Washington av, Monday. at 10 a in. Interment at Portsmouth. LOVEJOYFeb 14, Lorenzo Lovejoy. 67 yrs 9 mos 16 ds. Funeral Feb 16, 28 Monument at, West Medford. Waterville, Me, papers please copy. McCARTHYIn Revere, Feb 14, Margaret, be. loved daughter of Charles and Mary McCarthy, 6 yrs 9 mos 16 ds. Funeral from her parents' residence. Genesee at, Revere, Saturday, Feb 16, at 2 o'clock. Relatives and friends kindly Invited to attend. McDEVITTIn Lexington. Feb 15. Owen P. McDevitt, 1 mo 2 wks. Funeral from his parents' residence, Burlington at. Lexington, Ssiturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Relatives and friends luvited. SlcDEVITTIn Canibridgeport, Feb 14. Edward, beloved husband of Ellen McDevitt (nee Ellen McGee). 71 yrs. Funeral from his late residence, 87 Tremont st. Saturday. at 9 a m. Requiem high mass at St Mary's of the Annunciation at 10 a tn. Relatives and friends Invited to attend. Interment at Calvary cemetery. MeWILLIAMSIn Lowell. Feb 14, Alex McWilliams, 61 yrs 6 mos. MEDUS'e-In Roxbury, Feb 13. Sarah, widow of James Itedus, 62 yrs. Funeral from her late residence, 9 Wiggiesworth at, Roxbury. Saturday, Feb 16. at 8 o'clock. Services at 9 o'clock at Mission church. Relatives and friends kindly invited to be present. MULCAHYIn this city, Feb 15, Timothy beloved son of Hannorah and the late John. Mulcahy. Funeral from the residence of his mother, 193 W. Springfield at, Monday, Feb 18, at 8:15 a ea. Services at the church of the Immaculate Conception at 9 a In. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. MURI'llYIn this city. Feb 14, Patrick 1. beloved husband of Ellen Murphy, 37 yrs. Funeral from his late residence. 6 Longmeadow at. Dorchester. Mass. Sunday, Feb 17, at 2 o'clock. Services at St Peter's church, Meeting house Hill. at 2:30. Attendance of relatives and friends requested. MURPHYIn this city. Feb 15. Daniel E. Murphy. 37 yrs. Funeral from W. J. Cassidy's undertaking rooms, 120 Harrison ay. Sunday, Feb 17, at 1:15 o'clock. Services at Pt James' church at 1:30. MURPHYin East Somerville, Feb 15, Matthew P. Murphy. 55 yrs 8 mos. The deceased was a member of the Kearsarge naval veteran and of Willard C. Kinsley post 139. G. A. R. Funeral from his late residence. 76 Bonair at. Sunday, Feb 17, at 2 p m. Requiem high mass at St Ann's at 9 o'clock. Kindly omit dowers. NOLANIn Cambridge, Feb 14. Mary, beloved wife of James P. Nolan, 67 yrs. Funeral from her late home, 47 Sacramento St. Sunday, at 1:30 p tn. Services at the house. Relatives and friends are invited. O'DONNELLin South Boston. Feb 14. Bridget, beloved wife of Patrick O'Donnell, 46 yrs. Funeral from her late residence. 580 East itti at, Saturday, Feb 16. at 8:15 a in. Services at the Gate of Heaven church at 9 a tn. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend. O'KEEFEIn East Boston, Feb 15, Nellie J.. beloved daughter of Edward J. and Elizabeth B. O'Keefe. 15 yrs 6 mos 10 ds. Funeral from her late residence, 376 Bremen t. siinday. at 2 p Relatives and friends are invited to attend. PRATTIn Roxbury. Feb 15, S. Howard I'ratt, late of Dorchester. Mass. 57 yrs 11 mos 19 ds. Notice of funeral later. REYNAUDIn Dorchester, Feb 15, James J.. beloved son of Elizabeth and the late James J. Reynami, 22 yrs 3 mos 6 ds. Funeral from the residence of bis mother, Mrs Elizabeth Noonan. 14 Page at, off McLellan at, Dorchester. Monday. Feb 18, at 8 a tn. Solemn high requiem mass at St Peter's church. Meetieg House Hill, at 9 a in. Relatives and friends invited to attend. ROTIANIn this city. Feb 15. James Rebell. Funeral from his late residence, 4 Unity at, Sunday, at 2 p at Relatives and frieuds invited. ROLLINSIn Cambridge. Feb 14, George O. Rollins. CI yrs 10 mos. Funeral Sunday, Feb 17, at 2 p in, at 'L'e2 Farwell pl. No flowers. SULLIVANin East Boston, Feb 14, Michael J.. beloved husband of Minnie A. Sullivan (flee King). 32 yrs. Funeral from his late residence. 42 Everett at, Sunday, at 2 p Reattives and friends, invited to attend. Late Member of local assembly 5789. Knight of Labor. Lexington, Feb 14, Ralph Veld, infant son of Thomas G. anu Fatah O. Whiting. 6 mos 23 dit. Funeral at parents' residence. Waltham st Sunday. Feb 17. at 2'. pm. KEARSARGE ASSOCIATION. Funeral of Shipmate, Mattliew F. Murphy from his late home, ?6 Bonair st, Soinertille, at 2 p m Sunday. Yeti VT. sJ1. Snipinates will at-lead, per order of DANIEL Uk.a Admiral. LETTER OP THANKS To Licensed Carrisze Drivers 1. B. A.--I desire to thana the members of this association who r, artiopateti in the burial of toy nephew, George F. Collins. and for their estretno kindnes in rny b.ur of deep atiliction. His &wit It Atli COLLINS. Ili DESIGNS fog Flowers GET Wholesale PRICE-1 Pkom zINN Before Ordering Elsewhere. 2 Beacon St. Next to Corner Tremotu riSurl OS MOURNING SUITS. II ATS BON NUTS tka-OLD u CItk.jjlT. HUILk BROS, S. Waa.Nizztott st. Open ovemnia. bid d Business Chances DRUG STORE FOR SALE. a beauty. very bent and mt mod,. ern fixtures thuri maple). silent seller show . easea. elegant preneription ease. reeens label bottles. 14-sirup onyx fountain. hot soda fountain. automatic, east $227); National cash register. large stock. good trade, rent Itn0 per month: steam heat; lit tulles from Boston, a sna p pHs!, tern ts If dettirNi: drnt delay. C. P. GEORGE,. 31 Stnte st, Boston. Mass. PRINTiNG OFFICE. PART or all, old estab down-town printing anti publishing house, inerative business. great bargain; owner being compelell to give his entire time to other enterprises. Printer. 222 Mass. ar, suite 1 , Boston. SSW. STABLE BUSINESS. l)E-fJ.kLF oft W1101,E interest in a large obi-established stable, business within five minutes of south union 14in tiOn, it bomber of Permanent harder. JAMES V. DEVINE. 923 Dorehester ay. f15 -P. 317C:VII ..13L1-1 FOR ,4o.tdis of stoma and merehatallse of ...very description. businest confidential. addre,e5 ton Consignment Co. 219 Chestnut st. Chelsea. Moss; telephone No. 1397. M SAMUEL.. Mfg. 2t fIN 32.1GREAT LODGINt; HOUSE12 RttONIS: rest $40: tio better location str.Vwhere, rooms never vacant: see this bons. Union Realty Co. 218 Tremont pt. TWSSus 112 87(30-1,UNCII Room. near city ball, seat GO. teed some 200 daily, eleirantly titled. best patrons. worth $1000. SMITH JR. 27 Sehooi At. 41So lit', t13 SPRING WATER bottling business. with itu-e hotel site, 7 acres land, bitsines thorouchly established, sell at cost. no bonus. SMITH Jr, 27 School St. dStifit rid DINING Rincol. city. foods 100 daily, name your terms. GRI,Xl4 WY. 7 Water et. Ssu SELL OUTNew way. quick MOrICY, sell anything. advice free. GRECiOltli 1 Water stSturit (10 A GENUINE SACRIFICEMust he sold at MCP, aignee4s sale of elegant new fixtures. stock and tine horse and team. of an up-to-date grocery and provision store. 539 Columbus ay. corner of Wellington et. Apply to W. E. DRAKE, Assignee. S4 Summer et, room 12. SSW' A CHANCE seldom Meted. saloon. well stocked. lease for a term of 7 years. near city' hall. finest location In Hartford. Conn. good reason for selling: will pay to investigate, n brokers. For full particulars. address D. A. CRONEL gen delivery. Dartford. Conn. dSu7t fl4 BUSINESS FOlt SALEA millinery and ladies' furnishing goods business in a thriving city not far from Boston: best location in the city; terms reasonable. Address Dry Goods. Box C. Salem. Mass. St 114 BLACKSNIITH SHOP to rent. good stand. attached to stable keeping too horses on Irmomottwenith and Brighton eve, Allston. ARTHITt TINIMINS, Victoria Stables. SSu BARROOM. business centre. M. P. FLAHERTY. Cross and Dexter sts, Central Falls. R I. tiStat fid BARBER SHOP. 2 chairs. lineet location. owner is not barber. 1810 Washington sr. 6t fil RAKERSBefore starting up see MIDDLE-BY for ovens and supplies; 201 State Bt. Bost,n. dStitt Jy10 CONFECTTONERY STORE and manufactory. including soda fountain. lee cream pur!ors; this firm has done a $15.04) buainess during the at year: ownor :las g,iod rutsort for selling: situation is the best anti is in one of the most enterprising cities in New England: books will be shown, and any prospective purchaser will be given au opportunity to thorcughly investigate before purchasing. Address B 236. Globe office. 4su6te fl2 FOR SALEOn Main fit. Worcester. MRS'S. a city of 120,1)00 people. the largest and oldest established co nfeetitmery, soda and lee cream store and manufactory. doing a good paying business: sold for no fault. owner has other business: will be sold at a bargain if 1141111 at once. NV. W. ALLEN. 516 and 519 Stnte Mutual bldg. dStvllt flti FOR SALENumber of rood Nome placer claims in bent locations: title perfect; 1 cash in instaltnentn bainnee in ntock; good property for a company. Address 211, Globe orrice. FOR. SALE,-Conteetionery. ice cream and dining room, centrally located, 27 yrs establishod, proprietor whines to retire, on aecoont of t1ints. J 280, Globe office. SSW. FOR SALEOld established hotel in Providence, with license. price $3500. WATER-HOUSE, 77 Aborn st, Prov, R 1. 3t f14 FOR SALEHotel. 23 miles from Boston: rood bar trade: reason or selling sickness. Address G 251. Globe office. tit 116 FIRST-CLASS HORSESHORING SHOP ft-a' sale. Call at 41-43 Fulton st, Boston, Mass. 21 1'13 FOR SALE CHEAPPool room, 3 tables, low rent, cor Dedham and Washington. dSu3t FOIL LODGING HOUSES. grocery. cigar and variety stores. see Boston Realty. 172 Tremont at. FOR SALEThe Douglas employment otlice, price reasonable. LUNCH ROOM. tine 1ot-titian. good business, $3710. only BO down. bal 3 week. Boston Resit, Co, 172 Tremont st. LUNCH ROOM taken On toortgnge to t4ell cheap. invent!gate N 210, Globe offlee.. LIQUOR LICENSE for sale, with or without location. 'Al 215. Globe ()thee. NOTICEA iirst-clasa milk route of 60 earls for sale. B 20. Globe office. dSuTts f13 RESTAURANT AND CAFEI tam? a ilriielass restaurant for Nalo In a live Masm town of 12,000. investigate fully. Addresst N 222. Globe offire. TthSt s f12 SET drug store fittilvzs, ineluding soda fountain. sell cheap. 975 Broadway, Cheig,nt. tiSoTt fin TO MANUFACTURERS of goods for stable nseWe are in a position to at as agents for any reputable manufacturer. Star Oil Dressing Co. 116 Broad st. Ittezton. TThSo I12 WANTEDA well-known manufacturer wishes a few parties with $litOu to open and manage stor.s in the large New England cities. practically no competition. experience not nee-Rory: this Is no fake scheme. Address or cell 011 manager, 61 Market Fit. Lynn, Alas.,. WANTEDStore business, liquor restaorant OF groeerips for good f4-rown house and part in cash. N 208, Globe office. . . $30POR SALE, strictly easb meat and Imo-vision market business; $21-00 per wk: rent $12: no team: will stand investigation. fox 2SA. Braintroe. SSII $440DRA1'ERY, window shades an upIndstery business, machinery. stock. etc. $7;00 4 rd4ars on band. owner going to Cuba. great .aerifler. SWEET & TAYTAIR. 150A Tremont I. i4l00 WANTED to invest In a profitable business that will more than double Itself the a year; need not interfere with other business. Address D 214. Globe office. dSulOt I103 Lost, Found, Etc FOUND-1 Exchange building. watch; 011 Pt can have by jaying charges. H. IL ELItitiltt;E, 47 Cornbill. FOUNDA bunch of keys. corner or Hawley anti Franklin sts. Apply to J. F. HARM-. Sig Harrison av, city. LOSTBetween East Boston Hod Boston. black seal bill book containing 54-trip book Salem and Boston; also papers of no value hut to owner. CHAS. E. McGINN, 2l',9 Meridian tit. East Boston. LOSTIn or near south tcontuaL Tuesday morbing. Isdy's gold wateh. No. 6S7.030, Ain waltbsin. name Lizzie S. dicibrook luside. Reward if returned (HAS. E. LEWIS. 15 Almy St. Fell River, Mass dSu3t fl5 I.fiilTra-Feb 14. Boston terrier brindle pup. 3 months old; screw tail. 4 yrlite legs. left bait of bead white: 2 sears on right Jaw. Reward will bp paid for return of same to T. J. BAR TER. 2fw, W. 4th Ft. $o Boston. LOSTMonday. Jan 2, rimless. gold-- mounted .ye glasses, In C1SP. between Boston college ball and Brookline FM Finder please leuvf. Name and receive rewsrd, room fe1,2. 31 State st. dut f15 LOSTNear Rhodes Ems' Store. Tremont sr. over route from there via Ferdinand at to Park sii, roll of bills: a good reward to the finder. NV. H. B.. 4 5 Milk sr. Boston. - LOSTGold watc'h, Inscribed "Louise BOUM, Lfowney." Reward will be paid for Its return to 447 Commereial st, Boston. dSti3t Legislative Hearings COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS, State House. Bc.ston. Feb 13th. 19.U. Tbe Committee on Harbors and Public Lands gire a hearing to parties interested in tionNe Bill No. 2h7 accompanying the petition of Albion Leal Blehards tool others for letrisistion to anthorize the extension of tbe pierbesd title in the Mystic. river of a certain 14 rt of fr St. in the Charb-stown district of the i-ity of Boston. lit 1-00111 So. 42.5. State House, on Wednesday. Feb 27th. at 10 o'cloea a T1101,1 AS POST. Chairman. C1IA1LF.S W. SWIFT. Clerk of the committee. L't fr.", 4:10)-1MONWEALTII 4W IASSArilt:S:ETTS. State House. Itoston. Feb 14. lia.,1The towmtte on State House will give a bearlcg to partici; Intereeted in House Lid No. 724 restive to tbe cuatter of providing !bore direct eon- l neetion between the galleries, and tile floor of i the 'louse, at room No. 242, State House, oa t Tneamty.- Feb 19. at 8:30 o'elock P. M. leg:Levu,vu or ates tu. Iflfl- aa. the Douse. at room No. 212, Siwie Llemse, 4)ZIL 1-nesiia3v Feb 19. at 8:30 o'eloek P. M. WARD L. BROWN, Chairman. WILLIAM 11. MA RNELL. Clerk of the Cominittee. fid COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHCSETTs. State House, . Hosten, Feb 13th. 1901. The Committee on Harbors and Public Lands alte a Le:trite, to parties interested in House Ria No. 802 Ter repayment to 11,.. M- Richarit fur money paid tor displacement of tide aatee. at room No. 42:;, State House. on Fridae. Marcia 1st, at 10 o.che i a ta- THOMAS POT Chairman C11.11111.E.S W. ,SWIFT Clerk et the Committee. 2t (15 Does, Cats, Etc AT STUDGILEAT DANE, bewey II. No. S' WOT A. K. S it. rich golden bfindiet fee SW; I &Alter terrier etkg pup tor ahle. butt brindle, good:Lead gad tail and body, price LEWIS. ,8 Lpbain at. Ilaideo, :Mobs. dSh:A tI3 HANDSOME mai.. St Permit I dog f r aale. 1. p-ar meight Er, lbs. tidrest W. J. IL. Iter. Irt,tax. Mass. ". - 11ANDS4INIE fox D,rrIrr for sale ebeltp. binek ,...ta sod tail cut. 64 Austin st CLarlestorru. Sties Information Wanted Luton:nation vvantea - VI,ORRIK--1111',e Pit,' toward beet friend; write jowl brotiter, rtubitieueteit.,:e ERMAN. eteSeitts t .'--,.........,,Z....,11 1848 THE OLO taot Dr. E ialloett Ilfr-ul(.:t. INSTITUTE, Estaidiabe4 11 It) Court St.. Itoostott. Mas, . oDen every da7.9 tot). MEN'S DISEASES.. The eideat and only, reiatue inatitete th'e eity riving etwlal attentton to tbe I4004 bruit or nervous arittem tit,' Parer,' "hew ani 14 rtqwnt, know. LneATSD ';'t TEARS AT to CAPRT ST TTOSTAV CASS, KIDNEY AND URINARY Week R 1 Ittmenit. Freonent., Moody OT Milky rho.. Irritatios Plodder. StHeture sod Sor.oro r. ext..1 by T D TTP. OLD R ITAIL01-1: t ...orOtoAL sTrrt.Tr: arvsordIng to the Iateet tint her taw,. 1,1nown to, vooMotit BLOOD POISON ft-n.onatirimi-itt,Yilteor Thlt:Tvater.07 produelor I,-AA of Date. Incyrs In Throat. Irruptions or C000yr T7ol4ro1 Sorge ee Paco or Bolv. Docov of Ployb er Boort. ww nleteIv and forever eradleated without Mot." Arturo leolvine the system In a pure. attune Ata 1,11.44,1 de-eg itApICCCELE rm.-41 of rirth wv,w VAPIUCCELE " "neb .3"1"1". tYl ?bp tiorotrito nerie...4. irt Ttrooritie trtitntton a,,4 Timm It. T. ot at-ott, fs-w--t ed of tilt. hinetteT. fi' rwro ehts mpthArt. orPorh e4 trvie,leNai ol,"kks91, its rtoot.a it d000litytt..f.ebigb .1,VIPTI.Vtt NERVOUS DEBILITY and all at todoilre al!etett. t IOC NG. MIDDLEAt;E:11 and OLP NEN. 'No awful tsffeets of neglectod or itnoronerly eaglet, causing drains. weakness of tl, brain. clirtinegs. faith. memory. bolt ot nd rettit!danoi., pains In the hnott oreq and mane ,ther diedmeetelar t. fliting one f.r wtrydr, !mein.... Tho 11311r,eic Tfls,ft,00 CIO root tin motto.. whet or what ha. folio& A written S.,,,rn11,00 CiTY! te, elir0 Ont.00. tor s stipulated fee pared, as oineat I r tone troll oies. litgria swat t7ral WM.,. rite, and noshie to (-01 A Merlieet, Monk sand ttneaosnot,t,t for 1-lomo Trootnuent PLOW' HALLOCK MEDICAL IliSTITUTE, 'ID Court SI.. tioatott. dS.itt MANY POEN Through modeQty neglect to consult a 1st reattc0Ing fliseitt,es of a vicate taThire; It Is often dangerous fo Lmst Spectnatorchten. Seminal Wenktieso. Etyeeto Youthful Indiscretions and Setotal,. Nervous Thbility. Exhausted Vitality. contu loon Of hipan. ityprtnion to St keity, Memory unit Energy. Itunotettee nisebanzes. etc. quickly and perm, rently cured by an original anA never rain" treatment Mood Pcison. fwer,4. Ilyfiroce Ie. Varleocele and diaeasoll Ihe 14 rf Ts and Mad' ler cured In the shnrtt peAsit,lo Mlle, without the use of Iner(liry or tda,tmoc, trona business. Our new book sent free to meg only. upon receipt of 8,1dressed nelop. settrttriott st,1 ot othee free 3 I 3 DR. LOUC EST, CCLUttBIJS AV., EOS ram. m?,ss. - nt ft! 1 NE TO MEN A Guaranteed Cure Free in evory diseased snail, suffering, frpms primary. seep, ondary or tertiary blood poison. ulcerated &pre throat. unnatural discharges, stricture. Vdnee. private and urinary ft-outdo. We autstanriatot what we say lpy you rilyinz no fee until per. manently cured. A strati charge still he mad for medicines only. Men who itre Weikk Seminal scenkness. effects of youthful 1st thins, nervous debility, lost inanho4 . ahrirelled anti wasting organs. should read inopage hook which will be sent free. expliplifing te,w ey,-ry nian eau be made happy, healthy and vitpu,as. Consultation free with European specia..o, tinily 10 to O. SUM11434 10 tO I. Call or wri'v. DR- COLLINS REMEDY CO 11 Berwick. Irk.. Off Columbus tiStitt EMS. HARGROVE IHnizilaah BLOOD POISON ureat 1, it liont Virritt y. 31101eitam and tercet ettio4Jy otent.pettr Stara Ceara-No Fat tarp -telexual Wk. imante,Narvon litability.Varaceralajthtnay Kiatilear. Private Ibietcasett of Maretaoa !home 9 to 9. ttootav 9 P U. 20 1243 Wash ington St., Boston Mszr.3 CROSSMAN't; SPECIFIC Pb1IXTURE, With this remedy persons esti ctire themselves without the least exposure. change of diet or ir lettering with business. The istedieine euotaiha aothiug that is td the least in.tury to the consliludo. Asa your druggist for it. Price a bottle. sTRIcTuRE ItSt. of CIO ,q41.1,n ftwn business: all private diseases of nipti.-recent and old lingering easei speettiiy runs!. Dr. SIMMONS. ::9 Ilolihi Kt. flours 9 to 9. $2 Dr. Breed's Life Vigor lieoitniren Lost Manhood, impotent7 and all prh8 t wiqkni.,isi-t. Mailed in plain tioxi-a. Addretta tita 11755. It .pooll. 11; s2Cure All Private Diseases. uul s, bY PaY big PI W a it ItiOnth.? SEND E CIR tI R .K how to do it in 3 days. free. Dr. Lei!. dice 47ii 'td int.u. ay. NIT SVFSSo 1 J.E.Frothingham,M.D. 11 Allston Rt. ear Efi 2 blocks (tom Bow. doln M. Gentto-urinary diseases- Stiehl Aft 1111. iti011114,0"ii :132 Tremont st; ths oldest established speciall,t in Boston la treatment of gimito-urioary diseases: lieensed Tying-In hospital contteeled. dies hours it to S. dSitte ntyl Lezal Notices COMNiONIVEALTIL I 4' 31ASSktl1tTSET1S, Sins rior Court, in EquityArm-0- ean :Stave Cooperage Co. et al. vs Roxt,ury Brew-lug tlf nipany: Order for Proof of Clair-iv. In the above entitled cause. upon petition of Samwl II. - Hudson. Esquire. the Receiver heretofore appointed, it is ordered that saA Receiver give nottee to all persons bavilivt claims against said Roxbury Brewing -tene puny. to present the sante to him ter &Moven,' on or betore Monday, the fifteenth day of April. A. Iv. LAO; such notice to be given by publishing an attested copy of this totter taree ttines in the Roston Daily Advertiser and the Boston Globe, the last publication to he made thirty days before ti said fiftfqn'h day of April. Ilailand by sending a priorisi copy of this order by mail. tesitane prepa:d, to all emittorvi of said defendant eorporation. whose address-4es are known or stay be aticertattoo! by said lleeeiver. And it is futtosr ordered that all (-Mhos not presented for allowanee on or betore said fifteenth, daY April be forever barred wilems the court for good cause shall otherwise order. Ry the Court, V-MING-FON NVELLS, Asst Clerk At!,,,-1: WELLINGTON NVELL; Ass't Clerk. JaalarY VS. 1101. t2, - NOT. 1,1:11. and inc. Pete--114tn. evening. 449 Shawmut ay. near W. Newton. driultlt tt OLD- RILLS eniketed, any legal business. bankrupty. SHOREY. Notary, Slestl ttl; telephone. t1:411i: fit TO WHOM IT MAY CONCFRNAll note who have claims on Joseph Mil rtt WiA,Ve N13". "PPIY at Ne.. 6. ntr How t. Wnlmrn.Mi.i. iltti.. Executor. $t:w jal2 Machinery and Tools FOR, SA LEood working, maeldwry. r,v)-- sistIng of saw tal.loa, baud 1W. !ar-nng Iii Ow. moulding nno'hilleS. t,toill and WI nd ebinery. all ill 11)0r1 Vvj to.. 0,01,1 p . tal r. aqui ro of L. U. CLARK, I uS, pt, Vtcre-ester. SST!' IPRATT & NVIIITNEY 1A-1 t i elljtch gtilr,4 arvi I -In hol kw pp,ucLe. 1t CH IP- If. :sie sale. If. F. 11:1A.s, :.,,,, ilyer sit. I-. :,:-ti SMITH mortNer and Miter, eylizei-r tlatir. 14-in-h molder, lot k corner marina,. hand dowel machine, .aw' table. Miring' triachlue,,I: i salt,. cheap. FIELD. lil Charleiqua-a )4. 1 oriNt-t With 2111 ,rttelirrft.'' 2. I both new and (1,14ralle ),),-int:.and in'n't 11 hrineitt rash priers. DREW M.ichluecy I It latch...ter. N II. . - te OD -4 ---f - - - - ---f ---8 ---ti- '---4- -1 -I w ) :, -1- ri itir acer kW. 3 I 11 -3'. , mtilders 4$ and 72-In bami resant-J ail lk-,. order few sal.. at am:lir-five tali-ca. 61?-'-: CARVER, 531 Albany st. - ---- - --- illIX4" SWING 1....NTIIE, woblr, n-rc4 sal, lieni unglue. lirLAUGHLIN, til2 Mt) iii. E I itgstra. 't f1 5 --- - Furniture, Etc 1 A-110 iturf I 111.1 furn .,..--,,. A 1 -0 YOU INTEND to grq furniture. carpets and u,ds.e? L,sie".1 casu Ituyers. LEVI' CASH PAID for forniturt. carpeft, all k:adli of it:err:a t small lime,. NI 1i. Globe &Awe. ti7z.;:lt Detective Agencies sI:Li.T s v 1 1'eraoc;;I-4 INLicethsed lei. er nit neel-rat.. I MISS 041- EIZO, " p o box 26pti:Lozkv)It. al call at otti,7Pa bud ridtS. d "' Sul'3 Yachts, Boats, Etc --- 10tAT ENGINE, AND Bd111,Eit. 3 11,, coudaitm. 1' TiAton. N Se4biT ;Trade rat.oline engineslid-rt-til at. ei,y. SuT1'.17,- Wines, Liquon, 01.1) KENTE-,:Ky BouRBON ani 17.e,"VY. an41 ruin $1.44.) per tzali,,n; iL 1P,0"4 ranted "Aire; fiend PA prie net. tik.4Pt,t; aud 141 LlaciituLe et. Medical 11----1E-6 fa 4.02.

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